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Got Products To Sell On Amazon But No Business? How Business Development Coaches Can Help

This Airbnb, it’s beautiful, super excited about it. We got a ton of to do today, they’re going heavy on filming making that content for y’all, because it’s important to us this cars pretty dope, I would buy it to maserati ghibli. I would definitely not buy it. I think it’s definitely overpriced it’s. It’s got just crazy pick up like crazy pick up, but the inside it’s like, like a low-end dodge model like a Dodge Dart like the like the window mechanism.

Just like it’s definitely it doesn’t feel like an $ 80,000 car. I would not purchase this car for myself, but right for a few days absolutely so Sebastian went for a run to the beach. It’s about thirty five blocks I slept in. I had some crazy dreams. Last night yo Terry right, I just don’t know what I’m talking like it. I don’t listen. I I have a. I can lucid dream so, for anybody does know featuring lips, lucid dreams where you can actually you’d actually control your dreams so, like I can be in the middle of a good dream.

Wake up, I’m 200 feet, get a dream. Go back to sleep finish that dream! It’s pretty cool, but I also have the ability to finish terrible dreams as well, which is an asshole, but I usually choose not to finish them by staying up, but last night I had some terrible dreams. That’s like it’s! Alright, you know dreams make me really think about life and like where what I was thinking about before I went to sleep where my head’s at because I have a firm belief that I can.

I have some control over my dreams. Well, yeah. The meetup is tonight crazy, crazy excited about the meetup we’re all going to at least it’s tons of people show um. I kind of feel that doesn’t people show up just by the overwhelming response that we’ve had so that’s exciting. We love to be with you. I’ve been hanging out with you. It’s really why we do this stuff. That’s why we’re out here so the meetups, probably around 6 7 p.

M. Tonight Pacific Standard Time or go to just hang out talk business. I’m talking Amazon growth. What we teach is how to build a viable Amazon business, because anybody can sell on Amazon. I’m talking anybody, you can go to your local book sale purchase some books start selling those on Amazon. You go to your local of discounted store, Marshalls TJ man thanks Ross, buy some stuff to sell on Amazon or Ebay I’m.

So anybody can do that right but like what we teach is how to build a viable business around selling on Amazon. So you can get to a point where you have dozens of employees. A large warehouse and like selling on Amazon goes from a side hustle to a full-time muscle. That is the name of the game for us: how to teach you to build a successful business around selling on Amazon. Now, if Amazon is just something you want to do as a side hustle that absolutely we we teach that as well, but our specialty is building Amazon businesses.

We analyze profits right, we’re warehouse, optimization the whole nine. It’s so in-depth! It’s it’s so exciting! I love it! You know sometimes I get overwhelmed when we take on a bunch of new clients, because it’s very time consuming a lot of time with these clients you know, but then, like after our one, I’m just so amped up. It’s like anything in my life like even going to the gym or starting a new blog.

The first couple minutes. First, 10-15 minutes: oh man, another one of these or another day at the gym, and then you know after I’m into it, I’m ready to rock ready to roll. I’m just feeling it to see myself living out here. My brother used to live in San Diego. So I spent a lot of time in California love it out here. It’s beautiful just the whole feeling damn bro, you went to the triathlon run over here check this one out the money.

Another amazing business trip in the RAF’s thousands of dollars spent on travel those dozens of relationships. Just amazing meetup was good, sober consultations right really good, really good, and here we are at the LAX airport about to miss our flight. That’s how much I love you willing to this looks like for you now. If that’s not love that I don’t know it is good. Annie. You

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Why you NEED an LLC for Amazon FBA

I have to share this with you guys. So, like always in my articles, I do the Y house and then the additionals, so here’s the Y right – and this might be obvious to some of you – maybe some of you – it won’t be.

It is deductions. Deductions are crazy. This is how even fortune 500 companies are able to operate a loss and not have to pay taxes, sometimes even end up with refunds, which is insane you need to take advantage of that if you’re in the u.S I’m in talking to US law, it’s it’s. It’S really really cool in regards to ecommerce. What we’re doing in Amazon, it’s up to $ 5,000 startup cost. That’S so much money, guys $ 5,000! Think of the all the equipment you need.

