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Why Artists Fail & How To Become A Music Promoter | Brandman Sean x Dash Radio Interview

We got brand man Sean in the building, he’s a marketing maverick. I call him a GI, I think he’s a genius, you know and bi, and I don’t say that I don’t say that lightly. I’ve been following Brandon Sean on YouTube for quite some time now, and I’ve even had value and kind of following him and really, you know, seeing tips that he’s given artists these day.

So Sean talked to the people. Welcome to the crib how’s everything man what’s up? What’s up man, everything is great, I’m glad to be home. I appreciate you having me on your platform, then of course man, of course man and you have been helping countless artists for years now. So I wanted to you, know kind of get. You know you want to show to kind of talk to. You know talk to you about like your journey and like how you actually got to this point because you’re in a you’re in a you know really dope spot in your career right now, because you just launched brandman ramen Network yeah.

As far as on this end, like you’re in it definitely in adult place, so I want to start from YouTube. So when did you start your YouTube blog I’ll start? Here I had a music festival that had been running for about three years annually, bringing about a thousand people out, and we had grown that that took a lot of energy. We grew it from 0 to 1000 that first 1,000 pretty much with no money spent on marketing, but just understanding and hacking, algorithms on Instagram and all that kind of good stuff at the time.

But you know that’s what I do right on and then some real world promotions as well and in that time I’ve always been around artists and helping out artists, branding consulting things of that nature. But I had it put so much more energy into a lot of other things that I was working in, that it was just a area I was giving value in without making it a priority in terms of my own personal business, but then in the law, when We decided to not do the festival for a period of time, and there were some artists that I was working with hoping to build their brands.

But you know artists keep their creative walls at a certain point right. Anybody who’s that ii-i’ve never considered myself a manager, but anybody who’s been through a management experience right or even a lot of artists would be familiar with a period where artists are going for it going for or trying to gather some things. But the actions never add up or and for whatever reason, and then on top of that they want to reinvent themselves right so mm-hmm I was working all the most, the closest I was working on a day-to-day or, let’s just say, we’d do week more so with Artists, they had even taken a break, and I mean in that period I had so many people continue to come to me for advice, because people would hear about the things that I’ll be helping.

Other people execute. So it was all very, very much so a word-of-mouth, and he got to the point where I was like you know. What let me just do this on YouTube, because I was in a period where I was taking a break from all that other stuff, and I was doing so much for other people. I said you know: okay, let me well what can I do? That’ll be interesting on my in my extra time and then I came up with I: did it try doing YouTube? I did YouTube really just to answer people’s questions right like so.

I don’t have to answer them over to over again break him down his detail. My maramures articles, like that Betty article yeah right, I was like just breaking down conceptually so then. If I show people ask me a question, I could say: hey man check this article out and it was very much that I wasn’t super heavily thinking. I want to be this YouTube guy or anything like that. My yo man, I kind of helped some folks out.

People always tell me that artists need a platform to learn some stuff from. I don’t know everything, but I just, but I know what I like to talk about and what I know. So let me share some of that stuff and that’s kind of where it came off and once I started seeing the energy right and the way people were a rallying around a thing. I even had like this one girl that I had like a crush on like way back in, like middle school high school, she was like my forever credit back in school.

She she like commented on that article of like oh, my gosh. This is amazing, like this is going to go viral now, but even that was like a little inspiration. I like shit, okay, but that’s a little random stuff at that time, man cuz. It wasn’t supposed to be a business or anything like that. But man – that’s man, like the kind of here like how that that whole thing transpire and it really started from you doing tactics from the promotion of the festival.

Would you say that? Because I tell artists this all the time – and I tell people that actually want to work with artists dis all the time, and I tell them there’s no way you’re going to learn how to be a manager. There’s no way that you’re going to be able to know how to market your music unless you have hands-on experience doing it, like you know, like just perfect example like someone, that’s wanting to be a manager, like I say, hey, like you’re, going to have to know Every you know every aspect of the business you’re going to have to do it hands-on before you, you get thrown into working with someone.

So would you say that you’re, like one of the ways that it helped you kind of branch off and kind of learn, a stuff that you you’ve learned was because you were doing it hands on at first with the festival? Would you say that that’s true yeah man I mean because it wasn’t even just the best of what, like I said, I’ve been advising artists and one way or another for a period of time, even if the festival came about, I always been around it and doing It whether it was small projects helping some friends or some other folks that heard about me and then a festival, though, like that especially a project on that scale.

