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How to Create Facebook Lead Form Ads For Beginners | Facebook Lead Ads Tutorial

Now, There’s been a lot of chatter over in the Facebook group about you know how to use Facebook lead forms And what are they and what’s the benefit and all that stuff, and so I just figured. I just make a article really quick to Show you guys how to set them up what they are and kind of benefit in all that stuff.

So Anyway, if you’re going through and using a typical landing page website, conversions, like a lot of the things that I show you, What you’re going to Do is you’re going to set up a conversion ad and when somebody clicks on the ad they’re going to go To a landing page And it’s going to ask for their name phone number and email address, or whatever type of contact info you’re going for right, The only thing is is they have to go through and type in their Info right, whereas a lot of times, if You they really want it They’ll put in the right info, but lots of times you get a lot of bogus leads, And so that kind of can be tough there.

So with the facebook lead form the benefit and the nice thing about. It is there’s this little form that when you click the ad it pops up and Then you can ask for their name their phone, their email, address or address. You can ask other questions as well, And then what Facebook does is that they have the information on file, like you know, when you sign up for a Facebook account You’re going to put in your name You’re, going to put in there your phone number a lot Of times You can put in your email address, so you can log in it’s going to pre populate that form and most people in my experience, They’re just too lazy to go like, even if they don’t want to give you the right info, They’re too lazy to Go through and delete it and go put in bogus info, So they just hit submit and you’re going to get a lot higher quality Information there right now, some of the pros and cons really quickly.

One look I mean. Obviously, we’ve hit some pros. One of the cons is, if you don’t, have a solid crm Connected with your Facebook account, Then what can happen is so what happens is when they, when you go, generate a lead with the leave form, It just goes into a CSV file inside of Facebook, which I’ll show you guys here in a second, But then every time you like want to go, get those leads. You have to download the CSV file, Extract it import into a CRM, and so, if it’s not completely sync, which will cover that as well in today’s article, Then it can be a little bit of a hassle.

You don’t have that automated follow up because you’re not going to really know when leads are coming in alright. So let’s say: Let’s just start from the beginning: Let’s surf from scratch about going through and creating a facebook lead for in campaign. So we’re going to Do is we’re going to click on create campaign right here, okay, So, let’s start over. So what we’re going to Do so is: what’s your marketing objective, its lead generation? So if you want to do the lead forms, it’s the lead generation, one Right here: okay and we’ll say: lead generation, give it a name We’ll just say this is a demo one and then we’re going to come through.

And it’s going to Ask you. Okay, what Facebook page Would you like to create this from right? So we come through. You know. You probably only have one Facebook page. I’ve cut a lot of them here, but, let’s just say it’s from the Jason Wardrop Facebook page And then as far as the targeting. That’s not really the concept of this article. I’ve got tons of articles as far as targeting goes and based on what campaign you’re running all that stuff, So we’ll just kind of leave the targeting, as is I want to show you guys more of the lead form creation.

So we just kind of go through Skip all this. This one will sleep on the news feeds which I like to do anyway. Okay, We’re just coming down. You set your budget. Let’s say I like to sit like start typically with the $ 10 a day budget. Just to get some good data coming through alright, so we’ll just come down. We just leave all this stuff, so a lot of the stuff Just I’ll hit really quickly. Okay, so like you’re targeting you want to go through change this stuff up right here, Your placements, you want to go through put that data in alright And then your budget.

You want to make sure you hit your budget, but in a lot of this other stuff, Optimation for add delivery. You can just leave, as is because Facebook’s going to take care of it for you, okay. So if we hit continue here, This is where we get into the add of the Creation, as well as the lead form creation. So if you think about it, like you, have your typical Landing page that you’ve got for your business right.

Well, let’s leave form we’re creating is going to be in place of the landing page Okay, so it’s going to have them put in their name phone email or whatever info they want. So we’re going to come down here, like I said once again, I’m not going to go through create the whole ad right here We could just go. Let’s say: Let’s browse the library, Let’s just use an existing image so like let’s say it’s for a home right here, We’ll use that home right there and we’ll say test ad and, like I said guys, I’ve got a ton of article unlike the ad copy and How to set all these ads up, So I’m not going to do this right here.

