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Get Your Music Played with Feature.FM

From now on, and today I got a music resource, slash tool called feature FM. Some of you guys might have heard of this I’ve heard of a good minute ago, actually through a lot of clients having success through it, which made me want to look into it.

More didn’t want to do a article until I had personal time to go in and do my own campaigns in the back end, which I will be showing you in this article, and I also have a cool way for you guys to get 500 free plays on The platform, but I’m not going to talk about that to the end of the article either, because I want to make sure I go through basically what it is, what I think the best ways to use it are.

Let you guys decide whether or not you’re using the platform from there, but first, let’s talk about what feature FM is now the way they describe themselves is, basically, they say: they’re reaching music fans while they’re discovering music and that’s super important. What I love about the platform actually, but what I’m going to go over in this particular article is two different versions of something that they call sponsored song campaigns and, in my mind, is so powerful because it should be the future of streaming campaign marketing.

So what that basically is is when they say that you reach music fans while they’re discovering music. Imagine you’re listening to music on soundcloud or listen to music on Spotify in particular, something like that, while you’re listening in songs, maybe an album finishes, they usually go into other songs right. They can make your song one of those songs that on Spotify will get it to that, but that’s basically how it works.

It’s organic is natural just how these music stations are basically like radio stations like Pandora, and things like that. Your songs will be one of those songs that begins to play and it’s the full song – it’s not a snippet, so it plays just like any other song. Maybe that’s why they call it feature FM, because it’s like a regular song on a radio station. I don’t know that maybe that’s where it came from, but it’s super powerful, because when someone hears the song, their interaction from there is based solely on the music, as opposed to maybe a Facebook campaign, or something like that.

Where you battling all this other stuff, you got means you got so many articles, you got people’s Facebook statuses same on Instagram and these other websites, it’s just the music, is auditory and your song is actually the only song playing just like the any streaming service right. They play one song at a time, so those of you decide to use something like this. I hope their music is on point now.

Let’s hop right into the back end of me doing one of my campaigns, I’m going to switch to the screen share of you for this all right everybody. This is basically what the back end a feature looks like I’m after you at an artist or two. Now me, I am NOT an artist obviously, and I’m not going to be running campaigns trying to advertise the you know: YouTube advice, articles on a playlist, so what I did was basically say: hey, I’m going to put about $ 160 into this, which artist do I Want to get, I got an artist that I work with many on emo I’ll.

Tell you guys more about that situation later, haven’t done anything as far as big campaigns, yet so it’s a little irrelevant now. So, let’s stop into this, though, and I want to show you two specific type of types of campaigns. The first campaign I want to show you is a campaign that runs on a website called eight tracks. We just want to feature that famous partners. I don’t like this one as much and I’ll tell you why, but I want to show it everybody and then I’ll you know, show you the other results for the second type of campaign as well.

So the first song, let’s say: f it up this song right here: okay, twenty-four dollars put into this campaign, 0.49 % engagement rate in three engagements out of six hundred and eleven plays pretty low, and it’s not worth my time. In my opinion, you know I got three engagements twenty dollars and granting six hundred plays and then most of the plays like Canada, ten work in the United States, which is not ideal when this artist is in the United States, a big benefit of this campaign.

If it’s a, I got us about six hundred eleven plays on that song. These plays are actually working on your SoundCloud. So what feature FM does is, while it’s running on this website, eight tracks, which is basically a website where people just make playlist after playlist, and it runs that campaign you can actually use the URL from your soundcloud song. So all the plays. Actually, you add it to the plays in your sounds, so only about half of these are organic.

Soundcloud plays the rest of them are for an ads, which can be a beneficial thing for those people who are just trying to get their plays up on soundcloud, especially the people who say yeah. I want to get a decent amount just for social proof, so people don’t think hey nobody likes this song. Well, it’s better to at least do eggs where you have real people do plays, especially since it’s relatively inexpensive, as opposed to paying somebody for completely fake, plays and then having the same number.

If you’re going to pay $ 20 to get, let’s just say six hundred or a thousand plays, it might as well pay for real people to hear it, even though, on the back end, in my opinion, it’s not as effective as worth it. When you look at the engagement rate, but I’m going to go ahead and show you the second type of campaign, so there’s other campaign that runs on a website called beaser, which is basically Spotify.

But it’s a lot more prevalent in Europe in other countries than the US, but it’s actually moving and growing into the u.S. They’ll be I’ll show you proof that in my results, so look at these plays for one twenty two dollars I got me 1128 plays versus Twenty dollars only getting me about six hundred plays for the 8tracks campaign, so that means it’s actually less expensive to do a Deezer campaign. But on top of that, this is what I really like the engagements.

I got. Sixty nine engagements six point: twelve percent engagement rate versus a point, forty nine percent engagement rates and a lot of that from what I’m seeing is, in my opinion, also just from how the campaigns are set up on the website. There’s no way for somebody to really natively interact with the song on eight tracks. Since the song is actually playing for a SoundCloud, they can’t add it to platelets and things like that, whereas on Deezer I could move it around just so you can get a better idea and see it.

This is these: are it’s playing on Deezer because it had got added on to be there. So now it’s a song on Deezer. When the ad runs on it, people can actually add it to their playlists. They can actually put press the favorite button and say I love this song and I’ll get to show you the results of that right here. So look this engagement breakdown. Remember the other. One only had three engagements period: the 8tracks campaign, the Deezer campaign.

This is off of what $ 27. If I remember correctly – and I got 35 add to the favorites playlist, then I got 27 adds to people’s playlist additions. If you’re wondering what the difference between these two types of playlists is, the favorites playlist is basically you being on Deezer. You press the heart button when the song plays, because you like it, and that means whatever someone wants to go, listen to a playlist of everything that they push the heart button on, that song will be there.

The playlist addition is somebody saying I love this song. I want to add it to a playlist so like a listen to it later, and I want to put it on a specific playlist. So that’s great for $ 27 you’re talking about thirty five favorites playlist and 27 regular playlist additions, and then you have album page views. So if you go look at these results, this album ended up getting five fans and her as an artist.

She has 13 fans, and this is only in a week, week-and-a-half being on his website. That’s why this the avatar is not even there, and I just ran these campaigns from these campaigns. 13 fans, 5 fans of the actual project. So right off the back. You already know that the campaign on Deezer is a lot better than the 8tracks campaign, but you know rub that point in you can look right here. Ciccone 500 plays engagements right and that was for $ 20.

I maybe was thinking spent seven more dollars on the Deezer version of the saucony, but seven more dollars to have 800 more plays that doesn’t add up so that lets me know for one these, our campaigns are cheaper than eight-track campaigns. Also, the engagements going to be better. I got 105 engagements for this Kony song for $ 27. All right, that’s crazy! Click on these results and what I like about them is all right: 7.

5 percent engagement rate. But on top of that, what I love about the playlist Editions. It means that people are going to listen to it again and again when they go back to these playlists 42. Regular playlist editions. This one got me one artist page view. So that means someone looked at the actual artist page. Remember I showed you. She had 13 fans of our artist page and then I got one out of 12 16 out on page views and then what’s really cool here is this is letting you know.

There’s people 76 people skip the song at 69 seconds. One person skipped that 56 seconds. You can see these results all throughout the songs and then you can also look at engagements all right. Let me get rid of the skips, so you’re, seeing one person engaged at one minute 56 seconds. Three people engaged at that period of time. 245. This kind of stuff can help you figure out, what’s the best part of a song, to run a commercial on as well.

So I love the data today give, but even more than that, I love the playlists editions and that’s why this part and this kind of campaign is way better than running the eight tracks campaign. Also, I mentioned that traditionally Deezer is more popular in other countries, but you can look at this because I did targeted towards the United States. I just targeted two United Kingdom and United States. I don’t know how that one, Israel plate slipped in there, but it did somebody judge me.

