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How I Find Amazon FBA Products that CONSISTENTLY Make Me Over £10,000 PROFIT Every Month!

Some of this article is taken directly from our course, so it’s really really really good stuff. Definitely stay tuned for the whole article you’re going to absolutely love it, and – and yes, so literally, this is taking problem from the course, and I hope you enjoy it so before before we break get into the article.

Let’s just break down what 10,000 pounds in profit. Actually means how many items do you have to sell every single month? Well, let’s say that you are making 10 pounds profit per item – okay or you know, let’s say let’s say: you’re, making 15 pounds profit per item and you need to make ten thousand pounds. Profit right just divide that by 15 and you’ve got 666 sales every single month. Now, if we do 666 divided by 30, that’s 22 sells a day.

Now, if you have a look at these sales that just popped up on the screen, you’ll happy you’ll, see 22 sales a day is really really easy. As soon as you get going with the business from day, one 22 sales will be high, but as soon as you get into the business 22 sales day is nothing so, which means 666 is very achievable, which means 10,000 a month is very achievable. So, let’s just let’s get into the article, if you, if you have anything to say, leave a comment down below ask any questions.

If you have anything anything, you want to ask and don’t forget, to subscribe and like this article, but let’s get right into it. So first we have to know where to begin well, I’ve got my screen recording here, and I’ve got a few tabs open of all the different things we’re going to be needing, and I just want to quickly say. One thing which is quite important is, you might be thinking. Why don’t I just sell a product, that’s 30 pounds of profit, and then I don’t need as many well one thing to understand.

One thing, the one thing that’s very important is the higher profit. The item is going to be the more expensive it will be for you to source that product, which means the more money you’ll need to actually start this business. So if you’re profit per product is 30 pounds, which is will be amazing, it means you’ll need a lot more money to start up and buy the inventory. So I’m assuming you, don’t wan na spend more than maybe a thousand pounds for inventory just to get started and that’s what I’m basing this information around.

So what do we have to do? First? Well, first, we have to know how to find products and where to look and what the product criteria needs to be. So I’ve opened up this product database. Now this is on the AMC Scout website that product database tool. You don’t need to buy this, I’m not selling the product database tool here, however, I will be talking to you a bit later about the Chrome extension, because that’s actually the tool that we’re going to be using, but the pride database, I’m just showing you just so You can see what like what you need, what the criterias are.

So we’ve got the cat food. What category should be tick? Leave I’ve already checked a whole bunch of categories, and you can probably take health and household as well. You can tick. Okay, so that’s good! So you’ve got health and household Beauty, personal care, home and kitchen kitchen and dining office, products, patty, Loew and pacifiers, and sports and outdoors and then want to go for price. So remember: we wanted between 10 and 15 pounds profit that will enable us to get between 650 to 700 800 sales a month and that’s what we’ll need.

So, let’s say price would be 15 pounds. Okay, the price should be fit between 15 and 35 pounds. The rank has to be a maximum of two thousand, and I’m going to explain what these different elements are. Drooling the article, but the bestseller rank has to be maximum of two thousand otherwise. So, just not enough demand the estimated sales going to leave that going to leave the estimates, reviews sorry, this movie estimated revenue and the reviews we don’t have to be more than 350 reviews and the reason for this is because it just becomes way too competitive.

So the weight has to be about one pound, maybe I’m the 1 pound because we want, we don’t want it to cost a fortune for shipping and we don’t wan na get charged extra in Amazon. Now, that’s all that you really have to worry about in terms of product. You understand not oversized and Stata type. You only want to look at FBA, not people are not Amazon and not fulfilled by merchants. Okay and now what you could do with the participation is click apply and it will show you all different product ideas.

Now, I’m assuming you don’t want to spend money on the product database, so I’m going to show you how to actually come up with ideas yourself. Okay, so what we’re going to do is we’ve got Amazon here and I’m going to show you three different ways to come up with ideas. One of them is my favorite, but, like I didn’t think, I’d ever share this idea out of our course, but, like I said, some of this information is from our course, which is why I’m really really excited to make this article, because hopefully it will allow a Lot more people to get in and to sell it when I was on so next time with ID number one I don’t want is very basic.

It’s just having a look at the best sellers to to get some ideas. Well, obviously, you could look around where you are and just pick up some ideas, so I can see pens microphone pads. Well, I got a camera there, a whole bunch of different random things right. So that’s how you can just start getting a brain in the the frame right in the mindset of looking of thinking up product ideas. So let’s go to bestsellers and then remember the cat food.

You said so, let’s start with, let’s start with sports and outdoors, because that was one of the categories that we could potentially go into and let’s have a look at what we’ve got here, so we’ve got well. These numbers here is the rank. So remember we said under 2000 and I’m going to explain it in more detail soon, but just bear in mind. This has a rank of 2. So that’s brilliant! So we’ve got the stainless steel, water bottles.

That’s an idea, written down! We’ve got! This is all too cheap yoga mats written down, we’ve got more stainless steel, water bottles, bottles seem to be very. Very popular. We’ve got an ab roller, it’s a bit cheap, but we could probably sell a premium one for a bit more. We’ve got wrist support. It’s not bad. We’ve got compression socks. That starts at 8, 95 because up to 30 pounds, so I’ve got a foam roller.

We’ve got goggles 14 to 30 pounds, and it’s very, very good. So what this is showing us. This is just showing us different potential ideas of what we could sell, because if it’s shown up in top 100 is going to be a popular item, we want to sell popular items. However, we don’t want to sell popular items that have too many reviews and we’re going to see how it all like mold together very soon. So that’s one way of coming up with a list of product ideas.

Another way is to go to. We go back to it and Amazon bestsellers we’ve got most wished for now. I love that this most visual, because this is literally telling you what people want right. It’s not telling you what people are buying, but it’s telling what people want. So if we go to sports now to outdoor so most wish for we’ve got outdoor gloves, we’ve got the AB rollers we’ve got, we looks like a bench.

Bear that’s going to be too big. We’ve got the water bottle. We’ve got a lot of a lot of smartreades. We’ve got this thermal fleece. We have we’ve got tons of cool things right now. This is just one category. Once we go through all those different categories that we spoke about here, we’ve got home and kitchen kitchen dining read me: go through all of those categories we should be. We should have quite a large list, maybe 30 to 50 items.

Now, yes, as soon as we start looking into those items in the way that I’m going to show you and they’re going to obviously start looking like they’re a bit rubbish and we’ll start whittling. That list out, which is fine, that’s very normal, but I did say I will show you three ways so the third way – and this is going to sound, really stupid, but the third way is literally typing in by a letter at a time on your keyboard.

So you can type in like F and then you can start seeing what comes up and the things that come up in the search over here are obviously going to be the most popular items because they are the most searched for so you’ve got a foam roller. Okay, first aid kit before has that that sounds cool. Let’s put an R in there and we’ve got fridge thermometer, friendship, here’s fridge, magnets, FriXion pens, fruit, bowls frying pans.

Let’s just change up a bit: let’s go L, there’s a lot of interesting stuff, but we’ve got L, let’s put an R after that, mmm r doesn’t come off the L. What am I thinking? Let’s put an a after that we’ve got lavender essential oil laptop bag. That could be a potential laundry basket. Laptop Stan laminator lanyard lava lamp laundry bags. So in my mind this is the best way to look for products as duty.

We’ve got 12 roll. Let’s do TR, you know as a good one travel, pillow travel, mug tripod. There’s a lot of travel stuff, so in my mind, this is one of the best ways to look for products just because they’re so random, and that is what sells on Amazon the most random things. Whenever I tell anyone what our product is that they literally say to me how the hell did you come up with that idea that it’s the most rounded thing ever and I let you just said it’s, because I did the research and it doesn’t matter how random A product is if it shows potential that it can sell.

Then it doesn’t matter if you’re selling – I don’t know a lipstick holder, a wallet. I don’t know the the tips of the the pencil it’s just most does matter. It can be random, so it literally can be as random as you want now just to quickly show you if you do want to find the best sellers by just searching. You can do a minus sign and have a whole bunch of random letters. I then click enter and this will bring up all the best sellers.

Okay, when my internet loads, that is, I don’t, have the best internet. I probably should write so you can see it shows all the bestseller to bestseller bestseller bestseller. Now again, you know the reason selling any of these Amazon stuff, but the reason why this is so cool is because not only can you choose the departments you want to see the best sellers in you can choose the reviews and you can choose well, you used To be able to choose the price and then when correctly, but they don’t seem to do that anymore.

So no, you can’t choose to price anymore unless I’m missing something. So that is one quick way of just looking at what all the bestsellers are, which I kind of like. However, let’s go back to the idea of just random letters. Okay, so let’s do TX! I like travel pillow. Now, once you once, you’ve got your whole list of 50 products, you have to start whittling them down, and this is where we’re going to use the Ames.

You Scout Chrome, extension, okay, and that’s this little tab over here and when you click that this thing pops up and it gives you all of this information, it shows you the overall score. The profit demand competition, let’s exit out of that you’ve got all of this information now. This is probably looking really really confusing to you, especially if you’ve never sold on Amazon. Before, however, I’m going to explain to you the only important things you need to get yourself glowing and then we are going to whittle this product down, see if it’s very serious any good, we might even go and look at it on some websites, the sorts try And source it, but we’re probably not because this is just about finding products that can make you ten thousand a month.

Okay. So let’s just wait for this to load and once it’s finished loading I will go into it with into detail with you. It’s not a lot of information, as you can see, there’s probably why it takes mmm a minute or two to load, because it’s just loading so much information. Okay, so these are all the different. This is all the information you could possibly need, and now the reason we use a tool is because, without using a tool, what we’d have to do is about X out of this, what we’d have to do it we’d have to open each individual products on a New tab open link in new tab, open link in new tab and do that over and over again scroll wait for it to load.

Obviously, each time now you might have better internet than me, but what you’d have to do? Is you have to scroll down? You’d? Have to look at the BSR, so we can see the BS ours of it is over here 867 and we would look at the whole listing and it will just it just really really time-consuming. However, when we click the mg, scalp Chrome extension, it gives us all the information of all the products in one in one group like it’s just so much easy to look at so now.

What are we? What are we looking for here? Well, we are looking for some some of these products to tick the right boxes. Now we tend to look at the top 20 product, so here we can see. The results here are 32 results. Okay, we want at least 10 of those product to fit in our criteria and about 20 of them to not necessarily fit in the criteria, but to have an element of the criteria and remember what I said: the criteria was: the criteria was a sales price of 15 to 35 pounds the BSR to be under 2,000 and the reviews to be under 350.

Okay, that’s our main criteria. Now we could go deeper and look at estimated revenue and and and the average rating of the reviews, because if it’s all low rating, you could probably get in there with a higher rating and beat out your competition. Also, you can look at the seller so FBA, or is it Amazon? If there’s too many Amazon’s, then avoid it? This one you can see, there’s only. I can only see three Amazon’s and everyone else is FBA, which is brilliant.

That’s exactly what we want. Okay, so remember rank price and number of reviews. Now we can also go a bit deeper. Once we’ve whittled down all the products to those to those criterias, we can go even deeper and look at the FBA fees. We can like this tool, shows you everything right. So we click on this. We can see their exact FBA fee. You can see how much they’re paying for monthly storage. How much they’re picking pack fears how much there are fears.

It really shows you everything. It shows you their net margin, which is 52 %. Now you have to put that product cost in so let’s say the product cost one pound. Fifty ten net margin goes down to 30 % because they’re only telling it for 695. However, if they sold it for 1495, like we would, their net margin goes up to 59 %. Okay and their estimated monthly profit is nine thousand two hundred and forty-eight.

That is just under what we’re looking for with ten thousand okay. So let’s have a look at this tool and see now I’ve loaded a lot of a lot of products – I’m loaded 55 here which is wide still loading because I click the next 20. But let’s have a look so you’ve got the number one. Pillow has a rank of 56. Then you’ve got this amazonbasics one of ridiculous rank. That’s an anomaly! I would ignore that you’ve got a rank of 8.

6. 7. 3. 5. 3. 3. 3. 661. 844. Basically, you’ve got a cell at 1, 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 17. Products. I can just see just from this first view that have a PSR of under 2000. That is insane that shows a ridiculous demand and of those 17 you’ve got a whole handful of them under 500. So that shows a ridiculous ridiculous amount of demand and if there’s a demand for product, then you need to provide more product to them so that you can get sales right, supply and demand.

It’s just that’s basic business right right there. So the next thing we want to look at is the price, so we’ve got a whole variety of prices. We’ve got twenty five, sixteen twelve twenty, seventeen fifteen fifteen thirty! Sixteen sixteen! So the price here is also spot-on. This is excellent in terms of price. The only thing that this concerns me is, it might wave over a pound, but because it’s a pillow and it can’t be folded up and then blown up because usually they’re blown up.

I don’t see why I should win more than a panic and probably pack into a very, very small container as well to save you money on shipping, so the rank has tick box. The price ticks the box as well. Now, the next thing we have to look at that the number of reviews so remember what we said. We want about 10 to 20 that have under 350 reviews. However, you have to remember this is not an exact science.

This is adaptable if some products have high reviews and some have low BSR and there’s not if it doesn’t take the which is completely across the board, look into it a bit deeper right and see. Okay, there’s the reviews are a bit higher than I want, but the the demand is so so good that it makes up for the high number of reviews. So that’s really what you can do. So, let’s just let’s just take a look at these reviews.

We’ve got um well, the first one has one thousand two hundred and ten, so they’re, pretty solid, being the number one spot. But again we don’t have to be the number one spot. We can be the number two spot and I mean look at the third person. They have 42 reviews which is so easy to get, and they are the number three spot. That’s insane, then you’ve got 247 reviews. Yes, that’s got nearly four and a half thousand you’ve got 123 three, two five, four, twelve, twenty nine.

Ninety five. So this was full and it’s on the first page, 45 zero. So in my mind, yes, there are quite a few like this has 1210 4300 for 112, seven, oh seven, five, nine! Six! There is definitely a few that have over 350, however, the large majority of them have under 350, which which is really really good. So I wouldn’t say: that’s like a full tick box. I’ll say: that’s like half a tick box because mmm it’s it will be, the competition is there, but because there’s so much demand it.

