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Testing Web Accessibility – Adrián Bolonio (A11yTalks – August 2019)

To accessibility talks where every month virtually and talk about all things, Accessibility focusing on website usability Each month. We invite a speaker To present an accessibility topic and afterward, we invite the community to ask Questions and participate in discussion. So if you have a question for our Speaker or for anyone on the blog, please post it in the zoom chat window.

Or with the hashtag a-1-1-y-t-a-l-k-s in Twitter, That’s A11yTalks, I’m today’s Host AmyJune, I’m the open source community ambassador for Kanopi Studios and our speaker today is Adrián. Bolonio, Oh and I might have messed that Up He’s a front-end developer and web team Lead in this month’s talk, which is testing web accessibility, Adrián will Speak a bit about automated accessibility tests and how they can Free up our QA team for manual testing every part of the application, but they Cannot do that automatically and magically to make our site accessible so He’s going to show us some testing tools, libraries and techniques to increase the Accessibility test coverage of our code And he’s going to do that by using a Simple react, application, so that’ll be great, So Adrián.

I wanted to ask you a Little bit about yourself, you know we had some discourse in email and you Mentioned that you had a love for traveling and that you recently went to Italy, with your girlfriend um, do you want to share with folks the exciting News that happened in Italy Yeah well, thank you for having me here. First of All Yeah we’ve been in Italy for a couple of Weeks and then yeah we’re engaged now so so all happy nice, but yes yeah.

I love Traveling, actually, that that’s your your your right, every time that that money, Allows it and time allows it, then I’m I’m traveling Right. Where is your next Trip my next trip is to Colombia, I’m going to be speaker in the JavaScript Conference in Colombia, Yeah, and so I can, I spend a week in Colombia, so it’s going to be very exciting, Fun, fun and when you get married, did you Guys pick a location, are you going to travel for the wedding? Not yet it’s Going to happen next year: yes, Oh, Oh fun! Okay! So um are you ready to get started? Absolutely yeah Perfect, take it away.

Yes, So it’s all good! You see my so. You see The presentation Yep Perfect, so yes, I would love to talk about testing web Accessibility today, So, let’s start again, my name is Adrián or Adrián Bolonio, I’m From Madrid, I’m from Spain as AmyJune said, I’m a web team lead of the front-end Developers in my company I’m a front-end developer of that team and you can find Me under my surname in Twitter Instagram keep health everywhere.

So let’s talk About web accessibility in the real world, we can see here three cases that Is obvious that are not implemented and build correct to the people that are Targeted to so Probably because they were built by not disabled people Or Maybe because they didn’t thought to put in their shoes, But it is very clear that Those three cases are wrongly done. Another is another case that that I can Show you in the real world from the wheelchair user perspective, this is Completely wrong and it’s clear that this was not tested from the end user.

Perspective, no one thought about sitting down and clicking the button and opening The door and see that there are stairs so why is it so clear in the real work But not in the online world, so let’s see how how can we translate this? This Reality to the online world, because it’s not so obvious and not clear when we not Visually impaired people when we see a website that is not accessible, so, let’s Make it an example: if you, you are in an online e-commerce and an online shop and You want to you call the IT support.

You want to know your latest purchases, so a Typical answer from the help desk would be: you need to click on the button in The top right corner – or you want to change your password, so they can say you Need to click on the button with the engine icon. The problem here is that People with visually impaired disabilities or blind people will not See anything there’s no such as tab top right corner, there’s no such as engine Icon, so we need to get these reality when we develop applications.

Why so? Important what accessibility? If we look at the numbers last year, we were around Seven point: six billion people in the world. The problem comes because more Than 1 billion people live with some form of this one impairment from light. Two hundred percent, which would be blind people, so we need to make our back Accessible as for as much users as possible, so my team and I, as I said, I’m We are working in a platform that allows people to sell secondhand goods, so we Are the second largest Austrian website in traffic? That means we need to to Reach these people and we need to to make our website accessible for for all These people, so we are not going to throw I’m not going to talk about developing Web accessibility today I gave a talk some time ago about developing web Accessibility is called, how does your website sound like, and anyone can read? It but today I want to focus in testing web accessibility, so, as you said in the Introduction automate tests can free up your your QA team for manual testing Every single bar of your application, but it cannot automatically make it Accessible magically, so we need to think about this ultimate accessibility test.

As one step of a larger testing process, so we don’t, we cannot forget about the Fact that only twenty to fifty percent of all accessibilities can can be Automatically detected, so we don’t. We cannot skip this this manual part so as I said: we’ve been using some libraries, some tools that I would like to show you A introduction about the tools, so we we will start or I will start talking about. Testing the code, so I create a very, very small react application with three tiny Components, one is the button.

One is a fake button, which is an anchor link and One is an image and I put a bunch of errors in the HTML, so the first one is Reax, which is built by the Qin and is probably one of the one, the the tools That I use more so is install as a developer dependency in your react. Application – and you can call it passing the react on object. Why so? Because it Scans, your code, and it keeps you in the chrome, dev tool console in my case.

I’m Using Chrome all the issues that your website does, the good thing is it’s: if The issues are group and it’s group as well by severity level, so you can have Front minor, which could be the warnings to critical, which is the things that you Need to tackle first so again you can automatically see while you are Developing in the in the browser, what issues to have Another thing, another tool that I that we use and we have in our code – Guidelines is the es link plugin for accessibility for JSX, which is the react Language, you need to configure the es lint our situation file and you can Configure the rules that you want to use as we see in the line 12, we extends they Recommended rules by the accessibility, all the accessibility rules as well.

We Can extend the a strict at once so instead of warnings, you will see errors So your application will not be able to build, and in the code you can see what Errors, viewer, you are having and basically hovering the the line that you Have the earth as well, when you run the application, you can see these issues as Well in the terminal so again very very helpful. While you are coding, you don’t Even need to pass any test, you will see them automatically one of my favorites Because we tend is Jax just acts because we tend to to forget the test in writing.

Test is part of the development process. It’s not a post development process is a Part of the development process, so you can write unit tests with just and with This library just acts as well as a developer dependency. You can render into A string the whole application and you can check if the application have Violations so again, if you pass the test in the terminal, you will see pretty much The same issues that you will see in the chrome tools in the ultimate tests, this Is very helpful in your testing.

I belong if you have end-to-end test With selenium or you can have unit test you will, you will see how the Application would not build or will not be deployed to production if the tests Are not fast and with the results you can build reports to your to your Product team or to your development team, so this we’ve seen how to test in the Code so let’s see, how can we test in the Dom structure, mainly from the terminal So again, acts library has an CLI in the terminal, so you need to install it.

Globally, to be able to use it and you can run the command in the terminal. Followed by the URL of the page, you wish to test as well. You can pass localhost, so you can test in your local environment or you can use The flags, the rule flags, so you can test only one rule, in particular in the Second example: I’m testing only the color contrast, so if it I want to test If it’s compliant with a double A or the Triple A the good thing for this library, Is that it gives you the issue, the violation give you why in and where and Give you an link to the deck where University, so you can read more about How to fix this issue? There is another library which is very similar to ax Which is pa-11? Why and it basically does the same so you can.

You have to install It globally, yes NPM package and you can run it in your terminal, followed by the Url of the page, do you wait to test again? You can test against localhost and You will see all the issues listed. What years? What are the issues? Where are the Issues so it will see, it will show you the HTML, where the issue is was found. And a bit of information for me, one interesting thing about this: Library is that it has a CI in the so you can use it in the code, so you will Have to create a P, a PA 11 y CI dot JSON file, and you can pack and the URLs that You want to test, you don’t need to test one by one.

You can generate a full Reaper so in the URLs you can use it blind. I have plain you can use it as a conflict, so you can see down about or You can screen capture, so you will at the end of the test. You will see the Results and you will have a screen shot of the page, so you can test the visual Inconsistency as well and for me again, one of the interesting things about this When is, are the actions, so not only you can load the page and see if the Accessibility tests are passed, but you can perform actions so, in the sake in The third case I’m calling the Drupal group’s website and I’m waiting for the Element with the class menu three four, seven, three, which I expect the element I Know is the event link to be visible.

Then I take a capture. I click the Element and I take another capture so at the end I will have a screenshot of both Hamza and google provides a library which can be used from the dev tools as Well, so you can run this directly from the browser, but in this case i’m running This from the terminal, so I will show you the article, so you can see how how it Runs so lighthouse run a drum instance and it Will start performing tests not only accessibility but performance and SEO Because it’s my experiences SEO as a accessibility and performance both has a Very huge impact in SEO for google, so at the end of the test you will see all the Tests at the pimple and it will generate a report inside the Report, you will have the accessibility tab and you can see the score that you Have and again some information about the issues where and how to fix them.

So This is how this is some tools that you can use to test the Dom structure and, as Well, you can test in the browser, and now we are going out of the out of my tester To go to the manual testing, because all these tests that I’ve been talking about Can be automated in scripts or in the pipeline of the of building and Deploying so in a in a continuous delivery and continuous deployment, System but in this case I’m going to talk a bit about manual testing in the browser So I just selected three like a three plugins that I think I I used quite Often so this is the small react, application that I create and created, and I’m going to show you the Okay, first riad acts as we as we said, so you can see the the element and they are Highlighted so you can see.

Where are we? Where are we, then? The first one is acts So if you click in an allah ice, you will see again the issues that you have some Information about the issue: where is the issue found, and the good thing is how to Solve it and if you want to learn more again, there’s a link to the tech way. University, the second one is the art and our so a RC toolkit. So if you run test Then you can see group pi test and, for example, and they the red column, is Errors and the yellow columns are warnings and, for example, let’s take aria Usage, the good thing of this library is that they are highlighted in the code as Well, in the interview – and you can highlight where you are inspecting so in The in this case, there is a fake button that has a role and any set in valia Invalid aria role specified and if you click, you will directly go to the Element in the HTML inspector other thing that the chrome dev tool has is Enact a new accessibility panel, where you can see the whole accessibility tree Which is the Aria tree, so you can see what the screen readers will read when When the element will be focused, I think Sergey hey, I know Sergey.

I talked about This a couple of months ago, very interesting, so really read this Talk because it’s really interested and some other manual testing the rice that I tend to do is climbing a Chrome extension called no coffee. Which is a vision simulator, so you can simulate how what what can happen when I When a person has a kind of blurry vision, so this is how your website will Appear for them or someone with protanopia.

In this case the colors are Different, so it’s very interesting how to to to simulate the disability of Someone so you can develop this application in a better way, so yeah Those are three extensions that you can use to test your application in the Browser again manual testing, the small react application that I create again is Just a test to to to use these tools, you can find it in the repository in github.