Okay, so we’re going to say test and then we’ll just throw test and Call-to-action. As you guys know, I like to use, learn more it just. I feel like it’s. It’s works really solid, Okay, so we come down here and we’re doing all this and we’re good to go Okay. So now this is just kind of the typical ad creation ad set up right, But what we’re going to do now is down here. This lead form. Okay, choose a form to use in your ad, so these are ones that you can see.

I’ve already previously created What we want to do, though, so like right here. This is what its going to look like: okay, So they’re going to go through, hey, download our copy and paste Facebook, ad templates or whatever it is. You want to generate more leads and then once they go through and submit their information. This is your thank-you page or the page. They see right afterwards and then down here.

We can actually Add a link to your website to your Facebook page to whatever page you want, okay. So what we’re going to do So? We’re just going to click, create new form right here. Okay, So we’re going to say I like to go through and name the form, just a really quick tip. Honestly, It’s a pain to go, try to change the name Later on, so I make sure you name it so that you know which form we’re dealing with okay, so we’re going to say test Lead it the form, alright, Okay, so now form type.

So we’re going to come in here and we can say hey more volume or higher intent. Okay, So, let’s see what this says use a form, That’s quick to fill out and submit on a mobile device. I don’t review stuff that gives people chance to confirm their info so Anyway, what I like to do is so like this is actually all this is new. I know it says higher intent is new, but all this whole concept is fairly newer.

I would go through and do the more volume one right here just to get like just get their info quickly, sometimes like it. This obviously is kind of going through, and this is like a Pre-qualifying step. You’ll probably get more leads with this one right here. This one, You could probably get more quality leads, but the thing is, though, Lots of times you could get a quality lead with this one, But just having that extra step, it kind of it turns people off and so they’re like.

I don’t want to do this right so anyway, this intro right here You could have the headline. Okay, We’ve got test headline and Really what you want to do right Here is just kind of our strategy of going through and using our different landing page headlines. So, for example, I’ve got this one right here, so let’s pull this up: Hey, get instant access to the price and picture this property. We just paste that in right there, okay, so in let’s see get us access the price, and then we could say because it only allows you so many characters and Property.

Okay and then you could go through and you don’t have like a paragraph explaining stuff. You can have bullet points, We could say hey. This is awesome because Link okay, and so you can just you can like underneath this. This is kind of like where we’ve got this sub headline right there, So you can do bullet points like you have on some landing pages or we could go through and say: hey. We just want a paragraph, and it says: hey home at his market, so learn more by providing your info below Okay, so we’re just going through.

This is basically Just copy and pasting of what you would typically put on a landing page, But you’re just doing it on this leave form within Facebook. Okay. So now we have the questions right here. This is Sorry. Excuse me, This is basically what type of contact info you want to have, and so what I like to do so By the order that you click them in is the order that they’re going to show up See if you do first name and then you do Email right up here and then phone number, Those are the typical ones I like to do.

You can go. You can see all these other ones. You can add, you can add their Address. You can add their. You know: state cities, zip code Data, birth, gender. All this stuff, But typically what happens is the more you ask for or the lower your conversions, okay, So right out of the gate like if you have their first name, you have their phone number And you have their email address. That is enough to go through and get in touch with them, get in contact with them and go Through the next step.

So you can also right here. You can add a custom question. Okay, you could say hey. I want it to be to be a short answer, multiple choice, so we could say like something like hey: how soon are you Looking to move right, So we go in there. We can add questions, But typically, what I like to do is Wait and just get their contact info and do this on another step or in a follow-up, email, follow-up text, message, follow-up, Facebook message or something like that: okay and then, as far as the privacy policy.

If you guys do have a privacy policy, so I like to just type in privacy policy, so if you guys do have a privacy policy on your website, so, for example, we got Ww2 okay right here. This is Arsenal’s privacy policy page, and so I just throw that in there right there, okay and Technically. Technically, you can use whatever link there and it’s still going to work and still go through. But don’t don’t Even hear from me So, like you got to go through, make sure you’re compliant make sure you use the right Privacy policy link and page and all that stuff you could throw in your Facebook page there And then, if they shut the I’ve, never Had an experience where, like the ad, gets shut down because I’m not using a privacy policy page But that’s something you just got ta, keep in mind there: okay, All right And then right here this last one! The thank you screen.