You see five hundred and thirty six people in the United States. That’s still a pretty solid number. Considering I got thirty engagements, we’ll just I’ll show you the epitope campaign, one more time. Oh, and actually I forgot once the song did pretty well around twenty dollars. I decided to keep going all the way to eighty two dollars and 82 cents, and these are the full results. So what that got me was 4141 plays 297 engagements, seven point one four: seven point: 17 percent engagement rate.

Of course, these results are not necessarily equivalent to what everybody would get some people who might have a song – that’s just better than this, for whatever reason or people like it more so they might have a higher engagement rate and some people. They might have a song that nobody likes and they might have a 0 % or a point for a non-person and, like the other 8tracks website, who knows, I can’t guarantee those, but what I do like is for one course.

This website is legitimate spent plenty of time making sure that and then has several clients get good results from it so really quickly. I want to go ahead and run through one of these campaigns as far as setup, just to show you guys what it looks like you got to name the campaign upload. The song it’ll have options where you chose to do it on something like a Deezer, where the song will kind of pop up automatically.

You can advertise the song, but then you also have the target audience right. I chose United Kingdom and United States for this to age genres. That stuff is all kind of straightforward. The interesting part is you’re, choosing these people and your targets by similar artists, as opposed to doing some of the other types of demographics, and then, lastly, you choose your budget. What do you spend daily and that’s pretty much it for the campaigns it’s pretty straight forward, but still want to show you guys.

They also do show you an estimate that you’ll get from running the campaign before it rhymes. This number has been pretty accurate. I’r so far, alright guys, I should give you a pretty decent idea of feature FM what it is I’ll be going over one of their other tools later in another article. I did tell you that I do have a way for you guys to get a 500 free place on the platform I reached out to them.

I had to talk with some of their reps really to help me through and walk through some of this information and really to one us remember. I said I was testing the credibility of the platform and things like that I reached out to them, but I also was able to get a code for you guys to get $ 10 free and from my calculations and the campaign, if I did, it amounts to About 500 plays, so all you have to do is look at the link in the description below.

If you use that link to create an account, it will give you $ 10 free. It is featured IFM, slash brand man shine. Ask me you guys, alright other than that. I hope this article was helpful for you guys. I definitely have more resources and tools coming in the future, but for now you know what to do hit that subscribe button.


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Why SoundCloud WON’T Die!!!

That’s the Homer anyway yeah artists like the leads and gives condolences if it sounds loud, our sixty underneath in get it’s great. So many other artists making comments.

But what I want to get across in this article is the fact that I do not believe SoundCloud is going to die, and I want to talk about how we should say about this situation so far. We got to think about why people even believe this earlier. This year, SoundCloud actually reported that they lost fifty two million dollars in 2015. It was kind of arming for a company that raised over under ninety million dollars and is ten years old.

They tried to frame it infamous people that don’t bad days or behind them. Until this week, when SoundCloud reported a 40 percent lay off that’s a lot of people, just gone no job now, there’s a more specific rumor that they only have enough money to get them to queue for basically they’re earning more money than they are speaking and are About to run out after rumor and in my mind, there’s two out number one: SoundCloud doesn’t have any money and they’re about to death.

Number two sound flower doesn’t have any money, but killing off forty percent of their staff will position them to be forgiven of their sins and saved by an angel. In other words, investors do understand the value of the assets that SoundCloud pad, which were the most part of the user base of the data, but they don’t want to hop on a sinking ship, so SoundCloud by cutting their employment. Cutting their cost in return increases their probability, even if that’s from like new negative fifty million to these negatives, 1 million even filled a healthier company, which increases investor comedy basically like when Ashley gets hurt in the rest of their career, depends on it.

They in turn around, like Adrian Peterson, came back and had a record-breaking season. Active ACL injury for is they’ll kind of fizzle out and only be a shell of what it used to be kind of like a Derrick Rose situation. These investors need to evaluate that. I strongly believe it is that second situation SoundCloud giving in a healthier position to be bought out or to increase investor confidence, because the value of their access is extremely that valuable.

Yes, yeah things like Apple, music, Spotify and tidal, who have increased the competition in that market, but really they still haven’t kind of touched completely on that court that balance loud has created. There is a little bit of goodwill of it. It’s out loud. Not only has a user base and some sort of revenue coming in also there are a lot more unique compared to the other streaming services, because they have this culture that is developed within this system and what they mean right now in the assembly line is how Artists are getting discovered, and this is so much extra there, which might be hard to argue to investors.

They just want to see their bottom line but, like I said, the data alone is very valuable. If I can say valuable, because I can put the number on it, I don’t know enough of the details, but what I can say if they aren’t required by some investors that allow them to act independently, they might just be acquired by some bigger companies that data Size Esquire than before, but is looking a little bit more bullish on them after they’re available for discount.

Once again, I know those other streaming. Services has created a lot of competition, but they really had it fully stepped over into South our market. Actually, an amazing title: Spotify those are really built: distribution networks that are geared a lot more towards curation for the consumer, we’re SoundCloud census. Birth has been more for being people who are uploading, the sound it’s a DJ, the person who has a podcast, an artist, a producer whatever so again, we’ll SoundCloud, I I don’t think so.

Will it drive and come this stronger than ever? That’s left anything that if you know what to do hit the subscribe button,


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Soundcloud Repost Networks? Real + Fake

So I want to make sure I cover those bases.

Number one is SoundCloud reposes networks. I’ve talked to people recently who had no idea what those were. So I want to first say I’m going to do this a little bit differently before I talk about it a little bit more extensively, I want everybody who’s reading and who has any kind of experience with these to kind of detail. Your personal experience in the comments below maybe some point out some good repost networks or repost pages that you’ve used, so other artists can use it at their resource that way.

People who don’t know about it or people who’ve just used it once or twice, can get the experience from different angles and make educated decisions by themselves based on reading these people’s experiences. The comments pre shade it that’s going to be super helpful and, of course, we also know there are scams out there and that’s another reason. It’s good for everybody to share the information, because some of these pages are trying to make a quick comment.

Definitely not all of them, but just thumbs and soul, to quickly define or to explain the brief postal network is basically you have your music on soundcloud and then you either have an individual reposted or you have a whole network of individuals reposted. Some people will do it just because they, like your stuff and some people will, you know, say, give me that money and a lot of people most of the times.

You probably want to pay them some form of money either right works anyway. That’s basically a short explanation for those who didn’t know what it was already everybody please make those comments and help each other out anyway, once again, as I said, I’ll, be doing things about specific tools and websites and all kind of resources throughout this series, I don’t Know how often I’ll do it, but that’s it stay tuned.

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Is World Star A Rippoff? Should I Pay To Promo Music On WSHH?

Y’All can like this article jibiji hope I said that right because he acts. He talked about article platforms like world star, hip, hop and promoting sounds. Do you think paying 500 to 1000 dollars to get your article? Seen on these platforms is the way to go.

First, you have to ask yourself the obvious question: do the users of WorldStarHipHop appreciate your type of music? Think about it? Generally speaking, street music is the type of music that successful own world star hiphop you’re talking about the money, the drugs and the winning? That’s pretty much the type of music people WorldStarHipHop aren’t really going there to listen to Drake type music, unless maybe it’s Drake himself, and even then, if it’s the right type of music is really hard to receive great positive feedback because of the environment that they create.

Is so conducive to negativity when you look at so many of the posts is really about seeing something we’re seeing something crazy, saying somebody you beat up just setting up situations for people to roast on whatever the content is now, if the demographic for your type of Music is world start hip. Hop’s community prices can range from as low as 750 to 5,000 plus dollars, but if you do have 50,000 views on a article in the last 11 months now this has to be legitimate.

