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Loomly Review Schedule Your Social Media Posts

We’re going to learn about lumely lumely is a social media management tool and we’re going to go in and set it up and actually see what it does. If you’re starting your business and you’re feeling overwhelmed from posting all over the place and just trying to find the time to do it by the end of the day, that sometimes seems like all that you’ve gotten done is that you’ve post posted right now.

Many of you already realized that you don’t need to be posting all over the place. If you have one place that you post that’s enough, especially in the beginning, and you want to build from there, but today we’re not talking about what you should be doing. As far as posting, but I’m going to offer you a tool, that’s going to help you post ahead of time. So you could take a day and say I’m going to post out everything for the month and have it set and it will go ahead and post for you now.

Another way to do that is to hire a virtual assistant. But some of us just don’t, have the funds right now to hire virtual assistants, so you’re looking for software tools that are going to help make your life easier so that you can put your time into things that are creating money, alright, so lumely, let’s get started. Let’s go in and look at it and, like I said we’re going to go right to the beginning and we’re going to set it up to show you how easy it is.

They do have a 15-day review. There is a link below so go ahead and hit that if this is something you’re interested in but before you do that check it out here and see if this is something that you’d be interested alright, when you get on the first page, when you get your 15-Day review they’re going to it’s you’re, going to create a calendar and that’s exactly what you’re doing you’re scheduling your posts.

So I wanted you to see how easy it is to set up you’re just going to follow. You can add a lote logo here for your business or you could add your own page, we’re going to write a demo company here and then your time zone now. This is where it is really neat. Okay. This is where it’s a huge time-saver in your business. Let’s say you are at the point, your business, that you’ve master two or three social media accounts and you are posting okay again, if you’re brand new, you need to focus on one get to know it and then expand, but here you can post on Facebook.

You are, if you’re doing Facebook for ads Twitter now Instagram isn’t here yet, but they will send you a notification, reminder and say: hey you posted every place else, make sure you get your Instagram. There is a little note here that they’re working on it. That’s usually a big one: everybody wants to make sure they can post on their Instagram. So you know if you get on there now and you know that they’ll at least notify you that step is there.

They also can post on Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google, my business. So we’re I’m going to have just to connect to a couple: let’s do Pinterest and Twitter now, each time I hit one of these, it’s going to actually search for my account and then connect. So I’m just going to do Twitter and Pinterest right now. Just for the sake of time, so we’re going to connect to those and then we’ll I’ll show you how you can set up your account.

Okay, I changed it to Facebook. When I was trying to get into my Twitter account, it wasn’t taking my password and it would take me a while to go. Look in my Google Docs to find the update at 1:00 and all that stuff. So anyway, I am in Facebook, and I just put it on my business page and Pinterest. I just picked a couple things so with that make sure as you’re setting up you have access to all of your accounts and all of your passwords.

It will take you a few minutes to get that all connected. What happened was it just connects, but then you’ll have to know your username and password. Alright, let’s go to the next step. Now this one, if you have a team working for you or maybe you just hired someone in your family, maybe there’s maybe one of your kids. Your teenage kids could help you with this. Okay, you have different three different workflows that you can choose from.

So this is one thing I do love about this one. You can have more than one collaborator in charge. So if you have somebody helping you, but then there’s going to be some different steps, draft pending approval requires edits, approved, scheduled and publish, so your post is going to be in one of those pockets. If you don’t need all that, it’s just you, nobody else is working with you. Then you want to come down here, possibly look at the light, workflow one collaborator, but you still may have some things in draft pen.

Approval requires edit schedule published you’re still thinking. Well, I don’t really set up drafts. I just get right in and I do it. Then you want to go down here. Zero work through no approval steps. Three post states you’re going to have a draft scheduled published so you’re not going to go in and edit and things like. Let let’s just go with the light one and select that for today now, if you’re, someone that runs out of ideas and maybe sometimes you’re sitting down you’re like oh my gosh, you know I just need like ten more ideas and because I’m posting for the whole Month and that can be cumbersome right here, you can ask gloomily to grab your RSS feed URL.

So maybe you have feeds coming in to those different platforms. They can pull them in and say: hey here are some things you might want to repost or you might want to edit it and post it. If you don’t want them there then don’t add it. Okay, I’m going to skip that for now and we’re going to go forward, but a pretty cool idea because, like I said, it’ll help you with ideas here you can invite people to approve, couldn’t contribute or view your post on your calendar.

So maybe you want someone like that first step to come and be a collaborator collaborator and say that really fast, three times collaborator but put their email in and whatever their role is and the role could be an editor, a client, a contributor, a viewer or just A custom role, so maybe you just want someone to look them over, even maybe you’re, in a position where you know you’ve got somebody you’re working with and they you know you have them, come in and get their ideas.

So you have these options. You do not have to choose them all right now, we’re going to finish and get to the fun part. I just wanted you to see how easy it is to set up, because sometimes we see these different tools for our business and just trying to learn the tool can be overwhelming, and then you get stuck and you’re more overwhelmed. But if you just take the time schedule the time and say I’m just going to sit down, take a whole day, maybe take two whole days block everything out and get it done.

And then you have a whole month where you can have stuff already post it, and you don’t have to worry about it. Am I in teaching, as a teacher, I have I’m a teacher and I homeschooled, but one of the things that I would do, especially with children that have trouble doing lots of things at once. Is we called it block, scheduling or block teaching well, even with business? I recommend to people when they get overwhelmed.

I have too many tasks to do. I tell them to think of all your tasks in blocks and maybe in one day only do two things, but do a lot of it. Does that make sense so you’re blocking it? Instead of doing five different things every day, you might do just two things, just like with YouTube articles. You know get all your articles done in one day and then it’s done when you’re posting for social media get it all done in one day and again, if you’re new and still coming up with ideas, maybe half a day to half a days would work.

But you have to figure out what works for you without getting overwhelmed and without losing that focus, because sometimes, if you’re all over the place, you get distracted and then you never finish it. And then this tool is useless because you’re not using it and that’s what a lot of people do. I have seen so many people start their business and they buy all these wonderful tools and they’re, putting out monthly fees and then they don’t use it.

And in my heart I hate to see that I hate to see people waste their money like that, but I don’t think people do it on purpose as much as they just get overwhelmed. So I’m giving you that little tip right now take the time sit down and again I as a brand new person. I would take two days just block them out and get it done and then move on to something else. Okay, so let’s move on here just to get started to understand how the system works.

Lumely gives you ideas like there’s funny Friday, you can get a quote and they’ll give you different ideas, so you can even pull from their library. If you, if you you know per say alright, so now we’re going to pull something. When am I scheduling it today is the 27th, let’s say 11:30 a.M. This is only for my reference, so I might say it’s a quote. Maybe every day I’d like to post a quote: okay and I’m going to label it inspiration, okay and then we’re going to go next.

Where do you want to post it? I want to post it on my Pinterest and which board do I want to post it on great quotes? I have a board called quotes right there, alright, and I want to put it on my Facebook page and it’s also called quotes. Okay. So, let’s go to the next button thing. I just want you to see that you can post it two places at once. Now this is a place where I can say something I can put the quote or the hashtags.

You have to be careful on whatever platforms. You’re on make sure whatever you’re doing that they all take it. For instance, if I was putting a really long passage for Facebook, I can’t put that on Pinterest and I can’t put that on Twitter. So since I’m just putting a quote, it’s going to be fine for both. So keep that in mind, especially if you’d like to put lengthy posts in your Facebook page. I say I just put a corny quote: the early bird gets the worm.

I put three hashtags: both of them will work with Pinterest and it will work with my Facebook page. If you want to put a URL in there like like right down here, you can put a picture. You can put a article and anything like that that you want I’m going to leave those alone for right now for the sake of time, and we will continue now one thing before I go right here where it says: hashtag you, if you have certain hashtags, that You use all the time like if you use hashtag, and I use my name – let’s say: okay, I use my own name as a hashtag.

A lot I can. I can save it. Okay and then here’s another one. Hashtag start your own business goodness and then up here I didn’t hit the inner. Oh that’s the name of the collection, okay, alright, so you can, you can save your hashtags and then you can go in and grab them whenever you want them. Okay, now, once I hit next, it says fine tune. It is there anything that you want to do. Here’s where you can add content, media specific to each blog, so on Pinterest I could put a link to my YouTube, blog or a YouTube article.

I could do the same thing with Facebook actually, but I’m not going to add anything. But this is where each one of your platforms, you can customize it and make sure it fits. Maybe you did have a big paragraph that you wanted to add to Facebook to go with that quote. Maybe you wanted to explain how it’s touched your life and tell a story. This is where you can add it. Okay, so I’m just going to hit, got it and then they’re going to give you some tips about you know was that the best time this is Facebook, it’s telling me simple status posts are not recommended.

Why don’t you try and share a link or an image or a article, so they’re saying you’re, just putting a post? You need to add some more to it. So they’re going to give you some ideas, what’s going to make it better than what it is, alright, which is awesome for each one of your individual posts. So then you can fine-tune each one from now. I’ve never seen on a social media management platform where you can actually pick your audience.