It just it just helps, fine-tune things and I think it’s better to be able to have certain experiences from different categories, because then you can codify them into whatever you’re going into right. If you do survive to just settle on just marketing, you settle on just management. Olette, ever for a period of time, like all those experiences, especially in music, are transferable. Like the festival, I got a sense of you know, attitudes of or at you know the whole different point like usually I’m just helping them and blah blah blah like blah blah blah.

But now I get to see the other side where artists are looking at me. As a lick and had a approach from that standpoint, but then also the lack of professionalism with so many artists and even bigger than that which really helped my my blog was just the perspective that artists take right and then I could see the things that they’re Lacking in or their the expectations they have versus the reality of what it’s like.

You know what I mean, so I I was able to get fine-tune on both sides. Definitely understanding the professional side definitely understands other other side, because once I have those two and then a couple live with so my brother, he was a Grammy nominated, was just a part of a collective that was, they were Grammy nominated. So that’s. You know one thing that I learned was when I was because I was technically not even in music.

At this time I was like I wouldn’t take call myself in music. I was actually kind of trying to run away from it, but that’s a whole nother story. A marketing has like that. Yeah, like I said, that’s another story, but when I heard he was nominated right and he was still living the life that he was living, I had to do some math right. I was mad at things up just the way. I think I’m very logical and I was like, if don’t makes it right exactly based on the perspective you have growing up like you, Grammy nominated.

Oh, that’s like life-changing you you reach more, you know whatever typical childish fantasies or things you might associate with a lot of those titles and what I saw that you know like, and I like the news hat. It was lucky and fortunate for me to have that perspective before I even went into it seriously. Cuz I was like oh man like this stuff ain’t real. You know I mean, on top of a lot of my experiences working in just other projects and industries and things like that.

Those life, not even numbers, don’t make sense. I already understood heavily like, like growth, hacking with marketing how to like completely measure. What’s true and what’s not what’s the source of where the true impact is coming from, so all those things I’ll, just like yellow a lot of this stuff that people think it is. This is the same right. You know. How can I help people understand that y’all are far off didn’t so the music in the entertainment industry and the entertainment industry is all about.

You know the in front of the curtain in the behind the curtain. Yeah and all people see is in front of the curtain like that guy behind the curtain is a beat that would get people messed up so true, so that’s so I’m glad you actually broke that down, because that means that you had like that was that spark That kind of told you like, hey, like it’s something, not adding up, what’s what’s happening, so I’m glad you broke that down, because I think a lot of people have a misconception and I think people, especially obviously listeners like listeners, have no idea how, like most listeners, Don’t have no idea how the music business works and then there’s a lot of artists that come in and they don’t know how the music business works and they – and you know what’s crazy, is – and I know you experienced this a lot you might meet with an Artist that has been in a game for almost a bit in a game but, like you know, has been recording and releasing music for years, but they don’t know how publishing works.

So they don’t know how certain things work. So it’s kind of crazy how misinformed both people on the outside and in are within the game. So I want to ask you: I want to ask you something: um, what’s one of your biggest frustration with artists today, ooh, because I know you you, you actually talk with a lot of artists all the time. So it’s like. I know that there’s some common thread that frustrates you about how they think or what they do was one of those things that you would say that frustrates you most about about artists coming up today I would say: entitlement, hmm, and especially not knowing and being able To see their own entitlement makes it even worse, exactly man that you know what, when I was when I was thinking about that question, I didn’t even like that’s not one of the first things that I thought about, but man you’re right that is crazy, so yeah.

So tell me like, because I know on you, I was looking at your YouTube blog, and I saw that, like you are very animated about not managing artists like what’s one of the things that would that that’s that’s kind of shying you away from managing artists um. One there’s a lot of responsibility straight up to take over some my eyes: that’s that’s what it essentially is: yeah you’re, a parent or like, oh, you wouldn’t you know.

Well, no, unfortunately, many managers end up becoming a parent. That’s right, you’re, right right, and that comes from some of those other things, an Indian title, male artist. As a matter of fact, I have a perspective well now I’ll get to that in a second, but so, but like just having to really push people along right. Some artists are being dragged over the finish line. This is supposed to be your dream for you and you need to push you every step of the way you don’t want to work.

