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The Best SMMA Niches of 2020

What’s going on, guys are welcome back to a new article. So for those who have follow me on Instagram, I had just put off a basically a Lowe’s question posts on the instrument or saying you know what is your biggest struggle with your social media marketing or you know basically permitting you from Starr an SME and someone? Basically said that they did not know which niche to choose from when starting out – and this is Leslie a guy who has no agency, he is considered a star.

You know he’s he’s done a bit of research, but do one thing that’s holding them back from starting agencies, because you can’t pick a niche and I was like how can something as miniscule, ostap prevent you from going after your goals and trying to reach your goals For obviously you know when starting out it can be quite thorne, so you know you’ve got so many industries to choose from so many niches, so many different types of clients and you’ve also got so many diff types of articles online.

This is going to be one of them. You know basically preaching which niche is the best to choose from when starting out and then you’ve got people on LinkedIn saying that they, you know, you need to focus on real estate. You’ve got some of the bigger agencies. If you will as saying that, you need focus on info products – and you know this is everyone’s basically got their own opinion on it, but no one’s actually saying no, no one’s, basically giving up a nuanced answer to it.

You know to what is actually the best agency or best Easi best nice to choose from, and in this article I trying to give you guys, like a sort of top three and explain my experience with niches and if you should actually niche down or not because Obviously, that is something I saw up for the base as well, and I have also stated my opinion on this a couple of times, but without ramadhan too much before I actually start this article.

If you are not already subscribed to this blog, please make sure you click on that subscribe button. Why? Because it really does help this blog grow and it does help me be able to reach a large audience which I can then provide value to. I’r also help out and help them live life on their own terms, provided that they follow everything that you know. I basically teach ok so now, with the shameless plug out of the way we can actually get started with the article so when starting out or when I start start with my social media agency, I did not have a niche at all.

I, let’s just reach out to everyone and everything. Why? Because I did not know which industry I could get results for. I didn’t know which ensure like working with. I did not know what type of clients I wanted, so I, let’s just reach out to everyone and everything, hoping that someone would say you know yeah fine, take me on as a client and then basically my thought. Pattern was okay, the first clients I get.

I’r just going to reach out to duplicates of back clients. So let’s say I let’s say my first client is a dentist from there. I’r just going to reach out to more dentists. You know if they see the same as Facebook ads. You know you get. Basically, you get like, let’s say, 10 purchases or 50 purchases, and then you want to look like audience of that. That list and that’s basically what my pattern or my thought pattern was in terms of getting started.

Get one clients see what nice that client is in and then find more clients in that same nice turns out that list. My face will probably might feel like six. Seven clients were all different industries, ranging from recruitment agencies to like entrepreneurial bars and network groups. To what else did we have a mind, cochin wig shop, a arts and crafts course? What else do we have? We had a fitness app, we had a other app.

What was it I was like here. Basically, I can a rubber version of Alibaba like this, like the most like all these different industries and niches, and what I came to realize was that there was not necessarily a specific niche that I like to work, for it was more a type of person that I was basically looking for you know. I was looking for someone who understood social media markt and had the patience to invest into both social media marketing and me as an agency and basically had a vision into where to go at the wind.

Necessarily, what a direct return investments they wanted, something for the long run, okay, so that is basically the type of patient I wanted to reach out to and weigh together with with that said, I also wanted someone that didn’t feel the need to micromanage me and basically Treated me with the respect I thought I deserve, rather than just treat me like a glorified freelancer. Obviously that is something that you do need to sort of.

You know in you can’t the month. That’s type of respect you do need to in overtime, and if you get the right results then you know you obviously will actually get the respect that you think you deserve. Now with that said, that is not what this article is about. That’s just a quick backstory. It’s made in terms of how I chose my face niche and I still think I don’t actually have an actual niche except I look for a type of patient and now so we are for a while.

I went from e-commerce, then I went to info products and now we’re actually getting a lot of really good results for lead generation, clients of like brick-and-mortar businesses. The reason why I went into that was Leslie because of the ease like how easy it is like. Let’s see minimal efforts, leisure because I know how to set up lead ads. I know how to optimize them. I know how the copy works. I know how to build up a funnel.

You know it doesn’t take me that long to do it anymore and I can help business by by setting it up. I can get results of business by setting it up and you know they are paying me good money to set it up. So it’s like a minimal effort, type of niche for me, lead generation and obviously I’m going to pull up on the screen. Now the amount of lead generation, type of clients and industries that are and like I said that I don’t necessarily pick one out.

