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Drop Servicing Business: 7 Best Niches For Beginners To Make Money In 2020

So in this article I’m going to be talking about the top seven best niches to get into if you’re starting a drop servicing business in 2020, hey what’s up, it’s Shawn Anthony and if you want to learn how to level up your business, your skills and your Income make sure you go down below right now, hit that subscribe button and I’m going to be posting articles just like this, every Tuesday and Thursday every week.

So in this article I’m going to be talking about the top seven best niches, in my opinion, for 2020 and beyond, if you’re starting a drop servicing business now all of these services, they are easy to find fulfillment providers for us so that you’re not doing all The work yourself they are high ROI. They get a high return on investment for clients, because of the way that these services are structured and they also have three keys in common right in these creeks these three keys.

Then it doesn’t matter what service or what niche that you pick to deliver. You want to make sure that they have these three keys number one is it’s directly tied to the growth or the revenue or money-making ability of the client or of the business owner? Right now, why do we want this? Well, if you, if you have a service that can help a business owner, make more money or grow their business, that’s what every business owner wants.

So if you have a service that can help them do that, then it’s a no-brainer for them right number: two is recurring revenue. So if you have a service now that clients pay you over and over and over for because they need that service over and over and over then you are. Your life is going to be so much easier because you don’t have to get new clients every single month right. We have clients that have been with us for nearly two years now and who are paying us four figures per month for the same service because they need it over and over and over again.

So you want to make sure that you pick a service that has a recurring revenue. Opportunity number three is product. Aiza Bowl, I know that’s a mouthful, but what does that mean? It basically means that you have a service where every client that you onboard gets the same core service right. You don’t want to be offering twenty different services for all this custom work where we’re flying it comes on, get something completely different than client being clients see right, so you want to have a product.

I service, where every client that you bring on, gets basically the same course service in the same system that you offered to all your other clients, okay, so those are three things and we’re going to jump in right now to these seven and best niches, these best Services to deliver if you’re starting a drop servicing business in 2020. So let’s hop right in already so we’re in my Google Doc, my computer here and I’m going to walk you through the seven best drop servicing niches for 2020.

If you’re just getting started in this business right now, if you need help with ideas, if you don’t want to pick anything on this list – and you want more ideas – go to Klutch co. This is a it’s kind of like a marketplace for different types of agencies and different types of services – digital services right. So if you’re going to clutch that Co, you can see here on the right hand, side you can you can click down the services and solutions.

You can see different categories of services, you can click into these and you can. You can do some research right if you want to see what types of services and how much people are charging there’s $ 100,000. I’r not saying you’re going to charge that, but you can. You can do competitor research and you can look at what people are paying for and buying and what they’re charging for it right. So there’s a great place to do to get ideas.

Do some research on competitors and see how to position your drop servicing business? Your drop servicing agency when you’re getting started okay, so that’s clutch scope. Now, let’s jump back into here and let’s get right into it. Now all these niches they’re not in any particular order. These are just seven, pretty solid niches that fit all these three keys here. That I would recommend – or I would get into if I was starting from scratch – okay, so let’s jump into it right now, number one is Facebook advertising, so purchasing ads on Facebook to generate leads customers and brand awareness.

Now, if you’re here reading this article, you probably know what Facebook advertising is right, you’re targeting the unpaid things on like interest and demographics and job titles and income level. Your target on things like that to generate leads customers and brand awareness for business owners. Right now beat top local comm. I’r going to show you examples of each of these be top logo comm. I no the founder of this Nick Robbins he’s a friend of mine and they focused the reason I like their Facebook advertising agency is because they focus on a specific vertical or industry.

So you can see here they focus on pain, management and stem-cell therapy. Doctors and Clinics right, so what that does is it strengthens your message. It makes it easier to get clients, because your focus on that specific vertical and that industry right and they also developed a system – a predictable system, specifically for pain, doctors right Facebook, advertising system for pain, doctors. This is going to help you get clients a lot easier when you’re tailored specifically to a certain vertical or industry, because you’re going to be able to speak their language and you’re going to have a system tailored to them.

Okay, so that’s why I like be top local. They do multi millions in revenue every single year with just one service, a Facebook advertising service and a system, and I highly recommend, if you’re, going to create any one of these services. Actually, you focus on a vertical or industry to make your life a lot easier and more profitable. Okay. So that’s number one: Facebook advertising number two: Google PPC, Google pay-per-click.

This is a little different than Facebook you’re, not targeting based on interest levels you’re targeting more by bidding on keywords. So, instead of targeting a certain interest you’re targeting on things like stem cell therapy, Seattle stem cell therapy Florida when people type these these words into the Google search engine they’re going to come on to your clients, websites right. So this is bidding on keywords in Google to generate leads customers and brand awareness.

Now this is a website that I found a service that I found called kudu IO and they do Google PPC and they have product sized offerings packages for different levels or different ad spend right. So I can go here. Let me go back to their homepage. Real quick: this is what a Google PPC ad. If you don’t know what that is, that’s what this is, if you type in roofers or roofers in Seattle, or something like that, it shows up right here, an ad like that.

So that’s! So that’s what you’d be offering as a service is to help business owners get more leads and customers by setting up these little ads here right go to pricing, you can see they’re different packages. They have three different packages for different ad spins right up to five thousand up to ten thousand, so you can offer this as a service for a specific, vertical or industry and offer from packages here that are productized by limiting the ad spend budget here right.

So there’s so many different ways you can package this up this stuff up and I’m going to create more articles on down on productizing things, but this is just a article to give you an idea of the seven best niches and services to offer right. So this is Google PPC here. Number three is LinkedIn marketing and LinkedIn lead generation. So this is what my agency growth response is based on, which is connecting and using direct outreach and content to generate leads clients and brand awareness.

Now, when we first started, we modeled after this company here lead cookie calm and our service is pretty similar to this. We, you can see their process right here. We optimized our clients profiles, we send outbound connection requests, we send a drip messaging sequence to anyone who accepts that and our goal is to help our clients generate more leads and more sales appointments and more phone calls with whoever their target audience is whoever their ideal Client is okay, so we help them do that through LinkedIn, connecting and sending messages and growing their network and posting content.

Okay, so you can see here, you can do some research, what they offer their pricing, let’s see so a thousand dollars or 950 a month and here’s the deliverables. We have a very similar service to this. We have two different packages as well. You can see what’s being offered here, okay, so this is LinkedIn marketing, LinkedIn, lead generation, number four SEO search engine, optimization pretty much. Everyone knows what SEO is right, but it’s optimized.

If you don’t know what this is its optimizing person’s website and their keywords or their social media profiles to drive organic traffic leads and customers to their business right now again, you’re going to see the key for a lot of these things is focusing on a vertical. So you can see ranking see, oh here they have an SEO service, an SEO agency. They focus specifically on personal injury law firms right so they’re, not just saying I offer SEO to every single industry out there.

They focus specifically on personal injury law firms and I think they do around five million a year in revenue because they’re so focused on a specific, specific, vertical and industry. So that’s the power of really focusing in on a vertical is your message? Is stronger you’ll? Make more money or more profitable, because you’re focused on creating your entire business around a certain industry and speaking directly to them and helping them right in creating a them around that? Okay.

So this is rankings not IO again the juice SEO for law firms in the personal injury space and they do multi millions a year in revenue, because that number, five social media management, creating scheduling, analyzing and managing content across multiple and various social media platforms to drive Brand awareness, traffic leads and customers. This is social, vantage comm and you can see the different packages that they offer here, the only difference or the only change.

I guess I would do for him for them and I don’t know what their revenue levels are or whatever is you see how they’re they’re pretty generic right? It’s the seamless social media hire for small businesses and teams, I might say, maybe social, media management for restaurants, social media management for software companies, social media management, for I don’t know home home-based businesses, our home contractors, or something like that right.

So you want to tailor it to a vertical and your your message is going to be so much stronger and you’re going to have better case studies because it’s going to be all from a specific industry. But you can see here: they’re different packages, they’re different deliverables, they’re posting to platforms like Facebook and Twitter and curating content and creating some content and growing the different social media profiles by posting content on them consistently.

Okay, so there’s a highly valuable, highly profitable service, because you can outsource it for pretty cheap, but it’s very valuable to a lot of small business owners because they want help managing their social media. They don’t know how to create content. They don’t know how to post content. They don’t know how, how and when to do it right. So if you can help them with this you’re going to help them get more leads and brand awareness for their business and they’re happy to pay for this okay.

So that’s social media management number six Instagram advertising Instagram marketing, so this is using paid advertising or organic growth strategies to grow, someone’s Instagram presence and their profile to generate more brand awareness. Traffic leads and customers. Okay. So this is an example. Here am fluence calm. You can see they’re different packages here, 129 dollars all the way up to three hundred dollars a month.

They help you get more organic followers. They help you to engage with your audience right. It’s a cert, it’s a done-for-you type of service where they help you to grow. Your Instagram grow your business on the platform. Okay, so that’s instagram, marketing, instagram growth. I guess instagram advertising is very similar to facebook. Advertising you’re. Just posting your your purchasing ads, based on things like interests on instagram, to generate more leads and customers and you’re paying for that as a service right.

So that’s the difference between an instagram advertising and instagram marketing. If I kind of like be organic types of things to start with, because it’s more profitable and I can still get them an amazing result right. So that’s up to you what you want to pick it’s easy to find white label providers to do either of these things here. Okay. Lastly, content creation and content marketing in the last few years, like creating content and content marketing has blown up because it’s it’s proven hugely valuable.

It takes some time to get traction with it, but it’s so important that you have a content strategy in place for basically for any business and any personal brand. It’s so important to have a content strategy in place. So this consecration and content marketing is creating a marketing content to attract and convert leads and customers and brand awareness for businesses, and this is an example here audience ups.

Com. They do done-for-you email list content and also lead magnet and blog article content right. So their message: better content, better customers, they grow your audience, your email lists and customer base with done for your content right, so there’s an amazingly, profitable and also amazingly valuable service for any business, any personal brand, any individual who’s trying who has a business and wants To make more money online content is such a key part of that okay, so you can see they’re different packages here, standard lights and light plus, and you can see what they offer here – lead magnets research and planning draft you’re drafting their articles new articles.

Every two weeks they edit it they get your your images for it, content upgrades email, newsletters, 10 sócio posts, so they handle a lot of your content. They do a lot of the heavy lifting for you through an all-in-one service here. Okay, again, you can outsource this. A lot of you are probably looking at this like. I have no idea how to outsource this. Well, there’s a lot of white label providers that will do this as a service for you and you just collect the difference from whatever you charge, the client for okay.

So that’s that’s! The goal of drop servicing is to find services that you can outsource so that you don’t have to spend all of your time and energy doing and learning how to do the service yourself. You all you have to do is start the business up. You get a client, you outsource the work to people who are specialists and highly skilled and delivering any of these niches or these services, and you just focus on managing the client, getting more clients and growing the business right.

So I hope this is helpful again. I just went over the seven different niches. Let me go over them. One more time here: number one: Facebook, advertising number two: Google PPC, Google, pay-per-click number three LinkedIn marketing or LinkedIn lead generation. Number four is SEO number five is social media management? Number six is Instagram advertising or marketing, or growth services and number seven content creation content marketing.

These are the seven best niches, in my opinion, for 2020 and eon. If you want to start a drop servicing business from scratch – and you want have the best possible chance at success in getting clients easily and growing your profits and growing your business okay, so I hope this was. How will for you guys, remember these seven niches, go back and read it again if you need to make sure that you’re abiding by these three keys here, if you’re not going to pick any one of these services and if you need inspiration and ideas and help Go to pledge code to do some research on ideas and other digital services being offered by other agencies in the niches that you want to get into okay.

So again, I hope this was helpful if you guys, like this, make sure you like down below and hit that subscribe button. So you see more articles just like this and if you have any questions, leave me a comment. I’r going to answer every single comment and if you have a question about anything in this article or what you want to see next comment below and let me know but anyway, I hope this is helpful for you guys and I’m going to see you in the Next, article take care


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How to Use Email Marketing with Shopify Dropshipping 2019

Now, if you’re not already using email, you’re making a huge mistake, and in this very article I’m going to walk you through all of the basics as to how you can implement it and why it’s so important to have it implement it onto your store.

So with that being said, be sure to go ahead and stick through this entire article, because it’s going to be value, packed with a ton of content and walking you, through literally every single step on how to successfully set up email marketing for your store and making More money from your customers and also increasing longevity of your brand and the value of your customers over longer periods of time.

So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and get started right now, alright, guys, first and foremost, I want to walk you through a few of the principles as to why and how email is so important and how it should be incorporated into your store to align With your brand and ensure that you’re doing things at the right way and not diluting your email list, killing your conversions and making sure that you’re getting the most out of your ad spend now just like many of the drop shippers, all of us are going out There and spending a good amount of money on advertising to go ahead and get traffic to our stores.

Now, if you’re not utilizing automated email on the back end for all that traffic, that comes through your store, then quite frankly, you’re wasting a ton of money on what you went ahead and acquired now. Yes, you have all that data from your advertising, but, quite frankly, you also have these emails, whether it’s through abandoned carts or purchases, that you can leverage to increase your sales on your store with absolute ease.

So with that being said, I’m going to walk you guys through the principles as to how all of this works and the basic automated funnels that you can go ahead and set up to make sure that you’re not doing this day in and day out and breaking Your back trying to make sure that your emails are up to point when all this could very well be automated a lot of people, overcomplicate, email marketing. Quite frankly, it’s one of the biggest mistakes to go ahead and look away from it.

Just because you think it’s complicated because in this article I’m going to even give you my free email templates that you can plug and play to make sure that you’re doing this all properly. So before we get started into post, purchase, email and those kinds of email processes make sure you go ahead and drop an insightful comment below to be eligible for a free 30-minute consultation call I’ll, be revealing the winner in the next article.

That is going to be coming out next week. Now, the winner of that free consultation call. There will be one lucky winner that will be announced in next week’s article and once they go ahead and get announced, I will go ahead and contact them and then we’ll book that 30-minute consultation goal to go over and review any part of your shopify drop shipping Business so with that being said, let’s go ahead and move forward into post purchase processes, and now what I want to talk about right here is the importance of setting up emails after a customer purchases, an item from your store now, whether they had a purchase of You know five dollars or all the way up to a few hundred dollars.

You want to make them feel welcomed and build that connection now. Email marketing is one of the most important touch points that you should be incorporating into your business, because there are a lot of things that you can go ahead and do through the post purchase process. You do things such as educate them on the product that they just purchased, give them some sort of tutorial on how to use it and build up that perceives value and excite them to actually receive their order.

Second, you can also reduce their buyer’s remorse. I know that there’s a lot of people reading this article right now or I’ve done it myself, I’ll confess to it. There have been plenty of times where I’ve purchased something online and then a few days later, I’m wondering did I really need this or should I have really purchased this, and what you can do here is send those post purchase emails to begin to inform them and Let them know rest assured that their products on the way and that’s what they should be excited for it or even offer them a discount or welcome to your community by giving them some sort of education or value to your actual business.

Now this can be any sort of medium of content, maybe a article, a blog post, a tutorial on how to use your products and so on so forth to make sure that they actually feel welcomed and that they’re actually building a connection with your brand. Now. This is going to allow you to go ahead and build the longevity of your brand and gain a higher LTV out of your customers, which is a lifetime value of your customers, meaning that there’s a higher chance that they’ll come back and purchase more products from your Store, rather than just that, simple one-time sale and that’s one of the big advantages that we have over people that are selling on Amazon is that you could simply go ahead and find one customer that could purchase from you over and over again.

Whereas Amazon, you don’t get to build that relationship in connection with your customers and build a brand that is to last a long time. You can only live off of one-off sales for so long and supplementing your sales with repeat. Customers is one of the most valuable things that you can do to build a real sustainable business online. So, second, we’re going to talk about abandoned cart emails, which is how you can go ahead and regain lost sales if you’re, just letting your abandoned, cart, sit there or you’re.

