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How To Pay Your Supplier in China + Alibaba Supplier Payments Tutorial Guide

So if you guys didn’t know, I was most out recently out in Vietnam on a trip to speak at a couple conferences out in Vietnam, shout-out to FBA Avengers group for hosting me out there.

But basically it’s funny how things come full circle and now, like I’m doing business in Vietnam to country where my parents are from – and you know this is my third time there ever their tongue, seeing my family in there ever and you know that’s a real humbling Experience to just experience, different cultures – and this would I love ions on I can work. Furthermore, I can live from anywhere in but anyways enough about me.

Let’s talk about you and how you can safely send money to Asia so when dealing with any suppliers, what you got to understand first of all, is payment terms, so when it comes to payment terms paying a supplier, what that means is how you pay a supplier. So payment terms, standard payment terms are normal, private business practices. Is you pay a 33 minute deposit right for to start the production or if it’s and then you pay the 70 % of remaining balance right after the production is complete, but before you ship it to Amazon? Okay, before it gets shipped to you, let’s break down on best practices on how to pay your deposit right, so pain deposit is different from paying seventy percent remaining balance.

So, if you’re working for a factory for the first time or you’re working with a new supplier, what you want to do the best practices to protect yourself is paid a third percent deposit with PayPal. Sometimes a supplier might say no. But if you really insist they should say yes, most suppliers will accept it right. So the way it works is you’re going to pay with paypal, foreigners deposit with a credit card through PayPal.

Why do I say that so, first of all, if you get screwed, we contact PayPal and you’re like hey PayPal, this fire did not get my goods Allah just beat happens. They give your money back. Paypal doesn’t give you your money back. Then you file a dispute with Reddit card company. When you find us people from credit card company, they always give you your money back generally, unless you always do charge back Stan, I don’t know, but so basically those two ways right PayPal and then your credit card Carmen you can do dispute in both of them To get your money back, okay and that’s how you pay your thirty percent deposit, but one thing you want to keep in mind is: if you paid your deposit with a paint pen with PayPal, a lot of suppliers will generally put to put the paypal fee on You so for them to receive money from PayPal they can pay anywhere.

I think that’s 140, like six percent, so it’s generally common for them to pass that on that expense to you by charging you an extra four six percent for your goods. So it’s totally normal, but for peace of mind and safety for you as a new seller or starting with a new supplier, is okay to pay this for six percent, just to get a story and build relationship right moving forward in the future. You can pay it by wire transfer or you can.

You know, ask to split the fee or, however, you arrange it with the supplier right. So that’s another pro tip see if we can split the feet with their supplier, be like hey. Can we split three percent? Three percent two percent two percent, However works right. So just talk and negotiate Chinese like haggling, they’re doing this in China, they’ve been doing any business in Asia in general, you got a high, that’s just how it works mix alright, so we got the deposit cover.

Now we got to worry about the 70 % so to 70 %. It’s a remaining balance aggregate right so because you put the deposit down, the production has started, duck should have started, production has started and then now production is complete. So this is when you paid 70 %, but but first thing you got to do is get an intersection, not alright. This is probably going to be a whole article about this, but just to kind of recap: a real, quick and in general, if you guys ever need access to an expression company that I use go ahead and check in it in the links below everything is always Attached in the crafting guide, if you guys haven’t heard about the crafting guide before highly recommend you guys access it access it, because it has, you know, access to all my front porch.

I use auto graphic designers that I use of the yeah Fred Flores graphic designers. Listening optimization people, I use any tools I use that are in my tool, kit, all the coupons for those tools, like you have everything inside that document. So I highly highly recommend it. You check it out. It has all my little poems and everything anyway segue back especially coming so you know make sure they do like a drop test.

You know make sure your item doesn’t break from three feet. Make sure the packaging looks correct, make sure you know, like you know, it’s printed the way you want it. An inspection company would check for all this, but you have to tell them to what to look for to also write, don’t check for your standard things. You have to tell them what to look for make sure there’s a thousand units there. If you order a thousand units, okay and then you know, you want to make sure to park on to write.

Fba labels on the outside of boxes right, make sure they palletized or product correctly, make sure to wrap is correct not depending on the way they do. It just make sure the paper works, correct and a lot of the certifications or in order and then they’re specially come really help you with that and agha listed trusted inspection companies that I have in comments check them out and they’ll help you guys out, but other Than that, what you guys also want to checked out for is yes, especially companies and then a seventy percent.

Okay, so once an especially company checks and we’re happy to go with everything, what we’re going to do is send a wire transfer wire transfer super normal standard business practice when sending money to suppliers in Asia. Definitely, if aspired tells you send money by like money, gram or like the one of those weird services that are a grocery store. Do not do that, send it by wire transfer deaths, normal business practice right, but wire transfer is when you send money from your bank.

Account to your suppliers, bank account – and you know so you just go into your local bank account. The first time you do is you’re probably have to do it in person, but make sure you ask them in the future to set you up for online wire transfers, because I’ll tell you right now. I personally hate going to my local there’s, always a wait. Time kind of smells people there aren’t like really happy, and I just rather personally not have to drive right.

I mean that’s why we’re in this business because we can work from anywhere. So if you want to work from anywhere, I definitely could detach yourself from physically going to bake and setup wire online wire transfers. Right put it right, there you’re going to go into Bank and then you’re going to have to make sure you have to get audit information from your supplier right. So you’re going to need, like the Swift, co-captain number, their name, the address bank’s address and then description of the goods and then amount.

That’s he send right and then you got ta make sure if it’s you’re sending money and USD or some other currencies like Hong Kong dollars or in B, whatever it is okay and then so you go to bank fill out the paperwork, and please please PLEASE thought: Can work correctly because when I look up the paperwork so I’ll tell you a story about this past quarter, three right right! So right before quarter, four I sent money.

I went to the bank because I was sending 100 grand to one of my suppliers and and normally I don’t send that much all right. But I was q4 and I had a big shipment incentives, one supplier and decide that were like a lot of inventory. So normally I do it online, but you know for security reasons. They made me come in person to send an amount that high. So I went to the bank went into the bank and then gave him all my paperwork, and then you know how the names are in like Chinese or anything.

So nothing really looks familiar. I can’t just really read it and know if there’s a typo after that, so you got ta check each individual letter. So I didn’t double-check and triple-check the guy that in put in my information and that’s my phone right, not blaming anyone else. It’s your father! You double-check and triple-check it and he accidentally well. I then catch him mixing an I and a like that was so.

It was basically one type of difference: okay and then in the soap made me have a hundred grand that was missing in limbo. Okay, my honey Graham, was in limbo for like three four weeks and I was stressed out scared, but I’m optimistic person. I knew everything will work out and everything worked out like it always does. Thank God. So that worked, and but I had to do – is I had to get a man. Do a lot of paperwork, cochran care, they’re, being contact, my bank and then next thing.

You know the money came back into my account. Thank God had to pay another wire transfer. Your cent of money again and wire transfer for you get the money back, but it’s better than you losing on a grant right. So please please, if there’s anything you take away from this article is double triple quadruple: check the wire transfer, math Peggy sent to Asia to make sure you don’t add extra zero make sure you know the type there’s no typos, but in general, if you’re, sending from A US company wire transfer fees can be anywhere from like twenty five to forty five dollars, my fees or forty five dollars.

So we pay four to five dollars. Pretty normal Magette. You shouldn’t be higher than forty five dollars if it’s all or it’s like, usually because you have like a special checking in town or a business account or you know you just get hooked up somehow and I don’t get to hook up. So if you guys have no hook up for less water transfer fees amounts, then let me know, but yeah, that’s how you send their money right, so PayPal right for the thirty percent and then wire transfers for that seventy percent remaining alright and that’s how the safest Way to do it and, like I said, do not send that seventy percent rebalance into you 100 percent sure and get or like how you want it and they’re on a way to Amazon.

What are things that I want to? Let you know so there’s four out of ways that people will send money to that are like Carmen, but not as common to so let me explain those to you, so you guys are aware of them and you guys can move on TVs. There are like more advanced tricks for like organic seller, for what you’re sending like a little bit more money, the first one is it familiar, but so olive love would try to start the work first and then paying you alright.

So all the Obama trades are turned into. Basically I wouldn’t say this is advanced, but it’s more beginner. Actually most suppliers generally don’t like using this because then all the politics of P versus maybe Papa, but all you Baba trainers charge is pretty nice. It’s a good way to get started with working with any supplier. I would generally keep using it if the supplier like that offers it, but both suppliers, I found, go off earnest and I’ve only used it once personally.

The way it works is with all the bobbin traders. Friends, is you wired money to Alibaba and then Holly Bodwell is your environment to them once you’re happy with it once we’re happy to for good to know me. So, that’s all it’s all about try to turn to it. Obviously you protect from money and, of course all about trade shirts is like very reputable company like you can trust them like you should be fine with them.

Alibaba was like one of the biggest companies in China. Alibaba could be, could be this company like this. Anything like I don’t know if they’re crazy, but you probably use all your fault lines, a search engine so you’re familiar with all the bla bla, but there’s other ones. You may not have heard of our bean war first and then Payoneer so depending if your supplier has account setup with them, then you can send money into them through these services and it minimal fees right, especially if you’re sending the same currency right so USD to Usd so it generally works better for, like my viewers that are like you guys are American, because we usually send USD USD on a time and usually people and trying to always want to USD.

But if we’re using those other services and you’re sending money from like, say British pounds to USD or USD to R & B or USD to like Hong Kong dollars or something like that, then there’s going to be beats on top of the money in your setting And it may not be Orphic, so those three companies like word first Payoneer and B, make their money on conversion rates right whenever money is converted between different dollars.

So that’s where those company is making light, but for sending generally like the same amount, a same currency, then you’re going to be good to go and the peas are going to be on that be very, very minimal. So I’m talking about is I you want to check out theme like I know like Nick and Fernando are really big fans of using the they went from like Spain, like $ 5,000 in wire transfers, bees every single month to basically almost nothing because they’re using being Write to a couple hundred dollars, because the peas are so small because they’re not doing conversions right and using like theme and painting here or refers to pop by the way.

I know what paid in here, at least you can use it to pay like your VA is too you can send it to them that way, and it’s easier to send money through there and then PayPal, sometimes cousin of these, that they attacks on so keep that In mind to pulling over like little for Vaz or not, but just to recap everything that we just hope this explain to you all right: 30 % deposit, it’s going to be PayPal, 70 percent, there’s going to be wire, transfer all right cool.

So if you guys both said that before I said that, then you guys are going to go and that’s the best practices, but like always, if you guys have any questions, feel free to leave in the comments below you guys enjoyed this article. Please please please, please give me a thumbs up right and please subscribe to the YouTube blog lets me know that i’m doing things right and – and it makes me want to make more articles alright.

So if you guys want me and make more articles leave in the comments below and tell me what you guys want me to make articles about all right, cool learning that you guys have a great day, see ya.


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Got Products To Sell On Amazon But No Business? How Business Development Coaches Can Help

This Airbnb, it’s beautiful, super excited about it. We got a ton of to do today, they’re going heavy on filming making that content for y’all, because it’s important to us this cars pretty dope, I would buy it to maserati ghibli. I would definitely not buy it. I think it’s definitely overpriced it’s. It’s got just crazy pick up like crazy pick up, but the inside it’s like, like a low-end dodge model like a Dodge Dart like the like the window mechanism.

Just like it’s definitely it doesn’t feel like an $ 80,000 car. I would not purchase this car for myself, but right for a few days absolutely so Sebastian went for a run to the beach. It’s about thirty five blocks I slept in. I had some crazy dreams. Last night yo Terry right, I just don’t know what I’m talking like it. I don’t listen. I I have a. I can lucid dream so, for anybody does know featuring lips, lucid dreams where you can actually you’d actually control your dreams so, like I can be in the middle of a good dream.

Wake up, I’m 200 feet, get a dream. Go back to sleep finish that dream! It’s pretty cool, but I also have the ability to finish terrible dreams as well, which is an asshole, but I usually choose not to finish them by staying up, but last night I had some terrible dreams. That’s like it’s! Alright, you know dreams make me really think about life and like where what I was thinking about before I went to sleep where my head’s at because I have a firm belief that I can.

