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How I Find Amazon FBA Products that CONSISTENTLY Make Me Over £10,000 PROFIT Every Month!

Some of this article is taken directly from our course, so it’s really really really good stuff. Definitely stay tuned for the whole article you’re going to absolutely love it, and – and yes, so literally, this is taking problem from the course, and I hope you enjoy it so before before we break get into the article.

Let’s just break down what 10,000 pounds in profit. Actually means how many items do you have to sell every single month? Well, let’s say that you are making 10 pounds profit per item – okay or you know, let’s say let’s say: you’re, making 15 pounds profit per item and you need to make ten thousand pounds. Profit right just divide that by 15 and you’ve got 666 sales every single month. Now, if we do 666 divided by 30, that’s 22 sells a day.

Now, if you have a look at these sales that just popped up on the screen, you’ll happy you’ll, see 22 sales a day is really really easy. As soon as you get going with the business from day, one 22 sales will be high, but as soon as you get into the business 22 sales day is nothing so, which means 666 is very achievable, which means 10,000 a month is very achievable. So, let’s just let’s get into the article, if you, if you have anything to say, leave a comment down below ask any questions.

If you have anything anything, you want to ask and don’t forget, to subscribe and like this article, but let’s get right into it. So first we have to know where to begin well, I’ve got my screen recording here, and I’ve got a few tabs open of all the different things we’re going to be needing, and I just want to quickly say. One thing which is quite important is, you might be thinking. Why don’t I just sell a product, that’s 30 pounds of profit, and then I don’t need as many well one thing to understand.

One thing, the one thing that’s very important is the higher profit. The item is going to be the more expensive it will be for you to source that product, which means the more money you’ll need to actually start this business. So if you’re profit per product is 30 pounds, which is will be amazing, it means you’ll need a lot more money to start up and buy the inventory. So I’m assuming you, don’t wan na spend more than maybe a thousand pounds for inventory just to get started and that’s what I’m basing this information around.

So what do we have to do? First? Well, first, we have to know how to find products and where to look and what the product criteria needs to be. So I’ve opened up this product database. Now this is on the AMC Scout website that product database tool. You don’t need to buy this, I’m not selling the product database tool here, however, I will be talking to you a bit later about the Chrome extension, because that’s actually the tool that we’re going to be using, but the pride database, I’m just showing you just so You can see what like what you need, what the criterias are.

So we’ve got the cat food. What category should be tick? Leave I’ve already checked a whole bunch of categories, and you can probably take health and household as well. You can tick. Okay, so that’s good! So you’ve got health and household Beauty, personal care, home and kitchen kitchen and dining office, products, patty, Loew and pacifiers, and sports and outdoors and then want to go for price. So remember: we wanted between 10 and 15 pounds profit that will enable us to get between 650 to 700 800 sales a month and that’s what we’ll need.

So, let’s say price would be 15 pounds. Okay, the price should be fit between 15 and 35 pounds. The rank has to be a maximum of two thousand, and I’m going to explain what these different elements are. Drooling the article, but the bestseller rank has to be maximum of two thousand otherwise. So, just not enough demand the estimated sales going to leave that going to leave the estimates, reviews sorry, this movie estimated revenue and the reviews we don’t have to be more than 350 reviews and the reason for this is because it just becomes way too competitive.

So the weight has to be about one pound, maybe I’m the 1 pound because we want, we don’t want it to cost a fortune for shipping and we don’t wan na get charged extra in Amazon. Now, that’s all that you really have to worry about in terms of product. You understand not oversized and Stata type. You only want to look at FBA, not people are not Amazon and not fulfilled by merchants. Okay and now what you could do with the participation is click apply and it will show you all different product ideas.

Now, I’m assuming you don’t want to spend money on the product database, so I’m going to show you how to actually come up with ideas yourself. Okay, so what we’re going to do is we’ve got Amazon here and I’m going to show you three different ways to come up with ideas. One of them is my favorite, but, like I didn’t think, I’d ever share this idea out of our course, but, like I said, some of this information is from our course, which is why I’m really really excited to make this article, because hopefully it will allow a Lot more people to get in and to sell it when I was on so next time with ID number one I don’t want is very basic.

It’s just having a look at the best sellers to to get some ideas. Well, obviously, you could look around where you are and just pick up some ideas, so I can see pens microphone pads. Well, I got a camera there, a whole bunch of different random things right. So that’s how you can just start getting a brain in the the frame right in the mindset of looking of thinking up product ideas. So let’s go to bestsellers and then remember the cat food.

You said so, let’s start with, let’s start with sports and outdoors, because that was one of the categories that we could potentially go into and let’s have a look at what we’ve got here, so we’ve got well. These numbers here is the rank. So remember we said under 2000 and I’m going to explain it in more detail soon, but just bear in mind. This has a rank of 2. So that’s brilliant! So we’ve got the stainless steel, water bottles.

That’s an idea, written down! We’ve got! This is all too cheap yoga mats written down, we’ve got more stainless steel, water bottles, bottles seem to be very. Very popular. We’ve got an ab roller, it’s a bit cheap, but we could probably sell a premium one for a bit more. We’ve got wrist support. It’s not bad. We’ve got compression socks. That starts at 8, 95 because up to 30 pounds, so I’ve got a foam roller.

We’ve got goggles 14 to 30 pounds, and it’s very, very good. So what this is showing us. This is just showing us different potential ideas of what we could sell, because if it’s shown up in top 100 is going to be a popular item, we want to sell popular items. However, we don’t want to sell popular items that have too many reviews and we’re going to see how it all like mold together very soon. So that’s one way of coming up with a list of product ideas.

Another way is to go to. We go back to it and Amazon bestsellers we’ve got most wished for now. I love that this most visual, because this is literally telling you what people want right. It’s not telling you what people are buying, but it’s telling what people want. So if we go to sports now to outdoor so most wish for we’ve got outdoor gloves, we’ve got the AB rollers we’ve got, we looks like a bench.

Bear that’s going to be too big. We’ve got the water bottle. We’ve got a lot of a lot of smartreades. We’ve got this thermal fleece. We have we’ve got tons of cool things right now. This is just one category. Once we go through all those different categories that we spoke about here, we’ve got home and kitchen kitchen dining read me: go through all of those categories we should be. We should have quite a large list, maybe 30 to 50 items.

Now, yes, as soon as we start looking into those items in the way that I’m going to show you and they’re going to obviously start looking like they’re a bit rubbish and we’ll start whittling. That list out, which is fine, that’s very normal, but I did say I will show you three ways so the third way – and this is going to sound, really stupid, but the third way is literally typing in by a letter at a time on your keyboard.

So you can type in like F and then you can start seeing what comes up and the things that come up in the search over here are obviously going to be the most popular items because they are the most searched for so you’ve got a foam roller. Okay, first aid kit before has that that sounds cool. Let’s put an R in there and we’ve got fridge thermometer, friendship, here’s fridge, magnets, FriXion pens, fruit, bowls frying pans.

Let’s just change up a bit: let’s go L, there’s a lot of interesting stuff, but we’ve got L, let’s put an R after that, mmm r doesn’t come off the L. What am I thinking? Let’s put an a after that we’ve got lavender essential oil laptop bag. That could be a potential laundry basket. Laptop Stan laminator lanyard lava lamp laundry bags. So in my mind this is the best way to look for products as duty.

We’ve got 12 roll. Let’s do TR, you know as a good one travel, pillow travel, mug tripod. There’s a lot of travel stuff, so in my mind, this is one of the best ways to look for products just because they’re so random, and that is what sells on Amazon the most random things. Whenever I tell anyone what our product is that they literally say to me how the hell did you come up with that idea that it’s the most rounded thing ever and I let you just said it’s, because I did the research and it doesn’t matter how random A product is if it shows potential that it can sell.

Then it doesn’t matter if you’re selling – I don’t know a lipstick holder, a wallet. I don’t know the the tips of the the pencil it’s just most does matter. It can be random, so it literally can be as random as you want now just to quickly show you if you do want to find the best sellers by just searching. You can do a minus sign and have a whole bunch of random letters. I then click enter and this will bring up all the best sellers.

Okay, when my internet loads, that is, I don’t, have the best internet. I probably should write so you can see it shows all the bestseller to bestseller bestseller bestseller. Now again, you know the reason selling any of these Amazon stuff, but the reason why this is so cool is because not only can you choose the departments you want to see the best sellers in you can choose the reviews and you can choose well, you used To be able to choose the price and then when correctly, but they don’t seem to do that anymore.

So no, you can’t choose to price anymore unless I’m missing something. So that is one quick way of just looking at what all the bestsellers are, which I kind of like. However, let’s go back to the idea of just random letters. Okay, so let’s do TX! I like travel pillow. Now, once you once, you’ve got your whole list of 50 products, you have to start whittling them down, and this is where we’re going to use the Ames.

You Scout Chrome, extension, okay, and that’s this little tab over here and when you click that this thing pops up and it gives you all of this information, it shows you the overall score. The profit demand competition, let’s exit out of that you’ve got all of this information now. This is probably looking really really confusing to you, especially if you’ve never sold on Amazon. Before, however, I’m going to explain to you the only important things you need to get yourself glowing and then we are going to whittle this product down, see if it’s very serious any good, we might even go and look at it on some websites, the sorts try And source it, but we’re probably not because this is just about finding products that can make you ten thousand a month.

Okay. So let’s just wait for this to load and once it’s finished loading I will go into it with into detail with you. It’s not a lot of information, as you can see, there’s probably why it takes mmm a minute or two to load, because it’s just loading so much information. Okay, so these are all the different. This is all the information you could possibly need, and now the reason we use a tool is because, without using a tool, what we’d have to do is about X out of this, what we’d have to do it we’d have to open each individual products on a New tab open link in new tab, open link in new tab and do that over and over again scroll wait for it to load.

Obviously, each time now you might have better internet than me, but what you’d have to do? Is you have to scroll down? You’d? Have to look at the BSR, so we can see the BS ours of it is over here 867 and we would look at the whole listing and it will just it just really really time-consuming. However, when we click the mg, scalp Chrome extension, it gives us all the information of all the products in one in one group like it’s just so much easy to look at so now.

What are we? What are we looking for here? Well, we are looking for some some of these products to tick the right boxes. Now we tend to look at the top 20 product, so here we can see. The results here are 32 results. Okay, we want at least 10 of those product to fit in our criteria and about 20 of them to not necessarily fit in the criteria, but to have an element of the criteria and remember what I said: the criteria was: the criteria was a sales price of 15 to 35 pounds the BSR to be under 2,000 and the reviews to be under 350.

Okay, that’s our main criteria. Now we could go deeper and look at estimated revenue and and and the average rating of the reviews, because if it’s all low rating, you could probably get in there with a higher rating and beat out your competition. Also, you can look at the seller so FBA, or is it Amazon? If there’s too many Amazon’s, then avoid it? This one you can see, there’s only. I can only see three Amazon’s and everyone else is FBA, which is brilliant.

That’s exactly what we want. Okay, so remember rank price and number of reviews. Now we can also go a bit deeper. Once we’ve whittled down all the products to those to those criterias, we can go even deeper and look at the FBA fees. We can like this tool, shows you everything right. So we click on this. We can see their exact FBA fee. You can see how much they’re paying for monthly storage. How much they’re picking pack fears how much there are fears.

It really shows you everything. It shows you their net margin, which is 52 %. Now you have to put that product cost in so let’s say the product cost one pound. Fifty ten net margin goes down to 30 % because they’re only telling it for 695. However, if they sold it for 1495, like we would, their net margin goes up to 59 %. Okay and their estimated monthly profit is nine thousand two hundred and forty-eight.

That is just under what we’re looking for with ten thousand okay. So let’s have a look at this tool and see now I’ve loaded a lot of a lot of products – I’m loaded 55 here which is wide still loading because I click the next 20. But let’s have a look so you’ve got the number one. Pillow has a rank of 56. Then you’ve got this amazonbasics one of ridiculous rank. That’s an anomaly! I would ignore that you’ve got a rank of 8.

6. 7. 3. 5. 3. 3. 3. 661. 844. Basically, you’ve got a cell at 1, 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 17. Products. I can just see just from this first view that have a PSR of under 2000. That is insane that shows a ridiculous demand and of those 17 you’ve got a whole handful of them under 500. So that shows a ridiculous ridiculous amount of demand and if there’s a demand for product, then you need to provide more product to them so that you can get sales right, supply and demand.