You just want to be in a studio and a lot of that, but comes from them, not understanding that it’s so much more than their talents right, so that that’s one perspective just from from that. But then literally just the responsibility of it right and me not feeling it personally, I’m not in a position where I can do that. I can count on you. Yeah understand through probably like a shower ring more than anything for me to have something like that.

Just because, like not only him, he are you putting all this trust on me to oversee your life. I’m really especially if this will happen, started to come late. For my come up, I’m putting everything on YouTube. Yeah! You know that’s a tough relationship to meet, so it would have to be so so so so right and I also believe what I could, but there was a path that I started to take. That was very management oriented, I’m also like label exact opportunity or unit.

But then I started to recognize the opportunity for what I’m doing right now, exactly the YouTube and and that other side, and it makes so much more sense. For Who, I am how I think and being able to impact multiple people at scale and provide resources and connections and proper information, as opposed to just holding on to one situation, because also, once I start down that path in a lot of ways like certain offers Or jobs like that just creates a certain conflict of interest right.

I correct can’t be working with this place and then dropping all these article of the day. Talking about such a special things like yelled, like bro, what you doing so like that created the space as well honestly but um, but yeah like just back specific to the management. It’s like that. What the artists, like that whole trust relationship, um thing, and even that I thought of that just I would love to have more of a sense of my own system.

I always say maybe for one. If I had kids, I once I go through that, I might, it might make it easier for me to like have an artist yeah yeah I’d be more into that mentality, but then even bigger than that, like continuing to build right and be patient with my own Path and career, where maybe one day I might run into a talent and then I’m like yo. I really believe in this talent. You know maybe fact-check them a little bit, make sure they got.

It got the character and all those things in place, but then say you know what how many place where I know such-and-such, I know such-and-such, I know, such-and-such i-i have such and such amount of money. Nowhere. Let me guide this situation, maybe at least something to this point yeah I got you and I can still not do that without being a manager right through these, it’s like it’s a professional world in general.

There’s all these set paths there’s been, and not only did it not match up with my personality once I started to get a feel for, because I’ve been around some really dope news in terms of like managers, I’m like. Oh, it’s different managers like when you see adult one then less. You know like. I don’t be like this among all the data. That’s not me, but I do this thing as much or even more than he would do know like, and I’m all about finding my space but yeah like understanding that traditional path that was in the industry, it’s not just for artists, it’s for the professionals as well.

They don’t, I don’t think it’s talked about enough on the professional side that it’s just it’s open for the professionals to do whatever they want to do and pave new lanes as it is for the artists, you’re, 100 % right yeah – that that’s one thing and really Just to bring it back full circle because I know I mentioned – I would touch on this earlier part of that whole entitlement. That artists have, I truly believe, is only a symptom of really the industry itself.

The industry made it that way. It enable artists to have a certain type of behavior and be entitled in and to like, feel like Yousaf, but you’re supposed to serve me when you’re they serve your audiences right. It’s not all about you, yeah yeah right, because that’s that same mentality, right that kept them from wanting to seek other things like ownership in their own stuff, right. We and we enable them.

We sue them so now, they’re in a space where they’re good their whole world feels like it’s about them until the money runs out and they realize the label controls everything. The label has all the access that our data to the fans, the label. You know what I mean like: has the ongoing world sees an income or or the majority of it right, they’ve been doing all the business while we’ve been having you you’re thinking, it’s all about you, you’re enabled and like that back environment I think, was very beneficial For the whole yeah, I you know what I speak it for you to actually say that, like that’s kind of what’s crazy is, is that because I’m in the business in you know – and I have a certain kind of viewpoint on things and it’s dope to kind Of hear that, because I really never thought about that, like I never thought about how you like you know – and I agree with you – I think there’s a lot of things that happen or you know the industry it did allow.

You know, as far as if it to actually have to know it’s it this way, so I want to get I’m going to I’m going to get some more of your takes on this we’re going to go into it’s into the mix and tell me real quick. What was something some some music that you listening to right now, yeah the last thing on this side I’ll say the last artist that I heard recently that struck a chord will be with the artist by the name, a yellow pain, ye ll, Oh pain.

And yes, he has a couple of songs worth checking out: okay, okay, okay, that’s! What’s up okay, it’s good to know cuz, like obviously you’re you’re, when you’re, when you’re on youtube, if you’re you’re very unbiased. So it’s like you know. You actually mentioned artists. In a case study type of scenario, but never on the music side, so I’m going to get some more of your music thing. When we get back you’re tuned into the crib on radio, we got brand man Sean and the building will be back to him.

