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😱Facebook Ads Demographic Targeting Going Away! #1 Facebook Ads Targeting Technique You MUST Use…

Just some housekeeping, I just want to kind of get this out of the way, as you guys can see here on my screen. I am wrapping up. I’m working on a Facebook Ads live train for you guys I’m going to be doing next Wednesday, So Wednesday July 18th, at 12 p.M. Eastern time, 9 a.M. Pacific time So mark that down on you guys, calendars also I’ll, add a link down below in the description As well as in the comments that you guys can go through and register for that, because I share a lot of my blog different Facebook ad strategies, but I think it’ll be beneficial To break down some of the things that I do like the exact strides.

I use and also be able to do it live, So you guys can ask me questions and I can kind of give you feedback and answers and let you guys kind of know what I’m Doing on the daily basis. So if you guys want to attend that, There’s a link down below to register for that training in the description as well as in the comments and if you guys are reading This after July 18th, which I’m sure a lot of you guys are because that’s in About a week and a half I’ll add the link to the replay to that training, So you guys can go through read that and still take advantage of every now, let’s dive into this guys.

So this is the this image right here, where I’ve got this pulled up this little segment. That is part of that live training, and You look at like the red ocean versus the blue ocean, And this is really like what I want to break down. Explain you guys when it comes to Facebook Ads Targeting so when you’re going through and you’re targeting with Facebook’s interests, so you’re targeting homeowners Are you’re targeting real estate agents or you’re targeting like weight loss or people interested in fitness? That’s a red ocean guys Like there are so many people that go in like Facebook’s made it super easy to go through, Create an ads campaign, and then you know you go and choose your targeting.

You choose the age group. You choose all that stuff, But with it being so easy you’re literally in a red ocean Just competing with everyone, It’s out there, Okay, so the strides I want to show you guys in today’s article is Taking over to the blue ocean right like this. Is I don’t even ever use Facebook ads interest targeting or any of those little demographics? Anything like that in my ads and when I tell people that even like advanced Facebook, marketers are like what like? What do you even do Like? How is that possible? You don’t use interest targeting Okay Now there there’s something: that’s called Look-alike audiences and if you guys have heard of look like audiences, this is going to be a very different article.

It’s going to be a lot more unique than you probably have even heard or thought before. So just keep that in mind, But this is going to take you from that red ocean of competing with literally every other person out there. That’s advertising on Facebook To this blue ocean now also guys is a special favor to you guys. I was talking with my brother. He readed my blog too, and he kind of like started.

Business He’s got his Facebook guys in the last stuff, And he says sometimes I go way too fast to explain things So I’ll try to go a little bit slower I’ll, try to go through break down everything step by step and photos. You guys are like hey. You like that fast pace just put on like one and a half speed All right. So, let’s jump over to the Facebook Ads manager, because this is really key when we’re going through and setting up our Facebook ads and actually first really quick.

This is another slide I forgot about in the presentation. This is the exact strategy of how I went through, and this is two years ago So June of 2016. I made less than $ 1500 that month for my business and then you can see I start implementing the strategy in August. So, two months later, Okay, So August, I did if you can see the right there, It’s probably a little small, It’s a little over $ 8,000 Okay, so that was the first month.

So I went from 1500. So in essence, I almost call that zero, because I was obviously with ad spend all that stuff You’re, not really making any money. And then I went up to $ 8,000 and then, from August of 2016 to October of 2016 October 2016. I went and did over $ 25,000 in revenue for the month. Okay, So guys. This is a way that you can go through and grow your business extremely fast and once again, If you guys want to jump on this live training or if you’re reading the the kind of like this later after July 18th click down below I’ll have the registration Link to go regi for that live training or for the replay, whatever you want to go through and read, so You guys can see Some of these strategies broken down in a lot more detail, then I’m even ever covered on my youtube blog Okay.

So, let’s just jump over here to Facebook, Okay, now in Facebook, what we’re going to do is come over here to the ads manager. Okay, Now a look like audience: Let’s just break this down right, Let’s jump! Actually, I’ve cut it another good slide, So Facebook, anyone that is your existing customer. So I’ve got like Jim right here, Jim from the office right, So Jim he’s going to go through and buy something from your business Right or maybe you haven’t your like brand new business, And so you haven’t sold anything but he’s a lead or some of the Shown interest in your business, Okay, now, Facebook, the cool thing is, is they literally know so much information about Jim Okay? So they know that, like he’s a male the age like if he’s married or not, if he’s college educated, I know how much money he’s making.

He knows they know pretty much for the most part, What products he’s bought online, because a lot of companies they’ll use the Facebook pixel okay to track whether people have become leads if they purchased something and so based on what ads people are clicking on and Based On what products they’re purchasing Facebook’s got a pretty good overall idea of what’s happening Kay, They know like okay, he likes basketball, He reades the office right, So they know all this information, and so now what we do is we take Jim, okay or our existing customers Or clients or leads, or Even people that, like maybe you don’t, have customers yet cuz, you’re brand new or maybe don’t have lee Juck’s you’re brand new, but people, maybe that, like your Facebook, page or people, even that have gone through and readed a article that you’ve Posted on your Facebook page kay, that’s like an audience of people and then what Facebook does is what we call a 1 % look-alike audience.

So they’re going to go, find 2 million people, or sometimes even more, that looked just like Jim Okay, so but whether they’re male like it’s not going to necessarily be only males or only females or whatever. Although you can go through and target whether it’s males or females but they’re going to find out, Okay, what’s his average, You know salary which it’s crazy, But they actually have a lot of data on how much money you most likely make okay And they know like What the products you purchase, what you like, what your behaviors are online.

What links you click on what you don’t Click on. They know all this information, So Facebook they go and they create this look like audience of people that are very, very Similar to Jim. Okay. So then, what they’re going to do? Is you go take this ad? You show it to this look-alike audience. Okay And then your ads become even more Profitable because you’re able to go through and scale things that much more so if before you were going through and showing your ads just to your existing clients or your existing leads or existing database and you’re spending, maybe like.

Let’s say five dollars a day With this, because you have now an audience of two million plus people you’re able to go through and scale it up to $ 75, a day or $ 100 a day or two hundred five hundred or even a thousand dollars per Day and So you’re able to go through and make a lot more money. Okay, so hopefully that kind of like break broke that down and that kind of like makes some sense. But let’s jump in Back over here to the Facebook Ads manager and show you guys exactly How this actually happens case.

So we’re going to do is come over here to the search bar And we’re going to type in audiences. You can see it’s already popped up right there, But if it’s not showing up right here, we’re just going to type in audiences, Okay, cuz. First, what we need to do before we create a look-alike audience is we need a create, an audience Right that we’re going to say, Hey. We want to create a look like audience that looks like these people.

So Before we go through create the look like audience. We need to go through and say: hey, Jim is our ideal. Customer ideal lead our ideal client and we want you to create two million people: 3 million 4 million. Whatever The number is a people just like Jim okay, So basically you’re going to go through. You were just going to create an audience, will just say: custom audience right here: Okay and then you can go through and like customer file, You can upload their emails or their phone numbers.

You can say website traffic. So if you’ve got a blog, if you’ve got a website, a landing page, whatever You’ve got you can go through and throw the Facebook pixel on This exact website and I’ll link out to my tutorial on how to get that Facebook pixel installed Because it walks you through step by step and then you’ve got even engagement. Like let’s say you don’t have any clients, any customers whatsoever, No leads or anything and you’re just starting out brand new, you say Hey.

I want to just target people who have readed a article that I posted on my Facebook page. So let’s just say that, for example, it’s just say a article And then we could come in here and we say we want to target anyone who is viewed at least read 25 % of my article okay, because sometimes like three seconds of your article. It’s someone just scrolling through in the article autoplays and so they’re, not really reading it 10 seconds, Depending on how long your article is.

That can actually be a really good option if it’s only a minute long, they read 10 seconds Of the 60 seconds. That’s a pretty good percentage of the article, but I typically like to do 25 or even 50 % To get a bigger audience That then we can go through and create a look like audience after ok He’s like, if you think about it. If we just give Facebook one data point, so basically we say hey only Jim.

I want you to create. It looked like audience of people that only look like Jim There’s, not really a lot of information to go off of right, like it’s just that one person, whereas if you have 30 people Okay, They find these averages of what those people like their ages, their Income, Their interests all that stuff and they’re able to get you a lot better data, and then, if you have a hundred people or a thousand or the more people That easier, it is to go through and get this data put together and have this Hotter audience that You’re able to go through and mark it with your Facebook Ads.

So with that said, I like to do kind of like a 25 percent or 50 percent, So I’ll just do 25 percent here And then we choose the the article right here actually up here. Sorry guys choose the article So we’re on to choose the Facebook page So we’ll come down here. All I think you’ve got my main Facebook page on here. So we’ll choose this and then you kind of look at the articles right. So you can see the three second article views So like if we’ve gotten these different people, we’ve got.

You know. Eight thousand people have readed this article, so this is probably one that I probably want to go through and create a custom audience often because there’s going to be a lot of data points like if there’s 8,000 8200 article views, there are three seconds We’re probably going To have you know four or five thousand people that have readed 25 % of this article? Okay, so we’re just going to go like this.

We’re going to choose that we’re going to hit, confirm, Okay and then we’re just going to give it a name. We’ll say 25 % article view and then I would usually do the name of Video, like whatever you want to call it. That’s kind of like what I like to do And then the nice thing is, you can do like hey everyone. Let’s read it in the last 365 days or if you want it like more recent, like hotter market, you could say hey in the last seven days last 30 days last two days, even so, if this one I’m just going to actually Do last 30 days, because If somebody’s read this article in the last 30 days, they probably at least remember it somewhat right, probably seven days or even 24 hours, 48 hours is even more ideal, but they probably at least remember Like at least readed it, whereas like if it’s too long ago, If it was like 200 days ago, six months or whatever They’re, probably not even going to remember you the article or anything else, I’m going to create this audience and Now what we do is Facebook is going to go and they’re going to populate this, and it’s Going to take a second or whatever, but we could say, hey, create an ad using this audience or Expand your audience.

Okay, so we’re going to click on, expand your audience, And this is how we can create a look-alike audience right here. So the source is the audience of everyone. That’s viewed the article At least 25 %. Can I think that is actually a short article is like 30 seconds long, so Really didn’t have to read a lot. Just probably like 10 seconds 10 seconds Actually probably would have been a better audience to go with, and then we could say hey.

I only want to target people in the United States and typically, what I like to do when I’m starting out is just do a 1 % look like audience. Okay, Now you can scale up to 2 %. You can see that number went to 4.3 million. The 3 % to 4 %, but the the larger the audience, the less accurate the data, and Typically with a 1 % look like audience of you, know: 2.2 million people. You can have your ads running for a fairly long time to that audience, even spending like $ 100 a day and And you’re still totally good, like that’s a pretty good size, audience.

Okay! So now we’re just going to go through and click create audience right here And so it’s going to go through populate the audience You can see up here kind of in the background It says fewer than so. This is the audience We just create the custom audience. So 25 percent of article view There’s a fewer than a thousand, but it’s still populating Okay. So it’s going to take a little bit of time. It could take a couple hours.

It can take as long as 24 hours to go through and populate this audience and then, but you don’t have to wait To go through and create a look-alike audience. Okay, So that’s one thing to really keep in mind. Then you can see this audience right. Here is updating, They look like audience, but it told us is going to be about 2.2 million people once it’s finalized and once that audience is completely updated.

So We really don’t have to wait to go through and create our Facebook ad campaign. We can jump in and start creating an actual campaign, So I want to show you guys exactly how I do this, how I don’t use any Facebook Ads interest targeting or any of that And I’ll actually set up a campaign right here with you guys. So we’ve got this custom audience right here. Okay, that we created we’ve got to look like audience and, if you don’t, if you’ve already got an audience that you want to create a look like audience off of, you can just come here and Click on this.

