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Social Media for Service– Can Businesses Make It Through without Social Network?

It is time for businesses to consider utilizing social media, however their considerations should be based upon 2 independent situations. First, what kind of impact do social networks have on businesses? Second, what sort of effect can businesses expect without social media? The impact that social networks has on service varies, however it’s been kept in mind that nearly 80% of SMBs or medium-sized and small services have actually reported an increase in traffic with the assistance of social media websites. However, this is not a trusted statistic alone to ensure one’s success on using social networks for organizations.

Various surveys have been carried out on the number of individuals that use social media websites and the method they can affect marketing techniques. For beginners, Coleman-Parkes Research revealed that 84% of American business felt the desire to create new methods to communicate with their customers, consisting of social media and mobile marketing. If you take those numbers into consideration alone, you are missing out on out on a lot of prospective leads and traffic by avoiding out on social media

In an old study done by the 2008 Cone Business in Social Media Study, the statistics revealed interesting information which should be kept in mind by company owner.
-60% of American residents use social media.
-90% of those noted that businesses should have social media presence
-85% of those noted that businesses ought to communicate with their customers through social networks.

Customers that were surveyed also indicated that companies need to utilize social media for the purpose of:

  • Problem resolving (43%).
  • Obtain feedback and remarks (41%).
  • Customer interaction with business (37%).
  • Market to consumers (25%).

These outcomes ought to be sufficient for company owner to consider the use of social media. If their consumers desire them on social media websites, it’s already an indication that they too want to reach to businesses. It’s an indication that services require social media since their clients are currently there. All they actually need to do is sign up, develop an account, put pictures, upgrade continuously, and they’re all set for life.

At this state, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are here to stay for a very long time.

It is time for services to consider using social media, however their considerations need to be based on two independent circumstances. The impact that social media has on organization differs, however it’s been noted that practically 80% of SMBs or medium-sized and small businesses have actually reported a boost in traffic with the aid of social media sites. These results ought to be more than enough for organization owners to think about the usage of social media. If their customers desire them on social media sites, it’s already a sign that they too want to reach to businesses. It’s an indication that organizations require social media because their customers are already there.

Social Media and Customer Service

Even if you have a great social media strategy for your business. Customer service is key! The video below has great tips for your business to exceed your clients expectations.

Online Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing And How Can You Use It To Grow Your Business?

It makes being in business easier than ever. Let’s get into this article how’s it going everybody. My name is Brandon brashears, I do digital marketing.

I have an agency called maverick digital marketing. I also have podcasts and create content and create daily marketing articles here on YouTube. So if you are trying to grow your business or if you want to start a business, want to start an agency if you’re looking to do any of those things, then please consider subscribing, because I create daily articles that helps you to get better at marketing.

So what is digital marketing? Well, you’ve probably heard about things like content, marketing or blogs, or article creation or just in general, there’s social media marketing too, like there’s all of these different concepts and that all falls underneath the larger umbrella of digital marketing. Digital marketing is using anything on the web. To take attention and turn that attention into some kind of an action – hopefully so sometimes you’ll have people that want to sell things like on websites like Shopify or click funnels or WooCommerce, or other tools like that.

But how do we get people to go and take action that we’re looking for them to take? That’s exactly what digital marketing does now, I’m a huge proponent of content. Marketing I mean content. Marketing is a part of digital marketing where we create content, that’s relevant to a group of people. We use that content to segment those people and show those people offers there’s also pay-per-click marketing, there’s search engine, optimization, there’s social media marketing, there’s, email, marketing, there’s, ecommerce marketing, there’s all these different specialties of digital marketing, but ultimately what they do is they take attention and They turn that attention into action, and so it really is as simple as that human behavior is pretty much the same.

It’s really interesting. If you look at books like scientific advertising, it was written in the early 1900s and it’s super super relevant because it’s today, even because peoples typically behave in certain ways. So we use the what we know about human behavior to drive attention and drive traffic to different offers, and then we get people to buy typically things that they need or want based on their activity and that’s what digital marketing does now.

There’s two kinds of ways to get people to do something you can try and get people to do something by enticing them to do something or you can get people to do something because they want or need it already. Now I’m a big fan of trying to find people who want and need what I’m selling, instead of trying to make them consider that they should be buying something because it’s a lot easier to find somebody who wants something.

For example, if you’re trying to sell hamburger. What’s the most important thing that you need, some people might say: well, we need the best quality, meat or buns or lettuce, but I think that if you find a starving crowd, who is really really hungry, they’ll pay a lot of money for that cheeseburger because they Already want it and they’re starving, so that’s kind of what digital marketing does through content and other strategies.

We use attention and we take that attention segment it and then show relevant offers and make offers now a lot of times, especially with businesses. You’ll hear you know what digital marketing doesn’t really generate, return on investment for me and they get confused a lot, especially when it comes to social media, marketing or other blogs, where they’re, creating content and they’re doing a lot of work and activity, but they’re, not turning That activity into actual sales or leads, and so a lot of times, especially if they don’t have a clear strategy, digital marketing, seems really difficult.

But the way that we do digital marketing through my agency and the way that good marketers do marketing is that they’re able to measure and track their offers. They’re able to track return on investment return on adspend and typically they create one objective per campaign and they measure that objective. So most marketing in general, you start out. You’ve probably heard the term a marketing funnel and a marketing funnel is a big component of digital marketing, because we drive attention and traffic and find out people that are interested through segmentation, and then we show offers so you have three stages of the funnel there.

We have awareness which, in order for people to understand, or in order for people to do business with you, they have to know about you right and if they don’t know about you, they can’t be business. So that awareness is at the top of the funnel a lot of the content that we do and create, gets people to be aware of our content and aware of our brand so that they can take the next step in our relationship.

The next step of the funnel is the middle of the funnel, which is evaluation so once they know about you, they have to evaluate you once they’ve evaluated you, then they can convert and that conversion process happens. Once somebody becomes a customer and pays you and then hopefully they continue to convert over time. So we take the attention and the time met where people are spending time we take.

So we take places that people are spending time on, like social media networks or Google or Yahoo or Bing or other search engines or just anywhere. People are generally taking time and we drive people through different funnels. Now funnels are going to look different depending on the different stages of the purchasing process. People are in so, for example, if you have somebody that is just researching what the best kinds of cars for having a family member, never sorry for having.

So, for example, if you take somebody who just is starting off the purchase process and trying to find out what kind of cars are best for having a family, for example, that’s a very different stage of the funnel than somebody who is looking at specific lease payments On a specific model of a car, and so in general, we and depending on what your business is and depending on how you want to be targeting people who want to do business with you, you’re, going to target different stages of the funnel and be able to Drive action and activity based on what the person searching or the person engaging what their mindset is and then what action they’re looking to take.

So it’s definitely a science and an art, because your business is special and even though there’s a lot of similarities between different businesses, you’re going to know, ultimately what your clients want and need more than probably anybody else. So how is digital marketing different from traditional market? In general, it’s pretty much the same. The only difference is that it’s all done online. So in the past there have been TV advertisements, newspaper advertisements, Direct Mail, billboards, things like that.

We pretty much have an equivalent of those inside of digital marketing right, so billboard ads are like banner ads, for example, and Direct Mail is like email and newspaper and advertorials, for example, are a lot like Facebook. So there’s a lot of overlap between marketing and advertising. In general and digital marketing, it’s just that the tools and level of sophistication that we have within digital marketing allows you to track and understand exactly what’s going on what your conversion rates are, what your return on adspend is, and so for that reason it is amazing.

Most business owners have more tools now than they ever have had before. One thing, that’s so cool about digital marketing, too, is that the barrier to get started is very low, and so there’s a few things. That’s exciting about that and there’s a few things that are not so exciting about that. So, since the end buried entry is super low, you can go right now and start running. Facebook ads and you’ll be up and running within just a little bit, which is amazing.

It’s not too hard to get started. The problem is, is that it is extremely crowded and it is extremely competitive, and so if you don’t know what you’re doing you can quickly waste tons of money and a lot of people do, and so, if you ask most small business owners, have you ever run Facebook Ads almost all of them will say yes and you say great, what was the return on that spend on that? They’ll have no clue because they don’t know how to set up and measure and track things.

So I make daily marketing articles here that helps to educate you to understand exactly what you should be doing for your digital marketing and how to grow your business in a way. That’s measurable and scalable. That’s what’s important here. We need to understand. What’s working and what’s not and the only way that you can do, that is by setting specific objectives and having each of those objectives be measurable, now determine, depending on what part of the funnel you’re we’re working on if you’re generating awareness, if you’re generating a valuation Or your generate conversion you’re going to be measuring those objectives differently and in the next articles, we’ll talk about the different objectives that you should be measuring across each step of the funnel.

