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11 social media marketing tips for musicians

For what you should be doing and what you should be focusing on when trying to Get fans to your shows, pound-for-pound email is still the best online marketing Platform for promoting bands, and their shows, a good mailing list – is crucial for Building a fanbase who will buy your concert? Tickets, your merchandise, Patronize venues and buy beer when age-appropriate.

Well, this the fans Cultivated for your band newsletter is more dependable than fans on social Network follows and likes on platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or Twitter, one method for getting people to sign up for your email list could be a Sweepstakes, you can give away tickets to future, shows merchandise or downloads of Music and articles, while you’re building out your email list do the same with Your SMS text list and use it don’t be as aggressive as with your email.

Marketing, though, perhaps send out a text before your next event, maybe a week Before and then maybe a day before and be sure you segment your SMS text list, By area codes and use that appropriately so you’re, not spamming fans in Kansas, About your next show in Kentucky in some large metro areas, there shows all over The city on any given day or night, don’t price yourself out of that market during The last South by Southwest Conference in Austin live nation labs reveal that They have commissioned studies which concluded that the ticket price and the Associated fees and taxes is the number one reason why fans decide on attending Live shows or not you’re, building an audience here and many folks in Attendance are taking a risk on a band that they’ve never heard of before make It worth their while you might have to take a hit early on.

While you build your Brand, but if they like you, they might buy your seat. Or other merchandise after the show plenty of your fans will say: they’re Coming to your show, but those who have pre purchased a ticket definitely will And even if they don’t you’ve already earned the revenue from the unused Ticket look for ways to encourage fans to buy tickets sooner if you’re needing To drive sales in a more predictable manner, one technique may be to offer the First, 50 ticket buyers a chance to go to the venue early on the day of the show.

And meet the band for autographs during sound check, don’t reveal who the first 50 are until you sold the first 150 250 or 500 tickets, or not a particular date. And time another technique would be to bundle the tickets with free downloads, Of your latest release, but only award the free downloads to the first 500 Ticket buyers, I think you get the point here. Just get creative and check with a Lawyer within the contest that you run because you can get yourself into Trouble fast with the FTC and not even know it assume the people you’re Promoting to have never heard of your band before when you’re writing your Description about your gig be accurate and current and better yet send a link.

To a article photos, reviews or EPK with tracks that they can sample, don’t be Afraid to find your audience from Twitter YouTube, Instagram and Facebook Accounts of similar bands talk directly to the fans of the music that is similar To yours and be responsible for being the one who starts a relationship, you Can also connect with fans in the comments sections of online music blogs. And magazines, don’t be afraid to reach out.

You already have your love of music In common and fans, absolutely love connecting with artists post your events and invite people no More than two weeks before the show date on Facebook too early, then people Completely forget repost new info about the event a week out three days out and On the morning of your event, find fans on Instagram and Twitter and ask them to Repost and retweet your posts using a hashtag with the name of your band Trending Twitter hashtags can make the front page of Google so mastering Twitter and contemporarily boost your organic SEO, which can in turn have a Permanent positive impact on your search rankings, while most of your Facebook Work should be done well in advance.

Twitter and Instagram are best use. Just A couple of days before the show and definitely the night before in the day, Of the show also make sure the venues you’re playing are promoting the show on Their Instagram or Twitter or Facebook YouTube tik-tok, snapchat blog tumblr, AOL Compuserve Friendster myspace geo cities and probably their dog store pages as Well, let’s be honest: Facebook has at best flatlined and at worst and most Likely it’s on its way out, but it’s still too big to ignore.

There are Several companies who can create a customized Facebook page for your band, I’ve used page modo and wildfire with great success in the past. If you like to Get your hands dirty and code yourself. You can build your own solution, though. Just start at the Facebook developer site: let’s get old-school now for a second, a Few weeks before your local show notify magazines and music pop culture.

Sites about your concert, these should be editorial sites like the Dallas Observer Nashville scene, the Free Press in LA and the Houston press, as well as websites Devoted to local event listings like guide, live bands in town and eventful Send them a very brief, well-written description of the show, a list of Notable shows that you’ve played in the past links to positive reviews. Impressive web traffic numbers that the band has had on their own website in on Social media accounts and a web ready search engine optimized image of the Band only submit the websites that list shows that are similar to the genre of Music, that you’re being plays, there’s no point in wasting your time.

If you know You’re not going to get listed on the site now. None of this is hard, but there Are no quick solutions either you ever heard of elbow grease, get it out because You’re going to need it everything that I’ve mentioned in this List is based upon organic online marketing techniques. It’s all online Marketing one on one to anyone who is savvy to SEO social media or other kinds. Of internet marketing with that said, it only works when you stick to it.

Build Your audience and cultivate your relationships with your fans. If you Don’t believe me look at the fans who have followed East Texas, indie rockers Eisley around the world on and offline, you can also ask decades-old members of The KISS Army, gene and Paul realized how important steady organic growth of their Fan base was to building a career in music long before the internet was Around approached local radio and TV stations about doing spots on the air The day of your shows approached local newspapers and offer interviews of the Band to be printed the day before the show they’re going to be told.

No thank You 999 times out of a thousand, but there’s nothing equal to getting local Coverage in a market that not only opens you up to thousands of potential fans, But it gives your bands brand instant credibility, assuming that the interview Goes well now, I want to know what you think, so I can create the kind of Content that you want to see leave a comment for me or let me know what Questions you have, I check them every day and I’ll be quick to get you a Response, I honestly appreciate you reading and I’ll see you in the next article


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Is World Star A Rippoff? Should I Pay To Promo Music On WSHH?

