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Best 3 Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents – ($1-3 Real Estate Facebook Leads)

So I want to show you guys, these top 3 ads And I’m going to show you guys the ad copy so like the actual text using the ads, I’m going to show you the images or articles or what to use on each one of these different ads. But as far as going through and setting up the ad, that’s a different skill set, But I’ve got several other training articles on that. So actually, if you guys want my facebook ads mini course that I put together for you guys just Thumbs up this article comment down below, and I will share that with everyone who comments down below alright.

So anyway, guys, let’s just dive in here, and I will start showing you the first Facebook ad That has worked amazingly well and I’ll kind of break down why it’s worked well and how you can implement it into your business Right. So this first one is: if you have a listing in your business now I know not. Everyone has listings in their business. You know if you’re new agent Just getting started, but if someone else in your office has a Listing that they’re going to allow you to go through and market promote and make sure you guys get their permission first, don’t just go through And market.

It make sure you get their permission and then go and run this ad right here. So you can see right here. You’ve got some emojis, Which actually studies show that emojis Increase the amount of people that are going to actually read and pay attention. Your ad, just because it makes a little more fun, There’s opposed to just having text, and then you can see. We even got some hashtags. However, guys I’ve seen some Realtors Go through and do this and they kind of overdo it They’re like way too many emojis way too many hashtags and it just like, looks like a bunch of spam.

Okay, so you can see this. This is still kept clean as silk left. You know very, very nice looking, but while still drawing attention – so you can see right here – Pretty listed, see it before it hits the market for beds three baths. So we’re getting like give a quick preview of What this home is. What this listing is all about, then go here to get a price location plus more pics, so Some people are going to see that they’re going to see the images of the home and they’re going to be ready to take action right away.

So we want to have that call to action or they can go through. They don’t have to read the rest of this information. Okay, they can just click, there go out to the landing page and then we, you know rare opportunity And this it doesn’t have to say pretty listed right. It could say a number of different things, but that’s just an idea: That’s just an option that you can go through and use because not all of your listings are going to Be pre listed right.

So just keep that in mind and then what we’ll do here is we spend the next two paragraphs Going through and highlighting the different key points of the listing Kay and I like to hit like more the Sexier things so like if it’s got vaulted ceilings. If it’s got stainless steel appliances, if it’s got a two or three car garage, A pool whatever is going to really go through and draw attention for your ideal Client.

You want to throw that in there and then obviously you want to finish it off with once again another call to action Right here out to the landing page kay. The reason Why is because, even if you have it up here, Lots of times what people do, especially if they’re on desktop they’re going to go through and they’re going to kind of read with their mouse Right, so the reading with their mouse like this You’re, seeing Right here, They’re going to come down here and it sounds funny.

It sounds crazy, But a lot of times. People are just too lazy to go back up or, if they’re scrolling on their mobile phone They’re scrolling through and They read it and then like that their brain doesn’t think to go back up to go click that link up there. Okay. So now, if we look at the actual ad crative k the images, the articles, whatever we use here, You can see this one has just one image. What I like to do sometimes like let’s say you have 25 photos of the home that you’re going to go through in market okay, I usually like to take about half of those.

This was just kind of like a little demo example. I put together for you guys, but I, like you, usually take about 10 to 12 of those photos, Throw them in the post, so they can get a little bit better idea of what the home actually looks like right. So, like you know, they can see this, But they don’t know. You have no idea what the inside looks like it. Could’ve been completely remodeled, which this home was.

Okay, You don’t know what the backyard looks like, which could be like the coolest backyard in the world, or it could be a perfect fit For them alright, so you want to go through and add a few more teaser photos And then having the opt-in. Okay, the call to action being hey, get the price, the address, plus more pictures. So that’s what you’re, holding back so to get them to put in their name phone number email address on the landing page and Opt in so that you can actually Generate a lead and follow up with them.

A number of ways now and we can follow up with them via email Text, message, phone calls and there’s some cool things that we can do even with Facebook message alright. So anyway, This is the first one. So if you guys have questions on this first, one right here Go ahead, drop a comment below I respond and I read every single in the comments so make sure you drop below all right, So this one is for a listing at all right Now, if we Come in here – and we take a look at this – this one is for a buyer, lead generation.

Okay, so if your real estate, agent right and you don’t have listings, But you’re still want to work with buyers, this one has worked and performed amazingly well right now. This one’s going to be a little bit higher cost per lead. I’ve seen about three to five dollars per lead on average Win set up correctly. Alright, now people sometimes will take my my ads and stuff and they’ll be like oh did it work? Well, There’s sometimes some little simple tweaks on the back end on the ads manager and that’s why, if you guys want my facebook as mini-course, you got a Comment down below, so I can share that with you, which I’ll walk through the whole Facebook Ads manager, I’ll Walk through how to set the pick Facebook pixel, The Facebook leave form all those different pieces to help you guys get it set up correctly.

Alright. So if we look at this, The first thing, what we want to do case is we want to call out our Ideal client. Okay, so we’re saying hey Attention Dallas attention, Orlando attention, Salt Lake City, whatever the city is right, Do you know anyone to looking to buy a home and you could even say in right here? Are you or do you know anyone looking to buy a home? So it’s like calling them out specifically Kate.

Are you looking to buy a home, okay and they’re like yes or no okay, And then they can like if it’s no, they can keep scrolling okay Or do you know what he want right, because it’s like that’s like a nice little referral right there Follow here. Okay, so we’ve got that call to action early on and then hey we’ve compiled the free report of homes for sale under 300,000 under 500,000, whatever the number is of, like whatever your go-to-market Is right.