If I do, let’s say I get four or five car dealerships or four or five dentists, or anything like that, then maybe I will consider tweaking my business toward stanshall to tailor on all of the the brandon online tours that bother them. That you know lead generation. Is for me it’s all the same as the same type of flow same type of funnel. All I do is switch up. The theme switch up the copy and the rest is history.

So, in terms of like what kind of industries or niches you should start out with it, basically you’ve got the two big main, like industries Avenue. You’ve got ecommerce, which is online sales, and then you’ve got lead generation which is basically getting needs. That back business then closes or tries to get in as a clients or customer. So when you look at ecommerce, there is a lot of different types of variations and strategies and tactics that come into play, which, when starting out might seem a bit daunting, intimidating or just difficult to pull off.

So when you are starting out, I think personally, that rehab not real estate lead generation is probably the easiest way to go. Okay, so again as a beginner, I think that lead generation should probably be the first type of initial industry. If you will to reach out to then, when you get a bit of experience, you can look into e-commerce or online web shops. These are a little bit more difficult to get results for if you do not know what you’re doing again, you know as soon as you’re experts at any type of Inchon ish.

It’s easy. Okay, boys, I’m just looking at it from a beginner’s perspective. So when you’re just on out it can feel a bit difficult econ is it can seem a bit intimidating at first but, like I said once you have that experience with Facebook ads. You know the business manager inside and out you’ve gotten guidance, you’re open. You learn, then, yet you can look into e-commerce. Why? Because the return on investment core potentially be much much bigger with a let’s say, a let’s say runner.

As for a restaurant, you know, there’s not a big profit margin for restaurants, so there’s not more to room for you to scale and it’s difficult to actually get higher retainers, whereas with info products or with e-commerce. You know if you’re helping them scale and you’re getting you’re consistently getting them a robust of let’s say three, four or maybe even five, then you know it’s you you can.

Let you scale a webshop to the moon, and your retainer can then increase because of that result. Okay, so because the this much more room and reach with e-commerce and web shops, there’s much more there’s a bigger, a bigger possibility of you been able to ask for a higher retainer or you can ask for a percentage of the return on adspend or the return On investment? Okay, so you can say, for example: okay: we have a retainer of a thousand a month, but we also require 10 % of our board just over 10k.

So you know you basically get an additional one thousand if they spend ten thousand. No your pounds or dollars within the ads. Okay. Obviously you can only do this once it’s actually profitable and they’re getting a good result, etcetera. You can start asking for stuff like this or if you know it’s a gigantic webshop that want to scale you can. You know suggest this as a sort of you know, part of your retainer to say: okay, listen.

I won’t go for the 5k retainer. I only ask for a 1k retainer, but I do ask for a percentage of the return on adspend now, if you are a good media buyer, you know what you’re doing then that can actually more possible for you in the long run. Okay, so I suggest starting out with lead generation, then, once you get the experience and you know what you’re doing look into e-commerce okay now in terms of lead generation, the what type of industries within that sort of you know, part of Facebook ads or SMA.

If you will is easy to get results for, like I said, I’ve just literally put the entire list down of different industries that you can reach out to and you’ll. If you get results or Facebook ads by doing lead generation, and it’s basically up to you to decide which type of clients which type of business and which type of Industry you are passionate about? Okay, if you know a lot about cars and you’re passionate about cars and maybe even wait for the car dealership – then pick a car dealership.

You know you know the lingo, you know the language, you know how to speak to those owners, then just pick that, because there’s no despite everyone says like there’s a specific right, there’s no secret to what industry is the best or what and you know what clients Is the best you just need to pick one that you are passionate about and that you are knowledgeable about? If you know a lot about fitness – and you you know, love speaking with people about fitness, then you know hyssop personal trainers, hey stop gyms and asking to do.

Ask them if you can do lead generation for them. If you’re passionate about other know, dentists, you know a passion about teeth, then you reach out to dentist, and the list goes on. Okay, so rather than think about which industry is the best think about yourself. Think about what industry would you like to wear with and, like I said in terms of which parts of SMA is easier lead generation when starting out is easier to get started with once you know everything, then you can look into e-commerce because ecommerce has a highest Ceiling, if you will so you can actually get better results for e-commerce, and you know you can actually scale your agency with and along with those web shops.

So, like I said you can ask for percentage off the back end rather than just asking for a front end one-time fee every single month and read what you usually do with lead generation. Okay, so that is all I’ve got for today, guys, I hope you’ve got some out this. If you are wanting to get started with social media marketing – and you basically want my help and you know let you get in helping you get that first clients helping you get open one and help you scale your agency, then I do offer coaching.

