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😱Facebook Ads Demographic Targeting Going Away! #1 Facebook Ads Targeting Technique You MUST Use…

Just some housekeeping, I just want to kind of get this out of the way, as you guys can see here on my screen. I am wrapping up. I’m working on a Facebook Ads live train for you guys I’m going to be doing next Wednesday, So Wednesday July 18th, at 12 p.M. Eastern time, 9 a.M. Pacific time So mark that down on you guys, calendars also I’ll, add a link down below in the description As well as in the comments that you guys can go through and register for that, because I share a lot of my blog different Facebook ad strategies, but I think it’ll be beneficial To break down some of the things that I do like the exact strides.

I use and also be able to do it live, So you guys can ask me questions and I can kind of give you feedback and answers and let you guys kind of know what I’m Doing on the daily basis. So if you guys want to attend that, There’s a link down below to register for that training in the description as well as in the comments and if you guys are reading This after July 18th, which I’m sure a lot of you guys are because that’s in About a week and a half I’ll add the link to the replay to that training, So you guys can go through read that and still take advantage of every now, let’s dive into this guys.

So this is the this image right here, where I’ve got this pulled up this little segment. That is part of that live training, and You look at like the red ocean versus the blue ocean, And this is really like what I want to break down. Explain you guys when it comes to Facebook Ads Targeting so when you’re going through and you’re targeting with Facebook’s interests, so you’re targeting homeowners Are you’re targeting real estate agents or you’re targeting like weight loss or people interested in fitness? That’s a red ocean guys Like there are so many people that go in like Facebook’s made it super easy to go through, Create an ads campaign, and then you know you go and choose your targeting.

You choose the age group. You choose all that stuff, But with it being so easy you’re literally in a red ocean Just competing with everyone, It’s out there, Okay, so the strides I want to show you guys in today’s article is Taking over to the blue ocean right like this. Is I don’t even ever use Facebook ads interest targeting or any of those little demographics? Anything like that in my ads and when I tell people that even like advanced Facebook, marketers are like what like? What do you even do Like? How is that possible? You don’t use interest targeting Okay Now there there’s something: that’s called Look-alike audiences and if you guys have heard of look like audiences, this is going to be a very different article.

It’s going to be a lot more unique than you probably have even heard or thought before. So just keep that in mind, But this is going to take you from that red ocean of competing with literally every other person out there. That’s advertising on Facebook To this blue ocean now also guys is a special favor to you guys. I was talking with my brother. He readed my blog too, and he kind of like started.

Business He’s got his Facebook guys in the last stuff, And he says sometimes I go way too fast to explain things So I’ll try to go a little bit slower I’ll, try to go through break down everything step by step and photos. You guys are like hey. You like that fast pace just put on like one and a half speed All right. So, let’s jump over to the Facebook Ads manager, because this is really key when we’re going through and setting up our Facebook ads and actually first really quick.

This is another slide I forgot about in the presentation. This is the exact strategy of how I went through, and this is two years ago So June of 2016. I made less than $ 1500 that month for my business and then you can see I start implementing the strategy in August. So, two months later, Okay, So August, I did if you can see the right there, It’s probably a little small, It’s a little over $ 8,000 Okay, so that was the first month.

So I went from 1500. So in essence, I almost call that zero, because I was obviously with ad spend all that stuff You’re, not really making any money. And then I went up to $ 8,000 and then, from August of 2016 to October of 2016 October 2016. I went and did over $ 25,000 in revenue for the month. Okay, So guys. This is a way that you can go through and grow your business extremely fast and once again, If you guys want to jump on this live training or if you’re reading the the kind of like this later after July 18th click down below I’ll have the registration Link to go regi for that live training or for the replay, whatever you want to go through and read, so You guys can see Some of these strategies broken down in a lot more detail, then I’m even ever covered on my youtube blog Okay.

So, let’s just jump over here to Facebook, Okay, now in Facebook, what we’re going to do is come over here to the ads manager. Okay, Now a look like audience: Let’s just break this down right, Let’s jump! Actually, I’ve cut it another good slide, So Facebook, anyone that is your existing customer. So I’ve got like Jim right here, Jim from the office right, So Jim he’s going to go through and buy something from your business Right or maybe you haven’t your like brand new business, And so you haven’t sold anything but he’s a lead or some of the Shown interest in your business, Okay, now, Facebook, the cool thing is, is they literally know so much information about Jim Okay? So they know that, like he’s a male the age like if he’s married or not, if he’s college educated, I know how much money he’s making.