After this mix, let’s go and we are back and the crib we’re still talking with brand man. Sean he’s dropping knowledge, and I and I hope, the artist that’s tuned in. I hope they actually are really kind of soaking it in and obviously anybody that’s unfamiliar with your blog to go check out the interviews and all of the the content that you actually have on your Wii on your YouTube, blog um. Speaking of interviews, I want to ask you about the interviews, because you’ve had like a lot of dope interviews when windy day, you’ve been interviewed, you it’s.

It’s is so many people that, if that I’ve actually been able to kind of get so much information from, and so many people that I’ve never heard of before, but you know that I was able to actually get knowledge from. So tell me some of your favorite. Just just a few of your favorite interviews, and maybe some for like something that they one of the gems that they drop one of the interviews with key J Chapman, an EOB event, manager, awesome managers, clap Becca and one of the gems that I really enjoy.

In that interview was actually just him talking about diversity, Bo beads, uppers, mm-hm and the reason and the way that so much but is because man I hear every single artist always talking about they want to be Ivers these days, I’m not verse. I want to be like this and that and and that’s just what, because now it’s become a cool thing right, mm-hmm B, I use into everything I don’t like you know.

Everybody thinks that not true of like for like 99.9 % of people, but everybody thinks and desire to be there, but I always tried to paint the picture of just from a business standpoint, a logical, practical standpoint. It’s hard to just come out. The gate be diverse, and even if you do it takes a lot of struggles, so TJ having Bo be as an artist one of the most truly diverse artists, not saying the other are design the ability but put on a large scale of success in multiple different.

Like type sounding categories, he walked through really how gob can win a lot of times when it comes to dropping a song like one part of his audience will hate it. At least one part is saw, our audience will hate every single song. I come at it hard because it’s so they’re so diverse, alright, because maybe song he’s audiences around these different songs and makes it hard to me. You were in some waves where you know you have your favorite artists and they might have a song sometimes like.

Are they doing that other thing over there? I’m not feeling that or this song ain’t for me, but literally the OB is going back and forth between both sides of his fan base. We need to sell out. You know like zag, that extreme and really I mean there’s more than just two sides to his fan base, so just really the fact that he was able to like for real opinion out like use case wide. This is what how hard it is on the end that that was interesting and then Ryan Leslie, when I never yeah.

That was a big one, yeah yeah, that was dope, and I I love it when it comes down to it. I just say I love the fact that he talked about the power relationships connections, the fact that he thought he was supposed to be. You know this is most talented musician. There was in the world, you know. I me on some prints playing 27 instruments type stuff, and that was why you got so good. He thought that was the way to get in, but then he realized music weather wasn’t a meritocracy right.

I’m part of that escaping from the childhood fantasy of what is life. You know I mean realizing that you know. There’s talent, that’s a portion of it where’s the music business, so there’s a capital portion of it, there’s a connections portion of it and then just handling the business from the execution team cause. You know that there really encompasses the whole thing but slow from realizing that and then realizing the value of relationships, and he has a formula where he basically speaks on the be.

The potency of the relationship depends on two things, which is proximity and frequency, which is simply how close am I to you right, like physically yeah right? How often do you see you physically and then? How often do we come in contact right like how closely, and how often do we come in contact, of course, because of Technology you can hack some of that through, like oh, we just need text. Often are we talking upon everyday? We FaceTime some of that, but even if you think about how many relationships you gain just because you work together or you went to school together, where they normally probably wouldn’t have happened, all right.

True in the fact that he’s building technology around keeping that experience at scale nothing interesting and I like – and I love the fact that he kind of broke it down into a formula because it’s so relevant. It’s one of those things we sleep on and just sound good. If CLE, it’s like cliche the power of relationships and things like that, and now you to people around your network is your net worth all that stuff is cliche.

However, cliches get repeated a lot because police say is have some truth in it, and people tend to ignore the common sense truths for the execution of the hardest part. So I love the fact they broke that down into the distance this concise formula most definitely so. I wan na I wanted to talk to you about the brand man network noun like as far as the so I wan na. I want you to tell the listeners what the brand man network is and the benefits of joining the network.

