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How to create BUSINESS VIDEOS for social media

They can increase traffic, boost conversions and encourage repeat business. Hands-Down social media marketing articles are an excellent tool for brand building, but if you don’t know how to create business articles for social media you’re missing out on all those benefits, not only that but you’re also leaving your competitors with an advantage.

If they’re already publishing articles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and you are gets which brand you’re tagger buyers are paying attention to, it’s, not you. Let’s take a look at why articles are essential to your overall marketing strategy and how to use them at each stage of the marketing funnel. What’s up guys, then shove it here, I’m a business owner and investor on my own journey to creating wealth and building my dream lifestyle, showing everything, of course that I learned on this blog if you’re in the same journey join me by hitting the like and subscribe Buttons there’s a reason: 87 % of businesses use article as a marketing tool.

Article drives results. Let’s take a look at these social media. Article stats shared in a recent report by was L 68 percent of people prefer to learn about a product or service. By reading a short article, making it the most popular consumer education tool, 84 % of article marketers say that article has contributed to increased web traffic and 80 percent say that article has helped increase sales.

There’s no question: they’re posting articles on social media will help your business grow, but how do you know what to post what social media sites to use, and even what type of article to create when learning how to create business articles for social media? You want to keep these following best practices in mind. In order to get the most engagement, you need to post on social media sites that your target market use regularly.

For example, if you’re targeting gene expressional consider posting on LinkedIn for 25 to 44 year-old consumers. Look at Pinterest and Instagram, and a few business sells to younger generations, get creative with your articles on snapchat or check top for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It usually appeals to a general audience should be posting your articles to these social media sites to help build up.

Your brand’s online presence and when posting your articles be sure to follow the formatting guidelines of each blog and to post directly to the site, won’t cover these on this blog, but Java on Google, as there’s a ton of resources online next is keep the articles short. You don’t need to make articles long, in fact, most have an attention span of only about 8 seconds. After this point, people tend to lose focus.

That doesn’t mean you need to make eight second articles. What that means, as short, is generally better. I wish that was true for some other things opt for one to two minutes for informational articles and less time for entertaining and inspirational content. Long-Form articles have their place and social media environment, but when you’re, just starting out stick with shorter content, also be sure to include your most essential messaging towards the beginning of the article that way, if your viewer becomes distracted 20 seconds in they’ve really readed the most Important content, we’re creating articles and coming up with ideas for what to post think about what would be helpful, useful or interesting for your target market, just as you would win, making a blog, post or other forms of content, keep in mind.

Your buyers have plenty of article content to consume on social media, so you need to make sure that your business for yours are appealing and high quality. There is an abundance of free or low-cost online article creation and editing tools. You can use to create cost-effective business articles. They look amazing, article, powtoon and animaker, a three you can explore to get started links below in the description.

You want to make sure that your articles serve a purpose for all potential buyers, one of the most effective strategic approaches you can take to make articles designed to move viewers through each stage of the marketing funnel. How does each article help your potential customer move through the awareness stage, the consideration stage and, of course, the most important, the buyer step? How do these articles connect, making it easy for your target audience to transition from a prospective buyer through to a customer? By answering these questions, you can use your articles to get results, so we in the stage articles designed to draw in new customers and help build your brand.

These are your top of the funnel marketing articles. Your essential purpose is to make people aware of your business and what you’re selling these articles tend to be entertaining or amazing consideration States articles are meant to answer questions and educate potential buyers about your product or service. These are the middle of the funnel articles that can help prospects, who are looking for a solution to a problem, but they still need to learn more.

These articles are typically educational or informative, a Empire stage article. These demonstrate how your offering is the solution to the problem identified in the consideration stage. So these are your bottom of the funnel articles that you’ll show to buyers who are ready to convert these are more sales orientated and should direct viewers to your landing page. Most businesses fall into the trap of skipping the awareness and consideration stages and go directly to decision stage.