So check that you just hit actions and you say, create a look like okay, so that’s another way to go through and do that if you’re like well, I’ve already got an audience and I don’t really know how to do that, because it’s not taking me to Do the same flow? That’s another way you can go through and do that? Okay. So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to come back up here to this little hamburger menu? Okay, we’re going to go back to the ads manager to go through and create a Facebook Ads campaign.

Okay, so we’re just going to click on this green button. Right here create a campaign, makes it super simple And then for this one. I’ve got all these articles guys on like which objective to use, but this is not necessarily on that’s Training, so I’m not really going to dive in all that I’ll add another article to Kind of like what marketing objective you really want to choose. But let’s say for this: one We want to generate leads, So we’re going to go with conversions here.

Okay, so we’ll just click on conversions and then we give it a name. Okay, so we’ll say, conversions and we’ll say it’s a demo campaign, because it is obviously and now we’ll hit continue, and Then you can name your ad set for this one, I’m not really going to worry about it and then through the website. Okay, look like! Ideally, you need to go through and install your Facebook pixel, like I said I added a article to that up in like the little the top corner, so you guys can go through and check that out, But we’ll go through and we’ll choose The lead conversion right.

There takes we want to go through and generate leads, then we come down here to this Targeting, and this is typically where most people will go in here and they’ll type in homeowners, right, Where it’s like 98 million people that are homeowners and and the homeowners association. So a lot of these interests and demographics and all this stuff is what Facebook is taking away and that’s why so many people are completely freaking out because they’re like well, It’s not going to work for a real estate anymore.

It’s not going to work for this anymore, or that anymore, like It still is guys, can actually work way better. Once you kind of learn and nail down this solution that I’m showing you guys right here because, Like I showed you guys a little bit earlier, You’re not competing with everyone in that red ocean, Okay! So now all we got to do. Is we come here to the custom audiences because remember we create that custom audience? Then we created that look-alike audience from the custom audience right.

So we had. You know all those people like what we call Jim right and then create that look like audience, some people that look like Jim or very similar to him, and we feel like right here and then you can see right here. The look-alike 1 % us ok, 25 % article view and then name it article. Okay, you can see the size, It says fewer than a thousand people, That’s just because it’s still pre-populating.

So you don’t need to worry about that. So we click on that. And then it’s going to say, potential reach unavailable this, that’s just because we just created it. So Don’t worry, Don’t freak out like I do this all the time guys and it You know, pre populate and once it’s populated, it’ll update and Facebook will just automatically everything together. Okay, So now we come down here and honestly, I don’t really even touch the age or even the gender, Because Facebook’s already identified these people that look like this ideal custom audience.

Okay, so Another way to look at this guys – Let’s say we’re not doing article views but, let’s say like you’re a real estate agent, because I know I’ve got a lot of real estate agents that read this blog as well. What you would want to do is go and have past clients or pass leads of people that you’ve worked with and Get as big of a audience as possible, Whether that’s a hundred people, a thousand people, five thousand people – maybe you go and collectively get leads of Past clients of People, everyone in your office or your real estate team or whatever just to get this ideal Demographic and then upload it just like we showed you guys with the custom audience and then create a look like audience off of those People.

Okay. So that’s really like an ideal way to go through And set this up, especially like. Let’s say you Kind of like hit the high end homes market right up, people that buy in one or two or three million dollar homes. That’s a really good way to go through And give facebook this audience and this data of people they can create a look like audience off of that You’re going to have similar incomes, similar behavior, similar, like interests of buying those expensive homes.

Okay, so that’s just like one thing: I wanted to kind of share there So languages. I don’t touch anything detailed targeting guys. I really don’t even touch any of this Okay and then this is one where I always unchecked. I just have seen it works better and, like I’m tested a lot, So I would just highly recommend that and then coming down here as far as placements go You guys know if you guys been reading this blog, I like to come down to edit placements and I’d like to just target the Facebook news feeds and Then even if you’re, really what wanted to branch out and target more people, you can even do the Instagram news feeds Okay.

Now, once you go through, and it’s all about testing right like once, you find that okay, The Facebook news feeds are working, The Instagram news feeds are working, You can go through and test out other placements, Like don’t don’t think like this is the only way to Do it, I have some campaigns where I go through and I’ll test out all the different placements, But I like to first start with a smaller amount, So I usually start like with fifty dollars a day.

The test out is, is this even a winning ad or people are going to react and engage with this within this audience. So I’ll start at the Facebook news feeds, because I know that works the best and then from there once. I know it works Then I’ll expand it to you know maybe 100 200 dollars a day and I’ll hit more of these placements. Okay, so now coming down, We hit this the budget and schedule. Obviously this depends on your guys budget.

Literally, you can go through and start with as much as $ 100 a day, Just fine with the two million audience person audience Lots. You guys might not have that budget right away And if you don’t know, if your ads really going to convert or not, I probably want to start there. I’d probably start at depending on your budget. I’d probably start like twenty twenty-five dollars or even ten dollars. If you’ve got a smaller budget right and Ten dollars a day with the two million person audience guys, You can let that run pretty much all year round and you’re not going to see that ad really fatigue, because it’s a pretty big audience For such a small Daily budget for your ad spend Okay, So coming down, We just do conversions and then that’s it guys.

We just hit continue. We set up the ad hit, confirm, confirm, purchase and we are done. I think it’s going to have me name the, maybe name the thing or something like that. Much Weiss, not going me hit continue. Oh my it’s just my internet there. So so anyway, we go create the ad and, Let’s just say we’re going to use an existing post just so we can go through this whole process for you guys. So let’s say this post right here that I did and Then I just hit confirm now.

It’s saying, like my my ad is not going to run because I’ve got way too much text Which I typically wouldn’t run this exact post as an ad or anything like that. So the objective of campaign requires creative with external link or call to action Yeah. So I got out of like a link and all that stuff. But anyway you guys kind of get the idea of what’s going on if going through and creating that your own BlueMotion.

Okay, because you are the only person that has that custom data of your past clients, your past leads people have interacted with your facebook page they’ve shown interest in you, Okay, so now, instead of competing with that red ocean of everyone of that Interest, targeting their Facebook’s Doing away with a lot of it Anyway, this is the best strategy to go through and use for your business Right.

So also with that said guys, if you guys are brand new here to the blog, If you guys like this article first of all, give it a thumbs up comment down below, I did go a little bit slower. Some of you, guys might be thinking like you went slower on this You’re still pretty fast right, But I did go quite a bit slower, which I hope you guys enjoyed, that. I hope that was helpful for me to break it down a little bit slower format and Also, if you guys, are brand new here, Make sure you guys subscribe to the blog and hit that notification bell, because we launch new articles pretty much every single week.

I’ve actually been in a little bit of a lull, which I apologize guys Quick update about three weeks ago I was at the lake and I tore my ACL wakeboarding, which it’s not too fun, So I had about a week where I just kind of like you Know Kind of babying my knee and I actually scheduled my surgery this morning, So I’ll get my surgery in about a month which has nothing to do with shooting articles. But this past week for the fourth of July, my wife and I went with her family out to Oklahoma to the lake out there Oklahoma of all places.

It was crazy, but it was actually really nice fun time, But I just kind of sound the boat. So that’s why I haven’t shot any articles last week or two but the whole week. I was actually working on this Facebook Ads live train right here So, like I said guys, if you guys are wanting to attend that, I’m going to drop a link down in the description As well as in the comments section you guys can go through and register That but for the live, training Wednesday July 18th at 12 p.

M. Eastern time 9:00 a.M Pacific time, and then, if you guys are reading this article after that, Then I’ll just add a link to register for the recording of that. Okay. Now I want to do the slide because then you guys can ask questions. It’s going to be super awesome helpful, but then obviously you know I can’t do it live just like every single day which I would love to, but just don’t have time for that.

So, anyway, guys, hopefully this is helpful If it was give a thumbs up drop a comment down below if you’re brand new here subscribe Hit that notification bell with that said guys Thanks so much for reading and I’ll talk to you all later,

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How to Use Facebook Ads – Tutorial Guide Best Practices (2020)

At the moment now, if-if-if Zook, mark zuckerberg goes and changes any of the rules around events or makes Facebook ads more expensive. Then this is kind of going to screw up this. This strategy, which I use at the moment but hey-ho whilst it’s rolling – and I reckon it will be fine for the next year or two at least I’m just going to roll with it so right.

What I’m going to cover during this Facebook ad section is around the budget, the you’re planning to market your event so versus your event, lifetime value. If you’re jumping in at this point, I suggest you’d go back and and read the slide about event lifetime value, because that’s quite important, I’m going to go through the ad format. Again, I’m not a Facebook ad expert and I’m just telling you what I do and it seems to work and get people booked on for less than a pound per person.

Sap per person booked at the moment, and so I’m just telling you what I know there’ll be other probably Facebook, ad experts out there maybe reading this, who maybe I’ll get some tips out of it. Maybe they’ll help support some stuff that I’m missing, but I’m Jessica. I’m not an expert, I’m just telling you what I know so I’m going to go through what I do from an ad format perspective. Title descriptions calls to action and stuff like that, and it torch a little bit around split testing and the three different types of ads which I’ve tested and which one I’ve really kind of honed in and settled on.

And then. Finally, I’m going to talk to you about kind of the actual Facebook ad structure from an audience perspective, so looking at look-alike audiences, custom, audiences and event, audiences, and things like that. I hope that’s cool, so kind of jumping about a little bit. But these are the three ads which I split tested. Basically, so let’s have a quick look, so we’ll come back to budget so kind of just to give you an idea, so I tend to have a basic image.

Ad is actually kind of the least popular one. I then have a article ads, that’s kind of the second most popular one, and then this what I call a disruptive ad – and actually this has been the most popular one for me. So this is actually one of the diagrams one of my tools that I teach people about customer lifetime value, but for some reason it makes people stop and go back and have a look at the event and then, during those few seconds they then go.

Oh, this is called it’s a free seminar in Cheltenham so yeah away, we go so you can see from the structure of the ad in terms of like so, first and foremost, and again, I um I got a give sort of hat tip. There’s a guy called Jamie Forrest jjp I was getting the name on japw marketing. Jamie Forrest is a Facebook Ads expert and he kind of helps me out with the ad structure. It started to introduce me to kind of audiences, and things like that.

So I owe him an awful lot but um, but so he’s the one who can taught me this sort of structure. So basically, what we want to do is have like something really clear at the top of it, so who was speaking to business owners of Gloucestershire. So it’s location-based, it’s talking about our target market and then you’re invited so call to action. You’re invited to a free seminar at the juries in Cheltenham on Friday, the 26th.

So it’s got all of the basic details in there and then, if they click more, it’s going to get them, give them a few more details about what this seminar is going to do for them. Basically so there’s like three bullets and a couple of other details in there and then we’ve got the image like I said, and it says interested there. But actually, if you click into that ad, you then get the option to actually book a ticket directly from the Eventbrite, which is pretty cool, so I’ve split tested like numerous different ads.

I mean I’ve spent thousands of pounds on Facebook ads and finally settled on this kind of being the most popular, but do always split test across your different audience. It may be that this thumbnail wasn’t right for this article or the article was too long, because this particularly articles about sort of two two and a half minutes, so people, maybe didn’t read all of it. This is a bit kind of too salesy, and people will probably just scroll past that potentially so I found this disruptive type of ads like make it colorful make it bright, make it like scribbles and a bit of a mess.

It seems to attract people’s attention. It works for me, like I said so, then we’re kind of going to go into the budget side of things so now I actually set for the last event. I actually only ended up spending about 100 pounds to book 97 people onto the event, but actually I would have been willing, because I knew that if I, if I got if I filled the room up with 50 people, I’d have at least one maybe two ongoing Coaching clients, I’d, sell some people onto my group coaching program, so that would create and cus customer lifetime value in its own right and actually the the venue only cost me 250 quid.

So I was willing to spend 300 pounds on Facebook ads. You know one of the key things is. What we want to do is run the ads right up to the day before the event, because people will still book at the last minute. I did this tsunami for my networking event and in January we had 17 people booked on the day before that 17 people out of 60 in total, who attended the event so scheduled it to to start straightaway and and literally like the day before your event and Like the time looks a bit roundabout, hey hope, so my event was on the 26th of Jan and then running out to all the time.