It’s just that’s basic business right right there. So the next thing we want to look at is the price, so we’ve got a whole variety of prices. We’ve got twenty five, sixteen twelve twenty, seventeen fifteen fifteen thirty! Sixteen sixteen! So the price here is also spot-on. This is excellent in terms of price. The only thing that this concerns me is, it might wave over a pound, but because it’s a pillow and it can’t be folded up and then blown up because usually they’re blown up.

I don’t see why I should win more than a panic and probably pack into a very, very small container as well to save you money on shipping, so the rank has tick box. The price ticks the box as well. Now, the next thing we have to look at that the number of reviews so remember what we said. We want about 10 to 20 that have under 350 reviews. However, you have to remember this is not an exact science.

This is adaptable if some products have high reviews and some have low BSR and there’s not if it doesn’t take the which is completely across the board, look into it a bit deeper right and see. Okay, there’s the reviews are a bit higher than I want, but the the demand is so so good that it makes up for the high number of reviews. So that’s really what you can do. So, let’s just let’s just take a look at these reviews.

We’ve got um well, the first one has one thousand two hundred and ten, so they’re, pretty solid, being the number one spot. But again we don’t have to be the number one spot. We can be the number two spot and I mean look at the third person. They have 42 reviews which is so easy to get, and they are the number three spot. That’s insane, then you’ve got 247 reviews. Yes, that’s got nearly four and a half thousand you’ve got 123 three, two five, four, twelve, twenty nine.

Ninety five. So this was full and it’s on the first page, 45 zero. So in my mind, yes, there are quite a few like this has 1210 4300 for 112, seven, oh seven, five, nine! Six! There is definitely a few that have over 350, however, the large majority of them have under 350, which which is really really good. So I wouldn’t say: that’s like a full tick box. I’ll say: that’s like half a tick box because mmm it’s it will be, the competition is there, but because there’s so much demand it.

It looks doable. Okay and now, please just remember I mean you, don’t have to believe me here, but I’ve literally. This is all on the spot here, like I didn’t, do any pre looking at products to see if I can find a good product cuz, that’s a bit fake, this literally the first product I’m looking up – and this is what I’m getting if this doesn’t prove that There is still room for you to sell on Amazon, then I don’t know what else there is because, like I said you don’t have to believe me, that’s completely fine, but this is legit legit, the on the spot, research right here and I’m already finding a ridiculously Good product, so I’m not even short going to post this article live because I might want to do this product.

No, no, I’m going to do it. Cuz! It’s really cool! It’s really cool that. I found this okay, so let’s get back into it, so you’ve got so. The reviews seem pretty good as well. Now I know that their summer views are quite high. However, if we go to the actual individual ratings of the reviews – and this is going into it – a bit deeper here now – because we really are going to go lightly deeper, because this doesn’t like a good product.

But we still have to try and see where it could go wrong, because when we sell on Amazon we really really want to make sure it’s a just. It’s going to be up when we want to it like ensure it’s going to be a winner. So the only thing concerning me in the reviews at the moment, however, if we look at the rating at four point, one four, four point: four four point: four four point: four four point: five there’s not very many five-star products out there right.

You’ve got four point, seven and four point seven. I think it’s four point. Seven: six to average out five stars. You’ve got a four point: seven again that that’s one five star here, but there’s not very many five star products, which means that’s room for you, two to get into the market with a high quality item and just keep reviews up, get good reviews. Now we could, we could look at the estimated revenue, but I hate doing this because I don’t think any company can get the estimated revenue now saying that I’ve used a variety of different tools.

I’m not going to name names. I don’t like shaming, but I’ve used a variety of tools and what I tend to do is I tend to look at our revenue search for the power product and look at what they claim our revenue to be, because, obviously I know exactly what our revenue is Going to be so, I can see how close they are and based on all the different tools I’ve used. I found that AMD Scout and helium 10 are the two closest ones: MZ scouts just a tad just I I think MZ Scout get it a slightly bit more and I know you’re, probably saying yeah but you’re selling a new Scout as an affiliate, but I’m selling All of them as an affiliate jungle Scout helium, 10 energy Scouts, it’s just another source of income.

So whatever I promote anything or whenever I talk about anything, I’m going to be an affiliate like. If I’m talking about my credit card – and I have a link in the description, it all most likely be an affiliate link, that’s just what everyone on YouTube does right, disclaimer, all that so, but in I personally think that the MZ scout does get it very. Very very close to where you are actually making, but so, if we wanted to, we could look at the estimated revenue this guy says, making fifty thousand eight thousand seven thousand.

Twenty-One thousand eight thousand thirteen thousand seventy night. We could look at that, but I wouldn’t focus on that, like I said, focus on the rank, the price, the reviews and if you worked a little bit deeper, the actual ratings of the reviews. Now I was going to look at more price after this, but I’ve seen found a ridiculously good product, so I am pretty pretty content with that. I’m going to show you two more things to determine whether or not the product could be.

It is room for you in the market. Okay, now again, I wasn’t planning on showing you these two things until about ten seconds ago, but I’m going to show them to you anyway. So what we can do is we can open up three or four. Maybe five of the products and we can go through them and we can look at their listings and see how good their listings have been made. Okay, if all the listings are made incredibly well, it’s going to be harder for us to be unique and compete right.

If everyone is selling the like, it’s just that’s just common sense. If everyone has amazing copy and amazing images, what are we going to do to stand out? We can’t stand out with amazing copying amazing images, because everyone already has that, so you have to think of something else now, if we have a look at some of these products. Yes, these images are brilliant and that’s actually a really cool pillow, but yeah.

So images, a great title is poor. Really poor bullets are really really poor. Description is non-existent. I can’t even find the description. Oh no! No I’m sorry! This is a description. Okay, it’s actually quite good. You can only get this kind of description if you feel like a special partner with Amazon, but won’t worry about that now. It’s not important, but let’s look at another one, great images as well, but quite sure that thing is really looks.

Uncomfortable push the button to inflate. Oh okay, cool right: it’s got a pretty good title. Lots of keywords here: mm bullets are basic they’re, a bit rubbish. To be honest, the description is so you’ve got this from the manufacturer, but the actual description, it’s okay. I’ve got some balls here, got some benefits, it’s okay, it could be better. So that’s another thing we would look at is actually the individual product.

Now the final thing we’d look at, and I mean because I thought I showed you. These are all the pages. I was going to have open to show you, but this is completely new. I just decided to do this. We’re going to look at the Google Keyword planner, because one thing people don’t do, is they don’t really? They don’t really focus on many keywords. They will focus on one keyword and try and get to number one for that now.

The way you are going to stand out is you are going to focus on 50 keywords. Yes, you heard that right, 50 keywords. Let’s just here, we go you’re going to focus on 50 50, 50, 50 you’re going to focus on 50 keywords and the reason you’re going to do. This is because, if you’re getting 20 cells from one keyword like people who focus on one keyword will be getting. You focus on 50 keywords, even though the keywords are longtail.

So when I say longtail I mean the main keyword will be travel pillow, but a longtail keyword will be gray, travel, pillow or soft travel, pillow or travel pillow for airlines, a travel pillow for trains. These are just things I’ve made up in my head, but they’ll get a lot fewer searches. However, all of them combined will give you those extra sales which will boost your main keywords up and allowing you to hit our goal of 600 to 800 sales a month, which is what we want to get to 10,000, because that is game it to get to 10,000 profit every single month, so what we would do is we click finding new keywords: we’d enter the main one which is travel, pillow and we’d get started now.

This will also allow us to see some demand. Okay, so not only does it give us more examples. Neck pillow travel, neck, pillow, best travel, pillow, air pay, pillow is giving us so many different keyword, ideas. Okay, so that’s just one benefit of using the Google Keyword tool which, by the way, is totally free, and it’s also telling us how good those keywords are. So travel pillow gets ten to a hundred thousand searches a month.

That is oh, my gosh. That’s amazing. That is so so good right then you’ve got these are one to ten thousand one hundred to one thousand, not so good, but again all of those added up it becomes. It becomes very. Very good. You’ve got a lot of one thousand to ten thousand okay. You can also sort by average monthly searches if you’ve got ten thousand to a hundred thousand memory. Foam pillow. Ten thousand two hundred thousand as well and you’ve got 1,000 10,000 a few of those and then a lot of a hundred to one thousands.

You could go for a hundred keywords if you want don’t have to go to fifty, and but that is the final way which I’m going to tell you about in terms of looking for a product. Now there are lots more ways. I’ve spoken about five of the criterias in our course we go over thirteen criterias because, like I said, we do not, under any circumstances want to go into a product if it is not going to be a winner, we’ve had failed products, which is why we come Out with this this, this way of researching this way of having all these different criterias, because when we, when we bring a product to market, we need to know it’s going to succeed.

That’s just the way we like to work. So in our course we’ll have all of those criterias, but again I’m not going to worry about that now. This is just this is just product research. So, let’s, let’s move on during the during this whole article, I’ve used something called the AMG Scout Chrome extension, which I told you about which shows up over here. Now. If you would like to buy that the link will be the first link in the description and it will take you to a page that looks like this.

Okay, you can pay with Visa, MasterCard or PayPal, and then this sounds like a bit of an ad here, but this is the way like I will get a small percentage of this very small percentage of this, and that is basically the way I would make money From it now, you may be thinking, I’m only like I’m only saying good things about this tool because I’m promoting it, but that isn’t really the case, because I use this tool every single day and if you’ve readed any of my prior articles.

If you’ve readed me at all on YouTube, you’ll know I’m quite genuine and I’m quite open about everything I do and I’m not just trying to get money out of you guys. I actually genuinely want you to succeed, which is why we have all these different. We have our students in our course. We have all these different free mentorship programs for them, which help them pretty much succeed as much they can.

I spend most of my time now responding to emails. Responding to Facebook messages. Doing live, Q & A is doing more webinars. So if I really wanted to just aimlessly, go out there and sell you stuff to make Commission, I probably wouldn’t do it this way. So if you are interested in doing it, it would help me out. It would would make this whole YouTube game. This whole creating articles every single day, just a lot more worth it for me, because it actually pays me to do it.

So the first thing in the description will take you to that page where you can purchase it now. On top of that, because I like to like, I said I don’t just want you to buy it and then that’s it, I’m going to leave you there with this article and the tool and see if you can succeed, I want to help you a bit and Now I did tell you, we have a course, but I’m not going to promote our course right now.

What I will say is when you sign up with our link for MZ scout. We have our own bonuses. We like to. We like to incentivize you signing up soon, not just so that we are getting a bit of commission from you signing up, but we actually want to make that Commission. We actually want to have worked for that Commission a bit. So, whenever anyone signs up, they will send an email to our email address called a zone.

You need help at gmail.Com and they’ll get a series of bonuses, and I want to tell you what those bonuses are because I like I said I want to really give you as much value as possible if you actually bought through our link right. So the first bonus is prime product winners, and this was made by me and my brother Josh, who actually made the course is in University, and this is a breakdown series for how to find a winning product.

It shows you profitable product research, in-depth PDF guides and then we’ve got the bonus too, and this is very, very cool. This is the AMG Scout on this program. Now, if you have a look like, I told you with AMG Scout, there’s a lot of information there to digest to understand, and we know that and we’ve had people confused. So what we like to do is offer this ng scalp honors program, which is exclusive training, which is literally only only for students of Asian University and for people now who, by AMG Scout through our link button.

Article they’ve got article 1, which is showing you how to use it. Article 2 is a breakdown of all the data, and article 3 is literally diving in deep to find the right product, and all of this is free with ng Scout. So if you didn’t want to buy an mg scout, just note, all you have to do is send us an email with the confirmation email that you get from them in the receipt where it says the amount, and I will forward you all of these bonuses, like I said I literally I want you to get that 10,000 a month on Amazon it doesn’t affect me to for you not to.

It would make me feel a lot better if you actually did do it and did succeed, which is why I’m doing this was why I’m giving you these free bonuses with the tool. So that is pretty much it for this article. I could to recap what we did is we went over the different ways to find a product. We went over the criteria for a product which is going to be the rank, the price there. What does it say, the reviews all of that stuff? And you can see that all here we went through how to find a product which is the the wishlist method, the top-100 method, the best seller method, which is like searching around and numbers random letters.

I mean and the keyboard random, letting method which again, like I said, is my favorite. We also went over some bonus criterias, which is like using the keyword tool to find 50 different keywords and actually looking deep into the product to see how well other people have actually created their listings to see if there’s room for us to grow. But that is it for this very, very long article. If you have stayed the entire way, then Alexis.