I have some control over my dreams. Well, yeah. The meetup is tonight crazy, crazy excited about the meetup we’re all going to at least it’s tons of people show um. I kind of feel that doesn’t people show up just by the overwhelming response that we’ve had so that’s exciting. We love to be with you. I’ve been hanging out with you. It’s really why we do this stuff. That’s why we’re out here so the meetups, probably around 6 7 p.

M. Tonight Pacific Standard Time or go to just hang out talk business. I’m talking Amazon growth. What we teach is how to build a viable Amazon business, because anybody can sell on Amazon. I’m talking anybody, you can go to your local book sale purchase some books start selling those on Amazon. You go to your local of discounted store, Marshalls TJ man thanks Ross, buy some stuff to sell on Amazon or Ebay I’m.

So anybody can do that right but like what we teach is how to build a viable business around selling on Amazon. So you can get to a point where you have dozens of employees. A large warehouse and like selling on Amazon goes from a side hustle to a full-time muscle. That is the name of the game for us: how to teach you to build a successful business around selling on Amazon. Now, if Amazon is just something you want to do as a side hustle that absolutely we we teach that as well, but our specialty is building Amazon businesses.

We analyze profits right, we’re warehouse, optimization the whole nine. It’s so in-depth! It’s it’s so exciting! I love it! You know sometimes I get overwhelmed when we take on a bunch of new clients, because it’s very time consuming a lot of time with these clients you know, but then, like after our one, I’m just so amped up. It’s like anything in my life like even going to the gym or starting a new blog.

The first couple minutes. First, 10-15 minutes: oh man, another one of these or another day at the gym, and then you know after I’m into it, I’m ready to rock ready to roll. I’m just feeling it to see myself living out here. My brother used to live in San Diego. So I spent a lot of time in California love it out here. It’s beautiful just the whole feeling damn bro, you went to the triathlon run over here check this one out the money.

Another amazing business trip in the RAF’s thousands of dollars spent on travel those dozens of relationships. Just amazing meetup was good, sober consultations right really good, really good, and here we are at the LAX airport about to miss our flight. That’s how much I love you willing to this looks like for you now. If that’s not love that I don’t know it is good. Annie. You

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Why you NEED an LLC for Amazon FBA

I have to share this with you guys. So, like always in my articles, I do the Y house and then the additionals, so here’s the Y right – and this might be obvious to some of you – maybe some of you – it won’t be.

It is deductions. Deductions are crazy. This is how even fortune 500 companies are able to operate a loss and not have to pay taxes, sometimes even end up with refunds, which is insane you need to take advantage of that if you’re in the u.S I’m in talking to US law, it’s it’s. It’S really really cool in regards to ecommerce. What we’re doing in Amazon, it’s up to $ 5,000 startup cost. That’S so much money, guys $ 5,000! Think of the all the equipment you need.

You need an iPhone or an Android phone right. You need a smart phone. You need a computer, so all that cost can be deducted from the startup cost. Here’S the cool thing. I know if you just start it now or maybe a couple months ago, anything you’ve purchased in the year of 2017. Let’S say because you know we’re coming up on the tax season, you can deduct so that computer you bought in March. It’S now a company computer.

So if you have the invoice for it, you can deduct it. So you can add up $ 5,000 pretty quickly um. So expenses are anything from from defer. Your deductions are anything from marketing advertising travel. So, like you know, flights or mileage if you’re driving in a car the electricity bill right, everyone has an electricity bill, the internet bill. You cannot do e-commerce without internet. That’S a deduction seminars, classes, accounting costs even so much as meals.

So if you’re meeting say you and a buddy are doing the Amazon, FBA and you’re meeting them and you’re brainstorming, that’s a business meeting right! You can deduct it! Here’S another! Here’S! Another big wine paper loss right. I was mentioning that earlier, so you can actually operate at a loss and that loss of your LLC will compensate for your income tax that you have in your day job. So let’s say you made fifty thousand dollars in your day.

Job and you operate your LLC at a ten thousand dollar loss, keep in mind, we’re not in the business of losing money, but let’s say you’ve lost ten thousand dollars that ten thousand dollars in taxes. You can use the $ 10,000 that you’ve lost in your business. Can be used against your personal income, so you pay less taxes either way right. Here’S the how the boring part right, the very first thing.

Once you form you LLC, you need to put a corporate structure in place, so what that is essentially is you’re going to be paying yourself a salary. The next thing that comes – and I believe this has to be done within 75 days. It’S called an ECE. It’S an entity classification election. Now I don’t know all the details about it, but I can tell you needs to be done within 75 days and what it is is you’re letting the IRS know how you want to be taxed.

If you do not do this as an LLC, they will basically just decide to tax you at the highest rate, which is, I believe, as an individual and that’s a tax rate up to 15 percent. You don’t want that. You want the lowest possible rate. The help right this is this is really boring, we’re not in the tax business, at least I’m not. This is where you get help. I did it with 100 accountants. I would highly recommend them.

They set things up for you, they’re very personal, and you work with a team, so you’re working with a team, so you’re always going to be working with the same people. The people will already know about your expenses. They will go through your if you’re starting now they will go through 2017 credit card statements, alongside with you, and make sure that you’re getting the solid deductions remember they’re working for you.

Their best interest is to provide you with good service, so your remain on them. On the you know, on their payroll, your remain as a customer I mean, and and basically save you money, so the cost for that is about two to three thousand dollars annually. I know that’s a lot they do. You can split that up in payment. They do let you do that and then there’s a 30 dollar retainer. Now don’t freak out guys.

I know that’s a lot of money and that might not be the first thing you want to think of doing, but consider it as you know, as a cost to starting your first. You know your first product really right. You know you’re putting in such a financial commitment you’re going to drive yourself to success. Anyways right. It’S it’s another big thing. You know having no plan B, it’s it’s it’s a big thing, sometimes just jumping with both feet in and yeah it’s and then at it’s.

Just the 30 to 30 dollar cost. The cool thing is: if you need any so articles consultation, they don’t have any hourly fees. You just set up an appointment and you just talk to them. It’S it’s no problem, so there’s no hidden cost. Here’S the crazy thing on top of that we’re talking about deductions earlier right, you can deduct that. So essentially it’s done for you for free, it’s already a tax saving.

Not only will they do your personal business, you you Peart, they will do your business tax and they will do your personal tax. So if you’re already paying someone for your personal tax, you can scratch that right off you’re going to get that done with them anyways. So awesome, that’s the information I wanted to share with you guys. Let me know down in the comments below if I misspoke on something, if there’s something you guys want me to look into and share with you even further put a like hit subscribe thanks for reading

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Starting an Amazon FBA Business in 14 Days | Perfect if you’re in Stuck at Home

I want you to try and make the most out of being stuck at home at this present time and we’re going to dive right in, but before we do don’t forget to hit that subscribe. Button hit the bong education so that you know I bring out new articles, I’m making a little articles, print-on-demand articles, all different types of articles, every single day, so hit that bowl notification and let’s just get right into it.

So I’m going to use my trusty pen and tablet and I’m just going to time-lapse the drawing of it. I thought I’m going to start explaining what it all means. This is going to be our timeline. As you can see here, we’ve got day 1. All the way to day 14 and we’ve got research mode over here and we’ve got ready to launch over here. So that’s that aim. My I aim for the 14 days is to build something that we are ready to launch and now we’re going to draw a line.

Okay, I’m going to draw this line and you might think what does this light even mean, but I’m going to go through each individual day for you. So you know what you need to be doing on every single day. Right now, obviously you’re probably thinking he has just made that line up now. I have just made this line up. However, I’m going to explain to you now what you should be doing on each day, what I would be doing on each day to create an FBA business, and then this line will actually make a lot of sense.

So we’re going to move this out the way I’m going to start using the text tool and on day one okay, let’s go here, what we’re going to be doing on day, one well, there’s a few things to do on day. One and I’ve got my notes up over here, cuz, I don’t to miss anything out, but on day one you want to update the product spreadsheet and I’m going to show you what the price, but she actually looks like this – is what the product spreadsheet actually looks.

Like you’ve got the name, the average price, the average of use the average PS are the potential keywords that you can find. We use the tools on guru for this I’ll explain a bit about that later and whether or not it’s a needle one product, if it’s small and light the monthly sales and eventually you’ll put the supplier prices in there. But you don’t have to worry about the supply prices just yet.

So if you want create a Google sheets similar to this or creator on whatever program, you want like this to keep an updated file system of all the products you’re researching, because the worst thing is to research, a bunch of products and not keep track of all Their individual qualities and whether or not they’re going to be good okay, so research is going to take place from day one to day five, all right, that’s five full days of researching now I don’t mean doing it for seven or eight hours in a single day, Because you probably have other jobs, you probably work from home, doing other things, so just try and dedicate maybe two hours a day or one to two hours a day doing this research and they want to find what you want to do.

Is you want to you? Want to do a whole bunch of meetings you want to find a product with good enough demand. You want to find a product with not much competition. If this is a bit vague for people. Let me know in the comments I can make a more in-depth article on individual days, but this is more of an overall article of the entire 14 days. I want to go into it in too much detail because I wan na get to the point of each day.

Okay, you want to find out the pricing if it’s going to be profitable and you want to or I’ve written here you want to do some keyword, research, so keyword. Research basically just means finding particular keywords for one given product. So if your product, it’s an Apple iPhone case, you want to come up with a whole list of keywords for that product. Okay, so let’s just quickly recap that you want to update the spreadsheet, which is this thing? Okay, you want to fill in everything here.

So the average pricing just not going to go through it again, but you want to fill in everything in here and then you want to do a bit of keyword research on top of that. Okay, that’s day, one to day five, so I’m going to write keyword, research in here, okay, now, let’s do day six! Well, I read over day six so day. Six today eight is messaging suppliers. Okay – and you can see it’s it’s going up slightly because the more supplies you message, the further you are in ready to launch phase of this business.

Okay, so you want to pick you wan na start by picking three products from your list, so you can see here. I’Ve got, however many products. You want to pick three best products: okay and then you want to try and message twenty suppliers for each product. Okay, so that’s messaging sixty suppliers. What I recommend you do is use some sort of email template for each product that you can just copy and paste.

So, for example, we have a template where we say our name, we say we’re looking or interested in and then blank for that kind of product. So if it’s a, if it’s, let’s have a look on my list. If it’s a shower curtain, you’re right we’re interested in shower curtains, we’re wondering if you could do this and then have a different template for every niche urine. Okay. But if you’re messaging, twenty surprised about the same shower curtain, I just keep the same message and it allows you to email suppliers on a map in a much faster way.

We call it the shotgun approach, okay, so on Alibaba. Let me just quickly show you what you should look out for, and I know you’re probably thinking well. Can I actually message suppliers at this point is it like? Is anyone working well, yes and I’ll? Show you how I know that okay, so let’s just put in shower curtain for argument’s sake, okay and what you can do is: firstly, you want to click, create assurance and you want to click the verify supply.

Okay, so once you click both of those things, let’s just let that load what’s remaining the supplies remaining are the ones that you typically would want to get in contact with right now. The reason I know this is possible and supplies are actually working. It’S you see this little blue man over here, you just zoom in for you this this little guy right. This is the chat now feature. So if I click chat with me, it’s going to ask him to login, but my point being is: if they weren’t working there wouldn’t be.

That chat now feature right. So you can see it’s popped up over here and I can just start speaking to them now fold. This shotgun message approach where you actually email all of them. I would recommend clicking the contact supply because it’s a bit more professional than chatting chatting is more for when you, when you’ve really built that relationship with them and you’re you’ve got a dialog and you’re just talking, whereas the first first message you send them.

It should just be a normal email right, so you can click contact supplier. It will pop up over here. You would copy and paste the message whatever that is, and click send inquiries. It’S really that simple right and if you want only do it for suppliers that show that there this is blue, so that you know that online. Not everyone is going to have it blue at this point, so you can see these people is grayed out.