You can say you know: hey thanks, You’re all set, or you can say banks, We sent the info to your email Provided. Okay, because somebody was once saying I saw on the Facebook group. Someone was saying like here: Where is it right here? Get snaks to the price of pictures of the property submit They’re like well, like I’m expecting them to get that on. The Thank You page which yes, But the thing is, is if you give that to them right there on the thank you page, a lot of times, They’ll give you bogus info because they’re just like, oh, I don’t need to give them an info.

I I can just get on the thank you page right, so this is going to go solidify the quality of the Information and you’re still giving it to them instantly right, you’re still getting instant access. All I have to do is just check their email. Okay. So Thanks we sent the info to your email provided and that you can see hey click Click below to connect with me on my Facebook page or something like that like, Depending on what link you send them down here on the site link you can send to Your Facebook page to your website to, like You, know, a messaging bot.

You can send them to a lot of different things and say like hey And then to provide that next incentive to get them moving forward. So, on the landing page or this, this initial part of the leave form, we say: hey click here – to get instant access to the price and picture of this property. If You want them to keep moving forward, okay, you need to give them some incentive to actually click the you website, okay or Schedule a call with Me, and then you can go and put in your calendar link.

Okay, so we’ll just put like this calendar, the one right here So we go in schedule, call hey Thanks. We sent the info to you or you know, provided If you want to see this home this week, click below to Schedule a showing with me. Okay, something like that like something that’s going to be an incentive enough to get them to the next step and actually go through go forward with it right, because if It’s not enticing enough, people like they’ve been through these.

These forms before they’ve, been through the funnels They’ve, been through all the stuff, so it’s kind of like. Ah I’m just going to leave it at that. I got I’m going to get this stuff in my email. I just want to look anyway, but you need to provide that incentive to that next step. Okay, so now that we’ve gone through, I believe this is everything that we’ve got, that we need. Okay, I’m going to actually go delete the I Don’t want this custom question right here.

Okay, so you see if you’ve got the first name, So I’ve got get is next to the price of pictures of this property, learn more the first name, email phone number They hit submit. They go this hey Thanks! We sent the info to your email, provided, if you want to see this home this week, click below to schedule showing with me schedule call with me. It goes out to your calendar and They can set up an appointment with you.

Okay, so now we’re going to Do is click finish right, Okay, so now this one is all set up. Okay – and let me just see Okay so now, what we’re going to Do is we would just hit Confirm down here and then that would be running like a normal ad. So you’re not going to See this ad on your Facebook page, Because this is what’s called a blind ad. So when you create the ad inside a Facebook Ads manager, It actually doesn’t show up on your Facebook page, whereas if you create it on your Facebook page, It’s going to show up there.

However, with the leave form, I don’t believe. Let me see if you can use an existing one Yeah, I don’t yeah, you have to create a lead form ad within ads manager. Okay, so it’s completely separate! You can’t use an existing post on your Facebook page. You have to create it right here. Okay, so now one last step guys What’s going to happen and let’s just go back to the ads manager, because I want to show you guys this really quick.

So basically, you hit confirm You’re done Okay, so this is another one you can see this week. It’s getting pretty good results at just three bucks a day. So what you do you have to just click on this and go to the ad level, And then you have to go and download the the lead. So right right here I don’t have access this page anymore, but anyway you would download the leads And it would come into a CSV file.

Then you have to take that CSV file. You have to import into your CRM And it’s a huge pain in the butt to be completely honest. It’s like, and you never know when leads come in. There’s no notifications, There’s nothing. So what we did is simplify that with arson right here. So when you go to create a new landing page, for example right here, You come down and instead of choosing one of the landing pages, come all the way to the bottom.

You see, Facebook page lead, add okay, so now we’re going to Just choose the Facebook page that we created it with. So I believe it was just my page right here, So Jason Ward drop capture leads from the lead ads on page Jason, Wardrop, Yes, And then this is going to pop up right here, like it would, if you were having a landing page right. So this is going to sync with the the leave form that you created inside the ads manager and Then it’s going to any leads that come in they’re going to come in and populate inside of your CRM right here, Then you can click on them see.

What’s you know what the leads all about see all the info see the history see what emails They open. What what links I clicked on! So you can see. You know you come in here, enrollment, a sequence out of tag. You say: okay, deliver an email delivered email, you can add tasks all that stuff, But also another key thing is, you can add automated follow-up, so you go through nabbed. Automated email sent out the automated text message and all that stuff and it’s all synced up and Obviously with Arsenal.

