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What Is Digital Marketing And How Can You Use It To Grow Your Business?

It makes being in business easier than ever. Let’s get into this article how’s it going everybody. My name is Brandon brashears, I do digital marketing.

I have an agency called maverick digital marketing. I also have podcasts and create content and create daily marketing articles here on YouTube. So if you are trying to grow your business or if you want to start a business, want to start an agency if you’re looking to do any of those things, then please consider subscribing, because I create daily articles that helps you to get better at marketing.

So what is digital marketing? Well, you’ve probably heard about things like content, marketing or blogs, or article creation or just in general, there’s social media marketing too, like there’s all of these different concepts and that all falls underneath the larger umbrella of digital marketing. Digital marketing is using anything on the web. To take attention and turn that attention into some kind of an action – hopefully so sometimes you’ll have people that want to sell things like on websites like Shopify or click funnels or WooCommerce, or other tools like that.

But how do we get people to go and take action that we’re looking for them to take? That’s exactly what digital marketing does now, I’m a huge proponent of content. Marketing I mean content. Marketing is a part of digital marketing where we create content, that’s relevant to a group of people. We use that content to segment those people and show those people offers there’s also pay-per-click marketing, there’s search engine, optimization, there’s social media marketing, there’s, email, marketing, there’s, ecommerce marketing, there’s all these different specialties of digital marketing, but ultimately what they do is they take attention and They turn that attention into action, and so it really is as simple as that human behavior is pretty much the same.

It’s really interesting. If you look at books like scientific advertising, it was written in the early 1900s and it’s super super relevant because it’s today, even because peoples typically behave in certain ways. So we use the what we know about human behavior to drive attention and drive traffic to different offers, and then we get people to buy typically things that they need or want based on their activity and that’s what digital marketing does now.

There’s two kinds of ways to get people to do something you can try and get people to do something by enticing them to do something or you can get people to do something because they want or need it already. Now I’m a big fan of trying to find people who want and need what I’m selling, instead of trying to make them consider that they should be buying something because it’s a lot easier to find somebody who wants something.

For example, if you’re trying to sell hamburger. What’s the most important thing that you need, some people might say: well, we need the best quality, meat or buns or lettuce, but I think that if you find a starving crowd, who is really really hungry, they’ll pay a lot of money for that cheeseburger because they Already want it and they’re starving, so that’s kind of what digital marketing does through content and other strategies.

We use attention and we take that attention segment it and then show relevant offers and make offers now a lot of times, especially with businesses. You’ll hear you know what digital marketing doesn’t really generate, return on investment for me and they get confused a lot, especially when it comes to social media, marketing or other blogs, where they’re, creating content and they’re doing a lot of work and activity, but they’re, not turning That activity into actual sales or leads, and so a lot of times, especially if they don’t have a clear strategy, digital marketing, seems really difficult.

But the way that we do digital marketing through my agency and the way that good marketers do marketing is that they’re able to measure and track their offers. They’re able to track return on investment return on adspend and typically they create one objective per campaign and they measure that objective. So most marketing in general, you start out. You’ve probably heard the term a marketing funnel and a marketing funnel is a big component of digital marketing, because we drive attention and traffic and find out people that are interested through segmentation, and then we show offers so you have three stages of the funnel there.

We have awareness which, in order for people to understand, or in order for people to do business with you, they have to know about you right and if they don’t know about you, they can’t be business. So that awareness is at the top of the funnel a lot of the content that we do and create, gets people to be aware of our content and aware of our brand so that they can take the next step in our relationship.

The next step of the funnel is the middle of the funnel, which is evaluation so once they know about you, they have to evaluate you once they’ve evaluated you, then they can convert and that conversion process happens. Once somebody becomes a customer and pays you and then hopefully they continue to convert over time. So we take the attention and the time met where people are spending time we take.

So we take places that people are spending time on, like social media networks or Google or Yahoo or Bing or other search engines or just anywhere. People are generally taking time and we drive people through different funnels. Now funnels are going to look different depending on the different stages of the purchasing process. People are in so, for example, if you have somebody that is just researching what the best kinds of cars for having a family member, never sorry for having.

So, for example, if you take somebody who just is starting off the purchase process and trying to find out what kind of cars are best for having a family, for example, that’s a very different stage of the funnel than somebody who is looking at specific lease payments On a specific model of a car, and so in general, we and depending on what your business is and depending on how you want to be targeting people who want to do business with you, you’re, going to target different stages of the funnel and be able to Drive action and activity based on what the person searching or the person engaging what their mindset is and then what action they’re looking to take.

So it’s definitely a science and an art, because your business is special and even though there’s a lot of similarities between different businesses, you’re going to know, ultimately what your clients want and need more than probably anybody else. So how is digital marketing different from traditional market? In general, it’s pretty much the same. The only difference is that it’s all done online. So in the past there have been TV advertisements, newspaper advertisements, Direct Mail, billboards, things like that.

We pretty much have an equivalent of those inside of digital marketing right, so billboard ads are like banner ads, for example, and Direct Mail is like email and newspaper and advertorials, for example, are a lot like Facebook. So there’s a lot of overlap between marketing and advertising. In general and digital marketing, it’s just that the tools and level of sophistication that we have within digital marketing allows you to track and understand exactly what’s going on what your conversion rates are, what your return on adspend is, and so for that reason it is amazing.

Most business owners have more tools now than they ever have had before. One thing, that’s so cool about digital marketing, too, is that the barrier to get started is very low, and so there’s a few things. That’s exciting about that and there’s a few things that are not so exciting about that. So, since the end buried entry is super low, you can go right now and start running. Facebook ads and you’ll be up and running within just a little bit, which is amazing.

It’s not too hard to get started. The problem is, is that it is extremely crowded and it is extremely competitive, and so if you don’t know what you’re doing you can quickly waste tons of money and a lot of people do, and so, if you ask most small business owners, have you ever run Facebook Ads almost all of them will say yes and you say great, what was the return on that spend on that? They’ll have no clue because they don’t know how to set up and measure and track things.

So I make daily marketing articles here that helps to educate you to understand exactly what you should be doing for your digital marketing and how to grow your business in a way. That’s measurable and scalable. That’s what’s important here. We need to understand. What’s working and what’s not and the only way that you can do, that is by setting specific objectives and having each of those objectives be measurable, now determine, depending on what part of the funnel you’re we’re working on if you’re generating awareness, if you’re generating a valuation Or your generate conversion you’re going to be measuring those objectives differently and in the next articles, we’ll talk about the different objectives that you should be measuring across each step of the funnel.

