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How To Do Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketing! (Step By Step)

Here with Eric Ellis jr. Dot-com and have you been struggling with email marketing, or are you trying to figure out how to get started? Have you been running email, marketing campaigns, but your emails haven’t been converting? You haven’t been getting cells. This article is going to show you step by step, how you can write a converting email and, more importantly, the steps necessary to actually convert your emails into dollar dollar bills stay tuned guys the fortune is in the follow.

The reason why I wanted to do this is because I was creating my email marketing campaign and I decided why not share this, so I can go and give value to people because people might be struggling with in their email marketing. Let me ask you a question: um, have you heard of email marketing? Have you started to email marketing coming to one or two below coming up one below if you’ve heard of email, marketing khamenei two below if you’ve actually started implementing it into your business? Now the thing is, and also I’m going to want you to comment where you’re from so I want to see where people are viewing from, but more importantly, share this to your feed.

People who are in affiliate marketing can definitely bit benefit from this right now. Um, basically, what I use is I use Aweber Aweber is the software I use to actually create my emails to do my email marketing campaigns right, but I want to share with you guys a strategy um that not a lot of people are taking, that Vantage of When it comes to their email, marketing, business and I’ll try to make this as quick as possible right, but basically, if this is an email marketing tutorial to help, you crush it within your affiliate marketing business and how to increase your conversion.

So that way, you can crush it as an affiliate marketer. Now a lot of people who start doing email marketing the way that they’re taught is you get them through your sales funnel once you get them to yourselves when you capture that lead, then you follow up with them, and then you reintroduce them back into your sales. Page right was correct, however, when you’re introducing them to your sales page.

If all you’re doing is pitching your email list, you literally have no chance of succeeding as an affiliate marketer long term. The engagement on your list is going to go downhill now, if you have thousands of dollars that you’re spending per week – and you constantly – I have new people coming on your list – cool a lot of people do that, but at the end of the day, if you Want to start a long term, sustainable business with your affiliate, marketing, business or internet marketing business.

You want to make sure that you are simply providing value to your lists. Now what I mean by that people are going to be more engaging with your actual guys. All email marketing is for an email list. It’s a distribution blog, it’s a following! It’s another form of a following! Imagine if you had a large Instagram following and all you did was pitch people on it on an business opportunity or some sort of opportunity.

They’re eventually going to go ahead and your engagement is going to go out the window right. It’s the same thing with an email list: it’s a following. You have to keep them engaged. You have to keep them to where they like you and, more importantly, you want to build a list of people who know like and trust you, because people don’t buy stuff from people, they don’t know like and trust. So an example: I’m simply going to show you guys real time me.

Actually, I’m setting up my email follow-up series now, basically, you can do this for broadcast or you can do this with just regular follow-up series right now. What I do is, I simply search the web for valuable content that is congruent with the following that I’m building and will provide value to my list right now. People think it’s a waste of time, um, creating email, copy, write, writing emails and providing value because they’re like them.

If I create something like this, I’m not going to generate any income guys. One thing garyvee preaches is that majority of the moves that he makes us for 10 years ahead of time. It’s the same thing with email, marketing right make moves not for today, but for tomorrow. If you want a long-term, sustainable business, you have to provide value. It’s called the 8020 rule, 80 % by a 20 % pitch, so um guys.

You can do this anywhere, but one thing that I’m using is basically: where are we so click funnels? If you guys don’t know what click photos is, if you do know that it is great, they have a blog where they have podcasts and basically, what they do is they have valuable content within my niche, like ever in digging this amount of valuable. So what I’m going to do is I’m simply just scrolling down seeing what what people see value in right.

Now, if you look at this, I’m not look at this, but if we look, I was looking at a couple of articles that this article has 287 shares. Now, I’m not even going to read this article, but if you read what it says, assembly says how to scale your ads like purple. Now any of you reading this article who have started affiliate marketing, internet marketing, e-commerce, whatever it may be right and you failed in paid advertisement if you received an email right, I’m going to show you the headline, because all I’m doing is.

I did not listen to this podcast. This is simply the finding valuable content and I’m just going to go ahead and literally distribute this to my following. So my email list. Basically, I basically keep filling actually keep telling with paid ads, but I’m going to say tired of filling with paid ads, so a capturing headline. So basically, if you receive the email, one thing when it comes to your email marketing is that you’re competing.

If I was go to my email, I literally get about 50 emails a day. So with that being said, I do go through all my emails, my process of my emails that literally delete about 90 % of them and then about 10 % of them I’ll go ahead and save and then I’ll filter based off of the headlines. Whether I want to go through them or not so based off of your headline, it will be extremely crucial, now again share this feed, because somebody could benefit from this share.