Okay, so you can say these are the preferred audience that I want to see what I’m posting. So, if you’re you’ve already started your business, you have a target audience. You can target your audience here, we’re just going to go in and pick. I don’t really masters, I’m just picking some things interest. You can type them in and locations. You can type them in okay. So let’s go next all right now I can save it.

I can schedule it or I can post it. So if I’m not sure if I’m finished, I can go ahead and save it. I could schedule it right now or I can publish it right away. So I’m going to schedule it just so you can see, because this is a scheduler. Now Pinterest wants a picture you’re not allowed to post anything on Pinterest without a picture. So the whole system stopped me and said: you can’t schedule it until you have a post.

So up here the picture the little photo icon was in green, so all’s I have to do is hit that and then I can go ahead and pull up a picture from my browser. So I’m going to do that right now now. Basically, it brought me back to step 3 where it said, define what you want to put on each page. So just a hint when you get do any Pinterest, you want to make sure you have some pictures. Now I have some chickens as I went into my folder and I grabbed it real quick.

It happened to be on my desktop again. I would not post this. I just want you to see the steps and how easy it is to follow. So there’s my chicken with their head sticking out, it goes kind of with the the quote. Early bird gets the worm right that all works, all right, so let’s hit next and now we’re going to post to our Facebook and to Pinterest. So that is an old picture. I don’t have that horse trailer anymore, that’s an old one, all right again, it tells me the different things that I need to do, do and prove it, and then I hit next after my improvements and now we are going to look at our audience.

It’s already been picked, let’s go next and now I’m going to schedule and that’s what we’ve been waiting for. How do you schedule again? It takes time and thought, but remember you’re, doing it all in one block in a day or two and you’ve got you can schedule out for the entire month. I have another tip for you before this is over about scheduling that I learned from somebody else. That is ahead of me, okay, so we are going to put this on Facebook and we’re going to schedule it.

It says scheduled and then we’re going to schedule it. I scheduled it for today at 11:30 and it’s been scheduled to both places and it’s ready to go so I can have everything. Go it’ll publish to all my accounts that I wanted to go to and it’s done so. If you publish like three times a day or twice a day or even once a day on various accounts, everything will go out at the same time and I’ve just done the work once I don’t have to go into each of those accounts and you’re going to Get better at it as you go, you might, even during the month as you have ideas, start a folder get a Dropbox or a google doc, I’m folder and just start throwing things in there.

If you have some images or some quotes that you like to start throwing them in there and then when it’s time to sit down and do the next month, you have all your stuff. Now here’s my tip to end the day after just come up with three really good months, like 90 days of posts, okay, three good months, maybe even four and then after you use them, recycle them go back in and you can recycle them and use them all Over again, so you don’t have to keep recreating them over and over now once in a while, especially on Facebook, you might have something personal that you want to add or something that you really want to share.

That’s lengthy! You can go into paint Facebook on your own and just post stuff like that, the current stuff, but that stuff that you want to post. You know some quotes some inspirations. Some you might teach some things about the business that you’re in to help people maybe you’re into oils, and you have different products that you want to share like what they do, how they help improve their life.

Things like that, you will just post it and it’ll be on its own rotation. So there’s my tip so you’re doing a lot of work in the beginning. You get that system in place and then you don’t have to keep touching it, except when you go in to reschedule them to recycle them. Okay, so one day a month, it’s going to turn into maybe a half a day, or maybe two two hours after you recycle and you just saved yourself a heck of a lot of time.

I hope this was helpful to you. The link is below you see how easy it is to post get the 15 day free trial check it out. There are various social media management programs out there. I like this one because of how simple it is to use, and it will just post everything for you all at once. I like the fact that they’re getting ready to add Instagram, I know that’s a big deal to people and sometimes the companies that have instant are charging higher prices which isn’t fair so anyway.

This one is economical, check it out and don’t forget to subscribe to. My blog and click that button for notifications every Monday, Wednesday Friday, I will have a new article out, for you have a great day and again thanks for reading

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How to Use Email Marketing with Shopify Dropshipping 2019

Now, if you’re not already using email, you’re making a huge mistake, and in this very article I’m going to walk you through all of the basics as to how you can implement it and why it’s so important to have it implement it onto your store.

So with that being said, be sure to go ahead and stick through this entire article, because it’s going to be value, packed with a ton of content and walking you, through literally every single step on how to successfully set up email marketing for your store and making More money from your customers and also increasing longevity of your brand and the value of your customers over longer periods of time.

So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and get started right now, alright, guys, first and foremost, I want to walk you through a few of the principles as to why and how email is so important and how it should be incorporated into your store to align With your brand and ensure that you’re doing things at the right way and not diluting your email list, killing your conversions and making sure that you’re getting the most out of your ad spend now just like many of the drop shippers, all of us are going out There and spending a good amount of money on advertising to go ahead and get traffic to our stores.

Now, if you’re not utilizing automated email on the back end for all that traffic, that comes through your store, then quite frankly, you’re wasting a ton of money on what you went ahead and acquired now. Yes, you have all that data from your advertising, but, quite frankly, you also have these emails, whether it’s through abandoned carts or purchases, that you can leverage to increase your sales on your store with absolute ease.

So with that being said, I’m going to walk you guys through the principles as to how all of this works and the basic automated funnels that you can go ahead and set up to make sure that you’re not doing this day in and day out and breaking Your back trying to make sure that your emails are up to point when all this could very well be automated a lot of people, overcomplicate, email marketing. Quite frankly, it’s one of the biggest mistakes to go ahead and look away from it.

Just because you think it’s complicated because in this article I’m going to even give you my free email templates that you can plug and play to make sure that you’re doing this all properly. So before we get started into post, purchase, email and those kinds of email processes make sure you go ahead and drop an insightful comment below to be eligible for a free 30-minute consultation call I’ll, be revealing the winner in the next article.

That is going to be coming out next week. Now, the winner of that free consultation call. There will be one lucky winner that will be announced in next week’s article and once they go ahead and get announced, I will go ahead and contact them and then we’ll book that 30-minute consultation goal to go over and review any part of your shopify drop shipping Business so with that being said, let’s go ahead and move forward into post purchase processes, and now what I want to talk about right here is the importance of setting up emails after a customer purchases, an item from your store now, whether they had a purchase of You know five dollars or all the way up to a few hundred dollars.

You want to make them feel welcomed and build that connection now. Email marketing is one of the most important touch points that you should be incorporating into your business, because there are a lot of things that you can go ahead and do through the post purchase process. You do things such as educate them on the product that they just purchased, give them some sort of tutorial on how to use it and build up that perceives value and excite them to actually receive their order.

Second, you can also reduce their buyer’s remorse. I know that there’s a lot of people reading this article right now or I’ve done it myself, I’ll confess to it. There have been plenty of times where I’ve purchased something online and then a few days later, I’m wondering did I really need this or should I have really purchased this, and what you can do here is send those post purchase emails to begin to inform them and Let them know rest assured that their products on the way and that’s what they should be excited for it or even offer them a discount or welcome to your community by giving them some sort of education or value to your actual business.

Now this can be any sort of medium of content, maybe a article, a blog post, a tutorial on how to use your products and so on so forth to make sure that they actually feel welcomed and that they’re actually building a connection with your brand. Now. This is going to allow you to go ahead and build the longevity of your brand and gain a higher LTV out of your customers, which is a lifetime value of your customers, meaning that there’s a higher chance that they’ll come back and purchase more products from your Store, rather than just that, simple one-time sale and that’s one of the big advantages that we have over people that are selling on Amazon is that you could simply go ahead and find one customer that could purchase from you over and over again.

Whereas Amazon, you don’t get to build that relationship in connection with your customers and build a brand that is to last a long time. You can only live off of one-off sales for so long and supplementing your sales with repeat. Customers is one of the most valuable things that you can do to build a real sustainable business online. So, second, we’re going to talk about abandoned cart emails, which is how you can go ahead and regain lost sales if you’re, just letting your abandoned, cart, sit there or you’re.

Sending basic Shopify generated, abandoned, cart, emails you’re, simply not doing enough and not trying enough to actually regain that sale. Now, some people maybe didn’t want to pay shipping, or they got distracted and didn’t get to complete their order whatever it may be. You want to make sure that that is a personalized email, making sure that they are ready to go ahead and close that sale and the best and easiest way possible.

So in this article, once we go ahead and jump into my computer, I’m going to walk you through exactly how to set up a successful, abandoned, cart funnel, which is going to be super super important for people that are losing sales on the checkout page. So with that being said, let’s go ahead and dive into my computer right now. We’re also going to be diving, some other fundamentals, in addition to the stuff that we just talked about, such as sending flash broadcast emails to make sure that you’re spiking up your sales on times that are potentially down for your ads and also how to go ahead.

And set up dynamic, high converting emails, rather than generic emails that you may send every other day and stuff that might break your back because, quite frankly, all of this should be automated. You shouldn’t be going into your Shopify dashboard, pulling out your customers and sending them emails through your personal email account every day, because it’s just stupid and it’s wasting your time and money.