If you need any help, they’ll, please don’t hesitate to ask and comment below if you need any helper, if there’s anything that I can do, I love digital marketing. I’ve been doing this for about twelve years now and it has changed so much, but I just see that there is a huge opportunity for small businesses. If you are a business and you’re, not creating content and you’re, not driving people through finals, you’re going to have a really hard time to stay in business, business is shifting and it’s lingering more and more towards online.

So if you don’t stake your claim right now in the land rush, that’s happening in digital marketing, you’re going to be way behind the curve, so the best time to start is today well, the best time to start was actually yesterday, but the second best time is Today, so if you haven’t started, please let me know what I can do to help if you ever need help with anything again. Just comment below happy to answer questions and please consider subscribing.

I do daily marketing articles here and I love this stuff, so I’ll see on the next article be sure to subscribe, have a great day.


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3 Fundamentals of Building an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

So I want your comment below. Let me know what are the bare-bones basics of an effective entertaining, so the barebone base is an effective digital marketing strategy goes on three folds.

This is the same three principles, I’m about to share with you. Well, first of all, I want you to comment below. Let me know, what do you think in your mind today is the barebone basics of a digital marketing strategy? Do you think it’s Facebook Ads? Do you think it sells funnels? Do you think its digital advertising? Do you think it’s a social platform like what is the trend that you think is it? I want you to guys comment below and let me know or what’s working for you or any questions that you have as you’re reading this article now, let’s go into it.

So the barebone base is still, in effect, there’s a marketing strategy ties into three core things. I share this with companies that are doing and just starting out, let’s say, doing zero revenue or their startup to even business they’re doing a hundred million dollars. These are the only three principles of a barebone digital marketing strategy. The only way grow business is you need traffic. You need actual people to notice about your business, pay attention to your business and follow you to be able to grow your business.

The second thing is, once you have their attention to focus in your business and they’re visiting you, then you’ll be able to convert that into leads now leaves is basically a fancy way of saying you need to have that communication blog established with that specific audience. So, whoever you’re selling through the fitness space, the mom space and the business community, you want to establish communication distribution blogs to be able to effectively influence them.

You know, send them value, add value, build that relationship and that’s what you do through emails. You do through messenger marketing, and you probably heard of right now when you go in chat, BOTS or you go on LinkedIn messaging campaigns or you do Facebook messaging campaigns or any on any platform. The social platforms are powerful because they give you a way to distribute your message with your target audience.

That’s the most important thing as the second point. The third point is revenue all right. How do you convert your traffic? Your leads into actual revenue, profits and cash flow in your business. You want to be able to turn that into three types of revenue: new revenue, new customers in your business, ascension revenue customers are existing with you and they upgrade or buy more of your products or services or complementary things that fit within your business, product line, extension Or service line extension – and the third thing is the reoccurring revenue.

You want people that are buying your part, not just the first time, but you want them to buy with you over and over again. So those are the three things they want to focus on is how to generate more traffic, get people to go into your business. They pay attention to your ABC company. They pay attention to your brand. They consume your content, they join your email list. They join your messenger, they join your LinkedIn or, if your b2b or they join your Facebook group and they’re, saying hey.

I want to start that communication process with you all know more about your business and how it you can solve my problems and provide me with the result that I want and then I’m willing to actually take my hard-earned money out and then spend it with your Business and actually pay 20, 50, 100 thousand 2000, whatever amount your product or service costs and then they’re willing to pay that into your business.

I think the biggest principle that you can get from this is that when you actually put a disproportionate amount of value with your target audience, and you build that up, then you’re going to be able to actually put more in the bank for them to invest in With you so think about this every time you give them a piece of content, you add value to them. The most effective strategy is this: you actually deposit money and their what I call the value account now the value account when you send them a article when you send them a piece of content when they read your when they read your guy when they attend your Webinar when they learn about your branding and all this stuff, you’re depositing value in your target audiences bank account and then when it comes time to transact, let’s say or start that buying relationship, and they want to spend money with you they’re much more likely to spend Money with you with you added so much more value to them.

That’s why content is such a very important play for every business. You want to figure out what is the best way? What is the value I’ll give you important question? What is the value that makes the difference to your target audience? It’s a very important question: what is the value that makes a difference to target audience, deliver that to them and as you deliver it to them, keep delivering, keep delivering and over time, they’re going to reciprocate that and they’re going to buy for him because 84 percent 60 to 80 percent – let’s say of your target audience are not going to buy for me the first time they see your message.

You need that frequency. There multiple touch points between 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 to 10 touch points that are value, oriented touch points to make a difference. I think that’s a fundamental principle: it doesn’t matter what business you’re in b2c, b2b, multiple audiences, product or services, doesn’t matter it’s all about how much value at your target audience, how you increase the traffic leads and sales and over time, the majority of that market.

A hundred thousand people that are finding about you, millions of people, are finding out about you. How do you maximize on every single person, instead of just the 5 to 10 %? I’d, say the 5 % that are looking for your products or services right now? That want to buy from you focus on a long term strategy and that’s the most important thing. So thanks for reading this article, I want you to comment below if you got insights from this thing, what questions you have, what is one thing that you learn from this article? How do you plan to add value to your target audience? What piece of content that you want to create anything you con them below? I just want to hear from you guys.

The second thing I want you like this article third thing is: want you guys to subscribe and hit that Bell icon? Because what do you guys do that you get notifications on future articles just like this and also digital secrets and any articles that are being released to you guys. So thanks for reading this as usual, I appreciate you guys’s time and attention, and I will see you guys in the next article


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11 social media marketing tips for musicians

For what you should be doing and what you should be focusing on when trying to Get fans to your shows, pound-for-pound email is still the best online marketing Platform for promoting bands, and their shows, a good mailing list – is crucial for Building a fanbase who will buy your concert? Tickets, your merchandise, Patronize venues and buy beer when age-appropriate.

Well, this the fans Cultivated for your band newsletter is more dependable than fans on social Network follows and likes on platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or Twitter, one method for getting people to sign up for your email list could be a Sweepstakes, you can give away tickets to future, shows merchandise or downloads of Music and articles, while you’re building out your email list do the same with Your SMS text list and use it don’t be as aggressive as with your email.

