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How To Run YouTube Ads To Sweepstake CPA Marketing Offers

That’s a good question, that’s interesting! So, basically, how that works is it’s just another traffic source and actually it’s a bigger opportunity. You think, and also it’s very intuitive. Okay, it’s user friendly, any app platform. You want to go into Barrow, it’s very user friendly, otherwise, how they’re going to? How are they going to money? Okay, so people may over complicate it and stuff, it’s really not that complicated.

So how do you make money with with YouTube and sweepstakes? You set up the sweeps a campaign if you’re in the sleep state course, then you know how to set up the sweep state campaign. Then you set up this one article ad. You could do a two article ads to split test, but you make a article ad. Okay and you run it targeting people that actually are interested in sweepstakes and free stuff and winning stuff.

Okay and that’s all you have to do literally and – and you just keep your budget small, just a test at first, you don’t need to go, spend a thousand bucks. Okay and you see what your ROI is and it might be bigger than you think I have a brand sweepstakes campaigns on YouTube, but I see the opportunity there. I will be doing it to grow the personal brand here, but

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The Best Sales And Marketing On YouTube

Yeah 1 million things they notice. That works. Trust me, I’m good! This is good. This is good primal branding! Okay, like I don’t do you know yeah you should for the beginners now it might because but um yeah, my traffic sources, the Facebook Ads emails Instagram in YouTube through traffic. Second blog, which is entertainment, blog, is very funny.

Add thousands views every day and upwards of millions of views every single month and sent up to my building offers, and do me this month, my earnings every single day shall we do guys? How do we and we kill, we can own it, and I want to cap it out and raise my pick. Is the goal and you don’t work out and it’s powerful if you guys just get it to high ticket and do like a front end so like have something I dip it in the back in yeah and literally you people and that’s working for anyone.

There’s a lot details, persuasion, a copywriter! Oh sorry, there’s are technical things too. You have to learn, but DNA do this right in a very powerful you’re capable of this okay. Oh, can I start right now and okay, you know more about the magic Langer might be. Probably advertorial a victorious cover like wildfire. Basically, Oh well, this blog subscription tree today I press, bears use Idol in past working jobs.

I hated jobs and Lily over six hours per day. Okay, people thought I was crazy and fairly crazy. Actually, it’s kind of like over many many years and they’re also really good. Now, I’m giving you guys exactly access inside of courses whatever time the secrets and you can get the bed go straight up crazy, powerful and um yeah over time. I figured it out and it was because I’m sure can be proven money good.

You freedo, don’t have a job. It’s amazing. I think it’s just the currency for trade in the market. I use triple art offers that’s a good question now. That’s what I do dad because guess maybe you saw that new article or something the tree, trimmers rock, because if you do the two-step order form off with models. So basically they give you their name, an email and then their email list and the follow peak was going and dance with by after that on the two-step chord form.

So sometimes I would go through funnel it, but I cover that courses really powerful, but the coolest thing about it is for whatever it is, even if you like, a digital product, obviously digital products, if you, if you go to drop shipping or whatever I don’t like To overhead drop shipping, I don’t like the fulfillment of everything, but Manna Dey becomes a huge industry. I found it yeah, you know.

Follow sequences are very well you’re, going to get tons of people up the end. Yeah they’re, not people just personally, okay, yeah purchased. Those will give you a right there and then you can run really offers and then you like link to different platforms to be juice for a long term. Like I said, I got the YouTube blog, I think people there from the evilest and traffic there and just as cycling everywhere, and I think it’s a description of the YouTube articles over Q, a bunch of different freakin funnels at have an eye.

That’s a really great price. I give bones forces inside that are worth 900 because that’s what every charges, and so I’m basically a tenth of the price and my courses are exceedingly valuable, captive information of the extra secrets for you guys in our time to dedicate to you guys and it’s not Over pressure, anything or alone, so you guys are going to get into this membership, and I hope you, whatever you wan na, do, is to sit up to you what will actually work, and so before a year.

