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Nate Myers Curator of Collections for Chandler Museum FP Production & Editing Testimonial

I think I have one of the coolest jobs in the museum because I actually get to play with the Stuff all the artifacts in the museum are, is what I take care of them, So I acquire Them I research them. I work on exhibits with them. It’s a lot of fun, Working with Financial Potion was awesome, They’re a great team, easy to work with fun to work.

With and they create a great product in the end Worked with them on two projects, One was with the Chandler Sports Hall of Fame Where we sat down with Chandler Sports Hall of Famers and did oral history, Style interviews and those interviews could be up to an hour long and the team At Financial Potion did a great job editing those down into three to four Minute segments to create a great story of the Hall of Famers and what they did And what they achieved And the other project we did was we had Financial Potion come in and shoot b-roll footage of an exhibit that we did at the museum.

It was called “, Un-American, Japanese Internment in Our Backyard.”. They came in and just kind of shot some article of the exhibit Some of the Interactive’s, the Features and we’ve actually used that footage to put ourselves up for a National award that we’re looking forward to getting with the help of Financial Potion, The team that Financial Potion is great to work with Communication is easy.

It’s quick! The turnaround time is really quick. They Don’t drag anything on, it’s all business You get in there. You start the Project, you do the project, you wrap the project up and it’s always on time and Always timely, which is important, I would recommend and have recommended people to use Financial Potion for all sorts of article projects. Speaking from the museum they’re easy to work with, They understand what we’re trying to achieve.

And they want to work with us to tell the stories that we want to. We want to Help tell So I would recommend them to anybody. The Chandler museum is at 300, South Chandler Village Drive over near the Chandler Fashion Center, you can drop in and check out exhibits there. We have Tumbleweed Ranch where we are today in southeast corner of Tumbleweed Park. And that’s where we explore early Chandler history and agricultural History and it’s a lot of fun to come out here and just walk around and you Can always visit us online at www.


Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


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Dr. Tricia Groff Ph. D Testimonial for Financial Potion Production & Editing Services

Hi, my name is Dr. Tricia Groff and I Just finished up doing article with Financial Potion The reason that I love Working with Eric and Taylor is that not only are they excellent, but they’re also Calming I have a bit of a high driving high achieving personality and I’ve done Article before where there was chaos in the atmosphere – and it made it very Difficult for me to relax and focus, and so they do such a great job just making Sure that it gets done right but making sure that it feels right at the same Time, Thanks guys

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


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testimonial from our customers after deck repair project. SEO (2019)

I had holes in my deck and I had water damage in the outside walls, and that was getting to be a problem, because animals were getting in where the holes of the deck were, and I was just afraid it would really demolish from there well needed to Be brought up to date, we couldn’t come on the deck ad work is just getting a little dangerous and surprising.

A chipmunk everyone so, while coming out of the hole, was not a fun thing, but I would also add that in the front on the fascias, where the insect and bird damage that is going to eventually destroy the house when the wood starts to rot away. Because of that kind of thing, I actually I liked you and I liked you, because you were very straightforward with how much it was going to cost. Another company was giving me some estimated this and estimated that, but you gave me a bottom line which is important to me.

Aside from the things that we knew at uncovering a deck, there was going to be some other things that we might find, but I was glad to do that and I just felt you to be trustworthy. The experience was a good one because it was so fast. I mean a week ago I was standing on this awful deck and this was done in two days, which is more than I thought would be able to happen so diligent workers. I have to say, the workers were good and they they came and they didn’t hang out.

They just worked, and so I’m very pleased with the whole result. I don’t think I had any surprises just just happy once I guess well my problem and thinking my house was about ready to with the house. If you let animals get into it in any way, it’s going to be a major problem because they start chewing on things and eventually your house has got to fall down. You got to get it when they’re first started so got rid of the animals.

Out of my deck and the insects and the pileated woodpeckers off the fascia, and from that I’m very happy and by the way you put PVC up so that those nasty critters couldn’t get to that fascia anymore. So it was all good they have to. I warned my neighbors it’s coming your way. If I hadn’t yeah, I really don’t have the experience to say now. I had somebody else that I thought was pretty trustworthy and I probably would have gone with him.

As I said, I really like the way you laid out the proposal and I don’t know this is my first experience dealing with Angie’s List and I’m just very pleased with it. I just just had a good feeling about and talking with you and describe, actually god I felt like after talking to you Justin, you were answering questions. I didn’t have to ask you anything. I would just like to add that I fully recommend emoji improvement because they did a great job for us another 30 years.

They were over here last night, looking on the commission and that’s what you were actually okay. Well, as houses go, I guess in a little while we’ll probably call you for something else.


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We’re hiring! Business Development Manager (Sydney, Australia)

We need you to drive new business opportunities right around Australia. Now, in the last year alone, we’ve grown globally and now work with over 130 organizations, companies and government departments, but we have only just scratched the surface.

So if you’re passionate about article love, a challenge and think working with these guys will be fun, then pitch yourself to me in a article of course, just click on the application below, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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How To Write A Corporate Script | Corporate Production

A corporate article script is much easier to get your head around Our BBC trained script. Writer Has written scripts for everything from light hearted drama films to health and safety articles And explainer animations, so we have a pretty good idea: Of what makes a good script A corporate article script – Uses a table layout, There are usually three columns separated into rows at moments where the visuals or narrative changes By structuring a script.