Marketing, though, perhaps send out a text before your next event, maybe a week Before and then maybe a day before and be sure you segment your SMS text list, By area codes and use that appropriately so you’re, not spamming fans in Kansas, About your next show in Kentucky in some large metro areas, there shows all over The city on any given day or night, don’t price yourself out of that market during The last South by Southwest Conference in Austin live nation labs reveal that They have commissioned studies which concluded that the ticket price and the Associated fees and taxes is the number one reason why fans decide on attending Live shows or not you’re, building an audience here and many folks in Attendance are taking a risk on a band that they’ve never heard of before make It worth their while you might have to take a hit early on.

While you build your Brand, but if they like you, they might buy your seat. Or other merchandise after the show plenty of your fans will say: they’re Coming to your show, but those who have pre purchased a ticket definitely will And even if they don’t you’ve already earned the revenue from the unused Ticket look for ways to encourage fans to buy tickets sooner if you’re needing To drive sales in a more predictable manner, one technique may be to offer the First, 50 ticket buyers a chance to go to the venue early on the day of the show.

And meet the band for autographs during sound check, don’t reveal who the first 50 are until you sold the first 150 250 or 500 tickets, or not a particular date. And time another technique would be to bundle the tickets with free downloads, Of your latest release, but only award the free downloads to the first 500 Ticket buyers, I think you get the point here. Just get creative and check with a Lawyer within the contest that you run because you can get yourself into Trouble fast with the FTC and not even know it assume the people you’re Promoting to have never heard of your band before when you’re writing your Description about your gig be accurate and current and better yet send a link.

To a article photos, reviews or EPK with tracks that they can sample, don’t be Afraid to find your audience from Twitter YouTube, Instagram and Facebook Accounts of similar bands talk directly to the fans of the music that is similar To yours and be responsible for being the one who starts a relationship, you Can also connect with fans in the comments sections of online music blogs. And magazines, don’t be afraid to reach out.

You already have your love of music In common and fans, absolutely love connecting with artists post your events and invite people no More than two weeks before the show date on Facebook too early, then people Completely forget repost new info about the event a week out three days out and On the morning of your event, find fans on Instagram and Twitter and ask them to Repost and retweet your posts using a hashtag with the name of your band Trending Twitter hashtags can make the front page of Google so mastering Twitter and contemporarily boost your organic SEO, which can in turn have a Permanent positive impact on your search rankings, while most of your Facebook Work should be done well in advance.

Twitter and Instagram are best use. Just A couple of days before the show and definitely the night before in the day, Of the show also make sure the venues you’re playing are promoting the show on Their Instagram or Twitter or Facebook YouTube tik-tok, snapchat blog tumblr, AOL Compuserve Friendster myspace geo cities and probably their dog store pages as Well, let’s be honest: Facebook has at best flatlined and at worst and most Likely it’s on its way out, but it’s still too big to ignore.

There are Several companies who can create a customized Facebook page for your band, I’ve used page modo and wildfire with great success in the past. If you like to Get your hands dirty and code yourself. You can build your own solution, though. Just start at the Facebook developer site: let’s get old-school now for a second, a Few weeks before your local show notify magazines and music pop culture.

Sites about your concert, these should be editorial sites like the Dallas Observer Nashville scene, the Free Press in LA and the Houston press, as well as websites Devoted to local event listings like guide, live bands in town and eventful Send them a very brief, well-written description of the show, a list of Notable shows that you’ve played in the past links to positive reviews. Impressive web traffic numbers that the band has had on their own website in on Social media accounts and a web ready search engine optimized image of the Band only submit the websites that list shows that are similar to the genre of Music, that you’re being plays, there’s no point in wasting your time.

If you know You’re not going to get listed on the site now. None of this is hard, but there Are no quick solutions either you ever heard of elbow grease, get it out because You’re going to need it everything that I’ve mentioned in this List is based upon organic online marketing techniques. It’s all online Marketing one on one to anyone who is savvy to SEO social media or other kinds. Of internet marketing with that said, it only works when you stick to it.

Build Your audience and cultivate your relationships with your fans. If you Don’t believe me look at the fans who have followed East Texas, indie rockers Eisley around the world on and offline, you can also ask decades-old members of The KISS Army, gene and Paul realized how important steady organic growth of their Fan base was to building a career in music long before the internet was Around approached local radio and TV stations about doing spots on the air The day of your shows approached local newspapers and offer interviews of the Band to be printed the day before the show they’re going to be told.

No thank You 999 times out of a thousand, but there’s nothing equal to getting local Coverage in a market that not only opens you up to thousands of potential fans, But it gives your bands brand instant credibility, assuming that the interview Goes well now, I want to know what you think, so I can create the kind of Content that you want to see leave a comment for me or let me know what Questions you have, I check them every day and I’ll be quick to get you a Response, I honestly appreciate you reading and I’ll see you in the next article


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5 Tips To Improve Your Digital Marketing Offers

So when you’re sending traffic to your website or sending traffic from Google or Facebook or anywhere, you want people to opt into the offer that you’re driving you’re driving them to you, and so this is going to be very helpful for creating offers that work better and Hopefully reduce the cost per lead that you’re getting so, let’s get into this article, hey there buddy, my name is brandon brashears.

I make daily marketing articles here. So if you’re looking to grow your business with digital marketing, I talk about everything from pay-per-click ads to email, marketing to conversion rate optimization to SEO to basically anything related to digital marketing. So if you’re looking to grow your brand with business or your business or brand with digital marketing be sure to subscribe here, alright, let’s get into this article.

So when you have traffic that you’re sending to a web page, you should have an end offer in mind. If you don’t have an offer in mind, then you’re, probably wasting a bunch of money, so number one make sure that you have an offer. But once you have an offer, let’s do a few steps that are going to help you to get the most out of it and convert as much as possible. So the first thing that you need to do is the offer needs to be consistent.

So if you say, for example, on your ad hate, we have a free book, come and get the free book and then all of a sudden they get there and then it’s 1995 and shipping and handling it’s not really a free book so make sure that the Offer is consistent from the ad to the landing page throughout the whole process: you’re, not adding things to it or adding a lot of terms and conditions to it. People are going to see through that and they’re going to say this is not true.

It is a scam and they will not buy from you, so it has to be number one very consistent in the entire way through again, if you’re trying to drive traffic to a web page. What’s the point of driving people under false premise, so you’re, basically lying to them, make sure that you’re not lying to them. Make sure that you’re, honest and open about what the offer is, because you’re trying to attract those people, you don’t need to sell something that you’re not selling.

The second thing is, it needs to be really clear: what are they getting? What is the benefit for them? If you haven’t done so already be sure to read this article, I talked about three questions that you need to ask yourself before you run any ads. It helps you get really clear about who you’re serving how you’re helping them and the best way to deliver that. So be very clear in what you’re giving them.