Basically, you could schedule it if you wanted to to run between like the most popular times. You know like I. I know that my audiences tend to be online at lunchtime on Facebook and sort of lay Eve later on an evening once the kids are kind of gone to bed so sort of 7:00 – I don’t know 10 p.M. So you could potentially run it on schedule. I’ve never split tested that and hey, maybe that’s something I should do, but I term lazy.

So I just run the ads all the time. Basically, so next up we’re kind of getting into the the real guts of like the the Facebook Ads manager and like the control panel and there’s a few things that you’ll see in here, which will be familiar. So the the ad which we’re doing is an event ad and what ideally, what we want to do so this stuff on the right is really really important. We want this needle to be bolt upright so that it says that we’re not too specific we’re not too broad.

Our audience is clearly defined. Now the green band actually goes like you know, for a big big part of it. Also, what we don’t want is, if potential reach to be absolutely massive, we don’t want it to be into like the hundreds of thousands I mean it depends on the event. I guess if you’re like Tony Robbins or somebody, you probably want it to be going out to hundreds of thousands people and you got the cash, but actually the reality is we want it to be very specific.

So I’m talking about kind of local event based marketing. Here not, you could use this tactic if you wanted to do bigger events and probably actually, if I wanted to grow my fearless events, I probably take them to London or reading or Birmingham or a bigger city. You know so so that’s one way of doing it. Like I’m not going to draw people in to an event like, let’s be fair, I do but not from outside of Gloucestershire, probably and then the other thing is this estimated daily results.

So what I try and do is I’ll adjust my budget basically to make sure that the reach is some we’re approaching a thousand people a day, because then, when you start reaching a thousand people a day, you get this. The second bar appear, which is for the estimated number of event responses, and so, if I’m getting six to twenty one event response to the day and reaching a thousand people a day, that’s pretty cool and actually so what? What it’s in terms like budget? That’s why it’s better off to start with a really high budget.

Now what Facebook is going to do is eke out that budget over the course of the lifetime. So if you’re doing four week campaign, it leaked out and 300 pounds over the course of the event. So um, but what we want to do is is maximize the amount of event responses as quickly as you possibly can. So we may only be willing to spend three hundred quid, but if you’re brave with your budget and stick in three hundred quid knowing that you’ll probably get everybody booked on in that first week and it’ll only cost you a hundred quid, I mean Facebook’s like woohoo.

This person’s, like going to spend 300 quid so they’re like yeah, let’s just throw this out all over the place and one will get loads of engage people and we’ll give it to the right people, but actually what you do is you spend a hundred quid get Your 7 to your 97 bookings and switch it off and you’ve only spent a hundred quid so actually being brave with this this budget and the scheduling is like absolutely vital and ideally like.

I said we want to get to this point whereby we’ve got this. This estimated daily reach up over a thousand and and this event responses thing pops up, because that’s just triggered something in Facebook’s algorithm, say this guy’s promoting events and he’s got budget for it. So I’m I’m not going to go too much into creating custom audiences, there’ll, be loads of sort of advice and tips and tricks and stuff like that out there.

How I do it is, I create a basic custom audience if everybody who’s attended. My events in the past and pumped that into Facebook the moment it’s about six or seven hundred people, and then I create a look-alike audience based on that of the clip and basically look at how it look like audiences work. Is they give you the closest 1 percent of people in so I’ve chosen in terms of my look-alike audience, people based in the UK so there’s 41 registered 41 million registered Facebook users in the UK so that any look-alike audience you you create the first 1 %.

Will always be if it’s UK targeted 410,000 odd people, and that seems like a lot and you’d be like wow. That’s too many, that’s not that’s not very targeting, but actually what it’s done is out the 41 million people it’s got to pick from in the pool. It’s chosen a thousand people who the one percent of people who look the most like that initial list of people who’ve attended events does that if that makes any kind of sense, so it should be the four hundred and fourteen thousand people who are most closely associated To my target market next up – and this is one of the biggest mistakes actually so so, first of all, when I am my first event, I did where I was booking people like seven to ten pounds per seat.

I didn’t have a look-alike audience like this. I didn’t have a location. I wasn’t really aware of this sort of stuff going on over here. So the moment I created a detailed look-alike audience based on people, who’d attended my event, the event bookings and for my Bristol event dropped down to about between. I know it’s about four pounds ish, so it halved pretty much. The next thing is this location thing here now most people will go my events in Cheltenham so I’ll do a 40 kilometer radius and round Cheltenham.

Now again, that’s quite vague, so there’s something called poly. Agonal searches um – this is probably the stuff for the like Facebook ad gurus. Don’t want you to know because they’re like this is our secret sauce like why this guy’s telling you it like. This is a secret sauce, I’m giving you now and it works for me and hey by the way like when you’re first starting out with Facebook ads like the money you spend, isn’t wasted.

It’s information-gathering, like you, will waste a lot of money on Facebook ads before you get it right. I certainly have so I’m trying to save you a few quid here so GL. One two is what we call a poly. I can all post code search. So it’s not it. Basically, it’s a very specific, like grid on a map of where that location sits and what happens is we’re going to target people who specifically live in that location, because we know that they’re more likely to come to our event because they live closer to it.

So if you want to know more about this, like you’re going to have to join, I’m not going to give you this list, you can go and find your own postcode lists if you want to, but I’ve got some great text files available if you’re a fearless Business member and to make that job a lot easier for you. So I can give you these poly agonal searches but you’re, going to have to give me some juice, I’m afraid, because it took me a long time to get to work out where to grab that information from and which I know is a bit tight of me.

I suppose I could help you out. Maybe you could just donate some beer tokens or something but but um like this when I started targeting specific poly agonal postcodes like this and my my cost per person, SAP again dropped by more than half, so it moved from about three to four pounds down to About one to two pounds, which was a massive difference, so just with these two things alone, I’ve moved from sort of seven eight nine pounds per person booking down to like a pound per person, booking it’s absolutely phenomenal when it works, and it doesn’t always work.

It depends like there’s a lot of other variables like when you, when you launch your promotion like what are the promotions going on, and things like that, if you, if you run two ads similar ads at the same time, effectively they’re competing against each other. For this reach this traffic, so it could potentially cost you more. So there’s a lot of variables which which are kind of going on there.

I again, I kind of tend to use sort of Faerie vague sort of demographics, like I want everybody to come along from 24 to 65. Now the last event, which I did again probably the first 10 people had booked. It were women and then Facebook decided. Well then, everybody who wants to go to this event female so so I had I had there was a it started to slide much more towards women, so I had to create another ad switch off my my women out, because I wanted I wanted them.

I have them, I’m not focused specifically on women, i, but I wanted a mix of people and genders in the room and mixed demographics in the room, because again it all adds to the event. I think it’d be a bit weird if people turn it, I don’t know whether it’d be weird. Maybe I thought it was weird if everybody turned out to my event was female. I don’t know language make sure you put English UK in there, if you’re in England or wherever you’re based and target language – and I filled in this details in the in the screenshot but again 21,000 people in gloucestershire – that’s still quite vague, so I might want to Narrow that down, potentially and start to put in you know business owners, entrepreneurs whatever it might be so and you can also exclude people so you might choose to exclude, I don’t know, taxi drivers for whatever reason, maybe you got something against taxi driver.

So if there are people you don’t want to, but there’s a you don’t see this box to start off with you have to there’s a little link which you have to click to exclude people. So if you put business owners, you even have to click another box and exclude taxi drivers. So it’s just a way of narrowing down your audience and making sure you have the right people booking to turn up to your event, cool and then so edit placement.

So I’ve kind of played around with this I kind of settled on I prefer to target mobile only. I get better results through that occasionally I’ll test it, if that, if that mobile only is not working, I might do automatic placements and that Facebook do its thing. It’s entirely up to you. You’ve also got the art that there’s various different things I mean I would look at what just look at Facebook’s help pages around kind of the different types of platforms and, what’s going to work best for your event and kind of again, it will depend on your Audience but for me mobile only or automatic plain placement, absolutely fine, whether you push it across to Instagram or not.

It’s entirely up to you. If you got Instagram following optimized for a delivery, we want event responses. Bin amount automatic, so let Facebook do its work and if you do manual, you will end up paying too much and then charge. We want charges to be charged per impression. Basically, so every time this goes out to a thousand people we want to be. We want to be charged for it because, if I add structure is right, if I targeting is right, if our event is appealing and can produce value, we should get quite a good conversion rate.

Now I haven’t actually looked in detail as to what my conversion rates are actually based upon. My impression and impressions are probably something I should look at, but again you can find that information in the in the what you call it. The Facebook Ads manager I’m waning. So I’m going to try and wrap this up soon, so here we go so a few stats, so this is again show differences, but so event responses.

So again, by far this was my most. This was getting the best results for the least it cost me a little bit more, but it was getting me more people booking so and you know yes, these were cheaper and I suppose I could have switched that off and ramped up the spend on these. I did try that and ultimately this ended up being the center that costing me more because too many people were just scrolling past the image ad in the article.

So I settled upon the it says: head shot there, but it’s not it’s the disruptive image. Basically – and you can see here, you know great relevancy – score lots of people taking action, we’re talking like 19 event bookings for 10 quid. At this point I think, like I said in the end I booked 97 people for just over 100 pounds like which is a pound a seat. I mean that’s, that’s amazing. You know you’re going to get better results early on and then the ad will keep on getting repeated to the same people after that.

So when, when this starts to kind of creep up, you probably want to start to think about duplicating your ad and tweaking a couple of things in it. Maybe change the ad copy or drop in another image, or something like that just so people get something different again, I’m lazy! I didn’t do it for this campaign, but if I was doing a bigger campaign, perhaps I would so so that’s that, basically so if you’ve got any questions like jump on to the either the business start at group on Facebook hit me up, so you can just Search like on Twitter for Robin Waite on Facebook, Instagram, I’m all over that you can buy one of my books take your shot there based on or online business, starts at there based on Amazon, and if you want to know more about Facebook ad side of things, Then, like get yourself booked in for a consultation with me, I, the consultation, won’t focus on Facebook Ads by the way, I tend to look at much more strategic perspective of your business, and we will be talking about whether coach business coaching is something for something for You but hey get in touch.

Have you got any questions like potm into the potm into the feed below, and I will be sure to come back to you.

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Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Part 6 | How to Pause or Cancel Your Facebook Ads From Running

We went over how to create your first successful ad we going over audiences targeting we went over reporting, optimization and you know what to do.

After you know the numbers – and this is the last article – so if you guys have not readed any of those articles, I highly recommend that you go back and read those, but for today’s article I’m going to show you real, quick how to pause, cancel and delete Any of the ads that you have running okay, so we are in our Facebook Ads manager. I created a kind of a dummy ad here, so the first way is super easy.

If you have one add in one ad set in one campaign, then you can easily shut off all of your ads in that campaign by just clicking on this toggle here. So this is actually off right now you can see it’s inactive. If you toggle this over, this would make it active and it’s it’s actually. It didn’t even go live, so it’s in review. If it was active at one time, it would just say active, but this campaign has only one ad set and one ad right.

If you have multiple ads in that campaign, so say you had in this campaign. If you click on this check, box, it’ll have all of the ads in it. If you go to this right, so I only have one ad here, but if you have you know five ads in one ad set and one campaign, then it’s going to shut off all of those ads. If you do it from this campaigns. Tab right! If you want to go – and you have multiple ads in that campaign, then you can go here to the ad level and shut off the ad the ad level.

I highly recommend that you do the app instead of shutting off one full campaign. That’s the easiest way to do that right, so that is the easiest way to pause or cancel an act. If you want to cancel an ad set so say if your split-testing and you have multiple multiple ad sets ad set would be who you’re targeting it could be your budget and then, within that ad set, you might have multiple ads right, we’re just going to duplicate This so I can show you real, quick yeah, so this is what, though, that would kind of look like, so I have multiple ad sets and then each of these ad set has an ad right like unclick.