It looks doable. Okay and now, please just remember I mean you, don’t have to believe me here, but I’ve literally. This is all on the spot here, like I didn’t, do any pre looking at products to see if I can find a good product cuz, that’s a bit fake, this literally the first product I’m looking up – and this is what I’m getting if this doesn’t prove that There is still room for you to sell on Amazon, then I don’t know what else there is because, like I said you don’t have to believe me, that’s completely fine, but this is legit legit, the on the spot, research right here and I’m already finding a ridiculously Good product, so I’m not even short going to post this article live because I might want to do this product.

No, no, I’m going to do it. Cuz! It’s really cool! It’s really cool that. I found this okay, so let’s get back into it, so you’ve got so. The reviews seem pretty good as well. Now I know that their summer views are quite high. However, if we go to the actual individual ratings of the reviews – and this is going into it – a bit deeper here now – because we really are going to go lightly deeper, because this doesn’t like a good product.

But we still have to try and see where it could go wrong, because when we sell on Amazon we really really want to make sure it’s a just. It’s going to be up when we want to it like ensure it’s going to be a winner. So the only thing concerning me in the reviews at the moment, however, if we look at the rating at four point, one four, four point: four four point: four four point: four four point: five there’s not very many five-star products out there right.

You’ve got four point, seven and four point seven. I think it’s four point. Seven: six to average out five stars. You’ve got a four point: seven again that that’s one five star here, but there’s not very many five star products, which means that’s room for you, two to get into the market with a high quality item and just keep reviews up, get good reviews. Now we could, we could look at the estimated revenue, but I hate doing this because I don’t think any company can get the estimated revenue now saying that I’ve used a variety of different tools.

I’m not going to name names. I don’t like shaming, but I’ve used a variety of tools and what I tend to do is I tend to look at our revenue search for the power product and look at what they claim our revenue to be, because, obviously I know exactly what our revenue is Going to be so, I can see how close they are and based on all the different tools I’ve used. I found that AMD Scout and helium 10 are the two closest ones: MZ scouts just a tad just I I think MZ Scout get it a slightly bit more and I know you’re, probably saying yeah but you’re selling a new Scout as an affiliate, but I’m selling All of them as an affiliate jungle Scout helium, 10 energy Scouts, it’s just another source of income.

So whatever I promote anything or whenever I talk about anything, I’m going to be an affiliate like. If I’m talking about my credit card – and I have a link in the description, it all most likely be an affiliate link, that’s just what everyone on YouTube does right, disclaimer, all that so, but in I personally think that the MZ scout does get it very. Very very close to where you are actually making, but so, if we wanted to, we could look at the estimated revenue this guy says, making fifty thousand eight thousand seven thousand.

Twenty-One thousand eight thousand thirteen thousand seventy night. We could look at that, but I wouldn’t focus on that, like I said, focus on the rank, the price, the reviews and if you worked a little bit deeper, the actual ratings of the reviews. Now I was going to look at more price after this, but I’ve seen found a ridiculously good product, so I am pretty pretty content with that. I’m going to show you two more things to determine whether or not the product could be.

It is room for you in the market. Okay, now again, I wasn’t planning on showing you these two things until about ten seconds ago, but I’m going to show them to you anyway. So what we can do is we can open up three or four. Maybe five of the products and we can go through them and we can look at their listings and see how good their listings have been made. Okay, if all the listings are made incredibly well, it’s going to be harder for us to be unique and compete right.

If everyone is selling the like, it’s just that’s just common sense. If everyone has amazing copy and amazing images, what are we going to do to stand out? We can’t stand out with amazing copying amazing images, because everyone already has that, so you have to think of something else now, if we have a look at some of these products. Yes, these images are brilliant and that’s actually a really cool pillow, but yeah.

So images, a great title is poor. Really poor bullets are really really poor. Description is non-existent. I can’t even find the description. Oh no! No I’m sorry! This is a description. Okay, it’s actually quite good. You can only get this kind of description if you feel like a special partner with Amazon, but won’t worry about that now. It’s not important, but let’s look at another one, great images as well, but quite sure that thing is really looks.

Uncomfortable push the button to inflate. Oh okay, cool right: it’s got a pretty good title. Lots of keywords here: mm bullets are basic they’re, a bit rubbish. To be honest, the description is so you’ve got this from the manufacturer, but the actual description, it’s okay. I’ve got some balls here, got some benefits, it’s okay, it could be better. So that’s another thing we would look at is actually the individual product.

Now the final thing we’d look at, and I mean because I thought I showed you. These are all the pages. I was going to have open to show you, but this is completely new. I just decided to do this. We’re going to look at the Google Keyword planner, because one thing people don’t do, is they don’t really? They don’t really focus on many keywords. They will focus on one keyword and try and get to number one for that now.

The way you are going to stand out is you are going to focus on 50 keywords. Yes, you heard that right, 50 keywords. Let’s just here, we go you’re going to focus on 50 50, 50, 50 you’re going to focus on 50 keywords and the reason you’re going to do. This is because, if you’re getting 20 cells from one keyword like people who focus on one keyword will be getting. You focus on 50 keywords, even though the keywords are longtail.

So when I say longtail I mean the main keyword will be travel pillow, but a longtail keyword will be gray, travel, pillow or soft travel, pillow or travel pillow for airlines, a travel pillow for trains. These are just things I’ve made up in my head, but they’ll get a lot fewer searches. However, all of them combined will give you those extra sales which will boost your main keywords up and allowing you to hit our goal of 600 to 800 sales a month, which is what we want to get to 10,000, because that is game it to get to 10,000 profit every single month, so what we would do is we click finding new keywords: we’d enter the main one which is travel, pillow and we’d get started now.

This will also allow us to see some demand. Okay, so not only does it give us more examples. Neck pillow travel, neck, pillow, best travel, pillow, air pay, pillow is giving us so many different keyword, ideas. Okay, so that’s just one benefit of using the Google Keyword tool which, by the way, is totally free, and it’s also telling us how good those keywords are. So travel pillow gets ten to a hundred thousand searches a month.

That is oh, my gosh. That’s amazing. That is so so good right then you’ve got these are one to ten thousand one hundred to one thousand, not so good, but again all of those added up it becomes. It becomes very. Very good. You’ve got a lot of one thousand to ten thousand okay. You can also sort by average monthly searches if you’ve got ten thousand to a hundred thousand memory. Foam pillow. Ten thousand two hundred thousand as well and you’ve got 1,000 10,000 a few of those and then a lot of a hundred to one thousands.

You could go for a hundred keywords if you want don’t have to go to fifty, and but that is the final way which I’m going to tell you about in terms of looking for a product. Now there are lots more ways. I’ve spoken about five of the criterias in our course we go over thirteen criterias because, like I said, we do not, under any circumstances want to go into a product if it is not going to be a winner, we’ve had failed products, which is why we come Out with this this, this way of researching this way of having all these different criterias, because when we, when we bring a product to market, we need to know it’s going to succeed.

That’s just the way we like to work. So in our course we’ll have all of those criterias, but again I’m not going to worry about that now. This is just this is just product research. So, let’s, let’s move on during the during this whole article, I’ve used something called the AMG Scout Chrome extension, which I told you about which shows up over here. Now. If you would like to buy that the link will be the first link in the description and it will take you to a page that looks like this.

Okay, you can pay with Visa, MasterCard or PayPal, and then this sounds like a bit of an ad here, but this is the way like I will get a small percentage of this very small percentage of this, and that is basically the way I would make money From it now, you may be thinking, I’m only like I’m only saying good things about this tool because I’m promoting it, but that isn’t really the case, because I use this tool every single day and if you’ve readed any of my prior articles.

If you’ve readed me at all on YouTube, you’ll know I’m quite genuine and I’m quite open about everything I do and I’m not just trying to get money out of you guys. I actually genuinely want you to succeed, which is why we have all these different. We have our students in our course. We have all these different free mentorship programs for them, which help them pretty much succeed as much they can.

I spend most of my time now responding to emails. Responding to Facebook messages. Doing live, Q & A is doing more webinars. So if I really wanted to just aimlessly, go out there and sell you stuff to make Commission, I probably wouldn’t do it this way. So if you are interested in doing it, it would help me out. It would would make this whole YouTube game. This whole creating articles every single day, just a lot more worth it for me, because it actually pays me to do it.

So the first thing in the description will take you to that page where you can purchase it now. On top of that, because I like to like, I said I don’t just want you to buy it and then that’s it, I’m going to leave you there with this article and the tool and see if you can succeed, I want to help you a bit and Now I did tell you, we have a course, but I’m not going to promote our course right now.

What I will say is when you sign up with our link for MZ scout. We have our own bonuses. We like to. We like to incentivize you signing up soon, not just so that we are getting a bit of commission from you signing up, but we actually want to make that Commission. We actually want to have worked for that Commission a bit. So, whenever anyone signs up, they will send an email to our email address called a zone.

You need help at gmail.Com and they’ll get a series of bonuses, and I want to tell you what those bonuses are because I like I said I want to really give you as much value as possible if you actually bought through our link right. So the first bonus is prime product winners, and this was made by me and my brother Josh, who actually made the course is in University, and this is a breakdown series for how to find a winning product.

It shows you profitable product research, in-depth PDF guides and then we’ve got the bonus too, and this is very, very cool. This is the AMG Scout on this program. Now, if you have a look like, I told you with AMG Scout, there’s a lot of information there to digest to understand, and we know that and we’ve had people confused. So what we like to do is offer this ng scalp honors program, which is exclusive training, which is literally only only for students of Asian University and for people now who, by AMG Scout through our link button.

Article they’ve got article 1, which is showing you how to use it. Article 2 is a breakdown of all the data, and article 3 is literally diving in deep to find the right product, and all of this is free with ng Scout. So if you didn’t want to buy an mg scout, just note, all you have to do is send us an email with the confirmation email that you get from them in the receipt where it says the amount, and I will forward you all of these bonuses, like I said I literally I want you to get that 10,000 a month on Amazon it doesn’t affect me to for you not to.

It would make me feel a lot better if you actually did do it and did succeed, which is why I’m doing this was why I’m giving you these free bonuses with the tool. So that is pretty much it for this article. I could to recap what we did is we went over the different ways to find a product. We went over the criteria for a product which is going to be the rank, the price there. What does it say, the reviews all of that stuff? And you can see that all here we went through how to find a product which is the the wishlist method, the top-100 method, the best seller method, which is like searching around and numbers random letters.

I mean and the keyboard random, letting method which again, like I said, is my favorite. We also went over some bonus criterias, which is like using the keyword tool to find 50 different keywords and actually looking deep into the product to see how well other people have actually created their listings to see if there’s room for us to grow. But that is it for this very, very long article. If you have stayed the entire way, then Alexis.

Thank you so much. I really really appreciate it and if you have any questions whatsoever, leave a comment down below. I am in the process of starting some sort of Instagram where you can post questions and I will do live Q & A s and based on the questions I get on Instagram. But if you have maybe more personal, in-depth questions or just questions about our course or taking or buying energy scout, then you can also email me.

It is on University at gmail.Com, but again don’t get the two emails mixed up. If you want to send the receipt to receive the bonuses that goes to Azon, you need help at gmail.Com, because that email is reserved just for people who buy the AMC, scouts. Chrome extension. So I like that this is it for this article. Thank you so so much for reading, and hopefully I will see you in next week’s article, maybe anyway see you there guys


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I Analysed Your Amazon FBA Listing! – Serious Improvements NEED To be Made!

Okay and there’s a lot to talk about with this listing, and so I’m going to, and if this listing is yours, brilliant this listing isn’t yours, then this article, it’s still super beneficial to you, because you can use the information. It’s going to be general practices that you can use to to implement into your listing as well.

So before we get started, please, like this article, give it a thumbs up and I’ve just looked at my analytics and majority of you guys aren’t even subscribed so definitely subscribe to my blog. If you haven’t already subscribed, my phone is, buzzing is really annoying and it makes it really doesn’t always play in your pocket. Definitely please subscribes this blog. I really think you’ll enjoy it and, like I said, if you haven’t liked this article or anything, then just go ahead and like it and I’ve been trying to play with the YouTube algorithm and see how I could get my youtube to grow a bit faster or Just in general and and I thought maybe sharing articles could be good so know.

If you want to share the article, then I will be eternally grateful, but I don’t expect you to share the article if you don’t want to so: let’s go and again, if you want your product to be and reviewed like this, then leave a comment in the In the description of your link to your product – and I will do it okay, so, firstly, I had a look at where this person was in the ranking so for the main keyword, which is travel umbrella.

They were all the way down here, which is not bad. There on the first page, which is really really not bad. However, we want to get them all the way up into this region. Okay and firstly, one thing you’ll notice is there’s some look at the photos. All these top sellers you’ve got like the box, then it comes in and the umbrella clothes box, I’m going to close box umbrella, close box, I’m going to post boss, I’m going to close.

That’s a horrible horrible photo this one over here. So let’s go and have a look at our listing or not our listing, but listen we’re doing and have a look. So I don’t like this photo. The first photo says everything and firstly, this photo just blends in with the photo next to it, and it’s just not a very good photo, because the best bit about this product is that it looks. This probably looks its best when it’s open.

When it’s closed, it doesn’t look that impressive, whereas something like this, it looks nice when it’s closed. It’s got this lovely like mahogany looking handle. It says real word so that he’s offering to be close like that, whereas our one over here or not our one, but I’m going to keep saying that and this one over here and it doesn’t have a very fancy handle and when it’s closed it looks VIP. So you have to remember the first image is: what’s going to get you clicks onto your page, once your click onto your page and then you can worry about the other images and the rest of the page.

But the reason I’m focusing on just the first image is because if you can’t even get that right, then you’re not going to get your click to your page. Okay, so let’s go onto the image. This is the first image now the Umbrella looks a lot better when it’s open, so I would have. I would be a bit different from everyone else and one else around you. This guy’s got the full image open, but then it doesn’t show that it comes with anything.

This guy has got it open and closed. That is pretty cool image. That is a cool image over here, this red one and this one’s also a good image, but you don’t need all these colors in this little thing is too much. This is a good image. So how about how about changing this first image so that the main part of the image is it open? And then you also have it closed in its little pouch? Okay and this little pouch looks a little graphic, but if it’s real, then than brilliant okay.