Whilst this can be an effective method for some ecommerce products, that don’t require a lot of thought before purchasing most of the time, you need to build a rapport with your potential customers by sharing value and helping them on their purchasing journey. So there you have it how to create business articles for social article. By now. You understand the positive impact that business can have on your impression to grow your business.

Most of us have a powerful camera on a smartphone, I’m sure you’re no different. So there is literally no excuse not to get started with creating article. I hope you found this article useful. If so, please feel free to smash their like button smash. I do that often, and it’s really awkward marish, but nonetheless, don’t forget to hit that like button, because it really helps the algorithm helps me grow.

My massive YouTube following that I don’t have, but otherwise I’ll see you in the next article

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Nate Myers Curator of Collections for Chandler Museum FP Production & Editing Testimonial

I think I have one of the coolest jobs in the museum because I actually get to play with the Stuff all the artifacts in the museum are, is what I take care of them, So I acquire Them I research them. I work on exhibits with them. It’s a lot of fun, Working with Financial Potion was awesome, They’re a great team, easy to work with fun to work.

With and they create a great product in the end Worked with them on two projects, One was with the Chandler Sports Hall of Fame Where we sat down with Chandler Sports Hall of Famers and did oral history, Style interviews and those interviews could be up to an hour long and the team At Financial Potion did a great job editing those down into three to four Minute segments to create a great story of the Hall of Famers and what they did And what they achieved And the other project we did was we had Financial Potion come in and shoot b-roll footage of an exhibit that we did at the museum.

It was called “, Un-American, Japanese Internment in Our Backyard.”. They came in and just kind of shot some article of the exhibit Some of the Interactive’s, the Features and we’ve actually used that footage to put ourselves up for a National award that we’re looking forward to getting with the help of Financial Potion, The team that Financial Potion is great to work with Communication is easy.

It’s quick! The turnaround time is really quick. They Don’t drag anything on, it’s all business You get in there. You start the Project, you do the project, you wrap the project up and it’s always on time and Always timely, which is important, I would recommend and have recommended people to use Financial Potion for all sorts of article projects. Speaking from the museum they’re easy to work with, They understand what we’re trying to achieve.

And they want to work with us to tell the stories that we want to. We want to Help tell So I would recommend them to anybody. The Chandler museum is at 300, South Chandler Village Drive over near the Chandler Fashion Center, you can drop in and check out exhibits there. We have Tumbleweed Ranch where we are today in southeast corner of Tumbleweed Park. And that’s where we explore early Chandler history and agricultural History and it’s a lot of fun to come out here and just walk around and you Can always visit us online at www.


Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


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Dr. Tricia Groff Ph. D Testimonial for Financial Potion Production & Editing Services

Hi, my name is Dr. Tricia Groff and I Just finished up doing article with Financial Potion The reason that I love Working with Eric and Taylor is that not only are they excellent, but they’re also Calming I have a bit of a high driving high achieving personality and I’ve done Article before where there was chaos in the atmosphere – and it made it very Difficult for me to relax and focus, and so they do such a great job just making Sure that it gets done right but making sure that it feels right at the same Time, Thanks guys

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


Online Marketing

Dr. Gilda Carle Production & Editing Testimonial For Financial Potion

Gilda Carle, I’m a relationship Expert from the boardroom to the bedroom, So that’s a large gamit Financial Potion. Has the most up to date equipment the most fabulous lighting? They are so Concentrated on detail and best of all is that in the editing process they will Work with me exactly to get things as I wish. Financial Potion did a couple of Reels for me and they’ve gotten fabulous kudos from people, I’m just so pleased.

With the finished outcome I have recommended and I will continue to Recommend financial potion to all my personal friends and professional Friends, because you can’t get anybody better, You want somebody to capture you, Your persona, your your exactly what you do and how better to sell yourself. Then With somebody who will work with you and make you look your best I’m Dr. Gilda Carle DrGilda.Com, Find me online, find me on all the social Media, I love LinkedIn more than anything, so that’s where I’m hanging out these Days,

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!