The third thing that you need to do is make sure that it’s congruent it has to be congruent to your brand. It needs to make sense why you’re offering this it has to be relevant to your core offers and really be congruent with your brand. So if you have, for example, a luxury hotel, if you’re offering a free timeshare, stay, it’s not going to be a congruent brand offer for your business right. So you’re going to want to make sure that every piece of you offer every piece of the ad.

Every element within your website is going to match your branding match your positioning and the offer that you have it’s like if you’ve ever been somewhere and you’re like hey, this isn’t adding up, and this seems kind of sketchy. That’s the same thing. If you don’t have congruent offers with your website – and it doesn’t look good so make sure everything is congruent and well branded number four: does it make sense? It has to make sense in order to deliver value to people? I can’t tell you how many times I say: okay, what are the best offers that you want to be driving people to for your business, to the small business owners and they’ll say well.

I have this package in this package and this package – and I can do this and I have this, and can we pull up the website? I have everything listed out there. That is not very simple and easy to understand. It needs to be very simple. The simple more simple, the better: we need to be able to convey what the value is really really quickly. We only have a short amount of time, typically to do that with cold traffic, so it needs to be very, very concise on what it is that you’re offering and how you deliver value to these people.

So for it to make sense, you should make it as simple as possible, and I like to make things as simple as possible in every aspect. So if you’re able to convert them natively right, so we don’t have to send them to a landing page. If we can convert them, natively, that’s even better and so simplicity inside of every aspect of the digital marketing, helps you to increase conversion and attract a lot more customers and clients.

Add a better price so make sure that it is as simple as possible and the last tip is to make sure that it’s described well, so you need to really deliver your value as far as what is the before look like and then what does the? After? Look like and if you’re able to convey what the before and after is it’s a problem that your target market is actually having. Let’s say that you were a dentist right and you were going to help people that had been afraid of the dentist.

So you can talk about all of the fears and the troubles and the worries and talk about what it’s like to be there, what they will go through and and where they will end up where they will finally be able to put this stress aside, because we’re Not scary – and you know they’re like talking about all these emotional things – that’s just an example there, but if you are able to describe the before and the after well, if you’re going to have such a better time converting these people that are visiting your website or Your web pages your landing pages because they’re going to feel and understand, what’s in it for them so many times people talked about offers in their business and they just talked about themselves.

Instead of talking about what’s important to the client, so make sure that you’re framing all of the conversations that you’re having around the customer and around the client, they need to understand. What’s in it for them, because that’s ultimately all that they care about, especially the colors of the traffic, gets right, so the less people know about you, the more important that it is that you’re telling them what’s in it for them.

If you have people that are friends and family that know like and trust you already, you don’t have to work hard to sell them. They’re interested in you. The reality is, when you have a business in your online people, don’t really care about you, I’m sorry. They don’t care about me either. It’s okay um! You just have to understand that they are all about. What’s in it for them, because they don’t owe you anything, they need to understand what is in it for them, so make it very, very clear and, and let them know exactly what’s in it for them alright, so I hope you enjoyed this article if you liked It be sure to hit that thumbs up button and if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything.

Please comment below. Please also subscribe here. If you want to grow your business with digital marketing, if you’re looking to increase sales online, this is a great place for you hangout. So, thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the next article have a great day.


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Email Marketing Tools To Make $100 Per Day + Full Strategy

What is going on everyone, Thomas back here with another article and in today’s article guys we have a lot to go over, but first before we get into that. Thank you guys so much for coming back to the blog. If you are new here, guys head over to my blog page and click that subscribe button or click that subscribe button down below below this article and guys, like always, I make articles how to make money online, showing you guys giving you advice, tips tricks all that Time I self making articles just like this one and if you guys are ever interested in the description of all my YouTube articles, the first link will actually be right here, it’s kind of like a preview, but it’s actually right here guys it’s my top 5 tips For online entrepreneurship, success right now, plus a free bonus guys and then, after that, I go on to explain and show you guys my number one piece of advice.

My number one recommendation. So if you’re ever interested guys after the article went out and check that out at anytime and it’s on the link is anywhere all my articles in the top, the first link in the description guys, so you always check it out alright. So, let’s jump right into the content guys. I actually have a lot to show you today, because this should be pretty pretty helpful and if I had this a while ago would have made a lot more sense.

So when I’m actually on guys right now is a software or tool whatever called funnel lytx I’m using a free version. I kind of made this. I made this process, I just made it before I made this article, so I have it all set to go so it should hopefully be pretty quick to the point and get the point across and show you guys what you need to be doing right now. So let me actually zoom out here or minimize what we’re looking at, because it’s actually super zoomed in, and I want to zoom this guy out.

Alright, so we’re talking email, marketing tools right guys, and so when it comes a mail marketing tools once this finally loads. It’s a little bit laggy here, because I got a lot of things. I guess recording microphone a couple things going on on my computer, so once we get this thing to zoom out which it should do in a second okay, this should be good. Let’s see if we can move here, we go here. We go all right guys.

This is actually perfect. So when it comes to email, marketing, right you’re going to need some tools and that’s century the baseline of this article, the tools that are going to help propel you to that $ 100 per day right. So when it comes to email, marketing right, you need a traffic source, okay to get someone to be on email list. That’s the whole name of the game: okay, you’re sending them emails, marketing to them, telling them stories sending them pieces of content.

Helping them – and you know, establishing a connection with them – should and then buy something from you, because, ultimately, when it comes in marketing you’re going to have to have some type of transaction take place in order for you to benefit for you to make commissions for you To make money, whether it’s your own product or somebody else’s product, okay, so traffic, guys your traffic source can be almost anything now.

Email marketing guys can range from doing affiliate marketing, which is something that I’m very familiar with. Maybe you have a Shopify dropshipping store you’re. Having me have like a brand, an e-commerce brand online, where your email, marketing to to customers and potential customers and all people who are already customers. So you can have that aspect of it, but it all stems from a traffic source.

So you have to have some type of traffic source. Now that could be Facebook that could be Google. That could be a website that could be YouTube that could be social media. It doesn’t matter how you get that it could be paid, it could be free, it doesn’t matter, but you need some type of traffic source which all kind of details some more examples in a few minutes here, but you need that and from that traffic source you Want to have someone go down, and this is I it says you know it should be a landing page, but it’s a generic landing pages.

