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3 Fundamentals of Building an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

So I want your comment below. Let me know what are the bare-bones basics of an effective entertaining, so the barebone base is an effective digital marketing strategy goes on three folds.

This is the same three principles, I’m about to share with you. Well, first of all, I want you to comment below. Let me know, what do you think in your mind today is the barebone basics of a digital marketing strategy? Do you think it’s Facebook Ads? Do you think it sells funnels? Do you think its digital advertising? Do you think it’s a social platform like what is the trend that you think is it? I want you to guys comment below and let me know or what’s working for you or any questions that you have as you’re reading this article now, let’s go into it.

So the barebone base is still, in effect, there’s a marketing strategy ties into three core things. I share this with companies that are doing and just starting out, let’s say, doing zero revenue or their startup to even business they’re doing a hundred million dollars. These are the only three principles of a barebone digital marketing strategy. The only way grow business is you need traffic. You need actual people to notice about your business, pay attention to your business and follow you to be able to grow your business.

The second thing is, once you have their attention to focus in your business and they’re visiting you, then you’ll be able to convert that into leads now leaves is basically a fancy way of saying you need to have that communication blog established with that specific audience. So, whoever you’re selling through the fitness space, the mom space and the business community, you want to establish communication distribution blogs to be able to effectively influence them.

You know, send them value, add value, build that relationship and that’s what you do through emails. You do through messenger marketing, and you probably heard of right now when you go in chat, BOTS or you go on LinkedIn messaging campaigns or you do Facebook messaging campaigns or any on any platform. The social platforms are powerful because they give you a way to distribute your message with your target audience.

That’s the most important thing as the second point. The third point is revenue all right. How do you convert your traffic? Your leads into actual revenue, profits and cash flow in your business. You want to be able to turn that into three types of revenue: new revenue, new customers in your business, ascension revenue customers are existing with you and they upgrade or buy more of your products or services or complementary things that fit within your business, product line, extension Or service line extension – and the third thing is the reoccurring revenue.

You want people that are buying your part, not just the first time, but you want them to buy with you over and over again. So those are the three things they want to focus on is how to generate more traffic, get people to go into your business. They pay attention to your ABC company. They pay attention to your brand. They consume your content, they join your email list. They join your messenger, they join your LinkedIn or, if your b2b or they join your Facebook group and they’re, saying hey.

I want to start that communication process with you all know more about your business and how it you can solve my problems and provide me with the result that I want and then I’m willing to actually take my hard-earned money out and then spend it with your Business and actually pay 20, 50, 100 thousand 2000, whatever amount your product or service costs and then they’re willing to pay that into your business.

I think the biggest principle that you can get from this is that when you actually put a disproportionate amount of value with your target audience, and you build that up, then you’re going to be able to actually put more in the bank for them to invest in With you so think about this every time you give them a piece of content, you add value to them. The most effective strategy is this: you actually deposit money and their what I call the value account now the value account when you send them a article when you send them a piece of content when they read your when they read your guy when they attend your Webinar when they learn about your branding and all this stuff, you’re depositing value in your target audiences bank account and then when it comes time to transact, let’s say or start that buying relationship, and they want to spend money with you they’re much more likely to spend Money with you with you added so much more value to them.

That’s why content is such a very important play for every business. You want to figure out what is the best way? What is the value I’ll give you important question? What is the value that makes the difference to your target audience? It’s a very important question: what is the value that makes a difference to target audience, deliver that to them and as you deliver it to them, keep delivering, keep delivering and over time, they’re going to reciprocate that and they’re going to buy for him because 84 percent 60 to 80 percent – let’s say of your target audience are not going to buy for me the first time they see your message.

You need that frequency. There multiple touch points between 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 to 10 touch points that are value, oriented touch points to make a difference. I think that’s a fundamental principle: it doesn’t matter what business you’re in b2c, b2b, multiple audiences, product or services, doesn’t matter it’s all about how much value at your target audience, how you increase the traffic leads and sales and over time, the majority of that market.

A hundred thousand people that are finding about you, millions of people, are finding out about you. How do you maximize on every single person, instead of just the 5 to 10 %? I’d, say the 5 % that are looking for your products or services right now? That want to buy from you focus on a long term strategy and that’s the most important thing. So thanks for reading this article, I want you to comment below if you got insights from this thing, what questions you have, what is one thing that you learn from this article? How do you plan to add value to your target audience? What piece of content that you want to create anything you con them below? I just want to hear from you guys.