It will be linked in the skosh box down below what you get for the coaching. It’s a monthly subscription, it’s literally buttons. If you compare it to the money, you actually get from getting your face, clients and what you get is personal access to me by a whatsapp. You get personal access to like the whatsapp mastermind group. You get access to the live. Coaching calls every single week and you also get access to my lifestyle, design mastery course and all that I’ve said for a small monthly subscription.

So I said I hope you enjoyed this article, like the article if you did and subscribe to the blog. If you want to see more content like this, thanks again for reading and I’ll, see you guys in the next article

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Get VERIFIED on Instagram for FREE (Less than 5 Mins)

So clearly, things are going in the right direction. People are getting verified and this is in fact working so in just a second we’re going to dive into my computer. So I could walk you through the entire process on how to work on your verification and in addition to that, if you’re new to the blog welcome be sure to hit that subscribe button for daily content. Just like this article you’re reading right here.

So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and get started and walk you guys through exactly how to get started with verifying your Instagram account for 100 % free. So, as you can see, we are now inside of my computer and I’m going to walk you through how to get this verification alright. So the process is very, very simple, believe it or not, and on this screen right here, I’m going to pop up a little screen recording on how you can actually go through it inside of your settings in about 30 seconds or less and by the way, if You’re not following me yet make sure you go ahead and follow me at Toni mast official for some more content from yours truly but simply know.

If you go to your settings and then you scroll down to request verification and after pressing that you’re going to want to fill out, that form where you go ahead and enter your name and also a little bit about what your brand and what your account is About and filling in that proper category, so they know exactly what kind of verification you are applying for, in addition to a copy of your photo ID that will match your name now.

What is going to make sure that you actually get that Instagram blue tick and actually get it verified? Now, there’s a few general qualifications out there that instagrams going to be looking for because they don’t necessarily want to give everyone a verification check mark next, our name on Instagram because out simply dilute the purpose of it now. Instagram has this feature the verified? That’s actually you and that it’s not some fake account or someone trying to impersonate you or someone trying to scam someone, especially in the business realm.

So this blue tick is very, very important and can actually add a lot of value to your business. So with that being said, we want to go ahead and give us a shot. Now it’s not a hundred percent given that you’re going to actually get verified by filling out this application, so the general qualifications, first and foremost you’re going to want to have a significant amount of followers. If you don’t have any presence on Instagram, there’s going to be very little likelihood that you’ll actually get that verification, because if they started giving you a verification, blue ticks on everyone’s usernames, it’s really going to take away from the meaning of that all right.

So ideally you’re going to want to have at least twenty five or twenty thousand followers to try and get verified now. Yes, many people do not have that up with consistent content and stuff I’m going to touch on in a future article I’ll show you how to build out that viral content strategy to actually work your way to a larger following on Instagram, okay. So beyond having that significant amount of followers on Instagram, that’s not the only thing that necessarily cuts it you’re going to want to have a strong presence on other platforms outside of Instagram.

Now this could be YouTube. This could be twitch. This could be Facebook, whatever it may be. You’re also going to want to have these linked in your description and a little bit of a blurb about what you do inside of your bio, so that linking your description is very, very valuable when it comes to reassuring Instagram that you’re someone that deserves to be Verified on their platform, okay, in addition to that, something that can also help you and be in you know your corner to help you get that verification is publication or press coverage if you’re featured and on a specific website or a magazine, anything of the sort.

Your brand, being featured inside of a publication of some sort, is going to help you go ahead and get on Instagram side to go ahead and give you that blue tick. So with that, the bigger brand presence that you have overall, the easier is going to be to get verified as simple as that, the more you have in your corner, the better chances you’re going to get verified, and these are just a few general qualifications.

Another thing Instagram is typically going to look for is existing spoof or impersonating accounts of you or your brand that are already out there on the platform. So if there are people trying to take your username with maybe a period or an underscore in there and they’re trying to come off as your brand or your personal self, then instagrams going to be looking for that as well. Something that could work to your advantage is, if you actually have a copyright or trademark for your own business.

So, if someone’s trying to impersonate your business, for example, providing that and filling out this form that I’m going to show you guys on my screen right now is reporting to Instagram and having something on file that is also working or you such as you know, proof Of a trademark or proof of a copyright or concept that someone may have taken from you, so the intellectual property Instagram is not the best.

With these response rates, it is a free platform and it is not easy to go ahead and get a hold of them or going to Instagram representative. That’s going to really dive in there and do the hard work for you to make sure you’re in the right position. But having those other qualifications that we talked before such a significant amount of followers, strong presence on other platforms and even featured in publications or press coverage is going to work to your advantage.