In this way, it’s simple for anyone. Involved in the project to see what’s happening at Any given point in a film without needing to understand Complex film terminology, But where do you start When writing a script, There are three columns that make up a typical corporate article script Column, One Narrative, The narrative column, Contains all of the dialogue that will tell the story of your article, such as voiceover, on-screen, presenters interview comments or even A combination of the three – Let’s say this is a voiceover Or presenter script, a minute of narrative equates To around 150 to 175, words so be sure to keep an eye on this.

If you want your film to Be within a certain length, If your article is mostly interview-based, the narrative column in the script will need to be written a bit differently. Of course, we don’t want to Script interview answers word for word and spoon feed Them to the interviewees, That’s not only looks A bit shifty on camera, but takes away the naturalistic and spontaneous delivery that You want from an interview What you’ll want to do.

Instead, Is add in bullet points of key messages that the interviewer will need to bring out For the interviewees, A list of questions will be Developed further down the line, but at this stage it’s important To see how the interviews fit in with the overall story, You can include some Template or ideal answers to help indicate how the Narrative of the film will flow, but remember That you can’t put words in your interviewee’s mouths Column, Two Visuals, The second column in a Corporate article script explains what visuals Will be shown on screen during each scene.

Traditionally, this will be footage, that’s captured during a filming day, but it can also include Details on stock footage, photography or animated scenes for projects such as explainer articles, A script writer will pay close attention to what’s happening in The narrative column, when describing visuals For a corporate article, The visuals, of course want To support the narrative, so they need to be relevant, exciting and can sustain the Length of the narrative, So if you have around A minute of voiceover you’ll need more than just a shot of someone walking into A building to cover it If the article is completely animated.

There may also be storyboard Images alongside the script to show illustrated Examples of each scene Don’t forget, though, that the script is meant to tell a story so using expressive and Creative language here will help stir up stimulating And inspiring images in the minds of the audience Column, Three Graphics and On-Screen Text. The third most important Column in a script describes any on-screen text or graphics that’s to be seen during the article.

These could be names and job Titles of the interviewees animated titles, technical Terms used in call out graphics or call to action text For the end of the film, Including on-screen text in the script, is particularly important. If it is likely to include a lot of phrases or terms, That need to be checked for accuracy before filming, Plus making sure all Spellings are double checked before editing takes Place is always useful.

Just like the Visuals column in a script, any on-screen text should be There to support the narrative and not be fragmented in any way, Adding in on-screen text. That isn’t referred to in the narrative would Just confuse the audience This might happen if you Want to shorten down the film, and you think that by Moving some voiceover into the on-screen-text column, you’ll save a few seconds of screen time, But this doesn’t work and It only confuses your film.

Similarly, you don’t want To bombard the audience with extensive bullet points, Or paragraphs of text Keep it concise and Essential to the story, Narrative, Visuals and Text – Are the most vital sections to include in a script but You may need additional columns for things like Numbering each scene, Location, information for filming, Estimated duration of scenes, Translations, Technical information and so on.

But the script is the backbone To every corporate article, Even if a film is mostly interview-based, a script is the only Way to show how the film will be structured and explain the story before filming begins. It’s vital that a script is Shared with all stakeholders in the project during The writing stage too, so any feedback is considered and worked into additional draughts before the script is signed.

Off and production begins, Making script changes after filming or even after editing has started, can be both time consuming and expensive, especially if it involves reshooting or scrapping scenes entirely So spending as much time as possible to make sure this stage of The production is perfect before filming is well worth it For more handy tips on how to get the best out of your corporate article project subscribe to us on YouTube.

Or find us on social media

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


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Marketing Training Course — Production Equipment

You may not, but I’ll just go ahead and talk about everything and tell you what you need to look for now again. I mentioned this the beginning of the course I’ll say it again. Technology changes rapidly so, instead of focusing on you know telling you specific model numbers and things like that, I’m just going to tell you the characteristics of the equipment that you’ll need also go ahead and met.

Tell you what I use right now, but chances are even at this recording that is already out of date because I purchased it six months to a year ago and it’s already been replaced by newer models. So i’ll just keep that in mind. So take the information. I give you and go out and find the latest and greatest of the whatever equipment. Does the things that I tell you that you need to have so the one thing I’m not going to talk much about is the computer, because I assume that if you’re reading this right now you probably have a computer.

However, if you are going to be purchasing a new computer or if you want a laptop for article editing, I would recommend getting a mac, an apple macintosh product they’re, just better for this sort of thing. I personally do not have one, however, when I buy my next laptop, it will probably be a mac. So enough said about that. We’ll move on. Let’s start with the camera um, there are two things that are absolute musts for your camera.

The one absolute must-have that you cannot get around is. It must have an external microphone jack. You cannot record high quality article on a camera using the built-in microphone day. The sound is just terrible and you can immediately tell as soon as you start reading the article that the sound quality is poor and whether you realize it or not. When you read a article, what determines whether or not you you think of the article as being a high quality product, isn’t so much the quality of the the visual it’s the quality of the audio.

