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The HISTORY of ROSEMARY – Where does rosemary come from?

In your home and maybe even a recipe or two, so if any of these things strike Your fancy go ahead and hit that subscribe button and click that bell and Then we can maybe make a huge conga line. Now the history of rosemary rosemary is Yet another illustrious member of the lamiaceae family, which includes mint Basil, marjoram and thyme. However, it’s most closely related to oregano ( Plants, mumbling, angrily, ), Whoa, hey, hey, hey! You herbs get along right; Now or I will harvest you both that’s better: the named rosemary comes from the latin root Ros, meaning Dew and Marinus Meaning sea – and this makes a lot of sense because it’s often called the dew Of the sea or sea dew because of the shimmering blue flowers that cover the Rosemary bush, during winter it actually has several other nicknames, but my Favorite of which is rudy, patootie, cutie and moody rosemary originates from all over the Mediterranean Sea region.

In fact, it is One of the most common plants of the Mediterranean Sea area, because it loves To grow in the chalky soil or rocky limestone that is characteristic of the Mediterranean coastline, rosemary husband with us since the dawn Of civilization, around 5000 BC references, the rosemary were found Written in cuneiform on stone tablets rosemary is known as the herb of Remembrance, which is funny because scholars sure didn’t remember, to write Anything down about it after scroll on a bunch of stone tablets, sure we know that The pharaohs were buried with rosemary in Egypt, but really we have little to no Evidence about it until about 500 BC, when the ancient Greeks and Romans fell.

In love with it, the ancient Greek scholars would use rosemary to aid their Studies and students would bind reads of it to their heads day, their memories, I’m Sorry, kids, but I know a little bit of rosemary till your skull ain’t going to Help unless you’ve done your homework, now get back to those books, kiddos Pliny The Elder mentions rosemary in the Natural History, as does Pendanius Dioscorides in his famous de Materia Medica, which was the primary go-to Herbal text for almost 1,400 years wow talk about cornering the market, rosemary Was introduced to China in 220 A.

D. Then for a long, while I kind of just you know: Hung around and did its thing, you know, being cool wearing, dark shades hanging. Out parties, weddings and funerals at ancient Greek and Roman weddings, Rosemary was used in the head, wreaths worn by Brides and that carried on Until that fashion became like oh so, 100 A.D. At which time bouquets became more of The fashion and rosemary was integrated into those during the 8th century.

It was The Romans who brought rosemary to England now this is most likely thanks. To Charlemagne, who, in addition to running the Roman Empire, was an avid Herb growing nut and mandated that rosemary Be grown in gardens alongside other awesome herbs. However, it’s unclear as to Whether rosemary stayed in England over the next couple centuries and was Cultivated and grown that is until 1338, when rosemary gets Officially naturalized in Britain, when cuttings were sent by the Countess of Hainault to her daughter, Queen Philippa, the wife of Edward, the third, the count Test convinced the king and queen that it was so fabulous, they went ahead and Planted it at the old Palace at Westminster, after that man rosemary, had It easy and you could find it in every single herbal text in England.

Rosemary gained even more popularity in 14th century Europe, thanks to Queen Elizabeth nope, not that Queen Lizzie, Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, now she Reportedly cured herself of her semi-paralysis because she drank a concoction Of rosemary that helped ease the pain in her joints, this formula became famously Known as Hungary water and was later turned into a popular perfume, that was All the rage until the 18th century, when Ode du Cologne took over any Shakespeare, Fans out there are probably familiar with Rosemary’s, most famous literary Reference in plays like Hamlet, there’s, rosemary.

… That’s for remembrance. Shakespeare also mentions it in his play. The Winter’s Tale and twice in Romeo and Juliet, as was often the case with many Of the other Mediterranean herbs rosemary made its way over to the Americas, thanks to the settlers of the 1600s in the Teatrum Botanicum John Parkinson botanist to Charles the First mentions how rosemary was often Used to make lutes and other instruments which brings me to another odd fact, rosemary was often a musical inspiration for the troubadours of the Middle Ages or they just sung about it.

A lot (, singing ), Rosemary and apparently a lot of people still do Plague Plague A plague on both your houses. ( echo, ), your houses, your houses during the Black Plague, rosemary, was Huge because people believe that it helped stop the plague. People would Place rosemary branches on the floors of their homes to help combat the plague. But there is also a very popular concoction called the four thieves Vinegar, this concoction was primarily composed of rosemary sage, lavender and Rue because of these factors, Rosemary’s price skyrocketed – I mean it was worse.

Than drugs, psst…, hey man,…, you want some sage, maybe some lavender – How bout some primetime Grade-A rosemary this stuff’s primo man, only six shillings, a handful, and this Was the actual price of rosemary in 1603, when the plague killed 38,000 people in London, let’s give you an idea of just how expensive that is one priceless that Was found from 1625 said that 18 gallons of good ale, with delivery, could be had for only three shillings.

That brings me up to Empress Josephine and her hubby Napoleon, both of whom were obsessed with rosemary, In particular, rosemary water, And perfume supposedly Josephine would always wash herself in rosemary water Before going to bed – and I guess he must have dug her smell quite a bit – because He had the royal perfume yay Chardin make up a couple of bottles. In fact they Recorded Napoleon as using 162 bottles of rosemary water in just the first Three months of 1806, but does it stop there? No definitely no positively, no decidedly no nuh uh Napoleon was such a fan of rosemary.

That As he lay dying to pastilles of rosemary were burning thanks to high profile Rosemary lovers, like Napoleon rosemary water, became so popular that it was the First herbal product to be mass marketed and produced thanks so much for reading As always, please go ahead knit that, like button share it with your friends, Subscribe every little bit helps if you want to learn more about the stories I Talked about today, you can look down in the links in the description below my Question, for today is: do you drink rosemary water or maybe some rosemary Tea, maybe please let me know in the comments down below until next time be Kind to each other and be sure to spruce up your day.

With a little bit of rosemary (, music, )


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