Y’All can like this article jibiji hope I said that right because he acts. He talked about article platforms like world star, hip, hop and promoting sounds. Do you think paying 500 to 1000 dollars to get your article? Seen on these platforms is the way to go.

First, you have to ask yourself the obvious question: do the users of WorldStarHipHop appreciate your type of music? Think about it? Generally speaking, street music is the type of music that successful own world star hiphop you’re talking about the money, the drugs and the winning? That’s pretty much the type of music people WorldStarHipHop aren’t really going there to listen to Drake type music, unless maybe it’s Drake himself, and even then, if it’s the right type of music is really hard to receive great positive feedback because of the environment that they create.

Is so conducive to negativity when you look at so many of the posts is really about seeing something we’re seeing something crazy, saying somebody you beat up just setting up situations for people to roast on whatever the content is now, if the demographic for your type of Music is world start hip. Hop’s community prices can range from as low as 750 to 5,000 plus dollars, but if you do have 50,000 views on a article in the last 11 months now this has to be legitimate.

Then you do have the opportunity to possibly get on world star hip hop for free now they say they check rigorously. They can tell you better, have legitimate comments. There needs to not be any kind of big name on your project. Hood have boosted the views they want to make sure that you are the star that other people are looking for and they made this null in a while ago. So I’m not completely sure this stance completely.

They might have upped the amount of views that are necessary to get on for free, so you would have to email world star for that yourself miss now. If you do decide to pay to get a article posting on world star hip hop, I suggest that you wait until you have multiple projects released, or at least some kind of catalogue of content that what people actually mess with you in your article and they decide To check to see more about you, you actually have some more for them to check out.

Remember having somebody’s attention is a gift so that moment that you finally get their attention. If they decide they like what you got going on, I wanted to look deeper into you as an artist. You better have something for them to galvanize and consume so that you can keep their attention for a good period of time. They can really become a fan of you as an artist. If that one article is all you got, then good luck getting that attention again, you don’t want to have to pay $ 750,000 just to get somebody’s attention every single time.

Another thing is, I suggest you promote a song, a world star that it’s already getting traction by itself. If you already have a project or you just have a single out that has been moving by itself has been doing better than your other tracks. Make a article on that one and promote that article on worldstar. You want to put all your efforts behind something that is showing promise, especially when you talk about putting that money bond.

Also, within your music article figure out ways to promote other songs of yours, whether that might be showing links to your social media for doing the preview of one of your other songs at the end, maybe a little snippet into the next music article. Just remember once again: you want to maximize this attention that you have when you have it, especially when you’re paying for it. I know I’m drilling down on that point, but it’s really how I operate.

Personally, I got money, but I don’t got no money to waste and, while we’re on this subject, we might as well talk about the most popular, well-known worldstar campaign, which was by chaotic what he did was basically the very first worldstar takeover. Not only did he pay to get a song on worldstar, he actually got almost the entire personal page. Really, like the first three roles, he basically made each individual track of his project, a cover for his mixtape, and then he had all of those tracks posted on worldstar.

This goes back to that concept of being remarkable that I talked about recently. If you haven’t seen that article is really the concept of making sure your marketing and your product is something worth talking about the fact he took up so much room and it was showing so many of his articles in a row and made people. Think of who is this guy? How much did this do pay to get on his face? Look at all these articles, this guy’s ass and, at the very least, is going to make people click, because now they wonder who caotic is there’s a article, some djay small eyes, if I’m talking about it, I’ll put it in the link.

Description below point is, if you can think of a creative approach for yourself. You want to do that not only when you market on worldstar, but when you market anywhere, because it makes your money or your efforts go farther, and once you get other people talking about it, then seeing it is one thing but then actually talking about that junk. It’s a whole nother ballgame, so it’s we’re all starting to pop a ripoff, oh and really say that, but will it give you the best return on your investment? Well, I would say that either in here’s.

Why well start if I really exist, as my eyelid Nuggets own, it’s really a glorified blog, doesn’t really have any algorithms or ranking systems that truly automate and ensure that people get to see the best content, which means when things get posted, it’s pretty much a lot More chronological than ranking systems, so what your content is up is being moved further and further back if it was on a YouTube or something like that, it’s going to really work to help the users, whoever those users are best fit for your content.

To ultimately find your content, especially as you get more likes and get more views, you’ll constantly be rising up in rankings. Let me stop and answer this because I forgot to do at the beginning a perfect example of this island. I’m talking about is, if you look at a few of these articles, I’ll flash some up on the screen. You’ll see that there are a lot of cases where there are a lot more views on world star than they are on the YouTube, however, they’re providing the youtube link within world star.

It doesn’t matter if you’re reading on YouTube world star or whatever website. If the YouTube article is there, you too will be recording your views. So how does the world star show so many more views than YouTube? One possible theory is a lot of haters exist on world star natives, like the ones of the articles and clowning on people in the comments and stuff like that. Probably a lot of them are reading the comments before they even read the article.