These I go to this. I have multiple hats because I have multiple ad sets right. So if I’m testing one handset against another asset, say your split testing, an image right, so your copies the same your headlines, the same, the landing page is the same. The only thing that is different is the image. You have two different images and you can see the results. We don’t over that in the last article, one ad is doing really really well.

The other ad is not. You want to cancel the ad. That is not doing well, and you know that you have one ad set and one ad all you need to do is go to that ad set and just toggle off here right and then, if you go to your ad, then you know, excuse me, love you, Unselect this you, then you know that these ads are off it’s confusing, because if you go here, you’ll see ok, these are on, but really one of these is off right.

So if you check this box and then go to your ad, you know that this campaign is off. So what I would do is I’ll just go and turn it off so that you know you’re not confused by any of the numbers. If you just click on because the problem is, if you click on this campaign – and you click on this – and you go straight to your ad, then it would show both of these as being on that, you don’t know really, which one is going right in this Case we now know, because this is toggled on this – is toggled off.

I would always recommend just going and clicking all of these, so that you know which is which is going on here right, so that’s kind of what you should do if you want to pause or cancel the ads that you have running now. If you want to delete and add what I recommend doing and how I teach creating Facebook ads is doing one hat per one ad set and I would just go and delete the ad set and that will in turn, delete the the ad itself.

So if you go here to the ad set that you want to cancel or delete you just click on this checkbox and then go and delete this and say yes, I want to delete that. You have to be really sure that you’re deleting that, because you can’t get that back right and then we deleted the ad as well. So if your, if you follow how I teach one AD per one ad set, then you can just delete the ad set that you don’t want running, really, there’s no reason to delete the ads unless you broke a lot of rules and violations of Facebook, and you Kind of want that expunged from your Facebook account.

That would be the only reason I can see the leading an ad would be beneficial. Otherwise you really just want to kind of keep that ad there so that you have the numbers and that you know. Okay, this split test. This is what one I really don’t want this. This picture really didn’t work, so I want that to be in there. So I know if I ever forget, I can come in here and say: okay, that picture didn’t really work.

I don’t want to use that one ever again right so guys. That is how you pause, cancel delete any of the ads that you have running. As I mentioned earlier, if you haven’t readed previous articles, go read those if you like this article, give it a thumbs up, make sure that you subscribe to the blog, because I come out with a new article, every single day, 1 p.M. Central, alright guys. So if you guys, like this article again, give it a thumbs up, and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next article you

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How To Create A Facebook Retargeting Pixel – Top Facebook Retargeting Ads Strategy

Facebook retargeting ads for your business right now, real quick before dive in and I’ll show you exactly how to set that up. I just want to show you guys how powerful this is so, instead of going through and showing your Facebook ads to a Completely cold audience that has no idea who you are that never heard of you We can go through and with this retargeting pixel, We can Show our ads specifically to people who have already visited our website, We’ll already are with our leads, or people have already engaged with your Facebook page that we’re readed a article on your Facebook page.

So the cool thing about this is this person’s already warmed up. They already know a little bit about who you are, and so the credibility authority the’trust all that stuff is a Lot higher with these people, and so the results you’re able to get are Dramatically higher than or matically better, as opposed to go through and just market. It to a cold audience, So I just want to show you guys right here.

This is inside my main ads account. You guys can see these are the purchases okay. So, every time you see a purchase happening right here That is worth a thousand dollar purchase of $ 1,000 ticket Item that comes into our business. Now, if you look right here on the cost per purchase, look For this one right here where it’s 12, it’s cost! 92 dollars and 95 cents to get a Thousand dollar purchase so overall the amount spent was a one thousand one hundred fifteen dollars to make it twelve thousand dollars in revenue.

Okay. So now, typically, if I’m going through marketing to a cold market cold audience, It cost me about probably three to four hundred dollars depending kind of on the ads and everything To go through and generate that that thousand dollar sale. Now, if you look at overall, we have Twenty-nine purchases right here, so twenty nine thousand dollars, basically thirty thousand dollars and it costs just forty five hundred Dollars.

Okay, so that’s like a 7ex ROI right there, so super huge. So you can see ninety-two dollars right here. This one obviously didn’t perform as well about three hundred eighty one dollars for a thousand dollar sale, this 191 247. Ninety four, eighty six, then you scroll down here 56 dollars, eighty four dollars and eighty 9 166. So you can see all these different one so $ 89. So I spent a total of three hundred fifty-six dollars to make four thousand dollars back out.

Okay, So I just want to really quick show you guys all that stuff, because that is the power of The Facebook retarding pixel is said these Facebook retargeting ads and really quick, If you guys, are kind of getting started, you’re brand new with Facebook Ads. If you drop a comment down below and thumbs up on This article, I will share with you my Facebook Ads mini course. That’s going to Walk you through step by step, how to get started with the Facebook Ads manager how to set up your Facebook pixels, your retarding pixels, all those different things, And I break it down step by step for you guys how to some of your campaigns.

Do the targeting so all I got to do is just drop a comment down below give a thumbs up on this article, and also, I would really appreciate it if you guys subscribe the blog, because we launched a new article several several times a week on how To generate more leads, make more money and grow your business so anyway, guys now that we got that all out of the way, and You guys see how powerful This is, let’s go through and show you how to set up this Facebook retargeting pixel.

So you can actually start using this and implement it into your business. So if we come over here, This is a just. A demos ads account I’ll just exit out this one. I’m just going to refresh this make sure that I’m still logged into the right account. Okay, so right here guys, This is my demo ads account and what we’re going to Do is we’re going to come up here to the search bar and we’re going to type in pixels.

Okay. Now, if you guys have never set up your Facebook pixel before no worries Kay, What’s going to happen, He’s going to have, I think it’s a green button right here and it’s going to say, create Facebook pixel. It’s going to Just take you through a step-by-step Process. Right here on Facebook to be able to go through and create that Facebook pixel Okay, so now you can see this is a demo account, but I use it for all my demo stuff.

So yes, It is like firing so like what firing means means that any time so like let’s say, We’ve got this pic this pixel, which real quick. Let me just hit that really quick. What is a pixel right? So basically, it’s a little piece of code that you’ll go through and you’ll put on your website And I’ll show you guys how to do that here in just a second as well And you’ll. Put that on your website and anytime, someone pulls up your website.

It basically is this little of code that communicates back and forth with Facebook, letting it Facebook know who visited your website. Okay, so it’s pretty cool And then you can go through and that person becomes a part of a custom audience that you can go through and set up these Retargeting ads and go show your ads specifically to these people. So you can see a hundred and sixty-three people have visited the websites that I have this demo pixel this demo stuff on that I can go through and create an ad targeting these 163 people, okay, so pretty cool.

But what we’re going to do is going to kill it. Click on default, pixel right here and guys Facebook’s changing their their Facebook as manager, the way it looks and all that stuff all the time, But this is the most recent. This is where an April now of 2018, so I just want to share with you guys the most recent most up-to-date everything of how it all looks. So you can see all the stats right here of how many times like per day, that it’s it’s firing That someone’s visiting your website.

But what we want to do to go through and Set up this Facebook, retargeting pixel and using it on our actual website. And I’m going to show you guys how to do it on our celeb. Catchy are lead generation software here that we’ve got now I’ll, also show you guys how to do on click funnels, because that’s another one, that’s widely used by a lot of people just to make it simple and Honestly it’s the same thing if you’re using WordPress, Shopify Winx, whatever it’s the same process and format, I’m just want to show you guys, really quick, Okay, so we’re going to do is we’re going to click on setup over here, and We should get these options right here.

Use an integration or tag manager manually install the code yourself or email instructions to a developer. Now, You’re, probably like me, okay and you’re, probably not tech, know Technologically inclined you’re not very advanced with all that stuff which I’m not either guys. So you might think, like. Oh I’m going to email choices to a developer. Well, you might not have a developer. Okay and honestly, the nice thing is Manually installing the code yourself is very easy.

Okay, all it is, is copy and paste like you, don’t even have to know what the code is, what it means, what it does You just copy and paste and that’s what I do and so that’s what you can Do as well, so we’re just going to Click on manually install the code yourself And then we’re just going to skip over section number one and the number two look at this guys Copy: the entire pics code and paste it in the website.

Header. Okay, now I know about you guys, but I’m not very technologically advanced, but I can copy and paste pretty easily I’m pretty good that right. So I’m just going to come down here as you hover over. Let’s see how it says: copy code to clipboard, you just click on this and guys all this stuff. All this nonsense. I Have no idea what it means and you probably have no idea what it means either.

All I know is that if I copy this – And I paste it onto my website – I know that it works and that it communicates back and forth with Facebook, Okay, so that is all you really need to do so I just click on this copy. The clipboard now First show you guys how to do it inside of Arsenal and then I’ll show you guys how to do inside of Clickfunnels here, really quick. So what we’re going to do is going to come in here to the website builder We’re going to click on edit, Okay, and if we come back here, it says Paste the pixel code at the bottom of the header section just above the head tag.

Okay, now, if you’re, using WordPress, Wix Shopify clickfunnels Arsenal, whatever you’re using Pretty much you’re going to have It’s going to have a little custom box where you can just paste it into the head tag: okay, this head area. So what we’re going to Do is come back over here And if we just go over here to this page level, we can go down to Advanced and see this little box says header tracking code.

This is exactly what it’s talking about. Okay, so all we do is just paste it right there And then, if we want to do it on the Thank You page, We let’s click on that. We’ll click page Paste it right here on the header tracking code, We’ll hit, publish and it says, website, saved and publish, and that’s it guys You are done now every single time. Somebody visited visits this landing page that you’ve created inside the Arsenal, software Facebook’s going to know they’re going to go through and track it inside of their system And you’re all set ready to go now.

The same thing goes for click funnels over here. So if we come over here, Let’s just pick a random funnel, So we’re going to come in here and sorry. My Internet’s a little bit slow right now. So, let’s come down to. Let’s say this testimonials one: Okay! Well, I want to go through. I want to track everyone that visits this testimonial page and you can go through There’s two ways to do it. You can go through and do it page individually Or you can just do it once and it’ll apply to every single page in this funnel.

So I’m just going to come up here to settings Okay And then inside the settings it’s going to have a spot where you can see the header tracking code. Now I’ve already got my main Facebook pixel for my main website in here. So you can see this right here. I already copied and pasted that. So if we want to do this new one, We just paste it in there and you are set you Just come down and hit I’m just going to actually take that off, because I’ve already got the pixel code in there.

Then all you got to do is sit, save and update settings, and You are good You’re done. You’re set you’re ready to go now. One thing that you can do is this: Facebook Pixel helper, if you guys, are using Google Chrome, which I highly recommend using google chrome Just in general, using Facebook as manager using everything, but they have this little pixel And I’ll. Show you guys right here. So Facebook pixel helper – This is a chrome plug-in where you go say, add to Chrome.

You can see right here. It’s grayed out right now! That’s because the Facebook pixel is not on this page right here now, if you pull up, Let’s say one of my websites right here, You’ll be able to see right here. It says highlighted It says two or one, it could say one or two. That means that the Facebook pixel is Successfully installed, so this Facebook pixel helper. This is a hundred percent, free chrome plug-in, You can say, add to Chrome, okay, And then you can use that to test and see if it’s working on your website on your landing pages, on your blog on Whatever site you’re going through and using okay.

So now that we’ve got this installed, what we want to do is come back over here to the Facebook Ads manager And we want to create an audience so we’re just going to click on audience. Okay, so audiences right here and we’re going to recruit through and create an audience custom to people. We have already visited our website. Okay, so this is pretty cool. So read this: we’re going to come over here to create audience, Will click custom, audience right here and then we’ll say hey We could do a customer file.

That means we could. If we have a list of leads, we can upload that information into Facebook, But what we want to do to take advantage of the Facebook retarding pixel is to go through and click on website traffic right here And then we could say hey. I want all website visitors. That means anyone wherever my pixels at Anyone. That’s that hits any page on my website in the past 30 days And I think you can go to Mac’s 180-day see that right there.