Okay, it’s the price, plus bonuses, it’s the quality itself. What is the product was the niche? What is the topic? What problem for all that matters? You know the story behind offer increases it’s good to announce, big big things. Just books message me about books, you, like yeah, you guys later peace out subscribe, but if any of you guys are interested very motivated yeah, you learn very powerful stuff straight for me that you can get.

It might become millionaire littered through different marketing campaigns and everything. Yeah I’m doing this for ten years and basically be launching a one-year membership and then a ten year membership. It’s your choice, we’re going to choose! This is look at the time because I’m not doing this anymore. Okay, I’m not going to do any more mentorships. Only for this month, you have time to get into this big big surprise at the end of this month, for something very, very also where, basically, you guys are going to just get to be a part of like an exclusive group where I do weekly live calls.

You talked with really really successful people you’re going to talk with me, one-on-one, whatever you want, you get to chat with me whenever you want and you get exclusive content you get to chose everything.

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Youtube Google Display Ads + CPA Marketing Method

Google display ads while CPA, affiliate marketing offers method. You guys can make 20,000 per day with this strategy. Let’s get it alright, so I’m in Google ads and if you didn’t know, Google ads owns Gmail, YouTube, etc and Google, and so we’re going to build a campaign and I’m going to show you the whole funnel with funnel it Ixia we’re going to draw it up And you’re going to love it.

So this strategy is very, very much so not talked about, and the power of being able to use a computer, your debit card or credit card and be able to reach the whole world with a marketing message of some sort to sell something or anything you want To do is so powerful and I highly suggest you guys go into traffic networks, self-serve traffic networks like Facebook, Google, etc and just figure out all the details and things you can do is stop reading tutorials, 100 percent all the time, but actually take action.

Try to figure it out on your own, but I’m going to show you this strategy right now, so you’re going to create a campaign without any prior goal. Okay, so you can just select because they get rid of privileges that you would have before. If you select one of these before now we’re going to go to article and we’re going to go to, where is it? This might take me a minute, alright guys. So here we are, we cook display it’s on display, not article and here’s what you do link to your website.

Okay, google.Com! Is your website. Alright, typically wan na do sales funnel you want to be able to spend the most to acquire conversions right, very, very important. So have a lot of offers and a high ticket back-end, but once you have that in place, we’re ready to drive traffic alright and don’t overthink it too much guys try to take action. But if you just want to sell one thing, just know: if you don’t have an upsell or more monetization method, you won’t make as much as you could all right very important.

Also if you you want to promote something. That’s recurring: oh geez, you’re set okay, just so you know. So. Let’s talk about the strategy. I can picture a lot of you guys getting crazy results. If you want to learn even crazier strategies. This is one I’m releasing right. Now: okay, it’s very powerful, I’m giving it for free on YouTube, but if you want to learn crazy, crazy strategies, just like this one and this top-secret freaking stuff check out my course and then I have multiple other courses that teach specific strategies and stuff that can Help you out, but the main course has a lot of stuff in it that just geez man, I’m telling you but moving on, so we’re making sure we’re doing display right boom.

Also, just so, you know if you do YouTube ads and you do in-stream ads dude and you do it right. Oh geez, you can make killing grow a campaign name, doesn’t matter really just do whatever you want. Whatever you’re doing United States is obviously more expensive, but that’s what the money is all right. You can set locations risk into US for now to show you how this works languages – typically, English, yes, high-quality traffic, yes, not just impressions.

We want traffic manually set bids sure if you want automatics good but you’re, going to set a manual bid and no one’s going to tell you this. If you’re going to set a manual bid, set it like really high, because it’s an auction system and YouTube’s going to or whatever network to use for innocence to AdWords AdWords is going to literally send you traffic over your competitors targeting the same people all right.

I’r going to spend per day you want to spend a thousand great you’re going to make a killing all right, even spent a thousand per day move a down name that way if you want alright now this is what I was suggesting like you can look at This and you could based off search. You can base it off phrase or URLs. You can get ideas right here, just random stuff right, but just search up whatever niche you’re in and you can do that.