Then you do have the opportunity to possibly get on world star hip hop for free now they say they check rigorously. They can tell you better, have legitimate comments. There needs to not be any kind of big name on your project. Hood have boosted the views they want to make sure that you are the star that other people are looking for and they made this null in a while ago. So I’m not completely sure this stance completely.

They might have upped the amount of views that are necessary to get on for free, so you would have to email world star for that yourself miss now. If you do decide to pay to get a article posting on world star hip hop, I suggest that you wait until you have multiple projects released, or at least some kind of catalogue of content that what people actually mess with you in your article and they decide To check to see more about you, you actually have some more for them to check out.

Remember having somebody’s attention is a gift so that moment that you finally get their attention. If they decide they like what you got going on, I wanted to look deeper into you as an artist. You better have something for them to galvanize and consume so that you can keep their attention for a good period of time. They can really become a fan of you as an artist. If that one article is all you got, then good luck getting that attention again, you don’t want to have to pay $ 750,000 just to get somebody’s attention every single time.

Another thing is, I suggest you promote a song, a world star that it’s already getting traction by itself. If you already have a project or you just have a single out that has been moving by itself has been doing better than your other tracks. Make a article on that one and promote that article on worldstar. You want to put all your efforts behind something that is showing promise, especially when you talk about putting that money bond.

Also, within your music article figure out ways to promote other songs of yours, whether that might be showing links to your social media for doing the preview of one of your other songs at the end, maybe a little snippet into the next music article. Just remember once again: you want to maximize this attention that you have when you have it, especially when you’re paying for it. I know I’m drilling down on that point, but it’s really how I operate.

Personally, I got money, but I don’t got no money to waste and, while we’re on this subject, we might as well talk about the most popular, well-known worldstar campaign, which was by chaotic what he did was basically the very first worldstar takeover. Not only did he pay to get a song on worldstar, he actually got almost the entire personal page. Really, like the first three roles, he basically made each individual track of his project, a cover for his mixtape, and then he had all of those tracks posted on worldstar.

This goes back to that concept of being remarkable that I talked about recently. If you haven’t seen that article is really the concept of making sure your marketing and your product is something worth talking about the fact he took up so much room and it was showing so many of his articles in a row and made people. Think of who is this guy? How much did this do pay to get on his face? Look at all these articles, this guy’s ass and, at the very least, is going to make people click, because now they wonder who caotic is there’s a article, some djay small eyes, if I’m talking about it, I’ll put it in the link.

Description below point is, if you can think of a creative approach for yourself. You want to do that not only when you market on worldstar, but when you market anywhere, because it makes your money or your efforts go farther, and once you get other people talking about it, then seeing it is one thing but then actually talking about that junk. It’s a whole nother ballgame, so it’s we’re all starting to pop a ripoff, oh and really say that, but will it give you the best return on your investment? Well, I would say that either in here’s.

Why well start if I really exist, as my eyelid Nuggets own, it’s really a glorified blog, doesn’t really have any algorithms or ranking systems that truly automate and ensure that people get to see the best content, which means when things get posted, it’s pretty much a lot More chronological than ranking systems, so what your content is up is being moved further and further back if it was on a YouTube or something like that, it’s going to really work to help the users, whoever those users are best fit for your content.

To ultimately find your content, especially as you get more likes and get more views, you’ll constantly be rising up in rankings. Let me stop and answer this because I forgot to do at the beginning a perfect example of this island. I’m talking about is, if you look at a few of these articles, I’ll flash some up on the screen. You’ll see that there are a lot of cases where there are a lot more views on world star than they are on the YouTube, however, they’re providing the youtube link within world star.

It doesn’t matter if you’re reading on YouTube world star or whatever website. If the YouTube article is there, you too will be recording your views. So how does the world star show so many more views than YouTube? One possible theory is a lot of haters exist on world star natives, like the ones of the articles and clowning on people in the comments and stuff like that. Probably a lot of them are reading the comments before they even read the article.

I know a lot of people do that on YouTube, and this is just me skimming through the articles, but it seems like the only time that the actual article on YouTube has far more abused and on a world. Star is when there were big stars involved. Who were probably getting their views from somewhere else, so the world star, probably just put it on themselves for free to see what the comments will be like, but back to the point with going on, it seems to be a real gap between actually getting views from Your page on worldstar and they’re actually translating to legitimate views on youtube.

So if worlds start offering a paid way to get on their YouTube page, I think there will be a lot more valuable for the up-and-coming rapper personally, but I’m not exactly sure that they do. That you’d have to ask them directly and see what they say as far as I can see, doesn’t look like it, but they’re capitalist. So if you got a lot of money, I’m pretty sure they willing to make a little budge. But if you look on their page, everybody up, there is pretty much well-known and there seems to be a much higher standard for getting on their YouTube.

Page then big getting on the world started by website. So what could be an alternative, an even better option and getting on worldstar? Well one? You have just actually posting your music through influencers, but everybody knows a lot about influencers. Am I going to get deep into that? A lot of people have trouble getting in contact with them. I’m going to come up with something as far as a document at a later time to provide for you guys to help you guys out with that, but the other option is using YouTube blogs, like the other platform that your bigger acts about promoting sounds: there’s trap Nations there’s so many YouTube pages out there, where they’re, basically just posting other people’s music – a lot of time, it’s popular artists, but they also do sell spots to up-and-coming artists who are willing to pay.

Of course, it’s always going to be up to you to analyze whether or not their following is best suit for your type of music, but at the end of the day, you’re automatically being embedded and inserted into the YouTube, algorithm and ranking system. On top of that, their subscribers are going to get a notification when your articles posted – because you know that’s how YouTube works, is it completely work? The money invested? The answer to that is: really.

There is becoming more and more more difficult, particularly for only a single payment of getting one article posted up there, kanai’s just added 15 seconds at the beginning and then into the article yeah. I could’ve, but I think it’s a lot more important for you guys to have a perspective on how to think about these type of deals, so you can think about the various situations that pop up for your particular situation yourself.

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Amuse Looking To Sign Artists + Free Music Distribution [First Mobile Record Company]

So, as I said before, I want to start doing specific articles that go over music resources tools and sometimes techniques and strategies on Fridays, and today we are going to talk about amuse they’re described as the world’s first mobile record. Company will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas is one of the co-founders and they’re looking to sign artists.

Before I hop into this article, I want to say shout out to Tuco from music ID TV, because music I’d be TVs where I first heard about amused. So a mobile record company. What exactly does that mean will amuse is an app that you can download right onto your phone Android and iOS? They got both of them. If you want to those people who have one of those weird other things like the Nokia app store, I’m sorry, we just might have to have a talk about your life decisions, but again for Android and Apple.

You guys can download it for free and what they do is distribute your music to any of these platforms in the same way that TuneCore does and the same way that CD Baby does and a lot of these other music distribution platforms do except they do it. For free that alone sounds amazing and you know the company’s credible because, as will I am behind it, so you know it’s nothing sketchy and then an additional benefit from that is you get all kinds of data that they provide to you? Also for free? Now? Let’s talk about them wanting to sign artists, how will they sign artists? What they’re doing is actually looking at the data, so you give this data for free but they’re, basically using the platform as a digital, ANR they’re.

Looking for the artists who are winning on that platform and the ones who are having success on that platform, they will look to sign those artists. All I can say is as an artist I would get on sooner than later. If I am going to make that move, because what you find these companies do is they’re looking for successes, they’re looking for proof of concept, when a company is young, desperate and trying to you know, prove to the world, their concept is valid and a-plus.