So that’s the thing. The first thing is the image, the first image. Now I’m going to look at the rest of the images. Okay and it’s very important – your images are just a so important, I’m not saying it’s a P as a photographer or anything like that. I’m since because when you go to the shop to find product you’ll try it, your fear, is you’ll you’ll see it in person annual respect it a lot, whereas online.

You can’t do any of that sort of stuff, and you have to rely on the images that the seller is providing you and to determine relevant. You want to buy that product and, if they’re, giving you rubbish images well, firstly, you might associate that with it being a rubbish product, but also they give you rubbish images. You can’t really get good understanding or good feeling if the products going to be right.

For you, so the images have got to be spot-on. So let’s sum look at the second image now the second image I actually really really like the second image. It gives you all dimensions, all that sort of stuff, but again the umbrella is so small. Maybe I’m going to bigger how the dimensions bigger and then this bit error this area over here with the iPhone very, very clever, because a lot of people have an iPhone you’ve told them why phone it is, and you said, the weight of that and the size Compared to the weight size of this, so in my mind, what is this bit doing over here on the far left? Why why have you got it on the scales with the way of 295 grams when it says 295 grams? Here you don’t need it twice and another thing which is just little nitpicky is trying to Center that scale so that it’s in between the gap in the UM in the umbrella.

So you can see, there’s a gap here where my mouse is where my mouse is. You can see, there’s like a curve here, try and like centre it make it look nice and likewise, with the iPhone Center is, and if you want, you can have a Samsung there as well, because people used your iPhone or Samsung, but iPhone makes more sense because There’s less of them and it’s just more of a generic phone, so that’s a great image.

This is a weird image, multiple processed double god. It’s very much a graphic, as I don’t really understand what I mean I’m looking at. I assume these all different layers of the umbrella. I wouldn’t do it like that. Our happy umbrella like this and then I have like arrows pointing it, and then I had this and I’ll have each of these different things pointing to part of the umbrella. So you can see all these four layers come together to create this umbrella.

The next one is this: this is a cool image. I like this, it’s a in Messi. You can definitely make this neater make this better makes less fake. That looks like it’s been put there, I’m not sure, because it doesn’t look real this one over here within the pocket, so you can definitely make it better, and one thing I would suggest is try and make your images stars buzzing my phone up like mad okay. I haven’t one thing: you want fun: do the images try and create a story arc so that they start by finding a water product? Is I then think about when you go and try an umbrella right? The first thing is, it was open it you’ll, look at it.

You’ll take out the case. You’ll have a look at it. Maybe you’re open a you close. It you’ll look at the inside to see the quality of the metal strand thingies, so follow that story arc within your images, so people actually feel like they are there triangles product and then, by the time they get to the end. You have it closed again and it’s like usually back on the shop, but you have it closed again and you have a big image of it closed kind of thing and then people are ready to go and buy it now go through all the processes that you Would have gone through in the shop and now liberated by.

That is what you want. So that’s why these image is around. So you got this image. That’s not the first thing people are going to be doing. You’ve then got this image. People don’t even like that. What is that and you’ve got this image, and this is the use image, so this is okay, but again it’s all in the wrong place and then you’ve got this image. This image is cool because it shows it can be used in the rain or the Sun.

However, tell people that, though, just shows them an image right, perfect for rain, perfect for the Sun right, you can write things and likewise, with this one right, you’ve got you’ve, got the umbrella and then you’ve got all these little photos, but give a little description of. What’s going on and these ones need to be a bit brighter, so these black on black ones over here in the bottom, try and read them a bit brighter to get like a flash or a light on that.

So it’s a bit brighter or brighten it in editing programs, because again this is going to be the first thing they look at so this it should probably somewhere out like on the second or third image right, because this should not be so far down. You think what people look for when buying the umbrella, okay and have a little descriptions it needs. Each box over like you’d, be like reinforced what’s-his-face, whatever it’s cool, and then you maybe do like reinforced cage for the umbrella, and then you do like streak.

Free coating like give some more information there. I don’t know about this, one which is super random. I don’t know if it’s real, it looks like it’s been photoshopped, but regardless you can definitely make that better, because it’s super random and then you go back to this one which is like. I said this is a good ending because then they’ve been going by so this is an OK for the last image. So that’s how it looks so those are the images in my mind that they can all be improved.

All of them, I’m moving off for you. My throw me services, because that’s not what this series is about. It’s not trying to sell you anything, I’m just trying to help you and but that’s how I think you could improve your images drastically. I don’t know what your conversion rates are: I’m not going to know what your conversion rates are and but try and do that two images and see if it increases your conversion rates.

The next thing you’ve got is your title. So, let’s have a look: we’ll Vic, Clun mini travel umbrella, pocket, I’m going to fall book compact with flat handle six rib as what’s called the rib lightweight, waterproof sturdy and portable umbrella rain and Sun umbrella. Okay, that doesn’t make any section blue and I’m assuming that will change to black right and then to white, and then all the images will update.

It’s definitely Photoshop a photo anyway and that’s horrible, that’s a horrible title and, firstly, you don’t need to ever repeat words in a title keyword, so you want to try it like have as many keywords you can in title with it making sense. We don’t need to repeat words: you’ve got umbrella, one two, three four four times four you’re wasting for keywords here, you need an umbrella once and now you can go and get our three different keywords.

Why using sync here four times, I understand that travel umbrella is a keyword and pocket umbrella is a keyword, but it doesn’t matter if you use umbrella with the title mesh so waterproof umbrella, even though you haven’t said, what’s proof umbrella anywhere, because you got waterproof and Umbrella in the title, people search that it. What can be considered a keyword so don’t over use one word in your title: it doesn’t make any sense.

Okay, let’s have a look at just another commenter. Some competition won right. So that’s the first image. That’s the second image, third or I would still put that on the second one, because this is like super important, but do you see how bright and close up and and easily you can see this, and you can easily see these details and there? This is what people are going to be looking at when they aren’t looking at the umbrella in their hand, they’re going to be looking all these different things and they’ve obviously got writing telling you all about it.

This person that stupid with the title is what camera just ran out of memory there. So, let’s get back into it, so yeah these people, who also got the umbrella, like the word umbrella in their title three times, which is annoying and it just changed that but anyway, wind proof, travel umbrella, folding umbrella or no clothes or two yeah. This title also horrible: well I’m not doing their listing at the moment, but their images operate so use their images, we’re using them just big ideas.

So let’s go back to your so travel Umbrella Cockatoo. It definitely definitely change title. So what you should do is write a list of 50 keywords. We got relating to your own Brella pick top 20 top 30 in the top 15 to 20 and put them in a sentence. Okay, try and make it makes sense. You can have dashes or commas or like lines like that. You can do that in your title. It’s fine, but don’t do it too much and you still want it to make sense.

So you can be like Vic, loon, mini travel, umbrella, perfect, pocket-sized know the best pocket size for the best pocket size that maybe just pocket size and foldable with a compact and flat handle like that. Whole sentence makes more sense than travel umbrella, pocket and read a foldable compact with a bat handle right, so you want it to make sense. Okay, next you’ve got one review that reviews to get a hard to get now, but try and get three reviews.

Maybe even five reviews your sell price 10 pounds, but it’s good. Eventually, you can probably set maybe 15 16 pounds of the aim, your bullets. Well, I like the little emojis here I didn’t even know you could do that. So you’ve got one up on me and it’s cute. Okay, so you got super mini and portable length weighs only no, no, no, no fast, dry. Okay, the bullet is where you want to convey a story to them.

You really want to sell it to them. So you can be like. When was the last time you were stuck outside without an umbrella and getting absolutely soaked to your core right. You don’t want that happening again and – and you can’t really carry around these large cumbersome umbrellas that are annoying to carry and just there’s no evident to go. So we have the perfect for the solution for you. A compact size travel umbrella, the size of your phone right.

You want something like that where you put an idea in their head, a story in the head of how they’re feeling, and then you fix that feeling with a solution and the solution being your product. You want to do that across all of them served for the UV protection you want to be like. Have you ever been burnt in the Sun before right? Obviously, people have been burning some before and then you will try and tell them about why you want brother is good to prevent that and it’s so on.

Okay, so that’s your those your bullets, you also you need some more stop just by the way. Okay, let’s have a look at what’s next, you’ve got your description, oh okay, so I like the lifetime in twelve month, refund guarantee that’s nice. Thank you for that, make it bigger make it bolder, and that is huge, and people should know about that, because I think that sets you apart and you need to tell a story here, maybe start with a story of how bit clean came about what made you Want to do umbrellas and then tell people about your umbrella, why it’s the best umbrella and how it can fix all their problems then get into the product.

Details. Sorry sorry change that then get into the features and what’s in the package and then the product details the moment this is met right. It’s not very good, and I know most people don’t read the description, but those who do will not buy off the C. In that description, if you can maybe become try and do brand brand registry, and then you can have all the images you know like how it’s really fancy like AC, if they’re doing it, yeah like this right come on.

Look at that! That’s cool right! That’s what you want you can all be making even better than that, but whatever so. Definitely please update this just for the sake of everyone and sorry from being blind here, but I think this could help you and then you’ve got one review, which is a great review and try and get some more reviews like I said, but that is it. I’m sure I could probably break down this listing even more for like another half an hour, but that’s not really what this series is about, because that’s what you would know in the course and stuff and that’s what I would obviously do if you were with us.

But I trust of it just give you that initial help and show you how you can maybe increase your conversions by five or ten or twenty percent, which could be really really good for yourselves, because if you get into sales day, that’s amazing to get for sale. Today and and that’s increasing your conversions by a lot more than 20 % but whatever – and I hope that makes sense – and if you did like this article, please please please give it a thumbs up.

It really helps I’ve been using my likes on my articles of going up, and I really really appreciate it. So definitely do that. Thank you so much for reading. If you want your product analyzed, then leave a comment down below with your product or send me an email, and I will try and get to at some point in the near future. Thanks for reading


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Increase Your Amazon Sales With These Tips From 8 Figure Amazon Sellers #2

Have a successful Amazon business, real business, eight figures and we’ll always drop in content and we’re always showing you what we’re doing and we’re standing in that successful Amazon business right now.

Look at all these products! That’s right! We’re not on the beach we’re not in a fancy car we’re not in a rented home. We are in our place of business 20,000 square feet over 4,000 active Asians, hundreds of thousands of products 35 employees. This is what we do for a living. The real deal, the real deal, if you want to be a part of the real deal, smash that subscribe button turn on notifications, follow us on social media and be a part of it stay late, it’s Black Friday.

What that means to us is this year’s. Coming to a close there’s, a lot of opportunity to pull as much sales revenue as humanly possible out of these last couple of weeks for us when de Amazon sales, usually right around 18th to 20th right Amazon sales start dropping actually maybe early 20s, like 20th 21st. Basically, when people can’t buy something and it can be at their house for the holidays, that’s when Amazon sales stop dropping off.

So right around that early 20s, 20 20. First people stopped buying as much on Amazon, and then we see some of our slowest sales phase on Christmas. Specifically, New Year’s is pretty slow and the days in between it’s just not our best week. It’s probably our worst week all year, except for that week. Maybe in July, where everybody travels on vacation travel, yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s true yeah, but there are some ways to increase those sales and not only increase those sales.

But there are some things you should be looking at. Taking that time of slow sales, instead of refreshing, your sellers app 67 times to make sure you’re making money to plan for the future and that future is 2020 a brand new decade to crush it. That’s exciting, are you excited about 2020 yeah? I didn’t realize. There’s a brand new decade till you said it yeah like a whole new decade. That’s crazy! This decade was crazy.

Yeah and years. Yeah was 2010 yeah 2010. What were you doing in 2010? Oh, it was a good year. 2010 was 2010 according to Sebastian was a good year, just not for me just according to Sebastian. It was a good year for everybody else, just not for him, but 2019 was a phenomenal. 2020 is going to be even better, so yeah yeah 2020. It’s going to be a game-changing year for us, we’re continuing to innovate within our warehouse and within our production and within the realms of control.

We have, within the Amazon Marketplace, to kind of continue to grow, become and maintain. Our presence is one of the largest Amazon sellers in the country, which is it’s it’s a challenge: yeah, of course, the market, the environment, the products are constantly changing fluctuating and we want to stay ahead of the curve, whether it’s the way we source products or whether It’s the technologies that we’re bringing to help us be more efficient, mm-hmm, absolutely absolutely so.

Some things to keep in mind to grow your Amazon business in 2020. Now that the years coming to an end – or you know definitely building as many relationships as possible in 2019, especially in these last couple weeks, right before everybody is on vacation for the holidays, is creating as many accounts, if you’re, if you’re going the wholesale route, as Humanly possible, or even if you’re doing, the private label route talking to as many manufacturers as possible and even if you’re doing retail arbitrage building relationships with the managers of the stores that you’re doing retail arbitrage with right.

So you can get that backroom access that side door access right. You can get access to those pallets that they have an influx of or the returns or or the discounted products before they hit the shelves and with December 1st right around the corner. If you have not, I’m going to assume you had a profitable year, but if you have not spoken to a CPA, yet you need to in order to try to lower your tax bracket and and lower what you’re going to be paying for 2019.

Well. In April of 2020 for 2019, you know we’d like to meet with our CPA, at least quarterly, at minimum and same thing with you guys, if you have any last-minute purchases that you can make, if you’re planning to make a big purchase in 2020 December might be The time to make that purchase to lower your expenses, but I would first of course, speak to your CPA. If you don’t have one, you need one at the end of the day, cost a couple dollars couple shekels, but it could save you a couple.

Shekels yeah and then some yeah, like some things, we’re going to what are some purchases we’re going to close out before the end of the year. We just talked about some travel expenses from looking booking some trips for next year. The end of this year, we’re also going to be your house equipment. Yes, that’s a warehouse system, warehouse equipment. Also, some advertising, yes, it’ll – be going a little more aggressive spending some more money on advertising.