In my in my profile, and I want to leave with with the sentence that I found and I really really like it, which is it says it just it’s not just about disabled Users being able to access your website is about everyone being able to assess Your website, so when we develop and with web accessibility in mind, we just we Don’t develop for disabled people, we develop for everyone, so so we need to we Need to to think about this, and that’s it! Okay, thanks Adrian, do you want to put us On you know, stop sharing your screen there.

You go So are there any questions from anyone on the call today? I know that there was A question from from Andrew he was curious to know which Jas X, Alli air as You extend beyond the default recommended ones, yes, so the errors that I am used for this example and again you can see it in the in the repository. Are All tasks, and you can say which elements you are looking for alternatives in this Case I use image, object, area and inputs with the type image no interactive tab.

Index so I want to avoid table indexes and different numbers, so not interactive. So in a div or in a label, no static element interactions, so I don’t want to I’m looking not to have on click on mouse down on Mouse up on creep press on Key down and on key up in a non static element. So only the the elements that Could have on click should have on click, so no thieves that looked like a button. That you can click on them.

No redundant rolls label has associated control again. Labels with an input so no input without labels, interactive support, focus again. Focus focus of all elements should only be part on check box link search boards. Switch text box le Phaedra Phaedra, the anchor link is Valid – and this is very interested because you can specify here the Components do you looking for, so, if you remember at the beginning, I I create a Tiny component called fake button, which is an anchor link, so in This case, I’m extending anchor is Bartlett and I’m passing the component Fake button, so every time that in react, I’m using this fake button, the Linton Will say, look, this is not.

This is not an phallic anchor and I can look for Special link so href left and HOF right and no ATF. Obviously, anchor has content. So, for example, the most typical example for this is you have the logo of your Website and is wrapped into an anchor in the image or you have an anchor with Nothing inside so the every Ankara should have an a Content. I’m looking Forward language Aria roles, so in heaven heaven has content, so I’m looking for as Well, heading so h1: h2 that has content no empty h2 host because of we are Things you want to use it as separate or whatever things that you should not to That’s that’s the the extension.

So I’m doing but again, if you, if you want to Take a look of the of the repository you can find everything specify the labels So to one it depends on critical minor, whatever you want to do to treat them. Perfect um so certainly has a question for you. You wanted to know if you use Cypress js4 accessibility, testing and if you have yeah no, no, we don’t. We don’t Use Cypress, we use react testing library from Kent, art asked he said.

No, no. We Don’t use Cypress we evaluated to use Cypress at the beginning, I mean we use Playing just and and now we are starting to use, react testing library. If react. Used to have a react, thus I eleven, but it was deprecated Towards react, ax well done liquid, because hopefully it Will be included in further versions of react um. What do you do when the Different tools give you different reports or conflicting reports: sorry ii, What do you do when different tools give you different reports or conflicting Results: okay, it depends on first, you will.

I will check how each library Is configured so, for example, maybe in the linking that we were talking before I I was looking for Encore not valid in in my component, which is the fake button. But if I don’t specify that this, but because I’m specifying explicitly this Component is wrong, but react. Acts in the browser will not say anything because I’m not specifying to this library a this component is not a nun.

It’s not a Valid anchor so for other libraries will be a valid anchor. So first you need to See the configuration of each one if you have a conflicting one, I normally go to The w3c specification and read about like okay, what is the best practice and Why is this not correct in this library and wise is correct in this library or What is the levels? Maybe one is a warning and one is a error. I normally go.

Directly to the specification so and has a couple of questions in the chat Window, the first one he asked was: do you normally test the entire application for Violations in one assertion, as opposed to testing specific components or Screams we do we do both, so the test that you’ve seen is rendered the whole Thing and and pass it through the through the testing library text, yest Acts and we test component by component, but the problem with component by Component is that if you have a component, I receive an alternate test: For an image as a prop and the prop is not passed, you would need to have Several tests for this with the application you just know what is what Is there unless is obviously coming from database or an API The other issue for us is that we are a service site application based, so we use Next J’s, sometimes we have data render in the server that are not coming in the Client, so sometimes the data is not coming, so we sometimes we have Components that we cannot test, unfortunately, his second question in the chat was: do You ever find their violations that fail the test, suite that you need to write.

That you want to skip or ignore, and is that possible on a one-off basis or do You always need to make code changes to address accessibility, test failures and Then, following that up with, how do you account for testing the rendered app in Different states: okay, for the first question: yes, there’s violations that Fail the test suite that we need to ignore sometimes pick it again. There’s Something that I always say to my team, and not only the team that I that I Developed with, but product team in general is that we need to be the most Accessible as we can it’s very difficult to be hundred percent accessible, Unfortunately, but I can tell you an example because it happened today, we Have an image gallery and some of the thumbnails are not images – are our Background images, the good thing is that all the thumbnails are in the gallery, so All the images have their correct alternate test.

So if I look for images This thumbnail will not appear in my test, so it’s not that they failed. It is Just literally, they are not found so, for me is a failure, but I just keep it Because in favor of the other images, and sometimes we have to ignore them – the Better example for us is as our logo, the colors of our logo are not three pelican Compliant so it’s like our our corporate log, our corporate colors, it’s just blue And white: it’s something that I cannot change, because the board will kill me if I change the logo.

This is something that we need to ignore. How do you account for Testing the render up in different states mocking we normally model data That we pass to the test, so we mark some 500 errors. We mark some success. We mark Errors – and we test as much we can – is obvious that sometimes we miss Some stuff, but this is, I guess, that’s obvious and Kari asked in the chat if what you Thought of and I’m going to destroy this last name man, not you this article on Building the most inaccessible site possible with the perfect lighthouse Score, did you read that yeah absolutely absolutely, of course, actually actually He lives in Vienna and we are going to.

We are in the process of found in the Accessibility cloth, Vienna together so yeah, absolutely I mean again know all the all the libraries, the tools that we have seen. They are not perfect manual show us perfectly how to how to score 100 % with The list with with the worst website possible but yeah if you find the hole The best thing they can do or the best thing you can do – maybe it’s reported and Try to make this tool better, so yeah we need.

We need to use the tools knowing That it could happen and and again, as I said in my slide ultimate test, it’s just One part of the whole testing process, so manual test is very important as well. And I think manual said it in in a talk and Sergei as well the best testing tool That you can do is just is close your eyes and try to use your website with The screen reader, if you’re, able to perform an end-to-end action, you can log In you can purchase you can whatever Pro you’re selling or service, then then can You good yeah, there’s definitely limitations to automated testing, so this Is like a really broad question, but do you find that there’s one tool, that’s Better than another for finding certain issues, not not better but different, Situations so, for example, I use react, acts in the Browser instead of the acts, chrome, chrome, plugin, because I normally have The console log open, so for me it’s not that one is which is totally wrong.

Both Are developed by the same company, but one is better in one situation for Example, just I use testing in the terminal instead of using the CL eyes or The CI, so I prefer to write my own tests than to run PAE them in Y or or acts Directly in the terminal both are going to most likely most likely are going to give Me the same result but yeah I can run tests continuously and and the other one Is their one-time thing so yeah, it’s not it’s again, not not better than the other One, but with their situations Carrie asked well, she stated we captured A lot of the links, but do you have any other resources you want to recommend to The group for yes definitely, I mean a linear project.

Carrie, your your blog literally Scott ohhara Twitter account any any Accessibility guru, let’s say in Twitter, follow them they will. They are Continuously, sharing blog, post and and and tools to use in our development. Process you mentioned manual mitosis, which the His blog is a huge inspiration as well. He has a very cool section, which is Today I learned field section and every day is he posted he posts and heals Anything so my biggest resource is Twitter, follow probably the hashtag 11y And you will find would find a lot yeah.

It’s it’s social Media is really great for for targeting what you want to learn. The hashtag does Anybody else on the call any questions or discussion points for Adrienne Opening it up for people, no, nothing, okay, so I wanted to ask you something: About your music, playlist, Adrienne, okay, you said you liked jazz, but like what Kind of jazz, like comes you up when you’re doing the accessibility testing Like what like really gets you going like what really helps you get into that Groove, because sometimes you know I hate to say this – the testing can be a little Bit arduous and tedious, you know, so what do you recommend and I I just know, not a Specific art disorder – or I mean probably it’s more into the funk part, so Maceo Parker is my probably my favorite, Frank artist, but any just music is very Relaxing to tour with jazz doesn’t funk yeah.

I am not quite there in the jazz World you know I like the funky side of jazz, but some of the other stuff I Either are not cultured enough or I haven’t been exposed to the right. Artists to really have a deep sense of you know, love for the genre yet, but That’s okay: I can get there. Okay, I just want to give everyone else. One more Opportunity for questions or discussion points there’s a big group today, so I’m Just hoping someone has something to say it might be.

My Yeah, go on under you’re welcome to turn your microphone on to Andrew. If you want To do it that way, yeah! I can do that. Can you hear me yeah, okay, great yeah? This is Easier, so I’ve got lots of test suite questions, I’m in the middle of trying to Set up something for my team as full feature is this so when your tests are Failing that you choose to ignore, is that mean your test? Suite is literally Family, because a lot of test suites are gatekeepers for the CI to build.

So how Do you, how do you deal with that or how does that work? Yes, absolutely There’s this is something that you need to talk with your team of course, and so In our team again, this is what you just said: Our tests need to get to pass to continue building, so we have every pull Request that we make to the code, it has a test and the build breaks. We need to Look where is this the the wait break, what he braked – Oh buddy, Proctor, so Sometimes you need to analyze this this test.

We normally have our UX designer Sitting with us – and we need to talk – is this really a usability test? Failure is It an accessibility test failure is the accessibility. How is the level of Severity, so is it a warning, is in an error, is a huge error. Like okay, you have Links with with no ATF, you have images with no alt text. Okay, you need to fix That again, do you have color contrast that is not compliant with a triple-a or Not even double-a, okay, then we need to evaluate it and, if is if we need to in If we decided to ignore it either you delete the test.

Or either you make it past the test I mean, how can I say it like you: can Reduce the severity your tolerance today today to the test. So if you’re looking For errors in the industry, in in this specific test, you’re looking for Warnings so the error will go or the other around the warning will go: okay, That’s really helpful, so you’re you’re not letting a your test suite fail to be Green, you know indefinitely because that’s one Thing that’s important is that we trust the test suite.

So definitely I mean so In making a test with expect through and and passing to is just delete the test Makes no sense. Okay thanks. I really appreciate that good anybody else. Do you have anything else? You want to say Adrienne, one thing is just we need to understand that the Responsibility of web accessibility is not on the developers it has to be in The whole team so from product managers, product owners, you x-ray designers, UI Designers developers testers everyone, it’s not.