If you need any help, they’ll, please don’t hesitate to ask and comment below if you need any helper, if there’s anything that I can do, I love digital marketing. I’ve been doing this for about twelve years now and it has changed so much, but I just see that there is a huge opportunity for small businesses. If you are a business and you’re, not creating content and you’re, not driving people through finals, you’re going to have a really hard time to stay in business, business is shifting and it’s lingering more and more towards online.

So if you don’t stake your claim right now in the land rush, that’s happening in digital marketing, you’re going to be way behind the curve, so the best time to start is today well, the best time to start was actually yesterday, but the second best time is Today, so if you haven’t started, please let me know what I can do to help if you ever need help with anything again. Just comment below happy to answer questions and please consider subscribing.

I do daily marketing articles here and I love this stuff, so I’ll see on the next article be sure to subscribe, have a great day.


Online Marketing


Okay, so is it kind of just something you’ll implement on the real estate in the real estate side of everything? Or do you actually want to try to get this out to more people? No, I want to try to get it out to more people yeah for sure.

So, well you what you I mean. What I would highly recommend doing is is really I mean it just comes down to what you want to do. I mean everyone has a different marketing approach, especially when it comes to this type of a business which is word-of-mouth and in simply networking. So some people just rely on building a business and in getting the product out or even building a team via word of mouth.

But today it’s it’s so so easy to run ads to attract people, but that’s right if you want to kind of take it to a whole nother level like if you want to take it to a whole nother level. That would be that would be running simple. Facebook ads targeting people who have this interest to get them to see your product like no one, not many in the industry of multi-level or network marketing or whatever you want to call it.

I love this industry. First of all, I started my entire entrepreneurship journey in this industry of network marketing and and word-of-mouth, so I’m very familiar with this type of industry, but very few actually run ads most just try to recruit friends and family or just word of mouth. So I just truly believe from a marketing standpoint where we’re at today with social media marketing, it’s so easy to get this product in front of thousands of people while you’re literally sleeping right.

You know, but but again that that’s for someone, that’s really looking to take it to the next level, that’s for someone that actually wants to invest and and and has a budget to even run a Facebook ad. You know, but then the very first ad what I reached out to you yesterday on is definitely the first ad needs to be that, like ad, no matter what that has to be, there has to be a comma in that number as soon as possible, and then, After that, you know we can always talk in the future.

If you have, you know even more budget to start actually selling the product. First is just the the the the social proof and the credibility of the page. You know coming here and seen eleven hundred likes versus 117. It’s that social proof, that’s step one and then after that is just yeah taking taking adds to a whole other level by actually selling the product. You know so I just don’t know how deep you are into this and how how because I mean again it could be simple.

It can be super super simple, but it does take some kind of budget. You know to run any type of ad right right. No, I don’t have a problem with that. You know so I would like to take it to the next level. Do you have what’s your wet? Actually, okay? So here’s your website right here, so this website what would be necessary, which most company websites do not allow. You to do is install your Facebook pixel.

That’s that’s number one and you may not know what a pixel is just perfect, perfect, so you’re very familiar. So the only thing that these companies don’t do is they don’t allow you to install the pixel on the on the website that they provide for you. So that’s that’s. When you’ll have to come up with a different webpage to get people to so you can run Facebook ads, and so you can really take it to the next level because you wouldn’t.

I would not at all advise you to run a Facebook ad to this website. Right here, okay and it’s a beautiful website, but that’s number one: that’s the problem, it’s too beautiful, and so, if I run an ad and and people are seen an ad see, here’s let me go back you when it comes to ads and it’s it’s very. It’s 100 percent the same with real estate in real estate. This would be a post on one single listing and when I click on that, I go to a web page where I can enter my name, my name and number, because I’m interested in that one specific listing there right why we wouldn’t run an ad to a Website like this is because a moment like we’re, for example, if we were promoting this exact product right here, we’re running an ad – are literally pain to get people to see it or pain, to get people to click it, and so the problem with the website is The fact that when I click it, I’m on the website and all of a sudden there’s a million things that I’m going to go, look at a million things and before you know it, I don’t end up buying anything because it’s overwhelming I might bookmark it.

I might come back to it later, but I paid to get that person to click and I and I paid to get this product exposed. But again the moment they come over here they saw a million other products and that’s what’s overwhelming, because we only have a short attention span and that’s how it is with marketing as well. You have a consumers, have a very short attention span, so I need to put one product and from their face, I need to get them to click it.

They go to a website. They see that one single product and they purchase. So when it comes to physical products like this, like, for example, if I can run an ad – and it takes me straight here – so this image would be this over here – I click on it. I come here, there’s only one product, there’s, nothing else to click on. I don’t see any of this stuff, I see add to bag checkout. That’s how you run ads when it comes to physical products when it comes to anything when it comes to a listing whatever it’s it’s taken, the click to one single product versus a website right, so so that that’s what you would have to do in this case Is you would have to have a single web page which the company they don’t provide that you’d have to get a third party software which there’s a ton of them out there I mean I use, I use one for sure for landing pages.

That’s what you need! You we need a landing page, ok, where it’s a one: it’s not a web site, it’s a web page and and again it’s promoting that one product and and it’s getting people to this one page to get them to click the one button and by that single Product you know so so that that that would be more for for marketing different products. So what I would do is, I would maybe go through this and see which one is your highest margin, where you make the most on any of these products and then and then simply take that one product and run ads on that or E or or it’s Either it’s either you’re going to do that, because you’re not going to run ads on the entire website.

That’s not going to happen at all! You don’t want to do that at all at all at all you’ll waste, your money. So it’s all about running an ad for one single product in this case or running an ad to get people familiar with the company and exposed to actually building a team with you all right. So so those are two different ad angles and those are the only two. Those are the best two: either we’re going to sell one single product and the profit margin is going to justify what we’re going to spend in advertising or I’m going to run ads to get people on my team and and as I build a team that income That residual income can obviously build from there, but, but today again, as I mentioned, it’s all here – it’s a it’s a it’s a simple Facebook ad.

It’s either that I’m going to explode, because your company has a ton of articles promotional articles showing how amazing the company is right, recruiting articles, they already have those types of articles. If you started running ads to get people to click on the article and come straight to your signup page, to sign up, that could be very powerful, and I and and I just from a marketing perspective – I truly believe that’s where we should be today, where 99 % of people that are in the industry, not only just in this company but in the industry as a whole, cuz, it’s a huge industry, so many different Amway’s Herbalife.

This industry has been around forever. Ninety nine percent still recruit their friends and family when trying to build a team right right so and that’s how you probably got exposed a probably friend of yours, you know a couple years ago expose you to it, because that’s that’s the most powerful way word-of-mouth, but At the same time, people are kind of sick and tired of that, and if we can leverage a simple ad to get that exposure, why not especially someone like you that’s build in a real estate business and you don’t even have all the time in the world.

Anyways right, so your time is very limited, so to run an ad and leveraged an ad to get people to expose to the company and and in hopes, though, that build a team with you. That could be simple and that could be powerful. And it’s not that. It’s it’s not that expensive at all at all at all. You know, but then again that’s that’s. If you’re looking to build the team, but it’s either, it’s either grab a handful of articles that I know the company already has like.

If I go to the YouTube blog, there’s, probably a ton of articles on their YouTube blog yeah amazing articles, promotional articles showing how amazing the company is their recruiting type articles which which you can easily use to run it to run ads on. Let me let me let me go to their to their corporate YouTube blog yeah, this one right here, 31 thousand subscribers. This is their main blog. All of these articles again, whether it’s a article on the company and and and and and it’s a promotional article to try to get people involved, or it’s a article on the product and and and now we’re running ads on the product.

That can be simple. Like all these articles are already done, these are professional articles that I can easily download upload to your Facebook page and run ads on. Like that, that’s powerful! That’s super simple! That’s super powerful! However. I wouldn’t be taken over this website. I’d be taking them to one web page where I can capture the lead or I can keep their attention on this one specific product and get them to buy that way you know so so.

For example, if I was running an ad, I would run up to this one single product when they purchase and they enter their name, their their credit card number and they actually purchase. Then they can go to the website and see all the products, but that’s okay. They already bought the product, all right, you know and again that’s the only strategy because I’m running an ad for it. You know I want to keep the ad very, very narrow and very targeted and very straight to the point on one single product.