So we can write that off as well. Also, some other equipment like camera equipment and lighting equipment. Stuff like that so anywhere, you could spend additional money. It’s it’s definitely good for those 2019 taxes, but, like Sebastian said we’re not CPA. So talk to some talk to a professional right. Now we operate a 90 percent wholesale business, 10 % private label. The private label is growing Sebastian just created it’s actually sitting over here about three feet from us.

We got a full pallet of products that Sebastian created and I’m super excited about them. We’re currently building the listing as we speak, he was just on the phone with one of the team members who’s, helping us build this and and we’re excited about it, but something to consider right. We built this business Sebastian built this business on retail arbitrage, and I think something that a lot of you may not be capitalizing on is what we touched on a couple minutes ago and that’s building relationships with with store managers and and what that could look like Is like you have to sell yourself to them and make them know believe that you can bring them value all right.

It’s something that comes to mind is like explaining to them the time they can save by offering you those discount racks before they even have to load up the racks, because what that means is hey, they give you a call: hey, John, hey Stacey, whatever your name Is I got 50 products I’m about to put on the discount rack? Do you want to come pick them up? It saves them time. They don’t have to pay an employee to fill that discount rack just to have you come in with your arm and swipe it all into your grocery cart, and then they have to reload it again and refill it again.

And then you come the next day and swipe it all into the grocery car. So by you presenting this idea to them, it could actually save them time, which saves them money and save you time, which saves you money, so it works out for all parties. I mean right from the get-go. You want to try to build any relationships you can. That could be advantageous to your business early on in our a you know. For us, we also became close with some of the manager at the different stores and some of the employees there, and they would reach out to us like Eric said, and let us know when things were going on, sale or for palette of a product came in.

They would call us before they even put it on the floor. Knowing that, like Eric said, we could come load it up in our van and and just leave, and they would never have to even put it on the show floor, and we also, of course took care them. You know, throw throw them some holiday money. You know just just really take care of them, and so it was advantageous for both parties, us and them yeah, really any relationship you’re building.

You need to look what value you could bring to that relationship if you’re, just looking for what you can take from the relationship that relationships not going to work Sebastian talks about all the time. It’s like a girlfriend boyfriend relationship or any significant other relationship. It’s a take give take given the gain relationship you can’t just take, take, take and expect the other person to reciprocate.

It just doesn’t work like that, and business relationships are the same exact way, so you need to give in order to receive and it’s revolutionary it’s. It’s it’s. How we’ve built the relationships we’ve built right, yeah yeah, I mean listen. We’ve had a lot of help from some of our our suppliers. You know billion-dollar companies why? Why do they want to team up with us? Well, they want to team up with us.

A because they know that the way that we handle our business is with integrity and B, because it’s a take give relationship where we’re always trying to help them grow and any opportunities that we see come to the marketplace. We bring it to them and bring up ideas to them about moving certain private label products that they may carry, or just inventory that they might have that stale. So it’s not always about what we can gain from them.

It’s also about. How can we help them to grow yeah? We continue to build relationships. It’s still the foundation of our business Sebastian just smashed a catalog on my desk from a a new distributor that I plan on starting to place an order with this week. So I’m excited about that. It’s one of my favorite things to do is place new orders with new companies, but with placing new orders with new companies comes a lot of sometimes a lot of issues, especially with some of the companies we worked with.

Like I forgot, it was like the small little toys, but they came like K packed with six different kinds. You know – and you know so, there’s issues and the first time you place that order. Sometimes we like to be a little less aggressive. So if there are issues with the products coming in, we didn’t go, spend $ 50,000 on a first order rule. Maybe you only spend $ 5,000? So if we have to eat some of those issues because we’re we don’t want to call them and be on the phone with them complaining for 20 minutes about the mischiefs or the the mishaps, because that’s not good for a relationship, we don’t invest a huge amount Of money in that first order, so it doesn’t tarnish the relationship if something goes wrong with it right and with any new new supply.

You may pick up, please be conservative at first, just because the character said kind of just. To reiterate, you don’t know the quality of the product, you don’t know the quality of the company, you don’t know how they’re going to handle your delivery. I mean remember there was that one company we were dealing with and they had the Sun on the products. Yeah, a couple of their products had like just a heavy layers, warehouse yeah, and so you, you don’t know you know when you’re first ordered with a company.

You really don’t know how they handle their products, and so you want to be conservative on the first. Second order, and then from there you know you, you start growing, that hmm absolutely absolutely so. What are we doing in these next couple weeks to kind of wrap up the year for the Amazon business? Well, we’re kind of looking at our numbers we’re going to sit down like we always do and kind of look over the year.

Look over the data and see areas where we can improve and then we’re going to pass that information on to our managers pass that information on in meetings with our buyers, with our warehouse with our developers and really set the goals in the agenda for next year. You know last two weeks of December is really about Synagogue goals for next year, where do we envision ourselves being and how we going to get there kind of building the roadmap yeah? Absolutely it’s exciting time and and something one of my favorite things that we do at the end of the year is we review all our distributors and – and sometimes this is one of the most challenging things I think for for us to do sometimes is let go Of a distributor that for years produced us ton of revenue, ton of profits, but now their product costs just aren’t cutting it for us anymore.

So it’s it’s important to know as a business when that retail store you’re going to the prices just aren’t competitive anymore or when that man facture you’re dealing with for your private label product the prices just aren’t competitive or when that wholesale or distributor their prices. Just are too high and you need to let them go it’s important. It really separates the winners from the losers when you can make that conscious decision like I need to find a new company to do work with and even on a more micro level to just a since we’ve had a since that we were selling truckloads of truckloads Of and because the climate of the Amazon environment is always changing, we’ve had to let go and it was hard, but every time we let go, it gives us opportunity to find another one and we do and we do and so will you so just because a Aysen that was once profitable, maybe right now isn’t doesn’t mean you need to hold on for dear life, hoping that we’ll get better again.

Sometimes you need to let go and look for a new investment, a new Aysen, to really take over that space of where that last one was yeah. We have them speaking at good asons. We have some killer asons right now. In November man we got. I was just looking: we have so many scenes, bringing us three thousand over three thousand dollars a month in profits and their seasonal yep all right. So these are products that the rest of the year would bring us little any profits if any, it would just build up storage fees if we sent it to Amazon, but because it’s tis the season we’re crushing it pulling in $ 3,000 in gross profits a month From these products yep and we have over 4,000 activations, you know – and you know it fluctuates, but I always say building that healthy portfolio, that healthy online account that healthy business – and this is how you do it.

You have those high profit items that might move a little slower. You’ll have high profit items that move high-volume, then you’ll have low profit, low volume and everything in between and that’s what builds a healthy business where year-over-year we continue to grow this year is, but by far our most profitable year and last year was a most profitable Year today, as well so – and it’s like that, every single year, as we continue to redevelop – and I think part of that goes into looking at the year kind of looking back, seeing the things criticizing ourselves seeing where we could improve and then building the roadmap.

For next year, yeah yeah, so based on that trend, 2020 is going to be killer, killer killer, no seriously where we have some cutting edge stuff for 2020. You know I went to. I went to Costco the other day huh for our Thanksgiving party to get some pumpkin pie – scamming yeah I wanted to I wanted to, but they got the bill deals on everything over there. Well, we used to do a lot of purchasing from Costco 20 years ago and uh, and it’s just every time I go there.

It takes me back just special and I would go there for six seven hours a day and just scam products, and you remember that transition right where it was like where he went from doing it five days a week to four three even one day a week Was challenging because the wholesale part took over call and people always ask us like? When do you know it? Just kind of happens, you’ll know because it happens, because you have a wholesale, a cow or multiple wholesale accounts that are taking up so much of your time that you don’t have any more time for all right, yeah and then – and it’s just like even at the End there we were still going once a month yeah we were placing monthly orders from our from our retail stores.

We were doing business with to supplement some of the income that in the revenue, so we could continue to grow. So it’s like it didn’t. It took. Probably a year and a half before we completely cut off retail arbitrage and we came, you know 90 % wholesale business mm-hmm so so get it where you can get it get it. What you know if you’re selling books right now and books, are your bread and butter and you’re trying to switch to retail arbitrage, don’t stop selling books, keep selling books? That’s your bread and butter if you’re doing retail arbitrage and want to switch to wholesale.

Don’t stop going to stores and buying stuff? That’s your bread and butter keep going doing retail arbitrage if you’re doing a wholesale want to do private label, don’t stop doing wholesale, get a few private label products and do both do all four yep can’t hurt. So any last words to wrap it up better yeah, it’s hustle o’clock, everyday hustle o’clock. You know wake up. I think the best way to operate for me personally is I just wake up ready to tackle the day.

It’s some days, I’m not ready to tackle the day, but I just reflect for a couple minutes on all the beautiful things half of my life and it makes coming to work it makes meeting with new people. It makes just being a presence in life with family friends, business relationships. It just makes all that that much easier, so really at the end of the day. It’s about my perception on life and and I change my perception and I changed my life.

What about you Sebastian? My last words are evaluate your business mmm, build a plan and get ready to conquer the next decade. Mmm next decade, Wow tis the season to seize it, stay late. They let everybody

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Got Products To Sell On Amazon But No Business? How Business Development Coaches Can Help

This Airbnb, it’s beautiful, super excited about it. We got a ton of to do today, they’re going heavy on filming making that content for y’all, because it’s important to us this cars pretty dope, I would buy it to maserati ghibli. I would definitely not buy it. I think it’s definitely overpriced it’s. It’s got just crazy pick up like crazy pick up, but the inside it’s like, like a low-end dodge model like a Dodge Dart like the like the window mechanism.

Just like it’s definitely it doesn’t feel like an $ 80,000 car. I would not purchase this car for myself, but right for a few days absolutely so Sebastian went for a run to the beach. It’s about thirty five blocks I slept in. I had some crazy dreams. Last night yo Terry right, I just don’t know what I’m talking like it. I don’t listen. I I have a. I can lucid dream so, for anybody does know featuring lips, lucid dreams where you can actually you’d actually control your dreams so, like I can be in the middle of a good dream.

Wake up, I’m 200 feet, get a dream. Go back to sleep finish that dream! It’s pretty cool, but I also have the ability to finish terrible dreams as well, which is an asshole, but I usually choose not to finish them by staying up, but last night I had some terrible dreams. That’s like it’s! Alright, you know dreams make me really think about life and like where what I was thinking about before I went to sleep where my head’s at because I have a firm belief that I can.

I have some control over my dreams. Well, yeah. The meetup is tonight crazy, crazy excited about the meetup we’re all going to at least it’s tons of people show um. I kind of feel that doesn’t people show up just by the overwhelming response that we’ve had so that’s exciting. We love to be with you. I’ve been hanging out with you. It’s really why we do this stuff. That’s why we’re out here so the meetups, probably around 6 7 p.

M. Tonight Pacific Standard Time or go to just hang out talk business. I’m talking Amazon growth. What we teach is how to build a viable Amazon business, because anybody can sell on Amazon. I’m talking anybody, you can go to your local book sale purchase some books start selling those on Amazon. You go to your local of discounted store, Marshalls TJ man thanks Ross, buy some stuff to sell on Amazon or Ebay I’m.

So anybody can do that right but like what we teach is how to build a viable business around selling on Amazon. So you can get to a point where you have dozens of employees. A large warehouse and like selling on Amazon goes from a side hustle to a full-time muscle. That is the name of the game for us: how to teach you to build a successful business around selling on Amazon. Now, if Amazon is just something you want to do as a side hustle that absolutely we we teach that as well, but our specialty is building Amazon businesses.

We analyze profits right, we’re warehouse, optimization the whole nine. It’s so in-depth! It’s it’s so exciting! I love it! You know sometimes I get overwhelmed when we take on a bunch of new clients, because it’s very time consuming a lot of time with these clients you know, but then, like after our one, I’m just so amped up. It’s like anything in my life like even going to the gym or starting a new blog.

The first couple minutes. First, 10-15 minutes: oh man, another one of these or another day at the gym, and then you know after I’m into it, I’m ready to rock ready to roll. I’m just feeling it to see myself living out here. My brother used to live in San Diego. So I spent a lot of time in California love it out here. It’s beautiful just the whole feeling damn bro, you went to the triathlon run over here check this one out the money.

Another amazing business trip in the RAF’s thousands of dollars spent on travel those dozens of relationships. Just amazing meetup was good, sober consultations right really good, really good, and here we are at the LAX airport about to miss our flight. That’s how much I love you willing to this looks like for you now. If that’s not love that I don’t know it is good. Annie. You

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Why you NEED an LLC for Amazon FBA

I have to share this with you guys. So, like always in my articles, I do the Y house and then the additionals, so here’s the Y right – and this might be obvious to some of you – maybe some of you – it won’t be.

It is deductions. Deductions are crazy. This is how even fortune 500 companies are able to operate a loss and not have to pay taxes, sometimes even end up with refunds, which is insane you need to take advantage of that if you’re in the u.S I’m in talking to US law, it’s it’s. It’S really really cool in regards to ecommerce. What we’re doing in Amazon, it’s up to $ 5,000 startup cost. That’S so much money, guys $ 5,000! Think of the all the equipment you need.

You need an iPhone or an Android phone right. You need a smart phone. You need a computer, so all that cost can be deducted from the startup cost. Here’S the cool thing. I know if you just start it now or maybe a couple months ago, anything you’ve purchased in the year of 2017. Let’S say because you know we’re coming up on the tax season, you can deduct so that computer you bought in March. It’S now a company computer.

So if you have the invoice for it, you can deduct it. So you can add up $ 5,000 pretty quickly um. So expenses are anything from from defer. Your deductions are anything from marketing advertising travel. So, like you know, flights or mileage if you’re driving in a car the electricity bill right, everyone has an electricity bill, the internet bill. You cannot do e-commerce without internet. That’S a deduction seminars, classes, accounting costs even so much as meals.

So if you’re meeting say you and a buddy are doing the Amazon, FBA and you’re meeting them and you’re brainstorming, that’s a business meeting right! You can deduct it! Here’S another! Here’S! Another big wine paper loss right. I was mentioning that earlier, so you can actually operate at a loss and that loss of your LLC will compensate for your income tax that you have in your day job. So let’s say you made fifty thousand dollars in your day.