This should be automated stuff that is literally plug-and-play, so that once customers go through your funnels and go through your store that you have everything set up to maximize the value of every single store visitor with your business. So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and dive into my computer right now, so I could walk you through setting all this up right now so before we dive into my computer, don’t forget to drop that insightful comment to be eligible for a 30 minute.

Free consultation call and also there’s a bunch of free tools and resources in the description below that you should 100 % referred to it’s going to be super helpful for you guys and your businesses. So let’s go ahead and dive into my computer right now, all right guys! As you can see, we are now inside of my computer, and this is the dashboard of mail funnels. The automated email funnel app for Shopify all right.

So me and my team went ahead and made this application for the sole purpose of making email marketing easy and also since I’m presenting it to you today, I wanted to give you guys access to a 14-day, a trial which you can get down in the description Below and you can go ahead and give us a world go ahead and give it a test drive and if it works for your business, I guarantee it’ll pay for itself and more.

And if you don’t like it, you can literally cancel within the first 14 days of signing up for that free trial without ever being billed a single penny. So let me walk you guys through this entire platform, real quick and let you know exactly how to use it: how to set up these automated set-and-forget email funnels. So, as you can see, if you’re on the dashboard right now – and this is just a dummy account that I’m going to be walking you through so over here, you can see our weekly report, everything that’s going on with the app and we’re going to go ahead And start building out automated email funnels.

So let’s go to our funnel builder here to get started, and let me show you exactly what we’re going to be building our funnels around so over here we could just name this. You know test funnel one and then just give it a random description wherever you want, but most importantly, we want to focus on the triggers. So this is what starts an email sequence for your customers, based on the actions that you’re taking within your store.

So we have product purchase, we have product refund and also cart abandonment. These are the three primary ones that we have right now and also in the coming week. We’re going to be able to go ahead and send emails and create new triggers based on newsletters and also the minimum amount of money that certain customers have spent on your store or the LTV of your customers. So, for example, if someone has spent over a hundred dollars on your store and the entire duration of them being an existing customer, then they’re going to be put into a unique email series themselves.

And, of course, you could go ahead and customize that amount to set up to whatever you want to be able to be essentially a value threshold that will go ahead and send these customers an email based on what they’re doing, and you can go ahead and mark It to them accordingly, so for this example, we’re going to go ahead and just do a basic cart, abandonment, email and you could go ahead and even move forward with actually segmenting that specific, funnel with the specific products that you want, the funnel to be built for, But in this case we’re going to go ahead and do any product and we’re going to create a new email list so that we know every one that goes out and abandons cart is going to be on their own email list in our store.

So with that being said, we have that set up now we want to go ahead and build an email for that funnel. So let’s go ahead and build our drag-and-drop email with mail funnel. So this going to be our AC number one round description. You forgot this for the subject and then we’re going to go ahead and move forward with actually building this actual template now believe it or not. This is super easy for you to go ahead and do because we have all these pre-built content templates for you to actually work off of if you’ve never built good, looking emails or emails in general before so with that you can go ahead and check out our Dump for you email templates, we have a abandoned, cart, template right here, a post purchase and also a refund template, and that’s for, like all of our three basic triggers, and also in addition to that.

You have all these other categories that you can go ahead and check out to build the emails you desire, but, most importantly, one of my favorite ones that we have is the dynamic cart. So when we go ahead and plug this into our actual email template. This is going to adhere to whatever your customers are engaging with, so whatever products were in your customers. Cart, it’s literally going to pull the first three items that were in their cart and then plug them into this email, with the specific variance, the quantity that they had selected and more and then also at the bottom of this email.

It has a dynamic button over here and then also in this sub headline here that will direct them back to their actual checkout page with all of their shipping information all of the products in their cart and the variance already fulfilled in there, rather than bringing them Back to the actual website, or back to the cart page and everything is already pre fulfilled, reducing the hoops to jump through for your customers and also increasing your conversion rate on these emails into actual sales for your store.

So this placeholder right here is actually going to pull the first product image listed and Shopify for your product, so they’ll be reminded of exactly what’s in their cart: it’ll pull the product name, the variant, the color and the quantity or whatever options that you have for That specific product and actually go ahead and give them that button so, rather than leaving guys with just this template and all these placeholders, I want to show you guys how this actually looks in real life action.

So I’m going to go ahead and send a test email to myself here and you guys can do this if you have an account as well so literally just go to this little drop down menu and you do send test email. So you can go ahead and see what your emails look like before you start sending them to your customers. So we simply just go ahead and select any random product on our store and then we’re going to go ahead and send it to ourself.

So we’re going to send it to mail funnels at gmail.Com. This is just a junk email. Don’t send any emails here. Our real email address, if you wan na contact us, is support at fungals. Calm so be sure to go ahead and do that rather than spam. This email address cuz, you won’t get a response so over here we have this email that just came in and it says you forgot this for the subject and then right there.

We have our actual template here for the email address. So this is our dynamic. Cart. Template and both this link right here and the button at the bottom of the screen, will take them back to their checkout page. Alright. So with that, that is exactly what our dynamic cart template looks like, and if you wanted to go ahead and enhance it or add stuff around it, you could literally drag and drop whatever you desire below or above it or even within it.

So let’s say you wanted to go ahead and add an extra image somewhere, for example, and maybe show an entire collection. You could go ahead and add that at the bottom of your email, so that’s just a simple example of how to go ahead and build an email on mail funnels and then you can go ahead and simply plug it into your funnels here. So, let’s go ahead into our abandoned, cart, funnel and we’re going to add our first action to our email sequence.

So we’ll simply just label this, you know follow up number one, and then we select our email template, which is our EC one, that we just created and we’re going to go ahead and send this 10 minutes after someone abandons cart and we simply connect the nodes Right here and press save – and next thing you know people are able to go ahead and get this email on complete auto-pilot without you ever having to dive into your store and send some generic email that doesn’t convert or really adhere to what your customers been doing.

In their activity on your store, so with that being said, this is literally just a simple one: email sequence for your abandoned, cart. Funnel. Of course, you can add a bunch more after this literally, you could build out a seven or ten or 14-day sequence after this very first email and make sure that you’re doing your best to regain sales without being too spammy and making sure that you’re actually engaging With your customers – and you can do this with post-purchase emails, abandon cart, emails or refunds, and then soon to be in our next update in the coming week, is going to be newsletters and value-based triggers for your email funnel.

So all of this is extremely powerful for you to go ahead and move forward with, and actually once you sign up for mail funnels, you get our complete email templates for every single sequence that we offer on the platform so that you can go ahead and start Building your funnels, let me copy and paste our actual ad copy into your templates to make sure that you have everything set up in a matter of minutes.

So with that being said guys, it’s super easy to go ahead and get started with this platform. So if you’re, not utilizing email, you’re, simply just making a huge mistake and leaving all of this extra money and sales on the table and with mail funnels, we want to make things as easy to use as possible and also super affordable. Other platforms go out there and charge a significant amount for their services.

Meanwhile, this is going to cover all of your basic needs and it’s super super affordable and we even give you that free trial to get started so moving forward with all of these different types of funnels that you can go and create. Of course, we have our post purchase, email sequences and our wind back campaigns for refunds, so with post purchase sequences, we would want to go ahead and build out stuff that is going to increase.

Customer loyalty get them back to your store to spend more money, and also, if you wanted to, you, could offer them incentives to come back such as discounts. So this is a great way to really build out the longevity of your email list and if you wanted to go ahead and send them updates at any given time with mail funnels, you can go ahead and send a broadcast to any list that you desire. So let’s say you don’t have any emails on your store, nothing that’s gone through your funnels! Then.

If you wanted to go ahead, you can literally just export your leads from Shopify by pressing Shopify customers and you could add all of your emails from Shopify right into mail funnels with a literal single click of a button. And if you don’t want to do that, you could literally go ahead and import a list of leads through a CSV which is an Excel or numbers file and import. Those leads right here through our CSV importer, and if you wanted to take your leads out of mail funnels, you can export it through the CSV exporter.

So with that being said, super-easy, if you have an existing email list, this is your gok├╗ way to increase your sales instantly. So let’s say on Tuesdays: your ads don’t perform as well, and you want to go ahead and send out an email blast to all your existing subscribers to keep your sales up. You can do that by literally importing your leads and sending them a flash sale or some sort of broadcast, depending on what kind of promotion you would want to do.

Maybe you want to do 30 % off site-wide or give them a coupon code to go ahead and do something or a buy one get one promo whatever you want to do. You can literally adhere to whatever you want, build an email within five minutes or less with our drag-and-drop builder and send it out through our broadcasting capabilities with Mal funnels, because we don’t limit your email sending here. So with that being said guys, it’s you easy to go ahead and build out broadcast and then also you get all of your analytics for every broadcast, such as the amount of people that clicked opened and received your actual emails, and we even give you in-depth analytics After you send them for those of you that are sending those bigger broadcasts, so with that being said, guys be sure to go ahead and try out mail funnels for 14 days for a hundred percent free.