The developers needs to think Of everything, and if it’s not accessible, is part of the developments or the Developers fault, no. This is something that, if you, if your product owner Requests a new feature and if the feature is a button who perform an Action then it has to be a button and if it’s a link who goes to a place, then it Needs to be linked, ok, button against link. We talk about a different day, but But we have so HTML provides us with the correct tools.

We don’t need to download. Any polyfill we don’t need to download any library is everything. Is there to be Used so one is use with what you have correctly and again, it’s responsibility. Of everyone, so to argue, do not fight if it’s possible with your designer and say No, I’m not going to delete the outline of our focus only and an argue it Correctly, I will delete the outline only if we put something else or this this Button I want a button that looked like an icon and in small screens look way.

Way less this if it’s possible, because if it’s not possible, let’s look for a Different solution that that the UX, the user experience is not effective, so it’s Something that is is easy, because it is really really easy, because Aria, give you all the opportunity you have so you just need to do it and again Involve everyone in the process, so if you could involve the whole team, but I Prefer it for for your process, because if you have an accessible product, then Is a better product not again the same as they my last sentence, not for Disabled people, for everyone right – those are great words – well enjoy your time in Columbia, I hope you really enjoy the countryside, along with the conference.

And congratulations on your engagement. That’s really exciting! Thank you thanks for coming on today, we really appreciate everyone: who’s, not Thank you for having thank you for having me


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Intro to ARIA — A11ycasts #13

So, for instance, I’ve got this input here, wrapped in a label and that’s going to produce a visual UI like the one that you’re seeing here this radio button.

But that’s also going to create a spoken UI based on the built in semantics of those native HTML tags. Now, if you’re not quite sure how all of that happened, or why those semantics matter be sure to check out our previous episode on semantic. So I’ll include a link down in the show notes and we can also maybe drop in an annotation up here for you to click on. I just I have some background on how semantics work and why those are important in the first place now.

This is all good and everything, but there are instances where a simple layout in native HTML just aren’t going to cut it and so to handle these situations. We have the web accessibility initiative accessible, rich internet applications, spec, which is a bit of a mouthful. So you oftentimes see this referred to as wai-aria or maybe just Aria, so audio works by allowing you to specify attributes on elements which then modify the way.

Those elements are translated into the accessibility tree. So let’s take a look at a really basic example. Just to show how this works, so, if you create a a plain checkbox a screen reader is going to announce it. As you know, a checkbox it’ll tell you what its label, if it has one like we do in this case, where it says, receive promotional offers and it’ll also tell you the the state of the checkbox right, whether it’s checked or not, but let’s say you’re in A situation where, for whatever reason, you need to implement your own check box using something like like a div right, maybe you need to style it in a really special way.

So, in this case, we’ve got a div checkbox we’ve created here, and the screen reader is going to give the user really like no indication that this element is meant to be a checkbox. It might announce the the text inside of the div there, but it’s not going to tell you the role of the element. I can say it’s a checkbox. It’s also not going to tell you the state so excited you sure is going to be able to see these visual cues and they’ll be able to figure out that this is a checkbox.

But nothing is going to be announced to our screen reader users and that’s a really big problem. So using Aria, we can actually tell the screen reader about this extra information here up at the top, I’ve got some custom checkboxes just created using gives down at the bottom. I’ve got some checkboxes using the native input element so using voiceover. Let’s see how these are announced differently: voiceover, I’m chrome, custom checkboxes in custom check intense group with three items there and then slices group with two items: heading ten times check, check box and then slices uncheck, checkbox voiceover off.

So you see there that the the div elements just are announced as groups. It doesn’t indicate to the user in any way that these are checkboxes where it’s the native element. It indicates it’s a checkbox and it tells you the state whether it’s checked or not. So, let’s see if we can add some Aria to improve upon this so over in my dev tools, I will select these the checkbox elements and I’m going to start off by just giving them a role of checkbox and I’m also going to give them a state Of Aria, checked of either true or false, depending on you know the actual state of the element there.

So if a role checkboxes to the one Aria checked equals false and let’s try it again using the screen reader voiceover, I’m dropping custom. Checkboxes 10 pens check the checkbox and then slices contract checkbox always go over all. So adding that role and Aria checked attribute causes the middle Union accessibility tree to actually have the desired role and state without changing. You know anything else about the nodes, appearance or its behavior, which is pretty awesome right, we’re just adding in additional semantics using Aria.

So in terms of the accessibility tree, what ru does is it really allows you to subdue like tree surgery? So you take the accessibility tree as generated by plain HTML. You add Aria to that, and now you get a different accessibility tree and it may be subtly different or it could be radically different, depending on what attributes you use, however, keep in mind that this is really the only thing that ru changes.

It doesn’t change anything about how the element behaves on the page. For instance, it’s not going to suddenly make your element focusable, it’s not going to add keyboard event, listeners for you or anything like that, or you does not change behavior in any way. It really only is for adding in additional semantics. So if you, you know, if you’re making a custom control, it’s really on you to make sure you go back, and you also add in that keyboard support so you’re kind of like maintaining that that consistent experience for your users.

So now that you understand more about what ru is and kind of some of the basics of how it works, I want to cover some of the things that Aria will. Let us do in our application, as we saw in that check box example. Aria can add semantics to an element where no native semantics already exists. So, for instance, you take a div element, it has no built-in semantics, but we can use Aria to be able to role.

We can use already to give it a check State, for instance, build a custom check, box or radio button, or something like that, or you can also be used to modify existing element semantics. So, for instance, let’s say I’ve got a button element that I want to. Actually turn into more like a toggle button, so I can on/off switch type of control. I can give it a roll of switch. I’m give it an already check state of true or false, and now I’ve sort of modified the semantics of this control, and now it’s more of a even more specific kind of thing.

It’s like a toggle button right to switch button. It’s important to note here, though, that the switch rule is part of the newer aria 1.1 spec. So, as I’m recording this, you know there’s probably a number of assistive technologies which do not support this role. Just yet, just like all web standards. Aria is you know, constantly evolving and advancing to try and keep pace with new UI patterns, so that’s something important to realise as well right, if you, if you come across an aria rule, you also want to check for the support of that role in assistive technology To make sure it’s widely supported, and then you can use it another thing or you can do is it can express semantics and UI patterns which really like don’t already exist in HTML, and I think this is where Aria kind of comes into its own Aria.

Basically, will let you create accessible widgets, which are not possible using plain HTML. To give you an example. Here is like a tree: widget component, okay, we can take an unordered list and add all your rules of we tree item and group and add an already expanded attribute to a few those children and now we’re expressing the more rich semantics of this tree element and Again, there’s no tree tag in native HTML, so it’s something that you know we wouldn’t be able to build otherwise without aria, which is really important.

Another thing we can do and as we saw this in our previous episode on labeling or you can add extra labeling and descriptive text to an element right to give that element an accessible name. So, for example, if you have like an image only button which doesn’t use an actual image element, so you don’t have access to an alt attribute or anything like that to put alternative text on it. You can still use Aria.

You can use Aria label to give that element its own accessible name, and that way you can have it be announced properly by a screen reader to those users, or you can also express semantic relationships between elements which go beyond just like standard, dom parent-child sibling relationships. So, for example, a more complex relationship is something like this element controls that element over there.

Even if they’re not like you know, direct parent-child or anything. So in this case right here, I’ve got a button which controls whether a particular part of the page is visible or hidden, and it does this in the form of kind of a disclosure widget. You can see here where it shows advanced settings. We’ve specified using Aria controls – that’s actually controlling this group of elements down here for these Advanced Settings checkboxes.

So even though they’re not parent-child, they’re, actually sort of like siblings. We can create this new relationship indicating this element over here controls that elements over there, which is really cool and finally, Aria, can make parts of the page live, so they can inform assistive technology right away when something changes – and we saw this in our previous episode On building alerts, so we add role equals alert to some element.

We drop some new content into it and then it’s going to announce that immediately through assistive technology to the user. So are you giving you a lot of tools to make sure the experiences you build? Are semantically rich and can be easily understood by assistive technology? Now we’re definitely going to be diving into the subject more in the future, but that about covers it for today. So if you have any questions, you can always leave them for me down below in comments, or you can hit me up on a social network of your choosing.

As always thanks. So much for reading I’ll see you next time, hey. If you enjoyed this episode of Ally cash, you can always catch more over in our playlist or click. The little subscribe button and you’ll get an email notification whenever we launch new stuff on the blog. As always, thanks for reading


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ITU Telecom World 2018: Tim Sherwood, Vice President, Business Development, Mobility & IOT Solution

Tim welcome to the studio. Thank you now. I’d like to start off by talking about MVNOs mobile virtual network operators, perhaps you could tell us a little bit about what M V arrows are and what role they play in the today’s IC T’s landscape, sure so MVNOs, actually very, depending on different types of models That they employ some are very simple resellers mobile operator SIM cards, if you will, whereas others are more sophisticated and control more capabilities themselves, to operate and offer more specific plans that they want to target for their customer segments.

Traditionally, the env nose went after the consumer. Mass-Market targeted different types of specialized ethnic groups, low value, but what we’ve seen really recently is an emergence of a wide variety of MVNOs not only focused on the consumer model, but also in the enterprise space, particularly around IOT, and one of the key trends to be Reading out for in the MVNO industry that what we’re really keeping an eye out is enabling anyone, if you will to become an MVNO we’re seeing, particularly when, when you start talking about smart devices, the Internet of Things, that more and more enterprises are shifting from a Product model to a services model and connectivity becomes a key embedded ingredient of that.

So, while they don’t necessarily think of themselves as an M V, you know like a traditional consumer brand. They are, in essence, an MVNO as part of the broader service offering that they’re that they’re making and in terms of obstacles in this particular market. How might they be overcome there? So some of the obstacles that we see really center around envy knows that want to offer their services across multiple countries, and so working with different local operators in each country can be challenging in that the different method by which you can acquire and utilize their local Spectrum, their radio access can be, can be, can change across, and so then you become limited to the least common denominator of capabilities if you’re heavily reliant on the operators and so we’re seeing a movement more towards virtualized platforms that handle different types of subscriber management capabilities Policy charging different types of business rules that the env knows can operate as an overlay, above all the different radio networks from the partners they use.

So they can offer a consistent and seamless service across multiple countries across multiple operators and what about regulators? What kind of regulatory landscape would you like to see? Well, I think the regulator’s tend to be very much of a follower when it comes to different approaches and, in some cases, we’re seeing regulations that don’t necessarily put in advantage to an MV. You know one one example of that would be in India, which is still a large degree, a key market for us and there with some of the recent regulations.