Thank you so much. I really really appreciate it and if you have any questions whatsoever, leave a comment down below. I am in the process of starting some sort of Instagram where you can post questions and I will do live Q & A s and based on the questions I get on Instagram. But if you have maybe more personal, in-depth questions or just questions about our course or taking or buying energy scout, then you can also email me.

It is on University at gmail.Com, but again don’t get the two emails mixed up. If you want to send the receipt to receive the bonuses that goes to Azon, you need help at gmail.Com, because that email is reserved just for people who buy the AMC, scouts. Chrome extension. So I like that this is it for this article. Thank you so so much for reading, and hopefully I will see you in next week’s article, maybe anyway see you there guys


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Schoolers. I come on here to talk to you. I want to know how I can help you guys make money online. I gave you the tools I gave it the tricks. I gave me the secrets I gave you covers. I gave you a book examples. I don’t know what else I can do. I gave you a book examples. I don’t know what else I can do.

I gave you all the tools I gave you all the tricks. I gave you all the secrets: I’m write down everything you need to know. I’m sitting in my basement in my workout gym and my kids play studio. It’s a triple. It’s a triple decker and I’m coming on the ears to check in to see how you guys are doing with the school now if you haven’t got into school, yet we’re going to need to do that link. Should you haven’t got into school, yet we’re going to need to do that.

Link should be in the description, but if it’s not you go to Travis, Ericom click, passive income or Travis Ericom, slash passive income sign up, it’s free, yes, Jen get on and get on. The recent articles Jen there’s no excuses out here. This is dumb teaching internet marketing, I’m teaching all the tricks. I know this game in a deep level. I’m also teaching you how to avoid the pitfalls. The truth, the tricks other people are using on you, okay Labs is here we hanging out moms at the coffee shop she’s getting after it welcome Jen good to have you in the live chat.

Jen. Let me know I know you’re running your own businesses you’re doing a little coaching stuff. Let me know if you got questions on what your next steps are and I’ll see. If I can help you out and then in the we have a discord group, it’s a thousand to a thousand group, I’m trying to help a thousand people get to a thousand dollars in my and passive income. That’s why I’m going live to see. If I can answer some questions yesterday, I did a how to start article.

I think it covered a lot of my philosophy, a lot of where I’m at a lot of how to start how to start making money online starting from scratch, starting from zero. What you want to look for in your business? So thank you, Jan what you want to look for like what is it? What does it mean to be a passive income or freedom business as we call it all the birds coming jeonhwa? We have the thousand to a thousand group.

I love the energy that’s going on. In there we have producer visuals sound to just started, giving everybody some more music. That’s Marie welcome! Yes, thank you for showing out the guide grandpa’s here with the cats playing so Tom good time go to the guide. The group is on discord. The link should be in the description if it didn’t make it in the description of this article and check out one of my other articles, descriptions thousand to a thousand group.

The discord it’s hot in there we’re getting along in there we’re helping each other get off the ground on YouTube, we’re helping each other optimize all of our stuff and get views and get subscribers. We’re subscribing to each other’s blogs. We’re hacking the game, and then we got people, that’s like helping each other with their skills. You know whatever they’re good at so visual sound just came in and gave me some new music for my a article which is coming out tomorrow at 5 a.

M. I think you guys are going to dig it it’s the best one. Yet I also have a patreon link in the description. If you go in there and click follow. Follow me on patreon. Follow me on patreon, hey bird okay, we’re looking now now we’re looking so follow me on patreon, and I just I just posted our early release article that I have tomorrow. Now it’s getting more difficult, oh sweet! Look at this sweet baby down here: hey you been drinking baby, so these are the things you need to do.

You got to get the guide. I have everything in there. So then, when I go live, if you guys have questions, I want you guys building stuff. That’s um number one. Everybody should be building something and now like Jen, I know you already got some stuff built, we’re going to teach you how to optimize we’re going to help you get traffic, we’re going to help you hit different blogs. I just got some merch.

If you guys check my Instagram, it’s travis underscore Eric. I put up my merch, or we just got our first sweatshirt back, I’m starting to order them from a bunch of different places so that we can make sure the quality is good. So make sure the print is good so that we make sure Haley likes them, cuz Haley’s, very particular, about her aesthetic. She helps me a lot with that. Yeah we got merch, I’m running all my traffic to my merch store.

I got. I went from two views a day to four to seven. Yesterday I haven’t checked today, but I’m hoping to get some consistent sales on the merch and then that’s an Amazon merch and we’re also doing tea spring. And then we got it’s called red something red bubble, plate these little cats yeah, I’m not seeing any questions so I’ll. Just keep on around man. That’s Marie how’s, the learning going bird then what’s going to take lifetimes, but I’m going to do the best.

I can get in there and get that passive income guy, because right there is where I’m trying to break down the easiest way. I have the how to start guide, which just does like dudes the easiest way to start. You pick your niche make sure it’s aligned with you. I have a little bit different philosophy than a lot of people that are teaching maybe make money online stuff one because I feel like I have integrity and a lot of people probably takes real work to get to a place where you don’t just put money.

First right, so I want to help you guys out. I want to care, no one just lead you down traps or okay. These kids are Anna brown check out the description. The guide should be in the description. Phoenix it’s at tribes, Ericom, slash, passive income lives come on. Oh we’re, going to chaos, we’re getting kids chaos to ask the kids, so um yeah, i’m going to try to go live! That’s what i’m doing right here! I’m just going to try to go live! I’m continually updating that guide, so you sign up for that.

It’s absolutely free. Can you please give me a quick rundown on youtube works with income melissa? I think you mean like how do you make money on YouTube? Basically, it’s from the ads, but also you can monetize the traffic that you have coming in. So the more views you get, the more read time you get and the more people were coming to your blog and then YouTube promotes your articles and then they run ads on the front.

So you make money from those ads there’s other ways, but that’s basically how you start now. If you have deeper questions on how to start your own YouTube blog, that’s where you want to get the guide, I actually have where you wan na do lips. I actually have cover templates. How do you do ads? You click a little button. I mean if you have a blog right now and you you have to be able to monetize it and that’s going to take.

You have to get up your first thousand subscribers. Sorry about the roof, you know I mean, there’s no good views down here guys. So I’m sorry about the background, but you have to get a thousand subscribers and then you have to have like 12,000 hours or twelve. I don’t remember the number it’s in the guide, but you have to basically get enough people to your stuff where YouTube says that you’re eligible for monetization and that’s a new thing when I started you can monetize right away.

But I think that led to some Haxorus like so I won’t get too far into that, but you just monetize your article and then YouTube. Does everything for you? So it’s passive income and then with YouTube is great because you can schedule your articles out. So for me I got a process where I could make like 30 articles in one day and then I could schedule them out daily. So I could work for like two or three days a month and then I get three articles coming out a day for a whole month and now I don’t have to do nothing but hang out with the kids and learn about conspiracies on YouTube.

Do a lot of that? You know I like to wonder and wander so yeah if you guys want to smash like and make sure you subscribe, the blog I’m going to go deep dude, and I also I’m been excited lately because I started getting back into making more Abraham articles. You guys will notice I’ve been putting a lot of time into the music mixes like I’m trying to put dult beats behind Abraham good stuff. I haven’t seen out there right now.

It’s all meditation stuff, it’s all piano, music and stuff. So I’m trying to make it fire, you know I’m trying to make it fly, I’m trying to spruce it up a little bit. I’m trying to make a cool again Sun, bring it to the lower generations lower by lowering age younger. Okay, you can use the word younger, partying, so tough sweet. Do you have to get permission from Abe to do that? You don’t have to get permission from a no and the people that are running a bright now, basically, are pretty hands-off they’re trying not to talk to anybody.

It seems like I have emailed them. I have called them they ain’t getting back to me. So got ta wing it, so I’m just winging it a little bit, but there’s a lot of so Abe because it’s freely available, you have to keep your Clips under 15 minutes or they’ll shut, your blog down. It’ll shut your articles down rather, and you get three copyright strikes, and then you get your blog shut down, but there are some rules that go with it, but because it’s freely available, you’ve got to be, you got to be good, got ta, make a good blog Or you’re going to get lost in the sea of a blogs and now that’s what we’re doing with the group, though we’re helping people get off the ground.

So, even if you are in a high competition area abraham-hicks, which isn’t that high competition, it’s not impossible, we’re going to give you ways to stand out among the other blogs, and I mean I’m giving you my templates that I use you can change those how you Want and then we got a bunch of people in the group making AV annals and then we got stuff like sul fire academy. I have affiliate links for that.

I’m going to continue making that school better or that Academy better. Maybe – and I got a hypnosis DVDs to add to that – what’s up little baby lambs, you need hang out with me. I just took one to the forehead with a hockey stick. What’s that Batman, so I’m trying to just get back into the groove of going live again, making articles with me talking so genoise if you’re just going to do you talking that’s great but you’re, going to have to find some way to show me I’ll come with You you got a baby over.

There read her you’re walking, so you need to find a way to ride keywords. So you want to be doing topics that are D. You want to be hitting keywords, so you’re not just like talking to do talking, because then nobody’s going to see you because, like Libby because uh I wanted to see a competition. So you want to do niche keywords, and I talked about this stuff. In my other articles, but that’s why abraham-hicks articles are good because Abe gets.

You know: 100 200 thousand searches a month, so you put Abraham in that stream and then find a way to differentiate it. Whether it’s like no ads no ads during is one one. Abers thing is they’re doing no ads during which, like what all the articles are, basically anyway, the except for the really crappy ones, but Melissa, yeah tarot card readings could be cool. I would just say to get your traction where you’re known for the Tarot you’re going to want to try to do like different teachings on like what the cards mean and then off-topic well.

Thank you. I know we have a Sony a six day, seven-night Oney. I can’t think of the numbers right now: it’s weird a 7, a 7 3 a 7, the new one that came out. It’s nice, it’s a nice camera, my wife isn’t very good. I just she’s very talented and it’s so fun to read her grow into this, but yeah. She takes all the pictures using a stand or using me as a stand, and how do I add those keywords, I’m sure that’s your guide, yeah going the guide in the guide.

I teach you how to optimize every single section of the YouTube blog give you a little entertainment while we’re reading. So that goes from the icon to the keywords, and then we have links for like vid IQ, which is a tool that you can use to make your blog better and then see what keywords other people are using and then I have in the skill section. I have like keyword, research or even in how to start there’s a keyword, research section so I’ll give you different keyword tools like Google Keyword, tool or there’s like a SEM Rush.

One and I’ll give you all those in the guide. Again, the guide is Travis Ericom slash passive income. It’s free! It’s going to give you access to everything that I’ve been making for this school and I’m giving that to you guys for free. I just want to get it. My goal is: get a thousand people to $ 1,000 a month in passive income and then maybe we’ll know sky’s the limit. But if I can put that group together, it’s going to be very valuable and right now we had that discord.

This is where everybody’s hanging out, who is building something actively, and that is where we’re helping each other with our blogs, we’re helping each other with our instagrams we’re helping each other with. I don’t know we have SoundCloud. We have like people doing everything, so I just started getting into merch a lot harder. If you look at my Instagram, which is Travis, underscore Eric lives, where’d you go you’ll see.

If you look at my story today, I got a picture of the new sweatshirts that we got in. We got a new sweatshirt in and we got a new just a shirt shirt in and then I’m I’m driving a lot of aide traffic to that, and I don’t know it’s making it work. You know thanks Anna you’re awesome, Anna, yes, so Melissa. I wanted to say for tarot card readings. I would find a way to build a bunch of content around Tarot itself like.

Why is it important? What’s the history of it and then don’t just guess: guy use keyword, research to guide the topic of your articles that basically goes for any company that you’re trying to create any way you’re trying to get off the ground online. It all starts with this keyword. Research to figure out what people are already looking for, so that you’re not just talking about wallpaper when nobody cares about wallpaper but, for example, Tara, you want you know we’re not going to rank for Tarot if you’re, if you’re just starting out.

So you want to find something like the history of Tarot or the history of Babylonian Tarot. You know how you kind of get niche down into these different ways or, like Tarot eyes, relation to astrology, so you can kind of use a few key words, but like the more niche down you can get it. The more specific you can get your audience the easier it’s going to be for you to get those initial views and to get off the ground, because that’s basically the hardest thing is once you get some momentum.