So there’s just two angles: you can go either we’re going to you know, run ads on promoting and in in recruiting or run ads on on products back to be super powerful as well, but again step one. I would say just take that number up like your next dollar needs to go in into into exposing this to a few thousand more people where I, because you’re going to click, invite and and that’s probably as high as you’re going to get and then and then Now it’s just it’s just coming out of Facebook ad, so I think that should be step one step, one take that light count up and then and then we can definitely start.

What I would do is I would I would if I were you, I would go to the website and just look at the Commission’s and say: okay, which product do I make the most amount of money on and in in and and and would it make sense If I actually ran ads on that one product, because you could you could look at all these products and let’s say you do make a you know, I don’t know a twenty dollar Commission or twenty five dollar Commission.

Whatever. Maybe let’s say let’s say on any of these products, let’s say: let’s say on one of them: you make a Tony dollar Commission. If that’s the commission twenty dollars, it might not seem like a lot, but once we once you sell a few of them per day. It definitely adds up. It definitely adds up right example. The way I would start looking at it is, what’s my profit margin, what’s the highest margin, I want to run an ad on that one single product and if my profit margin is twenty bucks, that means that I can spend up to twenty dollars per day before I break even so if I can spend twenty bucks a day and sell at least one I break even and that’s how you want to look at it.

You want to look at it. What’s my profit margin, because whatever that is, I can afford to spend that much per day as long as I’m getting a sell as long as I’m getting one cell per day and the way you know this can possibly work is where you’re selling you know, five. Six, seven eight of them a day right at that at that same budget, you know you can spend twenty bucks a day and start selling ten of them a day, and so, although they’re there’s a million different products here, if you literally took the highest profit margin, One – and it was one and let’s just say that was under let’s just say that was hmm something under wedding.

Let’s say: let’s say we come to the gift guide and we go under the wedding category and we start running rent. Let’s just say: let’s just say this one right here, fifty bucks, you start running, you start running ads two for that one single targeting everyone who has an interest in weddings, so at 50 bucks. I don’t know exactly what your commission is – maybe maybe maybe 10 bucks. 15 bucks, but whatever it is, that’s how you would want to look at it is what’s the highest profit margin and let me run an ad on that one single product, because I’m telling you, although the website, has a million different products, if you came out the Gates and started selling 10 15 20 of these per day.

I’r here to tell you right now, and I don’t even know the company, but I know of the industry, I’m here to tell you right now that known and the companies even doing that right. Not even one single person out of tens of thousands that are in the company, not one single person is selling a crapload of one single product per day, right you’re, not not in any company. So when you can really take today’s marketing, which is social media marketing, you could take today’s Facebook advertising and leverage that, and do that, oh, my gosh, you can crush it.

You can crush it. You can crush it. So I’m just kind of planting seeds with you. I don’t like you to do this exactly right now. I want you to do your research. I want you to kind of see which look this one right here, 150 bucks. Your Commission has to be at least something I mean yeah. I know maybe 30 bucks. 30 bucks, so if that was the case, I’m telling you right now: aimée $ 30. If you were spending $ 30 per day and we were selling at least one at least you’re breaking even but at the same time I truly believe at 30 dollars a day.

You’d be selling several of those right, you’d be selling several of those, so be in no time when you’re at a hundred bucks a day and your closing escrow. So you know right where that’s just running behind the scenes, while you’re doing your real estate deals. You know so this 150 that that could be powerful. You know you target everyone who has an interest in wedding in weddings, everyone who’s getting married.

You know, Facebook has all that data like. I could target people if I was a wedding gown, you know manufacturer or if I was a wedding, gown retail store. I can literally target women who are getting married this summer right, like it’s, absolutely crazy, and so this right here man, that’s what you could do with that. But again it wouldn’t go straight to this one page. It would go to a web page, not a website.

So it would be a completely different page, which will now have which you, which you would have to budget for that as well. Now you got to have a completely separate web page. Well, it could it go in with my clickfunnels, oh yeah, oh yeah, for sure for sure I use a different one. I use cartridge only because it comes with the email autoresponder as well subscription with clickfunnels so you’re spending.

What are you spending 300 a month with it yeah? Oh man, Amy. You need to get on the one that I’m that I’m using it’s $ 97 a month for everything. Oh really, I left click funnels. In fact, I made a article over here on my youtube blog, I’m over here, building a YouTube blog, but I made a article back in 2018 as I was leaving click funnels to sign up with with this new software. Only because this new software has has multiple tools all for the same price.

Only because I need I need. First of all, when it comes to running ads, you need the landing page. You need an email autoresponder and in your case, with real estate, you want some type of online calendar, so as people are coming to your landing page, if you’re running an ad on a listing, they’re inquiring on your landing page they’re entering their name and email because They want more information.

Your email autoresponder sends out more information, but in your email, autoresponder there’s also a link for your calendar, so it’s mainly those 3 software’s in one for the same price, and so I literally yeah I’ve been on this new software for four four. Two years now – and it’s just it just saves me a ton of money. That’s all saves me driving I’ll, send you a link I’ll, send you a link and there’s a 14-day trial, just compare it like if you’re already using.

Actually, I’m in the hundred I just signed up for the 30 day challenge to learn how to build a funnel gotcha, gotcha, okay, so if you’ve already paid for that part, what was like a hundred bucks yeah yeah? So if you did that, then then go through it just so you know it, but at the same time you’re you’re spending way more money than you need to way more money that extra 200 a month so you’re spending 300.

On that, I’m telling you come over here and spend 97 for way more, that extra 200 a month needs to be your Facebook ad budget, or I bottom line bottom line bottom line. That extra 200 needs to be a Facebook ad budget and you would crush it. You’d crush it with real estate at a 200, our monthly budget, or you crush it with this, with with a 200 month budget. So, and that’s just with me, teaching how to do it like I’d, be open to you know, just teach how to run these simple ads, right, hey, but well, we’ll definitely get their work out.

Work out the products. Look at all these different products and see which one you make the most on: ok and then yeah. We build a page around that one product and just crush it with that one product and ask people buy that one product now they’re on your email list. Now you can email them this website that has a million more right. That right. There is simple, Amy super powerful and super simple, and I’m super excited be talking about this with you, because I just have a completely different view on it and how you can really go to the top quick, because yeah network marketing has been around forever, but internet Marketing, not many hasn’t even taken advantage of yet you know social media marketing.

So what what we should do first, is: let’s: let’s take that light count it what’s our budget for the like, let’s run one Facebook ad I’ll run it for you, you just pay for it. Just let me know what your budget is. What can that need to be? It could be whatever I mean you could like, for example, for every for every for every. Let’s call it a hundred bucks for every ninety-nine dollars for every $ 100.

That’s about right, yeah! That’s still the same, so those numbers are still the same. That’s how much we can always get no matter what so either we go up a thousand. We go so it’s a one-time added, I’m not going to want you to run it all. The time like, let’s run this one time, take it up as high as we need to and then we shut it off, and then we talk again on which product we want to start running.

Okay, you know so I just think you have a ton of potential because well, let’s go ahead and do the do the hundred, so we can get it up over a thousand okay perfect. So all I need you to do is just go to your. Are you actually you’re on your iPad right? Can you get to your business page can go to Facebook, yeah, okay, go to your go to your business page! Really! Quick and all I’m going to do is just request access to the page.

So I can start the ad tonight. Okay, where do I go wirdy? Where do I say or you gain us for access? Okay? So you should either get a notification here in four seconds, or do you see settings at the top so in the top right hand corner of that page? Okay, perfect! So then, if you don’t receive a notification right now, okay, I just got it perfect. So just follow that through it’s going to ask you for your password and that’s it oh gosh yeah, I know most of us don’t know it so sensi is it.

Is it mainly scented candles candles or it’s not candles? It’s wax like wax wax wax wax. So it’s the warmer, so it’s the warmers, but they also have cleaning products at products. I love it. I love it Amy, I’m going to have my wife buy a few products off for you tonight, yeah really cool oils, pods laundry. I bet this line. Diffuser, the diffuser is a big thing right now: the diffuser diffuser diffuser diffuser diffuser words that act.

It’s the mini diffuser. If you type in the search yeah right there, where you just were buying diffusers or pods. Oh got. You got you, okay, yeah man. If I am diffuser mini fan fuser, I never even heard of a mini fender. What is a mini? It’s perfect for the office, your car or anywhere there’s a USB port in just wow, and it just gives off a fragrance right. That’s amazing, yeah! It smells really cool really good.

