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Okay, so is it kind of just something you’ll implement on the real estate in the real estate side of everything? Or do you actually want to try to get this out to more people? No, I want to try to get it out to more people yeah for sure.

So, well you what you I mean. What I would highly recommend doing is is really I mean it just comes down to what you want to do. I mean everyone has a different marketing approach, especially when it comes to this type of a business which is word-of-mouth and in simply networking. So some people just rely on building a business and in getting the product out or even building a team via word of mouth.

But today it’s it’s so so easy to run ads to attract people, but that’s right if you want to kind of take it to a whole nother level like if you want to take it to a whole nother level. That would be that would be running simple. Facebook ads targeting people who have this interest to get them to see your product like no one, not many in the industry of multi-level or network marketing or whatever you want to call it.

I love this industry. First of all, I started my entire entrepreneurship journey in this industry of network marketing and and word-of-mouth, so I’m very familiar with this type of industry, but very few actually run ads most just try to recruit friends and family or just word of mouth. So I just truly believe from a marketing standpoint where we’re at today with social media marketing, it’s so easy to get this product in front of thousands of people while you’re literally sleeping right.

You know, but but again that that’s for someone, that’s really looking to take it to the next level, that’s for someone that actually wants to invest and and and has a budget to even run a Facebook ad. You know, but then the very first ad what I reached out to you yesterday on is definitely the first ad needs to be that, like ad, no matter what that has to be, there has to be a comma in that number as soon as possible, and then, After that, you know we can always talk in the future.

If you have, you know even more budget to start actually selling the product. First is just the the the the social proof and the credibility of the page. You know coming here and seen eleven hundred likes versus 117. It’s that social proof, that’s step one and then after that is just yeah taking taking adds to a whole other level by actually selling the product. You know so I just don’t know how deep you are into this and how how because I mean again it could be simple.

It can be super super simple, but it does take some kind of budget. You know to run any type of ad right right. No, I don’t have a problem with that. You know so I would like to take it to the next level. Do you have what’s your wet? Actually, okay? So here’s your website right here, so this website what would be necessary, which most company websites do not allow. You to do is install your Facebook pixel.

That’s that’s number one and you may not know what a pixel is just perfect, perfect, so you’re very familiar. So the only thing that these companies don’t do is they don’t allow you to install the pixel on the on the website that they provide for you. So that’s that’s. When you’ll have to come up with a different webpage to get people to so you can run Facebook ads, and so you can really take it to the next level because you wouldn’t.

I would not at all advise you to run a Facebook ad to this website. Right here, okay and it’s a beautiful website, but that’s number one: that’s the problem, it’s too beautiful, and so, if I run an ad and and people are seen an ad see, here’s let me go back you when it comes to ads and it’s it’s very. It’s 100 percent the same with real estate in real estate. This would be a post on one single listing and when I click on that, I go to a web page where I can enter my name, my name and number, because I’m interested in that one specific listing there right why we wouldn’t run an ad to a Website like this is because a moment like we’re, for example, if we were promoting this exact product right here, we’re running an ad – are literally pain to get people to see it or pain, to get people to click it, and so the problem with the website is The fact that when I click it, I’m on the website and all of a sudden there’s a million things that I’m going to go, look at a million things and before you know it, I don’t end up buying anything because it’s overwhelming I might bookmark it.

I might come back to it later, but I paid to get that person to click and I and I paid to get this product exposed. But again the moment they come over here they saw a million other products and that’s what’s overwhelming, because we only have a short attention span and that’s how it is with marketing as well. You have a consumers, have a very short attention span, so I need to put one product and from their face, I need to get them to click it.

They go to a website. They see that one single product and they purchase. So when it comes to physical products like this, like, for example, if I can run an ad – and it takes me straight here – so this image would be this over here – I click on it. I come here, there’s only one product, there’s, nothing else to click on. I don’t see any of this stuff, I see add to bag checkout. That’s how you run ads when it comes to physical products when it comes to anything when it comes to a listing whatever it’s it’s taken, the click to one single product versus a website right, so so that that’s what you would have to do in this case Is you would have to have a single web page which the company they don’t provide that you’d have to get a third party software which there’s a ton of them out there I mean I use, I use one for sure for landing pages.

That’s what you need! You we need a landing page, ok, where it’s a one: it’s not a web site, it’s a web page and and again it’s promoting that one product and and it’s getting people to this one page to get them to click the one button and by that single Product you know so so that that that would be more for for marketing different products. So what I would do is, I would maybe go through this and see which one is your highest margin, where you make the most on any of these products and then and then simply take that one product and run ads on that or E or or it’s Either it’s either you’re going to do that, because you’re not going to run ads on the entire website.