Sometimes people like the low end, sometimes the middle, sometimes like the luxury. So whatever your mark is really in and then Follow here once again, You’ve got a link, a call to action, and they say thanks and your name Just kind of personalize it right and really quick guys. All of these ads. You want to be running from your own Facebook page, So you want to have a profile picture right there of you.

Okay, Not your dog! Not anything else of you, your face kind of like a little head profile, shot like I’ve got right here: Okay and then your name, Okay, not your company’s name, not your business name, your name And you can see even say like, for example, I would say, like Jason Wardrop, You know Park City, Realty or Salt Lake City, real, so you’re, something like that right. So then, what I like to do is go and throw in maybe three different homes in your area.

Okay, now, if I’m in Phoenix Phoenix Homes, don’t really look too much like this right, so it’s not going to really be synergistic with that market, But you want to go through and find three homes, Maybe that are for sale in that area under the $ 300,000 Range: okay, Because you want to match that you don’t want to go through and say: hey these homes are three hundred three hundred Thousand and then you’ve got like several million dollar homes right, because that’s just kind of it’s not Targeting the ideal client that you’re really Looking for and really going for, okay, So that’s where I like to kind of do, give an idea of some different options, Maybe three to five little photos right here that can kind of scroll through See some of the different options of homes that are in that Market because then, once they opt-in, Give you their name phone number, an email address, you can follow up with them and say: hey.

I’ve got some other homes. I’ve got this other list of homes That you can go through and see, and then I can go. Take you around and show you That we can like see what is the best fit for you all right. So once again guys any question on this Facebook ad drop A comment below. I will read and respond to every single one of your comments and then the last one. Okay, This one is for an open house all right so very, very similar to these other ones.

You know, obviously, if you got a listing, This is kind of like an open house. Go pre, promote this. I like to go through and if you have an open house, Let’s say on Saturday or Sunday, I like to start at least five days Before the open house to go through and promote this okay, because then you get some time to get traction and sometimes Facebook’s Algorithm Takes a little bit of time to kind of like Adjust to show it to the ideal target market, the ideal audience.

So it’s sometimes nice to go through, maybe five to six, maybe even seven days. I probably want to go beyond seven days because then people kind of start to forget there were even was a Open house so about five to seven days before it starts so you can see right here. We’ve got the emojis We’re making it fun. Okay, open house! This Friday, at 6, p.M.. Or whatever day It is and then give the address right.

So they can go through, save it right there in their phone. Okay, get the article, walkthrough and Ebro sure here now guys You don’t have to have a article walkthrough. You don’t have to have a brochure or anything like that. You could do the same thing like back here on this listing presentation, Which says: hey, get the get more pictures of this property or get this or get that just giving them more Information on that specific location is going to help out a ton.

All right, then, once again I kind of like to go hit some of the top key sexier features of this property rights like four-bed three-bath. You know, walk-in, pantry, Subs, your refrigerator and freezer. Some things are going to get. People excited To go through and see the property. Then, once again You can say: hey get the article walkthrough brochure here or whatever you’re going to be offering Once again with the address and then right here guys You can use a article walkthrough other property Okay.

So I know some properties have like little 90-second segments And that’s a cool thing. If you’re working with a new build community lots of times the Builder They’re going to go, pay the money to go. Have those articles professionally created we’re going to have like the professional photos taken all that, So that’s another amazing thing to do is go work with builders. Team up partner then become one of those agents And start promoting those different listings.

Alright. So now what I would do is probably throw in a article here Or I throw in you know. Once again, I probably throw in five to ten photos here Just so I can get a better idea of what the property, what it looks like and get more Excited about, going up going to and showing up to your open house right now, guys really quick. I want to hit three actually two key things here with these Facebook ads.

What you want to do is you want to be promoting. Obviously, you know everyone in your market right like if you’re in Dallas Dallas within like a ten-mile radius but make sure you’re also Promoting them to your warm market. To your warm audience, ok, Sony was visit your website, anyone that’s on your email list. Anyone that’s really connected with you and your business in the past or likes your Facebook page, because you’re going to see amazing you’re going to see a lot better results with those people, as opposed to a Completely cold market right.

And I cover all that in the Facebook Ads mini course, so make sure you guys comment down below if you Guys want the Facebook Ads mini course, so I can get that over to you to help you guys get started with your Facebook Advertising all right. So, anyway, guys, Hopefully this article was helpful breaking down some of these top 3 Facebook ads. Maybe in a later article we’ll hit a few more ads that you can go through and use for your real estate business.

But this is a Solid start, wherever you might be, if you’re brand new You’re seasoned veteran, if you’re just kind of like getting the hang up getting getting used to Facebook advertising and lead generation. This will give you that quick jump start to everything that you need to go, do and be successful Right. So if you found this article helpful Go ahead, give it a thumbs up, drop a comment below, if you guys want the Facebook as mini course, And if you guys have any other questions on any of these ads, I can go through and answer those questions for You guys, And also, if you guys, are brand new here to the blog.

My name is Jason Wardrop And I launched a article about three times a week on how to generate more leads, make more money and grow your business so make sure you guys subscribe. The Channel and with that said, I will see you guys later.

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STOP Boosting Facebook Posts | Do This Instead

We can go in and say, hey, we want article views or we want comments likes and shares, or we want people to go to this website or we want people to go into Facebook messenger with a boosted post, you’re, not telling them that. So you can. You can get into audience targeting a little bit. You can go into the budget. You can do some of those things but you’re, not tong Facebook, exactly what you want to accomplish so you’re in goal of getting leads, which is probably what you’re going to want to do.

We’re growing an audience of some sort, you’re not going to accomplish that right. So, let’s dive into Facebook and just see what I’m talking about here. So I’m on my facebook business page, and so I have this post that I posted the other day. And so, if I wanted to boost this post, I would obviously go to my page and there’s this blue post button here. So we would boost this post and come in here and what we can say right here would be.

