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Youtube Google Display Ads + CPA Marketing Method

Google display ads while CPA, affiliate marketing offers method. You guys can make 20,000 per day with this strategy. Let’s get it alright, so I’m in Google ads and if you didn’t know, Google ads owns Gmail, YouTube, etc and Google, and so we’re going to build a campaign and I’m going to show you the whole funnel with funnel it Ixia we’re going to draw it up And you’re going to love it.

So this strategy is very, very much so not talked about, and the power of being able to use a computer, your debit card or credit card and be able to reach the whole world with a marketing message of some sort to sell something or anything you want To do is so powerful and I highly suggest you guys go into traffic networks, self-serve traffic networks like Facebook, Google, etc and just figure out all the details and things you can do is stop reading tutorials, 100 percent all the time, but actually take action.

Try to figure it out on your own, but I’m going to show you this strategy right now, so you’re going to create a campaign without any prior goal. Okay, so you can just select because they get rid of privileges that you would have before. If you select one of these before now we’re going to go to article and we’re going to go to, where is it? This might take me a minute, alright guys. So here we are, we cook display it’s on display, not article and here’s what you do link to your website.

Okay, google.Com! Is your website. Alright, typically wan na do sales funnel you want to be able to spend the most to acquire conversions right, very, very important. So have a lot of offers and a high ticket back-end, but once you have that in place, we’re ready to drive traffic alright and don’t overthink it too much guys try to take action. But if you just want to sell one thing, just know: if you don’t have an upsell or more monetization method, you won’t make as much as you could all right very important.

Also if you you want to promote something. That’s recurring: oh geez, you’re set okay, just so you know. So. Let’s talk about the strategy. I can picture a lot of you guys getting crazy results. If you want to learn even crazier strategies. This is one I’m releasing right. Now: okay, it’s very powerful, I’m giving it for free on YouTube, but if you want to learn crazy, crazy strategies, just like this one and this top-secret freaking stuff check out my course and then I have multiple other courses that teach specific strategies and stuff that can Help you out, but the main course has a lot of stuff in it that just geez man, I’m telling you but moving on, so we’re making sure we’re doing display right boom.

Also, just so, you know if you do YouTube ads and you do in-stream ads dude and you do it right. Oh geez, you can make killing grow a campaign name, doesn’t matter really just do whatever you want. Whatever you’re doing United States is obviously more expensive, but that’s what the money is all right. You can set locations risk into US for now to show you how this works languages – typically, English, yes, high-quality traffic, yes, not just impressions.

We want traffic manually set bids sure if you want automatics good but you’re, going to set a manual bid and no one’s going to tell you this. If you’re going to set a manual bid, set it like really high, because it’s an auction system and YouTube’s going to or whatever network to use for innocence to AdWords AdWords is going to literally send you traffic over your competitors targeting the same people all right.

I’r going to spend per day you want to spend a thousand great you’re going to make a killing all right, even spent a thousand per day move a down name that way if you want alright now this is what I was suggesting like you can look at This and you could based off search. You can base it off phrase or URLs. You can get ideas right here, just random stuff right, but just search up whatever niche you’re in and you can do that.

But that’s not the method, we’re talking about we’re talking about something even more interesting. Also, if you already know what demographics converting you can do that, but I suggest leave a broad I’ll show you why, in a minute we’re going to go down here – and this is what we’re doing content targeting. But I’m going to show you this other stuff. Just for fun weekly estimate off more reach. I suggested this one.

You keep it regular. Okay, now your cost-per-click bid for the ad group. You have to set it okay, you’re doing manual, and if we went up here and we did a option for automatic to do automatic, but sometimes networks – don’t let you do automatic. So we have to set our bid and the way actually Google works is. You can set your bid, but don’t go too low, okay and it’s almost better to set it even higher.

Okay. So we’re going to three bucks per click. Look it’s going to show you actually how much you’re going to spend so over here we’ve got your weekly estimate. Here’s! How much clicks you’re going to end up getting with a thousand bucks per day. Your cost per click is going to be thirty, eight cents to seventy five cents. Okay, just so you know, this is cost per click. You’re doing display ads on it could be the network it could be on websites or it could be on YouTube articles, and this is the strategy.

I’r teaching YouTube articles display ads. I kid you not it’s insane. Okay, this is such a powerful strategy. I’r sharing with you right now. Okay, I hope you understand that so whatever country you want to do, if you’re in CPA marketing dude, oh my gosh get ready, I’m about to blow your mind if you’re doing sweepstakes. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I wish I could just share with you guys, but you have to have the right of passage of content, locking like there’s so much stuff that I could talk about.

That is just insane for this, but you just have to get in the force. I guess – and it’s so worth it so anyway, that’s how much you’re going to end up spending. Alright, if you want to do 0.5, I mean less than 30 cents, so say: 25 cents. So look they’re going to give you less quality traffic and you’ll get more clicks, but it’s less quality. Okay, you want to be competitive and that’s why I said it as high as it is.

If you don’t set it as a dollar, that’s pretty good! So there’s a buck. You won’t get typically charged a buck per click, but yeah if you’re in other countries, obviously cheaper, but you better have a good CPA offer for that country. Okay, now, let’s get into needy greedy man, all right content targeting okay, you can target keywords: okay, so all across the whole web. You could target topics so webpages, apps and articles about a certain subject or you can do placements and we’re going to do placements.