He knows they know pretty much for the most part, What products he’s bought online, because a lot of companies they’ll use the Facebook pixel okay to track whether people have become leads if they purchased something and so based on what ads people are clicking on and Based On what products they’re purchasing Facebook’s got a pretty good overall idea of what’s happening Kay, They know like okay, he likes basketball, He reades the office right, So they know all this information, and so now what we do is we take Jim, okay or our existing customers Or clients or leads, or Even people that, like maybe you don’t, have customers yet cuz, you’re brand new or maybe don’t have lee Juck’s you’re brand new, but people, maybe that, like your Facebook, page or people, even that have gone through and readed a article that you’ve Posted on your Facebook page kay, that’s like an audience of people and then what Facebook does is what we call a 1 % look-alike audience.

So they’re going to go, find 2 million people, or sometimes even more, that looked just like Jim Okay, so but whether they’re male like it’s not going to necessarily be only males or only females or whatever. Although you can go through and target whether it’s males or females but they’re going to find out, Okay, what’s his average, You know salary which it’s crazy, But they actually have a lot of data on how much money you most likely make okay And they know like What the products you purchase, what you like, what your behaviors are online.

What links you click on what you don’t Click on. They know all this information, So Facebook they go and they create this look like audience of people that are very, very Similar to Jim. Okay. So then, what they’re going to do? Is you go take this ad? You show it to this look-alike audience. Okay And then your ads become even more Profitable because you’re able to go through and scale things that much more so if before you were going through and showing your ads just to your existing clients or your existing leads or existing database and you’re spending, maybe like.

Let’s say five dollars a day With this, because you have now an audience of two million plus people you’re able to go through and scale it up to $ 75, a day or $ 100 a day or two hundred five hundred or even a thousand dollars per Day and So you’re able to go through and make a lot more money. Okay, so hopefully that kind of like break broke that down and that kind of like makes some sense. But let’s jump in Back over here to the Facebook Ads manager and show you guys exactly How this actually happens case.

So we’re going to do is come over here to the search bar And we’re going to type in audiences. You can see it’s already popped up right there, But if it’s not showing up right here, we’re just going to type in audiences, Okay, cuz. First, what we need to do before we create a look-alike audience is we need a create, an audience Right that we’re going to say, Hey. We want to create a look like audience that looks like these people.

So Before we go through create the look like audience. We need to go through and say: hey, Jim is our ideal. Customer ideal lead our ideal client and we want you to create two million people: 3 million 4 million. Whatever The number is a people just like Jim okay, So basically you’re going to go through. You were just going to create an audience, will just say: custom audience right here: Okay and then you can go through and like customer file, You can upload their emails or their phone numbers.

You can say website traffic. So if you’ve got a blog, if you’ve got a website, a landing page, whatever You’ve got you can go through and throw the Facebook pixel on This exact website and I’ll link out to my tutorial on how to get that Facebook pixel installed Because it walks you through step by step and then you’ve got even engagement. Like let’s say you don’t have any clients, any customers whatsoever, No leads or anything and you’re just starting out brand new, you say Hey.

I want to just target people who have readed a article that I posted on my Facebook page. So let’s just say that, for example, it’s just say a article And then we could come in here and we say we want to target anyone who is viewed at least read 25 % of my article okay, because sometimes like three seconds of your article. It’s someone just scrolling through in the article autoplays and so they’re, not really reading it 10 seconds, Depending on how long your article is.

That can actually be a really good option if it’s only a minute long, they read 10 seconds Of the 60 seconds. That’s a pretty good percentage of the article, but I typically like to do 25 or even 50 % To get a bigger audience That then we can go through and create a look like audience after ok He’s like, if you think about it. If we just give Facebook one data point, so basically we say hey only Jim.

I want you to create. It looked like audience of people that only look like Jim There’s, not really a lot of information to go off of right, like it’s just that one person, whereas if you have 30 people Okay, They find these averages of what those people like their ages, their Income, Their interests all that stuff and they’re able to get you a lot better data, and then, if you have a hundred people or a thousand or the more people That easier, it is to go through and get this data put together and have this Hotter audience that You’re able to go through and mark it with your Facebook Ads.

So with that said, I like to do kind of like a 25 percent or 50 percent, So I’ll just do 25 percent here And then we choose the the article right here actually up here. Sorry guys choose the article So we’re on to choose the Facebook page So we’ll come down here. All I think you’ve got my main Facebook page on here. So we’ll choose this and then you kind of look at the articles right. So you can see the three second article views So like if we’ve gotten these different people, we’ve got.