Sending basic Shopify generated, abandoned, cart, emails you’re, simply not doing enough and not trying enough to actually regain that sale. Now, some people maybe didn’t want to pay shipping, or they got distracted and didn’t get to complete their order whatever it may be. You want to make sure that that is a personalized email, making sure that they are ready to go ahead and close that sale and the best and easiest way possible.

So in this article, once we go ahead and jump into my computer, I’m going to walk you through exactly how to set up a successful, abandoned, cart funnel, which is going to be super super important for people that are losing sales on the checkout page. So with that being said, let’s go ahead and dive into my computer right now. We’re also going to be diving, some other fundamentals, in addition to the stuff that we just talked about, such as sending flash broadcast emails to make sure that you’re spiking up your sales on times that are potentially down for your ads and also how to go ahead.

And set up dynamic, high converting emails, rather than generic emails that you may send every other day and stuff that might break your back because, quite frankly, all of this should be automated. You shouldn’t be going into your Shopify dashboard, pulling out your customers and sending them emails through your personal email account every day, because it’s just stupid and it’s wasting your time and money.

This should be automated stuff that is literally plug-and-play, so that once customers go through your funnels and go through your store that you have everything set up to maximize the value of every single store visitor with your business. So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and dive into my computer right now, so I could walk you through setting all this up right now so before we dive into my computer, don’t forget to drop that insightful comment to be eligible for a 30 minute.

Free consultation call and also there’s a bunch of free tools and resources in the description below that you should 100 % referred to it’s going to be super helpful for you guys and your businesses. So let’s go ahead and dive into my computer right now, all right guys! As you can see, we are now inside of my computer, and this is the dashboard of mail funnels. The automated email funnel app for Shopify all right.

So me and my team went ahead and made this application for the sole purpose of making email marketing easy and also since I’m presenting it to you today, I wanted to give you guys access to a 14-day, a trial which you can get down in the description Below and you can go ahead and give us a world go ahead and give it a test drive and if it works for your business, I guarantee it’ll pay for itself and more.

And if you don’t like it, you can literally cancel within the first 14 days of signing up for that free trial without ever being billed a single penny. So let me walk you guys through this entire platform, real quick and let you know exactly how to use it: how to set up these automated set-and-forget email funnels. So, as you can see, if you’re on the dashboard right now – and this is just a dummy account that I’m going to be walking you through so over here, you can see our weekly report, everything that’s going on with the app and we’re going to go ahead And start building out automated email funnels.

So let’s go to our funnel builder here to get started, and let me show you exactly what we’re going to be building our funnels around so over here we could just name this. You know test funnel one and then just give it a random description wherever you want, but most importantly, we want to focus on the triggers. So this is what starts an email sequence for your customers, based on the actions that you’re taking within your store.

So we have product purchase, we have product refund and also cart abandonment. These are the three primary ones that we have right now and also in the coming week. We’re going to be able to go ahead and send emails and create new triggers based on newsletters and also the minimum amount of money that certain customers have spent on your store or the LTV of your customers. So, for example, if someone has spent over a hundred dollars on your store and the entire duration of them being an existing customer, then they’re going to be put into a unique email series themselves.

And, of course, you could go ahead and customize that amount to set up to whatever you want to be able to be essentially a value threshold that will go ahead and send these customers an email based on what they’re doing, and you can go ahead and mark It to them accordingly, so for this example, we’re going to go ahead and just do a basic cart, abandonment, email and you could go ahead and even move forward with actually segmenting that specific, funnel with the specific products that you want, the funnel to be built for, But in this case we’re going to go ahead and do any product and we’re going to create a new email list so that we know every one that goes out and abandons cart is going to be on their own email list in our store.

So with that being said, we have that set up now we want to go ahead and build an email for that funnel. So let’s go ahead and build our drag-and-drop email with mail funnel. So this going to be our AC number one round description. You forgot this for the subject and then we’re going to go ahead and move forward with actually building this actual template now believe it or not. This is super easy for you to go ahead and do because we have all these pre-built content templates for you to actually work off of if you’ve never built good, looking emails or emails in general before so with that you can go ahead and check out our Dump for you email templates, we have a abandoned, cart, template right here, a post purchase and also a refund template, and that’s for, like all of our three basic triggers, and also in addition to that.

You have all these other categories that you can go ahead and check out to build the emails you desire, but, most importantly, one of my favorite ones that we have is the dynamic cart. So when we go ahead and plug this into our actual email template. This is going to adhere to whatever your customers are engaging with, so whatever products were in your customers. Cart, it’s literally going to pull the first three items that were in their cart and then plug them into this email, with the specific variance, the quantity that they had selected and more and then also at the bottom of this email.

It has a dynamic button over here and then also in this sub headline here that will direct them back to their actual checkout page with all of their shipping information all of the products in their cart and the variance already fulfilled in there, rather than bringing them Back to the actual website, or back to the cart page and everything is already pre fulfilled, reducing the hoops to jump through for your customers and also increasing your conversion rate on these emails into actual sales for your store.

So this placeholder right here is actually going to pull the first product image listed and Shopify for your product, so they’ll be reminded of exactly what’s in their cart: it’ll pull the product name, the variant, the color and the quantity or whatever options that you have for That specific product and actually go ahead and give them that button so, rather than leaving guys with just this template and all these placeholders, I want to show you guys how this actually looks in real life action.

So I’m going to go ahead and send a test email to myself here and you guys can do this if you have an account as well so literally just go to this little drop down menu and you do send test email. So you can go ahead and see what your emails look like before you start sending them to your customers. So we simply just go ahead and select any random product on our store and then we’re going to go ahead and send it to ourself.

So we’re going to send it to mail funnels at gmail.Com. This is just a junk email. Don’t send any emails here. Our real email address, if you wan na contact us, is support at fungals. Calm so be sure to go ahead and do that rather than spam. This email address cuz, you won’t get a response so over here we have this email that just came in and it says you forgot this for the subject and then right there.

We have our actual template here for the email address. So this is our dynamic. Cart. Template and both this link right here and the button at the bottom of the screen, will take them back to their checkout page. Alright. So with that, that is exactly what our dynamic cart template looks like, and if you wanted to go ahead and enhance it or add stuff around it, you could literally drag and drop whatever you desire below or above it or even within it.

So let’s say you wanted to go ahead and add an extra image somewhere, for example, and maybe show an entire collection. You could go ahead and add that at the bottom of your email, so that’s just a simple example of how to go ahead and build an email on mail funnels and then you can go ahead and simply plug it into your funnels here. So, let’s go ahead into our abandoned, cart, funnel and we’re going to add our first action to our email sequence.

So we’ll simply just label this, you know follow up number one, and then we select our email template, which is our EC one, that we just created and we’re going to go ahead and send this 10 minutes after someone abandons cart and we simply connect the nodes Right here and press save – and next thing you know people are able to go ahead and get this email on complete auto-pilot without you ever having to dive into your store and send some generic email that doesn’t convert or really adhere to what your customers been doing.

In their activity on your store, so with that being said, this is literally just a simple one: email sequence for your abandoned, cart. Funnel. Of course, you can add a bunch more after this literally, you could build out a seven or ten or 14-day sequence after this very first email and make sure that you’re doing your best to regain sales without being too spammy and making sure that you’re actually engaging With your customers – and you can do this with post-purchase emails, abandon cart, emails or refunds, and then soon to be in our next update in the coming week, is going to be newsletters and value-based triggers for your email funnel.

So all of this is extremely powerful for you to go ahead and move forward with, and actually once you sign up for mail funnels, you get our complete email templates for every single sequence that we offer on the platform so that you can go ahead and start Building your funnels, let me copy and paste our actual ad copy into your templates to make sure that you have everything set up in a matter of minutes.

So with that being said guys, it’s super easy to go ahead and get started with this platform. So if you’re, not utilizing email, you’re, simply just making a huge mistake and leaving all of this extra money and sales on the table and with mail funnels, we want to make things as easy to use as possible and also super affordable. Other platforms go out there and charge a significant amount for their services.

Meanwhile, this is going to cover all of your basic needs and it’s super super affordable and we even give you that free trial to get started so moving forward with all of these different types of funnels that you can go and create. Of course, we have our post purchase, email sequences and our wind back campaigns for refunds, so with post purchase sequences, we would want to go ahead and build out stuff that is going to increase.

Customer loyalty get them back to your store to spend more money, and also, if you wanted to, you, could offer them incentives to come back such as discounts. So this is a great way to really build out the longevity of your email list and if you wanted to go ahead and send them updates at any given time with mail funnels, you can go ahead and send a broadcast to any list that you desire. So let’s say you don’t have any emails on your store, nothing that’s gone through your funnels! Then.

If you wanted to go ahead, you can literally just export your leads from Shopify by pressing Shopify customers and you could add all of your emails from Shopify right into mail funnels with a literal single click of a button. And if you don’t want to do that, you could literally go ahead and import a list of leads through a CSV which is an Excel or numbers file and import. Those leads right here through our CSV importer, and if you wanted to take your leads out of mail funnels, you can export it through the CSV exporter.

So with that being said, super-easy, if you have an existing email list, this is your gokû way to increase your sales instantly. So let’s say on Tuesdays: your ads don’t perform as well, and you want to go ahead and send out an email blast to all your existing subscribers to keep your sales up. You can do that by literally importing your leads and sending them a flash sale or some sort of broadcast, depending on what kind of promotion you would want to do.

Maybe you want to do 30 % off site-wide or give them a coupon code to go ahead and do something or a buy one get one promo whatever you want to do. You can literally adhere to whatever you want, build an email within five minutes or less with our drag-and-drop builder and send it out through our broadcasting capabilities with Mal funnels, because we don’t limit your email sending here. So with that being said guys, it’s you easy to go ahead and build out broadcast and then also you get all of your analytics for every broadcast, such as the amount of people that clicked opened and received your actual emails, and we even give you in-depth analytics After you send them for those of you that are sending those bigger broadcasts, so with that being said, guys be sure to go ahead and try out mail funnels for 14 days for a hundred percent free.

All you have to do is go down to the description below and you can sign up for your free trial or will instantly send you your free email, templates, the plug and play and start building out your funnels and also you’ll start making money on your store. That you wouldn’t have had before, if you didn’t, have these built out the generic emails that Shopify sends out with your abandoned cart. Emails are really not good and don’t convert very well in comparison to something that’s personalized and completely dynamic, based on what your customers are doing and you can add whatever content below or above it, and fully build out that email.

How you want it to look so with that being said guys, it is super easy to get started and also you could start rolling out these funnels for your win back campaigns and if you want those free email templates, so you don’t have to go through the Process of trying to think what to put into your emails, you can literally follow our hand, guided templates once you go ahead and sign up, it’s the first thing that we send you in that very welcome email with your login credentials.

So if you do enjoy mail phones and it’s something that you’re interested in or you simply enjoyed this article be sure to drop it. An insightful comment down below give me some feedback. Let me know what you’re thinking we’ve made some massive changes to this platform in the past few months and pretty much revamp everything from the inside out by way of our team and infrastructure, to make sure that our emails are sending better than ever and also our Services are more reliable than ever and brand-new support staff to go ahead and make sure that you guys have all of your needs covered at any given time.

Also, if you guys want to see more of the intricate details of the actual emails being put together step-by-step or you want to go ahead and see more email, marketing information just like this go ahead and drop a comment down below, and let me know what you Guys want to see next out of the blog, and, if you enjoyed this article, do not forget to go ahead and smash that, like button, we have a ton of free resources in the description below, for you guys to access at any given moment, such as our Free course, our free accelerator program application, that’s still open for a very limited amount of time and then also our mail funnels free trial, where you get 14 days of free email sending and those done for you, email templates, so without any further ado, Anthony Matt Sloan.

Here signing off on this article, let me know what you guys want to see next on the blog drop a comment down, and let me know what you guys want to see. Also you’ll automatically be qualified for the free consultation called giveaway, so I’ll be seeing you guys in the next article


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Email Marketing: How To Grow Your Email List From 0-1000+ Subscribers (GROW 3 ASSETS AT SAME TIME!)

In the morning, you grab your computer, your laptop your iPad Pro your surface pearl. Whatever you use to do your daily work on you type out a quick 200 to 500 word email. You send that out to your list and within minutes you start to see sales rolling in for your products and your services right, and that is the beauty of having an email list, is it’s kind of like being able to write yourself a check every single day Or whenever you want, whenever you hit the send button? Okay, so an email list, it’s one of your most powerful acids and I don’t care how many people say: it’s dead or email is dying.

It’s not dying, it is like the it’s like your identity on the internet. Everybody has an email that they check pretty much on the daily. So I want to show you in this article one of the most important aspects about having an email list and that is being able to build and grow that list. So, as you see on the screen here, this is active campaign. This is the email service provider that we use. We have.

We just started growing this list at the end of February of this year, February, 2020. So near the end of the month. We started growing this list and we have three thousand four hundred and twenty subscribers. After just a few months, it’s it’s July, ok, so Ron, you know four and a half months, or so we were able to grow it to three thousand four hundred and twenty subscribers. Now this is a pretty small list right.

This is relatively. If you ask anyone like an internet marketing or digital marketing bill, they’ll say this is a small list and it is but it’s a it doesn’t need to be huge for you to rake in big-time profits. If you have like an engaged list – and you have good products and services, so I’m going to show you here. This is our stripe account. In the month of June, we generated twenty two thousand five hundred and nine dollars and sixty cents – and we just launched this this business in at the end of February as well, when we launched this this email list, and this isn’t including PayPal.

So we have another. Seven thousand dollars, or so in PayPal from the month of June, so this is closer. The amount that we’ve generated in June was closer to thirty thousand dollars, just under thirty thousand dollars from a three thousand four hundred and twenty person list. Okay, so that’s around almost ten ten dollars per subscriber on our list right. This is an insanely, powerful tool that you have more acid that you have now.

What I’m going to show you that’s different in this article is the way that I personally am growing my list and works especially well. If you are a content creator or info publisher or you create any kind of content and you’re you’re you’re, putting a price tag on and you’re selling info products or courses or ebooks or whatever it is, this is going to work, especially well for you, okay. So what I have here is a strategy for, if you don’t have any email list, yet we’re going to help you change that and show you how to go from zero to a thousand subscribers on your email list.

If you already have a thousand subscribers, I’m going to tell you how to go from a thousand to ten thousand. If you want right using the strategy that I’m using right now day in and day out to grow my list. Okay and it’s very simple: there’s it starts with a traffic source. I personally love YouTube, because once you create a article, it can be viewed for years and you don’t really have to touch it just get to put into the algorithm the search engines on YouTube and people can view it every single day for years and years and Years to come, okay, so you create it once and it’s kind of like this acid that continues to live over time and generate you more views and traffic and leads over time.

So my traffic source, my favorite one, is YouTube. You can use whatever you want we’re going to drive them to a niche specific Facebook group. I want to show you what that looks like and I’m going to show you why that’s so powerful and then from the Facebook group going to drive them to our email list. Okay, now the reason I do it this way is it’s helping me grow three different assets all at once, right, it’s kind of like killing three birds with one stone, I’m growing my youtube blog, I’m growing my facebook group and then I’m growing my email list, all At the same time, or that, so I love this strategy here that I’m using so I’m going to show you what this looks like.

This is a YouTube article July 8th. This is I’m actually filming this in July 8th. I just posted this article today and, as you can see in the description, there’s a link to join my free Facebook group on starting a six-figure online service business. Okay, now that’s! This is a completely different conversation: how to start a Facebook group. But if you want to start a Facebook group, a quick tip is make sure that you have a very specific outcome or a reason to join the group right.

So if someone wants to start a six-figure online service, business they’re going to join this group right and that’s what this group is for, I also have here in the comments I pinned comment on every article that says like this article. I do live trainings like this into my free face for a group join here, and they just click on this and what happens is they’re going to see a page that says join this group, we’re going to click join and it’s going to show them here.