You know we have like Lewis Howes out here trying to teach people how to grow their Instagram account with his new course that he’s got that he’s running ads to, and so he forgets the first step, which has become Lewis Howes thanks guys. I don’t expect you to be Lewis Howes, so I’m going to try to teach you how to get off the ground without being famous already, which is a something you don’t see.

Many people trying to do because it’s difficult, but with with the group with each other’s help, we can make it easier ke. So you had the key words and Jen it’s going to be, basically how you target those key words to the key words should be added on your title and your description. You should be using them in your tags, but a lot of it is how you target it’s like they call it the blue ocean strategy.

If you want a book, there’s a book called the blue ocean strategy, known on up your nose man. When I get off this live article I may or may not clean this basement. We just have a tornado coming through here names. I think the first time those names was lips in the second tornado, his name was Phoenix, boobs ha yeah. You put, let’s put all this away. Little baby sweet sweet little baby, let’s see if we can get it all back in the bag.

Okay, sweet baby! Again, I’m trying to get my live. My live chat, momentum back right. I was doing it every day for a while. If you go back in, we got the passive income school. I got lots of articles on how to start on YouTube on Amazon. Amazon is another great way to get traffic, we’re all about getting paid to drive traffic so with YouTube you get money to send people other places, basically making it even harder.

Pickup lives. Perfect then, with Amazon same thing, and it’s all kind of like I’m, really big on building an entire brand out so yeah you could hack YouTube. You could hack Amazon, but you want to try to build something. That’s in alignment with you, so you can become a personal brand or you can make a brand around a topic that you enjoy so that it’s not just a one-off thing. But it’s something that you can continue to build on for the rest of your life and then this is like the true way to retire, because you retire by creating something valuable that people will just continue to pay you for even after you’re dead, you can give It to your kids, you can whatever so and then you build a life that you don’t want to retire from.

That’s the goal right. You want to find something. That’s in alignment with you! That’s that you love to do and then like. Oh, nothing just playing with little baby lives in a little live article trying to teach people how get free yeah. You know yeah. So it’s 20 minutes, usually I like going for an hour guys but we’re busy. We had the kids here, it’s chaos. So I’m going to wrap this on the wraps, I’m going to wrap this up.

You guys read my article from yesterday. If you’re new, to my experience, it’s called how to start and it’s the top check out. My live articles check out the new aid that I’m doing go on my Instagram today. If you want to see my story, you’ll be able to see the merch, the first merch that we got back from Amazon merch, I’m going to check the quality, I’m going to run a quality that by the wife. She is the quality, control expert and then check out the guide.

The guide is the most important thing: I’m it’s a it’s. A Google Drive, so I’m giving you access to the Google Drive where I have. I have more stuff than you can imagine you’re going to look at that and you’re going to be like. Is he seriously giving me all this stuff away for free, that’s ridiculous? Who is this guy? Why is he doing this? What does he? What does he have? What is in it for him, you know, doesn’t matter, I want to help.

I want to give away the freedom that I have felt from getting passive income myself. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful way to live, and once you have, the mindset shift. You basically can’t go back to getting a job and not building something for yourself, so it’s freeing and then dude. I’m constantly updating that guide, I’m always making it better. That’s for you guys YouTube Amazon. I have hacks so like.

If you have no creativity, if you have nowhere to start I’m giving you the steps, I’m taking away all the excuses, all you have to do is a little bit of work. It’s a little bit of work, a little bit of building so but you’re going to learn, really great skills tips. You can take these into any company which is which is beautiful. You can take them into any company, so this makes you a valuable person once you learn this stuff and then when the AI and the machines start taking over, if you can build yourself a brand or a personal brand, then you can become irreplaceable when they start Replacing everybody with apps – and you know, like all the lawyers you’re leaving all the accountants.

Sorry, you don’t got jobs, everything everybody’s going to college for right now, I’m getting into huge amounts of debt. Well, the landscape is changing people. It’s changing very fast, changing very rapidly. So we’re going to try and make y’all robot proof right and the only way to do that is become a personal brand and to be able to create art and be able to create know how it goes quit your 9 to 5 well Melissa.

My personal story. I refuse to get a 9 to 5. I had I had ones on and off I mean probably since 7 years ago I was basically doing like odd jobs. I was making a little bit of money on Amazon and then I worked at a bar. I graduated college, so I was living on loans for a long time. I play professional poker, so I didn’t have to have a job. Then cuz. I was playing poker and I was another one of those things, but I realized you know I just like always been trying to start my own businesses, so that’s been happening for like 7 years, almost a decade, and so I didn’t have a job in college.

I was living off my loans and then after college I bartend it and I was doing passive income stuff and kicking it around. And then I moved to Colorado and I got a job for like six months, maybe working Fastenal while I was doing passive income stuff, and then I had my first kid and that kid stuck up on me snuck up on me. It was unexpected little surprise and you know there was a lot of pressure, then to get a job, but I just refused.

I said no I’m going to make this passive income thing work, no matter what and then it was like kind of coincidental like as soon as the kid came clicked put in so when I figured out all the tips and all the tricks and everything that I’m Giving you guys so for YouTube. My first blog made two thousand dollars in the first month, but then that blog got shut down, because I was updating or uploading like full audiobooks, which is you know it’s illegal sorry, but I was hustling dude.

I had a kid. I was trying to make money. I was trying to figure this thing out. I was trying to have to be able to stay home with them right. So then, then I found some earnings on Amazon and I’ve. Been I’ve been kicking around Amazon books for a while. My buddy Nate who’s in the chat who’s in the discord group, pushing ttan. You can go talk to him. He’d been. I gave him Amazon books he’d been kicking around for years.

He been writing his own books. He been hiring writers and I’ve been talking to him, and then it just clicked for me the fastest way to do that, which is in the guide. I’d give you the fastest way, and once I learned that it was like three months before I was making like 10 grand a month in passive income from that one business so and that business I haven’t touched it in two two years now and even a year Before that I had it all out sourced, so I had writers at 21 writers working for me and I had one point I had my grandma and my mom working for me and then I you know, working with family can be tough, so I replaced them with An outsourcer you know: I’ve been through the wringer.

I’ve been learning how to outsource these things. How do systematize everything? That’s what I’m good at, but anyways yeah it took me like three months after I figured out what I’m giving you in the guide. I got it really fast and I flew when I went off the ground so well. Babe suite law, baby labs, but the thing is is once you have. This mindset shift from train trading your time for money to creating value that people can consume again and again and again, and you build the brand.

Then it really doesn’t matter how it is it’s just a matter of time. It’s just like. After a while you will, it will click for you. So that’s everything like my wife she’s when she had this shift. She started figuring this out. Now she said stuff like dude. I couldn’t like she’ll have opportunities and she’s like. I can’t do that because I can’t just work for somebody else and now she’s she had a phone call today and they’re going to char they’re.

You know they’re trying to pay her more to do like influence or outreach for their company and she right now she’s doing like the aesthetic. She loves the photos of it, but it’s tricky because they’ll want you to take on more than you actually wanted to do. So it’s really powerful to be able to say no, actually I’m just going to do what I love to do, instead of roping me into being an influencer or in a social media like a role or like be hired as an employee, or do anything that I Don’t love to do and that’s really powerful because it can be hard to take off from the ground because you’ll make less money from each individual client.

But if you stay in what you’re really good at and what you can give to the world – and you don’t waste your time around, the edges then like well, she can hire more clients and they can pay her more money than her old clients and she can Add 20 of them and they can all pay her. Like ridiculous, I mean the amount of money that you can make is is exponential and, more importantly, how you spend your time and what you do every day can light you on fire.

So then you’re it’s an alignment with the ABE stuff, because you love what you’re doing that’s the most yeah yeah I mean that’s. The bug you catch is that you you get by on your on the side, things you know uber or with lyft or with any, with anything that you can bartending just something to just be able to keep your freedom so that you can keep creating businesses. And I don’t know I just I don’t.

It was kind of apparent to me in college that that’s that that path was just um. It was a trap better, like I mean dude what I’m an ADK of student loan debt and with a traditional job. I will never get out of that. I hope I will probably pass that down in my kids, so I was like something right about this and then I was in. I was like pre-med and then I went into nursing school and you know it’s like automatic.

Like 80 K a year, but then if I need to make, if I want to make more than that, I would have to go back to school and get more debt, and I couldn’t make that much more. So I was like I don’t know I like stuff with no ceilings and when you run your own business and when your critten streams a passive income, there are no ceilings, you can just add another stream or create another company, and the hardest part is just like Figuring out all the pieces, because it’s it’s a huge it’s like trying to learn Chinese or something it’s like it’s a whole new language and the Internet has trips and like say like there’s ways to waste your time that are infinite, and so that’s what I’m trying To do with this guide is give everybody a focus.

Let them know like the easiest fastest, quickest way with the least effort, like that’s what everybody’s looking for right. So I’m trying to give that to you and then as even more valuable than that and something that I never had was like this group. So, there’s thousand to a thousand group: that’s on discord, great energy in there everybody’s helping each other in there – and I don’t know it’s really so much deeper than just making money online.

It’s really about a lifestyle and not sacrificing who you are and creating your life to go. It’s up jam in alignment with you, what you love values, how you want to spend your time, the people you want to hang out with it’s just like it all matters. So then I got other stuff there’s like Seoul Fire Academy. I think there, if you guys, haven’t been on Seoul Fire Academy. It’s a school Haley and I put together when we went into the mountains Academy and I have a master universe course on there.

So, like I’m, I don’t know I’ve I’ve gone deep on the law of attraction stuff. I understand that stuff in a pretty in a pretty deep way, deep enough to know that everybody has their own path and that’s just not how I want to show up in the world it’s by telling people what to do as far as spiritual, because my next Date: what’s up tias and arrow t0 go it’s a dope name. I wish I could read better, but what’s up it’s good to see you thank you guys for reading this article and for hanging out with me and if you guys want to learn about passive income, getting that dollars into a thousand group.

It should be in the description check me out on Instagram. I got my merch up there. Travis Eric go to Travis, Ericom click, passive income. That’s going to get you the guide, that’s free! That has all the secrets, I’m adding to it every day, I’m always making that thing better. There’s info in there that you would be charged a thousand bucks to get access to, and I’m giving that to you for free, because I care about you, because I want to try to free as many people from this system as I can.

So. No lowering all the barriers, the entry seems like a good way to start doing that here’s a little baby libs, that’s the other thing. Like I’m a father, I’m not you know. I mean I care more about how I spend my time than I do about how I’m working so I’ve spent a lot of time with my kids with my wife, we’re always growing from the inside out. It’s much more important to me than like, but don’t get me wrong, I’m aiming for billions.

So this is no there’s no joke, but I’m also I’m just not of the mindset that you should hustle every day and sacrifice anything like if you sacrifice your health for money, you’re messing up because you can’t buy. You can’t buy your health so knock that off. You can’t you know you got ta sleep and you got to eat right and you got to raise your energy because everything that you’re creating outside of that comes from you being balanced as a person.

Okay thousand monkeys, baby. That’s right! That’s right! Melissa! I wan na see you in the group. I want to see you guys in there be active, build something Jen. I know you got some stuff built. Let’s take it to the next level. Let’s optimize it, let’s run traffic to it. Let’s find some different ways: baby. We go get you some vitamin C. Some orange juice got a little bit of that runny nose. What you mean to you, what you mean when I see all your media blogs baby? Well, so I’m trying to build! You want a bottle lips! Okay! So if you look at the guide, I’m trying to build freedom businesses, so I mean I don’t know what you mean exactly about offline income, but they rarely fit the freedom business model, not that they can’t but freedom business model.

One of the things for me, and it doesn’t have to be for you if there’s not what you want you can. You know take the pieces that I can teach you that resonate and then disregard all the others that don’t fit or that you want to do different. That’s completely fine, my way! Isn’t that the only way it’s just the way that works for me, but as far as being a freedom and a freedom business, one of those things is I’m being location-independent, so online allows you to freedom, to work from a laptop or to outsource stuff or to Schedule stuff out so that you don’t have to be there there you go.

That’s your name. Did I say that right so not using online meet social media. Do you have offline from social media streams of Revenue, offline streams of revenue like what would that be? I don’t know it doesn’t compute Diego. Thank You, Man, it’s nice, to meet you. I don’t know it doesn’t compute for me. When you say offline, I don’t know, I can’t it doesn’t offline online. I’ve been on the online world for a minute, but I know some of the older generations who didn’t grow up with cell phones in their hands.