So are these? Are these like sense and fragrance is supposed to be like healthy for you or there, it’s just a random scent. It’s just it’s just something that smells good. Well, they’re, not you know they don’t burn like the waxes and stuff. If you put your finger in it, they don’t burn, and so but they’re not like they. We do have some essential oils and stuff as well, for the regular diffusers really cool.

Well, I did. I just give it to you: let’s refresh okay, perfect, yes, so now I have access all start that at tonight and then just give me whatever card. I can use to run it either business page I can check. Is it have you changed it at all? Recently, no okay, so I should still have that same one. Then. Yes, I’ll message, you the last four digits and just confirm if that’s the right one, okay, perfect, yeah and then I’ll start that tonight and do you have any any like images like I can.

I can for sure, run it on this image right here, but if you just actually, this is a beautiful image right here. Can I run it on this on this image? Should I run it? Okay, I’m going to grab this image. I will email you a asana I’ll, send you a snapshot later on of the ad and I’m going to use this similar. Okay, that’s a perfect image, perfume, it so I’ll email you later on once we’re alive and then we’ll go from there.

Okay, perfect cool! Okay me talk to you soon, thanks David thanks, bye, bye, bye,

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Best Outreach Methods For SMMA in 2020

I should had already tell from the title and the introduction today we’re going to be talking about outreach for your social media agency.

Now, for those of you do not know who, I am, I am Joshua Tango George, I own a social media agency called brand pannier here in the Netherlands, and they also have a coaching business where I basically help you guys. You know start and scale your own marketing businesses and, like it’s literally one of the most common questions I get from those who are just starting out with the coaching, but also from you guys, you’re just reading the articles and follow me on Instagram or are in The the free Facebook community is what is the best method of outreach and, like there are so many lists, I googled it obviously and to see what other people are saying on this topic.

The reason for that was obviously for keyword, ranking, etc, and there are so many articles, alright, the best method for outreach do this to get your face, clients immediately. This is the only method that you need like this is the golden method and all the other methods are like worthless and also like that, but it there is no real. Like no golden method. There is no like, like one method, that that soars like it better than every other method, and there is no best method of outreach.

You know for this year or you know last year you know it’s it’s it’s not the method itself, but it’s the person who you are okay and what I mean by that is. It depends on who you are as a person or you introvert. It’s all you extroverted, do you like being in front of the camera? Are you good, like you know, with like, let’s like on the phone, you know, are you someone who is really good with writing? You know closing copy.

Are you so on that write? Really good emails, are you someone that is reaching out to english-speaking countries or clients when that is not your native language? How fluent are you in English? You know, are you reaching out to people in your own language and so on and so forth? There are so many factors that play a role in this that it’s you can’t really say like this is the be-all end-all method for our reach, for your social media agency.

Okay, now there are like I said there are so many different ways of reaching out to all the agents or the clients and businesses, and just like off the top. My head, like I said, loom article outreach, you got emails, you’ve got cold, Facebook, outreach, you’ve, got cold, call and you’ve got an Instagram. You’ve got LinkedIn, you’ve got inbound beats where they come to your way, like you have like a case study funnel or you.

I post contents on social media like LinkedIn articles or blog articles, you post in facebook groups, and they come to you. They schedule a free discovery. Call this profile funnels as LinkedIn photos. There’s a freelancer websites. There are so many ways of reaching out to potential clients, and what you just need to figure out for yourself is what type of person are you are you introverts or extroverts? Are you good with, I said, are you good filming yourself? Are you good with cold calling, you know, are you showing that likes to pick up the phone and bring like a hundred numbers a day, or would you rather like sit behind your laptop and send out emails? Would you, rather, you know, engage with all the people that, like my other people, or help people out in Facebook groups, so they come to you? Would you rather like build up a case, so the answer shock a bunch of money at it and you know like listen, I have to pay traffic, you know, get you inbound leads, etc.

Okay, so all depends on who you are as a person and where you are, you know in your in your agency life. You know. Obviously, if you have the cash flow and you can leverage your cash, where you know, as opposed to your time, you can actually run ads and run as to a case study or a so. It’s like a mini webinar to get your inbound leads, or you can just list your own straight of legion ads for your own agency.

You know if you come if you are promoting lead generation as a service that why not just run leads for yourself. The Royal Legion ads for yourself get leads for your agency and in closing now, if you spend let’s say four or five hundred on lead ads for your agency, you get X, amount of discovery, calls X amount of leads and you close a client for the thousand. A month, you’ve already ran a profit and you’ve got profitable ads.

You know your campaign was profitable. Okay, but if you haven’t got the time the money, it’s a leverage, you will need to leverage your time, which means that you will need to do manual outreach or you know, I’m seeking get creative and get like appointment. Sensors that you know like basically get Commission on every appointment that they set and stuff like that, lay the draw ways around it. Obviously, but you know you need to just figure out that if you can’t leverage your money, you need to leverage your time or vice versa.

If you haven’t got the time where you’ve got the money, you obviously need to leverage your money rather than your time and then, like I said you know, there is no golden method. There is no be-all end-all method to do outreach or to get clients. Every method is effective. If you do it, you know, if you do it enough times, if you know basically crunch up those numbers, if you do like, let’s say you doing, Facebook outreach, angle, 2 and one method.

Thank you. One message every day like that is literally like 30 messages a month. That’s not going to add up. You know, you’re not going to get a high conversion rate with that, but if you, you know, send out, let’s say 80 or hundred messages a day. You know chances are that one of those messages will be with a client potential client that is actually interested in what you have to offer. Okay, so this all comes down to your numbers.

Okay, so if you let’s say you need ten Scully calls to close one clients, that is a conversion rate of 10 percent, and then you need to figure out okay. How, if that is, if those are your numbers, how many clients or potential clients do you need to reach out to to actually get those tennis chronicles that might be 300 messages or if you are really good with yours with your appointments, then you might only need, Like 20 messages to get those 10 meetings to get that one clients, okay or you – might only need 2 meetings to get one client.

You know if you have a conversion rate of 50 %, a closing rate of 50 %, and then you know you only need to discovery, calls to get that one clients, and you know for two incoming calls. You only need to send out, let’s say or whom, the message! Okay, so you need to know those numbers and then from there you need to just figure out for yourself what type of person are you? What method of Irish do you like, then? You just need to go all in on that and be consistent with it.

Okay, not just once a day like listen, you need to do it or whom good times a day, if you you know, if you’re just on outside, you really want to face clients, you can’t leverage your cash flow. You will need to do manual. Outreach. Are you building to spend some time on it because businesses they do not know who you are okay, they will not come to you when you are starting out, you need to go to them and you need to convince them that you’re, the right person for the Job, okay, so hope you got sort of this hope you enjoyed this article if you did make sure to leave this article a thumbs up and subscribe to the blog for more for those of you that are really serious about starting your own social media marketing agency And you basically want guidance on how to do it.

You want to cut your linen cave in half and rather than spinning your wheels actually get guides from those who actually do achieved it and I’ve done it. Then. I also have my own coaching program. I will link it in the scripture box down below, if you’re on the fence about it or you’re unsure. If I’m right fits, you know for you as a coach, then we can also just know schedule. A free discovery call no strings attached where we can basically say you know if you’re right fit for each other.

Okay. So with that said, I’m going to wrap up this article, like I said lightsphere, because some outlet comment down below what you’d like to see from this blog next subscribe, the blog for more and I’ll, see you guys in the next article

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3 Critical Metrics to Follow With Google Analytics

With the analytics In a week, I check our analytics On our site all the time, but I feel like I’m just sort of Poking around and sometimes I ’ ll – find a nugget Or things like that, but I do feel intimidated. Because it’s such a you know versus something: Like a Facebook, where you’re just guided Through creating an ad In analytics, it’s like you’re in A fighter cockpit in a way right, There’s a lot more stuff.

Going on there, So I think what people Are really interested in are sort of systems That you know “ Here’s how you do A 10-point check on your analytics.” or something like that. Can you talk a little bit? About your framework, when it comes to actually Setting up analytics and what are Some of the key metrics that people need to be focusing on If there are any Yeah sure So, first of all, what we got to do, Is make sure that Google Analytics is tracking correctly When we do install the code? We do some initial testing, we go ahead.

We visit from mobile phones from the desktop To see, does it get the country? Does it get the divide? Does it get all that kind of stuff After we enable The eCommerce tracking, which is not enabled – and I don’t really know why But you have to do that manually. There are a few things: Really really simple things that no one has to be Really intimidated by these First of all, Conversion Rate, Super important We have to know How many people, out of a hundred and because some of the people? That might read the interview, are not really tech savvy or don’t really know.