Different questions that they need to fill out to join the group. Ok, so these are the three questions that I asked upon joining the first one is a segmentation, a qualification question, so it asked what’s up what type of a business do you run and who do you serve, and this helps me get a feel of the person In their background, if they have any business experience, they’ll say here: why are you running a successful agency or I run a successful consultancy whatever they run and they’ll talk about the niche that they work with? Ok, so this is kind of a segmentation qualification question to help me know who exactly is joining the group.

The second thing is, is my lead magnet, so is that it says, enter your email only if you want or five-step winning formula that took us from 0 to 7 clients in 30 days, it’s a cheat sheet, so they put in their email address and I’m going To show you why this is awesome, just a second and the last question is: how did you find this so it could be. I have different sources of traffic LinkedIn. I have Facebook search.

I have my youtube blog. I have my email list from four previous subscribers right, so I want to know where they’re coming from most people. Eighty percent of people will come from my youtube articles. So that’s how I’m focusing extra hard on creating those YouTube articles. So we have the qualification question here. We have the question that gets them. It gives them the lead, magnet if they’re interested and grabs their email address, and then it asks them where they came from.

How did they find this? So I know the referral source? Okay, so why is this so awesome? Well, first, off I’m making one article per week, one or two articles per week that that grows my YouTube blog right. I have nine thousand nine point, five, four subscribers right now and it drives them to my it grows. My blog, of course, but it drives them to my Facebook group right they join my facebook group.

I think we have how many people do. We have two thousand eight hundred eleven members right now and it also grabs their email address right. You just saw it ask them for their email address in exchange for a lead magnet, so I grabbed their email address from there. They get put into this sequence here. This is an automated campaign where they often you can see here s FD s, Facebook group lead magnet optin, they get tagged for this, lead, magnet opt-in and they get put into an email nurturing sequence, a welcome sequence right.

So first they get their cheat sheet and then they get a series of different emails. That’s designed to sell my products, I have a front end offer that’s an e-book called six-figure drop servicing and I sell that e-book through these emails right. So I have seven different emails that go out that pitches them or offers them my ebook. I think it’s, oh, it’s eight different emails that goes out, okay or actually nine here so see, as you can see quite a few emails that go out and nurtures them and and introduces them to myself and my brand and who I am and what I do And of course, it’s trying to get the sale for my e-book getting them to become a go from being a prospect to a customer okay.

So what is going on here? Why is this so powerful, especially if you’re an info publisher, you’re selling, any kind of ebooks or courses or you’re selling services as well? This could work very well for services, I’m actually rolling this out for for my agency, email marketing services. So what’s happening again, we have the YouTube blog source of traffic right. I just post a article every week and it has links to join my facebook group in the description and the comments they join.

My facebook group they give me their email address. They tell me who they are. I get to see exactly who’s joining my group and be unable to segment them based on their experience level from there they get put into my email list. Here they get put into a sequence. That’s automatically designed to turn them from a prospect into a paying customer on my front end offer and from there my email list grows.

I have around 20 people that join my email list every single day from this automated campaign, okay, so gross every single day. Around 20 people join my email list from this little sequence here: right: YouTube: article niche Facebook group email us at growth bar around 17 to 20 people every single day. Now the other powerful thing, the reason I’m able to generate so many sales is, as you can see here every day I am posting, I’m posting, let’s see if we can jump in here, I’m posting an email right, so seven, seven eight, which is today, I posted One I missed yesterday because L is on the road, but basically every single day, I’m posting an email right.

I’r writing up a very short. You know these are not very long. Emails I’ll show you this one real, quick, okay, this is less. I think this one was around 150 words or self K, so you can see very short, not long emails. They don’t need to be very long. I like to keep it within 200 to 500 words, and I send this out, try to send it out every single day. Bren! That’s! This is what generates you sales so, as you saw earlier 3400.

Oh, I just got a subscriber just now: 3421 subscribers on my email list was generating 30,000 dollars per month around nine to ten dollars per email subscriber okay. So if you can actually implement this right, have a traffic source again, I like YouTube. I recommend YouTube if you’re comfortable with growing your blog, and it helps in so many different ways other than just growing your email. Let’s try to build your brand, your authority.

It of course, helps you to get sales if you’re, offering good products and services, but you’re also able to use it to siphon traffic into your Facebook group and your email list as well and grow all these three platforms and these three assets all at once. Okay, so if you’re looking to get your first 0 to 1000 email list, subscribers try to strategy out. Okay, have a traffic source again, I recommend YouTube, but if you want to use LinkedIn and to a lead, magnet or just go straight to your Facebook group, that’s fine as well, but this is the strategy that I’m using here to grow all three of these platforms.

All at once YouTube to niche specific Facebook group to an email list and from there I’m emailing daily different offers and different products and services that I have ok. So I hope this was helpful for you guys if it was giving me a like. If you have any questions comment below this is only about growing your email list. I will have more articles in the future about writing the actual emails and setting up automations and setting up sequences.

But yes, this is a very powerful strategy. If you actually implement it, it’s not a get-rich-quick overnight thing I never post get-rich-quick overnight stuff, but it’s very, very powerful, as you saw that I showed you in this article so grow all these try to sell yo you’ll grow 3 different assets all at once. If you copy it exactly how I’m doing it here and future articles I’ll show you more on actually writing the emails than sending up automations and setting up sequences okay.

So that’s it for this article I’ll see you guys on the next one.


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Cold Email: How We Use It To Get Clients In 2020 [Step-By-Step Tutorial]

So in this article, I’m going to show you step by step, how we use cold emails to get clients and grow our business hey, what’s up its Sean Anthony and if you were an entrepreneur looking to level up your business, your skills and your income make sure You head below right now hit that subscribe button and I post articles just like this: every Tuesday and Thursday.

So in this article, you’re going to learn how we use cold emails to get clients and grow our business by pretty much spending zero dollars and zero risk right. So the way that cold emailing works, the sales process is step number one. We create an ideal client profile right. We need to answer the question: who are we targeting? Who are we reaching out to right? We need to know the exact industry, the decision maker that were reaching out to how bigger these companies.

This is going to give us a real, clear picture and allow us to create a message that converts right. So that’s step number one is to create an ideal client profile step. Number two: is we need to create a list of prospects who fit that ideal and profile? So, let’s just say that we’re targeting home remodeling companies with 10 to 20 employees who are in California or who are in Washington or something right.

We need to know exactly who we’re targeting and once. We know that we can create a list of prospects who fit that criteria right. So that’s that number two is to create a list of prospects who fit that ICP step. Number three is to create a messaging sequence: a cold email, messaging sequence designed to generate appointments right. So we have. We usually have three to four messages that go out, so we have the main message that goes out, and then we have three two to three follow-up cycle after that right now.

The goal of these emails is to generate an appointment. It’s not to get a sale on the spot right, we’re nuts we’re not sending someone a link to buy now we’re sending them an email, we’re asking them if they want to get on the phone to learn more about what we have to offer right. So that’s step. Number three is to create a messaging sequence of cold email, messaging sequence. That’s designed to generate appointments and then step number four is once you generate the appointment right once you send these out you’re going to have percentage of those prospects, say yes, they’re going to raise their hand and say yes, I’m interested in learning more you’re going to Hop on the phone with those people down the phone with them and close the deal right for your service.

So we’re going to go over steps 1 through 3. How to set all that up, create your ICP, create a list of audio prospects who fit that ICP and then also how to create a messaging sequence, called email, messaging sequence and the tools that we used to do that. Okay. So, let’s jump into my computer right now, alright! So I’m in the computer now and I’m going to walk you through real quickly again the four-step process on how we use cold emails to get new clients and grow our business without spending money on ads and all that stuff right.

So first off arena cover steps. Steps one through three step, four will be in a separate article right. This is that that’s the actual sales portion of things but step one is to create an ICP, and I do plan profile to know who you’re going to be targeting right. No, exactly we’re going to be targeting step. Number two is to create a list of people who fit your ICP who fit the criteria right and step.

Number three is once you’ve created a list. You need to create a messaging sequence to go to those people on that list to generate an appointment right and it’s not to get a sale. It’s not to send them a link to buy now it’s to get them on the phone. So you can close the deal on the phone right, which is step number four, which is to pH get on the phone and close the deal right. So this is the exact process that we use, I’m going to cover steps 1 through 3 in this article right.

How to create an ICP, how to get the list, the tools that we use and then how to create a messaging sequence and then automate the sending of that right. So, let’s jump right into it. So I have this little Google sheet here, and this is actually what we use when we’re setting up a cold email campaign. This is a simple google sheet right. This is all you need now. What I want you to do first, is create something that says just create a tab that says ICP right and what the ICP is again ideal, client profile and you this is actually what we use when we first started growth response right, so you should know the Industries that you’re targeting what are their industries well we’re targeting computer software, internet and information technology, and these are this – is from LinkedIn right these these industry titles.

Where are they located? What’s the geography well they’re, located in the USA in Europe in Australia, we actually just started with the USA, though just to keep it simple, and that was a big enough pool for us. The target company size. How big are these companies, so we actually started with 11 to 50 employees? Okay, so how many employees are in these companies? I recommend you stick under 50 employees.

If you’re brand new, the bigger up you go, the harder or the longer the sales cycle is right. So you want to target the small business size, people who are in that, like 11 to 50, employee range, okay, job titles, who are you targeting? Well, we mostly started with founder level, but we also were targeting once we went through founders, we’re also targeting C CEOs. Chi, Sigma Chi chief executive officers and CMOS chief marketing officers right.

These are all people who can benefit or want to have a conversation about our service right. So we, these are all the titles for you. It’s most likely going to be like the business owner right or like if you’re targeting like medical practices. It would be like a dentist or like a I don’t know like oh, oh optometrists or whatever they call those things so there’s whatever you’re targeting you want to list the job titles here right, and you also want to have the pain points and the problems and, If you don’t know this, you need to research it okay, because this is going to be important for your messaging.

So what were the pain points and problems of our market of the these SAS companies? Well, first of all, I didn’t they’re not generating enough high-quality leads. Second, they’re spending too much time on prospecting and data research tests right we were taught we were doing research on platforms like kora and seeing what people were asking in our market and a lot of them were saying. Oh, I spent way too too much time too much hours on prospecting and building lists right.

So we added that to the pain points. Also, we were seeing that a lot of founders. They were just starting their companies or they’re just getting going and they didn’t have the time or the budget to spend on building like a large sales team. So then, one of the fast results they wanted to get leads coming in now they didn’t want to wait months and months to do that. Okay, so what do we? What are we offering? What are you actually what’s your service that you’re offering to the market to help them solve these pain points and problems right? We were offering done for your LinkedIn prospecting right, we’re generating leads through outbound and LinkedIn.

Messages now found connection requests, okay and expect the results. You should know this so if you’re doing like a drop servicing business, how you get this is you go to you find a white label provider or freelancer? And you ask them these questions right. You look for the service, what’s included in the service. What are the expected results from their clients right, and you can leverage that information to fill this in here? Okay, so this doesn’t need to be all you.

Do you want to find a white label provider? You can ask them: what’s the expected results, if I give you clients for it for this service right now, the benefits of eight to twelve appointments and well, why do they want appointments a month or extra appointment? Well, it saves time for their sales team, because that’s what the sales team is doing is jet is trying to generate appointments do prospecting, so it saves time for them.

It also saves money and time and resources on training right, so they don’t have to train their team and spend months three four months: training their team on how to use LinkedIn or how to prospect in general. They can get going right away right and then also they get more high. Quality leads and appointments every month to help them increase sales and that’s what they want right. So you can. You can see it’s the inverse of all these things here.

Okay, so keep it simple. Do some research, if you don’t know these things, but don’t this should take no longer than like a few hours or like a day to do? Okay at max so once you’ve done, this you’ve created your step, one right: we’ve we’ve done this cross that out we’re going to go to step two build your prospect list. Okay, now there’s a lot of different ways that you can do this, but what I’ll show you the different places that we use right? We use find that lead and that’s for, if we’re targeting like b2b, like soft b2b, SAS companies or like tech, tech companies and all that stuff, when we’re targeting b2b we’re going to use, find that leak and they source their in, I think they source their data From LinkedIn, that’s why we use that if we want very specific businesses that have very specific attributes, we use up work.

So let’s just say that we want to target only medical spas. Who are you who offer CoolSculpting, which is a certain type of procedure right. We if we want a very specific business that offers a very specific service like that, we’ll hire someone on up work for like $ 300 or so to create a targeted list of those prospects that fit that criteria. If we’re targeting local businesses right, you can use something called d7 lead finder, and this is very good for, like those local brick-and-mortar stores and local businesses in general right.

So these are the different places that we use for the most part. You can also just go on Google if you want to save money, because these all cost money to use like no more than like 50 bucks a month or so. But if you don’t want to do that, you can always just manually, go to websites and find emails that way. Okay, but these are the places that we use so for this training. For this article, I’m going to show you how easy that lead com.

Okay, so I’m going to jump into this tool here and find that Lee again is: we use it mainly for a bead to be right for targeting like agencies and other freelancers and information technology companies and SAS companies. We use find that lead. So what you want to do is I’m going to show you why your ICP is so important here, you’re going to click, start new list and here’s how I name it. You just want to make it easy to identify right.

So I’m just going to do this! Software 11 to 50 employees, USA, founder okay. So now I know exactly when I look at this list who is in this list right? You want to be able to identify that where they located where it’s going to be United States. Job title is the founder and Industry, computer software, Internet’s information technology, all right and then 1150 employees. So now what do we see here? We have two thousand nine hundred people who fit this criteria and we grab this criteria directly from our ICP right.

So we have the industry, is the geography, the company size and the job titles right now the pain points and problems these these things are going to be using the actual messaging, but you can see here now what we have. We can just click generate list here and I’m not going to do this right now, because I’m not trying to use credits on this, but if we call generate list it’s going to search for the best prospects who fit that criteria, then we click generate emails.

Here. We click FTL servers and this is going to create a list and grab the emails of all the people on this list. Okay, now what this looks like – and I just I’ll just – I just already imported a completed list here right. I just imported this, but I got this. What this looks like is, if we click on prospector, again see current. If I click export CSV, it’s going to allow you to export only the correct emails right that I have a hundred percent accuracy.

That’s what you want! So you, like you, don’t get like bounced emails and all that stuff right. So once your list is done exporting or done grabbing the emails, you can export it and you can export only the correct email so that you don’t have delivery issues and then you’re going to have a CSV. That looks just like this okay and it has their first name, their last name, their position, their company website, industry, company size location, their LinkedIn profile, their email, and I’m just going to delete this stuff because we know correct.

We exported only the correct emails, so I delete this. This is all the information that we need for the most part right. So what I’m going to do is copy this. You would copy this. I would copy it it to this sheet here to their first name. I would copy this into their last name. You don’t have to do it like this. This is just the way that I do it or you can just copy the whole sheet. I’r just show you an example of how we, how we have our virtual assistants do this oops title company and the reason we need this information is because we’re going to import it into a separate tool to automate the sending of these emails right.

So we have this now we have I’m just going to do find that lead okay. So what do we have here? We have a list of first name – last name company, title email address and the source of where we got them from find out lead com, and we have a list of people who fit our ICP or ideal client profile. We have a list of people, we can send emails to right. So that’s step number two. We just did list creation right now.

Step number three is to create a messaging sequence. That’s designed to generate appointments. So I have this tab here. There’s a lot of different messaging differences and variations that we test with right. What I’m going to tell you now is you cannot just copy and paste this and expect it to work all the time and then complain like. Oh those are work, I’m not getting appointments. I’r not getting sales, I’m not getting clients, you need to test things on your own and learn to just experiment right.

So what I’m giving you here is something that’s worked very well for us, that’s been very effective for us. That does not mean if you copy and paste it that you’re going to get the same results right. So that’s just not the way things work, I’m going to show you what we use. One of the sequences that we use. We use many different variations depending on who we’re targeting, but this is a very simple one that we use: okay, so the breakdown of every cold email.

