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Get VERIFIED on Instagram for FREE (Less than 5 Mins)

So clearly, things are going in the right direction. People are getting verified and this is in fact working so in just a second we’re going to dive into my computer. So I could walk you through the entire process on how to work on your verification and in addition to that, if you’re new to the blog welcome be sure to hit that subscribe button for daily content. Just like this article you’re reading right here.

So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and get started and walk you guys through exactly how to get started with verifying your Instagram account for 100 % free. So, as you can see, we are now inside of my computer and I’m going to walk you through how to get this verification alright. So the process is very, very simple, believe it or not, and on this screen right here, I’m going to pop up a little screen recording on how you can actually go through it inside of your settings in about 30 seconds or less and by the way, if You’re not following me yet make sure you go ahead and follow me at Toni mast official for some more content from yours truly but simply know.

If you go to your settings and then you scroll down to request verification and after pressing that you’re going to want to fill out, that form where you go ahead and enter your name and also a little bit about what your brand and what your account is About and filling in that proper category, so they know exactly what kind of verification you are applying for, in addition to a copy of your photo ID that will match your name now.

What is going to make sure that you actually get that Instagram blue tick and actually get it verified? Now, there’s a few general qualifications out there that instagrams going to be looking for because they don’t necessarily want to give everyone a verification check mark next, our name on Instagram because out simply dilute the purpose of it now. Instagram has this feature the verified? That’s actually you and that it’s not some fake account or someone trying to impersonate you or someone trying to scam someone, especially in the business realm.

So this blue tick is very, very important and can actually add a lot of value to your business. So with that being said, we want to go ahead and give us a shot. Now it’s not a hundred percent given that you’re going to actually get verified by filling out this application, so the general qualifications, first and foremost you’re going to want to have a significant amount of followers. If you don’t have any presence on Instagram, there’s going to be very little likelihood that you’ll actually get that verification, because if they started giving you a verification, blue ticks on everyone’s usernames, it’s really going to take away from the meaning of that all right.

So ideally you’re going to want to have at least twenty five or twenty thousand followers to try and get verified now. Yes, many people do not have that up with consistent content and stuff I’m going to touch on in a future article I’ll show you how to build out that viral content strategy to actually work your way to a larger following on Instagram, okay. So beyond having that significant amount of followers on Instagram, that’s not the only thing that necessarily cuts it you’re going to want to have a strong presence on other platforms outside of Instagram.

Now this could be YouTube. This could be twitch. This could be Facebook, whatever it may be. You’re also going to want to have these linked in your description and a little bit of a blurb about what you do inside of your bio, so that linking your description is very, very valuable when it comes to reassuring Instagram that you’re someone that deserves to be Verified on their platform, okay, in addition to that, something that can also help you and be in you know your corner to help you get that verification is publication or press coverage if you’re featured and on a specific website or a magazine, anything of the sort.

Your brand, being featured inside of a publication of some sort, is going to help you go ahead and get on Instagram side to go ahead and give you that blue tick. So with that, the bigger brand presence that you have overall, the easier is going to be to get verified as simple as that, the more you have in your corner, the better chances you’re going to get verified, and these are just a few general qualifications.

Another thing Instagram is typically going to look for is existing spoof or impersonating accounts of you or your brand that are already out there on the platform. So if there are people trying to take your username with maybe a period or an underscore in there and they’re trying to come off as your brand or your personal self, then instagrams going to be looking for that as well. Something that could work to your advantage is, if you actually have a copyright or trademark for your own business.

So, if someone’s trying to impersonate your business, for example, providing that and filling out this form that I’m going to show you guys on my screen right now is reporting to Instagram and having something on file that is also working or you such as you know, proof Of a trademark or proof of a copyright or concept that someone may have taken from you, so the intellectual property Instagram is not the best.

With these response rates, it is a free platform and it is not easy to go ahead and get a hold of them or going to Instagram representative. That’s going to really dive in there and do the hard work for you to make sure you’re in the right position. But having those other qualifications that we talked before such a significant amount of followers, strong presence on other platforms and even featured in publications or press coverage is going to work to your advantage.

So that’s something that you definitely want to have and if you don’t have it already start hustling and try your best to get out there as much as possible. So with that being said, entering your complaint or filing a report to Instagram is something that can also help you in either retaining a loss. Username, that’s someone maybe hacked you someones, trying to impersonate you and also something on file that will help you move in the right direction of getting verified, because it’s clear that people are trying to impersonate you or your brand or your business.

So with that being said, go ahead and drop a comment down below. Let me know if you guys actually get verified, it’s not the easiest process or not accepting everyone right now. It’s really tough to go ahead and get accepted, but having some of these qualifications and working on these qualifications will definitely help you for sure. So if you have that brand presence inside and outside of Instagram, it’s going to help your likelihood to actually get verified.

So go ahead, fill out your application, just like the process. I showed you before I’m going to show it again right here on my screen, the screen recording on exactly how to submit your application to get verified on Instagram, and you can literally do this right now takes you less than 30 seconds. So why not give it a shot, even if it’s not the best likelihood that you’ll actually get verified, it is definitely worth a shot if you’re in that reasonable range and could actually use that blue tick on your account.

So without any further ado, I’m going to wrap up this article right here. I hope you guys enjoyed it, took away some value or learn something new, be sure to go ahead and hit the like button down below and do not forget to subscribe for more information. Just like what we went over in this very article, in addition to more paid advertisers, Facebook Ads, Instagram, organic growth as well as going viral, and also, of course, ecommerce all right guys if you’re not signed up for that 7 day.