I know a lot of people do that on YouTube, and this is just me skimming through the articles, but it seems like the only time that the actual article on YouTube has far more abused and on a world. Star is when there were big stars involved. Who were probably getting their views from somewhere else, so the world star, probably just put it on themselves for free to see what the comments will be like, but back to the point with going on, it seems to be a real gap between actually getting views from Your page on worldstar and they’re actually translating to legitimate views on youtube.

So if worlds start offering a paid way to get on their YouTube page, I think there will be a lot more valuable for the up-and-coming rapper personally, but I’m not exactly sure that they do. That you’d have to ask them directly and see what they say as far as I can see, doesn’t look like it, but they’re capitalist. So if you got a lot of money, I’m pretty sure they willing to make a little budge. But if you look on their page, everybody up, there is pretty much well-known and there seems to be a much higher standard for getting on their YouTube.

Page then big getting on the world started by website. So what could be an alternative, an even better option and getting on worldstar? Well one? You have just actually posting your music through influencers, but everybody knows a lot about influencers. Am I going to get deep into that? A lot of people have trouble getting in contact with them. I’m going to come up with something as far as a document at a later time to provide for you guys to help you guys out with that, but the other option is using YouTube blogs, like the other platform that your bigger acts about promoting sounds: there’s trap Nations there’s so many YouTube pages out there, where they’re, basically just posting other people’s music – a lot of time, it’s popular artists, but they also do sell spots to up-and-coming artists who are willing to pay.

Of course, it’s always going to be up to you to analyze whether or not their following is best suit for your type of music, but at the end of the day, you’re automatically being embedded and inserted into the YouTube, algorithm and ranking system. On top of that, their subscribers are going to get a notification when your articles posted – because you know that’s how YouTube works, is it completely work? The money invested? The answer to that is: really.

There is becoming more and more more difficult, particularly for only a single payment of getting one article posted up there, kanai’s just added 15 seconds at the beginning and then into the article yeah. I could’ve, but I think it’s a lot more important for you guys to have a perspective on how to think about these type of deals, so you can think about the various situations that pop up for your particular situation yourself.

That’s it y’all know what to do. He did subscribe.

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Alex Becker Helped Me To Promote My Music | Marketing Tips 2020

So if you’re, a serious rapper make sure you go ahead, you hit that subscribe button down below and you click the notification bell to get notified every time.

I release a new article. Also, if you like, aiming the beats you hear in the background. I’ll have direct links to each of those beats in the description below so over the years. I’ve learned and grown a lot, and one of the first things that I learned when I first started. Making music was the importance of marketing and promoting your music and building an audience. Of course, I didn’t always know how to do that and what to do and what would actually get results.

So I started looking for stuff online and one of the first people that I found was alex becker. So for those of you that don’t know who alex becker is he’s actually a really successful CEO of several software companies and he has a YouTube blog. That he’s dedicated to basically helping other people learn to sell stuff online, and, what’s really great about him, is the fact that he has a really big YouTube blog where he’ll go live every now and again and in those live streams you can actually ask him questions And he’ll give you answers that will help you along and get you some results.

So I remember being in one of his live streams, and he was talking about the importance of email, marketing and growing YouTube blog and the ways that you could do both those live streams helped me out so much and it really helped me get to where I Am today, and that’s just some of the stuff that he shared now, of course, a lot of the stuff that he shared didn’t really directly relate to music. So I had to figure out and take his ideas and flip them to where I can use them to promote my music, but using the his ideas and what he gave other people.

I was able to successfully promote my music and build an audience. There was actually one specific live stream where he basically gave away the blueprint of how he built his YouTube blog up to 300,000 subscribers and the type of articles and the type of content that he had to do in order to basically get to that point. So the first point that I want to kind of drive home is the fact that you don’t have to learn from somebody who’s.

Just specifically telling you how to your music, you can learn how to promote or market or do anything from anybody, who’s, teaching you how to run advertisements or how to promote and do anything online. And the second point that I want to drive home is the fact that I learned how to do this for free. I didn’t have to buy a course. I didn’t have to invest a lot of time and energy into you, know, courses or anything else like that to learn how to effectively promote my music.

I just kind of readed him figured it out on my own and put it into action. So three of the things that I was able to learn and absorb just from reading him and reading his blog was how to do email, marketing, how to promote and create ads for YouTube and then how to create content. That gets people engaged and actually wants to come back to see what you’re going to do next time. So I’m just going to briefly breakdown each of those things, real, quick and just kind of give you an example of how I’ve used it to grow.

My audience and grow my business, so the first one is email marketing, and this is huge for an artist, because this is literally your fans at your fingertips at this point because they’ve, given you their email address, so that you can contact them whenever you release a New song or new merch, or anything like that, imagine being able to send a message to a thousand or 2,000 people and say hey. My new mixtape is dropping in 30 minutes an hour whatever or it’s out right now or you have a new music article that you just released, and you want to get some some views and some eyes on it immediately.

You can literally send this an email to 2,000 people, and a percentage of them are going to go check it out because they’re a fan of you, that’s basically traffic on command that you don’t have to pay for so the next one I want to talk about Is his content marketing strategy? So basically he talks about this in a lot of his articles, but it’s basically how he was able to game the YouTube algorithm or basically understands like what content or what articles to make so that he can basically have a article.

Go viral or semi viral all the time and he’s got several articles on breaking down like how to do that, and that’s absolutely huge, because imagine being able to make a article and know that it’s going to get 10,000 20,000 30,000 views within a few days and Having a message in that article, basically saying like hey by the way I got a new mixtape or a new project or a new song coming out in X amount of days or you know, click the link in the description you can check out my original music.