You know we’re looking at our audience right and so for this. It’s get more messages, because I have a send message, but here you can come in here and change. This basically get more views or get more message, and that’s really the only option that Facebook allows here. So if I scroll down here, I can go in and edit the audience. I can make this a little bit more specific. I can use custom audiences.

I can go and change the audience that I’m that I’m going to that I’m going to target essentially right, then I can go into the budget, the budget. You know you can do daily budget and then put that for a length of time or on an end date. Facebook really just wants this to be as easy as possible for their end user to create an ad. That’s the reason that boosting a post lives. That’s the reason it exists.

However, like I like I said earlier, it’s just not the best way to go in tell Facebook exactly what we want right, because if we had a link with a website here and I wanted them to go to a website – I cannot necessarily say I want to Traffic right or I want that kind of thing, so it really limits you on what your, what you can do, you can go and edit placements you can do some audience targeting you can choose the budget, you can add your Facebook pixel.

You can’t choose your account and then you would just choose boost post, but what? If? What? If we could go into Facebook Ads manager and select exactly what we want to do right? So if we click on create here, we can see all of the objectives that facebook gives us, so just a lot more options and we can tell Facebook exactly what we want to accomplish with our app. So if we wanted to do messages, we could do that and we can customize it a little bit using mini chat and do a JSON ad and shoot them exactly what we want them to see in messenger.

From the ad that I just had. You can’t necessarily do that within a boosted post right. You can’t go in and do it JSON at if you’re wondering what that is I’ll link that somewhere around this article in the description or in a card. If you want to do a messenger ad properly, but other things that you can do, you can do lead generation. So if you want to do a lead form or to acquire name email phone number, you could do a lead generation from that.

If you wanted to do article views’, you would do engagement. If you want more likes comments and shares on that post, you would do a page post engagement here as well right, so you would do post engagement, page likes event responses. If you wanted article views, you would come in here and choose that if you will have a landing page or a website and you wanted to acquire leads there, you would use conversions.

If you want traffic, you would send them there. So in this case, what we’re going to do is, let’s say engagement. You want the most amount of likes comments and shares on your ad, so we would choose engagement here and we’re going to do post engagement right because we don’t want page likes or event responses. So we’re going to do I call this PPE page post engagement, sub, page post engagement and then from here you know the we call this example.

You call it what it is so page post, engagement and then the date is the 7th. So we would continue here and we can go into the audience. You can do this within a boosted posts as well. So I’m not going to go too far in depth here, but then under the identity. What you can do is, if you want to create a new hat. You can totally do that, but if you’re wanting to boost that posts, those on your Facebook page, you have a post that you want to get more likes comments and shares on right.

If, if I wanted to quote-unquote boost this post or use this post as an ad, I would not boost it. I would come in to Facebook Ads. Do page post engagement like I showed you and then I would use an existing post and then I would select that post right. So I would come here and then I would choose that exact post. So the same post that I have on my business page right here, I can use within Facebook ads manager and continue with that as my ad right.

So, if you wanted to do say, I did have a link here. I could go back to the objective and send traffic to that link, or I could use a conversions campaign to acquire, leads and track that through Facebook. That’s something that you can’t do with a boosted post right. So just make sure that you are aware of your options and make sure that you’re using your money wisely, because, if you’re just using a boosted post you’re using a shotgun approach to your Facebook ads and we want a lasered dialed-in approach.

We want to tell Facebook exactly what we want to accomplish and then go accomplish that with our Facebook Ads, because if you have any questions on that comment in the comments below happy to help, you guys answer any of those questions. If you like, this article, give it a thumbs up if you want more real estate and mortgage related marketing content, make sure that you subscribe to my blog click.

The notification bell, so you can’t notified when I create new articles and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next article you

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Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Part 6 | How to Pause or Cancel Your Facebook Ads From Running

We went over how to create your first successful ad we going over audiences targeting we went over reporting, optimization and you know what to do.

After you know the numbers – and this is the last article – so if you guys have not readed any of those articles, I highly recommend that you go back and read those, but for today’s article I’m going to show you real, quick how to pause, cancel and delete Any of the ads that you have running okay, so we are in our Facebook Ads manager. I created a kind of a dummy ad here, so the first way is super easy.

If you have one add in one ad set in one campaign, then you can easily shut off all of your ads in that campaign by just clicking on this toggle here. So this is actually off right now you can see it’s inactive. If you toggle this over, this would make it active and it’s it’s actually. It didn’t even go live, so it’s in review. If it was active at one time, it would just say active, but this campaign has only one ad set and one ad right.

If you have multiple ads in that campaign, so say you had in this campaign. If you click on this check, box, it’ll have all of the ads in it. If you go to this right, so I only have one ad here, but if you have you know five ads in one ad set and one campaign, then it’s going to shut off all of those ads. If you do it from this campaigns. Tab right! If you want to go – and you have multiple ads in that campaign, then you can go here to the ad level and shut off the ad the ad level.

I highly recommend that you do the app instead of shutting off one full campaign. That’s the easiest way to do that right, so that is the easiest way to pause or cancel an act. If you want to cancel an ad set so say if your split-testing and you have multiple multiple ad sets ad set would be who you’re targeting it could be your budget and then, within that ad set, you might have multiple ads right, we’re just going to duplicate This so I can show you real, quick yeah, so this is what, though, that would kind of look like, so I have multiple ad sets and then each of these ad set has an ad right like unclick.

These I go to this. I have multiple hats because I have multiple ad sets right. So if I’m testing one handset against another asset, say your split testing, an image right, so your copies the same your headlines, the same, the landing page is the same. The only thing that is different is the image. You have two different images and you can see the results. We don’t over that in the last article, one ad is doing really really well.