That’s not going to happen at all! You don’t want to do that at all at all at all you’ll waste, your money. So it’s all about running an ad for one single product in this case or running an ad to get people familiar with the company and exposed to actually building a team with you all right. So so those are two different ad angles and those are the only two. Those are the best two: either we’re going to sell one single product and the profit margin is going to justify what we’re going to spend in advertising or I’m going to run ads to get people on my team and and as I build a team that income That residual income can obviously build from there, but, but today again, as I mentioned, it’s all here – it’s a it’s a it’s a simple Facebook ad.

It’s either that I’m going to explode, because your company has a ton of articles promotional articles showing how amazing the company is right, recruiting articles, they already have those types of articles. If you started running ads to get people to click on the article and come straight to your signup page, to sign up, that could be very powerful, and I and and I just from a marketing perspective – I truly believe that’s where we should be today, where 99 % of people that are in the industry, not only just in this company but in the industry as a whole, cuz, it’s a huge industry, so many different Amway’s Herbalife.

This industry has been around forever. Ninety nine percent still recruit their friends and family when trying to build a team right right so and that’s how you probably got exposed a probably friend of yours, you know a couple years ago expose you to it, because that’s that’s the most powerful way word-of-mouth, but At the same time, people are kind of sick and tired of that, and if we can leverage a simple ad to get that exposure, why not especially someone like you that’s build in a real estate business and you don’t even have all the time in the world.

Anyways right, so your time is very limited, so to run an ad and leveraged an ad to get people to expose to the company and and in hopes, though, that build a team with you. That could be simple and that could be powerful. And it’s not that. It’s it’s not that expensive at all at all at all. You know, but then again that’s that’s. If you’re looking to build the team, but it’s either, it’s either grab a handful of articles that I know the company already has like.

If I go to the YouTube blog, there’s, probably a ton of articles on their YouTube blog yeah amazing articles, promotional articles showing how amazing the company is their recruiting type articles which which you can easily use to run it to run ads on. Let me let me let me go to their to their corporate YouTube blog yeah, this one right here, 31 thousand subscribers. This is their main blog. All of these articles again, whether it’s a article on the company and and and and and it’s a promotional article to try to get people involved, or it’s a article on the product and and and now we’re running ads on the product.

That can be simple. Like all these articles are already done, these are professional articles that I can easily download upload to your Facebook page and run ads on. Like that, that’s powerful! That’s super simple! That’s super powerful! However. I wouldn’t be taken over this website. I’d be taking them to one web page where I can capture the lead or I can keep their attention on this one specific product and get them to buy that way you know so so.

For example, if I was running an ad, I would run up to this one single product when they purchase and they enter their name, their their credit card number and they actually purchase. Then they can go to the website and see all the products, but that’s okay. They already bought the product, all right, you know and again that’s the only strategy because I’m running an ad for it. You know I want to keep the ad very, very narrow and very targeted and very straight to the point on one single product.

So there’s just two angles: you can go either we’re going to you know, run ads on promoting and in in recruiting or run ads on on products back to be super powerful as well, but again step one. I would say just take that number up like your next dollar needs to go in into into exposing this to a few thousand more people where I, because you’re going to click, invite and and that’s probably as high as you’re going to get and then and then Now it’s just it’s just coming out of Facebook ad, so I think that should be step one step, one take that light count up and then and then we can definitely start.

What I would do is I would I would if I were you, I would go to the website and just look at the Commission’s and say: okay, which product do I make the most amount of money on and in in and and and would it make sense If I actually ran ads on that one product, because you could you could look at all these products and let’s say you do make a you know, I don’t know a twenty dollar Commission or twenty five dollar Commission.

Whatever. Maybe let’s say let’s say on any of these products, let’s say: let’s say on one of them: you make a Tony dollar Commission. If that’s the commission twenty dollars, it might not seem like a lot, but once we once you sell a few of them per day. It definitely adds up. It definitely adds up right example. The way I would start looking at it is, what’s my profit margin, what’s the highest margin, I want to run an ad on that one single product and if my profit margin is twenty bucks, that means that I can spend up to twenty dollars per day before I break even so if I can spend twenty bucks a day and sell at least one I break even and that’s how you want to look at it.

You want to look at it. What’s my profit margin, because whatever that is, I can afford to spend that much per day as long as I’m getting a sell as long as I’m getting one cell per day and the way you know this can possibly work is where you’re selling you know, five. Six, seven eight of them a day right at that at that same budget, you know you can spend twenty bucks a day and start selling ten of them a day, and so, although they’re there’s a million different products here, if you literally took the highest profit margin, One – and it was one and let’s just say that was under let’s just say that was hmm something under wedding.