So you can see they’re not online. Let me exit this. I can show you zoom in you can see these people aren’t online, but these people are online okay. Now, because it’s 9:30 5:00 a.M. When I’m shooting this article you’re going to get a lot more people online because of the time okay, so bear in mind talking to China in the morning or talking China late at night, is when you’re going to get the largest Group of people online right that is day six day.

Eight, let’s go back okay, so let me type in message supplies right now. We want to day nine what’s happening day nine day. Nine is the fun bit Dana and it’s actually building your brand okay and at the end of this article, I’ll quickly recap everything so that you understand, but Daniel is building a brand. So the idea of selling on Amazon we want to start with private label. Our private label means you find a generic product and you stick to your own brand on it.

So this is a few different ways on Amazon: you’ve got arbitrage, wholesale use products and then privately, okay and private label, like I said, is basically you find anything anything generic like an iPhone case. You come up with a name right. You come up with a logo. You tell that name and logo to your supplier. You give them all the images that they may need. They put that logo on the product and that product is now a private label product with your own brand, on it okay so day, nine, I’m not giving you too many days first, because this is probably a three or four hour task.

You can do it in one day and that is come up with a name, a logo and some sort of message or idea for your brand. Okay, so, depending on what your product is, one of the three products come up with a name for it. When I say a message for your brand, what I mean is come up with the idea of why you want to sell that product so that when people look to buy it, they’re not just buying a faceless brand but they’re buying into someone’s idea.

Does that make sense right, let’s move on day ten. Let me just write here: build a brand and let’s go to date. Ten day, ten is a fun day date head is ordering a sample mmm. Now, if you’re worried that postal services aren’t going to be working now, you shouldn’t be because they are what they are are I am, and I don’t know anywhere where they have just stopped postal servicing or posting. I should say so.

You can still get a sample from China to the UK and you can actually get that on express delivery. So you should be able to get that within two to three days. Whenever we order a sample, we order a whole batch of samples from the suppliers catalog and then we bundle it with many suppliers. But I’m not going to confuse you with all of that, but basically what you want to do is you want to get a sample from a supplier, but maybe get a few different samples so that you only have to pay one shipping cost, because you all have To pay probably like $ 50 or $ 60, either not Express ship it to you, so you should get it in the next two days.

Okay, so that is what you’re going to do on day. 10 there’s a very easy day. It will take you maybe half an hour, and that is the attempt, take a break for the rest of the day. Okay, so order a sample day 11, what’s happening on day 11 day 11 to day 13 you’re going to do an in-depth keyword, research session you’re going to create your title, your bullet to the description, basically listing creation, so listing creation.

Okay, you can see how this is slowly going up into an arc. That makes a lot of sense in all in just the timeline of starting at Hamill on business. So this is what you want to do, so you want to do an in-depth keyword, research, and this is what I used on guru and I’ll quickly show you some gurus. So you know what I’m talking about, but this is what this is where I would use on guru for keywords in particular, because you’ve got the okay, so you can see what it does here.

I’Ve put in the product right, so these all different products, I’ve researched it takes like maybe 20 minutes for it to load because loading on a lot of keywords – and basically it will give you a whole list of keywords. But as well as the holistic keywords, it tells you the search volume, the amount of money they’re worth the the top 25 people using those keywords, the number of units being sold.

It’S just it’s incredible it. So I mean this. This, for me, is where I use this app the most or this tool, the most just because it is so ridiculously detailed in what I need for keyword, research and when it comes to Amazon. The most important thing is keyword, research that is what’s going to set. You apart anyone else, okay, so that’s when I’ll use on guru, which is just a brilliant app and again, if you want it, it will be in the description.

It is an affiliate offer because that’s how I get money from these articles there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s I think, $ 1 for the first month and then normal from then on. So you want to, like I said, creative title, creative bullets and create description, and then you want to get your UPC code, okay for some reason, I’ve written here. Ups ups, it’s not the right thing. You want to get a UPC code.

Okay and a UPC code is basically just a product identifier for Amazon. You need two types of codes, a UPC code and an FN SKU code. I don’t want to confuse you with both of them, but just know this one important thing: a UPC code is used on the back end of Amazon right and that’s it. It’S not used on any products or anything like that. You just put it in when you’re, creating a product listing and the F and SKU is the little code that goes on each individual’s product: packaging.

Okay, so that’s the important code well they’re, both important, but those are the different, mint major differences between those two codes. Alright, that’s day 11, today, 13. So, let’s write this down, but day 11 stay 13, we’ve already written it so listing creation. Okay, now day 14. This is the big day. Okay, this day is going to what this day is basically going to get you ready for launch okay day 14 is when samples should hopefully come right now.

This is only if they’ve done Express shipping and it’s been two days – shipping or maybe three days shipping. You might go into day 15. I can’t promise you’re going to get all of this done in 14 days, but this is the idea. This is the aim. It make it a challenge for yourself. These samples should come and you should decide based on the samples. If you wanted – or if you don’t want it, okay, so check the samples check the quality, see which one you like the best and then this is where it gets fun.

You’Re going to make your first order okay, so day 14 is when you actually make your first order, and that is when you’re pretty much ready to launch, because you’ve made your first order. Yes, we’re going to have to wait, maybe two or three weeks now for that order to be created and shipped to you. But in essence, you’ve created the entire business you’ve gone from keyword, research to messaging suppliers to building a brand to creating a product listing to ordering samples to actually ordering the product.

It’S amazing, but there’s one thing: you’ve missed out so far and that is creating photos for your listing because you quit the whole listing article to have photos. That’S when the samples come in okay, that’s where the samples are brilliant, because you can use the sample that you decide to go for as your product photos. Okay and then you can have a fully created listing by the time your product comes in from China.

In let’s say, 2 or 3 weeks time providing you do air shipping okay. So in my mind, that is pretty much all you need to really do now. What you’ll do is when you order from your supplier you’ll give them the logo that you’ve created you’re, given the brand name, anything you need to do, they will give that to them and a later date, you’ll give them any code or anything they need for product. Identifying or any shipping labels they need, and I’m not going to discuss that in this article, because it’s not important that’s two weeks down the line that would be a one month, quarantine article, we’re not doing that.

So let me just quickly recap: this entire article and yeah you’re going to have a very successful quarantine so day, one to five is research day. Six to eight its messaging suppliers day. Nine is building a brand day. Ten is ordering a sample. The eleventh day, 13 is listing creation and day 14. We just write it down is order your product and product photography for your sample. Okay, if you don’t do the profit talk for yourself, you can get someone on Fiverr to do it or you can hire someone to do it.

For example, I do pro photography, so you can always do that, but in my mind that is a successful quality and I hope that all made sense. I hope you liked that article. Let me know in the comments down below, if you’d like me, to create any other kind of articles like this, I’m thinking of doing a 14 day, quarantine for a print-on-demand business owner what they would do in 14 days. So let me know in the comments down below, if you want to see something like that and yeah, hopefully you’ll stay safe and enjoy this lockdown thanks.

So much for reading

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How Much MONEY Do You NEED To Start An Amazon FBA Business 2020 (TRUTH REVEALED) | Mike Rosko

My name is Mike Roscoe and I help people start build and grow their own online retail businesses, also known as Amazon FBA wholesale, whether you’re, essentially selling big name-brand products, popular name-brand products, buying them at a lower cost and selling them at a higher price and profiting So what our big name brand products is simply products like Hasbro Mattel, Disney Microsoft, Sony Procter & Gamble, all those huge popular brands.

Now, in this article I’m going to be answering one of the most common questions, which is how much money do you need to start all right so before I answer that question, if you have yet to subscribe to my blog make sure to hit the subscribe button. If you have yet to sign up for my free course, it’s in the description below so make sure to sign up for that. So subscribe free course. Now how much money do you need to start selling popular name-brand products? Now this question is debatable and it depends on your patience level right now there you can potentially start with as little as $ 500, but I highly don’t recommend that, because once you start getting sent deals most of the time, those deals will be, they will cost Them more than that $ 500, but there are some distributors that that will sell you.

You know one box of this one box of this one box of this, so some distributors do not have an moq, a minimum order, quantity or a minimum order amount. But there are some distributors, wholesalers that require you purchase product. You place an order that is worth more, that costs more than $ 1,000 $ 2,000 $ 3,000 $ 5,000 $ 10,000. Some huge ones are even $ 25,000 right now, keep in mind, you can start with $ 500, but do you have the patience to not only find deals but to take that $ 500 in capital and grow it slowly because keep in mind if you find a Product, if you purchase a hundred units of whatever product it sells out, but it makes you 10 % ROI, that’s $ 50 profit in a month.

Most people see that at all. This is a complete waste of time right and that’s why I recommend you know based on just what I see with everybody. I’Ve worked with and people. I know that are in this business. I recommend like $ 5,000, is like perfect, because, because think about this, a lot of products sent will give you a 20 percent ROI 10 percent ROI. Now 10 % of $ 5,000 of a $ 5,000 deal is 500 Allah’s prophet a month.

That’S noticeable that $ 50 is not noticeable. Do you kind of see what I mean, but 20 percent of 5000 is $ 1,000 profit a month. If you could find normal stock a product, that’s replenishable, that’ll net, you $ 1,000 a month. That’S noticeable! That’S four figures! Right so just based off of basic human psychology, emotions right, I would recommend $ 5,000, but but but but you could definitely get away with $ 2,000 $ 3,000 or even $ 1,000 right, but, like I said, if you’re going to start with $ 500, do you Have the patience to slowly build up right, so if you purchase something for $ 500, make 10 % fifty bucks profit right in one month.

So now you’ll have $ 550, the second month to work with. Do you have the patience to slowly grow, or are you better off just doing retail arbitrage on eBay? Are you better off or just working two jobs and building that capital up fast and then starting and learning in that process? It’S all up to you! If you personally have the patience who can say wow, I just made $ 50 extra for the month. Okay, that’s fine! But from what I’ve seen from my experience, I will say you know emotionally a lot of people can’t take that right.

So, that’s why I like to recommend like five grand just because if you hit that four figures on your first month, your first product or two products, we brought us whatever. It is to get you to $ 1,000 profit a month or even $ 500 profit. In a month, that’s noticeable that pays the bills right. So that’s why I recommend that, but again, 1,000. 2,000. 3,000. 4,000. All that that’s fine, but it’s all to me.

It’S more personal preference! There’S going to be a lot of deals, you’re going to have to pass up on. If you don’t have the cap now keep in mind with this business, the more capital you have, the better, the more deals you can afford: more buying power. You have to negotiate. Okay, so I just want to make this quick article. I hope this answers everybody’s questions, because this is one of the most common questions I get asked, and you know it’s kind of its kind of tough telling somebody hey.

I have $ 500. How do I start? It’S kind of tough saying: oh, you know it’s going to be a little bit tough on you. You know, I would recommend you know getting a second job or flipping products on eBay or building some sort of side income and grow your capital. It’S tough. You know denying people I mean you can start with that 500. But you know it’s a little bit tough. You know I’m not going to sit there and say: Oh perfect start with $ 500, but you know just want to answer this question.

I know it’s a shorter article. I hope this answered your question and, if you have yet to sign up for my free course, no perfect time to sign up then right now and while you’re learning the information make sure you’re building your income, your initial investment for the business. Ok, so it’s not! It for that free course, it’s in the link in the description below. Ok, if you have yet to hit the subscribe button, if you like this article like it any questions or comments, put them in the comment section below so hope.

This answered your question. Thank you. So much for reading – and I hope to see you in the next article – have a productive day. Guys talk to you soon. What is up online retailers so short clip here, I’m going to be running giveaways and what I chose to do was on every single article. I want you guys to comment below and guess which professional athletes Jersey I am wearing in that article now remember only one player per comment now.

Why am I doing this? Because for those of you who know my story, I started way back. In the day I used to flip NFL NBA MLB jerseys at my friends that I was getting from China seldom in school, and then I used to sell them on eBay as well with my friend, and made a lot of money off the a lot of profits. So the reason why I’m doing that is because it kind of matches up with my story, so I wanted to give back run some giveaways, whether it’s giving you a free supplier, free, coaching, free course, access whatever it may be, I’m going to be running giveaways and For the person who guesses the most amount of players, most of our articles, we will be giving you a prize in return.

