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Promote Your Event As An Experience

Using certain colors Campbell is great for making flyers um. A lot of people do use those apps and things that can be on the phone, but definitely make sure your visuals look clean. You always want to make sure it’s clean, make sure you have the address on there. If it is a public event make sure you have the day, if the little things that can cause people to not go to your eBay, but it has no address, it has no time on it.

So what so? It has no date like did this pass already like important things to put on the flyer, I say for like the average time to promote an event for a newer person, maybe, like I would say, maybe three to four weeks. What do you think, are you sure yeah? No, I would say three or four weeks in this year, if it’s just like a, if you’re trying to do like a hundred people, it’s probably about three to four weeks and you’re, trying to really push and make it something bigger and especially getting deeper, deeper and Just selling the experience, then it might need to be something something bigger than that like, but most people need to start off with those three to four weeks mm-hmm and we lock the live back on that word-of-mouth part like that.

I you have to make people. I want to say this real quick because, like the way I found DJ, oh so was her flyer cuz. We talked about marketing right. She had that flyer where it was like the girls in the car – and I said how’s that anyway, and they were. I was like yo. This ad is hardest because I was one of other chick. I know I was like yo who did this. She was like her and I got ta follow her because this junk is just heart so that a lot like people pay attention to the quality and you’ll creative approach and your marketing and then bring that same energy to the actual experience.

But learn that she’s a DJ too though, but I feel like she has an advantage, because you obviously you’re talking to a lot of artists, the part where a lot of artists mess up. This is where I had the advantage too. When it comes to, it came to like throwing a bitch over a lot of my artist friends, because artists always try to make the about them versus just creating an experience where everybody else has a great time.

Not realizing you and me didn’t, have a great time. They going to just keep coming back to you off of that strength, they’re going to want to be around you, but art is like. I just want everything sitting around me and the stage, and they focus too much on that side of it like that, for real. For real, especially if you aren’t even strong in the show game so make it about the fan, how can you make them? Have it an amazing experience, regardless of you being there and then how do you integrate your goals and your your project or your narrative into a dope experience? Yes, yes, yes thank you for breaking it down, like I always say with the marketing when it comes to any event, especially for newer artists, you want to treat your marketing with that three to four weeks.

Man, you want to treat it like a project roll out, like think of it as you’re rolling out a single you’re rolling out your EP you’re rolling out an album, a mixtape. So pretty much you have, you know you announce it and then every week is something else added on it’s something else being added on or something else being added on, like some people, okay, so the first week, it may be a giveaway being done.

You know so where you can get some more followers, so we can get more people looking or paying attention to the event. Next, you may announce like the special guests or the line of you know and stuff like that. Then the following week of you know you may offer like may offer a giveaway. You know for some merch or something like that. You know for people that purchased a ticket as it gets near in there, because people a lot of people really purchase tickets as it gets closer to the event.

I got a notice on me. You don’t even might scare you. You know people realize okay. What’s the move, what’s the mood when it’s like a day or two before the event, that’s ticket sales to shoot up like that? So this is my experience and even if you want to do something like you know, giving a discount rolling out a discount code on certain things, so you kind of have to build up that anticipation really for people to fire.

For people say: hey, I’ve got to be there, so the DJ also escapes she remember. You know before she’s dropped the flier she’s dr., plum promo article she’s announced like some special guests. You know coming through and stuff like that, so it it just feels. On top of anticipation like all right boom, like I got, ta be there and then whatever you do. As far as like your different announcements and your different roll out, make sure it all has the same colors like the colors that you need using your fire, your branding make sure they all have the same colors make sure they all have the same.

Aesthetic make sure they all get about the same vibe. So that’s pretty much just a couple of things to pay attention with the marketing

My favorite musician as of right now.