You need an iPhone or an Android phone right. You need a smart phone. You need a computer, so all that cost can be deducted from the startup cost. Here’S the cool thing. I know if you just start it now or maybe a couple months ago, anything you’ve purchased in the year of 2017. Let’S say because you know we’re coming up on the tax season, you can deduct so that computer you bought in March. It’S now a company computer.

So if you have the invoice for it, you can deduct it. So you can add up $ 5,000 pretty quickly um. So expenses are anything from from defer. Your deductions are anything from marketing advertising travel. So, like you know, flights or mileage if you’re driving in a car the electricity bill right, everyone has an electricity bill, the internet bill. You cannot do e-commerce without internet. That’S a deduction seminars, classes, accounting costs even so much as meals.

So if you’re meeting say you and a buddy are doing the Amazon, FBA and you’re meeting them and you’re brainstorming, that’s a business meeting right! You can deduct it! Here’S another! Here’S! Another big wine paper loss right. I was mentioning that earlier, so you can actually operate at a loss and that loss of your LLC will compensate for your income tax that you have in your day job. So let’s say you made fifty thousand dollars in your day.

Job and you operate your LLC at a ten thousand dollar loss, keep in mind, we’re not in the business of losing money, but let’s say you’ve lost ten thousand dollars that ten thousand dollars in taxes. You can use the $ 10,000 that you’ve lost in your business. Can be used against your personal income, so you pay less taxes either way right. Here’S the how the boring part right, the very first thing.

Once you form you LLC, you need to put a corporate structure in place, so what that is essentially is you’re going to be paying yourself a salary. The next thing that comes – and I believe this has to be done within 75 days. It’S called an ECE. It’S an entity classification election. Now I don’t know all the details about it, but I can tell you needs to be done within 75 days and what it is is you’re letting the IRS know how you want to be taxed.

If you do not do this as an LLC, they will basically just decide to tax you at the highest rate, which is, I believe, as an individual and that’s a tax rate up to 15 percent. You don’t want that. You want the lowest possible rate. The help right this is this is really boring, we’re not in the tax business, at least I’m not. This is where you get help. I did it with 100 accountants. I would highly recommend them.

They set things up for you, they’re very personal, and you work with a team, so you’re working with a team, so you’re always going to be working with the same people. The people will already know about your expenses. They will go through your if you’re starting now they will go through 2017 credit card statements, alongside with you, and make sure that you’re getting the solid deductions remember they’re working for you.

Their best interest is to provide you with good service, so your remain on them. On the you know, on their payroll, your remain as a customer I mean, and and basically save you money, so the cost for that is about two to three thousand dollars annually. I know that’s a lot they do. You can split that up in payment. They do let you do that and then there’s a 30 dollar retainer. Now don’t freak out guys.

I know that’s a lot of money and that might not be the first thing you want to think of doing, but consider it as you know, as a cost to starting your first. You know your first product really right. You know you’re putting in such a financial commitment you’re going to drive yourself to success. Anyways right. It’S it’s another big thing. You know having no plan B, it’s it’s it’s a big thing, sometimes just jumping with both feet in and yeah it’s and then at it’s.

Just the 30 to 30 dollar cost. The cool thing is: if you need any so articles consultation, they don’t have any hourly fees. You just set up an appointment and you just talk to them. It’S it’s no problem, so there’s no hidden cost. Here’S the crazy thing on top of that we’re talking about deductions earlier right, you can deduct that. So essentially it’s done for you for free, it’s already a tax saving.

Not only will they do your personal business, you you Peart, they will do your business tax and they will do your personal tax. So if you’re already paying someone for your personal tax, you can scratch that right off you’re going to get that done with them anyways. So awesome, that’s the information I wanted to share with you guys. Let me know down in the comments below if I misspoke on something, if there’s something you guys want me to look into and share with you even further put a like hit subscribe thanks for reading

A great product to sell in your Amazon storefront!

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Starting an Amazon FBA Business in 14 Days | Perfect if you’re in Stuck at Home

I want you to try and make the most out of being stuck at home at this present time and we’re going to dive right in, but before we do don’t forget to hit that subscribe. Button hit the bong education so that you know I bring out new articles, I’m making a little articles, print-on-demand articles, all different types of articles, every single day, so hit that bowl notification and let’s just get right into it.

