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Marketing For Local Businesses in 2020

You went full local right You’re on the first page, Correct when you type in your, what is it, What are the keywords? Keywords correct, So we rank…. We help businesses rank for keywords in their local market, so They are able to find So, in instance, Santa Monica dentist, or you know, Santa Monica design studio. We help businesses get found. Through those keywords Yeah, but what I mean when I look at the Google, you have literally like eight positions.

Eight first We have six positions and then the- Plus articles for article production in our city: Okay, so how did you Get so many positioning on a Google, It’s really about understanding what Google is looking for and using –‘Cause Google literally Tells you what they want And you know for us It was understanding you know with Google when You’re, looking for a search, there’s different things: That you wan na consider Which the first one’s the Google 3 Pack 3 Packs, are pretty much going to be the three little things that show up when you type in a business, It’s going to have their name.

.. Their name, their directions. Their phone number – That’s a Google 3 Pack, Underneath that — People also call it a Snack Pack, 3 Pack, whatever it may be, Underneath that that’s the Organic search pretty much And then for us what we did. Through optimizing citations, which citations are things Like Google, My Business Bing Yelp Easy Local. These different places that You know are directories We listed and optimized Our business in over a hundred of them There’s different numbers.

You could do, but we optimized them with Our keywords in there with our phone number address and name Okay, I see All these different places. I see what you did there: Okay, We created a signal, So we let Google know They were like “, Hey, Listen: here’s our business “ We’re listed on all these Different directories “ and we offer all these different services.” Okay, so we build this kind of net right.

Yeah, the web, Okay, so that’s one interesting thing:,’cause. What you just told me is that when people search for it right – And I wrote an interesting article about search and discovery, And how that unfolds today, Because you see number of searches on Google, has been the same since 2012. Okay And the number of People using the internet has skyrocketed. Okay, So what that means that these days people are searching less and less, but when you count it up, For a search per one person it equals to one search per day.

So that’s not a lot right. But when you look at a social media, people started spending time more then, and when you calculate time, They spend on social media, they spend around 50 minutes. A day on social media, So people are shifting From search to discovery, And what do you think about it, I mean I partially Agree with you on that, and the reason for that is that something that you won’t see with just on Google search results.

Yeah is the information of voice Voice is taking up a Huge market (, mumbles ), That’s the thing yeah And it’s a huge thing. You know I mean And that’s another whole other frontier to talk about. But you know it’s Optimizing SEO and all that That’s another role that Plays within you know, voice, But that’s, I feel, like that’s a whole other topic of discussion, But I mean there’s still –. It’s still a very used platform Because for a lot of the People that I work with and my ideal clienteles, There are the old — and it’s like think of how Do your customers think where are your customers at And for me I know that my demographic is 40- to 60-year-olds.

That work. You know at an office sit at a computer Yeah And I need to think like them about what are their search terms and what are they looking for online And that’s what I try to Implement in using my websites when they are doing, search and discovery, they’re finding articles about hey, how much does a article cost? How long does it take a article to be made, I’m creating all this different content, Yeah and that’s the thing That yeah, That’s the thing What you are saying: Is when people search for this article services, you just give them the article, because article is a very good media right.

Correct So give them a article how to do it and how to reach it, But now that we kind of see the people shifting towards discovery, Am I saying that right, Uh huh: What do you think will Be the role of article Because, right now it’s Like explaining how to do what you are searching for, but in the future, as more and more people are heading towards discovery, what do you think will Be the role of article Well, I mean, I think, The current role of article on top of educations are going to be retention.

You know what article really works, for you know small businesses, Okay, It’s all strategy really because you implementing A article into your website So, like let’s say you are a dentist Yeah. Now you have a article on your website and we helped you rank to get there. Now someone clicked on the Google 3 Pack and they see a article there Now they’re spending 30 seconds to maybe two minutes. Yeah, that’s true: if they’re entertained, Enough on your website, because they’re reading a article They’re, not spending Time reading the content and that’s something You have to understand You writing content.

You’re doing it for Google For Google to understand — Okay for the algorithm, Exactly Okay And then you producing article content, that’s for your consumer! To be able to understand what you’re doing And the way that that Plays out in two ways is that the article helps Your client understand what you do, but then It also helps you keep your client on your website longer And the way that that strategy works is that now that the client Is spending more time on your website, your bounce Rate decreases with Google So then to Google.

