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How to create and run successful YouTube and Facebook ads – J.R. Fisher

This is jr. Fisher and I am joined by the beautiful and talented Jessica. We have a incredible session today. It looks like it’s going to be a full house, so you know if you’re logged in you want to stay logged in don’t downsize your window or go surfing around the web. It’s turn everything off.

For you know. 35. 45 minutes we’re going to give you some stuff, that’s going to make you money, and then you can go back to social media and phone calls and all that stuff. Just just turn it off right now, just take a break. If you do log out or get logged out, I will warn you. Somebody else can get your spot, you won’t be able to get back in and that’s not cool. We don’t want that to happen. So I’ll be careful.

I’r trying to reach in with something here. Okay, all right guys, so let’s get started we’re going to be talking about SEO today really cool subject – and you know it was like the thing ten years ago, when I got into it and then social media kind of took over and kind of fell by the Wayside and that’s a shame because if you don’t do this SEO stuff you’re missing out on traffic, you know, can you get on the first page? Well, I’m going to give you an example of that today.

If you can get on the first page or not, and I’m going to show you exactly how it’s done, no BS, it’s live stuff. I actually recorded myself doing it yesterday and I’m going to have it in this session today and then by the end of the session you’re going to know how to do it too. So that’s pretty awesome so how to use SEO to get traffic to your site and by the way I want to make sure betting hear me that was dumb.

Why should I ask that in the very beginning, but tight in that comment section who you are where you’re from what the weather is, what time it is whatever it is just so I know you can hear me here. I don’t want to be talking to just Jessica, though I don’t mind talking to her. The whole idea was to train you guys so just type in that section there, the comments section this is private. To understand that all your comments are going to be anonymous.

I’ve turned it off, so it’s not public so that people can ask whatever they want and just type in their your name where you’re from I see Wow looks like Bob. I think that says Bob from Arkansas, I see Tina in New York City. It looks like Omar is in Singapore, God, shin-chan ear, can’t quite pronounce that looks like in the UK Jessica who do you see on your side Kevin? What’s going on buddy in LA you’re, not far from me, I’m in San, Diego, hey Scotty! What’s up bud, I see you out there a lot good to see you, man Linda in Sarasota Florida.

My daughter lives down there. Now she lives in Tampa a matter of fact. She’s going to have. She got pregnant and she’s already got a two-year-old and she is pregnant with twins how about that guys? She’s got twins on the way she already had one kid she’s going to add two more to it. My dogs going crazy here, her doorbell just went off and she knows the ring doorbell, so she’s going crazy over that all right.

So let’s jump right into this and see what we got going on. Okay, what is SEO? Let’s define it first, so we can kind of see what SEO is all about, and you know why we do this stuff. I mean, what’s the point in even doing it right, so SEO is defined as search engine optimization. Well, what does that mean? It’s the process of getting traffic from the free or organic or editorial or natural search results on search engines.

So, basically, when somebody types something into a search engine, the results that come back are pages that have SEO done to them, and I’m going to show you exactly how to do that today, we’re going to use a wordpress site as an example, but you know we Do it in magenta, oh and you can do it in Shopify or wherever you, but first I. What I would like to do is I want to go through the best practices and we’re going to start with titles.

Now the title when you type into the search engine will show this to you in a second, but the title is the first thing you see in them below that’s the description on your titles. We want to make sure your title should be written like this. It should be like the primary keywords and then secondary keywords, matter of fact, my wife’s doing a blog now on YouTube, and we were just discussing that she’s going to have her primary keywords and then your secondary keywords, and then, after that you can put the brand.

You could put your name if somebody’s searching for you on YouTube. You know you can put your name and then that way, your articles, your blog, will come up. You want to avoid duplicates. Duplicates, will not be any good it used to be years ago. You could put like you know: hot rod, cars, hot rod, cars, hot rod, cars and the more times it appeared. Then the search engines would make it come to the top and now what they do.

Is they penalize you for that? So you don’t want to put duplicates in there, okay duplicates or a no. No, it should be between 55 and 60 characters. This has been going around for years. Some people say 70, some people say 59, but I say 55 to 60 would be a safe one and then below that you’re going to have your descriptions and your best practices for descriptions are number one. Your description should be compelling and interesting.

So your your description really is a. I guess. It’s like a way of selling them to click on that site. It should say something that’s going to make them want to click on the site. You want to once again avoid duplicates. Duplicates no longer. Do you any good, just put it in there one time now that doesn’t mean that you can’t have you know hot rod, cars in your title and a hot rod, cars in your description.

You can do that, and that is advisable, but you don’t want to have like hot rod, cars. You know several times in your description: that’s not what you’re going for it should be between 155 and that should say 160. It says 60 155 in 160 characters including spaces and do not use any quotations or anything that is non alpha characters Google’s gotten really sensitive. To this I mean I ran an ad the other day and I had capitalized a word and that had got disapproved because I capitalize the whole word.

They they won’t. Even let you do that so don’t mess around with any of that. He won’t even show, and in some cases they won’t bring back your page because of that, so you don’t want to do that. You can’t you can’t game it anymore, that’s all over with all right. So what we’re going to do now is I’ve recorded me going in here doing some of this and showing you some of this, so I’m going to start that now we’re going to have a question-and-answer in the end.

So in the meantime, if you want to type in your comments and your questions, you can do so in that comment. Section Jessica – and I is going to be monitoring that, but let’s jump right in here and take a look at what all this stuff is. Okay, so let’s talk about what these meta titles are and meta descriptions are. These are things that you’re actually putting into your website on the back end, and I’m going to show you how to do that in just a second.

But what I want to do is I want to point them out to you in a Google search, so you can see what they look like. So if I wanted what would somebody search for best barbecue rib recipe? So obviously, if I type this in that’s what I want, I want that to come back as a search result. So immediately you can see recipes and if you notice these ones here, food network’s got – and this is pickle – this one right here – okay.

So this is one of the first results here, best barbecue ribs and it looks like there’s a article because they do give preference to articles. So this is obviously a recipe of barbecue ribs, but I want to look at how they optimized it. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go in here, we’re going to view the page source and we’re going to search it by hitting ctrl F and we’re going to do title.

Okay and let’s see what we’ve got here, we may have to get a lot of titles in here 147, but I want to find the title for those are all header titles there. It is so here’s the title best, barbecue ribs ever recipe and if you notice I typed in best barbecue ribs, this is Katie Lee Food Network title, so it it really work. Well, let me do description real quick, so I can kind of show you and I can’t type alright it.

Let’s get to the actual description there. It is description, meta name, description’ content get best, BBQ ribs ever recipe from Food Network. Okay, so you know they’ve really. Optimized this well, and if I go back here when I look at that results, it says best BBQ ribs ever recipe Katie Lee Food Network. So if you look at this right here guys, this is the meta title here: okay, now they’ve actually got their recipes showing up because I got picked, but the description comes just below it here.

So, in this case here you’ve got the actual title they throw in the website right below it, so you can see where you’re going now they didn’t used to do that and you can see most of the most of the recipe time is relaxing all the ribs. Follow along so what what this is is. This is your meta title. This is your description. This is your meta title. This is your description in all these cases here. So that’s what you have to optimize for now: let’s move on and actually look at one of our web pages, so you can see how we have optimized it for our survival fav food brand, okay guys! So here I am at Google and you know.

Obviously, we want our products to come up when people search for them, but we don’t want to optimize to general. So I’m going to give you a couple of examples here, at least so can meats that are for survival purposes primarily now, some people will actually buy our canned meats and they’re not buying up that, but because they’re just good quality and they eat them. Let me give you an example: so I’m going to type in canned meat, okay and we’re going to see what we get now, if I just type in canned meat you’re going to see that you know we don’t show up anywhere in here.

Okay, because we’re not optimized for canned meat or optimized for survival, so if I put can meet survival, so you see what we get ah number one result here is our product there. It is on Amazon, so we got three million six hundred thousand results. So that’s something it’s pretty hard to get at the top of the list for that, but let’s see how what we did there. We are at Amazon, okay, so we’re not freeze-dried and we can click on it there and go to that product and sure enough.

There’s our product, so we are on the first page of Google, so let’s look down a little bit further. Look at this. The the next thing I see is one of our retailers here this is survival warehouse and they sell our products and there’s our products. Ok, very good, so let’s look a little further and then we’re in here. We are the third result out of three million six hundred thousand, and if you go to our link there, that’s our web page you’re, going to find there.

We are there’s our candies and that is literally the category on our website that we’ve optimized now the way you can tell this is I’m going to go into the source code view page source code and I’m going to actually let you see how we’ve optimized this So the way you go about this is you go into the source code. I know there’s a lot of jumbled bunch of coding stuff in here and I’m not into lists either, but they did have to learn it so on a keyboard of an apple, it’s command.

F – and it brings up this little search here and I think it’s ctrl on Windows – I haven’t used Windows in 70 years, so I couldn’t tell you, but the first thing we’re going to do. Is we look for title okay? So when I type in title here and I hit enter it’s going to pull up the title when I type in title here is going to pull up the title now, if you notice on here the title is canned meats. Okay, so that’s pretty you know.

That’s pretty on for that and the reasons canned meats is because that is that category, so that short title actually got me there. Now, if you look below title you’re going to see description, best, survival, food storage, best camping food and supplies, and that’s right there, so you can see that and you can actually search this. If you want to do description – and you could do it that way too and use the description because the next one here we go there, we go.

That’s the first one. We had their best survival food storage, so we can see that that is actually working for us, which is pretty cool. Now, let’s try something else. Let’s go back and let’s say we were looking for it particular say: we wan na can need survival chicken, let’s say because we do chicken, pork, beef, turkey and ground beef and look at that chicken. So ours comes up number one and that’s out of eight million results.

Amazon’s got this first spot in the second spot. Survival warehouse looks like this other guy here, so I will sell it on. We have a lot of retailers and then we’re right here so we’re on the first page here and we’re on the first page here now. If you look at this, it says mixed case full case 12 cans hundred and eight servings quick overview mixed case can meet food storage. 28. Ounce cans includes three beef, chicken, turkey, okay and then down.

Here it’s got chicken beef turkey. So we pretty much own. This page here, if they’re searching for any type of canned meat, let’s change this to pork, see what we get, and it looks like this guy here to the article on our product here and if we scroll down there Amazon. It’s got one case here: let’s see, if that’s us and sure enough, it is us, there’s our product and let’s see what else we can find here: amazon canned meats, there’s a mixed variety.

That is us, that’s our sample pack and if we go back one more time, I just want to see how were ranking on this page you’re going to. I want to show you that this stuff actually works. If you do it properly survival Sullivan’s there and he sells our products and there we are again canned pork, food storage, survival, K. Food y-serve allocate food for survival, cave canned, food storage meat, each of our invisible trunk table.