So that’s something that you definitely want to have and if you don’t have it already start hustling and try your best to get out there as much as possible. So with that being said, entering your complaint or filing a report to Instagram is something that can also help you in either retaining a loss. Username, that’s someone maybe hacked you someones, trying to impersonate you and also something on file that will help you move in the right direction of getting verified, because it’s clear that people are trying to impersonate you or your brand or your business.

So with that being said, go ahead and drop a comment down below. Let me know if you guys actually get verified, it’s not the easiest process or not accepting everyone right now. It’s really tough to go ahead and get accepted, but having some of these qualifications and working on these qualifications will definitely help you for sure. So if you have that brand presence inside and outside of Instagram, it’s going to help your likelihood to actually get verified.

So go ahead, fill out your application, just like the process. I showed you before I’m going to show it again right here on my screen, the screen recording on exactly how to submit your application to get verified on Instagram, and you can literally do this right now takes you less than 30 seconds. So why not give it a shot, even if it’s not the best likelihood that you’ll actually get verified, it is definitely worth a shot if you’re in that reasonable range and could actually use that blue tick on your account.

So without any further ado, I’m going to wrap up this article right here. I hope you guys enjoyed it, took away some value or learn something new, be sure to go ahead and hit the like button down below and do not forget to subscribe for more information. Just like what we went over in this very article, in addition to more paid advertisers, Facebook Ads, Instagram, organic growth as well as going viral, and also, of course, ecommerce all right guys if you’re not signed up for that 7 day.

Free crash course go down to the description, but and sign up for the EECOM success blueprint today for 100 % free before we close the doors and actually start charging people for that very program, so that any further do I’m wrapping up this article and I’ll be Seeing you guys in the next one


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How To Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency ($0 – $10k/Month In 90 Days In Your New Career)

Okay, How did you start how to get your first clients And then how to go through, take it from zero to ten thousand dollars per month? Okay and then once you’re at ten thousand dollars per month, How many of you guys would love me to show you how to take it from ten thousand dollars per month to even a hundred thousand dollars per month? How would you guys like to see exactly what I’ve done to go through within twelve months, Take my business from in essence zero to over a hundred thousand dollars per month? With what I’m doing here? Okay, We’ve got star from Venice Beach.

What welcome star Okay awesome guys! Well, That’s we’re going to cover today We’re going to go through because, obviously like, if you’re wanting to start your own digital marketing agency, That’s the core! That’S obviously the title of this article. You need to know how to get your first clients. You know how to go to have success with those clients, because I know a lot of people They like want to start their own agency, but their biggest fear.

This is me a couple years ago is why I want to get clients, But what, if I have no idea how to help them, how to run ads for them how to get leads or success or any of that stuff? So I want to cover that, for you all today get those first couple and honestly, You can run your own market agency as a one-man show and take in a ten thousand dollars per month Fairly easy. It really is not that hard. That’S what I went through and did, but now I’ve kind of merged to the fact where I am Just you know, I’m trying to go through and specialize only in sales and market We’re going to talk about that here as well.

Okay, so Awesome guys – Let’s jump into this, so the first point I’m looking down here, because I’ve got these little notes right here. I’Ve got three key points I want to share with you. So number one is Get experience. Okay, What you need to do first is go through and get experience with Facebook advertising with marketing with starting your own agency, Whether it’s SEO Facebook Ads Google Ads whatever it is and so Number one key point number one kind of contradicts number two which I’ll tell You about here It is a little bit, but you need experience, so it doesn’t matter What clients you’re going to go through and grab Could be.

Chiropractors, dentists, real estate agents, gym owners, restaurants, anything you just need to go through and get Familiar with the whole Facebook advertising marketing process right now, when I first got started, This is me back when I was super naive with all this stuff. I was like man. Well, You know everyone that has a successful agency. They’Ve got all these testimonials. They got all this stuff like.

How do I go through and sell somebody without any Testimonials like? What do I go through and do, and so really the key is, is going in first And it sounds like it sucks right, but go and work for free go offer To run their ads for two weeks for four weeks. Whatever the timeframe is and say, hey, look, You know. I’Ve been really studying Facebook advertising, It’s really hot right now, There’s so many successful case studies out there And I want to go through and help you with your restaurant with your gym with your you know real estate agency, Whatever it is and help you go through And market that business? Okay, so you go through and you say: hey You don’t even have to pay me.

