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TikTok Music Promotion Results And Platform Comparisons | How To Use To For Music Marketing

I really don’t understand this thing. I decided to go ahead and do a free training using real campaigns and I’m going to go through some real results, but also explaining it in a way that if you get tick-tock in this way, it will be a game-changer for you with your music. I promise not only that, no matter what type of music you have and no matter what age and you’ll see why.

So, let’s start here Muse, seven hundred and thirty, four thousand nine hundred views on this particular campaign. Twenty seven thousand eight hundred and ninety nine likes two thousand six hundred and sixty one shares and eighty-seven articles have been generated from this campaign. Now, let’s look at the finer details, though, because this is where it becomes more important for those views than views came out at point: zero, zero, one, one, five cents per view: that’s a fraction of a penny, twenty seven that will the same thing for the likes Shares were thirty, one cents per share and articles came in at nine dollars and seventy seven cents per article now you might not have Rannoch tick tock campaign, so I want to ask you in general: do you feel like these are good results for anything they’re? Not the worst results in the world I’ll tell you that, but they are the worst results that I’ve ever gotten on tick tock.

This was a situation where the artist had some business issues in the back end where the campaign didn’t even come to fruition like it was supposed to it had to halt mid campaign. But we still got these results and I’m going to go through the rest of results before I talk about some more aspects of tic TOCs, so check this out right here that same campaign just market it on tick, tock got some streams.

They’ve got about 1700 streams and those streams came out at 49 cents per stream industry average, and you have a really good play on this broker: you’re, probably going to see around two to four cents per stream. This was at 49 cents, but remember this is over time we just marketed on tick-tock and it bled over to here same thing for YouTube about about 1800 views on the YouTube article 47 cents per view.

You can get lower. You can get better than on YouTube. If you are dangerous enough, you learn it well enough. It’s easy to get 1 to 5 cents per view on YouTube. Of course you got. You know, fractions of a penny views that you can get on YouTube as well. If you really know what you’re doing, but let’s stick stick with an average of what most people are going to get one to five cents, all right 47 cents per view higher than that? That’s what this campaign got.

But again this is overtime. This is extra now, with that being said, a campaign. That’s currently running right now, point to one six well, two point: one cents per view is what it’s getting per stream on: Spotify, that’s right in the pocket of an industry average, and this is about 50,000 views that this campaign is gotten. Probably you know it’s still going it’s still going on. I just talked about it talk to the people earlier today.

So that’s still going remember this one only got 1,700 streams. This one at point, zero to one one. A fraction of a penny is at fifty thousand streams and still going on Spotify just from being marketed on tik-tok. Now we look at the YouTube results. It’s about 15,000 views in on the YouTube article that came from tick tock now the average well get remember. We said went to five cents if you’re pretty solid.

The average, for that particular campaign is about that’s a zero five. Seven. You probably can’t even see that so it’s about five point, seven cents right per view on that campaign. So that’s on the top end. If you were running but remember this, is it ad on YouTube? This is come over from tick-tock. Lo and behold, it’s about 10 million views on tick-tock right now, thousands of articles being created to it so you’re talking about four.

What this artist has done. The first campaign, by the way, when we talk about it being the worst campaign, it hasn’t it’s not even a thousand dollars spent on that campaign. Isn’t it’s not that much money that’s been spent and it got the results it did. This is somewhere a little around neck, but it’s some very good results, so maybe double the money, but you have far more results because we were able to keep running it and run with the strategy that we planned for – and this is what I love about – tick Tock you run in one place and get all of these results that get pushed in all these other areas right where traditionally, you might run something on Instagram and it stays on Instagram or it might be a programmatic ad, where you’re running it on Instagram and you’re.

Pushing the Spotify, so you see the results there or you’re running on YouTube and you push it there or it’s just one platform. That’s really seeing prime results a lot of times and a lot of people’s campaigns, but this is one campaign. That’s having people go to all other aspects because of something on tik-tok that I like to call transfer ability that has to be kept in mind. Whenever we consider any type of campaign, people will discover your tick-tock and they will happily go find your music, because up until now, there had it even been other direct link to select on Tik Tok.

For a long time, people hadn’t even been able to put a link in their bio when it comes to tick tock, so people could go directly to the music. So this isn’t people even saying hey. You go check out the link in my bio with the call-to-action. This is people literally hearing a song and then going to find it. Google searching in YouTube, searching it so 50,000 streams based on that behavior. Not go.

I’r pushing you over here. This is oh. I hear it whoa. What’s that song and that’s what we’re seeing again and again and again on tick-tock. Can you look at Instagram? We already know those prices have gone up: you’re not going to pay $ 100 $ 100 per 10,000 followers for an influencer, because we know it’s not worth that anymore. Right $ 100 per 10,000 followers means you’re paying $ 1,000. Just someone who has a hundred thousand followers and stop and think and tell me if you think, that’s worth it on tick, tock, I’m not on Instagram today.

I don’t think it is. As a matter of fact, I know for a fact. Many of those influencers know that it’s not they’re trying to hold on as much as they can, but so many of them have come down since I’ve been working with them because they already know and understand that there’s more competition in these other spaces they’re trying to Maintain if they can, but a lot of them have come down because they know it’s not worth it.

Instagram is suppressing traffic. So, to really understand, though, here’s something to consider when we look at tick tock right. This is how the content flows through tick, tock. There’s four buckets that you can look at content always starts in bucket number one. It’s shown to a small audience. It gets stressed test for a period of time and I can go deeper into the algorithm in another article, but just understand that is here for about two hours and it starts to move throughout the platform and it stops on level three for about four days.

Actually, you understand that when you start to get into tick-tock and see how the content flows as well, but if you need to make it there once you make it to each level, it’s shown to more and more people, so these levels also coordinate with the size Of the box you’re being shown to a small bucket, let’s say maybe 2,000 people and then you’re being shown to maybe 20,000 people think you’re being shown to 200,000 people, think you’re being shown to two million people and beyond right.

That’s how the flow of the content works, but outside of the transferability, which is one of the most important factors of tick-tock. When it comes to an artist. People are looking for your music they’re hearing your music and then they’re actively going to look for it, because this platform works like promo daily. Every single article is promo, except people are giving you permission to show it to them.

That’s um, marketers dream. The other thing is viral loops, so because of how this works, the way the platform is built. If you drop a article right, then it’ll go through these levels and your article might make it to level 2. Somebody sees that article and they decide I’m going to create a article, and this person could be better. You then creating articles. In matter of fact, they might actually have a lot more followers and be a strong content creator, so they might do it and then it’ll take it to level 3.

Multiple people see their article and then they might do it. Let’s say 5 people see their article and one person stops on level 2. Two people stop on level three and then four four of them make it. No that’s wrong, math to people who make it to level four alright. So now you have people being planted as seeds on different levels, all coming from one article, all right, so you drop a article that article creates other articles and being dope that article inspires other people to make articles, and next thing you know you’re entering into this Viral loop right so now it’s marketing for itself.

In the same way, we think about passive income and people say I want my money to work for myself on tic-tock. Your content is working for itself. It’s a little soldier that gets other pieces of creators and content out there to create for it and then, when they create. That brings back more content that gets created and it continues this loop. While your article is working for you, you can continue to make strategic moves to boost that content as well.

So that’s one of the biggest beauties we have the transferability of content on tick, tock and then also the viral loops being built in and just to actually drive that point through. Let me pull this something right here, so that first campaign the worst campaign that I talked about 87 articles generated. We only created four articles for this campaign, so 83 of those articles all came because of that viral concept, that’s ingrained into tick-tock.

There were other people who saw those articles and said I want to create articles off of it, which allowed our cost per article to come down to nine dollars and 77 cents. As a matter of fact, remember I mentioned this is that worst campaign that I’ve ever had run on tik tok, that artist was actually extremely delighted from the results and what based on what they had to pay any results. They saw somewhere else and they wanted to do more and more work, hopefully after they finished figuring out all the back end business troubles that are going on right now.

We because we know what it could have been and it could have gotten closer to those other campaigns that we run. We were kind of sad about it. We were highly disappointed, especially with that song and another thing about that particular song. It had zero bass in it, zero, so the type of music that you think blows up on tick-tock, it’s not just high-end, energetic hip-hop. It’s not just super poppy songs that song.

I don’t even know what to call it. Honestly, it’s pretty slow. It’s not even our abhi song, it’s some kind of mid alternative, modern, whatever you want to call it right, but it’s it’s an interesting type of sound and it still is taking off in its own with those little pushes that we put behind it EDM. I see that blow up on Tik Tok, all the time country plenty of traction on tick-tock. It doesn’t matter your type of genre and it doesn’t really matter your age, because it’s about the music itself, if you run and understand how to push the campaigns in the proper way right, people are hearing the music and going to find the music before they even Think about who they see in it like who the actual artist is.

That’s after the fact, as a matter of fact, there’s there’s some I’ve seen some instances where people have been highly surprised to find out who the artist is, how they actually look and all that after they hear the music and become fans of the music is so, But that’s what you want right! You want followers based off the merit of your music. First, that’s what so many artists are looking for tick.

Tock of is that, in a way that a lot of these other platforms aren’t necessarily affording all right, it’s more Spotify. In many ways than it is Instagram because people are truly discovering music or in tik-tok that’s another conversation for another day, but just understand that this should be enough to give you an idea that you don’t have an excuse on age. You don’t have an excuse on your type of music, because all of that stuff is there.

Alright, Gary Vee is talking about it, a lot, because it’s a very real thing. You hear a lot of people talking about it, because it’s a very real thing from using results, and so much of the industry, I’m in meetings all the time. These people are coming right. These people are coming and the prices are going to triple at minimum. For a lot of these influencers and a lot of these other types of campaigns that you might be looking to run on tic toc, because they’re going to bring the money, you need to make sure that you get in before the prices rise.

Particularly if budget is a constraint for you, so if you want to make sure you understand tick-tock and you want to get onboard as quickly as possible on how you specifically can benefit as an artist, because there’s a lot of content and ideas for just creatives. In general, but how you can benefit for music then check out our free training. It’s at tic, toc, music, promo calm, and you will reap a lot of benefits from not having to go through figuring out tic toc.

It’s a completely different platform so get on there. Utilize the information and put it to work because tic toc is a game changer and I’ve yet to see a social media platform that impacts an artist music directly like this get on while it’s sweet, because it won’t always be this easy, tic, toc, music, promo dot-com. We have an entire free training and for those of you who want to share this article with your friends, you can check it out on the brand man page I’ll, make sure it gets posted on the brandman page on YouTube.

That’s it

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I FINALLY Tried SoundCloud Promotion… | TEST 2

If a Dyson’s repost exchange campaign, you could check out under the link in description below, but I did a another test with her with the same amount of money because I didn’t want to just you know: do one-off article and say: oh those was also pretty good.

I wanted to give you guys context, because I don’t want to waste you guys, dimes. I don’t want to waste you guys time on even trying a platform like this. If the results aren’t worth it so check out what I got from the second time around same type of money, I’m a little excited angle. I was kidding alright, so with this second test with pedasus, my funny valentine, I want to tell you that the results are pretty exciting and we’ll kind of analyze.

