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TikTok Music Promotion Results And Platform Comparisons | How To Use To For Music Marketing

I really don’t understand this thing. I decided to go ahead and do a free training using real campaigns and I’m going to go through some real results, but also explaining it in a way that if you get tick-tock in this way, it will be a game-changer for you with your music. I promise not only that, no matter what type of music you have and no matter what age and you’ll see why.

So, let’s start here Muse, seven hundred and thirty, four thousand nine hundred views on this particular campaign. Twenty seven thousand eight hundred and ninety nine likes two thousand six hundred and sixty one shares and eighty-seven articles have been generated from this campaign. Now, let’s look at the finer details, though, because this is where it becomes more important for those views than views came out at point: zero, zero, one, one, five cents per view: that’s a fraction of a penny, twenty seven that will the same thing for the likes Shares were thirty, one cents per share and articles came in at nine dollars and seventy seven cents per article now you might not have Rannoch tick tock campaign, so I want to ask you in general: do you feel like these are good results for anything they’re? Not the worst results in the world I’ll tell you that, but they are the worst results that I’ve ever gotten on tick tock.

This was a situation where the artist had some business issues in the back end where the campaign didn’t even come to fruition like it was supposed to it had to halt mid campaign. But we still got these results and I’m going to go through the rest of results before I talk about some more aspects of tic TOCs, so check this out right here that same campaign just market it on tick, tock got some streams.

They’ve got about 1700 streams and those streams came out at 49 cents per stream industry average, and you have a really good play on this broker: you’re, probably going to see around two to four cents per stream. This was at 49 cents, but remember this is over time we just marketed on tick-tock and it bled over to here same thing for YouTube about about 1800 views on the YouTube article 47 cents per view.

You can get lower. You can get better than on YouTube. If you are dangerous enough, you learn it well enough. It’s easy to get 1 to 5 cents per view on YouTube. Of course you got. You know, fractions of a penny views that you can get on YouTube as well. If you really know what you’re doing, but let’s stick stick with an average of what most people are going to get one to five cents, all right 47 cents per view higher than that? That’s what this campaign got.

But again this is overtime. This is extra now, with that being said, a campaign. That’s currently running right now, point to one six well, two point: one cents per view is what it’s getting per stream on: Spotify, that’s right in the pocket of an industry average, and this is about 50,000 views that this campaign is gotten. Probably you know it’s still going it’s still going on. I just talked about it talk to the people earlier today.

So that’s still going remember this one only got 1,700 streams. This one at point, zero to one one. A fraction of a penny is at fifty thousand streams and still going on Spotify just from being marketed on tik-tok. Now we look at the YouTube results. It’s about 15,000 views in on the YouTube article that came from tick tock now the average well get remember. We said went to five cents if you’re pretty solid.

The average, for that particular campaign is about that’s a zero five. Seven. You probably can’t even see that so it’s about five point, seven cents right per view on that campaign. So that’s on the top end. If you were running but remember this, is it ad on YouTube? This is come over from tick-tock. Lo and behold, it’s about 10 million views on tick-tock right now, thousands of articles being created to it so you’re talking about four.

What this artist has done. The first campaign, by the way, when we talk about it being the worst campaign, it hasn’t it’s not even a thousand dollars spent on that campaign. Isn’t it’s not that much money that’s been spent and it got the results it did. This is somewhere a little around neck, but it’s some very good results, so maybe double the money, but you have far more results because we were able to keep running it and run with the strategy that we planned for – and this is what I love about – tick Tock you run in one place and get all of these results that get pushed in all these other areas right where traditionally, you might run something on Instagram and it stays on Instagram or it might be a programmatic ad, where you’re running it on Instagram and you’re.

Pushing the Spotify, so you see the results there or you’re running on YouTube and you push it there or it’s just one platform. That’s really seeing prime results a lot of times and a lot of people’s campaigns, but this is one campaign. That’s having people go to all other aspects because of something on tik-tok that I like to call transfer ability that has to be kept in mind. Whenever we consider any type of campaign, people will discover your tick-tock and they will happily go find your music, because up until now, there had it even been other direct link to select on Tik Tok.

For a long time, people hadn’t even been able to put a link in their bio when it comes to tick tock, so people could go directly to the music. So this isn’t people even saying hey. You go check out the link in my bio with the call-to-action. This is people literally hearing a song and then going to find it. Google searching in YouTube, searching it so 50,000 streams based on that behavior. Not go.

I’r pushing you over here. This is oh. I hear it whoa. What’s that song and that’s what we’re seeing again and again and again on tick-tock. Can you look at Instagram? We already know those prices have gone up: you’re not going to pay $ 100 $ 100 per 10,000 followers for an influencer, because we know it’s not worth that anymore. Right $ 100 per 10,000 followers means you’re paying $ 1,000. Just someone who has a hundred thousand followers and stop and think and tell me if you think, that’s worth it on tick, tock, I’m not on Instagram today.

I don’t think it is. As a matter of fact, I know for a fact. Many of those influencers know that it’s not they’re trying to hold on as much as they can, but so many of them have come down since I’ve been working with them because they already know and understand that there’s more competition in these other spaces they’re trying to Maintain if they can, but a lot of them have come down because they know it’s not worth it.