You have a subject line, we have the intro, we have the big promise and then we have like a proof element right and if you don’t have proof you again, if you’re a drop servicing business and you have a white label provider leverage their proof leverage their Testimonials on their social proof right and then we have a call to action. We also have, if you have some kind of authority content like a guide or a white paper, you can add some kind of PS line with that that builds credibility and authority right.

So here’s an example here and here’s just some subject lines here – that we use we use again tons of different ones that we split test with you have to split test on your own. I can’t tell you what the best subject line is, but here’s a simple one subject line Shawna found you on LinkedIn and this would be the person’s name right, so this gets their attention and then it shows where you found them right.

This seems to this seems to work well because people want to know. Oh, this guy found me on a social media platform. What is yet to say, okay, so you want to get them to open the email. You want to make sure that you’re not saying anything like free offer inside right, those don’t work. You want to make sure it’s just like casual and something you would kind of send to a friend or someone that, like like a colleague, you just met right.

So Sean funny on LinkedIn intro, I came across your profile on LinkedIn and, given your background thought it made sense to reach out big promise. We have a done-for-you LinkedIn prospecting service for b2b SAS companies that can help. You generate eight to twelve more demos every month. Without wasting your sales reps time on prospecting, proof, we’ve helped similar companies like a B and C to automate their lead generation and book eight to twelve more sales appointments per month, which has helped to increase sales.

Is this something you need help with right? So the call to action we want to get them to say yes or say no right, they say no, we remove them from our list if they say yes, we set up a time to chat with them. Okay, so the PS line. We have a LinkedIn guide that we send out, so you just say: PS. Here’s a guide: we’ve created them, how to help SAS companies generate more appointments using LinkedIn. Okay.

Now, if I go back to my ICP tab here, you can see why these are so important. We play on the pain points and the expected the results of our service right. You want to make sure that you have these things in your email. Okay. So if we go back here once we send this first email, you’re going to have most people are not going to respond to that first email. So what we want to do is follow up right. So three to four days after that, first email and the tool I’m going to show you automate this.

We want to send a second email, and this is just the kind of bump bump the loop, the last email to the top. A lot of people don’t have time to respond right away, or maybe they just didn’t see it and what we say is hey. First name or hey Sean just quickly, following up on the email I sent a few days ago, any thoughts on that are done for your Linkedin prospecting service can help. You generate more leads without spending hours every day on prospecting, a data research task.

Would it be useful? The call to action is what it’d be useful to have a quick conversation on how we might be able to help you write, so you can see again very short and to the point and value-driven like how we can help them white. What’s in it for them, why should they care right? So if they care about generating more leads and they’re, not using LinkedIn – and they are spending way too much time on prospecting and data research tasks, they’re going to want to respond to at least hear us out right and again notice – we’re not pitching them right away.

We’re not selling them we’re sending them a bye link, we’re asking them to get on the phone, and so we can talk to them. Learn about their business, learn if it’s a fit, and then we can offer them an opportunity to work with us. If it does sound like it’s a fit okay, so the last message: email three: if they still don’t respond, we send one more email after a week and we might just say something like hey: first name, I’ve reached out a couple times.

I didn’t hear back and I realize I may have jumped the gun, my intent, my intent is not to be a pain, so there’s going to be my last follow-up, but if you’re open to connect about generating more leads on LinkedIn, please hit reply to. Let me know either way. I wish you all the best right, so you can see a really soft, just like like a an exit email. I guess I don’t know what to call it like us: a send off email, right, you’re, going to have a portion of people who respond to this, and, like oh sorry about that, I actually meant to respond, but I forgot about it right.

So I can’t remember what the exact statistic is, but it’s something like it takes 8 to 12 touch points before someone responds or someone becomes a buyer right. So you want to make sure this. The reason why we follow up – and this is why we use a lot of platforms like LinkedIn and cold email and Facebook and Instagram – is because it takes a lot of touch points to get on someone’s radar. If they’ve never heard about you before right.

So we follow up, you know through two to three different times and our goal is still to get them on the phone with us right. So if they don’t, if they don’t respond to this, then we stop contact again contacting them. After this, we don’t keep on following up like like to eight to ten different times, email, because that will piss them off and will mark you as spam. But you can see here it’s just very short to the to the point sweet value-driven like.

Why? Should they care? Why should they want to get on the phone with us right, but that is our process here right, so we just did this creating a message sequence. What do we actually use to automate the sending? There are a lot of different tools out there that you can use, but one of the ones that we use is called mail shake, and I believe this is like 20 30 bucks a month now and what this does is once you’ve created your messaging sequence here.

Right, you can go into mail shake, you. Can click create a campaign, I’m just going to leave it as this I’m going to click Next, you can import your lists. I’r just going to go here just to a test list here and then you can import like the email address and their name click Next. Okay! So now everything imported. I skipped it a bit because I didn’t want you to wait now. All you have to do is plug and play right.

So we have here. We have our subject line right and you want to make sure that this does first name or their name or whatever it is. This name found you think then okay and then we’re just going to copy our our email right. So we go name okay, they sit out a bit okay, so you can see here we have our exact email from our sheet. We just copied and pasted it into here and then we can add the follow-up.

So I’m not I’m not going to waste your time and do all this, but you just set the amount of days you have the the actual subject line of the email you copy and paste the text into here and then, when you’re done, you just click Next Oops next, then, you click Next again and you schedule the actual email right. This is going to take a while because I think it’s going to prep the campaign right, but you can see here.

Oh here we go so you can see hi okay, but it personalizes it to their name. You can have the follow-ups go X, amount of days after that automatically if they don’t respond, and then it has the exact messaging sequence that you created in the last step. Right, so this is step by step. This is how we use cold email to get new clients and grow our business without ads and without complex sales funnels and all that stuff right.

Cold email is still one of our best blogs for client generation, new client generation. Right because it’s predictable, it’s measurable, we can do it every single day. It doesn’t cost much like other than that, like the tools that we pay a little amount for every single month, but we covered the ICP we’ve covered, creating a list that fits your ICP. We covered creating a messaging sequence and I all should also showed you the tools that we use right.

I actually work with. This is actually what we run as a service. We actually do cold emailing for people in our agency right, so this you can take this and run with it. Obviously you have to experiment with a different messaging here right, but this is our step-by-step guide. This is exactly how we send cold emails and set everything up to send cold emails and get clients for our business all right.

So I hope this was helpful for you guys if you want to see anything else around cold emailing or if you have any questions or comments or concerns, make sure you comment below leave this article like if you, if you like long form, guides like this and Yeah, I will see you in the next article. I will link to some other emailing and lead-generation articles on the side here, but yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this and I’ll see you in the next article.

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LinkedIn Marketing: 3 Ways To Get Clients With LinkedIn FAST [2020]

It’s an absolute goldmine if you know how to use it. So in this article I’m going to talk about three ways: to use LinkedIn to get clients fast, hey, what’s up, it’s Sean Anthony and I talk about the best tools, tips and strategies to level up your business, your skills and your income. So that sounds interesting to you make sure you go down below right now and hit that subscribe button.

Alright. So in this article we’re going to talk about LinkedIn, why it’s such a goldmine and how to use it three specific ways to use it to get clients fast for your business. So let’s hop into my computer right now already so on the screen. Here I have my LinkedIn profile and I’m just going to go and walk through the three main things that you want to do to be marketing on LinkedIn and growing your business and getting more clients using the platform.

Okay. So I’m going to walk through each of these three things, I’m going to show you some examples of each and just keep in mind, there’s hundreds of different tips and tactics and strategies and cool little hacks. You can do on LinkedIn. These are the three main core things that you want to do as part of your client acquisition strategy. If you want to use LinkedIn to do that and to get clients and grow your business okay, so just keep that in mind.

There’s a lot of different things that I could cover. I might cover in later articles, but pay attention to these main three, because this is the main thing that you want to do as part of your strategy. Okay, so number one. Is you want to optimize your LinkedIn profile for your ideal client right, and the way you want to think about your profile? Is a lot of people treat it like a resume or like a showcase or a place to just show off right, show off about their awards and what they’ve done? Maybe they’ve written a book or whatever you don’t want to do that.

You want to treat your LinkedIn profile if you want to use it to get clients, you want to treat it kind of like a mini sales, page or mini landing page right, and the goal of your LinkedIn profile is to attract and convert your ideal clients. So to do that, you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile to do that. To get your ideal clients to come to your profile, see what you do and say. Oh that sounds like that.

Guy can help me right. So let’s just take a look at the main. There’s three main areas on the profile that you want to optimize number: one is just your image, your file image and your cover photo. Okay, don’t overcomplicate this! Your profile photo should just be something simple: if you like, looking professional, smiling, not like you just rolled out of bed or came out of a bar, it should be a clear picture to make sure it’s not like pixelated or you can’t see your face.

Just make sure it’s a picture of a of you, that’s clear and looks somewhat professional. Okay, your cover photo is the same thing for me. I just put a few photos. You can make this in canva. I put a few photos that show me speaking and with other entrepreneurs like this is Jesse at slur. He owns the Atlanta Hawks. This is Trey Llewellyn who’s, big in the e-commerce space. You can use something like this.

That shows your authority or you can link with a call to action to your website or whatever you want people to do. Okay, so just make sure these two areas, it’s not like the default, make sure that you optimize it to make you look good and position. You as an authority all right now. The second place you want to optimize is your headline most people. What they do here is they just put their job title right.

They might say: oh I’m, a CEO, whose company this is what I do well, you want to make sure that when your prospect reads your headline, they can answer the question. What’s in it for me right, and does this person help me so this is for growth response right growth responses are b2b, lead generation or drop servicing agency. We provide LinkedIn and cold email, lead generation for b2b technology, startups, SAS companies and agencies right.

So I want to make sure if this is my company and that’s who I target right: b2b, startups and agencies. I want to make sure that my top my headline on LinkedIn speaks to that right. So it’s the same exact thing here: helping startups helping the niche, who are your niches and agencies to get result? What’s the result, get more sales meetings with their ideal customers right and then you can even I couldn’t fit everything in here.

So I just put you know: founder high growth response done for you up on prospecting. Some keyword, SAS lead generation, LinkedIn marketing, cold email, copy sales, funnels okay, so you can put some keywords in here: a little hack. I don’t know if this still works, but if you edit on your phone, if you download the LinkedIn mobile app and you edit on your phone, you edit this headline, I think they, let you add, a bit more characters right.

I don’t think I could add this on on the desktop version. I think it’s a little trick if it still works, if it doesn’t oh well you’re too late, but try try downloading the mobile app and seeing if, if you could add more keywords into your headline here right. But the lesson here is: make sure that you can answer who do you help? How do you help them and what result do you get right? So helping startups and agencies get sales meetings with their ideal customers? That’s what I do and then I linked to growth response, which is the actual company that I’m talking about right.

So that’s area number two, now area number one, your photo! Your cover photo area. Number two is your headline area number three that you want to optimize is your about or your summary section. Okay – and this is where people go so wrong, like they’ll, just put like, for example, they’ll speak about themselves in third person, so they might say something like Shawn has worn won three awards. He started five companies he’s made like ten million dollars.

Shaun has is a TEDx speaker. He has this book in that book and he’s done this he’s such a badass right, like just talking about themselves in third person, which first of all, is just it’s kind of strange. It’s kind of creepy right who actually talks about themselves in third person and, second of all, you look like a narcissist when you do that, so make sure that your your profile summary talks about your prospect and how you can help them right again.

If you want to use it to get more clients and grow your business right, so let’s take a look at my example: I’m not going to read through all of this, but let’s take a look at what I’m doing here right. So the very first line. I don’t say anything about me or, like my background or anything, I talk exactly to the value proposition right. We help technology startups and digital agencies fill their pipeline with high-value, leads that turn into customers.

You get an expert team dedicated to prospecting and customer acquisition for half the cost of an in-house team. Now by reading that very first sentence, you know exactly who I helped exactly the result I get and how like why it’s relevant to them right. So half the cost of an in-house team right these SAS companies, these SAS founders, they’re so used to hiring like three to four sales reps at like four to five thousand dollars a month each and they still have to train them and buy them tools and all That stuff right so we’ll cut that cost in more than half and we’ll get.

We have a proven system that already works and we can get them exactly what they want, which is more customers right. So the the sentence should be a value proposition about you and what you do and how you help that market right. Then I kind of dive deep into the problems and pain points, so you’re going to have to do some research into this right. It’s not going to be the same thing. You want to make sure that you’re speaking in the language of your niche, so for our niche for b2b technology companies when we are talking to founders they’re, always like I don’t know where my next deals coming from, like we don’t know which source is coming from.

We don’t know if it’s from a webinar or LinkedIn or cold email or Facebook advertising. We don’t know where our next deal is going to come from and we don’t have a predictable system right. So we tie that into the pain points here right is your team wasting hours of valuable selling time when researching and instead of closing deals, do you wish you had a proven system right? So these are specific pain points that come up when we talk to our market right Ben.

You can read this, you can I’m not going to read all this, but it talks a little bit about our background. Why we created this service? What problem does it solve and we even kind of qualify people here right so we say hold up, must be but afford at least $ 1,000 a month, and this filters out people from booking a call with us if they’re, just like tire, kickers and just information Seekers right that aren’t actually going to become clients.

So take a look at the profile summary summary here again: it should speak directly to your ideal client and your ideal prospect and talk about how you can help them solve a problem that they want to solve right. In this case, it’s it’s lead generation and getting more getting more customers for their SAS business right. They should not be talking about yourself in third person or your awards or anything like that.

Nobody cares right. So that’s the number one area is is optimizing your profile. We talked about your profile photo your cover photo your headline and also your profile summary right. So that’s number one optimize your profile for your ideal client now number two: is you want to connect and engage with your ideal clients right, so you can use sales navigator options set up a separate article, doing a tutorial of sales navigator and how we use it In depth, but let’s just say that we’re going to use it again, b2b staffs founders, because that’s who we target for for growth response if I want to find SAS calendars, all I got to do here is type in.

Let’s see founder, okay and I’ll show you some examples of messages that we’ve sent I’ll go to all filters here and I can go to computer software. I can go to let’s say if I want to find people in my city of Seattle I’ll do that. I can type in their title here. I might do falender right and then what I can do is click apply now. What does this? Do? It gives me a list of 2509 founders in seattle of software companies and what sales navigator you can get even more grant and granular with like the size of the companies like how many employees they have more specific industries, more specific titles and seniority levels.

But I’m just showing you a quick example here, and this shows me two thousand plus founders people who fit my ideal client profile. So what do I want to do? I want to connect with these people. Let’s just say Dan here I might connect with him I’ll. Send him a connection requests, hey Dan saw your founder in the Seattle area of a SAS company. Would love to connect and share insights with you. Something super simple like that: right once they connect, you can send them a message and just see if they’re interested in having a quick conversation with you to learn more about what you do as what you deliver at your service right and how you can help them To provide value to their lives right, so let’s take a look at an example here right, so one of our clients here is Lynn.

I know she is in here she’s one of my favorite clients, because they have an awesome SAS product. Oh my gosh, I can get this typed out and then you can see here when we first started talking, so you can see here, here’s the connection message right. So I connected with there. I engage with there I enjoy connecting with founders, who I share. Mutual connections with love the opportunity to connect and share insights thanks for sharing, thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn promise to keep this value an interesting blah, blah blah, and then I go into a little mini pitch right.

Are you interested in using LinkedIn to generate 10 to 20 high value sales appointments a month at Condotti? If not, or are you currently using that? If not, I created this free guide detailing how to do that right, so I’m providing her value, I’m giving her a value. So I had this little article here on LinkedIn tactics and I sent it over her way and this is what she said would like to chat more on your approach.