You know. Eight thousand people have readed this article, so this is probably one that I probably want to go through and create a custom audience often because there’s going to be a lot of data points like if there’s 8,000 8200 article views, there are three seconds We’re probably going To have you know four or five thousand people that have readed 25 % of this article? Okay, so we’re just going to go like this.

We’re going to choose that we’re going to hit, confirm, Okay and then we’re just going to give it a name. We’ll say 25 % article view and then I would usually do the name of Video, like whatever you want to call it. That’s kind of like what I like to do And then the nice thing is, you can do like hey everyone. Let’s read it in the last 365 days or if you want it like more recent, like hotter market, you could say hey in the last seven days last 30 days last two days, even so, if this one I’m just going to actually Do last 30 days, because If somebody’s read this article in the last 30 days, they probably at least remember it somewhat right, probably seven days or even 24 hours, 48 hours is even more ideal, but they probably at least remember Like at least readed it, whereas like if it’s too long ago, If it was like 200 days ago, six months or whatever They’re, probably not even going to remember you the article or anything else, I’m going to create this audience and Now what we do is Facebook is going to go and they’re going to populate this, and it’s Going to take a second or whatever, but we could say, hey, create an ad using this audience or Expand your audience.

Okay, so we’re going to click on, expand your audience, And this is how we can create a look-alike audience right here. So the source is the audience of everyone. That’s viewed the article At least 25 %. Can I think that is actually a short article is like 30 seconds long, so Really didn’t have to read a lot. Just probably like 10 seconds 10 seconds Actually probably would have been a better audience to go with, and then we could say hey.

I only want to target people in the United States and typically, what I like to do when I’m starting out is just do a 1 % look like audience. Okay, Now you can scale up to 2 %. You can see that number went to 4.3 million. The 3 % to 4 %, but the the larger the audience, the less accurate the data, and Typically with a 1 % look like audience of you, know: 2.2 million people. You can have your ads running for a fairly long time to that audience, even spending like $ 100 a day and And you’re still totally good, like that’s a pretty good size, audience.

Okay! So now we’re just going to go through and click create audience right here And so it’s going to go through populate the audience You can see up here kind of in the background It says fewer than so. This is the audience We just create the custom audience. So 25 percent of article view There’s a fewer than a thousand, but it’s still populating Okay. So it’s going to take a little bit of time. It could take a couple hours.

It can take as long as 24 hours to go through and populate this audience and then, but you don’t have to wait To go through and create a look-alike audience. Okay, So that’s one thing to really keep in mind. Then you can see this audience right. Here is updating, They look like audience, but it told us is going to be about 2.2 million people once it’s finalized and once that audience is completely updated.

So We really don’t have to wait to go through and create our Facebook ad campaign. We can jump in and start creating an actual campaign, So I want to show you guys exactly how I do this, how I don’t use any Facebook Ads interest targeting or any of that And I’ll actually set up a campaign right here with you guys. So we’ve got this custom audience right here. Okay, that we created we’ve got to look like audience and, if you don’t, if you’ve already got an audience that you want to create a look like audience off of, you can just come here and Click on this.

So check that you just hit actions and you say, create a look like okay, so that’s another way to go through and do that if you’re like well, I’ve already got an audience and I don’t really know how to do that, because it’s not taking me to Do the same flow? That’s another way you can go through and do that? Okay. So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to come back up here to this little hamburger menu? Okay, we’re going to go back to the ads manager to go through and create a Facebook Ads campaign.

Okay, so we’re just going to click on this green button. Right here create a campaign, makes it super simple And then for this one. I’ve got all these articles guys on like which objective to use, but this is not necessarily on that’s Training, so I’m not really going to dive in all that I’ll add another article to Kind of like what marketing objective you really want to choose. But let’s say for this: one We want to generate leads, So we’re going to go with conversions here.

Okay, so we’ll just click on conversions and then we give it a name. Okay, so we’ll say, conversions and we’ll say it’s a demo campaign, because it is obviously and now we’ll hit continue, and Then you can name your ad set for this one, I’m not really going to worry about it and then through the website. Okay, look like! Ideally, you need to go through and install your Facebook pixel, like I said I added a article to that up in like the little the top corner, so you guys can go through and check that out, But we’ll go through and we’ll choose The lead conversion right.