Let’s say: let’s say we come to the gift guide and we go under the wedding category and we start running rent. Let’s just say: let’s just say this one right here, fifty bucks, you start running, you start running ads two for that one single targeting everyone who has an interest in weddings, so at 50 bucks. I don’t know exactly what your commission is – maybe maybe maybe 10 bucks. 15 bucks, but whatever it is, that’s how you would want to look at it is what’s the highest profit margin and let me run an ad on that one single product, because I’m telling you, although the website, has a million different products, if you came out the Gates and started selling 10 15 20 of these per day.

I’r here to tell you right now, and I don’t even know the company, but I know of the industry, I’m here to tell you right now that known and the companies even doing that right. Not even one single person out of tens of thousands that are in the company, not one single person is selling a crapload of one single product per day, right you’re, not not in any company. So when you can really take today’s marketing, which is social media marketing, you could take today’s Facebook advertising and leverage that, and do that, oh, my gosh, you can crush it.

You can crush it. You can crush it. So I’m just kind of planting seeds with you. I don’t like you to do this exactly right now. I want you to do your research. I want you to kind of see which look this one right here, 150 bucks. Your Commission has to be at least something I mean yeah. I know maybe 30 bucks. 30 bucks, so if that was the case, I’m telling you right now: aimée $ 30. If you were spending $ 30 per day and we were selling at least one at least you’re breaking even but at the same time I truly believe at 30 dollars a day.

You’d be selling several of those right, you’d be selling several of those, so be in no time when you’re at a hundred bucks a day and your closing escrow. So you know right where that’s just running behind the scenes, while you’re doing your real estate deals. You know so this 150 that that could be powerful. You know you target everyone who has an interest in wedding in weddings, everyone who’s getting married.

You know, Facebook has all that data like. I could target people if I was a wedding gown, you know manufacturer or if I was a wedding, gown retail store. I can literally target women who are getting married this summer right, like it’s, absolutely crazy, and so this right here man, that’s what you could do with that. But again it wouldn’t go straight to this one page. It would go to a web page, not a website.

So it would be a completely different page, which will now have which you, which you would have to budget for that as well. Now you got to have a completely separate web page. Well, it could it go in with my clickfunnels, oh yeah, oh yeah, for sure for sure I use a different one. I use cartridge only because it comes with the email autoresponder as well subscription with clickfunnels so you’re spending.

What are you spending 300 a month with it yeah? Oh man, Amy. You need to get on the one that I’m that I’m using it’s $ 97 a month for everything. Oh really, I left click funnels. In fact, I made a article over here on my youtube blog, I’m over here, building a YouTube blog, but I made a article back in 2018 as I was leaving click funnels to sign up with with this new software. Only because this new software has has multiple tools all for the same price.

Only because I need I need. First of all, when it comes to running ads, you need the landing page. You need an email autoresponder and in your case, with real estate, you want some type of online calendar, so as people are coming to your landing page, if you’re running an ad on a listing, they’re inquiring on your landing page they’re entering their name and email because They want more information.

Your email autoresponder sends out more information, but in your email, autoresponder there’s also a link for your calendar, so it’s mainly those 3 software’s in one for the same price, and so I literally yeah I’ve been on this new software for four four. Two years now – and it’s just it just saves me a ton of money. That’s all saves me driving I’ll, send you a link I’ll, send you a link and there’s a 14-day trial, just compare it like if you’re already using.

Actually, I’m in the hundred I just signed up for the 30 day challenge to learn how to build a funnel gotcha, gotcha, okay, so if you’ve already paid for that part, what was like a hundred bucks yeah yeah? So if you did that, then then go through it just so you know it, but at the same time you’re you’re spending way more money than you need to way more money that extra 200 a month so you’re spending 300.

On that, I’m telling you come over here and spend 97 for way more, that extra 200 a month needs to be your Facebook ad budget, or I bottom line bottom line bottom line. That extra 200 needs to be a Facebook ad budget and you would crush it. You’d crush it with real estate at a 200, our monthly budget, or you crush it with this, with with a 200 month budget. So, and that’s just with me, teaching how to do it like I’d, be open to you know, just teach how to run these simple ads, right, hey, but well, we’ll definitely get their work out.

Work out the products. Look at all these different products and see which one you make the most on: ok and then yeah. We build a page around that one product and just crush it with that one product and ask people buy that one product now they’re on your email list. Now you can email them this website that has a million more right. That right. There is simple, Amy super powerful and super simple, and I’m super excited be talking about this with you, because I just have a completely different view on it and how you can really go to the top quick, because yeah network marketing has been around forever, but internet Marketing, not many hasn’t even taken advantage of yet you know social media marketing.