The other ad is not. You want to cancel the ad. That is not doing well, and you know that you have one ad set and one ad all you need to do is go to that ad set and just toggle off here right and then, if you go to your ad, then you know, excuse me, love you, Unselect this you, then you know that these ads are off it’s confusing, because if you go here, you’ll see ok, these are on, but really one of these is off right.

So if you check this box and then go to your ad, you know that this campaign is off. So what I would do is I’ll just go and turn it off so that you know you’re not confused by any of the numbers. If you just click on because the problem is, if you click on this campaign – and you click on this – and you go straight to your ad, then it would show both of these as being on that, you don’t know really, which one is going right in this Case we now know, because this is toggled on this – is toggled off.

I would always recommend just going and clicking all of these, so that you know which is which is going on here right, so that’s kind of what you should do if you want to pause or cancel the ads that you have running now. If you want to delete and add what I recommend doing and how I teach creating Facebook ads is doing one hat per one ad set and I would just go and delete the ad set and that will in turn, delete the the ad itself.

So if you go here to the ad set that you want to cancel or delete you just click on this checkbox and then go and delete this and say yes, I want to delete that. You have to be really sure that you’re deleting that, because you can’t get that back right and then we deleted the ad as well. So if your, if you follow how I teach one AD per one ad set, then you can just delete the ad set that you don’t want running, really, there’s no reason to delete the ads unless you broke a lot of rules and violations of Facebook, and you Kind of want that expunged from your Facebook account.

That would be the only reason I can see the leading an ad would be beneficial. Otherwise you really just want to kind of keep that ad there so that you have the numbers and that you know. Okay, this split test. This is what one I really don’t want this. This picture really didn’t work, so I want that to be in there. So I know if I ever forget, I can come in here and say: okay, that picture didn’t really work.

I don’t want to use that one ever again right so guys. That is how you pause, cancel delete any of the ads that you have running. As I mentioned earlier, if you haven’t readed previous articles, go read those if you like this article, give it a thumbs up, make sure that you subscribe to the blog, because I come out with a new article, every single day, 1 p.M. Central, alright guys. So if you guys, like this article again, give it a thumbs up, and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next article you

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What’s The Best Facebook Ad Placement?? Facebook Advertising Tutorial For Beginners 2019

Newsfeed could be on the mobile newsfeed or the desktop newsfeed.

Okay, it could be on the right-hand column. It could be on Instagram Instagram stories. It could be. You know a article, it could be on the audience Network, There’s so many different places that you can go through and show your ad Okay And I want to break down and show you guys. What’s worked really well for me And then also what you guys should consider doing with your business right now, real quick guys, If you guys want my hundred percent free Facebook Ads mini-course, it’s a complete run-through of the Facebook Ads manager.

It’s really it’s really for beginners! A complete run-through of the Facebook Ads manager. We show you guys how to set up the Facebook pixel, all the tracking, so basically a quick overview of setting up all of your Facebook ad campaigns just drop a comment down below give this article a thumbs up, and I will share that with you. Alright. So, let’s jump into this Okay, So when we’re going through and we’re talking about placements, whether we want to show the newsfeed or if we want to show the right-hand column or Instagram or the stories or whatever it Is we’re going to go through and we’re going to create a new campaign.

All right, so, let’s hit start over here Now, based on what your marketing objective is Like. If you want article views or if you want leads, or just people to click to your website or whatever it might be, different Marketing objectives can work better, depending on where you place them right. So I just want to give you a quick run-through, though, in this article of What’s worked best for me on pretty much all these different marketing objectives as a whole.

So for this one, since we’re talking about Placements this marketing objective, Let’s just pick traffic for this demo right here and we’ll hit continue And so at the ad set level. Okay. So this is that second step and then the third one you’re going to go through and actually create the ad the actual, creative Right. This is where you’re going to go through and choose which placement? Okay, whether you want to show the news, feed the right-hand column, The audience network on Instagram and the stories on the new Instagram news feed on mobile desktop.

You have all these different options and this office view also, where you choose your audience right now, I’m not going to get into you the audience targeting all that stuff of like who we should show these ads to that’s all in that And as mini-course facebook, as Mini course, So if you guys want that drop a comment down below give the article a thumbs up – and I will share that with you – but let’s come down here to Placements okay now by default they say automatic placements recommended Okay and I don’t always recommend that.

Okay, now, Let’s bring this down, You have a few different audiences right now, when you’re, targeting your warm audience. Okay, Now your warm audience is people who have already visited your website They’re on your email list. They basically have interacted with your Facebook page, So they know who you are Right when it’s that type of group, That’s typically a lot smaller audience. Usually it’s, like you know tens of thousands of people or, if you’ve been doing business for a long time.

It may be in the you know, one hundred two hundred thousand people, but that’s where I’m a would use all Placements. Okay, because they already are familiar with you. So if they see you on Instagram and the stories or the news feed or on Facebook ranking column, there are at ready, like they’re, going to their attentions, going to jump to you and what you’re doing right now, if you’re going to a cold Audience completely cold Out – and they have no idea who you are They’ve, never seen you They’re never heard of you Nothing and you’re trying to get their attention.

What I like to do typically, is go to edit placements and I Usually like to start out with just the Facebook news feeds right here: okay, So what I’ll do is you can see? They’re all checked. I come over here and I uncheck all these. I uncheck the messenger, the audience network, I uncheck Instagram, unchecked instant articles, all of these different ones – and I just start out with Facebook news feeds right now.

This is historically what I’ve seen work best for my business and a lot of other people’s businesses. However, Just because a lot of people are starting to focus on the newsfeed now The the cost of generating leads in the cost of doing business, It can be a little bit higher it’s going up because it’s kind of like the supply and demand right like if You’re going down A freeway and they’ve got like let’s say a hundred billboards on this 50 mile stretch.