This people want to learn about email marketing, even if you’re not doing affiliate marketing. You just want to learn how to follow up with leads, or you want to learn how to generate leads right, there’s going to be crucial for you guys, but so this is going to be cat eye capturing tired of filling with paid ads. That is when it comes to marketing negativity sales. Why do you think the media is always talking about negative negativity, negativity, negativity, negativity because people subconsciously rather listen to something negative than something positive.

Unfortunately, right if I was to say, learn how to crush it with paid advertisement and compares them to tired of felling with paid ads, it’s not going to convert as high as as as high as this negative headline for the email now guys, just kind of recap: People are brand new to email, marketing. Basically, email marketing is simply following up with the leads that you generate from a sales funnel driving traffic, whether it’s paid or free traffic.

Once you generate those leads you’re going to follow up with them, not only with different offers. Right within your niche, so that way you can monetize that email list, but what I’m going over right now is how to ten times how to freakin crush it. How to increase your conversions in yourself, I believe it or not. People are probably thinking how do I increase my sales with certain sort of email copy, I’m actually going to break down this email copy, but no the main way to increase your sales is by building trust with your list building a relationship by sending them valuable content.

So, let’s eeeek this email copy. Yes, I did write this myself. No, I’m not a copywriter. However. I’ve been studying marketing sales and marketing for a long period of time. So I dunno what does selling what it does not sell. So, let’s break it down so pay for an Eric here. I’ve I’ve been there dot that dot. So that’s basically like a cliff cliff hanger. It gets people to keep on reading because subconsciously they’re like you’ve, been aware.

Eric now, obviously is congruent with this chart of filling with paid ads right. You tired now guys I speak very improper in my emails because I’m a regular person – and I don’t – I don’t – try to seem very Scelzi and like a robot right. Sometimes it’s an improper grammar and sometimes I’ll do curse right. You, tired of spending money and not getting a return on your investment question mark and also I’m basically um starting the pain right, hitting people with pain, tapping into people’s emotions.

People who have felt this before or tried as before, they’re going to go ahead and continue to read this and then I transition with relating with my reader right relating with my audience. I remember when I first started internet marketing. I spent and there’s a real-time guy. So I haven’t even edited it. I spent thousands of dollars without a single cent in return, so thousands of dollars on paid ads you because I’m streaming he’s going a little bit slow without a single cent in return, after failing so much and losing so much right again, I’m relating with them, I’m Hitting with that pain, I thought to myself now guys whether I was just to kind of give you guys um the the philosophy behind this.

The reason why you want to write a fantastic email copy for, if you’re, pitching a product or even if you’re pitching something for free, is because the better your email copy, the higher the conversions, the higher the conversions. That means the higher the higher your open rate with the headline or subject line, rather the higher your click-through rate, the better your email copy, the more people open your content, whether it’s free or, if you’re, pitching or promoting something and the better, your the more people That open it, the more people you’re going to establish the relationship with the more you’re going to build that core following and the more you’re going to be able to monetize.

So again, everything is long-term. Now um, I said after filming so much and losing so much. I thought to myself: what would a successful person do and guys telling a story engaging compelling right? The answer, dot dot, another cliffhanger get them to keep on reading, seek guidance from those who are freaking, crushing it Bryant here da-da-dah is a savage and paid per click. Advertising he spends in a day more than the average marketer will spend in their career on paid advertisement in this free podcast and I’m going to break down what.

While I’m boating some of his text in this free podcast. He unveils his secrets on his marketing strategies and how you can steal them for yourself. Absolutely free. Now, guys one of the most powerful words and marketing is the word free. It will increase your conversions by 10 to 20 to 30 percent, meaning when people read this engaging compelling, but also you’re using trigger words like free, which naturally is clicked.

Maybe people want to people like free shit, so take advantage of this by clicking here clicking here. Two actions within this short email there’s a lot of psychology behind this email and guys remember the long-term game just for me to simply build a relationship with my audience. When I build a relationship – and I provide value then when I refer something one of my affiliate marketing offers they’re going to be more inclined to buy, because they know me they like me.

They trust me right so before they find out how I said take advantage of this by clicking here before they find out how valuable this training truly is and take it down so guys. What this is, it’s called scarcity scarcity is fear of loss. I’r getting people to take advantage of what I’m offering, because I’m using the fear of loss for your technics people, don’t wan na miss out FOMO fear of missing out me saying that, though they’ll take it down, because it’s very valuable.

It’s going to increase the conversions, write more details here, your friend Eric Ellis jr.. So what I’m simply going to do right? You find any platforms, any type of podcast, whether you’re in health and wellness, whether you’re an internet marketing, whether you’re it doesn’t matter what the hell you’re offering fine. It’s called content marketing guys find valuable content simply use. Google find valuable content that will be congruent with your actual list and the following that you’re building for your affiliate, marketing or internet marketing business, and then what you do.

