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MyWebTraffic4U | Unlimited Traffic Generating Software

I will be traveling the modal devices and browsers. So let me introduce first of all. First of all, you have to click on, add type button by clicking on my exciting and so on, open for adding website to get drag. So the first bit is fine available with this time. It is complete and thousand see the available widget time is the total number of VC per day which you can send to the website.

This is the total number of traffic which can be generated with this software. On the current system, it is based on the system configuration if your PC is not having enough RAM or processors, then it may be quite low, so the basic mix, Pat from the basic one here, is a link, but here we can put the URL of our Website on which we want traffic from p.M. Putting my own website, it is yes, we are going to discuss only basic things here.

I am just adding being. You are a healthy number of traffic Itaewon. So currently I will set maximum here. You can see we have to just enter the URL and the total traffic so for now we will keep all this thing as it is and we will discuss in the next article regarding all the seekers. Now you have to just click on the ok button by clicking on OK button, you will see the official list is added here.

This is the unique number of PRS here you are, and this is open to you now you can see the traffic it started to come. I have made this slide. You can see as soon as we have started this, the cockiest, including so meanwhile, we can discuss here here. You can change filling any time by clicking the change with them. You can also change the number of traffic and other options. Similarly, you can temporarily stop each traffic being sent to be side, and you can also enable this.

It is showing total number of traffic year off of the total traffic. Please getting updated it’s a few time intervals and you can also share these settings and you can also modify the settings so here, as we are going here, you can see itto the number of traffic a minute and it is increasing continuously here we can see this Talk reddish and I have not configured it, so it will by the cold so subreddit.

We can get enable that we we need one two three sub pages when you move copy. Second, so that we can reduce our bounce rate. You can see here the globe. It is a high quality traffic on the US and also from all over the world. We can also consider this traffic. I will show you how we can do this later, so if we make it in two again Yeti double so this was the option home where we can create the traffic in Google Analytics.

We can also create the traffic to URL, shortener, Google’s or any kind of media. First of all, you have to do just a simple things. We will create um, URL, so unique Here I am completely taking any random mix. Then you can click here to copy me and moving change it to here. So now we can see the traffic will start bleeding here to paste to play in traffic engine directly click here on analytics data, and it is currently showing zero because we as soon as you interpret here, you can see here that it is updating.

So you can see the browser half of locations operating systems with a 30 minute which


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