Okay and There’s 200 people Go through and show their advertisement on these hundred billboards. Okay, the cost is obviously going to go up and it’s going to go up. Go up go up to the point where there’s not 200, there’s now maybe 150, and then, if there’s that there’s going to still go up to the point where you know They’re leveling out right that 100 And so that’s kind of what’s starting to happen.

There’s so many small businesses, So many people trying to advertise in the news feeds and that’s why I, oh I’ve forgotten check this one. That’s why it’s it’s good to go through and test out some of these different placements. So the second one that I like to go through and test out is the Instagram newsfeed. Okay, now, typically, What I like to do is go through and create a different ad set okay, So what that means is, I would go through.

Let’s say I’m going through and creating this this one with the news feeds I would Continue. I’ve set my budget and I would continue and create the ad, But I would go through and I would create a completely different ad set targeting the same exact audience. Okay, because then we just we can get a really good split test. Okay, So targeting the same exact audience. So we can really know which one converts better and instead of clicking news feeds We for Facebook, We’re going to do the Instagram newsfeed, So we’re going to uncheck that and you can see we’re just targeting the Instagram newsfeed Okay, so I’ve seen I’ve seen different results.

I’ve seen varying stuff, like so sometimes Instagram back in the day. Their advertising platform I didn’t feel like was that great, because the targeting stuff was a little bit off. I feel like it’s gotten a lot better, so you can go through and start targeting more with Instagram and in the news feeds and Then, if you go through and you find out later on, you’re like well – Oh It’s only like it like.

So, let’s go back and let’s say we’re targeting on Facebook, bad as replacement And you go through and you’re. Looking at your stats, Okay and I can – I can shoot another article for that – a little bit later, how to go through and look at your stats. And Let’s say you see, most of your opt-ins in the Facebook newsfeed are on mobile as opposed to desktop, So but more people are opting in like scrolling through on their phone, as opposed to scrolling around on desktop.

Now, Back a few months ago, the mobile newsfeed for Facebook and the desktop newsfeed, Those were actually separate that you could check, but they’re, not anymore. They combined them together. However, what we can do is come up here to Device types and we click on all devices which is recommended, and I typically recommend that as well. But if you’re, seeing like hey mobile, is working so much better than desktop, All you got to do is come over here and click mobile, only Okay, so you’re only showing it but then you’re, obviously you’re going to have to come through and uncheck.

All of these. So you’re only doing on Facebook, news feeds and it’s only showing up in the mobile feed Okay, so it’s not showing up on desktop or vice versa. So you could go through change this to desktop. But as I recommended story now, I would go through and do all the vices All right so guys. That’s basically a quick rundown, So Start out with Facebook. News feeds see how that converts and then, if you want to go through and expand and do some split testing and see some other Different placements, I would test out Instagram news feeds and then you can go see in your analytics, Whether it’s mobile that works better Or even or even desktop right and then another thing that I would do is just go through and and test things out, because your business is Different than anyone else’s business right, And so you might find that, like hey Messenger, messenger, just works amazingly well.

For me, right, like you, just might find that that just works super well. So, like basically messenger ads, you can kind of see this over here When you’re, going through into your Facebook mobile app into the messenger. A little spot like the third one down It’ll be an ad and I’ve seen that actually worked fairly well for certain ads. But keep in mind that the ad creative, so when you get to this next step down here and you create a new ad, Just know that it should probably be a little bit different than the ad that you’re showing on your Facebook newsfeed All right.

So anyway, guys, hopefully that was helpful for you guys kind of break down the different placements and What you should try. First, if you’ve got a small budget like if you got ten to fifteen dollars for twenty dollars a day, I would start out with the Facebook news feeds and then even merge into the Instagram news feeds. If you’ve got a bigger budget, if you’re spending, you know A thousand two thousand dollars per day or even more, then you can obviously have a little bit more of a budget To start experimenting with some of these other ad placements right.

So, anyway, guys this article is helpful, obviously Give it a thumbs up, drop a comment down below. Let me know what you thought. Let me know anything that you know you’ve experienced different placements that work extremely well for your business. I always like to experiment. I always like to try anything So I’d love to hear your feedback. Also, if you guys are brand new here to the blog, Make sure you guys subscribe, because we launched new articles every single week on how to generate more leads, Make more money and grow.

Your business, So thanks so much for reading guys and we’ll see you all later.

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Facebook Ads Split Testing – How To Split Test Facebook Ads For Beginners In 2020

Now somebody asked on one of my previous articles. They asked about hey, we cover split testing, so I figured I kind of cover this in today’s article now, if you’re, like Jason, what the heck is split testing like what does that even mean? Basically, what it is is testing out two different variables in your marketing campaign: Okay, so that could be your whether you’re, using a landing page versus a leave form that could be on your ad you’re, using an image versus another image, or Maybe an image versus a Article or maybe, you’ve got some copy on one ad versus another copy, like you’re, just trying to test out two different things and See which one is going to convert better for you All right now.

The key thing that I would highly stress if you’re going through and especially if you’re brand new to Split testing, is only test one variable at a time Now. What does that mean? So if you’re going through it you’re testing out which landing page, looks better or works better, Okay, Only test out change out, maybe just the headline: Okay and then maybe in another test, you just change out the the call-to-action button Like what it actually says, really: click The call-to-action button then another time You can test out.

Maybe the button color or Something else, but you don’t want to test out too many variables at one time, because if you test out, let’s say on one page, You’ve got the headline and you’ve got kind of like your sand headlines. Centered called actions standard like bullet points and everything, But then you change everything on the next page. You don’t necessarily know like you. Don’t have like that That go to of that standard base of what you know, works Versus why if something else works better or not? Okay, so you want to go through and you want to have your standard chord like okay.