They require a virtual network operator to be tied to a single operator, and what we’re seeing in other markets around the world is a key differentiation of an MVNO is actually that they’re providing coverage across multiple local operators and and so that that mesh value of multiple Underlying operators is critical for a value prop, let’s say in the US where I’m from, but because of the regulation in India.

You don’t see that so there are types of issues there that that we see that we think the regulators could be a little bit more forward. Thinking and looking at the NV, you know as a way to really enhance the and user value or the enterprise value, and they just need to be a little bit played a little bit more catch up by today. Talking about value, you’ve obviously taken the time and the distance has been traveled by you to be here, just wanted to find out.

So what’s the what’s the value attending events such as ITU telecom world, for you so for us we’re in the MVNO space. We actually look at ourselves as both as a mobile virtual network enabler as well as a virtual network operator, where we operate as an MVNO, we’re targeting or multinational companies our service provider customers to help them reach global scale in certain markets, particularly in Africa, and in Other emerging markets, we recognize that we may not have a strong local presence ourselves, and so we have and are seeking partnerships here to build a presence to kind of create a Federation or a coalition.

If you will – and so we see a lot of exciting things happening in places like Southern Africa with the explosion in terms of the opportunities for MVA knows both on the consumer side and the IOT side, and so we’re really looking at. How can we help? How can we extend some of our capabilities? How can we can enable our partners to be successful in the local markets that they specialize in Tim Sherwood? Thank you very much indeed.

Thank you. Good stuff.

Starting a business is not easy! Think about who will be working on your digital image. Hiring a good webmaster will help!


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Studying a Master’s in Globalisation, Business and Development at IDS

I wanted a cause that would introduce me to the private-sector world to the markets place because again, at the end of the day, most of the resources that we utilize and the nonprofit space comes from the you know the private sector and I wanted to understand how They think how that our thinking is done there.

What are the factors that influence that you know mobilization of resources and, of course I wanted to do that in a top school in the school that is known for development study, so I chose ideas so right now. I am the program’s director of projection, Evo Africa. I found a project a neighbor Africa five years ago and basically, what we do is to promote digital inclusion and disability advocacy in Nigeria and of course, we do a bit of work beyond interacts in some African countries.

The impact has been huge. The first one is understanding more and more the place of collaboration and knowing fully well that it’s not just enough to have interesting ideas or have some of the best programs. But to understand that no single person would have all of the resources needed to make a project or program successful. So that’s for me is one and it’s key then. Secondly, is understanding how to translate global reports, data in it’s a world of data, and we see a lot of that every day and sometimes they can be overwhelming.

But through my studies there I know where to look to find the data to support our work, especially where we talk to donors, grantors and international partners. It’s easier for me to understand trends, to understand developments, reports and translate those to practical programs that people understand. You know people from both side of the of the world, people who are in the research space and those who don’t really have interest in the research base.

I’m able to fill in the gap to speak what both parties can understand before coming to heidi’s project. A neighbor was just one of those small projects that we know struggle to put together, and but the mi-8 ideas changed a lot of things because, first of all, it changed. My thinking on you know the place of inclusion in the overall developments in your space and, more importantly, the knowledge Kenya was very useful in helping us access.

Pakal grants grants that today has turned us to a national organization that we are here to implement programs on a national scale, and before coming here, we had just three staff right now we have about 12. Today project a neighbor has grown. We are well-positioned to take on issues on national level. We now contribute to policies, and you know, there’s a new disability bill passed in Nigeria and we are leading a campaign to push for the implementation, and that, for us, is huge.

We have never worked at a skill, and the knowledge and experience at ideas has helped a lot. You

Starting a business is not easy! Think about who will be working on your digital image. Hiring a good webmaster will help!


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How I do an accessibility check — A11ycasts #11

So today I thought it’d be fun to go through my process for doing a simple accessibility audit a lot of times I have teammates or even like third party partners who reach out and they say hey. You know. I’ve got this site that I built, I’m not deeply familiar with accessibility, so can you give it just a once-over, and let me know if there’s any sort of like major gotchas I should be looking out for so I wanted to cover my process today.

This is not, you know, an exhaustive review or anything, but this is generally the stuff that you can do to find some obvious high level issues. So, if all the way over here to my laptop, usually the first thing that I do on any website, I’m going to use webbing as an example here, webbing is an awesome site for web accessibility. Usually one of the first things I do one on any web site is: I want to ensure that I can navigate using the tab key on my keyboard and that there are discernible focus styles, as I move around the page, so in the case of webbing, if I start tabbing through here, you’ll, actually see the first thing that it does the very first time I hit tab.

I get this thing called a skip link up here in the top left hand, corner skip links are super useful. You know on sites where you might have heavy navigation. You want to let the user skip immediately down to the main content, so webaim implements the skip link. Some other sites, like github, have skip links. If you actually go to github and hit tab, you might notice, it says, like you know, jump to your repositories or whatever so skip link is kind of a cool thing to look out for, but then, as I’m tabbing around the page, I want to make sure That I see a focus ring on different elements on the page now web aim actually does a cool thing here, where they animate their focus ring.

So you can even see it moving across the screen, which is pretty cool. They highlight their focus States. This is, you know, just about the best link, a tab focus behavior. I think I’ve ever seen really, but I just tab through the site, and I make sure that you know I can reach everything that is interactive using the tab key on my keyboard right. So that’s step one tab through your experience, so the other thing that I like to look out for is, as I’m tabbing around the page.

I want to make sure that there’s no off-screen content that can accidentally be focused so follow me over here. I’ve got this. This material design, Lite sort of like template site that the the team has created and notice that it has this sort of like sidebar over here and, as I’m focus moves into that sidebar right now. Let’s say I shrink the page a little bit right. So it’s totally possible that someone could have their browser this size on their desktop and let’s try it and tap through this now.

So I tab through this write. My focus is over here on the top left or sorry top right in that search field. Now it’s on that button. Now, as I’m pressing tab, though we don’t see the focus indicator, it’s as if it has disappeared and we keep tapping, we keep chatting and eventually it’s going to show back up. Ah did you see it down here at this? Like read more button, so what was going on there? Well, if we expand again, we can see that actually, what was happening was focus was sort of hidden in these off-screen fields was over here in our side nav, and so I see this on a lot of websites, and this can trip up.

You know anybody who’s using a keyboard to navigate and I can come trip up mobile screen readers because you have something off screen, but it’s still in the tab, water, it’s still focusable, so a screen reader might travel into those off screen elements. You know you might have dialogues off screen, you might have side nav off screen and you don’t actually want the user to be clicking on those during that current state.

So that’s another thing that I look out for. I want to make sure that people are disabling off, screen, interactive content, making sure it’s removed from the tab order. The next thing that I look for is I want to make sure that I can do kind of like a simple navigation of the page using a screen reader, so for this demo, I’m going to use the shop app by the polymer team. This is a pretty cool site that I work with that team, a lot to try and make sure that this was a good, accessible experience.

So, in the previous few episodes we covered how to use NVDA, we covered how to use voiceover on a Mac. I really recommend all web developers familiarize themselves with the basics of at least one screen reader just so they can quickly move through a page kind of like what we were doing with the tab key – and this is just sort of like a sanity check to make Sure the screen reader can actually like land on controls and they’re, announcing things that they should.

So let me turn on voiceover and all kind of like move through this page quickly, to show you what I mean by that all right. So I’m just going to use the vo Keys to kind of like quickly move through some interactive stuff visit, link, home link, shopping, cart, zero items, link where link ladies outerwear link men’s t-shirt. I might you know, try and move down to like Lane section. I want to land on an image right.

I want to make sure that that image has alt text. That’s really important a lot of websites, especially like e-commerce sites and things like that, you’ll move through and because they haven’t provided alt text for any of the images it’ll oftentimes just read like the file name for an image. So that’s another thing that I often look out for as and as I’m going through, this phase, you know, did the the person building the site use proper, alt attributes.

I also want to make sure that if there are custom controls like buttons and things like that, that have been implemented using either custom elements or using like divs with a bunch of JavaScript, that those are interactive with a screen reader. Okay, so we’re on this drop down, it says size collapsed, pop-up button. Let’s try and use voiceover to interact with this, so I’ll click on it. Okay, it’s reading me the number of items, and now I want to use just like my regular arrow keys to move around inside of this control.

So up down right, left right things like that, so go down to extra-large, hit inner right. Okay! That’s something that I look for right. Any custom control is working as I would expect with the keyboard. The other thing I know about this site is when I add something to the cart. It’s going to sort of add like a little sort of a like modal pop-up type thing that’ll show up on screen, and so I want to make sure that the screen reader user is notified of that, possibly by moving their focus into that item.

So let’s do that item added to the cart added to cart for items interact without it took our view. Cart, don’t close dialogue voiceover off, so you can see that when the item was added to the cart, the screen reader focus was directed into that thing. That just slid out on screen, so I know the way the polymer team is doing this, if I recall, is they’ve got something in there with the tabindex of negative 1 and they’re, focusing that element just to direct our focus.

So that’s another thing that I read out for making sure if, if something is being dynamically added to the page, that focus is directed to it. So that’s a quick pass that we can do with the with screen reader. The next thing that I do is I try and check the page structure, so I wan na make sure that the page is using appropriate headings and that there are appropriate, landmark roles or landmark elements on the page, because those help with screen reader navigation as well.

So, let’s look at something like Wikipedia which does a really good job of this. So I’ll turn my screen reader voiceover on Google and what I often do is I just opened the the rotor inside of voiceover in NVDA. There’s the. I think it’s called the web elements thing. I think we showed it off in the last episode. Basically, it’ll give you kind of an outline of the page in voiceover. You can open it by using a ctrl, alt or a control option you and just hitting, left and right to menu all right.

So we can see all the headings on the page. We can see that they’re doing a really good job of using. You know. H1. H2, h3, going all the way through the hierarchy of headings they’re, not just mixing and matching H tags based on like the size that they are, which I see a lot of developers do, which can generate kind of like a broken document outline for the screen reader. I want to make sure that when they’re using heading tags they’re using it to basically build the skeleton of the page, so you know we can right move through this content in a sort of a logical way.

So if I wanted to jump down to this, the section I can easily do so. The other thing that I look for again is is landmark elements. So, let’s, let’s go back and look at webbing, so webbing does a really good job of using landmark elements on their site. So again I open my web Roder. I look for landmarks and here we can see that there’s things like banner navigation search main. So if I wanted to bypass all the navigation and get right to the main content, I can do that right.