But that’s not the method, we’re talking about we’re talking about something even more interesting. Also, if you already know what demographics converting you can do that, but I suggest leave a broad I’ll show you why, in a minute we’re going to go down here – and this is what we’re doing content targeting. But I’m going to show you this other stuff. Just for fun weekly estimate off more reach. I suggested this one.

You keep it regular. Okay, now your cost-per-click bid for the ad group. You have to set it okay, you’re doing manual, and if we went up here and we did a option for automatic to do automatic, but sometimes networks – don’t let you do automatic. So we have to set our bid and the way actually Google works is. You can set your bid, but don’t go too low, okay and it’s almost better to set it even higher.

Okay. So we’re going to three bucks per click. Look it’s going to show you actually how much you’re going to spend so over here we’ve got your weekly estimate. Here’s! How much clicks you’re going to end up getting with a thousand bucks per day. Your cost per click is going to be thirty, eight cents to seventy five cents. Okay, just so you know, this is cost per click. You’re doing display ads on it could be the network it could be on websites or it could be on YouTube articles, and this is the strategy.

I’r teaching YouTube articles display ads. I kid you not it’s insane. Okay, this is such a powerful strategy. I’r sharing with you right now. Okay, I hope you understand that so whatever country you want to do, if you’re in CPA marketing dude, oh my gosh get ready, I’m about to blow your mind if you’re doing sweepstakes. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I wish I could just share with you guys, but you have to have the right of passage of content, locking like there’s so much stuff that I could talk about.

That is just insane for this, but you just have to get in the force. I guess – and it’s so worth it so anyway, that’s how much you’re going to end up spending. Alright, if you want to do 0.5, I mean less than 30 cents, so say: 25 cents. So look they’re going to give you less quality traffic and you’ll get more clicks, but it’s less quality. Okay, you want to be competitive and that’s why I said it as high as it is.

If you don’t set it as a dollar, that’s pretty good! So there’s a buck. You won’t get typically charged a buck per click, but yeah if you’re in other countries, obviously cheaper, but you better have a good CPA offer for that country. Okay, now, let’s get into needy greedy man, all right content targeting okay, you can target keywords: okay, so all across the whole web. You could target topics so webpages, apps and articles about a certain subject or you can do placements and we’re going to do placements.

Look specific websites, specific websites, specific articles, alright or apps; okay power, ful bro; alright, we’re going to click placement, so we’re going to do exact, YouTube articles or exact blogs, but I highly suggest, with this method, you’re going to target exact freaking articles. Okay, now, whatever cpa marketing network you’re with great find your offer and you’re ready to go, if you want to a cost per sale, offer great we’re going to cover the funnel actually in just a sec.

We should probably cover it now and we’re going to no we’re just going to do the article now. So if you want to do with golf offer we’re just going to do golf, you find um. Typically, you want to go to youtube first, so youtube youtube. You want to go to youtube and you’re going to want to type in whatever any sharing. Now you want to have a you want to have several tools, you don’t have keywords everywhere, the Chrome extension and then you want to have vid IQ.

The Chrome extension right. Alright, let’s go: go we’re going to want to see the ones at the top views, okay, that are getting a lot of views and that we would want that. Would that we would think is relevant to the offer were promoting okay, super powerful and do Google display? You can literally create an ad that has like text on it and has like it says what the offer is. It grabs attention and it’s 100 % relevant to the viewers right.

This is very powerful. Okay, so find like a couple articles. You don’t want to have just over one article, but you could just find one article, but this is super crazy. Okay, I’m talking about you make your ad. You could run a split test of two ads if you want or more okay of different ones and see which one does better you’ve run your ad, you figure out. Okay, are women, doing the clicking more than men or what ages and what demographics and you can break it down and then run that and it just gets better optimize: okay, you’re running traffic, the whole time.

So you just pick your articles to show up on. You click it here and you start and you were going to want to have a quite a bit. Okay, because YouTube articles only get a couple views after their first spike over time. So you’re going to want to pick quite a few articles, but the power is especially if a new creator, like a YouTube creator, launches a brand new article and you’re like okay target their blog, then boom you’re, going to have your ads show up on their blog, Especially nice blogs guys this works great for news blogs.