There takes we want to go through and generate leads, then we come down here to this Targeting, and this is typically where most people will go in here and they’ll type in homeowners, right, Where it’s like 98 million people that are homeowners and and the homeowners association. So a lot of these interests and demographics and all this stuff is what Facebook is taking away and that’s why so many people are completely freaking out because they’re like well, It’s not going to work for a real estate anymore.

It’s not going to work for this anymore, or that anymore, like It still is guys, can actually work way better. Once you kind of learn and nail down this solution that I’m showing you guys right here because, Like I showed you guys a little bit earlier, You’re not competing with everyone in that red ocean, Okay! So now all we got to do. Is we come here to the custom audiences because remember we create that custom audience? Then we created that look-alike audience from the custom audience right.

So we had. You know all those people like what we call Jim right and then create that look like audience, some people that look like Jim or very similar to him, and we feel like right here and then you can see right here. The look-alike 1 % us ok, 25 % article view and then name it article. Okay, you can see the size, It says fewer than a thousand people, That’s just because it’s still pre-populating.

So you don’t need to worry about that. So we click on that. And then it’s going to say, potential reach unavailable this, that’s just because we just created it. So Don’t worry, Don’t freak out like I do this all the time guys and it You know, pre populate and once it’s populated, it’ll update and Facebook will just automatically everything together. Okay, So now we come down here and honestly, I don’t really even touch the age or even the gender, Because Facebook’s already identified these people that look like this ideal custom audience.

Okay, so Another way to look at this guys – Let’s say we’re not doing article views but, let’s say like you’re a real estate agent, because I know I’ve got a lot of real estate agents that read this blog as well. What you would want to do is go and have past clients or pass leads of people that you’ve worked with and Get as big of a audience as possible, Whether that’s a hundred people, a thousand people, five thousand people – maybe you go and collectively get leads of Past clients of People, everyone in your office or your real estate team or whatever just to get this ideal Demographic and then upload it just like we showed you guys with the custom audience and then create a look like audience off of those People.

Okay. So that’s really like an ideal way to go through And set this up, especially like. Let’s say you Kind of like hit the high end homes market right up, people that buy in one or two or three million dollar homes. That’s a really good way to go through And give facebook this audience and this data of people they can create a look like audience off of that You’re going to have similar incomes, similar behavior, similar, like interests of buying those expensive homes.

Okay, so that’s just like one thing: I wanted to kind of share there So languages. I don’t touch anything detailed targeting guys. I really don’t even touch any of this Okay and then this is one where I always unchecked. I just have seen it works better and, like I’m tested a lot, So I would just highly recommend that and then coming down here as far as placements go You guys know if you guys been reading this blog, I like to come down to edit placements and I’d like to just target the Facebook news feeds and Then even if you’re, really what wanted to branch out and target more people, you can even do the Instagram news feeds Okay.

Now, once you go through, and it’s all about testing right like once, you find that okay, The Facebook news feeds are working, The Instagram news feeds are working, You can go through and test out other placements, Like don’t don’t think like this is the only way to Do it, I have some campaigns where I go through and I’ll test out all the different placements, But I like to first start with a smaller amount, So I usually start like with fifty dollars a day.

The test out is, is this even a winning ad or people are going to react and engage with this within this audience. So I’ll start at the Facebook news feeds, because I know that works the best and then from there once. I know it works Then I’ll expand it to you know maybe 100 200 dollars a day and I’ll hit more of these placements. Okay, so now coming down, We hit this the budget and schedule. Obviously this depends on your guys budget.

Literally, you can go through and start with as much as $ 100 a day, Just fine with the two million audience person audience Lots. You guys might not have that budget right away And if you don’t know, if your ads really going to convert or not, I probably want to start there. I’d probably start at depending on your budget. I’d probably start like twenty twenty-five dollars or even ten dollars. If you’ve got a smaller budget right and Ten dollars a day with the two million person audience guys, You can let that run pretty much all year round and you’re not going to see that ad really fatigue, because it’s a pretty big audience For such a small Daily budget for your ad spend Okay, So coming down, We just do conversions and then that’s it guys.

We just hit continue. We set up the ad hit, confirm, confirm, purchase and we are done. I think it’s going to have me name the, maybe name the thing or something like that. Much Weiss, not going me hit continue. Oh my it’s just my internet there. So so anyway, we go create the ad and, Let’s just say we’re going to use an existing post just so we can go through this whole process for you guys. So let’s say this post right here that I did and Then I just hit confirm now.