That’s absolutely powerful. That’s a lot of eyes. You can get your music that way and that’s something that I started implementing in every single article that I did because I knew how powerful it was and then the third thing is YouTube ads and those are really powerful. Because if you understand that you can target basically any artists blog with YouTube ads and show your music to somebody that has a similar taste in music, you can gain a ton of fans really fast and really cheap and one of the more advanced things that I Learned from him, when it comes to YouTube ads is like retargeting ads, so basically, YouTube gives you 28 or 30 days to basically retarget anybody, who’s readed, a article of yours.

So, basically, if you’re putting out a song a month, you can retarget anybody who readed your previous song and show them your next song for dirt cheap. For, like a penny of you, this way, if you basically promote to 10,000 people in one in the first month, then the next month you have an audience of people that maybe they didn’t follow you the first time, but you can then reap re reach out and Reshow yourself to them again and you have a higher percent chance of getting them to become a fan so long story.

Short. I’ve learned a lot from him. I’ve implemented a lot from him and I’m starting to see real results based on the information that I’ve learned. So I hope you like this article, if you did make sure you go ahead and you hit that like button down below. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, go ahead and drop that down in the comment section down below this article as well and don’t forget to stop by hit play beats com if you need any new beats and until next time guys here are some more Articles

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How Many Projects Should NEW Artists Drop Each Year? (Albums, EPs, Mixtapes)

What’s the trade-off Bateen drop in one album per year versus drop in two projects per year? Is it really worth it, etc, etc, etc? Let’s get to that answer. So, let’s start with the fact that after the content is fully created and ready to go, there is one thing: that’s most important awareness getting it out to the public as many of the right people as possible.

But then, within that awareness there are three ways that you make that happen. No more uno is effort to is money and three is resources. So when I say resources in this case, it’s a little bit more general we’re talking about people and whatever other random assets. You might have that might be able to benefit to you getting people’s attention now. Let me start here: there is no way I can just drop.

Some kind of one size fits all knowledge saying that you should just drop one project a year or you should drop two projects a year or three projects a year, and that fits everybody. But what I can say is these are some things that you should be thinking about whenever you use up all your primary resources, thinking might miss out on some opportunities now. What do I mean by that? Let’s just say that you spend $ 5,000 on your marketing for your project or you’re single.

After all, that money spent all of a sudden. You just happen to meet somebody and get this huge opportunity for this platform, but they say it costs $ 200. But you don’t have any money anymore. You have to miss that opportunity. That’s just a part of the game. You will miss some opportunities here and there. Obviously you want to keep as much in the chamber as possible for you to take advantage of an opportunity and when I say in the chamber I don’t just mean money.

I mean people to leverage other effort to leverage all the other types of resources. So why is that relevant to this conversation? Well, just consider the fact that you say I got two projects that I’m dropping this year and I’m going to split everything in half $ 500 towards this project $ 500 towards this project. Now, hopefully, it’s more money than that. But the point is: if you do that, you might not be able to give this big of a push that gets it to a certain level.

But if you put a thousand on one project – and you don’t put out the next music, then essentially you are taking less, which means you have less of a chance of hitting on something. If you just drive one project, then you technically taking less shots, which means there’s less chances of you making it be. Everything is a trade-off. So am I say what if I drop this one project and then I drop the second project and all of a sudden, some of the things on my first project started taking off, but I already have another one off: that’s all cool! If you have something catching it’s catching yeah, you might not have the money to double down on it, but remember if it’s really good content, if it’s great content, you actually can make it pop again later now that stuff is out in the marketplace.

You see. What’s working take a step back as you get the money that you need, you can now put it in those places that work the best translation, whichever songs are moving the best on their own, which everyone seem like. Oh snap, this one might be a hit. I didn’t realize it: that’s the song that you’re going to put all your resources back into once you get the opportunity to again it on the bright side, slash not so bright side a lot of times.

We think a project or these songs are going to be huge. This junk is my best material. Oh snap, I had my hoodie on. I was writing all Deeping all that stuff and when we get out to the market, it’s a good and it’s good. It’s good. I got it out the way now I can move on to my new stuff. So that’s a positive in that way. If you win or you lose, you just have to stay agile and that’s the most important part right.

You always want to be able to use some of your resources to get the amount of information you need, but hopefully have enough in the chamber to double down on what you need to. But if you can’t do it immediately, at least you got the information on what worked for you and which singles might be worth pushing further than you already pushed them, and now you got ta put in that work. That’s just a reality of the game.

Let me go find some money somehow I don’t know what you do for your money but go and do it and then bring it back to your project. More specifically, the singles that are working right now to push a whole project at the very beginning and how all of the gifts out there once is not the most effective use of your money. The most effective use is yeah drop, a project, but let’s see which of these singles are worth pushing further and then, when they see they love.

This thing will they’ll check out the rest of it. We all know how that goes at this point and we know LMA song took off over a year later and we know juice world song really took off, maybe like six to eight months later, you have time to go back, REE up and then bring it back Home, so what I say for the newer artists, especially if you aren’t really in the system with a manager – that’s well connected or you’re able to get on a lot of these big playlist cuz.

