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Best Tools to Grow an Online Business in 2020

So in this article here today, that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you make sure to hit that thumbs up and all of these tools are really easy to use, because I’m not going to lie.

I’r actually a bit of a technophobe, the first and most under utilized tool. It’s going to be something that you may be like whoa Lauren hold up here. I thought that was just for professionals. They were looking to connect with other professionals or to find jobs and to have people spam me with their jobs. You do know it’s the easiest and a free way to find your dream customers. You can literally type in a job, title or type of person and I’ll pop up.

So just think what is my dream customer do professionally and then you can find them just through searching like this, have conversations with decision makers and three get in front of people who have the income to pay. You y’all over 45 percent of LinkedIn users make more than 75 a grand per year and you don’t even need the paid version for any of that right now. It’s kind of a golden age just like Facebook about ten years ago, so you are able to grow real fast.

So what should you post on there? But I think I’m going to do an entire article on it. But for now make sure that you’re on LinkedIn make sure that you’re posting at least every other day and that you’re connecting with people and that your profile is optimized and so usually dinh and realize that there’s a lot of opportunities there. So yeah. I, like LinkedIn, for building relationships. My company, we call it permission based relationship marketing, but maybe I’ll do a article on that in the future.

So drop a comment: if you want it, I over 10,000 followers on there right now and we’re getting a lot of our clients from LinkedIn. Now, in fact, half of our plans now coming from LinkedIn, whereas before it used to be like 1 % – and I was only a few months ago, so there are some sorts of tools that you can use in order to generate. You lead using LinkedIn and if you want to know what they are just send me, a direct message on LinkedIn saying, lift in leads and then I’ll make sure that I know what that means.

So I can tell you about it sneekly, but you can connect with absolutely anyone and pro tip when you connecting with you, make sure that unknown, like I’m doing right here with these people and offer your services to them in a really non family. My second necessary tool is Google Drive. You would be shocked about how many will don’t know that this is a thing you get to use. Google Docs, which is literally just Microsoft, Word, but it’s so much better here.

Let me show you why. So when you create a new document, it will pretty much just open up and your entire team can be working on it all at once and it automatically updates. So while you’re typing something in someone else can be too so. Google Docs is great, but then there’s also Google sheets, Google, slides and even more so we use Google Forms to our business. So this is the way that you can collect data from clients.

All of these different things that I personally don’t use, but it just keeps everything organized and so simple, so we make slideshows all the time for our clients and then with regards to our sheets. We mainly just use this to keep on track of our clients and various different things that we’re doing, and if you look at this here, this may look really ugly, but these responses are from a Google Form that we had and we set up an integration so That we don’t even have to fill out this spreadsheet, it happens all automatically and it’s just such a nice way for our whole team just to have all of this information all in one.

But even if you just want to use it for personal, it’s great because it means you don’t need to download anything, it all happens and stays in the cloud which means that it doesn’t take up any space. Your computer and Google also has Google Calendar now I’ve taken these three off because there’s a lot of personal stuff there, but these three calendars, my whole team – shares them. So we all get to see when payments are due in on a calendar and it means that we’re organized and on top of things, which means that we’re being productive and not having to go ahead and check everything which allows you maximize your effectiveness and your efficiency.

So how do you know what you’re doing each day you can have your Google Calendar dictate it and you can set it up so that people can meetings with you for that specific thing on this is a big. Take then for a more user friendly project management tool. Monday dot-com is absolutely awesome. It’s super collaborative and everything inside just makes it really simple. So this is the inside of Oz and how we use it, and so there’s various different reporting’s that we do that we can keep track of in order to ensure that we’re both on top of our business and then we also have client trackers for our clients.

Inside of our programs, so I definitely recommend this I’ll leave a link below which gets you a free trial. So you can give it a go and a taster, because it’s something that just allows virtual teams to stay on top of that tasks in a really effective way, and the nice thing is, you can set deadlines, add tick boxes just so that everyone knows where everything Is and you can even have conversations about different things, which then people get notified about? It’s really really cool second to learn I like, for that is acuity, and I actually think I have a lane they’re supposed to be only for my clients to get a free month trial, but I’ll leave it down below, so that you can get it as well, And it’s where people can actually book a time to speak to you and so, if you’re, a coach or consultant or a service provider and you’re, not taking sales schools.