It’s saying, like my my ad is not going to run because I’ve got way too much text Which I typically wouldn’t run this exact post as an ad or anything like that. So the objective of campaign requires creative with external link or call to action Yeah. So I got out of like a link and all that stuff. But anyway you guys kind of get the idea of what’s going on if going through and creating that your own BlueMotion.

Okay, because you are the only person that has that custom data of your past clients, your past leads people have interacted with your facebook page they’ve shown interest in you, Okay, so now, instead of competing with that red ocean of everyone of that Interest, targeting their Facebook’s Doing away with a lot of it Anyway, this is the best strategy to go through and use for your business Right.

So also with that said guys, if you guys are brand new here to the blog, If you guys like this article first of all, give it a thumbs up comment down below, I did go a little bit slower. Some of you, guys might be thinking like you went slower on this You’re still pretty fast right, But I did go quite a bit slower, which I hope you guys enjoyed, that. I hope that was helpful for me to break it down a little bit slower format and Also, if you guys, are brand new here, Make sure you guys subscribe to the blog and hit that notification bell, because we launch new articles pretty much every single week.

I’ve actually been in a little bit of a lull, which I apologize guys Quick update about three weeks ago I was at the lake and I tore my ACL wakeboarding, which it’s not too fun, So I had about a week where I just kind of like you Know Kind of babying my knee and I actually scheduled my surgery this morning, So I’ll get my surgery in about a month which has nothing to do with shooting articles. But this past week for the fourth of July, my wife and I went with her family out to Oklahoma to the lake out there Oklahoma of all places.

It was crazy, but it was actually really nice fun time, But I just kind of sound the boat. So that’s why I haven’t shot any articles last week or two but the whole week. I was actually working on this Facebook Ads live train right here So, like I said guys, if you guys are wanting to attend that, I’m going to drop a link down in the description As well as in the comments section you guys can go through and register That but for the live, training Wednesday July 18th at 12 p.

M. Eastern time 9:00 a.M Pacific time, and then, if you guys are reading this article after that, Then I’ll just add a link to register for the recording of that. Okay. Now I want to do the slide because then you guys can ask questions. It’s going to be super awesome helpful, but then obviously you know I can’t do it live just like every single day which I would love to, but just don’t have time for that.

So, anyway, guys, hopefully this is helpful If it was give a thumbs up drop a comment down below if you’re brand new here subscribe Hit that notification bell with that said guys Thanks so much for reading and I’ll talk to you all later,

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Creating A Facebook Ads A – Z

So this simple step, instead of going through your Facebook or you just need to do, come in and open a new tab, then type in feet-first, good business manager, like click on enter, represent automatically takes you to then. I click on create business manager like him. Now now the next thing I’m going to be doing is to you the different marketing objectives.

Now, the first we have awareness, we have concentration, we have conversion now under awareness. I have brand awareness. What’s brought awareness, it increases awareness of your brand by reaching people who are more likely to be interested in it. Now we have reached, show you add to maximum number of people. We have undue concentration, we have traffic traffic. What does it do say? It sends more people to each destination on or off Facebook, such as a website, your application, your messenger conversation out here we have engagement and you don’t have to do it, get some more post, engagements page, likes events, response and so on and so forth.

Now we have app installs on the episode. We have gets more people to install your app. If you developer, you actually want more people to install. You have use this concentration, this objective concentration. Now we have article views here. You want people to see your articles, use this lead concentration, sorry, lead generation, it helps you drive more traffic or rather more still leads, such as email addresses from people interested in your brand’s.

We have messages, gets more people to send messages to your business in messenger or, what’s up now we have conversions under conversion. We have conversions. Now we have drive valuable actions on your website in your application or your messenger. All right. Your sales creates ad automatically shoes items from your catalog, based on your target audience. Now we have store traffic. Stop traffic drives already Drive visits to your physical stores by showing ads to people who are nearby all right for this article, i’m going to be using engagement in a bit.

I’m going to explain to you the reason why I choose to use ng engagement for my for this ads. Alright, the first thing I’m going to be doing is to explain what engagement it’s and get my objectives. It’s all about you, getting more people to see and engage with your posts or pages engagement can include comments. She has likes event response and order claims. What I’m going to be doing now is choosing a company mom who use the name Facebook ads, because that’s what we’re doing Facebook Ads alright Facebook ads.