Job and you operate your LLC at a ten thousand dollar loss, keep in mind, we’re not in the business of losing money, but let’s say you’ve lost ten thousand dollars that ten thousand dollars in taxes. You can use the $ 10,000 that you’ve lost in your business. Can be used against your personal income, so you pay less taxes either way right. Here’S the how the boring part right, the very first thing.

Once you form you LLC, you need to put a corporate structure in place, so what that is essentially is you’re going to be paying yourself a salary. The next thing that comes – and I believe this has to be done within 75 days. It’S called an ECE. It’S an entity classification election. Now I don’t know all the details about it, but I can tell you needs to be done within 75 days and what it is is you’re letting the IRS know how you want to be taxed.

If you do not do this as an LLC, they will basically just decide to tax you at the highest rate, which is, I believe, as an individual and that’s a tax rate up to 15 percent. You don’t want that. You want the lowest possible rate. The help right this is this is really boring, we’re not in the tax business, at least I’m not. This is where you get help. I did it with 100 accountants. I would highly recommend them.

They set things up for you, they’re very personal, and you work with a team, so you’re working with a team, so you’re always going to be working with the same people. The people will already know about your expenses. They will go through your if you’re starting now they will go through 2017 credit card statements, alongside with you, and make sure that you’re getting the solid deductions remember they’re working for you.

Their best interest is to provide you with good service, so your remain on them. On the you know, on their payroll, your remain as a customer I mean, and and basically save you money, so the cost for that is about two to three thousand dollars annually. I know that’s a lot they do. You can split that up in payment. They do let you do that and then there’s a 30 dollar retainer. Now don’t freak out guys.

I know that’s a lot of money and that might not be the first thing you want to think of doing, but consider it as you know, as a cost to starting your first. You know your first product really right. You know you’re putting in such a financial commitment you’re going to drive yourself to success. Anyways right. It’S it’s another big thing. You know having no plan B, it’s it’s it’s a big thing, sometimes just jumping with both feet in and yeah it’s and then at it’s.

Just the 30 to 30 dollar cost. The cool thing is: if you need any so articles consultation, they don’t have any hourly fees. You just set up an appointment and you just talk to them. It’S it’s no problem, so there’s no hidden cost. Here’S the crazy thing on top of that we’re talking about deductions earlier right, you can deduct that. So essentially it’s done for you for free, it’s already a tax saving.

Not only will they do your personal business, you you Peart, they will do your business tax and they will do your personal tax. So if you’re already paying someone for your personal tax, you can scratch that right off you’re going to get that done with them anyways. So awesome, that’s the information I wanted to share with you guys. Let me know down in the comments below if I misspoke on something, if there’s something you guys want me to look into and share with you even further put a like hit subscribe thanks for reading

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If you sell on Amazon, you know that dealing with Amazon seller support is a nightmare. They are incompetent, they are foolish, they don’t want to help, but because we got to play by their rules by Bezos in his gosh-darn unfair system. Did I make money on? We got ta do what they say and we got a fine tips to get around all this nonsense.

So here’s a few tips that I do the first overall tip is to bookmark seller support on your computer when you go through on the desktop. It’S like. Oh, have you answered our questions yet and they want you to fill in this stupid like automated FAQ flow? Were you like? Have you selected these articles to read like yeah? No, I know what the rules are Jeff. I know how to work this game bookmark. The page, you can totally circumvent that and you go to this other page where it has all your options.

It’S like FBA issues or account issues or make a suggestion if you’re feeling feeling kind, but I bookmark that page right here. It just says contact social support. So I can just click there and go to it. The second thing I do is I mean after having telling you that bookmark it I wait like a week. I always wait as long as I can. You know until I’m going to forget it or until I’m doing like a badge of reimbursements, that I want to do because it takes Amazon like 45 days, sometimes to get a refund, and I would rather wait for the money then spend five hours a day.

Complaining with someone across the world, but it just is frustrating and doesn’t really help. The third thing that I do to kind of work with this with this torturous system of customer service seller service, whatever it is seller support, is to call them if you’re. Like me, you absolutely despise talking to strangers who know nothing just I can stop right there, but on the phone you hate that, and so you hate phone calls with people who obviously are just reading off of a script.

It’S uh: it’s frustrating to know that someone does not give a about you, but only when they say they do like I’m fine, I’m like sorry. I can’t do anything, I’m an idiot who makes $ 3 an hour reading off cue cards. Okay, I can deal with them, but just don’t be like. Oh sorry, we’re trying to best support you and then, when you ask them a question they can so they go okay and then go on to their next talking point.

It’S so so frustrating so when I call I say, listen, I know you can’t help me. It’S not your fault. Give me your supervisor and that’s like a really shitty move because of things of like oh you’re, like some suburban mom. Let me tell you this: getting a cold chick-fil-a sandwich and someone taking two grand from me. Those are two different levels and I think it warrants talking to a supervisor. If you owe me $ 2,000, is that crazy in my wild? To my out of my mind? No, I’m not I just like getting my money, so I sake I talk to a supervisor, they say oh we’re busy and they call you back like the same day or the next day, and almost always those supervisors are are really helpful because they actually are our Capable of independent thought, the fourth tip always keep these.

This is like the return slip that I got in the box of one of these boxes. You see back here. I got a bunch of returns a day because I get them on the middle of the month. They’Re actually from the 10th, but whatever there’s no point these. This has the item name, it has the FN SKU and it has everything important that they’re going to ask you they’re going to say: okay, do you have the shipment ID? Do you have the order ID? The order ID isn’t actually on here, but you can easily find that by going into your orders and just typing in the FNS Q, which is going to be this number right here, it begins with the X and then a few zeros whoops.

I keep going to this Creek, let’s say: you’ve navigated, all the you’re. Finally, on the phone with someone who is competent and understands like how things work beyond just reading them off of a script, they’ve been given they’re going to say: oh, this is so shitty, I’m so sorry, bla bla, bla, bla bla. You have any pictures boy. Do I have pictures because I got a phone win so whenever I get these returns and they’re damaged I’ll show you what happened? I’M just going to show you pause.

I sold this. It’S a Sony DVD CD player, whatever that’s and the point. Look at that. It’S broken in the corner, it’s broken in the corner. Do you know how that happens? It happens from some goddamn moron and Amazon FBA fulfillment center, putting like one thing of an air pack or like two inches of a void filler in the box, and so it slides around the box smashes the quarter and it breaks that’s how this happens and the Only person who will believe you is a supervisor crazy.

Isn’T that crazy, but that’s how Amazon works and you just have to be. You know, reading people like me who get upset learning all this and then uh. You know you can do it yourself and just do all these steps. To recap: wait! Bookmark, seller support. Have them call you or call them well, they’re, going to call you back. That’S what’s good! That’S how it goes. You give me phone number. They call you back because they don’t want you having their phone number.

They call you ask for a supervisor. What they’re going to do then, is open. The case you go to the case on your view case page, you upload pictures to that. That’S how it works. I mean they’d, explain it to you, but it takes them three hours. Probably so I’ll just tell you right now, straightforward upload pictures and at that point you’re just in their their hands. You know it’s um. Are they going to believe you and believe in common sense, or are they going to screw over and try and get 80 bucks out of you or whatever? It is for this I mean, there’s way way way more items in just this – that I have that have been damaged over the past two weeks but hard doing business.

Everything has its ups and downs, everything has trials and tribulations and the people who can successfully navigate those they’re, the ones who end up making money and you want to make money. So you should subscribe to the blog join the Facebook group. Yada yada yada you, you know, you know, you know.

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Shopify Dropshipping vs Amazon FBA – Which eCommerce Business Model Wins?

These two business models are what people always seem to be in between, and the reality is that both can provide you a really big opportunity to earn money online. So, if you’re wondering which of these two models to follow, then to keep reading this article, what’s up guys, welcome to todays ecommerce business model, face-off in case you’re new here, i’m nick young of seller trade craft and I started doing my toes into the e-commerce space.

About four years ago, as a sideline project, and after just six months, I quit my job because my online sales had generated an income of five times more than my salary. That gave me the personal and financial freedom that I always craved and it opened up the door for me to set up my own company and to be my own boss. So most of you reading this article are probably looking at how you can make a side.

Hustle with an online business and unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, i’m sure, you’ve heard of the exciting opportunities that uni Commerce offers it’s a crazy space right now – and I know this because a lot of people are always asking me which of these two models Are going to bring me the most profit, what’s going to be the better choice so before we get knee-deep into this topic, I want you to first consider subscribing to this blog and hit the notification belt.

If you’re interested in creating a passive income online, we’ll be creating new content every single week to help you build your own, profitable online business, okay, so let’s go ahead and dive back into our topic. So let me first give you an overview of how each of these business model works and, after this article you’re going to understand, what’s the difference between the two, so let’s first start with drop shipping.

What is drop? Shipping, the drop shipping business model means that a seller like let’s say me or you doesn’t have to keep any inventory on hand, doesn’t have to own any inventory and only buys inventory whenever a sale is made. So essentially, a seller, like myself, would partner up with a supplier who manufactures and warehouses these products and ships them directly to the customer. This way, there’s no need for a seller like myself to own or rent a warehouse to store the products, so I actually don’t own the product at all.

If I were to drop ship, the the transaction happens only when a sale is made. So, let’s go ahead and walk through how the drop shipping model works, step by step, step number one! You create a Shopify store to be your own online storefront, an e-commerce shopping platform step two: you drive traffic from various sources, offline traffic like Facebook and Instagram ads to your storefront step. Three, you get the customer to place an order and they pay for it step.

Four, you then forward that order to the supplier, with customer details and step five, your supplier ships, the order directly to the customer for you, this is all done without ever seeing owning or touching the products, and here you never have to take any inventory risk because You only buy a product when you make a sale. Your focus is entirely on marketing and optimizing your storefront. This means that you never have to invest money in advance for the products and you’ll only pay a supplier for a portion of the payment received from the customer.

Okay. So now that we’ve covered drop shipping, let’s go ahead and dive into how Amazon FBA works. So when you find things to sell in Amazon, what you do is you list them on a product page, you label it under your own brand and then you send it off to an Amazon, FBA warehouse where the items are stored, then packaged and received and shipped When the item sells now here’s the major differentiator between drop shipping and Amazon FBA in the Amazon FBA business model, the seller needs to park money upfront to order products from the supplier.

So that means that you’re ordering inventory in advance – and you own the inventory and once you receive it, you go ahead and send it to Amazon’s warehouses for fulfillment. Now with Shopify drop shipping, there’s no need to send in store items in separate warehouses. Again, you only order items from the supplier and they’ll take care of the shipping and send the product directly to the customer. Typically, though, this means that doing drop shipping you’ll actually make less, which I’ll go ahead and dive into later now, with the Amazon FBA business model, Amazon handles a major portion of the fulfillment and selling process.

It makes it a lot easier for sellers who own inventory to focus on finding profitable products to grow their business. So to help you further understand how this works. Let’S go ahead and just quickly walk through the steps of actually selling the product in Amazon. So you can see what parts the seller handles and what parts are handled by Amazon, FBA, okay, so step number one. You list the product on amazon.

Com step. Number two: you prepare the item to send to Amazon’s warehouses, step three: you ship the items to Amazon’s warehouses, step four Amazon, unpacks and stores your inventory and receives it step 5 Amazon shows up or sorry your product shows up as available on amazon.Com step. Six, a buyer from Amazon right, a buyer goes Amazon. Web site places the order on Amazon and step. Seven Amazon warehouse workers find your product and ship it to the customer step.

Eight, your customer receives the product and let’s say two days: if they’re a prime member. Okay, so here once the products are listed and ready for sale, it’s handed off to Amazon and they actually take care of all the rest. Amazon handles a lot of the hardest and most time-consuming parts that having an e-commerce business. Alright, now that we have a clear picture of how drop shipping and Shopify works and how Amazon FBA works, let’s go ahead and now dive into the pros and cons.

So this is what you guys have been waiting for. So really, I want to preface this depending on your needs in your situation. This is understanding all these parts is going to help you decide what works best for you. So, let’s first start off by talking about startup costs with Shopify drop shipping. The most appealing advantage of this model is that there is a lower startup cost, there’s really virtually no upfront cost for the product itself, because you’re only buying it from the supplier when sale is made.

So it’s all on as-needed basis, so you don’t need to pay for storage fees or anything like that. So after finding a drops are shipping supplier, all you need to do is actually set up a Shopify website which costs about $ 29 a month and have enough money to do advertising because remember you have to drive all the traffic to the website yourself. So this actually brings us to one of the major cons of doing Shopify drop shipping because you’ll be using advertising from external sites to bring traffic to your store.

Now, at the very least, your budget will pie range from five hundred to a thousand dollars a month, but it’ll definitely scale up and up as you are driving more and more traffic, and this is all spent on marketing ads and with the Shopify model. You’Ll be doing tests, you probably run through at least twenty products before you find one that’ll be a winning product for your webstore, so in reality you can probably spend a lot of time and money doing a trial and error on products that may or may not Work and it could take a longer time depending on your level of experience with advertising.

Now, let’s go ahead and dive into costs for Amazon FBA. So if you’re doing private label on FBA, you know you can actually take a take advantage of the traffic that Amazon generates to their own storefront to their own marketplace. So it’s actually, if you don’t know already the most-visited ecommerce site in the world today. Statistics alone shows that, as of December 2017, 197 million users visited Amazon’s web sites per month.

So with that huge number of traffic, you really don’t have to do as much paid external advertising on Amazon as you do for Shopify running Facebook ads. Okay, but since there’s competition on Amazon, Amazon actually has an internal PPC system, which you can use to drive internal traffic from Amazon to your listing. So you can get your products to appear on the Amazon searches, but the reality here is that the learning curve with Amazon PPC is not as steep as learning.

Let’S say, Facebook ads or Google Ads to get the advertising needs. So trust me there’s going to be a lot of tools that you can find to help you find the right product and what keywords to target for your ads on Amazon. So if we’re going to talk about a startup costs entering the Amazon FBA private label, space will require that you have a higher budget for specifically paying for inventory and also paying for fees for shipments and logistics to get your products from China or wherever you’re sourcing.