Super super powerful. Okay, we’re going to go over here. Traffic is AdWords, specifically YouTube. Okay, we’re going here we’re going to make the landing page art so you’ve got your ad right and they’re on YouTube. They’re going to click through to your opt-in, you want to give something for free, or so we’re going to do two different things here: you’re going to have a sales page. Okay, your sales page sells something right off the bat, so you actually in qualified buyers when they come here and buy right here you giving some for free, so you can follow up with them with what you sell forever.

Either way works the higher click-through rates going to be this one. This ones are all right to don’t sell something super high ticket. I’r telling you right now you will regret it um and then here’s what we’re going to do and we’re doing affiliate offers right. So this is, if you have your own offer, okay or if you do pre sale here, okay boom right there. So this is. If, if you have your own offer, you can do some upsells you’re using click funnels.

Of course you have your own upsells in the back end you’re going to offer like affiliate offer. Okay. So let’s draw that out real quick episode. Boom boom boom boom upsells. There you go so and then you have an affiliate offer at the end to see. So just a thank you page and then to your affiliate offer you want to do just so. You can monetize more. That’s the power of that then right here, you’re going to have a pre-sale page, so you have a sales page could have a article sales letter.

If you want all right here, you’re going to have the purchase okay – and you just do one offer right here, but you have an email address right, so we’re going to do that to do here. It is you my friend have an email over here. You can follow up and sell stuff forever, and you know it’s a buyers list and if they bought from you want you’re going to buy from you again, it’s just outwards alright and boom right here you got emails, you can follow up forever.

Send them here send them to other offers, etc. Okay, that is super duper. Duper duper ooper, powerful. Okay, I want you to know that, so that’s the funnel you can pick whichever one you want to do. This one will make more money. This one will get results too. You can also put an opt-in right before this, too, just to get higher click-through rates and more emails. If you want to do that, okay and that’s how you get crazy click there right, like I’m, not even giving all the value here, I’m trying to just give you the strategy which is so powerful, but in the paid information.

Obviously, there’s freaking crazy, freaking freaking brilliant powerful strategies there, but alright, let’s see what else we going to talk about alright guys. So you have everything set up right. You find a ton of articles that are going to be relative to the offer you find so step by step in order. What are we going to cover here, and this is what we have to do – we have to pick a niche, then we have to be on two networks.

We have to pick a bunch of offers that we think are good. Then we have clickfunnels. Of course, you have to use quick funnels for this click. Phones is the best check out link in the description for it and sign up and then what you’re going to do dude. This is so powerful. I love talking about this because I don’t really talk about the crazy strategies, so you pick your niece. You pick a bunch of offers.

You stand up your sales funnel you connect with your autoresponder, could be Aweber or get response to your market here or whatever you wan na do like I prefer Aweber. I will have an affiliate link for that. Eventually, I should sign up for it right now. After this, but anyway you do that and then you pick a bunch of articles you want to show up on, for you, debt selected, eesh, okay, and even if you want you could show up on specific websites you want to do is so all right.

You set your budget, you set your cost per click. I told you about how to do that. You create your ad alright and you run traffic and dude, I’m Tony right now. This is powerful and I’ll. See you in the next article binge read. The other articles check out links in the description and go take action. Peace out

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How To Make Money daily $500 On Pinterest by Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Essentially, it allows you to look up any website and pretty much just analyzed like their data, so I’m a type in pinterest.Com. Wait for that to load! Let me take these out of here. Okay, so, as you can see, Pinterest comm, you know it’s been around since 2008 has a lot of employees, it’s ranked number eight number 22 and the US, and globally it’s ranked 27.

It monthly visits. You know it’s almost. I was that one billion like it gets a lot of traffic. So it’s it’s something. That’S really really slept on and, as you can tell like, it’s it’s really popping in the US and again it’s just it’s a platform. That’S slept on and not a lot of people are, you know taking advantage of it, so I just wanted to bring this article to you guys to you know, maybe just job some.