When you get new leads, you get an email and text Notification, letting you know that a new lead came in okay, So this is just like. I’m not trying to like hard sell you obviously on Arsenal, But like this is just a big benefit. If you’re using lead, forms, You’ll be able to go through and have the leads automatically synced to your CRM, automatically get an email automatically get a text follow-up and Automatically notify you of new leads that were generated and also in that email or text.

It’ll have their name phone and email or whatever information you collected, And so then you can go through and get in contact and follow up that person right away. So anyway, guys. Hopefully this was helpful as far as the lead forms. If you guys have questions if you’re, like Jason, I’m not sure on this part, I’m struggling on this part Just go ahead and leave them in the comments down below I’m more than happy to go through and help.

But I think this is probably a good run down of Getting started with Facebook leave forms if you’re brand new to them and you’re. Just like hey, I’m not really sure how this all works. How this all goes, and also, if you guys, enjoyed this article, if you found it helpful, go ahead and hit that like button down below and If you guys want new articles. Just like this, every single day Make sure you subscribe to the blog, because I launched a new article.

I try to read new article every single day and how to generate more, leads, make more money and grow your business alright. So thanks so much for reading today guys – and I hope you all have an amazing day –

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What’s The Best Facebook Ad Placement?? Facebook Advertising Tutorial For Beginners 2019

Newsfeed could be on the mobile newsfeed or the desktop newsfeed.

Okay, it could be on the right-hand column. It could be on Instagram Instagram stories. It could be. You know a article, it could be on the audience Network, There’s so many different places that you can go through and show your ad Okay And I want to break down and show you guys. What’s worked really well for me And then also what you guys should consider doing with your business right now, real quick guys, If you guys want my hundred percent free Facebook Ads mini-course, it’s a complete run-through of the Facebook Ads manager.

It’s really it’s really for beginners! A complete run-through of the Facebook Ads manager. We show you guys how to set up the Facebook pixel, all the tracking, so basically a quick overview of setting up all of your Facebook ad campaigns just drop a comment down below give this article a thumbs up, and I will share that with you. Alright. So, let’s jump into this Okay, So when we’re going through and we’re talking about placements, whether we want to show the newsfeed or if we want to show the right-hand column or Instagram or the stories or whatever it Is we’re going to go through and we’re going to create a new campaign.

All right, so, let’s hit start over here Now, based on what your marketing objective is Like. If you want article views or if you want leads, or just people to click to your website or whatever it might be, different Marketing objectives can work better, depending on where you place them right. So I just want to give you a quick run-through, though, in this article of What’s worked best for me on pretty much all these different marketing objectives as a whole.

So for this one, since we’re talking about Placements this marketing objective, Let’s just pick traffic for this demo right here and we’ll hit continue And so at the ad set level. Okay. So this is that second step and then the third one you’re going to go through and actually create the ad the actual, creative Right. This is where you’re going to go through and choose which placement? Okay, whether you want to show the news, feed the right-hand column, The audience network on Instagram and the stories on the new Instagram news feed on mobile desktop.

You have all these different options and this office view also, where you choose your audience right now, I’m not going to get into you the audience targeting all that stuff of like who we should show these ads to that’s all in that And as mini-course facebook, as Mini course, So if you guys want that drop a comment down below give the article a thumbs up – and I will share that with you – but let’s come down here to Placements okay now by default they say automatic placements recommended Okay and I don’t always recommend that.

Okay, now, Let’s bring this down, You have a few different audiences right now, when you’re, targeting your warm audience. Okay, Now your warm audience is people who have already visited your website They’re on your email list. They basically have interacted with your Facebook page, So they know who you are Right when it’s that type of group, That’s typically a lot smaller audience. Usually it’s, like you know tens of thousands of people or, if you’ve been doing business for a long time.

It may be in the you know, one hundred two hundred thousand people, but that’s where I’m a would use all Placements. Okay, because they already are familiar with you. So if they see you on Instagram and the stories or the news feed or on Facebook ranking column, there are at ready, like they’re, going to their attentions, going to jump to you and what you’re doing right now, if you’re going to a cold Audience completely cold Out – and they have no idea who you are They’ve, never seen you They’re never heard of you Nothing and you’re trying to get their attention.