All you have to do is go down to the description below and you can sign up for your free trial or will instantly send you your free email, templates, the plug and play and start building out your funnels and also you’ll start making money on your store. That you wouldn’t have had before, if you didn’t, have these built out the generic emails that Shopify sends out with your abandoned cart. Emails are really not good and don’t convert very well in comparison to something that’s personalized and completely dynamic, based on what your customers are doing and you can add whatever content below or above it, and fully build out that email.

How you want it to look so with that being said guys, it is super easy to get started and also you could start rolling out these funnels for your win back campaigns and if you want those free email templates, so you don’t have to go through the Process of trying to think what to put into your emails, you can literally follow our hand, guided templates once you go ahead and sign up, it’s the first thing that we send you in that very welcome email with your login credentials.

So if you do enjoy mail phones and it’s something that you’re interested in or you simply enjoyed this article be sure to drop it. An insightful comment down below give me some feedback. Let me know what you’re thinking we’ve made some massive changes to this platform in the past few months and pretty much revamp everything from the inside out by way of our team and infrastructure, to make sure that our emails are sending better than ever and also our Services are more reliable than ever and brand-new support staff to go ahead and make sure that you guys have all of your needs covered at any given time.

Also, if you guys want to see more of the intricate details of the actual emails being put together step-by-step or you want to go ahead and see more email, marketing information just like this go ahead and drop a comment down below, and let me know what you Guys want to see next out of the blog, and, if you enjoyed this article, do not forget to go ahead and smash that, like button, we have a ton of free resources in the description below, for you guys to access at any given moment, such as our Free course, our free accelerator program application, that’s still open for a very limited amount of time and then also our mail funnels free trial, where you get 14 days of free email sending and those done for you, email templates, so without any further ado, Anthony Matt Sloan.

Here signing off on this article, let me know what you guys want to see next on the blog drop a comment down, and let me know what you guys want to see. Also you’ll automatically be qualified for the free consultation called giveaway, so I’ll be seeing you guys in the next article


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Best Social Media Scheduler (Social Media Management Tool)

Today I want to show you how to use lumely it’s a social media management tool, and I want to show you how easy it is to use. So you can schedule some of your social media posts. There are some posts that you want to keep them upgraded or updated and on schedule, specifically your Facebook fan page. If you’re making sure that you’re getting some posts and every day to show activity, then you want to make sure it’s scheduled.

So you don’t have to go in every day and do it now. If you have a Facebook group, typically in a group, you can schedule them as far in advance as you want. That feature is built into the group, but it is not built in to your fanpage last time. I checked if somebody knows a way they can share below, but I have found myself going in and certain time every day you know making sure I get that post in or I miss it.

So I started using lumely now this one here is a demo account and then I set up for you – and this is what your page looks like when you come in. There is a 15-day free trial, so go in and play around with it, and I’m going to show you a couple of features that I really like about this. It doesn’t only post to Facebook and post to other places as well and, for instance, I like to build my content on YouTube and for me to go into several different places to share my articles.

It takes time I can come in here to lumely and put out the same article on all my platforms at once. Now I don’t go in and make four and five posts a day, I’m strategic. I pay attention to what I want to post and then I put it out on all my platforms at once and it saves me a lot of time. So I don’t want you to think that I’m saying go out and post on all these social media places. Four and five times a day: that’s not what I’m suggesting that you do, that’s being busy, not productive.

I just talked about that a couple days ago. This is being productive. This is saving you time and you’re being intentional, with the content that you’re putting out lumely. Does that for you, this is the first thing that you have to do is go through and set up your account. I did that. I have a article at the end of this article on how to set the account up. So I’ve brought you through those steps, and I made this demo company account now in that account I’m going to go ahead and post on a calendar.

I love this view. I am global. I like to see everything at once, so I can go in and look at my calendar and say: okay on Fridays, let’s go down here on Tuesday. I want to add a post. So let’s do that and I want my post to be posted around three o’clock in the afternoon, so we’re going to build a post from there now it takes time to get this all together but, like I said once it’s there, it goes to all your social Media platforms at once now I’m going to call it.

Let’s say I’m going to do a YouTube article that I made on email, marketing, okay, for instance, and I might label it email if I want. If I want to sort my posts, I can do that. Then I hit next and you just keep going through the steps. Now, here’s where you, when you set it up, you can do Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, and I can’t remember what that one was. But anyway, I think I have mine set up right now on Pinterest and Facebook, but I’m just going to do Facebook.

Let’s do both of them Facebook and now it’s saying which board do you want to put it on because of that, I’m not going to put it on there, but well, let’s do that. I have a take that back. I think I have an email marketing board. So let’s go ahead and put that email marketing right there say so I’m going to put an email marketing article out to those two places. So then I hit next and I might say, I’m just going to say email marketing, blah blah blah.

Maybe I’m sharing five steps on how to make your emails better or so more people will open them and right here I can download my article I can go into my article account, get the article link that I want to share and bring it over here. I’r not going to do it right now because it takes time to load it, but just so you see I’ve got emails made about email marketing. I can be intentional about posting something about that.

I’r going to spend a little bit more time. I’r going to talk about. Are you struggling with email? Marketing here are five tips that will help your email, marketing rate open rate go up or something like that. Now, let’s say for the sake of this article. Let’s say I don’t want to share a article. Maybe you want to share a pic with an inspirational quote or something like that, because it’s nice to put those inspirational quotes in there to encourage people, and let’s say you want to put a photo in there.

Well, maybe you don’t have a photo. This is a nice feature, I can go here and it takes me right to unsplash where I can go in and browse and get a photo. So let’s say I want to do a photo with the sunset as an example, and you know just to kind of inspire people and have a quote with it that I type in and here’s some sunset photos, and these are free and you can pick the one That you want, let’s pick that one so then I’m going to insert it like.

I said I started out talking about a article, but I wanted that to come up pretty quick. It takes less time, but you have these right at your fingertips. So maybe you already have a selection of quotes that you’d like to use – or maybe you were talking to somebody about you – know taking some time to relax, don’t get overwhelmed. Sometimes you have to take time for yourself, and maybe you can write a nice post about that and then put a very inspiring photo with it.

So I just want to show you how you can do that so now we’re going to hit next and now it’s going to go to my Facebook, feed or my facebook stories, I’m going to leave it on the feed and here’s what I can do about Facebook As well and again I could put the quote: I could write a big long passage or I could write something about the article in Facebook. You can add more than one picture, so this is where I get to customize each one of my platforms.

Pinterest. I probably need to just put a picture put something quick on it. Not too many words send them to my article here in Facebook. I could put three or four photos to talk about a sequence of something, but I can spend a little bit more time. Have more lengthy text, so I can each one of my social media platforms. I can make the the content fix the platform if that makes sense, but I’m talking about the same thing on all of my different platforms, all right.

So let’s go to the next page, and this is kind of neat on Facebook. You can select a target or audience. Are you trying to select an audience that you’re trying to meet and again? This is something that you want to take a little bit of time. If you’re just trying to hit everybody, then just hit everybody, but if you’re looking at just hitting certain people, you can go ahead and target an age like.

I don’t really want it hit it. You know a 13-year old, so I might up that to 24 or something like that all right and then I’m going to go next and then schedule my post. I can save it as a draft and come back or I can create it right now and or I can schedule it. So it’s that simple and let’s go ahead and schedule it now and then I want to take you back to the calendar to show you what that looks like okay, all right.

So let’s go back to our calendar and there you go. I have to pose. Oh, that’s, not pretty cool. So if you have a certain system that you use for Pinterest, maybe you want to post everyday, maybe Facebook – you have certain days of the week but you’re going to see those little social media logos there and it lets. You know. What’s already scheduled and what isn’t you can also go here and look at the list view which is kind of nice, and you can see exactly what you have posted and you can go in there and edit it if you’d like, and you can duplicate your post.

So earlier, when I talked about setting up lumely, I also talked about I’m going to say this again. Let’s say I have three months worth of posts that I made. I can go in here and duplicate the post and reschedule it for four months later, or maybe I want to do six months of it at a time and recycle everything again. That’s what I love about scheduling that I can sit here. I can take the time I can get it all scheduled out and then once everything is in here you can start recycling everything that you have and it just looks fresh because you know – and I know on Facebook, especially you’re – not getting every single post – that every Single one of your friends is creating.

It just doesn’t happen that way so and if you have a friend, that’s getting a lot of your posts, they’re not going to remember something and post it 90 days ago. Maybe they will and then it must have been a really good post, but in general most people aren’t going to remember – or maybe they didn’t read it fully the last time and they see it again. They want to read it but recycle your content and that’s where the job starts getting easier because you’re getting smarter, you’re working, smarter, not harder lumely.