It to the warehouse, and once it’s at Amazon, extensive warehouses, there’s also an additional fee that you have to be cognizant of, which is the storage fee. The Amazon charges you on a monthly basis for fulfillment. The other things that you’re going to have to consider is that there are fees for designing for photography for buying barcodes, all of which are part of your branding process in making your product unique and stand out from the pack.

So, realistically you can start selling products on Amazon, with about three to five thousand dollars of startup budget mainly spent for your products, but keep in mind, although you might be spending a lot for the upfront quantity realize that you’re buying quantities in bulk, which means you’re Getting the bulk price right, so that means that you’ll get a higher profit margin compared to selling something on drop.

Shipping starting capital might be higher with Amazon, but there’s you’ll have a better chance of getting a higher return on your investment through doing private label and selling your own brand. Now, let’s go ahead and talk about marketing costs. Okay, so this is another one. So I kind of touched on this earlier: Shopify drop shipping. When it comes to marketing. You really need to master a lot of the skills when it comes to Shopify drop shipping things like marketing traffic generation conversion, optimization brand building working with comparison start shopping engines.

So what you can expect is there’s going to be a steep learning curve, because setting up the Shopify site is easy. The hard part is actually driving traffic to your store because there’s no immediate audience to go after so really. This is the massive differentiator Tiffany drop shipping, an FBA and drop shipping. You drive traffic to the website, mainly from paid traffic, and you can’t be successful in drop shipping without knowing how to create Facebook ads and to get good results.

You have to understand how to create Facebook campaigns using custom, audiences or look-alike audiences and other advanced and interesting strategies like setting up conversion campaigns or using pixels to retarget audience members. So you’ll know how to do things like you know. You’Ll have to learn how to do things like reading google trend graphs, creating Google Ads setting up email campaigns and even reaching out to Instagram influencers.

So these are all things that you have to think about if you’re setting up a standalone, Shopify site. Of course, you could also do free traffic through, let’s say SEO, but you also have to realize that too traffic from SEO it’s going to be a long process, because you have to spend a lot of time creating content and it takes a long time for those For that content to build and rank so that you actually get traffic to your store so in reality to get their store started upfront quickly, you’ll need to have a good skill set with understanding how to create paid traffic acts.

Now, let’s go ahead and shift gears and talk about Amazon, FBA marketing costs. So with Amazon you don’t need a create Facebook or Instagram ads, and you don’t have to do that. Steel from the ground up. You benefit from Amazon’s massive budget on gathering customers and their algorithms and their expertise, so you can leverage Amazon’s astronomical traffic. Okay, I mean, based on statistical own Amazon, has almost 2.

6 four billion visits from February 2018 to July 2018. That’S just completely mind-blowing. So what that means is there’s an existing trust. The Amazon customers have an Amazon. Well, that said, all you really have to focus on is optimizing. Your listing and drive into traffic using Amazon’s PPC system, which is vertically integrated within Amazon FBA, and one of the most important thought concepts to understand, is that the people who visit Amazon already know what they want to buy.

All they need. All you need to do is to find the relevant keywords for your product and make sure that your listing appears in the search results. So with Amazon you don’t need to focus as much as establishing a brand. You know thanks to Amazon’s, could will and thanks to their fulfillment, you know you’ll be able to take advantage of Amazon’s massive massive traffic. So let’s go ahead and dive into fulfillment, because this is a really important thing to consider when you’re deciding between the two models and really you know.

This is where I think Amazon really stands out from the drop shipping model and the reason why is because Amazon has a crazy, unparalleled fulfillment network, meaning they own distribution centers throughout the US and throughout the world, which makes it really easy to fulfill products to customers And so, since Amazon takes care of the fulfillment, they also take care of a lot of returns, so you don’t have to handle any returns or anything like that and a lot of the customer service is taken care of for you.

People can call Amazon and they can go ahead and get things resolved, and so this this means that, as an Amazon seller, you’ll have enough time to focus on building your business and finding more and more products. Shipping time obviously plays a role in online buying decisions, and so another thing to consider is that, while some shoppers might be happy to wait a few days for their order to arrive from overseas, a lot of people are used to getting their products really quickly.

So this is where Amazon really comes into play. They can deliver products up up to 22 days – okay, sometimes even 24 hours. So that’s where it stands out. What drop shipping usually lead times are longer because suppliers aren’t as reliable or maybe they’re shipping from overseas, and so Amazon FBA is basically the main reason why prime exists? Okay, so essentially for those of you not familiar. Prime members pay $ 13 a month to get two days: superfast shipping, with a bunch of other added benefits exclusive to Prime members, and at some point Amazon will be using drones to deliver packages to the doorstep, but with Shopify drop shipping.

It’S entirely different. Your orders are sent to your suppliers, which means that they have to process the orders and typically they’re, going to be slower shipping times. So if you use the drop shipping method, you’re going to rely heavily on communication with a supplier, and if the supplier fails to update you that they’re out of stock, then you won’t be able to fulfill the order. And you risk having a bad terrible customer experience.

And this can be a massive challenge, so it wouldn’t be wise to just have one supplier. A lot of people actually have as many as two or three suppliers. Just in case, one supplier doesn’t work out so because, ultimately selling something that you can’t deliver on time can ruin your reputation for many Shopify sellers. Finding a great drop shipping supplier is incredibly challenging and it can take weeks or months to find the right person.

This really requires that you build and maintain a solid relationship with your supplier, okay, so let’s go ahead and dive into product selection, so this is a key factor for the business models on both ends. Now, in both Shopify drop shipping in Amazon, FBA you’re going to have to spend hours forging and finding the right, profitable product, and it can take weeks and even in some cases months before sellers find that one winning product shipping enables you to find a slew of New products, you can give try to a new product you to something and it’s not as risky as if you were going to purchase a product in bulk because remember you don’t take any inventory risk in Shopify.

You can sell trending products, and this can help you earn a huge amount of money fast, because you can move very very quickly. All you have to do is find the right product and drive traffic, and that can be done in a matter of days now with Amazon FBA selling trending products is possible, but it’s not necessarily recommended because there’s a long lead time for when the product is produced. When it arrives the warehouse, especially if you’re sourcing from China, so it could be a huge problem, if, let’s say you’re working with the trending item and by the time the product arrives, it’s no longer trendy, then you’re stuck with so much inventory, and you won’t know What to do with it and remember, on top of that, if you have dead, inventory, you’ll be paying for storage fees to keep the products at Amazon’s.

Warehouse disposing of these products are going to force you to take these this investment at a loss, and so that’s something you want to absolutely avoid and that’s why choosing the right product is super crucial to finding success on Amazon FBA on Amazon. Really, the key is just to find a product – that’s already selling well, but that find a product. That’S selling well, but it also in a niche where you can compete and you can dominate your competition.

The good thing is that there are a ton of tools that can help you find winning products on Amazon. You can use software tools like market intelligence, from viral launch, to validate your ideas and help. You find good products that already work well, and you can use that information to study the competition and check on historical data and trends to help you see what the upfront costs and profits are, and if you want to do keyword, research as a fantastic tool called Zhong words, which you can use as well they’re, just a ton of tools out there available for Amazon sellers.

You can also follow step by step methods and strategies that are proven to work and get your listing to the front page of Amazon search results. So it’s been proven, it’s it’s a systematic method. Now, let’s go ahead and dive into competition between both of these models. Now I’d say that there’s a different nature of competition between shops, Shopify drop shipping and an FBA with Shopify there’s something that I like to call indirect competition, meaning that you won’t find competitors directly close to your store.

There are going to be, of course, other shops that sell the same product because, of course, your drop shipping, but the difference is in Amazon. The competition is literally one click away on your listing itself, there’s going to be other advertisements for the exact same product from other brands. So let’s say, for example, if you search for yoga mats, you can find up to 3000 results. Okay, so keep in mind that there’s always competition in both business models.

That’S why finding a good product and a good niche with less competition is always going to be crucial for your success. But I would say in this situation: it plays a more crucial factor in Amazon FBA, because you know the barrier to entry to marketing your listing is very low okay, so the next thing to talk about is price factor. Okay related – and this is loosely related to competition on Amazon, we could say that price plays a massive factor if you’re selling online, if you have competition with a ton of other people, unlike unlike Shopify, where they’re just on your store, you know and they’re unlikely to Go and search on other blogs on Amazon competition is literally found on the same page, so pricing is going to be a massive factor, but there are certainly ways to make it work.

There are certainly ways to be a top Amazon seller and to compete on things. Other than price, like reviews, you know, ranking doing giveaways all that kind of stuff, making sure good images and you can focus on adding more values by offering more features or bundling your products or doing better copywriting and keyword. Optimization, alright, so profit margins. Let’S dive into the thing that you really really want to understand and figure out what is more profitable between the two Amazon, FBA or Shopify dropshipping.

Both methods are course good options for making money online, really just depending on the circumstance. The entry or the very, entering the dropshipping world, I would say, is very low. Drop shipping suits people who are new to the online business space and have a small initiative initial budget when getting started. It also really benefits people who have existing knowledge and experience of how to drive traffic using things like Facebook or Google AdWords.

But that also means a lot of your product. Margin is going to be spent testing audiences and using your budget with potentially little return on. The other hand, Amazon FBA, offers awesome opportunity to generate a lot of income online with less marketing costs, but there requires a lot more capital for inventory to get started. I would recommend at least three to five thousand dollars, and if you know you really want to make it work, I think ten thousand dollars is a fantastic amount to get started with.

Another thing to note is that, in working with a drama class, your supplier margins are usually lower than if you were to private label. Something to sell in Amazon with higher risk usually comes higher reward and the higher risk is taking on that inventory risk. But the reality is that you know whichever one you choose just be aware that either will take working capital to get started and you need to treat them both like a serious business in order to succeed so real quick interruption guys I want to first.

Thank you for staying with me this far, I know discuss a lot of things and I think it’s a good time to ask you this. What do you think is Shopify going to work better for you or do you think you’ll get the most return through Amazon FBA I’m going to continue talking, but as you’re as you’re listening go ahead and leave the comments in the below of what you think, which Is going to work best for you now, let’s go ahead and move to another comparison area, which is how sellers can differentiate? Okay, so which model has the best opportunity for someone to differentiate their listing or their product? Now, in Shopify, sellers can have a lot more freedom to differentiate with other online stores through things like branding and marketing.

Here you can do segmented, targeting or tailor the experience and use different advertising tactics based on the Facebook audience profile. There’S a lot of room for creativity here. If you understand the bio psychology of your niche, you can really build a strong funnel now on Amazon ba the customer experience is completely standardized, just think about it. If you buy a product, you go to the listing all listings kind of look the same and they’re your very few ways compared to let’s say a Shopify store that you can differentiate from the competition, but this can also be an advantage because Amazon has incredibly high Conversion rates and that’s because Amazon again it has gained the trust of millions of people and people go to the site with the to make a purchase.

If you think about it, if you were sent a Facebook ad for e-commerce store right, if that’s not always the case, someone III know I personally clicked on an ad just to see what the company is about to see what they’re selling without even purchasing anything and So that’s usually not the case. With Amazon people aren’t window shopping as much. They go there with the intent to buy something. So let’s go ahead and dive into the next comparison, which is customer service.

So let’s go ahead and dive into the next comparison, which is customer service. Now, with Absolut VA, you have to remember that Amazon already takes care of customer service and Amazon PA sells will be less hands-on with this aspect, which means it’s a way more passive way of producing income, at least on tail end of the model. Now, with private labeling, most of the work is done upfront once the products are shipped into the warehouse.

Amazon takes care of all the fulfillment work for you, including customer support like returns, and that makes it really passive drop. Shipping, on the other hand, requires that you check every day for the orders and that you fulfill them. It’S actually in really really manual process. Of course, you can also hire out the work to a VA once you’re successful, but in the beginning it’s going to be a manual process and it’s not going to be automated and with the drop shipping story, you might find yourself answering questions and emails chatting to Customers on live chat or even talking to customers on the phone just to get a sale.

You might ask to have to deal with refunds returns and that’s a tricky one, because where did the returns go to? If you don’t have a warehouse and complaints, because you’re the middleman between the supplier and the customer customer service is incredibly time consuming and it becomes a daily task that you either need to do or hire someone to do it for you with FBA Amazon, how it Handles most of this for you there might be.

You know the occasional message within Amazon which you should respond to, but you’re not spending your days talking to customers. One-On-One people can call Amazon directly and that’s an incredible part of the Amazon FBA experience. Now, let’s go ahead and dive into the next next comparison, which is quality control, and I think this is a major one that a lot of people don’t talk about. So if you think that Shopify sounds less risky, you have to know that there are so many physical parts of business, physical aspects of business, our can out of your hands, so you might have to commit to let’s say a high packaging quality, quick handling and shipping Time, stock and availability and the reality is with drop shipping.

A lot of these aspects are completely out of your control. You need to rely entirely on your dropship supplier and they’re, probably on the other side of the world, and have a different business culture from you. Unlike with Amazon FBA, you could hire inspection companies and they can make sure that you get a good product and it’s a physical thing that you touch okay, guys. So I’ve already discussed pros and cons.

Now, let’s go ahead and just talk about the benefits of both. Do these business models, one major benefit is both these online businesses are online right, and so that’s really massive. You don’t have to have a physical store, which is great. Both both are trusted models. Secondly, a lot of you that are reading this article, because you’re probably working full time job and it doesn’t give you the freedom or income and you want, and so both of these models give you an opportunity to earn so much more than you would imagine.

It’S great for supplemental income, whether it’s drop, shipping or Amazon FBA. You can have the flexibility to work, your own terms and be financially independent. This way, you can actually do so much more and have more fun things to do like traveling or enjoying more time with your family, and the reality is that both models can work from anywhere around the world, meaning that you can work location independent.

As long as you have an internet connection and a laptop, you can really run both businesses pretty easily from a computer. Another thing to consider is that both required sellers to hustle a lot in the early stages. It’S not an easy thing to do now. Sellers have to find a unique competitive and an advantage in order to stand out above the competition and generate substantial revenues, and the biggest advantage is that you don’t require a brick and mortar store for making your business.

