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5 Ways To Make Passive Income From Raw Land

Let’s have a virtual cup of coffee together this morning, I’m really enjoying this Starbucks honey americano. Let’s talk about making money on our raw land, so I’m assuming you went to frontier properties. Usa.Com, you just bought your first piece of wholesale land from LA and now you’re like well now. What do I do with it? Do I just sit with that raw land and pay taxes? No, you don’t have to you, can use it any way you like for your enjoyment.

I can also teach you how to flip that property as well, but let’s assume that you want to hold it long-term. Let’s make some money on that land. So a few ideas to do this, I’m just going to run off a couple ideas. The first one is hey: how about a paintball area a little play area there? If you got a nice little flat piece of land and put out some sides cordon off some of your property, get some haystacks, let’s say: make a little paintball area charge.

People 40 bucks a person after a while, that’s going to add up and certainly going to pay for your inexpensive property taxes. How about pastoring animals, if you’re in an area where there’s ranchers sure charge them to let those animals roam on your land, eat your grass fantastic way to make some extra money? Don’t forget about hunting rights? If you’ve got property, let’s say it’s: 40 acres and you’ve got some deer on your property.

Why not lease it out to hunters, camping people, love to camp and there’s never enough remote areas for them to camp? Put up a couple: inexpensive, camping sites charge everyone a small fee and after a while you’re going to have a nice passive income for camping storage, nobody ever has enough storage motorboats horses – I don’t know it just you know you’ve seen all these storage places all around The country right, why not stored on your property charge a monthly fee and who knows? Maybe you will be on storage where’s yourself, so anyways.

If you want to learn more tips, tricks techniques, how to buy and sell raw land for passive income? Active income go to my site, WWL ang calm. You can always click the links below as well. Listen to the podcast great information there subscribe to this youtube blog and, of course, leave me a comment. Let me know how it’s going here, like other information black, to learn, anyways thanks for having a cup of coffee with me and I’ll, see you next time.

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