Okay, After the two-week trial or before we trial. Whatever you’re doing you can say, then we can go through and we can talk about What the right amount to pay me is And we kind of move forward from there. Okay, so we’ll just like we’ll use your Facebook advertising money. Okay, So they set aside a budget of 200 400 500, whatever the number is, and you go use that money to gain that skill set. Because, honestly guys, I’ve been through a lot of Facebook advertising Courses and all that stuff, especially when I first got started.

But honestly, at the other day it all comes down to just getting that experience and going through and Using the ads manager in Facebook or Google or any of that stuff, And you will learn way quicker way more by actually going through and gaining that experience. Okay, so anyway, that’s number one and the best way to go through and get clients. You guys have probably seen this on some other trainings of Mine or some other people is just going through and posting on.

Facebook, hey I’ve, been studying Facebook ads where I’ve been studying. You know at Google Ads or whatever you’re like been focusing on and I’m looking for some people to go through and help them out. I won’t charge anything. We just do a little trial run and we’ll see how it works. Getting leads for you in your business And then you’re going to get people responding and you can go post on your personal profile.

You can post in some local Facebook groups like Wherever you live. Let’S say you live in Dallas, There’s, there’s local Facebook groups of there Dallas specific kay could be like Dallas, small business owners or Dallas. You know gym owners or whatever it might be, go post in those groups and just kind of like start to get that That communication out there, okay, so number two guys so, Let’s just hit anybody have any questions on that real, quick, I’m going to dive into Number two, and if questions do pop up I’ll jump into that, because I know there’s a little bit of a delay when we’re going through and doing these YouTube lives.

But if you guys have questions on number one hit them up in the chat box. But number two guys once you go through and You have your experience right. You’Ve gone through You’ve worked with all these different types of business owners. All these different clients. You want a niche in and get specific to one Industry. Okay. Now, when I first got started – and this was you know – probably When I first got start with more of the Facebook advertising agency model – This is probably two and a half years ago, or something like that.

I was working with Dennis chiropractors real estate agents network marketers Insurance. I was like working with so many different types of people just to gain that experience, But then we started seeing consistently really really good results with the real estate market. Okay, real estate agents, real estate investors, real estate brokers, And so I went all in on that. I went all in and just started focused on those, because we had some campaigns That we’re working Extremely well to get buyer leads seller leads, you know, promote their open house, promote their listings, And so I was like you know what I could either go through and Continue to try to reinvent the wheel of okay, Let’s, like I’ve got a new insurance broker like I need to go, find out a good campaign, That’s going to work for them and then the next thing you’ve got a mortgage broker.

The next say: you’ve got a fitness, a gym owner personal trainer and going and trying to recreate the wheel every single time you bring on a new client or You can have maybe four to five campaigns that you know converts super well and just focus and stick With those okay, So that’s what I went through and did We’re starting to get some really good results in the real estate market. And then I was like you know what I’m going to go all-in with this, I’m going to only do real estate, because I know these campaigns work and now my only focus is He’s getting new clients getting new customers on to go through and help them take Their business to the next level, okay, so Anyway, guys that that’s kind of key number, two so like you can see how it kind of contradicts number one.

But number one is obviously like just getting out there getting that experience, bringing on your first couple of clients And then once you see like hey, Maybe you’re like you’re, killing it with chiropractors or killing it with Dennis or with realtors or whatever. Then you go through and you focus just on that niche and my my Recommendation to you – and this is what one of my mentors told me he went through and said: hey Jason focus on real estate.

He’S like you’ve, been having a success in real estate. Don’T go out of real estate until you’ve made at least a million dollars. Okay, And now we we well surpassed that, but we’re still focused on real estate, Because one is a huge market. We can go through and just really grow our business And we just continue to get success and we continue to improve our model, our campaigns that we’re running for all four different clients.

Okay, so number three guys We’re getting this so so we got number one Go out, get experience grab some those initial clients get testimonies, get those case. Studies, Okay, work some stuff for free. It sounds like a little bit of a pain right at the very beginning. For long term results we’re not in this for the quick win, we’re not in this for the quick buck, We want to go through and build a long-term sustainable business if you’re in it for the quick buck, You might have success for six to 12 to 18 Months but you know everyone else is going to come in and they’re just going to like take over and You’re, not going to really be able to set yourself apart, Okay and then once you go through and you find a niche where you’re really seeing great results.

Focus in a hundred percent on that niche now You know: we’ve worked with over 3,000 Realtors now real estate agents and brokers and we’ve kind of started a few months ago. We start moving into loan officers mortgage brokers, but honestly, the only reason. Why is because Someone? Looking to buy a home that a real estate agents going to work with that’s the same exact person, That’s going to need a loan from a lender; Okay, so it’s like it’s literally the same lead and there’s so many synergies with that that, With those industries that It makes total sense to go through and jump over there.