You know, ideas and whatever and essentially just show you guys like how I’m using it. So as you can see, the average visit duration is five minutes. People are spending five minutes on this website, so it’s it retains a lot of people. So this is again me just kind of I guess explaining like how you can use Pinterest with Amazon. So, as you can see from similar web, amazon.Com is one of the top referring sites to Pinterest.

So what does that mean people kind of like how we did with the Instagram strategy? People are grabbing products from Amazon Associates and remember we go to, and I know I may be going kind of fast so like I’ll try to like work on this, but this is essentially just me trying to explain in the best way possible. I’M not really a teacher, that’s why we’re doing it like this, because I still want to like share this information, so I do apologize.

If you know I’m going too fast or it’s like, I don’t make a lot of sense. We’Re going to get through it together. Okay, so anyway, Amazon Associates is right. Here you go to product, linking product links and again any of these products. You know I’ll, you know we’ll go over. You know some of the niches that you know you want to be in again, like the beauty NEX. Just like one of the top paint payouts cuz again, it pays 6 %, but yeah.

So anyway, you can come here, get your products and essentially like what similarweb was like showing us is that this is what people are doing so seven percent of their top referring sites. Seven percent of their traffic is coming from amazon.Com. That’S essentially again, people picking our products and posting it on to Pinterest. Also tumblr is another the referral website and eBay. So you can kind of see like what’s going on here when we look at their like display advertising, even though we really don’t care for this, because we’re not like necessarily doing drop shipping or anything.

But it’s still kind of you know bring some ideas just to again explain ad networks. Think of these is, like you know, platforms that run ads just to kind of keep it as simple as possible. You know for you guys, like Facebook, as is isn’t ad network because they serve at so it’s Spotify. So it’s snapchat, you know all these. All these different platforms are essentially like ad networks, or at least that’s where, like you know, they’re a form of an ad network, so, like Google Display Network we’ll get into that and like in a later article, but like Google has you know its own, like ad Network because it serves tabula is another website.

Essentially they take like your blogs or, like any articles that you have written or like any like. You know article or written content. They will take that and they will place it on websites such as, like you know, Business Insider, seeing in NBC News, or you know, just a just a couple of different sites that they’ll you know post. You know your content and people, then you know circle back to your site and that’s how you drive traffic.

So this is, you know how it works. I know a lot of people when this is what was really frustrating for me for a long time is just you know, trying to figure out how to drive traffic to you know my brands, you know: how does this work? How do you get traffic because doing the foot chase, especially if you’re an artist – and you know trying to be you know in the city that just you know you can only take that so far, so the the power is definitely in the internet.

Also, you know just for people that are looking for financial freedom, because I I really anticipate a lot of people being on this blog. You know just regular people, just you know, seeking that financial freedom, you get it through the internet, and so in my studies and just you know what we’ve been studying and building this agency. This is how it works. So you want to be. You want to get real familiar with ad networks and there’s a ton of it.

So pop ads is, I haven’t really looked into them, but they’re, pretty big skin links is pretty big for, like I guess more so, like e-commerce stuff ShareASale is ecommerce. Google Display is just general: it’s you, you can kind of look at Google Display as like your retargeting and will explain like retargeting what that and all that is, but I just really wanted to keep it simple today and just kind of explain why we’re using Pinterest And again we’re using Pinterest because 43 % of Americans are on it there’s you know people are staying on the on the site for a long time.

Five minutes they’re visiting a lot of pages. While you know they’re there on the site – and you know it’s – it’s getting – you know 800 million visits per month, so this is this number represents per month. Okay, so that’s a lot of traffic that we can take advantage of and over here we see that there are. You know, people that are already taking advantage of this and it’s at 7 percent and it’s gone up by 300.

You know so I don’t know if that’s like I’m a month. They’Re probably probably is on that, but you know seven percent. You know that’s kind of high, they didn’t honestly it’s kind of not, and that gives us a lot of space to play in here. So just going to walk you through this again, so you can kind of see what’s going on, I’m on my personal on my main brands page. So so I’m going to just show how this works: real, quick, we’re going to make a pin.

