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Today we are able to crack and easy hack method to get Instagram followers. So today you would be having a great day because I’m having a great day so I’m going into the game, so here is HTML website inspector. So this app is really important to make this method so just open the HTML website inspector. The link will be in the description.

This app is for iOS, so let’s go and what you should do is w w dot instagram.Com. So you go for Instagram comm. There’s two method to do this: one is now I’m going to show. The second method is the fairway. Every people do it. So I don’t think so. I’m going the fairway known likes to go to pay way. So I’m a hacker, I’m a pure hacker. I’m a technique, people, so I don’t use this favorites so now you should go to your profile and we’re going to profile.

What you should do is like the thing you do is you can see at the top of the top of the right corner. You see three buttons, so one is like the three grids. Another is the refresh button and another is and hand pointing on the something I thought write a dot. Maybe so click on that and you can see the followers the 168 on the on the 160. You just flick it so now I can see this one, I’m going to change to 1m and how much did it? Okay, a camera right and you go for something like 4 5 right? Let be no problem so this is it guys.

It’s correctly done now. Look at this now look at that guy’s 1 million followers for this freakin page. So here you can see. This is my page if you wan na, really I like to put many jokes, so these aren’t really made by me anyway, if you like it, just go to Instagram and just click on Joker. 2606. 2002. 2606. 2002 is my birthday. So if you like, it follow me and if you like this article subscribe like if you don’t like this article, read it again that time Malayan I like the article just dislike, I don’t care even so.

The next is, can we change any other option? Like 153 post 170 – yes, we can so now I’m going to show that how to do that too. I think this is a complicated one. So here also you can see if, like this option comes, you can see like the here. You can see the title equal to 168 many options that they go down, but you don’t want to change it, just go open it and just again: change like 0 k, 0 script.

So now here you can see again 1 million followers, but you are not following anyone, so I’m ready to take a screen shot to make my friends jealous. So I’m sorry guys a screenshot, yes taken guys. So if you like this article subscribe to my blog and Yolo Yolo buy from I mean I do other even


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