So again, whatever article you’re reading comment below guess, which professional athletes Jersey I am wearing and I have tons of jerseys so make sure to guess them, and hopefully you’re in this giveaway. So thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next article I get up is barely outside. I don’t always love the stores which ISA leading us. Love is all will ever trust through wastelands through the highways summer, shadow through sun rays and

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Getting Your Amazon FBA Business Started – Q&A | The Houston Meetup

The Hilton just keep going just keep rolling it. Yeah 45 zero. So I do totally sell products on Amazon, William here somebody else just showed up. It’S just starting any minute. Now stay late, just talking a little bit about what everybody does he’s, selling used books he’s doing away. We do private label he’s getting started. What about yourself wholesale nice? Do we do yeah nine ninety percent? Eighty five to ninety percent of our sales are wholesale private label yeah, so we do about two million a year and private label and the margins are much healthier yeah, even with all the or even with all the products we’ve created, even with that yeah like altogether.

It’S healthier seven years ago, so Sebastian, who I’m sure you guys have seen on Instagram as well. Sebastian started selling products in his basement about seven years ago, and then I joined on about five years ago, and it’s just been ever since then. It’S just been taken off yeah like everybody’s. How do I get started? How do I get started? Get started, that’s how you get started. You know because if you so many people like yourself, I’m sure you probably like you said you spent what two months researching products, but you still haven’t sold anything you could already been to five Marshalls and at least bought some nike socks or or maybe not Nike.

You’Ve, probably gated, but you know some some polo shirts or something to sell. You know just something: to get the hang of shipping and reimbursements and refunds and and referral fees and pick and pack fees and something it’ll teach you a lot yeah putting in a shipment. You know creating a SKU reading, keep a charts like all that stuff. If you don’t get started, you’re, never going to figure that out.

So it’s going to make your first product when you buy that product, even more challenging to be successful in because you’ll have no Amazon experience. I think the first employee you need is an in-house employee, really yeah. You need someone to take care of your inventory. You should be stickering products. You said you did what, over over six figures. Last year, yeah you shouldn’t be sticking yeah freestyling, you did tool, you did quarter mil freestyling, you shouldn’t be snickering products, man, it shouldn’t be sticker products.

That’S a tough question. You know, because, honestly, from my own experience, I wouldn’t change a thing you know, because if everything I did got me like right here sitting with you know nine resellers in the middle of Houston so like I did something right right, but what I would say, like My best advice is to be you know, don’t let fear you know take over because, like fear, the fear of financial and security fear of success, fear of failure – you know, fear of not being enough that stuff will eat you up inside, like enough to where you Can’T even sleep at night, fear of getting your Amazon account shut down.

Do not let that fear take over. That fear will keep you so many steps back instead of moving forward. You know and the best way for me to get rid of that fears. I thought, like you know a morning ritual I’m real centered in like in spirituality and meditation, but that’s not the only way that I use. I use it by talking about it with other people. You know like if I’m fearful about something like hey Sebastian man.

I can’t stop thinking about this. Like I talked to someone about it, you know and all the sudden that fears cut in half you know I forget to saying, but like it’s like sadness, shared is uh, I’m going to it up. I don’t even I don’t know like a joy share, it is doubled and and and sadness, share or fear. Shared is cut in half something along those lines, but it makes perfect sense. Right leaves, you share joy with someone, it’s double because now they’re happy you’re happy you share a fear or sadness with someone it alleviates some of that sadness.

So it’s cut in half, but for our own products we think Amazon advertising is bang first buck. We spend 10,000 dollars a month on advertising. It generates over $ 120,000 in sales. So it gives you all the statistics on you, yeah yeah. It gives you breakdown of graphs and charts and Excel files of keywords, and then you move those keywords from the automatic campaign to the manual campaign and then there’s even additional services.

You could pay for to actually manage those campaigns for a couple hundred dollars a month. So it’s a game engine for you, yeah yeah, but we also do. We also do twenty two million dollars in sales. So it’s a ratio, so we sell a hundred and ten thousand orders a month. So 17 is really not that many. You know, even though it’s close, I’m sure if they have a limit, it’s it’s close to what that limit is yeah, 19 percent.

Actually, we got a little concern to drop to 15 for, like three or four days the other day I couldn’t figure out why, whenever change big, like that happens on our Amazon account, I want to know like if by percentage drops to 15 percent, I want to Know why? Yes? Yes, I look at I look at our excess inventory or non-competitive inventory wirele skews not moving, you know and then I’ll go through literally our price or sorts it by excess and non-competitive and I’ll look at all 300 products in each category and literally spend the entire Day, looking at every single product fixing pricing adjusting pricing dropping floor price raising ceiling price.

No, we don’t have an app, but we built our repressor that has like restocking options in it and we were just talking about it earlier something we’re going to be dropping as a system as a service, so it will be available for a yeah yeah. So this will have a full-fledged ERP system, which essentially that’s that’s what that is. It’S managing your finances. Basically, your item cost. It also has reordering metrics and it has real pricing capabilities.

It’S all algorithmic based as well yeah. No, I I’m sure, I’m a firm believer. I I think inventory lab created a beautiful software. That’S helped a lot of people sell on Amazon, but I disagree with the the system as a service because it takes people off of Amazon. A lot of people don’t even know how to navigate Amazon, how to create a listing on Amazon because they’re just so used to using inventory lab.

You know it’s like alright. Now, let’s create this listing on Amazon it’s like, but I don’t know how it’s like. Well, you mean you, don’t know how I’ve been using inventory lab for for the past nine months. You know two years it takes the Amazon out of FBA, so we don’t use inventory lab so like the first rung in the value ladder. It’S like all of the free stuff. We provide right, like all the free information we give away on Instagram YouTube Facebook, LinkedIn tick-tock, like all that free information, that’s the first rung in the value ladder and then included in that first rung or like these meetups that we do right.

Nobody pays anything. It’S just all like: let’s hang out, let’s talk, let’s get to know each other. Let’S talk about what you do for business. Let’S talk about what you do, let’s learn from each other, let’s gain knowledge and continue to grow right and then usually for most people. The second rung is, like close friends, has anybody here been in close friends? No, so okay? So none of you have been in close friends right, but some of you pass that first rung and jumped right into the second rung, which is like a personalized one-on-one mentoring session.

Right, like will – and I did one yesterday – we sat down for an hour and a half and just talked to Amazon, two and a half two and a half. So two and a half hours right and we just talked Amazon and then like the next rung. In that value, ladder would be like a four week or an eight week, mentoring session, which right now Corinne, and I were what two sessions in and we’re going heavy and, like you know in it, and it’s like value-driven.

You know we spend the time and then like another rung would be like the tradeshow walkthrough or another run would be like a warehouse, optimization visit where we actually fly out to your warehouse, organize it the way to streamline your efficiencies. So essentially, it looks like a Ford production line where we’re lining everything up and setting up a warehouse, because we’ve set up many warehouses and we know what to do and what not to do you know and then that top tier of the rung is like our Mastermind right, where it’s like a yearly fee and we meet in a different country once a year we have a meeting at our warehouse.

We show you how we operate right and, like so people come in at different rungs, but like this first rung for me, it’s the most important rung. You know because it lets you know like this is what we do for a living. You know I sell on Amazon for a living and I help people sell on Amazon as a side business. You know, and I do it because it helps me put my head on the pillow rest easier, a little a little bit at night.

Knowing that, like, I helped you solve a problem today or I help you increase your profits or I helped you grow your revenue. You know what makes me happy knowing that you’re able to provide for your families and, like rest, your head easier at night, with the value that we give you. You know so like that’s. Why we host these free meetups and that’s why it frustrates me when I hear stories like the one you’re telling me where people aren’t providing that value, you know people aren’t providing that content because it’s like I’m a value driven integrity, driven man.

You know it’s like my mission in life is to help as many people as possible grow successful businesses, and I don’t care what I got to do to do it. You know if someone pays for an hour and a half session like this guy will and we sit there for two and a half hours and talk like then that’s what I’m going to do. You know and it’s like it’s important to me. You know all levels. All levels I’ve worked with people who’ve, never sold a product on Amazon like this guy he’s, never sold a product on Amazon, but he’s interested in what we do.

You know, and then I’ve worked with people who do you know close to two million dollars a month. Today I mean you said you had a guy who is doing a quarter million. Now he’s sown five hundred a month: yeah Ryan Ryan. Oh, you got Ryan six months ago, used to one a quarter million a month, and now, since we started working with only hire five employees he’s pumping out by a half million dollars a month we doubled his business and for a year that’s a wrap.

Houston meetup see in the next day

A great product to sell in your Amazon storefront!

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Amazon Seller Lawyer CJ Rosenbaum Q&A, Suspensions, Bans, Private Label, Wholesale, Retail Arbitrage

You are in Amazon lawyer or a lawyer who specializes in selling on Amazon. So why don’t you just tell us a little bit about yourself how you got started and what exactly it is that you do okay. Well, I have always represented entrepreneurs, even when I was still in law school. I started representing fraternity, brothers and other people who are buying and selling businesses and then, when I graduated law school, I always had a bunch of entrepreneurs as clients of mine that we would do all sorts of transactions.

But I spent the vast majority of my time for a good 10 to 15 years being a trial lawyer like I was the guy in court, convincing juries that my side was right. The other side was wrong and then I guess roughly eight nine years ago one of my clients started looking at buying an Amazon based business and I was involved in the contract and then I was in’then and I was involved in any closed and within a couple Of weeks with several hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, his account gets suspended, he reaches out to me not so much for help cuz.

I didn’t really know anything about Amazon at the time, but to let me know that there was a lack of professionalism, a lack of lawyers who could help people with their Amazon issues, and they they were really the sellers, we’re really getting hurt. So I looked into the research and I started seeing who was out there and at the time there were two people. One guy was doing it part-time. Who was a former Amazon guy and another was a woman who was still selling so the confidentiality of people telling her what what they were doing? I was a problem and she was never like a big-time seller.

She kind of in my pink aina lacked the the ability to interact on a higher level with corporate people and significant businesses. You have millions of dollars on the line. Also. She was farming out a lot of work to people in the Philippines, so I thought it was a great opportunity, just like an entrepreneur, just like you and just like all your listeners and I spent about a year reading and studying and learning and going to Amazon Events and then we launched and now from then to now, we’ve grown to.

Basically, you know me and one website guy, I think, we’re up to 26 people 22 here in New York, 3 in Shenzhen, China, one in Evo and Hangzhou China and a full-time lawyer in Europe, and the entire focus of practice is helping Amazon sellers about 50 %. Has nothing to do with the law? 50 % is just writing. Plans of action for sellers inauthentic you sold as new hi-oh DRX the same college-educated paralegals that write the legal work, write plans of action and we do it a lot better and nothing gets farmed out and the other half has to do it.

Intellectual property law, which is defending sellers from baseless claims and also as more and more and more sellers get into private label. We help them establish their trademarks, build in intellectual property rights, obtain their trademarks, protect their copyright. We have a patent lawyers on what’s called of counsel and since that’s where we see the hockey puck going, that’s where we think we should be so.

Our focus is entirely on Amazon sellers, shifting more and more and more towards the sellers that are going into private label. It’S a big area. I mean it’s just the only going to get bigger and and there’s a lot of issues with selling on Amazon that you can run into and it’s kind of a new frontier for a lot of people, because there’s a lot of sellers that are just jumping on There and they’ve never sold before and they’re just starting to sell whatever it may be, without thinking about the the legal issues that could come along with.

If you sell a product and somebody gets hurt with it or their kid eats it, they’re, swallows and chokes or whatever the case may be. I mean there’s a lot of issues there that people can run into so why don’t? We start there on the on the private label side of things and then we’ll go through wholesale and retail arbitrage as well. What are the biggest issues that you see? People, starting out in private label that they’re running into legalize the first thing, any private label sellers should do also I want to get back.

The obstacles should not prevent anybody from giving this market a try. The obstacles are easy to to overcome. It’S a huge opportunity. Just huge the first thing, a private label seller needs to do is first protect their idea and their name and their label. You know we don’t know who’s going to be the next Ralph Lauren or the next Under Armour, the next Nike. So, as you put time and effort into it, it’s really easy for private label sellers to file for their own trademark protection.

