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Increase Your Amazon Sales With These Tips From 8 Figure Amazon Sellers #2

Have a successful Amazon business, real business, eight figures and we’ll always drop in content and we’re always showing you what we’re doing and we’re standing in that successful Amazon business right now.

Look at all these products! That’s right! We’re not on the beach we’re not in a fancy car we’re not in a rented home. We are in our place of business 20,000 square feet over 4,000 active Asians, hundreds of thousands of products 35 employees. This is what we do for a living. The real deal, the real deal, if you want to be a part of the real deal, smash that subscribe button turn on notifications, follow us on social media and be a part of it stay late, it’s Black Friday.

What that means to us is this year’s. Coming to a close there’s, a lot of opportunity to pull as much sales revenue as humanly possible out of these last couple of weeks for us when de Amazon sales, usually right around 18th to 20th right Amazon sales start dropping actually maybe early 20s, like 20th 21st. Basically, when people can’t buy something and it can be at their house for the holidays, that’s when Amazon sales stop dropping off.

So right around that early 20s, 20 20. First people stopped buying as much on Amazon, and then we see some of our slowest sales phase on Christmas. Specifically, New Year’s is pretty slow and the days in between it’s just not our best week. It’s probably our worst week all year, except for that week. Maybe in July, where everybody travels on vacation travel, yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s true yeah, but there are some ways to increase those sales and not only increase those sales.

But there are some things you should be looking at. Taking that time of slow sales, instead of refreshing, your sellers app 67 times to make sure you’re making money to plan for the future and that future is 2020 a brand new decade to crush it. That’s exciting, are you excited about 2020 yeah? I didn’t realize. There’s a brand new decade till you said it yeah like a whole new decade. That’s crazy! This decade was crazy.

Yeah and years. Yeah was 2010 yeah 2010. What were you doing in 2010? Oh, it was a good year. 2010 was 2010 according to Sebastian was a good year, just not for me just according to Sebastian. It was a good year for everybody else, just not for him, but 2019 was a phenomenal. 2020 is going to be even better, so yeah yeah 2020. It’s going to be a game-changing year for us, we’re continuing to innovate within our warehouse and within our production and within the realms of control.

We have, within the Amazon Marketplace, to kind of continue to grow, become and maintain. Our presence is one of the largest Amazon sellers in the country, which is it’s it’s a challenge: yeah, of course, the market, the environment, the products are constantly changing fluctuating and we want to stay ahead of the curve, whether it’s the way we source products or whether It’s the technologies that we’re bringing to help us be more efficient, mm-hmm, absolutely absolutely so.

Some things to keep in mind to grow your Amazon business in 2020. Now that the years coming to an end – or you know definitely building as many relationships as possible in 2019, especially in these last couple weeks, right before everybody is on vacation for the holidays, is creating as many accounts, if you’re, if you’re going the wholesale route, as Humanly possible, or even if you’re doing, the private label route talking to as many manufacturers as possible and even if you’re doing retail arbitrage building relationships with the managers of the stores that you’re doing retail arbitrage with right.

So you can get that backroom access that side door access right. You can get access to those pallets that they have an influx of or the returns or or the discounted products before they hit the shelves and with December 1st right around the corner. If you have not, I’m going to assume you had a profitable year, but if you have not spoken to a CPA, yet you need to in order to try to lower your tax bracket and and lower what you’re going to be paying for 2019.

Well. In April of 2020 for 2019, you know we’d like to meet with our CPA, at least quarterly, at minimum and same thing with you guys, if you have any last-minute purchases that you can make, if you’re planning to make a big purchase in 2020 December might be The time to make that purchase to lower your expenses, but I would first of course, speak to your CPA. If you don’t have one, you need one at the end of the day, cost a couple dollars couple shekels, but it could save you a couple.

Shekels yeah and then some yeah, like some things, we’re going to what are some purchases we’re going to close out before the end of the year. We just talked about some travel expenses from looking booking some trips for next year. The end of this year, we’re also going to be your house equipment. Yes, that’s a warehouse system, warehouse equipment. Also, some advertising, yes, it’ll – be going a little more aggressive spending some more money on advertising.

So we can write that off as well. Also, some other equipment like camera equipment and lighting equipment. Stuff like that so anywhere, you could spend additional money. It’s it’s definitely good for those 2019 taxes, but, like Sebastian said we’re not CPA. So talk to some talk to a professional right. Now we operate a 90 percent wholesale business, 10 % private label. The private label is growing Sebastian just created it’s actually sitting over here about three feet from us.