So first we’re going to find our product so analyst a so we’re like a so it’s it’s two parts. We have the agency because we’ve had to create that essentially, because we have to advertise me, I strongly believe as the founder of the company and owning every thing and because I’m personally an artist myself and we just got ta own everything. As far as like the advertisement, just every just just how we move it’s just how I was raised – and you know how I continue to live my life, so we need to own everything.

So a male agency is essentially the advertising side of our company and then a know itself is a brand, a production house. We plan on making films, shorts, documentaries and essentially creating a no into being its own standalone app. In the same, in the same vein as like Netflix and essentially at being a blog promoting quality, you know introspective spiritual content primarily for you know black people, black people, you know the descendants of slaves in America.

So that’s what Anna was maybe before, and then we also will be making music, because obviously we need to own our music as well. So that is what I know is you know just so everybody can understand it’s one of my brands. It is the main brand. Is the outward facing brand? All my other brands will never be seen, and that should be for obvious reasons or it should be. You know yeah like when y’all start getting this down and y’all understand like how easy it is, so they make a brand and make money and have you know the type of female financial freedom that you’re looking for like you’re, going to you’re, definitely going to understand Why you wouldn’t want you know your brands just being down so anyway we’re going to start up here, so I’m going to go ahead and do CDs and vinyl to let you guys know why music actually has a pretty good payout.

So, as you can see, digital music get 5 % digital articles, 5 % physical music, 5 %. Well, I mean obviously it’s all the same thing so yeah, so we’re going to do music and we’re going to essentially post music on our Pinterest feed here ignore all this. I haven’t really updated it. This is not. You know this matters anyway. It’S us, but it’s not us. Okay, so we’re going to go back here, we’re going to go to product linking products and we’re going to filter by digital music.

There we go so we’re actually not going to do CDs. Okay! So, let’s see if we can find somebody that familiar, I definitely recognize the labels, but I do not recognize here. We go our girl, Rizzo and now she just had a I guess: people are getting on it or we could be blinding lights. I haven’t heard any of these gone but 129, but you’re getting 6 % of that. So anyway, we’re just going to show the purpose of it and I’m going to show you like how to scale it cuz.

It is really low, but I’m going to show you like how you can get this going and essentially just really kill it on Pinterest cuz. Again they get wait. Where are we? Let me get this me. You know visits friend up, so let’s move this along. So we’re going to grab Rizzo we’re going to get the link yep. It’S going to take us to this page, so we’re going to download the image now the last time that we did this in the other article, the image wasn’t that clear when we went ahead and posted it on Instagram, so we’re going to see if we’re going To have that same problem, if you do imma show you how to essentially go find this photo again.

Y’All should be a lot more organized, so much easier. Okay, so once you get the image again you’re going to go to text only, that’s really all that you need, if you’re just trying to grab that loop on this one. You can just do this short link. You don’t need the standard link, because that’s we needed that for the spreader app, because there was there’s essentially extra information that this link provides force brother to do its thing.

So you don’t need that. For this, you just need the short link, so just copy that and then you’re going to come over here back to Pinterest and we’re going to press this button up at the top click it create. Pin they’ll see this. We don’t need a tour all right, I’m so you’re going to paste that link right here. Just like that easy for the description. What I like to do, actually, let’s go ahead and put that that photo in here there’s on your desktop grabbing, her photo by being better boom.

Okay, so now we’re going to add the title: what was the title of this this good as hell explicit? So I guess this must be like a single cool, so we’re going to put that right up here, good as tell explicit: don’t okay! So now we’re going back here and I’m going to go! Click on it because we’re going to grab the description cuz we’re not trying to do like a lot of work right, so I would say, like it’s really up to you to me, I mean I’m going to go ahead and put all this information on the in The description for this bio – I mean for this for this description right here.