What a Conversion Rate is Conversion rate is what the amount The percentage of the people that they get to convert, What does convert mean They get to do a sale, They get to buy something From our websites and we’re talking, About the eCommerce, So is it 1 % Like 1 out of 100 people, Two out of 100, One of the simple things that you can do, If you have 1 % Conversion Rate, which is an okay Conversion Rate, It’s sort of like the industry baseline In a way right, -It’s an industry baseline, let’s say -Yeah, I know those sort of things You get.

One person Out of a hundred people, but you paid for those A hundred people to come into your store and you get 1 % Conversion Rate. What, if you look At your numbers – and you figured your website – In that way, you get a 2 %, I won’t go into 5 % or 10 % Literally with just that move the amount of money That you are getting into your revenue simply by one thing, So Conversion Rate Is super important? The other super important thing is Average Order Value or AOV So AOV.

Why? Because, if I get an average On a customer, let’s say he buys something: Which is $ 20 every customer, and even if I can give That $ 25 or $ 30 literally, I don’t have to change anything else. In my whole other strategy, I’m spending the exact same money, but I’m getting more From every customer Conversion rate, Super important Average Order Value Super important, Then there are more technical stuff that they don’t have to be.

Super intimidating, so one of them Is Bounce Rate I will stick To those three, obviously, there are way more But I don’t want to over complicate it So Conversion Rate Average Order Value and Bound Rate. So what is Bounce Rate How quickly people bounce They get off your website? As soon as they see it, The Bounce Rate is measured. By a percentage, The biggest the percentage The worse, our stores are performing An average in the industry.

Let’s say it’s 65 % to 70 %, but still it means that 70 % of the people Were just paid with Facebook Ads with Google Ads Or whatever that is, They just came to our website. And they didn’t even spend more than one second In our store, So even if you get an average Of let’s say, of 80 %, which means 80 % of Google Didn’t even see your landing page, You get it down to 75 % Even 70 % even lower, it means that you start making More more and more money for every visitor and potential customer That visits your store, It doesn’t really have to be intimidating.

If you translate everything to money. Then it becomes way easier Way: sexier And those three metrics are the key ones. That people need to be looking at. I think that’s a really valid point. I don’t know that You’re the biggest Marvel movie fan. But if you have to be an Avenger Which one might you choose? Probably I would be Doctor Strange, I like to think of myself, like The geek I am, and the nerd I am When people go out, And have fun and they party I go work.

Or read webinars or look at things: I could change in the store, somehow we can make More things, I think, I’m living Like Doctor Strange People call me The Mr. Google Analytics -Doctor Analytics -Doctor Analytics Doctor analytics, So that’s one of the things That I really really enjoy because I said Google Analytics Is not sexy but making money is, and I like making money 100 %. Very nice, thank you for coming Awesome.

Thank you, Yeah. I really look forward. I should announce also, I think it is clear. But Doctor Analytics will be a part of the upcoming Ecommerce All Stars Secrets course our free-mini course That we’ll be putting out for the world to learn the core skills that they need. To grow an extra-ordinary business They’ll learn how to get by That’s the beauty of this course You’re going to learn. How to get started? What mindset you need to have And some of the core skills, but we’re also going to be providing A lot of things that will allow you to truly take it to the next level.

And really have an untapped mindset. That’s the thing I’m noticing From all of these interviews And frankly, all of the people Of the world who are making headlines for good and for bad Is that they have this unbridled will They are not small thinkers right? They are people That are able to look an opportunity and really think big about it. I think that’s what runs Through this whole course, and I’m really excited To be putting it on, I’m excited to be a part of it Guys I’ll make analytics sexy.

I promise Okay I’ll try my best Nice, very good. Well, thanks again, -Awesome -Alright -Thanks -Cheers


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Why SMMA is the best business model to start in 2020!

No time, okay, guys and welcome back to the article so, like I said in the introduction in today’s article, I am basically go to give my two cents on business models, online business models and why I think that social, media, marketing or SMA or the social media Agency business model is the best to start in 2020.

Now, for those of you that do not know who, I am, my name is Josh. What angle George, I own, a social media marketing agency here in the Netherlands called brand paneer, which is currently doing six figures, and they also have my own coaching business, where I basically teach you guys on how to start your own social media business. Okay. Now, with that said, the reason why I started social media marketing about three four years ago was because Lisi required no startup capital, and that is also one of the main reasons why I’m such a big advocate of social media marketing, because all these other business models Affiliate marketing, CPA, dropship and what else have you got? Amazon FBA you’ve also got a bowl which is like the Dutch Amazon FBA, like all these.

Other business models require startup capital because you need to invest in either paid traffic or you need to invest in products. You need to do product test and you need to you know, ship those products to the Amazon warehouse with a boulder come warehouse. You know this there’s so much upfront investment required that it makes it extremely difficult for those without just starting out and want to in money online.

Without you know a prior investments, it makes it really difficult for you guys to actually start it, whereas with social media marketing. That is not the case. You can literally now go and knock on some business owners door and basically you know explain to them why they need to set up Facebook ads, and you know just ask for a monthly retainer fee now with that said, obviously, for those of you that have no, I they were social media marketing.

Is you guys are a bit confused right now? Basically, social media marketing is basically where you show business owners how to set up Facebook ads, and obviously you run them yourself as well. You set up the Facebook ads for a business owner and you help them get in more business. Okay, so for e-commerce stores, that means you’re going to get them more sales and, for you know any other business. You know you basically focus on getting them more leads and more clients.

So, for example, let’s say you have a gym as a client and it’s it’s a high-end gym. You know personal trainers and the saunas and stuff like that, and it’s a hundred euros a month to actually go to that gym. Okay, so a monthly subscription, it’s a hundred euros. That means that is 1200 euros a year and let’s say you can get this clients. This order, the owner of the gym, you can get them an extra ten members, a month which is easily doable with Facebook Ads.

If you don’t lead your ads to this gym. That means that you’re getting them 12 K a year every single month because you’re getting them 10 members a month, each member is 1200 a year. Ten members 12 K. You know. That is how easy you can get money for this business and if you ask for 1,000 a month for this, you know they are more than happy to do that because during Ulysses still 12 X and their return on investment, okay – and that is the way social Media marketing can help businesses, but also help you as a business owner as well, because you know you are in and money from providing a service that is also helping that business, so everyone wins basically, and that is why social media marketing is it’s such a great Business model, because, as soon as you set up all these advertisers etc, there’s no need to know physically be in a specific location, okay, its location independence.

So you can set all these ads from Thailand. You can set these ads up from the US. You can set these answer from Europe, it does not matter and it doesn’t matter the business owner either. Okay, these are care if you’re on the beaches of Thailand or you’re, stuck in your bedroom or in a little kiosk you’re setting up the ads. All they care about is the results okay. So if this is a results based service and you get paid a monthly fee for this, so you know it doesn’t matter if you are in the office or you’re on the beach.

As long as you’ve got a laptop and an internet connection, you can do this service okay, so that is another reason why social media marketing is great to start off with, because it allows that location, freedom and it’s it’s nowadays. Everything is moving towards like a remote type business or a remote site, tasks no type job, because people no longer want to be stuck in a specific place and with technology.

Nowadays it’s no longer needed. Okay, you don’t need to be stuck in an office stuck in a kiosk. You don’t need to physically be anywhere because if you have a meeting with someone, no you can just have a flyer Skype, but you can have a value. You can call a person up on whatsapp, no there’s no reason end long, it be in an office. Okay and more and more businesses are realizing this, and that is why you know these businesses won’t care.

If you are like says you’re on the Bahamas – or you know you’re in Bali, setting up these advertisements because all they care about is that bottom line? Are you bringing them in more business? Yes, is it with the investment thing new? Yes? Well then, they are more than happy to pay. You open some 1000 a month for this service. Okay, so, like I said, no upfront investments required its location independence and the fears reason why I highly recommend social media marketing is that you don’t necessarily need to have the skills okay.

Now I understand that might sound a bit weird, because I’ve just spoken about Facebook ads and you know how we can help businesses grow by leveraging Facebook ads but who’s to say that you are the person that needs to set up those ads. Okay, you are the business owner. You do not need to necessarily settle the ads if you do not want to. If you have the skills and you have the knowledge and you have the expertise and you know you want to keep all the money for yourself, then.

Obviously be my guess and set off the ads, but if you want to scale this business – and you know that there’s someone else out there that can do a better job than you and really it is in your right to actually give that job or give that Client to a contractor okay, so you are the business owner. You have a contractor where come below you or with you or alongside you that sets up the ads. You close the deal and you get someone else to do the ads for you.