Let me know when’s a good time this week or next. So then we hopped on a phone. We set up a time to chat. We helped in the phone she became a client of ours. She’s been a client of ours for over a year now and she’s on boarded. You know multiple people within her company onto our service right, so LinkedIn outreach. It works. You know you have to just make sure you’re connecting with the right people with your ideal client you’re, providing value up front you’re, showing them that you care about them and and that you can help them get a result that they actually want.

And that’s what we’ve done here and this is exactly what we do for our service right, our LinkedIn service. What we’re doing is we’re connecting with people, we optimize your profile and then we start connecting with people and engaging with them to get you more appointments so that you can get more customers more clients right. So that’s number two is connecting and engaging with your ideal clients and trying to get them.

You know interested in what you have to offer yeah so number three, the third way to grow your business and get more clients if LinkedIn is content, write content and what you want to do here, there’s two types of content: this is the way that I break It down type one content is content that shows who you are as a person right. So talk, you’re, going to be telling stories about yourself, your business, your personal life, things that happen, things that are good things that are bad.

It shows people that you’re human and who you are as a person – I mean, of course you’re human, but it shows your personality a bit right, so you can look at my posts on here. I’r not going to go through all of them here, because I have I’ve made a lot of posts, but type 1 content is showing who you are as a person and letting people know that your hue and you’re, not just some robot on linkedin, trying to just Spam and get business all the time right.

Number two is what I call type 2 content real original right, but it’s content that positions you as the authority. So it answers the question. Why should I work with you to solve X problem? So someone might say why should I work with you to help me generate more leads on LinkedIn, so I actually provide a lot of content here on LinkedIn for free through my status updates right. You can see these get engaged with a lot.

50 likes 12 comments of 54 and 19. Comments have 17,000 views on this 147 likes and 49 comments. So this gets people interested in what you have to offer and they’ll see your posts. They’ll reach out to you through your messaging here and they’ll, want to set up a time with you to chat right. So content is a very powerful way if you combine it with an outreach strategy right. So if you optimize your profile number one, you optimize it for your ideal client number: two! You connect and engage with your ideal clients, your ideal prospects and you grow your network on LinkedIn right.

You start connecting with people they get accepted into your network. You send them a mess. I’ve seen if you can help them or provide value, that’s connect and engage and then number three you’re constantly putting content out there. Maybe one or two times a week even and you’re, constantly putting content in value out there and you’re helping your market out through your content, you’re going to get clients, people are going to reach out to you they’re going to want to work with you, because your Profit you’re putting goodwill and value out into the market right, so those are the three things number one optimize your profile for your ideal client right, your your your profile photo your cover photo your headline and your profile summary.

You should all be geared towards your ideal prospect. Your ideal client should be it shouldn’t, be talking or bragging about yourself. Okay, number two is a the connected engaged, so you want to connect with your ideal client and you want to provide some value. Maybe you found an article, that’s useful to them. That’s relevant to your service that you provide and also number three is to post content right type, 1 and type 2 content person, personality content and authority content right.

You want to get people interested in what you have to offer and stay top of mind so that when they are ready to move forward with LinkedIn lead generation or whatever you provide, you are going to be the first person they think about. Okay. So I hope this is helpful for you guys, if you guys like this, like this article subscribe comment below. Let me know what you want to see next, let me know if you want, if you have any questions around what I covered here today, I’ll be doing a lot more articles on LinkedIn and using it to grow your business, but I hope this is helpful for You guys take care and I’ll see you in the next article

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Check-in – TE Passive Income School

Schoolers. I come on here to talk to you. I want to know how I can help you guys make money online. I gave you the tools I gave it the tricks. I gave me the secrets I gave you covers. I gave you a book examples. I don’t know what else I can do. I gave you a book examples. I don’t know what else I can do.

I gave you all the tools I gave you all the tricks. I gave you all the secrets: I’m write down everything you need to know. I’m sitting in my basement in my workout gym and my kids play studio. It’s a triple. It’s a triple decker and I’m coming on the ears to check in to see how you guys are doing with the school now if you haven’t got into school, yet we’re going to need to do that link. Should you haven’t got into school, yet we’re going to need to do that.

Link should be in the description, but if it’s not you go to Travis, Ericom click, passive income or Travis Ericom, slash passive income sign up, it’s free, yes, Jen get on and get on. The recent articles Jen there’s no excuses out here. This is dumb teaching internet marketing, I’m teaching all the tricks. I know this game in a deep level. I’m also teaching you how to avoid the pitfalls. The truth, the tricks other people are using on you, okay Labs is here we hanging out moms at the coffee shop she’s getting after it welcome Jen good to have you in the live chat.

Jen. Let me know I know you’re running your own businesses you’re doing a little coaching stuff. Let me know if you got questions on what your next steps are and I’ll see. If I can help you out and then in the we have a discord group, it’s a thousand to a thousand group, I’m trying to help a thousand people get to a thousand dollars in my and passive income. That’s why I’m going live to see. If I can answer some questions yesterday, I did a how to start article.

I think it covered a lot of my philosophy, a lot of where I’m at a lot of how to start how to start making money online starting from scratch, starting from zero. What you want to look for in your business? So thank you, Jan what you want to look for like what is it? What does it mean to be a passive income or freedom business as we call it all the birds coming jeonhwa? We have the thousand to a thousand group.

I love the energy that’s going on. In there we have producer visuals sound to just started, giving everybody some more music. That’s Marie welcome! Yes, thank you for showing out the guide grandpa’s here with the cats playing so Tom good time go to the guide. The group is on discord. The link should be in the description if it didn’t make it in the description of this article and check out one of my other articles, descriptions thousand to a thousand group.

The discord it’s hot in there we’re getting along in there we’re helping each other get off the ground on YouTube, we’re helping each other optimize all of our stuff and get views and get subscribers. We’re subscribing to each other’s blogs. We’re hacking the game, and then we got people, that’s like helping each other with their skills. You know whatever they’re good at so visual sound just came in and gave me some new music for my a article which is coming out tomorrow at 5 a.

M. I think you guys are going to dig it it’s the best one. Yet I also have a patreon link in the description. If you go in there and click follow. Follow me on patreon. Follow me on patreon, hey bird okay, we’re looking now now we’re looking so follow me on patreon, and I just I just posted our early release article that I have tomorrow. Now it’s getting more difficult, oh sweet! Look at this sweet baby down here: hey you been drinking baby, so these are the things you need to do.

You got to get the guide. I have everything in there. So then, when I go live, if you guys have questions, I want you guys building stuff. That’s um number one. Everybody should be building something and now like Jen, I know you already got some stuff built, we’re going to teach you how to optimize we’re going to help you get traffic, we’re going to help you hit different blogs. I just got some merch.

If you guys check my Instagram, it’s travis underscore Eric. I put up my merch, or we just got our first sweatshirt back, I’m starting to order them from a bunch of different places so that we can make sure the quality is good. So make sure the print is good so that we make sure Haley likes them, cuz Haley’s, very particular, about her aesthetic. She helps me a lot with that. Yeah we got merch, I’m running all my traffic to my merch store.

I got. I went from two views a day to four to seven. Yesterday I haven’t checked today, but I’m hoping to get some consistent sales on the merch and then that’s an Amazon merch and we’re also doing tea spring. And then we got it’s called red something red bubble, plate these little cats yeah, I’m not seeing any questions so I’ll. Just keep on around man. That’s Marie how’s, the learning going bird then what’s going to take lifetimes, but I’m going to do the best.

I can get in there and get that passive income guy, because right there is where I’m trying to break down the easiest way. I have the how to start guide, which just does like dudes the easiest way to start. You pick your niche make sure it’s aligned with you. I have a little bit different philosophy than a lot of people that are teaching maybe make money online stuff one because I feel like I have integrity and a lot of people probably takes real work to get to a place where you don’t just put money.

First right, so I want to help you guys out. I want to care, no one just lead you down traps or okay. These kids are Anna brown check out the description. The guide should be in the description. Phoenix it’s at tribes, Ericom, slash, passive income lives come on. Oh we’re, going to chaos, we’re getting kids chaos to ask the kids, so um yeah, i’m going to try to go live! That’s what i’m doing right here! I’m just going to try to go live! I’m continually updating that guide, so you sign up for that.

It’s absolutely free. Can you please give me a quick rundown on youtube works with income melissa? I think you mean like how do you make money on YouTube? Basically, it’s from the ads, but also you can monetize the traffic that you have coming in. So the more views you get, the more read time you get and the more people were coming to your blog and then YouTube promotes your articles and then they run ads on the front.

So you make money from those ads there’s other ways, but that’s basically how you start now. If you have deeper questions on how to start your own YouTube blog, that’s where you want to get the guide, I actually have where you wan na do lips. I actually have cover templates. How do you do ads? You click a little button. I mean if you have a blog right now and you you have to be able to monetize it and that’s going to take.

You have to get up your first thousand subscribers. Sorry about the roof, you know I mean, there’s no good views down here guys. So I’m sorry about the background, but you have to get a thousand subscribers and then you have to have like 12,000 hours or twelve. I don’t remember the number it’s in the guide, but you have to basically get enough people to your stuff where YouTube says that you’re eligible for monetization and that’s a new thing when I started you can monetize right away.

But I think that led to some Haxorus like so I won’t get too far into that, but you just monetize your article and then YouTube. Does everything for you? So it’s passive income and then with YouTube is great because you can schedule your articles out. So for me I got a process where I could make like 30 articles in one day and then I could schedule them out daily. So I could work for like two or three days a month and then I get three articles coming out a day for a whole month and now I don’t have to do nothing but hang out with the kids and learn about conspiracies on YouTube.

Do a lot of that? You know I like to wonder and wander so yeah if you guys want to smash like and make sure you subscribe, the blog I’m going to go deep dude, and I also I’m been excited lately because I started getting back into making more Abraham articles. You guys will notice I’ve been putting a lot of time into the music mixes like I’m trying to put dult beats behind Abraham good stuff. I haven’t seen out there right now.

It’s all meditation stuff, it’s all piano, music and stuff. So I’m trying to make it fire, you know I’m trying to make it fly, I’m trying to spruce it up a little bit. I’m trying to make a cool again Sun, bring it to the lower generations lower by lowering age younger. Okay, you can use the word younger, partying, so tough sweet. Do you have to get permission from Abe to do that? You don’t have to get permission from a no and the people that are running a bright now, basically, are pretty hands-off they’re trying not to talk to anybody.

It seems like I have emailed them. I have called them they ain’t getting back to me. So got ta wing it, so I’m just winging it a little bit, but there’s a lot of so Abe because it’s freely available, you have to keep your Clips under 15 minutes or they’ll shut, your blog down. It’ll shut your articles down rather, and you get three copyright strikes, and then you get your blog shut down, but there are some rules that go with it, but because it’s freely available, you’ve got to be, you got to be good, got ta, make a good blog Or you’re going to get lost in the sea of a blogs and now that’s what we’re doing with the group, though we’re helping people get off the ground.

So, even if you are in a high competition area abraham-hicks, which isn’t that high competition, it’s not impossible, we’re going to give you ways to stand out among the other blogs, and I mean I’m giving you my templates that I use you can change those how you Want and then we got a bunch of people in the group making AV annals and then we got stuff like sul fire academy. I have affiliate links for that.

I’m going to continue making that school better or that Academy better. Maybe – and I got a hypnosis DVDs to add to that – what’s up little baby lambs, you need hang out with me. I just took one to the forehead with a hockey stick. What’s that Batman, so I’m trying to just get back into the groove of going live again, making articles with me talking so genoise if you’re just going to do you talking that’s great but you’re, going to have to find some way to show me I’ll come with You you got a baby over.

There read her you’re walking, so you need to find a way to ride keywords. So you want to be doing topics that are D. You want to be hitting keywords, so you’re not just like talking to do talking, because then nobody’s going to see you because, like Libby because uh I wanted to see a competition. So you want to do niche keywords, and I talked about this stuff. In my other articles, but that’s why abraham-hicks articles are good because Abe gets.

You know: 100 200 thousand searches a month, so you put Abraham in that stream and then find a way to differentiate it. Whether it’s like no ads no ads during is one one. Abers thing is they’re doing no ads during which, like what all the articles are, basically anyway, the except for the really crappy ones, but Melissa, yeah tarot card readings could be cool. I would just say to get your traction where you’re known for the Tarot you’re going to want to try to do like different teachings on like what the cards mean and then off-topic well.

Thank you. I know we have a Sony a six day, seven-night Oney. I can’t think of the numbers right now: it’s weird a 7, a 7 3 a 7, the new one that came out. It’s nice, it’s a nice camera, my wife isn’t very good. I just she’s very talented and it’s so fun to read her grow into this, but yeah. She takes all the pictures using a stand or using me as a stand, and how do I add those keywords, I’m sure that’s your guide, yeah going the guide in the guide.

I teach you how to optimize every single section of the YouTube blog give you a little entertainment while we’re reading. So that goes from the icon to the keywords, and then we have links for like vid IQ, which is a tool that you can use to make your blog better and then see what keywords other people are using and then I have in the skill section. I have like keyword, research or even in how to start there’s a keyword, research section so I’ll give you different keyword tools like Google Keyword, tool or there’s like a SEM Rush.

One and I’ll give you all those in the guide. Again, the guide is Travis Ericom slash passive income. It’s free! It’s going to give you access to everything that I’ve been making for this school and I’m giving that to you guys for free. I just want to get it. My goal is: get a thousand people to $ 1,000 a month in passive income and then maybe we’ll know sky’s the limit. But if I can put that group together, it’s going to be very valuable and right now we had that discord.

This is where everybody’s hanging out, who is building something actively, and that is where we’re helping each other with our blogs, we’re helping each other with our instagrams we’re helping each other with. I don’t know we have SoundCloud. We have like people doing everything, so I just started getting into merch a lot harder. If you look at my Instagram, which is Travis, underscore Eric lives, where’d you go you’ll see.

If you look at my story today, I got a picture of the new sweatshirts that we got in. We got a new sweatshirt in and we got a new just a shirt shirt in and then I’m I’m driving a lot of aide traffic to that, and I don’t know it’s making it work. You know thanks Anna you’re awesome, Anna, yes, so Melissa. I wanted to say for tarot card readings. I would find a way to build a bunch of content around Tarot itself like.

Why is it important? What’s the history of it and then don’t just guess: guy use keyword, research to guide the topic of your articles that basically goes for any company that you’re trying to create any way you’re trying to get off the ground online. It all starts with this keyword. Research to figure out what people are already looking for, so that you’re not just talking about wallpaper when nobody cares about wallpaper but, for example, Tara, you want you know we’re not going to rank for Tarot if you’re, if you’re just starting out.

So you want to find something like the history of Tarot or the history of Babylonian Tarot. You know how you kind of get niche down into these different ways or, like Tarot eyes, relation to astrology, so you can kind of use a few key words, but like the more niche down you can get it. The more specific you can get your audience the easier it’s going to be for you to get those initial views and to get off the ground, because that’s basically the hardest thing is once you get some momentum.

You know we have like Lewis Howes out here trying to teach people how to grow their Instagram account with his new course that he’s got that he’s running ads to, and so he forgets the first step, which has become Lewis Howes thanks guys. I don’t expect you to be Lewis Howes, so I’m going to try to teach you how to get off the ground without being famous already, which is a something you don’t see.

Many people trying to do because it’s difficult, but with with the group with each other’s help, we can make it easier ke. So you had the key words and Jen it’s going to be, basically how you target those key words to the key words should be added on your title and your description. You should be using them in your tags, but a lot of it is how you target it’s like they call it the blue ocean strategy.

If you want a book, there’s a book called the blue ocean strategy, known on up your nose man. When I get off this live article I may or may not clean this basement. We just have a tornado coming through here names. I think the first time those names was lips in the second tornado, his name was Phoenix, boobs ha yeah. You put, let’s put all this away. Little baby sweet sweet little baby, let’s see if we can get it all back in the bag.