So that was a little too long of a description there, but, as you can see, we pretty much on this page here, so this stuff does work if you put it in correctly. Okay, so now that we’ve shown you some of the search results you can get by, you know going to Google and all that the next important thing is how the heck do you do it? I mean how do you put these titles and these descriptions and all this stuff, then what do you use now? What I’ve done is I’ve logged into one of my wordpress websites? This is one where you know I sell courses and training and that type of thing – and it has a blog on it – article blog, actually and actually there’s some written blogs in here too.

But what I want to do is I want to show you exactly how to put this stuff in and exactly how you should go about it. So you get the kind of results we get now. The first thing you’re going to need to do is you’re going to need to go over here to plugins and I’m going to click on plugins, and it’s going to show all my plugins. I want to show you the SEO plug-in that we use. So let me scroll on down here and here it is right here it’s called SEO ultimate, so you can search SEO ultimate when you’re installing plugins, and let me show you how to do that real quick here.

If I wanted to add a new one, I would just go here and then what I’m going to do is type in SEO ultimate and it should locate that thing for me, alrighty, so a whole bunch in here guys. So you want to make sure you get the right one, because, oh my goodness, you get the wrong thing. It’s not good! Okay, I will find it there. It is SEO ultimate. This is the one we have here. This one here is kind of an older one, but it works well for us, we use it.

It is free. There are more out there that you know cost you money or that you know aren’t free. So you know you can pick what everyone that’s the one. We have in here it doesn’t holder one so anyhow, what we’ve done is we’ve installed it and if we go to our plugins right here once again, I showed you where it was at you scroll down here, one more time get down there. I go past it. If I knew my alphabet, that would probably be a lot easier, so there it is SEO ultimate and we probably should change this one to a newer one, because this hasn’t been updated in a long time.

But it’s working so we’re not going to worry about it. Right now, so the next thing we’re going to do is we need to optimize something. So I’m going to come over here to my posts and let’s see here what we’ve got for post, I’m going to go all post and I’m going to pick this first one here a best way to make money from home. So we’re going to pick on this one here, so we click on that one now, when you’ve installed this plug-in, it’s going to give you this area right down here, which is your search engine listing.

So this particular one here is called. What are we talking about here? We are talking about best ways to make money at home. So what I do is I go to another tool I have now. I have a program called tube buddy installed on my youtube blog and it’s really cool, because what it does is it not only lets you know what the big searches are, because a lot of people say well. I want to get the search terms that have big searches.

That’s all I care about is big searches, but that’s not necessarily going to help you out. You need something, that’s more weighted, because what you want is you want something that has search term that doesn’t have a whole lot of competition so to buddy lets you do all that together. So if I click on to buddy here and I go to keyword Explorer, so I can type in here basically what my title was best way to make money from home, okay and then I hit enter now what it says.

This is actually a poor search term, because why the competition competition is so great. So what we want to do is you could do little things in here. You could put best ways, you know and that’s going to change it a little bit, not didn’t change it at all. Actually, you could change money to income. Ah, look what that idea that took it from a five to a thirty five, because it looks at all these weights here.

So we may want to change that whole thing to best way, best ways to make money or make income from home or from working at home as soon as that does see, we were at a thirty five right now with some of this proves it too. That’s a seven, so we don’t want that. Okay, we just want at home that’s much better and you could just try little things like we could try at home. So let me try at home, which is poor, so we were to go back to from and we’re at thirty five.

Thirty fives, not bad. You know, that’s that’s fair! They’re, saying that’s fair! I mean ideally you’d like to be in the green over here, but you can’t always do that and we could also change income to cash, see what that does poor again. So it’s income income is our term, so we’ve got that pretty much optimized now so we know that’s the term we want. So then we’re going to go back over to our wordpress whoops and get back to the right page.

Here we go back to our blog here and we’re going to type that in as our title, okay best ways to make money from home – and I may put in here simple steps because understand this – is what somebody’s going to see oops. This is what somebody’s going to see when they’re searching – and this comes up so we want them to read that and go yeah. That’s for me. So let me just clear this up like this best, okay, now down here in the description now, if you notice, I got forty nine characters.

I should and will put more up here, but I said let me do that right now: simple steps, anyone and okay. So now I’m in 63, so you want to get as close to the 70 as possible, not go over it. The reason you don’t want to go over is because it won’t show there’s no point so you’re typing in words for no reason nobody’s going to see them. So here we may put in here learn you can see. I can’t type. I still can’t that’s my big thing.

I could never type the simple and easy ways to make money and a large, and I can be a little bit more wordy here. Income from home, okay and I’ve got 81 characters. Follow these steps to instant success and I’m at 120 Kip, the secrets will say now: Oh one over looking at one over. So what could I do? I could change this to an and symbol that puts me at 139, so you can see what I’ve done here and I’m going to copy this here, I’m going to change the title of this particular.

You know that there and I’m going to probably change so I’m going to change this right here, two best ways to make income from home, simple steps. Anyone can do and the reason being is: that’s that’s more optimized, okay. So I’m going to go ahead and update this now and I’m going to show you how to actually updates live. Now you remember, we just now typed in this title and we typed in this description, so we’re going to actually go to the page now, and this is the actual page or this particular article resides and I’m going to open up the page source and I’m going To look for the title, which is command F and put title in there and, as you can see, it’s already there best ways to make income from home simple steps anyone can do.

This is what Google is looking for. So let me do description here and now and there’s my description. Learn the simple steps and easy ways who this is top. So we want to correct that to make money, and then this ampere sign is going to come up here and that that’ll say and a large income. This is just the way the coding does this. So let me go ahead and fix that thing. It’s always a good idea to go back and check what you typed, especially if you can’t type like me, so I’m going to go down here and says the top and it should say to here we go and don’t forget you always want to click.

This update right here too and don’t forget to put in your categories here, and I have a bunch of different categories here, so I’m going to also add this a couple different categories, I’m going to add it to let’s see here, lifestyle and online business. I think those fit pretty well I’m going to update then now every website is going to be different. As far as where you’re going to put this, you know, Shopify has their spot.

WordPress you’ve got to do a plug in and put in their spot. We have a Magento site, also in a Magento site, its built into it. So you know they have a spot for you to put in your meta titles and tags, but guys this is so important if you’re, if you’re posting stuff online and you’re failing – and I mean you are failing – you are failing to put in the the title and Description – and I just noticed one other thing – that’s 142 characters, that’s 140 and I said you’ll waste them.

So look at that. The good path learn the secrets. 135. Now we’re good. But if you’re not putting these titles description, there nobody’s ever going to find it just not the only way they would ever find. It is if you gave them the link and they went to it so you’re never going to be able to get additional people to your website, because it’s not searchable, you know, Google doesn’t have a way to show them a result.

If there is no result, it’s just it can’t be done now. You saw them instantly. These meta tags and descriptions were on my site and that’s great, it won’t instantly be on Google. The page has to actually get indexed, the spiders have to crawl it. They have to find it and it takes time, so you want to get these on your web pages as soon as possible, because this is the way that you’re going to be able to build your audiences through doing things just like this.

Okay guys, this is our obviously inner circle call now every now and then I will invite you know a few people in our call that are not inner circle members and you are welcome to ask questions. Also. I don’t want you to feel like you can’t ask questions if you’re not an inner circle, member though the audience is 95 % inner circle people. So if you’re in our inner circle you get access, obviously to all my courses, you get you know some one-on-one coaching.

You can submit stuff to me when I’ll show you what, but more importantly, you’re more likely to succeed. I mean, if you think about it, I’ve sold stuff online and I share the information with you of what works. So obviously, that’s going to help you plus the fact that you’re around all these other people that are doing the same thing and it’s just it’s a really good circle of people. So you know you want to check out junior inner circle, dot-com /and role, there’s a free article there.

It will tell you about the inner circle. What it contains, what you get you get 46 thousand dollars worth of free training and software in there. Then you have access to all this. That’s pretty amazing, just really for a few hundred bucks. So you really ought to check that out. If you’re, not a member and you’ve been sitting back and you’ve been thinking. Oh, my gosh, you know at some point I’m going to do that.

I’r sorry! This is the time really! You know if you keep waiting. What it’s doing is the money that you would be earning you’re losing every single month at this point because you’re just waiting, you know so don’t wait. Let’s move on here a little bit. I do want to go over which you can submit inner circle. You can submit ads landing pages sites, products, pricing, funnels any of your email subject, lines and the ideas, frustrations, failures, successes all these things can be submitted to us and we can help you out with them.

We actually have forms where you actually fill out. Those forms and submit that stuff, so that’s pretty cool. You can do that. That’s all part of the inner circle, of course, if you’re not part of the inner circle, you can’t do that. But if you are you’ll have access to that the best software I recommend to anybody out there is Cara. I do have a affiliate link here on the screen. I would highly suggest if you’re starting your business, to start with cart row.

I don’t get much from them if somebody buys it or anything like that, but I just know it’s going to be it’s it’s just so much easier for you because it’s like eight softwares and one you don’t have to buy membership sites. You don’t have to buy email providers, you don’t buy sales pages or funnel pages or click funnels or any of that stuff. It’s all built into Karcher. So I do recommend it and you know, like I said you get a one dollar free trial at bi, t dot, ly forward, slash cartridge upper case junior, so that’s my little commercial for Carter, but they’re really good.

I build all my stuff in there. So, let’s get into some questions now I know Jessica said there was a couple people already posting questions, I’m not going to be able to get to everybody’s question guys if you’re in the inner circle. Obviously, you can submit it to me and I’ll still answer you guys if you’re not in the inner circle, you will have to put it in that comment section there. Nobody sees your questions.

This is all anonymous. We have tons of questions in there right now. I know you can’t see them, that’s because the block, so you can’t see them but Jessica. Can you hit me with a couple of those questions? What we’ve got going on? Okay, that’s another tool. I have called keywords everywhere. You can google keywords everywhere. It’s a free! Google extension and what it does is it will let you know the amount of traffic.

That’s searching those keywords and it gives you suggestions and it tells you the cost of buying those keywords. If you’re running Google Ads that’s a great tool, I use it all the time. I love it because I’ll start typing something in and I think it’s like the best and then it’ll do a drop-down it’ll show you there’s a whole lot better so and what it’s based on is it’s based on actual searches on Google.

So it’s not like them. Saying this might be good, it’s literally what people have already searched for so I’ll. Let you know that so that’s keywords everywhere: free google extension. I highly recommend it. Okay, I’m sorry about that. So when we do the page source we’re going to control and then click right click, and when we do that, that’s on a Mac, control, right click and what that will do is it brings up a little box.