I have first and then eventually, you guys you’re going to need someone to opt in to your email list. So when someone opts in to your email list, then you have that that person you have that lead. You have that email, okay, finally popped up, so let me see if I can edit this guy landing page one that final there. It is look at that Wow. All right, so let me make my way out of here. Okay, so we have a landing page at some point someone’s going to be on this landing page guys could be a sales page.

It could be a page for a product, whatever you’re selling, whatever you’re trying to offer somebody. It doesn’t necessarily matter exactly. I have articles guys on stuff like this on my blog, so if you’re interested there’s more tons, more cons that you can guys go check out after this article, you have a landing page of some sort where someone does an action or whatever back and the day, The ultimate action that you must have happen in order to do any email marketing is, you have to have an opt-in where they enter their email.

They don’t need to enter their name. It just has to be at least their email, okay, and then they have to complete that form and submit it, which will then equal a lead. So now you have a lead. You have somebody that you can now email in the future. Okay, so, as you start moving down the process here, so now you have this. This form that’s make okay to lead guys. Now before that lead, I have an upsell here that doesn’t necessarily matter.

Let’s say you’re selling something online initially and you always can have that option to have someone else buy an additional product. I just put that in there it’s not super critical to this whole process here, but at some point guys you’re going to need a lead and when, when someone buys something on your website, for example, you’re going to get that email and that’s elite right, you have That person they already bought but they’re potentially into a buyer that could come back again and again again.

So that’s your job now email market to them to make sure they come back again and again again: okay, so now you have their email. What you want to do from this email is now you put them into an email autoresponder, which I have listed right here: okay, and so once they are in your email, autoresponder, which I’m going to detail exactly how you can do that in a software, you can Actually use, if you don’t know one right now, you can send them content, you can send them YouTube posts, Instagram post.

Maybe you can send them reports PDFs, whatever kind of content you want to send them to kind of build that connection. You want to give them guys what I recommend and what, if anyone knows Gary Vee, he has the whole strategy of Jab Jab Jab right hook, so you have three value posts or three value emails and then a sales email where you ask for something: okay, so Maybe you send them information, that’s going to help them and for whatever type of email list, they’re on, let’s say you’re in the your into the fishing.

You know niche right or whatever reason, and you have people who you’re sending you know cool articles about fishing or send them informational things about how to you know cast properly. I don’t know and you’re giving them reports or whatever doesn’t matter and then on the fourth email you send them. Maybe you send them something like I don’t know a sales? Hey guys. You know by this or check this out.

It’s going to really help you. I recommend you buy this and you can be an affiliate for that. It could be your own product, but that’s why I put affiliate. Oh Graham, that’s the money guys, that’s where the money is really made with email, marketing and the great thing about this guys. As you set this up, once you have an email autoresponder where you all you have to do, guys is create emails once and it’s automatically sent as you get more leads right, so someone joins or someone becomes a lead for you right and what happens? Is you start sending them the emails automatically and you don’t have to do anything so once you have this and set up on the backend week, I like to call it the back end once this is set up on the back end, this whole email autoresponder.

All you need to then focus on is getting people in on the front end and driving traffic to your pages, and then one people convert you’re going to always have them to email in the future. Okay and that’s the whole process, if that makes sense, guys any questions, please link them down below in the comments. I will be happy to answer them so now we’re going to jump into the tools needed for the process.

If you don’t already have some at the moment, so what I recommend guys when it comes to traffic because that’s the first thing we’re going to talk about. Okay is traffic. Okay, so I recommend free traffic first, if you’re just getting started, but if you can’t afford paid traffic or if you can at least maybe test with paid traffic. Initially, if you want there’s a couple methods you can use, you can use Google AdWords, which I think now is called Google Ads.

You can use Facebook Ads, Instagram ads YouTube ads or guys. You can even use any of these things for free. If you can rank a website on google, if you have following on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, you can post content and tell and send people to your landing page where they can then opt in to your email list. Okay, now it’s up to you guys to now offer them something of value, so when they opt-in, they get something of value or something that they need.

Now, for example, you can sell a product or you can give something away for free. For example, I give away guys my top five tips plus a free bonus, and then I give you my number one recommendation. When you opt in to my email list down below that’s what I give away it’s completely for free there’s. No one you’ll have to pay for it, so it’s ace enticing way to get people to opt-in to my email list, okay and then guys this udemy solo ads.

I highly recommend this because it’s actually a great way where you can use people and get people on other people’s email lists, because someone has already opted in to someone’s email list and a site like yuna mean these people have these massive email lists, then you can Go on there and actually have like a guest post or like a guest email on their email list and promote your page or promote your offer.

So you can actually have someone email, their entire email list, your offer with your link and they click that link and they can go to your landing page and potentially opt-in for your email list and it’s a great way because there’s people who already opted in to An email list they are much higher likely they have a higher potential to opt-in to your email list, because they’ve already opted into one before so they’re kind of used to that they’re, not kind of fresh traffic that hasn’t been.

You know it hasn’t seen this stuff. Now is that a good thing or a bad thing, maybe they’re numb to the whole thing, that’s up to you to decide, but it’s actually not a bad way. You can get a decent amount of people about amount of leads right. I mean guys what I have here is I’m actually going to link this whole funnel down below it’s it you’re going to need to create an account with funnel lytx, which I’ll link it down below guys, it’ll, be like the second link or something in the description Check it out, it should say funnel it exfol process or whatever something like that down below, and I will actually you guys can get access to this actual funnel yourselves, and what you can do here is in the settings tab that I have on some of these Things, for example, udemy solo ads.

I have a link here and, if you actually click move myself over to the side here, if you click this in notes, section which is going to be right here below the parameters, let’s see if it’ll go to, if it’ll open up here, if you click that Note section: it’s actually going to detail you guys exactly what oh yeah here: okay, oh! No! It’s going to go away, but for guys for you to meet when you use my link, for example, you’ll actually get a five dollar coupon on your first solo ad.

So it’s it’s kind of like an affiliate marketing way for me, but at the same time that’s also helping you. So if you guys have any questions, if you want to go to these actual sites to actually sign up or check them out, you can do that. You got a five-hour code or a coupon code with you to me and the same time guys now we’re going to now move down on into the landing page features, because you’re going to have to have a landing page, because someone can’t join your email list if They don’t have a place to opt-in right.

So that’s the whole point. So as there are two things I recommend at the moment, I recommend click. Funnels click. Funnels is the more expensive option when it comes to landing pages, but guys like that, like I just showed you for you right. You can also click on the notes section and now it’ll take you guys to a 14-day free trial. If you are interested and that’s at the same time, get response also, I think get response is a 28 or 30 day free trial, with the link that I have posted there.

