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11 social media marketing tips for musicians

For what you should be doing and what you should be focusing on when trying to Get fans to your shows, pound-for-pound email is still the best online marketing Platform for promoting bands, and their shows, a good mailing list – is crucial for Building a fanbase who will buy your concert? Tickets, your merchandise, Patronize venues and buy beer when age-appropriate.

Well, this the fans Cultivated for your band newsletter is more dependable than fans on social Network follows and likes on platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or Twitter, one method for getting people to sign up for your email list could be a Sweepstakes, you can give away tickets to future, shows merchandise or downloads of Music and articles, while you’re building out your email list do the same with Your SMS text list and use it don’t be as aggressive as with your email.

Marketing, though, perhaps send out a text before your next event, maybe a week Before and then maybe a day before and be sure you segment your SMS text list, By area codes and use that appropriately so you’re, not spamming fans in Kansas, About your next show in Kentucky in some large metro areas, there shows all over The city on any given day or night, don’t price yourself out of that market during The last South by Southwest Conference in Austin live nation labs reveal that They have commissioned studies which concluded that the ticket price and the Associated fees and taxes is the number one reason why fans decide on attending Live shows or not you’re, building an audience here and many folks in Attendance are taking a risk on a band that they’ve never heard of before make It worth their while you might have to take a hit early on.

While you build your Brand, but if they like you, they might buy your seat. Or other merchandise after the show plenty of your fans will say: they’re Coming to your show, but those who have pre purchased a ticket definitely will And even if they don’t you’ve already earned the revenue from the unused Ticket look for ways to encourage fans to buy tickets sooner if you’re needing To drive sales in a more predictable manner, one technique may be to offer the First, 50 ticket buyers a chance to go to the venue early on the day of the show.

And meet the band for autographs during sound check, don’t reveal who the first 50 are until you sold the first 150 250 or 500 tickets, or not a particular date. And time another technique would be to bundle the tickets with free downloads, Of your latest release, but only award the free downloads to the first 500 Ticket buyers, I think you get the point here. Just get creative and check with a Lawyer within the contest that you run because you can get yourself into Trouble fast with the FTC and not even know it assume the people you’re Promoting to have never heard of your band before when you’re writing your Description about your gig be accurate and current and better yet send a link.

To a article photos, reviews or EPK with tracks that they can sample, don’t be Afraid to find your audience from Twitter YouTube, Instagram and Facebook Accounts of similar bands talk directly to the fans of the music that is similar To yours and be responsible for being the one who starts a relationship, you Can also connect with fans in the comments sections of online music blogs. And magazines, don’t be afraid to reach out.

You already have your love of music In common and fans, absolutely love connecting with artists post your events and invite people no More than two weeks before the show date on Facebook too early, then people Completely forget repost new info about the event a week out three days out and On the morning of your event, find fans on Instagram and Twitter and ask them to Repost and retweet your posts using a hashtag with the name of your band Trending Twitter hashtags can make the front page of Google so mastering Twitter and contemporarily boost your organic SEO, which can in turn have a Permanent positive impact on your search rankings, while most of your Facebook Work should be done well in advance.

Twitter and Instagram are best use. Just A couple of days before the show and definitely the night before in the day, Of the show also make sure the venues you’re playing are promoting the show on Their Instagram or Twitter or Facebook YouTube tik-tok, snapchat blog tumblr, AOL Compuserve Friendster myspace geo cities and probably their dog store pages as Well, let’s be honest: Facebook has at best flatlined and at worst and most Likely it’s on its way out, but it’s still too big to ignore.

There are Several companies who can create a customized Facebook page for your band, I’ve used page modo and wildfire with great success in the past. If you like to Get your hands dirty and code yourself. You can build your own solution, though. Just start at the Facebook developer site: let’s get old-school now for a second, a Few weeks before your local show notify magazines and music pop culture.

Sites about your concert, these should be editorial sites like the Dallas Observer Nashville scene, the Free Press in LA and the Houston press, as well as websites Devoted to local event listings like guide, live bands in town and eventful Send them a very brief, well-written description of the show, a list of Notable shows that you’ve played in the past links to positive reviews. Impressive web traffic numbers that the band has had on their own website in on Social media accounts and a web ready search engine optimized image of the Band only submit the websites that list shows that are similar to the genre of Music, that you’re being plays, there’s no point in wasting your time.

If you know You’re not going to get listed on the site now. None of this is hard, but there Are no quick solutions either you ever heard of elbow grease, get it out because You’re going to need it everything that I’ve mentioned in this List is based upon organic online marketing techniques. It’s all online Marketing one on one to anyone who is savvy to SEO social media or other kinds. Of internet marketing with that said, it only works when you stick to it.

Build Your audience and cultivate your relationships with your fans. If you Don’t believe me look at the fans who have followed East Texas, indie rockers Eisley around the world on and offline, you can also ask decades-old members of The KISS Army, gene and Paul realized how important steady organic growth of their Fan base was to building a career in music long before the internet was Around approached local radio and TV stations about doing spots on the air The day of your shows approached local newspapers and offer interviews of the Band to be printed the day before the show they’re going to be told.