Okay, sweet baby! Again, I’m trying to get my live. My live chat, momentum back right. I was doing it every day for a while. If you go back in, we got the passive income school. I got lots of articles on how to start on YouTube on Amazon. Amazon is another great way to get traffic, we’re all about getting paid to drive traffic so with YouTube you get money to send people other places, basically making it even harder.

Pickup lives. Perfect then, with Amazon same thing, and it’s all kind of like I’m, really big on building an entire brand out so yeah you could hack YouTube. You could hack Amazon, but you want to try to build something. That’s in alignment with you, so you can become a personal brand or you can make a brand around a topic that you enjoy so that it’s not just a one-off thing. But it’s something that you can continue to build on for the rest of your life and then this is like the true way to retire, because you retire by creating something valuable that people will just continue to pay you for even after you’re dead, you can give It to your kids, you can whatever so and then you build a life that you don’t want to retire from.

That’s the goal right. You want to find something. That’s in alignment with you! That’s that you love to do and then like. Oh, nothing just playing with little baby lives in a little live article trying to teach people how get free yeah. You know yeah. So it’s 20 minutes, usually I like going for an hour guys but we’re busy. We had the kids here, it’s chaos. So I’m going to wrap this on the wraps, I’m going to wrap this up.

You guys read my article from yesterday. If you’re new, to my experience, it’s called how to start and it’s the top check out. My live articles check out the new aid that I’m doing go on my Instagram today. If you want to see my story, you’ll be able to see the merch, the first merch that we got back from Amazon merch, I’m going to check the quality, I’m going to run a quality that by the wife. She is the quality, control expert and then check out the guide.

The guide is the most important thing: I’m it’s a it’s. A Google Drive, so I’m giving you access to the Google Drive where I have. I have more stuff than you can imagine you’re going to look at that and you’re going to be like. Is he seriously giving me all this stuff away for free, that’s ridiculous? Who is this guy? Why is he doing this? What does he? What does he have? What is in it for him, you know, doesn’t matter, I want to help.

I want to give away the freedom that I have felt from getting passive income myself. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful way to live, and once you have, the mindset shift. You basically can’t go back to getting a job and not building something for yourself, so it’s freeing and then dude. I’m constantly updating that guide, I’m always making it better. That’s for you guys YouTube Amazon. I have hacks so like.

If you have no creativity, if you have nowhere to start I’m giving you the steps, I’m taking away all the excuses, all you have to do is a little bit of work. It’s a little bit of work, a little bit of building so but you’re going to learn, really great skills tips. You can take these into any company which is which is beautiful. You can take them into any company, so this makes you a valuable person once you learn this stuff and then when the AI and the machines start taking over, if you can build yourself a brand or a personal brand, then you can become irreplaceable when they start Replacing everybody with apps – and you know, like all the lawyers you’re leaving all the accountants.

Sorry, you don’t got jobs, everything everybody’s going to college for right now, I’m getting into huge amounts of debt. Well, the landscape is changing people. It’s changing very fast, changing very rapidly. So we’re going to try and make y’all robot proof right and the only way to do that is become a personal brand and to be able to create art and be able to create know how it goes quit your 9 to 5 well Melissa.

My personal story. I refuse to get a 9 to 5. I had I had ones on and off I mean probably since 7 years ago I was basically doing like odd jobs. I was making a little bit of money on Amazon and then I worked at a bar. I graduated college, so I was living on loans for a long time. I play professional poker, so I didn’t have to have a job. Then cuz. I was playing poker and I was another one of those things, but I realized you know I just like always been trying to start my own businesses, so that’s been happening for like 7 years, almost a decade, and so I didn’t have a job in college.

I was living off my loans and then after college I bartend it and I was doing passive income stuff and kicking it around. And then I moved to Colorado and I got a job for like six months, maybe working Fastenal while I was doing passive income stuff, and then I had my first kid and that kid stuck up on me snuck up on me. It was unexpected little surprise and you know there was a lot of pressure, then to get a job, but I just refused.

I said no I’m going to make this passive income thing work, no matter what and then it was like kind of coincidental like as soon as the kid came clicked put in so when I figured out all the tips and all the tricks and everything that I’m Giving you guys so for YouTube. My first blog made two thousand dollars in the first month, but then that blog got shut down, because I was updating or uploading like full audiobooks, which is you know it’s illegal sorry, but I was hustling dude.

I had a kid. I was trying to make money. I was trying to figure this thing out. I was trying to have to be able to stay home with them right. So then, then I found some earnings on Amazon and I’ve. Been I’ve been kicking around Amazon books for a while. My buddy Nate who’s in the chat who’s in the discord group, pushing ttan. You can go talk to him. He’d been. I gave him Amazon books he’d been kicking around for years.

He been writing his own books. He been hiring writers and I’ve been talking to him, and then it just clicked for me the fastest way to do that, which is in the guide. I’d give you the fastest way, and once I learned that it was like three months before I was making like 10 grand a month in passive income from that one business so and that business I haven’t touched it in two two years now and even a year Before that I had it all out sourced, so I had writers at 21 writers working for me and I had one point I had my grandma and my mom working for me and then I you know, working with family can be tough, so I replaced them with An outsourcer you know: I’ve been through the wringer.

I’ve been learning how to outsource these things. How do systematize everything? That’s what I’m good at, but anyways yeah it took me like three months after I figured out what I’m giving you in the guide. I got it really fast and I flew when I went off the ground so well. Babe suite law, baby labs, but the thing is is once you have. This mindset shift from train trading your time for money to creating value that people can consume again and again and again, and you build the brand.

Then it really doesn’t matter how it is it’s just a matter of time. It’s just like. After a while you will, it will click for you. So that’s everything like my wife she’s when she had this shift. She started figuring this out. Now she said stuff like dude. I couldn’t like she’ll have opportunities and she’s like. I can’t do that because I can’t just work for somebody else and now she’s she had a phone call today and they’re going to char they’re.

You know they’re trying to pay her more to do like influence or outreach for their company and she right now she’s doing like the aesthetic. She loves the photos of it, but it’s tricky because they’ll want you to take on more than you actually wanted to do. So it’s really powerful to be able to say no, actually I’m just going to do what I love to do, instead of roping me into being an influencer or in a social media like a role or like be hired as an employee, or do anything that I Don’t love to do and that’s really powerful because it can be hard to take off from the ground because you’ll make less money from each individual client.

But if you stay in what you’re really good at and what you can give to the world – and you don’t waste your time around, the edges then like well, she can hire more clients and they can pay her more money than her old clients and she can Add 20 of them and they can all pay her. Like ridiculous, I mean the amount of money that you can make is is exponential and, more importantly, how you spend your time and what you do every day can light you on fire.

So then you’re it’s an alignment with the ABE stuff, because you love what you’re doing that’s the most yeah yeah I mean that’s. The bug you catch is that you you get by on your on the side, things you know uber or with lyft or with any, with anything that you can bartending just something to just be able to keep your freedom so that you can keep creating businesses. And I don’t know I just I don’t.

It was kind of apparent to me in college that that’s that that path was just um. It was a trap better, like I mean dude what I’m an ADK of student loan debt and with a traditional job. I will never get out of that. I hope I will probably pass that down in my kids, so I was like something right about this and then I was in. I was like pre-med and then I went into nursing school and you know it’s like automatic.

Like 80 K a year, but then if I need to make, if I want to make more than that, I would have to go back to school and get more debt, and I couldn’t make that much more. So I was like I don’t know I like stuff with no ceilings and when you run your own business and when your critten streams a passive income, there are no ceilings, you can just add another stream or create another company, and the hardest part is just like Figuring out all the pieces, because it’s it’s a huge it’s like trying to learn Chinese or something it’s like it’s a whole new language and the Internet has trips and like say like there’s ways to waste your time that are infinite, and so that’s what I’m trying To do with this guide is give everybody a focus.

Let them know like the easiest fastest, quickest way with the least effort, like that’s what everybody’s looking for right. So I’m trying to give that to you and then as even more valuable than that and something that I never had was like this group. So, there’s thousand to a thousand group: that’s on discord, great energy in there everybody’s helping each other in there – and I don’t know it’s really so much deeper than just making money online.

It’s really about a lifestyle and not sacrificing who you are and creating your life to go. It’s up jam in alignment with you, what you love values, how you want to spend your time, the people you want to hang out with it’s just like it all matters. So then I got other stuff there’s like Seoul Fire Academy. I think there, if you guys, haven’t been on Seoul Fire Academy. It’s a school Haley and I put together when we went into the mountains Academy and I have a master universe course on there.

So, like I’m, I don’t know I’ve I’ve gone deep on the law of attraction stuff. I understand that stuff in a pretty in a pretty deep way, deep enough to know that everybody has their own path and that’s just not how I want to show up in the world it’s by telling people what to do as far as spiritual, because my next Date: what’s up tias and arrow t0 go it’s a dope name. I wish I could read better, but what’s up it’s good to see you thank you guys for reading this article and for hanging out with me and if you guys want to learn about passive income, getting that dollars into a thousand group.

It should be in the description check me out on Instagram. I got my merch up there. Travis Eric go to Travis, Ericom click, passive income. That’s going to get you the guide, that’s free! That has all the secrets, I’m adding to it every day, I’m always making that thing better. There’s info in there that you would be charged a thousand bucks to get access to, and I’m giving that to you for free, because I care about you, because I want to try to free as many people from this system as I can.

So. No lowering all the barriers, the entry seems like a good way to start doing that here’s a little baby libs, that’s the other thing. Like I’m a father, I’m not you know. I mean I care more about how I spend my time than I do about how I’m working so I’ve spent a lot of time with my kids with my wife, we’re always growing from the inside out. It’s much more important to me than like, but don’t get me wrong, I’m aiming for billions.

So this is no there’s no joke, but I’m also I’m just not of the mindset that you should hustle every day and sacrifice anything like if you sacrifice your health for money, you’re messing up because you can’t buy. You can’t buy your health so knock that off. You can’t you know you got ta sleep and you got to eat right and you got to raise your energy because everything that you’re creating outside of that comes from you being balanced as a person.

Okay thousand monkeys, baby. That’s right! That’s right! Melissa! I wan na see you in the group. I want to see you guys in there be active, build something Jen. I know you got some stuff built. Let’s take it to the next level. Let’s optimize it, let’s run traffic to it. Let’s find some different ways: baby. We go get you some vitamin C. Some orange juice got a little bit of that runny nose. What you mean to you, what you mean when I see all your media blogs baby? Well, so I’m trying to build! You want a bottle lips! Okay! So if you look at the guide, I’m trying to build freedom businesses, so I mean I don’t know what you mean exactly about offline income, but they rarely fit the freedom business model, not that they can’t but freedom business model.

One of the things for me, and it doesn’t have to be for you if there’s not what you want you can. You know take the pieces that I can teach you that resonate and then disregard all the others that don’t fit or that you want to do different. That’s completely fine, my way! Isn’t that the only way it’s just the way that works for me, but as far as being a freedom and a freedom business, one of those things is I’m being location-independent, so online allows you to freedom, to work from a laptop or to outsource stuff or to Schedule stuff out so that you don’t have to be there there you go.

That’s your name. Did I say that right so not using online meet social media. Do you have offline from social media streams of Revenue, offline streams of revenue like what would that be? I don’t know it doesn’t compute Diego. Thank You, Man, it’s nice, to meet you. I don’t know it doesn’t compute for me. When you say offline, I don’t know, I can’t it doesn’t offline online. I’ve been on the online world for a minute, but I know some of the older generations who didn’t grow up with cell phones in their hands.

Those balls lips, that’s displaced enough of a mess already we’re not getting out. The thousand balls here come here. Lay with me: let’s have a battle. What do you want? You want two balls, so you don’t have to use social media. My guy, I I’m not on Facebook. Really. I deleted the app off my phone. I check it very sparsely it’s it’s up to you and what your thing is. So no I mean I I kind of I advocate creating an entire brand around what you’re trying to do so I mean I’m big on like.

If you look me up you’ll find me on Facebook. You’ll find me I’ll, read it. I have a reddit blog you’ll find me on like every platform, because I like to experiment, I like to try everything. I have a bunch of different merchant cons. I got Amazon merch, I got a tea spraying. I got a bunch of them, but that’s me and I think that’s part of me being a teacher of this passive income’ thing. It’s like I have to try everything.

I need to know what the best route is and what doesn’t work. So good worked in working from home. You don’t need all the platforms. If you follow the school, you could do one platform well and win. So I have made full-time income on YouTube alone. I’ve made a full-time income on Amazon alone and I’m continuing to add more so we got, you know, got schools, there’s coaching, there’s, there’s all kinds of different ways that you can do this and I’m really big on like.

If, for for one, you can’t be stuck in who you are so if there’s something that, like is just a mental block for you, it’s going to help you a lot to expand, but the second thing of that is like don’t do anything that you don’t enjoy, That you, that you hate that you detest like if you hate going on YouTube or whatever, which doesn’t make sense, cuz you’re on it right now, but there’s a blog out there.

That fits you and your personality. You don’t have to be expected to do anything that you don’t want to do. That’s like what I’m trying to do here is not get you to sacrifice, but get you to have your whole life in alignment with who you are and how you can give value. Specifically to the world, I do believe that every single person has something that they can give the world that is unique to them to their experience, to their skills to their mindset, and they basically just need the tools to understand how to do that effectively and how To get seen because that’s the hardest part when you’re starting out right, Lebs just getting off the ground, how do you get your first thousand followers? How do you get your first thousand dollars a month in passive income, and I see most teachers are trying to teach people who haven’t got that step like step two step.

Two is like: how do you run Facebook Ads and how do you get your funnel right and how do you get you know, but first you need traffic. Okay traffic is step one. It’s the hardest thing to do, especially with no money, because most people are buying traffic and they’re, sending that traffic somewhere that doesn’t quite work and they’re just wasting money. There’s a lot of ways to burn money in this field, which is why I advocate starting with none, which is another reason this school is free.

Yes, ta go read that material. I think you’ll like it. You know, if it’s overwhelming for you, then maybe this isn’t your thing, and this isn’t for everybody like some people like in told what to do not-not-not, I got on meaning like that. You know it’s like some people would rather somebody like direct them and tell them what to do, and then they get security that way of like ok. I know that you’ve got this and there’s just it’s people all right.

It’s just people and every single one of us fits perfectly in this world. So there’s nothing wrong with that, but uh this isn’t for everybody, but if it resonates, if something’s here for you then go check out the guide, it’s a great place to start. I try to put everything in there and then, if you have questions on any of that stuff come into the discord group, I think Jeff will be able to help you Nate will be able to help you there’s a bunch of people in there who know what They’re doing who’ve been around yes, that’s Jim, yes, Jen, Jen you’re in the group.

I think right. I hope so yeah. It’s it’s cool, startup blanks. What is your philosophy behind creating online streams of Revenue? I’m sorry. I’ve been a little behind your stuff, yeah dude catch up on the other articles, I kind of go over this every time I think, but basically I think so, especially for my own experience like you never know when something that you’re doing is going to get shut Down or can get shut down, it’s just like the platform change is or the thing that you’re doing is controversial and it’s not something that the controllers want out into the world or, like maybe I said, the wrong thing on one of my live articles, and now, Like my stuff is blacklisted, and so now my revenue goes down like whenever somebody else controls the stuff that you have.

You need a bunch of multiple streams in order to get that security, so I’ve gotten YouTube blog shut down. I’ve gotten Amazon accounts shut down. So I just can’t phase you, you just learn every step of the way, but then, most importantly, you create multiple streams of online income and that’s good, because multiple streams of income is good. You get paid on different times of the day. There are different times of the month now Libby’s running around, with no diaper on go pee in the carpet, which is just it’s a good time per traffic to YouTube.

I don’t know the context of your question Jen, but just traffic in general. It’s the first part. Every time, okay, I sense yes bless her she’s amazing, but I sense that I have some chaos burns. So I’m going to have to go wrestle the chaos clean this house up a little bit tackle them. Cats hang out, maybe read a little movie. Maybe we’ll play a little bit of Mario, I don’t know, but thank you guys, thanks for reading, I’m going to try to do this every single day we’re going to see how that goes.