If you are interested in these sites, I recommend checking them out at least trying out the trials and then seeing which one you like better or seeing, which one you want to go forward with. Okay, so click funnels is probably the easiest most effective way to create landing pages that are actually going to convert they’re like drag and drop. They have a ton of templates up on there and you can just simply modify it to fit whatever you’re trying to your offer is, and then you can then implement an email autoresponder which I’ll get to in a second, and you know integrate that with her click.

Funnel so when someone puts her email in and the click submit’ it’ll automatically get sent to your email autoresponder, even though it’s not through click funnels, it’s you know to me that makes sense. Okay, get response, you guys can also do the same thing. You can actually create landing pages with get response. I think it’s extra $ 15 per month on top of what you’re paying for your email autoresponder, but that leads us into the email autoresponder.

So when it comes to your email autoresponder, I recommend get response. This is what I actually use, I’m not going to recommend something I don’t use. There are other things out there guys, especially for landing pages too. There are other things out there. You can do your research to figure out which one you want to actually use. This is what I recommend, because this is what I actually use myself.

The links to these things guys will be down below in the description if you want, or if you actually go onto the link of this actual funnel the links will be in the notes section. I believe of these little these little pictures or whatever you want to call them. Okay, so with get response, you can create landing pages now, they’re, not super super easy to drag-and-drop. You can easily make them guys.

That’s what I currently use at the moment to make some of my landing pages, because it’s only $ 15 per month extra charge and at the current moment I don’t need something: that’s more expensive, but the great thing about get responses. That’s all in one. It’s a great place to kind of house everything you need in one place so guys when it comes to this type of stuff. That’s what I recommend everything like I said before it’ll linked down below you have any questions on how to do this stuff.

Please please ask them in the comments I’ll be happy to explain them I’ll, even happy to even happier to make another article showing you guys exactly how to do this, but once this is all set, and once you can cue an email us to your email, autoresponder, Which is super super easy to do all you need to do guys then focus like I said before on the traffic may be paying for traffic, or you know narrowing in narrowing, in your free traffic and getting more and more traffic, because the more and more traffic Guys is going to be ultimately how you can now establish that connection and then start to sell items and products to these people on your email us and that’s how you’re going to start making over 100 dollars per day and to be completely honest guys.

That’s not that hard to do. It may sound like it right now. It may take it’s going to take an investment now when it when I say investment, it’s going to take either a monetary investment or it’s going to take. You know time commitment and you know committed to a certain strategy, because if you want to do this, all for free, which you’re not going to be able to do because you’re going to need to pay for the autoresponder rollout, which is not that much money guys And you can utilize these free trials.

But if you want to do this, all for free you’re going to have to put in the work to create a ton of content to have people discover you and to have. People actually want to learn more and to go. In more depth, with whatever you’re offering now, if you’re selling things on you know, Facebook, ads or you’re running ads to your to your products doesn’t necessarily matter because now you want to implement email marketing to make more money on the back end, and you guys can Easily start generating over $ 100 per day, once you’ve let the strategy, and once you start getting enough traffic into your funnel, hopefully that guys that helps you out, like I said before anything any questions down in the comments below.

If this article did help you, I can out guys, I appreciate a thumbs up, smash that thumbs up and subscribe the blog for more articles. Just like this and guys. Like always, my top 5 tips are linked as the first link down below free bonus and guys might have more a recommendation after that. So hopefully that helps you guys. Out with that being said, I will see in the next article peace


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How To Do Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketing! (Step By Step)

Here with Eric Ellis jr. Dot-com and have you been struggling with email marketing, or are you trying to figure out how to get started? Have you been running email, marketing campaigns, but your emails haven’t been converting? You haven’t been getting cells. This article is going to show you step by step, how you can write a converting email and, more importantly, the steps necessary to actually convert your emails into dollar dollar bills stay tuned guys the fortune is in the follow.

The reason why I wanted to do this is because I was creating my email marketing campaign and I decided why not share this, so I can go and give value to people because people might be struggling with in their email marketing. Let me ask you a question: um, have you heard of email marketing? Have you started to email marketing coming to one or two below coming up one below if you’ve heard of email, marketing khamenei two below if you’ve actually started implementing it into your business? Now the thing is, and also I’m going to want you to comment where you’re from so I want to see where people are viewing from, but more importantly, share this to your feed.

People who are in affiliate marketing can definitely bit benefit from this right now. Um, basically, what I use is I use Aweber Aweber is the software I use to actually create my emails to do my email marketing campaigns right, but I want to share with you guys a strategy um that not a lot of people are taking, that Vantage of When it comes to their email, marketing, business and I’ll try to make this as quick as possible right, but basically, if this is an email marketing tutorial to help, you crush it within your affiliate marketing business and how to increase your conversion.

So that way, you can crush it as an affiliate marketer. Now a lot of people who start doing email marketing the way that they’re taught is you get them through your sales funnel once you get them to yourselves when you capture that lead, then you follow up with them, and then you reintroduce them back into your sales. Page right was correct, however, when you’re introducing them to your sales page.

If all you’re doing is pitching your email list, you literally have no chance of succeeding as an affiliate marketer long term. The engagement on your list is going to go downhill now, if you have thousands of dollars that you’re spending per week – and you constantly – I have new people coming on your list – cool a lot of people do that, but at the end of the day, if you Want to start a long term, sustainable business with your affiliate, marketing, business or internet marketing business.

You want to make sure that you are simply providing value to your lists. Now what I mean by that people are going to be more engaging with your actual guys. All email marketing is for an email list. It’s a distribution blog, it’s a following! It’s another form of a following! Imagine if you had a large Instagram following and all you did was pitch people on it on an business opportunity or some sort of opportunity.

They’re eventually going to go ahead and your engagement is going to go out the window right. It’s the same thing with an email list: it’s a following. You have to keep them engaged. You have to keep them to where they like you and, more importantly, you want to build a list of people who know like and trust you, because people don’t buy stuff from people, they don’t know like and trust. So an example: I’m simply going to show you guys real time me.

Actually, I’m setting up my email follow-up series now, basically, you can do this for broadcast or you can do this with just regular follow-up series right now. What I do is, I simply search the web for valuable content that is congruent with the following that I’m building and will provide value to my list right now. People think it’s a waste of time, um, creating email, copy, write, writing emails and providing value because they’re like them.

