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Debunking The “Russ” Strategy For Growing Your Fan Base

That’s been on my mind for a minute. I want to debunk the rest strategy and the way this came about is a lot of times. I’ve just been talking to people or run into people and they’ll say something like the old man, I’m using the rest strategy, and then I would say what are you doing and basically they would say: I’m posting a song a week.

That’s the rest strategy. I don’t even want to make this long article, so I’m going to try to make this as simple as possible. I get the idea of the song a week representing the rush strategy, because that’s the easiest thing to remember, but there’s a lot of other things that just had to come into play right. You the way SoundCloud especially SoundCloud when people would say they were dropping a song a week on soundcloud.

The way SoundCloud is set up, the algorithms. Don’t really allow discovery to happen like that they just don’t. So if I create a SoundCloud tomorrow – and I just start dropping a song a week – a song a week for a whole year – I would be surprised if I had zero subscribers after a year. I don’t care how dope the music is SoundCloud, just like Spotify an apple in many ways. You really need to push people into the discovery, whether that’s through repost or you know, just getting on other playlists.

You really have to have some way that other people from the outside find out about your music. Now somebody told me that Reza mentioned in some interview, I didn’t take time to look it forward, but like he said he did some kind of collaboration of somebody and that brought in fans. Many at this point know that he had Carol Lewis as a picking agency. Eventually, there’s a lot of pieces to the come up that came to play.

I don’t know what just happened. Someone screaming going to figure that out for this article, and this all leads back to the system that I’ve spoken of before. Yes, you can have dropping a song a week, dropping content consistently a part of your plan, that’s a great part in centerpiece to your system, but you have to figure out a way to consistently bring in new people. Even it’s not having you know like an ad running everyday, like some people have done, even if it’s not getting posted on influencers pages every day or just hustling and getting in front of people whatever you still have to say, maybe just once a month or just Whenever the opportunities arise, I’m pushing people to this stuff, but it’s not just going to happen from you posting into the abyss of all the content.

That’s being dropped on the Internet. So, what’s the point of this article, you got ta figure out ways other than just dropping music again and again on soundcloud. Even when you consider the fact that rest had a lot of music on YouTube, YouTube was better for discovery and finding songs on the side and all those things so just being on that platform alone was helpful. To remember the way these platforms are set up and less than YouTube, specifically SoundCloud Spotify.

They don’t really get you any more views like that. Like Spotify has already said they have millions of songs, just all kind of content that has zero views. Zero zero listens like there’s artists out there to have their art their artwork on this platform with no listens. That’s because you have to create the push at first. You have to figure out how to get people to look at you, don’t think you’ll.

Just keep posting it’ll happen. That’s it for this article. I want to hear you some comments from you guys because I know a lot of you guys have known at least some people who are doing this or if you know somebody who is doing this just sending this article, I could go in deeper detail, but I’m Just going to speak at it at that level, if you like this article, go ahead, hit that like button, if you like it, might as well share it any of you not subscribed.

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Best Strategy For Artists With NO Budget

That could be platform that you personally like to use this on a daily basis that this platform that you feel like we really be beneficial for you to just like you know, learn how to master and then really dive in to study how those platforms work. Look at how they crunching out you don’t sound like how what different types of things triggered an algorithm on these platforms.

What type of content moves them up the best on these platform like as far as like natively level? What content do you make before the platform at booth 3? Well, and then look at things like whether other different factors that affect the way content spreads out right, like Instagram is half size. You see with keywords and thumbnails all this shit dive into all of that shape for the platform that you want to, go it and then just get into the game of like content creation for a consistent concentration, because that’s something that you should be figuring out anyway.

We always have the big thing with our comforting life, so we can spend like thousands of dollars on you and ad dollars, but if you’re not doing shit business, I’ve been there situation with someone that a shit ton of money spent on Adler when doing anything all Right all these people are coming back to you, but you have anything like the constant bodies so, like I’m really big on even before you start to put money into yourself, figure out that content foundation that we’re talking about anyway pick your two platforms that you’re going To go hard on the exhaust, you saw she from Tommy content for these exhaustion.

Monetarily be my little pig to now really good. I should learn a game and I should dive into it and then once she mastered the consistency part like once you go like okay cool. I know that I can comfortably put out X amount of articles a month, these entire solarium pieces of content, and I see what is reacting and not reacting even with the small audience. I feel. If you do all these things right, you will get an audience.

It’ll be slow, but you really start to get audience then, once you get that down, that’s the point when I think you should start going like who let me spend money on those a lot you’ve already laid a foundation at that point is easy. It’s just putting leniency should their brain from people into the funnel right. So that’s what I’ve been doing on too much YouTube right now, just like one article a week, every Sunday just you’re starting to build it up, I think is definitely slow right now, but no I’m definitely sure if these are going to pick up this time.

It’s triggered by the actions of audience. So when you have no audience you just really going on for like cold, whatever the fuck, you put a special youtubers one, that’s like you choose hard. Cracking YouTube, really takes a lot of a lot of like consistent person. I read something, whereas I, the algorithm, doesn’t really start to fuck with you. That means you get close to like 100 poker. So I don’t know how accurate that number is.

But I know like all these platforms, pretty much like categorize you and they look for certain things that you do to live in Miller. Okay, this is a person, that’s actively Chomp growing platform, or this is the president just like cat. So the more of the ways as we played a game on the platforms away today, once you play the more Suze, they start to do your account and then go like okay who this person wants to grow on Instagram, but this person wants to grow on YouTube.

Now, let’s see if their content measures up to whatever par – let’s put it in there put it in front of a certain Google people see how they react to it and posted with it, and I go I for the best. You push them more of their content out. So, like that’s the game, you have to get into playing. If you don’t have any money like I said, I think you should get into the game before you start spending mind yourself anyway, once you get it down, the spinning money part becomes easy, and then, by that point you own the platform’s long enough.

That you know are, who are the influences, that move shit into space on satellite word accounts that move shit into space for the people that move shit into space? What type of content works best for these? Probably because you’ve been in them so much. I, like you, you’ve, been in that shit, so my school, that’s a lot of shit. We do just as marketers in general a lot of the ideas that we give. This come from our reverse engineering shit that we saw in the platform that we like, like I’m like, oh shit.

You know I saw this. I found this artist because I saw a beam on just one account like shit. What happened if I make them leave this place on down to start my eyes, the decide to figure out how the game is played, and then I used to play it to feel what you make and then once you get it out stock, your bread or get Your budget gives it going

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