So this makes this saves you from doing a lot of capital investment in the beginning of your business, which is really just tiresome and scary for any new entrepreneur all right. So now you should have all of the information that you need to know to get started on dropshipping or Amazon FBA. But let me ask you this: if you have a successful business, what would you do with your money now before I end in this article? Let me give you just a brief conclusion: remember dropshipping Sue’s people that are new to online business and small initial budget getting started, and it also benefits people who want to get exposed to a range of different areas of the e-commerce and digital marketing, which I shouldn’t Understand and if you’re new, you should expect to have a steep learning curve with Amazon FBA.

On the other hand, there are amazing opportunities to generate a massive amount of income with less work, but it might require a lot more initial investment to get started. Now, if you have a higher risk tolerance and have the budget to start with Amazon FBA, this might be great for you and it will provide you a massive opportunity to bridge seven and eight figures just like us, but just like any form in business.

Both Amazon, FBA and Shopify drop shipping requires a lot of hard work. Dedication determination to succeed so whether you’re selling via Shopify drop shipping or three Amazon FBA. The key is just do a lot of research and put a lot of effort. So that’s it guys. Thank you for reading and if you find this article helpful, then thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe, because we’ll have a lot more upcoming articles that will help you build a sustainable online business that you can use to create personal and financial freedom.

Good luck, guys! Bye for now and I’ll see you in the next article you

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$50/HR! Dollar Tree Retail Arbitrage Items! ANYONE CAN START!

Doing amazon FBA now that five hundred bucks a month, that’s also using Amazon, FBA, so read the first part of the article and the second parts going to make a lot more sense. Let’S get into it, okay into the dollar tree to buy some stuff to sell for money.

We got to get a cart, though, ideally one with two handles, because one handle ain’t going to work into the seasonal holiday section all that stuff. We don’t want at fourth July – that’s for next summer, but this stuff right here, mmm Thanksgiving, mashed, potatoes, harvest, Halloween owls. All this stuff, and so we’re going to scan this now and see what we can sell, because I bet you something’s worth money yup right, there foam fall, a corn making is 225 profit, but that is not including the the cost price.

Now here’s the feed breakdown. You can see very cheap and then put the $ 1 buy price in there. Our cost we’re still making a buck 25 per sale. This here ha more holiday stuff, a stick with with words on it: family friends, it’s worth some money but read out not a lot of going to sell, might be better on eBay, cuz of the keywords this one Day of the Dead, something in Spanish. I can’t say, but please please please let me know how it’s pronounced.

I think they’re awesome, look really cool, really nice, pretty high-quality for a dollar store, but sadly worth nothing. It doesn’t know, he’s the cool stuff. You got to scan everything, scan these Hot Wheels right here, except don’t scan the barcodes look up the name individually. The barcodes are not going to work you’re going to have to look up the item by its title. This one is the Hot Wheels Skullcrusher glow-in-the-dark diecast car, okay, we’re selling a few a month and it is profitable, but there’s only one worth it.

Yes, I think so and what I’m going to do beyond this is look for more of these skull. Crusher beasts, wheel, beasts or whatever they’re called do we have one yeah one more back there and I’m sure there are a lot more, but don’t just take my word for it. Look up everything like this: a baja Blazers, Oddie cuatro. It’S worth money, I’m not going to scan all the cars, because that might tank a lot of the listings.

But just on your own go to Kroger, go to Walmart, go to the dollar, store, go to Rite Aid and look up the Hot Wheels cars, because, if you’re buying for a dollar and so on for 10 bucks, the money – it’s not easy, it’s not hard! It is easy, it’s easy money. What am I saying? Let’S keep this train running folks back in the toy section, other side of the aisle – nothing good here, it’s all private label junk that anyone can make.

But what’s this in the corner, I spy down there hiding from me like an animal, you see, see blah blah blah one punch man, little bag toys there, little Clips for a backpack or whatever they are. This is a well known brand. I’M going to buy all of these and sell them around Christmas. I feel great about this because of the branding and the size and weight and it isn’t a Dollar Tree article without soap.

Now, why do I add soap? I’Ve had seven buddies about soap because look up this right here, dawn Platinum. I have tanked the listing a dozen times and it’s still coming back, it’s still profitable. You can still make a lot of money selling Dollar Tree soap, each of those little dips on that chart. That’S a sale, hundreds and hundreds of these a year you’re going to make some money after soap on two cereals.

Now my Dollar Tree. Not all of them have this: they have General Mills, overstock cereal. What’S the kicker! Well, when you scan these, you get a look up, not only the price but they’re going for it, but also flip it over and look at the barcode or look at the the top coat. I mean that’s the barcode see when it expires and this cereal. Ah well, it’s close now the rules Amazon is you want to have at least four months shelf life, hopefully six months, that’s what they recommend you doing these cereals.

If they only have two months to go, I would not send them in. I would do a babe because, generally with discontinued food items, you’re going to have an easier time, selling past expiration date, ones on eBay and at all dollar trees. Have these cereals, but remember that advice, because it is applicable to many many many different kinds of things you might buy. Okay, we got the items now back to my warehouse, where I’m going to tell you how to make money off these, how to prep them everything.

You want to know and then how to make seventy thousand dollars a year doing this. Okay, we’re back in the warehouse, and now I’m going to explain to you how to make that money. With these items now you got a Selma Amazon, so you’re going to list them you’re, going to prep them and you’re going to send them in listing them as simple they’re all new items, so you put a sticker over the back barcode.

If you’re saying, what do you mean by that, I have a article that goes through every single step and I have it below in the description so read that prepping for new items is very simple: they’re not going to break with the exception of. Maybe if we had bought that skull thing, so you just put them in a box, make sure they’re packed nicely and send it ups to Amazon. How much does that cost? Luckily, amazon has negotiated rates just for you that you can use if you are sending things to amazon you’re, going to pay about a quarter a pound.

If you have a fifty pound box, so you want to make sure the load is big, not a small load because obviously, as the loads get smaller. If it’s one item it’ll cost like five dollars, it was fifty items, it’ll cost. You know a quarter, an item. If you’re doing the quarter per pound – and that makes sense right and then amazon stores them, they keep them in their warehouse and they ship them out and do you pay shipping? No, the customer does that’s how Amazon Prime works.

Amazon. Prime sellers are most usually FBA. Sellers, and so what they’re saying is the reason we can get this product to you in one or two days is not because we have 10 million. You know UPS guys it’s because we have these items and we have these integrated supply chains, where it’s very easy for us to take this item from a big warehouse as Juliette Illinois put it on a UPS truck or our own amazon truck or a USPS truck, And get to you in two days: that’s why these items cost so much more, really, you’re, not the persons not paying you for soap.

I mean they are, but don’t look at it that way, they’re paying you to get them soap in one day where that is press the button and go you’re almost like a personal shopper in a sense don’t think of this as ripping someone off because you’re making A 600 percent ROI on your item, because that really doesn’t take into consideration how any store sells their items. No one is selling things at cost, everyone’s, adding their own value, some way with the allocation or convenience, or maybe it’s a rare item who knows these? Are all things that are used to provide value and that value is well? You see it.

Obviously, when you can sell things for more money, it’s because they’re worth more to that person, so think of it. That way, if you’re uncomfortable with aspects of capitalism, because well there’s a million reasons, you might have those opinions. But if you are don’t focus on the ROI, because those are just you know, kind of nebulous numbers that really have no meaning outside of comparing one cell to the other.

Think of it, as what am I doing that’s worth five dollars more than going into the store to buy it. There’S a lot of people out there. Who’D pay you five bucks go to the dollar store to buy them a soap, a lot of people. When you phrase it in the way of Amazon, FBA mailing it to them, suddenly they think it’s a big deal. So don’t don’t be like that? I think that’s probably as succinctly as I can put it.

You know watering it down, but that’s how this works. Now, how about that seventy thousand dollars? How do you do that? Using these things? Well, first of all, you’re not going to be buying dollar store items you’re going to see in the article. Even I didn’t scan all the items because I don’t want to ruin those listings, because sometimes a lot of people read these articles, so all those Hot Wheels cars, for example, go back and scan those beyond that, though, beyond dollar stores.

Because, very rarely are you going to have a dollar store item sell for more than ten bucks and ten dollar transactions. We, if you have a lot of them to get six thousand dollars a year, but what you should do is think of it. This way I want to make 70 grand a year – let’s say: 72 grand it’s easier. That way. That’S six thousand dollars a month right, six times, 12 is 72. So how do we do that? Well, we’re going to have to sell 60 products a month that make us a hundred bucks.

You know two hundred thirty, etc, etc. How do I do that? Will you begin scanning things where else, what places are like the Dollar Tree walmart is? Can you buy things at Walmart and Celt from our money? Yes, absolutely you can. I have articles on that thrift stores. Can you buy fifth store things used items and sell them on Amazon to make huge profits? Yes, you can. I have that, on my youtube, blog too, I have all these things that make me more than 70 grand a year.

Now I have a warehouse costs. I have all these other costs. That are my own fault, I’m not a great seller. I just can explain this to you in a way that I hope you can learn from this. What Amazon, FBA does is you’re, not storing things. You don’t have to be dumb like me, and I have a warehouse you’re not dealing with customer service because they handle that you just buy the items prep them and again.

I have articles on that below and mail them to Amazon using their heavily discounted rates. They store it, they ship it out and, yes, you are sometimes paying a 40 % fee which seems crazy to the uninformed. I guess, but when you look at it 40 % not to store items not to pay shipping on individual items not to deal with customer service, it tends to make sense that way. You know, of course, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but when you want to make 50 grand more year 70 grand more year, you have to think okay.

What are ways that I can just use existing systems like Amazon’s fulfillment network, to scale up my own personal business, and that’s how you do it. Thank you so much for reading hope the article was helpful. I have a lot more about Dollar Tree finds about thrift, store, finds about how to make money about how to control your future, and I want you to be hopeful about that, because, if you’re someone who feels dismayed at their current options, I want to help you Out I want to help you if you want to help yourself.

That’S the whole thing about this blog. I want to provide information, so people can go out there and take control their lives. If you like that, if you believe in that message, please subscribe. Tell your friends about this blog and I’ll see you guys later, and you know again, if you want to make some money, this is a great way to do it.

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Starting an Amazon FBA Business in 14 Days | Perfect if you’re in Stuck at Home

I want you to try and make the most out of being stuck at home at this present time and we’re going to dive right in, but before we do don’t forget to hit that subscribe. Button hit the bong education so that you know I bring out new articles, I’m making a little articles, print-on-demand articles, all different types of articles, every single day, so hit that bowl notification and let’s just get right into it.

So I’m going to use my trusty pen and tablet and I’m just going to time-lapse the drawing of it. I thought I’m going to start explaining what it all means. This is going to be our timeline. As you can see here, we’ve got day 1. All the way to day 14 and we’ve got research mode over here and we’ve got ready to launch over here. So that’s that aim. My I aim for the 14 days is to build something that we are ready to launch and now we’re going to draw a line.

Okay, I’m going to draw this line and you might think what does this light even mean, but I’m going to go through each individual day for you. So you know what you need to be doing on every single day. Right now, obviously you’re probably thinking he has just made that line up now. I have just made this line up. However, I’m going to explain to you now what you should be doing on each day, what I would be doing on each day to create an FBA business, and then this line will actually make a lot of sense.

So we’re going to move this out the way I’m going to start using the text tool and on day one okay, let’s go here, what we’re going to be doing on day, one well, there’s a few things to do on day. One and I’ve got my notes up over here, cuz, I don’t to miss anything out, but on day one you want to update the product spreadsheet and I’m going to show you what the price, but she actually looks like this – is what the product spreadsheet actually looks.

Like you’ve got the name, the average price, the average of use the average PS are the potential keywords that you can find. We use the tools on guru for this I’ll explain a bit about that later and whether or not it’s a needle one product, if it’s small and light the monthly sales and eventually you’ll put the supplier prices in there. But you don’t have to worry about the supply prices just yet.

So if you want create a Google sheets similar to this or creator on whatever program, you want like this to keep an updated file system of all the products you’re researching, because the worst thing is to research, a bunch of products and not keep track of all Their individual qualities and whether or not they’re going to be good okay, so research is going to take place from day one to day five, all right, that’s five full days of researching now I don’t mean doing it for seven or eight hours in a single day, Because you probably have other jobs, you probably work from home, doing other things, so just try and dedicate maybe two hours a day or one to two hours a day doing this research and they want to find what you want to do.

Is you want to you? Want to do a whole bunch of meetings you want to find a product with good enough demand. You want to find a product with not much competition. If this is a bit vague for people. Let me know in the comments I can make a more in-depth article on individual days, but this is more of an overall article of the entire 14 days. I want to go into it in too much detail because I wan na get to the point of each day.

Okay, you want to find out the pricing if it’s going to be profitable and you want to or I’ve written here you want to do some keyword, research, so keyword. Research basically just means finding particular keywords for one given product. So if your product, it’s an Apple iPhone case, you want to come up with a whole list of keywords for that product. Okay, so let’s just quickly recap that you want to update the spreadsheet, which is this thing? Okay, you want to fill in everything here.

So the average pricing just not going to go through it again, but you want to fill in everything in here and then you want to do a bit of keyword research on top of that. Okay, that’s day, one to day five, so I’m going to write keyword, research in here, okay, now, let’s do day six! Well, I read over day six so day. Six today eight is messaging suppliers. Okay – and you can see it’s it’s going up slightly because the more supplies you message, the further you are in ready to launch phase of this business.

Okay, so you want to pick you wan na start by picking three products from your list, so you can see here. I’Ve got, however many products. You want to pick three best products: okay and then you want to try and message twenty suppliers for each product. Okay, so that’s messaging sixty suppliers. What I recommend you do is use some sort of email template for each product that you can just copy and paste.

So, for example, we have a template where we say our name, we say we’re looking or interested in and then blank for that kind of product. So if it’s a, if it’s, let’s have a look on my list. If it’s a shower curtain, you’re right we’re interested in shower curtains, we’re wondering if you could do this and then have a different template for every niche urine. Okay. But if you’re messaging, twenty surprised about the same shower curtain, I just keep the same message and it allows you to email suppliers on a map in a much faster way.