So we’re going to be looking at our budget. Optimization now check that to see what nest about my budget, we have campaign budget. What is campaign body content budget has to do it their amount or how you want the money you put on Facebook for your ad to be spent. Now we have the first one, which is daily budget and we have the second one which is lifetime budget. I’m going to be explaining the boots quickly now deli, but it has to do it.

You want Facebook to use and put your ad to your audience all right. Now. You want the amount you want to be spending daily on a particular ad sets. Now why lifetime budget has to do with the total amount? You want to spend running the ads, whether for one week, whether for one month without for two days without for one year and that’s what lifetime budget is all right for this article, i’m going to be using daily budgets now my daily budget, I would set a Particular amount I want to explain on my ads daily, not taking into consideration the number of days I want to do.

I want this ad to run so probably mmmm want to run. I want it on red now, 800 naira. I won’t spend 800 now, for my ads did now the next time we’re going to be lookin out here means creating our audience. It’s very important to create audience reason, because these are the people that Facebook is going to put our ads to and when you’re, creating your audience be very conscious of the kind of people or the categories of people.

You want to see your ads now. If you is cool, you should be looking at parents. You should be looking at guidance. You should be looking at now. Another thing you should be looking at: if you a school, is the kind of people or the category of where your school is situated and the type of school you run. If you run a high school should look at any kind of people that you need to come to your high school as well, all right, I’m going to be creating new audience now.

The first I’m going to clicked in is great news as Creighton you. Now we have two types of audience. We have the custom audience actually helps you reach people who have already interacted with your business. Now we have the other option which says look-alike audience reach new people on Facebook who are similar to your most valuable audience. So I’m going to be clicking on look come straight down here.

You choose the location where you want your audience to come from already. I have by default Nigeria, probably cuz, I’m an engineer now this doesn’t mean I want people from the United States, also United States of America, to see my ads I’ll click on United State and that’s an I should consider is drier. Wants everybody in United States to see my hands? Do I want only I do I want to exclude those cities? Do I want to include just cities now? It still boils down to the kind of ads you’re creating the kind of business you run.

If you run a business that that has to do with your locality, only you try as much as possible to choose Nigeria alone or the country you come from. I come from Nigeria. I choose Nigeria alone, probably maybe I’m selling shoes to just people in my in my country. I don’t want sell shoes to people outside the country per I’ll, choose just Nigeria and I will narrow my search to if I want those in cities – big cities in Nigeria.

Only so we’ll do that again: United States, United States, sorry for that United States. All right does United State mean I want to add country like Ghana are country like Ghana. I click on that. I wan na add country like South Africa, South Africa as that South Africa alright audience. Potentially we have 25 million people. Who does not mean that you had to actually get in five. It’s potential assumed audience.

Alright, we have age, the each category of people. You want your ads to get for the kind of ads I am trying to set up. I wanted to get to because I know people 18 years ago. Alright, the next thing we’re going to be looking at is the gender. Do. I want every school in gender and a feminine gender to see my ad. If, yes, I’m going to leave it at all, if no prime, maybe I need just meant, maybe I sell boxes and I want to advertise my boxes on Facebook.

I want just me to see my ads. I will click on men in learn now what happens? Only men are entitled to see my ads only men – I don’t see my heart, but if I want everybody, I’m going to click on. Oh now, the next I’m going to do is I need to be sure of the languages. Now, if you look at the countries were actually selected. You selected Nigeria and I’m sure Nigel speaks English. The general language, United States, general language, English, Ghana, general language, English, number, South Africa, South Africa ha a language which is called African.

So for that, for the sake of South Africans, I’m going to choose Africans I’m going to choose English all as well. Right now, the next thing we’re going to be looking at is one of detail are targeting. I want detail, are targeting all right. I want to do it, editing, I’m going to click on browse now, when you click on browse, you have two options. You have demographics, you have interest, you have behaviors.

Now these three options. You have the first I’m going to click on demographics, demographics. I have under them. I have education of financial. I have life events, our parents have relationship now budgeting. So on the demography I have education, financial life events, parents relationship now clicking on education. I have education level, I could conditionally. I have life high school. Invest in some of the first now depends on what you are doing.

Remember you targets you ads based on that kind of business you want. So if I want to tell my ads based on financials, I click on that their income. I look at that way from my interest in that I’ll close, that up close that up to lose that job also interest business and industries I’ll check that I need everybody here. This is an industries. I need everyone to be able to create and ads. Let’s honor Democrats, I just need, I need interests, entertainment.