And let me actually show you that Christine you know one second hang on hang on, hang on, that’s not the window! I want. We just want a Google window, don’t we so go to this one here and we’ll type in I don’t know groceries. Okay, so we’re going to pull up some pages here and let me find a page that is actually a really real grocery store. Mmm, it’s heard of integral grocery store. Think about three pages in here: okay, groceries, apparel! The heck is that every dollar I’m able to pull up this page here, so this is a web page for it to have shown up in any search results.

I already know it has a meta title and, as I meta tag, if I control right click it this little box comes up here. You say that box and you have choices here. Reload save as print cast translate to English. I think it is analyze this page or view page source, that’s the one you want when I click on that. That’s going to open another tab next to it, and it’s going to bring up this page here, which is all but just stuff 1, and then what I do is I hit command, F, 1 Apple and I’ll put entitled okay, and if you notice below that it Just pulled up this here title lesson: 1: how to save $ 100 or more to grocery store title.

Ok below that. It’s got description at the end of the month, despite the lack of food and frig the grocery budget, blah blah blah blah blah. So if you notice that information is going to be, where is it in the search results exactly this right here lesson one had to say so what they’ve done is they’ve gone in there and they put in the title like I said, and then they here’s their Description right here and they’ve optimized, this pretty well, you know they got on.

I think the third page, something like that. So that’s all there is to that simple, simple, simple, good question: a really good question, because I didn’t know that it’ll be any unfamiliar all right. Let’s get back to Shaq here, Shaq wants to dance for you guys and so does the kitty can what else you got there Jessica? You know. Tags are a funny thing there it’s been going around for years. I think you should do him.

There was some talk that Google wasn’t using tags anymore, because people were overloading him, so they didn’t do it, but some of the search engines do – and I didn’t know everything you’re right Sean, but I would I would recommend, having your tags in there yeah. I think it’s a good thing. I have a tool called tube buddy and man they’re really important on YouTube. So yeah I would add tags. Definitely, yes, backlinks are another thing altogether and I could do a whole.

You know a training session on that and I might but we’re just covering the SEO today, and what Sean is talking about. Byuk links is where you know: you’ll have an article in another page, that’s related to yours and there’ll be a link, and when somebody clicks on it it comes over to your page or vice versa. You know you can have back links to other people’s page with your page. So that’s what a backlink is, and you know when you get into backlinks.

I don’t want to get too much on a tangent here, but when you get into backlinks they have to do with how related it is the authority of that page, in other words, how? Well, it’s trust if it was like a government page or something like that, then it’s going to have higher authority how many of these backlinks you have so just there’s a whole lot of training going on on that, but yeah backlinks is another way that you can Do you know, search engine Linda’s sizes is really good techniques and tools that work and are essential things well.

Thank you so much Linda. I appreciate that very much. Yes, it’s it’s good stuff and it actually does work, as I showed you with our page, we’re on number one out of eight million, so we did okay. Next, what do you do on Windows? What do you mean? What do you do? Do you want to Google? It for you get, you know any of these things. You could pretty much Google, you know, I think it’s command or couldn’t know it’s command on Apple, I’m not quite sure what it is on Windows.

Jessica’s checking that for you right now. I have another person in here saying: do we have to do SEO? No, you do not. It is not necessary. If you don’t want free traffic, you do not need to do SEO and somebody else is Bob saying it’s very time consuming. It is, but it’s there forever so once you’ve done it, you’ve done it. You know, and if you’ve got like three or four hundred pages, I get that that can be kind of daunting.

But what you want to do is, you know, like I told Jessica, I’m sure, she’s doing everyday working on our site. You know she does a few pages every single day and this gets in there and does a title. Does a description and it moves on through day, so you don’t you Ori. If you’ve got a whole weekend, you could just sit down and do your whole site. You know and just get it done and remember every time you add a page to SEO it and if you notice, like we had even SEO to our blog or excuse me, our blog, our categories, so that when we searched you know canned meat survival, it pulled Up our category of KM meats, so it’s not just the actual product page! You want also SEO.

You know your your categories of stuff on your page, that’s super important and Jessica, probably at time for one or two more questions over there. Oh you’re, trying to find have some fun view page source windows, okay, she’s. Looking for that, all right guys, I’m probably going to wind this down, and I really appreciate you guys showing up. I appreciate you being here. If you haven’t joined the inner circle, I highly recommend it if you want to move forward much faster, its Junior inner circle, comm /and role, in addition to that, if you’re, not a member of the art of e-commerce success Jessica, can you put the link to the Art of e-commerce success, that is, my Facebook group, if you’re, not a member of it, she’s going to put that in there.

I also have a book that shows you how to find products to sell online and if she would put that in that comment section also, that would be awesome so that you guys have that, and I think I could be wrong. I think that’s junior fisher book good night back on junior fisher book.Com. So that’s that’s a pretty cool thing. I also am working a lot on my youtube blog now. I would really appreciate, if you guys, and i’m going to downsize this for one second here, to find my youtube blog and I’d really appreciate it.

If you guys would subscribe to that blog. That would mean a lot to me. So let me tell you what that blog is and plus and plus and plus you’re, going to get a bunch of cool articles that you can read, which is a nice thing right and there’s my blog right there and we’ve got a little over two thousand subscribers To this blog already, so I’m going to put this link in our stuff here so that you guys can see, or can I put it in there? Oh, yes, messages! We get this in here, guys, one second, so there’s the link to my youtube blog.

If you would, if you would please go to that, I would really appreciate that, and you know subscribe to that blog like it read some articles just go through and binge this week and turn off Netflix and binge read my blog there’s a lot of good training. There and Netflix is going to take your money in my articles, are going to show you how to make money so just go. Do it go, do it go, do it important stuff, hey guys, I appreciate you showing up today it’s been an awesome day and I hope you have a great weekend if you’ve got spare time this weekend, a little work into your business don’t sit around all weekend.

The weekends are where your business is going to be made if you’re working a job during the week Jessica. You got the kind words or words of encouragement to these folks. Well so, on a PC you right-click ticket. What a PC you right! Click, ok, ctrl, F! Christine is how you actually pull up that search box, control, control, control, control. Alright, just got any cool words for the weekend. That’s going to motivate them and change their lives.

She started a new YouTube blog, a DIY blog. She also has what is she? What is your blog for pet parenting, which is teaching you add up the older pet and you going to put that in the comments too yeah yeah she’s, going to put that in there check that out. If you’ve got a pet she’s, an awesome awesome, awesome, dog trainer she’s got a really good group on Facebook. You can also join and what’s that group called the art of pet parenting, so you may want to check that out the art of pet guarantee.

You want to see some a Jessica stuff, she’s, pretty amazing, there’s some really cool stuff out there. I think you guys would enjoy it and she’s going to put those links in there and we’re still trying to figure out our lunch. We have not figured out our lunch yet heavily. We’ve got to figure that out she wants to go to a chain place. I don’t know, I don’t know, that’s a tough one man. We had we’re in San Diego with all these great restaurants.

You go to a chain place, that’s really tough! I think I think so what are your words of encouragement outside of head on over to your new blog head on over to your stuff? No, not an ad but words of encouragement, practice, patience, practice, common patience and you know that’s really good. I read the other day: people like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, and these people we were just just incredibly successful, the one trait that they all have.

Is they don’t get bugged over things? Do little things bug you to little things get underneath your skin do little things irritate you if so you’re preventing your own success. Imagine if you didn’t, let things bother you how much you would move forward and I can’t count how many times I’ve been working on something for a half-hour hour to three hours and I lose it and I used to get really mad about it.

And now I’m like yeah, I lost it, got to go back, got ta start again and if you can work on that attitude and it doesn’t come easy for anybody, don’t come easy for me. You know I get irritated, but if you can develop that – and you can work on that, that is one trait that is, you know almost found in all these super successful people. Is they don’t flip out? They just you know they go well. Okay, move on next, so that’s what you got to really do to be really successful, which god I got it got to develop that attitude.

So I would say: do that this weekend, important stuff, good advice, Jessica! Alright, you guys have a great weekend and we’ll talk to you real soon. You don’t think about my guys. Talk to you later, hey thanks for reading my article, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and click that little bell right there. So you can be notified every time. I do a new article also click on one of those articles.

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Facebook Ads 2020 : Configuration De Facebook Business Manager Partie 1

Pour créer votre compte donc bien sûr on ne, va pas aller en détail dans ce court cassette un cours d’introduction mais, je vais vous montrer les bases et comment: créer votre, première campagne pour générer votre coupure pub et peut-être généré votre première vente donc pour cela il Faut aller sur business point facebook.

Com, je vous mets le lien en ressources bien sûr une fois que vous êtes là vous cliquez en haut à droite sur créez un compte alors il faut savoir que vous avez aussi besoin d’avoir une page facebook, donc j’ai, créé, un compte, Facebook donc pour ce cours dont vous voyez, tout simplement vous connecter et donc là j’ai mon petit, mon petit, facebook, business manager, qui est bien mis, vous voyez j’ai déjà connectés la page en réalité sur ce compte mais, si c’est pas fait vous avez, un anglais jusqu’en Et kt et la page, c’est tout simple vous avez juste à sélectionner la page qui est lié à votre compte et ça, va se lier automatiquement avec le facebook, business manager pas de souci alors qu’est ce que vous propose facebook, business manager et bien.

Ça vous propose de créer des campagnes qui sont adaptés, à l’audience que vous souhaitez ciblées il faut savoir que facebook est un outil très puissant donc facebook à plus d’un milliard 500 millions il me semble maintenant d’utilisateurs ce qui, vous fait une audience, qui immense faut savoir Que rien qu’en france, vous avez plus de 30, millions de personnes qui utilisent facebook, chaque jour dont, plus de 30, millions de personnes qui utilisent facebook, chaque jour et bien.

Je peux vous garantir que peu importe le produit que vous voulez vendre il y aura toujours une personne pour l’acheter si vous la trouvez alors ce qui, va être en fait difficile sur facebook had est bien. C’Est de trouver la bonne personne à qui vendre la publicité, après de faire, la bonne publicité et ensuite d’affaires une bonne landing paige donc, c’est à dire un bon un bon site pour que quand la personne clique, sur le lien elle soit, l, ai envie de rester; Sur votre site derrière, donc ça, va être tout ça la difficulté de facebook, pad ça, va être surtout de se, concentrer donc, sur quelle audience ciblée et en fait ce qui est.

Magique: c’est du coup, ils facebook had facebook est très puissant donc chela mais, je les dis + 3 millions d’utilisateurs, rien, qu’en france par exemple mais en fait ce qui est. Incroyable: c’est que facebook, récolte énormément donné par rapport à ses utilisateurs jamais savoir ce que monsieur x, précisément, c’est mais, vous, savez par exemple que dans les joueurs du golfe et bien en france.

