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How Many Projects Should NEW Artists Drop Each Year? (Albums, EPs, Mixtapes)

What’s the trade-off Bateen drop in one album per year versus drop in two projects per year? Is it really worth it, etc, etc, etc? Let’s get to that answer. So, let’s start with the fact that after the content is fully created and ready to go, there is one thing: that’s most important awareness getting it out to the public as many of the right people as possible.

But then, within that awareness there are three ways that you make that happen. No more uno is effort to is money and three is resources. So when I say resources in this case, it’s a little bit more general we’re talking about people and whatever other random assets. You might have that might be able to benefit to you getting people’s attention now. Let me start here: there is no way I can just drop.

Some kind of one size fits all knowledge saying that you should just drop one project a year or you should drop two projects a year or three projects a year, and that fits everybody. But what I can say is these are some things that you should be thinking about whenever you use up all your primary resources, thinking might miss out on some opportunities now. What do I mean by that? Let’s just say that you spend $ 5,000 on your marketing for your project or you’re single.

After all, that money spent all of a sudden. You just happen to meet somebody and get this huge opportunity for this platform, but they say it costs $ 200. But you don’t have any money anymore. You have to miss that opportunity. That’s just a part of the game. You will miss some opportunities here and there. Obviously you want to keep as much in the chamber as possible for you to take advantage of an opportunity and when I say in the chamber I don’t just mean money.

I mean people to leverage other effort to leverage all the other types of resources. So why is that relevant to this conversation? Well, just consider the fact that you say I got two projects that I’m dropping this year and I’m going to split everything in half $ 500 towards this project $ 500 towards this project. Now, hopefully, it’s more money than that. But the point is: if you do that, you might not be able to give this big of a push that gets it to a certain level.

But if you put a thousand on one project – and you don’t put out the next music, then essentially you are taking less, which means you have less of a chance of hitting on something. If you just drive one project, then you technically taking less shots, which means there’s less chances of you making it be. Everything is a trade-off. So am I say what if I drop this one project and then I drop the second project and all of a sudden, some of the things on my first project started taking off, but I already have another one off: that’s all cool! If you have something catching it’s catching yeah, you might not have the money to double down on it, but remember if it’s really good content, if it’s great content, you actually can make it pop again later now that stuff is out in the marketplace.

You see. What’s working take a step back as you get the money that you need, you can now put it in those places that work the best translation, whichever songs are moving the best on their own, which everyone seem like. Oh snap, this one might be a hit. I didn’t realize it: that’s the song that you’re going to put all your resources back into once you get the opportunity to again it on the bright side, slash not so bright side a lot of times.

We think a project or these songs are going to be huge. This junk is my best material. Oh snap, I had my hoodie on. I was writing all Deeping all that stuff and when we get out to the market, it’s a good and it’s good. It’s good. I got it out the way now I can move on to my new stuff. So that’s a positive in that way. If you win or you lose, you just have to stay agile and that’s the most important part right.

You always want to be able to use some of your resources to get the amount of information you need, but hopefully have enough in the chamber to double down on what you need to. But if you can’t do it immediately, at least you got the information on what worked for you and which singles might be worth pushing further than you already pushed them, and now you got ta put in that work. That’s just a reality of the game.

Let me go find some money somehow I don’t know what you do for your money but go and do it and then bring it back to your project. More specifically, the singles that are working right now to push a whole project at the very beginning and how all of the gifts out there once is not the most effective use of your money. The most effective use is yeah drop, a project, but let’s see which of these singles are worth pushing further and then, when they see they love.

This thing will they’ll check out the rest of it. We all know how that goes at this point and we know LMA song took off over a year later and we know juice world song really took off, maybe like six to eight months later, you have time to go back, REE up and then bring it back Home, so what I say for the newer artists, especially if you aren’t really in the system with a manager – that’s well connected or you’re able to get on a lot of these big playlist cuz.

You have all these industry connectors or whatever just drop more music to projects, and one year is not really that much, especially since two projects just means, like 14 songs, for a lot of people these days. The only thing that’s truly important is how you’re able to manage the resources that you have. Let the people decide whether they like the music or hate. It they’ll figure that out it’s up to you to take that information and use your resources to give them more of what they like and even more than that, take what they like that you’re doing and give that thing to more people.

But of course, y’all get that already y’all, so smart looking job and don’t forget every Sunday for the rest of this year 2018. I will be answering questions on IG, so follow me at brandman, Shawn and other than that. You, like this article, go ahead that like button even like it, you might as well share it and if you’re not subscribed, you know what to do hit that subscribe.

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