So what what we should do first, is: let’s: let’s take that light count it what’s our budget for the like, let’s run one Facebook ad I’ll run it for you, you just pay for it. Just let me know what your budget is. What can that need to be? It could be whatever I mean you could like, for example, for every for every for every. Let’s call it a hundred bucks for every ninety-nine dollars for every $ 100.

That’s about right, yeah! That’s still the same, so those numbers are still the same. That’s how much we can always get no matter what so either we go up a thousand. We go so it’s a one-time added, I’m not going to want you to run it all. The time like, let’s run this one time, take it up as high as we need to and then we shut it off, and then we talk again on which product we want to start running.

Okay, you know so I just think you have a ton of potential because well, let’s go ahead and do the do the hundred, so we can get it up over a thousand okay perfect. So all I need you to do is just go to your. Are you actually you’re on your iPad right? Can you get to your business page can go to Facebook, yeah, okay, go to your go to your business page! Really! Quick and all I’m going to do is just request access to the page.

So I can start the ad tonight. Okay, where do I go wirdy? Where do I say or you gain us for access? Okay? So you should either get a notification here in four seconds, or do you see settings at the top so in the top right hand corner of that page? Okay, perfect! So then, if you don’t receive a notification right now, okay, I just got it perfect. So just follow that through it’s going to ask you for your password and that’s it oh gosh yeah, I know most of us don’t know it so sensi is it.

Is it mainly scented candles candles or it’s not candles? It’s wax like wax wax wax wax. So it’s the warmer, so it’s the warmers, but they also have cleaning products at products. I love it. I love it Amy, I’m going to have my wife buy a few products off for you tonight, yeah really cool oils, pods laundry. I bet this line. Diffuser, the diffuser is a big thing right now: the diffuser diffuser diffuser diffuser diffuser words that act.

It’s the mini diffuser. If you type in the search yeah right there, where you just were buying diffusers or pods. Oh got. You got you, okay, yeah man. If I am diffuser mini fan fuser, I never even heard of a mini fender. What is a mini? It’s perfect for the office, your car or anywhere there’s a USB port in just wow, and it just gives off a fragrance right. That’s amazing, yeah! It smells really cool really good.

So are these? Are these like sense and fragrance is supposed to be like healthy for you or there, it’s just a random scent. It’s just it’s just something that smells good. Well, they’re, not you know they don’t burn like the waxes and stuff. If you put your finger in it, they don’t burn, and so but they’re not like they. We do have some essential oils and stuff as well, for the regular diffusers really cool.

Well, I did. I just give it to you: let’s refresh okay, perfect, yes, so now I have access all start that at tonight and then just give me whatever card. I can use to run it either business page I can check. Is it have you changed it at all? Recently, no okay, so I should still have that same one. Then. Yes, I’ll message, you the last four digits and just confirm if that’s the right one, okay, perfect, yeah and then I’ll start that tonight and do you have any any like images like I can.

I can for sure, run it on this image right here, but if you just actually, this is a beautiful image right here. Can I run it on this on this image? Should I run it? Okay, I’m going to grab this image. I will email you a asana I’ll, send you a snapshot later on of the ad and I’m going to use this similar. Okay, that’s a perfect image, perfume, it so I’ll email you later on once we’re alive and then we’ll go from there.

Okay, perfect cool! Okay me talk to you soon, thanks David thanks, bye, bye, bye,

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Online Marketing

the social media marketing strategy triangle

Quality and cost – and you get to have two of those – the project management triangle – Is that sometimes known is a valuable tool for prioritizing and Decision-Making, it’s often used as a throwaway tool in training courses, but It’s a powerful tool in the hands of a competent leader or marketing.

Professional you get to pick two of those, but you can’t have all three most People that have been in a business or a project management course at some time. I’ve heard of the project management triangle – it’s sometimes known, Alternatively, as the triple constraint or the iron triangle, Today, we’re going to apply it to social media marketing and rename it the social Media marketing triangle, so I can have a nice click.

Pd title just add some Confusion there are also variants on this model, but we’re going to be Chatting about time, quality and cost. The basic premise is this: there are three Main factors in all decisions – and you can only have two of them – let’s explore The triple constraint shall we, you can build a marketing campaign that is fast And cheap, but it probably won’t be very good quality or you can build a Marketing campaign that is cheap and of great quality, but it’s not going to be Fast or you can build a marketing campaign that is executed quickly and is A high quality, but it’s going to cost you a lot of money when defining a Project or series of work tasks there are boundaries and values that we need.