So that’s another thing I look for you know there are sites out there, which really don’t include many landmark elements at all and again, that’s sort of an efficiency feature that you can very easily add in use, use main tags, use, nav tag or use like you Know, role attributes to create those landmarks, somebody users who use screen readers can, you know, just navigate around a lot faster fashion, so that covers a focus that covers basics of screen, readers that covers headings and landmarks.

The next thing I check for is color and contrast. I want to make sure that you know if someone who might have a low vision impairment, it’s going to be able to discern the text on the page. So again, you know looking at a site like material design lite. This is a really attractive website, but there are areas where I think some of the texts could be a little low contrast and maybe a little difficult to read.

So there’s a really great Chrome extension that you can install on the Chrome Web Store. We can look for axe extension, so acts like a like a chopping axe right, so this is by DQ systems, and basically this is a simple extension that you can add to Chrome, which will sort of run an audit against the page and flag. A number of accessibility issues, but one of those is color and contrast. So on this site I can just open my dev tools after I’ve installed that audit.

You can see it’s right here in my dev tools panel, there’s this big analyze button. So I click on that and it goes through. It looks at the page and can tell me right here that there are some elements which need better contrast. So I click on that and it’ll actually give me kind of like a path to reach that element in CSS. I can actually even click on it and it’ll highlight that element in the dev tools for me.

So, in this case, for instance, this might be a little hard to see, but maybe I’ll try and boost the page. But you can tell that uh that these footer links down here right where it says right under this github logo, wears like web starter kit and help. These are low contrast texts that the audit has highlighted for me. So that’s something that we can read out for. There’s another extension: the let’s see the the chrome, accessibility, dev tools extension here we go so we’ll include a link to this as well.

It does very similar stuff to the axe extension, but one of the nice things that this extension does is when you highlight something that is low. Contrast it’ll actually give you a color suggestion, so it could be like you know. Maybe if you make the links, you know this different hex value you’ll be able to meet the what tag minimum. So, let’s see if we actually highlight these guys right here and then our dev tools, I’m going to go to where it says, accessibility, properties and see right here, lists this warning for contrast, ratio and I can actually click these color values.

And it’s very subtle, because this one’s actually like almost perfect – it’s not quite clicking these little sreades will actually change the text. Value on sites and it’ll apply an inline style for you, and that way you can see. You know what a better alternative color would be. The last thing that I try to do after I’ve done all of this is I try to recommend that you know whoever is building this site, integrate some excessive regression testing into their build process.

Again, if we go to github and we look up acts core, so this is the library that powers that axe extension, but you can also use this library as part of your build process right. So, as you’re running your automated tests, you can have a sample page. You can have axe core, look at that page and flag in accessibility audits, and you know those could then call your tests to fail. At which point you know you got to go back and you got to fix those issues.

Okay, so we we’ve covered a lot, but this is basically how I do my accessibility audits, it’s by no means exhaustive, but on many of the websites out there. This is how you’ll catch some of the major issues that folks need to work on. That can take their experience from totally broken to. You know at least sort of like a decent baseline experience for folks. If you have any questions, as always, you can leave them for me down in the comments.

Otherwise, you can contact me on a social network of your choosing, as always thank you so much for reading so yep hey. If you enjoyed this episode of alley cat, you can always catch more over in our playlist or click. The little subscribe button and you’ll get an email notification whenever we launch new stuff on the blog, as always, thanks for reading


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5 ways to create a visually STRONG artist brand (part 4 of image series)

So starting off strong visual images are all about sticking out getting as much as attention as possible. In your environment, and you have to understand your environment to truly be able to do that I’ll go over that later, though, Calle West number one is being out of place when Kanye West first started hip hop was heavily a street where look right being educated.

As far as the look the preppy look College, look that Kanye West was known for the time was nowhere in sight. Kanye West was the first one. He popularized that and had the backpack. He created the backpack rapper, even the content. He was talking about that made him seem out of place. He was this different guy and then we look at him not that it was their choice to be born white, but the fact they were born white and they’re rappers, particularly in their side of rap, and brought them a lot of attention just because they were the Only white people at their time on that level, so it just made people look at it right in wonder.

Okay, who is that they easily were branded as that white person that you have two against the grain in the Western civilization, particularly with entertainers. You have women that are wearing less clothes, typically Janelle Moll day. She went the opposite direction by not only dressing down in sense of covering her body, but also having on a pence which is a little bit more of a masculine energy.

Typically, as far as what we associate a pen, so we associated with basis and power and all that kind of stuff, so brought her more attention when she did that in the first place. But then she combined it with what Jenna does also is, which is being out of time being at a time in the sense of using an old energy and oh look and also feeling your music often times which separates you from the current day.

People and they modernize it obviously, but they also really really strongly draw from and push the image of being old school like old, old school, not 90s, but you know back in the day. Y’All know talk about anyway, play up your character, so all these people have characters innocence and they play those up. But these people play into the extreme Lady Gaga Lady Gaga, particularly that one year when she was doing things like this meat, outfit and Eminem like you down here in the right like this woman is crazy.

She was really really really going to the extreme and getting maximum attention. If you remember that year, she like you, cannot turn on TV and not to hear about her or anything at least music related and then Nicki Minaj when she first came out well after a while, she came out, but she got to a certain point where she Was like, I want to get maximum attention and I want to be in the pop world and have so many people, not my name.

She started wearing these colorful outfits all this stuff, and just these bizarre things similar to Lady Gaga just to get attention and then Katy Perry did a very much so similar thing, except she did the characters and outfits kind of like Lady Gaga did, but then she Also did the colorful things with the blue wig as a theme during her California, love album and all that kind of stuff like she did very much so a similar thing, I’m sure you can recognize the similarities.

Little yachty. I did a article talking all about how he did this I’ll go check it out. You haven’t seen it, but he I go a lot deeper and number five is props right. Using props, Rory’s hat right here is a prop the way you know this is because he one has it on consistently and then he has it on. Even when he’s wearing this Jersey, this Jersey, is it necessarily a look that goes with that kind of hat typically, but he is so aware that this is his brand.

This is what make him makes him stick out, that he keeps it on no matter where he is because that creates his silhouette literally and he put a silhouette around him, but he doesn’t wear it as much this time. You would recognize Rory silhouette by itself. Regular hats, like the one kid cudi hairs on the bottom left, quit necessarily make you stick out, but the fact that this hat is something that people typically don’t typically don’t wear, at least on his side of music.

In the same way, the Hat the future wears is branded him as a strong visual. Those kind of things help out, and then you have a mean a with the bananas. I mean obviously they’re super random, but the fact that he hasn’t consistently I’m the strong visual brand. You see a banana and you’ll think of a meaning, particularly anything music related. He saw a new album cover and it had nothing but a banana now.

You would first thing you would think would be a meaning, at least if you do know him other than that is being consistent right, because all those things and everything that everybody did was all about being consistent. Only once you do it multiple times. The people start to really relate it to you. They see you do it one time and it’s just like how they’re doing some fun thing or how they’re trying to get attention, or it’s a little bizarre, that’s weird, but once you do it multiple times, people really brand it and stick to you.

I don’t learn rules to abide by them. I learned them to know when I’m breaking them, so this alludes to that sticking out thing. I said at the very beginning: you have to understand the rules of your environment to truly be able to take advantage of the rules and then break the rules to your advantage. So you get maximum attention. You have to really understand what people other people are doing to really stick out.

If you want to use a strong visual branch, so study the game and study what you see around you and that’ll help you get it done other than that. You know what to do subscribe have a great one.

My favorite musician as of right now.


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Got Products To Sell On Amazon But No Business? How Business Development Coaches Can Help

This Airbnb, it’s beautiful, super excited about it. We got a ton of to do today, they’re going heavy on filming making that content for y’all, because it’s important to us this cars pretty dope, I would buy it to maserati ghibli. I would definitely not buy it. I think it’s definitely overpriced it’s. It’s got just crazy pick up like crazy pick up, but the inside it’s like, like a low-end dodge model like a Dodge Dart like the like the window mechanism.

Just like it’s definitely it doesn’t feel like an $ 80,000 car. I would not purchase this car for myself, but right for a few days absolutely so Sebastian went for a run to the beach. It’s about thirty five blocks I slept in. I had some crazy dreams. Last night yo Terry right, I just don’t know what I’m talking like it. I don’t listen. I I have a. I can lucid dream so, for anybody does know featuring lips, lucid dreams where you can actually you’d actually control your dreams so, like I can be in the middle of a good dream.

Wake up, I’m 200 feet, get a dream. Go back to sleep finish that dream! It’s pretty cool, but I also have the ability to finish terrible dreams as well, which is an asshole, but I usually choose not to finish them by staying up, but last night I had some terrible dreams. That’s like it’s! Alright, you know dreams make me really think about life and like where what I was thinking about before I went to sleep where my head’s at because I have a firm belief that I can.

I have some control over my dreams. Well, yeah. The meetup is tonight crazy, crazy excited about the meetup we’re all going to at least it’s tons of people show um. I kind of feel that doesn’t people show up just by the overwhelming response that we’ve had so that’s exciting. We love to be with you. I’ve been hanging out with you. It’s really why we do this stuff. That’s why we’re out here so the meetups, probably around 6 7 p.

M. Tonight Pacific Standard Time or go to just hang out talk business. I’m talking Amazon growth. What we teach is how to build a viable Amazon business, because anybody can sell on Amazon. I’m talking anybody, you can go to your local book sale purchase some books start selling those on Amazon. You go to your local of discounted store, Marshalls TJ man thanks Ross, buy some stuff to sell on Amazon or Ebay I’m.

So anybody can do that right but like what we teach is how to build a viable business around selling on Amazon. So you can get to a point where you have dozens of employees. A large warehouse and like selling on Amazon goes from a side hustle to a full-time muscle. That is the name of the game for us: how to teach you to build a successful business around selling on Amazon. Now, if Amazon is just something you want to do as a side hustle that absolutely we we teach that as well, but our specialty is building Amazon businesses.

We analyze profits right, we’re warehouse, optimization the whole nine. It’s so in-depth! It’s it’s so exciting! I love it! You know sometimes I get overwhelmed when we take on a bunch of new clients, because it’s very time consuming a lot of time with these clients you know, but then, like after our one, I’m just so amped up. It’s like anything in my life like even going to the gym or starting a new blog.

The first couple minutes. First, 10-15 minutes: oh man, another one of these or another day at the gym, and then you know after I’m into it, I’m ready to rock ready to roll. I’m just feeling it to see myself living out here. My brother used to live in San Diego. So I spent a lot of time in California love it out here. It’s beautiful just the whole feeling damn bro, you went to the triathlon run over here check this one out the money.