What I like to do typically, is go to edit placements and I Usually like to start out with just the Facebook news feeds right here: okay, So what I’ll do is you can see? They’re all checked. I come over here and I uncheck all these. I uncheck the messenger, the audience network, I uncheck Instagram, unchecked instant articles, all of these different ones – and I just start out with Facebook news feeds right now.

This is historically what I’ve seen work best for my business and a lot of other people’s businesses. However, Just because a lot of people are starting to focus on the newsfeed now The the cost of generating leads in the cost of doing business, It can be a little bit higher it’s going up because it’s kind of like the supply and demand right like if You’re going down A freeway and they’ve got like let’s say a hundred billboards on this 50 mile stretch.

Okay and There’s 200 people Go through and show their advertisement on these hundred billboards. Okay, the cost is obviously going to go up and it’s going to go up. Go up go up to the point where there’s not 200, there’s now maybe 150, and then, if there’s that there’s going to still go up to the point where you know They’re leveling out right that 100 And so that’s kind of what’s starting to happen.

There’s so many small businesses, So many people trying to advertise in the news feeds and that’s why I, oh I’ve forgotten check this one. That’s why it’s it’s good to go through and test out some of these different placements. So the second one that I like to go through and test out is the Instagram newsfeed. Okay, now, typically, What I like to do is go through and create a different ad set okay, So what that means is, I would go through.

Let’s say I’m going through and creating this this one with the news feeds I would Continue. I’ve set my budget and I would continue and create the ad, But I would go through and I would create a completely different ad set targeting the same exact audience. Okay, because then we just we can get a really good split test. Okay, So targeting the same exact audience. So we can really know which one converts better and instead of clicking news feeds We for Facebook, We’re going to do the Instagram newsfeed, So we’re going to uncheck that and you can see we’re just targeting the Instagram newsfeed Okay, so I’ve seen I’ve seen different results.

I’ve seen varying stuff, like so sometimes Instagram back in the day. Their advertising platform I didn’t feel like was that great, because the targeting stuff was a little bit off. I feel like it’s gotten a lot better, so you can go through and start targeting more with Instagram and in the news feeds and Then, if you go through and you find out later on, you’re like well – Oh It’s only like it like.

So, let’s go back and let’s say we’re targeting on Facebook, bad as replacement And you go through and you’re. Looking at your stats, Okay and I can – I can shoot another article for that – a little bit later, how to go through and look at your stats. And Let’s say you see, most of your opt-ins in the Facebook newsfeed are on mobile as opposed to desktop, So but more people are opting in like scrolling through on their phone, as opposed to scrolling around on desktop.

Now, Back a few months ago, the mobile newsfeed for Facebook and the desktop newsfeed, Those were actually separate that you could check, but they’re, not anymore. They combined them together. However, what we can do is come up here to Device types and we click on all devices which is recommended, and I typically recommend that as well. But if you’re, seeing like hey mobile, is working so much better than desktop, All you got to do is come over here and click mobile, only Okay, so you’re only showing it but then you’re, obviously you’re going to have to come through and uncheck.

All of these. So you’re only doing on Facebook, news feeds and it’s only showing up in the mobile feed Okay, so it’s not showing up on desktop or vice versa. So you could go through change this to desktop. But as I recommended story now, I would go through and do all the vices All right so guys. That’s basically a quick rundown, So Start out with Facebook. News feeds see how that converts and then, if you want to go through and expand and do some split testing and see some other Different placements, I would test out Instagram news feeds and then you can go see in your analytics, Whether it’s mobile that works better Or even or even desktop right and then another thing that I would do is just go through and and test things out, because your business is Different than anyone else’s business right, And so you might find that, like hey Messenger, messenger, just works amazingly well.

For me, right, like you, just might find that that just works super well. So, like basically messenger ads, you can kind of see this over here When you’re, going through into your Facebook mobile app into the messenger. A little spot like the third one down It’ll be an ad and I’ve seen that actually worked fairly well for certain ads. But keep in mind that the ad creative, so when you get to this next step down here and you create a new ad, Just know that it should probably be a little bit different than the ad that you’re showing on your Facebook newsfeed All right.