So you can, you can get away with not as good of a picture as long as the audio is high quality. The other thing is you really want a camera that records in high definition? I mean so many cameras do that. I think even the latest version of the iphone has a camera that records in HD they’re, so cheap, there’s really no reason not to have a camera that records in HD in this day and age, some specific recommendations for a low budget option.

If you already have an iphone that actually has a pretty good cameron, and you can use it to make some some great articles – you’ll just need to get a external mic adapter for for that camera. There’s some low priced Kodak cameras out there, although they’ve actually gone out of business, but you know they used in aftermarket. Products are still out there if you’re willing to spend a little bit more money.

The canon camcorders are really some of the highest quality products out there for the professional article and high quality articles. The one I use, which I’ll tell you right now is already out of date and not part of their current line, is called the vixia hf 200. I go to go ahead and bring up canon’s website here. This is their latest line of consumer camcorders. Anything in the range of this line from the vixia hf m50 at about 600, all the way down to the lower price one’s about 300.

Any of these will work for you, just fine. You don’t need to go out and spend seven hundred dollars on a camera to make some high quality articles. So just go. Do your due diligence? If there’s a specific need that you have in your camera um, you know research, these various products and decide which one will work best for you. But if you don’t have any specific needs, you know any anything about.

The 400 500 dollar range will work. Just fine and that’s for a new product, if you’re willing to take a little bit of a risk and buy a used or refurbished product, you can get it even much cheaper than that. I think the camera that I mentioned the Vixia HF 200. I think it’s down to around well two to three hundred dollars for high quality used camera on ebay. So those are your options there for the camera.

Obviously I’ll need a tripod for the camera. This doesn’t have to be anything complicated. The things you should look for in the tripod, you want a baseplate that looks something like this, that you can detach that remains attached to the camera. So you can quickly take the camera off the tripod and snap it right back on. It should have extendable legs. Telescoping legs head that can tilt and pan something like this targus product.

Here you can see you have the handle up there, you can grab and use it to pan the camera easily and there you see the telescoping legs. So anything like this will work just fine. It can get get those anywhere of whom the fifteen fifty dollar range depending on the individual product, but there’s no reason to break the bank here for the tripod external microphone again absolute requirement. You have to have an external microphone.

What you want is just a something called a omnidirectional. Let’s see something like that’s the omnidirectional condenser microphone, that’s sort of what we’re looking at here and with something it’s called the lavalier which basically just means lapel mic. So something like this right here, where you can clip it to your lapel. This is the ATR 3350 from audio technica. It’s a wired microphone. I started out with that product just because it was so cheap.

It’s only see about 24 bucks on amazon here I quickly switched to this version, which is a wireless I found the wire tended to get in the way and dick tangled and all that, so I switched to the wireless microphone which works very well, and this product Also came with that a hand mic that you could use for on-camera, interviews and stuff like that, so that this was about 120 bucks. The other one, like I said, 24 bucks, but any external microphone that is comparable to those products will work just fine.

You may also want, if you’re planning on doing screen capture articles, you probably want a USB microphone. You can either get a USB microphone with a headset or something like a Yeti. Usb microphone like this one here rings in at about 100 bucks on amazon. That’s sort of like the top-of-the-line standard in the industry, so that will give you the high quality audio for the screen capture articles.

If you are using an iPhone, you’ll want to get a adapter so that you can use a external microphone with the iphone. So something like this – this is actually produced by Apple, the dual microphone adapter cable for iphone and that works with the audio technica Mike sailors referring to Earth earlier the lighting in the green screen. Again, this is not a requirement for you to use a green screen, but you can just do so much with it, and it’s really not that expensive.

It’s not that hard to do so. I would recommend that you at least get it and try it out if it’s in the budget, whether or not you continue to use it is up to you, but I would recommend at least trying it you. What you wanted. A green screen is a stand for the green screen, a three-point lighting system using soft box style lights. It usually comes with some clamps and stains for the lights and that sort of thing the one I use some a photo studio – comes with everything you see here.

On the three softbox style lights with stands, the light bulbs, the green screen and the green screen stand some clamps for the green screen and, basically everything that you need for your studio. That’s about 200 bucks on amazon. You can also buy other backdrops other than green. If you don’t want to use the chroma key effect, but you still just want a professional style backdrop, you can buy Dell like a white or black backdrop, or you know you even get a little more creative and just get it get this once you have the Stand or something or some place to hang the backdrop you can use all kinds of things like curtains and whatever you want in the background.

You’ll probably want a teleprompter of some kind. I just used a laptop computer on a music stand, positioned right below the camera. It works great, can it you can’t tell when someone’s looking right below the camera or right into the camera, so using the laptop with music stands is great because it’s something you probably already have and you can actually get the teleprompter software for free at free teleprompter Software or calm, and you can just download it and install it, and it takes about 30 seconds to figure out how to use it.

It’s very simple for screen capture. There’s a free product called camstudio for windows, that’s very basic: it works just fine and you can use a editor that we’ll talk about in a minute to edit the footage you get from that a better product is Camtasia, which is what i’m using right now to Record this screen capture that works for Windows or Mac. I think it’s about a 100 bucks or so ScreenFlow as a product for Mac users and then there’s one called Jing.