Well, you definitely should be, and people are going to be able to book a pool with you using this. You can also have questions on the cool booking form, which are essentially application question. So when you go on the pool with them, they can have already partially convinced themselves. They already need your help, so this is a whole nother different topic about human psychology and everything. But basically, you see, will calendar and allow people to book kinds of you using acuity scheduling all these every single tool links down below.

So by now you know an awesome platform which is totally free. You know how to dictate your time and how to optimize the people booking cause with you, and you know that you should be doing sales calls, and so next up, I want to talk about. Okay, once you have leads once you have a way for these leads to book time on your calendar, how do you actually get the money in your bank? Well, a little bit.

We use PayPal, PayPal, scoop people’s good, but there’s actually something called transfer wise and I like this cuz. The fees are really really really low so again I’ll leave it down below, but it allows people from all around the world to pay you, and so you need it invoice them out, and so you can just use a website like invoice generator literally, you can go On google and type in generate invoice online and you’ll find invoice generator invoice home all these things you can just use them for free, that’s what I do and it will allow you to actually take payment from people, businesses who are generating under a hundred day by Month, transferwise is a really good option if you’re taking payment over the phone, which I do recommend you off, then you stripe, if you’re under a hundred kpop months.

If you’re over that, send me a DM and I’ll. Tell you about another option: that’s maybe better! For you at that stage, but I’m around a pay per month, transfer wise as well as stripe, are going to be really good option to get the money in the bank. And so now, if you have a, there are a couple of things that you should be using if you’re not doing so ready or if you have plans, okay, so the first is slack slack is awesome, it’s kind of like what’s out for business, it’s a virtual Offense, so you can have different team members come into your slack.

You can also have different clients come into your slack and then you can have blogs and blogs are essentially an office room where people can come in, they can go, but the cool thing is as they come and go they’re able to see all the previous messages That happen before, and so you can send files in there. You can send messages in that. Oh, my gosh, it’s if you have a team and you’re not using it.

You are crazy if you have a lot of individual clients and you’re, not communicating to them on that. Then you’re losing a lot of time, because it’s just such an effective way to communicate, and then it’s definitely another tool for teams. I really really like is loom. So I’ll do it again all of these link down below luminacai, it’s essentially a Chrome extension and you can void your screen record.

The audio show your face if you want to and just do articles, and so it means that when you communicating with plans when you’re communicating with your team you’d have to type things out, you just have absolutely everything in article format, which makes it so much easier To explain, I can’t believe I wasn’t using this up until about three months ago, because I used to have to try and say to a client know this part of the sales school isn’t very good.

Here’s what you need to improve and don’t explain. I was so confusing, whereas now I can have them submit allude to me they speak. I pose what they’re saying I speak with the feedback. I play what they’re saying the PMP or you can have a document and instead of having to go through the document, highlight and then write your comment. You can go through the documents and just say here’s my feedback on this part, the villa and read through it.

Just like you were something that next, but it is so good. It saves you so much time just allows you to communicate less and going back and forth less and then the next thing when it comes to actually training your team, you can record a bunch of balloons, download them and then upload them to a training hub and A training portal, so I like to thank you for that again. I think I have a free trial flat so leave that down below.

This is the same platform that we use to deliver courses to our clients, and so it’s really cool effect, they’re really efficient and will allow you to train your client and train your team in the best way possible. So they’re my favorite tools that I like to use for my business. There are other smaller things that I use, such as Volker sir, with some clients, which is like a what’s up type of thing: I’m not really too much of a fan of it, but the first things that I’ve listed out here hasn’t one I find better ones.

I will be sure to update you and let you know, but right now, they’re my faves first thing doctor where and when it comes to document and everything I drove use. Microsoft, Word everything: Google Drive. I love Google Drive, I let you pay like ten bucks a month and get so much storage. This is immutable and yeah first place to start. If I were, you is just make sure your Google is all optimized and organized then after that, make sure that you are on LinkedIn that you’re posting content from that.

What I would ensure that you’re doing it’s just really making sure that when you’re actually having but close of you you’re sending them your acuity link and then you can keep going to get it and absolutely crush it. I hope this helpful hit not subscribe. Make sure that you turn on the notification Seletar future articles, I’m going to definitely do one on LinkedIn and all the other stuff I mentioned.