If I create something like this, I’m not going to generate any income guys. One thing garyvee preaches is that majority of the moves that he makes us for 10 years ahead of time. It’s the same thing with email, marketing right make moves not for today, but for tomorrow. If you want a long-term, sustainable business, you have to provide value. It’s called the 8020 rule, 80 % by a 20 % pitch, so um guys.

You can do this anywhere, but one thing that I’m using is basically: where are we so click funnels? If you guys don’t know what click photos is, if you do know that it is great, they have a blog where they have podcasts and basically, what they do is they have valuable content within my niche, like ever in digging this amount of valuable. So what I’m going to do is I’m simply just scrolling down seeing what what people see value in right.

Now, if you look at this, I’m not look at this, but if we look, I was looking at a couple of articles that this article has 287 shares. Now, I’m not even going to read this article, but if you read what it says, assembly says how to scale your ads like purple. Now any of you reading this article who have started affiliate marketing, internet marketing, e-commerce, whatever it may be right and you failed in paid advertisement if you received an email right, I’m going to show you the headline, because all I’m doing is.

I did not listen to this podcast. This is simply the finding valuable content and I’m just going to go ahead and literally distribute this to my following. So my email list. Basically, I basically keep filling actually keep telling with paid ads, but I’m going to say tired of filling with paid ads, so a capturing headline. So basically, if you receive the email, one thing when it comes to your email marketing is that you’re competing.

If I was go to my email, I literally get about 50 emails a day. So with that being said, I do go through all my emails, my process of my emails that literally delete about 90 % of them and then about 10 % of them I’ll go ahead and save and then I’ll filter based off of the headlines. Whether I want to go through them or not so based off of your headline, it will be extremely crucial, now again share this feed, because somebody could benefit from this share.

This people want to learn about email marketing, even if you’re not doing affiliate marketing. You just want to learn how to follow up with leads, or you want to learn how to generate leads right, there’s going to be crucial for you guys, but so this is going to be cat eye capturing tired of filling with paid ads. That is when it comes to marketing negativity sales. Why do you think the media is always talking about negative negativity, negativity, negativity, negativity because people subconsciously rather listen to something negative than something positive.

Unfortunately, right if I was to say, learn how to crush it with paid advertisement and compares them to tired of felling with paid ads, it’s not going to convert as high as as as high as this negative headline for the email now guys, just kind of recap: People are brand new to email, marketing. Basically, email marketing is simply following up with the leads that you generate from a sales funnel driving traffic, whether it’s paid or free traffic.

Once you generate those leads you’re going to follow up with them, not only with different offers. Right within your niche, so that way you can monetize that email list, but what I’m going over right now is how to ten times how to freakin crush it. How to increase your conversions in yourself, I believe it or not. People are probably thinking how do I increase my sales with certain sort of email copy, I’m actually going to break down this email copy, but no the main way to increase your sales is by building trust with your list building a relationship by sending them valuable content.

So, let’s eeeek this email copy. Yes, I did write this myself. No, I’m not a copywriter. However. I’ve been studying marketing sales and marketing for a long period of time. So I dunno what does selling what it does not sell. So, let’s break it down so pay for an Eric here. I’ve I’ve been there dot that dot. So that’s basically like a cliff cliff hanger. It gets people to keep on reading because subconsciously they’re like you’ve, been aware.

Eric now, obviously is congruent with this chart of filling with paid ads right. You tired now guys I speak very improper in my emails because I’m a regular person – and I don’t – I don’t – try to seem very Scelzi and like a robot right. Sometimes it’s an improper grammar and sometimes I’ll do curse right. You, tired of spending money and not getting a return on your investment question mark and also I’m basically um starting the pain right, hitting people with pain, tapping into people’s emotions.

People who have felt this before or tried as before, they’re going to go ahead and continue to read this and then I transition with relating with my reader right relating with my audience. I remember when I first started internet marketing. I spent and there’s a real-time guy. So I haven’t even edited it. I spent thousands of dollars without a single cent in return, so thousands of dollars on paid ads you because I’m streaming he’s going a little bit slow without a single cent in return, after failing so much and losing so much right again, I’m relating with them, I’m Hitting with that pain, I thought to myself now guys whether I was just to kind of give you guys um the the philosophy behind this.

The reason why you want to write a fantastic email copy for, if you’re, pitching a product or even if you’re pitching something for free, is because the better your email copy, the higher the conversions, the higher the conversions. That means the higher the higher your open rate with the headline or subject line, rather the higher your click-through rate, the better your email copy, the more people open your content, whether it’s free or, if you’re, pitching or promoting something and the better, your the more people That open it, the more people you’re going to establish the relationship with the more you’re going to build that core following and the more you’re going to be able to monetize.

So again, everything is long-term. Now um, I said after filming so much and losing so much. I thought to myself: what would a successful person do and guys telling a story engaging compelling right? The answer, dot dot, another cliffhanger get them to keep on reading, seek guidance from those who are freaking, crushing it Bryant here da-da-dah is a savage and paid per click. Advertising he spends in a day more than the average marketer will spend in their career on paid advertisement in this free podcast and I’m going to break down what.

While I’m boating some of his text in this free podcast. He unveils his secrets on his marketing strategies and how you can steal them for yourself. Absolutely free. Now, guys one of the most powerful words and marketing is the word free. It will increase your conversions by 10 to 20 to 30 percent, meaning when people read this engaging compelling, but also you’re using trigger words like free, which naturally is clicked.

Maybe people want to people like free shit, so take advantage of this by clicking here clicking here. Two actions within this short email there’s a lot of psychology behind this email and guys remember the long-term game just for me to simply build a relationship with my audience. When I build a relationship – and I provide value then when I refer something one of my affiliate marketing offers they’re going to be more inclined to buy, because they know me they like me.

They trust me right so before they find out how I said take advantage of this by clicking here before they find out how valuable this training truly is and take it down so guys. What this is, it’s called scarcity scarcity is fear of loss. I’r getting people to take advantage of what I’m offering, because I’m using the fear of loss for your technics people, don’t wan na miss out FOMO fear of missing out me saying that, though they’ll take it down, because it’s very valuable.

It’s going to increase the conversions, write more details here, your friend Eric Ellis jr.. So what I’m simply going to do right? You find any platforms, any type of podcast, whether you’re in health and wellness, whether you’re an internet marketing, whether you’re it doesn’t matter what the hell you’re offering fine. It’s called content marketing guys find valuable content simply use. Google find valuable content that will be congruent with your actual list and the following that you’re building for your affiliate, marketing or internet marketing business, and then what you do.