This is what I’m going to be working off of and then I’m going to change the headline see which headline works: better. Okay, this one works better. So I’m going to go switch it in here and change that out to my standard and then I’m going to test out the Call-to-action button see which one works better. Okay, this second one! It didn’t work that well, so I’m just going to keep with my standard and so that’s how you want to go through and do things so There’s a lot of different software’s.

You can go through and use as far as the landing page split testing, But this we’re to talk more about Facebook, advertising split testing. Let me show you guys how they’ve made it a lot simpler in the last couple of months to go through and split test. So Some different things that we can split test is our campaign objective, Whether we’re using link, clicks or website conversions. We can test off audiences, So one audience versus another audience and see which one really converts better.

We can test different ads like different ad creative. So if we want to see okay, Does this image work better than the other image or You know like this is creative versus this other creative or this, this image versus a article, So we can go through and test out a lot of these different things. So I just want to show you guys, really quick how to set this all up inside of the Facebook Ads manager And kind of some of these new updated things here.

So if we come over here to this green, Craig button I’ll go through create a new campaign and this one, let’s just keep it basic and easy, We’re just going to say the traffic campaign case. We want to send people to your blog to your landing page website, Whatever It might be. Okay, now legis. This is fairly new. This isn’t the last couple months, they’ve added this, but it says create a split test.

So it’s a B test, you’re creative Okay. So that’s the actual ad the placement, So is it going to show up in the news feed The right-hand column is going to show up on Instagram or in stories or where is it going to actually be shown the audience? So are you going to show it to people in Texas or California Or Florida, or it could be based off their interest or age groups or a lot of those other things or also delivery, Optimization? Okay, so that could be like clicks on the ad versus landing page views And so we’re going to like go through and cover a lot of this stuff.

So all we do is just click this on and we’re just going to say, traffic and we’ll just name. This, the demo okay, So now we’re going to hit continue. This is going to take us to the ad set level We’re actually going to dive through and hit a lot of these different things. So this is going to kind of cover some of the different split testing strategies and things that you can Kind of, learn and discover here.

So this is, you know, okay, you can go through and you know target different audiences. Those have a little walk through we’re. Not going to hit this right now because kind of already know what what’s saying right there But down here. This is where we’re going to choose the cases variable. What do you want to test out guys? Facebook they’ve made this so easy and they keep making things easier and easier, at least In my opinion, they kind of like walk you through step by step, So you come through and you say: okay, What do you want says like just really quick hitting this here? No audience overlap.

Your potential reach will be randomized and split amongst ad sets to ensure an accurate test. Okay, because they’re going to take a random portion of our people over here, random portion of people over here They kind of are similar and match. But it’s not like overlapping and so you’re going to get the best data possible Right, so we’re going to come over here. What do you want to test So creative, as we talked about before this? Is your actual app? Is it the image that you’re using a article Like? Are you using a carousel ad? Are you using what text are you using Delivery? Optimization, That’s more of like! Okay.

Are you you know going for link clicks? So if they click on the ad or landing page views, okay, so link clicks. There could be somebody that clicks on the ad and Then let’s say they’ve got bad cell service or just on their phone or something like that or the Wi-Fi is bad and it takes forever to load the page. And So they like exit out on the page before they actually even go through and see what the pages that counts as a link click, Whereas landing page views is somebody that is actually going to view the page.

That means a page loaded and they’ve actually seen your website. Okay, so audience right here, We’ve kind of talked about that and then placement So for this example, let’s just say We’ll, say well, sick placement for this one came and this works for all these different ones. So we come down here. Placement variable number one, Okay, so we could say hey automatic placements, which Automatic placements for Facebook What they want to do is they want to be able to show your ad on every location possible right Because really what’s happening with so many more people jumping on Facebook Is that newsfeed, Like the amount of people that are trying to go market on the newsfeed it’s going up, and so you know It’s supply and demand right, There’s only so much space on that newsfeed, so many users, and so it gets filled up.

So they want. You to advertise on Instagram on the right-hand column on the Marketplace on all these different locations. So maybe, for this one we’ll say add, say a we’re just going to leave it automatic placements and ad set B We’re going to actually test out something else. We’re going to come down here, We’re just going to do News feeds right here. The Facebook news feeds All right, so we’re going to test out Everything versus just the news feeds and then we can even add a testing here So like maybe want to go through and test the Instagram newsfeed versus the Facebook newsfeed versus everywhere.

So all we’re going to do is just click on test. Another ad set right here We come down here and instead of doing Facebook, We’ll just click on Instagram, So uncheck the stories and we’ll say the Instagram you see so now. We’ve got we’re going to measure out the histogram newsfeed versus the Facebook newsfeed versus on all Placements right, and so you can come over here and see like where our budget is going to be going.

Okay, 33 %. The budget is going to go towards ad set a 33 percent towards ad set B and 33 percent towards ad set C. Then we come down here and we’re just choosing our audience. Okay, Now the same thing works guys. If we were to come back over here and shit test out instead of placements, We want to test out audience right, we’re going to go through and we’ve got okay audience a who do you want to do maybe want to do a custom saved audience like Dallas, Texas, Fitness right Versus ad set B.

We want to do maybe real estate, Okay, so and obviously you want to probably split test those because we’re not really related, but you can see how you can easily go through and choose these different audiences where Facebook, the nice thing is they’ll they’ll, give a specific Amount of the budget to each one of these different audiences cuz, so back in the day, guys how this all worked is if you create an ad set and you would go through, and You have like three ads in the ad set.