Il va y avoir par exemple 500 mille joueurs de golf et donc vous allez pouvoir cibler, ses cinq cent, mille joueurs de golf grands travaux on rentrera un peu, plus en détails bien sûr derrière mais là, c’est juste pour vous dire, qu’en gros la puissance de facebook; C’Est vraiment magique car vous allez pouvoir sélectionnés sur des critères que vous vous ne pouvez pas avoir avec d’autres outils, c’est à dire que si vous allez dans la rue eh bien vous aurez du mal à cibler que les cas là alors que vous pouvez le faire Sur facebook si vous allez sur qu’est-ce qu’on pourrait prendre d’autres comme exemple, si vous avez sur twitter et bien twitter, ne rigole pas autant de données dont vous aurez du mal à cibler autant les cadres par exemple.

Si vous allez sur edit ça, va être la même, chose si vous allez sur quora ça, va être la même chose si vous allez sur plein d’autres sortes de réseaux sociaux ou autres supports pour faire du marketing et bien ce sera en général beaucoup moins puissant que Facebook même google est moins puissant maintenant que facebook on voit un meilleur retour sur investissement pour 95 % des business en utilisant.

Facebook had quand il utilise bien et ce qui est, génial avec facebook, adse que facebook, un algorithme qui marche très bien et: c’est à dire qu’ il va réussir à adapter votre audience et donc si vous sélectionnez une audience et que vous faites des tests et bien. Facebook va aussi vous aider à aller dans le bon sens et: c’est à dire que vous allez faire des tests par vous mêmes tests à b, c’est à dire que, vous allez sélectionnés de une audience, qui est similaire et diviser cette audience en deux pour tester un Produit 1 est un produit 2 par exemple les voir quels produits marchent le mieux est ce qui est.

Génial: c’est que facebook va vous proposer des audiences, qui, sont par exemple, similaire aux profils types de la personne, qui achète, votre, vos, produits et donc; ce qui est, génial, c’est du coup, si vous, avez par exemple, dix clients, qui achètent de votre, produit est bien avec Des clients ça est un petit peu léger mais, admettons 200 clients, qui, achètent, votre, produit est bien facebook, va faire la moyenne de ces, 200 personnes et vous allez, pouvoir créer une audience, similaire qui va vous permettre de générer, beaucoup plus de vente et donc.

Qui va faire les audiences similaires vas faire là-bas la moyenne, mais va créer un profil type d’utilisateur qui qui est capable d’acheter donc votre produit et va chercher tous les gens qui ressemble à ces personnes sur facebook et vous allez, retirer, donc, un, certain pourcentage de 2 Par exemple la population de la france, est récupéré une audience, allant de dix mille personnes à 10 millions de personnes si vous le souhaitez en général on va essayer de tabler, sur de tabler sur une audience.

Entre 30000 et cent mille personnes mais, vous, verrez par la suite, que l’on peut sélectionner, tout ça est paramétré tout ça donc, c’est la magie de facebook et on va donc apprendre grâce à facebook manager comment. Créer votre première publicité et je l’espère pour vous aussi vos premières ventes, je vais maintenant vous montrer comment: paramétrer facebook, business manager, alors pour cela il faut, aller sur peu, page facebook, business manager, puis ici à gauche dans l’onglet puis vous avez, peut-être quelque chose pour voir Plus et vous allez sur paramètres on attend le chargement et vous voyez ici vous, avez les paramètres en fait de votre compte publicitaire donc si vous voulez changer le nom de votre entreprise l’adresse professionnelle le pays de l’entreprise le numéro de tva l’ agence publicitaire si vous En êtes une ou non et bien vous pouvez modifier, tout ça ensuite ce qui, peut être intéressant, c’est d’ajouter surtout des personnes pour gérer votre compte publicitaire, c’est à dire que si vous êtes plus dur, à gérer votre compte publicitaire à gérer votre business par exemple, shopi Faille et bien ça peut, être intéressant d’ajouter les personnes pour qu’elles puissent pour qu’il puisse, modifier les campagnes, etc.

Ensuite vous pouvez gérer vos pages ici ensuite, vous pouvez, gérer vos paramètres de paiement donc les paramètres de paiement, c’est quelque chose de très important car facebook, bat donc, va vous facturer pour vos publicités et donc vous devez mettre votre carte de paiement alors à savoir que Vous êtes à chaque fois facturés à la fin du mois et non pas aux gens les jours ensuite vous avez les notifications, donc est ce que, vous voulez toutes les notifications par email et facebook moi, je mets pas toutes les notifications, du conte publicitaires en général, je Désactive mais si vous voulez les activer après vous pouvez choisir ce que, vous voulez par exemple newsletter, est mise à jour produit moi j’enlève ça, c’est rare est le résumé des publicités pourquoi pas rappelle pour création de publicité non décision d, examen des pubs, non alerte de Publicités dynamiques non mises à jour concernant les tests non après, vous pouvez mettre par exemple décision des examens de publicité cela veut dire que quand vous allez publier une publicité bien facebook va l’examiner, pour vérifier qu’elle correspond bien aux critères de facebook, c’est à dire que facebook Allait critères légaux c’est-à-dire que vous pouvez pas mettre par exemple de pornographie est donc une fois que que l’examen est fait et bien vous allez recevoir, un email, pourquoi pas avec ça ensuite ici vous, avez notification, publicitaire de facebook, si votre piste est donc été approuvé doit Prouver compte solder, sommes ajoutées aux seuls du solde du compte à zéro et; c’est donc, tout ce qui concerne les paiements moi, je les laisse en général les mises à jour concernant les tests, je laisse aussi vous enregistrer les modifications et vous avez déjà paramétrées une mode Party ensuite vous avez paramètres de l’entreprise paramètres de l’entreprise, c’est ce qui va vous permettre de gérer notamment les personnes qui contrôlent votre votre compte de publicité, donc, c’est à dire que là vous avez un compte publicitaire qui en l’occurrence repas elle si test et vous allez Donc avoir différentes personnes qui sont ici donc, si vous ajoutez différentes personnes vous pouvez leur âge ou leur, donner différents rôles, dont, vous voyez de base, vous êtes administrateur de la page et cela veut, dire que, vous pouvez absolument, tout faire sur la page néanmoins, vous, pouvez, Donc donné différentes comme rédacteur de la page modérateur de la page annonceurs de la page, ou simplement anaïs de la page, chaque rôle est un petit peu différent, je vous laisse lire un petit peu en détail par exemple, rédacteur de la page, c’est juste en gros des Gens qui peuvent donc éditer les choses mais ils ne peuvent pas modifier les fondamentaux comme par exemple les paramètres ici vous avez les paras les partenaires partenaires, c’est vos relations, professionnelles, c’est quelque chose qu’on, utilise très très très très très peu, je connais personne qui utilise ça Mais voilà, c’est ici que ça se trouve si vous en avez besoin ensuite, c’est ici vous, pouvez gérer, vos pages donc, vous, pouvez, gérer, pareil, administrateurs de la page, etc.

Ici comptes publicitaires ensuite compte instagram alors, il faut savoir que rasta g par facebook, a racheté instagram donc vous pouvez ajouter votre compte instagram sur facebook pour directement faire de la pub sur instagram alors petite recommandation ne fait jamais les mêmes pub pour facebook est pour l’instant G ne serait ce que parce que le format de vidéo pas de vidéo mais sur toute photo n’est pas le même sur facebook et sur instagram sur instagram les photos, sont carrés alors que les publicités sur facebook ne sont pas car aimer rectangulaire donc rennes pour ça Il faut faire attention: ensuite vous pouvez, gérer vos projets, si vous voulez créer un projet pour mieux vous, organiser ici vous, avez les sources de données donc, c’est pas quelque chose de très utile sauf le pixel qu’on verra un petit peu, plus tard vous pouvez gérer vos Pixels ici, c’est l’objet de la prochaine, vidéo ensuite vous avez sécurité de la marque, donc la cvo, domaine liste de blocage et, c’est pas très intéressant et ici vous, retrouvé vos, paiements, vous, retrouver centre de sécurité; c’est ici que vous pouvez, ajouter par exemple l’authentification à deux Facteurs pour votre facebook, business manager chose que je recommande car si un pirate récupère votre compte facebook et bien, il peut faire la publicité gratuitement pour son entreprise donc ça serait un petit peu embêtant que ça arrive, ensuite ajouté, un autre administrateur et bien vous pouvez le Faire ensuite vous allez demande donc, c’est à dire que si quelqu’un est et sur facebook et veut rejoindre votre entreprise, c’est à dire que vous voulez l’ajouter à votre compte et vous pouvez aussi il peut aussi vous envoyer de demande et vous pouvez donc l’accepter ou non Mais vous pouvez aussi envoyer des demandes et vous réceptionnez les invitations ensuite vous avez les notifications, donc là comme vous le voyez vous avez plein d’authie fication, qui, concerne par exemple les permissions professionnels les rôles professionnels et donc si vous avez des envies de recevoir ces notifications Et bien vous mettez oui moi, ce qui, concerne par exemple, pixels, je vais mettre toutes les notifications, après catalogue et bien vous pouvez, mettre, aussi toutes les notifications, alors à savoir que ce qui, peut être intéressant, c’est de mettre par exemple si vous avez un problème avec Les perditions professionnelle et bien de maître par e-mail uniquement pour si vous traitez mieux vos emails que les notifications, directement ici pour mieux les voir car en général il faut savoir que vous aurez énormément de notification, sur le facebook, business balladur via ici par exemple la silhouette, But et, c’est à chaque fois ça s’affiche pour rien et donc.

Il va falloir faire attention à ça pour que les informations pertinentes ne se perdent pas là dedans et bien la solution, est d’envoyer les informations par email, ensuite vous, allez, informations, d’entreprise ici vous, pouvez définitivement supprimée en entreprise si vous le souhaitez vous pouvez modifier, donc, l’adresse Email le nom et les spas, les notifications etc et si vous avez de litres de configuration si vous avez un problème car effectivement, je n’ai pas dit dans dans toute cette vidéo car, je souhaite aller relativement vite pour secours introductif et aller à l’essentiel mais si vous Avez un problème vous pouvez simplement aller ici et vous avez donc des des choses qui vous permette d’aller, un peu plus vite voilà pour les paramètres de l’entreprise est ici vous pouvez retrouver vos facturation, c’est à dire que si vous avez dépensé de l’argent et bien.

Si vous avez fait donc de la pub et bien vous pouvez voir vos factures chez de mois en mois ça peut être intéressant pour regarder pour faire vos courses en fait tout simplement derrière par rapport à ce que, vous avez, dépensé par rapport à ce que vous Avez gagné sur, votre, visage, donc voila tout pour les paramètres de facebook business manager.