Why afterwards but straightforward the numbers are different. They’re better and I put in the same amount of credits. 500 and here’s what the changes look like so remember the first time I had four thousand five hundred and twenty nine streams and he jumped two hundred and twenty seven streams after the five hundred credit campaign to four thousand seven hundred and fifty six. Now, what makes this exciting this second time around, which I was pleased with the first time around, instead of getting two hundred and twenty seven more streams.

This time I got six hundred and ninety eight more streams, and also all the other results were indicative right. I had let me see 35 more shares. I had 22 more repost right, which is interesting though, because now we start to look into the details and actually what’s indicative of the fact, this thing is real right because actually, the first time around, I got 24 different reposts from different people.

This time I got 22 different repos from different people, so that means two things that I got four hundred more streams than that. First time around one more quality people reposted my stuff, all right to those people who repost it might have kept my stuff up even longer. There is a minimum of having stuff reposted in at least two days, but maybe these people really liked it in May repose differ even longer, or they had bigger pages and followings and three well.

I actually waited a little bit longer after the campaign. Then I did that first campaign, when I recorded a article or I did it almost like the next day like as soon as it finished, I got to it this. It was probably a week in between when I finished the campaign and when I decided to record this article right here, which shows also that a maybe more people kept listening and kept listening from those initial listeners.

All these things pretty much conclude that there is something real going on here right. These are the behaviors. We look like look for it. Alright, there are real people listening. You never know how you get to listens right, there’s so many ways to get the listens. You know it’s pretty much, never going to be organic per se. Well, you know organic until people listen and then once you get people to listen through artificial efforts, then their behaviors after is the organic that you really want to happen.

So at its best in today’s age, organic just means the activity. After real people experience. Do they listen again? Alright, you push that first, listen on them, but did they listen again alright and did they tell their friends right and then that becomes the organic traffic and that’s the big difference so just bring your focus back to Hadassah’s campaign, though I love the fact she had More results or better results, the second time around with the same investment, because it shows something right.

It means something and you can go back and see the exact changes that I made throughout this article from campaign one to campaign too, but you even see you know. I mean these comments. You know people still are loving, it they’re loving her and you actually do get followers. Her followers do go, there’s more followers specific type campaigns that repost exchange offers. I will show some kind of experimentation with the campaign like that.

At some point. Don’t know when, but this stuff is, these results are dope and they still rated her a nine right. So the at the score average is the same, but something about how it clicked that second time around helped and maybe I’ll get better and better at using this platform. To the point where at some point we’ll be able to – I guess you could say he have the biggest bang for the buck, just like I optimized on Facebook, ads and Instagram ads and and YouTube ads, maybe there’s a way to figure out.

What’s the best setting? That’s going to give you the most and I encourage all y’all to get in there figure out what that might look like, at least for you. I have a couple other articles that I’m going to be recording when it comes to results and how to get the best results. So with that in mind, repost exchange, it’s free. It’s definitely worth checking out. Why not give it a try? You don’t have to pay for it at all.

I pay for it. Why? Because I’m a marketer man, that’s what we do like. We have to be able to accelerate things. That’s going to make things move a lot faster, but you don’t have to do that. Tier right, my clients sometimes need a million views on a YouTube article in two weeks. So you know I’m testing this to stretch it out and see how far it can go, but most people won’t require the needs that somebody like I would need.

You can use a free tier of the campaign and just interact with the community and get credits that will help you incentivize people to check out your music and get real feedback real comments. I’r going to do a article on why I think repost exchange is not only a dope tool in community, but why it’s pretty much necessary in today’s age for beginners I beginning artists, but I’ll do that. Another time definitely check it out, link in the description below it’s worth it, not everything, I’m seeing so far right now, it’s worth it now that changes at some point I’ll do another article, but not these things worth it in description below.

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Is This SoundCloud Promoter Real? | TEST 2

This is the second artist that I tested again that song is Brenda again by sama, and if you check this out, you can see pretty simple. There are some more comments right, there’s some more views if you read that first article, but let me break down I’m going to get straight into the facts, alright, so the first time around.

If you see the change in results, well, let’s just go to the blue columns. I got an additional 359 streams. 34 likes 48 repost and 12 comments. Now after this second test, I had 171 streams, 15 likes 26 repost and 6 comments. That might seem disappointing. Alright, I understand him when I seem like a smaller number and I was kind of you know thrown off at first, but then I had to think – and I remember alright one remember the difference between test 1 and test 2.

The primary thing was one I targeted any genre when creating a campaign and test 2. I targeted a specific genre but Ozio who might have missed that and for some reason, are just reading this article before the other article review, which all reviews of repost exchange will be in the link in description. So you can understand all the processes, all the learnings, that I’ve I’ve gone through all the testing, so you can use it well, the first time alright um and you don’t make any mistakes.

No! No! I don’t want to do this with credits where the campaign start a new campaign just to make it clear again, I’m just going to click this Ram step, I’m song. What is it doing so I’ll go back to Brenda again. So when you see this the first time, I clicked any genre second time, I click specifically the track genre, so these results don’t see necessarily appeasing, but I had to remember: I had to even the playing field, the first time when I got these results right here That row, that was with 1500 credits and this these results are from 500 credits.

So when you even it out that any genre campaign was 116 streams, the song specific genre campaign was 170, one stream. So what I did was divide the campaign results that came from 1500 credits by 3, so I could now have it even out, with 500 credit campaign, so per 500 credits. When I targeted song genre, the results actually did improve right. You see that by targeting just a genre of type of people who listened to your song, which seems to make sense right, you will get better results.

The reason I decided to do any genre with the first campaign in this case was just because it seemed like it was a little bit more abstract that it wasn’t necessarily a deep house thing, but you know I’m not a huge, a Thor’ti of John Roos anyway. So looks like I was wrong. That’s an important thing to note, though, about repost exchange, because this is showing that this targeting has some effect.

It has legitimate effect and it makes sense with natural logic you targeting random genres, you’re, not necessarily going to get the same results as people who already love and listen to the genre, especially if you don’t have a more pop type song. So that’s one thing, but there’s more! Oh and don’t forget people when I say 500 credits that is half of $ 30 half of $ 29.99, like 1449, is basically what people are paying.

When I say 500 credits. That’s that’s nothing! Alright! To give these results. So I know these numbers are small, but I’m testing right, I’m testing, so you guys don’t have to test as much in test as long so keep those things all in mine. But again I’ve ran multiple campaigns at this point and it’s showing to be. You know really relative to the song, and it makes sense to me that Brenda again, although I love the song and I have an affinity for the song, it has a lower rating than the other songs.

Alright cuz honestly, when I first heard it and my homie made it were younger, like of course I had low mixing, but you know when you’re in different spaces of your career, you don’t have as high as a taste for certain types of technical aspects of music. You don’t need the mix to be perfect, you don’t need certain things and I also knew and understood the background. The story, all those things made me love it in that time and I still love it, but I can’t expect everybody else to have that same perspective.

So I understand that this is the lowest rating song and if you understand how reposts exchange works, we have to remember these songs are getting reposted. We always talk about this stuff. If something is getting a repost, it I’m going to work it. Something is advertised which is essentially what a reposting is. What a Spotify playlist thing is what, if you’re targeting somebody on a YouTube, that is it’s that beginning of the song, is extremely important to capture their attention immediately and that’s something that this song doesn’t do, because it doesn’t start until 40 seconds right.

This is something that I would suggest people have as a album track right or you shorten diversion if you’re going to advertise it, but as an album track. When people are already fans of you, then it’s a great thing to do, but all these results that I’ve gotten from repost exchange are pretty much in line with any other real marketing platform that I’ve used, which makes me a fan of repost exchange and I’m going To continue to use it until I see something that I think needs to change or makes me think otherwise and the same thing with Facebook ads right same thing with YouTube ads.

I always try to update you guys when something major more significant is happening or as prices are rising or just something isn’t irrelevant, but you can still use a platform in a different way. I’ll treat this no different. But I’m a huge proponent of this and I say: hey, look, click the link in the description below check it out. This platform is really dope and they have completely free tiers.

So it doesn’t make sense to at least not sign up to check it out right, but the platform is pretty dope and supple. I mean one thing: well know I’ll, save that for a whole nother article. But let’s, let’s just keep this in mind, though, so you don’t make this mistake. This is the action item. If you decide to run a campaign all right, the paid campaigns which, like I say I do I’m a marketer – I don’t have time to just like do hand to hand with every single thing all the time, I’m more so hey.

Let’s get these really quality results in a fast period of time. Let’s get you to 200,000, let’s get you to 1 million, but it be quality versus going the longest of long ways, so in each genre does not do good as good as song genre. There’s some other things that I want to break down. Campaign wise will platform wise explaining some rules, but I do that in a completely separate article, but yeah I mean that’s it, it’s just another test with another artist.

These aren’t even the two tests that I’m showing aren’t even the best results, I’ve gotten from the artist as of yet as well, there’s one artist that I did, but I’m not going to talk about it, because it’s a current client that you know I just don’t Really have permission to talk about. The results will crazy, some very, very, very good results. So I’m excited to continue to use this platform and that’s it, and you know anybody got some feedback, positive or negative.

Put it in the comment section below other than that, as always, if you like this article, go hit the like button, if you liked it, you might as well share it if you’re not subscribed, you know what to do. Heat death subscribe.


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I FINALLY Tried SoundCloud Promotion… | TEST 1

All right, I was asked to review repost exchange and I was like I’ve. Never done it before I’ve never used repost exchange, so I can’t really review it. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to use it live right and let you guys go through my first time experiencing using it trying to keep it really short about less than 10 minutes and I’m going to let you see the phases and what I Think about in the process, let’s get into it all right.

So, as you guys already know, I’m not an artist. So what I’m going to do is take an artist profile that we work with all right. Her name is Hadassah really dope. Music definitely go check her out and we’re going to push this track by the name of my funny Valentine. Did you see this track was released two months ago, four thousand five hundred twenty nine followers, no streams and then seven comments.

188 likes 14 repost. Now I’m interested to see what we can get this thing to I’m going to do in phases, because, honestly, I’ve never used a platform before so there’s just some of that. Some of the apprehension, like am I doing this wrong? Am I wasting the money? How does this really go? I’r going to go to 500, the first time around and just to do it like at this phase and then later on, I’m going to probably try to just blow the rest of the budget, but I want to do it one time.

Just to get a feel of it and we’ll do an update with both portions of it. So for this first one I’m not going to get fancy use the budget to identify as useful comments. It’s already selected, so I’ll just leave it how it is. If I go down in each onra, three posters must meet the following conditions. Preferred jamas must include now doesn’t seem to make sense to include any genre, so I’m going to use the track genre or as she chose or in being so so we’re going to have people who’s referred.

John is a army and soul right. The genre of the song, the rest of this stuff max followers max number of repost max number of repos per day average – I’m not fully. You know, I don’t know, I don’t have any preferences so I’ll just leave the defaults on and this other thing up here. I kind of grazed by it, but I did read it one time earlier: the campaign, no, actually everybody might not be able to hit it, and then they say they have yeah again now in terms of these other.

Now, in terms of max number followers, repost or Reapers now, in terms now in terms of max number of followers repulsed or repost per day, I don’t really have a preference and I don’t really understand enough to know whether I should go higher or more. I can play some logic to it, but again it’s the first time. So, let’s just do it run it start with 500. Do I have to do anything else all right reaches at 0.