The second thing I want you like this article third thing is: want you guys to subscribe and hit that Bell icon? Because what do you guys do that you get notifications on future articles just like this and also digital secrets and any articles that are being released to you guys. So thanks for reading this as usual, I appreciate you guys’s time and attention, and I will see you guys in the next article


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How to Be A SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agent With Digital Marketing In 2018

Everything that’s really going on and I was like you know what this same exact share. That’S going to work for my business really works for any type of business right, especially real estate agents and Especially agents who don’t have a big marketing budget that you can go through and implement some of these different strategies To take things to the next level. Right now, One thing that I feel like I always focus on and almost every business owner Always focuses on, is getting new leads right.

Getting new customers in like that next person, right you’re, like you, you’re, always looking for that Next new thing, because it’s kind of like that shiny object of like Oh new, leads more people like all that stuff building that audience with the most valuable leads, the most Valuable audience network is already in your existing database. The reason why is because, More than likely, they already know who you are: okay, They’re, a warm audience or hot market, and they know like they kind of they have a little bit more trust And you have a little more credibility with them as opposed to a Brand new Lea who has no idea who you are You got to go through and build that trust.

You got to build that rapport, that Credibility, that authority and all that something it could be very expensive, very difficult and time-consuming right. So the number one way to go through as a real estate agent or any business owner out there and Take things to the next level is by using your low-hanging fruit, your existing database right and that’s one thing I’m looking to go through and do because I’ve Been going through and marketing a cold audience for last year and a half plus and It’s been very expensive and very like you know, I put a lot of invest a lot of money into advertising And it’s been good.

It’S been rewarding, obviously, but now I’ve got this pretty big audience. I can go through and I can market to, and they already know who I am okay, There’s like like they have a good idea of like okay. This is what value he brings and how he can help me, and now I can just go through and Add a more value to that existing audience and the same thing goes for you If you’re in real estate, no matter how long you’ve been real estate You’re.

Just barely getting in, you probably have an existing contact database, whether it’s on LinkedIn in your phonebook Or you know just some other network that you’ve got like Gmail or Outlook or any of these other contacts. And There are several ways through digital marketing that you can go through and utilize all this information right. So the first one is, if you have someone’s name their phone number, an email address.

You can take that data And you can import that into Facebook right and you can create a custom audience. Oh we’ve talked about that on previous articles. You can take that save data And you can upload that into Google. Ok and you’ve got that custom. Audience is saying: hey, Google! These are all like my people like their either past clients or their leads all that stuff. Take that same data. You upload it into your CRM Right.

So now, if you guys look at this, take a look at this for a second. If somebody’s going through, let’s say you have a competitive or a Competing agent in your market right and they’re, going to go through and they’re going to send out, maybe a new email To their list, or maybe, let’s, like let’s say It’s your same exact contact database Right, your same exact people, they’re looking to buy or sell their home, But they’re only going to send out an email, maybe once a week a little acute newsletter from one of the little you know: email, marketing, software’s, they’ve got and They’re going to do that.

Maybe once every week or once every two weeks, But then you you, wouldn’t uploaded your your database into Facebook, alright. So now you can go through and market to them, not only on Facebook, But also on Instagram. You upload it into Google. Now You can market to them in the search and Google search on YouTube on these different platforms on blogs right, then you also upload them to your CRM and you’re you’re, not your emailing them as well as send them attacks as well as maybe send them a Facebook, Messenger, and So for every one email that competing agent sends Someone is seeing you that same audience is seeing you on Instagram They’re, seeing you on Facebook They’re, seeing you on Google and YouTube in their email inbox in their on their phone.

They’Re. See you all these places now, if you think about that, if you got one person sending out just one email Casually every once in a while versus somebody who they’re seeing literally on all these different platforms, Who do you think is going to Win? Who do you think is going to actually get that this right? Is the person that’s going to be more present and honestly, a lot of you probably reading this article You’re not even sending Just that one casual email once a month or once every couple of weeks? You’Re? Probably just you have this goldmine, this database and you’re just letting it sit there now.