Look specific websites, specific websites, specific articles, alright or apps; okay power, ful bro; alright, we’re going to click placement, so we’re going to do exact, YouTube articles or exact blogs, but I highly suggest, with this method, you’re going to target exact freaking articles. Okay, now, whatever cpa marketing network you’re with great find your offer and you’re ready to go, if you want to a cost per sale, offer great we’re going to cover the funnel actually in just a sec.

We should probably cover it now and we’re going to no we’re just going to do the article now. So if you want to do with golf offer we’re just going to do golf, you find um. Typically, you want to go to youtube first, so youtube youtube. You want to go to youtube and you’re going to want to type in whatever any sharing. Now you want to have a you want to have several tools, you don’t have keywords everywhere, the Chrome extension and then you want to have vid IQ.

The Chrome extension right. Alright, let’s go: go we’re going to want to see the ones at the top views, okay, that are getting a lot of views and that we would want that. Would that we would think is relevant to the offer were promoting okay, super powerful and do Google display? You can literally create an ad that has like text on it and has like it says what the offer is. It grabs attention and it’s 100 % relevant to the viewers right.

This is very powerful. Okay, so find like a couple articles. You don’t want to have just over one article, but you could just find one article, but this is super crazy. Okay, I’m talking about you make your ad. You could run a split test of two ads if you want or more okay of different ones and see which one does better you’ve run your ad, you figure out. Okay, are women, doing the clicking more than men or what ages and what demographics and you can break it down and then run that and it just gets better optimize: okay, you’re running traffic, the whole time.

So you just pick your articles to show up on. You click it here and you start and you were going to want to have a quite a bit. Okay, because YouTube articles only get a couple views after their first spike over time. So you’re going to want to pick quite a few articles, but the power is especially if a new creator, like a YouTube creator, launches a brand new article and you’re like okay target their blog, then boom you’re, going to have your ads show up on their blog, Especially nice blogs guys this works great for news blogs.

Super super powerful. Okay, we’re going to go over here. Traffic is AdWords, specifically YouTube. Okay, we’re going here we’re going to make the landing page art so you’ve got your ad right and they’re on YouTube. They’re going to click through to your opt-in, you want to give something for free, or so we’re going to do two different things here: you’re going to have a sales page. Okay, your sales page sells something right off the bat, so you actually in qualified buyers when they come here and buy right here you giving some for free, so you can follow up with them with what you sell forever.

Either way works the higher click-through rates going to be this one. This ones are all right to don’t sell something super high ticket. I’r telling you right now you will regret it um and then here’s what we’re going to do and we’re doing affiliate offers right. So this is, if you have your own offer, okay or if you do pre sale here, okay boom right there. So this is. If, if you have your own offer, you can do some upsells you’re using click funnels.

Of course you have your own upsells in the back end you’re going to offer like affiliate offer. Okay. So let’s draw that out real quick episode. Boom boom boom boom upsells. There you go so and then you have an affiliate offer at the end to see. So just a thank you page and then to your affiliate offer you want to do just so. You can monetize more. That’s the power of that then right here, you’re going to have a pre-sale page, so you have a sales page could have a article sales letter.

If you want all right here, you’re going to have the purchase okay – and you just do one offer right here, but you have an email address right, so we’re going to do that to do here. It is you my friend have an email over here. You can follow up and sell stuff forever, and you know it’s a buyers list and if they bought from you want you’re going to buy from you again, it’s just outwards alright and boom right here you got emails, you can follow up forever.

Send them here send them to other offers, etc. Okay, that is super duper. Duper duper ooper, powerful. Okay, I want you to know that, so that’s the funnel you can pick whichever one you want to do. This one will make more money. This one will get results too. You can also put an opt-in right before this, too, just to get higher click-through rates and more emails. If you want to do that, okay and that’s how you get crazy click there right, like I’m, not even giving all the value here, I’m trying to just give you the strategy which is so powerful, but in the paid information.

Obviously, there’s freaking crazy, freaking freaking brilliant powerful strategies there, but alright, let’s see what else we going to talk about alright guys. So you have everything set up right. You find a ton of articles that are going to be relative to the offer you find so step by step in order. What are we going to cover here, and this is what we have to do – we have to pick a niche, then we have to be on two networks.

We have to pick a bunch of offers that we think are good. Then we have clickfunnels. Of course, you have to use quick funnels for this click. Phones is the best check out link in the description for it and sign up and then what you’re going to do dude. This is so powerful. I love talking about this because I don’t really talk about the crazy strategies, so you pick your niece. You pick a bunch of offers.

You stand up your sales funnel you connect with your autoresponder, could be Aweber or get response to your market here or whatever you wan na do like I prefer Aweber. I will have an affiliate link for that. Eventually, I should sign up for it right now. After this, but anyway you do that and then you pick a bunch of articles you want to show up on, for you, debt selected, eesh, okay, and even if you want you could show up on specific websites you want to do is so all right.

You set your budget, you set your cost per click. I told you about how to do that. You create your ad alright and you run traffic and dude, I’m Tony right now. This is powerful and I’ll. See you in the next article binge read. The other articles check out links in the description and go take action. Peace out

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