We’re just getting this thing started. Here is article 1 phase 1 and let’s see what happens here is phase one of my repost exchange test. Let’s see where he goes alright, so I think it’s more effective to put part 1 and 2 in the same article for the first time around. So that’s exactly what’s about to happen, but before I even get into the results I want to say I actually love it already enough to go ahead and say use the free version of this.

It is a free version of it. You can have paid stuff. If you want to boost things faster, but use the free version of it and you can get your stats up I’ll put a link in the description below, because these stats look like this, I got a change of 227 streams, 22 likes 24 repost and 11 comments. This is over a day and but I’ll go deeper into it in my pre-recorded article, so you can see what I think about everything alright, and these are eleven comments that got made.

I myself made some comments not on this article, but on other people’s stuff. So I know how a real it is. I’ve been a part of the process you can get on the platform. You can test that out. You’ll see how you can pretty much there for the most part like this isn’t happening. Real I’ve gotten requests in there and credits and commenting on people’s stuff and I’m not going to get into the details of how they verify and make sure it’s pretty quality.

But let’s get into some other details. Cuz you’ll see, on the back end all the comments that were made because of the campaign and the repost exchange. Your vocals are smooth and well control. Alright, there’s all this cool stuff. I love this. I can’t wait to hear more from you there’s some of these comments that are pretty funny, but here’s the thing for me get more credits. So when I say I’ve spent 500 credits $ 29.

99 will buy you, one cows and critters. I spent 14 dollars 49 and a half cents and got those it was those results. So we’re not even talking about a lot of money piled on your credit sounds like a lot, but we’re breaking it down that I got a 132 blaze and 11 comments and authentic comments and some repose for $ 14. When we’re talking about my vinik, this is beautiful. Alright, I think it’s something that a lot of people should really consider and keep in mind, but I actually am running a second-level campaign with Hadassah, because I don’t want to just do it as a one-off situation.

Alright, we ran 500 one time. 500, more credits run another campaign with pedasi. Now, if you look at this, of course, you put their profile link in there. You click my funny Valentine or the solar running, but I want to do things a little bit differently. This time also ignore the sean talking in the corner, because that sean talking in the corner is wrong. I had to report your first time on you, so 500 credits, I’m let you begin I’m going to leave.

They enable comments plus on there and then I’m going to leave I’m going to take it back to R & B soul right. I want to keep it on our diesel for a reason, and that reason is the first time I tested it. I do the RV, so what I want to try to figure out this time is what is the impact of changing the maximum number of followers? So, yes, you guys know this platform works, but is there a better reason or a better quality of campaign that you can get from doing a certain maximum number of followers and you’re filtering? A lot of that can lead back to simply the idea that it’s someone with more followers you post yourself, then you’re going to have a higher reach which we’ll get back into, but even with that being said, you still are going to have to spread that same Amount of credit, so people with more reach, they actually are more costly or can be more costly.

We’re going to wait and see what the second phase of a Dyson’s campaign looks like, and I’m also going to throw another track into the mix, because it’s not fair to just do a goss’s track. I think it is great, but I know some people might say. Well, you know she has a little bit of a following that y’all have been building on another platform, maybe that spilled over into SoundCloud. If you look at the time, if you look at the timing of the results, know the results.

If you look at the timing of the results to the track on Spotify, being it’s pretty clear that it came to Rico’s exchange and not the other platforms, because we market other platforms to go to Spotify music blank, I’m going to start this artist who’s starting pretty Much from Ground Zero, so y’all can see what that looks like stay tuned all right, so that was my first experience with repost, exchanging, as I said, I’m going to keep testing and I’m going to keep doing these articles showing you all.

You know what my results. Look like so you can get that idea, especially for the ones who need to continue to like see logic. Some of y’all are just going to hop in right, and some of y’all are just going to continue to learn before you use either way it’s fine, but I’m telling you. I think it’s worth it, especially since there’s a free tier, where it’s more manual labor to get your your music feedback and get other people to see it versus paying any kind of money at all.

That’s why I went ahead and suggested it so soon, because there’s a free tier, where there’s low risk but paid campaigns. I think they’re worth it as well on this platform go ahead and check it out. The Lincoln is it is in the description below repost exchange. I think we’re onto something but keep reading the test. All right. Let’s see if I changed my mind, I doubt it all right, but let’s see where I’m going to I’m going to do several other articles to make sure y’all are tuning in as educated as possible before you make any kind of crazy mistakes and, as always, if You, like this article, go ahead and like button.

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What artists can learn from tech founders?

You would think Layne Becker would be excited about this, but he literally vomited when this occurred. Why is that? He made no money and when I say he made no money, I’m talking about zero him and his early investors. How did this happen? We will get into that, but that’s the premise of this article, the fact that artists and founders are so much alike. A lot of times we actually over demonize the music industry, not realizing that this is just how business goals.

If you don’t handle your business, and I want to contrast the differences between the two actually more of the similarities between the two, hopefully you’ll be able to transfer the knowledge, see how it applies and, at the end of the day, become a better business person. In your own particular area, so starting with the artist and the founder right, those are the same person in this example and similar to the artist right.

Their first round of funding where they get their first money is either themselves when they’re starting their company. Maybe they might be hitting up friends and family, there’s literally a friends and family around that people use colloquially a lot because they’re kidding up calling everybody in the family asking for money trying to save money for the business or angel investors, which is kind of a Somewhat of a next level, these are people who will invest, they have money but they’re, not truly those venture capitalists, which is the next level.

It’s the same thing for an artist right, you’re, either funding it yourself or you’re, scraping around asking people. You know the next level is when things really starts to get tricky, though all right, the venture capitalists and the record labels, so the venture capitalist, obviously the founder side, we’re thinking about tech and a lot of the other industries and then the record label side, because Both of these people can be helpful all right, but at the same time, these people are no one to play with.

So leverage is important for both companies on both sides. We hear so much about artists needing to build leverage if they really want to get a deal where they’re not screwed with a label, but the same thing goes when it comes to business in general, if you’ve readed any episodes of Shark Tank. What do you see? What are yourselves that’s one of the main things they’re going to add. They might entertain all the other stuff, but before they start investing they’re like yo, what are the sales – and it might have been this great pitch to where they were so bought in, but once they hear they’re in zero sales, they’re like whoa same thing, for an Artist right, why does that make sense? Because if anybody is investing in you, they’re investing to get a return and their return has to answer to what actually happens with the investment right? Do you have fans? Can you make the money back? Is your product sellable? Do people actually want your product? Can you make the money back? That’s the end question, and that doesn’t mean that nobody appreciates art.

That doesn’t mean that nobody appreciates somebody meeting a chance and all that stuff. It just means if you were an investor, you expect your money back, so you have to analyze not based on the heart and what I believe is awesome, music and all that stuff you have to analyze on. Will this vehicle bring me back my money, you put yourself in a better position to have some sort of leverage Point Blank period and if we look at Shark Tank again is another example.

You’ll see right that people get some pretty bad deals at times or offers write. Some pretty aggressive offers some of the investors to take a lot of control from the people if they don’t believe that the person is right, so you’ll see a situation where literally Mark Cuban – or somebody will say, hey, I’m going to just give you this much money. But I want the whole business cuz. I don’t think you’re the right person to run it, the less sales you have, the less likely people will want it at all or the more they’ll want to control your situation.

Point Blake, so leverage. Now, on the founder side, you might have customers or users and on the artist side, of course, you have fans and in the same way as an artist you’re looking for your first fans right and you’re, getting your early product out there, the early version of yourself Out there, businesses are doing the same right. They have a a minimal, Viable Product right, the product that can find and connect with the fans who need it, the most or the users who need it, the most and they’re trying to connect with those people.

So they can get some feedback and some money that gives them a tomorrow, so they can build and continue to get another tomorrow and another tomorrow until they get to a point where they’re a full-blown business that can is truly self sustained. That’s the same thing that you’re trying to do as an artist right, you’re, trying to build fans and build fans until they can start to fund tomorrow and then fund another tomorrow.

Until you have a lot of tomorrow’s and your tomorrows become weeks months and years, you have a full-on career, it’s the same path, business in so many ways it’s sex, especially principally, is business so that core product and your core fan base. Those are the things that start to relate right: the core product with the core customers and then the core music, like that initial, that niche type music, not just your commercial stuff, and then the core fan base around that and both of these.

This is when it gets more interesting and something that has to be readed out for, and that is the fact that there is core product on both ends. You have the type of music of yours that your core fanbase loves and a company has its core product right. That thing that solves the initial need, but both have a tendency to get caught up in features so for a product in a company features, are something that are additional to the main thing that matters, and sometimes the features are so shiny that we’re like yo.

I’m going to chase this, and this is going to change the world, and this is what they’re going to want they’re going to love me. But the thing fails in the same way the iPad, it’s kind of a feature of a product right when we’re thinking about a bigger company. It’s an extended brand line that doesn’t necessarily have the need of the phone and it doesn’t have the need of the Mac. In itself, it’s that middle ground, but you can do the same thing with a specific product.

Let’s say my Mac, all of a sudden had a heat pad. That was warm because it would be cold outside right at the mouse. Like I touched it and all of a sudden the computer got warm. I could put my hand on it. Yeah, that’s nice, but I can’t put my entire direction of my company on that, because it’s not the core product, even though it’s cool companies get lost on that. That sounds like an obvious example, but companies get lost on that all the time and artists do something similar when they try to get caught up in this whole diversity thing – and I want to do all this stuff, but forget what my core fanbase loves me for And it’s nice, you are a person, you should be able to express yourself and get all these other things out, but you also when we’re talking about it from a business and have to be able to answer to who your core fan base is and what’s going To keep you in there and then last but not least, this is where we get back to get satisfaction that acquisition, how to founder, had zero dollars, losing control alright and there’s two ways to look at it.

First, you have to lose control that happens with a lot of founders and the business starts to go down. We can even look at Steve Jobs, even though you know, arguably, he wasn’t completely ready to even take it to the space that it eventually became, but the whole idea of losing the DNA of your company losing the DNA of your company, those founders losing control, because You decide I’m going to put a CEO in this place – a seasoned CEO in this place, because the founder doesn’t have that experience and I, as an investor, want to make sure that my investment is protected.

I don’t want to trust this newbie with it. That happens to a lot of founders. They literally get booted just for a seasoned. Ceo now same thing happens with artists as well, though, when you get in labeled situations, and you get all these, you know mines in the pot. In that situation, the artist is losing creative control, so you’ll hear a lot of artists, say man, I listen to too many people, or I allowed other people to really take on my project when it wasn’t coming for me and now, because I lost that creative control.

My product became something that it shouldn’t have and the companies get affected the same way they go down because the consumers they feel it, but in the last level of losing control that I’m referring to is obviously the fact that this founder lost control of their business And how did they lose control of their business? They lost control of their business through investments all right, because these people start to own more and more of your business.

In the same way, your masters might be owned if you’re, an artist right or whatever your IP right, your your image can literally be owned as an artist. This same thing essentially happened to this man in Layne Becker story. You can actually see a combination of all the things that went wrong because in 2010, three years after I’m founding the company, he got pushed out three years after the company sold five years later.