I love it. It’s very, very, very easy to use, and you have six platforms that you can post to now. A lot of people ask about Instagram they. You cannot schedule a post to automatically post on Instagram, but you can post it and then it’s going to say when it’s time you can schedule it excuse me you can schedule it and then, when it’s time to post it you’re going to get a notification on Your phone or on your laptop, however, you set it up, it’s going to say it’s ready, then you just hit a button and so right now that’s the way.

It is lumely promises that they’re going to make it better, but that’s where it’s at so you still can schedule it, while you’re scheduling everything else. I hope that was helpful. I hope this is a tool that you can use this year to make your life easier and be more intentional, being more focused and give yourself more time for other things. Okay, so again, thank you for reading. If you have any questions, ask them below I’d.

Be happy to answer those for you don’t forget to subscribe to my blog hit that notification tab. I see I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on YouTube, so that I can help you build your business, especially in affiliate marketing. All right guys have a good one and I’ll see you in the next article

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How I Became An Instagram Influencer | WUW Highlight

Listening is like okay, that’s a big jump right doesn’t graduate high school was working at the kiosk in the mall now she’s on the wake up wealthy podcast, you know got this passive brand. Like the happened, okay, so I you know, let me fast-forward a bit I’m going to go into like a correctly okay. I went through so many jobs.

I went through so many jobs. I wait. I was in a Thomas assistant. I was a waitress. I did bottle service in Hollywood. I I worked at Hooters at one point. Tips were great. I I did everything I was just always hustling. I was constantly moving doing so many different things and when social media came around, I remember buying was the first platform that I jumped off jumped on um again adapting to this Lake.

I don’t really care what people think of me mode. I would like quick articles on vine that were really funny just making a fool of myself really or just saying completely out of line things or giving my opinion on things that a lot of people didn’t agree with, but some did that some found it funny. I started to get a lot of followers and a lot of like comments, a lot of random people, just like jumping on saying this is check.

This is funny and vine had the revine feature where you just keep rewinding him. Couple of my toes were were sexually viral online. Then I started meeting others that were now the term is influencers right. First, that it was no germ for it was just so. You have a lot of white. You have a lot of rebind, so you have a lot fallers cool. Why don’t we collaborate on a stupid article, so I worked with Cody Jones.

I worked with a lot of these influencers that were online at the time and that that kind of just showed me that there was a platform where you can get a lot of get an audience yeah that soon died and I jumped on Instagram and that’s so Crazy me, so let’s talk about that for a minute, so, like fine he’s really like so okay, so I’ve been like, I had a Facebook or whatever, but I didn’t have

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HOW TO BECOME A MODEL (my story & steps you should take)

Welcome back we’d, said, hey guys, so it’s me from the editing dimension. This article is super long, so here’s a timestamp you can jump to if you just want to get to my story on how we started modeling and how to become a model yourself. So yeah. Thank you guys so much for reading. So today, I’m making a article and chill sit-down article to talk to you guys about something that you have requested a lot since I started my blog and it’s making a article about how I started modeling um.

Now you might be wondering: how is that ugly modeling? What so, I’m going to tell you like my backstory to Leona bum, I myself have a little bit of a deep talk and then get on to like the more technical details of how I actually got into the industry. What it’s like for me and so and so forth? Okay! So I’m going to start a little bit about myself started a little bit about myself. I am 19 years old, as some of you know already.

I have modeled since I was 15 before modeling. I never really considered myself, but at least when I was like in fifth grade sixth grade. I always had a really low self esteem and I was very self. What’s the word, what’s the word insecure, I was always really insecure about what I looked like. I wasn’t attractive whatsoever, I was, I was still a child, but you know at that age. You already know you know about being attractive and or whatever cuz.

You know. You start your friends start dating and your classmates start dating people and you’re like a boy and such and such and when I was in fifth grade, I had the biggest crush on this boy and he didn’t like me back. He just didn’t like me back. He liked other girls, my class and I tried so hard. I was so obviously like I was so cringy, but anyways yeah. I I always felt like the dove of my friend group.

I had a really pretty friend, and you know it was a typical situation where boys come up to you and talk to you just to get your friends number or you know. Do you think you can help me out with your friend stuff like that, and so I always had it like a really low self-esteem of my appearance. I actually don’t have any pictures that I can show you of what I look like, because I have them in my computer back in Costa Rica, so yeah, I don’t have any online and you know so yeah.

It was like very unsecure um and I I know I knew – and I know now still that I wasn’t attractive whatsoever – a same story with another boy in sixth grade. I liked him. I asked him to basically ask him out, which was a really bad idea, and I literally just got projected. I experienced rejection a lot when I was younger but as time went by, I think it was on sixth grade seventh grade. Actually, I think it was seventh grade that was the fifth grade.

Sixth grade, then in the seventh grade I started using tumblr. You know all those things that teenagers use if you’re reading this you know like what I mean and I found I stumbled upon. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and I was shocked like I was stunned by these girls. I I know it’s not the best example. You know it can get a little bit unhealthy to set them as a standard, but I’m not going to lie to you guys.

That’s what got me into modelling. First, I saw these beautiful women walking down the runway. Sorry, I have like a lot of Spada names. Just so it’s been um and being so confident and so beautiful and I was like damn I want to be this. I want to be this girl’s, I I don’t know like it wasn’t like only because they were so hot, but because of the confidence they showed. I don’t know so. I remember stumbling upon this when I was like 12, I was 12 and 7th grade actually because I skipped a grade.

So yes, I was told so I was reading this. I remember stumbling up on it and, like literally, there was no one at home that one day because my mom was like working, and so I was just like in my room reading. All these Pedroia secret fashion shows – and I was like – oh my god. This is so cool like I just want to walk down that runway, so the first thing I did was I went. I finished reading rain, I went to my mom’s closet and stole some shoes and use the hallway on my house and I just started practicing walking like as if I were in a runway and yeah.

I did that like that has really I don’t know. I did that for weeks like every single day when there was someone at home, I would just think put on my mom’s shoes and, like practice, my runway, which is so cute now that I think about it, but, along with that also came kind of the unhealthy Part of it that it was image, so, yes, I was, I started being more aware of what was attractive and what was not that’s when I I feel like for me.

That’s when I remember like noticing more of my flaws for the first time my flaws and trying to fix them. That included my hair. My face my skin, my body, especially my body, because I literally like ate McDonald’s with my dad every single week and I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle. So I wasn’t fate, but I wasn’t fat. You know it was just skinny fat. If you know what I mean, so I was really insecure about that and well saying these want women like with these chiseled bodies that they probably prepared a lot for it, especially for that day, it kind of gave me not a bad example, but you know a That was a realistic um, especially for a thirteen-year-old, so I started um holding back on eating, I’m not going to say to start myself because I didn’t start myself, but I I was very like a low point where I just where I wanted to start myself.

I wanted to have an eating disorder because I wanted to lose weight and I I remember working out a fiscal day in my house reading some article from a YouTube blog that I made fitness articles and workout routines that was called Victoria’s Secret model ABS. I remember. Reading that article every single day and following it and to this day I have memorized that whole workout and I do it at the gym.

Like that’s what I do when I go to the gym, like I readed it so much for like two years straight. So anyways, that’s how I started getting into what would be physical appearance and modeling, and so I reach the point in my life, where I was where I started being more presentable to what’s to society presentable like straightening, my hair, because I have curly hair. You know my hair is really really curly, I’m not going to like where was kinda shitty um, not because it was curly, but because I didn’t ever like treat it well and I didn’t do my curls were out curls well, so I was just like phrase mess It was completely dead, so I started doing my hair.

I started doing a little bit of makeup here and there and I got to a point where I was like 1450 and I might third my makeup. Basically, every single day, almost almost every single day I mean first school. I did it like a lighter makeup. I still didn’t make up every single day and so yeah. I got to a point where I was I’m going to say I was attractive, but I don’t know it is that more voice or into me or whatever, and you know that’s like the most obvious way, like the most obvious validation you can get in school.

Like you know, boys start liking, you you’re like, maybe maybe I’m not that ugly. You know I didn’t actually use Instagram until I was like 14 15 because they didn’t have a good phone. So when I started actually using Instagram, that’s why I found Kylie Jenner that started this whole wave. I am 100 % a believer that kylie jenner started the in the body wave of you know the fade. I browsed the big lashes that liner the over lining the lips.

She started that, like I’m sorry, but she did you know it’s the theme. Does it the oh. I started following all these insta baddies and I was like oh my god, they’re so pretty, and something I noticed of these and some bodies is that I’m literally going to call that mr. Body is like here are some examples up in somebody’s. If you want to see what I mean so something I notice about these antibodies that I have never noticed before on you know, girls that I looked up to is that these as the baddies had my skin color, and I know that sounds stupid, like their models Are black? There are models that are Hispanic.

You know like you’re, not you know the only one. You know they’re, not the only ones with this skin color, but they were getting so much attention and they had my skin color. They had my physical features of having a small nose. Having you know, foolish lips, you know and they were being priests for that. So I was like damn like Jesus. I should give it a try. You know you should start posting these pictures and you know um.