We got a full pallet of products that Sebastian created and I’m super excited about them. We’re currently building the listing as we speak, he was just on the phone with one of the team members who’s, helping us build this and and we’re excited about it, but something to consider right. We built this business Sebastian built this business on retail arbitrage, and I think something that a lot of you may not be capitalizing on is what we touched on a couple minutes ago and that’s building relationships with with store managers and and what that could look like Is like you have to sell yourself to them and make them know believe that you can bring them value all right.

It’s something that comes to mind is like explaining to them the time they can save by offering you those discount racks before they even have to load up the racks, because what that means is hey, they give you a call: hey, John, hey Stacey, whatever your name Is I got 50 products I’m about to put on the discount rack? Do you want to come pick them up? It saves them time. They don’t have to pay an employee to fill that discount rack just to have you come in with your arm and swipe it all into your grocery cart, and then they have to reload it again and refill it again.

And then you come the next day and swipe it all into the grocery car. So by you presenting this idea to them, it could actually save them time, which saves them money and save you time, which saves you money, so it works out for all parties. I mean right from the get-go. You want to try to build any relationships you can. That could be advantageous to your business early on in our a you know. For us, we also became close with some of the manager at the different stores and some of the employees there, and they would reach out to us like Eric said, and let us know when things were going on, sale or for palette of a product came in.

They would call us before they even put it on the floor. Knowing that, like Eric said, we could come load it up in our van and and just leave, and they would never have to even put it on the show floor, and we also, of course took care them. You know, throw throw them some holiday money. You know just just really take care of them, and so it was advantageous for both parties, us and them yeah, really any relationship you’re building.

You need to look what value you could bring to that relationship if you’re, just looking for what you can take from the relationship that relationships not going to work Sebastian talks about all the time. It’s like a girlfriend boyfriend relationship or any significant other relationship. It’s a take give take given the gain relationship you can’t just take, take, take and expect the other person to reciprocate.

It just doesn’t work like that, and business relationships are the same exact way, so you need to give in order to receive and it’s revolutionary it’s. It’s it’s. How we’ve built the relationships we’ve built right, yeah yeah, I mean listen. We’ve had a lot of help from some of our our suppliers. You know billion-dollar companies why? Why do they want to team up with us? Well, they want to team up with us.

A because they know that the way that we handle our business is with integrity and B, because it’s a take give relationship where we’re always trying to help them grow and any opportunities that we see come to the marketplace. We bring it to them and bring up ideas to them about moving certain private label products that they may carry, or just inventory that they might have that stale. So it’s not always about what we can gain from them.

It’s also about. How can we help them to grow yeah? We continue to build relationships. It’s still the foundation of our business Sebastian just smashed a catalog on my desk from a a new distributor that I plan on starting to place an order with this week. So I’m excited about that. It’s one of my favorite things to do is place new orders with new companies, but with placing new orders with new companies comes a lot of sometimes a lot of issues, especially with some of the companies we worked with.

Like I forgot, it was like the small little toys, but they came like K packed with six different kinds. You know – and you know so, there’s issues and the first time you place that order. Sometimes we like to be a little less aggressive. So if there are issues with the products coming in, we didn’t go, spend $ 50,000 on a first order rule. Maybe you only spend $ 5,000? So if we have to eat some of those issues because we’re we don’t want to call them and be on the phone with them complaining for 20 minutes about the mischiefs or the the mishaps, because that’s not good for a relationship, we don’t invest a huge amount Of money in that first order, so it doesn’t tarnish the relationship if something goes wrong with it right and with any new new supply.

You may pick up, please be conservative at first, just because the character said kind of just. To reiterate, you don’t know the quality of the product, you don’t know the quality of the company, you don’t know how they’re going to handle your delivery. I mean remember there was that one company we were dealing with and they had the Sun on the products. Yeah, a couple of their products had like just a heavy layers, warehouse yeah, and so you, you don’t know you know when you’re first ordered with a company.

You really don’t know how they handle their products, and so you want to be conservative on the first. Second order, and then from there you know you, you start growing, that hmm absolutely absolutely so. What are we doing in these next couple weeks to kind of wrap up the year for the Amazon business? Well, we’re kind of looking at our numbers we’re going to sit down like we always do and kind of look over the year.