So I’m going to use my trusty pen and tablet and I’m just going to time-lapse the drawing of it. I thought I’m going to start explaining what it all means. This is going to be our timeline. As you can see here, we’ve got day 1. All the way to day 14 and we’ve got research mode over here and we’ve got ready to launch over here. So that’s that aim. My I aim for the 14 days is to build something that we are ready to launch and now we’re going to draw a line.

Okay, I’m going to draw this line and you might think what does this light even mean, but I’m going to go through each individual day for you. So you know what you need to be doing on every single day. Right now, obviously you’re probably thinking he has just made that line up now. I have just made this line up. However, I’m going to explain to you now what you should be doing on each day, what I would be doing on each day to create an FBA business, and then this line will actually make a lot of sense.

So we’re going to move this out the way I’m going to start using the text tool and on day one okay, let’s go here, what we’re going to be doing on day, one well, there’s a few things to do on day. One and I’ve got my notes up over here, cuz, I don’t to miss anything out, but on day one you want to update the product spreadsheet and I’m going to show you what the price, but she actually looks like this – is what the product spreadsheet actually looks.

Like you’ve got the name, the average price, the average of use the average PS are the potential keywords that you can find. We use the tools on guru for this I’ll explain a bit about that later and whether or not it’s a needle one product, if it’s small and light the monthly sales and eventually you’ll put the supplier prices in there. But you don’t have to worry about the supply prices just yet.

So if you want create a Google sheets similar to this or creator on whatever program, you want like this to keep an updated file system of all the products you’re researching, because the worst thing is to research, a bunch of products and not keep track of all Their individual qualities and whether or not they’re going to be good okay, so research is going to take place from day one to day five, all right, that’s five full days of researching now I don’t mean doing it for seven or eight hours in a single day, Because you probably have other jobs, you probably work from home, doing other things, so just try and dedicate maybe two hours a day or one to two hours a day doing this research and they want to find what you want to do.

Is you want to you? Want to do a whole bunch of meetings you want to find a product with good enough demand. You want to find a product with not much competition. If this is a bit vague for people. Let me know in the comments I can make a more in-depth article on individual days, but this is more of an overall article of the entire 14 days. I want to go into it in too much detail because I wan na get to the point of each day.

Okay, you want to find out the pricing if it’s going to be profitable and you want to or I’ve written here you want to do some keyword, research, so keyword. Research basically just means finding particular keywords for one given product. So if your product, it’s an Apple iPhone case, you want to come up with a whole list of keywords for that product. Okay, so let’s just quickly recap that you want to update the spreadsheet, which is this thing? Okay, you want to fill in everything here.

So the average pricing just not going to go through it again, but you want to fill in everything in here and then you want to do a bit of keyword research on top of that. Okay, that’s day, one to day five, so I’m going to write keyword, research in here, okay, now, let’s do day six! Well, I read over day six so day. Six today eight is messaging suppliers. Okay – and you can see it’s it’s going up slightly because the more supplies you message, the further you are in ready to launch phase of this business.

Okay, so you want to pick you wan na start by picking three products from your list, so you can see here. I’Ve got, however many products. You want to pick three best products: okay and then you want to try and message twenty suppliers for each product. Okay, so that’s messaging sixty suppliers. What I recommend you do is use some sort of email template for each product that you can just copy and paste.

So, for example, we have a template where we say our name, we say we’re looking or interested in and then blank for that kind of product. So if it’s a, if it’s, let’s have a look on my list. If it’s a shower curtain, you’re right we’re interested in shower curtains, we’re wondering if you could do this and then have a different template for every niche urine. Okay. But if you’re messaging, twenty surprised about the same shower curtain, I just keep the same message and it allows you to email suppliers on a map in a much faster way.

We call it the shotgun approach, okay, so on Alibaba. Let me just quickly show you what you should look out for, and I know you’re probably thinking well. Can I actually message suppliers at this point is it like? Is anyone working well, yes and I’ll? Show you how I know that okay, so let’s just put in shower curtain for argument’s sake, okay and what you can do is: firstly, you want to click, create assurance and you want to click the verify supply.

