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Nate Myers Curator of Collections for Chandler Museum FP Production & Editing Testimonial

I think I have one of the coolest jobs in the museum because I actually get to play with the Stuff all the artifacts in the museum are, is what I take care of them, So I acquire Them I research them. I work on exhibits with them. It’s a lot of fun, Working with Financial Potion was awesome, They’re a great team, easy to work with fun to work.

With and they create a great product in the end Worked with them on two projects, One was with the Chandler Sports Hall of Fame Where we sat down with Chandler Sports Hall of Famers and did oral history, Style interviews and those interviews could be up to an hour long and the team At Financial Potion did a great job editing those down into three to four Minute segments to create a great story of the Hall of Famers and what they did And what they achieved And the other project we did was we had Financial Potion come in and shoot b-roll footage of an exhibit that we did at the museum.

It was called “, Un-American, Japanese Internment in Our Backyard.”. They came in and just kind of shot some article of the exhibit Some of the Interactive’s, the Features and we’ve actually used that footage to put ourselves up for a National award that we’re looking forward to getting with the help of Financial Potion, The team that Financial Potion is great to work with Communication is easy.

It’s quick! The turnaround time is really quick. They Don’t drag anything on, it’s all business You get in there. You start the Project, you do the project, you wrap the project up and it’s always on time and Always timely, which is important, I would recommend and have recommended people to use Financial Potion for all sorts of article projects. Speaking from the museum they’re easy to work with, They understand what we’re trying to achieve.

And they want to work with us to tell the stories that we want to. We want to Help tell So I would recommend them to anybody. The Chandler museum is at 300, South Chandler Village Drive over near the Chandler Fashion Center, you can drop in and check out exhibits there. We have Tumbleweed Ranch where we are today in southeast corner of Tumbleweed Park. And that’s where we explore early Chandler history and agricultural History and it’s a lot of fun to come out here and just walk around and you Can always visit us online at www.


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