Another amazing business trip in the RAF’s thousands of dollars spent on travel those dozens of relationships. Just amazing meetup was good, sober consultations right really good, really good, and here we are at the LAX airport about to miss our flight. That’s how much I love you willing to this looks like for you now. If that’s not love that I don’t know it is good. Annie. You

Starting a business is not easy! Think about who will be working on your digital image. Hiring a good webmaster will help!


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Nipsey Hussle’s 12 Tips To Build An INDEPENDENT Music Empire

So if you don’t know who Mickey Hustle is he’s that guy, that might, you might have heard of when he sold that hundred dollar mixtape and jay-z bought like a thousand copies of mixtape, but he also sold other copies of it.

So that’s just a real short snippet and how can somebody that’s not really super known, sell, hundred-dollar, copies of your victims, we’ll get into it and how he does it. Here’s his tips. Like I talked about, I was in the streets. I had money. I had spots and I sold all my jewelry sold my course and bought studio equipment and devoted myself to it, and I made a lot of music majority of stuff that was on bullets thing.

I don’t know he’s wanted to. I made before my deal number one commit he got rid of all his chains and sold all his stuff like he said just because he knew he was going in a new direction. He didn’t want to be on the streets. No more he’s committed to this music number one commit number two collaborate, so Kendrick, yg Don Kennedy Nancy else themselves. Those guys all collaborated a lot in the beginning of the careers particular with each other, because they were in the same areas, and you could take advantage of this too, because it allows you to build a fanbase, especially if you’re in the city.

So you can get the most out of the area that you’re in I got a few mentor that has put me on books and literature and all that big blob. France is one of them and so on. You know he told me about this book called contagious, contagious, oh yeah, so I got to the second chapter that you were just talking. My heart is this: restaurant owner in Philly started selling Philly cheesesteak $ 400 at his restaurant, and it just was like it set off all type of conversation.

Ever I was talking about extent on type of influential people came to him and just want to check out why $ 100, like Oh Burke, ain’t going bought one David Letterman bought one, you got lost type of expulsion, publicity could be anything became like a staple and Everybody start coming through supporting behind all the cheesesteak, so I put the book down and I was like anybody got without nobody did that with music you.

So this is how you came up with this hundred-dollar mixtape/album idea. Studying he also mentioned having that mentor, I suggest everybody give mentors helpful in career building an empire whatever you want to do. But study study study he’s looking for other information, a lot of people in the hip-hop game. Don’t study, he’s reading books and he’s actually using the information yeah. Sometimes I won’t even go back and get it though.

If his Waggoner know you like, I know, listen to it, why pay for higher you? So I’m like you know, I just want to test out what get offering it free. We do experiment right once again, like I said. Not only is he studying, but he experimented and tested those ideas out right. He not cuz, I’m, not only did he have a hundred dollar copy that came with merchan a free concert pass and things like that, but he offered it 999 copy.

That was just a streaming copy and he also had a free copy. He said you want to see what it did and that he paid attention, which is also going right into this right here. When I came back from our own world on Team C, I was like you know. I know what I fuckin with I’m like. I know what it is. It took me. Five six make sense to really catch it without, like I’m, no well, I know I know what it is that connected to so crashing.

All is with me trying to just saturate the thing with a project with the ability type of wraps any type of movie that they’ve connected to before. I think so. This is that experimenting and paying attention. He has six mixtapes. Obviously, you experimenting your own music, but then he paid attention to say: okay throughout this entire process of all these mixtapes, I’m starting to realize exactly what they fuck.

What about me? Because once you do that, then you have all the power you pay attention to the people. Now you can give the people what they want. I think is your job to distinguish us. So Brandon is about your difference. You’re right about it’s so much of differences. It ain’t about you know, what’s the same, you know exactly right, just like that process, so once he paid attention saw what they connect with now.

He knows what his differences are. He knows what other people like about him and he can give them more of that. So then they can give themselves more of them, and now he has these. This fan base. That’s growing, that’s tip number five from nipsey, but everybody right for you. Yet I know my philosophy on my business model. I need to be involved as a partner. I need to be an owner, I heard, and I know that we ain’t going to have combos.

If you don’t start like that and then step number six, it gets real heavy OOP seven when it comes to that ownership. That’s give something I don’t know, but when it comes to nipsey, he’s super strong on the ownership and we’ll see a little bit more on this litt later. I see nothing right right, but I’m at the table at every dissociation, I’m in control of everything to do with my brand. To me: that’s the power, that’s where the you know the side conversations aren’t in the new opportunity right.

So not only this being an owner mean you own, something because there’s been this additional benefit when it comes to the power. That, therefore, is you so when you want to think about ownership, if you don’t own you’re, not you don’t have the power for decision-making, you don’t have the power for the decision-making you’re not going to be in decision-making meetings in those meetings. That’s on the bigwigs! That’s when the people who really make those moves are meeting right.

So if you can’t be in that meeting, you’re not going to build relationships for the people who really make stuff happen. Yes, nice to deal with some kind of distributor or just your manager or a in our. But if you can’t have that meeting with the guy who runs, let’s just say Disney or some kind of huge company that might even just want to license up all your stuff and give you all these additional opportunities, then you’re missing out on opportunities, which is what Most artists do I’m not trading ownership of the only asset I have, which is my intellectual property.

That’s his music, it’s pretty much true for every artist. All they got is their music, don’t give it up not go anywhere else. Why you feel like man, you know what I need to. I need to put my own compound. May I just believe ownership yeah. You know I mean I believe in you know: um, invest in yourself when you make money, you know you can easily go a lot of places, but I just feel like you know, your foundation should be strong.

He’s super consistent with this, so he made his own compound his own, a recording studio like for recording studios worth in one studios. I hear like four session rooms, but when you do something like this, you have to invest in yourself when you own, then you want to invest, then own, more, invest own, more continue this cycle and this how you slowly but surely build an empire, and next thing You know you buy out the building, you are helping and put other people on.

That would really really having an empire is like data, so I know he’s really super into daddy. He had one conversation when he was talking about him using Ryan Leslie super phone app right, and this really really treks fan data is one thing you need to really collect fan data generally speaking, but this goes to the extent of it. You come up to Nick C and say you’re his number one fan. He could look at his phone in about 10 seconds figure out exactly if you are his number one fan or not, he could just see his data and say hey well.

Actually such-and-such in Tokyo is my number one fan your number 76, because it’s basing on how much you support him. How many shows you going to how much how many album you bought, and he has all that data at the tip of his fingers. This kind of stuff is great because, let’s just say, you had a thousand fans, if you had a thousand fans like a thousand like super super fanatical fans that bought every single thing you put out, even if he has a hundred thousand people like a, but only A thousand people buy everything he knows if he puts out something for $ 120, at least those thousand people are going to buy it.

I’m going to make a hundred twenty thousand dollars off those people at the very least no beginning change like we in control to extent you know. Without the internet we got um a global village that we could deliver content to in our saying and it’s in his worldwide, you could told you to say: you’re marching. You could build businesses. So if you’re not stuck on, you know being a fine jumping and being some type of socialite, you could look at the guy for what it is, and you know saying – and you know build something.

I rock slowly tip number 10 – ignore the bullshit. A lot of artists do not do this they’re huge on the fame, junkie, socialite lifestyle, and what happens is I was going to happen to a lot of them? Is what happened to people past generations, where the oh geez had these great stories of what was and who he used to hang with, but they’re, not on top anymore they’re right there for you, because they didn’t keep making the moves and they didn’t make the right Moves which was focusing on the money in addition to the art, as opposed to just saying, hey, I want to be seen that’s what a lot of people do ignore that same stuff.

If you’re telling me that all y’all gauging it sound scanning billboard, we don’t need y’all y’all, getting an eviction notice. What did she say my this is hey. I don’t care if I’m in your main media outlets, I don’t care if I’m on your radio stations. None of this stuff, in which he’s on another net, he’s only had like one radio, I’m song for real for real, and he doesn’t need that because he can get to his fans, which means he can get to his money.

If he gets his money he can build and then create more music and then get back to his fans and get more money. If you got your fantasy got your money, you don’t need anybody else. All that other stuff is an illusion. I swear how much you get paid are the writers. I wrote that I paid him type of salary to my employees at my business that got felonies and I can’t get jobs, no disrespect so who’s. The underachiever I own, my company own the asset of this whole industry, which is yo-yo masters yo, your intellectual property.

You know, send your publishing, so you know you your metrics and what you gauge in as achievement is actually like a peon or underboss we’re looking at it, because you know like I’m not in it for the fame. Everybody want to be seen and held at the highest regard. Obviously, but you know you can’t cash that out and can take that to the bank, where you can in other ways, but you know, what’s the asset, what do the labels do it, for they do it for the ownership they do it for the for the catalogue For the mailbox money, and so you know, I think if you up one, what’s what’s going on you’ll you’ll respect that you wouldn’t say do underachieving for that yeah.

For you see, I play longer clips with nipsey’s in the other articles because stuff he said, is so real, don’t think like a peon. What he’s referring to is a complexion magazine writer, saying hey this guy’s underachieving? They lit radium one of their top ten underachieving rappers and he’s like no. You measuring people offer this little media buzz and this you know this little Fame over here, but nah man I I can.

I could pay you if I wanted to. I could hire ten of you if I wanted to, because I’m over here, winning with what matters tainted action to the mailbox money. What he was saying with that part is record labels. They finish the mailbox money, which is that money when I wake up is in a new check, is in my mailbox and that just keeps happening he is happening, but most artists. They don’t focus on that.

That’s why we have all these past stories of artists being ripped off he’s saying now. He has both of those things. He has the art and he has the money and he’s going to stay, focusing on that. He doesn’t need to get complex to give him. My a okay, you know it’s just like a metaphor for being a long horn. You don’t judge it by one leg of the race cause. If you judge me by my first leg, you’d have been like you know.

If the biggest dude on the web, then, if you’re, judging by the second leg, you might be like nip didn’t drop out, I’m a disappointment. But if you judge you bought a third leg, you won’t be like nipple, independent moment, yeah way back and look at it. As a marathon buddy dude came from, you know, single house, family, a gangbanging environment, you know, saying, didn’t graduate high school and been through the bullshit.

So what you say here is hey. This is everything if you put him in a nutshell: it’s a marathon. It’s a long game because building an empire is a long name: xjz, eggs, P, Diddy, P, Diddy literally start running marathons because he’s obsessed with the idea of a marathon because he knows he’s playing a long game right, it’s a marathon, so it doesn’t matter about the Ups and downs they they will affect you in the time being, but really, if you know, you’re playing a long game that helps you not get caught up in some of that BS when I said ignore to be this right, keep that in mind that’s number 12 And now we’re going to go out with a quote from Nick C on a mission, your worst enemy is idle time.