There’s going to be less competition on the platform, so if you get on now, they’re going to have more incentive to help you out. If you are one of those artists that bubble up in a plus there’s going to be less artists that you have to compete with on that platform, another cool benefit is, if you get signed by them, you keep the rights to all of your music they’re. Signing licensing deals for you, so it’s really a new-age type of record label they’re not really trying to take hold of you as an artist in your music, but really they’re, almost like a broker in my mind.

Well, they’ll be helping. You get strategic deals with brands and just finding other ways to monetize your music and they’ll likely be taking a cut of the profits, which, of course, makes sense right, they’re doing a service for you and they want to benefit as well and then another additional thing For the people who actually get signed is they get free access to will.I.Am? I think it’s called the future studio, which is basically like a music studio, but you can also get a article shot there and you can also get apps and things like that development.

So, of course, that’s super beneficial for you to have all kinds of creative things so for anybody who’s still finding a little bit confusing. This is a basically what amuse is they’re, basically, a free distribution service. Now, if you’re looking and comparing them to TuneCore CD Baby and the many other ones right there, I know you’re, like man, how can they be free? Because we all know people need money? Well, let’s think about it.

This way total court doesn’t take any of your music, but it’s kind of awful philosophy of we know that most of y’all are going to fail, so we just want to charge all more and get our money upfront. If you win, congratulations, and then a company like a muse, is basically saying that we’re going to give you guys this service they’re creative, a platform that really enables them to sift through the dirt to find the huge diamonds in a rough.

They don’t want to invest. In any of that small stuff, they just want to find that diamond and once they use the platform to find the artist that’s most likely that diamond they invest in them, pick them up and then off to the races. Each of them have a way of getting their cut and they’re all a lot better than the old ways as far as artists dealing with record labels and just getting their music out there anyway.

I hope that was helpful for you guys. What do you guys think? Are you going to use a muse? That’s it. You know what to do. He dead subscribe button.

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Debunking The “Russ” Strategy For Growing Your Fan Base

That’s been on my mind for a minute. I want to debunk the rest strategy and the way this came about is a lot of times. I’ve just been talking to people or run into people and they’ll say something like the old man, I’m using the rest strategy, and then I would say what are you doing and basically they would say: I’m posting a song a week.

That’s the rest strategy. I don’t even want to make this long article, so I’m going to try to make this as simple as possible. I get the idea of the song a week representing the rush strategy, because that’s the easiest thing to remember, but there’s a lot of other things that just had to come into play right. You the way SoundCloud especially SoundCloud when people would say they were dropping a song a week on soundcloud.

The way SoundCloud is set up, the algorithms. Don’t really allow discovery to happen like that they just don’t. So if I create a SoundCloud tomorrow – and I just start dropping a song a week – a song a week for a whole year – I would be surprised if I had zero subscribers after a year. I don’t care how dope the music is SoundCloud, just like Spotify an apple in many ways. You really need to push people into the discovery, whether that’s through repost or you know, just getting on other playlists.

You really have to have some way that other people from the outside find out about your music. Now somebody told me that Reza mentioned in some interview, I didn’t take time to look it forward, but like he said he did some kind of collaboration of somebody and that brought in fans. Many at this point know that he had Carol Lewis as a picking agency. Eventually, there’s a lot of pieces to the come up that came to play.

I don’t know what just happened. Someone screaming going to figure that out for this article, and this all leads back to the system that I’ve spoken of before. Yes, you can have dropping a song a week, dropping content consistently a part of your plan, that’s a great part in centerpiece to your system, but you have to figure out a way to consistently bring in new people. Even it’s not having you know like an ad running everyday, like some people have done, even if it’s not getting posted on influencers pages every day or just hustling and getting in front of people whatever you still have to say, maybe just once a month or just Whenever the opportunities arise, I’m pushing people to this stuff, but it’s not just going to happen from you posting into the abyss of all the content.

That’s being dropped on the Internet. So, what’s the point of this article, you got ta figure out ways other than just dropping music again and again on soundcloud. Even when you consider the fact that rest had a lot of music on YouTube, YouTube was better for discovery and finding songs on the side and all those things so just being on that platform alone was helpful. To remember the way these platforms are set up and less than YouTube, specifically SoundCloud Spotify.

They don’t really get you any more views like that. Like Spotify has already said they have millions of songs, just all kind of content that has zero views. Zero zero listens like there’s artists out there to have their art their artwork on this platform with no listens. That’s because you have to create the push at first. You have to figure out how to get people to look at you, don’t think you’ll.

Just keep posting it’ll happen. That’s it for this article. I want to hear you some comments from you guys because I know a lot of you guys have known at least some people who are doing this or if you know somebody who is doing this just sending this article, I could go in deeper detail, but I’m Just going to speak at it at that level, if you like this article, go ahead, hit that like button, if you like it, might as well share it any of you not subscribed.

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Build Your Music Brand | First Steps To Creating A Brand From Ground Zero

If y’all don’t know, lil yachty is supposed to be a Green Lantern in the upcoming Teen Titans movie, which is going to be interesting. And then you have people like Travis Scott, who created this vivid world and a lot of people around him have said he had that strong vision for the world you wanted to create from the beginning. So that’s not you here, a few steps. I was hopping to it figure out what matters to you at the core.

Do you want to be known for your music, or do you want to be known for your aesthetic, some kind of character you create it’s, not that you can’t have both at the end of the day, but we’re talking about the very beginning which one matters to You at the very most your personality as an artist or your music as an artist. Now, if you look at an artist like her people, pretty much don’t even know how she looks.

That is a very music heavy brand. It’s so far to the extreme. On that side, then you have people like lil yachty. Like I mentioned earlier, that’s very faith-driven. He does have music that people like and love, but it’s very much so that personality over a lot of other things. Some once again, if you look at somebody like Travis Scott, it’s very much so the world and aesthetic that entire environment he creates.

So you have to figure out what you’re trying to do or you trying to create some kind of world. Are you trying to be a face? Are you trying to be music first, whatever that is start to think about small things like that and even within music? Do you want to be known for your melodies? Do you want to be known for your lyrics? Do you want to be known for the energy you bring start figuring out a few basic things that you feel like matter to you most and don’t necessarily go towards picking something that you just think sounds good know why this is so important is for one your Brand, it’s not going to be perfect from day one.

You wanted two primary reasons. This is so important is because your brain is not going to perfect from day one and there’s so many facets to the brand. You confuse yourself, if you don’t just keep it simple. So you know you’re about creating this specific world. Then you know you’re going to attract people. You want to look for people who are interested in that world and I want to be a part of that experience and if you consider yourself a lyricist, you know you’re going to look for people who, like lyrics.

These are the things whatever you choose, your core to be that’s going to be the thing where you have the most quality control, because that’s the core of your brand, meaning that’s got the core of your fans. Outside of that everything else can be developed over time. There might be one two, maybe three, but I would say especially for my beginner. This is your day. One figure out two things, maybe that you really want to put energy in and focus on and just keep building those and bettering those improving that quality.

Everything else will come to the fold and remember, there’s a lot of different cores out there. You also have humor driven artists like little Dicky, there’s so many different things that you can choose as your core. It doesn’t have to be the traditional. Oh I’m a lyricist or oh I’m, a hype, artists or whatever. Now, what you don’t want to do is pick something super broad like positivity positivity is like saying Millennials or I’m targeting people 18 to 30 years old yeah, but there’s so many different nuances to being 18 to 30 years old one.