But it didn’t just sell because it was doing well it’s sold because it was either going out of business or it was going to be acquired. There was something called a fire sale which means look week. Somebody buyers over out of here. We don’t really have a choice, and why was it in that position? Maybe some of that could be contributed to not having that initial creative energy that person that was supposed to be there in the same way, the artist should be involved in their project in that creative process, they lost that DNA when they lost the founder.

That can play a large part into that situation and then, last but not least, though Becker actually admitted to not being honest with himself and that being a large portion of why he lost control. And what I mean by that is think about as an artist when an artist wants to hop into a deal knowing they’re, not in a position to be in control of their career, knowing that they don’t have a true fan base that reality is not there.

However, they allow themselves to think and feel that they’re bigger than they are, or they allow other people to pump themselves up to feel that way, because the label or whoever you’re, trying to sign to it’s going to pump you up and make you feel that way. They allow that to happen, and then you put yourself in a aggressive financial situation that you can’t account for right. You take a bigger investment that you’re not going to be able to pay back.

It’s an artist taking a huge advance when they know that their fan base isn’t in place or just taking more money that you need in general, where you can one operate by yourself or maybe you just need a little bit to get you by, but instead you Want to go for the big pot when you’re not ready to even take that bike. It’s something to consider, because, again, all these problems exist in all types of business.

The principles are always there is just if you notice them or not and again, no matter what type of business you’re not going to win doing bad business. That just is how the game is going to be set up. You can’t expect anybody there’s going to be putting money into you to look at you purely for who you are and and the amazingness of the product. At the end of the day, they have to make their money back that’s their goal, and then you have your particular goals, but once you take their money, you also have to answer to their goals as well, because you have a fiduciary responsibility.

That’s just something to consider. Please please of course, start to look at other forms of business to really inform how you can look at music and and move throughout your music career and people outside of you know: music, look at music because music is helpful. There’s situations and analogies are all there. I would like to know what you guys think. Do you guys see similarity between tech founders and artists? Do you guys see any other business celebrities or have any other stories? Anything that’s interesting to tell and other than that.

This is yet another episode of culture shock where we talk music business in pop culture from a different perspective, you know what to do. He dares subscribe.

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Can Influencers Become Artists? Best Platform For MONEY | Keith Dorsey (@YoungGunsCEO)

I deal with a lot of these real-life youtubers in real life instagramers and sometimes the youtubers looked down on creators like instagram creators like because it’s one of my bros just shake frost and like Robbie that we’re all fresh a shout out to the shade hill.

Why are you doing this like you? Just they don’t they don’t like there’s too much work on Instagram, they believe for a little of nothing because they see it differently but like if you are creator, you were created a lot of the Instagram. I must look at the youtubers, like oh they’re, little douchebags, who do nothing and have no creativity. You know so it’s like night and day like and they battle each other.

Then it’s like clicks like. Oh, this is a youtube click Instagram Cleo. We don’t click together. Right, it’s so we’re. Like you see this blog, I can go to LA you’ll notice it but they’re all still friends, but it’s like there’s a like dial. We had the you exactly so it’s like it’s it’s night day but YouTube. Will I’ve seen it bro instagram has change lives, but I’ve seen a lot of the creators going YouTube and I mean they’re making twenty thirty thousand a month like we’ve died, read the shade like.

I saw all this do this, but I read the shade, like literally go for nothing to jump on buying a new g-wagen moving his family from one part of the LA to it, the best part of LA and we’re all the parties, because we like we’re seeing This and I’m like bro, I’m so proud of you just out of nowhere just start to blow up even Labadee, I’m running a lot of the the two girls famous ocean and kung-fu, the two sisters like they have literally they did nothing.

They went that they had like almost 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and they didn’t even create, but they just started to create these dope articles in like one hit, and we did a prank it actually hit. This scar last week came from a prank. She did like this prank on her boyfriend. He got really mad. He was like he’s like. I tried to get him down and this happened, but that article is about to hit a million yeah about the hit of million views.

Is that six hundred, maybe several hundred K now in like a few days and that one article has made, is making like thousands of dollars and I’m like y’all, you see if you create creating, don’t keep pumping it. She pumped the next article. It went like a hundred thousand like two hours like if using I keep pumping y’all keep pumping, keep pumping cuz, that’s money in time. Y’All have these goals yeah I want to buy g-wagen see.

I want to move your family here. Y’All want to live in these condos, it’s so easy to do because YouTube and came to become like that residual base of your life, where you know you’re going to get five thousand to ten thousand a month, and then you can go and create yeah. Just all that article in doing those articles, that’s going to make you go viral they’re already going viral just to copy. You know it’s so easy to do.

You sit here and put a ring light up and do whatever it is, and just pranks challenges vlogs like because people wanted their fans can see another perspective of their life. They see the inside. They really want to read that you know and that’s why YouTube is. If it’s hard, though it doesn’t convert, don’t think you don’t go on Instagram and didn’t blow up your YouTube. No, it’s a whole other different algorithm.

It’s a whole nother different way of doing things and once you’ve figured it out, you can master. You could really do some big things with exactly yep, because they just did one for the first time, the famous ocean kung-fu, and they had to do what’s called lash BAE with these lashes and they want it like this 30-second 10-second clip in the front, and it Was like well, it goes in the front. It’s like it was like.

How do I say it? How do I do it, so they got paid couple thousand to do that. Artists have a perspective against doing what your influencers are actually doing. Right. There’s this conversation where a lot of artists feel like you can’t translate over from an influencer to an artist. It’s not true. I don’t understand he still give themselves to believe that the proof is in the pudding blackhat. But what do you I don’t know? What do you say to the statement like? Well, it’s not true, like I know for a fact, because a lot of the because you could take in, like you notice, like a lot of the influencers, there were artists they blow it like look.

Narthex technically was an influencer troll. That’s why he does the things he does this. It is, you know, and you master and you put things out on certain platforms. It’s going to blow up and they’re really take templates. It there’s. No, I mean, even if you are not talented, you can get a writer and you can go into the development phase and get a dope beat and it can go. You know it’s just because anything can be created nowadays, but then a lot of them were really passionate about music.

So if you’re passionate about it, it’s nothing you can. They can do it, you know, and they got some good stuff in the streams in there I mean I have an influencer that I work with Lovato like he was weighing and freaking Philippines doing. He was on a YouTube stage exposed to event in a in Asia. Like from a song like, it’s crazy, got verified and blowing up as an artist and with no label. None of that just management.

Do you think so, obviously he’s moving a lot of people might not know him right, but do you think that maybe they might kill a lot of artists before they even get started by trying to see that type of popularity and for approval that you don’t really Have to have like, oh this art, what the guy you’re talking about! Oh he’s killing it and what he’s doing – and he there’s more growth to happen, but another artist might say: oh well, this is him a little baby, alright and I’m trying to be a little baby – and I here – and I want to have this this traditional type Of record level proper popularity that I’ve seen well, it’s the world is so big, and if you leave that concept alone, you’ll make you’ll do well.

You look at artists like Russ. Like live, people don’t even know who he is, but he has stadiums that are packed out and he’s making money and without being like this mainstream name, he has a main street name was like Main Street in certain niches like I never really was like it’s weird, Because the world is so big a lot of artists who power like when it come from, they have a million followers and they do a show and people show up like your fan base.

As long as you focus on catering to your fan base and everything else will take off – and it’s good to be like that little baby named or like like that uh whatever the big names, are it’s good to be that? But you know sometimes if you set your own goal and you said you get what you want like you may just your goal may just perform in front of 30,000 and make you know enough money to live like a superstar and you happy and then do that.

Somehow I don’t think something want to be like, like super super stars, but if you tell us it, you really we’re at some point it’s going to come to that point. You know it’s talent will really take you to the next level. I think that’s important. This whole idea that people are still in prison by their own, like local geography, we’re in a world where you don’t have to do that. Yeah right and you have the time when you said you got people find your families, and now you can monetize it without.

Even going in overseas, if you don’t really want to, but of course then going overseas get touring checks or yeah, whatever kind of show you can do, give you’re just an influencer, but that’s it’s interesting that people are still confined to those ideas where the door is Opening yeah, but you look in the other direction: yeah yeah, okay,

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Why Are So Many Indie Artists Against Marketing Themselves?

Typically a like a very common piece of advice from email.

Marketers is in your emails, like automation, sequence. When someone joins your email lists like the set of emails, they get automatically right there after the first thing you should do is first of all get them to white list, your emails, so they come through the second of all. Let them know the title of your next email or open a loop that you know that they know in their mind: okay, the next email I want to be looking out for because it has this ticket right, so they’re in stance, sheeting a behavior pattern and then Maybe before that email closes, they’re really good, get you to click the link over to a social media, just just to get you in the habit of a clicking, a link in an email from them.

So right, there they’ve said open my emails when they come in because something good is inside and clicked links in my emails. You’re already doing it and they probably give me something cool when you put that first link just to make it like a positive experience. Dopamine floods, whatever neurons, were used in that action and reinforces the pattern in your brain right there, like that’s, a common thing, is initiating behavior patterns but really to make it sound far less nefarious and complicated people do what you tell them to or ask them to Write you ask someone to do it there more likely to do it than if you never asked so ask and ask so many studies on that.

It’s like, but it’s a it’s common sense. It’s like most people are, most people want their their audience to do something that they’re unwilling to ask them to do, and it’s something like yo you’re. If you’re unwilling to ask them, why would they be willing to do it? You know why do you think that is? Why do you think so many people are afraid to ask people are too cool for fucking, school and school.

They think that, like it’s uncool to ask, they think it’s T. I mean a lot of people, think it’s uncool to market them. So a lot of people think that a lot of people have been weird preconceptions about what their brand is and they fail to look at the people they admire and ask themselves if their standard that they’re holding themselves to is exemplified in the behavior of that person. That they admire their combo because it probably isn’t it probably, is that that person they might either come up there doing a collab with you know, they’re doing a collab with converse tomorrow and they’re, going to drop it on their Instagram story and they’re going to ask You to buy they’re going to be far more forthcoming with their desires for their fan base and their promotional messages.

Then the average artist we need to ensure they don’t have this weird hang-up about, like being cool. You know yeah. I hate to use this word because it gets what you so much today, but I definitely feel like it’s toxic and to artists to have these these desires right, but then you essentially philosophically, are against doing the things that it takes to get to that. At that point, right, which is marketing and not, and it’s in fan bases as well.

I these, like, I said too, cool for school type, spaces of specific, like some parts of music or culture aren’t as against. They are, but there’s some of them that are totally against it, like I just an ad where well, that was actually one of my artists. So the article, the guy we had he he ran the ad. A lot of people were like yeah. I found this do an ad, but there was one dude that found it through the ad and talked about he loved the song, but he hated the fact that he was running ads.

What kind of you would even know about this? If I wasn’t running an ad, but you hated the fact the artist was running because he was, it was a very uh. Let’s just like anti-establishment type artists brain you know. I just think that like because there’s so many people who we look up to who have no problem like selling themselves, you know, and but when we become when we begin to think about ourselves as a brand – and I know that’s because like when I was a Kid who it was like this, I know the feeling of being like ya know when I picture might come up in my wildest imagination and night.

It doesn’t involve me having to do anything. It’s like I’m the fucking funds bro. You ever read Happy Days slide in there. I hit the jukebox and I don’t have to put a quarter in it because it just starts playing my song automatically and a leather jacket. Everything just comes to me in waves. I don’t even even ask, but it’s a brother, that’s not real life like Gary Vee is one of the more successful people that way a broad majority of people have no problem looking up to they don’t say it’s corny and he’s out there doing all these things.