I need everybody under entertainment to be able to create a very good ads shopping and fashion, and everybody entrepreneur, interaction these food and drink when other Fitness everybody on this would be a bit critic very good ad. All right still under let’s look at interest briefly: demographics, briefly, sorry, behaviors briefly Reverend virtually customer classification. This doesn’t mean I need everybody in this country to see my ads and so on also based on categories and journals for every incoming events.

Api THC and sonar supports all right now depends on the kind of heo Christian. Both of these ads are not going to be going through everything, I’m just going to show you how you can actually narrow d-22 targets and when you click on browse click on demographics. You pick any of the interest right and so on and so forth. All right, the next we’re going to be looking at connection type, it says, add a connection type.

When I click on that I have Facebook page. The option says people will like your page. The second option says friends of people who, like your page, the third option says it’s cool people will like your page. Now I’m going to be explaining that in it beats on the apps, we have people who have used you up. Friends of people who have used the app exclude people use your app now. On that event, we have people who have responded to your event, exclude people who have already responded to your event.

So that’s what we have advanced combinations have advanced combinations. Friends of people who have who are connected to people who have who are connected to I’m going to add the page name, digitally on that’s the best option. So friends of people who are connected to one digit Allium. I click on that and then I don’t exclude anybody, so I’m going to leave it on people who are connected to the italian-french of people who are connected to the tunnel.

That’s the best you should use alright. The next thing I’m going to do is save my audience. It’s very important. You save your audience, so you can actually make use of it probably be so. Why setting up your next ad, so I’ll click on save now the audience is saved. I scroll down. Alright, that’s what we have. You can actually edit your audience whenever you want to now. Presently I have a purchaser with fewer than 1000, I’m not interested in the number people that want to see my ads, I’m interested in the people.

That would see my ad and react now. We look at automatic placement, you might click my decide to make your potential reach millions, but all the times I tell people it’s not about the number of potential reach. It’s about the number of people. That’s all the category of people that sees these ads and then put a cultural or nkg all right automatic placements. Please use automatic placement too much magic buddy to help show your ads so, which is the best just leave it.

That way. All right one schedule and draw a budget schedule adds another body. Now the first option says optimization for ads delivery. Now we have post optimizations. We have impressions, we have daily unique reach now, looking at them one after the other. We will deliver your ads to people as many times as possible. That’s our impressions now post and give me a look at that. We deliver your ads to the right people in quotes the right people to help you get the most likes, shares or comments on your post ID response.

Now look at when you get likes. That means you get people to radio check out your post, you catch it. They are interested in you, put the lovely post and the your ads rather, and they feel somebody might be interested in whatever your marketing they would shake, and they will put in nice comment. Remember my so people might be funny put in comments that, but just be very careful the way I think just some things like that all right, dele, unique rich, would deliver us to people want Cydia, no interest in that I’m good with post engagement.

All right scheduling! Listen, you can set up a schedule for your ads. When do I want my ad to start up? When do I want my ad to ad? Alright, let’s just mean I want my ad to start up on the 24th of April, and I want my ad to end on the tight end of April, so I have to be four of a protected April. You can as well change the time that doesn’t mean. I want to start by up nine zero-zero, that’s 9 a.M.

And I want to end by 6 by 8 a.M. All right. Then click on show advanced you scroll down. Now, I think, I’m all set if you choose to add a spending limit while just advise you to leave it. But if you decide to choose choose especially me, we have the multi Mon Spain and we have the minimum spend now the minimum Spain, since we were actually walking on daily budget. We actually said we want to spend 800 night 1000.

I ride really on our assets. Now we can decide that Facebook out of the 900, all the 1000 area – I told you to spend minimum of 800 and then probably a minimum of maybe is other than 15 air out of the 900. But that’s not feasible. So I’m going to leave that to 900, we’ll leave that to 900 right. Okay, but remember it’s not assitant. It says we can’t guarantee that this amount will be spent. We won’t spend more than this amount all right.

The next i’m going to click is continue. Now we’re going to create a new adds, remember gotten our objectives created our audience done our placements they’re, not budgeting our schedules here, one identified as our post engagement. Remember, that’s all using engagements and now was walking on the format that has to do it here at creating a new ad or using an existing post, but one of creat a new ads.

So I’m going to click on create ad. Now we have identified. Does it choose how you want your business to be represented on your ad? You don’t make the mistake of using a different page for what you are doing, and so I’m going to click on that click on that, but I’m having ground digital’s, that’s know the page. I’m creating this in here I have digit a lien right, so I’m going to click on d’italia.