We call it the shotgun approach, okay, so on Alibaba. Let me just quickly show you what you should look out for, and I know you’re probably thinking well. Can I actually message suppliers at this point is it like? Is anyone working well, yes and I’ll? Show you how I know that okay, so let’s just put in shower curtain for argument’s sake, okay and what you can do is: firstly, you want to click, create assurance and you want to click the verify supply.

Okay, so once you click both of those things, let’s just let that load what’s remaining the supplies remaining are the ones that you typically would want to get in contact with right now. The reason I know this is possible and supplies are actually working. It’S you see this little blue man over here, you just zoom in for you this this little guy right. This is the chat now feature. So if I click chat with me, it’s going to ask him to login, but my point being is: if they weren’t working there wouldn’t be.

That chat now feature right. So you can see it’s popped up over here and I can just start speaking to them now fold. This shotgun message approach where you actually email all of them. I would recommend clicking the contact supply because it’s a bit more professional than chatting chatting is more for when you, when you’ve really built that relationship with them and you’re you’ve got a dialog and you’re just talking, whereas the first first message you send them.

It should just be a normal email right, so you can click contact supplier. It will pop up over here. You would copy and paste the message whatever that is, and click send inquiries. It’S really that simple right and if you want only do it for suppliers that show that there this is blue, so that you know that online. Not everyone is going to have it blue at this point, so you can see these people is grayed out.

So you can see they’re not online. Let me exit this. I can show you zoom in you can see these people aren’t online, but these people are online okay. Now, because it’s 9:30 5:00 a.M. When I’m shooting this article you’re going to get a lot more people online because of the time okay, so bear in mind talking to China in the morning or talking China late at night, is when you’re going to get the largest Group of people online right that is day six day.

Eight, let’s go back okay, so let me type in message supplies right now. We want to day nine what’s happening day nine day. Nine is the fun bit Dana and it’s actually building your brand okay and at the end of this article, I’ll quickly recap everything so that you understand, but Daniel is building a brand. So the idea of selling on Amazon we want to start with private label. Our private label means you find a generic product and you stick to your own brand on it.

So this is a few different ways on Amazon: you’ve got arbitrage, wholesale use products and then privately, okay and private label, like I said, is basically you find anything anything generic like an iPhone case. You come up with a name right. You come up with a logo. You tell that name and logo to your supplier. You give them all the images that they may need. They put that logo on the product and that product is now a private label product with your own brand, on it okay so day, nine, I’m not giving you too many days first, because this is probably a three or four hour task.

You can do it in one day and that is come up with a name, a logo and some sort of message or idea for your brand. Okay, so, depending on what your product is, one of the three products come up with a name for it. When I say a message for your brand, what I mean is come up with the idea of why you want to sell that product so that when people look to buy it, they’re not just buying a faceless brand but they’re buying into someone’s idea.

Does that make sense right, let’s move on day ten. Let me just write here: build a brand and let’s go to date. Ten day, ten is a fun day date head is ordering a sample mmm. Now, if you’re worried that postal services aren’t going to be working now, you shouldn’t be because they are what they are are I am, and I don’t know anywhere where they have just stopped postal servicing or posting. I should say so.

You can still get a sample from China to the UK and you can actually get that on express delivery. So you should be able to get that within two to three days. Whenever we order a sample, we order a whole batch of samples from the suppliers catalog and then we bundle it with many suppliers. But I’m not going to confuse you with all of that, but basically what you want to do is you want to get a sample from a supplier, but maybe get a few different samples so that you only have to pay one shipping cost, because you all have To pay probably like $ 50 or $ 60, either not Express ship it to you, so you should get it in the next two days.

Okay, so that is what you’re going to do on day. 10 there’s a very easy day. It will take you maybe half an hour, and that is the attempt, take a break for the rest of the day. Okay, so order a sample day 11, what’s happening on day 11 day 11 to day 13 you’re going to do an in-depth keyword, research session you’re going to create your title, your bullet to the description, basically listing creation, so listing creation.

Okay, you can see how this is slowly going up into an arc. That makes a lot of sense in all in just the timeline of starting at Hamill on business. So this is what you want to do, so you want to do an in-depth keyword, research, and this is what I used on guru and I’ll quickly show you some gurus. So you know what I’m talking about, but this is what this is where I would use on guru for keywords in particular, because you’ve got the okay, so you can see what it does here.

I’Ve put in the product right, so these all different products, I’ve researched it takes like maybe 20 minutes for it to load because loading on a lot of keywords – and basically it will give you a whole list of keywords. But as well as the holistic keywords, it tells you the search volume, the amount of money they’re worth the the top 25 people using those keywords, the number of units being sold.

It’S just it’s incredible it. So I mean this. This, for me, is where I use this app the most or this tool, the most just because it is so ridiculously detailed in what I need for keyword, research and when it comes to Amazon. The most important thing is keyword, research that is what’s going to set. You apart anyone else, okay, so that’s when I’ll use on guru, which is just a brilliant app and again, if you want it, it will be in the description.

It is an affiliate offer because that’s how I get money from these articles there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s I think, $ 1 for the first month and then normal from then on. So you want to, like I said, creative title, creative bullets and create description, and then you want to get your UPC code, okay for some reason, I’ve written here. Ups ups, it’s not the right thing. You want to get a UPC code.

Okay and a UPC code is basically just a product identifier for Amazon. You need two types of codes, a UPC code and an FN SKU code. I don’t want to confuse you with both of them, but just know this one important thing: a UPC code is used on the back end of Amazon right and that’s it. It’S not used on any products or anything like that. You just put it in when you’re, creating a product listing and the F and SKU is the little code that goes on each individual’s product: packaging.

Okay, so that’s the important code well they’re, both important, but those are the different, mint major differences between those two codes. Alright, that’s day 11, today, 13. So, let’s write this down, but day 11 stay 13, we’ve already written it so listing creation. Okay, now day 14. This is the big day. Okay, this day is going to what this day is basically going to get you ready for launch okay day 14 is when samples should hopefully come right now.

This is only if they’ve done Express shipping and it’s been two days – shipping or maybe three days shipping. You might go into day 15. I can’t promise you’re going to get all of this done in 14 days, but this is the idea. This is the aim. It make it a challenge for yourself. These samples should come and you should decide based on the samples. If you wanted – or if you don’t want it, okay, so check the samples check the quality, see which one you like the best and then this is where it gets fun.

You’Re going to make your first order okay, so day 14 is when you actually make your first order, and that is when you’re pretty much ready to launch, because you’ve made your first order. Yes, we’re going to have to wait, maybe two or three weeks now for that order to be created and shipped to you. But in essence, you’ve created the entire business you’ve gone from keyword, research to messaging suppliers to building a brand to creating a product listing to ordering samples to actually ordering the product.

It’S amazing, but there’s one thing: you’ve missed out so far and that is creating photos for your listing because you quit the whole listing article to have photos. That’S when the samples come in okay, that’s where the samples are brilliant, because you can use the sample that you decide to go for as your product photos. Okay and then you can have a fully created listing by the time your product comes in from China.

In let’s say, 2 or 3 weeks time providing you do air shipping okay. So in my mind, that is pretty much all you need to really do now. What you’ll do is when you order from your supplier you’ll give them the logo that you’ve created you’re, given the brand name, anything you need to do, they will give that to them and a later date, you’ll give them any code or anything they need for product. Identifying or any shipping labels they need, and I’m not going to discuss that in this article, because it’s not important that’s two weeks down the line that would be a one month, quarantine article, we’re not doing that.

So let me just quickly recap: this entire article and yeah you’re going to have a very successful quarantine so day, one to five is research day. Six to eight its messaging suppliers day. Nine is building a brand day. Ten is ordering a sample. The eleventh day, 13 is listing creation and day 14. We just write it down is order your product and product photography for your sample. Okay, if you don’t do the profit talk for yourself, you can get someone on Fiverr to do it or you can hire someone to do it.

For example, I do pro photography, so you can always do that, but in my mind that is a successful quality and I hope that all made sense. I hope you liked that article. Let me know in the comments down below, if you’d like me, to create any other kind of articles like this, I’m thinking of doing a 14 day, quarantine for a print-on-demand business owner what they would do in 14 days. So let me know in the comments down below, if you want to see something like that and yeah, hopefully you’ll stay safe and enjoy this lockdown thanks.

So much for reading

A great product to sell in your Amazon storefront!

With a five star rating and the number of return customers. You can go wrong! Check them out on and watch the video below to learn about the guys behind Spunkstore LLC.


Online Marketing

How Much MONEY Do You NEED To Start An Amazon FBA Business 2020 (TRUTH REVEALED) | Mike Rosko

My name is Mike Roscoe and I help people start build and grow their own online retail businesses, also known as Amazon FBA wholesale, whether you’re, essentially selling big name-brand products, popular name-brand products, buying them at a lower cost and selling them at a higher price and profiting So what our big name brand products is simply products like Hasbro Mattel, Disney Microsoft, Sony Procter & Gamble, all those huge popular brands.

Now, in this article I’m going to be answering one of the most common questions, which is how much money do you need to start all right so before I answer that question, if you have yet to subscribe to my blog make sure to hit the subscribe button. If you have yet to sign up for my free course, it’s in the description below so make sure to sign up for that. So subscribe free course. Now how much money do you need to start selling popular name-brand products? Now this question is debatable and it depends on your patience level right now there you can potentially start with as little as $ 500, but I highly don’t recommend that, because once you start getting sent deals most of the time, those deals will be, they will cost Them more than that $ 500, but there are some distributors that that will sell you.

You know one box of this one box of this one box of this, so some distributors do not have an moq, a minimum order, quantity or a minimum order amount. But there are some distributors, wholesalers that require you purchase product. You place an order that is worth more, that costs more than $ 1,000 $ 2,000 $ 3,000 $ 5,000 $ 10,000. Some huge ones are even $ 25,000 right now, keep in mind, you can start with $ 500, but do you have the patience to not only find deals but to take that $ 500 in capital and grow it slowly because keep in mind if you find a Product, if you purchase a hundred units of whatever product it sells out, but it makes you 10 % ROI, that’s $ 50 profit in a month.

Most people see that at all. This is a complete waste of time right and that’s why I recommend you know based on just what I see with everybody. I’Ve worked with and people. I know that are in this business. I recommend like $ 5,000, is like perfect, because, because think about this, a lot of products sent will give you a 20 percent ROI 10 percent ROI. Now 10 % of $ 5,000 of a $ 5,000 deal is 500 Allah’s prophet a month.

That’S noticeable that $ 50 is not noticeable. Do you kind of see what I mean, but 20 percent of 5000 is $ 1,000 profit a month. If you could find normal stock a product, that’s replenishable, that’ll net, you $ 1,000 a month. That’S noticeable! That’S four figures! Right so just based off of basic human psychology, emotions right, I would recommend $ 5,000, but but but but you could definitely get away with $ 2,000 $ 3,000 or even $ 1,000 right, but, like I said, if you’re going to start with $ 500, do you Have the patience to slowly build up right, so if you purchase something for $ 500, make 10 % fifty bucks profit right in one month.

So now you’ll have $ 550, the second month to work with. Do you have the patience to slowly grow, or are you better off just doing retail arbitrage on eBay? Are you better off or just working two jobs and building that capital up fast and then starting and learning in that process? It’S all up to you! If you personally have the patience who can say wow, I just made $ 50 extra for the month. Okay, that’s fine! But from what I’ve seen from my experience, I will say you know emotionally a lot of people can’t take that right.

So, that’s why I like to recommend like five grand just because if you hit that four figures on your first month, your first product or two products, we brought us whatever. It is to get you to $ 1,000 profit a month or even $ 500 profit. In a month, that’s noticeable that pays the bills right. So that’s why I recommend that, but again, 1,000. 2,000. 3,000. 4,000. All that that’s fine, but it’s all to me.

It’S more personal preference! There’S going to be a lot of deals, you’re going to have to pass up on. If you don’t have the cap now keep in mind with this business, the more capital you have, the better, the more deals you can afford: more buying power. You have to negotiate. Okay, so I just want to make this quick article. I hope this answers everybody’s questions, because this is one of the most common questions I get asked, and you know it’s kind of its kind of tough telling somebody hey.

I have $ 500. How do I start? It’S kind of tough saying: oh, you know it’s going to be a little bit tough on you. You know, I would recommend you know getting a second job or flipping products on eBay or building some sort of side income and grow your capital. It’S tough. You know denying people I mean you can start with that 500. But you know it’s a little bit tough. You know I’m not going to sit there and say: Oh perfect start with $ 500, but you know just want to answer this question.

I know it’s a shorter article. I hope this answered your question and, if you have yet to sign up for my free course, no perfect time to sign up then right now and while you’re learning the information make sure you’re building your income, your initial investment for the business. Ok, so it’s not! It for that free course, it’s in the link in the description below. Ok, if you have yet to hit the subscribe button, if you like this article like it any questions or comments, put them in the comment section below so hope.

This answered your question. Thank you. So much for reading – and I hope to see you in the next article – have a productive day. Guys talk to you soon. What is up online retailers so short clip here, I’m going to be running giveaways and what I chose to do was on every single article. I want you guys to comment below and guess which professional athletes Jersey I am wearing in that article now remember only one player per comment now.

Why am I doing this? Because for those of you who know my story, I started way back. In the day I used to flip NFL NBA MLB jerseys at my friends that I was getting from China seldom in school, and then I used to sell them on eBay as well with my friend, and made a lot of money off the a lot of profits. So the reason why I’m doing that is because it kind of matches up with my story, so I wanted to give back run some giveaways, whether it’s giving you a free supplier, free, coaching, free course, access whatever it may be, I’m going to be running giveaways and For the person who guesses the most amount of players, most of our articles, we will be giving you a prize in return.

So again, whatever article you’re reading comment below guess, which professional athletes Jersey I am wearing and I have tons of jerseys so make sure to guess them, and hopefully you’re in this giveaway. So thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next article I get up is barely outside. I don’t always love the stores which ISA leading us. Love is all will ever trust through wastelands through the highways summer, shadow through sun rays and

A great product to sell in your Amazon storefront!

With a five star rating and the number of return customers. You can go wrong! Check them out on and watch the video below to learn about the guys behind Spunkstore LLC.