So my makeup, like them – and you know so you see what’s up and so I started posting pictures of me. I remember posting the first one. It was actually a boomerang. I was are more and more, and I reached out to pages that eventually featured me on their page. You know like like they were all cause like Maddie, Betty slay or like girls slay, or something like that. But I reached out to a couple literally, not too many and in no time pages that followed those pages were posted me and dad grew up to me having a bigger following um as time went by so with that being said, there were a lot of pictures Of my face on my Instagram and I had and I had a good following maybe like at that point I could have had like 10,000 followers, which is not a lot, but you know it has the K next to it, and you know people notice that at The beginning, I didn’t like get noticed by anyone in my country or anything like that.

Like I didn’t know anyone to be honest, I didn’t know anyone. I was in a school where no, it’s not like a big school in the country, so I didn’t have like you know. I, my friends were literally my friends from school and I stuck to that. My dad actually owned a theater where he and he rented it to like people who wanted to do events in their theater and he rented it to a lot of people that wanted to give lessons like acting lessons or modeling lessons.

And so this girl came and she was like: hey, I’m going to be renting your space for modeling class, so yeah I laughed, and that was like. Oh I’m going to tell my daughters, so they can show your class if they’re interested and at this point I’ve only done like literally pictures on my phone for Instagram, like literally selfies for Instagram, like I had no experience modeling whatsoever, though I was like okay, like I was a little scared, but I still decided to go and I went to these lessons they weren’t.

To be honest. They weren’t that great, like they were basic stuff. You know it was fun. I got to meet a lot of people, but you know it’s really basic, but I realized that he loved modeling, I loved, posing in front of a camera. I only got to do one shoot that wasn’t paid. It was just like a test shoot, and so it was fine. I kept posting on Instagram like I was doing my thing whatever so time goes by.

I was in a new school by this point. You know making my friends whatever um and I got a message from a big photographer and this photographer. He worked with models that were in the big ass agency. I wanted to join and so he was like hey. I love your face. I think you wouldn’t look great in my pictures. Do you want to shoot – and I was like? Oh my god, this dude is asking me to shoot with him like this is my biggest dream like this? Is this is my time to shine as my tempted to do it? You know don’t make it.

He also had like a lot of a lot of followers and like a lot of context, of course I was excited because then you know each of this would get to see me and his fade. You know I would have something to start my portfolio because I didn’t have any content for it. So I went to that shoot and I remember um. You know going with my dad meeting him. You know – and I remember packing a huge, a suitcase like the one.

I’m packing right now to go to Paris. For a week I packed a suitcase of that size, full of outfits for my shoot with him. This guy’s name is Joseph bad he’s one of my best friends now look how far a meeting yes, Oh mother, going anyways! I was so excited to shoot with him, and you know the first food was cute. It was nice, you know he was super sweet, so yeah it was fun. I got my pictures and not long after that.

I got message by two different agencies, but one of them contacted me, tell me: hey: we want to meet you so come to this meeting, we’re going to have with oliver models, and so we can get to see you, and so I was like ok. So I went to that meeting. The other agency was just ready to sign me and this agency was like. Okay, like great, it was nice meeting you. I went to the meeting whatever I went back home and the other agency wanted to sign me.

So I went to like a trial first class because they also did like lessons like modeling classes, along with acting and other things. So I really like that dynamic that I was like very wholesome just to put it in words: um. I was really nice and then the other agency that met up with me before was like a so. We loved you we’re ready to sign you and I was like ooh sorry, I’m in another agency like too late, you’re too so join this other agency and I didn’t sign a contract.

Thank God not because the agency is a bad agency. I don’t want to talk about it because it it’s a good agency for people who don’t just want a model. That’s a good agency for people who have musical talents want to act, want to do different things, and I just I just didn’t, feel comfortable doing those things, and so I started feeling uncomfortable in that agency, and I one day I just told my agent, like hey, I’m sorry, I don’t think this is the right path for me.

Um, I’m not looking for this kind of you know education per se and to go to these classes. I had to travel like two hours a day, just to take lessons that I really wasn’t interested in taking and he saw that the other agency was actually doing a lot more modeling work and this past agency. I was and didn’t give me like a single job. I was just doing shoots here and there like test shoots, that they didn’t even find me that I had to find myself like it was just kind of messy.

So I just decided to switch to the other agency and they were more than happy to have me and welcome me to the agency, and it was just literally called the agency and it’s the agency guys like it’s. How much I started losing interest in that big. Other agency that I was interested in, I want to be in an agency that actually wants me, and I don’t want to be like you know, begging them to. Please sign me like please like no, like.

I want an agency that loves me. That was the best for me, like that’s why I love my agency so much so yeah. That’s how I got into the agency, I’m on the agency, I’m in they. They started, giving me jobs. I had my first paint modeling job through the agency and it just grew from there. I started going to shoots – maybe every almost every single week, if I wasn’t in she was, was in modeling classes or a job like literally you name it every single week.

I was doing something related to modeling before I came here to Hungary now, that’s how I started modeling. So in summary, I shot with one of the biggest photographers in my country and got signed to an agency that followed me and yeah. That’s how it happened. I think a lot of it also had to do with my Instagram. I don’t want to be like. I don’t want to discredit anyone for this process because it’s honestly it’s just like a mixture of everything, but I think a big part of it that some people don’t have or don’t mention or I don’t know – maybe don’t have it all and it’s my Instagram.

I think I worked a lot on branding myself, putting my face out there trying to be constant with my content. Only post good quality content um, you know trying to get my following up, so I could get more noticed and I think that helped a lot and the process of my agency finding me, because I’m not sure they found me through the photographer or through my Instagram, But either way the photographer found me through my Instagram, so it just all leads back to my Instagram and the image I started to give to the world.

That’s why I love Instagram so much, even though it does have you know it’s shady things. It also gives you a lot of opportunities to brand yourself, and you know just do whatever you want, literally literally, it’s not even only modeling, like with anything literally it with anything if you’re a doctor, and you want to grow your business and you have a really Good social media platform that I know I have examples, two examples actually from doctors in my country that are probably the most famous Plastic Surgeons and that’s because of their Instagram and their social media, like literally nothing else, nothing else like that’s literally what made them so Big, I mean, of course you know.

Their work is good and you know they can and it, but they have their like household names in my country for plastic surgeons, because they have been recognized due to their social media. I think social media I mean I could make a whole different article about social media branding yourself, but I think it is like a really big part that I don’t want to overlook so yeah so yeah that was uh. That was a little bit of me explaining how we started modeling, and I’m just going to tell you guys a little bit of what I’m doing here.

I’m not going to go into depth about my exchange year, my exchange year here in Hungary, because that is a topic of its own. Actually, when coming here, I didn’t expect to model at all, because European modelling European agencies only look for girls who are really really tall and as much as I wish, I were 180, I’m not I’m not 180 and I will never be 180. I’m 170, I’m not sure, because it just kind of fluctuates depending on who’s measuring me, but I’m 170, and so I went to this agency that contacted me here in Hungary and really character short sorry.

We can’t give you any jobs and I was like okay bye. Oh yeah, that’s basically what happened here! I’m hungry I’m not going to model here, because modelling European modeling is just not for me so yeah to kind of conclude. I just wanted like to tell you guys if you want a model, what you should do, because I know not let me play with the hair, because I know that not everyone is going to want to you know brand there’s the themselves in Instagram.

Without you know, having anything for sure you know it’s, I understand it might be a little bit intimidating and embarrassing to make your profile public and just start posting pictures of her face and, like your body like I know, it’s, not normal. Okay, no, I know it’s not normal trust me, but if you really want to model, I think what you should do is just look for photographers that are starting out photographers.

This is what I saw. Everyone who asked me how to start modeling look for photographers. It can be really good photographers reach out to them or really not bad but photographers that are just starting. You know and just say, hey like um. I I want to do a test shoot like what do you but Downey. I can see that you’re really a meal. I can don’t say that I can see that you’re starting off with your photography page and I’m starting off with modeling.

So maybe we can collaborate. It would be great if you have some pictures of you. Generally Polaroid Euler rates like this, just like that and send them, you can see them with a phone and send them to them. Like hey. I don’t have my profile public, but this is what I look like if you’re interested um, let me know, and just start off by shooting with photographer, so you have content to present to agencies when the time comes.

I think I think it’s really important to have a lot of experience, um, good or bad experience. I think works it’s good to have a big portfolio. It’s it’s good to know how to get used to a camera. I think it’s good to you know, learn a little bit of how it’s going to be. You know, if you’re, actually in the real modeling world um, you know you kind of get like a little taste of it. You know when you do a test shoot with it with a photographer and once you have this portfolio, you can send it to agencies basically anywhere anywhere in the world.

Thanks technology, you can send your pictures to local agencies that you know about or international agencies. I don’t know I’ve said my portfolios to international agencies. Many many times. I’ve not been accepted to any so far, but I’ve done it, and that is good. Rejection is good. Okay, rejection helps, rejection, helps y’all. Rejection is good, it’s good experience, believe it or not. I’m going to kind of stuck something at the beginning.