Some people are college students. Some people didn’t go to college. Some people are into hip-hop, some people are in the country. You can’t just target that broad thing when you say positivity is my niche. There’s a lot of different people, pie, type of people who are positive right, there’s positive people who, like country, there’s positive people who, like hip-hop, okay, even between positive hip-hop people, there’s different styles, so understand that when you pick a niche make sure it defines people and Outside of just the term, the term sounds good, but if you really don’t understand what those people really look like what they like, what their self narrative is for how they like to live, and things like that, then you probably haven’t figured out a niche once again.

Those are just a lot of things. I hope I didn’t confuse it when I said those things but start at the court figure one or two things out that are important to you, build the rest over time. You’ll figure out the rest over time, don’t even try to figure them out by you know, sitting in some kind of room, studying branding and all that kind of stuff. Let the rest of them come to you as you grow your audience and get more experience and naturally just lean toward certain directions or get certain feedback from audiences.

And then you double down into what you think that people liked from you and you see that people liked from you. If, of course, it’s actually authentic to you, because sometimes we do stuff once and people like it, but we probably don’t want to do it again and don’t want to make a whole career out of it. You know what I mean so other than that I would love to hear you guys thoughts in the comments I’ll hop in the comments, as well other than a view like this article Kuwait he did like like it might as well share it and if you’re not Subscribed, you know what to do.

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“Black Market” Marketing On Social Media

Kwamen beter uit beer broek die rente der leeden vernel oudere, tot 10 dagen bout die aan de oren of goede marketing, succes zelfs, om keyboard of kwamen maar effectief axflow bv en park nieuw team warmer twee brian till you this early jonge to blow we snel haakje Maak een vermoorden na een van de brief en budgetten fijn fijn idee hebben van de motie mysteriën sinan bloot in de les koppelen hier snel het ding aantal gebouwen hier is 213 arie en harde tweetdeck display folie jouw tweetdeck tour to de revue feature that allows motorboot Voor een users, te beven glee, even lief spray dus een message to do with this work is in the killer.

Tweetdeck en juwelen teamviewer armen tweetdeck in twee en message. Hi can easily share ik werk twee message to all 14 alle teams: tussen marssum iguy, baby marlies, tweetdeck aan, het ijs, op de training, een eigen schipper by their partner die in arnhem eigenlijk wonen, biedt, goede de auto air kansen, voor ogenblikken basis van the social media. Floris er agency van twinkle ipad en heb ik heb al die reclames is met, al die, article’s, zijn, werk life kan, like I know, the life loon of looppad is babymaïs.

Similar fenix fp3 miljoenen paar message to mobile account en be a company that were trouble. De motor is een. Islam, mooi zo in de bios, who came together and ages heb een huis en schoonvader links en baby people to produce access to them. To have. Now you the following: csp bellypaint bh horen late to mark I just off ik denk duwen redden in 3d. In doing de benen onder power de tweetdeck de tumor partner, moet ik level, city lights will be van tweetdeck de hair, flyfire people, all the people, bij hem mee wie 3 poort miljoen power was een.

Erg snelle stroom floris over de bouwing en ben je mooi hè tweetdeck base to the people’ partner in baby jongen hè reach, collectible inwoner medina naar de pauze people and in moderne floris of the following: even extra ik ouder ben in theorie, zou, je bang, dat experiment, Doos tweetdeck zich zo, nou, een, wisseling, wel door, te doen, wat, uw article traject bij. Couple of months ago, eigenlijk group bv purchase up-to-date des te meer partner.

We in een dure how to five guys, my god bv alle inhoud tuning, maybe for tweets draperie and I will become a profile. You see like van 200 jaar lang, nadien oorhanger, plus retweets medina heeft, mijn elke sun times on the tomb raider beam, mijn leven hebben, twee back-up, fabrice, wel een, middel van pippi kluisstore de vouwers van werd experience no voor syndicaat een, pinguïn journalist hoe, je vegan bent Wakker en dennenlaan bedden zo ik denk mbo voor machine in lange, vezels, binnen, larbi bv by een, chille view 36, more people, zoals het een, beetje jaren final edit fill your waar je doet een, proces de varen tweetdeck network for you en wat mijn vest voor uc Tarieven access studies, tridex willebroek niet in joggingbroek melati duizend al die oude using grammy in those tweetdeck aanhef leaders in the real de use, the more capulet harder to become a partner en ik ben findin.

Afdeling marketing budget line plus 2 cd lambo de hinault de boeddha die tridex en lucy commercials foto’s die je natuurlijk consiglio doe er iets mee dood is dus: harde ja, paul en edgar voor jou zo voor de zeggen dus cammie station maar, hier van het, allemaal betalen Door, hem toe dexia te, downloaden, tellen grams, ebay, om een apple en android, welk de nokia door, microsoft, app store and changing life machinaal oktober en november de vierde groups.

Were you get access to de toen, dit ding, flyback, moet, je kan het nu, eens, hebben linkbacks. Agree to those roept zo worden, haal nu in openbare link in de description below and van delhi, een, miljoen de link or you’ll be reflected. Het witex, jasje downloaden strand die je van ons een, kpmg people or no label keuze. Were you know on your phone bisl weer, wat, jouw academy, bonneterie groups, you will be met.

Bas, cam, ze, nam, onshore wheel of time and beyond. Essentieel is dat wilde, aanpakken le balcon des in dit, article de deur people, actually a free, no more than two dicks in the dunes and a widget to de marketing van de wereld. Als, je de v & d de beginnen is really come on social media marketing. An oral jelly baff en instagram badges know the girl power for people. Offline, ook, aan, het denken use prescriptionbuy can give you every single swimming mario met, een alibi, nodig ding de people often met het olie geen zin sunday een arm bellen a few things der boom.

Bellen just think spierwit was een, been my wil ik via nieuwste tweetdeck death on the big de a person you voor de thomas af, en toe de derogation, voor 15 tony terminalis charging best straling na de modefabriek na conciërge voor. U zal je mijn hele manier moet jesse lee twee dollars de teek bij die noten chick terrorist criminelen die chick te, exploderen instagram, bang ben voor die mes, nodig, ik, heb een alibi, toe soundcheck gadgets en de vdab, cadeaubonnen biologie wil af van ola de tank maar Dit nieuwe handicapper sanoma perstangen medio, so much for a while.

If you anymore de tweetdeck tridex armzalig, b & b het erg, simpel tweetdeck nu become a part of josh in a blue small mike de fase waar hoor doe maar test in quelle questar request test een. Nieuwe white de auto millipore colmar nature starre louis philippe de vilmorin, net tweetdeck houwers de results and know if they make any de haven om een to another. To date, bekende van internet tafel en is now work of familie en uw app nu hebben telegram en je per se de tweetdeck wat er was en duwen de rheingans-yoo de username en password hooray twitter account dit wel in hem in de twitteraccount de is de venture De tweetdeck is de mannen der schelling experts de people for them become in een nieuw en dit knikte al de alle twitter accounts werden ouder pacing en hem in opa langs voor, jullie, baby meisje lag internet, twitter-account, speel, niet de goal.

To date, te google tweetdeck word jij bent winter tweetdeck en klik de link. You see what would extreem 100 ow more like this ff polyester ringlet hoe de that shows en cpc is de to back now to make this a la hier om, je life death en google chrome extension for you can download on pink bicolor, het goede deck and A host of other apps oude duurzaam links en description below this will poly worden, benghazi, opsporen de symbolische.

Hey this true that I get it. The people partner en efficiënt aan ahoy matey arm van ecodorp die qua helpt en klik klik klik klik klik klik klik, tip 2 hou een, truc van marathon extension, uefi, lillahi plus mango en in uw. Select all the calls for you: nb nl, diego in uw, tweets van al uw account niels team, waarmee, je je dit beer machine in aydin due to be the op het media, ik een, paradijs van uw article on youtube and by bill haar optreden in de description Below is wel zo.