Is you simply find that valuable concert literally just distribute it to your list? But I wanted to actually show you guys so we’re going to simply copy this right. I wanted to show you guys how you guys cuz it’s not just about providing value. You want people to actually click it to convert as well. So that’s where the email copy comes into place, and this is how you write fantastic email copy. You can write the same type of copy to actually sell something.

It’s going to increase conversions people buy stories right, people want to be entertained. So what I’m going to do is somebody with that blog I’m going to go ahead or podcast, rather so, where I have it black Shh, I’m simply just going to go ahead and post the URL for the blog for the podcast rather, but I missed it all. Will do to do you sorry for this part, because this is acting extremely slow clicking here you you we’re almost done, and I want to go and wrap this up.

By give you guys a call to action and again share this feed. Somebody can extremely benefit from learning about email, marketing and guys. The secret is one word value value value, even if you’re pitching somebody, you want to have a compelling email that provides value with an actual ad copy or not ad comfortably email copy, so basically just to wrap it up guys. What I did is simply created email copy found.

Well first, I found the content and found what I wanted to go ahead and distribute to my list. Once I found out what I wanted to distribute to my list, I wrote up email copy. I did not even listen to this podcast, but I know that it’s valuable because that’s 287 shares. Obviously, if other people are sharing it, it’s valuable content right, just to kind of give. You guys high insight on something that’s valuable and some of that’s not the more of the shares.

The more people are engaging with it, the better the content is, then, what I did is I wrote up email copy. I simply used a capturing headline to get people to increase the open rates I use. Cliffhangers are related with my reader. I basically use pain. It’s called the PS formula, past pain and agitation solution. The solut is what I’m offering, which is this podcast and I’m using scarcity, fear of loss to get people to take advantage and have multiple call to actions within my list.

Now I use the same formula and the same way to actually pitch products for refer products. Rather, with all my email marketing now, why is this crucial guys when you provide value to your list? I would simply save this. Come actually going to use this. You provide value to your list. You start to build a relationship with them. That’s how you build a core following literally you have to swallow the fact that 90 % of the people on your list will never buy a single product from you, but it’s that 10 %, that you build a relationship that are causally going to be opening up.

Your emails they’re going to be looking for your content and they’re going to be looking for what you’re referring that’s, where 90 % of your income will be that 90 % of your income is in the 10 %, so email marketing tutorial guys. You find valuable content. You distribute it write, compelling email copy and you freaking send it to your list and you do this, every other email, some emails. You should pitch your product, some emails.

You should just give them complete freaking value. Now, if you look somewhere at the top, the bottom right left, if you guys don’t have a cell phone a software or even if you don’t know how to create cells for us to actually capture leads. So that way you can start building a list. Is I’m going to go ahead and give you guys access? It’s called the simple affiliate funnel, which is basically right.

It’s going to go ahead and allow you guys to capture leads now. Let me see if I can actually pull this up for you guys. You OOP extremely still because I’m streaming, but basically what I’m trying to say is go ahead and click that link to get access to these simple affiliate funnel, which will allow you to basically basically start building a list. So you can go to simple affiliate, funnel calm and practicing.

What I’m preaching is going to go ahead and drive you to a sales funnel that I created and basically the same type of sales, funnel that I use for affiliate marketing you’re, going to be able to use the same type of sales, funnel that I created for Free yeah, it’s acting extreme, you still but go ahead and take immediate action. Please share this article with anybody. If you have a Facebook group share it with your people, share it with anybody who could write like get value from this now.

This is what the you’re going to get access to a page like this right put in your email and you’ll literally, have instant a download to this three-step sales funnel process, basically to where you can capture emails right. So that way you can actually do email marketing and then you can have a back-end offer to start growing, your business, your lists and your and your and your wealth right. Your income so up above this article down below somewhere on here, there’s a link that you can go in and get access to simple affiliate, funnel right and once you start building that list with simple affiliate funnel and by the way it’s a sales funnel template.

You’re going to be able to plug and play whatever your business opportunity is whatever your niche is, and then you start building a listing. You want to start doing these type of emails, whether you want to broadcast them or even set it up for your your following series to build that core audience by providing valuable content and increasing your conversions and your cells and your e-mail marketing business.

First and foremost, I want to say thank you guys, anybody who actually readed this all the way through and more importantly, I want to go ahead and thank you for tuning in, and, hopefully, you’ve gained value from this anybody. If one person is impacted from this content, I’ll be happy, if I can help one person generate one more sell or build their list or whatever that looks like that’s, why I’m doing this for it now, with that being said, grab access to the symbol, Affiliate funnel Start building a list and start freaking, crushing it in your affiliate marketing business


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If you love this article, please make sure you go subscribe en, like en comment on this article and religious help en support army green grey content, te helpen, jij, zat, zo cd gas en olie cool voor, je dit is in the short en kwik en worden raichu. We in het de tab 3 tools for marketing in 2260 en de tab 3 tools for marketing, intro, niet worden, japan, researching and working in marketing, naven, laatste, 13 juni, believer 2010 use and one month and started my journey and digital marketing en mijn woorden green, het Ben een, familie-ding z-liner beniers, some things a story: you see that in some die no longer you waar wonen de tanks, andere show you today is het koel driving using sinds de very beginning te helpen mieke rankt en help gigi business coming in de door.

Het very very effecten, zo dan hem gewoon tool en 22 voor marketing is de wallonie google, my busy yes, she can be – is al zo’, n, ander, nickname voor en google mijn business is een en valuable tool de urine use the hope. You liked de hobby game reviews en die: helpt niet post spla youtube post on to google my business using your desktop or using a professional mobile app nou reken sier statistics in haar analytics schicken sie reviews en je kunt hier post die concrete welkom over hoe, laat Hem great staff and share on my screenen schiesser revival: 12 uur na using google, my business en de jean en be my business.

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Nu word: je carrière storm in people and not forgetting de economie van de power online en offline hem in borne still need people fast fashion network en zo, werden hier in chicago bezittingen of levend, chicago niet dot. Dot com is een, really really valuable tool. Je kunt en de meeting ziek en hold your meeting is een religieus en nee oosterhaven in download, android or de iphone like to the itunes store, zo, really really big deal en.

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We do you do not forget your sales team en rcl system in a lead generation and place and those drie tools en religie te helpen met het zo net. Als favoriet idee van helpen, helpt heb, je, like this article, please trappen, like wil, je straffen, come in and share with your friends, hobbykas msdn as always keep lukken na [ Muziek ]

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