That’s also free. I’ve never personally used that, but it’s produced by the same people that make camtasia, which is TechSmith um. I think it’s limited to about a five-minute recording, though so all those are workable options, the the best one, I would say, as a Camtasia. That includes a built-in editor that you can use to do some basic article editing which brings us to the article editing you’ll probably want, even if you have something like Camtasia, it probably wants software program that allows you to do some more advanced article, editing, especially on The chroma key effect – I am not positive, but I do not believe latest version of camtasia.

This time has the ability to use the chroma key effect. I could be wrong about that and they may incorporate it into future versions, but regardless, I think something like Adobe Premiere are so Sony movie studio, which used to be Sony Vegas. Those are two of the best out there. I think they’re both about 100 bucks and you can pretty much do anything that you’ll need to do using those programs even just learning.

A tenth of the features of these two programs will pretty much. Allow you to make any article for your business that you’ll need to make and make it look really good. I movie is a, I think you know, comes free on the max and it’s a basic editing program or Windows Movie Maker was also free, so that takes us to the end of the section equipment. Now everything that I just mentioned was the exception of the laptop everything that I just mentioned will ring up at about nine hundred and fifty dollars or so, depending on what camera you go with and etc, etc, but bottom line it’s less than a thousand dollars.

If you buy used or refurbished products, you can get that price down much lower. You could, probably even you know going with the low budget options for all of it. You could probably get it down to under five hundred dollars, and you once you learn how to make the articles you’re, basically going to be able to pay for all of that with your first article. So not a major investment here. Your homework is to decide what your article will be about I’ve.

Given you all the ideas and suggestions for how to use articles so go ahead and decide what your article will be write a script for it again. Looking for a length of about two to four minutes create a storyboard for the article, in other words, just deciding what shots are going to be in the article. What screen capture shots you’ll need what b-roll footage, you’ll need and and all that sort of thing and be sure to include some kind of call to action at the end of the article.

So whether it’s telling people to go to your website for more information or call a phone number or download something just make sure that you have some kind of call to action. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is to go ahead and decide what equipment you’re going to get and assemble the equipment. You don’t have to become an expert at it, will teach you more about how to use it and set it up in the next lesson, but go ahead and at least take the stuff out of the box turn the camera on.

You know take the lighting setup out of the box and mess with it a little bit just to at least learn what all the parts are download. The software that you’re going to be using so at least on your computer and then in the next lesson. We’ll really dig into how to set it all up how to use it in that sort of thing.

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Real Estate Florida Production Company graphy grapher Palm Beach Sales

Let’s take a look around off of the great room. You’ll find the cozy open-concept family room, the perfect place for a game night or a relaxing evening of TV or movies with family or friends. There is an additional conversation area off the kitchen and family room which has access to the covered patio and beautiful lake views featuring a newly constructed hurricane rated covered patio surrounded by an immaculately landscaped tropical backyard, with wide lake views and custom lighting.

The perfect place to enjoy spectacular, sunsets accessible to the family room and great room is the dining room which seamlessly transitions from casual family meals. To special occasion, the spacious eat-in kitchen has been fully remodeled with solid wood, cabinets, granite, countertops, tile, backsplashes, stainless steel appliances and durable ceramic wood-look flooring, and the room is open to the outside, with extraordinary water views and gorgeous sunset.

The large master bedroom boasts high ceilings and water views sure to make you want to oversleep and enjoy your tropical oasis. The spacious master bath is newly remodeled and has granite countertops and beautiful custom cabinetry. The master bath also features an oversized shower with river rock accents. The guest suite is open and spacious, with superior natural light. The jack-and-jill bathroom is newly remodeled with custom cabinetry, granite countertops, with his-and-her sinks, a fabulous designer ceiling and a large shower.

The third bedroom makes the perfect children’s room den office or workout room whatever you need. This home also has a two-car garage with a separate entrance and space for a golf cart. It even has a back room for additional storage, keep your boat within walking distance at the full-service, marina and you’ll, be on the open water. In no time you are also walking distance to all of the world-class amenities at the clubhouse.

The newly renovated clubhouse features world-class dining from casual to formal, as well as a state-of-the-art fitness and spa facility, and, unlike most private club communities, membership is optional, not mandatory. Tennis lovers have found their home with 10 heart, true tennis courts and an active year-round schedule for every skill level. Golfers will fall in love with the three 18-hole championship courses with something to offer every skill level find your new home.

At thirty five sixty two Lantern Bay Drive in Jonathan’s landing at Jupiter Florida, a serene oasis in the heart of the best of the Palm Beach lifestyle.

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


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Do I REALLY Need Release Forms? | Corporate Production

And using the correct release forms for your corporate article, you massively reduce The risk of your project falling apart when someone Decides to move on What do release forms cover In most cases, a release. Form is used to give the production company Permission to produce and share a article where a person appears, But they can also cover Permissions for locations, music and imagery, such as Logos and copyrighted artwork Permission Releases give a Huge amount of protection to the production company and the client, for example, if the Interviewee changes their mind a few days after filming Or a company later asks why their building was Featured in a article having a signed release, Form gives you protection, Some organizations might Have their own release forms or a similar approvals? Process already in place, Larger organizations might Have image release permissions built into employment? Contracts or even schools may have pre-approved Agreements from parents, However, you go about it.

