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Marketing Your Music On TikTok The Smart Way

So I’m like okay, we’ll go ahead and create one he was like. Well, how do I get people over there? Something like you know, you can get on your facebook or get on your Instagram or get on these other platforms to try to drive those followers or those fans like back to tick tock like.

Should they go that route, or is it like building your fan base on tick tock, as you start you starting to create that content communicate with other tick, tock URLs, I don’t know like how do you go about like really getting people over to that platform, so That you can kind of build up all right, so tick tock. Is it heavily built around what your friend group is immediately around you in creating a world around that respective around that that’s how most social media is tick.

Tock is based off the algorithm. Your interaction with that – and we show you more of that world right. So if you don’t like what you take that look like you’re looking in the mirror Thunder so really, I remember it was a church group. They had to advise all their other people because they wanted to be on there to spread church war, but then also read the keys and all that stuff make sure they’re not in the and they had to tell people are trains like no.

I know you don’t like what you’re seeing here so some of these kids with just if you don’t like it, you know I start to like the things that you do like what you see right in and start to swipe past those and the algorithm is super Sensitive algorithm is more sensitive than most of these other ones when it comes to what it’s showing you are reacting to it. That’s what your world look like, but when it comes to translating an audience over, I would focus heavily on going facebook to instagram and pushing those over to tick-tock.

I would do tick-tock and pushing it to the other ones all right, because what you’ll find is for one people translate over to those other from tick-tock a lot easier other way around. But yes, maybe to get a little bit of like attention on nothing. Boy might be nice to do it, especially if you are somebody who already has a fan base. But if you don’t it’s, that’s not. You know. Okay, maybe post here’s.

My tech-talk here put any og, be a bio, but I wouldn’t even waste any energy on it. I would try to become good at talk to tick tock and get those people to the other platforms. Okay. So I also have someone – and I think you i’m sure – that you have this in your training because we know y’all, don’t know burma. Sean has the tick, tock, training, tick, tock, music secrets, training right, so it also i’m guessing – will cover how to even get your music on there.

That’s free by the way. Yes right, you know, because I did have an artist is like do because I know they have different type of ways, so our artist was asking me like. Do I just get on tick, tock and basically record myself with my music playing on the background, so I was telling him like. No, you can actually get your music on the platform. You know, and a lot of people are still trying to figure out like how do you do that you know and I’m like the same way.

You would get your music like on Instagram stories. Pretty much. Isn’t it like um kinda, sorted so from your district. It definitely allows you to do that right and there I think, there’s another one that got had it on recently. I can’t remember, but other than that you can old-school it, and all you need is the sound. You don’t need the full song, because no one’s going to be using a full. Alright, you there’s a article that Cody and our tick-tock series is like back in August 2000, 18 type, brand man, tick, tock series, or something like that.

It’s just starting to pop up got ta, get your music on tick, tock and also. I think we have a tick tock playlist at this point, but there’s two different ways: you do it officially do there or you can just upload the sound cuz any article. You record technically becomes sound and we’re doing this and we post this on tick tock. Now somebody could take that sound right, so you can put your music on in that same way a lot of times.

I advise to do it that way, not go into those reasons, because they said if we talked a lot about tick tock, but it’s really ain’t necessarily a tick tock episode, I know, turned out to be their number one it just it just is what it is At this point, I always tell people I’m not going to create some new secretive, like this is how you do it stuff when it doesn’t exist. I’m going to just tell you look.

This is what it is right, and this isn’t what it is, because I’m predicting the future. This is what it is, because this is what’s happening. I’m seeing results and behaviorally paying attention to fans and people, not opinions of people will actually get you to the the right place faster than everybody else right. It’s important to be able to adapt right and state of what’s going on because, like every platform might not be here forever, you know I’m saying soda.

It’s like somebody is always coming out with something new that can be beneficial to you for multiple reasons, whether it’s the you know, find you a date or you know, grow your fan base either way. So it’s like, we literally got to stay up to date and ride the wave like ghosts, ride away. Gary Vee says something that I actually live. Super agreed with. I was already kind of digging that way, so tick-tock snapchat all these things right all these platforms, all some of them they might come and go for one if tick-tock pops, just like let’s say I like bye and then it dissolves that attention doesn’t mean that it Wasn’t worth it right, especially if you flip it, King batch and some of these other people who were vying stars have full careers and millions of Instagram followers were able to translate over there they’re popping and they built off and they’re doing everything they want to do Because they got a huge audience while it was free and easy on vine and translated some to somewhere else.

So you can’t say it’s not worth it. If you just don’t win, you don’t win okay, cool, that’s just good who didn’t do good on the platform or he didn’t take advantage of it while he existed. But the bigger thing is understanding when it comes to marketing you have here. We always think about the end customer the end consumer, because at the end of the day remember before Facebook, you people were communicating the radio TV and all those things right before Instagram people were communicating through Facebook and what people don’t understand about the vehicles of communication Is they don’t only offer an opportunity to reach people and communicate with people? They also create a format in which the users like to be communicated with right.

So now somebody our age, they can be communicated with a short snippet, a tweet. You know what I mean and that’s cool with us, where somebody else of a certain error might be like bro. I need some more information right. It’s like you didn’t really say anything right or you know the certain banners were used to the quotes on IGN and the way that aesthetic, so we can be marketed to in that way. There’s a generation who’s coming up, tik-tok first right and if you want to be prepared and over and over sometime, these people will want to be communicated with in that way.

That would be their first form of communication. A bigger, clearer explanation is text messaging yeah. It’s like some people. You got a certain class like Brett. Don’t text me call right right. I am that’s how they like to be talked to call me. That’s how you market have a conversation with me. You know give me a chance to try. Love me. I mean yeah and then some people are like not just text me and you can market to them based on those behaviors and understanding.

So if you don’t take time to at least understand how these platforms work, you’re not going to be able to understand how to reach this customer effectively, that’s why it’s important to not take your own opinions and and stubbornness or whatever you got going on. You know whatever affliction is going on pain, suffering. Whatever spirit you have to realize. It’s irrelevant right. The market is really built on principles and the principles don’t give a damn about how you feel the principles exist, regardless of who’s using them right, we’ll see somebody become a dictator off some principals will see somebody become a president off of some principals will see.

Somebody become Mother Teresa or some martyr off of the same principals. The exact same way of building a fan base back same way.

My favorite musician as of right now.