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How To Get More Streams On Spotify Daily Without Paying For Ads | Music Promotion

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I release a new article, also if you like, and the beats you hear in the background of this article, I have the direct links to each of those in the description below. So the reason I’m making this article is because I remembered it was like when I first started making music and having made something that I was so proud of that you know. I just wanted to get out into the world and I wanted to share with people and not having the budget or the means to get it out there and show people what I can do so I’ve been in that position before and I know what it’s like So I just wanted to give you some tips.

You can use to actually get some plays and some results – and you know, hopefully build a fan base based off of your music, that you’re promoting through Spotify. So the first method that we’re going to talk about is actually going to be repost trading or promotion trading. So the way that I would recommend you do this is actually go to Facebook and join some Facebook groups with similar artists that make the similar style of music to you.

So as an example, you can join a trap, rap or only Facebook group and find other artists that make the same style of trap music to you right. So you can either go through there and DM those artists and try to build a connection with them and see if you can trade promotion with them. So basically saying hey I’ll, promote your song for 24 hours on my pages and all my social medias and you promote mine as well.

But the real power of this method is actually going through and finding multiple other artists and networking consistently so that you can actually build up a network of other artists that will promote your music as long as you promote their music, so a simple offer you can Make to another artist would simply be hey. I will promote your music to my fanbase for 12 or 24 hours. If you do the same for me and if you find 10 artists that have 1,000 fans right, that means that that’s 10,000 people that you can be in front of if you do this method, so the second method is actually going to be reaching out to playlist Curators and getting your song on their playlist, so an easy way to do.

This is going to be going to a website called chart, metrics calm, and you can actually go through and search for a specific song that is in your genre or that you have a song that sounds similar to and basically what you can do on chart metrics Is once you search for that specific song? It will pull up all the playlist on Spotify that that song appears in then. You just have to search through the search results and find all the ones that are made by actual people.

So the real playlist curators and not the ones that are made by Spotify a lot of times. You can click on the name of that person and you can actually find their social media and you can actually reach out and message them like through chart. Metrics it’ll. Actually link their Facebook or their Instagram or their snapchat, or something like that. So once you find the playlist curator social media, all you have to do is reach out to them and say hey.

I have a similar song to the song X and I think it would be a great fit for your playlist. Let me know if you want to check it out or you can actually send a link in that message as well, like hey check out this song. It would be great if you would add this to your playlist and then you know like love your playlist or whatever and move on. So, as you can probably imagine, not everybody’s going to answer those type of messages, because I’m sure that there’s probably hundreds, if not thousands, of artists actually messages in daily right, so the more you can do to actually stand out and be genuine, the more likely they’ll.

Actually answer to you, but this is a numbers game right, so the more that you do this and the more playlist curators you actually reach out to the more chances you actually have to be featured on these playlist once you’re in these playlists. You can actually get you know anywhere between ten twenty thirty plays a day from one of these playlists all the way up to a hundred to a thousand plays a day just from any of these smaller playlists, and so the power, and this method is actually getting Your song into multiple playlists, so that more people can see you, so that’s it for this article.

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