No thank You 999 times out of a thousand, but there’s nothing equal to getting local Coverage in a market that not only opens you up to thousands of potential fans, But it gives your bands brand instant credibility, assuming that the interview Goes well now, I want to know what you think, so I can create the kind of Content that you want to see leave a comment for me or let me know what Questions you have, I check them every day and I’ll be quick to get you a Response, I honestly appreciate you reading and I’ll see you in the next article


Online Marketing

Make Fans & Customers w/ Marketing Funnels + Avoid Being A 1 Hit Wonder [Marketing Funnels Part 1]

How to create fans, customers and even a community to spark a movement, so let’s get into marketing funnels and then I’ll be back, alright, alright! So this is what a marketing funnel looks like it’s split up into these five categories: awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty and advocacy.

Now, I’ve put it into my own words, not, for instance, awareness is basically the discovery phase. This is, however, you find out about something. However, you discover it that could be through social media email search engine optimization, which means when you’re on Google, when something pops up in the browser. As far as the search terms make it be an ad that pops up when you’re reading TV or when you’re on one of the websites, you can be reading an interview on The Breakfast Club and a person.

It’s in the interview – and now you figure out like I don’t know who this person is some kind of collaboration word-of-mouth or you can somehow discover this person’s content, there’s so many ways. But, however, you discover that person is point blank and simple. The consideration phase, which I call to learn more actually is when people decided a little bit more intentionally to learn more now, there could be passive learning more, which means there’s always just more and more information popping up about you to this person.

Maybe they have a bunch of friends who are fans about you, so they tend to hear more, but the learn more tends to be a little bit more active with their now saying. I’m aware of that person I discovered them now. Let me figure out a little bit more about this person now, if you’re, an artist, that’s pretty much going to look like them listening to your music or they could be consuming your social brand.

If you have a lot of funny social content or whatever type of social content you have out there, they might just be consuming that, but tip is going to be the music, or at least you want it to be the music. If you have some kind of brand like a software in this learning more phase, that could be you providing some kind of free content or information like an e-book or something like that, and then they download the e-book same thing could be done for an artist, though You can provide something and get something in return like an email address or phone number as well, and then, even if you have like a t-shirt brand or something like that, that can also just be people finding more about what other styles do you have now that People have learned about your brand.

That’s learning more, it’s kind of straightforward is really just the idea of people figuring out more they’re, going down the rabbit hole of your brand now conversion. This is one that engagement is getting a lot deeper, and this is, when things become a lot more intentional from you as a brand, because you are trying to create fans out of this marketing funnel now. What does that look like when we’re talking about deepening engagement? You have multiple ways, but one way is extremely systematic.

When we talk about sending out emails, if you in the consideration phase, exchanged some form of product or some form of information for somebody’s email, you can create a system and then engage with those people systematically or you can have ads that are targeting these people, who Are learning more about you? They tend to call that retargeting the people who have engaged with your brand a little bit now you’re starting to hit them with ads.

That’s why you see those pop-ups whenever you go to certain websites and then later on, those people start showing ads on other sites. But the freer option really comes from just staying consistent and providing consistent engagement on social media right. So people might find out and learn more about you on social media. That’s how it happens for most people, but then, when you’re deepening their engagement, you just have to provide content after content after content and really needs to be in a variety as opposed just the same type of content, because in this phase they’re really to learn more About your brand in particular and there’s deciding whether they actually like your brand in this phase, so you’re deepening the relationship and by staying constant on what you post on social media.

It allows you to stay top of mind with them and provide more and more for them to consume quick side numbers, because this is the perfect depiction of why so many one-hit wonders become one-hit wonders think about the fact that if someone discovers you and then they Even start to learn a little bit more, you have a little bit, they can see about you, but then it goes into that conversion phase and you don’t have a bunch of content for them to really grab hold of and become a true fan of you.

You don’t have an established fan base for them to really show what the lifestyle and culture is around you as an artist around your brand. That’s something that’s really necessary to drive somebody to the next phase of a fan, which is where that loyalty is created and, if you think about it from the standpoint of a software by the way now they’re established culture and brand value and social proof is usually Going to be like reviews, product reviews, online people are looking for credibility in this stage outside of just themselves, with a t-shirt company they’ll be looking for other people wearing a brand or what quality? What’s the true value of the brand? Is it in Walmart or is it in some high? I don’t know higher class boutique in LA or somewhere.

These are all the things people start to look at because they want to get a sense of the lifestyle the brand they want to know how to associate. You as an artist or this brand as a person because they want to know if they fit and if you share the same values for the lifestyle that they find value in and if you complete this part correctly with the right people. Congratulations, you got a fan, but now you have to stay consistent for that maintenance.

You have to continue to communicate the values that they decide they related to, and just do that again and again and again, and those people who really like you and Iraq with you. They will then advocate for you, which is what you see at the bottom number five and when they’re advocating that spreading the word about your word of mouth. So then, the vein that you created goes out tell somebody else about it, and then they start them back at the marketing funnel at the top of the marketing funnel, because that person now is aware of you, they can consider you, you have the opportunity to convert Them into a love thing and then they can go out and convert another person for you.

This is why, when someone has a strong core fan base, those fan bases really tend to grow because they’re creating these people who then go out and are ambassadors for their brand and we’ll get deeper into each stage in another article all right now, that’s it for Marketing funnels, but I’m also going to do a article on sales funnels, because people tend to get the two mixed up and, of course, I’ll show you how you can connect it to for yourself, particularly through music other than that.

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