Okay, I, like I said, there’s nothing wrong with that because you are the business owner, you own the agency, you do not necessarily to work in the agency, so you don’t need to necessarily work in the business. You can work on the business, so you can wear, hung, get any more clients and then you’ve got a contractor setting off the ads and doing the service for you, okay, but I said that is only if you want to if you actually enjoy doing the ads Or if you want to learn that skill or if you’re, just starting out – and you don’t want to outsource this because you actually need the money, then just do it yourself until you get off so the same point that you cannot, you can no longer take on More way, then, obviously you’re doing it to outsource and you can start building a team okay, so I hope you got some how’s this if you are interested installing your own social media agency, but you’ve got no idea how to get started.

I also have a free training which is linked in description box down below for those of you that are ready to take action and actually wants to start an agency alongside me and want to weigh together with me. I also have a coaching program again. It will linked it’s all linked in description box down below where I list, we take you by the hand and push your agency to the next level and also to that six-figure mark okay.

So I hope you got some out of this subscribe to the blog for more and I’ll, see you guys in the next article

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Best Tools to Grow an Online Business in 2020

So in this article here today, that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you make sure to hit that thumbs up and all of these tools are really easy to use, because I’m not going to lie.

I’r actually a bit of a technophobe, the first and most under utilized tool. It’s going to be something that you may be like whoa Lauren hold up here. I thought that was just for professionals. They were looking to connect with other professionals or to find jobs and to have people spam me with their jobs. You do know it’s the easiest and a free way to find your dream customers. You can literally type in a job, title or type of person and I’ll pop up.

So just think what is my dream customer do professionally and then you can find them just through searching like this, have conversations with decision makers and three get in front of people who have the income to pay. You y’all over 45 percent of LinkedIn users make more than 75 a grand per year and you don’t even need the paid version for any of that right now. It’s kind of a golden age just like Facebook about ten years ago, so you are able to grow real fast.

So what should you post on there? But I think I’m going to do an entire article on it. But for now make sure that you’re on LinkedIn make sure that you’re posting at least every other day and that you’re connecting with people and that your profile is optimized and so usually dinh and realize that there’s a lot of opportunities there. So yeah. I, like LinkedIn, for building relationships. My company, we call it permission based relationship marketing, but maybe I’ll do a article on that in the future.

So drop a comment: if you want it, I over 10,000 followers on there right now and we’re getting a lot of our clients from LinkedIn. Now, in fact, half of our plans now coming from LinkedIn, whereas before it used to be like 1 % – and I was only a few months ago, so there are some sorts of tools that you can use in order to generate. You lead using LinkedIn and if you want to know what they are just send me, a direct message on LinkedIn saying, lift in leads and then I’ll make sure that I know what that means.

So I can tell you about it sneekly, but you can connect with absolutely anyone and pro tip when you connecting with you, make sure that unknown, like I’m doing right here with these people and offer your services to them in a really non family. My second necessary tool is Google Drive. You would be shocked about how many will don’t know that this is a thing you get to use. Google Docs, which is literally just Microsoft, Word, but it’s so much better here.

Let me show you why. So when you create a new document, it will pretty much just open up and your entire team can be working on it all at once and it automatically updates. So while you’re typing something in someone else can be too so. Google Docs is great, but then there’s also Google sheets, Google, slides and even more so we use Google Forms to our business. So this is the way that you can collect data from clients.

All of these different things that I personally don’t use, but it just keeps everything organized and so simple, so we make slideshows all the time for our clients and then with regards to our sheets. We mainly just use this to keep on track of our clients and various different things that we’re doing, and if you look at this here, this may look really ugly, but these responses are from a Google Form that we had and we set up an integration so That we don’t even have to fill out this spreadsheet, it happens all automatically and it’s just such a nice way for our whole team just to have all of this information all in one.

But even if you just want to use it for personal, it’s great because it means you don’t need to download anything, it all happens and stays in the cloud which means that it doesn’t take up any space. Your computer and Google also has Google Calendar now I’ve taken these three off because there’s a lot of personal stuff there, but these three calendars, my whole team – shares them. So we all get to see when payments are due in on a calendar and it means that we’re organized and on top of things, which means that we’re being productive and not having to go ahead and check everything which allows you maximize your effectiveness and your efficiency.

So how do you know what you’re doing each day you can have your Google Calendar dictate it and you can set it up so that people can meetings with you for that specific thing on this is a big. Take then for a more user friendly project management tool. Monday dot-com is absolutely awesome. It’s super collaborative and everything inside just makes it really simple. So this is the inside of Oz and how we use it, and so there’s various different reporting’s that we do that we can keep track of in order to ensure that we’re both on top of our business and then we also have client trackers for our clients.

Inside of our programs, so I definitely recommend this I’ll leave a link below which gets you a free trial. So you can give it a go and a taster, because it’s something that just allows virtual teams to stay on top of that tasks in a really effective way, and the nice thing is, you can set deadlines, add tick boxes just so that everyone knows where everything Is and you can even have conversations about different things, which then people get notified about? It’s really really cool second to learn I like, for that is acuity, and I actually think I have a lane they’re supposed to be only for my clients to get a free month trial, but I’ll leave it down below, so that you can get it as well, And it’s where people can actually book a time to speak to you and so, if you’re, a coach or consultant or a service provider and you’re, not taking sales schools.

Well, you definitely should be, and people are going to be able to book a pool with you using this. You can also have questions on the cool booking form, which are essentially application question. So when you go on the pool with them, they can have already partially convinced themselves. They already need your help, so this is a whole nother different topic about human psychology and everything. But basically, you see, will calendar and allow people to book kinds of you using acuity scheduling all these every single tool links down below.

So by now you know an awesome platform which is totally free. You know how to dictate your time and how to optimize the people booking cause with you, and you know that you should be doing sales calls, and so next up, I want to talk about. Okay, once you have leads once you have a way for these leads to book time on your calendar, how do you actually get the money in your bank? Well, a little bit.

We use PayPal, PayPal, scoop people’s good, but there’s actually something called transfer wise and I like this cuz. The fees are really really really low so again I’ll leave it down below, but it allows people from all around the world to pay you, and so you need it invoice them out, and so you can just use a website like invoice generator literally, you can go On google and type in generate invoice online and you’ll find invoice generator invoice home all these things you can just use them for free, that’s what I do and it will allow you to actually take payment from people, businesses who are generating under a hundred day by Month, transferwise is a really good option if you’re taking payment over the phone, which I do recommend you off, then you stripe, if you’re under a hundred kpop months.

If you’re over that, send me a DM and I’ll. Tell you about another option: that’s maybe better! For you at that stage, but I’m around a pay per month, transfer wise as well as stripe, are going to be really good option to get the money in the bank. And so now, if you have a, there are a couple of things that you should be using if you’re not doing so ready or if you have plans, okay, so the first is slack slack is awesome, it’s kind of like what’s out for business, it’s a virtual Offense, so you can have different team members come into your slack.

You can also have different clients come into your slack and then you can have blogs and blogs are essentially an office room where people can come in, they can go, but the cool thing is as they come and go they’re able to see all the previous messages That happen before, and so you can send files in there. You can send messages in that. Oh, my gosh, it’s if you have a team and you’re not using it.

You are crazy if you have a lot of individual clients and you’re, not communicating to them on that. Then you’re losing a lot of time, because it’s just such an effective way to communicate, and then it’s definitely another tool for teams. I really really like is loom. So I’ll do it again all of these link down below luminacai, it’s essentially a Chrome extension and you can void your screen record.

The audio show your face if you want to and just do articles, and so it means that when you communicating with plans when you’re communicating with your team you’d have to type things out, you just have absolutely everything in article format, which makes it so much easier To explain, I can’t believe I wasn’t using this up until about three months ago, because I used to have to try and say to a client know this part of the sales school isn’t very good.

Here’s what you need to improve and don’t explain. I was so confusing, whereas now I can have them submit allude to me they speak. I pose what they’re saying I speak with the feedback. I play what they’re saying the PMP or you can have a document and instead of having to go through the document, highlight and then write your comment. You can go through the documents and just say here’s my feedback on this part, the villa and read through it.

Just like you were something that next, but it is so good. It saves you so much time just allows you to communicate less and going back and forth less and then the next thing when it comes to actually training your team, you can record a bunch of balloons, download them and then upload them to a training hub and A training portal, so I like to thank you for that again. I think I have a free trial flat so leave that down below.