Look over the data and see areas where we can improve and then we’re going to pass that information on to our managers pass that information on in meetings with our buyers, with our warehouse with our developers and really set the goals in the agenda for next year. You know last two weeks of December is really about Synagogue goals for next year, where do we envision ourselves being and how we going to get there kind of building the roadmap yeah? Absolutely it’s exciting time and and something one of my favorite things that we do at the end of the year is we review all our distributors and – and sometimes this is one of the most challenging things I think for for us to do sometimes is let go Of a distributor that for years produced us ton of revenue, ton of profits, but now their product costs just aren’t cutting it for us anymore.

So it’s it’s important to know as a business when that retail store you’re going to the prices just aren’t competitive anymore or when that man facture you’re dealing with for your private label product the prices just aren’t competitive or when that wholesale or distributor their prices. Just are too high and you need to let them go it’s important. It really separates the winners from the losers when you can make that conscious decision like I need to find a new company to do work with and even on a more micro level to just a since we’ve had a since that we were selling truckloads of truckloads Of and because the climate of the Amazon environment is always changing, we’ve had to let go and it was hard, but every time we let go, it gives us opportunity to find another one and we do and we do and so will you so just because a Aysen that was once profitable, maybe right now isn’t doesn’t mean you need to hold on for dear life, hoping that we’ll get better again.

Sometimes you need to let go and look for a new investment, a new Aysen, to really take over that space of where that last one was yeah. We have them speaking at good asons. We have some killer asons right now. In November man we got. I was just looking: we have so many scenes, bringing us three thousand over three thousand dollars a month in profits and their seasonal yep all right. So these are products that the rest of the year would bring us little any profits if any, it would just build up storage fees if we sent it to Amazon, but because it’s tis the season we’re crushing it pulling in $ 3,000 in gross profits a month From these products yep and we have over 4,000 activations, you know – and you know it fluctuates, but I always say building that healthy portfolio, that healthy online account that healthy business – and this is how you do it.

You have those high profit items that might move a little slower. You’ll have high profit items that move high-volume, then you’ll have low profit, low volume and everything in between and that’s what builds a healthy business where year-over-year we continue to grow this year is, but by far our most profitable year and last year was a most profitable Year today, as well so – and it’s like that, every single year, as we continue to redevelop – and I think part of that goes into looking at the year kind of looking back, seeing the things criticizing ourselves seeing where we could improve and then building the roadmap.

For next year, yeah yeah, so based on that trend, 2020 is going to be killer, killer killer, no seriously where we have some cutting edge stuff for 2020. You know I went to. I went to Costco the other day huh for our Thanksgiving party to get some pumpkin pie – scamming yeah I wanted to I wanted to, but they got the bill deals on everything over there. Well, we used to do a lot of purchasing from Costco 20 years ago and uh, and it’s just every time I go there.

It takes me back just special and I would go there for six seven hours a day and just scam products, and you remember that transition right where it was like where he went from doing it five days a week to four three even one day a week Was challenging because the wholesale part took over call and people always ask us like? When do you know it? Just kind of happens, you’ll know because it happens, because you have a wholesale, a cow or multiple wholesale accounts that are taking up so much of your time that you don’t have any more time for all right, yeah and then – and it’s just like even at the End there we were still going once a month yeah we were placing monthly orders from our from our retail stores.

We were doing business with to supplement some of the income that in the revenue, so we could continue to grow. So it’s like it didn’t. It took. Probably a year and a half before we completely cut off retail arbitrage and we came, you know 90 % wholesale business mm-hmm so so get it where you can get it get it. What you know if you’re selling books right now and books, are your bread and butter and you’re trying to switch to retail arbitrage, don’t stop selling books, keep selling books? That’s your bread and butter if you’re doing retail arbitrage and want to switch to wholesale.

Don’t stop going to stores and buying stuff? That’s your bread and butter keep going doing retail arbitrage if you’re doing a wholesale want to do private label, don’t stop doing wholesale, get a few private label products and do both do all four yep can’t hurt. So any last words to wrap it up better yeah, it’s hustle o’clock, everyday hustle o’clock. You know wake up. I think the best way to operate for me personally is I just wake up ready to tackle the day.

It’s some days, I’m not ready to tackle the day, but I just reflect for a couple minutes on all the beautiful things half of my life and it makes coming to work it makes meeting with new people. It makes just being a presence in life with family friends, business relationships. It just makes all that that much easier, so really at the end of the day. It’s about my perception on life and and I change my perception and I changed my life.

What about you Sebastian? My last words are evaluate your business mmm, build a plan and get ready to conquer the next decade. Mmm next decade, Wow tis the season to seize it, stay late. They let everybody

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Why you NEED an LLC for Amazon FBA

I have to share this with you guys. So, like always in my articles, I do the Y house and then the additionals, so here’s the Y right – and this might be obvious to some of you – maybe some of you – it won’t be.