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Facebook Ads Tutorial Italiano 2020 ✅ Da principiante a ESPERTO di Facebook Ads Marketing in 1

Online.Com e in questo article andrò, a insegnarvi esattamente, come ottimizzare le vostre inserzioni e ottenere un profitto e benvenuti ragazzi stefano montana qui per voi per insegnarvi come creare, il vostro business profittevole partendo da zero online e fare quindi un sacco di soldi, attraverso facebook shop iv.

Ai social media e una miriade di altri, metodi, che sono, presenti, oggi è, che voi, dovrete sfruttare al cento per cento se volete fare soldi online; ok, quindi, mi, raccomando, state sintonizzati, iscrivetevi, al canale e mettete, un bel, like al article, iniziamo subito, ok, è, prima di Tutto partiamo con la creazione del nostro account gmail quindi abbiamo bisogno ovviamente di una e mail va bene: abbiamo, già creato, a stefano articlecorso gmail.

Com questa non è la mia e mail vera, ovviamente l’ha usata solo creata, solamente per questo; corso, ok per questo article quindi non Scrivete mio fate, cose del genere, apriamo, creato grazie, alla nostra nuova e mail, il nostro account facebook, ovviamente ha chiesto, gratis, ok, creato, il nostro account facebook andremo, a creare, il nostro account business manager, dove viene, creata, dove avviene la magia; ok, il nostro per creare, il Nostro account business manager, dobbiamo andare, su google scrivere business manager, login, ok, business manager, il business manager, è il cuore del nostro facebook per le in sessioni; ok, il l’account business manager, gratuito ovviamente, non dovete, pagare per il business manager, ma dovrete pagare per le versioni ovviamente.

Facebook non vi, regala niente, ma sembra una piattaforma, gratis libera ma in verità è tutto creato, ok per fargli spendere soldi per quanto riguarda la bisogna, ovviamente dunque creato, il nostro account business manager da da google come detto scriviamo su su google business manager, login creiamo il Nostro account e avremo la nostra home che sarà fatta più, o meno così, ok, abbiamo già, creato la nostra pagina fan page stefano articlecorso al nostro account pubblicitario stefano articlecorso di conseguenza, ok, questa è la nostra fan, page dalla, quale noi inizieremo, il nostro business nostra avventura Imprenditoriale, ok, dobbiamo inserire ovviamente la immagine di profilo, l’immagine di copertina e tutte le formazioni disponibili relativi al nostro business in modo che ovviamente, chi, entra, nella, nostra pagina fan, page la nostra; pagina facebook, ok, possa, trovare tutti.

I article le informazioni, recensioni informazioni relative al nostro business, va bene: creata la nostra; pagina facebook, dalla quale, noi andremo, a creare le nostre inserzioni vogliamo prima di tutto, aggiungere immagini mangini copertina, article foto, informazioni utili; ok, a chiunque visiti la nostra, pagina facebook, informazioni utili al Potenziale cliente al visitatore, utili per ovviamente descrivere il nostro business, cosa facciamo cosa vendiamo come lo facciamo come lo vendiamo eccetera, eccetera, ok, quindi tutte, le informazioni, relative al vostro business ovviamente, voi capirete, che le app ovvero gli annunci di facebook, verranno creati, attraverso, questa, pagina, facebook, Quindi mentre il vostro diciamo il vostro pubblico andrà, a scorrere la vostra, home la pagina, facebook, sarà quindi, quella, relativa, ovviamente, quello, appena, creata, ok, poi credete, le vostre ad attraverso questa pagina quindi, se per esempio la vostra pagina si chiamerà stefano articlecorso appunto voi vedrete l’annuncio Da stefano articlecorso, ok in quanto, il nome della vostra fanpage, no kevin spacey è stefano articlecorso nel nostro esempio andremo, a creare una faremo un esempio di un per esempio della creazione un brand di moda.

Ok, lasciate stare, il nome solo, il nome non è, importante giordo, che qualsiasi nome non assolutamente importanza a lui sa cosa che conta è, il brand; ok, il valore che la gente, percepisce e da al brand tutto il resto non conta, potete chiamarmi, anche, marziali venuti da Marte: ok, non assolutamente, importanza, quindi, crea la nostra pagina facebook andremo, a creare, il nostro account pubblicitario nel quale verranno create appunto le vostre ad ne posso pubblicità le vostre inserzioni; ok, come potete vedere qua nelle impostazioni dei business manager, potete addirittura, aggiungere, persone, quindi, collaboratori, o Colleghi il generale che possano gestire le vostre, pagine facebook, ok, potete avere, più, pagine, facebook, più accanto, pubblicitari più cataloghi di prodotti, eccetera eccetera, queste, persone, potranno, quindi, gestire, anche, non per forza, come amministratori, diciamo amministratore, il ruolo più importante del vostro, business manager, ha quindi, solitamente Dovrete gestirlo voi, ok, quindi avete, il potere massimo nel vostro business manager, merito della pagina ha un potere un pochino inferiore ma comunque la possibilità appunto di fare, tutte, queste, cose, specialmente, nella pagina, ok per quanto, riguarda l’account, pubblicitario, ovviamente, qui, è, un discorso, un po più Importante in quanto per quanto riguarda l’account pubblicitario dovete essere sicuri che il vostro collega dal vostro partner, si chiama persona fidata in quanto andrete, a ovviamente dove andrete, a spendere.

I vostri soldi il vostro budget e quindi dovete essere sicuri che non le faccia che non crei. Pasticci, o casini il vostro campo, pubblicitario nelle, vostre inserzioni, I nostri ad se, no andrete a spendere più di quello, che dovreste e, il vostro business andrà, a farsi benedire, ok, quindi creato alla nostra pagina creata al nostro account pubblicitario siamo pronti per creare la nostra. Prima inversione, ok nella sezione, cessione, inserzioni, qui, potete vedere, che ci, sono, diverse voci, non te li ho più avanti andrò, a spiegare dove potete per esempio inserire.

I dati di fatturazione. I dati ovvero date la vostra carta di credito del vostro, paypal, grazie, alla quale grazie, al quale, andrete, a pagare le vostre sessioni avete qui una panoramica, dell’account tutti. I dati relativi ovviamente questo è un account di prova, ok di spiegazione, partendo da zero ripeto un tutorial guida assolutamente per begins, ovvero per principianti al quale ti illustrerò partendo da zero, come creare le vostre campagne facebook in maniera efficiente in modo da ottenere risultati prima di Tutto qui I dati che notiamo sono clic sul link, alle impressioni l’importo speso copertura eccetera eccetera qui, anche abbiamo, diverse voci, è possibile, modificare, queste, voci, più, avanti, mi, farò vedere, come ok in modo che voi abbiate, delle, diverse angolazioni, ok del vostro, risultato su facebook, perché Abbiamo diverse voci da controllare ogni volta, che noi facciamo, creiamo una campagna, facebook, la facciamo, partire, creazione, inserzione, ok, noi, stiamo, creando una inserzione per la prima volta e quindi vogliamo creare una campagna, la prima cosa che facebook, ci andrà, a chiedere è ovviamente, qual, è, il Tuo obiettivo qual è il nostro obiettivo; ok in questo esempio in questo, tutorial questa guida andremo, a creare; ok, c’ è un esempio di un brand un brand di moda del più classico degli esempi un brand di moda di occhiali da sole orologi oppure braccialetti eccetera eccetera.

Ok, quindi qual è il tuo obiettivo di marketing, qual è, il nostro obiettivo di marketing in questo caso noi abbiamo scelto come obiettivo di marketing, ovviamente la vendita di prodotto, fisico, ok, non vogliamo, vendere, il nostro, prodotto fisico, che è, un prodotto legato all’industria della moda. Va bene: noi dobbiamo, assolutamente, capire qual, è, il nostro obiettivo di marketing, il nostro obiettivo di marketing in questo caso è la vendita di prodotti, fisici; ok, stiamo facendo, l’esempio di un brand di moda quindi accessori occhiali da sole orologi qualsiasi cosa, vogliate, vendere; ok, potete, rendere, Attraverso facebook l’obiettivo di marketing, è la vendita di un prodotto fisico nel caso in cui voi aveste un prodotto digitale, o magari se volete avete bisogno di una generazione di contatti per il vostro vostro business di consulenza per esempio andrete, a selezionare la generazione contatti.

Ok in modo tale da generare più contatti possibili di persone, potenzialmente interessate al vostro business di consulenza, ok, nel caso in cui vogliate che il vostro article sia visto più persone possibili andrete, a selezionare l’obiettivo di marketing di visualizzazioni dei article ok, nel caso in cui abbiate Bisogno di traffico, ok, rimanda, più persone, a una, destinazione all’interno all’esterno di facebook, ok che in questo caso in questo, caso facebook vi, andrà, a inviare maggior numero possibile di persone; ok in base ovviamente al vostro budget sul, vostro sito web os, il vostro blog; ok su Una pagina appunto interna, a facebook nel caso in cui il vostro obiettivo sia notorietà del brand nel caso per esempio che voglia di ottenere più like la vostra, pagina facebook o che il vostro ad sia visto da più persone possibile; ok, mostrato, a sessione al numero, massimo Di persone quindi sarà la versione, più economica possiamo, dire della nostra campagna facebook in quanto, ovviamente ogni obiettivo di marketing, ha un costo differente possiamo dire che questa questa sezione di obiettivo di marketing, è la più economica in quanto.

No è un targeting va a toccare gente generale, ok, non dovrei da tre brand e per esempio andrà, a fargli ottenere più like ovviamente, come ben sapete. I like di facebook, soprattutto dopo, il cambio dall’algoritmo di facebook del 2018 nonno molto valore questo è un obiettivo che un obiettivo che vi suggerisco in quanto andrà andrei solo, ottenere più, like senza veramente, ottenere, clienti, che quello, che voi, volete, voi, volete vendere, il vostro prodotto; Ok: volete vendere la vostra, consulenza vostro, prodotto, digitale, qualsiasi, cosa, o che nel nostro esempio, stiamo, partendo, un brand di moda da zero; ok, quindi, voi penserete, a ok se la gente conosce, il mio brand allora è una cosa, positiva invece, no perché, grazie, al cambio, soprattutto Nel 2018 dell’algoritmo di facebook.