I go ahead en check whether you must therefore the mighty nu twee ik kom zoute media kan uitdrukken minder chair account en dat, je denken increasing the air van kaart in dat, je denk ik, going to make people on paleo budget cleane sound and light lebron. James de doperse, my back in my journey to de balie biebel maar jij, bent een green card online de best manblind alibi. We nodig om een, artiest, orama markt, euro clothing boy, oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy, oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy: oh boy: oh, je marketing, je neem, je boerin en santing bij mij, hopefully mee jingle van de article of polly jurk compound going to take me for us in the you en you did powergum in judo eric dus die, drie boten met de vision, geen Filter denk eraan dat.

We het niet weten de lessen en chauffeur staan in paletjes dat, mattie, kids crew en jazzclub aan een, dit deel in en brewer pose juli die, verpest, dit, gebouw, heet, daalde telegraph, je links, te begroeten in de description below wake bij de weg en als olie blijven Muse tweetdeck we voor waarbij in het moment met uw pijn in de description below or and user epic bass, veel kan bij ideo nummer en bewaar commentary on your experience in de description below alle in neiuwe te doen de

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Make Fans & Customers w/ Marketing Funnels + Avoid Being A 1 Hit Wonder [Marketing Funnels Part 1]

How to create fans, customers and even a community to spark a movement, so let’s get into marketing funnels and then I’ll be back, alright, alright! So this is what a marketing funnel looks like it’s split up into these five categories: awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty and advocacy.

Now, I’ve put it into my own words, not, for instance, awareness is basically the discovery phase. This is, however, you find out about something. However, you discover it that could be through social media email search engine optimization, which means when you’re on Google, when something pops up in the browser. As far as the search terms make it be an ad that pops up when you’re reading TV or when you’re on one of the websites, you can be reading an interview on The Breakfast Club and a person.

It’s in the interview – and now you figure out like I don’t know who this person is some kind of collaboration word-of-mouth or you can somehow discover this person’s content, there’s so many ways. But, however, you discover that person is point blank and simple. The consideration phase, which I call to learn more actually is when people decided a little bit more intentionally to learn more now, there could be passive learning more, which means there’s always just more and more information popping up about you to this person.

Maybe they have a bunch of friends who are fans about you, so they tend to hear more, but the learn more tends to be a little bit more active with their now saying. I’m aware of that person I discovered them now. Let me figure out a little bit more about this person now, if you’re, an artist, that’s pretty much going to look like them listening to your music or they could be consuming your social brand.

If you have a lot of funny social content or whatever type of social content you have out there, they might just be consuming that, but tip is going to be the music, or at least you want it to be the music. If you have some kind of brand like a software in this learning more phase, that could be you providing some kind of free content or information like an e-book or something like that, and then they download the e-book same thing could be done for an artist, though You can provide something and get something in return like an email address or phone number as well, and then, even if you have like a t-shirt brand or something like that, that can also just be people finding more about what other styles do you have now that People have learned about your brand.

That’s learning more, it’s kind of straightforward is really just the idea of people figuring out more they’re, going down the rabbit hole of your brand now conversion. This is one that engagement is getting a lot deeper, and this is, when things become a lot more intentional from you as a brand, because you are trying to create fans out of this marketing funnel now. What does that look like when we’re talking about deepening engagement? You have multiple ways, but one way is extremely systematic.

When we talk about sending out emails, if you in the consideration phase, exchanged some form of product or some form of information for somebody’s email, you can create a system and then engage with those people systematically or you can have ads that are targeting these people, who Are learning more about you? They tend to call that retargeting the people who have engaged with your brand a little bit now you’re starting to hit them with ads.

That’s why you see those pop-ups whenever you go to certain websites and then later on, those people start showing ads on other sites. But the freer option really comes from just staying consistent and providing consistent engagement on social media right. So people might find out and learn more about you on social media. That’s how it happens for most people, but then, when you’re deepening their engagement, you just have to provide content after content after content and really needs to be in a variety as opposed just the same type of content, because in this phase they’re really to learn more About your brand in particular and there’s deciding whether they actually like your brand in this phase, so you’re deepening the relationship and by staying constant on what you post on social media.

It allows you to stay top of mind with them and provide more and more for them to consume quick side numbers, because this is the perfect depiction of why so many one-hit wonders become one-hit wonders think about the fact that if someone discovers you and then they Even start to learn a little bit more, you have a little bit, they can see about you, but then it goes into that conversion phase and you don’t have a bunch of content for them to really grab hold of and become a true fan of you.

You don’t have an established fan base for them to really show what the lifestyle and culture is around you as an artist around your brand. That’s something that’s really necessary to drive somebody to the next phase of a fan, which is where that loyalty is created and, if you think about it from the standpoint of a software by the way now they’re established culture and brand value and social proof is usually Going to be like reviews, product reviews, online people are looking for credibility in this stage outside of just themselves, with a t-shirt company they’ll be looking for other people wearing a brand or what quality? What’s the true value of the brand? Is it in Walmart or is it in some high? I don’t know higher class boutique in LA or somewhere.

These are all the things people start to look at because they want to get a sense of the lifestyle the brand they want to know how to associate. You as an artist or this brand as a person because they want to know if they fit and if you share the same values for the lifestyle that they find value in and if you complete this part correctly with the right people. Congratulations, you got a fan, but now you have to stay consistent for that maintenance.

You have to continue to communicate the values that they decide they related to, and just do that again and again and again, and those people who really like you and Iraq with you. They will then advocate for you, which is what you see at the bottom number five and when they’re advocating that spreading the word about your word of mouth. So then, the vein that you created goes out tell somebody else about it, and then they start them back at the marketing funnel at the top of the marketing funnel, because that person now is aware of you, they can consider you, you have the opportunity to convert Them into a love thing and then they can go out and convert another person for you.

This is why, when someone has a strong core fan base, those fan bases really tend to grow because they’re creating these people who then go out and are ambassadors for their brand and we’ll get deeper into each stage in another article all right now, that’s it for Marketing funnels, but I’m also going to do a article on sales funnels, because people tend to get the two mixed up and, of course, I’ll show you how you can connect it to for yourself, particularly through music other than that.

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Playlist Promotion Expert Talks Failed Labels and Working With New Artists [Kohrey Interview]

This guy has his hands in multiple things. He’s a digital marketer he’s done some other things in music industry being a manager. So you guys are going to get a lot of great information for you, I’m not from him, I’m not going to waste your time. I want to hop right into it. So what’s up Corey, I don’t pretty good man just now.

This heat, a man that he didn’t Georgia dawg all right so, like just start here, there’s always the best place to start tell everybody how you got into the music industry in the first place. So my background, pretty much comes from publicity. I started out being an intern, so I all right more, like an assistant to a publicist. I was more so in the media world. You know getting placements on blogs and like magazines and local press and stuff like that, and that kind of transferred into me working on the publicity and marketing team for like a boutique label, which was pretty much just like a upstart label between some guys with some Money without y’all want to start a label, come work for us, so that to me doing that for about a year to an anthem that kind of transition into managing artists, which I did up until about four or five months ago.

I, which led me into my own marketing thing but kind of freelance marketing working for people, don’t like influencer marketing and Spotify, playlists and stuff like that. Okay, but – and I cared to you guys – this guy is serious. I would even have them up here, especially him. Being in the marketing space, y’all know what I do so y’all going to learn some great things from him. Now, when we talk about this label, though you said, you worked at a label was just like a label.

He said two guys with some money he’s just talking about, they got the check and they said he want to start one where they’re already experienced in the industry, so it was pretty much. Two people saw one of the guys. His name is Jonathan, hey he’s the publicist that I was working for. It was his business partner who was a guy that was new to the music industry, but he had the fun. So I kind of get everything off the ground like I said these two guys were like yo.