Alright, so number one brand man network is a platform that connects artists with the community and our resources to help them develop their brand and build their fan base. Those are the two primary things. That’s the focus we want to help you get your brand fine-tuned, though I give you a brand. We have one workshop in there where alright you’ll have a brand. It’s going to get you like nice, real nice, and you already have a pretty dope Frank brand.

I guarantee you, your brand will still be sharper coming out of the other internet workshop and then the rest of it is also once again helping provide tools and resources to actually help them. Build a print of a fan base right, nothing, real practically real fan base, and we do that in a few ways right. We have their workshops, as I talked about right and even just some hardcore like courses, because we want to help them be able to do this for themselves.

The New Age right has all these independents coming up and for independent to be able to be successful. They’re going to need a couple things which is pretty much the same thing even going to a label when the artist with me, which is connections, capital and proper information right and, of course, as an independent. You don’t have access to the label which can expedite your connections right, though the label, you borrow connections, you borrow capital, basically all those things that you need even borrow information, so we’re providing those things where like amen like.

If you have a team, your team needs to sign up, and everybody needs to be on the same page. Have access to this information, because your marketing guy needs to know how to market music specifically on Facebook Ads, we have okay, we got that we got. Facebook. Add course we’re building out the YouTube one right now, but it’s not just even those general courses like I said, they’re specific workshops and I promise you this is different than of course this is different than reading YouTube articles like it.

You can read two years of my youtube articles or just random information online, and you probably wouldn’t make as much progress as four months going through these workshop series. So it’s guided versus I readed a YouTube article and I’m trying to take in this random information. I’m trying to figure out where this this tip works in my own process. We help guide you to a more specific process and even help provide some systems.

Then another thing and then so so you have that of course, less workshop yeah from private articles. That can be online because sometimes you know people just can’t talk about such stuff on a youtube level exam or then there’s some other things that are just exclusive, because it’s easier to go deeper in that platform versus YouTube. Where, sometimes, you honestly have to talk about some trivial things just to keep people attention and then one of the best things most valuable things are weekly Q & A with real people right hopping on calls, and you can talk to me currently so, like you know, A little bit about me right, I’ve worked with artists in several, you know, yeah.

I worked an artist in multiple genres and I got some like a tech background. Helped build some companies to the point where they are. They get millions raising capital and things of that nature. I just just helped not not the guys but of and then – and you have people like currently goggle goes by the name of co-lead to savior. That’s his online Instagram like Korea’s favor and Cory digital marketers, spot Spotify, playlist expert as clients of festival, co-founder one of the founding members doing doing his thing heavily as well.

Either people that do it. You have Russ, be he’s no longer idling records for that Island Records for Goodman and has been it desperate Jam. He is a GM of rap fest and he’s doing some account management for big social media for some pretty big artists right now. So these are my real people that you get to talk to and that’s just currently and at the beginning of the network. We aren’t even that deep in there you’re going to they’re going to be a lot of other people.

You have resources coming real soon, whether it’s resources they’re offering to the network that you’ll have access to for free all these things or whether it’s uh them actually being someone. You can talk to from a call. Alright, there’s a there so so so much come coming into the network. We’re only like five six weeks out to be honest and design, there’s so many things. I can’t talk about completely just so you know you got ta, get things all on the dotted line, but there’s a lot of value coming into the network, and this is the way I like to look at it.

Just I talked about a lot of things. I want to summarize it you have a article space exclusive articles, trust me, there’s they’re, not just regular, I’m on YouTube articles. They go deeper or a touch on things that you don’t hear. People touch on other places, including me on my youtube blog consultations. Basically, with the live Q & A were you high point to talk to people like you can get in context, it’s not like I’m typing in my youtube comment and hoping they answer my question and they don’t even know how deep my situation goes.

I’m talking about a player’s music, pull up your Instagram profile, alright, what’s going on, what did your manager say? What’s like, we go back and forth for real for real article chat style and then and of course, its face alone has an extreme value, because it’s guided and it’s touching all these Facebook courses and things like that that people charge thousands for, but going all the Way back to just the consultation piece alone right right now, I’m going for about $ 350 to be transparent.