Getting permission is essential for pretty much all article projects. So what situations are you most likely to need a release, form Talent Releases, A talent release form is required, anytime talent appears in a article. This could be a professional Presenter, a vox pop interview or a member of staff, In a cutaway sequence, Whilst some people tend To rely on verbal releases, such as having your talent say, “, I consent to be interviewed on camera” at the start of filming Having a physical form is much more robust and should Be used in all situations, A standard release form Will need to be filled out by the talent and will require Their signature date name as well as other relevant Information such as the location of where the form was Signed their job role, contact details, things like that, If our clients have Their own release forms we’ll always talk to them.

Send them our release, forms and come to an agreement on What to use for the project? An iPad system is much More efficient and reliable than a paper-based system, But getting the permission in writing is the most important thing: Location releases, Having permission to film At a particular location also requires a release form. This goes for everywhere from public areas to private land and buildings.

A signed location release, Shows that you’re allowed to be where you are and that the location can be featured in a finished article. It’s not just the location itself. You need to be careful of. In some cases there may Be parts of the location that cannot be shown on camera, For example, when we Were filming for the BBC, we captured several scenes. Inside an art gallery, However, due to the Paintings and sculptures that were copyrighted.

We Had to be very selective about the areas we were Allowed to film, in Private events, Capturing permissions at A large private event such as a conference, is a bit different. If you can’t identify someone in a crowd, this is generally seen as okay and they won’t need a release, form But say. There’s a seminar of Around 200 people attending and you’re likely to capture Recognizable faces in the shot it’s going to be hard to get everyone to sign a release form.

One thing we always do is Make sure that plenty of signs are placed around the Entrance to the venue, The signs clearly state That filming is taking place and that by being present, The attendees acknowledge that they have given Permission to be recorded as part of a article project They’re also given the option to opt out by contacting the event Organizer or article crew, If it’s a seminar, we’ll Often mark a number of seats where those who don’t want to be captured can sit and not be filmed Getting.

Permissions is essential. For all corporate articles, not just the big budget ones, And it’s not just talent, And locations too, Music needs to be licensed properly. Agreements with voiceover Artists cover specific usage and imagery such as Logos shouldn’t be used without the permission. Of the organization too, Having release forms signed By participants in your article not only protects the production Company and the client for this project, but it Also gives you options for any future use of the article.

Should you want to reuse it for advertising? Or any other purpose, The risk of a project backfiring Because of not getting permissions is small, but it Can happen and it can result in costly re-editing at the very least or a full re-shoot and Legal action at the worst Permissions protect everyone. Involved in the project so make sure your production company has the processes in place. To keep you protected For more handy tips on how to get the best out of your corporate article project subscribe to us on YouTube or find us on social media.

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


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Marketing For Local Businesses in 2020

You went full local right You’re on the first page, Correct when you type in your, what is it, What are the keywords? Keywords correct, So we rank…. We help businesses rank for keywords in their local market, so They are able to find So, in instance, Santa Monica dentist, or you know, Santa Monica design studio. We help businesses get found. Through those keywords Yeah, but what I mean when I look at the Google, you have literally like eight positions.

Eight first We have six positions and then the- Plus articles for article production in our city: Okay, so how did you Get so many positioning on a Google, It’s really about understanding what Google is looking for and using –‘Cause Google literally Tells you what they want And you know for us It was understanding you know with Google when You’re, looking for a search, there’s different things: That you wan na consider Which the first one’s the Google 3 Pack 3 Packs, are pretty much going to be the three little things that show up when you type in a business, It’s going to have their name.

.. Their name, their directions. Their phone number – That’s a Google 3 Pack, Underneath that — People also call it a Snack Pack, 3 Pack, whatever it may be, Underneath that that’s the Organic search pretty much And then for us what we did. Through optimizing citations, which citations are things Like Google, My Business Bing Yelp Easy Local. These different places that You know are directories We listed and optimized Our business in over a hundred of them There’s different numbers.

You could do, but we optimized them with Our keywords in there with our phone number address and name Okay, I see All these different places. I see what you did there: Okay, We created a signal, So we let Google know They were like “, Hey, Listen: here’s our business “ We’re listed on all these Different directories “ and we offer all these different services.” Okay, so we build this kind of net right.

Yeah, the web, Okay, so that’s one interesting thing:,’cause. What you just told me is that when people search for it right – And I wrote an interesting article about search and discovery, And how that unfolds today, Because you see number of searches on Google, has been the same since 2012. Okay And the number of People using the internet has skyrocketed. Okay, So what that means that these days people are searching less and less, but when you count it up, For a search per one person it equals to one search per day.

So that’s not a lot right. But when you look at a social media, people started spending time more then, and when you calculate time, They spend on social media, they spend around 50 minutes. A day on social media, So people are shifting From search to discovery, And what do you think about it, I mean I partially Agree with you on that, and the reason for that is that something that you won’t see with just on Google search results.