So anyway, guys, hopefully that was helpful for you guys kind of break down the different placements and What you should try. First, if you’ve got a small budget like if you got ten to fifteen dollars for twenty dollars a day, I would start out with the Facebook news feeds and then even merge into the Instagram news feeds. If you’ve got a bigger budget, if you’re spending, you know A thousand two thousand dollars per day or even more, then you can obviously have a little bit more of a budget To start experimenting with some of these other ad placements right.

So, anyway, guys this article is helpful, obviously Give it a thumbs up, drop a comment down below. Let me know what you thought. Let me know anything that you know you’ve experienced different placements that work extremely well for your business. I always like to experiment. I always like to try anything So I’d love to hear your feedback. Also, if you guys are brand new here to the blog, Make sure you guys subscribe, because we launched new articles every single week on how to generate more leads, Make more money and grow.

Your business, So thanks so much for reading guys and we’ll see you all later.

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10X Social Proof With Your Facebook Ads – Facebook Advertising Tips And Strategies

So, yes, obviously you can go through and you can go boost the post and get more likes, get more comments, But I’m not talking about that. I’M talking about how to go through and strategically Leverage and use that Facebook ad, so that we can go through and Compile likes and comments from all the different ad sets that we’re going through and creating.

Now. The thing is, is when we go through and we create multiple ad sets Like, let’s say we’re, creating a campaign, and we want to get conversions. We want to get leads on our landing page Right and then, if we go through, we want to use that same ad, but we duplicate the ad set. What happens is Facebook actually Duplicates that ad and so it’ll be the same exact ad, but it’ll it’ll create a completely new one.

It doesn’t carry anymore over of any of the likes and the comments. So We don’t want this because, like if somebody goes through and let’s say you’re targeting one ad set is targeting, Let’s say Texas right, another ad says targeting Florida or whatever It might be. You know obviously, ad sets are targeting different audience types, whether its geographic location or interest or whatever It might be.

If someone in Florida likes your post, okay Or they have a positive comment or something like that, You want people in Texas to see that same exact thing. Right like or I mean That’s, probably a bad example, because geographical location can kind of get iffy. But let’s say you go going through you’re targeting different interests. You want people to go through and see that there’s a lot of social proof That is the power of Facebook Advertising, or I seen that other people.

Besides us them are liking. It they’re engaging with it and they’re connecting with your ads, So what I just want to show you guys really quick. This is not that long, a article, because it’s very simple and easy to do. Let’S just come over here. Let’S click on this traffic demo page right here or this campaign – So we’ve got this. This is obviously just a demo and everything like that, but we’ve got this ad set right here, We’re just going to click to the ad level.

Okay! So now, once we’re here, we’re just going to come over here We’re going to make sure this is checked right there We’re going to click on preview, Okay, so this is going to pop up a little preview of the post or the ad or whatever you’re going Trying to promote Now what I’m going to do is click on this button right here. Click on that, It’s going to say: hey Facebook posts with comments; Ok, so this is basically to pop it up on your newsfeed as if it’s you know, just a normal pulse right here.

Okay – And so this is what this is. A post is something that we’ve been Promoting right here for one of our webinars, and this is Jason right here He’s a loan officer, You can see, we’ve got 23 likes, we’ve got some hearts and we’ve got even some comments and all this stuff. So we want to be able to carry that over because, like Richard right here He’s got a great comment. I’M a true believer. It works, you know, So we want everyone to be able to go through and see the social proof behind this net right.

We don’t want to go through and start completely from scratch with every single ad that we start over, because that’s Naturally what Facebook does, unfortunately right. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to take this URL, this ID Okay, so everything at the very end. Okay, so it’s right here, this long number and we’re just going to copy this okay. So once we copy that we come over here Back to the ad set level – Okay, So this one – I just have it as like: it’s it’s just super open.

We want to duplicate this Okay, so we would duplicate it. It says: okay, Do you want to do so like this is basically just creating a new ad set, so we can target different People different audiences and we just want to use the original campaign, We’re going to click duplicate right here and it’s going to pop up And allow us to go through and change up the targeting. So I’m going to come in here and say: Demo ad set number two right: Okay, then we can come down and if we have like a custom audience Like, maybe we want to go through on one of them.

We want to target people that have visit our website and another one. We want to target People that we’ve uploaded as leaves or people have readed our articles or whatever It might be right Or we can come in here and say hey. I don’t want everyone in the United States. I just want people and kind of like the example we’re showing before everyone in Texas Right. So we come down here and we can pick.