So you can go up to 180 days if we want to collect every one or you could say hey. I only want people who visit specific pages. Okay, So you can go through and do like your blog right here put in the URL to your blog. So, let’s just say I’ll just show you guys really quick right here, So our Arsenal mkg our blog. If we click on this – and we say – ok, hey, I only want people. Where are we back here? So I only want people that have visited Something one of the pages on this URL, so on our blog right, so you go through it.

You can say, or this landing page or that landing page or this is specific, blog post and You can go through and create these custom audiences or for this example, We’ll just say all website Bet visitors and we’ll say demo all Website visitors to give it a Name and also you can go through and include more in case you can dive in deeper, say: hey anyways visit, all my Website pages or or you could say, hey anyone, who’s visit this specific web page Or you can even go through and say how much time They’ve spent on your website, which is pretty cool, Looks like if you go through and create a blog post, and if you want to know like you know, did they read it or Not? You can say: hey someone who spent at least 30 seconds on my blog post on my website And see if they’re really searching around and no and so they’re, not just like clicking on or clicking off or you can say, hey I want everyone.

That’s visited my website, but I want to exclude Anyone who has visited this specific website or this specific page okay. So if there’s like a page where it’s like, I don’t want, I don’t want these people to be included in this audience. You can go through and do that as well and then once we go through and create the audience name, We can create that audience and then what’s going to happen, is it’s going to drop down So we’re going to say done for right now You see demo All website visitors, Okay, so it says populated right now and guys this is going to it take.

Sometimes a couple hours could take as much as Four hours to go through and populate it, But that doesn’t mean that you can go through. That doesn’t mean that you can’t go through and start creating your Facebook ad campaign Targeting these people specifically now, Let me just go through. I wasn’t going to do this, But I’ll just show you guys how to go through and target that that specific community with these Facebook retargeting ads So let’s go through and click click create And then we’ll say, for this example just say: traffic and guys.

I cover in that Facebook guys mini course. I mentioned that I’ll. Give you guys, if you’d, give a thumbs up on this article and drop a comment below I cover all these different marketing objectives and when you want to use each one And how to go through and use them and all that in detail. So for this one We’re just going to say, traffic demo campaign Continue and then now what we can do is we can actually choose that specific Facebook audience right here We come down to custom audiences click right there and then it will pop up.

We have our look like audiences, Which I cover that all in that Facebook, as mini course as well guys to drop a comment below give a thumbs up in this Video, we’ll just come over here to custom audience. You can see right here demo all website, visitors, okay, so You can see it says less than 20 people, but that’s just because it’s still populating Okay, so you don’t have to worry about that. We can just click on this and as it populates Facebook will automatically update that.

So you don’t have to go through and worry about it, and Because this is a custom audience, We don’t have to worry about. You know targeting the United States or age or men or women or language or anything else right here. We just target this specific audience And then we go through and we can choose where we want to place the ad Our budget, that we want to spend each day and typically on retargeting ads, we can spend a lot less money.

We can spend as much as like five dollars Or one two five dollars and go through and hit that specific audience, and I was just on It’s been a few weeks now. Actually, but I was on a call with our Facebook Ads rep And it was really cool because they were saying that for if you’re, if you’ve got a custom audience and your retargeting that audience That Facebook will actually show your ad before any other advertisers.

Because you basically own that data Okay, because it you’ve shown that hey this person’s already interacted with my brand. So it’s going to show your ad first and your ads are going to be a lot cheaper. So it’s pretty cool, And so you can actually spend a lot less money on the daily. You can say maybe five bucks, or even a dollar, depending on the audience size, Hit, continue and go through finish up, creating that ad and, as I mentioned guys, all the ad creation, all that stuff I have inside of that Facebook Ads mini course.

I want to give to you guys, if you just give it a thumbs up and you go drop and comment down below so Anyway, guys, hopefully, that’s helpful with the whole Facebook retargeting pixel setting with your Facebook retargeting ads, getting all that put together. If you guys, like this and you’re brand new to the blog, my name is Jason Wardrop, I launched new articles every single week. Helping you generate more leads, make more money and grow your business.

So Hopefully you guys like this. If you guys want that Facebook guys mini-course, give it a thumbs up drop a comment below, And I will see you guys all tomorrow.

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Online Marketing

How To Run A Facebook Ad Campaign For Small Businesses – Complete Facebook Ad Tutorial

So my goal here is to give you a complete Facebook ad Tutorial, so if you’re brand new to Facebook ads and you’re kind of like hi, I just don’t really know how to go through and set these up where you’ve heard kind of mixed opinions, Whether Facebook Ads work or they don’t work, I want to kind of break down those barriers.

Show you guys, maybe why they haven’t, worked and show you guys how to actually make those work. So I’ve worked with now over the last 18 months or so. I’ve worked with over 3,000 small business owners, primarily working with real estate agents, mortgage brokers and other local business owners, and also in the last 18 months, I’ve been able to go through and generate 1.5 million dollars in revenue strictly from Facebook Ads.

So guys, If you kind of heard like mixed opinions and reviews and all that stuff, like I don’t know if they really work or not work And all that good stuff, They work, They work amazingly. Well, You just kind of have to have the right person to break it down and explain it to you. So I hope that I’m that right person today, and also if you guys, want my free at Facebook Ads mini course. It’s a $ 97 value.

All you got to do is drop a comment down below and also, if you don’t mind, give this article a thumbs up If you’re brand new here my name is Jason Wardrop. I specialize in lead generation Going through and growing your business marking your business online, so make sure you got you guys subscribe to the blog where we launch new articles every single week. Helping you go through and Generate more leads grow, your business and all that good stuff.

So you guys do want that Facebook as mini-course drop a comment below give it a thumbs up and Let’s jump into things guys, Let’s break down. Why maybe you’re not having success with facebook ads Or if you’ve heard other people saying like? I don’t know Facebook guys don’t really work now. This is the typical story of what people do they’ll go through the creative Facebook page, Which is obviously pretty easy, because it’s a hundred percent free it takes about 30 seconds, go set it up.

They’ll go through They’ll make a post. If we come down here to one of my more recent posts, So this is my my pin pulse up here at the top of my page They’ll go through to make a post like this one right here and they’re like okay. I want more people see it because I want to generate leads. I want to make sales or whatever it might be, and then they’ll come over here. Like Oh boost pulse like that means it’s going to and more people are going to see this so they’ll click on this.

It is really easy to go through and Set up this post be boosted so that more people in your community or in your target audience are going to See this okay. Now, if you’ve done this before and you’re like Jason, this just does not work at all. I tried it, I’m didn’t get any leads or whatever you’re exactly right. Okay, Now, if you go through and you click boost post and click boost right here, Facebook has so much data on all of their different users, So they know which users are more likely to.

Like and comment on, a post, which ones are more likely to become leads, Which ones are more likely to buy something online or those even more likely to read a article okay. Now, if you click on boost post, you click boost right here on this little Facebook post and you target two People in your local community or people in your target audience It’s going to go through and show your post two people are more likely to like or Comment on that Facebook, post, okay, so That’s probably not what you want You probably are looking to generate, leads You’re, probably looking to make sales.

Obviously This is really good to get a lot of exposure on that post. But if you’ve kind of gone through – and you haven’t seen results, that’s probably because this is exactly what you’re doing and Facebook’s just showing it to the wrong people, because You know it’s not your fault. You just didn’t know that that’s who they go through and show it to right. So, let’s jump over here to the Facebook Ads manager, and I want to show you guys how to set this up So you’re, actually showing your ads to the right people based on what your objectives are, whether it’s to generate leads make sales or, if you do Want likes and comments, Or if you want people to view your article or whatever it might be, so you can see right here.

This is just a test account which I’m actually having it shut down here, because I don’t really use it, But just for the sake of this example, what we’re going to Do is come over here to create a campaign so that green button right There is to Create a new Facebook advertising Campaign. Now, if you went through and you made a post on your Facebook page so, for example like this one you still can use, You still can use this post by setting up things on the back end.

Can I’ll show you guys how to do that here in Just a second okay? So if we come over here, It says: what’s your marketing objective right now, remember How I said when you click boost post. That only is going to show people more likely to like and comment on your post. Well, look at all these other objectives right here: okay, So and awareness – that’s just going to get you tons and tons of reach kind of similar with this one right here or the consideration Traffic.

That means, if you’re, trying to get people to click to your website, to your blog or you just want people to go to a certain destination online engagement right here, this one’s just like the boost post, that’s going to get more people to like and Comment on. Your Facebook post app installs. Obviously, if you have a mobile, app They’re going to get more app, installs article views, people reading your articles and you can go through and say hey.

I want to shoot people that, or I want to target people. Okay, that are going to be reading three seconds of the article Ten seconds. The article 50 percent of the article 95 percent of article and the cool thing is actually You can go through and create custom audiences by how much people have readed of your articles. Now I Cover all that in detail in my facebook as mini course. So, as I mentioned earlier guys, if you guys want that, make sure you Guys drop a comment below thumbs up the article and I’ll share that with you guys as well so Um also, we have lead generation, okay, now lead generation.

This is using. Facebook lead forms. Okay, It’s a little perform that when they click on your poster, your ad, it’s going to pop up – And it’s going to have you know their name phone email. The cool thing about this: is it Pre-populates with the information that Facebook has on file? So if you kind of done stuff before and you’re like man, I’m getting bogus Lee’s or whatever, This is a very good option to consider to eliminate a lot of the the bogus leads like you know, test at gmail.

Com Or no bet note com or something like That right and then messages This is kind of tying in with Facebook’s messenger platform, which is really cool. You can have that engagement instead of following up via email or text. You can follow through Facebook message and then conversions. This is what I actually really like. I use this a lot. This is going through and using a landing page now, if you’re kind of like Jason, I don’t really know the difference between a landing page and my main website, my main home page.

That is also in the Facebook Ads Mini course, because when you use a landing page versus sending people to your main website, You’re going to see about 10 to 25 times more leads When you’re sending people to a landing page as opposed to just your main website Or your blog okay, So I cover all that I’d, like obviously there’s a ton of ton of information that I can go through and cover. But I want to get to Kind of choosing one of these objectives and then showing you how to target the audience.

How to stuff the ad and I’ve also got A few ad examples up here And kind of give you an idea of how to actually set up your ad is you’re going through and creating all this. So so, For this example, let’s just say we’re going for traffic. Ok, now traffic! This is not like you’re on the freeway right, there’s not like yeah. You know you got stop and go traffic all the red lights. This is Sending people.

So someone sees your Facebook ad or your Facebook post. Is there scrolling through their newsfeed on their phone or in their laptop, And then they click on that post and then it sends them to your website. Okay or your blog, or to your landing page or wherever. You’re wanting to send them all right, so That’s what this traffic one is all about. So if we click on this, we can give it a campaign name.

So, let’s just say we’re going to do like traffic and then it will just do demo right here. For this example, okay, So we’ll go through We’ll hit continue. Okay, so now we get to you can see like we’re breaking it down, so we got the campaign, which is basically your objective Right like what Do you want to? Actually, Do you want to generate leave some people, your website, people, to read your articles, Whatever it might be, and the ad set this is getting into your targeting like Who do you want to target you want to target people in your local community? What age you want them to be? Do you want to be male/female? Do you want to display target specific interests? What is your budget? You want to spend five dollars a day.

Do you want to do a lifetime budget of $ 100 for the whole month? All that different stuff and then once we have the campaign objectives selected, which we’ve already done that will dive in we’ll go through this ad set level. At that point, we can go through and create our Facebook ad okay, so Right here, let’s just give it a name, really quick. We can just say test demo right here and normally I like to give it a name based off of who I’m targeting.

So if I’m targeting people in Dallas within a ten-mile radius, ages, 45 to 55, I like to kind of go through and put that right in here. So when I’m going back and looking at my advertising campaigns, I Can see kind of a quick look at which ones are performing better than others. Okay, so we’re going to go through do traffic website Right there. We don’t need a messing with any of that stuff, and then we go down to the audience now guys.