Okay, so once you click both of those things, let’s just let that load what’s remaining the supplies remaining are the ones that you typically would want to get in contact with right now. The reason I know this is possible and supplies are actually working. It’S you see this little blue man over here, you just zoom in for you this this little guy right. This is the chat now feature. So if I click chat with me, it’s going to ask him to login, but my point being is: if they weren’t working there wouldn’t be.

That chat now feature right. So you can see it’s popped up over here and I can just start speaking to them now fold. This shotgun message approach where you actually email all of them. I would recommend clicking the contact supply because it’s a bit more professional than chatting chatting is more for when you, when you’ve really built that relationship with them and you’re you’ve got a dialog and you’re just talking, whereas the first first message you send them.

It should just be a normal email right, so you can click contact supplier. It will pop up over here. You would copy and paste the message whatever that is, and click send inquiries. It’S really that simple right and if you want only do it for suppliers that show that there this is blue, so that you know that online. Not everyone is going to have it blue at this point, so you can see these people is grayed out.

So you can see they’re not online. Let me exit this. I can show you zoom in you can see these people aren’t online, but these people are online okay. Now, because it’s 9:30 5:00 a.M. When I’m shooting this article you’re going to get a lot more people online because of the time okay, so bear in mind talking to China in the morning or talking China late at night, is when you’re going to get the largest Group of people online right that is day six day.

Eight, let’s go back okay, so let me type in message supplies right now. We want to day nine what’s happening day nine day. Nine is the fun bit Dana and it’s actually building your brand okay and at the end of this article, I’ll quickly recap everything so that you understand, but Daniel is building a brand. So the idea of selling on Amazon we want to start with private label. Our private label means you find a generic product and you stick to your own brand on it.

So this is a few different ways on Amazon: you’ve got arbitrage, wholesale use products and then privately, okay and private label, like I said, is basically you find anything anything generic like an iPhone case. You come up with a name right. You come up with a logo. You tell that name and logo to your supplier. You give them all the images that they may need. They put that logo on the product and that product is now a private label product with your own brand, on it okay so day, nine, I’m not giving you too many days first, because this is probably a three or four hour task.

You can do it in one day and that is come up with a name, a logo and some sort of message or idea for your brand. Okay, so, depending on what your product is, one of the three products come up with a name for it. When I say a message for your brand, what I mean is come up with the idea of why you want to sell that product so that when people look to buy it, they’re not just buying a faceless brand but they’re buying into someone’s idea.

Does that make sense right, let’s move on day ten. Let me just write here: build a brand and let’s go to date. Ten day, ten is a fun day date head is ordering a sample mmm. Now, if you’re worried that postal services aren’t going to be working now, you shouldn’t be because they are what they are are I am, and I don’t know anywhere where they have just stopped postal servicing or posting. I should say so.

You can still get a sample from China to the UK and you can actually get that on express delivery. So you should be able to get that within two to three days. Whenever we order a sample, we order a whole batch of samples from the suppliers catalog and then we bundle it with many suppliers. But I’m not going to confuse you with all of that, but basically what you want to do is you want to get a sample from a supplier, but maybe get a few different samples so that you only have to pay one shipping cost, because you all have To pay probably like $ 50 or $ 60, either not Express ship it to you, so you should get it in the next two days.

Okay, so that is what you’re going to do on day. 10 there’s a very easy day. It will take you maybe half an hour, and that is the attempt, take a break for the rest of the day. Okay, so order a sample day 11, what’s happening on day 11 day 11 to day 13 you’re going to do an in-depth keyword, research session you’re going to create your title, your bullet to the description, basically listing creation, so listing creation.

Okay, you can see how this is slowly going up into an arc. That makes a lot of sense in all in just the timeline of starting at Hamill on business. So this is what you want to do, so you want to do an in-depth keyword, research, and this is what I used on guru and I’ll quickly show you some gurus. So you know what I’m talking about, but this is what this is where I would use on guru for keywords in particular, because you’ve got the okay, so you can see what it does here.