Yeah is the information of voice Voice is taking up a Huge market (, mumbles ), That’s the thing yeah And it’s a huge thing. You know I mean And that’s another whole other frontier to talk about. But you know it’s Optimizing SEO and all that That’s another role that Plays within you know, voice, But that’s, I feel, like that’s a whole other topic of discussion, But I mean there’s still –. It’s still a very used platform Because for a lot of the People that I work with and my ideal clienteles, There are the old — and it’s like think of how Do your customers think where are your customers at And for me I know that my demographic is 40- to 60-year-olds.

That work. You know at an office sit at a computer Yeah And I need to think like them about what are their search terms and what are they looking for online And that’s what I try to Implement in using my websites when they are doing, search and discovery, they’re finding articles about hey, how much does a article cost? How long does it take a article to be made, I’m creating all this different content, Yeah and that’s the thing That yeah, That’s the thing What you are saying: Is when people search for this article services, you just give them the article, because article is a very good media right.

Correct So give them a article how to do it and how to reach it, But now that we kind of see the people shifting towards discovery, Am I saying that right, Uh huh: What do you think will Be the role of article Because, right now it’s Like explaining how to do what you are searching for, but in the future, as more and more people are heading towards discovery, what do you think will Be the role of article Well, I mean, I think, The current role of article on top of educations are going to be retention.

You know what article really works, for you know small businesses, Okay, It’s all strategy really because you implementing A article into your website So, like let’s say you are a dentist Yeah. Now you have a article on your website and we helped you rank to get there. Now someone clicked on the Google 3 Pack and they see a article there Now they’re spending 30 seconds to maybe two minutes. Yeah, that’s true: if they’re entertained, Enough on your website, because they’re reading a article They’re, not spending Time reading the content and that’s something You have to understand You writing content.

You’re doing it for Google For Google to understand — Okay for the algorithm, Exactly Okay And then you producing article content, that’s for your consumer! To be able to understand what you’re doing And the way that that Plays out in two ways is that the article helps Your client understand what you do, but then It also helps you keep your client on your website longer And the way that that strategy works is that now that the client Is spending more time on your website, your bounce Rate decreases with Google So then to Google.

It’s like hey. This person went and clicked on this dentist and now they’ve spent three Minutes on this website, Normally other dentists. In the areas people are spending 30 Seconds to a minute and they’re clicking off: Okay, This website is more relevant to what People are looking for because they are spending more time in it. Okay, I see So to Google they’re going to favor You because they’re, like you’re, providing — All the care about, is user experience.

Okay, that’s very interesting because that kind of links up to something that we spoke earlier. You told us that social media is not the best place to be for small companies. Why is that? Yes, and no So for small businesses, Okay, If I was to give –, If I was given a marketing budget, I wouldn’t spend time…. I get a lot of companies like “ Hey. Can you do social media for us?” And it’s to me Yeah is not the best strategy, but it all depends on What you’re trying to do Now, if you’re selling this product, I would spend money on social Media creating article content.

I would call my buddy Mole. He does lifestyle brand articles, ( Stanley, laughs ) And be like “ Mole. I Got this great product “ Create a article for me..” Yeah, I would then advertise Through social media through YouTube to sell this product, but the thing is when you’re A service-based business and I’m just going to Keep using a dentist Yeah, I don’t want to see your Article on my YouTube feed, I don’t want to see your Article on my Instagram feed cause.

I don’t care about — Like when people go to the dentist when they look you up it’s because they’re in pain, And they want a fix right now and then Yeah So, unless –, If you’re a dentist, a article that you can do is How to Brush My Kid’s Teeth, How to Floss. There’s like those little Things that you can do that you know you can bring some Sort of value to people but for the most part, If I’m on my Instagram and you’re, not a hot Doctor, like most girls like to look at ( Stanley, laughs ): I don’t care about seeing That kind of stuff, So you have to understand the mentality of you, Know your clientele So going back to what we Were saying rewinding, it is that if social media Plays part of your strategy that after we optimize your website and now you have SEO and your Rank – and you have a article, I would then re-target You using social media.

Ok, I see so you would use social media as re-targeting Correct for people who already showed intent Exactly they already Visited your website, they know that you exist Okay, but people who, for example, are –. Let’s say we have these people right who are following some kind of dentist or stuff like that. That are Interested in this topic, right, Maybe dentists, are not like the best example in this case, Let’s maybe shift it to Whatever institute you want eCommerce, Let’s shift it to eCommerce and, let’s say sneakers right, It’s hot! So let’s say you have these people who are interested In sneakers per se as a topic, So wouldn’t you then try to Target them somehow, with article Just kind of build your Awareness about your store, Yeah, but I mean but That’s different, though, because I feel with if You’re selling sneakers Yeah in the market like if You’re in New York City, different situation, Like you, have to play to your market and not every –.

Like that’s the thing, not every strategy is Going to work for everyone, You’re in New York, City and You sell custom sneakers Yeah, you could do a lot of advertisement.,’Cause there’s a lot of outreach, but for me in my local Market, you know a sneaker. I would advise you to not Even to start a sneaker store, ( Stanley, laughs, ) The money you’re going To spend on overhead to start a sneaker store start it outta your garage.

Okay, so is there any Product that will be hot. Well, it’s not so much about –, It’s services versus products, Yeah They’re two different Marketing strategies, you know what I mean: Okay, I see what what you mean: So yeah.’Cause, it’s like not Everything’s going to work for –, I have a client that he Sells medical bandages and he wanted to do local search. I’m like dude, that’s not like –, It’s about being smart with your money and what you’re going to do Like for you to wan na.