Those balls lips, that’s displaced enough of a mess already we’re not getting out. The thousand balls here come here. Lay with me: let’s have a battle. What do you want? You want two balls, so you don’t have to use social media. My guy, I I’m not on Facebook. Really. I deleted the app off my phone. I check it very sparsely it’s it’s up to you and what your thing is. So no I mean I I kind of I advocate creating an entire brand around what you’re trying to do so I mean I’m big on like.

If you look me up you’ll find me on Facebook. You’ll find me I’ll, read it. I have a reddit blog you’ll find me on like every platform, because I like to experiment, I like to try everything. I have a bunch of different merchant cons. I got Amazon merch, I got a tea spraying. I got a bunch of them, but that’s me and I think that’s part of me being a teacher of this passive income’ thing. It’s like I have to try everything.

I need to know what the best route is and what doesn’t work. So good worked in working from home. You don’t need all the platforms. If you follow the school, you could do one platform well and win. So I have made full-time income on YouTube alone. I’ve made a full-time income on Amazon alone and I’m continuing to add more so we got, you know, got schools, there’s coaching, there’s, there’s all kinds of different ways that you can do this and I’m really big on like.

If, for for one, you can’t be stuck in who you are so if there’s something that, like is just a mental block for you, it’s going to help you a lot to expand, but the second thing of that is like don’t do anything that you don’t enjoy, That you, that you hate that you detest like if you hate going on YouTube or whatever, which doesn’t make sense, cuz you’re on it right now, but there’s a blog out there.

That fits you and your personality. You don’t have to be expected to do anything that you don’t want to do. That’s like what I’m trying to do here is not get you to sacrifice, but get you to have your whole life in alignment with who you are and how you can give value. Specifically to the world, I do believe that every single person has something that they can give the world that is unique to them to their experience, to their skills to their mindset, and they basically just need the tools to understand how to do that effectively and how To get seen because that’s the hardest part when you’re starting out right, Lebs just getting off the ground, how do you get your first thousand followers? How do you get your first thousand dollars a month in passive income, and I see most teachers are trying to teach people who haven’t got that step like step two step.

Two is like: how do you run Facebook Ads and how do you get your funnel right and how do you get you know, but first you need traffic. Okay traffic is step one. It’s the hardest thing to do, especially with no money, because most people are buying traffic and they’re, sending that traffic somewhere that doesn’t quite work and they’re just wasting money. There’s a lot of ways to burn money in this field, which is why I advocate starting with none, which is another reason this school is free.

Yes, ta go read that material. I think you’ll like it. You know, if it’s overwhelming for you, then maybe this isn’t your thing, and this isn’t for everybody like some people like in told what to do not-not-not, I got on meaning like that. You know it’s like some people would rather somebody like direct them and tell them what to do, and then they get security that way of like ok. I know that you’ve got this and there’s just it’s people all right.

It’s just people and every single one of us fits perfectly in this world. So there’s nothing wrong with that, but uh this isn’t for everybody, but if it resonates, if something’s here for you then go check out the guide, it’s a great place to start. I try to put everything in there and then, if you have questions on any of that stuff come into the discord group, I think Jeff will be able to help you Nate will be able to help you there’s a bunch of people in there who know what They’re doing who’ve been around yes, that’s Jim, yes, Jen, Jen you’re in the group.

I think right. I hope so yeah. It’s it’s cool, startup blanks. What is your philosophy behind creating online streams of Revenue? I’m sorry. I’ve been a little behind your stuff, yeah dude catch up on the other articles, I kind of go over this every time I think, but basically I think so, especially for my own experience like you never know when something that you’re doing is going to get shut Down or can get shut down, it’s just like the platform change is or the thing that you’re doing is controversial and it’s not something that the controllers want out into the world or, like maybe I said, the wrong thing on one of my live articles, and now, Like my stuff is blacklisted, and so now my revenue goes down like whenever somebody else controls the stuff that you have.

You need a bunch of multiple streams in order to get that security, so I’ve gotten YouTube blog shut down. I’ve gotten Amazon accounts shut down. So I just can’t phase you, you just learn every step of the way, but then, most importantly, you create multiple streams of online income and that’s good, because multiple streams of income is good. You get paid on different times of the day. There are different times of the month now Libby’s running around, with no diaper on go pee in the carpet, which is just it’s a good time per traffic to YouTube.

I don’t know the context of your question Jen, but just traffic in general. It’s the first part. Every time, okay, I sense yes bless her she’s amazing, but I sense that I have some chaos burns. So I’m going to have to go wrestle the chaos clean this house up a little bit tackle them. Cats hang out, maybe read a little movie. Maybe we’ll play a little bit of Mario, I don’t know, but thank you guys, thanks for reading, I’m going to try to do this every single day we’re going to see how that goes.

But I want to I’m going to be I’m going to be in the discord, I’m going to be helping people out as much as possible with you guys questions and then any big questions, I’m going to add it to the guide so make sure you’re. Reading the guide make sure you’re checking it frequently and then, if you have questions yeah feel free to reach out on discord, feel free to reach out on my next live article hit the bell notifications.

All that good stuff smash like subscribe. Jan, is a frequent ask. Jenny questions she’s smartest, lady, that I know she comes back again and again. So thank you. Jen I’ve been focused on a minute on research, get to play with Google Earth Pro you’re, getting us to free traffic. Seeing discord, sweet beautiful! Yes, oh, you know, she’s naughty dog yeah guys it’s been real. Thank you on this one. Thank you.

Go on yeah Amy up on discord I’ll be on there checking immediately love you guys. Let’s get freedom, financial freedom, baby thousand people into a thousand bucks a month and passive income. My name is Travis Eric. I’m your passive income spirit guide, I’ll, see you tomorrow.

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How To Earn Passive Online Income With These 4 Simple Steps

That’s going to help you start earning some passive income online and we’re going to do it like a total boss.

All right! So you come online and you want to become that total boss, total boss lifestyle being able to do fun things that you want in life and not be tied down to some job or somebody else telling you what to do. You get to create your own dreams, and you get to do it right here online on the internet, and you can do it with all kinds of strategies, and what I’m going to do right here is just give you four basic things and if you can master These you’re going to earn passive income online before we do that, though, hit that subscribe button and then hit that Bell.

That way, you get notified of all of the articles that I come out with to you on a daily basis, so coming online there’s just basic things you got to have you got to have and you got to get up and running and do these okay, there’s Going to be four things that I really liked you anytime, that I’m struggling or maybe I’m looking at generating more income. These are four things that I go. I fall back onto.

Okay, first one is going to be. This is going to be the most important thing. It’s going to be your mindsets come be your belief that you can do this right. It’s so important that you, you know you just have to have the belief that, yes, I can do this. Other people are having a great success. You look at their success if they can do it. So can you and you have to have that mindset and that belief, and once you get that out of the way, then you can have success? No, it’s not going to be like you’re just going to flip a switch and then one day you can be like.

Yes, I believe it takes time because your mind has been conditioned over and over and over again that you know you’re a failure. You know we have this schooling system, that that gives us and DS if you’re a failure, but in reality in life you know you’re going to take some shots and you’re going to take some failures. But you don’t let these failures getting the way of your mindset. In your belief, the best way to get your belief going is every day try to find some kind of the motivational thing that you can listen to or read, go to a YouTube article and just read some motivational.

Listen to it, Jim Rome, Tony Robbins. You know anything like this is going to get your mind, set it going to get your belief going that you can have success okay, so the first thing is always always always get that belief. Right, get your mind set on the right direction now. The second thing is this: is you got to have a great offer? Okay, a great offer. It’s going to be something that you can go find a very hungry crowd, a crowd that needs a solution to a problem and that offer that you have is going to be what you’re going to offer that hungry crowd.

A great offer will make a break anything. Okay, but now there’s a tons of offers out there there’s tons of opportunities out there, but the important thing is you find one? That’s going that you can believe in okay, then you can believe and have success with and take that offer and go put that in front of the right people now. What’s the right offer them? What’s the right, you know in front of the right people.

Well, it depends, I mean, there’s lots of things out there, that you could go find. What I recommend is you find something that has a stair-step effect to it: okay, an offer that has a low ticket front end and then has an ability to make big Commission’s on the back end. Okay, maybe something that’s set up for you, or maybe you set it up for yourself if you’re just trying to you know if you’re just trying to promote these little 50 dollar commissions and you’re, just you know, you’re going to make 80 percent of the Commission’s you’re Going to have a hard time with it, what I wanted to do is find one.

It has a funnel that if you get somebody into the funnel, you can make a little bit on the front end and then a lot on the back end. But the offer has to be super important. It has to be super, you know being able to help people succeed. So if you have that kind of hungry crowd that offer you put in front of them is going to be the great thing now, the really the third one is going to be. I was talking about having a great funnel.

You want to be able to get somebody into your funnel. You have to take cold traffic people, they don’t know you they don’t know. Maybe they don’t know their problem or maybe they just don’t even care at the time. Okay, that’s cold traffic. That’s Facebook! You know your Facebook feed, that’s um, you know YouTube traffic a lot of times. It’s called traffic. Now, when you get somebody into your email list, you get somebody maybe to a blog, that’s going to be traffic that you own and that’s going to be traffic that you can promote your other products to.

But the most important thing is it’s getting somebody from cold traffic onto your list where you can follow up with them. You can give more content. You can offer more. You know, content it’s going to help them and when you do that now, you’re considered warm traffic. People know you they like you. They trust you, so you can offer your products to them. So a great funnel it’s going to be getting somebody in the front door and then offering products to them on the backend.

Okay. So that’s going to be the third most important thing and how do you find a funnel? Well, you can create a funnel yourself. You can go to click click funnels. If you want to create a funnel, you could use conversion pros, which is now the good one. You can create a funnel. That way you could use you know height to I ticket offers. The you know digital out. To is one that I like to promote because it’s a funnel that’s already set up.

It’s already built out, um, there’s a lot of other good ones out there I mean Mobe is a good one. There’s a lot of other top tier programs out there that have funnels set up for you and if you can find a funnel, it has a lot of good high-end ticket products that help people succeed. Then that’s the one that you should be getting into, but definitely want to get a lead capture page set up on the front end.

Have somebody get on to your email list? You can get an a weber account to connect that and that’ll do a lot of the automation, a lot of do a lot of your emails that are automated, but definitely put somebody through a funnel now. The fourth thing, and probably the most important thing and one of the things that everybody is always always asking about – and this is getting traffic – okay, so traffic website traffic, getting eyeballs to your lead capture, page getting eyeballs to your website getting eyeballs to your offer.

So the traffic is one of the things that everybody seems to struggle with, and I can tell you right now that traffic is not the big problem. The big problem really is converting that traffic into warm traffic, okay or converting in warm traffic into sales that you can make money with so traffic. It’s all over the place. You have YouTube. You can get tons of traffic from YouTube YouTube ads. You can buy all kinds of YouTube ads if you wanted to you got Facebook, I mean there’s Facebook groups, there’s Facebook fan pages.

There’s you know you do your Facebook or your personal profile. You got Facebook Ads, so there’s tons of I mean Facebook Ads is a crazy there’s, just absolutely hundreds and millions of ways to to advertise your products to a certain group. Then you have Google search engine. You create a blog, create content. Google search engine will link to your blog or content, so there’s tons of traffic that way GUP.

You know, there’s Google AdWords that you can actually place. You know your Google link, your link inside of Google AdWords, which is on the Google search engine itself. Bing has their own. You know ad Center. You can buy traffic from Bing there’s solo ads. If you want to buy solo ads, where people have email lists that you don’t actually email your product, your link for you so trail when there’s banner ads and make a banner ads other place, you can actually place banners on big, high-profile websites, like CNN or Fox News things like that, if you wanted to buy, sell ads, calm, is a place to do that.

Okay, you can buy, buy banner ads, so getting traffic is not really the issue. Okay, it’s the conversions for it, but the thing that I like to leave the traffic on the end of this, because if you get all three of these before traffic right, then the traffic is really going to be easy for you to to get so. Let’s, let’s look at them really again number one is going to be mindset, your belief that you can do this.

Okay, all you have to do is just work on yourself. Every day, work on increasing your belief system, your ability to want in to succeed. Okay, the second thing is going to be making sure that you have a great offer. Okay, a very good offer is going to be one that is going to help people succeed. Okay, it’s going to help people get to a better situation or help people take a big problem and you solve it with that offer third thing is going to be the funnel making sure you get somebody into a funnel.