That these artists think are uncool and he’s way cooler than them like most of these people who think this shit is not cool, they haven’t done anything cool with their career, yet do some cool shit and then act too cool yeah, and I can definitely say I Underst, I understand it just because of some of my younger years, as you say, I know exactly what you like and if the sad part is a lot of, it is really kind of justifying some of your own discomforts and securities to a point, as opposed to You know just doing the work, but if you think logically enough, you just realized, you know this doesn’t make sense.

Anybody that you actually like feel they’re, cool and you’ll. See that this doesn’t this rule doesn’t hold yeah go, get their social. You ever seen it you ever seen my egg apps first big special, he says yeah, I don’t know I was waiting to see which it would. You were cool you’re going to. He was like the worst champ in the world. He was like well make some money. First and then we can do all we can do all that cool, especially using Gary being an example, because nobody sells throw look at.

Will Smith look at the rock look at like all these men. Look at Kevin Hart bro, oh my god, Kevin Hart has no problem. Asking you to go check this out on Instagram or go buy this or go see his new movie. None of these people have a problem with it and they’re, not cool. Well. How do you like to be fair on the other side, all right, how do you can? How do you get yourself seen? Well, how do you communicate and really give them a text to your brand without feeling like you’re, you’re begging me? I don’t know, maybe that’s what some people are trying to avoid.

I think that try to worry and devise you know bad bad sales. People feel like they’re, begging, good sales. People know that they’re selling, so, like you know, if you’re bad sales person, like you know, there’s training for that, like can become better catchy, like I don’t know like it’s just crazy. That is crazy. This is crazy that, like these, there are like there’s parts of the culture that respect it.

There’s parts of the culture that respect salesmanship hustle. You know what I mean and know how to do all that, but but yeah I mean I just feel like. I miss feeling a lot of people feel like maybe like insecure about asking people for like asking people to take the action that they actually wanted them to take. You know I get it man, I think like to me when it comes to cells. One thing I always resort back to it.

I can’t remember the first person I heard say, but it’s common in salesmanship, where they just basically leave back to the fact that, like if you believe in the product, why would you not tell somebody about it? Yes, that’s what I actually just posted online

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Why Artists Fail & How To Become A Music Promoter | Brandman Sean x Dash Radio Interview

We got brand man Sean in the building, he’s a marketing maverick. I call him a GI, I think he’s a genius, you know and bi, and I don’t say that I don’t say that lightly. I’ve been following Brandon Sean on YouTube for quite some time now, and I’ve even had value and kind of following him and really, you know, seeing tips that he’s given artists these day.

So Sean talked to the people. Welcome to the crib how’s everything man what’s up? What’s up man, everything is great, I’m glad to be home. I appreciate you having me on your platform, then of course man, of course man and you have been helping countless artists for years now. So I wanted to you, know kind of get. You know you want to show to kind of talk to. You know talk to you about like your journey and like how you actually got to this point because you’re in a you’re in a you know really dope spot in your career right now, because you just launched brandman ramen Network yeah.

As far as on this end, like you’re in it definitely in adult place, so I want to start from YouTube. So when did you start your YouTube blog I’ll start? Here I had a music festival that had been running for about three years annually, bringing about a thousand people out, and we had grown that that took a lot of energy. We grew it from 0 to 1000 that first 1,000 pretty much with no money spent on marketing, but just understanding and hacking, algorithms on Instagram and all that kind of good stuff at the time.

But you know that’s what I do right on and then some real world promotions as well and in that time I’ve always been around artists and helping out artists, branding consulting things of that nature. But I had it put so much more energy into a lot of other things that I was working in, that it was just a area I was giving value in without making it a priority in terms of my own personal business, but then in the law, when We decided to not do the festival for a period of time, and there were some artists that I was working with hoping to build their brands.

But you know artists keep their creative walls at a certain point right. Anybody who’s that ii-i’ve never considered myself a manager, but anybody who’s been through a management experience right or even a lot of artists would be familiar with a period where artists are going for it going for or trying to gather some things. But the actions never add up or and for whatever reason, and then on top of that they want to reinvent themselves right so mm-hmm I was working all the most, the closest I was working on a day-to-day or, let’s just say, we’d do week more so with Artists, they had even taken a break, and I mean in that period I had so many people continue to come to me for advice, because people would hear about the things that I’ll be helping.

Other people execute. So it was all very, very much so a word-of-mouth, and he got to the point where I was like you know. What let me just do this on YouTube, because I was in a period where I was taking a break from all that other stuff, and I was doing so much for other people. I said you know: okay, let me well what can I do? That’ll be interesting on my in my extra time and then I came up with I: did it try doing YouTube? I did YouTube really just to answer people’s questions right like so.

I don’t have to answer them over to over again break him down his detail. My maramures articles, like that Betty article yeah right, I was like just breaking down conceptually so then. If I show people ask me a question, I could say: hey man check this article out and it was very much that I wasn’t super heavily thinking. I want to be this YouTube guy or anything like that. My yo man, I kind of helped some folks out.

People always tell me that artists need a platform to learn some stuff from. I don’t know everything, but I just, but I know what I like to talk about and what I know. So let me share some of that stuff and that’s kind of where it came off and once I started seeing the energy right and the way people were a rallying around a thing. I even had like this one girl that I had like a crush on like way back in, like middle school high school, she was like my forever credit back in school.

She she like commented on that article of like oh, my gosh. This is amazing, like this is going to go viral now, but even that was like a little inspiration. I like shit, okay, but that’s a little random stuff at that time, man cuz. It wasn’t supposed to be a business or anything like that. But man – that’s man, like the kind of here like how that that whole thing transpire and it really started from you doing tactics from the promotion of the festival.

Would you say that? Because I tell artists this all the time – and I tell people that actually want to work with artists dis all the time, and I tell them there’s no way you’re going to learn how to be a manager. There’s no way that you’re going to be able to know how to market your music unless you have hands-on experience doing it, like you know, like just perfect example like someone, that’s wanting to be a manager, like I say, hey, like you’re, going to have to know Every you know every aspect of the business you’re going to have to do it hands-on before you, you get thrown into working with someone.

So would you say that you’re, like one of the ways that it helped you kind of branch off and kind of learn, a stuff that you you’ve learned was because you were doing it hands on at first with the festival? Would you say that that’s true yeah man I mean because it wasn’t even just the best of what, like I said, I’ve been advising artists and one way or another for a period of time, even if the festival came about, I always been around it and doing It whether it was small projects helping some friends or some other folks that heard about me and then a festival, though, like that especially a project on that scale.

It just it just helps, fine-tune things and I think it’s better to be able to have certain experiences from different categories, because then you can codify them into whatever you’re going into right. If you do survive to just settle on just marketing, you settle on just management. Olette, ever for a period of time, like all those experiences, especially in music, are transferable. Like the festival, I got a sense of you know, attitudes of or at you know the whole different point like usually I’m just helping them and blah blah blah like blah blah blah.

But now I get to see the other side where artists are looking at me. As a lick and had a approach from that standpoint, but then also the lack of professionalism with so many artists and even bigger than that which really helped my my blog was just the perspective that artists take right and then I could see the things that they’re Lacking in or their the expectations they have versus the reality of what it’s like.

You know what I mean, so I I was able to get fine-tune on both sides. Definitely understanding the professional side definitely understands other other side, because once I have those two and then a couple live with so my brother, he was a Grammy nominated, was just a part of a collective that was, they were Grammy nominated. So that’s. You know one thing that I learned was when I was because I was technically not even in music.

At this time I was like I wouldn’t take call myself in music. I was actually kind of trying to run away from it, but that’s a whole nother story. A marketing has like that. Yeah, like I said, that’s another story, but when I heard he was nominated right and he was still living the life that he was living, I had to do some math right. I was mad at things up just the way. I think I’m very logical and I was like, if don’t makes it right exactly based on the perspective you have growing up like you, Grammy nominated.

Oh, that’s like life-changing you you reach more, you know whatever typical childish fantasies or things you might associate with a lot of those titles and what I saw that you know like, and I like the news hat. It was lucky and fortunate for me to have that perspective before I even went into it seriously. Cuz I was like oh man like this stuff ain’t real. You know I mean, on top of a lot of my experiences working in just other projects and industries and things like that.

Those life, not even numbers, don’t make sense. I already understood heavily like, like growth, hacking with marketing how to like completely measure. What’s true and what’s not what’s the source of where the true impact is coming from, so all those things I’ll, just like yellow a lot of this stuff that people think it is. This is the same right. You know. How can I help people understand that y’all are far off didn’t so the music in the entertainment industry and the entertainment industry is all about.

You know the in front of the curtain in the behind the curtain. Yeah and all people see is in front of the curtain like that guy behind the curtain is a beat that would get people messed up so true, so that’s so I’m glad you actually broke that down, because that means that you had like that was that spark That kind of told you like, hey, like it’s something, not adding up, what’s what’s happening, so I’m glad you broke that down, because I think a lot of people have a misconception and I think people, especially obviously listeners like listeners, have no idea how, like most listeners, Don’t have no idea how the music business works and then there’s a lot of artists that come in and they don’t know how the music business works and they – and you know what’s crazy, is – and I know you experienced this a lot you might meet with an Artist that has been in a game for almost a bit in a game but, like you know, has been recording and releasing music for years, but they don’t know how publishing works.

So they don’t know how certain things work. So it’s kind of crazy how misinformed both people on the outside and in are within the game. So I want to ask you: I want to ask you something: um, what’s one of your biggest frustration with artists today, ooh, because I know you you, you actually talk with a lot of artists all the time. So it’s like. I know that there’s some common thread that frustrates you about how they think or what they do was one of those things that you would say that frustrates you most about about artists coming up today I would say: entitlement, hmm, and especially not knowing and being able To see their own entitlement makes it even worse, exactly man that you know what, when I was when I was thinking about that question, I didn’t even like that’s not one of the first things that I thought about, but man you’re right that is crazy, so yeah.

So tell me like, because I know on you, I was looking at your YouTube blog, and I saw that, like you are very animated about not managing artists like what’s one of the things that would that that’s that’s kind of shying you away from managing artists um. One there’s a lot of responsibility straight up to take over some my eyes: that’s that’s what it essentially is: yeah you’re, a parent or like, oh, you wouldn’t you know.

Well, no, unfortunately, many managers end up becoming a parent. That’s right, you’re, right right, and that comes from some of those other things, an Indian title, male artist. As a matter of fact, I have a perspective well now I’ll get to that in a second, but so, but like just having to really push people along right. Some artists are being dragged over the finish line. This is supposed to be your dream for you and you need to push you every step of the way you don’t want to work.

You just want to be in a studio and a lot of that, but comes from them, not understanding that it’s so much more than their talents right, so that that’s one perspective just from from that. But then literally just the responsibility of it right and me not feeling it personally, I’m not in a position where I can do that. I can count on you. Yeah understand through probably like a shower ring more than anything for me to have something like that.

Just because, like not only him, he are you putting all this trust on me to oversee your life. I’m really especially if this will happen, started to come late. For my come up, I’m putting everything on YouTube. Yeah! You know that’s a tough relationship to meet, so it would have to be so so so so right and I also believe what I could, but there was a path that I started to take. That was very management oriented, I’m also like label exact opportunity or unit.