That just means hey, don’t waste. Your time on is BS point blank subscribe. If it was helpful, I want to go out with a quick article. I’m just of nimshi talkin about some other stuff because I still think it’s so dope is unhelpful.

My favorite musician as of right now.


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Shifting From Project Manager to Business Development Manager

I have with me Miranda Patton, a Civil Engineer, turned Business Development Director Miranda have had an interesting career to date. I Want to ask you what has been the biggest shift or career jump for you in Your progression so for me I would say the biggest shift has been from being a Designer and project manager and then moving into a marketing and business Development role in engineering I felt very comfortable.

I was secure. I knew how To deliver projects, I knew how to communicate with a client, maybe on a One-On-One an interface, an interaction and shifting over to business. Development, that was that was sort of an the opening where I saw how the process From finding work, winning work and then delivering the work, how that all came Together and for me, I think that was the the biggest shift.

Starting a business is not easy! Think about who will be working on your digital image. Hiring a good webmaster will help!


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How To Start A Service Business and Make $1500 – $2500 ( Monthly) in 90 Days

This article is about how to make $ 1,500 to $ 2,500 within the next 90 days, starting from scratch be sure to read all the way to the end. There’s a section there, a list of businesses to help you get started hey. This is Glendon Cameron. Founder of hustlers come food.Com, be sure to get your free nineteen business courses first link below recently, we’ve had a win. Someone went through the child support course and got his child support case dismissed pretty cool stuff.

Yes, that’s the kind of stuff that can goes down in hustlers coming fool.Com. You can learn how to make money. You can learn how to fix your credit, and you can learn how to get your child support case. Dismissed all for free, first link below be sure to get on it. Let’s have a chat. You want to start a business. You want to start an online business. You looking to make some money right, but there’s a few problems.

You want to make money online, but you’re hearing a lot of stuff. We’ve tried a lot of things and based upon your own experiences, it’s been slow. A few wins here, a few losses here. Typically, it takes 2 to 5 years to build a business online. However, I got something a little different for you. You can build a business offline, wait a minute just hold up hold up hold up. I know you, your front. A lot of stuff just hold on a second: you can build a business offline within 90 days, make 1,500 to 2,500 dollars.

If you are hustling now, I know doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but typically with my consulting business and talking to people the biggest problem that most entrepreneurs have is: how can they make money to support themselves while they build their business? Well, here’s an answer for you create a service based business. While you build your online business now for some people that seems like I don’t want to do that.

I want to be like you Glen and I want to have digital, be a digital citizen. Have my online business I’m not trying to work a job or start some hustle? I just wan na go straight online. Okay, that’s going to cost you either a bunch of time or a bunch of money. Do you have that? That’s the reality, you’re going to spend a bunch of money a bunch of time and if you don’t have either one you’ve got to work with what you have to work with, and that’s the reason I’m talking to you like this.

The last three weeks I have talked to a few hundred of you. Yes, a few hundred of you and 90 % of you are in that I want to do some. I don’t know what I’m going to do and I really have no problem talking to you, but I’m not going to be your girlfriend on the phone to talk about your dreams and ambitions when you ain’t doing shit with your life, that’s where a lot of people Are that’s why I’m you’re being the brother? You never had telling you this stuff because you can want until the cows come home you can want.

You can hope you can wish, and it’s just not going to happen Playboy until you actually start to make it happen. Now 10 % of the people call me actually have businesses or doing something and they’re a little stuck, but essentially everyone has the same problem. I got to put food on the table, but I want to do this business. How do I do both and that’s something I thought about number one, going back to 30 days to 2,500, the people really rocked out has sales experience and the whole time there was.

So what we’re going to do is more on that later, we’ll talk about that. Just stay tuned: let’s talk about what you need to do number one. You got to pick something you got to pick something to do. You have to pick something to focus on now. I get a lot of people and this is where I get the pushback. Well, I don’t want to do that. Well, until you get the skills to do what you want to do, you got to work with what you have and that’s the reality of it and you sitting there not wanting to do something, hopefully wasting you’ll think you’re wasting time.

Your really recent time, because time is ticking, that clock is ticking all right. So that’s our little chat. Let’s get into the educational aspect of this. Why do you want to create a local business when you’re hearing all this stuff about making money online speed? Like I said toward the end of the article there’s 10, I think there’s 13 to 15 business models, things you can pick, and maybe you won’t want to do one of those, but at least they give you some information to stretch your imagination, where you can think Of something that you want to do, because this is the thing this is where we are, unemployment is much higher than people are telling you way higher.

There are certain segments of the population with unemployment, 50 % and that’s on both ends of the spectrum. People under 25 and people over 55 that’s a lot of people. You need to start the business now. This is the plan. This is what I have for you number one to make 1500 to 2500 dollars in the next 90 days. You’ve got to give a service based business. This is something that if you have legs hands a car, you can do grunt work.

You can get this business started, that’s not the hard part, and this is where many people start to stumble and fall. They go out. They hustle they get some jobs, they start making some money, then either they’re working or they’re, not working or they’re, chasing business or they’re doing business and there’s all of these gaps. It’s like feast or famine. It’s like hey we’re, making money we’re doing this stuff in the lull period.

Now. One of the reasons that these low periods occur is because of a lack of professional sales training. So you pick something that you can get reoccurring revenue. That’s first thing you do like. I said I’ve got to list the stuff toward the end of the article. Then you go out there and you execute now. This is the difference between you and other people. Somebody out there right now who’s, not reading.

This article is executing they’re building one of these service based businesses and they’re, getting money but they’re going to type out because they don’t know how to build a system and infrastructure, and that is probably one of the most valuable things you can do for your business. It’s incredible what they can do for your business. Now you hear a lot of stuff of everybody wants passive income.

I don’t do anything. I just sit back and collect the money, everybody that I’m going to group with that’s doing it. That’s a seven-figure earner or a figure earner they’re working their asses off every last one of them every last. One of them is working their asses off. They may not be doing a hundred hours a week but they’re putting in the good 40 to 60. They are working this passive income thing mmm, it happens, I have it, I’ve had it, but I’m telling you it’s very short-term and the market can change on you in a heartbeat.

So if that’s your only source of income – and it goes in the world – I hurt so let’s just let that go for now go ahead and get yourself some active weekly income, that’s meaning you’re, making money. Every week I don’t care from the beginning. It’s only 100 bucks. You can build from that and then once you get to 1500 2500 3000, then you can start pushing your internet business model. But the thing is you got to keep doing your service based business, while you’re doing your internet business model.

Now I’ve said this before so this several times, I’m going to say it again. When I shut down the upscale garage, sell through the illness and went into becoming an internet marketer, I wasn’t sleeping on the sofa my car was paid off. I had money in the bank, I was able enough money live off of two years. Why? I did this? My situation is atypical and there are many people’s like that. Guy looks like me, he did it.

I can do it, but you don’t know the details and I keep trying to tell people I keep laying out, but many of you are hoping for rain bolsters are going to come out of a unicorns ass and bless you with some magic jelly beans. It’s not going to happen. Many of you are trying to fuck with no pussy you’re lying. Many of you are trying to fuck with no pussy you’re lying. Many of you are trying to fuck with no pussy you’re lying.

Many of you are trying to fuck with no pussy your life, but there’s no pussy and you’re wondering why you’re frustrated you have got to do something. You got to start building something and get busy and stay busy. Now. The next step is once you go ahead and get your business going up, then you have to scale it and you have to automate as many parts of it as possible. Now there’s someone that’s going to come in the comments.

It’s like tell us what kind of business once again: there’s 13 business models or 14 or 15 at the end of the article. It is up to you to go through them and to do the research. Like I said in the beginning, the article I have 19 free business courses for you, you you got, the information you’ve got structured courses is once again it’s on you to get busy now. This is something else I’m going to talk about, and this is a big problem.

Many people want someone else to do the work for them. You want someone to hold your hand now, as a business owner, that’s not going to work. You are going to have to be self governed and you’re going to have to start to scale your business you’re going to start pushing your business now. The third component of filling a service-based business customer service and back office. Now these are the two parts where things just really start to go crazy.

Like I’ll tell you something I’ll share something with you since we’re like friends and everything, hustlers kung, fu calm is free right now for a reason for me to gain static data that I would not gain any other way and I’m getting a lot of it. This is what’s happening, people are coming in and they’re looking at what the new stuff that I’m doing, they’re completely ignoring the older stuff. Now I just told you, someone went through the south support course and got its case dismissed now.

What does that mean? It works, but the information only works. If you work, it is a hundred percent free and you still have people looking for shortcuts. I’m not going to hold your dick dry dick, Danny mm-hmm, no, no! No! No! No! So it’s going to be up for you to go and shake it. Part of the problem here is, and I’m an internet guy, so I’m in this community that there are many of you who actually believe that you can actually go from nothing to a lot of money with little to minimum effort.

I’m here right now to slay that myth it doesn’t happen if it happens, is a typical and it’s not the norm, and you need to let it go and prepare yourself to work. If you do the work, you will be successful if you keep dilly-dally and waiting around coming up with these excuses. The next two years are going to pass next. Four years are going to pass. The next SiC here is going to pass. The next decade is going to pass and you’re going to be in the same place that you are right now now who’s going to be mad, who’s going who’s going to be mad, then who’s going to be mad, so go ahead.

Read the article get to the end. Look at that stuff check it out and start setting yourself some goals, because when I did the first 30 days to 2,500, it was a dude by the name of cleaver, and this is advice that I gave two and a half years ago, cleaver was like I’m On my friends, sofa, I don’t have a car, I don’t have money and I say you need to start a surface business and I’ve been trying to steer people to this.

But it’s like nothing. I want to do anything, but I want to live the dream chest during the same time. Few people can do it most can so. The same advice that I gave cleaver and he’s around he’s in the group is you need to start some kind of service based business, so you can start generating some cash cleaver within the matter of three weeks, went from nothing to. I think twenty two hundred dollars cash and he was on foot on foot – ended up buying the house that he was staying in with friends.

He did this in like six months. That’s the power of a service-based business. There. Some people took the original 30 days to 2500 and they’ll. Remember that same advice I gave two and a half years ago, I’m giving it to you right now, and this is your path out of poverty. This is your path away from this bullshit you’re dealing with now. Let’s have another conversation here. You got a job you’re going to have to work, double-time you’re, going to have to keep your job and then you’re going to have to work just as hard.

