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Make $123.46 Per Day On Google (Make FREE Money Online!)

What’s going on Pam Eric Ellis here, CEO Bulls, academy.Com, and in this article I’m going to be showing you guys how to make Google money so, let’s step behind the laptop boom, we’re behind the laptop like, as I stated before, I’m going to show you three simple Steps of how to make money on Google find a product to sell number two: how to use Google to actually sell it number three: how to earn money right.

So, let’s basically get to the first part, which is basically finding a product to sell. Now, first and foremost, you want to go ahead and sell a product service, the SAP software-as-a-service physical products, digital products. I would highly recommend digital products. Why? Because, as far as the service, you don’t want to work for people as far as physical products, you don’t want the cost of goods to eat into your margins, and digital products basically have higher margins yep.

That’s where you see it now, as far as creating your product or finding a product to sell uh, someone else has created which one’s easier, finding a product that somebody else has created. So what you can do is something called affiliate marketing, which is when you get paid to refer other people’s products. So, let’s just say, Netflix decided they wanted to create a referral or a refer-a-friend program, and every time you decided to actually refer Netflix for $ 11.

A month they decided to pay you a 50 % Commission. That means every time you generate, you told somebody about Netflix and they bought it through your unique affiliate link you’d be earning five dollars every single month right. So there’s programs or there’s networks out there online that you can actually find products that you can actually sew. So we’re going to go to show you right here: they’re called affiliate network, so the top three for digital products right now is called a Clickbank com, jvzoo.

Com and then max bouncy comm. So all three of these platforms are places that you can find in have they made offers now, let’s just go to clickbank and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to the affiliate marketplace now. Obviously, you have to create an account to be able to promote these products, but the cool thing is that the different categories where you can find products right. So what I recommend, when picking your niche is finding something that you are interested in right, something that you’re passionate about about what you love to do? What you love to talk about, what you, what type of movies, do you read? What’s that what books do you read if it just everything you do revolves around at all, then you should pick the niche of golf.

If everything you do Reserve revolves around whatever that topic is, you should pick it, especially if it solves the problem. So, let’s just say it is gone. What I can do is for sports, let’s just say I’m just an avid golfer. I just love golf and you want to go to find out products. For example, the stress free golf swing. This is a product that I can actually promote. I can earn 75 percent commissions.

The average sale is about $ 39, so you paid about $ 30 per cell. So if I get three so for this one hundred dollars per day and you’re probably well, how does where does Google come in? Stick with me, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to actually promote it. I’m not logged in to my equipment. Account right now, but what would happen is you’d have an account nickname and then you generate an OP link.

There’s going to give you a unique affiliate link. So that way, every time you send people to that link and he sell is generated, they know to pay. You as the affiliate, because it came from your link right, I’m going to say, check. We got we handled that one right. So the next step is. We need to go ahead and figure out how we’re going to go and use Google to how we’re going to use Google to actually sell it.

Now, there’s something called Google SEO. What does that mean search engine optimization, so what you’re doing is you’re creating content? That is optimized to be ranked on Google, so there’s two types of cuts that gives you ranked on Google number one is blog, so if you create like a wordpress blog just to show you guys an example how to improve my golf swing right as you want To go to use Google and you want to start creating content around these keywords that your affiliate product is related to people who are would be interested in buying that affiliate product of a stress.

The free golf swing, we’re probably searching online. How to improve my golf swing, so I’m going to create content around that keyword so, for example, how to improve my golf swing. What are you, what are the two things that you see right? What is the first thing that you see right, you see YouTube right. The second thing is: Google blogs, but what I’m going to be teach you guys how to do or not, teaching you, but basically recommending that you guys do is create a YouTube account guys.

Look. They rank first that over anything else right, because people would rather look at articles instead of reading content. So some creating a niche made YouTube account around the specific niche. That’s why you want to pick something that you’re passionate you love so that way, when you start creating content, you can Rick write, content or great content on these specific keywords and then, let’s just say, I go to this or actually bump it I’ll just go to The first one now what you’re going to do is eight minutes is the eight minute article so how to improve your golf swing now? What I’m going to do now is, if you look here, he says: click free article, so that in the description is where you would insert your affiliate link so you’re going to have content.

Eighty pursuing that content is going to be value and then, at the end of the article that you created that you ranked on Google because you created the keyword, so how did he rank this all goog, I’m going to show you guys? How do you rank rank that on Google, how to improve your golf swing is nd title: how to improve your golf swing is in the first line of the description. That’s how you want to rank on Google and then, if we go to, I don’t have the soft right now, but I promise you about the building is tags.

His article tag says how to improve his golf swing. Now with that being said, the questions does actually work. Well, if I go to move when I type in how to create a Facebook ad or affiliate marketing, if you look here YouTube Eric Ellis, if I click this article, so if I scroll down a little bit, how did I rank this article? I rank this article by having how to create a Facebook ad for affiliate marketing in the title, and then I have an hour ranked as V on Google by having it as the first line in the description, how to create a Facebook ad for affiliate marketing and Then, if you notice here, I have my links of my descriptions, which will redirect you to buy a billion links right, so I’m practicing what I’m preaching.

So what are the quick and simple and easy steps? Number one find a product right and number two is you’re. Going to use Google by creating YouTube content to rank right, so the way that you rank YouTube content is three simple steps: number one you go ahead and put the the keyword and time you put the keyword in the description and you put the keyword in B And the tags right, that’s how you go ahead and rank it and then you’re going to actually leverage that content to drive traffic to your affiliate links and this step number three guys earn.

Commission you give me the festival, that’s how you make Google money in three easy steps: hey thanks! So much for reading. If you found this article helpful smash that, like button also be sure to subscribe and click that little vacation belt to be notified every time to drop some new heat. Lastly, if you found yourself thinking, hey I’m going to learn from this guy, then click the link in the description to grab access to my new book, where you can grab it at Eric’s new book com.

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