While we do do it as a service, you can do it yourself and I’m happy to walk any of your listeners. They schedule appointment with me I’ll teach them how to do it themselves, no charge but file to protect the name that you develop and you should have also filed, protect your the fanciful way going to write it like the way the McDonald’s M is written or the Swoosh for Nike, whatever you come up with, you really should file for protection right away and then the next issue you faces as you do it is you need to protect yourself from whoever is building your products.

You’Re your source of goods is your number-one threat. It’S not the competition, it’s your own factory who they see the product being successful. Will you know, create a hundred thousand units for you and sell it to you and then make another 100 thousand or another five hundred thousand and sell it to dozens or hundreds of accounts? You know in China or Vietnam or India wherever they’re operating.

So you need to protect yourself both domestically and wherever you’re sourcing, your products and those are the top two issues you have to face as you get started for on the trademarks side of things, if you don’t trademark your product, does that basically mean that someone else Can just take your logo and put it on their own product and pretend that they’re you you know it’s, they can do it and you can knock them off, because the United States and Europe and most of the world is what’s called a first to use state.

A first to use system where, if you develop it and you own it, you can knock other people off even if they file after you, you can actually oppose that filing or seek to take that filing away. You can challenge it, but it cost it’s going to take time. It’S going to cost you money, it’s much easier and cheaper to do it at the outset. On the other hand, where you’re sourcing your products and I’m not a Chinese Bashford, I don’t think it’s right, but when you have one country that has like 90 % of all the factories on the planet in one country, that’s where the good stuff comes from and The bad stuff comes from, so China is a first to register a first-to-file, so it’s just easier and cheaper and efficient to do it early on.

If you didn’t do it yesterday, then put on your list to up to dues for tomorrow and again it’s in the u.S.. It’S really really easy. China’S a little more complex yeah and something to keep in mind too, is that the Chinese culture is different than what our culture is here we’re here, we kind of think of it as a bad thing of taking someone else and stuff and running with it in China, that’s kind of expected that, if someone’s being successful, you just copy them and do the same thing and try to be successful yourself, not necessarily right or wrong.

It’S just two completely different cultures, and you got to keep that in mind that you’re dealing with a culture that may not be or think the same as as what we do here about taking someone else’s stuff, that’s entirely correct and, like you know, we grew up And like when you were a kid, if you told so no being a copy-cat, that was a bad thing. You know that doesn’t exist in Chinese culture, so we’ve learned a lot by our team in China and that’s exactly right.

Also in United States. There are different presumptions in China if you don’t file in the specific categories, as hundreds and hundreds of categories you’re presumed not to have rights in those categories where the presumption is the opposite. Here fact, China had no IP law at all to 2012, absolutely zero, but now that they have – and I don’t know if you’re, if you’re a Trump fan or anti Trump – I don’t want to get into politics in terms of intellectual property.

I read a report that there are 15 times as many filings in the u.S. Coming from people located in China. Then the US and Europe combined so they’re filing trademarks and patents here in the US for products that they’re making in China the Chinese that’s right, they’re protecting their rights here as well as they’re at 15 times the rate. Also the government there supports them. So u.S. Sellers US sellers, you really do need you do need to start protecting yourself early and it’s cheap and easy.

You can do it yourself, yeah, definitely and with the trademark too, you have to have that now of Amazon to register your brand and protect your listings on Amazon, because if you don’t register your brand, then you don’t maintain control of your listings and anyone can be Changing your listings, but if you register your brand, those listings that are using that brand are kind of locked down for you and that people can’t just change them to whatever they feel like yeah, a hundred percent right, a hundred percent.

They could also sometimes change the backend use feel to get the registry 1.0. I’M not sure if you still can do that, they call it the deprecating 1.0, but to get into 2.0. Yet you have to have them. Are yeah they’ve completely moved on to 2.0 I’ve? I’Ve got one brand, that’s registered under the 1.0 and I don’t have it trademarked yet, and they keep warning me that I need to get a trademarked or I’m going to lose that.

So I got to get that down here. Pretty quick, so might have talked to you about that. I have for the show here, but a little bit more about to the the supplier issues. What what can you do to protect yourself from a Chinese manufacturer supplier from stealing your product in your logo? Trademark? Okay, you got a dude, really two things, and you really should do them simultaneously. One. You have to develop guanxi with your factory, which means of relationship that face-to-face relationship with your factory or the factory manager, and it’s a long flight.

But it’s not as awful as it sounds. You have to go and visit that you have to let them get to know you. You have to spend some time with them so that if they then sell your products out in the back door, they lose face. If there’s no relationship, there’s nothing culturally. That’S going to stop them from doing that, in fact, it’s good business, so you need to develop a relationship with your factory and you need to maintain that relationship.

It’S absolutely vital. The second thing you need to do is you should file in China once you have? The mark here in the US you can do a wipe o applications to World Intellectual Property Organization and it’s like 300 bucks. It’S really cheap and it gives you some protection in China. But you really should file with the Chinese lawyer in China and hit all the different subcategories that you’re in that you intend to go into.

What it will do is will give you leverage so that either one the factory won’t won’t screw you over. I won’t sell your products out the back door or if they do, you have some leverage to communicate with them in a face-to-face meeting and show we filed here’s the contract and we don’t want to get the government involved either, but you have to stop selling our Products to other sellers and those mechanisms work.

It really is not much litigation on these things. If you walk softly, you have a relationship and you carry a big stick of having filed. You should not have much of a problem all right, so just the having the threat there basically solves most of the problems I like to call it leverage leverage, okay, sounds good, it’s probably better term. Let’S say they do go ahead and do that is the the Chinese government? Are they willing to protect American interests over there from their own citizens? Increasingly, they are especially in some of the hot spots as a whole battle going on the last couple of years.

As to which ancient country or cities going to the IP capital of Asia, yep Hong Kong battling shanje and battling Singapore, so in some of the provinces like in Beijing or Shanghai or in Shenzhen, the courts are very open to hearing you out, but I believe in Court avoidance, okay at all cost. If you can avoid going to court, I think it’s the best thing. There are other mechanisms, since the Chinese are mostly selling here in the US.

If, if you have the mark, okay and they’re, taking your mark and sticking it on their product, they’re very easy to get off, if they’re selling the same exact product, then you need to be a little more creative and that’s one of the things that we focus On we’re not allowed to say we specialize in anything as lawyers in New York, so we focus on it, focus on what we can add to that product or add to the warranty of the product so that nobody else can deliver the same thing like if you’re Selling like a health and beauty item – and it includes a license to log on to a part of your website that gives health and beauty advice.

No one else can sell that license other than you, so they might be able to sell the product. On the one hand, but they can’t also deliver that license so that the consumer is not getting the same thing. It’S almost like buying a new car, a new BMW with the warranty is where $ 50,000. Without the warranty you know not so much always a big issue on Amazon dealing with hijackers and and what I’ve done is.

I just have a cease and desist letter that I’ve – I don’t remember where I got it. It might have been from Scott Volker over on the amazing seller, a template from him, and it basically just says that stop selling the product that they’re not authorized to do that and if they continue to do that, will report them to Amazon or possibly pursue legal Avenues and ninety five, ninety nine percent of time that seems to get them off pretty quickly.

Is there any issue of sending that kind of letter? Is that okay, with Amazon terms or what is your thoughts there? No, we do the same thing. I would just change the verbiage. A bit cuz authorized. Sellers versus unauthorized is specifically something that Amazon will not enforce. Okay, so I would identify something else, but it’s really easy to do. We’Ve the same success rate: where will you send those letters? Most sellers just want to go on doing their business and not risk their account and they’ll either stop selling or they’ll contact.

You and they’ll say: hey, listen. I’Ve got a thousand units left. Can I sell these out and then we’ll move on to something else? I think also by doing that, rather than making a complaint, you are not yet you’re not needlessly killing somebody else’s business, so everyone has mouths to feed and you’re also avoiding the animosity. That comes with making you complain. You know, I don’t think it’s it’s wise business-wise to go nuclear right, because then that seller, their staff, their cousins, brothers, mother’s children, right, can buy your products, return them and also in your ODR.

It goes to the roof or they’ll. Make complaints against you as a buyer and cause you problems. So yes send the C and D letters. I would take out the authorization language of it and it’s very, very effective, and then I would. I would at all possible work out agreements so that people amicably come off your listings, yeah, definitely and I’ve softened up mine a little bit after getting some replies and not like thanked.

I don’t need to be quite so harsh. A lot of these people are just you know there trying to sell products and they’re, not necessarily trying to do anything wrong. For example – and I first my very first products that I listed on Amazon – were these bedsheets that I was originally selling on eBay and I just found a listing, I’m like yeah that looks like the same product. I sent it in and sold on that listing and I never got a cease-and-desist or anything but months down the line.

I’M like I was a hijacker products and I had no idea what I was doing coming from eBay. That’S not an issue. You know you just list your product and it doesn’t really matter so could be something that simple, it could be malicious. You never know so, most of the time it’s not malicious. Most sellers don’t want to get involved in disputes. We negotiated a settlement a few months ago, where that, when the complaint came in our client had already ordered.

You know like two containers full of this particular product, so we were negotiated with the other side’s lawyer in California. Worked out just a licensing agreement where you know X, dollars or X cents per unit would get paid to them. Our seller continued to sell. They continued to make you know roughly the same profit and what our clients inventory is gone. You know she’ll, stop, selling and move on, and I think those agreements are best for everybody, because they avoid all the projects so easy for a buyer or ten buyers to make complaints and just capsize you.

So I believe in working things out amicably trying to avoid court. You know we’re not afraid of court. I’Ve. I’Ve tried more cases that if you took every lawyer, you knew and added up their courtroom experience. I have more than all of them combined. It’S not a place for small and medium sized businesses. The only ones who make out well are the lawyers. So we try to avoid that as much as possible, even though, from time to time you have to go to court to get a restraining order, you have to go to court to free somebody’s money.

You know to get leverage over them or you have to respond in court. We try to avoid it at all possible. Why don’t we move over to like the wholesale side of things for people who are buying products that are branded either for distributors or directly from the manufacturer or whatever, whatever suppliers are coming from? Are there any specific issues that wholesalers need to read out, for? I think you do, I think.

First, you want to try and get distribution agreements. If you can. Okay, they’re not required. Amazon doesn’t enforce distribution or authorization agreements, but if you can get authorization, it’s just going to avoid problems down the road where they won’t make complaints against you or, if you’re, caught up in a net against hijackers, you can easily get out of it. So that’s number one number two.

I would certainly just read the forums. Listen to webinars like this make phone calls and do some research before you invest too heavily in any particular brand or product. The health and beauty industry has had a tremendous crackdown on people selling their products, even though most of their complaints are like a hundred percent baseless. Well, you may want to do some research before you bet the farm on like Johnny B hair products, if they’re very aggressive, even though their complaints are totally ludicrous.

If you get a letter from a law firm like oh four es or somebody else out there, don’t freak out almost most of the IP complaints out there are entirely baseless. I mean that’s one of the reasons why we’re so successful is that the complaints have no grounds in the law. That’S where you can get them dismissed over and over and over again, but I would first try and get distribution agreements and then number two.

Do some research, because if you can avoid a dispute and make money elsewhere, I just think it’s a better thing to do so. The the distribution agreements – that’s something you would get directly from the supplier like I do – have some agreements with certain suppliers, but other ones not really they just send you their product list and start selling. So if that’s the case, do you recommend requesting one from them or do you have like a template that we can use to send them and get it signed yeah? We can send you a template.

It’S no big deal would be no charge. We would send it out to you number two, you, those authorizations usually come from the brand or a brand manager, or maybe a little bit lower on the food chain to your source or your distributor. We want to try and get those also, if you’re, not if you can’t get that you really want to keep fantastic because of your invoices that show where you purchased it from that, can then show a link back to the brand of the number one reason for A sand, suspensions or account suspensions is still this thing called inauthentic, and it’s not claiming that your products are fake if they just want to see where they came from.