You know until you’re too short. You know that sucks, but it’s good. It keeps you going it’s like it hasn’t taken me aback, like I’m. Still, I’m still trying a contract. I’ve gotten rejected since that one time I asked that boy to be my boyfriend and he said no and look at me now h-huh also. I think it’s good to be aware that there are certain types of modeling that certain people won’t be able to do like.

For example, me I can’t do European modeling whatsoever high-fashion model. I can’t do that because I’m literally a midget to them I mentioned to them. I was a tallest girl in my class back in Costa Rica, but to them I’m a midget, so I think if you have a body type or a height, that is basically not fitting into certain types of modeling. I’m not saying don’t go for it. You know who knows about my work or not, I’m just saying try to find your niche and what actually works for you and what actually will be good business for you.

For example, if you’re like me, don’t go looking for a high-fashion job because you’re not going to get them, and it’s not that you’re not good enough. It’s simply. They already have these standards for a reason for the designers to create clothes. I mean yes, sir human, being with thoughts and personality, but your job is to show off clothes high fashion designers, especially you know they make the clothes set on a standard which is more practical to them, to make them all the same size, and they can all.

You know they can all have like a row of pictures of models. I mean like that Dad that that they know it’s going to fit them. You know what I mean with that being said. If you’re like me, which is exactly what I do, is look for commercial jobs like anything commercial, I can be like swimsuit bikini modeling. It can be literally ads fast fashion, look books, I don’t know so many things literally so many things and on the other hand, if you are tall as hell and you have a really interesting phase and by interest I mean not the beauty standard.

Interestingly, no, it’s not like the beauty center, pretty like an interesting face with interesting features. Maybe you have one eye here and one right here and your face is full of freckles or you have like a white spot here then go for that high-fashion and go for that crazy modeling, because that’s what’s going to make you money, that’s the modeling that going To work for you just because you’re, not the beauty standard, app, every misogynist man in this world doesn’t mean you can model.

Also, if you’re really really short, there is something called petite modeling, that’s for short people. Girls who are short it exists, it is. It is a business, there are so many types of modeling. You guys that you know I can make a whole article about them, but anyways yeah. That’s the point. The point is yes, I think everyone, I think, not everyone. I think most people have the body and the appearance to fit themselves in a niche.

I don’t think anyone can model, though, because it’s not an easy job. I know a lot of people think telling you you just pose in front of the camera, but I’ll see you deal like it’s not a hard, but it actually is super. Exhausting I’ve literally entered jobs at 7 a.M. And had to leave at 7 p.M. Without being able to sit down for a second or even have time to eat, because I’ve been working like it’s, not it’s literally exhausting it’s literally physically and mentally exhausting another thing.

It’s prefer to mention, if you know, there’s like a local agency, that’s doing no bloom, it’s doing an open, casting or an open call or whatever just go can go. I if you have the slightest interest in modeling or have ever been told. Oh my god. Do you model, or oh, my god, you should model then go to godmother in casting dude like who’s, stopping you like. What do you have to lose? Nothing go to the casting.

Please please go please go even if you got rejected getting rejected is good. Go to the casting okay go to the casting. I can’t stress enough. I have so many friends that I’m like do it. You should be a model like dude you’re literally. You literally have everything it takes to make it in this business, but there’s so shy to go into a casting or to send their pictures to an agency that they will never do it because they’re they literally are holding themselves back.

So don’t hold yourself back if you’re interested in it give it a try. It’s not impossible stuff, a crazy dream, like literally making money off of modeling. I never thought I would do it. Never. You think me at 12 years old, with the lowest self-esteem getting rejected by every way my class. Do you think I ever thought that I would get money of a what I looked like, never dude number, nine years, never its I’ve been filming for 40 minutes.

Jesus Christ, okay, so I’m going to be finishing the article now, thank you guys so much for reading and sorry. This was kind of a chill sit-down article, not that funny, not that you know cold so yeah. Thank you guys so much for reading. If you like this article, please give it a thumbs up comment down below anything else. You would like to add to what I just said subscribe to my blog joy. The beautiful family of crackheads, who have going on here in YouTube, also turns let’s post notifications.

So you can see every time I post a new article and I’ll see you guys.

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Social Media Marketing 101 – “Branding.” #RealEstateRobotArmy

Now, when I talk about the idea of branding I’m saying that you want to attach your business or your identity to a certain brand, like me, my name is Larry Lee and I’m in the mortgage business, but I call myself Larry the mortgage guy. I also talk about the cells disruptor right because I’m actually bringing myself to you guys these sales community.

Now, why is that important? Well, you want to associate yourself with something that’s easy to remember: okay, that’s what branding really is okay and you got to be consistent about it. So, every single time you read my articles, you notice, I introduced myself. This is Larry the mortgage guy, yourselves, disrupt it. Every single time right so by doing that you’re kind of subliminally speaking to the audience that this is the brand that you represent.

This is who you are right now. How do you take advantage of that? Well, on your personal page, you probably should mention that or put something like that, so maybe on your list of jobs or list of businesses or whatever you should put your brain on it. I also have, if you look at my profile, it says literally in the parentheses. It says it says your mortgage insider right, because I actually have a article blog called your mortgage insider again, another brand right, but anything to associate myself with something easy to remember.

I’m not telling you to pummel your entire, you know profile picture and your cover photo with you know, logos and and your brand. That’s not what I’m saying you can if you want, but what I’m saying is that you need to choose something. That’s easy to remember and make sure you present it every single time you interact with someone right. You know. I don’t even talk about more years when I’m talking to you guys, but I say I’m Larry the border guy.

That way, you know I do more. Yes, even though I’m not talking Amy about mortgages, okay, that’s what I mean by branding you’re, literally just associating yourself with an idea or a thought, or something easy to remember and you’re consistently pushing it out there. So people can remember it. Okay and if you put up pictures and such that are visibly, you should probably get a logo like that. You know at the mortgage guy or whatever right and another thing about branding is your pages.

You should share content from those pages to your personal page, with your brand, so you’ll notice that a certain post I post on my personal page and certain post, I post from my business page, which says literally the mortgage guy, okay and also check in if you Can that will again push your brain out there? Okay and that’s about it. So you guys any questions. Give me a call or text me email me whatever you want.

This is Larry the mortgage guy yourselves disrupter,

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Get VERIFIED on Instagram for FREE (Less than 5 Mins)

So clearly, things are going in the right direction. People are getting verified and this is in fact working so in just a second we’re going to dive into my computer. So I could walk you through the entire process on how to work on your verification and in addition to that, if you’re new to the blog welcome be sure to hit that subscribe button for daily content. Just like this article you’re reading right here.

So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and get started and walk you guys through exactly how to get started with verifying your Instagram account for 100 % free. So, as you can see, we are now inside of my computer and I’m going to walk you through how to get this verification alright. So the process is very, very simple, believe it or not, and on this screen right here, I’m going to pop up a little screen recording on how you can actually go through it inside of your settings in about 30 seconds or less and by the way, if You’re not following me yet make sure you go ahead and follow me at Toni mast official for some more content from yours truly but simply know.

If you go to your settings and then you scroll down to request verification and after pressing that you’re going to want to fill out, that form where you go ahead and enter your name and also a little bit about what your brand and what your account is About and filling in that proper category, so they know exactly what kind of verification you are applying for, in addition to a copy of your photo ID that will match your name now.

What is going to make sure that you actually get that Instagram blue tick and actually get it verified? Now, there’s a few general qualifications out there that instagrams going to be looking for because they don’t necessarily want to give everyone a verification check mark next, our name on Instagram because out simply dilute the purpose of it now. Instagram has this feature the verified? That’s actually you and that it’s not some fake account or someone trying to impersonate you or someone trying to scam someone, especially in the business realm.

So this blue tick is very, very important and can actually add a lot of value to your business. So with that being said, we want to go ahead and give us a shot. Now it’s not a hundred percent given that you’re going to actually get verified by filling out this application, so the general qualifications, first and foremost you’re going to want to have a significant amount of followers. If you don’t have any presence on Instagram, there’s going to be very little likelihood that you’ll actually get that verification, because if they started giving you a verification, blue ticks on everyone’s usernames, it’s really going to take away from the meaning of that all right.

So ideally you’re going to want to have at least twenty five or twenty thousand followers to try and get verified now. Yes, many people do not have that up with consistent content and stuff I’m going to touch on in a future article I’ll show you how to build out that viral content strategy to actually work your way to a larger following on Instagram, okay. So beyond having that significant amount of followers on Instagram, that’s not the only thing that necessarily cuts it you’re going to want to have a strong presence on other platforms outside of Instagram.

Now this could be YouTube. This could be twitch. This could be Facebook, whatever it may be. You’re also going to want to have these linked in your description and a little bit of a blurb about what you do inside of your bio, so that linking your description is very, very valuable when it comes to reassuring Instagram that you’re someone that deserves to be Verified on their platform, okay, in addition to that, something that can also help you and be in you know your corner to help you get that verification is publication or press coverage if you’re featured and on a specific website or a magazine, anything of the sort.