Free crash course go down to the description, but and sign up for the EECOM success blueprint today for 100 % free before we close the doors and actually start charging people for that very program, so that any further do I’m wrapping up this article and I’ll be Seeing you guys in the next one


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Hashtags For SEO

Remember that And you don’t Do this, And you don’t say hashtag out loud according to my teenager, So today We’Re going to talk about hashtags for business owners, The do’s and don’ts and How to find the right ones to bring more traffic to your website? No I’m not playing tic-tac-toe. I am Actually, talking about hashtags today, Hashtag Anyone rolled their eyes when They heard the word hashtag Yeah.

I get a lot of that, especially when I speak to Ceos and business owners They’re like “ What the heck is a hashtag?”. Some of us Knew it as a pound sign, but now it’s a hashtag And if you really want to Embarrass your teenagers just do this or say hashtag out loud, It’s wonderful! My Son wanted bottle service for 2 years, So there has to be a little bit of Payback at some point right Anyway, love you Kyle Anyway, so when I think About is what the heck is a hashtag, and why should I care A hashtag is like a Party There’s a lot of different parties I want to go to, But I don’t know which Party But I like a lot of different parties, So I want to follow.

.. My favorite Things are rose gold, so I’m going to find the rose gold party, the Earl Grey Tea party and the London party, I love all of those things Now I don’t Necessarily attach one single person to those concepts I just want to read: Everything that happens under that keyword, Let me show you I’m going to Show you on my computer here When you come here, I’m going to type in # rosegold Now you’ll see here that rose gold has 5,923,000 posts for the word rose gold.

So I’m going to click on that Now. I’M going to follow this: Do you see how I’m, following that, I’M not following anyone specifically, but I’m following the concept or the Party theme And you’ll see all of this is all about everything: crazy rose, gold, Okay, Now I’m going to go back and I’m going to type in # EarlGrey, So Earl Grey has 613,000 posts So what you’re tapping Into here, guys is you’re tapping into that’s how people think This is what They search for So there is 613 thousand posts for Earl Gray, Now I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to click on that Now I’m going to follow! That hashtag, So no matter what topic is out there, Whether it be SEO keywords, Social media, or just things that you love you’re, going to get The exact thing.

.. So I’m going to put in unicorn You’ll, see here: unicorn has 12 Million posts Now as a business owner. What that tells you is that people think That’S interesting, So if you have a unicorn something or a rose gold Something or whatever it is you have, there is a hashtag for that. Now. Here’S The cool thing is hashtags work across all different social platforms. Now It Used to be just Twitter and Instagram, But now they work in Facebook, they work In LinkedIn they work in Pinterest, they work in Instagram, And so we want to Think,.

.. And Twitter, of course, So once you find your hashtag, then you can use it in All of your posts across all of your social media platforms. Now you may be Wondering “! Well what what hashtags that I be using and how many?” The rule of thumb Is an Instagram it’s about 10 hashtags. Now I wouldn’t use that many in all the Other platforms, But the hashtags are really very strong in an Instagram Environment But then, if we look at “, Okay, I’m going to do # SEO, # getfound, # keywordsRule, # girlBoss, # solopreneur And I Have the same group of hashtags, I use in all my posts And then I add more based.

On whatever the topic is of that post, So as you’re going through… Now I use a tool. Here called Hashtagify And hashtagify will let you know what are the Trending concepts: what are the trending hashtags, as well as what kind of Suggestions of content should I be using around those hash tags, So I can come in Here and I can type in # SEO, Okay, so what you’ll see that what this does Is it says, “, Okay, the results for SEO.

.., I’m going to scroll down You’ll, see here. That the popularity is 80.7 and let’s see the week trend is up by 1 % And now you’ll see that I can see in this word cloud. If I’m going to Be using # SEO, I need to use, # Google # marketing, # SEM, # socialMedia # digitalmarketing, So I will grab that And make sure that when we are posting on social media, we are using the current Trending hashtags around that one concept and hashtagify does a great Job of helping you to understand what is the current cloud (, if you will ) around That one keyword phrase, If I scroll down it, will give you all different kinds:.

.., The Languages, the spelling variants, as well as the top countries that are using that As well as some recommended influencers, So it’s always a good idea when you’re Reading a hashtag, if you see an influencer someone, you admire someone Who has great content, make sure to follow them as well as make sure to Comment and like their posts, Very important that you are an engaged person In your community – and it’s not just i’m just posting posting posting And you Want to really be a part of the community, So for me I read search Engine strategies – I have a Moz, of course Moz – is a great community of SEO.

Experts And I also go in and just follow certain entities that I really feel strongly About and I know they know their stuff And those are the hashtags I read and I Also go in and based on those hashtags, I find my peeps right. I want to hang out With my hood In the hood, I want to find my peeps in the hood And I had to find Where is it that I need to be, And who do I want to be seen hanging out with And a Hashtag, it’s just a big party.

You can have…. Finally, you can go to as many Parties, as you want and you’ll feel totally comfortable in every single Party also known as a hash tag, Hash tag right, Hopefully, you’re not annoyed or Rolling your eyes anymore, about the importance of hash tags. If you like this Content, you might want to consider coming to one of my findability retreats We call them work, patients, We work hard and we play hard.

We have them every Quarter So check out our website at findability.Com/retreat. You’Ll see Our next event – and you could bring a guest for free. You

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