We’Re just going to put this in here. Let me see what do you wan na? Do I don’t? I guess I don’t really care about the release date. Maybe I don’t think we care about that, maybe just the label, the copyright. When you take these off, I don’t know you know I mean you can get creative here. People don’t really look at this. I don’t know what I would necessarily do here. You really don’t have to put anything, let’s see if we can find something a little better than that, maybe to type in this town.

Maybe we can do just a lyric that’ll be easy. There we go. I do my hair, I do my hair toss. I do my hair toss check my nails baby, how you feeling feeling good as hell there we go. We can do just that. It’S maybe when somebody sees this pin it’ll like jog the memory of the song and maybe they’ll want to go and purchase it. So go there, you go and I’m going to put this into my hip hop board because it has a lot of traffic.

That’S that’s my main traffic source and we’ll get into that as well like how you want to structure your Pinterest boards. But again, this is really just a strategy on showing how to make money with Amazon affiliate marketing and not necessarily how to structure your Pinterest in order to drive in traffic, because there is a way that you want to set up your Pinterest to start generating the Audience that you want so that’ll probably be the second article that we make all right, the third okay, so we’re going to publish this.

We got our link in there and, as you can see now we can go look at the pin, and this is where I got ta be fresh. I guess I just expected it to 18. T’S Internet is horrible, you guys they have so many bothers with them. Like I have to do a blog scan like every 20 minutes, just to keep the internet all right anyway, as you can see, this is what it is when people click on it, you’ll come across this pin in the hip-hop section, I’ll click on it and they’ll Go straight to Amazon and from there they can purchase.

Now what I forgot to do right here, they can buy the song for 129 and you’ll get it. What is it, I think? 6 % or thirds? Oh sorry – was 5 %, so you get 5 %. For that, let’s see if the Tigers in there, the song – yes, it is now again remember if you have multiple sites, I mean sorry, multiple, affiliate tags and whatnot make sure that you put the right tag on your link. Cuz on this, I actually put the wrong tag, so I’m going to just go back here and fix that it’s real simple.

So here I just really understand like okay, so click on the proper one there you go and then I’m going to go to text only to copy the link. Again short, the link copy it and I’ll show you how to edit that so you edit the pin just by pressing on this little pencil button like that and you can switch out your link. So now it’s been saved, you can click on it again about a boom. Bada bang there’s the proper tag.

So that’s how you fix it. If you have you know multiple ones, and you know you want to keep it organized and whatnot cool all right. So we’re going to exit out of that now I want to show you like how to scale it, because again it is like a dollar twenty nine! So, like that’s not like a lot of money right so and this kind of gets into you know what my agency does, what we do for like our clients, what you’re going to want to do if you’re going to want to scale it you’re going to have To use like automation, tools, Pinterest is very friendly to automation, so vultaire is a virtual.

They have a lot of different products, but what we use them for is a server. The server essentially allows you to like access like a Windows PC, because I actually have like a night, so you can hop onto a ball. Tear grab yourself a server. You know from Microsoft, because it’s software that I’m about to show which is jarv. It’S a automation. Software that you can use to scale and automate your this Pinscher strategy that work that we’re going into here so I’ll leave the link.

Obviously, in the description for Voltaire and again essentially, they just have like they have a lot of different products, but what we use them for as a server again. That can essentially just run these processes on their servers. So I don’t have to run it like online. That it can just run forever ongoing in the cloud or on the server. So I’m going to go ahead and sign in to my server to access Jarvie it’s going on.

There actually need to turn it down and not a processor, so this is jarv. Essentially, what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to add your Pinterest account. You can add a profile by going up here profile, your ID, your Pinterest you’ll, put your Pinterest information on here. So you can. Do you know your brand? Don’T need to do anything here, proxy settings, we’re going to that in another article.

You don’t really need proxy settings for Pinterest again, because Pinterest is there okay, with automation for right now that may change, because they’re trying to you know incorporating more advertising on to their platform, but as of right now, they’re they’re, they’re cool. So you put in your username and you put in your password and then you go ahead and verify your account once you do that you’ll go to this tools, tab right here and you’ll be able to access.