You know we kind of have a vision for a label that we want to start. We have something that we want to do. We know can’t come kind of help. Us with it what my like first footprint or like real serious foot, praying the music. Ok came from now for all the marketers out there and managers. I know so many people want to start a label so before we get deeper to your personal story, what’s the biggest thing you felt like kept that label from surviving a lot of people trying to start labels these days, yeah, not really, not really, knowing the cultural Landscape, I would say because, like I said like, it was two guys who they had the money to do everything I that was really any idea like.

I could come up with about. How much is it yeah we could, she could say, yeah Thursday, so this pretty much them not not really knowing what they got themselves into. Like I said, with the other guy, coming from a publicity standpoint, he’s so used to pushing everything from like. Oh, like the the perspective of a publicist or journalists, which you know we all know like it comes it’s a lot more to comes with yeah starting to label.

So I don’t say that’s the only thing. I really saw wrong with them, because I had other things like like took like really not. We say cultural landscape. What you’re talking about there like knowing like you know, which press is good press for the demographics are trying to get into? You know sunlight which, which light influencers are like really making an impact on what you’re trying to get into, or like just observing like the overall like cultural landscape of like who are the people that we’re trying to get out of music in front of.

It was very much just like a thumb spaghetti at the world technique, but they were child going for it, as opposed to like you know. Who is this person that we’re trying to reach? Who is the fans of our music? So they understand how to like identify their needs to demographic in to reverse engineer from that so they’re, pretty much is like like they were. Also every pretty much is like. We also like doing the music side, which everyone from my experience, everyone who gets really involved in the music side doesn’t like to do the other stuff like they don’t like to kind of go that that customer profile you know.

So I honestly that’s really the only thing I see nothing like their artists were like cool artists. They weren’t, like the best like most serious. Are they also had artists, who kind of like took advantage of the situation? Okay, who, like did in the shouldn’t, have been taken advantage of the situation, so those things that I’m sure a lot of you guys are going through, but uh though some things definitely keep in mind when I started label and yet that money is not everything everybody.

I know a lot of people are like looking to get some money or they say all they need is money, but I’ve talked to people who have been on tours with artists that have had millions of dollars back in them, whether it is their own cuz. They got it somehow, or investors and artists, just straight flopped yeah, I’m talking about millions of dollars, so it’s not all just the money. If you don’t know the customer profile, I had a like to do a lot of things that he knows how to do.

You know, then, it’s not as easy as this game. Everybody lies, everybody makes the game see ya, like I said money. Isn’t everything like at some point? There’s only you like, no matter how much money you spend on something at some point it kind of has to like grow us all that isn’t what I’m saying like the money is to get the ball rolling, but once the ball start, the ball has to roll. That’s real like what do you? What are you doing more so today? What some more so your day to day when it comes to the services you offer artists, so I pretty much like you said, like focus more something like digital music marketing yeah.

It’s mostly me doing influencer marketing on Instagram YouTube and then some of it well actually most of it is Spotify playlist thing, so I pretty much figure out ways that we can check out these digital blogs and digital platforms and connecting with people who make sense with The audience that you’re trying to reach and then get you placed into those places, okay, so a lot of artists are trying to get in contact with people like you now for your from your perspective, what are some of the things that keep you from working with? Everybody because everybody, I know who’s taking it seriously, they aren’t scamming out here they filtered, they don’t just work with everything are that reaches out to them.

So what are some of the turn offs that you have when it comes to artists? Who hit you up? I mean with it being the music industry. I personally it helps if I really like the music it just if anyone working with music, it makes it a lot easier when you like this one because like when you hitting that point, it’s kind of saying no yeah, it makes you want to okay. I really do like this song. I believe it’s like, I believe in it.

So let me go so. Personal preference probably comes in two, like 70 %, like the clients I work with and the rest just like how serious do I believe me like I’m something like do. Are you doing this because, like your friend told you that you need to do this or you, it is something like you can’t look into and like you’re building your team, you realize by you I’m either guy that does what you do! None! No! None of us have the time to do it so like seriousness – and I like personally tell you got you the most.

So it’s nothing about like how their brand looks, aesthetically or like if they’re but oh music is mastered or something like that. Yes, okay, so quality. Definitely goes into it too, like I wouldn’t work with someone who, like recorded a song or like a phone soft way, so quality does definitely matter. So I, like the branding stuff that stuff can be changed. You know something like yeah, especially with like I’m, not at the point where, like I’m working with like superstars, I’m usually working with artists with China, I get that fan base started so like, luckily for them, they’re coming to a point where, like most people, don’t know Who they are like know just to be like honest, like you know, you might have like 100 200 fans but still know, there’s a hundred hundreds of millions of people out there who don’t know who you are yeah, so they have the luxury of like kind of Growing a lot developing their brain is that go which is look like what I like the most.

I don’t really worry about that kind of stuff, but even the worst brand or someone with the worst branch still has fans out there. They just have to figure out how to reach those fans and each other they’re, bringing light to that person. So I’m more so like interested in helping you figure out, like alright where’s your niche and whether you have to do like fit in that niche. Okay, yeah. So I know you’ve been a manager before what are some of the issues you see a lot of artists have when it comes to the manager, artist, dynamic um.

I think one realizing like the difference between what exactly a manager does, as opposed to like what artists like to think of as label services like managers are more so like, like strategic advisors in a sense, whereas, like they’re there to kind of help you map out The game plan to everything but they’re, not necessarily the people who, like fund the game plan, it’s pretty much like like in my opinion.

Imagine someone who looks at that network looks at your network and then figure out like how can we put a game plan together and make sense for what we do have yeah, and how can we figure out a way to get to the things that we don’t Have access to so I just thinking like a lot more artists have to just kind of like really like realize. Like? Are you at a point where you need the dynamic like? Do you really need a manager that you have anything going on so why you need to be managed? You know some I do have enough.

Do you have enough people trying to reach out to you in a week that you need someone to count my filter? All these conversations, if not any like honestly, you don’t like a manager in my opinion, is probably like the third thing. You should get like everything. After what a lawyer – and I wasn’t so good at counting – I guess – you’re – not making my manager would be a second. So I was like a lawyer an accountant any like a manager but like if you’re not making money in a lawyer.

First, definitely if you can like and then imagine okay, why you set up um. I just like. I feel, like a lot of artists, give themselves. Hang it up into legal situations just because they’re so stuck in it like it’s so stuck in the now, which is my big thing, is I try to get a lot of artists to think of their careers? Is like a business like you wouldn’t want to make a bad business isn’t decision today because you know say you’re in a tight spot.

Yo Carmen comes back on my bike. She now it’s like two or three years later yeah, so I feel like artists kind of needs to go into their situations, knowing, like all the legal things surrounding the things they think they’re. Just like you know everyday normal things for like the artists to do. You know, like I’m, going to take this song, that I have a sample and I’m going to upload a sound car anyway, because in their mind, like yeah, I’m going to be big one day, but this is going to be it then your song goes.

Viral gets two million streams, and then you have, you know, send the artists other artists, here’s about now. You have $ 500,000, losing it hands because yeah, you know something. You didn’t kind of talk to someone about this first and no one is more versed in legal matters than the lawyer like, even as a manager like, I would tell ourselves we’re going to like you’re like this is what I’ve seen from like I’ve heard, or what I’ve read yeah, but let’s not make any moves on it and lets me talk to somebody else.