This is where it starts to really get dialed in with who we want to target and in that Facebook, as many course was talking about. I Show you how you can go through and create custom audiences of people who have already readed one of your articles on Facebook. Okay, People have already visit your website, people that already are your lead, so your contacts, you can actually import all of your contacts, Whether you have their email, their phone numbers or whatever information you have Import that in so you’ve got this like warm market of people, That already know exactly who you are now those those ads are actually going to perform a Lot better than if you’re just going through and targeting a cold market.

But the nice thing is: is it’s nice to do a little bit of both, because then you can go through and get more exposure Or people that have no idea who you are, But then you can also have maybe an ad running for a dollar two dollars. A day to your warm market And be able to generate leads for a lot less Okay. So for this example, Let’s just say we are a realtor in Dallas all right, so Where we go through it, as I mentioned guys to look the custom audiences, They talked about in the Facebook Ads mini course.

That is all down right here. We can go through and create them, select them and do all that good stuff. But we’re not going to hit that right now in this article. Okay, so we’re going to say we’re a Dallas realtor or you could set your Dallas restaurant or gym owner or whatever business You’re in right. It kind of just is the same type idea. So, instead of saying locations United States, We are going to put our Local area.

Okay, so we’re just going to say: Dallas Texas, well, click right there. Then this is really cool guys, based on what business you’re in okay, like if you’re a restaurant, You probably don’t want to do a 25 mile radius, but you might want to do just a 10 mile radius K Or you can even see you looked up here. It says current city only okay, because you’re like hey, I’m a restaurant, so people are probably not going to come ten miles just to go to my restaurant, So you want to go through and get that super dialed in now, Depending if you’re, you know, let’s say If you’re a restaurant, you probably would want to use everyone in this location, Whereas, if you’re a local gym or a realtor like this example, you probably want to do people who live in this location, Okay, because everyone in this location, that means they could be there Visiting for work They just passing through or whatever it might be, which, if you have a business where you know like they’ve, got to be there to actually like buy a home or They’re there, for you know to go to a gym or anything like that.

You don’t really necessarily want to target Just everyone. You want to get pretty Specific now. Obviously, look at these cool things. If you have like a tourist business, you say hey. I only want to hit people traveling in this location, so you can do some pretty cool things with Facebook advertising right here. So let’s just do people who live in this location because we’re going to go through and give more of the like a realtor example Right.

So now we come down, We choose our age range. Okay, now someone looking to buy a home They’re probably going to be, I would say minimum age is about 25 right and it could go up to 65 plus You can kind of dial it in like. If you like to work with the younger community or kind of like the middle age community or more of the older community, you can kind of go through and target based on that and then obviously, if You’re going through and selling homes, you want just all genders Right, you don’t want to be able to be specific to men or women, But obviously, if you run like let’s say a fitness gym and the focus is just Women or just meant men or whatever it might be, you can go through and target that and then Also languages here I typically like to leave it open-ended, but you can come in here Just to kind of show you guys you can say hey.

I just want target English speakers. Okay or maybe you want to go through and work with the Hispanic market, so you would might type in hey I’m going to type in Spanish and just hit people that speak Spanish. So you can see. There’s 450,000 people, that’s a pretty good market right there right! So, let’s just leave it at that! I’m not going to target any language because you know whether they speak Spanish, English, I’m fine with that.

Okay, so we’ve got 1.8 million people there And then we come down. We can choose some detailed targeting based on what business you’re in you might want to target. Okay So like, let’s say home owners. Okay, so, like you can come in here, You can see hey the interests of homeowners or demographics right here, guys, people that own home. So, if you’re looking to go through and help people sell their homes, you might want to go through and target homeowners right there, Okay, So that that goes through and that drops it down quite a bit because not everyone obviously owns a home.

A lot of people are Probably renting in the area, And so just you want to think about. Okay, like what type of advertising campaign am I running. Who do I want to target and then go through? You can include some detailed targeting here now Lots of times what I like to do just right out of the gate. I don’t really like to include targeting I like Facebook just to go through their advertising. Algorithms are actually extremely smart, and so they, a lot of times, can go through and Find the ideal people based on your ad.

Just you just got to give it a few days, Maybe three, four or five days to go through and kind of like learn. Some information on who your target audience is and who’s clicking on that ad Who’s, opting in and all that stuff, and so a lot of times I like to just leave it open right here: Okay, now Connections, I usually just kind of leave this open-ended. I just don’t touch it and then placements now.

This is big guys When they say automatic placements. This is recommended. I don’t necessarily always recommend that okay, so basically that saying hey We’re going to show your ads on Facebook on Instagram on, you know on our advertising networks, all these different platforms, So I usually like to go to edit placements And you guys can get a general Idea of the different places you can go through and show these ads.

Okay, so you could even say hey. I only want to go and show people on mobile or only show to people on their desktop, but for this just to simplify, I Normally leave it on all devices right here which is recommended. Okay, so I’ll just leave it at that. Then you can see all these different options, guys likely this Facebook, You got the newsfeed instant articles. You got the right-hand column like when you’re scrolling.

Through on your desktop. You got the Marketplace. You got the Instagram feeds you can pop it up into the Instagram stories. Up at the top, you guys have probably seen some Of those ads that you got the audience network And then also messenger. When people are scrolling through a messenger on their phone, They can see an ad and you can see kind of like what the ads are going to Actually look like now.

If you’re brand news Just start now guys, I would just say unchecked everything. Besides The Facebook news feeds and if you want to do Instagram newsfeed, that’s totally cool too. If I go through and just uncheck all of this And then just keep it to like people scrolling through Facebook, on their phone or on their desktop or scrolling through Instagram – And I like to just kind of keep it basic at that.

Okay. So now we’ll scroll down – and this is where we can go through and create our budget right, so we’ve got a daily budget or A lifetime budget. Now, if you want to say hey, I only want to spend a hundred dollars total on this campaign. I would use a lifetime budget and you can go through and set the start and end date And how much you want to actually spend, or you can say, hey. I want to do a daily budget, And maybe you want to start out with just ten dollars a day: okay Or maybe five dollars a day or whatever the budget that works and fits within your advertising budget there.

But I usually like, if you do have the budget, I usually like to start out about ten dollars a day, just because you’re able To go through and get the data back from Facebook and see if campaigns are working or not working, You’re able to see it. A lot quicker, So you know if you’re spending only five dollars a day, It’s going to take maybe two or three times longer To see if that campaigns working as opposed if you’re spending ten to even 15 dollars per day.

Okay, now, if we come down here, I usually like to just kind of leave the optimization for a delivery, just just, as is a lot of this stuff. I just leave it as is and honestly There’s a lot of like high end advanced stuff that you can get into, But a lot of times kind of the basic general idea of what Facebook gives you it’s good enough And you don’t really need to go through And get all you know, particular about what’s checked on, What’s checked off, Setting like a bid cap and all that stuff just stuff that you really don’t need to go through and optimize right now, So we’re just going to hit continue guys and now.

At this point, This is where we can go through and set up our actual Facebook ad. Now let me jump over here. I wanted to show you guys a couple of these ads and just show you how they’re broken down and why I do The different things that we do. So this is an image ad okay, So you can go through and you can use a article here. You can use an image you can go through. There’s one, That’s called a carousel where you can actually add multiple images or multiple articles.

So some pretty cool different things there, But you can you go what you want to do. Kind of the structure of an ad is you want to call out your audience? Okay, so I would say: hey your city or your County homeowners and we’re looking for people looking to sell their home, We’re going to say, hey attention. You know Dallas homeowners right or if you’re a restaurant, you can say hey Dallas, foodies right or do you like to work out in Dallas, or you know just like calling out that specific audience And then what I like to do is kind of ask some type Of question to pique their interest: hey: Do you want to increase the value of your home? Now, if I’m looking to this, I’m seeing hey, I’m a Dallas, homeowner! Okay and you say: hey: Do you want to crease up out of your home? Of course, you want to crease the value of your home right, you kind of piqued their interest, And then you get initial call to action.

Hey go through click here, and this is taking them to a landing page. So I’ll just show you guys kind of what that looks like right here. This says it like seven, simple tips are raising the value of your home before selling Get the tips they put in their email or you go for the name phone email. You know what you’re going for this is obviously just a demo right here, but Then you go through and maybe add a little bit more value, Okay, so that they didn’t they’re like not totally sold to go click and opt-in right there, You can say hey by The way I’ve compiled a free pour the seven simple hacks.

I tell my clients to raise the value of their home or, let’s say, if your local restaurant, we do awesome like Taco Tuesday, where we have like fifty percent off all of our tacos or Hey. You know if your gym owner, Hey we’ve, got an awesome, seven-day, Free like membership or something like that. Just kind of like get you kind of peaked into there And then I always like to close out with another call to action Which is send them to see the same landing page and then thanks And then your name to kind of add some personalization to it.

Alright, so we break this down again. Really quick. You’ve got the you’re calling out your target audience. Okay, you’re peaking their interest with some type of question right, which is kind of like a no-brainer question. Like hey, You know: Dallas residents, Are you looking to get fit for the summer like that? That’s really targeting that that specific market right there, like you, know Dallas foodies.

Would you like to try the best new barbecue place in town or whatever it might be right And then you’re kind of sending them there? And then you can go through and send like Write. Another line of some different bonus or some value that they’re going to get when they go through and opt in so Another one I’ll show you guys really quick, I’m not going to break down exactly step by step like I did the last one, But it’s a Very similar one, but this one is obviously a article Which is cool because, like as I mentioned, that face book advertising mini-course I’ve got for you guys.

I show you how to go through and identify The people who have readed three seconds of your article. Ten seconds of you do 25 %, 50 %, and so on. So it’s really cool, because then you can know like hey this person’s, not a completely cold Audience right. They’ve actually seen my article. They have probably a little bit of an idea of who I am What my business is and how I can go through and help them okay.

So now, let’s jump back over to the Facebook Ads manager. So this is where we are going to go through and create our ad or, as I mentioned earlier guys, if you, you know already Made your post and you’re like hey. I just want to use that post. I don’t wan na have to recreate it. You can click on use existing post right here, Okay, Now what we want to do is we want to select our facebook business page that we’ve got you can see.

I’ve got. I’ve actually got a few two over here, but we come through. I select the Jason ward drop links, That’s the one I want to use. You can even go through and select what Instagram account if you want to run it on Instagram as well, And if you don’t have an Instagram account connected, you can just say: hey use. My Facebook page as that Instagram account okay, Then coming down We’ll just go through, and click select, post it’ll pop up all the posts that you’ve recently posted.

It’s like, let’s say for this one. I want to post this one right here And so now it’s just going to show this and then at this point all we got to do is hit confirm And that’s it, but the ad is completely set up. Now, Let’s go back, Let’s say you don’t have an existing post. You want to create this completely from scratch, So we first want to select the Facebook page right and then we can choose the format right here.

Okay, now I showed you guys. We have the image ad. We’ve also got the article ad. We’ve got these different options right here, And so there honestly guys, I don’t necessarily prefer one or the other They’re, both Good for different reasons, kind of depending on what you want to go through and show. If you want to go and give an insight Look at or of your restaurant or an open house or a you know of your gym or whatever business you’re in Obviously, a article would be kind of nice and kind of like just show.

People inside and the cool thing is guys With this. I don’t recommend so like this one right here. This is a very professional article. These actually don’t perform as well as just kind of like a normal basic article shot with your eye phone Or your whatever mobile phone. You use okay, so I would highly recommend Just going through keeping it basic. You don’t have to go through and have a massive marketing advertising budget for all this, so just go through And use your phone as you’re going through and setting all this up.

Okay, so now you can go through. You can choose Hey single image, single article slideshow. So I like to usually Start with either a single image, like I showed you guys earlier or even the single article and then right here You can go through and upload an image from your desktop. Like let’s say, maybe, you’ve got an image of your gym Or of a home that you’re looking to sell, or you know your restaurant, whatever It is or you can even go through and you can use some free stock images And you’re going through select.