But then I started to recognize the opportunity for what I’m doing right now, exactly the YouTube and and that other side, and it makes so much more sense. For Who, I am how I think and being able to impact multiple people at scale and provide resources and connections and proper information, as opposed to just holding on to one situation, because also, once I start down that path in a lot of ways like certain offers Or jobs like that just creates a certain conflict of interest right.

I correct can’t be working with this place and then dropping all these article of the day. Talking about such a special things like yelled, like bro, what you doing so like that created the space as well honestly but um, but yeah like just back specific to the management. It’s like that. What the artists, like that whole trust relationship, um thing, and even that I thought of that just I would love to have more of a sense of my own system.

I always say maybe for one. If I had kids, I once I go through that, I might, it might make it easier for me to like have an artist yeah yeah I’d be more into that mentality, but then even bigger than that, like continuing to build right and be patient with my own Path and career, where maybe one day I might run into a talent and then I’m like yo. I really believe in this talent. You know maybe fact-check them a little bit, make sure they got.

It got the character and all those things in place, but then say you know what how many place where I know such-and-such, I know such-and-such, I know, such-and-such i-i have such and such amount of money. Nowhere. Let me guide this situation, maybe at least something to this point yeah I got you and I can still not do that without being a manager right through these, it’s like it’s a professional world in general.

There’s all these set paths there’s been, and not only did it not match up with my personality once I started to get a feel for, because I’ve been around some really dope news in terms of like managers, I’m like. Oh, it’s different managers like when you see adult one then less. You know like. I don’t be like this among all the data. That’s not me, but I do this thing as much or even more than he would do know like, and I’m all about finding my space but yeah like understanding that traditional path that was in the industry, it’s not just for artists, it’s for the professionals as well.

They don’t, I don’t think it’s talked about enough on the professional side that it’s just it’s open for the professionals to do whatever they want to do and pave new lanes as it is for the artists, you’re, 100 % right yeah – that that’s one thing and really Just to bring it back full circle because I know I mentioned – I would touch on this earlier part of that whole entitlement. That artists have, I truly believe, is only a symptom of really the industry itself.

The industry made it that way. It enable artists to have a certain type of behavior and be entitled in and to like, feel like Yousaf, but you’re supposed to serve me when you’re they serve your audiences right. It’s not all about you, yeah yeah right, because that’s that same mentality, right that kept them from wanting to seek other things like ownership in their own stuff, right. We and we enable them.

We sue them so now, they’re in a space where they’re good their whole world feels like it’s about them until the money runs out and they realize the label controls everything. The label has all the access that our data to the fans, the label. You know what I mean like: has the ongoing world sees an income or or the majority of it right, they’ve been doing all the business while we’ve been having you you’re thinking, it’s all about you, you’re enabled and like that back environment I think, was very beneficial For the whole yeah, I you know what I speak it for you to actually say that, like that’s kind of what’s crazy is, is that because I’m in the business in you know – and I have a certain kind of viewpoint on things and it’s dope to kind Of hear that, because I really never thought about that, like I never thought about how you like you know – and I agree with you – I think there’s a lot of things that happen or you know the industry it did allow.

You know, as far as if it to actually have to know it’s it this way, so I want to get I’m going to I’m going to get some more of your takes on this we’re going to go into it’s into the mix and tell me real quick. What was something some some music that you listening to right now, yeah the last thing on this side I’ll say the last artist that I heard recently that struck a chord will be with the artist by the name, a yellow pain, ye ll, Oh pain.

And yes, he has a couple of songs worth checking out: okay, okay, okay, that’s! What’s up okay, it’s good to know cuz, like obviously you’re you’re, when you’re, when you’re on youtube, if you’re you’re very unbiased. So it’s like you know. You actually mentioned artists. In a case study type of scenario, but never on the music side, so I’m going to get some more of your music thing. When we get back you’re tuned into the crib on radio, we got brand man Sean and the building will be back to him.

After this mix, let’s go and we are back and the crib we’re still talking with brand man. Sean he’s dropping knowledge, and I and I hope, the artist that’s tuned in. I hope they actually are really kind of soaking it in and obviously anybody that’s unfamiliar with your blog to go check out the interviews and all of the the content that you actually have on your Wii on your YouTube, blog um. Speaking of interviews, I want to ask you about the interviews, because you’ve had like a lot of dope interviews when windy day, you’ve been interviewed, you it’s.

It’s is so many people that, if that I’ve actually been able to kind of get so much information from, and so many people that I’ve never heard of before, but you know that I was able to actually get knowledge from. So tell me some of your favorite. Just just a few of your favorite interviews, and maybe some for like something that they one of the gems that they drop one of the interviews with key J Chapman, an EOB event, manager, awesome managers, clap Becca and one of the gems that I really enjoy.

In that interview was actually just him talking about diversity, Bo beads, uppers, mm-hm and the reason and the way that so much but is because man I hear every single artist always talking about they want to be Ivers these days, I’m not verse. I want to be like this and that and and that’s just what, because now it’s become a cool thing right, mm-hmm B, I use into everything I don’t like you know.

Everybody thinks that not true of like for like 99.9 % of people, but everybody thinks and desire to be there, but I always tried to paint the picture of just from a business standpoint, a logical, practical standpoint. It’s hard to just come out. The gate be diverse, and even if you do it takes a lot of struggles, so TJ having Bo be as an artist one of the most truly diverse artists, not saying the other are design the ability but put on a large scale of success in multiple different.

Like type sounding categories, he walked through really how gob can win a lot of times when it comes to dropping a song like one part of his audience will hate it. At least one part is saw, our audience will hate every single song. I come at it hard because it’s so they’re so diverse, alright, because maybe song he’s audiences around these different songs and makes it hard to me. You were in some waves where you know you have your favorite artists and they might have a song sometimes like.

Are they doing that other thing over there? I’m not feeling that or this song ain’t for me, but literally the OB is going back and forth between both sides of his fan base. We need to sell out. You know like zag, that extreme and really I mean there’s more than just two sides to his fan base, so just really the fact that he was able to like for real opinion out like use case wide. This is what how hard it is on the end that that was interesting and then Ryan Leslie, when I never yeah.

That was a big one, yeah yeah, that was dope, and I I love it when it comes down to it. I just say I love the fact that he talked about the power relationships connections, the fact that he thought he was supposed to be. You know this is most talented musician. There was in the world, you know. I me on some prints playing 27 instruments type stuff, and that was why you got so good. He thought that was the way to get in, but then he realized music weather wasn’t a meritocracy right.

I’m part of that escaping from the childhood fantasy of what is life. You know I mean realizing that you know. There’s talent, that’s a portion of it where’s the music business, so there’s a capital portion of it, there’s a connections portion of it and then just handling the business from the execution team cause. You know that there really encompasses the whole thing but slow from realizing that and then realizing the value of relationships, and he has a formula where he basically speaks on the be.

The potency of the relationship depends on two things, which is proximity and frequency, which is simply how close am I to you right, like physically yeah right? How often do you see you physically and then? How often do we come in contact right like how closely, and how often do we come in contact, of course, because of Technology you can hack some of that through, like oh, we just need text. Often are we talking upon everyday? We FaceTime some of that, but even if you think about how many relationships you gain just because you work together or you went to school together, where they normally probably wouldn’t have happened, all right.

True in the fact that he’s building technology around keeping that experience at scale nothing interesting and I like – and I love the fact that he kind of broke it down into a formula because it’s so relevant. It’s one of those things we sleep on and just sound good. If CLE, it’s like cliche the power of relationships and things like that, and now you to people around your network is your net worth all that stuff is cliche.

However, cliches get repeated a lot because police say is have some truth in it, and people tend to ignore the common sense truths for the execution of the hardest part. So I love the fact they broke that down into the distance this concise formula most definitely so. I wan na I wanted to talk to you about the brand man network noun like as far as the so I wan na. I want you to tell the listeners what the brand man network is and the benefits of joining the network.

Alright, so number one brand man network is a platform that connects artists with the community and our resources to help them develop their brand and build their fan base. Those are the two primary things. That’s the focus we want to help you get your brand fine-tuned, though I give you a brand. We have one workshop in there where alright you’ll have a brand. It’s going to get you like nice, real nice, and you already have a pretty dope Frank brand.

I guarantee you, your brand will still be sharper coming out of the other internet workshop and then the rest of it is also once again helping provide tools and resources to actually help them. Build a print of a fan base right, nothing, real practically real fan base, and we do that in a few ways right. We have their workshops, as I talked about right and even just some hardcore like courses, because we want to help them be able to do this for themselves.

The New Age right has all these independents coming up and for independent to be able to be successful. They’re going to need a couple things which is pretty much the same thing even going to a label when the artist with me, which is connections, capital and proper information right and, of course, as an independent. You don’t have access to the label which can expedite your connections right, though the label, you borrow connections, you borrow capital, basically all those things that you need even borrow information, so we’re providing those things where like amen like.

If you have a team, your team needs to sign up, and everybody needs to be on the same page. Have access to this information, because your marketing guy needs to know how to market music specifically on Facebook Ads, we have okay, we got that we got. Facebook. Add course we’re building out the YouTube one right now, but it’s not just even those general courses like I said, they’re specific workshops and I promise you this is different than of course this is different than reading YouTube articles like it.

You can read two years of my youtube articles or just random information online, and you probably wouldn’t make as much progress as four months going through these workshop series. So it’s guided versus I readed a YouTube article and I’m trying to take in this random information. I’m trying to figure out where this this tip works in my own process. We help guide you to a more specific process and even help provide some systems.

Then another thing and then so so you have that of course, less workshop yeah from private articles. That can be online because sometimes you know people just can’t talk about such stuff on a youtube level exam or then there’s some other things that are just exclusive, because it’s easier to go deeper in that platform versus YouTube. Where, sometimes, you honestly have to talk about some trivial things just to keep people attention and then one of the best things most valuable things are weekly Q & A with real people right hopping on calls, and you can talk to me currently so, like you know, A little bit about me right, I’ve worked with artists in several, you know, yeah.

I worked an artist in multiple genres and I got some like a tech background. Helped build some companies to the point where they are. They get millions raising capital and things of that nature. I just just helped not not the guys but of and then – and you have people like currently goggle goes by the name of co-lead to savior. That’s his online Instagram like Korea’s favor and Cory digital marketers, spot Spotify, playlist expert as clients of festival, co-founder one of the founding members doing doing his thing heavily as well.

Either people that do it. You have Russ, be he’s no longer idling records for that Island Records for Goodman and has been it desperate Jam. He is a GM of rap fest and he’s doing some account management for big social media for some pretty big artists right now. So these are my real people that you get to talk to and that’s just currently and at the beginning of the network. We aren’t even that deep in there you’re going to they’re going to be a lot of other people.

You have resources coming real soon, whether it’s resources they’re offering to the network that you’ll have access to for free all these things or whether it’s uh them actually being someone. You can talk to from a call. Alright, there’s a there so so so much come coming into the network. We’re only like five six weeks out to be honest and design, there’s so many things. I can’t talk about completely just so you know you got ta, get things all on the dotted line, but there’s a lot of value coming into the network, and this is the way I like to look at it.