Is you simply find that valuable concert literally just distribute it to your list? But I wanted to actually show you guys so we’re going to simply copy this right. I wanted to show you guys how you guys cuz it’s not just about providing value. You want people to actually click it to convert as well. So that’s where the email copy comes into place, and this is how you write fantastic email copy. You can write the same type of copy to actually sell something.

It’s going to increase conversions people buy stories right, people want to be entertained. So what I’m going to do is somebody with that blog I’m going to go ahead or podcast, rather so, where I have it black Shh, I’m simply just going to go ahead and post the URL for the blog for the podcast rather, but I missed it all. Will do to do you sorry for this part, because this is acting extremely slow clicking here you you we’re almost done, and I want to go and wrap this up.

By give you guys a call to action and again share this feed. Somebody can extremely benefit from learning about email, marketing and guys. The secret is one word value value value, even if you’re pitching somebody, you want to have a compelling email that provides value with an actual ad copy or not ad comfortably email copy, so basically just to wrap it up guys. What I did is simply created email copy found.

Well first, I found the content and found what I wanted to go ahead and distribute to my list. Once I found out what I wanted to distribute to my list, I wrote up email copy. I did not even listen to this podcast, but I know that it’s valuable because that’s 287 shares. Obviously, if other people are sharing it, it’s valuable content right, just to kind of give. You guys high insight on something that’s valuable and some of that’s not the more of the shares.

The more people are engaging with it, the better the content is, then, what I did is I wrote up email copy. I simply used a capturing headline to get people to increase the open rates I use. Cliffhangers are related with my reader. I basically use pain. It’s called the PS formula, past pain and agitation solution. The solut is what I’m offering, which is this podcast and I’m using scarcity, fear of loss to get people to take advantage and have multiple call to actions within my list.

Now I use the same formula and the same way to actually pitch products for refer products. Rather, with all my email marketing now, why is this crucial guys when you provide value to your list? I would simply save this. Come actually going to use this. You provide value to your list. You start to build a relationship with them. That’s how you build a core following literally you have to swallow the fact that 90 % of the people on your list will never buy a single product from you, but it’s that 10 %, that you build a relationship that are causally going to be opening up.

Your emails they’re going to be looking for your content and they’re going to be looking for what you’re referring that’s, where 90 % of your income will be that 90 % of your income is in the 10 %, so email marketing tutorial guys. You find valuable content. You distribute it write, compelling email copy and you freaking send it to your list and you do this, every other email, some emails. You should pitch your product, some emails.

You should just give them complete freaking value. Now, if you look somewhere at the top, the bottom right left, if you guys don’t have a cell phone a software or even if you don’t know how to create cells for us to actually capture leads. So that way you can start building a list. Is I’m going to go ahead and give you guys access? It’s called the simple affiliate funnel, which is basically right.

It’s going to go ahead and allow you guys to capture leads now. Let me see if I can actually pull this up for you guys. You OOP extremely still because I’m streaming, but basically what I’m trying to say is go ahead and click that link to get access to these simple affiliate funnel, which will allow you to basically basically start building a list. So you can go to simple affiliate, funnel calm and practicing.

What I’m preaching is going to go ahead and drive you to a sales funnel that I created and basically the same type of sales, funnel that I use for affiliate marketing you’re, going to be able to use the same type of sales, funnel that I created for Free yeah, it’s acting extreme, you still but go ahead and take immediate action. Please share this article with anybody. If you have a Facebook group share it with your people, share it with anybody who could write like get value from this now.

This is what the you’re going to get access to a page like this right put in your email and you’ll literally, have instant a download to this three-step sales funnel process, basically to where you can capture emails right. So that way you can actually do email marketing and then you can have a back-end offer to start growing, your business, your lists and your and your and your wealth right. Your income so up above this article down below somewhere on here, there’s a link that you can go in and get access to simple affiliate, funnel right and once you start building that list with simple affiliate funnel and by the way it’s a sales funnel template.

You’re going to be able to plug and play whatever your business opportunity is whatever your niche is, and then you start building a listing. You want to start doing these type of emails, whether you want to broadcast them or even set it up for your your following series to build that core audience by providing valuable content and increasing your conversions and your cells and your e-mail marketing business.

First and foremost, I want to say thank you guys, anybody who actually readed this all the way through and more importantly, I want to go ahead and thank you for tuning in, and, hopefully, you’ve gained value from this anybody. If one person is impacted from this content, I’ll be happy, if I can help one person generate one more sell or build their list or whatever that looks like that’s, why I’m doing this for it now, with that being said, grab access to the symbol, Affiliate funnel Start building a list and start freaking, crushing it in your affiliate marketing business


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