Let’s say you are a Realtor right, that’s kind of the example We’re using. So we want to go through and use a home Okay. So we go through. We click on this and, like you can see, it’s got a watermark when it goes live It’s not going to show the watermark Okay, so you don’t have to worry about that. We’re going to hit confirm Okay! So now it’s going to pop up It’s going to show us the ad right here and then, let’s say our website I’ll just pull up my website right here, Arsalan kg comm – let’s just throw that in that’s! This is where we’re trying to send people to Okay and then well.

We use kind of like that same method now, just for just sake of time, guys I’m just going to copy and paste this right here and We’ll come back over here into this text box. Here It says home what we’re going to Do is just like go through and put that right in here And then the cool thing is, is we’ve got some of these templates for you guys, so we can say Dallas, homeowners and just kind of fill in your Own information, so you can say, hey get my tips here and link out to We’ve got our website up here, Which guys, if you guys go through my facebook, guys mini-course drop comment down below give it a thumbs up.

I show you guys the difference of why you should use a landing page as opposed to your main website. Obviously this one I’m just using our main website. I highly recommend not doing that. I just want it. Okay, and you can say down here: Hey thanks. Your name Jason Wardrop, okay, So now we come down here. You’ve got the headline right here, so you say, like hey: Dallas homeowners Increase The value of your home, Something like that rights like go through kind of grab their attention right there, And then I like to do for the call to action.

You’ve got all these different options, Or you can even say hey no button. I like did you learn more because if somebody’s interest is piqued like they do technically want to learn more right, and so, instead of saying like sign up or what, like you know, request time, it’s kind of a little bit like sign up almost is a Little Bit standoffish, so I like to kind of do, learn more because it’s like hey I’m curious.

I would like to learn more okay, then down here at an overlay image. I just leave that multiple languages just leave that I want initially show that now display link optional. I just probably leave that for right now, Then do speed, link description, so you guys can see over here. This is the mobile newsfeed and if we want to check and see like what it looks like on different platforms, We can scroll through, and so this is what it would look like on your desktop Newsfeed and that’s where this newsfeed link description would be okay.

So we can say, like hey, Increase the value of your home, something like that and then you’ll see it’s going to pop up down over here, But I think because our headlines so long, I think that’s why it’s not popping up. So normally, if your headlines Not super long, It will pop up down over here It’s not going to Sara Lee pop up on your mobile or you know, or even on Instagram. So this isn’t like super super important.

But if you want to go through an out of that, you totally can, then you can see right here. This is what’s looking like on Instagram, so it’s kind of nice be able to go through and sort through and see what it looks like on these different platforms there, and then all we don’t have to do is just hit confirm and We have now gone through And created our advertising campaign right guys, So that was kind of like a you know, a quick run through.

I wanted to show you guys all the different steps And why you should be using the Facebook Ads manager as opposed to Boosting your post. You want to make sure you get the right objectives, but if you’re looking to use like you know, lead forms like I talked about where it’s got, that little form that pops up and Facebook automatically fills in the information with the name phone number, an email address Or if you guys want to go through and create custom audiences With people visiting your website already or reading articles, Or you know, people that are already on your email or in your contact database, be able to market specifically just to them.

I have that all in my facebook ads mini-course to drop a comment below give it a thumbs up. I will get you guys that hundred percent for free I’m not trying to charge you guys anything, I’m just trying to go through help you out, I was I’ve, been actually listening to gary vaynerchuk’s new book. It’s called crushing it. It’s awesome. If you guys have not gone through and got that, read it or listen to it or whatever I highly recommend it talks about going through and building your personal brand to take your business to the next level.

Okay – And he talks about you – know Facebook ads the importance of that And how you can go through and and grow your business more and more, and so honestly guys. I just want to provide you guys with some massive value, because I know how it’s helped. My business and what it’s done for me and also countless of other business owners. I’ve worked with now over 3,000 business owners and I’ve seen what it’s done for them.

If you can go through and properly implement what the Facebook advertising platform gives you and allows you to do. You can be Extremely successful. It can be a total game changer for your business. So so I met you guys earlier. If you guys want that drop. A comment down below give this article a thumbs up. Also, if you guys don’t mind, let me know what you guys thought of this tutorial. I know there’s like the Facebook Ads manager, Honestly guys We could be on here for 4 to 5 hours, But I know you probably don’t have the time to go through and sit through all that stuff.

That’s why, in that Facebook Ads mini course, I’ve broken it down into little ten to fifteen, Maybe twenty minute articles to kind of show you different aspects of the Facebook Ads manager, how to get your business going and bring it to the next level? Okay, so Anyway, thanks so much for reading today, guys if you guys are brand new here, My name is Jason Wardrop. If you like content like this, you want more of it, make sure you guys subscribe.

The blog also hit that notification bell, because we Will go live from time to time, so I can go through. Show you guys different things. You can jump on, ask questions. I can answer those live and help you guys out with your business. The best of my ability, and on this blog I like to go through and share with you how to generate more, leads, make more money and grow your business. So, if that’s anything that you’re in today makes you guys subscribe and thanks so much for reading today – And I will see you all tomorrow –

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How To Analyze Facebook Advertising Data – Facebook Ads Analytics Tutorial 2019

That’s almost 5x the amount of results. What’s going to know if a mare gathers here with Willis academy.Com and in this article I’m going to go and give you guys a 24 hour campaign update to show you guys data right so that way we can look at data and analytics. So, let’s go ahead and step behind laptop boom, we’re behind the laptop now.

First and foremost, this is an update of the original campaign article that I created. So let me actually go to Dropbox, really quick. I don’t know if you guys recall, but we have two angles: three images, three audiences and 18 total variations. So if we look here right 18 different variations at $ 10 add sets is about 180 dollars spent. So if we look here so far, we have about 182 dollars spent, so we’re right on track to about that ten dollars per day spinning.

So this is roughly about twenty four-hours-a-day a day right and I personally don’t make any data-driven decisions until about three to four days once we actually have enough data, so we don’t have an updated yet, but I want to go ahead and actually just kind of step On the laptop here and kind of give you guys an update to show you guys within 24 hours, like what what type of data you’re going to start getting an update of of what I thought was going to happen happen compared to what did happen.

So first thing that I do want to go to an address is, in the last article we had the the affiliate marketing audience right, so affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing in the last article that was actually performing the worst that was performing the worst day. It had no actions performed no results, however, right, that’s the importance of not making any decision too early, because I personally thought it was going to do the best right, but and what and what I mean by for let’s go and actually look at the ad set.

Really quick, so if I open up the ad set or go to edit today of marketing, if we look here, the audience is simply affiliate marketing. Is that simple right so right now what we’re doing is we have a sandbox campaign and we have 18 different variations. That we’re trying to see we’re trying to find winning angles, which is basically ad copy and headline we’re trying to find winning creatives, which is a winning image or try to find winning audiences right.

So in the beginning, the audience’s were showing that affiliate marketing wasn’t converting, but if we take a look here and we go to cost per results, when we go to the top here, the top performing one right guys remember these. These had no actions, but the first time I shot the campaign overview campaign or article, but that being said since that article, the top performing audiences for the marketing, so with that being said, you have to give it time right.

You have to give Facebook enough time if you notice here it says active learning, active learning right so once the active learning is off right. It’s not it’s not learning any more, but it’s always learning. But with that being said, I want to go ahead and actually see which image is performing the best right. So I don’t know if you guys remember the three images are actually so, let’s go to I’m going to go to affiliate, affiliates, affiliate, marketing, affiliate, affiliate marketing and then affiliates affiliate marketing.

I just want to show you guys the three images right, but this should tell you guys something right: one of the images is performing out of dollar twenty seven one of the images is performing at 344. One of the images is performing at $ 10 right. So let’s go ahead and actually take a look, so the image that is performing the best so far me sitting in a pool right on my phone um luxury pool. I believe that was in the W in Miami right.

The one performing at on three dollars right is: I could have guessed this one. This is funny this is funny now I could have told you. Actually, I wouldn’t know whether the Tiger the tiger one or the one me sitting in the pool would do better, but I definitely thought that they would convert better than me with a group of people right with morale job, so the audience so far right, we haven’t, Gave it enough time, but the audience looks like this could be a winning audience, but sometimes you think your audience isn’t working, but it’s really not the audience.

Why? Sometimes you have a winning audience. For example, I should say this was a winning audience, but I had this picture right here and I was getting $ 10 $ 10 per result, which is what I’m getting right now. I like all this audience sucks. No, it doesn’t you suck right, you need them. You need to create enough variations, so the reason why you want to do different audiences, different creatives, different different angles, and you want to do it like.

So, let’s look at the actual campaign structure. What I did two angles right, so two different sets of ad copy. Next and let me actually go to the ad comics – I don’t even know what ad copy this is. I believe this is the affiliate marketing ad copy. It is the affiliate marketing ad copy. So if I go to the affiliate marketing ad copy, obviously right dear struggling affiliate marketers and I’m targeting the audience of affiliate marketing, so they like affiliate marketing, I’m targeting affiliate marketers and then now I have a creative and out of these creatives.

So we know that the angle right – we don’t know this yet, but based off of the numbers right, I don’t have an update attack to make data-driven decisions, move a sophomore or looking at right now. We know that the angle, which is the ad copy, as well as the image we know that there are not the images, the angle and the audience is probably a winning angle in audience. So eventually, what I’m going to do is split sense: that ad copy and split test that ad copy in that audience and I’m going to go to split just a whole bunch of images and see if I can get a winner out of that and out of That, if I can go ahead and actually beat this image with other images that I have right, some pretty dope images, then I’m going to go ahead and actually move it to another campaign of my winner.

So this this campaign right here is basically like split testing campaign. I guess you could say now another one right is over here right, another one that seems to be catching a little bit of traction is the overworked campaign. Now, let’s actually see what images right now, the two different audiences one is Tim Ferriss right. So that’s actually edited to show you guys the audience. So the audience is Tim Ferriss and the audience here is Russell Brunson right.

So two internet marketers. So with that being said, I’m going to laugh if they’re the same image right, but let’s go ahead and actually see. I knew it so guys we have found I’m not going to jump the gun of guys, but I believe we found a winning image right cuz. Let’s take a look at this guy’s right. Look at this look at how awesome this is data-driven decisions, so the top three converting ads. This isn’t a fluke guys.

This is just this is this is what the public says is what they want. So if we look at a fitness, we look at all of these three. So look: there’s two different marketing angles: two different marketing angles right: two different marketing angles: three different ad sets. If we go to the ad creative, we have a winning creative right. This one is outperforming every other creative so that guys, that is data-driven the sitter’s.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and use this image? I’m going to continue to use this image, but I don’t want to jump the gun yet right. Um but guys one thing that I want to go to show you guys is 182 dollars spent. I only got 25 leads right now. If we were to spin, if I was to get a dollar 27, let’s just say, let’s just round that, let’s just say I was to get a dollar 50 per lead right, that same hundred and eighty dollar ad spin would amount to a hundred and twenty leads.

That’s almost 5x the amount of results right. So what happens is guys. The whole objective in the beginning is not to make. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s not to make money. It’s to get data is to find winners. It’s to find the ads that are actually working and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to reallocate that spend to the winners, so files are reallocate that spin right right now. This campaign is not a profitable campaign, meaning if I’m getting leads on average.

For seven dollars and twenty-nine cents, I’m getting 25 leaves with one hundred and eighty dollars spent. That’s me losing money, but me split-testing has allowed me to find a winning image so far, right so far and a winning um angle right a winning angles. So what I can do is I can go ahead and actually split test that angle with that image and try to actually beat the actual angle and audience right.

That’s how I can that’s one way that I can optimize that and try to improve, but with that being said, what I’m going to do now is eventually, after a couple of days, I’m still going to go ahead and give a time right, but after I give It a little bit of time. What I’m going to do is I’m going to be able to actually re allocate some of that money and if I was getting instead of seven dollars on average per lead, if I was getting leads at a dollar, thirty ton dollar.