But I want to I’m going to be I’m going to be in the discord, I’m going to be helping people out as much as possible with you guys questions and then any big questions, I’m going to add it to the guide so make sure you’re. Reading the guide make sure you’re checking it frequently and then, if you have questions yeah feel free to reach out on discord, feel free to reach out on my next live article hit the bell notifications.

All that good stuff smash like subscribe. Jan, is a frequent ask. Jenny questions she’s smartest, lady, that I know she comes back again and again. So thank you. Jen I’ve been focused on a minute on research, get to play with Google Earth Pro you’re, getting us to free traffic. Seeing discord, sweet beautiful! Yes, oh, you know, she’s naughty dog yeah guys it’s been real. Thank you on this one. Thank you.

Go on yeah Amy up on discord I’ll be on there checking immediately love you guys. Let’s get freedom, financial freedom, baby thousand people into a thousand bucks a month and passive income. My name is Travis Eric. I’m your passive income spirit guide, I’ll, see you tomorrow.

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Get VERIFIED on Instagram for FREE (Less than 5 Mins)

So clearly, things are going in the right direction. People are getting verified and this is in fact working so in just a second we’re going to dive into my computer. So I could walk you through the entire process on how to work on your verification and in addition to that, if you’re new to the blog welcome be sure to hit that subscribe button for daily content. Just like this article you’re reading right here.

So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and get started and walk you guys through exactly how to get started with verifying your Instagram account for 100 % free. So, as you can see, we are now inside of my computer and I’m going to walk you through how to get this verification alright. So the process is very, very simple, believe it or not, and on this screen right here, I’m going to pop up a little screen recording on how you can actually go through it inside of your settings in about 30 seconds or less and by the way, if You’re not following me yet make sure you go ahead and follow me at Toni mast official for some more content from yours truly but simply know.

If you go to your settings and then you scroll down to request verification and after pressing that you’re going to want to fill out, that form where you go ahead and enter your name and also a little bit about what your brand and what your account is About and filling in that proper category, so they know exactly what kind of verification you are applying for, in addition to a copy of your photo ID that will match your name now.

What is going to make sure that you actually get that Instagram blue tick and actually get it verified? Now, there’s a few general qualifications out there that instagrams going to be looking for because they don’t necessarily want to give everyone a verification check mark next, our name on Instagram because out simply dilute the purpose of it now. Instagram has this feature the verified? That’s actually you and that it’s not some fake account or someone trying to impersonate you or someone trying to scam someone, especially in the business realm.

So this blue tick is very, very important and can actually add a lot of value to your business. So with that being said, we want to go ahead and give us a shot. Now it’s not a hundred percent given that you’re going to actually get verified by filling out this application, so the general qualifications, first and foremost you’re going to want to have a significant amount of followers. If you don’t have any presence on Instagram, there’s going to be very little likelihood that you’ll actually get that verification, because if they started giving you a verification, blue ticks on everyone’s usernames, it’s really going to take away from the meaning of that all right.

So ideally you’re going to want to have at least twenty five or twenty thousand followers to try and get verified now. Yes, many people do not have that up with consistent content and stuff I’m going to touch on in a future article I’ll show you how to build out that viral content strategy to actually work your way to a larger following on Instagram, okay. So beyond having that significant amount of followers on Instagram, that’s not the only thing that necessarily cuts it you’re going to want to have a strong presence on other platforms outside of Instagram.

Now this could be YouTube. This could be twitch. This could be Facebook, whatever it may be. You’re also going to want to have these linked in your description and a little bit of a blurb about what you do inside of your bio, so that linking your description is very, very valuable when it comes to reassuring Instagram that you’re someone that deserves to be Verified on their platform, okay, in addition to that, something that can also help you and be in you know your corner to help you get that verification is publication or press coverage if you’re featured and on a specific website or a magazine, anything of the sort.

Your brand, being featured inside of a publication of some sort, is going to help you go ahead and get on Instagram side to go ahead and give you that blue tick. So with that, the bigger brand presence that you have overall, the easier is going to be to get verified as simple as that, the more you have in your corner, the better chances you’re going to get verified, and these are just a few general qualifications.

Another thing Instagram is typically going to look for is existing spoof or impersonating accounts of you or your brand that are already out there on the platform. So if there are people trying to take your username with maybe a period or an underscore in there and they’re trying to come off as your brand or your personal self, then instagrams going to be looking for that as well. Something that could work to your advantage is, if you actually have a copyright or trademark for your own business.

So, if someone’s trying to impersonate your business, for example, providing that and filling out this form that I’m going to show you guys on my screen right now is reporting to Instagram and having something on file that is also working or you such as you know, proof Of a trademark or proof of a copyright or concept that someone may have taken from you, so the intellectual property Instagram is not the best.

With these response rates, it is a free platform and it is not easy to go ahead and get a hold of them or going to Instagram representative. That’s going to really dive in there and do the hard work for you to make sure you’re in the right position. But having those other qualifications that we talked before such a significant amount of followers, strong presence on other platforms and even featured in publications or press coverage is going to work to your advantage.

So that’s something that you definitely want to have and if you don’t have it already start hustling and try your best to get out there as much as possible. So with that being said, entering your complaint or filing a report to Instagram is something that can also help you in either retaining a loss. Username, that’s someone maybe hacked you someones, trying to impersonate you and also something on file that will help you move in the right direction of getting verified, because it’s clear that people are trying to impersonate you or your brand or your business.

So with that being said, go ahead and drop a comment down below. Let me know if you guys actually get verified, it’s not the easiest process or not accepting everyone right now. It’s really tough to go ahead and get accepted, but having some of these qualifications and working on these qualifications will definitely help you for sure. So if you have that brand presence inside and outside of Instagram, it’s going to help your likelihood to actually get verified.

So go ahead, fill out your application, just like the process. I showed you before I’m going to show it again right here on my screen, the screen recording on exactly how to submit your application to get verified on Instagram, and you can literally do this right now takes you less than 30 seconds. So why not give it a shot, even if it’s not the best likelihood that you’ll actually get verified, it is definitely worth a shot if you’re in that reasonable range and could actually use that blue tick on your account.

So without any further ado, I’m going to wrap up this article right here. I hope you guys enjoyed it, took away some value or learn something new, be sure to go ahead and hit the like button down below and do not forget to subscribe for more information. Just like what we went over in this very article, in addition to more paid advertisers, Facebook Ads, Instagram, organic growth as well as going viral, and also, of course, ecommerce all right guys if you’re not signed up for that 7 day.

Free crash course go down to the description, but and sign up for the EECOM success blueprint today for 100 % free before we close the doors and actually start charging people for that very program, so that any further do I’m wrapping up this article and I’ll be Seeing you guys in the next one


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Alex Becker Helped Me To Promote My Music | Marketing Tips 2020

So if you’re, a serious rapper make sure you go ahead, you hit that subscribe button down below and you click the notification bell to get notified every time.

I release a new article. Also, if you like, aiming the beats you hear in the background. I’ll have direct links to each of those beats in the description below so over the years. I’ve learned and grown a lot, and one of the first things that I learned when I first started. Making music was the importance of marketing and promoting your music and building an audience. Of course, I didn’t always know how to do that and what to do and what would actually get results.

So I started looking for stuff online and one of the first people that I found was alex becker. So for those of you that don’t know who alex becker is he’s actually a really successful CEO of several software companies and he has a YouTube blog. That he’s dedicated to basically helping other people learn to sell stuff online, and, what’s really great about him, is the fact that he has a really big YouTube blog where he’ll go live every now and again and in those live streams you can actually ask him questions And he’ll give you answers that will help you along and get you some results.

So I remember being in one of his live streams, and he was talking about the importance of email, marketing and growing YouTube blog and the ways that you could do both those live streams helped me out so much and it really helped me get to where I Am today, and that’s just some of the stuff that he shared now, of course, a lot of the stuff that he shared didn’t really directly relate to music. So I had to figure out and take his ideas and flip them to where I can use them to promote my music, but using the his ideas and what he gave other people.

I was able to successfully promote my music and build an audience. There was actually one specific live stream where he basically gave away the blueprint of how he built his YouTube blog up to 300,000 subscribers and the type of articles and the type of content that he had to do in order to basically get to that point. So the first point that I want to kind of drive home is the fact that you don’t have to learn from somebody who’s.

Just specifically telling you how to your music, you can learn how to promote or market or do anything from anybody, who’s, teaching you how to run advertisements or how to promote and do anything online. And the second point that I want to drive home is the fact that I learned how to do this for free. I didn’t have to buy a course. I didn’t have to invest a lot of time and energy into you, know, courses or anything else like that to learn how to effectively promote my music.

I just kind of readed him figured it out on my own and put it into action. So three of the things that I was able to learn and absorb just from reading him and reading his blog was how to do email, marketing, how to promote and create ads for YouTube and then how to create content. That gets people engaged and actually wants to come back to see what you’re going to do next time. So I’m just going to briefly breakdown each of those things, real, quick and just kind of give you an example of how I’ve used it to grow.

My audience and grow my business, so the first one is email marketing, and this is huge for an artist, because this is literally your fans at your fingertips at this point because they’ve, given you their email address, so that you can contact them whenever you release a New song or new merch, or anything like that, imagine being able to send a message to a thousand or 2,000 people and say hey. My new mixtape is dropping in 30 minutes an hour whatever or it’s out right now or you have a new music article that you just released, and you want to get some some views and some eyes on it immediately.

You can literally send this an email to 2,000 people, and a percentage of them are going to go check it out because they’re a fan of you, that’s basically traffic on command that you don’t have to pay for so the next one I want to talk about Is his content marketing strategy? So basically he talks about this in a lot of his articles, but it’s basically how he was able to game the YouTube algorithm or basically understands like what content or what articles to make so that he can basically have a article.

Go viral or semi viral all the time and he’s got several articles on breaking down like how to do that, and that’s absolutely huge, because imagine being able to make a article and know that it’s going to get 10,000 20,000 30,000 views within a few days and Having a message in that article, basically saying like hey by the way I got a new mixtape or a new project or a new song coming out in X amount of days or you know, click the link in the description you can check out my original music.

That’s absolutely powerful. That’s a lot of eyes. You can get your music that way and that’s something that I started implementing in every single article that I did because I knew how powerful it was and then the third thing is YouTube ads and those are really powerful. Because if you understand that you can target basically any artists blog with YouTube ads and show your music to somebody that has a similar taste in music, you can gain a ton of fans really fast and really cheap and one of the more advanced things that I Learned from him, when it comes to YouTube ads is like retargeting ads, so basically, YouTube gives you 28 or 30 days to basically retarget anybody, who’s readed, a article of yours.

So, basically, if you’re putting out a song a month, you can retarget anybody who readed your previous song and show them your next song for dirt cheap. For, like a penny of you, this way, if you basically promote to 10,000 people in one in the first month, then the next month you have an audience of people that maybe they didn’t follow you the first time, but you can then reap re reach out and Reshow yourself to them again and you have a higher percent chance of getting them to become a fan so long story.

Short. I’ve learned a lot from him. I’ve implemented a lot from him and I’m starting to see real results based on the information that I’ve learned. So I hope you like this article, if you did make sure you go ahead and you hit that like button down below. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, go ahead and drop that down in the comment section down below this article as well and don’t forget to stop by hit play beats com if you need any new beats and until next time guys here are some more Articles

My favorite musician as of right now.


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How To Know Your EXACT ROI With Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads Custom Tracking

You can also customize these columns, So what I’m talking about is columns. You’ve got the campaign name, you got the results, So how many you know right here, you’re, looking at how many leads were in this weight loss challenge thing right here: how much it cost Pearlie? How Much was spent The frequency.

The frequency is basically how often it’s shown to your audience And I actually like to shoot from 1.5 over a seven-day time span. So we come over here and we do this. This hasn’t ran for a while. So it’s going to be hard, but since its lifetime – and this was over the course of months – If you know with a 1.6 – is totally fine. So if we come up here – and we do last 7 days If we’re looking at the frequency which, like I said this – is a demo account now – and I don’t really run ads on here – But I shoot for this in the last 7 days to be out 1.

5. Okay, So we got unique clicks. We’ve got all these different things that you can go through and see like delivery, It’s going to give you a little bit different information. Let’s just go back to lifetime, So we actually have some data in here. The reach like how many people wrought reached cost per thousand people reach. So you know that’s CPM, So it’s cost per milla, which milla and Latin means a thousand.

So it’s basically that’s where that’s where the the terminology came from by the way. So that’s where it’s saying like okay, how much it costs to reach thousand people, which is twenty bucks, So you’ve got all these different breakdowns. You know cross per device performance and clicks. Typically, what I use is either the performance which is the default, or Sometimes I do performance and clicks or if I’m running a article ad, I like to do the article engagement cuz.

It shows you okay, how much it costs per three second view. Ten second view and So on, or you got like the twenty five percent article read: 50 percent 75. These are article ad campaigns, So obviously that’s why it’s not showing up any data there. Okay, Now another thing you can do is customize the columns. Now this one is really big, and This is something that you want to go through and do when you’re setting up your own custom conversions custom audiences, all that, so what we’re going to do is took forever to pop up.

But like let’s jump over here and Let’s just go into custom conversions, Okay, so we want to initially set up some custom. Conversions, Like let’s say, we’ll, set up a custom conversion for leads generated, Okay or appointment, set and then also a custom conversion for sales that actually go through. Ok. So once this pulls up here in a second we’ll go through and we’ll make sure that those custom conversions are set and then I’ll show you how to go through and customize the calls, because then it’s really nice, because what happens is And let’s go over here To the demo account Just so we’re not messing anything up, So what happens? Is you go through and you can see how much you spent per day? Okay, what your daily budget is, how much you’ve spent in total.

How many leads were generated, your cost per lead. Your cost per sale, how many sales were made And You just get a whole bunch of data here? Okay, so if we come on here and Let’s create a custom conversion, So let’s say that this is our our lead page that were generate leads from Okay. So this is kind of like a little Facebook Ads mini course. I’ve got right here, So any one that hits this URL right here.

That means they have become a lead in our system right. So this is very basic. Hey I’m sending you that the email, whatever so they’ve opted in already So now I’m going to go over here and create a custom conversion for anyone. That’s coming through there, I’m going to say they have now become a lead. So we’ll just say, Facebook Ads, Mini-course and then we’ll say, lead Okay. So now we can come down here and we’ll say they are a lead and that you can give them a value once it Comes to the purchase once we set that up here in a second Well actually give that a value for this one.

You know you maybe have an idea of what the the lead value is to you, but for me I just kind of leave that blank for the leads, because I haven’t actually made money right out of the gate. So now we’ve got that Facebook as mini-course the lead for this custom conversion right here. Okay, so you can see no activity yet all good. If we just come here, we refresh that page and Then we come back over here and fresh this.

It should show that it is active Okay, so you can see it’s active right now And make sure you guys keep your face with pixels on all these pages, We’ve already kind of covered that so that’s why We haven’t gone in and put the pixel on. So we don’t need to get those details in this article, So we’ve got the Facebook as mini course that lead will be going to be able to have in one of those columns over here.

So we’ll have like the the daily budget, the lead costs or the the leads that are generated. How many leads the lead cost amount spent Cost per sale, how many sales, how much money’s made all that stuff in here? Okay, so if we come back over here now, this is our so we had our Facebook Ads mini course. This is our Facebook Ads actual full-on course. So it’s a thousand dollar value. So if we pull this up right here, if somebody’s clicked right here or if they’ve hit this URL, that means they have become a buyer Right.

So now we’re going to come over here to custom conversions, create a custom conversion and we’ll say any one that hits this URL Right there We’ll say: six-figure ads Fire. So this point they are a purchase, and this is a 997 dollar value. I don’t know why. It does this guys, It’s pretty weird, why you just put the 997 0-0, but it shows you like the dollar amount down here, It’s kind of weird, But anyway, whatever so we hit create, we go through.