Your brand, being featured inside of a publication of some sort, is going to help you go ahead and get on Instagram side to go ahead and give you that blue tick. So with that, the bigger brand presence that you have overall, the easier is going to be to get verified as simple as that, the more you have in your corner, the better chances you’re going to get verified, and these are just a few general qualifications.

Another thing Instagram is typically going to look for is existing spoof or impersonating accounts of you or your brand that are already out there on the platform. So if there are people trying to take your username with maybe a period or an underscore in there and they’re trying to come off as your brand or your personal self, then instagrams going to be looking for that as well. Something that could work to your advantage is, if you actually have a copyright or trademark for your own business.

So, if someone’s trying to impersonate your business, for example, providing that and filling out this form that I’m going to show you guys on my screen right now is reporting to Instagram and having something on file that is also working or you such as you know, proof Of a trademark or proof of a copyright or concept that someone may have taken from you, so the intellectual property Instagram is not the best.

With these response rates, it is a free platform and it is not easy to go ahead and get a hold of them or going to Instagram representative. That’s going to really dive in there and do the hard work for you to make sure you’re in the right position. But having those other qualifications that we talked before such a significant amount of followers, strong presence on other platforms and even featured in publications or press coverage is going to work to your advantage.

So that’s something that you definitely want to have and if you don’t have it already start hustling and try your best to get out there as much as possible. So with that being said, entering your complaint or filing a report to Instagram is something that can also help you in either retaining a loss. Username, that’s someone maybe hacked you someones, trying to impersonate you and also something on file that will help you move in the right direction of getting verified, because it’s clear that people are trying to impersonate you or your brand or your business.

So with that being said, go ahead and drop a comment down below. Let me know if you guys actually get verified, it’s not the easiest process or not accepting everyone right now. It’s really tough to go ahead and get accepted, but having some of these qualifications and working on these qualifications will definitely help you for sure. So if you have that brand presence inside and outside of Instagram, it’s going to help your likelihood to actually get verified.

So go ahead, fill out your application, just like the process. I showed you before I’m going to show it again right here on my screen, the screen recording on exactly how to submit your application to get verified on Instagram, and you can literally do this right now takes you less than 30 seconds. So why not give it a shot, even if it’s not the best likelihood that you’ll actually get verified, it is definitely worth a shot if you’re in that reasonable range and could actually use that blue tick on your account.

So without any further ado, I’m going to wrap up this article right here. I hope you guys enjoyed it, took away some value or learn something new, be sure to go ahead and hit the like button down below and do not forget to subscribe for more information. Just like what we went over in this very article, in addition to more paid advertisers, Facebook Ads, Instagram, organic growth as well as going viral, and also, of course, ecommerce all right guys if you’re not signed up for that 7 day.

Free crash course go down to the description, but and sign up for the EECOM success blueprint today for 100 % free before we close the doors and actually start charging people for that very program, so that any further do I’m wrapping up this article and I’ll be Seeing you guys in the next one


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Real Estate Florida Production Company graphy grapher Palm Beach Sales

Let’s take a look around off of the great room. You’ll find the cozy open-concept family room, the perfect place for a game night or a relaxing evening of TV or movies with family or friends. There is an additional conversation area off the kitchen and family room which has access to the covered patio and beautiful lake views featuring a newly constructed hurricane rated covered patio surrounded by an immaculately landscaped tropical backyard, with wide lake views and custom lighting.

The perfect place to enjoy spectacular, sunsets accessible to the family room and great room is the dining room which seamlessly transitions from casual family meals. To special occasion, the spacious eat-in kitchen has been fully remodeled with solid wood, cabinets, granite, countertops, tile, backsplashes, stainless steel appliances and durable ceramic wood-look flooring, and the room is open to the outside, with extraordinary water views and gorgeous sunset.

The large master bedroom boasts high ceilings and water views sure to make you want to oversleep and enjoy your tropical oasis. The spacious master bath is newly remodeled and has granite countertops and beautiful custom cabinetry. The master bath also features an oversized shower with river rock accents. The guest suite is open and spacious, with superior natural light. The jack-and-jill bathroom is newly remodeled with custom cabinetry, granite countertops, with his-and-her sinks, a fabulous designer ceiling and a large shower.

The third bedroom makes the perfect children’s room den office or workout room whatever you need. This home also has a two-car garage with a separate entrance and space for a golf cart. It even has a back room for additional storage, keep your boat within walking distance at the full-service, marina and you’ll, be on the open water. In no time you are also walking distance to all of the world-class amenities at the clubhouse.

The newly renovated clubhouse features world-class dining from casual to formal, as well as a state-of-the-art fitness and spa facility, and, unlike most private club communities, membership is optional, not mandatory. Tennis lovers have found their home with 10 heart, true tennis courts and an active year-round schedule for every skill level. Golfers will fall in love with the three 18-hole championship courses with something to offer every skill level find your new home.

At thirty five sixty two Lantern Bay Drive in Jonathan’s landing at Jupiter Florida, a serene oasis in the heart of the best of the Palm Beach lifestyle.

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


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Today we are able to crack and easy hack method to get Instagram followers. So today you would be having a great day because I’m having a great day so I’m going into the game, so here is HTML website inspector. So this app is really important to make this method so just open the HTML website inspector. The link will be in the description.

This app is for iOS, so let’s go and what you should do is w w dot instagram.Com. So you go for Instagram comm. There’s two method to do this: one is now I’m going to show. The second method is the fairway. Every people do it. So I don’t think so. I’m going the fairway known likes to go to pay way. So I’m a hacker, I’m a pure hacker. I’m a technique, people, so I don’t use this favorites so now you should go to your profile and we’re going to profile.

What you should do is like the thing you do is you can see at the top of the top of the right corner. You see three buttons, so one is like the three grids. Another is the refresh button and another is and hand pointing on the something I thought write a dot. Maybe so click on that and you can see the followers the 168 on the on the 160. You just flick it so now I can see this one, I’m going to change to 1m and how much did it? Okay, a camera right and you go for something like 4 5 right? Let be no problem so this is it guys.

It’s correctly done now. Look at this now look at that guy’s 1 million followers for this freakin page. So here you can see. This is my page if you wan na, really I like to put many jokes, so these aren’t really made by me anyway, if you like it, just go to Instagram and just click on Joker. 2606. 2002. 2606. 2002 is my birthday. So if you like, it follow me and if you like this article subscribe like if you don’t like this article, read it again that time Malayan I like the article just dislike, I don’t care even so.

The next is, can we change any other option? Like 153 post 170 – yes, we can so now I’m going to show that how to do that too. I think this is a complicated one. So here also you can see if, like this option comes, you can see like the here. You can see the title equal to 168 many options that they go down, but you don’t want to change it, just go open it and just again: change like 0 k, 0 script.

So now here you can see again 1 million followers, but you are not following anyone, so I’m ready to take a screen shot to make my friends jealous. So I’m sorry guys a screenshot, yes taken guys. So if you like this article subscribe to my blog and Yolo Yolo buy from I mean I do other even


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Today we are able to crack and easy hack method to get Instagram followers. So today you would be having a great day because I’m having a great day so I’m going into the game, so here is HTML website inspector. So this app is really important to make this method so just open the HTML website inspector. The link will be in the description.

This app is for iOS, so let’s go and what you should do is w w dot instagram.Com. So you go for Instagram comm. There’s two method to do this: one is now I’m going to show. The second method is the fairway. Every people do it. So I don’t think so. I’m going the fairway known likes to go to pay way. So I’m a hacker, I’m a pure hacker. I’m a technique, people, so I don’t use this favorites so now you should go to your profile and we’re going to profile.

What you should do is like the thing you do is you can see at the top of the top of the right corner. You see three buttons, so one is like the three grids. Another is the refresh button and another is and hand pointing on the something I thought write a dot. Maybe so click on that and you can see the followers the 168 on the on the 160. You just flick it so now I can see this one, I’m going to change to 1m and how much did it? Okay, a camera right and you go for something like 4 5 right? Let be no problem so this is it guys.

It’s correctly done now. Look at this now look at that guy’s 1 million followers for this freakin page. So here you can see. This is my page if you wan na, really I like to put many jokes, so these aren’t really made by me anyway, if you like it, just go to Instagram and just click on Joker. 2606. 2002. 2606. 2002 is my birthday. So if you like, it follow me and if you like this article subscribe like if you don’t like this article, read it again that time Malayan I like the article just dislike, I don’t care even so.

The next is, can we change any other option? Like 153 post 170 – yes, we can so now I’m going to show that how to do that too. I think this is a complicated one. So here also you can see if, like this option comes, you can see like the here. You can see the title equal to 168 many options that they go down, but you don’t want to change it, just go open it and just again: change like 0 k, 0 script.

So now here you can see again 1 million followers, but you are not following anyone, so I’m ready to take a screen shot to make my friends jealous. So I’m sorry guys a screenshot, yes taken guys. So if you like this article subscribe to my blog and Yolo Yolo buy from I mean I do other even