I’Ve put in the product right, so these all different products, I’ve researched it takes like maybe 20 minutes for it to load because loading on a lot of keywords – and basically it will give you a whole list of keywords. But as well as the holistic keywords, it tells you the search volume, the amount of money they’re worth the the top 25 people using those keywords, the number of units being sold.

It’S just it’s incredible it. So I mean this. This, for me, is where I use this app the most or this tool, the most just because it is so ridiculously detailed in what I need for keyword, research and when it comes to Amazon. The most important thing is keyword, research that is what’s going to set. You apart anyone else, okay, so that’s when I’ll use on guru, which is just a brilliant app and again, if you want it, it will be in the description.

It is an affiliate offer because that’s how I get money from these articles there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s I think, $ 1 for the first month and then normal from then on. So you want to, like I said, creative title, creative bullets and create description, and then you want to get your UPC code, okay for some reason, I’ve written here. Ups ups, it’s not the right thing. You want to get a UPC code.

Okay and a UPC code is basically just a product identifier for Amazon. You need two types of codes, a UPC code and an FN SKU code. I don’t want to confuse you with both of them, but just know this one important thing: a UPC code is used on the back end of Amazon right and that’s it. It’S not used on any products or anything like that. You just put it in when you’re, creating a product listing and the F and SKU is the little code that goes on each individual’s product: packaging.

Okay, so that’s the important code well they’re, both important, but those are the different, mint major differences between those two codes. Alright, that’s day 11, today, 13. So, let’s write this down, but day 11 stay 13, we’ve already written it so listing creation. Okay, now day 14. This is the big day. Okay, this day is going to what this day is basically going to get you ready for launch okay day 14 is when samples should hopefully come right now.

This is only if they’ve done Express shipping and it’s been two days – shipping or maybe three days shipping. You might go into day 15. I can’t promise you’re going to get all of this done in 14 days, but this is the idea. This is the aim. It make it a challenge for yourself. These samples should come and you should decide based on the samples. If you wanted – or if you don’t want it, okay, so check the samples check the quality, see which one you like the best and then this is where it gets fun.

You’Re going to make your first order okay, so day 14 is when you actually make your first order, and that is when you’re pretty much ready to launch, because you’ve made your first order. Yes, we’re going to have to wait, maybe two or three weeks now for that order to be created and shipped to you. But in essence, you’ve created the entire business you’ve gone from keyword, research to messaging suppliers to building a brand to creating a product listing to ordering samples to actually ordering the product.

It’S amazing, but there’s one thing: you’ve missed out so far and that is creating photos for your listing because you quit the whole listing article to have photos. That’S when the samples come in okay, that’s where the samples are brilliant, because you can use the sample that you decide to go for as your product photos. Okay and then you can have a fully created listing by the time your product comes in from China.

In let’s say, 2 or 3 weeks time providing you do air shipping okay. So in my mind, that is pretty much all you need to really do now. What you’ll do is when you order from your supplier you’ll give them the logo that you’ve created you’re, given the brand name, anything you need to do, they will give that to them and a later date, you’ll give them any code or anything they need for product. Identifying or any shipping labels they need, and I’m not going to discuss that in this article, because it’s not important that’s two weeks down the line that would be a one month, quarantine article, we’re not doing that.

So let me just quickly recap: this entire article and yeah you’re going to have a very successful quarantine so day, one to five is research day. Six to eight its messaging suppliers day. Nine is building a brand day. Ten is ordering a sample. The eleventh day, 13 is listing creation and day 14. We just write it down is order your product and product photography for your sample. Okay, if you don’t do the profit talk for yourself, you can get someone on Fiverr to do it or you can hire someone to do it.

For example, I do pro photography, so you can always do that, but in my mind that is a successful quality and I hope that all made sense. I hope you liked that article. Let me know in the comments down below, if you’d like me, to create any other kind of articles like this, I’m thinking of doing a 14 day, quarantine for a print-on-demand business owner what they would do in 14 days. So let me know in the comments down below, if you want to see something like that and yeah, hopefully you’ll stay safe and enjoy this lockdown thanks.

So much for reading

A great product to sell in your Amazon storefront!

With a five star rating and the number of return customers. You can go wrong! Check them out on and watch the video below to learn about the guys behind Spunkstore LLC.