So if you buy from a BC distributor, you wan na be able to show that a BC distributor gets it from you know, Hasbro or Marvel or NFL or wherever the product is made or whoever the brand is. You want to be able to show it Shane. All the way back to manufacturer, if you can – and that can be done in several ways, it could be right on the invoice. It could be right in the documents it could be as simple as pictures of the distributor with like the Marvel truck pulling it or copies of their invoices.

If you can get them, but you certainly want to get good invoices and I’ve learned a ton, a ton about what you want, the invoices to have on them and what you don’t want. Your invoices to have it’s a whole separate subject. But quality invoices are vital because Amazon will give you this inauthentic complaint and then you have to give them the invoices for the invoices I’d assume in today’s world. Digital invoices are okay, you don’t to have physical paper copies.

We almost always use paper. Copies almost always have actual paper invoices. We do have electronic ones from time to time, but we’re submitting to Amazon. We almost always have paper and we want paper there’s certain things you want to see on that invoice. You don’t want a pro forma invoice that was made on Excel or any invoice right. On the left hand, side you’ve got where you bought it from distributor name, address website phone number.

You have to make sure that website exists. You have to make sure that phone number works. Okay, you have to know if your Google Earth and it’s going to look like a business, it’s not somebody’s home or like an empty field has to be real, and Amazon is more and more and more calling the distributors to see whether they sold. You know to you on your side of the invoice you want to have like you know your name, your address your phone number, your website, but everything should match the Amazon account.

So if you’re selling under, like you know, ABC cable supplies right, buy your products under ABC table supplies. The email address on your invoice should match the email address on your Amazon account your phone number. Should everything should match, and you know many sellers will violate. Amazon’S rules, which is totally fine with me and they’ll, operate multiple accounts, but you should also then maintain invoices in the names of each of those multiple accounts.

We know Amazon looks to see if the fonts, all Macs and not all different sizes, don’t redact the prices. Even though they say it’s okay, there’s a problem, you want to make sure that it shows that it was paid. You want to make sure the dates of delivery makes sense. You know if you got in trouble on January 1st, you can’t submit an invoice from March 1st. The quantities have to match. Have you shipped in 10000 units? You can’t show it invoice for 5.

You also want the invoice to have as much detail as possible. You don’t want any handwriting on the invoice less there’s a place for, if there’s a place for a signature, somebody should sign it. These. Just some of the things we’ve learned by handling all these non legal suspensions writing plans of actions for inauthentic, so get good, high quality, very detailed invoices. So as far as I’ll first just meant talk about the the multiple seller accounts, so I do have two accounts with approval from Amazon’s.

I was going to say: stop stop the article yeah. No, they are ok with doing it as long as you get their permission. So I opened up a case and told them why I needed a second account for business purposes, because I have two completely separate parts of my business. One part I may eventually sell, so I need to have it separate and they were ok with that. I got approval and I have those emails saved and records of that saved and they know the name of the new account and everything so yeah you it’s against terms.

Unless you tell them and they approve it, then they’re, ok with it, but if they find out you have a second account without getting approval yeah, then they can just shut you down completely yeah. I’M going to tell you. I am I’m a business lawyer. Ok, I’m a business lawyer. So diversity is the key of business. We don’t have all your eggs in one basket by having multiple accounts you are taking on the added risk of getting caught and there are certain things we know you can do to avoid getting caught.

But we don’t know everything, so you still may get caught so you’re taking that extra risk. On the other hand, if you only have one count, your entire livelihood is based upon one account where you’re a Estacio, your entire account gets shut down. You know any day at any time, so there are many many sellers that we work with, that have many many accounts and they do it very well. There are other cells that, as soon as they start having more than one account they get caught and it’s a major problem, so everyone can do, does things differently.

Everybody has different skills. The most successful people we’ve seen multiple accounts are either in specific areas of Brooklyn. New York are in Shenzhen, China and or they literally have six computers with six different hotspots with six different bookkeepers and six different product lines. I mean they never log on. From the same phone – and they walk around with these bags, full of computers and they’re they’re religious about not crossing account from account, and they do a lot of things themselves.

Because if you have, let’s, let’s say, for example, the same bookkeeper right who’s, logging in and pulling reports for you, if that bookkeeper blows, it makes a mistake, your accounts get lengthened. You go out of business for a while. So if you’re going to do it yet be like incredibly careful, oh yeah, but it there’s no Amazon police out there, at least not yet oh yeah, so related accounts you not going to prison, wouldn’t recommend it doing it without Amazon’s permission, because personally I wouldn’t want To take that risk of getting my accounts shut down and lose the entire business that I’ve spent years building up so not a risk I would want to take, which is why I went and got complete permission from Amazon to be able to separate the accounts.

But even with that permission, one of the stipulations in there is that the two accounts cannot sell the same products because they don’t want me to have multiple listings for my same product and be able to take up more spots on the search results than just one. Right you also, even if you have their permission, you have to be careful that if you lose a product on one account, you don’t just boost it on the other one, that’s another way of violating it their their your their terms.

So you really want to be careful if you do have their approval, how you use the and don’t don’t abuse it, because you do have that a lot of people can’t get it. So if you have it certainly don’t risk losing it anything else. We should talk about on the wholesale science side of things before we move on. I know there are some great courses out there. This is a great source of information, a big fan of any Levine and host cell breakthrough to learn a lot from him and there’s just a lot of places that that sellers can learn from on how to be more efficient.

How to be more productive. And I like the Amazon sellers events, for like two reasons: one: you learn a lot: okay and number two. You get inspiration so for those two things, I would recommend that sellers you know get the acknowledged for a broad base of sources. Well, let’s talk a little bit more about the getting the suspensions or Amazon suspensions for inauthentic products. So let’s say that I’m buying from a company I have the invoices and everything, but Amazon says that they’re not legitimate.

I submit those invoices Amazon confirms that maybe the supplier than buying from is selling me illegitimate products. What happens, then? Where is the legal liability in that case, not only on the legal side, but also what will Hamazon do on the legal side? We see practically no liability arising theoretically. Could there be absolutely good a certain amount of statutory damage? You could be liable for what we see like practically zero of that it’s usually just a seller dealing with Amazon or either when a brand is complaining.

They just basically want you to stop notice. There’S a few brands out there that are more aggressive, usually they’re, more aggressive towards offshore sellers, but I think that the risk is very, very minimal of getting stuck in court. That sort of thing it exists, but it’s really small when it comes to Amazon. It’S all about your plan of action. That response you write to Amazon that you know we do it.

We probably send out your ten to fifteen plans of action today. Everything is written here in New York, nothing is outsourced and I’m happy to also teach the listeners how to write it and how to write it in a way that we find that works. So let’s say you know: seller bought items from a well-known distributor and then it turns out that distributor was doing something Shady he ended up with. You know counterfeit products right well the root cause of your problem.

Right, I’m sorry, let me take a step back. A plan of action, chef, three sections root, cause immediate corrective action and a long-term change to your business, so that Amazon’s not going to have a problem you in the future the root cause. You want to write in some positive way that you’re now going to source your products someplace more reputable. You don’t want to admit that you sold counterfeit products because then, if Amazon refuses to amicably put you back on you’re dead in the water, where, if you just write it with different verbiage, you can always take Amazon to arbitration, to get your account reinstated without Amazon’s Consent you they can actually be ordered by an arbitrator to reinstate your selling privileges, so the root cause should identify how you’re going to do it better and every business can do something better, the second, the immediate corrective action immediately.

You should always refund the consumer, their money, any complaint at all, even if they’re pulling a scam on you. Even if the product is a hundred percent, fine give them a refund, they can get it from the A to Z system anyway, offer to send them another. One off, let’s send them another to just do anything you can to try and make that consumer happy. The third section like this is a little more thoughtful.

It’S trying to figure out how you make the whole operation of your business better and there it’s really something you have to describe like in this particular scenario: how you’re going to research and find a new distributor or how you have already researched and identified a new Distributor and trace their products back to the manufacturer so that you and Amazon can be assured that the products are in fact genuine and that’s the basics of a plan of action.

That’S what we do every day and it works. We used to find that persuasive sentences were working. More than bullet points were more were more effective. Now it seems, like sort of a combination is what’s working. The whole exercise is just an exercise in persuasive writing, trying to convince or persuade whoever’s reading it in Hyderabad or Bangalore to reinstate eurasian or your account, rather than asking for more information or or saying.

No so thing that I have run into. Is I’ve contacted a manufacturer directly about selling their products and they told me that they’re not interested in having more Amazon sellers but down the line? I ran into a distributor who is selling their products and is willing to sell them to me to sell on Amazon. Is there any issue there legally, the fantastic and wonderful gray market? Ok, those products just been every product, you can buy it and you can sell it.

Then under US law, you’re not violating everything. Anything at all. It’S called the first sale doctrine as long as you’re, not changing that product and the consumers not getting something materially different than what they would get from any other seller you’re, not violating anything. It doesn’t mean they won’t make a complaint or send you a cease and desist letter. But then you’re right, you’re not doing anything wrong, and I think then you have to make a business decision as an entrepreneur risk versus reward.

How much you’re going to make on that product? What’S the risk of having a problem, even if you’re going to win that fight? You still do that analysis. If it’s to pick up three units of NFL jerseys right before the Superbowl, when the NFL is going, you know bananas knocking sellers off bad decision now. If it’s a hundred thousand genuine New York Giants, jerseys that you can get for a buck each and sell them for fifty, and you can show they’re genuine right and it’s not right for the Superbowl, then go for it.

There’S a lot of money to be made. So everything in my my pin is risk versus reward. You have on the legal side. We would say that there’s not really too much risk there, but Amazon doesn’t necessarily worry about the law and just shutting down your account if they think that you’re selling fraudulent goods or something like that and then you have to go through the process and it can Take weeks or months to get that back up and in the meantime your business fails and goes under what kind of recourse do people have there if they weren’t doing anything wrong, but Amazon shut them down anyways, first of all, you’re going to be stunned.

Okay, when I learned this, I was shocked. I thought that one of the first I learned it from I had to ask them the question: twice the people reading these things. These can play so called the mpa team. I don’t know what it stands for there in India. As far as I’m aware they have zero legal training. I mean zero. Like none, there’s, no paralegal there, there’s no lawyer there. They haven’t been taught about trademark or copyright or patents zero.

Okay. So they get these complaints and they give a they knock people off willy-nilly, as if it’s nothing as if no one’s livelihood is depending upon it. The way we address those you receive the C and D or you receive the complaint. We then contact the complainant. As your lawyer, we say, hey, listen, we’re an IP Firm right, we know Amazon, we know IP law, your complaint is entirely baseless and this is why – and you should withdraw the complaint because you’re causing damages that you’re responsible for for making this baseless complaint and those Letters, I know if it’s because they come from a law firm, okay for just because they’re being called to the carpet, they withdraw their complaints.

You know more often than not we’re. You know there might have been 20 sellers on their product and only one of you stands up to them and they withdraw the complaint if they are either silent or they refuse to withdraw the complaint, then you go to notice dispute at amazon.Com and you see that Right in that email and you send, we will refer to our own legal opinion letter to show there’s no violation, there’s no IP rights, it’s a genuine product being delivered in the same exact fashion, and that is also remarkably successful and then getting Amazon to ignore the Complaint there’s a third mechanism called a counter notice.

It pertains to copyright complaints where, if it’s baseless complaint, a seller can serve encounter notice under under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and then that business has 17 days to either sue you. Whether complaint disappears as a matter of law and if it’s baseless down with you’re not going to sue you, especially the smaller brands. So those are kinds of three mechanisms and you shouldn’t you shouldn’t be too concerned.

You shouldn’t flip out. If you get a complaint because most of the complaints are entirely baseless on the first sale doctrine – and you were right – you are totally legally permitted to buy and sell that product anyplace you want, even though Amazon tends to overreact in your history. How long does it use take for someone get reinstated if they do get shut down in that way? If it’s an IP complaint, you’re generally looking about two weeks a week to two weeks between contacting the other look, if it’s a lawyer or a brand manager or the brand itself, and if either they respond in an affirmative way or you have to go to notice Dispute, so if it’s an IP and intellectual property can play an IP complaint, you’re, probably looking at a week to two weeks on average, some take much longer.