Who knows you know if I know 20 % when he finds my nose 90 % about hey. That’s a manager. Lot of managers will not do that they’re just going to mislead the only going to our decision educated on stuff. Now and with that being said, I know what a bit of artists that have gotten caught up in some legal situations with their manager because they get in that relationship, for they really get poppin. But then they move into a label and then now the label can’t really move on things, and you know certain stuff gets right with the manager.

If that manager like y’all might be parting ways for whatever reason or the manager might be more demanding or something just harder to deal with, you know the same way of things like jay-z and Dave like their situation. I don’t know all the details, but I always know that Dame Dash was looked at somebody from the label standpoint that was hard to deal with yeah, right and and that could work for you, but some people that might work against them where they say.

I don’t want to be with this manager because they’re not savvy and they’re messing up my business. I got a part ways, but you can’t just part ways. We all have problems if you already got a legal agreement and that’s the best way to think about. It is like divorce. Yes, everybody talks about, never know who you win so y’all get the worst and how ugly these divorces and marriage you get same thing would have managed.

They all got something legal like y’all are legally married in business, and then you don’t like this person. Y’All are already had some disagreements and then next thing you know you know each other or people start acting real shady next thing. You know they they going to want a bigger cut than you think and like just just yeah having a lawyer first like even if you decide to get a manager and don’t have a lawyer.

That’s like long-term, like at least like for the agreement with the manager. Have like go find someone who knows of a lawyer like someone that you trust that can function the direction of a lawyer yeah like never signing, of course, like never sign anything yeah with someone. You don’t know – and I’ve heard horror stories too, about like managers who like to catch artists when they’re like in positions – I don’t know anybody they sign, so there’s no violating agreement and, like you said, like three years later, five years later, whatever yeah you’re stuck with This person, so I it does come down to like, like you said, like I feel like every business relationship is kind of like dating innocence, was like you know you, wouldn’t you want proposal growth, y’all haven’t.

Even when I got coffee, you know someone come up. You, like you out, like your music, I want to manage you. I want to see if I can develop something cool. You know come in yet a couple more of my shows, I was kind of talking to south you’ll, see. Let me figure out, as a person see how what I think this could be give me some some references about who yo yo, whoever says, but who are your three closest friends are like who, who are three artists that just know you that I can call math? Let yo, what’s this guy about yeah, because they’re people in the industry that might not even like that person that person might have, they might even be a decent at that time, but they might have messed up so many of their relationships in the industry.

They’re not going to be to move anyway, so you get a contact, get some referrals and see hey yo you heard of such and such you know this person and they can’t vouch for their character yeah. You know that they can’t vouch for their ability to actually perform and he really putting yourself in a position where you just added another you to the team, all right. Well, switching gears a little bit man.

I know you work with a Spotify playlist a lot and be working any other type of playlist other than Spotify um. No yes, like I’m learning, these are right now yeah and it’s not really as much as because like Spotify place and platform, is a lot more open than like other kind of streaming platforms like Apple has. The people that make sceptile is yeah. Youtube’s account. Oh yeah. I just make out laughs: oh yeah, do not know unless you know what it’s like you can’t.

You got company with the gatekeepers first say yes or no. Okay got you. So what is like? Maybe two pieces. He says when you talk about Spotify playlists, go for the little guy, like don’t cuz. Why I, like Spotify, has a monopoly on the large players, of course, because it’s their platform, yeah and then outside their labels, have the monopoly on the other large player. So, like probably about 80 % of all the players over, like 200,000, followers are owned by you.

The Spotify are these companies that made your labels on. So, like that’s kind of where I even myself, I kind of go into the special alright, who are these regular people that have built up playlists for whatever reason like? How can we find these people in every chart to them? Yeah? No, I didn’t tell clients all the time you know if I can get you a hundred five thousand five other playlists, that’s just as good as me.

Getting you one. You don’t sound like fifty thousand five hundred about the pilot playlist, so it’s kind of like it’s pretty much like micro influencing in the Spotify world is like going for. Those guys and tip number two I was saying is just no way your song fish. So I don’t think that, just because the playlist has whatever amount of numbers that your song is going to fit because, especially with play, let’s play, Spotify playlists are very like either you move curated or, like very tell it’s like a specific sound.

So it’s like you’re a trap: rapper your song isn’t going to do as well and like a chill right, platters, it’s like someone who makes music like sound like a sob or I can make jingles or something like vice versa, like you know, like a pop artists, Song isn’t going to do well on like a country, music playlist, just because it has having many people, thought you’re going to get the listeners which nothing not going to get like the return of listeners, not get the people who are like who generally like care about.

Just long past is first listen, so those are the two things I was looking, but let’s look for a like way. You make sense: let’s not just picture someone, because you know a lot of people come here like, but do you make sense that that make sense, Fe so last question when it comes to what you’re working on right? I know that you mentioned that at some point. You do want to have a late all right, so what does it take for anybody out there who wants to have a label at some point that maybe not already have some super connected positions like you saying you want to have a label one day and you’re Talking more so in the future, instead of just starting one.

Now, how come you’re not just trying to start one now like most people would just say: hey, I got a label and we get an artist, and after you talk about how it comes, what do you got? What do you feel like you need to do before you push yourself in that position to actually start one? I feel like. Luckily, I’ve been like blessed to kind of come from being inside of a machine, even though it wasn’t like a very large machine.

I still saw like the day-to-day operations of people who work like trying to sell a brand were actually like running a label from day to day yeah. So that means I know, issues work like I know this is like more work than I honestly could put on myself at the moment and then more work than like. I would be willing to like find artist who believes in that citizen. Like I don’t have my structure together, so it’s not your kind of putting like this belief in our structure.

That leaves me even though I were together so my game, frenemies a couple of years is just like. Let me find these people who can help me with the Lego when I do get to that point. Like do things like, I know I wouldn’t know how to do or like things are, like, I don’t know as much about like 20 % things, so it’s like yeah. I know at some point if I have a label like I’m, going to need some he’s going to have to start going doing doing towards the noise show.

I don’t know how to put it all together. So let me do what I’m doing now and let me meet some promoters know some who working with artists, get cool with announcing. Then when I come back in two years, not like y’all have his artists. I know you’re still touring shows up LA. Let’s put my artists on the show, it’s kind of breaking me: let us go from that, so I’m pretty much at the point where I would much rather build the connections and also build like the legal structure in the business structure that comes with you know only Labor, because it still is a business that in today, like I said you got ta have.

I would much rather focus on building those right now and come back in the year, because artists aren’t going we’re going to be ton of the artists every day of every year. You know somebody’s going to be out there right. So it’s just pretty much me like getting my networking my stuff in order before I like launch it out into the world like that. You know I mean coming from the marketing side, like marketing is one of the larger portions of light, how people break an artist, so it’s like even now, once I get I started late, but we don’t have to spend X amount of dollars on the marketing team Because I know what I’m doing I’ll just trained two people in the know kind of don’t it’s nothing.

I was doing now. At least we have a leg up. All right nobody’s got to figure out other pieces to the puzzle. So that’s kind of out look at it, but mmm makes sense. My perfect band of extreme value of the people – I already know you have been definitely y’all got ta. Follow this man at Corey. Does savor Savior, that’s Koh all right. He WA da SAV, oh I’ll, put it somewhere to the screen or something like that, but definitely follow a man.

You know if you need his services or whatever just follow mom. He stays up on game. He moves pretty heavy in Atlanta and I’m sure he’s in other cities as well as they do in the industry. Y’All are you know, bran mash, I’m looking forward to having him one blog again, because he has a knowledge, a lot of knowledge for you guys anything. You want to leave with best thing. One thing I do want to leave everybody with is just take this seriously and treated like a business and everything to move for you really easily.

I promise you pervy way for real for us all right. You know what to do hit that subscribe, but

My favorite musician as of right now.