Just I talked about a lot of things. I want to summarize it you have a article space exclusive articles, trust me, there’s they’re, not just regular, I’m on YouTube articles. They go deeper or a touch on things that you don’t hear. People touch on other places, including me on my youtube blog consultations. Basically, with the live Q & A were you high point to talk to people like you can get in context, it’s not like I’m typing in my youtube comment and hoping they answer my question and they don’t even know how deep my situation goes.

I’m talking about a player’s music, pull up your Instagram profile, alright, what’s going on, what did your manager say? What’s like, we go back and forth for real for real article chat style and then and of course, its face alone has an extreme value, because it’s guided and it’s touching all these Facebook courses and things like that that people charge thousands for, but going all the Way back to just the consultation piece alone right right now, I’m going for about $ 350 to be transparent.

Is that right, mom – and I was doing this discounting for a period for like $ 100 Brian. Even you want to go to that low right $ 100. Is for an hour and what you might have this happened to one artist. We got on a consultation, potentially real dope, guy love what he had going on. He was part of a brand session too, and we went through all this information and God is playing right, but then probably like two three days after the call, he had a big company reached out to him and you know he wanted to know what was up And blah blah blah, but he didn’t have the money for the consultation you get up both because stuff can change so fast changed so fast new opportunities for newer artists, more important, if just a one-off call, because you know when you have so many things that you Need to do like, like there’s just too many factors and too much stuff that can change things more important to just one one I’ll call not to say that we want a one-off consultation having no value it.

Can it’s like more valuable net is ongoing guidance. So four, instead of $ 100 for one hour right, five months of access to brandman Network for that same price, and in that five months you can talk to Shawn weekly, you know brand man, Shawn weekly, you could talk to Russ B, Cole, Reid and, like multiple Times an artist in five weeks, I’ve probably been on seen them in, like 1012 calls already like the leveraging.

I can’t be. I can’t be mad, you know using the resources and using as much as possible and they’re, giving it to me every single thing and I can keep updating. Oh man census. Last time we talked this happened right. I couldn’t do that for for like a cheaper price things that were like full 101 on face. I couldn’t talk to a lot of people in a lot of faces because it wouldn’t it wouldn’t make sense or be worth my time, but this is about.

How do I create an environment where artists can get as much support and much access as possible right without it not being a charity? You don’t really exactly know. I totally get you, and – and this is this is dope so so question I just want to get just so cuz. I know there’s going to be a lot of artists that are going to you know, ask about the actual payment structure. So is the payment structure for the brand man network monthly and they pay by the year? Can they pay by ten months like how does that the the payment structure work right now, it’s only available in monthly payment structure on it.

Looking you know by the time. Some people get on and check it out, it might be a year and monthly. That’s all the goal is to add a yearly payment structure as well just in case people want to do that and of course, you know, usually the yearly payment structure. It gives a little bit of discount off the monthly price as a whole, but right now it’s just monthly. As of this conversation, god I got, I got it, okay, so most definitely so this is my thing.

Anybody any artists. Listening out there like there is a lot of value. What Sean is bringing like and to be honest with you, I don’t know anybody on the top of my head. That is doing what Sean is doing. So you guys make sure you head over to bran Man Network com2, to check this guy cuz. I mean what you’re doing is so valuable because and that’s kind of why I wanted to have you on the show too cuz.

I wanted to know because they I get a lot of people in my team’s saying. You know they want to get a shot they want. You know they want to have had me hear the music. They want me to manage them. They want me to do whatever, but it’s it’s one of those things where it’s just like. I don’t really don’t have the time you know to you know, have a situation where I can work with everybody. I want to work with as many talented people as possible, but I don’t have the opportunity to do so.

So I think what you’re doing is is dope because you understood that. Okay, you know what these these one-off consultations aren’t really and – and you know it’s crazy – you could have kept doing the exact same structure with the consultations and I feel like and correct me if I’m wrong, but you actually switched it up because you want to help More people and you want to be more of a help, instead of being a situation where it’s just, you are just taking people’s money and I’m not saying that you weren’t yet that you that that’s what you were doing before.

But you want to help as many people as possible and spread it out. Am I right amen? Look you. You got some kind of intuition man, but you you read that perfectly perfect for that cuz I could tell, and that means that cuz, like you know, there’s a lot of people in this business there’s their sleazy there they’re like they just are about the money, and I could tell it’s not about just the money with you.

It’s you really. You really care about the art of the music. You really care about. Just you know everything overall, so it like people got ta. Understand that you know. People like you in this industry is few and far between, like this there’s, not really a huge amount of there’s, not a lot of people in the business. Like you, you know cuz, like there’s a lot of people that day they come in, they come out and you know they just really in it for that quick book because they see how much money is coming in the game.

So with that being said, man, I hats off to you. I have another question for you before we go. What’s one of the things that you think is going to happen in the industry three years from now or you know, that’s coming that hasn’t come yet, but what’s one of the things that that are that’s in the industry that people should be looking out for right Now, all right, so there’s multiple facets of this alright, so one I should be able to say this part.

Pretty short sweet is just the rise of the middle class artist or the livable wage artist. All right already we’re in some sense, but I think it hasn’t really calcified in people’s minds that being an artist doesn’t necessarily mean being Rihanna or being something big stars. Yeah millionaire good. Now, because of all these resources and the lower overhead in the access we’re now. But I have a lot of artists that I mean they’re, making $ 30,000 a year $ 50,000 a year as an artist, and so many people – that’s was failure, but you know my question is: if would you rather be an artist making $ 50,000 a year or Would you rather be doing some job that you hate for $ 50,000 or $ 60,000 a year? True right, so that’s one thing: that’s going to change people, people artists are really going to start to take on that mentality and some of them some of them, are going to actually accept that mentality and even start thinking of it as a way of okay.

I’m doing this, I’m a livable wage artist, but then of course, just like a regular professional career, you start to work your way up, though, say: okay, I’m working this job. I got entry level, but by year ten you know I want to be the CEO or I want to be an exec. So a lot of artists will say: okay, I’m going to focus on this first level, I’m good with this with Carlos, but I still enjoy figure out.

Oh, but move my way up, but that in some ways will create a sense of a bubble, at least mentally. In in the industry, just from an artist standpoint now I don’t know how much it’ll affect the actual industry actual industry. I don’t that uh yeah, I don’t. I don’t know all right, particularly when you talk about the more formalized labeling on our stuff. I think they’ll be good, but from just the mentality of a lot of these people who are wanting to be an artist just to be an artist or I think it’s cool.

You know I mean like there’ll, be a bubble burst more personally individually, so it won’t hurt the industry. I don’t believe in much, but it will hurt. You start to see a lot of individuals kind of like this other dude, who you know where it comes out. Oh you’re getting money from this and you weren’t artists, you were you, know, supposedly allegedly scamming money and things like that right to push your career long, so it’ll be a lot of people or and even influencers in general, where it’s like their life is not adding Up with what they think it should be, or other people think it should be in that that part will be exposed.

On the other hand, because of this more formalization and professional outlook, that a lot of artists have and as the industry starts to mature, there’s going to be more formalized structures on the independent in serving them not just from a distribution standpoint. But even things like Brandon networked artists will be more comfortable with the idea of paying for their education outside of school, which is just a more you know.

That’s like a whole different game, that’s being sold to artists right but David when are to think about music. They say: oh man, you know, I see the artists popping they’re blowing up and they’re doing it off of a viral article, which obviously we know that a lot of these articles are viral by design. Not by just luck, correct artists will stop thinking and seeing that they’ll start to say no I’ll, invest in my education.

This way. In the same way, I would invest in the school and that’s part of the reason for brandman network right they’ll be more of things similar in that direction. There already are some like that are similar or serving different audience in different pockets right, but artists aren’t really ready for it. Yet because I hear artists all the time saying I can get this information out here for free, like what’s the point of doing this.

Other thing you don’t know they information this quality, I mean all right board service level. It’s even it is deep. You don’t know how to apply it to yourself, yeah any guys. What soccer ball to you like me, reading about like all these books on how to be a CEO and out how the business is irrelevant? You know I mean like or meat or all these things on operations, but I’m doing marketing and branding over here and I’m not involved in it.

It’s just like. Okay now, you know a lot of stuff that you can’t move or anything and apply it to yourself. So you more structures that help artists do that at scale. I think will come because it’s something that isn’t needed, especially when something bout, the education system, education, traditionally college, they don’t serve artists, that’s rude! A bit! Don’t serve parties right at all like these music things, business courses and things like that, if anything, those are more designed for the music exact right, where I want to go work at a label and from a worker side than an artist.

Sorry, a rapper side. No there’s no college. I guarantee you trying to figure out how to build out their curriculum to better their lives and increase its chances of success for a rapper. You get a percent 100 percent, 100 percent man you’re a hundred percent right last thing. I, like it’s crazy, cuz like we could, and I think I might have you have to have you come back on the show again, just to kind of drop some more gems.

Oh especially once you know you once the website gets a lot more steam and so forth. Question well, what’s one piece of advice that every artist needs to understand if they’re really trying to be serious in this business? What’s the one piece of advice you could give to somebody right now before they jump on brandman network.Com to actually sign up? What’s one of the pieces of advice you got for me, I would say nobody owes you anything hmm.

Now diana has a good one. I say that not to be like Jennifer’s like general or sound good. I say this because, truly as an artist, I promise you it would apply to you in many situations where you reach out to somebody, and you think that they should reply. It starts to feel a certain way. Trust me, the type of everybody in the industry period at some point and probably still having to people that you think are successful, that are reaching out to people or Tyler or think or have some expectations of people and, as the actions are what’s happening, isn’t aligned With that a lot of times that slows people down what you have to do is sometimes I get to get to the point where you know I’m going to keep moving forward with garlis and not not over index from what I think other people should do.

For me, not only because you know you need to do so for line and all that stuff, but a lot of times people get in their feelings, and I mean I say this as in. I feel it all the time I get it where you know you sent out an email. It’s that simple scenario and you think somebody’s going to reply. You feel like somebody’s ignoring you or you feel like. Oh someone saw your DM, but there’s so many other cases.

I know I do it the people where I might be looking. I might open up a DM man that questions lady burn. I’ve got a quick chance to answer that and then no now I’m not. When I go back to my dams, I got another 50 other DMS and I’m doing all the other stuff of my life, and I don’t remember right, it’s nothing personal. I just don’t remember I miss it. Oh yeah, I’m trying to get back to you and I like this there’s so many things that aren’t personally used, and so we personalize a lot of stuff cuz ego.

That is security. So if you just remember that people don’t owe you anything in the first place, it’ll help I’ll say that I had one situation. I would say this last thing and in relation to that I had one relation where I was like you know. This girl is super dope, she’s doing her thing and she’s, not even like an artist but she’s in the industry. She does like enemies and things like that. I’m like she’s killing it.

I mean she been consistent for so long and she hasn’t even blown up like a huge scale yet, but she’s still doing it, and I just want to reach out to her and let her know how dope I thought she was mm-hmm. I go into my deep low to DM her and when I be on her, I see she messaged me like two three months prior asking if she could chop it up and like interview me and I’m like oh snap, like I, I missed out her DM.