Alright, so number three guys. Okay and if you guys have any questions, this point just go hit them in the chat box. I’Ll make sure I’ll get to all those questions. We can even save some time here at the end To answer all the questions you guys have, but once you go through and you you’re so so anyway, those first two keys That should be able to get you from zero to $ 10,000 per month. Okay – And that should be enough like where you can go through and you can do the sales and marketing for your clients, And you can do the fulfillment for your clients and that’s what I did for the first several months.

And then it got to a point where I was like. You know what I don’t have time to go through and fulfill for all these clients. And I don’t have time to do the sales and marketing just jump back and forth and because you just end up losing so much time and effort and energy by Switching gears right where it’s like You’re doing sales calls and then, like someone’s like hey, I need. I need help with this support Item or I need you to do this or do that so you’re always jumping back and forth and really You don’t see any great results from it.

So, as you start to grow, What I would recommend is because you found out kind of the model You’ve had the experience of going through and setting up the campaigns go, find someone that you can hire. Okay to start setting up those campaigns for you in doing the fulfillment. Ok just find one person find someone. You can trust Someone you like to work with you enjoy working with, and then you can focus a hundred percent on the sales and obviously At the beginning.

You’Re going to have to spend a little bit of time, training that person up, But the idea is when that second person, when you hire that second fulfillment Account Manager person the person that you initially trained, They can train them. Okay, so now you’re starting to leverage yourself You’re starting to branch out, and you can focus a hundred percent on the sales and marketing aspect And we’re going to get that here in a second We’ve got Joel saying.

Facebook for real estate must be very tricky. Does Facebook have that data on possible home buyers? Honestly Joel is not too tricky. Okay, Obviously, and there’s all the new Facebook algorithm updates Everyone’s kind of freaks out on it’s like well. How does this affect real estate, and all this and honestly, it really doesn’t affect it too much our campaigns that stay pretty consistent, really the biggest change that I’ve seen with the new Facebook algorithm update is, I Think I have a little over 30 thousand followers on My Facebook page And if I make a Facebook post and even a Facebook live which used to get way more, You might get 50 people that are actually seeing that if I don’t put money behind it, so 50 people reached with 30,000 people that follow you.

It’S not really beneficial so like Anyway, the whole the game of like having so many followers and likes all that and on Facebook. It doesn’t really matter anymore so anyway, but also this Facebook have data on possible home buyers. Yes, They do so they’ve got. You can go through and target by homeowners So like, if you’re doing like a sell, leads campaign for people looking to go through and sell their home, You could target people that are homeowners.

You can target people that are renters, There’s several other different Interests and groups and all that stuff that you can go through and target. Okay. So back to kind of like Your, you went through you hired your first person, you trained them on support fulfillment. Now you are shifting okay you’re shifting your focus to 100 % sales and marketing, and what you need to do is you need to get a Consistent sales process that you can know and rely on that happens every week every day, Every like you, you got a Set like a certain amount of time like so I go through and I’ll do live webinars every Single week, okay, and I know that every single week This is like a proven model, proven process that I can go through and put a majority of my budget.

My expenses for my whole company Into that advertising just to bring on new clients. Okay, So that’s really what you want to do. You want to get to the point where, like you go, And you first get your first ten thousand dollars per month and honestly that doesn’t really You don’t really need to spend a lot of money. You can do that 100 % for free with no advertising budget and then what I do. Let’S say your expenses for 10 grand a month.

Let’S say your expenses are like five grand or whatever I put like 70 to 80 percent of my total expenses so 70 to 80 percent. Of that five grand Into my advertising, okay, cuz, then that the whole goal is now we want to build something. That’S going to be a long-term, sustainable, long term growth, so we’re not we’re not necessarily interested in, like those first 90 to 120 days of Making the the quick money like I don’t know bout you guys, but like it’s great I I you know I like to Make money too, But I rather go and make you know a hundred million dollars ten years from now, as opposed to a hundred thousand dollars right now.

That makes sense so like I’m going through and I’m building this with a long-term mindset That if I go through and invest more to my business into advertising, getting more leads more clients on board than in a year. I’M going to be able to have a business. That’S going to be doing a couple hundred thousand dollars per month and It’s it’s going to be that much more beneficial right. So, okay, We’ve got a few questions here.