You turn somebody a cold prospect right, a cold traffic into warm traffic, and you do that by put them into an opt-in form, getting them on to your email list. That way, you can follow up with them and the last thing is going to be traffic, just find a good traffic source that it’s going to be conducive to your to your offer. You know if, if, if you’re, promoting a fitness offer go, find work, people hang out that are looking for fitness.

Okay, there’s all kinds of Fitness fan pages that you could promote on or Fitness groups, and you can promote on internet marketing. Things go, find internet marketing groups and places that you can’t offer your services okay. So that’s the four things to get up and get running. That’s going to help. You earn passive income online. So if you like this article, click on the like button also share it with your friends comment below.

Let me know how I can help your business. This is Tyler Pratt. Hope you enjoyed that and we will see you on the next one. You

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5 Ways To Make Passive Income From Raw Land

Let’s have a virtual cup of coffee together this morning, I’m really enjoying this Starbucks honey americano. Let’s talk about making money on our raw land, so I’m assuming you went to frontier properties. Usa.Com, you just bought your first piece of wholesale land from LA and now you’re like well now. What do I do with it? Do I just sit with that raw land and pay taxes? No, you don’t have to you, can use it any way you like for your enjoyment.

I can also teach you how to flip that property as well, but let’s assume that you want to hold it long-term. Let’s make some money on that land. So a few ideas to do this, I’m just going to run off a couple ideas. The first one is hey: how about a paintball area a little play area there? If you got a nice little flat piece of land and put out some sides cordon off some of your property, get some haystacks, let’s say: make a little paintball area charge.

People 40 bucks a person after a while, that’s going to add up and certainly going to pay for your inexpensive property taxes. How about pastoring animals, if you’re in an area where there’s ranchers sure charge them to let those animals roam on your land, eat your grass fantastic way to make some extra money? Don’t forget about hunting rights? If you’ve got property, let’s say it’s: 40 acres and you’ve got some deer on your property.

Why not lease it out to hunters, camping people, love to camp and there’s never enough remote areas for them to camp? Put up a couple: inexpensive, camping sites charge everyone a small fee and after a while you’re going to have a nice passive income for camping storage, nobody ever has enough storage motorboats horses – I don’t know it just you know you’ve seen all these storage places all around The country right, why not stored on your property charge a monthly fee and who knows? Maybe you will be on storage where’s yourself, so anyways.

If you want to learn more tips, tricks techniques, how to buy and sell raw land for passive income? Active income go to my site, WWL ang calm. You can always click the links below as well. Listen to the podcast great information there subscribe to this youtube blog and, of course, leave me a comment. Let me know how it’s going here, like other information black, to learn, anyways thanks for having a cup of coffee with me and I’ll, see you next time.

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Stay at Home (Earn a Passive Income)

Do you want to stay at home and earn a passive income, and this is what earning a passive income can look at now, you’re saying well, why would I want to go to the beach and have my computer? Well, you couldn’t go to the beach without your computer once you’ve gotten to the point where you’re earning that passive income – or you can just take your work with you wherever you want and that’s the nice thing about working online, you don’t have to be stuck in An office you don’t have to suck at your house, you can take it anywhere.

You want with you not that I advocate working 24/7, but isn’t that a nice little quirk when you work from home from your computer, so I just thought that picture kind of pulled. It all together we’re going to talk about affiliate marketing today, and I want you to stick around because it’s not there’s different ways. You can do affiliate marketing and it’s one of the easiest ways to turn it into a passive income, because basically you’re setting up systems you’re, setting up a system to build a customer base.

You’re setting up a system where you communicate with them through automated sequenced emails and you’re, building up a system of products that you know that people want that solve problems for them and it’s all set up on the computer. It takes time there is a training below 30-day training that helps you to start understanding that and start putting those systems in place. Everybody starts from somewhere.

If you don’t know anything, that’s okay, that training will help you. Now, if you decide you want that training. I have a free pre training that kind of helps warm you up before. You start the intense 30 day training so make sure you take advantage of that as well cuz. I know when I did it. I knew nothing. I went in there cold turkey. I didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing. I didn’t know anything about having a business online and I learned so much I was so excited, but part of my problem was there was so much to learn a lot of those terms weren’t familiar, so that’s why I made that pre training so that it is Familiar to you when you’re going to go, oh okay, I understand these things and it kind of will help be fast-track a little bit through your training all right.

So what are we going to talk about? Affiliate marketing, like I said, is the best way to earn a passive income and with what is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is when you take somebody else’s product and you sell it for them, and you might say I hate sales. I don’t want to sell things. I’ve already done the vacuum, cleaner thing and the you know door-to-door sales and all that remember anybody that you’re my age.

You probably remember all those things. It’s not like that. You can learn how to set up things that stay in place: they’re evergreen and once you find those products that people want they’re out there forever. I use YouTube. Actually, here we are, this, article will be there forever and if people are looking for ways to earn income as long as the ways that I have listed are still out there, I will leave these articles up and continue to help people figure out what they want To do – and I don’t have to keep going back and repeating myself if that makes sense, and I’ve even put them into a playlist.

So if you click the link below for the playlist, every article has three different ways: you can earn money. This one in particular, though, has one because affiliate marketing is really what’s near and dear to my heart, because I definitely want to go for passive income. So that’s why I chose to market affiliate marketing and I don’t have to create products. I’ve done that where I’ve done the shows where I’ve made crafts items and I went out and sold them.

So I love to sell things. I’ve done eBay, Craigslist, all those things, but I had to produce the product. I had to come up with something to sell. So that’s why I love affiliate marketing online because I can sell other people’s products now, let’s start over here we’re going to get to that article. In a moment, I talked about YouTube and I want to show you how you promote the products using a YouTube article and I’ll use that one in a moment, but where do I go to find the products where you go Amazon Associates has billions of products you Can sign up as an Amazon associate and start promoting products? Now they do have a six month trial period, where you have to sell at least three items to stay with them as an associate, and it’s just their way of cleaning house what if somebody came along, they signed up and they just checked it out.

They’re, like I don’t want to do this. Well then their accounts, it’s there forever and ever so. Amazon has set up a thing where, if you haven’t sold at least three items in six months, then they just close your account and if you decide hey, I changed my mind. I want to put more effort into it. I want to come back. You get approved again, it’s not a big deal, it’s just a way for them to clean up all those dead accounts kind of like what your bank does.

If you don’t use your savings account, they start charging your money that Amazon doesn’t charge. You, though, all right, so you can go at now. I will say some of the products only earned 7 to 11 percent, but that’s okay. It’s a great way to get started a great way to find products and start learning how to do it and Amazon. Everybody goes to Amazon right, so you’ve got an audience already now. The neat thing I like about Amazon once you get, what happens? Is you’ll go in you’ll sign up as an affiliate and they’ll give you special links and I might say: well I want to sell camera equipment and things that are related to that.

Maybe I have an interest in photography and I love all the equipment things and I want to make a website about that about how to be a photographer. Well then, I can find products that match my website about different equipment and I can have an affiliate link and people will click it and when they buy it, I get a commission now, do you have to have a website? No, you can have what we call a sales funnel instead and if you click below into that 30-day training, you’ll learn about that sales funnel and how to build it.

But people have websites as well. So that’s how you make money now! This is the thing: that’s cool about Amazon. If somebody comes along and clicks my link when they go yeah, I like that camera, but that’s not the one. I want I’m going to start exploring and looking at other cameras and you’re like well darn it they didn’t use my link. Well, they did. Amazon will still give you credit if that person purchases, something within.

I think it’s the next 24 hours it could be 48 hours, but if that person, purchases other things and start shopping, you get a commission on all of it because you’re the one that brought them to the site. So that’s pretty cool now. Another place that you can go is Clickbank. Clickbank has everything? Let’s get rid of that page? Okay, when you go in, you can look under featured products or you can look under over here on the left different categories.

So let’s go under health and fitness, that’s always an easy one. You can go under health and fitness and look for products that you might want to sell, maybe you’re really into health and fitness. You might be into cooking recipes things like that, and you want to help people to become the best version of themselves that they can. So you just start again a website or sales funnel, and you start promoting content that is related to that and then start offering different products.

Now, I’m talking about a lot of things like email, marketing, content things that you’re like whoa whoa whoa. All of that is in that 30-day training, so it explains it there. Is it an educational period to this? You can’t just jump in if you don’t know anything and start making lots of money. You have to learn. So I’m not going to lie to you it like. Oh, my gosh you’re, going to make money by tomorrow.

You’re not you have to learn how to do it, but let’s go into health and fitness down here and there’s all kinds: there’s diet and weight loss exercise. Fitness mental health, beauty, so there’s all these different areas, you can go into, let’s go into diet and weight loss, and so here there will be all kinds of different products that you can sign up for as an affiliate okay. Under there, oh, they went in again.

Okay, so, anyway, let me look here: let’s go up here to their menu. There we go, we want to be in their affiliate market place, that’s where we want to be the bright things weren’t popping up for me: okay, here’s the categories! This is what I was looking for this page sorry about that all right: let’s go back down to health and fitness and it will bring up some different products that you can promote.

If you choose now there also, when you look at the product, one of the things you want to look at is this gravity score, see that GRA V right here, the higher that that grab a score is the more that that products been selling. It’s been very popular, see this one flat belly fix flat belly fix, it has a 209 I remember coming in here, and it only had like a hundred and it keeps going up. But this is interesting.

The Cinderella solution has bypassed it’s. Both of them are reasonable prices – thirty, nine dollars, thirty three dollars and you’ll make a commission off of that. So in what this person will do, when you go in there, they will provide you with all the information that you need to sell the product. They’ll give you copyright they’ll, give you pictures they’ll, give you articles everybody’s, different and they’ll.

Say here: go sell my product because it’s a win-win situation. The person getting the product product wins because you help solve a problem. You get a commission for bringing it to their attention, so you’re, happy and the the seller is happy because you’re selling the product for them. So it’s it’s a really good thing for all three of you, it’s win-win-win! So that’s another place that you can go.

You can also go to JV zoo, JV zoo, I’m not going to go inside, but JV zoo sells digital products, so everybody’s always trying to learn something so go in there and you can find different. Somebody might have a whole program on having the right mindset for health and fitness, and you can promote that as well. Now the key is, if you decide to get into affiliate marketing, you want to stay within a certain niche, which means you keep hearing me say: health and fitness, health and fitness.

Everything has to be related. You don’t want to just go willy-nilly and go. Oh. Here’s a bunch of products from Amazon, because people want to start to see you as an expert and so they’re going to say wow. She really knows her stuff. She really knows about health and fitness, I’m going to trust her when she starts promoting and suggesting this other product and that’s what starts to happen. They get to know you like you and trust you and that’s when they buy from you.

Here’s another cool affiliate program. I actually offered it on in one of the other articles, but you can become a travel agent affiliate, so you can go into Expedia as an example and work for them as the affiliate promote their vacation. They might say: hey we’re, really trying to promote this occasion to roam and here’s all the stuff. Can you go out put this on your blog put this on your website, wherever whatever platform you’re using or your sales funnel and you’ll, learn how to do that in that 30-day training you promote it and bring people in, and when you sell it, you get a Commission, so I think I just recently have seen that, but travel agents affiliate program that would be so much fun, especially if you’d like to travel now some people, let me get rid of that there – some people like to create their own courses, it’s called digital course.

Digital marketing and they will go out and create their own courses and sell them. Okay, where does affiliate marketing come in you as an affiliate? Marketer can go in and sell those courses for them, so that may be what you’re interested in is helping people become an affiliate, marketer and selling courses for other affiliate, other marketers other people who build courses. So this one is Kevin David.

He last year, I think, brought in ten million dollars, he’s really big. He is an affiliate marketer, but he also makes his own courses, so he sells his own courses and then he has affiliates come in and sell them for him and a lot of times. I think his are 25 percent, most people who make courses offer 50 percent, so I don’t know why his are so low. I just pulled him up because he’s pretty popular, but most people will offer you 50 %.

Another place that you can start if you would like to become an affiliate. Clickfunnels has an affiliate program, they’re huge, it’s a software platform where people make sales funnels and again that’s where you can learn in that 30 days, how to do it, but they also have an affiliate program. So all the different programs and training that they offer, which are down here at the bottom – let’s see, what do we promote? They promote click funnels itself.