Is that right, mom – and I was doing this discounting for a period for like $ 100 Brian. Even you want to go to that low right $ 100. Is for an hour and what you might have this happened to one artist. We got on a consultation, potentially real dope, guy love what he had going on. He was part of a brand session too, and we went through all this information and God is playing right, but then probably like two three days after the call, he had a big company reached out to him and you know he wanted to know what was up And blah blah blah, but he didn’t have the money for the consultation you get up both because stuff can change so fast changed so fast new opportunities for newer artists, more important, if just a one-off call, because you know when you have so many things that you Need to do like, like there’s just too many factors and too much stuff that can change things more important to just one one I’ll call not to say that we want a one-off consultation having no value it.

Can it’s like more valuable net is ongoing guidance. So four, instead of $ 100 for one hour right, five months of access to brandman Network for that same price, and in that five months you can talk to Shawn weekly, you know brand man, Shawn weekly, you could talk to Russ B, Cole, Reid and, like multiple Times an artist in five weeks, I’ve probably been on seen them in, like 1012 calls already like the leveraging.

I can’t be. I can’t be mad, you know using the resources and using as much as possible and they’re, giving it to me every single thing and I can keep updating. Oh man census. Last time we talked this happened right. I couldn’t do that for for like a cheaper price things that were like full 101 on face. I couldn’t talk to a lot of people in a lot of faces because it wouldn’t it wouldn’t make sense or be worth my time, but this is about.

How do I create an environment where artists can get as much support and much access as possible right without it not being a charity? You don’t really exactly know. I totally get you, and – and this is this is dope so so question I just want to get just so cuz. I know there’s going to be a lot of artists that are going to you know, ask about the actual payment structure. So is the payment structure for the brand man network monthly and they pay by the year? Can they pay by ten months like how does that the the payment structure work right now, it’s only available in monthly payment structure on it.

Looking you know by the time. Some people get on and check it out, it might be a year and monthly. That’s all the goal is to add a yearly payment structure as well just in case people want to do that and of course, you know, usually the yearly payment structure. It gives a little bit of discount off the monthly price as a whole, but right now it’s just monthly. As of this conversation, god I got, I got it, okay, so most definitely so this is my thing.

Anybody any artists. Listening out there like there is a lot of value. What Sean is bringing like and to be honest with you, I don’t know anybody on the top of my head. That is doing what Sean is doing. So you guys make sure you head over to bran Man Network com2, to check this guy cuz. I mean what you’re doing is so valuable because and that’s kind of why I wanted to have you on the show too cuz.

I wanted to know because they I get a lot of people in my team’s saying. You know they want to get a shot they want. You know they want to have had me hear the music. They want me to manage them. They want me to do whatever, but it’s it’s one of those things where it’s just like. I don’t really don’t have the time you know to you know, have a situation where I can work with everybody. I want to work with as many talented people as possible, but I don’t have the opportunity to do so.

So I think what you’re doing is is dope because you understood that. Okay, you know what these these one-off consultations aren’t really and – and you know it’s crazy – you could have kept doing the exact same structure with the consultations and I feel like and correct me if I’m wrong, but you actually switched it up because you want to help More people and you want to be more of a help, instead of being a situation where it’s just, you are just taking people’s money and I’m not saying that you weren’t yet that you that that’s what you were doing before.

But you want to help as many people as possible and spread it out. Am I right amen? Look you. You got some kind of intuition man, but you you read that perfectly perfect for that cuz I could tell, and that means that cuz, like you know, there’s a lot of people in this business there’s their sleazy there they’re like they just are about the money, and I could tell it’s not about just the money with you.

It’s you really. You really care about the art of the music. You really care about. Just you know everything overall, so it like people got ta. Understand that you know. People like you in this industry is few and far between, like this there’s, not really a huge amount of there’s, not a lot of people in the business. Like you, you know cuz, like there’s a lot of people that day they come in, they come out and you know they just really in it for that quick book because they see how much money is coming in the game.

So with that being said, man, I hats off to you. I have another question for you before we go. What’s one of the things that you think is going to happen in the industry three years from now or you know, that’s coming that hasn’t come yet, but what’s one of the things that that are that’s in the industry that people should be looking out for right Now, all right, so there’s multiple facets of this alright, so one I should be able to say this part.

Pretty short sweet is just the rise of the middle class artist or the livable wage artist. All right already we’re in some sense, but I think it hasn’t really calcified in people’s minds that being an artist doesn’t necessarily mean being Rihanna or being something big stars. Yeah millionaire good. Now, because of all these resources and the lower overhead in the access we’re now. But I have a lot of artists that I mean they’re, making $ 30,000 a year $ 50,000 a year as an artist, and so many people – that’s was failure, but you know my question is: if would you rather be an artist making $ 50,000 a year or Would you rather be doing some job that you hate for $ 50,000 or $ 60,000 a year? True right, so that’s one thing: that’s going to change people, people artists are really going to start to take on that mentality and some of them some of them, are going to actually accept that mentality and even start thinking of it as a way of okay.

