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How To Run YouTube Ads To Sweepstake CPA Marketing Offers

That’s a good question, that’s interesting! So, basically, how that works is it’s just another traffic source and actually it’s a bigger opportunity. You think, and also it’s very intuitive. Okay, it’s user friendly, any app platform. You want to go into Barrow, it’s very user friendly, otherwise, how they’re going to? How are they going to money? Okay, so people may over complicate it and stuff, it’s really not that complicated.

So how do you make money with with YouTube and sweepstakes? You set up the sweeps a campaign if you’re in the sleep state course, then you know how to set up the sweep state campaign. Then you set up this one article ad. You could do a two article ads to split test, but you make a article ad. Okay and you run it targeting people that actually are interested in sweepstakes and free stuff and winning stuff.

Okay and that’s all you have to do literally and – and you just keep your budget small, just a test at first, you don’t need to go, spend a thousand bucks. Okay and you see what your ROI is and it might be bigger than you think I have a brand sweepstakes campaigns on YouTube, but I see the opportunity there. I will be doing it to grow the personal brand here, but

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