Fifty even below two dollars leaves below two dollars. That is a profitable marketing campaign for me, so I’m going to go in a scale at that level, I got ta find the winners first right, so I just wanted to do a quick, 24-hour update just to show you guys right what we’re looking for now. We’re not looking for guys as these I’m not even looking at the backend stuff. Yet I’m not looking at I’m not looking at the backend stuff.

Yet right. First, we’re going to go to look at the front-end numbers and then an additional things that you guys can look at from the very very beginning could be like the cost per click you guys can be looking at the UM, the click-through rate. So one thing you guys will notice if I go to the top-performing Li or the top performing ads here right, the top performing ads the click-through rate is one point one six three point eight and two point five: three right.

I would assume that these top three probably have some of the highest click-through rates because of this image click, the rate click the rate. Now I want to go to actually so these two right here. These two ads have pretty high click-through rate, so I want to go to and actually look at the image. So guys is that high, the higher your click-through rate? That means it may be a pretty good, pretty good image if you notice here five point: seven four percent click-through rate – and it has seven link – clicks now – there’s some sort of disconnect here, because this one’s getting a low cost per click, this one’s getting a high Click-Through rate, but the question is: why isn’t it converting I’m getting cost believes out for four dollars, so I’m going to go and actually look at that so affiliates and Russell so the target one guys.

That’s why it’s getting a high click through a just me. Petting a freaking tiger right, so this one is getting the highest click-through rate. That’s why I’m not going to go ahead and actually jump the gun to say the other one is the winner yet because over time this may actually change. So we have to give it enough time right and give Facebook enough data right. I like to be personally, I don’t like to make a decision, unless I at least have about a thousand impressions right, which is one CP, one CPM right cost per thousand impressions.

So with that being said, um yeah, that’s basically the article I just wanted to show you guys some of the analytics that you guys should be looking at. Obviously your cost per action, whatever you’re trying to accomplish did you guys go look at other things, I’m going to kind of give you guys. Some extra data, like the click-through rate, shows me. Okay, the Tiger the tiger ad may be a good image, but because it’s getting a high click-through rate, I just might have to write a different angle to that audience.

So this may be you what I mean right, that’s why you want to get all the analytics. The click the break shows me it’s a good image, but there’s this that there’s some sort of disconnect there right to where it’s not performing as high as the other ones. So one different angle that I could switch up is: I can go to actually in the actual ad talk about being in Thailand, petting Tigers and being able to travel the world and going from corporate slavery to traveling the world, because I have a laptop business or Work from home business that allows me actually travel work for my laptop work from anywhere.

That allows me to get experiences like paper tiger, so on and so forth. So if you guys want a – and I can appeal to people who want to actually travel and an audience that will probably work well with, that would probably be like the 4-hour workweek and I can go ahead and say so. If you want to go ahead and learn how to live, laptop lifestyle click down look boom and then it may be a little bit more congruent.

So I actually want to look at two more things right, so this is actually you never mind. So if you notice the one with the high click-through rates, this is talking about struggling with idiots, so petting a tiger and talking about struggling affiliates that may there may be a disconnect there right. So maybe I have to switch up the angle with this different net, but with that being said guys, we have two to three more days to actually wait.

Look at the data, I’m okay with losing this money, because I’m getting really good data, I’m getting I’m at because guys understand, sometimes you’re going to go ahead and actually put up three you’re going to put up all these variations and you’re not going to go and Get anything zilch is zero. I mean you’re not going to get a winning image, you’re not going to get a winning angle. I just so happen to potentially have a winning image and a winning angle.

So I’m super excited about that, so an a winning audience. So that being said, um the more variations you you create and the faster you spend depending on what your budget is, the faster you’re going to acquire data, the fashion you’re going to be able to make moves right. So the bigger your resources, the faster you’ll, be able to make moves. But with that being said, that’s basically all I got for you, that’s how you make data-driven decisions.

That’s how you look at your analytics. That’s a campaign. That’s been up for about 24 hours and we do have some pretty data and some pretty good insight on this campaign. Now it’s just time to wait a couple more days to look at the data and make data-driven decisions. First and foremost, I want to say thank you for reading this article, if you liked this article and want me to make more like and make sure to smash that like button, also, if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe, to join the fam and click that Notifications got to be notified every time I drop some new heat.

Lastly, if you’re tired of working a job, if you want to freaking fire that boss live life on your terms and never have to work a 95 ever again, click the first link in the description to learn the best way to make money online right now until Next time, Eric Ellis evil for marketing checking

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10X Social Proof With Your Facebook Ads – Facebook Advertising Tips And Strategies

So, yes, obviously you can go through and you can go boost the post and get more likes, get more comments, But I’m not talking about that. I’M talking about how to go through and strategically Leverage and use that Facebook ad, so that we can go through and Compile likes and comments from all the different ad sets that we’re going through and creating.

Now. The thing is, is when we go through and we create multiple ad sets Like, let’s say we’re, creating a campaign, and we want to get conversions. We want to get leads on our landing page Right and then, if we go through, we want to use that same ad, but we duplicate the ad set. What happens is Facebook actually Duplicates that ad and so it’ll be the same exact ad, but it’ll it’ll create a completely new one.

It doesn’t carry anymore over of any of the likes and the comments. So We don’t want this because, like if somebody goes through and let’s say you’re targeting one ad set is targeting, Let’s say Texas right, another ad says targeting Florida or whatever It might be. You know obviously, ad sets are targeting different audience types, whether its geographic location or interest or whatever It might be.

If someone in Florida likes your post, okay Or they have a positive comment or something like that, You want people in Texas to see that same exact thing. Right like or I mean That’s, probably a bad example, because geographical location can kind of get iffy. But let’s say you go going through you’re targeting different interests. You want people to go through and see that there’s a lot of social proof That is the power of Facebook Advertising, or I seen that other people.

Besides us them are liking. It they’re engaging with it and they’re connecting with your ads, So what I just want to show you guys really quick. This is not that long, a article, because it’s very simple and easy to do. Let’S just come over here. Let’S click on this traffic demo page right here or this campaign – So we’ve got this. This is obviously just a demo and everything like that, but we’ve got this ad set right here, We’re just going to click to the ad level.

Okay! So now, once we’re here, we’re just going to come over here We’re going to make sure this is checked right there We’re going to click on preview, Okay, so this is going to pop up a little preview of the post or the ad or whatever you’re going Trying to promote Now what I’m going to do is click on this button right here. Click on that, It’s going to say: hey Facebook posts with comments; Ok, so this is basically to pop it up on your newsfeed as if it’s you know, just a normal pulse right here.

Okay – And so this is what this is. A post is something that we’ve been Promoting right here for one of our webinars, and this is Jason right here He’s a loan officer, You can see, we’ve got 23 likes, we’ve got some hearts and we’ve got even some comments and all this stuff. So we want to be able to carry that over because, like Richard right here He’s got a great comment. I’M a true believer. It works, you know, So we want everyone to be able to go through and see the social proof behind this net right.

We don’t want to go through and start completely from scratch with every single ad that we start over, because that’s Naturally what Facebook does, unfortunately right. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to take this URL, this ID Okay, so everything at the very end. Okay, so it’s right here, this long number and we’re just going to copy this okay. So once we copy that we come over here Back to the ad set level – Okay, So this one – I just have it as like: it’s it’s just super open.

We want to duplicate this Okay, so we would duplicate it. It says: okay, Do you want to do so like this is basically just creating a new ad set, so we can target different People different audiences and we just want to use the original campaign, We’re going to click duplicate right here and it’s going to pop up And allow us to go through and change up the targeting. So I’m going to come in here and say: Demo ad set number two right: Okay, then we can come down and if we have like a custom audience Like, maybe we want to go through on one of them.

We want to target people that have visit our website and another one. We want to target People that we’ve uploaded as leaves or people have readed our articles or whatever It might be right Or we can come in here and say hey. I don’t want everyone in the United States. I just want people and kind of like the example we’re showing before everyone in Texas Right. So we come down here and we can pick.

The age group Obviously go through. Do your custom targeting It doesn’t really matter. I mean this is not kind of the key part that we’re showing you right here and then we hit publish Okay. So now, once we hit publish on this it’s going to go through and because we duplicate it technically, it would go through and Create a new ad that doesn’t have any lags any comments, Nothing on it’s completely from scratch.

Okay! So now what I want to do is I, like, I like to refresh guys the new Facebook guys manager. Sometimes I don’t. I don’t love it. It’S kind of a pain in the butt, So I refresh it because it wasn’t popping up automatically like it used to Which I love the the way he used to work Now. They’Ve kind of compiled compiled the power editor with the new Facebook Ads manager, not my favorite, So we click on right here and then now what we could do is if we just go over here and hit edit and Remember how we grabbed this URL this ID.

We just copy that, and we could say: hey use. Existing posts enter the post ID Paste it in right there, Okay, so, instead of creating that we want to use use existing posts and your post ID hit submit Okay, you know I’ve got the target on Instagram. This articles longer than 60 seconds, That’s why it’s giving us the air right there Look at this guy’s we carry over all 24 likes. We carry over the comments We carry over the shares and then we hit publish and we are set and ready to go.

So that is how you can go through and 10x is social proof With your facebook advertising. With all of your ads, your campaigns, your ad sets everything that you’re setting up now I just went through, and just yesterday I had some URL issues with my webinar registration page, So I had to go through and reset all my campaigns. All my ad sets everything which is a huge pain of, but because I usually don’t like to work on Sundays, but I Had to get it back up and running so that we could get keep our business push it forward.

So anyway, what I did was go through, and I had a bunch of look like audiences right now. We cover that in a different article, if you guys were like what the heck are looked like audiences, I can go through and cover That drop. A comment down below, if you’re, totally confused on that, and I can explain that in another article. But basically these look like audiences are like your your just your audiences.

So, instead of targeting people in texas or Florida, Okay, I’ve got look like audiences of people who have bought our software program or people have bought another one or a program. So There’s all these different audiences, and so, instead of going through and targeting all these audiences and creating new blank ads started completely from scratch. I want to go through and take those ads that already have bikes already had comments already had everything and Just kind of carry them over Like I have some ads that have almost 2,000 likes on those which that’s a lot of social proof right there like.

That is a ton where you know If somebody hits that sees that ad, like wow, hardly like almost 2,000 people have liked this They’re a lot more likely to go through and pay attention, as opposed to you know an ad that has absolutely no likes no comments, Because then, like Humans, just out of nature guys, They don’t want to be the first one to take action, They’re kind of scared, They’re, hesitant They’re, like whoa, I don’t know, and so that’s why.

I, like all these little social proof, things where you go to websites now. You know like have a little thing to pop up at the bottom. It’Ll say like hey this person just bought five minutes ago, or this person just bought ten minutes ago And then or if you’re liking a live event and there’s a seller on stage. They sell something, and then one person runs the back. It kind of triggers that up those other people to go through and run back to the back of the room to buy whatever they’re Selling right, Because, like no one’s right in the back, You don’t want to be that awkward person like you’re running the back.

We’Re like, let’s say you know you are in a live event or you’re in some room Someone’s like hey, who here Does this like? Who here, You know, Choose their food with their mouths open or something kind of weird. You don’t want to be that weird person like raising your hand, So it’s the same thing with all this stuff guys. That is the point of Facebook. That is the point of Instagram all these social networks and the social networks, Advertising platforms.

If you can get that social proof, unlike you know, Google banners, You can’t really see how many people are clicking on those banners. You can’t see any of that other stuff, And so this is huge guys. So this is a quick refresher. All you got to do. Is you hit preview on the ad? You pull it up, So it just shows this look at this. It’S just showing this app And then this is the post ID right here. We just copy that come back over here.

We use use existing posts, enter the post ID paste it in there submit, hit, publish and we are done. We are good to go So anyway, guys. Hopefully this article was helpful if it was give it a thumbs up, drop a comment down below. Let me know what you guys thought and if you guys are brand new here, make sure you guys subscribe, because we New articles every single week, helping you generate more leads, make more money and grow your business with.

That said guys, I hope you have an amazing rest of the day and I will talk to you all soon.

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