To work with them for me at the beginning of any major project, I need to Understand what the key priorities are given a situation, what does the Stakeholder of the project champion value the most. Is it time quality or Cost problems are going to occur, compromises will need to be made in Under these situations, what comes first, is it time, quality or cost? What comes Last say it with me time: quality or cost it’s never allowed to be, it depends or a Smirky little yes, and for the record, if the person leaving the project tries to Claim that all three are possible, while they’re a terrible person for a given Project deliverable or campaign strategy, there must always be a first priority in A last priority set without this confusion, indecision and ultimately Failure will rule, of course, the person paying the bill.

Will want all three, but they can’t have those the confident project manager, Knows this and helps the stakeholder to understand that you can have two, but not Three, this really manifests itself when it comes to problems and big barriers in The development of your campaign, things go wrong. The plan gets delayed things Need to be done, people need to sleep, life happens, so team members need to Understand before things go wrong, what your priority really is.

Any campaign With a price or cost is fixed before the campaigning starts as a disaster in the Making no matter how well you plan things are going to change when costs Are fixed before the scoping goals are determined you’re left with one of two Outcomes the campaign timing will be affected or the messaging, creative or Other elements will not be of the quality that you want in these Situations, low quality could mean less engagement, less reach and lower sales.

When the problems occur before a campaign, scope is even determined there. Is always a cost or penalty involved in this scenario, that cost could be a new Time constraint, spending money which wasn’t in your budget or the quality of The messaging, creative or the results of the campaign are just not going to live. Up to what your expectations were, time is the factor of speed when something Needs to be done by a certain date.

We can always make things faster by Throwing more resources at the problem, but that costs money equally, we can do It for the given time at the given cost, but then the quality slips money and Resources are the bedrock of all business decisions and everything costs Something sometimes we have extra budget to spend other times. We don’t sometimes We have more resources, sometimes we don’t. Quality is often difficult to Measure what’s good quality, what’s poor quality, often quality is in The eye of the beholder the bottom line for me regarding quality is fitness for Purpose, for example, is a cheap cup of coffee quality.

Well, if our need is to Get a quick buzz to help get us through the afternoon laws, then the terrible Caffeine-Fueled cup of gel and a Styrofoam cup will probably do the trick. But if our goal is to impress our flannel-wearing hipster friends with Aroma and sourcing embody and acidity and texture and creaminess and other Characteristics which make up an amazing coffee experience, Well, then, we need a much higher level of specification to meet the definition.

Quality can be said to be a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by Something if that attribute is missing. Well then, we tend to say that the Quality is lacking in marketing, especially in creative fields. The Quality is extremely subjective and must be trusted to a brand advocate on the Team who will push for business decisions to always be made with the Protection of the brand image culture and other characteristics in mind.

I have A belief that when you find yourself saying no more often than you’re saying Yes, the decisions are on marketing advertising and branding well you’re. Probably on the correct path to doing it right, All these factors contribute to the scope of a campaign, the boundaries of Your overall digital strategy and the stated goals or outcomes time quality And cost what they don’t tell you is that you can have any two, not three two So this model is taught at many courses.

Its name sometimes changes the Dimensions on the triangle sometimes vary, but all the documentation Literature that I’ve seen all MIT look to say that the keys to making this work Is discipline, focus and consistency once a priority order for a project has been Set you cannot pick and choose which to you apply this priority throughout the Project process the methodology works best when used as a set of underlying Principles behind a campaign as a whole, the social media, marketing triangle or Triple constraint, tool is a useful framework for all marketers and business Leaders to use as part of the planning when it comes to campaign strategy and Problem solving with everyone involved, knowing that constraints and priorities, Before the problems happen, it can make problem-solving, faster and more aligned.

With the needs of the organization, and one last thing, if you think you can Ignore this and barrel ahead with what you’ve been doing in the past. Well guess: What too, will get chosen for you by the very nature of the process? You’re, better Off being in the driver’s seat, how many do you get to pick you get to pick two Okay, now I’ve got a quick favor to ask. I started my first blog on YouTube in 2007, this past December, I deleted that account.

Why well I want to test the Tactics and techniques that I use for clients on myself, you see each year for Several years now I delete my followers on Twitter and December and I start over I’ve been doing this because it forces me to stay relevant by having to rebuild My account every year this year I decided to add Youtube to the mix, so I deleted the previous YouTube account that I had for 12 years and I’m starting over from zero, so I have a favor to ask.

Please head Over and subscribe to my youtube blog and mention my blog to your nerdy Marketing friends on MySpace and on your CompuServe listservs Thanks again, I hope you learned a thing or two in this article and that you’ll Come back and visit me again:

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