It is deductions. Deductions are crazy. This is how even fortune 500 companies are able to operate a loss and not have to pay taxes, sometimes even end up with refunds, which is insane you need to take advantage of that if you’re in the u.S I’m in talking to US law, it’s it’s. It’S really really cool in regards to ecommerce. What we’re doing in Amazon, it’s up to $ 5,000 startup cost. That’S so much money, guys $ 5,000! Think of the all the equipment you need.

You need an iPhone or an Android phone right. You need a smart phone. You need a computer, so all that cost can be deducted from the startup cost. Here’S the cool thing. I know if you just start it now or maybe a couple months ago, anything you’ve purchased in the year of 2017. Let’S say because you know we’re coming up on the tax season, you can deduct so that computer you bought in March. It’S now a company computer.

So if you have the invoice for it, you can deduct it. So you can add up $ 5,000 pretty quickly um. So expenses are anything from from defer. Your deductions are anything from marketing advertising travel. So, like you know, flights or mileage if you’re driving in a car the electricity bill right, everyone has an electricity bill, the internet bill. You cannot do e-commerce without internet. That’S a deduction seminars, classes, accounting costs even so much as meals.

So if you’re meeting say you and a buddy are doing the Amazon, FBA and you’re meeting them and you’re brainstorming, that’s a business meeting right! You can deduct it! Here’S another! Here’S! Another big wine paper loss right. I was mentioning that earlier, so you can actually operate at a loss and that loss of your LLC will compensate for your income tax that you have in your day job. So let’s say you made fifty thousand dollars in your day.

Job and you operate your LLC at a ten thousand dollar loss, keep in mind, we’re not in the business of losing money, but let’s say you’ve lost ten thousand dollars that ten thousand dollars in taxes. You can use the $ 10,000 that you’ve lost in your business. Can be used against your personal income, so you pay less taxes either way right. Here’S the how the boring part right, the very first thing.

Once you form you LLC, you need to put a corporate structure in place, so what that is essentially is you’re going to be paying yourself a salary. The next thing that comes – and I believe this has to be done within 75 days. It’S called an ECE. It’S an entity classification election. Now I don’t know all the details about it, but I can tell you needs to be done within 75 days and what it is is you’re letting the IRS know how you want to be taxed.

If you do not do this as an LLC, they will basically just decide to tax you at the highest rate, which is, I believe, as an individual and that’s a tax rate up to 15 percent. You don’t want that. You want the lowest possible rate. The help right this is this is really boring, we’re not in the tax business, at least I’m not. This is where you get help. I did it with 100 accountants. I would highly recommend them.

They set things up for you, they’re very personal, and you work with a team, so you’re working with a team, so you’re always going to be working with the same people. The people will already know about your expenses. They will go through your if you’re starting now they will go through 2017 credit card statements, alongside with you, and make sure that you’re getting the solid deductions remember they’re working for you.

Their best interest is to provide you with good service, so your remain on them. On the you know, on their payroll, your remain as a customer I mean, and and basically save you money, so the cost for that is about two to three thousand dollars annually. I know that’s a lot they do. You can split that up in payment. They do let you do that and then there’s a 30 dollar retainer. Now don’t freak out guys.

I know that’s a lot of money and that might not be the first thing you want to think of doing, but consider it as you know, as a cost to starting your first. You know your first product really right. You know you’re putting in such a financial commitment you’re going to drive yourself to success. Anyways right. It’S it’s another big thing. You know having no plan B, it’s it’s it’s a big thing, sometimes just jumping with both feet in and yeah it’s and then at it’s.

Just the 30 to 30 dollar cost. The cool thing is: if you need any so articles consultation, they don’t have any hourly fees. You just set up an appointment and you just talk to them. It’S it’s no problem, so there’s no hidden cost. Here’S the crazy thing on top of that we’re talking about deductions earlier right, you can deduct that. So essentially it’s done for you for free, it’s already a tax saving.

Not only will they do your personal business, you you Peart, they will do your business tax and they will do your personal tax. So if you’re already paying someone for your personal tax, you can scratch that right off you’re going to get that done with them anyways. So awesome, that’s the information I wanted to share with you guys. Let me know down in the comments below if I misspoke on something, if there’s something you guys want me to look into and share with you even further put a like hit subscribe thanks for reading

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$50/HR! Dollar Tree Retail Arbitrage Items! ANYONE CAN START!