This is the page craziness ad, for also you can actually connect the ads you create on Facebook, with your Instagram page, very important. So don’t make that mistake, though this is the page, my Instagram page, also digital iam. Now the last thing we’re going to be looking at is the format of our ads, the format of our ads, our scroll down the beats part of my network. I scroll down a bit rafael, upd, ditalion, Instagram pages, also ditalion, so yeah yeah, I’m going to be creating single image or article ad depends on what you want to do now I’ll scroll down here I want to use I’m going to be using an image.

Let’s say you have a article, let me explain something to you guys now. Remember we have article ads. We have image ads now. I would advise you, the other convert small. Our article attribute to create article ads that are short, miss specific transmitters, will to get the attention of your of the people who actually want to see the status on your audience and then because the more article ad secrets, the more audience you get, the more people You get to your post, the more comments you get and remember, don’t create ads article ads that are too long shot short articles and you’re good to go.

We taught you get on images and not as much as the ones you get on articles, so I would advise you do more article ads than image ads. Alright. So back to this article, I have images. I decide to choose image because of what we’re doing so, but if you want to use article, you click on article like I said India, so you can just click to upload the article, so I’m going to clicking on our image I’ll click on that.

We just add an image. It takes you to text me to my computer, so just go down to my. Maybe my desktop. You see calm down this way. First, simple aces mean I want to promote my cover. Page click on open already have that as my cover page, if you want to change that, you click on this now, you can actually use a different image on Instagram. Let’s remember, I said I want to use image for this article, I’m using an image for this article, but remember, like I said earlier, try as much as to use more of articles for your ads than images.

Now I’m going to be using this for my Facebook and I want a different image for my Instagram. All I just needed to click on use a different image for your Instagram. Then I do what I choose the image I want for my Instagram. That doesn’t mean I want to upload a new image. Let’s try that! Yes, I want to use this from my Instagram. This is what I want to promote on my Instagram, why this is what I want to promote on my facebook, meaning that you can use two different images for your Instagram and your Facebook come on very nice interface because very nice, so love it.

So that’s it’s trying to upload after that. I’ll click on continue. Try the selected image. Now, if you look at it, I have a different image for my Facebook and I have a different image icon that there’s a month of service library, if I’m good there. If I wan na crop, I think I think I’m good with this image now. The next thing I’m going to use do is scroll down to see what I’ve done thus far scroll down now.

This is how what I’m going to stuff to add the botton. I could use this st. What’s up messages, I create the send messages, so I would prefer to use send messages. Let’s see we’re all going to get. Let’s all get why that is trying to load up I’ll click on show advanced option. Now I click on show advanced option. What we have look at that trying to load you can go up which I just did we have Facebook page digitally on Instagram page is Italian, then we’ll choose the option to use images.

Instead of articles. Remember said we using images instead of articles, but I advise you always use articles for your ads to get the best of it now scroll down, select, add an image for my facebook. Now, let’s look at the outset. This is what I’m going to get from my ad set to this one, I’m going to get from a said. One note: you can actually use two different images for your Facebook here now my ad set one.

I have this image from an asset, so I have this image if I want to use a different image from an asset. So let’s try that I click on that it takes me to here. Let’s just mean I want to use this for my accent on my facebook. I click on continue. That’s going to load all right, so I have this for my ad set 1. I have this for my asset, so wonderful right now for my instagram, my instagram, also as I was going to use a different image for my ad set to laceless.

Let’s pick up, let’s lift a different image, my adsense on instagram. I said this is what I’m going to use my assets on Instagram all right, so I have these on Facebook right. My ad set one on Facebook. I have this ad set one on Instagram. I have this now. Let’s look at asset, true asset on Facebook. I have this our assets on Instagram. I have this wonderful meaning. You can use two different images right, good, all right, our trans, not just trans, to make the text as simple as possible.

I think that’s simple enough. I think that’s good enough! So nice now scroll down, then click on home Fame. So I’m going to wait for Facebook to confirm the edge here. I have my Debbie my card number, my security code and so on and so forth. Now look at it! If you don’t have money in your account with your Facebook account, this is going to up here, but if you already have money in your Facebook account you’re not going to see this.

So that’s far, I think this is where this training for today is going to end. So in the next training, I’m going to teach you how to fund your Facebook accounts before start enochian an ad. So thank you very much see you in the next class. Bye. Bye

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