If not it’s hard on your business until it becomes costly for you to keep your job and at some point it’s going to become costly and that’s the point. You quit your job, because there are many people who want to just quit right now and they have no infrastructure. Nothing set up. So that’s it. So that’s how you make 1,500 to 2,500 dollars from scratch in the next 90 days by starting a service based business and busting your ass.

So for those of you who are still here who are not offended left the room but, like I said, I’m going to just give you a quick breakdown of some business models that you can use to jog your imagination, to give you some ideals and read that Section take notes and just push yourself to think of some – that you can do to get some service business based income. So with that, let’s get down to the examples.

Okay, this is the list of service businesses that I curated for you and the reason I say curated is all of these. Businesses have a serious component of reoccurring revenue. There are way more service type businesses that you can start, but they don’t all have reoccurring revenue. So check it out, you could do mobile spa services now with there’s a certain legal component to this, so if you’re already a massage therapist or in school.

This is something that you can do on your own. If you learn how to sell and book clients and get them on a monthly service, you can kill it, you could totally kill it now. Another service business that is tried, tested and true car-washing Mobile Detailing you have a spy posted up next to another business. This is tried and true it’s been going on forever, because if you have someone who is really busy and they have a luxury car and they have the income, it is cheaper for them to have you wash their car once a week twice above then for them To spend an hour and a half out there detail detailing it within their free time, because what people are buying is their their bonding time, they’re buying freedom.

So if you work 60 hours a week, last thing you want to do is wash your car on the weekend big big service, big opportunity. I have a friend who owns a car, wash he’s been in business many years. He does one point for the 1.6 million a year gross revenue washing cars, yes washing cars. Another thing you can do is referral service. Whenever you you move or sometimes you will get this pack of coupons in the mail.

That’s a referral service. There’s several different ways to do it, but the thing is there, you reoccurring revenue component, you go ahead. You start the referral service. You learn how to sell. You learn how to go out there and make things happen. Then you get reoccurring, customers, you know. If the customer gets a good result, you sign them up and then you’ve got ten people who are paying you them off.

You got 20 people we’re paying your muff. You got 30 people paying your month, it’s pretty pretty sweet. Another tried and true apartment cleaning. You go ahead and get yourself a few apartments every month, you’re working and the thing is to have that reoccurring, revenue to get to know the industry to get to know how often apartments have churned. That’s when people move in and move out once again a very lucrative business if you get into it right and you set it up right next thing is residential cleaning.

There are people, I have friends, who’ve had cleaners for the last 20 years. They do not clean their own house, they may do some light stuff or, but they all. This is for some people a necessity. It is not a add-on, it’s a necessity. So this is a great service business that you can create recurring revenue. Another one came out there copywriting. This is, for you know, people such as myself, who have to write a lot of sales copy who have to write a log blog post.

If you are really good with words, there’s a ton of business out there for you. So that’s another reoccurring, revenue model event planning now, there’s so many ways you can do this, you can specialize, you can shotgun or you can do you can do a mixture. You can take this referral service right and then bring it with the event planning. So what you would do is go out to 10 15 20 businesses and say: look I’m going to throw an event, I’m going to advertise the event and then you can come in and talk about your business.

There are people doing it on the high level, where it’s twenty five thousand dollars to attend. One of these events, so definitely just going to take a great deal of planning and execution and getting out there, but I’m just letting you know this is another reoccurring revenue service based model, I’m a service business model. Yes, a service business model and it’s just kind of crazy, as I said here and tell you this, because there are people who are doing this.

Every quarter they’re putting together these dinners with ten people at twenty fifteen grand a pop and they’re just introducing high influence people to high influence people and getting paid for it. So just something you think about and another thing window-cleaning, very, very profitable business. If you set it up right, if you put it together and once again it has that reoccurring, revenue component sales training as someone who has gone through professional sales, training and who’s gone through a great deal of self-education, I cannot tell you how helpful sales training is And part of sales training is marketing.

Part of sales training is developing your customer relationship management protocols. Super super important, and anyone that gets into a good sales training program will see an immediate increase in revenues. That’s how important it is. That’s why they’ll Carnegie has been around forever because there’s always a need, because most people do not know how to sell and lawn care once again service based business reoccurring revenue.

My long guy is two hundred bucks a month. Year-Round that’s the deal they do the leaves they do all this stuff and they just come three or four times a month and that I’m just speaking as a client of one that, if you’re busy – and you know, if you like doing your lawn and cutting your Trees and trimming the hedges, if that’s a form of therapy and peace for you, I get that. But if you hate that stuff there’s a ton of people out there who hate it don’t want to do it, don’t have the time and paying someone is just freeing them up.

So that’s another thing: now this one gets very broad hair care service. There’s a lot of sub components here, there’s coloring that people will just do colorist their stylist, there’s folks, who just do haircuts, I mean one again: people have to have their hair done once a month every six weeks, two weeks, something so depending upon where you are In that spectrum, because a lot of this stuff, you have to have a license, some of it, you don’t I don’t know – I don’t know but before you do anything, make sure that you go ahead and look at your laws and what you have to do to Be able to put your hands and someone’s head, but once again, once you get your qualifications and your certificates, whatever you need, this is a killer, reoccurring, business model.

I had a friend, he was dating this girl and he was just like man. She always has funny. Always has money, that’s like. So what’s your problem, it’s like man. She has a lot of money and it’s like he said. I don’t understand it’s like you know, she’s, a hair, stylist right, that’s, okay! They make good money, he said. No, you don’t understand. Didn’t kind of find out, she didn’t tell him, but I actually told him it’s like she owns the salon.

He didn’t know that he was blown away about how much money she makes. But you know she worked really really hard, but there’s a ton of money in that type of profession. Another service based business is handyman now in this economy. In the way the world is a lot of people not getting married. So you have a lot of people. Male and female, who are not handy and they will pay someone to come, hang a picture and they will pay someone to come do stuff.

They could do themselves, but once again people are buying back their time. So, instead of spending a week in painting they hire you, they go to the Hamptons come back, the walls are painted, handyman service, properly, positioned, properly set up can be very, very profitable and there’s so many different things that you can do now. Is this any stretch of the imagination all of the service businesses know what I did once again going back to curation is I put together businesses that have a reoccurring revenue model because a reoccurring revenue model is so important and if you hold on for a minute In the next segment, I will explain to you exactly why and how you can take advantage of that.

You hey, this is Glendon Cameron, founder of hustlers kung-fu comm, I’m going to tell you about how to sell big premium sales training. One of the things that happened when I built out 30 days to $ 2,500 per month was some people crushed it, but other people yeah they didn’t do so well, and I was just wondering why I mean it really really messed with me. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The people who did well had sales training, the people who did not do well had no sales training.

That was the difference and it’s critical. So, if that in mind, I’ve designed a new program bringing themselves training, what we’re going to do together to make you successful is at first is a one-on-one business evaluation. Now, what does that mean? You have a business and I’m going to tear it apart and tell you everything, that’s wrong with it and how you can make it better by implementing a sales process.

Now I know it sounds like I’m being somewhat presumptuous to assume that you don’t have a sales process, but I’ve talked to a number of people who don’t it’s common. I’m in a Facebook group with people who sell everything from high-end airplanes to life insurance, and I went in one mere hours after joining and impacted and put in some stuff that these sales professionals did not know did not understand, and these people sell every day.

Good sales training is the difference between $ 100,000 a year in $ 1,000,000 a year. That’s that critical. So another thing that we’re going to talk about which no one else talks about is how to build out your CRM, which is customer relationship management software. Most people who have a business, don’t have it. It is critical. It will make the difference in your business. That will blow your mind, we’ll teach you how to develop a sales pitch.

Many people don’t have one, because what I liked it, what I hear from folks is I hand out my flyer, I hand them my business card. Your flyer and your business card are not going to sell anything unless that person has an immediate need for your product or service. At that moment, if that need for your product or service comes up six months later chances are, you will not get that business? You have to learn how to pitch.

You’ll have to learn how to qualify. You’ll have to learn how to set it up, and you have to learn how to follow up. All of that goes back to CRM brand. Your business simple, create a sales funnel. That’s why you need CRM, build a web page that converts there’s something that I’ve been doing with some of our clients. That’s been working, amazing and you’ll. Get that how the market, how to find customers manage your back-office, a community of business owners.

Now this is how it works. It’s two hundred and fifty dollars a month. Currently, it is grouped training once we you sign up we’ll set a time where I’ll do a business evaluation with you and your business, then from that point on you’re going to get group training, there will be webinars, a lot of things would be recorded and it’s All going to be in a Facebook group, so you can access it at anytime anywhere.

If you can get on Facebook, you can get in that way. If you lose your login, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with that stuff and it’ll all be in one central location. Super easy super convenient and you can get this information that will change your life change, your business. So simply weekly sales training will be happening in the group and what I’m going to do for everyone that signs up, because there’s a special cold here and you don’t get that code.

Unless you read the end of the article there’s a special code, everyone that comes in here will get to business evaluations. The normal deal is just one so we’re going to have your main, a business evaluation, and probably a month later, we’re going to have another one. So you’ll get that as a signup bonus, but you can only get it from this link. That’s attached to this article, so nowhere with the link B you’re going to have a little screen that will pop out.

That will be your annotation or, if you don’t see the link, there’s going to be a little. I take your finger and go to MS. It currently is, at the top right hand, corner just press your finger in that space and I’ll pop up pop down, and you can check it out. You’ll be added to the facebook group within 24 hours, except on weekends. Maybe longer then my assistant will reach out to you, get your name your number and we will set up a time to do your one-on-one business evaluation and there will be sales training and a lot of stuff that you’ve never seen anywhere else before in the group.

I just posted the breakdown of a 1.2 million dollar lunch. How much money was spent on Facebook ads the the whole program? That’s currently in the group that you can go back, reverse-engineer pull out stuff that you can use for your business or you could just try to use that whole done. That platform, that whole sequence use that sequence. If enough place, if it’s applicable to your business and there’s going to be a lot more of that stuff, that’s coming, and I shall tell you you want to get in now, because it is currently 250.

As I make the group more valuable and I’m going to talk about value, if I can get some of the people that I want lined up to come in and talk to you, it’s going to go up, because these are has some high profile people. But as I make it valuable more useful to you, because currently the way that it is, if you just came in for a month and learned how to build out your CRM, develop a sales pitch and create a sales funnel, you would use those skill sets.

For years, those skill sets can be worth not a hundred dollars to you, not a thousand dollars to you, but literally over time, hundreds of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars and they’re this. I know that you being smarter than the average bear you’re going to jump all over this, and I will see you in the group. You you