Doing amazon FBA now that five hundred bucks a month, that’s also using Amazon, FBA, so read the first part of the article and the second parts going to make a lot more sense. Let’S get into it, okay into the dollar tree to buy some stuff to sell for money.

We got to get a cart, though, ideally one with two handles, because one handle ain’t going to work into the seasonal holiday section all that stuff. We don’t want at fourth July – that’s for next summer, but this stuff right here, mmm Thanksgiving, mashed, potatoes, harvest, Halloween owls. All this stuff, and so we’re going to scan this now and see what we can sell, because I bet you something’s worth money yup right, there foam fall, a corn making is 225 profit, but that is not including the the cost price.

Now here’s the feed breakdown. You can see very cheap and then put the $ 1 buy price in there. Our cost we’re still making a buck 25 per sale. This here ha more holiday stuff, a stick with with words on it: family friends, it’s worth some money but read out not a lot of going to sell, might be better on eBay, cuz of the keywords this one Day of the Dead, something in Spanish. I can’t say, but please please please let me know how it’s pronounced.

I think they’re awesome, look really cool, really nice, pretty high-quality for a dollar store, but sadly worth nothing. It doesn’t know, he’s the cool stuff. You got to scan everything, scan these Hot Wheels right here, except don’t scan the barcodes look up the name individually. The barcodes are not going to work you’re going to have to look up the item by its title. This one is the Hot Wheels Skullcrusher glow-in-the-dark diecast car, okay, we’re selling a few a month and it is profitable, but there’s only one worth it.

Yes, I think so and what I’m going to do beyond this is look for more of these skull. Crusher beasts, wheel, beasts or whatever they’re called do we have one yeah one more back there and I’m sure there are a lot more, but don’t just take my word for it. Look up everything like this: a baja Blazers, Oddie cuatro. It’S worth money, I’m not going to scan all the cars, because that might tank a lot of the listings.

But just on your own go to Kroger, go to Walmart, go to the dollar, store, go to Rite Aid and look up the Hot Wheels cars, because, if you’re buying for a dollar and so on for 10 bucks, the money – it’s not easy, it’s not hard! It is easy, it’s easy money. What am I saying? Let’S keep this train running folks back in the toy section, other side of the aisle – nothing good here, it’s all private label junk that anyone can make.

But what’s this in the corner, I spy down there hiding from me like an animal, you see, see blah blah blah one punch man, little bag toys there, little Clips for a backpack or whatever they are. This is a well known brand. I’M going to buy all of these and sell them around Christmas. I feel great about this because of the branding and the size and weight and it isn’t a Dollar Tree article without soap.

Now, why do I add soap? I’Ve had seven buddies about soap because look up this right here, dawn Platinum. I have tanked the listing a dozen times and it’s still coming back, it’s still profitable. You can still make a lot of money selling Dollar Tree soap, each of those little dips on that chart. That’S a sale, hundreds and hundreds of these a year you’re going to make some money after soap on two cereals.

Now my Dollar Tree. Not all of them have this: they have General Mills, overstock cereal. What’S the kicker! Well, when you scan these, you get a look up, not only the price but they’re going for it, but also flip it over and look at the barcode or look at the the top coat. I mean that’s the barcode see when it expires and this cereal. Ah well, it’s close now the rules Amazon is you want to have at least four months shelf life, hopefully six months, that’s what they recommend you doing these cereals.

If they only have two months to go, I would not send them in. I would do a babe because, generally with discontinued food items, you’re going to have an easier time, selling past expiration date, ones on eBay and at all dollar trees. Have these cereals, but remember that advice, because it is applicable to many many many different kinds of things you might buy. Okay, we got the items now back to my warehouse, where I’m going to tell you how to make money off these, how to prep them everything.

You want to know and then how to make seventy thousand dollars a year doing this. Okay, we’re back in the warehouse, and now I’m going to explain to you how to make that money. With these items now you got a Selma Amazon, so you’re going to list them you’re, going to prep them and you’re going to send them in listing them as simple they’re all new items, so you put a sticker over the back barcode.

If you’re saying, what do you mean by that, I have a article that goes through every single step and I have it below in the description so read that prepping for new items is very simple: they’re not going to break with the exception of. Maybe if we had bought that skull thing, so you just put them in a box, make sure they’re packed nicely and send it ups to Amazon. How much does that cost? Luckily, amazon has negotiated rates just for you that you can use if you are sending things to amazon you’re, going to pay about a quarter a pound.