We’Ll say how do you see Facebook ads and doing what you do change with the Cambridge analytical scandal? Honestly Yeah? Like that’s, that’s, obviously, an issue, I think that’s more of an issue for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to be completely honest, because this is just the whole data breach and all that we still have all those tools and everything accessible to us as advertisers as business owners And Really we’ll the the big key thing on that is You you’re always are going to be changing whatever platform You’re marketing on, because like right now, Facebook Ads is hot.

You know ten years ago, Google ads was super hot okay And most people actually aren’t doing YouTube ads, which I’m jumping in and doing YouTube ads and those are working amazingly Well. So really it doesn’t matter like whether it’s Facebook or Google or what the platform Is. There’S always going to be something new, whether it’s Instagram snapchat, you got to go through and just evolve the model as time changes and things evolve so like even if, Let’s say Facebook ads that, let’s say it Just totally shut down tomorrow: okay And the whole Cambridge Analytic a scandal that, like totally just like, crashed everything honestly, I wasn’t really worried because I’m not relying a hundred percent on Facebook for my lead generation and for my marketing And I’m not relying that.

Well, I’m actually right now We’re kind of focused on that. For our clients, Just because it’s it’s converting so well and we haven’t really seen – I mean it’s only been a couple days, But we haven’t seen a huge, Huge shift or change with anything recently so anyway. Oh Jokes laugh at that comment: okay, cool, okay. So now so now we’re going through and we’re putting the majority of our budget into our Advertising, our marketing, whether it’s Google, Facebook or if it’s some new platform, that’s come out To go through because our guys, just so you know, there’s so many other Taizo networks And resources that it’s not just Facebook, It’s not just Google, okay, I work with some advertising networks where There’s these guys that have massive email lists or text messaging lists, or they have big blogs.

You can go put banner ads on there’s like so many different ways. You can go through and Target your ideal customer and bring people in to your business. So it’s not just Facebook there, but I would go through And make sure you’re putting putting a majority of your budget Into that lead generation into client acquisition, bringing more customers in, and that’s your sole focus. Okay and you’re, just going through as you’re bringing more clients.

You hire more account reps to help you with the fulfillment and then, if It gets to a point where you’re like hey, I can’t handle all the sales myself We’re getting so many leads. Then you can go through and hire a second or third or fourth sales. Guy right, So that’s what we’re starting to do right now We hired It’s just probably two. Three months ago, We hired a second sales guy to help me with all the incoming leads and all that stuff that we’re generating.

So So that’s basically it guys Go through get experience, kind of go start working with any and all clients get your experience with Facebook Ads Google Ads with you know, Going through and marketing on blogs or whatever it might be, Second find which niche? That is just really connecting with you, Where you find your best results. Your best case studies focus in on that a hundred percent till you’ve made at least a million dollars.

Okay and then once you go through then focus on that as you’re growing. Your focus in 100 % on sales And you’re, putting in 70 to 80 percent of your expenses as a whole into advertising into marketing. And then Your high in our hiring more account reps to be able to go through and handle the new onboarding of clients. And then you go focus a hundred percent of sales until you get to the point where, like you’re getting so many leads, so many everything that you have to hire more sales people to Go through and expand it out.

Okay, let’s say these up: um, Okay And have will Classic? Is there a version of arsal that allows you to build landing pages for other agents, get leads emailed to them and myself so Prince Durban Romans we’re actually working on that right now We don’t have like like right now. Arsenal is built for the individual agent. So what you could do Is you can go through and set up a lead generation campaign and have the the Leads notified sent to the actual agent as far as right now sending them to you and the agent.

We only have it going through one person. Actually, you know what we’ve done actually in the past, with some people that have wanted to do that. You know how you can set up and create a Like a group, alias email. So, like let’s say, We’ve got our support at our salon: kg comm right and Then we have multiple people. When someone emails support, we have multiple people that get that email. So that’s what you can do their prints.

That’S what we’ve done in the past and totally forgot about that, But you can set up like you know, Kansas realtor at prints, calm or whatever the email address is and then have that sense. When we send out the lead Notification, it goes to you and the realtor as well. Okay, Phyllis, a long trip things grit is great great mindset. Yeah. Definitely, eighty percent of their ad budget to generate leads build a long-term relationship with your clients, exactly Joel nailed.

It. Okay, Joel saying: where do you find your account reps or freelancers? Do these tasks honestly guys where I find it, And this is a great question, because this is something that I know people have struggled with in the past. Is I just reach out to my existing audience? Okay, after you’ve been doing this for so long I’ll, just go through and make a post on Facebook. So, as you start to gain fault like, even if you’re not really trying you Start to gain followers on Facebook, people add you as friends on Facebook, They will jump on your email list and even though you’re marking is specific, like I Marcus specifically to Realtors, I Get digital marketers all the time jumping on and they kind of want to see what I’m doing right so Anyway, I would just go through, and this is what we’ve done Even this week, I did a Facebook live in our Facebook group.