It’s like hey. This person went and clicked on this dentist and now they’ve spent three Minutes on this website, Normally other dentists. In the areas people are spending 30 Seconds to a minute and they’re clicking off: Okay, This website is more relevant to what People are looking for because they are spending more time in it. Okay, I see So to Google they’re going to favor You because they’re, like you’re, providing — All the care about, is user experience.

Okay, that’s very interesting because that kind of links up to something that we spoke earlier. You told us that social media is not the best place to be for small companies. Why is that? Yes, and no So for small businesses, Okay, If I was to give –, If I was given a marketing budget, I wouldn’t spend time…. I get a lot of companies like “ Hey. Can you do social media for us?” And it’s to me Yeah is not the best strategy, but it all depends on What you’re trying to do Now, if you’re selling this product, I would spend money on social Media creating article content.

I would call my buddy Mole. He does lifestyle brand articles, ( Stanley, laughs ) And be like “ Mole. I Got this great product “ Create a article for me..” Yeah, I would then advertise Through social media through YouTube to sell this product, but the thing is when you’re A service-based business and I’m just going to Keep using a dentist Yeah, I don’t want to see your Article on my YouTube feed, I don’t want to see your Article on my Instagram feed cause.

I don’t care about — Like when people go to the dentist when they look you up it’s because they’re in pain, And they want a fix right now and then Yeah So, unless –, If you’re a dentist, a article that you can do is How to Brush My Kid’s Teeth, How to Floss. There’s like those little Things that you can do that you know you can bring some Sort of value to people but for the most part, If I’m on my Instagram and you’re, not a hot Doctor, like most girls like to look at ( Stanley, laughs ): I don’t care about seeing That kind of stuff, So you have to understand the mentality of you, Know your clientele So going back to what we Were saying rewinding, it is that if social media Plays part of your strategy that after we optimize your website and now you have SEO and your Rank – and you have a article, I would then re-target You using social media.

Ok, I see so you would use social media as re-targeting Correct for people who already showed intent Exactly they already Visited your website, they know that you exist Okay, but people who, for example, are –. Let’s say we have these people right who are following some kind of dentist or stuff like that. That are Interested in this topic, right, Maybe dentists, are not like the best example in this case, Let’s maybe shift it to Whatever institute you want eCommerce, Let’s shift it to eCommerce and, let’s say sneakers right, It’s hot! So let’s say you have these people who are interested In sneakers per se as a topic, So wouldn’t you then try to Target them somehow, with article Just kind of build your Awareness about your store, Yeah, but I mean but That’s different, though, because I feel with if You’re selling sneakers Yeah in the market like if You’re in New York City, different situation, Like you, have to play to your market and not every –.

Like that’s the thing, not every strategy is Going to work for everyone, You’re in New York, City and You sell custom sneakers Yeah, you could do a lot of advertisement.,’Cause there’s a lot of outreach, but for me in my local Market, you know a sneaker. I would advise you to not Even to start a sneaker store, ( Stanley, laughs, ) The money you’re going To spend on overhead to start a sneaker store start it outta your garage.

Okay, so is there any Product that will be hot. Well, it’s not so much about –, It’s services versus products, Yeah They’re two different Marketing strategies, you know what I mean: Okay, I see what what you mean: So yeah.’Cause, it’s like not Everything’s going to work for –, I have a client that he Sells medical bandages and he wanted to do local search. I’m like dude, that’s not like –, It’s about being smart with your money and what you’re going to do Like for you to wan na.

Do local Search for medical bandage, it’s not smart allocation of your funds, Like you know, you’re, better off targeting people on social media that own medical department stores, Okay, If you were going to do that, you know what I mean: Mhm But it’s like having an understanding of who is it that you’re trying to reach to, and then you have to contextualize Your marketing to them, Okay, Okay, now I’ll circle back a little bit; Okay, because what you did Is you used YouTube for marketing to dentists right? You showed this article that You made for dentists, Correct, Basically just testimonials right.

I took –, I found a dentist That I wanted to work with Yeah and then I found a bunch Of really good reviews that he had online and I made a little 30 second article of it, and then I ranked it on YouTube. I just love it, And I was like hey saw, you had a really great reviews. I made this article for you check it out. It’s ranked on the first page of Google or YouTube Okay, Okay, so that was kinda unconventional way.