So when people sign up for click funnels, you as an affiliate would make 40 % off that sale. They have lots of different training that they offer dot books that they offer experts secant seekers, some secrets. Here’s one here funnel script, software I think it sells. For around 500, you make 40 percent, so here’s another one freelancer secrets and create your lap type life. This is a lot of training that is being sold and I think it sells out people pay $ 49 a month to stay in that group, and then you make a commission off of that to get people to join that group.

So that’s pretty cool. A lot of people are doing that they’re, making membership groups for people to sign up, for and in this case, Julia choice and she actually has affiliate, sell her membership so that they can come in for $ 49 a month. So that’s pretty cool! You can learn how to do that. I will put the link below it’s called bootcamp affiliate bootcamp, but you if you want to go in there and play around and look around the the bee and the bootcamp is free.

It’s there’s no charge for you to become an affiliate and for you to take advantage of the training to be in that bootcamp and this particular bootcamp even offers you a car. If you get a hundred Philly’its to sign up for click funnels, they give you a payment for car every month. So when you see people saying I’ve won a car, that’s how they did it by getting customers into the click funnels account.

Alright, and basically I told you at the beginning of the article, how do I promote myself? You have to have a sales funnel or a web page. You have to have a storefront. I say this in every single article. You can’t just go on Facebook and try to sell things. That’s called spamming. People don’t want. You know that yourself. When people start Facebook messaging you and popping things up all over the internet.

You you pretty much, that’s annoying! You you get away from them, but you might find somebody. This is Heather Peterson, Rachel, Peterson and Rachel does a lot of social media management. She runs an agency for social media management, so you may have an affiliate program. Let’s say you get into affiliate marketing and you want to be on several platforms. Well, it’s very difficult to find the time to be on all those platforms.

It’s actually not suggested that you do that, but maybe you’re getting to the point where you’ve been doing this for a while you’re on five or six different platforms. Well, you would hire someone like her they’ll go in and actually manage those platforms for you. But how does she promote herself she’s got a article here called how to get comfortable on camera. That has nothing to do with her business, but it does have something to do with YouTube.

A lot of people that are in social media marketing want to be comfortable on camera. They want to be comfortable, doing lives and things so she’s, providing them some content. Now, if you go down here under her article, where it says more, this is where people click and they find out what else she has to offer. So here she says, get my free resources for social media tips right right here and you can click right there.

You can also go down and she might say, offer some other things. Um down here, get her free sheet cheat sheet how’d. It go viral on purpose, so there’s all kinds of different things that you can sign up for and that’s how she’s promoting herself once you get that free cheat sheet, she’s going to say. Oh now, I might offer you some training that I have and things like that. So that’s how it works. You don’t really go out there and blast what you have you kind of offer some free content and then offer things below that.

So I I know that was a lot I got wordy. I tried to go fast. I know I don’t like to say if you’re still here. Thank you by the way. I truly want to. Thank you. I didn’t mean to make that such a long article, but I really I really really want to give you the resources that you need and some basic information. Let you know what it takes to get into affiliate marketing and, like I said, there’s a playlist below there’s the bootcamp and the 30 day training.

If you want to dig in and really start to see what it takes to start building your business, all right, we’ll stop there and again. Thank you for hanging in there to the end here.

Website design packages are a great way to improve your digital marketing image.


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Make $123.46 Per Day On Google (Make FREE Money Online!)

What’s going on Pam Eric Ellis here, CEO Bulls, academy.Com, and in this article I’m going to be showing you guys how to make Google money so, let’s step behind the laptop boom, we’re behind the laptop like, as I stated before, I’m going to show you three simple Steps of how to make money on Google find a product to sell number two: how to use Google to actually sell it number three: how to earn money right.

So, let’s basically get to the first part, which is basically finding a product to sell. Now, first and foremost, you want to go ahead and sell a product service, the SAP software-as-a-service physical products, digital products. I would highly recommend digital products. Why? Because, as far as the service, you don’t want to work for people as far as physical products, you don’t want the cost of goods to eat into your margins, and digital products basically have higher margins yep.

That’s where you see it now, as far as creating your product or finding a product to sell uh, someone else has created which one’s easier, finding a product that somebody else has created. So what you can do is something called affiliate marketing, which is when you get paid to refer other people’s products. So, let’s just say, Netflix decided they wanted to create a referral or a refer-a-friend program, and every time you decided to actually refer Netflix for $ 11.

A month they decided to pay you a 50 % Commission. That means every time you generate, you told somebody about Netflix and they bought it through your unique affiliate link you’d be earning five dollars every single month right. So there’s programs or there’s networks out there online that you can actually find products that you can actually sew. So we’re going to go to show you right here: they’re called affiliate network, so the top three for digital products right now is called a Clickbank com, jvzoo.

Com and then max bouncy comm. So all three of these platforms are places that you can find in have they made offers now, let’s just go to clickbank and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to the affiliate marketplace now. Obviously, you have to create an account to be able to promote these products, but the cool thing is that the different categories where you can find products right. So what I recommend, when picking your niche is finding something that you are interested in right, something that you’re passionate about about what you love to do? What you love to talk about, what you, what type of movies, do you read? What’s that what books do you read if it just everything you do revolves around at all, then you should pick the niche of golf.

If everything you do Reserve revolves around whatever that topic is, you should pick it, especially if it solves the problem. So, let’s just say it is gone. What I can do is for sports, let’s just say I’m just an avid golfer. I just love golf and you want to go to find out products. For example, the stress free golf swing. This is a product that I can actually promote. I can earn 75 percent commissions.

The average sale is about $ 39, so you paid about $ 30 per cell. So if I get three so for this one hundred dollars per day and you’re probably well, how does where does Google come in? Stick with me, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to actually promote it. I’m not logged in to my equipment. Account right now, but what would happen is you’d have an account nickname and then you generate an OP link.

There’s going to give you a unique affiliate link. So that way, every time you send people to that link and he sell is generated, they know to pay. You as the affiliate, because it came from your link right, I’m going to say, check. We got we handled that one right. So the next step is. We need to go ahead and figure out how we’re going to go and use Google to how we’re going to use Google to actually sell it.

Now, there’s something called Google SEO. What does that mean search engine optimization, so what you’re doing is you’re creating content? That is optimized to be ranked on Google, so there’s two types of cuts that gives you ranked on Google number one is blog, so if you create like a wordpress blog just to show you guys an example how to improve my golf swing right as you want To go to use Google and you want to start creating content around these keywords that your affiliate product is related to people who are would be interested in buying that affiliate product of a stress.

The free golf swing, we’re probably searching online. How to improve my golf swing, so I’m going to create content around that keyword so, for example, how to improve my golf swing. What are you, what are the two things that you see right? What is the first thing that you see right, you see YouTube right. The second thing is: Google blogs, but what I’m going to be teach you guys how to do or not, teaching you, but basically recommending that you guys do is create a YouTube account guys.

Look. They rank first that over anything else right, because people would rather look at articles instead of reading content. So some creating a niche made YouTube account around the specific niche. That’s why you want to pick something that you’re passionate you love so that way, when you start creating content, you can Rick write, content or great content on these specific keywords and then, let’s just say, I go to this or actually bump it I’ll just go to The first one now what you’re going to do is eight minutes is the eight minute article so how to improve your golf swing now? What I’m going to do now is, if you look here, he says: click free article, so that in the description is where you would insert your affiliate link so you’re going to have content.

Eighty pursuing that content is going to be value and then, at the end of the article that you created that you ranked on Google because you created the keyword, so how did he rank this all goog, I’m going to show you guys? How do you rank rank that on Google, how to improve your golf swing is nd title: how to improve your golf swing is in the first line of the description. That’s how you want to rank on Google and then, if we go to, I don’t have the soft right now, but I promise you about the building is tags.

His article tag says how to improve his golf swing. Now with that being said, the questions does actually work. Well, if I go to move when I type in how to create a Facebook ad or affiliate marketing, if you look here YouTube Eric Ellis, if I click this article, so if I scroll down a little bit, how did I rank this article? I rank this article by having how to create a Facebook ad for affiliate marketing in the title, and then I have an hour ranked as V on Google by having it as the first line in the description, how to create a Facebook ad for affiliate marketing and Then, if you notice here, I have my links of my descriptions, which will redirect you to buy a billion links right, so I’m practicing what I’m preaching.

So what are the quick and simple and easy steps? Number one find a product right and number two is you’re. Going to use Google by creating YouTube content to rank right, so the way that you rank YouTube content is three simple steps: number one you go ahead and put the the keyword and time you put the keyword in the description and you put the keyword in B And the tags right, that’s how you go ahead and rank it and then you’re going to actually leverage that content to drive traffic to your affiliate links and this step number three guys earn.

Commission you give me the festival, that’s how you make Google money in three easy steps: hey thanks! So much for reading. If you found this article helpful smash that, like button also be sure to subscribe and click that little vacation belt to be notified every time to drop some new heat. Lastly, if you found yourself thinking, hey I’m going to learn from this guy, then click the link in the description to grab access to my new book, where you can grab it at Eric’s new book com.

Again, that’s Eric’s new book calm thanks for reading


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How To Make Money daily $500 On Pinterest by Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Essentially, it allows you to look up any website and pretty much just analyzed like their data, so I’m a type in pinterest.Com. Wait for that to load! Let me take these out of here. Okay, so, as you can see, Pinterest comm, you know it’s been around since 2008 has a lot of employees, it’s ranked number eight number 22 and the US, and globally it’s ranked 27.

It monthly visits. You know it’s almost. I was that one billion like it gets a lot of traffic. So it’s it’s something. That’S really really slept on and, as you can tell like, it’s it’s really popping in the US and again it’s just it’s a platform. That’S slept on and not a lot of people are, you know taking advantage of it, so I just wanted to bring this article to you guys to you know, maybe just job some.

You know, ideas and whatever and essentially just show you guys like how I’m using it. So as you can see, the average visit duration is five minutes. People are spending five minutes on this website, so it’s it retains a lot of people. So this is again me just kind of I guess explaining like how you can use Pinterest with Amazon. So, as you can see from similar web, amazon.Com is one of the top referring sites to Pinterest.

So what does that mean people kind of like how we did with the Instagram strategy? People are grabbing products from Amazon Associates and remember we go to, and I know I may be going kind of fast so like I’ll try to like work on this, but this is essentially just me trying to explain in the best way possible. I’M not really a teacher, that’s why we’re doing it like this, because I still want to like share this information, so I do apologize.

If you know I’m going too fast or it’s like, I don’t make a lot of sense. We’Re going to get through it together. Okay, so anyway, Amazon Associates is right. Here you go to product, linking product links and again any of these products. You know I’ll, you know we’ll go over. You know some of the niches that you know you want to be in again, like the beauty NEX. Just like one of the top paint payouts cuz again, it pays 6 %, but yeah.

So anyway, you can come here, get your products and essentially like what similarweb was like showing us is that this is what people are doing so seven percent of their top referring sites. Seven percent of their traffic is coming from amazon.Com. That’S essentially again, people picking our products and posting it on to Pinterest. Also tumblr is another the referral website and eBay. So you can kind of see like what’s going on here when we look at their like display advertising, even though we really don’t care for this, because we’re not like necessarily doing drop shipping or anything.

But it’s still kind of you know bring some ideas just to again explain ad networks. Think of these is, like you know, platforms that run ads just to kind of keep it as simple as possible. You know for you guys, like Facebook, as is isn’t ad network because they serve at so it’s Spotify. So it’s snapchat, you know all these. All these different platforms are essentially like ad networks, or at least that’s where, like you know, they’re a form of an ad network, so, like Google Display Network we’ll get into that and like in a later article, but like Google has you know its own, like ad Network because it serves tabula is another website.

Essentially they take like your blogs or, like any articles that you have written or like any like. You know article or written content. They will take that and they will place it on websites such as, like you know, Business Insider, seeing in NBC News, or you know, just a just a couple of different sites that they’ll you know post. You know your content and people, then you know circle back to your site and that’s how you drive traffic.

So this is, you know how it works. I know a lot of people when this is what was really frustrating for me for a long time is just you know, trying to figure out how to drive traffic to you know my brands, you know: how does this work? How do you get traffic because doing the foot chase, especially if you’re an artist – and you know trying to be you know in the city that just you know you can only take that so far, so the the power is definitely in the internet.

Also, you know just for people that are looking for financial freedom, because I I really anticipate a lot of people being on this blog. You know just regular people, just you know, seeking that financial freedom, you get it through the internet, and so in my studies and just you know what we’ve been studying and building this agency. This is how it works. So you want to be. You want to get real familiar with ad networks and there’s a ton of it.