Ok, Facebook and they’re, like first 24 hours, They would kind of just pick whatever ad was performing the best and they would just run with it. Okay, So you didn’t even know if, like maybe one of the two other ones, actually perform better than the one they picked, But they just didn’t really give you enough to run with. So what I did back in the day is, I only have one AD Per ad set. So if we’re come over here choosing more creative right here – Okay, I would just have one AD per ad set, But now it’s nice because they split it evenly.

Cuz then, after you, you can go through and you’re running your split test, you’re, seeing which one actually works, better you’re able to get a lot better idea of which one works the best and why it worked the best and they go through and Improve your advertising From there now, the reason why guys at today we’re doing all the split testing is the lower our cost per lead, lower our cost per click or cost per Engagement or cost per sale or conversion Whatever it is that we’re going for Alright.

So the creative same thing, if you’re doing this, we’re going to be actually hitting this later in the add section. Alright, so you go through, you create your normal audience. Okay, you set like okay. Where do you want to be placed and all this different stuff? And then you can say you know you want link, clicks, landing, page views. What do you want and then you would go and set a budget we hit continue And this is actually where we would set up the split test.

Ok, so add name. Ok, so a day right here We could even run it from different Facebook pages right. It’s like we wanted one from your Personal brand versus one from your company’s brand and then we can say hey. Maybe this one. We want to do an image, Whereas down here or we got to go over here to add B Okay, we would maybe want to try out a article Okay, So we can see like which one works better, Which one gets us the best Bang for our buck, Because it’s all, obviously all about return on our ad spend, So some people will go and spell that out.

Roas return on adspend, So ROI return on investment right, and so That’s kind of the key goal of why I want to go through and set all this up. Okay, So anyway, guys, if you have any other questions, drop down a comment below, if you guys found this article helpful, is pretty self-explanatory From here as far as going through and setting up your ad like if you want to go through and choose an Instagram account.

Okay, this is the one I have Integrating here. You upload a article. You go through, throwing it URL to your website some text, all that stuff, But keep in mind guys only change out one thing. So if on add, B you’re doing a article versus add a you’re doing An image, you want to make sure that this text is all exactly the same. Okay, You want to make sure your call-to-action bowl says, learn more.

You want to make sure that is all Exactly the same as well. You want to make sure it’s setting to the same exact landing page, Because you really want to get a good idea of. Is it the ad that we’re testing out right here, Or maybe you found an ad that works really well, And so you want to test out the landing page like? Is it the headline of a landing page, the call-to-action, the colors? The aim, Like the background, like what is it that really we want to go through and test.

Okay. Now, in my personal experience, The simpler the landing pages, the better just like playing back background of white, Very clear text, just very simple page – that loads, quick and I’ll, get you the right information. That’s what’s I’ve seen his work best So anyway, guys and also, if you guys, want my facebook ads mini course, I’m going to add a link down in the description as well to that Facebook guys mini course and walk you through the Facebook guys manager.

How does have the Facebook pixels? Obviously you got this article right here which helps you with split testing, but will give you a whole rundown of how to set up these ads, like the pros cons of doing different things and just kind of give you a little behind-the-scenes look of my business of What I do and Anyway so hopefully that’s helpful. You guys found this article helpful, Go ahead and give it a thumbs up.

I would greatly appreciate that also drop a comment down below. Let me know what you think And if you guys are brand here brand new here, make sure you guys subscribe to blog cuz. We try to launch the new articles every single week and help you generate more leads, make More money and grow your business So make sure you guys subscribe And with that said guys, I will see you all in the next article.

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How to Be A SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agent With Digital Marketing In 2018

Everything that’s really going on and I was like you know what this same exact share. That’S going to work for my business really works for any type of business right, especially real estate agents and Especially agents who don’t have a big marketing budget that you can go through and implement some of these different strategies To take things to the next level. Right now, One thing that I feel like I always focus on and almost every business owner Always focuses on, is getting new leads right.

Getting new customers in like that next person, right you’re, like you, you’re, always looking for that Next new thing, because it’s kind of like that shiny object of like Oh new, leads more people like all that stuff building that audience with the most valuable leads, the most Valuable audience network is already in your existing database. The reason why is because, More than likely, they already know who you are: okay, They’re, a warm audience or hot market, and they know like they kind of they have a little bit more trust And you have a little more credibility with them as opposed to a Brand new Lea who has no idea who you are You got to go through and build that trust.

You got to build that rapport, that Credibility, that authority and all that something it could be very expensive, very difficult and time-consuming right. So the number one way to go through as a real estate agent or any business owner out there and Take things to the next level is by using your low-hanging fruit, your existing database right and that’s one thing I’m looking to go through and do because I’ve Been going through and marketing a cold audience for last year and a half plus and It’s been very expensive and very like you know, I put a lot of invest a lot of money into advertising And it’s been good.

It’S been rewarding, obviously, but now I’ve got this pretty big audience. I can go through and I can market to, and they already know who I am okay, There’s like like they have a good idea of like okay. This is what value he brings and how he can help me, and now I can just go through and Add a more value to that existing audience and the same thing goes for you If you’re in real estate, no matter how long you’ve been real estate You’re.

Just barely getting in, you probably have an existing contact database, whether it’s on LinkedIn in your phonebook Or you know just some other network that you’ve got like Gmail or Outlook or any of these other contacts. And There are several ways through digital marketing that you can go through and utilize all this information right. So the first one is, if you have someone’s name their phone number, an email address.

You can take that data And you can import that into Facebook right and you can create a custom audience. Oh we’ve talked about that on previous articles. You can take that save data And you can upload that into Google. Ok and you’ve got that custom. Audience is saying: hey, Google! These are all like my people like their either past clients or their leads all that stuff. Take that same data. You upload it into your CRM Right.