I, like mi, piace sulla pagina facebook, non hanno, molto valore in quanto, anche se voi trovate pagine con milioni di, like andrete a vedere che. I post ok di quella, pagina sono relativamente dotati di pochi di poco engagement, ovvero di poca interazione. In quanto facebook, non mostra, praticamente più, il post della fan, page nella, vostra home; ok, il nostro obiettivo di marketing per quanto riguarda la vendita dei prodotti fisici quindi prodotti di moda, è conversioni; ok, con conversioni andremo, a dire a facebook di selezionare un obiettivo un’azione importante Sul suo sito web come per esempio l’acquisto di un prodotto; ok, noi andremo, a dire facebook, facebook, io tu, ti trovi grazie, al tuo, pixar, grazie, al tool, algoritmo potentissimo, ok, nel, nostro, esempio, non vogliamo, convertire, ok, le persone in modo tale che vada, a compiere azioni Determinanti sul nostro sito web amenta, l’azione importante il tuo sito web successivamente andremo a selezionare le azioni nel nostro gruppo e cessioni; ok, più avanti che lo mostrerò non vi, preoccupate fa in modo che le persone seguono azioni importanti sotto sito web significa che il pixel di Facebook l’algoritmo di facebook, andrà a cercare, ok le persone, più facilmente, convertibili, nella, vostra, azione selezionata; ok, il nostro esempio dei brand di moda non vogliamo che le persone acquistino.

I nostri prodotti, ok, quindi l’obiettivo la vendita, la nostra azione sarà acquisto, che successivamente andremo, a selezionare crea un test, a e b cosa significa diciamo, che l’importante, fondamentale facebook, facebook ads e pubblicità di facebook, è test; ok, il tester states, testare più, audiance, più, pubblico, testare, Più annunci differenti in più al in quanto, facebook andrà, a selezionare gli ads vincenti, il pubblico vincente eccetera eccetera tuttavia noi non vogliamo, che facebook, si prenda più soldi del necessario; ok, si prenda ovviamente meno soldi possibili da noi quanto più soldi noi investiamo in facebook, meno Soldi ci sono per noi per il nostro business quindi non vogliamo, convertire queste persone ovviamente noi dobbiamo, assolutamente, evitare ciò, che facebook, ci suggerisce di fare in quanto facebook, vuole che noi, spendiamo, più, soldi, possibili, nella, sua, piattaforma di pubblicità; ok, creazione di un nuovo gruppo di Inserzione: ok, prima di tutto dobbiamo creare il nome di questo gruppo in sezione quindi gruppo, inserzione, è, principalmente la selezione del nostro del nostro; pubblico; ok, il nostro target andremo a targetizzare in maniera quasi chirurgica, il nostro pubblico in maniera tale da ottenere ovviamente il maggior numero Possibile di conversioni di vendite, nel nostro caso ricordo abbiamo, prende di moda, ok, quindi, indus della moda andremo, a prendere per esempio partiamo subito col, primo pubblico di occhiali da sole, ok, ok da sole pubblico generico perfetto conversione come detto in precedenza quindi noi vogliamo che il L’Azione del nostro sito web attraverso, conversione sia acquisto in quanto, come possiamo vedere, qui, è, possibile, anche selezionare visualizzazioni contenuti aggiunta, a carrello l’inizio d’acquisto giunto alle informazioni pagamento ovviamente ci sono varie teorie riguardanti l’azione da cere nel nostro sito web tuttavia, io consiglio di partire, direttamente Da questo, ok in quanto diciamo direttamente, a facebook, facebook non vogliamo, qui, che l’acquisto, sia, l’obiettivo principale della nostra campagna marketing su facebook; ok quindi se noi siamo per esempio con la visualizzazione contenuti come alcuni, suggeriscono, oppure, aggiunte, al carrello, o inizio, d’acquisto; ok, facebook, andrà, a Cercare per esempio, a gente più orientata alla giunta al carrello che per esempio alla visualizzazione dei contenuti o che per esempio all’inizio di acquisto, o l’acquisto in generale quindi noi in base all’azione da da facebook; ok, facebook sarà in grado di cercare, le persone, più, facilmente, convertibili Nella nostra azione di marketing, nostro obiettivo di marketing, quindi invece di partire, dalla giunta al carrello, non vogliamo, gente, che aggiunga, carrello poi se ne vada non, so spasso e non compro; ok, verifica del pixel, abbiamo bisogno del nostro pixel per far partire la nostra; campagna.

Ok, è fondamentale, il peak ovviamente voi andrete, a utilizzare shopify di quattro, stop hi fi è la piattaforma, ecommerce, shopify, perché è la piattaforma, più facile soprattutto. I principianti anche a livello intermedio e avanzato, ok da utilizzare per il vostro ecommerce per il vostro sito web per il vostro prodotto per la vendita dei vostri prodotti del vostro brand vostro servizio prodotto digitale eccetera eccetera qui li voi, dovrete assolutamente, selezionare, shopify, quindi spiega come Installare shopify sul vostro sito web android, mostra v successivamente in di pixel è una cosa, che andremo, a spiegare successivamente più in profondità, il quanto argomento fondamentale abbiamo selezionato, il nostro acquisto; ok, il nostra azione di acquisto offerta assolutamente inutile per quanto riguarda il nostro caso in Quanto noi siamo brand nuovo non abbiamo bisogno di fare, offerte direttamente da qui anche perché ricordo che le I suggerimenti di facebook come questo qui per esempio un po nascosto un po, no sono da evitare in quanto facebook, andrà ovviamente, provare, offerta, però, al terza, prova ali Prova qui però ovviamente ve, lo farà pagare di più; ok, lo vogliamo, mantenerci, più, possibile basic quindi, il più possibile a livello base per quanto riguarda, il nostro annuncio in modo tale da spendere, il meno possibile in facebook, ads; ok, facebook, mi farò, pagare di più, o Di meno in base al vostro pubblico in base a un sacco di variabili soprattutto in base alle alle opzioni, che voi andrete, a selezionare; ok, andiamo, più, avanti, ok, ragazzi, adesso, andremo, a creare, il nostro, gruppo inserzione ovvero, il nostro, pubblico; ok, questa, è la parte, più Importante ovvero la parte, dove andremo, a targetizzare chirurgicamente; ok le persone, alle quali andremo, a mostrare le nostre inserzioni.

I nostri annunci facebook, perché è, importante e fondamentale, perché ovviamente facebook ha un costo; ok, lo sapete benissimo, non è, gratis quindi in base a cpm, il costo per mille visualizzazioni voi andrete, a pagare una, determinata cifra; ok, questo cpm, a determinate variabili, ed è stabilito in Base appunto determinate variabili che andrò, a spiegarvi passo passo ragazzi andiamo, a creare il nostro pubblico ideale andiamo, a targetizzare precisamente le persone, che vogliamo; ok, questo è, il potere più grande di facebook, grazie, al quale, noi, possiamo, massimizzare, il profitto del nostro sito web; il pubblico Grazie alla creazione del pubblico possiamo stabilire, a chi desideri mostrare le tue inserzioni, ok, creandone uno nuovo, usando, un pubblico salvato ovvero, un pubblico creato in precedenza, che è possibile creare, il quale è possibile creare in gestione e sessioni gli stage; sono estensioni, possiamo, creare, un pubblico Personalizzato che è un pubblico che possiamo definire più avanzato si divide principalmente appunto in pubblico personalizzato raggiungi le persone, che hanno già interagito con.

I tuoi contenuti con la tua azienda con la tua pagina facebook, questo pubblico personalizzato è creato appositamente per un’azione di retargeting quindi le persone, che hanno già visto, il tuo ad che hanno magari messo mi piace al tuo, article hanno anche solo visto, il tuo article oppure Hanno visitato la tua pagina il tuo sito web, il tuo blog la tua, landing page il tuo fan, qualsiasi cosa, ok, qualsiasi, interazione e facebook, la registra, ed è, subito, pronto per ricard ghettizzare quelle persone, quindi uno strumento, potentissimo da utilizzare assolutamente mentre per quanto; riguarda, il Pubblico simile, a un pubblico che raggiunge nuove persone su facebook, simili al tuo, pubblico più, importante, ora, voi capite bene che uno, strumento del genere, è di un potere eccezionale; ok, vi da un potere eccezionale su facebook, grazie, appunto al algoritmo, che andrà; a registrare il pubblico Simile grazie, al vostro, pubblico precedente, spiego, meglio, facciamo, un esempio, pratico noi, abbiamo, già, ottenuto, nel, nostro web site; ok, nel, nostro, sito web cento, con versioni, ovvero, 100; acquisì; ok, va bene: cento, acquisti da 100 persone differenti, tutti, questi, dati, ok, tutti! I dati relativi a queste 100 persone saranno registrate nel pixel di facebook, è l’algoritmo di facebook, andrà quindi, a trovare grazie, alle, informazioni, ai dati, ai profili di queste, 100 persone andrà, a trovare il cliente; ok, un pubblico relativo di clienti ideale che verrà, organizzato, successivamente, attraverso, Questo pubblico simile quindi, il nuovo pubblico simile, creato sarà, il più possibile simile; a il cliente ideale creato grazie, alle informazioni e dati di tutti.

I nostri clienti già realizzati, ok dei nostri clienti già acquisiti questo, è uno strumento, fondamentale da usare, che facebook, si mette a disposizione che ovviamente ci fa, pagare di più; ok, noterete, che utilizzando, il pubblico personalizzato del pubblico simile, facebook c aumenterà, il cpm ovvero il costo Per mille visualizzazioni e ovviamente avremo risultati si spera e si presume migliori, ok per quanto, riguarda pubblico personalizza ovviamente, retargeting, più, facile, ma anche luca laica ulian, si è realizzato correttamente in base a abbastanza dati; ok, non basta una vendita, 10 vede servono, minimo, 100, 200 vendite.

Prima di creare di poter, creare, un pubblico simile, ok, andrò comunque, a spiegarvelo più avanti come crearlo e quando, crearlo; ok, non vi, preoccupate quindi torniamo alla copertura potenziale, che abbiamo qui di 31 milioni di persone; ok, che ovviamente troppo, elevata suggerisco io di iniziare da un 500 mila un milione di persone massimo di copertura potenziale sempre in target ovviamente ho anche se volete targetizzare in maniera, più specifica, dalle, 100.

000, alle 500mila persone questo, perché, perché, grazie, a una dian, a un pubblico di queste, dimensioni noi, possiamo, successivamente, scalare, ok, scalare e fondamentali. In facebook, in quanto, ci permette di appunto scalare il nostro business in base, alle persone, ok, non vediamo, prima una unità vendiamo poi 5 rimaniamo poi 10 poi 100 così in modo da appunto creare una scala, ok, una scala di vendite una scala di profitto, alimentando quindi.