If you have a fifty pound box, so you want to make sure the load is big, not a small load because obviously, as the loads get smaller. If it’s one item it’ll cost like five dollars, it was fifty items, it’ll cost. You know a quarter, an item. If you’re doing the quarter per pound – and that makes sense right and then amazon stores them, they keep them in their warehouse and they ship them out and do you pay shipping? No, the customer does that’s how Amazon Prime works.

Amazon. Prime sellers are most usually FBA. Sellers, and so what they’re saying is the reason we can get this product to you in one or two days is not because we have 10 million. You know UPS guys it’s because we have these items and we have these integrated supply chains, where it’s very easy for us to take this item from a big warehouse as Juliette Illinois put it on a UPS truck or our own amazon truck or a USPS truck, And get to you in two days: that’s why these items cost so much more, really, you’re, not the persons not paying you for soap.

I mean they are, but don’t look at it that way, they’re paying you to get them soap in one day where that is press the button and go you’re almost like a personal shopper in a sense don’t think of this as ripping someone off because you’re making A 600 percent ROI on your item, because that really doesn’t take into consideration how any store sells their items. No one is selling things at cost, everyone’s, adding their own value, some way with the allocation or convenience, or maybe it’s a rare item who knows these? Are all things that are used to provide value and that value is well? You see it.

Obviously, when you can sell things for more money, it’s because they’re worth more to that person, so think of it. That way, if you’re uncomfortable with aspects of capitalism, because well there’s a million reasons, you might have those opinions. But if you are don’t focus on the ROI, because those are just you know, kind of nebulous numbers that really have no meaning outside of comparing one cell to the other.

Think of it, as what am I doing that’s worth five dollars more than going into the store to buy it. There’S a lot of people out there. Who’D pay you five bucks go to the dollar store to buy them a soap, a lot of people. When you phrase it in the way of Amazon, FBA mailing it to them, suddenly they think it’s a big deal. So don’t don’t be like that? I think that’s probably as succinctly as I can put it.

You know watering it down, but that’s how this works. Now, how about that seventy thousand dollars? How do you do that? Using these things? Well, first of all, you’re not going to be buying dollar store items you’re going to see in the article. Even I didn’t scan all the items because I don’t want to ruin those listings, because sometimes a lot of people read these articles, so all those Hot Wheels cars, for example, go back and scan those beyond that, though, beyond dollar stores.

Because, very rarely are you going to have a dollar store item sell for more than ten bucks and ten dollar transactions. We, if you have a lot of them to get six thousand dollars a year, but what you should do is think of it. This way I want to make 70 grand a year – let’s say: 72 grand it’s easier. That way. That’S six thousand dollars a month right, six times, 12 is 72. So how do we do that? Well, we’re going to have to sell 60 products a month that make us a hundred bucks.

You know two hundred thirty, etc, etc. How do I do that? Will you begin scanning things where else, what places are like the Dollar Tree walmart is? Can you buy things at Walmart and Celt from our money? Yes, absolutely you can. I have articles on that thrift stores. Can you buy fifth store things used items and sell them on Amazon to make huge profits? Yes, you can. I have that, on my youtube, blog too, I have all these things that make me more than 70 grand a year.

Now I have a warehouse costs. I have all these other costs. That are my own fault, I’m not a great seller. I just can explain this to you in a way that I hope you can learn from this. What Amazon, FBA does is you’re, not storing things. You don’t have to be dumb like me, and I have a warehouse you’re not dealing with customer service because they handle that you just buy the items prep them and again.

I have articles on that below and mail them to Amazon using their heavily discounted rates. They store it, they ship it out and, yes, you are sometimes paying a 40 % fee which seems crazy to the uninformed. I guess, but when you look at it 40 % not to store items not to pay shipping on individual items not to deal with customer service, it tends to make sense that way. You know, of course, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but when you want to make 50 grand more year 70 grand more year, you have to think okay.

What are ways that I can just use existing systems like Amazon’s fulfillment network, to scale up my own personal business, and that’s how you do it. Thank you so much for reading hope the article was helpful. I have a lot more about Dollar Tree finds about thrift, store, finds about how to make money about how to control your future, and I want you to be hopeful about that, because, if you’re someone who feels dismayed at their current options, I want to help you Out I want to help you if you want to help yourself.

That’S the whole thing about this blog. I want to provide information, so people can go out there and take control their lives. If you like that, if you believe in that message, please subscribe. Tell your friends about this blog and I’ll see you guys later, and you know again, if you want to make some money, this is a great way to do it.

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