You know me, I hope she and I and their feelings or anything about that cuz. I know how that goes exactly because I literally because I think she’s dope and I don’t even know if she already tried to reach out to me. That is crazy. It happens. All the time, though, like way more the right either like it just have it all the time going both ways. So it’s hard that that ego thing is your was going to move in when it comes to moving and dealing with so many people, man, that’s the des Invalides, like I said man, it’s definitely a pleasure chopping it up with you.

You know I could I I always get a sense of people that are coming at this business. You know with with a genuine heart and not really coming in, like oh, how much money can I make how much money can I make so I can kind of do the next thing. So I my hat’s off to you, man and, like I said I want to continue to support what you’re doing so. Please keep me in the loop with everything you got going whenever you’re about the launch of next arm of your of your business.

Let me know I would love to have you come in to talk to the people because, like I said, I have a lot of artists that actually listen to the show because they want to either get that music played or whatever the case might be, and I Think this information is going to be the super super valuable format. So thank you so much for actually coming on the show, any anything that you want to tell tell the people.

Okay. Well, first, what small thing that thing you say about delivering with you know a genuine heart. I appreciate that. I definitely try to approach things that way and not just be an outfit for the bag, so I can’t say I’m not about, but not like you know. I am about getting my money. I believe everybody should be a concern and treated fairly more important than just the genuine heart is the ability to like okay, say: if I’m going to do this, for you I’m going to deliver on it, for you he’s going to do it with integrity.

I might be doing it just for the money, but if I do it I’m going to do it, do it right, that’s more important. We need more of those people in Hinch and life in general when it comes to following me, brand man pran be man in a n. You can find on my youtube blog. I encourage you heavily to check out brand man network com. The goal is not just to get the information, but also see how you can apply to information to you, execute that information and actually change the level that you’re at with that information, and that’s an alignment with what we’re trying to do and help artists with and Brand men that we’re cops go check that out and other than that you’ll find everything else that I’m connected to through that through those things.

Man, like I said, thank you so much for stopping by the crib. You guys have been listening to the crib. If you are an artist and you found this information, valuable make sure you hit them up, let them know you know if you get up in his dm’s, don’t be mad if you don’t respond quickly, but just make sure if you really want that one-on-one contact make Sure you sign up and join brand man network like I can personally vouch for it, because I you know when somebody that’s been in the business for as long as I have.

I don’t know everything, but I know when people know what they’re talking about and Shawn does so make sure you guys check them out once again. Thank you so much Shawn for stopping by as far as on a crib and getting give us a giving us a call, we really appreciate it and you’ve been tuned into the crib on radio. Let’s go remember check us out every Sunday we’re at a new Tom, we’re on at Eastern Time 9:00 p.

M. And we’re on Pacific time 6 p.M. So make sure you go check us out every Sunday with that being said,

My favorite musician as of right now.


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How Spotify’s Playlist Changes Affect Music Artists

The listen account from the discovered on playlists on desktop, which I think is a very disappointing thing to close out yeah there’s. So many interesting arguments I hear about this. What is your respect so from one perspective I can understand you know it was. You know supposed to be like knowing reuse it so much, maybe because all season on mobile, but and also their thinking is probably going to stop like the defect playlists so much.

But I actually think that by taking away this, you lose transparency. So if I’m looking at, if I’m trying to picture a playlist, not a smaller playlist, not going to see smaller artists, I know that that place program and come up on their profile and if the analysis is not correlating to the actual number of followers, then I Know it’s not a good play list. I won’t have that option anymore, to check all right and that’s the interesting thing man, because it’s all about who are you trying to serve at the end of the day? All right, we can say hey this platform is for consumers is not necessarily for artists.

In that way, we use artists to serve consumers, but it’s not necessarily for artists, so it does make things interesting right, because you want to please artists, to the extent that you can serve to the consumers, but at the end of the day it doesn’t they they Try to is Lowe’s politic things where you use an argument that sounds like you’re doing good, really to also take more control over the platform and eliminate some of your competition, because the third-party playlist, you know a real thing right there useful, but you take away from Buddy utility, a from the artist like you say, like it, makes a lot harder to understand.

How do I take advantage of this playlist? Which ones do I want to get on, and I know they say that it’s it helps more so with making sure that people are focused on the quality of playlists and – and you know not gaming numbers and things of that nature, but really it just makes it Yeah, I don’t really find a world where it’s actually better for anybody. No it’s annoying so see, doesn’t make any difference at all to bigger eyes, because obviously those are going to be big, but for independent artists and smaller artists.

It’s a big difference, especially as a lot of artists were tweeting out that it’s um there’s a really valuable free marketing tool and there aren’t many of those around they’re, actually free notice. What everyone yeah yeah. I mean to me, though, at the end of the day I go and overthink it because look if you see you can still see the type of playlists that certain artists on off huh, so you can still reach out to a playlist of the artists you’re.

Listening to and things like, that’s one route right. If I’m, if I’m listening to artists I’ll go to similar artists, I can see what playlist your music has been picked up for, so I’ll just go reach out to those playlist and make sense. You know you can tell still in its own by Spotify or not so, there’s still that path of kind of understanding, the quality of a playlist, which is more how you want to be looking at playlists anyway, but there’s still paths to get there.

And then you can utilize other sites like chart metric, do maybe you’re paying. For you know the professional premium account to start to get an, I feel of which of these you’ve pretty much see the exact same stats or everything in their spot of expires. Take an more orange arm measure, so that’s still there you just have to get some more money. Is that can import things for this side that usually you’ve go on the desktop on Spotify and you go on the ice profile and you would see the five top players there on you’ll no longer have to see the listeners account used to be able to see The playlist, and also this doesn’t impact Spotify thrice at all.

You’d, never see all the place you’re on yourself on your own account doesn’t affect that. You ever see what place you’re on and how many listeners listening to your music, it’s just on the front end for you know the general consumer, general user. You can access it yeah. I mean in that vein. I might actually flip. I mean I I can at least understand in that instance cuz. I they’re trying to say that they don’t want people to follow a playlist based off of social proof.

They want people to follow a playlist based off of whether they like the playlist. Is that what they’re trying to say? Well, maybe – but it doesn’t go far enough because to do that they would remove the followers count from the playlists altogether. Wouldn’t they they’re going to do that? Well, you’re saying the consumer wouldn’t see the playlist, though right they have to see the place. You just can’t see the number of listened to Scott on what I’ve talked about playlists.

Well, that’s what I’m saying they. They won’t see the path, but your argument is that it wouldn’t just be that the consumers can’t see the follower account. You think that if they really care they wouldn’t let anybody feel the follower account yeah. I think so, because obviously they’ve also you can everyone can see the moment I can see the number of other players has got. What you want to know is how people actually listen to that playlist and removing this takes that away to some extent it’s just a list of listeners that are more important than the followers engaged.

I don’t. I actually did. I disagree with that because I think that is a consumer yeah. They should be focused on whether they like it or whether they like a playlist, I’m not nothing more than yeah yeah yeah so but on the back end, there is still utility. If I have a playlist, I’m going to be able to know how many people are following my playlist cuz, I can judge other metrics there’s a lot of reasons for me to understand that.

So I wouldn’t say I don’t know I just like anything. Alright, there’s a lot of websites that don’t allow you having to have an insight on the front end, because it’s not tuned and user experience that allows you to see a lot more deeper into it on the back end, because there’s all these functions to it. So yeah, the other point I made on my newsletter was that oh, my ladies was just on desktop. It wasn’t on mobile apps, which the main way that’s what files used anyway, therefore, will it make much of a difference that part yeah? That part brings things into question like what are you doing or why are you going if you, you know, why are you going to buy this way? Cuz, as you said, is he’s mostly on mobile.

So, what’s the point of just doing your own one or not or not, the other, I guess we have to wait to see fit for this one, but if there’s just a sign of things to come, we’re always going to find on a different way around to Do whatever we need to do?

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Promote Your Event As An Experience

Using certain colors Campbell is great for making flyers um. A lot of people do use those apps and things that can be on the phone, but definitely make sure your visuals look clean. You always want to make sure it’s clean, make sure you have the address on there. If it is a public event make sure you have the day, if the little things that can cause people to not go to your eBay, but it has no address, it has no time on it.

So what so? It has no date like did this pass already like important things to put on the flyer, I say for like the average time to promote an event for a newer person, maybe, like I would say, maybe three to four weeks. What do you think, are you sure yeah? No, I would say three or four weeks in this year, if it’s just like a, if you’re trying to do like a hundred people, it’s probably about three to four weeks and you’re, trying to really push and make it something bigger and especially getting deeper, deeper and Just selling the experience, then it might need to be something something bigger than that like, but most people need to start off with those three to four weeks mm-hmm and we lock the live back on that word-of-mouth part like that.

I you have to make people. I want to say this real quick because, like the way I found DJ, oh so was her flyer cuz. We talked about marketing right. She had that flyer where it was like the girls in the car – and I said how’s that anyway, and they were. I was like yo. This ad is hardest because I was one of other chick. I know I was like yo who did this. She was like her and I got ta follow her because this junk is just heart so that a lot like people pay attention to the quality and you’ll creative approach and your marketing and then bring that same energy to the actual experience.

But learn that she’s a DJ too though, but I feel like she has an advantage, because you obviously you’re talking to a lot of artists, the part where a lot of artists mess up. This is where I had the advantage too. When it comes to, it came to like throwing a bitch over a lot of my artist friends, because artists always try to make the about them versus just creating an experience where everybody else has a great time.

Not realizing you and me didn’t, have a great time. They going to just keep coming back to you off of that strength, they’re going to want to be around you, but art is like. I just want everything sitting around me and the stage, and they focus too much on that side of it like that, for real. For real, especially if you aren’t even strong in the show game so make it about the fan, how can you make them? Have it an amazing experience, regardless of you being there and then how do you integrate your goals and your your project or your narrative into a dope experience? Yes, yes, yes thank you for breaking it down, like I always say with the marketing when it comes to any event, especially for newer artists, you want to treat your marketing with that three to four weeks.

Man, you want to treat it like a project roll out, like think of it as you’re rolling out a single you’re rolling out your EP you’re rolling out an album, a mixtape. So pretty much you have, you know you announce it and then every week is something else added on it’s something else being added on or something else being added on, like some people, okay, so the first week, it may be a giveaway being done.

You know so where you can get some more followers, so we can get more people looking or paying attention to the event. Next, you may announce like the special guests or the line of you know and stuff like that. Then the following week of you know you may offer like may offer a giveaway. You know for some merch or something like that. You know for people that purchased a ticket as it gets near in there, because people a lot of people really purchase tickets as it gets closer to the event.

I got a notice on me. You don’t even might scare you. You know people realize okay. What’s the move, what’s the mood when it’s like a day or two before the event, that’s ticket sales to shoot up like that? So this is my experience and even if you want to do something like you know, giving a discount rolling out a discount code on certain things, so you kind of have to build up that anticipation really for people to fire.

For people say: hey, I’ve got to be there, so the DJ also escapes she remember. You know before she’s dropped the flier she’s dr., plum promo article she’s announced like some special guests. You know coming through and stuff like that, so it it just feels. On top of anticipation like all right boom, like I got, ta be there and then whatever you do. As far as like your different announcements and your different roll out, make sure it all has the same colors like the colors that you need using your fire, your branding make sure they all have the same colors make sure they all have the same.

Aesthetic make sure they all get about the same vibe. So that’s pretty much just a couple of things to pay attention with the marketing

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