Do local Search for medical bandage, it’s not smart allocation of your funds, Like you know, you’re, better off targeting people on social media that own medical department stores, Okay, If you were going to do that, you know what I mean: Mhm But it’s like having an understanding of who is it that you’re trying to reach to, and then you have to contextualize Your marketing to them, Okay, Okay, now I’ll circle back a little bit; Okay, because what you did Is you used YouTube for marketing to dentists right? You showed this article that You made for dentists, Correct, Basically just testimonials right.

I took –, I found a dentist That I wanted to work with Yeah and then I found a bunch Of really good reviews that he had online and I made a little 30 second article of it, and then I ranked it on YouTube. I just love it, And I was like hey saw, you had a really great reviews. I made this article for you check it out. It’s ranked on the first page of Google or YouTube Okay, Okay, so that was kinda unconventional way.

You Used YouTube for the dentist, I would say right. Correct And right now we see a like a huge rise of Tik Tok right, Yep At this point, I believe it’s higher than Facebook, if I’m correct It could be, The user base is skewed. So young right now that you know for the — And there’s still a lot of people even in this pro-group Yeah that have never used Tik Tok before Yeah. That’s true. I Haven’t used it myself? Okay, so there you go Like I spend a little bit of time because it is emerging article Okay and it’s the same way that Insta — When I started Instagram, it was 15.

Second articles, Oh yeah, I remember that I needed to compile a Story into 15 seconds Yeah, I remember that Those things evolved The same way: Instagram Used to not have Stories Snapchat had Stories, they –. You know what I mean. These are all feature-based. Okay, all Tik Tok needs to do right now. — But Snapchat was never used commercially, though Yeah there was Was it There was ads in there like? I think, a really great strategy that used to work for Snapchat is when you used look at a map and see where people were at Mhm, you could then do service-based — So like something that I saw a lot with Redbull in my area.

Is that Redbull somebody — A friend of mine, used to work for them. They used to go on Snapchat and look at all the hotspots. To see where they were on weekends and then Redbull would go out to those areas. Oh and promote Redbull I see that, like a heat map Exactly!’Cause, they knew where all the heat map was at, where All the people were at Okay, so that’s one way to use Snapchat Correct, And what would be the way to use Tik Tok? I don’t know Okay, It’s new! It’s new! So have you ever seen? — Influencers Influencers ( Stanley laughs )’Cause, like it’s really Easy for you to go –.

I have a friend right now. His name is Lucky Goats, Kid’s, 22 years old. He makes dog articles. He makes funny skit with his dog This kid’s 22 years old, He’s getting paid 150 bucks a day Mm; hmm To make a funny article: Okay, -‘Cause he has music producers now,’cause. He has about 350,000 followers, Yeah But music producers want him to use their songs on his articles for them to get exposures. What Yeah, but that’s the thing, 22 years old, if you got paid to make a 30 second article for 150 bucks like dude, that’s like –, Okay, I’m getting to Tik Tok Yeah man! It’s a young platform that Yeah, it is for you to reach to get a lot of reach.

It’s not hard. Are you on Tik Tok I am Okay, so what are you doing there? Nothing ( Stanley laughs ), I’m consuming I’m consuming. I’m learning I’m seeing what people are doing Like what I’m most amazed about Tik Tok is the young creative people and their ability to tell stories in a very funny and different complex ways. Isn’t it like one there’s a short article, It was like Vine, I mean, there’s articles That are 15 seconds long and there’s articles that you know they’re 10, minute — or one minute long, but there’s also –.

I could shoot a article and you could take my article and you could collaborate on that article. Okay, I got it Which you see people doing things that I’m like whoa? I didn’t even think about. That you know what I mean Like taking really out: Of weird context, articles and putting them together, but it’s — Okay, I see That’s where I think you know where article’s going to Change because you know for a lot of what we do now.

It’s — The consumers I market to are a lot older, But eventually that’s Going to skew down so you have to — The same way that you have to change your article format for YouTube than you do for Instagram. And for Facebook, Okay, You’re going to have to change that article messaging to be Able to reach those people So the same way: — On Tik Tok right Exactly so, if using You know different GIFs and things like that within your article and using these different motion: graphics, you’re speaking to the Young demographic, too, Okay, I see So you have to be able to –, So me right now.

I just want to consume and learn, see what the kids are doing Then. Also it’s a really great Place to find young talent, You know what I mean: Okay, yeah Like for me being able To reach out to a kid, be like hey, Like cheap influencers at this point, right, Exactly cheap influencers, But even no creative people, Yeah -‘Cause: it’s a lot easier for me to hire a 15-year-old to make another Article for a 15-year-old than for me to hire a 30-year-old to make a article for a 15-year-old There’s a disconnect Yeah I mean at this point when you Get some kind of work where you need to market to young people.