You have all these industry connectors or whatever just drop more music to projects, and one year is not really that much, especially since two projects just means, like 14 songs, for a lot of people these days. The only thing that’s truly important is how you’re able to manage the resources that you have. Let the people decide whether they like the music or hate. It they’ll figure that out it’s up to you to take that information and use your resources to give them more of what they like and even more than that, take what they like that you’re doing and give that thing to more people.

But of course, y’all get that already y’all, so smart looking job and don’t forget every Sunday for the rest of this year 2018. I will be answering questions on IG, so follow me at brandman, Shawn and other than that. You, like this article, go ahead that like button even like it, you might as well share it and if you’re not subscribed, you know what to do hit that subscribe.

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Marketing Your Music On TikTok The Smart Way

So I’m like okay, we’ll go ahead and create one he was like. Well, how do I get people over there? Something like you know, you can get on your facebook or get on your Instagram or get on these other platforms to try to drive those followers or those fans like back to tick tock like.

Should they go that route, or is it like building your fan base on tick tock, as you start you starting to create that content communicate with other tick, tock URLs, I don’t know like how do you go about like really getting people over to that platform, so That you can kind of build up all right, so tick tock. Is it heavily built around what your friend group is immediately around you in creating a world around that respective around that that’s how most social media is tick.

Tock is based off the algorithm. Your interaction with that – and we show you more of that world right. So if you don’t like what you take that look like you’re looking in the mirror Thunder so really, I remember it was a church group. They had to advise all their other people because they wanted to be on there to spread church war, but then also read the keys and all that stuff make sure they’re not in the and they had to tell people are trains like no.

I know you don’t like what you’re seeing here so some of these kids with just if you don’t like it, you know I start to like the things that you do like what you see right in and start to swipe past those and the algorithm is super Sensitive algorithm is more sensitive than most of these other ones when it comes to what it’s showing you are reacting to it. That’s what your world look like, but when it comes to translating an audience over, I would focus heavily on going facebook to instagram and pushing those over to tick-tock.

I would do tick-tock and pushing it to the other ones all right, because what you’ll find is for one people translate over to those other from tick-tock a lot easier other way around. But yes, maybe to get a little bit of like attention on nothing. Boy might be nice to do it, especially if you are somebody who already has a fan base. But if you don’t it’s, that’s not. You know. Okay, maybe post here’s.

My tech-talk here put any og, be a bio, but I wouldn’t even waste any energy on it. I would try to become good at talk to tick tock and get those people to the other platforms. Okay. So I also have someone – and I think you i’m sure – that you have this in your training because we know y’all, don’t know burma. Sean has the tick, tock, training, tick, tock, music secrets, training right, so it also i’m guessing – will cover how to even get your music on there.

That’s free by the way. Yes right, you know, because I did have an artist is like do because I know they have different type of ways, so our artist was asking me like. Do I just get on tick, tock and basically record myself with my music playing on the background, so I was telling him like. No, you can actually get your music on the platform. You know, and a lot of people are still trying to figure out like how do you do that you know and I’m like the same way.

You would get your music like on Instagram stories. Pretty much. Isn’t it like um kinda, sorted so from your district. It definitely allows you to do that right and there I think, there’s another one that got had it on recently. I can’t remember, but other than that you can old-school it, and all you need is the sound. You don’t need the full song, because no one’s going to be using a full. Alright, you there’s a article that Cody and our tick-tock series is like back in August 2000, 18 type, brand man, tick, tock series, or something like that.

It’s just starting to pop up got ta, get your music on tick, tock and also. I think we have a tick tock playlist at this point, but there’s two different ways: you do it officially do there or you can just upload the sound cuz any article. You record technically becomes sound and we’re doing this and we post this on tick tock. Now somebody could take that sound right, so you can put your music on in that same way a lot of times.

I advise to do it that way, not go into those reasons, because they said if we talked a lot about tick tock, but it’s really ain’t necessarily a tick tock episode, I know, turned out to be their number one it just it just is what it is At this point, I always tell people I’m not going to create some new secretive, like this is how you do it stuff when it doesn’t exist. I’m going to just tell you look.

This is what it is right, and this isn’t what it is, because I’m predicting the future. This is what it is, because this is what’s happening. I’m seeing results and behaviorally paying attention to fans and people, not opinions of people will actually get you to the the right place faster than everybody else right. It’s important to be able to adapt right and state of what’s going on because, like every platform might not be here forever, you know I’m saying soda.

It’s like somebody is always coming out with something new that can be beneficial to you for multiple reasons, whether it’s the you know, find you a date or you know, grow your fan base either way. So it’s like, we literally got to stay up to date and ride the wave like ghosts, ride away. Gary Vee says something that I actually live. Super agreed with. I was already kind of digging that way, so tick-tock snapchat all these things right all these platforms, all some of them they might come and go for one if tick-tock pops, just like let’s say I like bye and then it dissolves that attention doesn’t mean that it Wasn’t worth it right, especially if you flip it, King batch and some of these other people who were vying stars have full careers and millions of Instagram followers were able to translate over there they’re popping and they built off and they’re doing everything they want to do Because they got a huge audience while it was free and easy on vine and translated some to somewhere else.

So you can’t say it’s not worth it. If you just don’t win, you don’t win okay, cool, that’s just good who didn’t do good on the platform or he didn’t take advantage of it while he existed. But the bigger thing is understanding when it comes to marketing you have here. We always think about the end customer the end consumer, because at the end of the day remember before Facebook, you people were communicating the radio TV and all those things right before Instagram people were communicating through Facebook and what people don’t understand about the vehicles of communication Is they don’t only offer an opportunity to reach people and communicate with people? They also create a format in which the users like to be communicated with right.