I’m doing this, I’m a livable wage artist, but then of course, just like a regular professional career, you start to work your way up, though, say: okay, I’m working this job. I got entry level, but by year ten you know I want to be the CEO or I want to be an exec. So a lot of artists will say: okay, I’m going to focus on this first level, I’m good with this with Carlos, but I still enjoy figure out.

Oh, but move my way up, but that in some ways will create a sense of a bubble, at least mentally. In in the industry, just from an artist standpoint now I don’t know how much it’ll affect the actual industry actual industry. I don’t that uh yeah, I don’t. I don’t know all right, particularly when you talk about the more formalized labeling on our stuff. I think they’ll be good, but from just the mentality of a lot of these people who are wanting to be an artist just to be an artist or I think it’s cool.

You know I mean like there’ll, be a bubble burst more personally individually, so it won’t hurt the industry. I don’t believe in much, but it will hurt. You start to see a lot of individuals kind of like this other dude, who you know where it comes out. Oh you’re getting money from this and you weren’t artists, you were you, know, supposedly allegedly scamming money and things like that right to push your career long, so it’ll be a lot of people or and even influencers in general, where it’s like their life is not adding Up with what they think it should be, or other people think it should be in that that part will be exposed.

On the other hand, because of this more formalization and professional outlook, that a lot of artists have and as the industry starts to mature, there’s going to be more formalized structures on the independent in serving them not just from a distribution standpoint. But even things like Brandon networked artists will be more comfortable with the idea of paying for their education outside of school, which is just a more you know.

That’s like a whole different game, that’s being sold to artists right but David when are to think about music. They say: oh man, you know, I see the artists popping they’re blowing up and they’re doing it off of a viral article, which obviously we know that a lot of these articles are viral by design. Not by just luck, correct artists will stop thinking and seeing that they’ll start to say no I’ll, invest in my education.

This way. In the same way, I would invest in the school and that’s part of the reason for brandman network right they’ll be more of things similar in that direction. There already are some like that are similar or serving different audience in different pockets right, but artists aren’t really ready for it. Yet because I hear artists all the time saying I can get this information out here for free, like what’s the point of doing this.

Other thing you don’t know they information this quality, I mean all right board service level. It’s even it is deep. You don’t know how to apply it to yourself, yeah any guys. What soccer ball to you like me, reading about like all these books on how to be a CEO and out how the business is irrelevant? You know I mean like or meat or all these things on operations, but I’m doing marketing and branding over here and I’m not involved in it.

It’s just like. Okay now, you know a lot of stuff that you can’t move or anything and apply it to yourself. So you more structures that help artists do that at scale. I think will come because it’s something that isn’t needed, especially when something bout, the education system, education, traditionally college, they don’t serve artists, that’s rude! A bit! Don’t serve parties right at all like these music things, business courses and things like that, if anything, those are more designed for the music exact right, where I want to go work at a label and from a worker side than an artist.

Sorry, a rapper side. No there’s no college. I guarantee you trying to figure out how to build out their curriculum to better their lives and increase its chances of success for a rapper. You get a percent 100 percent, 100 percent man you’re a hundred percent right last thing. I, like it’s crazy, cuz like we could, and I think I might have you have to have you come back on the show again, just to kind of drop some more gems.

Oh especially once you know you once the website gets a lot more steam and so forth. Question well, what’s one piece of advice that every artist needs to understand if they’re really trying to be serious in this business? What’s the one piece of advice you could give to somebody right now before they jump on brandman network.Com to actually sign up? What’s one of the pieces of advice you got for me, I would say nobody owes you anything hmm.

Now diana has a good one. I say that not to be like Jennifer’s like general or sound good. I say this because, truly as an artist, I promise you it would apply to you in many situations where you reach out to somebody, and you think that they should reply. It starts to feel a certain way. Trust me, the type of everybody in the industry period at some point and probably still having to people that you think are successful, that are reaching out to people or Tyler or think or have some expectations of people and, as the actions are what’s happening, isn’t aligned With that a lot of times that slows people down what you have to do is sometimes I get to get to the point where you know I’m going to keep moving forward with garlis and not not over index from what I think other people should do.