You already got it right. You know where the place Is and how to reach it Exactly Okay. Okay, so that’s it! Thank you! A lot man. It’s been a pleasure to talk with you. For sure man All right, a pleasure Okay: cheers ( laughing ) Peace. Okay, that’s been Actually, the first time I did this kind of shit How did you like it


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Who’s Who In A Film Crew? | Corporate Production

It doesn’t matter if you Have the latest camera kit or the fanciest lenses? It’s the film crew that Make or break a shoot Each corporate article shoot Has different requirements Simpler projects may require Just a camera operator and a producer, whereas larger scale, films such as narrative dramas, Might call for a crew of 10 or more people, It all depends on.

What’s Needed from the script and any limitations that may Be placed on the project such as budget timescales, hours available for filming Deadlines and so on, But who does what? On a Corporate article filming day There are several roles: That are most common across corporate article production, The terminology and Duties of them may change, depending on who you talk. To but this should give you a good idea of who’s needed on set and what they’re there to do.

The camera operator, The camera operator, is responsible. For setting up the camera and capturing all footage, Required on a filming day, They work with the director On ensuring that they capture everything needed from the shoot, Usually one camera operator is sufficient for most filming days, but There could be any number of camera operators on a shoot. Depending on the project, A live event may require multiple cameras to record the action.

From different angles or a conversation where both The interviewer and interviewee need to be seen would be better captured with at least two cameras Having multiple cameras. On a shoot also make the editing process easier, as There is more footage to use in the edit which can make For a richer looking film, Ultimately, the camera operator, Is the most vital role? Because without them you Won’t get any footage The producer The producer is responsible.

For managing the project from start to finish, They are the glue that hold A article project together as they lead pre-production, which is arguably the most important part of the article production process. The producer develops The concept of the article with the stakeholders manages deadlines schedules, the project Carries out risk assessments and much more. The producer also manages The project’s overall budget and books, the crew for each filming day, as well as overseeing the editing process.

So yes, there is a lot On the producer’s plate, which is why they’re known As the first one to show up and the last to leave The director, The director is responsible. For the overall creative vision of the project and can Communicate their creative ideas to all involved to make The project successful The role is sometimes combined. With that of the producer, but on larger projects, Such as narrative dramas, the director’s role, will Usually be carried out by a single person, A director will have a clear understanding of the visual language of film, as well as a technical Understanding of lighting, sound camera movement and Of course, storytelling An important skill for a director in a corporate article, Environment is being able to communicate effectively.

With professional on-screen talent such as Paid actors and presenters, But also being able to interact with non-professional talent such as business representatives, Or members of the public is vital as well. If a project requires People who are not used to being filmed to communicate Important messages such as answering questions, In an interview style, this can be incredibly Daunting for most people, However, a talented director Will make this process easy and even enjoyable for the Non-Professional talent, The director will not only make them feel at ease throughout the process, but they will work with the individual and help them to deliver their message in a confident and clear manner.

The sound recordist, The sound recordist is responsible for capturing the required sound on set, whether that’s interviewees Actors or presenters and ensuring that sound is properly mixed for use in the edit They’re experts in microphone placement and ensuring the right type. And number of microphones are used on set. There are huge benefits. Of having a dedicated, sound recordist on set As opposed to giving all sound recording duties, To the camera operator, A sound recordist will Use a separate, sound mixer to capture their recordings.

Allowing several microphones to be recorded at once, many more than can be Plugged into a camera, They will also have a Broader range of microphones and accessories to hand With all manner of gadgets and even adhesives to keep Microphones hidden from view, while still capturing excellent, sound, Also if a filming day, Requires a lot of resetting and moving locations or, if The location is challenging and susceptible to interference.

Through background noise, an experienced sound Recordist will be able to rectify these problems quickly and capture a perfect soundtrack, The Autocue operator, A teleprompter, more Commonly known as an Autocue is incredibly useful for Films where the talent is presenting directly to the camera, A teleprompter operator will Set up the teleprompting system with the camera operator, Installing the monitor which reflects the script Onto a clear glass screen in front of the lens, All of this is connected.

To a separate system where the operator will observe the shoot and remotely control the teleprompter, This allows them to make Script, changes if required or highlight and embellish Text to enhance the delivery as well as adjust the Speed the text is shown to suit the performance. Having a teleprompter operator is vital when there’s a specific message. That needs to be delivered word-for-word by someone on camera, as opposed to capturing those messages through unscripted Interviews or a scripted but less personal voiceover, There are simpler, teleprompter Systems designed to be used with smartphones or iPads And whilst these are fine for short pieces to camera, or maybe less intense filming days having a dedicated operator, Reduces distractions for the talent and is a much More efficient way of working – These are just a few of the Roles that may be needed for a corporate article filming day, Other personnel that might be Needed include a makeup artist to prepare the talent, a gaffer in charge of setting up the Lighting as well as assistants to the director producer, Or camera operator just to help keep things running smoothly, Plus, where would we be without a runner to go and grab coffees at three o’clock when everyone is flagging? Some of these roles are usually combined on simpler filming days.

For example, a producer might take On the director’s role, in addition to their own or a camera operator, will Deal with recording sound This not only keeps down The number of people on set but of course reduces cost as well, But above all the best film Crew is the right film crew, whether it’s two people or 20, Each crew member on set Will be there for a reason and their presence will Help ensure the production is efficient, effective And will produce a cohesive and creative production for the client For more handy tips on how to get the best out of your corporate article project subscribe to us on YouTube.

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Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!