You know especially there’s like a complaint by a lawyer in like June or July, and I reach out to the lawyer. They says: hey, listen. I thank you for contacting me, but tomorrow I’m going on vacation for two weeks and I can’t look at it till I get back you know. Sometimes life interferes with business on the non legal suspensions you’re. Looking usually about a week. We’Ve heard nightmare stories where people are out two three four months and that whoever’s writing the plans of action are taking.

You know, 10 to 15 days for each revision. It’S usually about a week for your non legal suspensions and about two weeks, vis, intellectual property suspension. Sometimes a lot faster, sometimes a lot slower. That’S generally, what occurs, I feel like there’s a some room here for like a class-action lawsuit against the Amazon or something I’ll. Tell you what what I was thinking about. I’M not a big fan of class actions.

Lawyers. I was involved in mass torts long ago. I had a full head of hair. Well, we are seeing a ton of and we are exploring right now, a ton of times where amazon is just seizing people’s money right, so they have like $ 7,000 of your money and they accuse you of violating blah blah blah. They just say we’re not going to distribute it we’re going to hold it, but they don’t just hold it. They seize it and we’re seeing this occur more and more and more, and even if you sold a counterfeit product, let’s say you sold, you know 10,000 units and a thousand turned out to be counterfeit.

I don’t see where Amazon gets off, seizing all of your money. Mm-Hmm, so we’re exploring how to handle that Amazon sellers each waive their right to go to court in exchange the right to go to arbitration. But I think we’re talking like tens of millions of dollars a year, if not more, of just money. They have seized and often for each seller. The amount is so small, it’s not worth the fight or it’s not worth poking the bear.

So my partner and I have a weekly partnership meeting we’re going to talk about this. What can we offer sellers on a group level where Amazon just has seized their money? Oh, we don’t call it this. These words are not mine, but what a what a person I spoke with thinking about, one of the Las Vegas events: it’s the ofb, a they called it TBA theft by Amazon. Okay, what to do about it? Hey, I I love selling on Amazon and it gets a great platform and I’m making a lot of money doing it.

But as with everything, there’s always issues – and I feel like Amazon is – is kind of eating its own right now and I got a feeling it’s going to come and bite them here, a little bit which, especially if they get some kind of competitor who, who can Take them on which would be really nice, because, even though Amazon is great, when you get one platform, that’s just kind of taking over all of e-commerce, they become the big bully and they can kind of get away with it.

Because I don’t want to be the one who says hey, they can get my account suspended because they Amazon doesn’t like me. I agree, I think, even with all the warts on it, it’s it they’ve, given. I think one of the, if not the greatest one of the greatest opportunities for regular people to get into you, know commerce around the world. I mean really with like a credit card in your cellphone. You can start selling on Amazon, but there are certain issues in Europe: they don’t have as much of a market as they do here.

We’Re like the only country, I think where they have like words, like 63 % of the market. Right now like something crazy, but that definitely is going to be. I think, some reckoning. A lot of us had hoped that jet and Walmart they said they were going to treat sellers a whole lot better than Amazon as a way of building up their market. I don’t really know if that came to fruition or not. I don’t really get the feeling from sellers that they’re being treated better.

You know by jet and Walmart, but hopefully someone comes along that recognizes the the platform gets by by the sellers that are on it. Something will come along eventually, I don’t know if it’s going to be Walmart or jet, I don’t know if they can make that shift or not. Maybe we’ll see, but here that some some upstart, we’ll figure out something new, just like Amazon did and eventually it’ll happen.

You know we all always thought Microsoft would be king of the world and now Microsoft, too kind of thing. You know: yeah got their operating system on your desktop and your laptop, but more and more people are just using their phones and everything else. So they’re kind of pushing down just like IBM, used to be the big name and and now Google Google is being beaten up by Facebook and they’re taking over a lot of their ad dollars.

So technology keeps going things, keep changing and we’re in a world that were what used to take a hundred years to happen now is happening in ten years or less though yeah you also see you know not only, I think, is the stock price of Amazon affected By President Trump the perspective changes, you know, I mean love him or hate him. You know a lot of people, listen to the president, United States and when he says things about Amazon being not being fair in terms using the Postal Service.

I’M not I’m not commenting at all whether that’s accurate or inaccurate, if things like that can affect the perception of a brand. You know like me personally, I hate the idea of Amazon. Go you go to a supermarket. I want to see people there checking out because they need jobs, so I think that’s a huge detriment. So I think I think public opinion will have some effect and I think the President may have sort of started something where people are looking twice and saying.

You know yeah get my stuff, you know next day and it’s great, but what are the negative implications of them, and I think that that could happen in terms of sellers and it could it could help change it for the better yeah most of the people. Listening to this and selling on Amazon, don’t remember my Bell right yeah, you know the whole country, one phone company, you know else on the government said no go and broke them up.

Is that a future of Amazon? Toby Amazon? I don’t know, but I think that sellers sellers should start thinking about joining together. There’S a merchants guild, that’s being created by a by a couple of people here in the Northeast. One was a law professor at Pace, University School of Law is also he’s a tax lawyer. I hope to have more news about it and to be able to tell sellers. Listen, you need to donate to this.

This is going to be like our lobbying group, so hopefully that’ll get off the ground soon and that’s how I would prefer to see it. I always hate the government getting involved in things, especially technology, because I think they they just ruin it more than the help. Slow down the advancement of Technology, especially so I hope they stay out of that, because if they do regulate Amazon, I think it just more cements them as the leader and makes it harder for people new people to get into the game.

But that’s my opinion. I’M a small government guy libertarian, so I I prefer the free markets and stuff like that, but I definitely know exactly what you’re saying with like the Amazon go and stuff like that, it’s kind of nice to have a retailer there or someone checking you out. But at the same time it would be kinda cool just to grab my stuff and leave. So we got to find that bit that balance, and you know people people need jobs and I’m a big believer in technology.

You know I was like first to jump on the Palm Pilot and the boss, Casio boss and technology. I love it, but you know people need jobs. Americans need jobs least. That’S why I pick a before I go on that soapbox. No, can I I do a promo for something else, totally different different change of directions, sure sure go ahead and then, after that, we’ll we’ll move in and talked about some retail arbitrage stuff.

Okay, most of us who are making a living some way or another associate with Amazon, also shop on Amazon. When you shop on Amazon, you can pick Amazon smile, which is a program Amazon. Has it it’s a fantastic program where they donate a small portion of your purchase to the charity that you picked? It doesn’t cost you anything extra as a consumer and there’s a lot of great stuff that Amazon does they help employ.

They have the Amazon smiles. They go into poor neighborhoods of fresh food, there’s a lot of fantastic things. Amazon does, and this is one of them, the charity, that I would ask you to pick. If you don’t already have one, it’s called the Ty Lewis Campbell Foundation. It was founded by a fraternity brother of mine and his wife after they lost their son to brain cancer, ty Lewis, Campbell foundation.

It’S a remarkable group of people that raise a lot of money solely to focus on childhood cancers, so Amazon, smiles, ty, Lewis, Campbell Foundation and I could said to the lake and that sort of stuff yeah. Definitely we can put it in the in the notes down below the article here and sorry for your loss. That’S never never a fun thing to deal with cancer and it seems, like everybody, gets cancer nowadays, just horrible yeah.

That was my toes my buddy and for a knucklehead of a guy really an incredible father, an incredible man. His wife is fantastic, developed this disc on Dacian, but alright retail arbitrage, ya, know and just for everybody. If you go to its smile, Camus’s on comm and I’ve actually used it, I forget to use it sometimes because my Amazon tools that I use don’t work on smile amazon.Com, so I always forget to go there, but I definitely used it and it’s definitely nice to Be able to donate a percentage of your purchases to charity without with no additional cost to you, so definitely check that out and I’ll put that in the notes for you but yeah as far as retail arbitrage.

So this is probably where the the biggest legal issues come in with people I’ll just start off with a story of my own. So I started in Amazon in retail. Arbitrage is where I really got my feet: wet and I’ve sensed move more into wholesale and private label, but I still do some retail arbitrage and one of the most recent think problems. I’Ve ran into with was with Skull, Candy home. They make headphones, yeah very familiar them, so I was selling their product.

They sent me a cease and desist letter from a law firm, and I replied to them that I bought these items at clearance and I’m just reselling them when they’re going they’re gone and then I got paperwork in the mail. Basically, all this legal paperwork, the same thing, my friends over at the forties law – firm yeah – I might have been – I forget – the name of them. I learned Whitney a couple of the guys over there yeah on the bottom.

That’S whose signature it was over all right. So what kind of do they have grounds there or what? What should I do in that case? Usually the grounds are total BS that we see okay, we’ve dealt with Skullcandy before I don’t think there was anything in their warranty or their product and if you were selling genuine Skullcandy headsets, you were not violating anybody’s intellectual property rights, and that letter, in my opinion, Is entirely baseless that should never have been sent.

We’Ve also seen you know, Voorhies. Also, if you do research on the Voorhies law firm, they had this whole article about how they automate brand protection right. So it seems to me and again I don’t work for them alone. I’Ve met the guys a couple of times that they’re just sending these letters out without anybody, even looking at where they’re going, because it’s automated they have a whole like animation on this stuff.

So they send them out. Letters of baseless boardies is very rare if every will withdraw their complaint, but amazon is very acceptable to ignoring them so that we’ve dealt with that. What we call it divorce letters we’ve looked at, I don’t know, I countless countless Lori’s letters. So we’ve been very successful, getting Amazon to ignore it. When Tyler Dillon lawyers over there refused to withdraw their complaints, we didn’t even recently saw a letter where a client of ours bought items at Cole’s and, just like you can buy stuff, it calls and sell it in a garage sale.

You can buy stuff at calls and sell it online. Okay, there’s no difference. It’S the first sale doctrine and Vorian actually sent down a letter. That said, you can’t do this right and was it was absurd, because okay well calls took their money. They now own that property and they weren’t claiming to represent the brands. They were just representing Coles department store and the letter was just ridiculous.

So I would it be what about those letters? They are part of doing business if you won’t want to try and avoid those brands, even though you’re right, it may just get less stress in your life and you your your risk reward benefit analysis. It may be better for you not to get involved, but, like your headphones were most likely. A hunch percent legitimate and fine, just out of them. Persuade Amazon to ignore their complaint and just like Amazon, had a problem with like some of the the refund companies that were out there for a while.

I don’t want to name names. I think Maurice has overdone it. They do done too much buckshot. I think Amazon as a company seems to take their lenders a lot less seriously than they used to because they just do so many of them. So I wouldn’t be too worried about the Voorhies farm, at least right now and boys if you’re reading this, I still think you good guys. Oh, I think your letters are bogus yeah and that’s that’s kind of was my thinking as well.

You know I only had one or two left, so I just pulled them out and I said I’m not going to worry about it, but that’s that’s good to know so if I would have just ignored them, what do you think would they have taken it? Any further would they have open, filed a lawsuit or anything like that like they claimed to, or is it just they’re trying to just making claims with no ammunition behind it? You know I don’t want to draw a lawsuit like I don’t believe in.

Like you know, I don’t be like a mano, a mano and challenge them, but let’s take your situation, I think you’re pretty good. I don’t think I don’t think you should lose any sleep worrying about someone’s going to serve you with papers tomorrow, sure yeah and that’s that’s part of the reason I opened up. The second Amazon account when I’m moving any of my private label or not private label. My retail arbitrage stuff over to that account, and my thinking is that if there’s a claim like that and Amazon closes that account, it won’t hopefully won’t affect my other account, since that account is in good standing and didn’t have the violation on it.

So that’s kind of my thinking there. Maybe Amazon might connect it over and shut that one down, but at least there’s a little extra barrier there too. If there’s any false suspensions on Amazon part I’d say we haven’t seen that happen at all. If you have Amazon’s approval to have a second account, we haven’t seen any connection between products on account. A with products on account, be okay, don’t have they’re from they link him up.

They shut both of them down very good to know so yeah and my thought is on it. I’Ve kind of ignored those letters, the Skullcandy one was the first one that they actually sent me in the mail. So I’m not going to worry about it. It’S just a couple products I pulled it off and I actually return them back to shop Co and got my money back for them. Yeah I’ll just have to going forward I’ll just have to kind of ignore those letters and basically, in my mind, I just make note of those brands and just don’t buy them anymore.