So pop ads is, I haven’t really looked into them, but they’re, pretty big skin links is pretty big for, like I guess more so, like e-commerce stuff ShareASale is ecommerce. Google Display is just general: it’s you, you can kind of look at Google Display as like your retargeting and will explain like retargeting what that and all that is, but I just really wanted to keep it simple today and just kind of explain why we’re using Pinterest And again we’re using Pinterest because 43 % of Americans are on it there’s you know people are staying on the on the site for a long time.

Five minutes they’re visiting a lot of pages. While you know they’re there on the site – and you know it’s – it’s getting – you know 800 million visits per month, so this is this number represents per month. Okay, so that’s a lot of traffic that we can take advantage of and over here we see that there are. You know, people that are already taking advantage of this and it’s at 7 percent and it’s gone up by 300.

You know so I don’t know if that’s like I’m a month. They’Re probably probably is on that, but you know seven percent. You know that’s kind of high, they didn’t honestly it’s kind of not, and that gives us a lot of space to play in here. So just going to walk you through this again, so you can kind of see what’s going on, I’m on my personal on my main brands page. So so I’m going to just show how this works: real, quick, we’re going to make a pin.

So first we’re going to find our product so analyst a so we’re like a so it’s it’s two parts. We have the agency because we’ve had to create that essentially, because we have to advertise me, I strongly believe as the founder of the company and owning every thing and because I’m personally an artist myself and we just got ta own everything. As far as like the advertisement, just every just just how we move it’s just how I was raised – and you know how I continue to live my life, so we need to own everything.

So a male agency is essentially the advertising side of our company and then a know itself is a brand, a production house. We plan on making films, shorts, documentaries and essentially creating a no into being its own standalone app. In the same, in the same vein as like Netflix and essentially at being a blog promoting quality, you know introspective spiritual content primarily for you know black people, black people, you know the descendants of slaves in America.

So that’s what Anna was maybe before, and then we also will be making music, because obviously we need to own our music as well. So that is what I know is you know just so everybody can understand it’s one of my brands. It is the main brand. Is the outward facing brand? All my other brands will never be seen, and that should be for obvious reasons or it should be. You know yeah like when y’all start getting this down and y’all understand like how easy it is, so they make a brand and make money and have you know the type of female financial freedom that you’re looking for like you’re, going to you’re, definitely going to understand Why you wouldn’t want you know your brands just being down so anyway we’re going to start up here, so I’m going to go ahead and do CDs and vinyl to let you guys know why music actually has a pretty good payout.

So, as you can see, digital music get 5 % digital articles, 5 % physical music, 5 %. Well, I mean obviously it’s all the same thing so yeah, so we’re going to do music and we’re going to essentially post music on our Pinterest feed here ignore all this. I haven’t really updated it. This is not. You know this matters anyway. It’S us, but it’s not us. Okay, so we’re going to go back here, we’re going to go to product linking products and we’re going to filter by digital music.

There we go so we’re actually not going to do CDs. Okay! So, let’s see if we can find somebody that familiar, I definitely recognize the labels, but I do not recognize here. We go our girl, Rizzo and now she just had a I guess: people are getting on it or we could be blinding lights. I haven’t heard any of these gone but 129, but you’re getting 6 % of that. So anyway, we’re just going to show the purpose of it and I’m going to show you like how to scale it cuz.

It is really low, but I’m going to show you like how you can get this going and essentially just really kill it on Pinterest cuz. Again they get wait. Where are we? Let me get this me. You know visits friend up, so let’s move this along. So we’re going to grab Rizzo we’re going to get the link yep. It’S going to take us to this page, so we’re going to download the image now the last time that we did this in the other article, the image wasn’t that clear when we went ahead and posted it on Instagram, so we’re going to see if we’re going To have that same problem, if you do imma show you how to essentially go find this photo again.

Y’All should be a lot more organized, so much easier. Okay, so once you get the image again you’re going to go to text only, that’s really all that you need, if you’re just trying to grab that loop on this one. You can just do this short link. You don’t need the standard link, because that’s we needed that for the spreader app, because there was there’s essentially extra information that this link provides force brother to do its thing.

So you don’t need that. For this, you just need the short link, so just copy that and then you’re going to come over here back to Pinterest and we’re going to press this button up at the top click it create. Pin they’ll see this. We don’t need a tour all right, I’m so you’re going to paste that link right here. Just like that easy for the description. What I like to do, actually, let’s go ahead and put that that photo in here there’s on your desktop grabbing, her photo by being better boom.

Okay, so now we’re going to add the title: what was the title of this this good as hell explicit? So I guess this must be like a single cool, so we’re going to put that right up here, good as tell explicit: don’t okay! So now we’re going back here and I’m going to go! Click on it because we’re going to grab the description cuz we’re not trying to do like a lot of work right, so I would say, like it’s really up to you to me, I mean I’m going to go ahead and put all this information on the in The description for this bio – I mean for this for this description right here.

We’Re just going to put this in here. Let me see what do you wan na? Do I don’t? I guess I don’t really care about the release date. Maybe I don’t think we care about that, maybe just the label, the copyright. When you take these off, I don’t know you know I mean you can get creative here. People don’t really look at this. I don’t know what I would necessarily do here. You really don’t have to put anything, let’s see if we can find something a little better than that, maybe to type in this town.

Maybe we can do just a lyric that’ll be easy. There we go. I do my hair, I do my hair toss. I do my hair toss check my nails baby, how you feeling feeling good as hell there we go. We can do just that. It’S maybe when somebody sees this pin it’ll like jog the memory of the song and maybe they’ll want to go and purchase it. So go there, you go and I’m going to put this into my hip hop board because it has a lot of traffic.

That’S that’s my main traffic source and we’ll get into that as well like how you want to structure your Pinterest boards. But again, this is really just a strategy on showing how to make money with Amazon affiliate marketing and not necessarily how to structure your Pinterest in order to drive in traffic, because there is a way that you want to set up your Pinterest to start generating the Audience that you want so that’ll probably be the second article that we make all right, the third okay, so we’re going to publish this.

We got our link in there and, as you can see now we can go look at the pin, and this is where I got ta be fresh. I guess I just expected it to 18. T’S Internet is horrible, you guys they have so many bothers with them. Like I have to do a blog scan like every 20 minutes, just to keep the internet all right anyway, as you can see, this is what it is when people click on it, you’ll come across this pin in the hip-hop section, I’ll click on it and they’ll Go straight to Amazon and from there they can purchase.

Now what I forgot to do right here, they can buy the song for 129 and you’ll get it. What is it, I think? 6 % or thirds? Oh sorry – was 5 %, so you get 5 %. For that, let’s see if the Tigers in there, the song – yes, it is now again remember if you have multiple sites, I mean sorry, multiple, affiliate tags and whatnot make sure that you put the right tag on your link. Cuz on this, I actually put the wrong tag, so I’m going to just go back here and fix that it’s real simple.

So here I just really understand like okay, so click on the proper one there you go and then I’m going to go to text only to copy the link. Again short, the link copy it and I’ll show you how to edit that so you edit the pin just by pressing on this little pencil button like that and you can switch out your link. So now it’s been saved, you can click on it again about a boom. Bada bang there’s the proper tag.

So that’s how you fix it. If you have you know multiple ones, and you know you want to keep it organized and whatnot cool all right. So we’re going to exit out of that now I want to show you like how to scale it, because again it is like a dollar twenty nine! So, like that’s not like a lot of money right so and this kind of gets into you know what my agency does, what we do for like our clients, what you’re going to want to do if you’re going to want to scale it you’re going to have To use like automation, tools, Pinterest is very friendly to automation, so vultaire is a virtual.

They have a lot of different products, but what we use them for is a server. The server essentially allows you to like access like a Windows PC, because I actually have like a night, so you can hop onto a ball. Tear grab yourself a server. You know from Microsoft, because it’s software that I’m about to show which is jarv. It’S a automation. Software that you can use to scale and automate your this Pinscher strategy that work that we’re going into here so I’ll leave the link.

Obviously, in the description for Voltaire and again essentially, they just have like they have a lot of different products, but what we use them for as a server again. That can essentially just run these processes on their servers. So I don’t have to run it like online. That it can just run forever ongoing in the cloud or on the server. So I’m going to go ahead and sign in to my server to access Jarvie it’s going on.

There actually need to turn it down and not a processor, so this is jarv. Essentially, what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to add your Pinterest account. You can add a profile by going up here profile, your ID, your Pinterest you’ll, put your Pinterest information on here. So you can. Do you know your brand? Don’T need to do anything here, proxy settings, we’re going to that in another article.

You don’t really need proxy settings for Pinterest again, because Pinterest is there okay, with automation for right now that may change, because they’re trying to you know incorporating more advertising on to their platform, but as of right now, they’re they’re, they’re cool. So you put in your username and you put in your password and then you go ahead and verify your account once you do that you’ll go to this tools, tab right here and you’ll be able to access.

So the biggest thing here is the repainting. So this is what I want to talk about, so we just put Liz owes her single in hip-hop. So I’m going to do this again, just to show y’all. So we went to tools, we selected our Pinterest account and then we’re clicking on repin it clicked on repin, and then it pulls up our boards. It may take a minute once you add the account for all your boards to pop up, but once you do it’ll it’ll pop up here, so we added everything to hip-hop, so we’re going to click on hip-hop and right here.

I want to show you guys what we’ve done here so on Pinterest again they are cool with automation or right now. Advertising platforms and stuff right now are changing every day because you know it’s just it’s like a new frontier, so you really got to stay on top of it, but for right now, they’re really for automation. So you can set this board as we have to repin times per day between a certain time period.

I recommend doing 90 again because Pinterest gives you a lot of leeway, and this is essentially what can sue perverse engagement on your Pinterest, because, if you’re retaining all day, essentially, you are actively engaged all day on Pinterest and you’re, providing new content, or you know, and We’Ll get into that with the sources you’re just reap any new stuff within your board all day long. So you’re engaging you know all these people, you know at least you know the percentage of these people all day long so you’re active and that’s what we want and that’s why we love automation, because we can’t do that all day long.

We have things to do so anyway, so 90 times per day and we’re going to scroll down here. If you randomize the publishing timers per day, I recommend doing that so you’re. Not so it’s not you know retaining at the same time again, just to you know give it some sort of you know human player. You can enable the signature at the bottom, but that’s not really what we you know care about right now, allow double repin to repin to the multiple you know multiple times on the board.

You’Ll want this checked for what we’re going to do here and leave everything else. Blank and essentially just keep all of these checked if you want it running and consistently. So what we’re going to do here? We’Re going to select custom URL, because what we want. We can provide a list of plans, actually we’re going to do this, because we’re going to add a lot of these so that link that we just created with Liz.

Oh and her single we’re going to go back and we’re going to find that king, that’s all you do is just go back to the board or actually it’s right here. If it’s one of our pin that we made we’re going to click on it, and it’s going to pull up this pin so we’re going to want to copy this entire URL, I’m going to copy it, I’m going to come back to Jarvey we’re going to put A in it yeah, I forget, there’s only one thing that I don’t like about Voltaire and their server.

I can’t copy between my computer, so pinterest.Com enters.Com, /, /, 7. 6. 3. Seven, six, three, three: six: zero, two: zero: five, five, seven, five, four: five awesome! Okay! So respect others I can see – and so you’re going to add this pain just like that. Okay, so they want the HTTP, so we got ta. Add that slash slash boom, okay. So what this has essentially done is I we’ve added this pin right here.

Didn’T tell her single that we have the affiliate link for that pays out a dollar twenty nine and we’ve added this to Jarvie to the repin from providing. This depends because we’re going to keep doing this process right, so this pin is now sitting right here. We have told it you know, and I’ve also set it to do some other things you know, for you know the purpose of you know my boy, but essentially it will out of these ninety three pins per day, one of them several of them will be this Pin right here for lism wizzo will be reap end around.

You know ninety or however many times a day, so that is the power of automation and this tool Jarvey will make other tutorials about Jarvie and just how you can beautifies Jarvey within safe. You know safety methods so that your accounts are getting blocked or like or whatever and we’ll talk about. You know implementing proxies, and you know what different proxies you know we recommend for being able to.

You know, execute some of these strategies. So if you see the value in this article go ahead and give it a thumbs up, go ahead and like that and subscribe and most importantly share this article with someone, you know, needs this information, someone that’s working to beat their job. We, you know, looking to leave in mind to fire someone or an artist, that’s with him to get out there music, because this is a perfect way.

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