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Getting Your Amazon FBA Business Started – Q&A | The Houston Meetup

The Hilton just keep going just keep rolling it. Yeah 45 zero. So I do totally sell products on Amazon, William here somebody else just showed up. It’S just starting any minute. Now stay late, just talking a little bit about what everybody does he’s, selling used books he’s doing away. We do private label he’s getting started. What about yourself wholesale nice? Do we do yeah nine ninety percent? Eighty five to ninety percent of our sales are wholesale private label yeah, so we do about two million a year and private label and the margins are much healthier yeah, even with all the or even with all the products we’ve created, even with that yeah like altogether.

It’S healthier seven years ago, so Sebastian, who I’m sure you guys have seen on Instagram as well. Sebastian started selling products in his basement about seven years ago, and then I joined on about five years ago, and it’s just been ever since then. It’S just been taken off yeah like everybody’s. How do I get started? How do I get started? Get started, that’s how you get started. You know because if you so many people like yourself, I’m sure you probably like you said you spent what two months researching products, but you still haven’t sold anything you could already been to five Marshalls and at least bought some nike socks or or maybe not Nike.

You’Ve, probably gated, but you know some some polo shirts or something to sell. You know just something: to get the hang of shipping and reimbursements and refunds and and referral fees and pick and pack fees and something it’ll teach you a lot yeah putting in a shipment. You know creating a SKU reading, keep a charts like all that stuff. If you don’t get started, you’re, never going to figure that out.

So it’s going to make your first product when you buy that product, even more challenging to be successful in because you’ll have no Amazon experience. I think the first employee you need is an in-house employee, really yeah. You need someone to take care of your inventory. You should be stickering products. You said you did what, over over six figures. Last year, yeah you shouldn’t be sticking yeah freestyling, you did tool, you did quarter mil freestyling, you shouldn’t be snickering products, man, it shouldn’t be sticker products.

That’S a tough question. You know, because, honestly, from my own experience, I wouldn’t change a thing you know, because if everything I did got me like right here sitting with you know nine resellers in the middle of Houston so like I did something right right, but what I would say, like My best advice is to be you know, don’t let fear you know take over because, like fear, the fear of financial and security fear of success, fear of failure – you know, fear of not being enough that stuff will eat you up inside, like enough to where you Can’T even sleep at night, fear of getting your Amazon account shut down.

Do not let that fear take over. That fear will keep you so many steps back instead of moving forward. You know and the best way for me to get rid of that fears. I thought, like you know a morning ritual I’m real centered in like in spirituality and meditation, but that’s not the only way that I use. I use it by talking about it with other people. You know like if I’m fearful about something like hey Sebastian man.

I can’t stop thinking about this. Like I talked to someone about it, you know and all the sudden that fears cut in half you know I forget to saying, but like it’s like sadness, shared is uh, I’m going to it up. I don’t even I don’t know like a joy share, it is doubled and and and sadness, share or fear. Shared is cut in half something along those lines, but it makes perfect sense. Right leaves, you share joy with someone, it’s double because now they’re happy you’re happy you share a fear or sadness with someone it alleviates some of that sadness.

So it’s cut in half, but for our own products we think Amazon advertising is bang first buck. We spend 10,000 dollars a month on advertising. It generates over $ 120,000 in sales. So it gives you all the statistics on you, yeah yeah. It gives you breakdown of graphs and charts and Excel files of keywords, and then you move those keywords from the automatic campaign to the manual campaign and then there’s even additional services.

You could pay for to actually manage those campaigns for a couple hundred dollars a month. So it’s a game engine for you, yeah yeah, but we also do. We also do twenty two million dollars in sales. So it’s a ratio, so we sell a hundred and ten thousand orders a month. So 17 is really not that many. You know, even though it’s close, I’m sure if they have a limit, it’s it’s close to what that limit is yeah, 19 percent.

Actually, we got a little concern to drop to 15 for, like three or four days the other day I couldn’t figure out why, whenever change big, like that happens on our Amazon account, I want to know like if by percentage drops to 15 percent, I want to Know why? Yes? Yes, I look at I look at our excess inventory or non-competitive inventory wirele skews not moving, you know and then I’ll go through literally our price or sorts it by excess and non-competitive and I’ll look at all 300 products in each category and literally spend the entire Day, looking at every single product fixing pricing adjusting pricing dropping floor price raising ceiling price.