So now, if you guys look at this, take a look at this for a second. If somebody’s going through, let’s say you have a competitive or a Competing agent in your market right and they’re, going to go through and they’re going to send out, maybe a new email To their list, or maybe, let’s, like let’s say It’s your same exact contact database Right, your same exact people, they’re looking to buy or sell their home, But they’re only going to send out an email, maybe once a week a little acute newsletter from one of the little you know: email, marketing, software’s, they’ve got and They’re going to do that.

Maybe once every week or once every two weeks, But then you you, wouldn’t uploaded your your database into Facebook, alright. So now you can go through and market to them, not only on Facebook, But also on Instagram. You upload it into Google. Now You can market to them in the search and Google search on YouTube on these different platforms on blogs right, then you also upload them to your CRM and you’re you’re, not your emailing them as well as send them attacks as well as maybe send them a Facebook, Messenger, and So for every one email that competing agent sends Someone is seeing you that same audience is seeing you on Instagram They’re, seeing you on Facebook They’re, seeing you on Google and YouTube in their email inbox in their on their phone.

They’Re. See you all these places now, if you think about that, if you got one person sending out just one email Casually every once in a while versus somebody who they’re seeing literally on all these different platforms, Who do you think is going to Win? Who do you think is going to actually get that this right? Is the person that’s going to be more present and honestly, a lot of you probably reading this article You’re not even sending Just that one casual email once a month or once every couple of weeks? You’Re? Probably just you have this goldmine, this database and you’re just letting it sit there now.

Obviously, I’m not trying to go through and harp on you because I do it. I fall prey to the same exact thing, But I’m trying to go through and and take things to the next level and the cool thing is is With Facebook. When you go through an upload, this custom audience of data, You literally, can go and spend 50 cents or $ 1 per day remarketing to this exact audience, and the cool thing is When I was on the phone with one of my facebook ads reps a couple Weeks ago, He Said that if you have a custom audience that your ads are actually going to show Before any other ads out there right so like if you basically have told Facebook Hey.

This is already one of my customers. It’S going to show before some other person, That’s just marketing to their cold audience because they Facebook’s like okay. They already know like and trust this person They’re already like an authority somewhat and so Facebook wants to show ads and content and posts all that stuff. There’S going to be more relevant to that audience right so Really, quick guys! The takeaways from this article is one make sure you’re leveraging and utilizing your warm market.

Okay, don’t just let that sit there. You know picking up dust and all that stuff make sure going after that warm market, Because that is where you’re going to see a lot quicker results then going through and running a cold ad to anyone on Facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube or even Going and buying Leads on Zillow Trulia realtor.Com any of those other marketplaces, alright. So, But we also at the same time, we always want to be growing that database, So we want to have some cold lead generation going, so we’re always bringing more people in.

So when is there time to go through, buy or sell a home that our Authority is built out and they can be know like and trust us right? The second thing is, is taking that data and Upload into Facebook is a custom audience. Okay and being present on Facebook, on Instagram Upload into Google and being present on Google search on on YouTube right and then also uploaded to your CR and being present in IVA and their email INBOX K on text messages in their messenger inbox K on all these Different platforms, So we can go through and market to them.

Okay and another key thing. The third key takeaway, I would say, is don’t just always go through and spam different properties or open house or anything like that, Make sure you’re having a little bit of a personal touch and a personal flair to it. That’S showing you, maybe, with your spouse, you with your kids, you with you know at the park, Maybe with your dog or whatever it is so then people can see like oh they’re there, like a normal human being like me Right, so they can go through and That have that connection.

If you go through and you’re like a basketball fan or a football fan, or whatever Show a picture of you at a game or supporting your favorite team or whatever, It is really like. People want to see that you’re, a real person And you’re not just always just spamming out stuff about your business kay so Anyway, guys keep those three things in mind: your warm market, That’s where tons and tons of gold is found number two make sure you’re utilizing That warm market – Just don’t let it sit there on the Shelf.

Gathering dust, okay And the number three make sure you’re showing to your audience to your customer database That your real person right, like you’re, not always pushing stuff about your business but make sure you’re going through and branding yourself. Okay, and so people want to go through. They can connect with you on a deeper level like if you’re, a huge like. Let’S say You live in Dallas in your huge Mavericks fan or a Cowboys fan okay When they go through and they talk to you you’re your customer, your potential client.

They have something to connect with you deeper beyond, just like oh you’re, going to go, sell my home or you’re going to Help me buy a home or whatever you could talk about the Cowboys last game or the the Mavericks last game, Or you know whatever the Topic might be, and you guys can connect at a deeper level there for deepening the relationship, The trust, the credibility authority, all that good stuff to help you go through and grow your business right so anyway, guys.

Hopefully, today’s a little thought it helped you guys in some way make sure you take that data Upload it if you guys need help as far as like knowing how to go through and do that Guys. I’Ve got tons of article on my blog, I’m showing you how to upload that info into the Facebook audience manager. Show you how to upload into Google showing how to upload into your CRM and Taking advantage of all these resources that you have at your fingertips.

In 2018, guys Technology is at its best right now. You have so many ways: they’re, cheap, easy and for just a dollar a day you can be going through and reaching this whole entire Audience right. So anyway, with that said, if you has a brand new here, my name is Jason Wardrop, I’m trying to launch a new article every single day on how to generate more leads, Make more money and crow. Your business so make sure you guys subscribe because you’re not subscribed yet Also, if you guys, like today’s content, go ahead, give it a thumbs up comment down below.

Let me know what you guys are doing to go through a differentiate yourself from the competition in your Marketplace and also, let me know how I can be helpful. I’Ll try to drop some links down below in the description in the comments section articles of how to upload those contact database to your Facebook, Ads manager To Google to your CRM all that to help you guys go through progress and with that said guys.

I hope you all have an amazing week and I hope you guys are killing it in 2018 and with that said guys, I will see you all tomorrow.