For me, not only because you know you need to do so for line and all that stuff, but a lot of times people get in their feelings, and I mean I say this as in. I feel it all the time I get it where you know you sent out an email. It’s that simple scenario and you think somebody’s going to reply. You feel like somebody’s ignoring you or you feel like. Oh someone saw your DM, but there’s so many other cases.

I know I do it the people where I might be looking. I might open up a DM man that questions lady burn. I’ve got a quick chance to answer that and then no now I’m not. When I go back to my dams, I got another 50 other DMS and I’m doing all the other stuff of my life, and I don’t remember right, it’s nothing personal. I just don’t remember I miss it. Oh yeah, I’m trying to get back to you and I like this there’s so many things that aren’t personally used, and so we personalize a lot of stuff cuz ego.

That is security. So if you just remember that people don’t owe you anything in the first place, it’ll help I’ll say that I had one situation. I would say this last thing and in relation to that I had one relation where I was like you know. This girl is super dope, she’s doing her thing and she’s, not even like an artist but she’s in the industry. She does like enemies and things like that. I’m like she’s killing it.

I mean she been consistent for so long and she hasn’t even blown up like a huge scale yet, but she’s still doing it, and I just want to reach out to her and let her know how dope I thought she was mm-hmm. I go into my deep low to DM her and when I be on her, I see she messaged me like two three months prior asking if she could chop it up and like interview me and I’m like oh snap, like I, I missed out her DM.

You know me, I hope she and I and their feelings or anything about that cuz. I know how that goes exactly because I literally because I think she’s dope and I don’t even know if she already tried to reach out to me. That is crazy. It happens. All the time, though, like way more the right either like it just have it all the time going both ways. So it’s hard that that ego thing is your was going to move in when it comes to moving and dealing with so many people, man, that’s the des Invalides, like I said man, it’s definitely a pleasure chopping it up with you.

You know I could I I always get a sense of people that are coming at this business. You know with with a genuine heart and not really coming in, like oh, how much money can I make how much money can I make so I can kind of do the next thing. So I my hat’s off to you, man and, like I said I want to continue to support what you’re doing so. Please keep me in the loop with everything you got going whenever you’re about the launch of next arm of your of your business.

Let me know I would love to have you come in to talk to the people because, like I said, I have a lot of artists that actually listen to the show because they want to either get that music played or whatever the case might be, and I Think this information is going to be the super super valuable format. So thank you so much for actually coming on the show, any anything that you want to tell tell the people.

Okay. Well, first, what small thing that thing you say about delivering with you know a genuine heart. I appreciate that. I definitely try to approach things that way and not just be an outfit for the bag, so I can’t say I’m not about, but not like you know. I am about getting my money. I believe everybody should be a concern and treated fairly more important than just the genuine heart is the ability to like okay, say: if I’m going to do this, for you I’m going to deliver on it, for you he’s going to do it with integrity.

I might be doing it just for the money, but if I do it I’m going to do it, do it right, that’s more important. We need more of those people in Hinch and life in general when it comes to following me, brand man pran be man in a n. You can find on my youtube blog. I encourage you heavily to check out brand man network com. The goal is not just to get the information, but also see how you can apply to information to you, execute that information and actually change the level that you’re at with that information, and that’s an alignment with what we’re trying to do and help artists with and Brand men that we’re cops go check that out and other than that you’ll find everything else that I’m connected to through that through those things.

Man, like I said, thank you so much for stopping by the crib. You guys have been listening to the crib. If you are an artist and you found this information, valuable make sure you hit them up, let them know you know if you get up in his dm’s, don’t be mad if you don’t respond quickly, but just make sure if you really want that one-on-one contact make Sure you sign up and join brand man network like I can personally vouch for it, because I you know when somebody that’s been in the business for as long as I have.

I don’t know everything, but I know when people know what they’re talking about and Shawn does so make sure you guys check them out once again. Thank you so much Shawn for stopping by as far as on a crib and getting give us a giving us a call, we really appreciate it and you’ve been tuned into the crib on radio. Let’s go remember check us out every Sunday we’re at a new Tom, we’re on at Eastern Time 9:00 p.

M. And we’re on Pacific time 6 p.M. So make sure you go check us out every Sunday with that being said,

My favorite musician as of right now.


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