They don’t want my money, I’m not going to buy their products. I guess the way I look at it a lot of times what we do, even if the complaint, even if the cease and desist is entirely baseless. We send out a quick it’s kind of a form letter that says we have looked at it. We take it seriously and we disagree and here’s our response to it. So it’s kind of silly because I don’t know how much they’re charging Skullcandy to send out their forties letter for us to then send out our form.

I know our rates are a whole lot. More reasonable and we do it really really quickly mm-hmm. I think I think, if someone, if someone has to is writing a letter, it should least be like a recognition like just though the respect we received it, we take it seriously, but we disagree or something to that effect. What we’re looking into it just the way we see things you know most people, especially in corporate America, answer to somebody and if you could imagine in that room, did you send out the Voorhies letters? Yes, how many did you send out a hundred? Did you get responses right? So I think when someone is called to the carpet out there? Yes, I got a response from these 98 could focus on the four that blew you off, so not really sure.

If that is entirely accurate, that’s the way we see things and it’s so quick and easy to respond to just simply say we received it and we’re looking into it done done deal. That’S it! Okay, you wouldn’t recommend saying something about the first-sale doctrine or something like that. No, we do we do we. Actually we spell out why they there’s no violation, but just quick and easy just to let them know you received it and to respond yeah.

I would send something back: we do we go through there’s, basically, four areas of intellectual property law, copyright, trademark patent and trade dress. So we have a letter, identifies each of those categories and why there’s no violation, so we send that out. You know my staff to probably do most those letters in, like you know, 10 or 15 minutes for any product, I’m just spawned to it and say you’re wrong.

There’S no and don’t make a complaint, or else you may be responsible for the losses and sometimes the losses are financially relatively small, but have serious consequences like you know, a single mom, raising a child right and say: listen you’ll be responsible for taking off taking away The lively of this single mom in Wisconsin, okay, we’re not going to let that happen idly. Okay, let them know, there’s some problem to the brand.

If they do this or significant income, you know you’re a point. Twenty people in your doing. You know two million dollars a month. Worries could be held responsible for those losses. You know, I think you identify why one you received it. You took it seriously why they’re wrong and their potential liability and that usually stops at least in terms of the voice, letters I think we’re in kind of like the wild frontier right now, where people are just trying lots of little things, and they don’t know.

What’S going to stick what’s going to work, what’s legal, what’s not legal and and hopefully that’ll kind of sort itself out, Amazon will start taking this stuff a little more seriously and not just suspend people’s accounts for basically illegal reasons when you really come down to it. So one brand that people will probably want me to touch on because there’s a lot of conversation on it. Right now is reselling Nike shoes, so Amazon has that gated.

But, for example, myself, my seller count has 800 positive feedback and I’m very good standing and I was able to on get get on gated for Nike shoes. But a lot of people are worried that Amazon is going to send, cease and desist letters and Amazon’s going to shut down your account. What have you seen there in terms of that and what grounds are there there? Well, Amazon is a private business right, so they can make up whatever rules.

They want. There’S no due process that you’re entitled to. If you end up taking Amazon to arbitration, there are certain laws in the state of Washington which governs the contract and the Federal Arbitration Act that would govern. We don’t ever want to go there. My advice to stay away from it. If it’s a gated brand and you’re not already heavily invested, there’s no reason to pick a fight that you don’t need.

So I would tell the listeners and listen I’m a David versus Goliath, guy, okay, I love the fight, but it’s not always good business. So I wouldn’t recommend anyone starts getting into Nike if they have the opportunity and if something is really great there they might want to apply first to see if they can get in. But something like that. It’S just to me. It’S not worth the risk, and I guess where I was going with that is: I am undated.

I bought a few Nikes sent them and sold them haven’t. Had any issue have you had people, clients that have had their accounts shut down from selling Nike we’ve had clients who lost the asons from Nike? I think we’ve had a full of some account suspensions, but we haven’t faced your scenario where you’re, unjaded and you’re allowed to sell and have a problem. Okay, I haven’t faced it and also by the way, if anybody out there ever tells you they know exactly what Amazon’s going to do: they’re full of it yeah, okay, Amazon, one of the great things about the companies that they allow their employees to make decisions for Themselves to inspire creative thinking, one of the bad things about the company that individual people that work there make different decisions than the guy sitting.

Next to them. Oh yeah. He allowed this freedom, so I would say, run-of-the-mill week we haven’t seen people who were unhappy problems. I wouldn’t start selling things that are gated yeah. I hear you I’m now with Amazon. I pulled my hair out some days. Trying to deal is one person will tell me something, I’m like no. You can do that like that guy just did it for me yeah. It’S you go back and forth on that, but that’s a whole nother story.

They don’t necessarily they don’t treat all sellers the same and it could be the same size, seller, same age, seller and they just you know. You see someone else, selling that same product and you’re getting dinged for it. Why? I don’t know, but there’s a Cajun saying that it’s easy to ride the horse in the direction that it’s going all right, yeah I’ve got. I’Ve got the one account that’s about three years old and has 800 positive feedback, 99 percent positive feedback rating, and I’ve noticed that, probably in the last few months, maybe six months, it’s gotten immensely easier for me to get changes to listings and get things done and And they’re, just like basically, yes, sir, we can do that for you.

I guess they’re, probably a benefit of sending in ten to twenty thousand dollars and fees that I’ve every month, they’re uh, they listen to you a little more yeah. It doesn’t seem to hurt. So why don’t I let me take a look at social media here and just see if we have any questions. We’Ve got one question here from flip kings on Instagram: do you have to be an authorized reseller for a brand to sell same brand on Amazon? So I think what he’s asking we kind of touched on already about do you need to be an authorized reseller of a brand to sell it, but the answer is: no, you absolutely do not.

You can buy and sell just about anything. You want in the United States without authorization or permission, but some brands just might be wise to stay away from yeah yeah. It depends on what kind of headache you wan na be left. Yes know how much money you anticipate making if it’s a small amount of money and a big headache, stay away. If it’s tremendous amount of money and a headache, maybe it’s worthwhile yeah yeah, definitely so got ta, weigh the benefits and costs and negatives and positives of that one.

All right. Let’S jump over to Facebook and see what we got all right here. We got one from Alex: what are the top three most common cases you deal with? What are the top three biggest mistakes made by Amazon sellers that open themselves up to litigation or risk? Alright litigation, there’s a very, very little actual litigation? Okay, don’t I don’t want you to like not be concerned about it, but I don’t think you should lose sleep over litigations, very, very little, there’s very, very few lawsuits.

Well, they are increasing a bit against domestic sellers. Okay, top three are inauthentic. They just want to see your invoices number two. Is you sold as new, where people are receiving products that either look a little bit old or damaged or the packaging is like last year’s packaging? It’S not the same as what it looks like in the store and the third are baseless: intellectual property complaints, somebody’s claiming that you, you shouldn’t, be selling OtterBox, tell cellphone cases or something you really have no grounds to do it.

They still make the complaints so inauthentic. You sold is new and IP complaints inauthentic and you sold as new have nothing to do with the law. Although we write tons of those plans of actions every day yeah, so it really comes down to you’re, probably not going to be taken to court. But how much risk are you willing to take with Amazon because they can choose to suspend your compass for any reason, then you have to prove that you didn’t do anything wrong.

Yes, but the litigation risk is very minimal. Okay, all right you! So that’s what you’ve seen so far: yeah yeah and that’s that’s good to know Lacey not to lose sleep over losing your house because they you sold and what what we’re seeing the litigation that we’re seeing the most of isn’t against the domestic sellers. At all. I mean there’s some: it’s usually like a brand suing John Doe one to five hundred but John Doe, one to five hundred actually sellers located in China.

So the vast amount of litigation that exists is against foreign sellers and elation locally. Domestically is really it’s really minimal. You’D be surprised, it’s very minimal least right now, all right, so just lots of threats flying around not a whole lot of follow-through, yes bill, one formal litigation that you asked about early on. You asked about insurance and liability if, like you, know, and harm some, but some product harm.

Somebody Amazon requires you to have liability coverage, although most sellers don’t – and we have yet to see Amazon – ask to see the certificate of insurance, but as a business person, you should create an entity to protect your personal assets and you should buy liability coverage. It’S it’s very, very inexpensive. We always recommend Ashland had an out of Indiana who’s, really focused on e-commerce sellers and their insurance needs.

Okay, now G and it’s easy it’s required. I don’t know why they haven’t plugged away at it to get rid of sellers, but but it it provides two things that are vital one. If you do hurt, some of your product hurts somebody right, it’ll pay, whatever the losses are, but more importantly, they’ll actually provide lawyers to defend you and that’s really. A vital. The obligation to defend by an insurance company is probably more important than the obligation to indemnify for losses, because if you can walk into your local lawyer and get defended, it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg.

That is, I know, that’s extremely important, especially if you have private label brand to protect. If somebody somebody hurt themselves with your product, how important is that, if you’re just selling other people’s products, because if somebody got hurt with their products, wouldn’t they be liable? Or would you still be liable, as the person is sold to them on Amazon? Now, as a as a former plaintiff’s lawyer, okay and I tried cases, car accidents and employment cases, a medical malpractice when you’re starting a lawsuit for someone who is injured, you’re casting a net for everybody, who’s involved in that product.

Now everybody everybody has to defend themselves. So like in your Skullcandy example, if one of your headsets, you know cause someone to lose, you know their hearing or damage their hearing. They understood everybody, including you, and if you have insurance, you just call the carrier like in your car accident and say: hey, listen! I’M getting sued and they would assign a lawyer to defend you in New York, it’s very rare that cases get dismissed until after depositions and after you know it takes about a year to get there.

You have to defend yourself that entire time, so the insurance provides lawyers to do that, for you, where you basically make a phone call and then you’re done dealing with it and you can go about your business while the lawyers defend you on somebody else’s dime, okay And what was the name of the company, then it’s Ashland had an HDD en and she’s in Indiana, its Ashland had an agency or Ashley had an insurance or something like that.

Okay, as far as this this area, I think one I like Aaron, we’re friends. I don’t get anything from anybody if you use any of the vendors I suggest, but it’s nice she’s very responsive and she knows her stuff. Okay, all right, yeah and that’s extremely important in the Amazon space, because it’s a whole nother animal. A lot of people could sell you the insurance, but getting someone who actually knows Amazon is very important to get the specifics there.

Yes yeah it is. You need someone who kind of knows our space yeah. Definitely that is all the questions that I’m seeing so far. So anything that we haven’t touched on that you want to touch on. Oh no, I’m really grateful if you’re having me on. I think this is a really really great webinar and thank you and just the Amazon smiles in the foundation. Ty Lewis Campbell Foundation. A lot of people who take this opportunity to promote themselves, I’m not going to do that: smile dot, Amazon and the Ty Lewis Campbell Foundation well promote euphoria.

Your website is Amazon seller. I’M sorry, Amazon, sellers lawyer.Com. The website looks awesome. You’Ve got awesome information for us here. You seem to really know what you’re talking about. Where can people what’s the best way to get ahold of you if they either want some of the sample forms we talked about, or maybe they have something bigger and their account suspended and they need some help sure they can call us.

You know, like Amazon, doesn’t give you anybody to speak with and we know you need to talk and explain. What’S going on, so the phone number is eight seven, seven, nine, the word sellers stll ers. You can email me at CJ at Amazon, sellers lawyer, calm as sellers as plural. A lawyer is singular, we’re also we’re on Facebook and we’re on we’re on twitter we’re everywhere. So I would say the best way is to just call or email or send me.

You know it on Facebook, any of those three okay, all right, perfect and I’ll. Put all that information in the notes as well. I really appreciate you coming on. There’S been a lot of awesome information and information that I needed to know and that everybody’s going to really appreciate, I’m sure, so I appreciate it and look forward. Maybe we’ll have another you sometime down the line as things progressed on Amazon it’d, be great.

I’D love to be back on thanks a lot. I appreciate it CJ you have a good one too Thanks,

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