Obviously, I’m not trying to go through and harp on you because I do it. I fall prey to the same exact thing, But I’m trying to go through and and take things to the next level and the cool thing is is With Facebook. When you go through an upload, this custom audience of data, You literally, can go and spend 50 cents or $ 1 per day remarketing to this exact audience, and the cool thing is When I was on the phone with one of my facebook ads reps a couple Weeks ago, He Said that if you have a custom audience that your ads are actually going to show Before any other ads out there right so like if you basically have told Facebook Hey.

This is already one of my customers. It’S going to show before some other person, That’s just marketing to their cold audience because they Facebook’s like okay. They already know like and trust this person They’re already like an authority somewhat and so Facebook wants to show ads and content and posts all that stuff. There’S going to be more relevant to that audience right so Really, quick guys! The takeaways from this article is one make sure you’re leveraging and utilizing your warm market.

Okay, don’t just let that sit there. You know picking up dust and all that stuff make sure going after that warm market, Because that is where you’re going to see a lot quicker results then going through and running a cold ad to anyone on Facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube or even Going and buying Leads on Zillow Trulia realtor.Com any of those other marketplaces, alright. So, But we also at the same time, we always want to be growing that database, So we want to have some cold lead generation going, so we’re always bringing more people in.

So when is there time to go through, buy or sell a home that our Authority is built out and they can be know like and trust us right? The second thing is, is taking that data and Upload into Facebook is a custom audience. Okay and being present on Facebook, on Instagram Upload into Google and being present on Google search on on YouTube right and then also uploaded to your CR and being present in IVA and their email INBOX K on text messages in their messenger inbox K on all these Different platforms, So we can go through and market to them.

Okay and another key thing. The third key takeaway, I would say, is don’t just always go through and spam different properties or open house or anything like that, Make sure you’re having a little bit of a personal touch and a personal flair to it. That’S showing you, maybe, with your spouse, you with your kids, you with you know at the park, Maybe with your dog or whatever it is so then people can see like oh they’re there, like a normal human being like me Right, so they can go through and That have that connection.

If you go through and you’re like a basketball fan or a football fan, or whatever Show a picture of you at a game or supporting your favorite team or whatever, It is really like. People want to see that you’re, a real person And you’re not just always just spamming out stuff about your business kay so Anyway, guys keep those three things in mind: your warm market, That’s where tons and tons of gold is found number two make sure you’re utilizing That warm market – Just don’t let it sit there on the Shelf.

Gathering dust, okay And the number three make sure you’re showing to your audience to your customer database That your real person right, like you’re, not always pushing stuff about your business but make sure you’re going through and branding yourself. Okay, and so people want to go through. They can connect with you on a deeper level like if you’re, a huge like. Let’S say You live in Dallas in your huge Mavericks fan or a Cowboys fan okay When they go through and they talk to you you’re your customer, your potential client.

They have something to connect with you deeper beyond, just like oh you’re, going to go, sell my home or you’re going to Help me buy a home or whatever you could talk about the Cowboys last game or the the Mavericks last game, Or you know whatever the Topic might be, and you guys can connect at a deeper level there for deepening the relationship, The trust, the credibility authority, all that good stuff to help you go through and grow your business right so anyway, guys.

Hopefully, today’s a little thought it helped you guys in some way make sure you take that data Upload it if you guys need help as far as like knowing how to go through and do that Guys. I’Ve got tons of article on my blog, I’m showing you how to upload that info into the Facebook audience manager. Show you how to upload into Google showing how to upload into your CRM and Taking advantage of all these resources that you have at your fingertips.

In 2018, guys Technology is at its best right now. You have so many ways: they’re, cheap, easy and for just a dollar a day you can be going through and reaching this whole entire Audience right. So anyway, with that said, if you has a brand new here, my name is Jason Wardrop, I’m trying to launch a new article every single day on how to generate more leads, Make more money and crow. Your business so make sure you guys subscribe because you’re not subscribed yet Also, if you guys, like today’s content, go ahead, give it a thumbs up comment down below.

Let me know what you guys are doing to go through a differentiate yourself from the competition in your Marketplace and also, let me know how I can be helpful. I’Ll try to drop some links down below in the description in the comments section articles of how to upload those contact database to your Facebook, Ads manager To Google to your CRM all that to help you guys go through progress and with that said guys.

I hope you all have an amazing week and I hope you guys are killing it in 2018 and with that said guys, I will see you all tomorrow.