Il nostro business in maniera, sempre, più, costante, abbiamo detto, che quindi 31 milioni di persone sono troppe abbiamo preso, un esempio, l’italia, ok, perché ci troviamo in italia, quello che non dovete fare è, targetizzare tutte le persone che in questo luogo in quanto, ovviamente sono persone, a Cui caso può essere il più recente all’interno della recessione da quindi prende facebook, fatta realizzare tutte le persone, a caso che si trovano italia, capirete bene che questa non è una mossa, intelligente, ovviamente facebook, veramente come predeterminata, perché, vuole, che vuoi, spendere, più, soldi, ok, ricordo, che Più più impressioni voi andrete, a pagare più facebook, ci guadagno quindi voi volete, meno, impressioni, pagare, meno, posizioni, possibili, ma alle, persone giuste come si fa questo targets andò in maniera, efficiente; ok, le persone, che vivono in questo, luogo noi, vogliamo, selezionare, questa opzione in quanto, saranno Persone che veramente e stabilmente vivono in italia, quindi hanno, residenza, o vivono comunque non sono; turisti; ok, sapete bene: che l’italia è famosissima per il turismo milioni e milioni di turisti di tutto, l’anno quindi voi non volete, organizzare turisti, a caso che stanno sono, inutili ta, nea Per vacanza o roba del genere, ok, voi volete da pensare in questo caso persone italiane, che vivono in italia e che possono diciamo acquisire.

I vostri prodotti in maniera più facile, abbiamo detto, che italia, persone, che vivono in questo luogo le età e tara, è fondamentale, ok, l’età troppo giovane non va bene in quanto I ragazzi di solito, sotto 21 anni non coprono moltissimo line in quanto, non hanno, soldi; ok, Sono studenti non lavorano quindi suggerisco di solito di insieme, con eta piu grande di solito, 25 34. Anni è l’età che a me piace targetizzati più in quanto sono dovrebbero, già, lavorare, ok, sono, molto, interessati, a la moda comunque sono giovani quindi possono spendere in accessori di moda.

I presenti occhiali da sole appunto orologi bracciali che ricordo che noi abbiamo questo grandi moda, che siamo e stiamo portando avanti per finta; ok, come esempio, quindi andremo, a targetizzare 25 34 anni e anche uomini perché in questo esempio faremo, venderemo, occhiali da sole per uomini; quindi; 25: 34 anni uomini notiamo subito che da 31 milioni la copertura potenziale si abbassa al 33 milioni e 700 mila persone; ok, lingua, non ci, interessa perché le persone che in questo luogo dovrebbero, andare italiano quindi in questo, caso non andremo, a selezionare una, lingua anche se È possibile selezionare più lingue italiano, spagnolo eccetera, eccetera, l’alta, arcade, azione, dettagliata, questo, passo, ragazzi, è, fondamentale seguitemi bene che attentamente, includi le persone, che soddisfano almeno uno dei seguenti requisiti l’aggiunta di più, dettagli dell’organizzazione qui amplierà, il tuo pulito per includere; più persone; ok in verità Noi andremo a scegliere quindi un target specifico in modo da massimizzare le nostre iniziazioni da mostrarle solo alle persone giuste e fondamentale da capire noi adesso andremo, a vendere occhiali da sole quindi targa nizar e mochi piace o che da sole molto semplice successivamente andrò a mostrarvi.

Come targetizzare in maniera ancora, più, dettagliata, questo, è, un esempio, generale, tuttavia vi, posso subito, dire che facebook, ci permette di targetizzare; ok in base ai dati demografici in base a interessi e in base ai comportamenti partiamo dai dati, demografici, ok, grazie, a dati, demografici noi, possiamo Selezionare assolutamente qualsiasi cosa facebook, è incredibile, conosce, tutto di tutti, ok, quindi se, voi per esempio volete organizzare chi è, laureato selezione da qui laurea livello, d’istruzione, laurea, ok, addirittura, specialistica master, qualsiasi, cosa, potete, organizzare qualsiasi persona in base anche l’aspetto finanziario, al reddito, vedete qua introiti Del nucleo familiare 10 per cento 10 25 per cento comunque la cosa, importante è, che noi, possiamo utilizzare, facebook per fare, soldi; ok, questa è, la cosa, che conta per noi, avvenimenti importanti fidanzamenti matrimoni eccetera trasloco di recente, addirittura gente, scrive, qualsiasi, cosa, o facebook e voi Potete utilizzarlo a vostro vantaggio genitori politiche eccetera quindi dati, demografici è, decisamente uno, strumento, importante anche, se vi ricordo, che più target andrete, a selezionare ovviamente più pagate; ok, cpm, si alzerà notevolmente se vuoi inserite 10 target; ok, ovviamente facebook, che farà, pagare, molto, molto di più; Che inserendo, solamente, occhiali da sole va bene: abbiamo anche qui suggerimenti di facebook, facebook fa, selezionare, ok, parole, chiavi, o gruppi, interessi dati, demografici simili al nostro target iniziale per quanto riguarda gli interessi la categoria, che io prediligo in quanto, ci dà un’idea di come la gente Vive, ok: come il nostro pubblico vive spendere, I propri soldi quindi è importante capire, che questa sezione della targa nizzazione intagliata e fondamentale per capire dove il posto pubblico spende.

I propri soldi, ok, voi volete che il vostro pubblico sia, il più possibile idoneo, a comprare sul vostro sul web abbiamo, detto che stiamo facendo l’esempio del nostro brand di moda quindi andremo sicuramente, a cercare tra gli interessi shopping moda, già presente qui, con occhiali da sole Accessori di moda e o chieda solo, è, già selezionato, ma io suggerisco di targetizzare in maniera, più, dettagliata, rispetto, ovviamente, al vostro, prodotto al vostro brand attraverso.

I suggerimenti di facebook, ok e suggerimenti facebook, nascono quindi da una vostra targetizzazione iniziale andrà quindi, a cercare le parole, chiavi, a suggerirvi appunto le parole chiavi in base al vostro target iniziale un suggerimento che vi; posso, dare e quindi iniziare con 123 interessi, ok e poi Cercare di capire, dopo aver speso diversi diversi giorni diversi budget giornalieri in questo, vostro pubblico, capire magari come un pubblico simile, può cercare di funzionare in maniera più efficiente e massimizzando, le vostre, campagne e facebook, ok, quindi interessi, abbiamo, detto, occhiali da sole infine comportamenti anche, qui Una informazione generale di facebook, decisamente importante in quanto ci permette per esempio di selezionare, acquirenti coinvolti le persone, che hanno ha cliccato, sul pulsante di call to action, acquista, ora, nell’ultima, sezione, sessione di facebook, ok, affinità, culturali, universale, quindi, anche, qui, possiamo, selezionare, diverse opzioni, utili; ok, Dati, assolutamente certi, ok come per esempio accesso, a facebook da mobili l’accesso, a facebook da da desktop o viaggi per esempio tornati in viaggio da una settimana viaggiatori frequenti, ok per esempio possiamo vendere, I lanciatori frequenti internazionali uno zaino una borsa da viaggio; ok, super facile da Targetizzare sempre in base al vostro brand al vostro prodotto alla vostra industria; ok, torniamo, quindi, focalizzandoci, al nostro brand di moda, non vogliamo, vendere occhiali da sole, a uomini la 25 34 anni abbiamo una copertura e 650 mila persone direi, che fosse all’inizio per diciamo allenare il Nostro pixel di facebook, il pixel di facebook vi, ricordo, va allenato, all’inizio, sarà vuoto; ok, con zero, informazioni quindi facebook ha bisogno avrà bisogno di di voi per acquisire maggior numero possibile di informazioni e andare ad ottimizzare la vostra campagna facebook in base alle informazioni precedenti in Base anche alle informazioni successi, che voi andrà dai capite bene che facebook, il pixel di facebook; andrà a migliorare le vostre campagne ad ottimizzare.

I vostri risultati in base a come target. Inserite, il vostro pubblico va bene: quindi fondamentale da organizzare in maniera, corretta e non a casaccio primo per non spendere troppi soldi su facebook, inutilmente abbassando quindi è ovviamente. I vostri margini di profitto perché più spenderete in facebook in pubblicità in generale e meno soldi avrete per voi per alimentare, il vostro business e meno quindi.

I guadagni totali dovete cercare di spendere, meno possibile su facebook, io vi, spiegherò come attraverso, il corso che andrò, a creare vi, insegnerò passo dopo passo cosa fare per creare, campagne vincenti e sfruttare al massimo facebook per ottenere. I risultati il più possibile soddisfacenti e profittevoli andiamo avanti abbiamo detto che la copertura potenziale di 650.000 persone potrebbe andare bene ma, inizialmente, suggerisco, ai miei studenti, ai miei clienti di iniziare, con una copertura potenziale un pubblico di 500.

000 persone massimo quindi targhe inseriremo, ancora attraverso, un Interesse che soddisfa anche almeno uno dei, seguenti requisiti sfoglieremo quindi interessi, andremo, sempre, attraverso shopping e, moda direi, che chi piace, un uomo devi da 25 34 anni che piace la moda e piace vestirsi, con occhiali da sole potrebbe assolutamente piacere abbigliamento maschile, ok, noteremo che il Pubblico si abbasserà notevolmente e 290 mila persone e possiamo definire questo pubblico come soddisfacente, ovviamente voi, dovrete trovare, lo vede essere, bravi attraverso, l’esperienza ovviamente, a trovare il vostro, pubblico ideale; ok, attraverso, tester, stesse est est est est est ripeto mille volte di testare come se non Ci fosse un domani lo so che è una spesa una questione, ovviamente di budget però facebook, sono così facebook, è capace di farvi, partire una, sola, campania, o che è un solo gruppo e sessioni.

In solo ad una solo, non solo, annuncio quindi e farvi fare un sacco di soldi, come capace, che facebook, faccia partire di dieci, campagne differenti nessuna delle, quali, avrà, dato, risultati, soddisfacenti, o vi, darà vendite, nel, breve, periodo, nel medio, periodo, nel, lungo, periodo, ok, quindi, è, Tutto basato sul test facebook, è fatto apposta per testare; ok, non è solo una questione, si che facebook, vuole guadagnare su le nostre ad sul nostro diciamo sulla nostra pubblicità eccetera, ma ovviamente facebook, vuole che vuoi guadagnare di più in quanto, più, voi, guadagnate, più, voi scale; Rete il vostro business più voi spenderete soldi in pubblicità di conseguenza, spenderete più, facebook, quindi l’obiettivo di facebook, e si guadagnare quindi fare più, soldi possibile, attraverso appunto la sua, piattaforma attraverso, tutta una pubblicità, ma ovviamente l’obiettivo di facebook, e anche farvi fare soldi; ok, far, vivere Il vostro prodotto farvi ottenere le ips 15 nazioni contatti e fare in modo che voi convertì, a te il più possibile proprio appunto per spendere più soldi su facebook, molto semplice come si dice in america, un win to win ora abbiamo una copertura, potenziale 290 mila persone E vogliamo andare avanti in quanto il nostro pubblico è stato definito possiamo specificare ulteriormente attraverso per esempio, chi fa shopping online; ok, andremo, quindi, ad abbassare ancora di più la nostra copertura potenziale ovviamente 280 mila persone da 290 mila non vale la pena, neanche selezionare shopping online.