So now somebody our age, they can be communicated with a short snippet, a tweet. You know what I mean and that’s cool with us, where somebody else of a certain error might be like bro. I need some more information right. It’s like you didn’t really say anything right or you know the certain banners were used to the quotes on IGN and the way that aesthetic, so we can be marketed to in that way. There’s a generation who’s coming up, tik-tok first right and if you want to be prepared and over and over sometime, these people will want to be communicated with in that way.

That would be their first form of communication. A bigger, clearer explanation is text messaging yeah. It’s like some people. You got a certain class like Brett. Don’t text me call right right. I am that’s how they like to be talked to call me. That’s how you market have a conversation with me. You know give me a chance to try. Love me. I mean yeah and then some people are like not just text me and you can market to them based on those behaviors and understanding.

So if you don’t take time to at least understand how these platforms work, you’re not going to be able to understand how to reach this customer effectively, that’s why it’s important to not take your own opinions and and stubbornness or whatever you got going on. You know whatever affliction is going on pain, suffering. Whatever spirit you have to realize. It’s irrelevant right. The market is really built on principles and the principles don’t give a damn about how you feel the principles exist, regardless of who’s using them right, we’ll see somebody become a dictator off some principals will see somebody become a president off of some principals will see.

Somebody become Mother Teresa or some martyr off of the same principals. The exact same way of building a fan base back same way.

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2 Places Where Rappers Needs To Promote A Mixtape | Music Marketing Strategies

What’s up, my name is hit, play of hit, play, beats calm and my goal is to help provide rappers with the knowledge they’re going to need or to turn their dreams into their careers. So if you’re serious rapper make sure you go ahead and you hit that subscribe button down below and you click the notification bell to get notified every time, I release a new article.

Also, if you like any of the beats, you hear in the background of this article I’ll have all the direct links listed to each of those beats in the description below. So I wanted to make this article because I keep running into rappers, whether it be at local events or at local studios or online, and like there’s this one commonality that I keep finding in everybody that I keep meeting. And I don’t know if it’s just the people that I’m meeting cuz.

I know that there’s other artists that don’t do this, but it’s just the people that I keep running across. So I kind of wanted to address this. So I keep running into rappers that they’re really talented. They have really good music, but they’re only posting their music to SoundCloud. And while that’s great because I know it’s a free platform, you can put your music up, and I know that there’s this idea that you know if you just post enough music or you post music on soundcloud, that you can blow up through soundcloud.

And while that’s not entirely not true, it’s incredibly difficult because there’s so many people doing that and there’s so much music, that’s being posted to SoundCloud every single day that you have to get really lucky like you literally have to be one in a million just to Get that opportunity to be on that chart just so you can be exposed to so many people, and so one of my biggest pet peeves as of recently.

Is that hoping for that and hoping that you blow up? Isn’t a strategy right? It’s not bad to dream and hope that that works out, but there’s other stuff you can do in the meantime and that you should be doing in the meantime, if you’re serious about doing this as a career. So one of the other things that you need to be doing as an artist and like your main key objectives to have your music on as many different platforms that people can discover it on as possible.

So if you’re only posting your music to SoundCloud you’re, limiting the amount of reach and potential fans that you can get on a daily and weekly basis. That also being said, a lot of people are not discovering new music on soundcloud, a lot of people that I know that. Listen to hip hop and rap music on a regular basis, don’t even know what SoundCloud is and they didn’t until I told them about it.

However, these are the same people that come to me on a weekly monthly basis that hey have you heard that new song from so-and-so and they’re always finding new artists and new songs? And so I’m going to tell you in this article the two places that I keep hearing. Everybody mentioned that they’re finding new music and those two places are at YouTube and Spotify. So a lot of people find music through Spotify playlist, because once a song reaches a certain point and it gets a certain amount of plays in a week, it gets thrown into certain playlists and people can discover it a lot easier.

Not only that you have other people sharing music talking about it because it’s in different playlists and they discovered it and they’re, showing their friends right. That’s just Spotify on YouTube. It works a little bit differently where, if a article or your music article or lyric article or a remix, article gets a certain amount of views and a certain amount of read time within a certain amount of allotted time.

Then they’ll start promoting it on the related or like recent released page or like the front page of YouTube, where a lot of people would see it that are interested in hip-hop, music or remixes or whatever it’s because of these algorithms that are on both of these Platforms that it’s helping users find new music on a regular basis, and I wanted to let you guys know this, because, if you’re not on these platforms, yet you’re limiting the amount of reach that you have every single day, you’re eliminating the amount of potential fans and Listens and plays that you can get every single day because with YouTube as an example like with basic SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, which is how you get articles to be searchable right with basic SEO skills.

But you can literally Google, like you, can search on YouTube and say: how do I rank a article or how do I get more views on YouTube or like how do I do SEO for my articles and you’ll find a ton of things? 5. 10. 20. 30. Minutes you can go through learn at what you need to actually be doing to like start getting views and stuff on your articles on Spotify. It’s a little trickier. You need to have an actual fan base and you need to get a certain amount of plays on a consistent basis so that you can start getting into Spotify playlists and have the algorithm on Spotify recommend your music to people.