We had done Good stuff, okay, So now, if you want to go through and get the eat this active and all that stuff, you just refresh both pages, But you guys kind of get how that all works right. So we’re going to come back here and let’s refresh this page Just because we just created two new custom conversions. So we want to make sure that Facebook is pulling those new custom, conversions that we just created Because as we’re going to go through and customize, these columns we’ll want to make sure that it’s doing that.

So now. What we’ll do is come over here to the columns we’ll go down to customize columns, and This will pull up a little modal here in a second, My computer’s going a little bit slow right here And then we can go through and we can detail out what We want the columns to be Okay, So, like the campaign name, I like that. I don’t really care about Aires Delivery. No, no! No! So I just kind of like go through, and these are all based off of more of The article views.

So we can just start from scratch right here, Okay, So what I like to do is I kind of like to set it up where you got the campaign name: Okay And then the number of Lisa were generated, the cost per lead and then typically like the The number of sales Costs per sale, how much money I’m making from there And then how much what the daily budget is and how much was spent okay. So now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to go, find all of those different things that we want to have included.

Okay, So, for example, Conversions. These are. These are like the custom comers We just set up. So if we want to come down here and Find those custom conversions that we have set up – Okay – so you can see right here – this is the six-figure ads mini-course. This is the lead right there right. Then We’ve got the 60 rads buyer, which I’m just giving them out here and then we’re in a little bit later we’re going to go through and Make sure that we’ve got them in the right order that we want them in Okay.

So you can see I’ve kind of gone through and I’ve like been finding all these you’ve got the so like down here in the Conversions area. This is where you’re going to find them all. Okay, so cost per action right here You just go through and you kind of takes a second to get in the right category. You see website custom conversions, So we’ve got the we’ve got the six of your ads Facebook, Facebook as many course the leads and we’ve got the cost per website conversion.

So that will show this one up here will show the number of conversions So like this five ten fifteen. However many this will show us how much it costs us to get that conversion. Okay, how much we had to spend before getting that so cost per six for your ads? Buyer cost per Facebook – guys mini course lead and Then another thing that I like to do is see. So I’ve got the the campaign name. The Facebook guys mini course leads.

So like how many leads were generated, the costs of the lead? Okay, our budget, Okay, like how much like how are we spending like per day? Okay, six for your ads buyers? How many buyers have we had the cost per? Sixth, you guys, buyer. This is the six-year ads by our conversion value case. That means that, like we put in that value 997, so if it shows right here, we’ve had five buyers and then 997 value.

That would be five times the 997. Then we can see like our cost per Purge sale right there. So let’s say is the cost of this $ 300 right here and to get a 997 dollar sale, Then we’re in the money and we’re good and then right here. I also like to add a Search here: amount spent Okay, so I can kind of get a whole thing right there. So if we just hit apply it’s going to go through and apply that right there.

Now We just come over here and we say we can save this Okay. So I like to save this, and now I will say Six-figure ads And then we’ll just say like the 997 course and then we’ll just hit save right there And you can see. We’ve got okay, So this one right here and this Obviously that’s not showing any data, because one we haven’t, ran the ads and two. These campaigns are not set up for that, But you would see how many leads you generated So how many leads from this Campaign? Right here, okay, so like we were running running our our Facebook Ads to this landing page right here.

How many leads we were actually getting and then how much it cost per lead break that down our budget and then how many buyers so like if we come over here to If we’re after that, after that lead page, oh click funnels, It’s got an air or Something like that right now, So so then, once they go through and if that next sales page we’re sending to how many people are buying from there, It’ll listen number so it’d be like let’s say: we’ve got 100 leads right here and we’ve got one or two Buyers right there It’ll show the cost So based on how much it costs to get the leads, how much it cost Like.

Let’s say it’s maybe $ 300 and then, if there’s one right here, it’ll show 997 right there, because for every six figure ads buyer, it’s a nine or $ 97 value to us, Okay, so five, maybe five times 997 and so on. And then we would see the amount spent, so at this point we can kind of see how profitable and how bad all of our ads are over campaigns. We can see how many leads are We’re getting the cost per lead, which we dive in here.

We can kind of see like which ad sets are performing better than others. Maybe some are performing extremely Well. Maybe some are not performing that well and then we could even click in here and take a look at the ads. How each ad is performing on the Leafs side of things, cost per lead as far as sales go, Because it’s interesting, Sometimes you’ll see ads that are getting great cost per lead, but the cost per sale Actually is not that great, because the ad is not setting That person up To be the mindset of a buy right, So so that’s something you got to go through and kind of take a look at the go and use the customize columns in here Go break break it down like this.

I like this is the format I like to use. You might find your own format that you like, But I kind of like to just take a look at the leads cost per lead. How many sales have gone from it cost per sale? How much does it cost to get a thousand dollar sale, Viscosity, eight $ 900. You get a thousand dollar sale, yeah you’re, still like breakeven slash, making a little bit of money, but it’s not that great and then from that.

How much are you actually making and then I like to see total amounts spent so like? If we’re you know getting Ten sales right here and that’s getting nine thousand nine hundred ninety seven dollars from this right here then? How much did we spend to actually make that ten thousand dollars right there So, anyway, guys go away? Take a look at the the Facebook columns right here Kind of take a look.

You guys can check out my format that I’ve got right here set up your own format, But I, like kind of looking at these core basic things. These are. These are my kind of like KPI, So like the key performance indicators that I like to go through and look at and know all about when I’m running my ads and so Anyway, guys, if you guys do, have questions on this, go ahead post those in the Facebook group And we’re here to help you guys So with that said, I will see you in the next article

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I think we’re all scratching our heads about how these internet people make money online. Now, there’s someone who’s, maybe aspiring to do the same thing. This article is for you, I’m going to show you how to make almost $ 300 a day just from tik-tok, and you don’t need any starting capital. You don’t eat any investment.

You just got ta make content for 15 seconds. If you want to know how creators are able to make money on it, tick tock, all I got ta do – is keep on reading all right guys. First of all, what’s that my name is Jade and welcome to my blog. I have to make a huge disclaimer because I feel really bad. If I don’t say this, so if you’re new here I’m an 18 year old entrepreneur – and I have businesses all about social media and the one thing I’ve learned is if your goal is just to make money and that’s your focus, you’ll never be able to achieve That goal by focusing on it, which means don’t focus on the $ 300 a day like I really could buy literally so many clothes from Urban Outfitters with $ 300.

It could literally pay off rent any month right. If you make $ 3 a day, you could literally get an iPhone 11 and just want to be, though yeah. I know it’s pretty lucrative and pretty exciting, but don’t just have the intention to make money. What I’ve learned is tik-tok is a social media. App that’s built on fans and followers. So if you ask people for money, they’re going to go away, but if you build a genuine relationship and Trust and you’ll have longevity to put out other revenue streams in the future.

So, if you’re looking for a quick rich scheme, I am NOT this article. I would click off and read someone else. Today’s article is actually going to be kind of boring, but I’ll just try to make sure it’s entertaining. I actually brought in a tick-tock expert, Selena killa she’s over 500k up on tick-tock and she hates calling me a tick-tock expert. Well we’re going to pick her brain on how creators are making money on this pot.

So one of the most important ways you guys can make money using tick-tock that we mentioned in this article is selling merch, so Selena. I were talking about opening up a website to sell products. Now, one of the most important things when building a brand is having a memorable domain. Oh, I actually really wanted a website called PBJ com. I was so mad when I realized that the domain name was taken or unavailable.

I actually got PBJ site instead for one of my businesses, I love it says it’s way more short and sleek and perfect for building a memorable brand, so whether you’re someone who’s wanting to start their new tic toc career or sell merch in the future. You can actually use the dot sight extensions for your next website next time. All I got ta do is go to get site or click the link in the description box.

Thank you dot size for sponsoring today’s article don’t get back in today’s article, alright guys. So I’m here with Selena killa, can I call you by that too. I’m here with Selena and Selena is primarily the tic-tock expert we talked to in the last article I wan na see if I can even take down the e boy King. How are you doing? I’m good well today we have a few questions for you, since I don’t know as much.

My first question for you now is: what are the ways people can make money on tick, tock and if so, do you think it’s actually sustainable to make a living? So you can make money through lives so for people who don’t know what our live streams on tick tock. So it’s just like you’re sitting there in your room or wherever you are, and it’s happening in real time and you’re talking to whoever you’re talking to your fans and they have a little button.

They can buy money, buy money, buy gifts which is their money, and it says it to you, and so you basically get gifts and those gifts translate to actual money that you can transfer into your PayPal account. Do they pay you out like every month, because it is like YouTube, Adsense or just a cash out, so you can do a cash out. You have to have 50 dollars, at least in your account to be able to cash out.

I think you can cash up up to $ 1,000 a day and that’s not Wow very cool, so live streams, one revenue stream. What else would you say brand deals for sure? I think brand deals now are coming more into like fruition, just because we were talking about the the sponsor post now, so you have to put hashtag sponsor because it’s more like a serious, concrete thing, because there’s so many people actually getting brand deals, and you don’t Want to like kind of muddle, the lines of actually like.

Is it a brand deal? Is it just something that you like or so, and I saw you recently do like an LED use in an LED like that? Okay, there’s like ways you can integrate. It creatively right, like you, don’t just like hold the product. Do you make on, I think that’s the great thing about tik-tok is that they want you to make articles to catch people’s eyes. They don’t just want you to be like. Oh, here’s a mug buy it because I mean feel like sometimes in YouTube.

You kind of have, like the whole article to kind of convince people to buy a product. You have only like a minute to 16 or 15 years really seconds to make. Someone want to buy it so for my LED lights they said I could post as many articles as I want as long as I tag them or like talk about the light, but I can do whatever I want to see the thing of the tik-tok. I thought it missus person for me as a user.

I, like a founder creator, a lot for example you, but because the algorithm is so like there’s so much content, they give you every single day you can get lost. So I saw that a lot of your followers on tik-tok, followed you an Instagram, so my question, for you is because tick tock might not be the platform to like just make money. Have you found that? Because you could real now pass, are you directing it on other traffic sources? Is that the same thing 1,000 %? Because I don’t think I would have gotten half the brand deals? I did if it weren’t for me connecting my Instagram to it.

A lot of companies reach me through Instagram, because my business email is on there, so they will email me through that or they’ll DM me or anything like that, but usually on tik-tok. Since you have to follow the person they actually message them. You both have to follow each other to have to be able to message, so you fans can’t just randomly message. You like, like Instagram, where you can have like your DMS, that you can’t keep.

They won’t see if you see if that makes sense. So yeah that’s pretty much it yeah. Now I have like 20,000 people, almost, I think, 20,000 on my Instagram, which I did not think wasn’t going to happen. So I guess it leads me to my my third question, which is your own product cuz on YouTube and Instagram. I’ve seen that that’s up their revenue stream is that the same, have you seen tick tock words create merch or their own product.

Before I know a couple of people that create to march through websites or they’re trying to create their own brands or they collaborate and make music for people or they make actual plush toys stickers, anything that you can think of they’re making some people are really creative. They make their entire design or some people just plaster. There use your name on it and what you qualify, but yeah. It’s happening and there’s people that worry that will reach out to you and say I will make your merch for you, because I’ve gotten that plenty of times that I’m not ready yeah.

I don’t want to be one of those people that just plaster something or shirt and then just say: okay, give me money knowing those three revenue streams, the donations, brand deals and then product. Have you seen anyone or maybe personal stories like? Can you make a living off of it? Like is tik-tok enough to make me, do it full-time? What do you say? Yeah sure I think, because it’s opening a lot of doors for people.

I know that another way that people are getting money is actually companies that produce music or have rappers they’ll say: please use this song, make it a trend, we’ll give you $ 300 a post. Well, so it’s not only just merch or anything like that. It’s companies that are trying to utilize these people because they obviously have an influence. That’s like really fast growing and it reaches people really quickly that they can make a trend with that song because there’s so many artists that blown up just from tik-tok.

So I think definitely you can make a living. I know a rapper, he blew up on tik-tok and he says he was barely getting his bills paid and now all of a sudden he’s getting Brandi rose and aside to a record label, let’s just break it down. Like I think you get this advice, I don’t do it for the money, but for people who want to see the potential what’s possible, I’m going to ask. Maybe this is too personal, but like what’s the most, you know that someone has made – let’s say I’d like a one: single live stream, a couple thousand dollars, because there a lot of people, use these tactics to enforce people to pay money.

So they said okay drama. Queen is like the about most. You can pay right. It’s like fifty dollars. Basically, even though tick-tock takes some of that money because they need to make money somehow so they say: okay, I’m wearing this sweatshirt. If you donate three drama queens you’ll get more numbers in a raffle to get this sweatshirt, so they give an incentive yeah, they give an incentive. That’s nice! Fine! I personally don’t do that because I feel like it was a connection to my fans because I have a lot of you know younger fans.

I have a lot of fans from different places and they can’t afford to give me money, but I don’t want to like ostracize them for not giving me donations, because people will ignore you. If you don’t give donations, sometimes I’ve seen tick talkers. That would be like where’s. The donations give me money and those people that doesn’t work well in the long run yeah, because I feel like to me that’s why.

I’m like I make a decent amount of money from tick tock, but I think I don’t make as much as other people because if I did like oh, if you guys give me a drama queen I’ll, add you to my private snapchat. I don’t do that, but I know in the long run I’m going to have fans that actually stick with me because I treated them well right and I think I mean wrong, but like do you feel like brand deals and although donations are great revenue streams there.

It’s less long-term and maybe creating a product will have longevity, because the customer is getting value and it’s a national business where you’re able to scale it. Do you think the direction, maybe your personal going into, is creating your own product for longevity mom wait! It’s like. I told her I mean like doing an interview. Thing is she’s, just like okay, it is definitely not long-term, but I think that this is a running point for people, because I just got a huge brand deal that I can’t talk about, but there’s issues with that.

Already so it’s like crazy stuffs happening yeah, I’m getting brand deals that are like starting to step up, bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, which is great. But I also want to create my own brand, like not just me but my own clothing brand in general, but I know I want, but I won’t be able to get there unless I have my fans to support me so right now, I’m just kind of focusing On I’m going to get as many fans as I want – that’s not true, but it’s like grow, my audience stay connected with them and then they’re going to support me in a long run, because everyone wants me to do merch, I’m not ready for merch.

I know they’ll be waiting for I’m just waiting for a decent team, because the only thing I’m very I don’t want to release something. That’s subpar to come back to this full circle. The laughs there’s been talk about at the mindset because I don’t think you’d ov into that much yet a lot of people see the potential of tik-tok and they want to do because of the money and I’m not even talking about tech.

Talk I’ll talk about YouTube. Instagram they want to do it because of fame and fortune. How do you keep a mind Suzy? I mean quickly from wrong, but I feel like maybe stumble onto this like this was a more genuine passion for you and then you found ways to monetize. Is that what you recommend for everyone like just to create something they like first or like, because so many people like how what advice would you give to someone who wants to do it? I got that question a lot asking like how.

How can I get famous? What do I do, and my answer is always like there’s. This is an app you’re supposed to have fun on create genuine original content that you, like. You can follow. Trends do things like that, but once you start getting analytical and being upset about numbers and being upset that nobody’s viewing your stuff, it’s pointless. People didn’t see my stuff for, though, for a while, and then I had one article about Japan that she blew out and I could have just stopped there, but I kept going because I enjoyed what I do it shouldn’t be about fame.

That’s my point because I didn’t do this for fame. I just got really lucky and I don’t think I’m famous, I just think I’m popular. So, thank you so much for coming on to my blog and I hope you enjoyed it, make sure you give this article a like and subscribe and shout out to the comet winner. If you want to be the next comment, winner comment below I’ll catch, you guys in the next one

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