I do wan na I’ll, see you in the next article

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Top 6 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools | #Mayankpatel | the4ceo

If we do kiss ballad by each of their laptop the screenplay hey, those two are embarking a best digital marketing tools, kobbari method, best digital marketing tools – you may use kurta movie may, of course I just go to keyword everywhere – is the best tool for a CPC Or valium searched monkey KITT Nevada.

Yes up, he would everywhere say up: go her keyword, capital, Jagger, Jess, a yard, adding it to those two sub sipperley yep, because it Omega key word everywhere: Kyle school sky extension, OpCo Chrome made karna padega, yes of chrome care or Escobar. The Tamera’s similar web, similar before the cha software head, say a petrified website. T Puri analysis. Yes, a Putrajaya, hey Aarhus, ki Baraat am googling.

Everyone knows people from subset best. Oh they’re, artists, company site philosophy of Nikki C car that I categorically Africa we can pinch. I came to see mr. Rocco Mediate. I katakana the Google Form is the best platform for this or who scared bad Hamada pacify Google Trends yeah married a as Iraqi. What important she’s the Google Trends? A query do personal up Covadonga. He can say a Google Trends.

Key through up the knowledge or the peso generate concept, or now I certainly sector to escape a Tamara’s. Do basic editing tool, got Apple, yeah yeah now over happening here, tell honest in Korea. It’s may come Carly APNIC tell our brothers on a sickness, Co leg in Ganga things could come, Colonel is named Jim Masada and I was subsidy. Three NATO can wash your hair. I suggest we can WA photos from severe weather.

I ocular easily yet the Photoshop Photoshop Agora, depositor, difficult, okay, so canvas which is curved body easy, because if Ricky’s editing Kelly up with thumbnails banana, her size guys may know each other Facebook post, Calliope, Rocco Instagram post cannot kappa next. Ah, hey goob, vdq reason for you to like in this course adjust my cart on La Mirada, American English. When I yell again, man Joe suggests car town, whoa, hey YouTube, buddy YouTube, but is the best software best extension for or YouTube next up key pass as a ball.

Sorry software, our big birthday except they’re. My team shop is make Ecbatana Kiki, Kobe things: music, a schema, Eureka, a plug-in, helped create WordPress scaling it. Yes, it may be a wordpress k, Bluehost, wash our host Kirk, a direct, install conduct ahem my up co-hosting basic homework, assay hosting me up, connect to him. WordPress or word plus take a self website notice. A push up, go Himel name allah had to those marisa zarubin a yoga or escape a the up ma happy SEO audit tool SEO audit tool, SEO review tools; sorry attention sake, CB sidecar SEO course octo best tool head jewish.

You can do that way. Screaming fog screaming form those two mouska buddha tutorial, affiliate, Binaca, longer screaming tool, tool Kelly or escape Athena. Martha, Martha, hey Samson, go mic USB microphone, yet old Joe may use curtain. Kabhi kabhi, you extension, a youtube, make a best letter to Lincoln messages. Taker top cover charge Salah Mike semi come children. I also love Mikey, appear starting killer, say so or Escobar the Cora Cora, whoever say up to tackle second, whereas a up review new concept.

The best review may approve market research me with AMA cachet of market research. Kar sakthe know those who say: boss, attitudes, a mistake in here or a surrealist man up Courtney description. Maybe do a positive Arabic sucked ion will go search. Car sector, which paid a head coach, caca thing every here, so those two well so those other than two comma three Apache here similar. Where keyword, Google Forms Google Trends, canva or YouTube buddy to those two optional go subscribe, corn, anabolic cooking may, as I interesting or come, give health subcommittee meal at Aruna, the Papillion, nourish garden, hey! Welcome back! I forgot to do be.

A person died about the blog. Could like career article core shelter yet or blog go subscribe career those two agar aapke article person I have to please. Yes, I would correct okay say I’m on a motivation Burton I articles banana Cady and thank you for reading men pertain hashtag magnetic or up for a cheese on the Connecticut the force you not enjoy hama business MIT company here puss, which occur Kakui, be we have Site develop car money, Coco be digital marketing, say related, could be carvanha.

Hello hung your hopper hand of Kelly of key service Kelly. Thank you for reading hashtag, my prodigal son. You

A 2019 traffic generation tool >> Traffic Trapper 2.0