So, even though Spotify is tricky in the beginning, you still need to have your music there, because anything can happen, and I know a lot more. People listen to music on Spotify on a regular basis and they’re going to add your music to a playlist too. If they like your song, so that means that you can get more and more plays every single month because they added your song to a playlist. And so, if you don’t have any of your music up on Spotify I’ll, have a link in the description that’ll.

Give you a discount to district kid, it’s like $ 20 for a year, but there’s a certain percentage you get off and you click link in the description. So you can go ahead and check that out. If you don’t have any music up already. So I hope this article was helpful if it was make sure you go ahead and you hit that like button down below and if you have any questions comments or concerns ideas for future articles go ahead and drop that in the comment section below as well.

Until next time, guys here are some more articles,

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How Long Should Music Promotion Be?

Com, because I saw it myself and, as a matter of fact, this article right here was inspired by a conversation I had in brandman network.Com a Few days ago, hey it was just a few people. It was like five artists and, like a manager, was chopping it up having a conversation right and this artist expressed that she didn’t like the fact that she could drop something and then just like a week or so later, people forget about it completely.

I don’t even know it existed or they’re just done. They moved on to the next thing and then I made me ask her: how long do you promo? I just thought about. Okay, how long do you push your stuff and then you know she answered and then I started to hear other people talk, and I really came to the conclusion that you know what a lot of people that I hear they don’t push. They don’t do their campaign as long enough, so how long enough is a good campaign? How long should you be working to push us your stuff? Well I’ll tell you this me personally, a lot of things, whether it’s my festivals, when I first started that when I was a little certain artists, just a lot of things, I do like three or four months, three or four months I’ll, just keep it at that Straight simple, three to four months, is how long I push things when I’m pushing out of security out of obscurity, and that means unknown to known and getting people to convert right, unknown to known and getting to people to version each of those are phases.

So you have to keep pushing because when people see something one time, that’s probably not the time that they’re really going to soak it in or check it out. I see articles by artists. They drop articles that I know, and I actually like that. I don’t even read the first time I see them when I’m like scrolling through YouTube’s, and things like that cuz. I might be on for a different reason. So you have to keep that in mind because alright, so I’m going to break a few things out.

This articles off the fly, but I want to make sure you get everything you can at least from this article in terms of doing it for three months, all right. First, the way I even learned this was like a harsh personal experience, probably like seven years ago. Now I don’t know but um I did a panel. I actually talked about this a blog, but I did a panel so I’ll keep it short. Three people who want to panel three CEOs were on the panel and yeah.

Four people showed up to the event three people in the panel and, like some legit CEOs were on the panel on within in tech industry, mostly so I’m music, but four people showed up three of those people that showed up. Quote-Unquote was me and two people who are helping me me and two people that were helping me that third one was a, I mean the fourth one was a guy will just randomly walking by. I was like yo.

What’s going on, oh snap, this is dope. I’m going to get in so why was that for me? First of all, I didn’t put enough effort into marketing that particular event. This is where I go by the 10x rule that Grant Cardone talks about so much. So it’s a great book or just hearing him talk about that concept. For y’all we don’t know, but the rule is basically most of the things like it’s not this whole inspirational thing.

Yeah you want to 10x your life, that’s cool, but the the the part that I love it. The meat of it is most of the things that you’re trying to achieve are going to likely take 10x. The effort that you think it’s going to take. Why? Because you actually don’t know how much effort is going to take so you’re planning and say I’m going to do this this and this, but you haven’t done it before so you don’t know how the effort that it actually takes all right, so kind of plan.

For that and the reason that event you know I had some successful events a couple of days before in a couple days afterwards, which was a second lesson for me personally, but because I did have some except successful events. I was actually surprised to have like one of my first huge, huge failures, but part of that was because of resources right trying. That’s what I talked about focusing in on, where you want to put people’s attention to and where I learned that personally, because I had 300 people show up to this one thing: hey 120 people show up to this other thing, and then I had four people show Up to this other thing that I would have preferred most of the people show up to that like for real for real, so, but I didn’t have the resources to market that, like, oh, okay, I didn’t have the resources to market all three well right, so you Have to be able to understand the resources that you have at the moment to to you know, determine what you’re going to direct people’s attention to that’s another thing now, when we talk about this three months situation, everybody doesn’t have the resources to do it three months, Because we need the consistent, real legitimate push happening for three months.

So if you cannot start with like three months – and this is just this is just a number of course – it will vary. I so don’t start saying hey. I did this in one month and got these results, and I did it took me really six months. Of course results may vary, but three months is really a good time if you can start thinking and planning. But if you cannot do three months, whatever you have going on right now, I mean typically going to week pushes then you need to start thinking about.

How do I do three and four week pushes all right and now let me see if I could try to extend it to two months and then continue to grow your plan. That way, because maybe you can’t wait till you have a lot of money every single time like maybe only you’re going to take you’ll only be able to do it like once a year. If that’s your situation, I don’t know what the situation is, but what I can say if a lot of artists will find themselves in better positions a lot of times, especially when you’re, like no connections you’re in your room.

You’re is really just you. You’ll find yourself in a better position. Is if you take time you strategize you build up your resources, you get your catalog, you get you all your promo together, you get like all the money. You know you save a lot of money for the budget right, you don’t just! Oh I’m going to throw out $ 50 here and throw out $ 50 here, like that. That’s cool with your testing. But when we’re talking about your campaign and trying to build to actually make sure things get like traction, then you’re better off saving all that money and then being intentional about where you spend it.