I posted like on our Facebook page or I posted it on my personal profile before I’ve posted the I’ve, Done an email blast and just saying hey, if you guys are interested in working with us, We’re growing We’re hiring again, Which also that excites people on your Email list because we’re like wow They’re, growing, They’re growing, again like it, must be working and so like they. They get more belief and confidence in you and what you’re doing Okay so Joel.

Hopefully, hopefully that helps and also like what I initially like when I didn’t have super big following We have a few colleges actually around where I live about. Seventy thousand University students, and so I knew a couple that were just there, but I ideally I like to go through and reach out to my existing following and community, because More than likely they’ve seen some my trainings on Facebook ads on their software on set up On everything, so The onboarding and getting them up to speed is that much faster.

Okay. Okay, let’s see Hey Jason, I’ve been following you for a while Hugh Rock awesome. How do you set up the software platform used for your specific niche? How do you set up the software platform used for you specific nature, so Giovanna Thanks for the thanks for the comments Thanks for following us, um We’ve been building this platform out for probably three to four years, so we’ve gone through because we build out from scratch.

We’Re not using any like Third-party service that we’re just white labeling like we built it from scratch. It’S all custom to us and We start building out. I think three four years ago and then we started going like full-time all in with it about two and a half years ago. Okay, so that’s what we’ve done We we do go through and do white labels of the software. It’S not really my focus. I don’t like to focus on that, but we do offer that there Will is classic we’re.

Talking about me jump on your webinar space pages talking. You probably will you’re, probably you probably the exact person I’m talking about there. Okay, Well cool guys! Well, Let me just jump in I want to. I want to share with you guys just For anyone like you know, if you’re kind of wondering where to get started on all this stuff, I have put together a course. It’S called the six-figure agency.

I just dropped a link in the chat box if you’re reading the replay of this. What I’ll do is I’ll put it down in the description as well, and This is basically my step-by-step guide of gaining clients getting clients Going through and taking it, building your business to zero to $ 10,000 per month. It’S all real estate and mortgage specific and focus so you’ll see all of my real estate generation campaigns.

My mortgage lead generation campaigns. How I go through and you’ll see the contracts that we use to sign up clients, because that’s really big, as Once you sign somebody up. You want to get them to sign a contract, so you, you know, There’s a good understanding of what you’re going to do for them And what they’re going to expect from you so that just not any issues down the road And then I go through and show You how to get your first cup of clients how to charge them how to what different Products and services to offer and then how to go through and scale things up from there? Okay! So if you guys want that, obviously it’s just you know, It’s not really! Honestly, It’s not even really a moneymaker for me.

I just like I put together because I thought it’d be helpful for some people that are following me here and That’s pretty much it guys. That’S that’s the quick 3-step rundown! Okay, Gain experience, go run stuff for free for your clients, Number two niche down on where you’re going to go through where you’ve been having good success and results, Then three go start hiring other people and putting a majority of your ad budget into your lead generation.

Client acquisition Scale and grow things to the next level. Okay, So anyway, guys, if you guys enjoyed this article, Go ahead and hit that thumbs up button, I’d greatly appreciate it. It would help other people see this as well. If you guys want to share it, You know I don ously, Love it and then, if you guys are not subscribed yet make sure you guys subscribe, the blog, I launched a new article every single Monday, Wednesday Friday, I’m trying to do more YouTube lives.

I don’t know if you guys been reading me for a little bit now, but I was actually Banned from doing YouTube lives for 90 days, which was insane I was like Anyway. I must have broken some rule. I had no idea about so it’s kind of a newbie to YouTube, which is all good, but Anyway so yeah go ahead, subscribe the blog I’ve got for everyone that subscribes. I’Ve got a free Facebook as mini course $ 97 value.

Just go to my blog hit. Refresh And there’s going to be a article and a link to that that mini course there hook you guys up and then also we’ve got the six for your agency link right there and Anyway, guys Thanks so much for reading I’ll try to jump on. I’M not sure if I’m going to do a live on Monday, yet Or just kind of like a pre-recorded article, but thanks so much for for jumping on commenting.

I love the engagement. I love you know, seen kind of like the different questions and beyond the answer and help you guys out as much as possible. But with that said, I’m going to leave you guys all, But I hope you have an amazing weekend and with that said, I will talk to you all later.