You Used YouTube for the dentist, I would say right. Correct And right now we see a like a huge rise of Tik Tok right, Yep At this point, I believe it’s higher than Facebook, if I’m correct It could be, The user base is skewed. So young right now that you know for the — And there’s still a lot of people even in this pro-group Yeah that have never used Tik Tok before Yeah. That’s true. I Haven’t used it myself? Okay, so there you go Like I spend a little bit of time because it is emerging article Okay and it’s the same way that Insta — When I started Instagram, it was 15.

Second articles, Oh yeah, I remember that I needed to compile a Story into 15 seconds Yeah, I remember that Those things evolved The same way: Instagram Used to not have Stories Snapchat had Stories, they –. You know what I mean. These are all feature-based. Okay, all Tik Tok needs to do right now. — But Snapchat was never used commercially, though Yeah there was Was it There was ads in there like? I think, a really great strategy that used to work for Snapchat is when you used look at a map and see where people were at Mhm, you could then do service-based — So like something that I saw a lot with Redbull in my area.

Is that Redbull somebody — A friend of mine, used to work for them. They used to go on Snapchat and look at all the hotspots. To see where they were on weekends and then Redbull would go out to those areas. Oh and promote Redbull I see that, like a heat map Exactly!’Cause, they knew where all the heat map was at, where All the people were at Okay, so that’s one way to use Snapchat Correct, And what would be the way to use Tik Tok? I don’t know Okay, It’s new! It’s new! So have you ever seen? — Influencers Influencers ( Stanley laughs )’Cause, like it’s really Easy for you to go –.

I have a friend right now. His name is Lucky Goats, Kid’s, 22 years old. He makes dog articles. He makes funny skit with his dog This kid’s 22 years old, He’s getting paid 150 bucks a day Mm; hmm To make a funny article: Okay, -‘Cause he has music producers now,’cause. He has about 350,000 followers, Yeah But music producers want him to use their songs on his articles for them to get exposures. What Yeah, but that’s the thing, 22 years old, if you got paid to make a 30 second article for 150 bucks like dude, that’s like –, Okay, I’m getting to Tik Tok Yeah man! It’s a young platform that Yeah, it is for you to reach to get a lot of reach.

It’s not hard. Are you on Tik Tok I am Okay, so what are you doing there? Nothing ( Stanley laughs ), I’m consuming I’m consuming. I’m learning I’m seeing what people are doing Like what I’m most amazed about Tik Tok is the young creative people and their ability to tell stories in a very funny and different complex ways. Isn’t it like one there’s a short article, It was like Vine, I mean, there’s articles That are 15 seconds long and there’s articles that you know they’re 10, minute — or one minute long, but there’s also –.

I could shoot a article and you could take my article and you could collaborate on that article. Okay, I got it Which you see people doing things that I’m like whoa? I didn’t even think about. That you know what I mean Like taking really out: Of weird context, articles and putting them together, but it’s — Okay, I see That’s where I think you know where article’s going to Change because you know for a lot of what we do now.

It’s — The consumers I market to are a lot older, But eventually that’s Going to skew down so you have to — The same way that you have to change your article format for YouTube than you do for Instagram. And for Facebook, Okay, You’re going to have to change that article messaging to be Able to reach those people So the same way: — On Tik Tok right Exactly so, if using You know different GIFs and things like that within your article and using these different motion: graphics, you’re speaking to the Young demographic, too, Okay, I see So you have to be able to –, So me right now.

I just want to consume and learn, see what the kids are doing Then. Also it’s a really great Place to find young talent, You know what I mean: Okay, yeah Like for me being able To reach out to a kid, be like hey, Like cheap influencers at this point, right, Exactly cheap influencers, But even no creative people, Yeah -‘Cause: it’s a lot easier for me to hire a 15-year-old to make another Article for a 15-year-old than for me to hire a 30-year-old to make a article for a 15-year-old There’s a disconnect Yeah I mean at this point when you Get some kind of work where you need to market to young people.

You already got it right. You know where the place Is and how to reach it Exactly Okay. Okay, so that’s it! Thank you! A lot man. It’s been a pleasure to talk with you. For sure man All right, a pleasure Okay: cheers ( laughing ) Peace. Okay, that’s been Actually, the first time I did this kind of shit How did you like it


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