To make sure you can add that to the push to the push to the push and you keep pushing that track throughout your campaign or keep pushing whatever that content is throughout your campaign and honestly, I mean regularly it’ll still do this right, so it’s not really Just a if you don’t have a resources is really the best way to go about it: okay, you’re trying to create a groundswell and a what’s the word, a buzz there.

We go a buzz it’s because all a lot of energy in a concentrated area right is going to have a greater impact. Let’s keep it at that. So please consider lifting your campaign. I don’t care. If it just means you can only do it two more weeks and usual, and maybe that’s going to make you think differently as well. It should because now you have to get creative well. What can I do to do a little bit of this or to keep things going? If I don’t have the money to bring four or maybe I need to wait an extra two months before I even drop this project because who’s waiting on the project most likely like, especially if you’re starting from nowhere right, nobody’s waiting on the project.

It’s only Hubie Nancy about getting it out. That’s why patience right is a huge thing we hear so many people talk about patience and mindset and all that stuff and patience, patience, patience. Well, it’s a real thing. If you talk about executing correctly, because this plan and extending the plan and making sure you put the right amount of effort, energy into the plan is literally that’s that’s the part where people win.

So many people have information and right read these reading these articles and things like that, but the execution is where it’s all one at the end of the day, that’s just what it is so I’ll leave this article that once again this was on the fly. I don’t want to add too much other information and random stuff, maybe we’ll get in deeper to some of that type, some of that strategy and planning in another article but uh yeah other than that.

Once again, this article is brought to you by brain man, network.Com cuz. I signed myself if you like this article, go ahead like better, maybe like in my school shared, not subscribed, you know what to do. Get-Get subscribe,

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How To Get More Streams On Spotify Daily Without Paying For Ads | Music Promotion

What’s up, my name is hit play if hit play, beats calm and my goal is to help provide rappers with the knowledge they’re going to need in order to turn their dreams into their careers. So if you’re, a serious rapper make sure you go ahead and hit that subscribe button down below and you click to notification bell to get notified every time.

I release a new article, also if you like, and the beats you hear in the background of this article, I have the direct links to each of those in the description below. So the reason I’m making this article is because I remembered it was like when I first started making music and having made something that I was so proud of that you know. I just wanted to get out into the world and I wanted to share with people and not having the budget or the means to get it out there and show people what I can do so I’ve been in that position before and I know what it’s like So I just wanted to give you some tips.

You can use to actually get some plays and some results – and you know, hopefully build a fan base based off of your music, that you’re promoting through Spotify. So the first method that we’re going to talk about is actually going to be repost trading or promotion trading. So the way that I would recommend you do this is actually go to Facebook and join some Facebook groups with similar artists that make the similar style of music to you.

So as an example, you can join a trap, rap or only Facebook group and find other artists that make the same style of trap music to you right. So you can either go through there and DM those artists and try to build a connection with them and see if you can trade promotion with them. So basically saying hey I’ll, promote your song for 24 hours on my pages and all my social medias and you promote mine as well.

But the real power of this method is actually going through and finding multiple other artists and networking consistently so that you can actually build up a network of other artists that will promote your music as long as you promote their music, so a simple offer you can Make to another artist would simply be hey. I will promote your music to my fanbase for 12 or 24 hours. If you do the same for me and if you find 10 artists that have 1,000 fans right, that means that that’s 10,000 people that you can be in front of if you do this method, so the second method is actually going to be reaching out to playlist Curators and getting your song on their playlist, so an easy way to do.

This is going to be going to a website called chart, metrics calm, and you can actually go through and search for a specific song that is in your genre or that you have a song that sounds similar to and basically what you can do on chart metrics Is once you search for that specific song? It will pull up all the playlist on Spotify that that song appears in then. You just have to search through the search results and find all the ones that are made by actual people.

So the real playlist curators and not the ones that are made by Spotify a lot of times. You can click on the name of that person and you can actually find their social media and you can actually reach out and message them like through chart. Metrics it’ll. Actually link their Facebook or their Instagram or their snapchat, or something like that. So once you find the playlist curator social media, all you have to do is reach out to them and say hey.

I have a similar song to the song X and I think it would be a great fit for your playlist. Let me know if you want to check it out or you can actually send a link in that message as well, like hey check out this song. It would be great if you would add this to your playlist and then you know like love your playlist or whatever and move on. So, as you can probably imagine, not everybody’s going to answer those type of messages, because I’m sure that there’s probably hundreds, if not thousands, of artists actually messages in daily right, so the more you can do to actually stand out and be genuine, the more likely they’ll.

Actually answer to you, but this is a numbers game right, so the more that you do this and the more playlist curators you actually reach out to the more chances you actually have to be featured on these playlist once you’re in these playlists. You can actually get you know anywhere between ten twenty thirty plays a day from one of these playlists all the way up to a hundred to a thousand plays a day just from any of these smaller playlists, and so the power, and this method is actually getting Your song into multiple playlists, so that more people can see you, so that’s it for this article.

I hope you found it helpful if you did make sure you go ahead. You hit that like button down below and if you have any questions, comments, concerns or ideas for future articles go ahead and drop that in the comment section down below as well. If you need any new beats, go ahead and drop by hit play, beats comm and until next time. Guys here are some more articles.

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