So the biggest thing here is the repainting. So this is what I want to talk about, so we just put Liz owes her single in hip-hop. So I’m going to do this again, just to show y’all. So we went to tools, we selected our Pinterest account and then we’re clicking on repin it clicked on repin, and then it pulls up our boards. It may take a minute once you add the account for all your boards to pop up, but once you do it’ll it’ll pop up here, so we added everything to hip-hop, so we’re going to click on hip-hop and right here.

I want to show you guys what we’ve done here so on Pinterest again they are cool with automation or right now. Advertising platforms and stuff right now are changing every day because you know it’s just it’s like a new frontier, so you really got to stay on top of it, but for right now, they’re really for automation. So you can set this board as we have to repin times per day between a certain time period.

I recommend doing 90 again because Pinterest gives you a lot of leeway, and this is essentially what can sue perverse engagement on your Pinterest, because, if you’re retaining all day, essentially, you are actively engaged all day on Pinterest and you’re, providing new content, or you know, and We’Ll get into that with the sources you’re just reap any new stuff within your board all day long. So you’re engaging you know all these people, you know at least you know the percentage of these people all day long so you’re active and that’s what we want and that’s why we love automation, because we can’t do that all day long.

We have things to do so anyway, so 90 times per day and we’re going to scroll down here. If you randomize the publishing timers per day, I recommend doing that so you’re. Not so it’s not you know retaining at the same time again, just to you know give it some sort of you know human player. You can enable the signature at the bottom, but that’s not really what we you know care about right now, allow double repin to repin to the multiple you know multiple times on the board.

You’Ll want this checked for what we’re going to do here and leave everything else. Blank and essentially just keep all of these checked if you want it running and consistently. So what we’re going to do here? We’Re going to select custom URL, because what we want. We can provide a list of plans, actually we’re going to do this, because we’re going to add a lot of these so that link that we just created with Liz.

Oh and her single we’re going to go back and we’re going to find that king, that’s all you do is just go back to the board or actually it’s right here. If it’s one of our pin that we made we’re going to click on it, and it’s going to pull up this pin so we’re going to want to copy this entire URL, I’m going to copy it, I’m going to come back to Jarvey we’re going to put A in it yeah, I forget, there’s only one thing that I don’t like about Voltaire and their server.

I can’t copy between my computer, so pinterest.Com enters.Com, /, /, 7. 6. 3. Seven, six, three, three: six: zero, two: zero: five, five, seven, five, four: five awesome! Okay! So respect others I can see – and so you’re going to add this pain just like that. Okay, so they want the HTTP, so we got ta. Add that slash slash boom, okay. So what this has essentially done is I we’ve added this pin right here.

Didn’T tell her single that we have the affiliate link for that pays out a dollar twenty nine and we’ve added this to Jarvie to the repin from providing. This depends because we’re going to keep doing this process right, so this pin is now sitting right here. We have told it you know, and I’ve also set it to do some other things you know, for you know the purpose of you know my boy, but essentially it will out of these ninety three pins per day, one of them several of them will be this Pin right here for lism wizzo will be reap end around.

You know ninety or however many times a day, so that is the power of automation and this tool Jarvey will make other tutorials about Jarvie and just how you can beautifies Jarvey within safe. You know safety methods so that your accounts are getting blocked or like or whatever and we’ll talk about. You know implementing proxies, and you know what different proxies you know we recommend for being able to.

You know, execute some of these strategies. So if you see the value in this article go ahead and give it a thumbs up, go ahead and like that and subscribe and most importantly share this article with someone, you know, needs this information, someone that’s working to beat their job. We, you know, looking to leave in mind to fire someone or an artist, that’s with him to get out there music, because this is a perfect way.

You know for artists to you know, take advantage of. You know their music. This is what we’re going to be doing. This is what we do for our clients, and this is a strategy that you can implement so go ahead and share this article with whoever you feel like needs it and again be blessed and like the article, please please please, please, please that helps us, so so So so so so much alright be blessed.


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