Instagram is suppressing traffic. So, to really understand, though, here’s something to consider when we look at tick tock right. This is how the content flows through tick, tock. There’s four buckets that you can look at content always starts in bucket number one. It’s shown to a small audience. It gets stressed test for a period of time and I can go deeper into the algorithm in another article, but just understand that is here for about two hours and it starts to move throughout the platform and it stops on level three for about four days.

Actually, you understand that when you start to get into tick-tock and see how the content flows as well, but if you need to make it there once you make it to each level, it’s shown to more and more people, so these levels also coordinate with the size Of the box you’re being shown to a small bucket, let’s say maybe 2,000 people and then you’re being shown to maybe 20,000 people think you’re being shown to 200,000 people, think you’re being shown to two million people and beyond right.

That’s how the flow of the content works, but outside of the transferability, which is one of the most important factors of tick-tock. When it comes to an artist. People are looking for your music they’re hearing your music and then they’re actively going to look for it, because this platform works like promo daily. Every single article is promo, except people are giving you permission to show it to them.

That’s um, marketers dream. The other thing is viral loops, so because of how this works, the way the platform is built. If you drop a article right, then it’ll go through these levels and your article might make it to level 2. Somebody sees that article and they decide I’m going to create a article, and this person could be better. You then creating articles. In matter of fact, they might actually have a lot more followers and be a strong content creator, so they might do it and then it’ll take it to level 3.

Multiple people see their article and then they might do it. Let’s say 5 people see their article and one person stops on level 2. Two people stop on level three and then four four of them make it. No that’s wrong, math to people who make it to level four alright. So now you have people being planted as seeds on different levels, all coming from one article, all right, so you drop a article that article creates other articles and being dope that article inspires other people to make articles, and next thing you know you’re entering into this Viral loop right so now it’s marketing for itself.

In the same way, we think about passive income and people say I want my money to work for myself on tic-tock. Your content is working for itself. It’s a little soldier that gets other pieces of creators and content out there to create for it and then, when they create. That brings back more content that gets created and it continues this loop. While your article is working for you, you can continue to make strategic moves to boost that content as well.

So that’s one of the biggest beauties we have the transferability of content on tick, tock and then also the viral loops being built in and just to actually drive that point through. Let me pull this something right here, so that first campaign the worst campaign that I talked about 87 articles generated. We only created four articles for this campaign, so 83 of those articles all came because of that viral concept, that’s ingrained into tick-tock.

There were other people who saw those articles and said I want to create articles off of it, which allowed our cost per article to come down to nine dollars and 77 cents. As a matter of fact, remember I mentioned this is that worst campaign that I’ve ever had run on tik tok, that artist was actually extremely delighted from the results and what based on what they had to pay any results. They saw somewhere else and they wanted to do more and more work, hopefully after they finished figuring out all the back end business troubles that are going on right now.

We because we know what it could have been and it could have gotten closer to those other campaigns that we run. We were kind of sad about it. We were highly disappointed, especially with that song and another thing about that particular song. It had zero bass in it, zero, so the type of music that you think blows up on tick-tock, it’s not just high-end, energetic hip-hop. It’s not just super poppy songs that song.

I don’t even know what to call it. Honestly, it’s pretty slow. It’s not even our abhi song, it’s some kind of mid alternative, modern, whatever you want to call it right, but it’s it’s an interesting type of sound and it still is taking off in its own with those little pushes that we put behind it EDM. I see that blow up on Tik Tok, all the time country plenty of traction on tick-tock. It doesn’t matter your type of genre and it doesn’t really matter your age, because it’s about the music itself, if you run and understand how to push the campaigns in the proper way right, people are hearing the music and going to find the music before they even Think about who they see in it like who the actual artist is.

That’s after the fact, as a matter of fact, there’s there’s some I’ve seen some instances where people have been highly surprised to find out who the artist is, how they actually look and all that after they hear the music and become fans of the music is so, But that’s what you want right! You want followers based off the merit of your music. First, that’s what so many artists are looking for tick.

Tock of is that, in a way that a lot of these other platforms aren’t necessarily affording all right, it’s more Spotify. In many ways than it is Instagram because people are truly discovering music or in tik-tok that’s another conversation for another day, but just understand that this should be enough to give you an idea that you don’t have an excuse on age. You don’t have an excuse on your type of music, because all of that stuff is there.

Alright, Gary Vee is talking about it, a lot, because it’s a very real thing. You hear a lot of people talking about it, because it’s a very real thing from using results, and so much of the industry, I’m in meetings all the time. These people are coming right. These people are coming and the prices are going to triple at minimum. For a lot of these influencers and a lot of these other types of campaigns that you might be looking to run on tic toc, because they’re going to bring the money, you need to make sure that you get in before the prices rise.

Particularly if budget is a constraint for you, so if you want to make sure you understand tick-tock and you want to get onboard as quickly as possible on how you specifically can benefit as an artist, because there’s a lot of content and ideas for just creatives. In general, but how you can benefit for music then check out our free training. It’s at tic, toc, music, promo calm, and you will reap a lot of benefits from not having to go through figuring out tic toc.

It’s a completely different platform so get on there. Utilize the information and put it to work because tic toc is a game changer and I’ve yet to see a social media platform that impacts an artist music directly like this get on while it’s sweet, because it won’t always be this easy, tic, toc, music, promo dot-com. We have an entire free training and for those of you who want to share this article with your friends, you can check it out on the brand man page I’ll, make sure it gets posted on the brandman page on YouTube.

That’s it

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