This is the same platform that we use to deliver courses to our clients, and so it’s really cool effect, they’re really efficient and will allow you to train your client and train your team in the best way possible. So they’re my favorite tools that I like to use for my business. There are other smaller things that I use, such as Volker sir, with some clients, which is like a what’s up type of thing: I’m not really too much of a fan of it, but the first things that I’ve listed out here hasn’t one I find better ones.

I will be sure to update you and let you know, but right now, they’re my faves first thing doctor where and when it comes to document and everything I drove use. Microsoft, Word everything: Google Drive. I love Google Drive, I let you pay like ten bucks a month and get so much storage. This is immutable and yeah first place to start. If I were, you is just make sure your Google is all optimized and organized then after that, make sure that you are on LinkedIn that you’re posting content from that.

What I would ensure that you’re doing it’s just really making sure that when you’re actually having but close of you you’re sending them your acuity link and then you can keep going to get it and absolutely crush it. I hope this helpful hit not subscribe. Make sure that you turn on the notification Seletar future articles, I’m going to definitely do one on LinkedIn and all the other stuff I mentioned.

I do wan na I’ll, see you in the next article

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The BEST low cost MARKETING STRATEGY for Small Business (2020)

Don’t do that. I thought this was a dancing article, so I opened it up, but it says I spend zero time proving myself to anybody. It’s not why you are posting any article of your dancing. Welcome back to the podcast /youtube show the six bigger sign. Hustle muse goddess asks: what are some low budget high return marketing techniques that we can follow? Well funny.

You should ask that, because I talked about one all the time. It’s literally just posting on Instagram. How low-budget is it if you already have a phone and you already have Internet service and it’s literally free, your Instagram account is free. You taking and repurposing photos is free. If you want to take out the little @ symbol out of the repost symbol, then you just pay like a dollar a month.

So that’s one dollar and all you need to do is invest your actual time into finding photos to re post. I do a whole article about how you can build out your Instagram page when you don’t have any original content. What we have done with one of my business with the no label extensions page also is create an inspiration page as a whole cell hair company owner. I cannot rely on any of my clients, posting tagging us as their source, because that would expose their plug and then everyone that they sell to would know to just come to us and get it at half price.

So that’s the last thing that we’re going to do. That’s the last thing. They’re going to do so, knowing that we weren’t going to have that feedback, knowing we weren’t going to have that user-generated content, we decided to make an inspiration page that provides value to stylists value, to models, because we always try and tag the stylist and the model And our audience is growing at like a thousand followers a week.

I think faster than that, because we’re almost a twenty one. Twenty two thousand – and we started this at the start of the year – and this is with very little user-generated content. I’d say less than 5 % of our posts are actually of like photos that we’ve taken ourselves so posting on Instagram. As long as you are consistent as long as you are smart about your posts, then you are going to grow as long as you are using your hashtags and following all of the advice that I always drop, then like search look through my articles on my blog There are so many articles where I talk about Instagram strategies, so we won’t get into all of them, but that is one free way.

Another free way. It’s what we’re doing right here right now. Yes, you guys know. I have upgraded my just down here. You guys know I love me. A glueless wig got to keep that down. Had all the puffs destroyed okay, so, yes, I did upgrade my camera quality, but when I started off recording content like the articles that have some of the highest views on them on my youtube blog were shot on my iPhone on my iPhone.

That’s it! If you want to go ahead and invest in more lights, if you want to go ahead and vest in more lights, I got the ring light up. There got some spots lights, I have so many lights. I have so many microphones, but I’ve been creating content like as my job. I was a jerk broadcast journalist. I worked in the news. I’ve been a content creator for over a decade. This is just kind of what I do, but you don’t need all of this equipment.

I recorded articles on my cell phone to specifically show you that you could do it too, that you don’t need all of this fancy equipment, especially when you’re not just getting started or when you’re just getting started. That, I feel, is an excuse that people make. Oh, I don’t have the right camera or I’m going to wait until I can afford to the lights. Get next to a window go out in the Sun. That is the ultimate light source and start recording on your cell phone show people what you’re working with when it comes to this hair.

This no label extension I have to show up, and I have to show you what I’m working with. Otherwise, you don’t know that you have the opportunity to buy it. That is what you can do. Low budget high return, marketing techniques, pull out your cameras, start recording articles. Let me see muse goddess is selling you of all people should invest in a little weeks here. Let me show you this: I got it on Amazon, I take it with me everywhere.

I know it looks like a fun toy. Ladies this play, but this extends – and you know what fits in it perfectly my cell phone and then guess what there’s a little tripod thing at the bottom – invest $ 20 into this stand. Every time you are practicing, you should be recording yourself. Go live a couple of times a week, make sure that you’re rolling on this doing popular dances to to popular songs and all that stuff.

In your version, your iteration people love reading and consuming tons of content on the same subject when something is going viral, it’s not just about who’s going to tell me about it first, it’s me wanting to see how you are interpreting this information. What are you going to say about this when it comes to you as a choreographer? You should be listening to like the trending things, see what challenges are going around there and show us how you are interpreting that through your artistry, Instagram was literally created for you and then, of course, YouTube is a wonderful visual, medium but Instagram says that’s where the Attention is that in people I’m people and people, I love reading people dance on Instagram.

It brings me joy. I need to get back dancing and so so to see another person doing that it’s you are providing value. You are giving people like me joy, because you’re dancing for us to something popular in trendy and we think and it’s just dope. So I think that is what you should be focused on making sure that you’re putting out constant content showing what you can do and I promise you will see a return on it.

You have no dancing. What is going on here. Don’t do that. I thought this was a dancing article, so I opened it up, but it says I spend zero time proving myself to anybody. It’s not why you are posting a article of your dancing, oh and the focus isn’t going to let it do that. It’s not! I just don’t understand snow dancing on here, girl hashtags go ahead and look up the articles that I’ve done on hashtags daily anytime, you’re dancing.

You should just be recording it. I can’t girl. No, ah, no, that’s it! That’s the end of this Q & A cuz cuz. You don’t even read my other articles. I can tell by your content. I don’t mean to like go in on you, but I’m so hungry. So I really don’t coaching call thank you guys for sitting in on this Q & A session with me, charlo Brea, CEO of new level extensions. We help women start hair extensions companies launch their six-figure side hustles in the hair extensions industry, with our hair biz.

In a box program make sure that you check that out and no label extensions com, great Charlo, Greene


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How to create BUSINESS VIDEOS for social media

They can increase traffic, boost conversions and encourage repeat business. Hands-Down social media marketing articles are an excellent tool for brand building, but if you don’t know how to create business articles for social media you’re missing out on all those benefits, not only that but you’re also leaving your competitors with an advantage.

If they’re already publishing articles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and you are gets which brand you’re tagger buyers are paying attention to, it’s, not you. Let’s take a look at why articles are essential to your overall marketing strategy and how to use them at each stage of the marketing funnel. What’s up guys, then shove it here, I’m a business owner and investor on my own journey to creating wealth and building my dream lifestyle, showing everything, of course that I learned on this blog if you’re in the same journey join me by hitting the like and subscribe Buttons there’s a reason: 87 % of businesses use article as a marketing tool.

Article drives results. Let’s take a look at these social media. Article stats shared in a recent report by was L 68 percent of people prefer to learn about a product or service. By reading a short article, making it the most popular consumer education tool, 84 % of article marketers say that article has contributed to increased web traffic and 80 percent say that article has helped increase sales.

There’s no question: they’re posting articles on social media will help your business grow, but how do you know what to post what social media sites to use, and even what type of article to create when learning how to create business articles for social media? You want to keep these following best practices in mind. In order to get the most engagement, you need to post on social media sites that your target market use regularly.

For example, if you’re targeting gene expressional consider posting on LinkedIn for 25 to 44 year-old consumers. Look at Pinterest and Instagram, and a few business sells to younger generations, get creative with your articles on snapchat or check top for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It usually appeals to a general audience should be posting your articles to these social media sites to help build up.

Your brand’s online presence and when posting your articles be sure to follow the formatting guidelines of each blog and to post directly to the site, won’t cover these on this blog, but Java on Google, as there’s a ton of resources online next is keep the articles short. You don’t need to make articles long, in fact, most have an attention span of only about 8 seconds. After this point, people tend to lose focus.