No, we don’t have an app, but we built our repressor that has like restocking options in it and we were just talking about it earlier something we’re going to be dropping as a system as a service, so it will be available for a yeah yeah. So this will have a full-fledged ERP system, which essentially that’s that’s what that is. It’S managing your finances. Basically, your item cost. It also has reordering metrics and it has real pricing capabilities.

It’S all algorithmic based as well yeah. No, I I’m sure, I’m a firm believer. I I think inventory lab created a beautiful software. That’S helped a lot of people sell on Amazon, but I disagree with the the system as a service because it takes people off of Amazon. A lot of people don’t even know how to navigate Amazon, how to create a listing on Amazon because they’re just so used to using inventory lab.

You know it’s like alright. Now, let’s create this listing on Amazon it’s like, but I don’t know how it’s like. Well, you mean you, don’t know how I’ve been using inventory lab for for the past nine months. You know two years it takes the Amazon out of FBA, so we don’t use inventory lab so like the first rung in the value ladder. It’S like all of the free stuff. We provide right, like all the free information we give away on Instagram YouTube Facebook, LinkedIn tick-tock, like all that free information, that’s the first rung in the value ladder and then included in that first rung or like these meetups that we do right.

Nobody pays anything. It’S just all like: let’s hang out, let’s talk, let’s get to know each other. Let’S talk about what you do for business. Let’S talk about what you do, let’s learn from each other, let’s gain knowledge and continue to grow right and then usually for most people. The second rung is, like close friends, has anybody here been in close friends? No, so okay? So none of you have been in close friends right, but some of you pass that first rung and jumped right into the second rung, which is like a personalized one-on-one mentoring session.

Right, like will – and I did one yesterday – we sat down for an hour and a half and just talked to Amazon, two and a half two and a half. So two and a half hours right and we just talked Amazon and then like the next rung. In that value, ladder would be like a four week or an eight week, mentoring session, which right now Corinne, and I were what two sessions in and we’re going heavy and, like you know in it, and it’s like value-driven.

You know we spend the time and then like another rung would be like the tradeshow walkthrough or another run would be like a warehouse, optimization visit where we actually fly out to your warehouse, organize it the way to streamline your efficiencies. So essentially, it looks like a Ford production line where we’re lining everything up and setting up a warehouse, because we’ve set up many warehouses and we know what to do and what not to do you know and then that top tier of the rung is like our Mastermind right, where it’s like a yearly fee and we meet in a different country once a year we have a meeting at our warehouse.

We show you how we operate right and, like so people come in at different rungs, but like this first rung for me, it’s the most important rung. You know because it lets you know like this is what we do for a living. You know I sell on Amazon for a living and I help people sell on Amazon as a side business. You know, and I do it because it helps me put my head on the pillow rest easier, a little a little bit at night.

Knowing that, like, I helped you solve a problem today or I help you increase your profits or I helped you grow your revenue. You know what makes me happy knowing that you’re able to provide for your families and, like rest, your head easier at night, with the value that we give you. You know so like that’s. Why we host these free meetups and that’s why it frustrates me when I hear stories like the one you’re telling me where people aren’t providing that value, you know people aren’t providing that content because it’s like I’m a value driven integrity, driven man.

You know it’s like my mission in life is to help as many people as possible grow successful businesses, and I don’t care what I got to do to do it. You know if someone pays for an hour and a half session like this guy will and we sit there for two and a half hours and talk like then that’s what I’m going to do. You know and it’s like it’s important to me. You know all levels. All levels I’ve worked with people who’ve, never sold a product on Amazon like this guy he’s, never sold a product on Amazon, but he’s interested in what we do.

You know, and then I’ve worked with people who do you know close to two million dollars a month. Today I mean you said you had a guy who is doing a quarter million. Now he’s sown five hundred a month: yeah Ryan Ryan. Oh, you got Ryan six months ago, used to one a quarter million a month, and now, since we started working with only hire five employees he’s pumping out by a half million dollars a month we doubled his business and for a year that’s a wrap.

Houston meetup see in the next day

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