The age group Obviously go through. Do your custom targeting It doesn’t really matter. I mean this is not kind of the key part that we’re showing you right here and then we hit publish Okay. So now, once we hit publish on this it’s going to go through and because we duplicate it technically, it would go through and Create a new ad that doesn’t have any lags any comments, Nothing on it’s completely from scratch.

Okay! So now what I want to do is I, like, I like to refresh guys the new Facebook guys manager. Sometimes I don’t. I don’t love it. It’S kind of a pain in the butt, So I refresh it because it wasn’t popping up automatically like it used to Which I love the the way he used to work Now. They’Ve kind of compiled compiled the power editor with the new Facebook Ads manager, not my favorite, So we click on right here and then now what we could do is if we just go over here and hit edit and Remember how we grabbed this URL this ID.

We just copy that, and we could say: hey use. Existing posts enter the post ID Paste it in right there, Okay, so, instead of creating that we want to use use existing posts and your post ID hit submit Okay, you know I’ve got the target on Instagram. This articles longer than 60 seconds, That’s why it’s giving us the air right there Look at this guy’s we carry over all 24 likes. We carry over the comments We carry over the shares and then we hit publish and we are set and ready to go.

So that is how you can go through and 10x is social proof With your facebook advertising. With all of your ads, your campaigns, your ad sets everything that you’re setting up now I just went through, and just yesterday I had some URL issues with my webinar registration page, So I had to go through and reset all my campaigns. All my ad sets everything which is a huge pain of, but because I usually don’t like to work on Sundays, but I Had to get it back up and running so that we could get keep our business push it forward.

So anyway, what I did was go through, and I had a bunch of look like audiences right now. We cover that in a different article, if you guys were like what the heck are looked like audiences, I can go through and cover That drop. A comment down below, if you’re, totally confused on that, and I can explain that in another article. But basically these look like audiences are like your your just your audiences.

So, instead of targeting people in texas or Florida, Okay, I’ve got look like audiences of people who have bought our software program or people have bought another one or a program. So There’s all these different audiences, and so, instead of going through and targeting all these audiences and creating new blank ads started completely from scratch. I want to go through and take those ads that already have bikes already had comments already had everything and Just kind of carry them over Like I have some ads that have almost 2,000 likes on those which that’s a lot of social proof right there like.

That is a ton where you know If somebody hits that sees that ad, like wow, hardly like almost 2,000 people have liked this They’re a lot more likely to go through and pay attention, as opposed to you know an ad that has absolutely no likes no comments, Because then, like Humans, just out of nature guys, They don’t want to be the first one to take action, They’re kind of scared, They’re, hesitant They’re, like whoa, I don’t know, and so that’s why.

I, like all these little social proof, things where you go to websites now. You know like have a little thing to pop up at the bottom. It’Ll say like hey this person just bought five minutes ago, or this person just bought ten minutes ago And then or if you’re liking a live event and there’s a seller on stage. They sell something, and then one person runs the back. It kind of triggers that up those other people to go through and run back to the back of the room to buy whatever they’re Selling right, Because, like no one’s right in the back, You don’t want to be that awkward person like you’re running the back.

We’Re like, let’s say you know you are in a live event or you’re in some room Someone’s like hey, who here Does this like? Who here, You know, Choose their food with their mouths open or something kind of weird. You don’t want to be that weird person like raising your hand, So it’s the same thing with all this stuff guys. That is the point of Facebook. That is the point of Instagram all these social networks and the social networks, Advertising platforms.

If you can get that social proof, unlike you know, Google banners, You can’t really see how many people are clicking on those banners. You can’t see any of that other stuff, And so this is huge guys. So this is a quick refresher. All you got to do. Is you hit preview on the ad? You pull it up, So it just shows this look at this. It’S just showing this app And then this is the post ID right here. We just copy that come back over here.

We use use existing posts, enter the post ID paste it in there submit, hit, publish and we are done. We are good to go So anyway, guys. Hopefully this article was helpful if it was give it a thumbs up, drop a comment down below. Let me know what you guys thought and if you guys are brand new here, make sure you guys subscribe, because we New articles every single week, helping you generate more leads, make more money and grow your business with.

That said guys, I hope you have an amazing rest of the day and I will talk to you all soon.

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