That doesn’t mean you need to make eight second articles. What that means, as short, is generally better. I wish that was true for some other things opt for one to two minutes for informational articles and less time for entertaining and inspirational content. Long-Form articles have their place and social media environment, but when you’re, just starting out stick with shorter content, also be sure to include your most essential messaging towards the beginning of the article that way, if your viewer becomes distracted 20 seconds in they’ve really readed the most Important content, we’re creating articles and coming up with ideas for what to post think about what would be helpful, useful or interesting for your target market, just as you would win, making a blog, post or other forms of content, keep in mind.

Your buyers have plenty of article content to consume on social media, so you need to make sure that your business for yours are appealing and high quality. There is an abundance of free or low-cost online article creation and editing tools. You can use to create cost-effective business articles. They look amazing, article, powtoon and animaker, a three you can explore to get started links below in the description.

You want to make sure that your articles serve a purpose for all potential buyers, one of the most effective strategic approaches you can take to make articles designed to move viewers through each stage of the marketing funnel. How does each article help your potential customer move through the awareness stage, the consideration stage and, of course, the most important, the buyer step? How do these articles connect, making it easy for your target audience to transition from a prospective buyer through to a customer? By answering these questions, you can use your articles to get results, so we in the stage articles designed to draw in new customers and help build your brand.

These are your top of the funnel marketing articles. Your essential purpose is to make people aware of your business and what you’re selling these articles tend to be entertaining or amazing consideration States articles are meant to answer questions and educate potential buyers about your product or service. These are the middle of the funnel articles that can help prospects, who are looking for a solution to a problem, but they still need to learn more.

These articles are typically educational or informative, a Empire stage article. These demonstrate how your offering is the solution to the problem identified in the consideration stage. So these are your bottom of the funnel articles that you’ll show to buyers who are ready to convert these are more sales orientated and should direct viewers to your landing page. Most businesses fall into the trap of skipping the awareness and consideration stages and go directly to decision stage.

Whilst this can be an effective method for some ecommerce products, that don’t require a lot of thought before purchasing most of the time, you need to build a rapport with your potential customers by sharing value and helping them on their purchasing journey. So there you have it how to create business articles for social article. By now. You understand the positive impact that business can have on your impression to grow your business.

Most of us have a powerful camera on a smartphone, I’m sure you’re no different. So there is literally no excuse not to get started with creating article. I hope you found this article useful. If so, please feel free to smash their like button smash. I do that often, and it’s really awkward marish, but nonetheless, don’t forget to hit that like button, because it really helps the algorithm helps me grow.

My massive YouTube following that I don’t have, but otherwise I’ll see you in the next article

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4 Ways to Measure Social Media ROI

Also this, I think, determination in small Businesses that they’re like “ There is no way to do this.”, So they love to hear about Roi return on investment. You get asked this too right Right. They end up spending so Much of their time on there, they wan na make sure they’re actually getting something back, Which I totally get right. You’re time is super valuable, you’re doing a million other things and then now social media Is added to your plate? How do you justify the time or the money if you outsource it like GoDaddy Social, You wan na justify that time and money and a way to do that is understand.

Are you getting a return on investment And the good news is there’s a lot of ways to See if you are or not, There’s data analytics metrics, but I’m going to break it. Down into four umbrellas of how to measure ROI, starting with number one brand awareness Cool, how do you Measure brand awareness, So brand awareness can be measured in one way that you’re, probably Already thinking at home, your number of followers How many people are following you More people following you on Twitter, seeing your tweets following you on Instagram Seeing your great photos following you on Facebook and Reading those great captions, The more exposure you have and the more followers you have seeing it that’s brand awareness Perfect And does that count likes and comments, and things like that too Totally So likes comments.

Love shares retweets. That’s just going to help You get in front of not only your followers The awareness there, but your friends and their friends, maybe their family members as well, So the awareness just Spreads like wildfire Spreadin’, the love Spreadin’, the love All right, so digging in On the analytics aspect, It’s easy to see the amount of followers you see the amount of Likes and things like that, is there a step further? We can go to really see the nitty gritty Yeah totally.

So that’s a cool thing. If you have business pages set up, they allow you a clear view of what’s working. What’s not working what time of a day a post works? Well, how many people are seeing It et cetera, et cetera, So with Facebook, you Have your “ Insights” tab And, what’s really cool, is it breaks down a ton of information And they even have a little Information button on each one. So if you’re reading a Metric and it’s like “, I’m not even sure what Engagement rate means.

”, (, laughs, ). You know you click on it. It’ll break down what it is Perfect And Instagram too. You have To make sure you create a or turn your account Into a business profile that way, you can see insights and how many people viewed Your page liked it commented what time of the week you Get the most engagement If you’ve turned your Instagram account into a business page. Let us Know in the comments below Just say, “ I’ve turned It into a business page.

”, So that’s with Instagram Twitter there’s the top tweet. So you can see that in your Twitter analytics as well So go in. There see what Your audience likes, in other words your customers and then have that inform Your strategy moving forward, which will also help you be More efficient with your time and give the customer what they want, Give them what they want, Give them what they want: ( laughs, ) All right, moving on Tip number two: where are we at with that? So tip number two: one Of my personal favorites customer satisfaction And you’re, familiar with This inside your business, whether you have a barbershop Or a car dealership, you can see it on the person’s face that they’re satisfied or not.

I can’t make a frowny face: Aw Darn it I was cuing them up. So one way you can do it. Online with social media is well your reviews. Your customers are going to tell you if they had a poor experience. Or a great experience But make sure you’re Reading those reviews Believe it or not, I still Come across businesses that don’t take the time To read their reviews, I’m like “ Wait. This is a great place “ to see if your customers Are satisfied or not.

” Also what they’re saying when They mention you on Facebook, Right, Especially, you have to Respond good or bad. I know most people will just Respond to the good ones and try to just ignore the bad Ones like they don’t exist, Just give them a response. See if you can make it right, apologize to the situation and move on Totally So again pay attention to What your customers are saying, They’re talking to you online And if you wan na even a Deeper dive into that we have another episode of The Journey on social listening so check it out So cool statistic: I read the other day: actually, a quarter of people who have a positive Experience at a business will go and tell 10 people Both online and offline – That’s pretty awesome.

All right. Tell me What’s tip number three Tip number three is actually Gaining new customers, which is your favorite, I know When I say “ You’re Gaining new customers”, you can picture just dollar Bills in your pocket Make it rain, ( laughs ). So how can you do that with all this social Media and online stuff Couple ways: One: your customers are going to Click on your Google listing for their directions.

I know I do that before Every business I go to because I get lost very easily, But if I’m clicking on the directions, I’m coming to your business and I’m coming to spend Money with intent Also calling Calling you That’s another great way to measure that you’re getting a new customer You’ve already learned. That a lot of customers don’t take the time to call So if they’re calling You they mean business, they are serious about Spending money with you, You got yourself a new customer And so because the Google Listing’s really important Yelp and that “ Click to call” you wan na, make sure I’r sure this obvious that everything is up to date, The right phone number, the right address The hours right.

How many times have you gone to a business? That said it was open, you get there and it’s closed And that’s a bummer Just makes me so sad. So sad, And also besides that, if you have a chance to Speak about your business, maybe “ About You” or add Photos do that as well too and make sure that’s up to date, Maybe you’ve remodeled. Since the last time you had your Yelp photos. Updated or your Google Add that in there spice things up Take some photos, Keep it up to date, so When your customer comes in that new customer, you just gained they’re getting an experience.

That they predicted that they expected Right All right, so we’ve reached The end of our journey, We’re on tip number Four, the very last one: What do you got for us Brand loyalty, Another one you’re familiar With the terminology, but what does it look like online? Well, there’s, don’t worry, It’s not tough math, but well, let’s see how It goes for Justin here All right, engagement rate. How do you measure that? Well, it’s pretty easy.

It’s the number of likes You receive on a post divided by the number of followers times. You guessed it 100 And that’s going to equal Your engagement rate ( mumbles ), Oh no! No! It’s not that hard, So write it down, keep it nearby And when you’re posting Check in do the quick, math And then you’ll determine is that engagement rate Where it should be, And what’s also awesome, About brand loyalty is actually 85 % of customers – 85 %.

I know that’s – almost 100, 85 % of customers will actually Engage with your brand if they’re, loyal daily And when I say, engage they’re going to be liking. What you’re posting commenting sharing on a daily basis And that’s huge That constant, like and That constant, following they’re, going to continue to see their stuff and they’re going to continue. To tell their 10 friends and onward and onward and onward All right, so that’s a wrap.

We just covered four ways to measure ROI when it comes to your social media. Make sure you, like this article, subscribe to the blog and ring that bell. If you Wan na see these articles first, This has been The Journey. Thanks for reading

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