In quanto per 10mila, persone ritengo che non sia necessario, va bene. Perché facebook in base come ho già detto in precedenza in base alla realizzazione in base a più interessi specifici andrà, a farmi pagare di più quindi un interesse due interessi un comportamento specifica ulteriormente eccetera eccetera andrà a fare pagare di più base ovviamente al targeting più il Pubblico sarà targetizzato è piccolo più voi andrete, a pagare cpm quindi, il costo per mille visualizzazioni del vostro ad del vostro annuncio facebook, quindi badate bene: noi vogliamo, spendere salvare soldi su facebook per le nostre tasche aggiungi interessi se ciò può comportare, a un aumento di conversioni Al costo per conversioni inferiore facebook qua ci suggerisce di cliccare, su questa casella voi ovviamente, non dovete, farlo perché facebook, vuole prendere da voi soldi assolutamente senza motivo come in questo caso noterebbe bene che cliccando su questa casella abbiamo una copertura, o che 63 milioni e 700 Mila persone andrà quindi, a selezionare tutti gli uomini da 25 34 anni senza quindi prendere considerazione del nostro target senza prendere in considerazioni interessi, che abbiamo già, selezionato andrà, a scegliere quindi tutte le persone da 25 34 anni indifferentemente quindi assolutamente non lo fa del cosa fa Va selezionare variamente tutte le persone da 25 34 anni di sesso, maschile, dentro facebook, ok, posizionamenti, automatici, scelta, consigliata di facebook, parliamone perché è la scelta, consigliata per facebook, non per voi, ma lasciatemi spiegare che la modifica dei posizionamenti importante in base al vostro, obiettivo; ok, se Voi volete ri targetizzare quindi il vostro pubblico che ha già interagito con voi attraverso un pubblico personalizzato voi dovreste usare, il posizionamento romantici in quanto facebook e andrà, a mostrare il vostro ad la vostra inserzione, a tutti quelli che hanno già visto le vostre abi in precedenza E ovunque quindi su instagram su appunto posta sulla posta di messenger, la vostra, sezione, sulla, loro, sezione, notizie sui article streaming; assolutamente, dappertutto, ok, questo, perché, perché, voi, potete, selezionare le persone, che sono, connesse, attraverso, wifi, o attraverso 3g per esempio, o 4 c, o attraverso.

Nobody data, ok, io suggerisco, sempre di connettere, solamente attraverso wifi in quanto, il cliente sarà in una situazione di agio possibilmente, a casa probabilmente in un caffè o in un ristorante o in luoghi del genere, dove è, possibile, spendere, più tempo ovviamente se una persona è in Giro in autobus in macchina con il 3g o 4g più difficilmente comperare. I vostri prodotti e ovviamente voi andrete spendere più soldi inutilmente quindi selezionate solo, con connessione wifi e.

I dispositivi mobili tutti quanti solo nel caso in cui immediate per esempio cover per iphone qui in questo caso potreste selezionare, iphone, ok, potete, selezionare addirittura. I modelli di iphone, quindi andremo, a selezionare tutti. I dispositivi mobili e passiamo al budget e programmazione, ok, stabilisci quanto, desideri, spendere e quando desideri mostrare le tue inserzioni su facebook, prima di tutto, succede sco sempre ai miei, studenti, ai ai miei, clienti di iniziare, con un budget giornaliero per gruppo estersione questo, perchè, perchè, facebook, Intanto è più abituato, a spendere un budget di 5 euro 4 tutti inizialmente partono a 5 euro come prezzo base; ok, quindi l’algoritmo di facebook, è più improntato questo tipo, il budget giornaliero quindi è capace di spenderlo in maniera più efficiente possiamo, dire e soprattutto voi dovete Capire che avete bisogno di tanti, gruppi inserzione, non basta uno, non basta, inserire, un gruppo e sessione, un pubblico mille euro al giorno e ottenere 2 mila euro di ritorno, no non funziona, così stabilisce quanto desideri, spendere e quando desideri mostrare le due sessioni assolutamente fondamentale da Capire che il pass giornaliero ovviamente andrà, a spendere il vostro budget in questo, caso 5 euro durante tutte le 24 ore della giornata; ok, se voi fate, partire per esempio le vostre inserzioni alle, due di pomeriggio dalle due a mezzanotte quindi dalle, 14 alle 24 in 10 Ore andrà spendere tutto il vostro bacio ovviamente voi siete liberi di decidere, quanto spendere durante l’arco della giornata, un bacio al giornaliero, rappresentato spesa media per ogni, giorno quindi durante le 24 ore, facebook, andrà spendere tutto, il vostro bacio giornaliero fate, attenzione al fatto, che se.

Voi fate partire le vostre campagne facebook per esempio alle due di pomeriggio già per mezzanotte avrà speso tutto, il vostro budget giornaliero quindi nell’arco, dalle 14 alle 24 10 ore, ma ovviamente voi dovete cercare di dire facebook, spendi il mio budget giornaliero durante le ore, piu opportune Durante le ore giuste modo tale che le persone comprino I miei prodotti, I miei servizi durante ore determinate come dire, questo, a facebook, voi potete selezionare data, inizio nelle, vostre, campagne, facebook, ok, è una cosa, molto, più, complicata, che non suggerisco, nei miei, clienti, né, ai miei, Studenti di fare in quanto facebook, è molto intelligente ogni gruppo, inserzione ha bisogno di almeno, 3 4 giorni per stabilizzarsi per ottimizzarsi quindi dovete capire fin da subito che facebook, sarà una spesa, importante, ma che potenzialmente gli permetterà di elevare, il vostro business; ok di farvi, guadagnare Molti molti molti soldi ma che ovviamente, a ma la possibilità di farvi, perdere molti soldi quindi se voi non fate, partire vostre campagne, con un criterio secondo uno schema, logico, secondo le regole, che facebook, si impone voi perderete tutto, il vostro budget giornaliero inutilmente, senza, ottenere, alcun, Risultato ma se voi fate le cose in maniera, corretta vi, assicuro che I risultati attraverso facebook arriveranno in quanto facebook vi da la possibilità di organizzare di fare pubblicità, come nessuno, ha mai, fatto prima come per esempio le televisioni assolutamente un altro livello; ok la pubblicità su Facebook è il presente è il passato e sarà il futuro; ok, sarà, il futuro riguardo soprattutto tutte le società, che ancora non investono, ingenti capitali in facebook, ma che sicuramente andranno investire c’ è assolutamente la cosa, importante da capire è che non è solo in base a Quanti soldi spende tema anche come li spendete ovvero la qualità del vostro, pubblico e delle vostre inserzioni e delle campagne di come voi fate, marketing su facebook, mi raccomando cercate di capirlo, perché è, fondamentale, quindi, ritornando, al nostro budget giornaliero, o 5 euro 5 euro che al Giorno fanno in una settimana 35 euro, il nostro gruppo in sessione andrà ad ottimizzare si nell’arco di sette, giorni; dal click; ok, quindi, a finestre conversione seleziona quantità di tempo c’ è una mente, necessari affinché qualcuno completi, nazione importante in questo, caso, conversioni, dopo, aver, visualizzato, ad Una sezione aver cliccato su di essa, ok, se la conversione di un giorno ad esempio effettuare, ma autorizzazione usando.

I dati provenienti dalle conversione venute entro un giorno da quando qualcuno ha interagito con la tua inserzione ora strategia offerta questo è, un livello molto più avanzato che non andrò, a spiegarvi qui anche perché era; un livello base importante in quanto già facebook e molto, molto, intelligente, L’Algoritmi facebook è molto intelligente riguardo alle, vostre, campagne, andrà quindi, a scegliere andrete voi, a scegliere un limite dell’offerta quindi per esempio non vogliamo un 15 euro per acquisto un esempio pratico non offriremo più di questo importo per ogni acquisto se questo importo è troppo esiguo potreste Riscontrare problemi con la spesa del tuo budget, ok, quindi, potrebbe, avvenire, che facebook, non spenda, il vostro budget o che lo spende tutto in ungheria risultati è, un processo molto sensibile da capire e da attuare quindi mi raccomando non fatelo.

Se, non siete sicuri di quello, che state facendo per che andrete, a spendere tutti passo. I soldi inutilmente senza ottenere risultati anche questo ti si trata stessa cosa riguarda appunto la strategia di offerta, tieni presente, anche qui facebook show dice che le stragi offerta disponibili variano in base a tua ottimizzazione per la pubblicazione dell’inserzione quindi anche dovete avere una base, ok di Informazioni nel vostro pixel informazioni riguardanti, I vostri clienti già abbastanza forti in modo da facebook in modo che facebook vi, aiuti, a trovare appunto questa conversione hanno un costo fisso; ok, è un procedimento, molto più complicato, che non vi, preoccupate vi, spiegherò, ma questo e per livello; Molto molto più avanzato che sinceramente ha utilizzato un po di volte, ma ho sempre preferito un diciamo un budget automatico; ok, che dà la possibilità, facebook di trovare, automaticamente autonomamente, il cliente, ideale; ok, detto, questo, abbiamo, concluso la sezione, riguardante gruppo in sessioni, andremo, a concludere; ok, Creiamo la nostra inserzione per la prima volta oppure utilizziamo, il posto esistente nella sezione creazione in sessione quindi abbiamo la possibilità di creare, un’interazione da zero oppure utilizzare un po se esistente nella nostra pagina facebook in questo, caso sta, utilizzando per comodità stefano montana, oppure addirittura attraverso.

Il nostro account: instagram, ok, anche qui stefano montanari al il mio account instagram andate quindi, a selezionare, il post; ok, il post siderato e noterete subito, che ci sarà una lista dei post presenti, appunto nel vostro account instagram facebook vi, suggerisco fortemente di utilizzare una call to Action ovvero scenico all’azione desideri, che le persone e seguano quando vedono la tua ossessione suggerisco di sempre, inserire acquista ora, o dove due dove inglese, ed hoffer, ricevi l’offerta; ok in modo che la gente, capisca subito le persone capiscono subito, che devono, comprare, senza, girarci, intorno, ok, Sempre meglio essere chiari non fare, strane cose, che poi non si capisce anche nel caso per esempio di un flip la shipping ovvero gratis con spedizione è una tecnica, utilizzata principalmente, negli, stati, uniti, ok, che riguarda, quindi una una vendita di un prodotto pari; a zero sulla Sulla carta ma metterete il costo di spedizione più alto in modo da coprire, il costo del prodotto iniziale; ok, quindi voi prendete il prodotto a 0 ma la mente rete delle spese di spedizione, che normalmente sono sui 23 euro; ok per prodotto la metterete per esempio, a 10 facendo risultare come se lui il cliente sia ottenendo qualcosa gratis ma che in verità, il prezzo del prodotto è inserito nelle spese di spedizione; ok, ma il cliente percepirà questo prodotto come gratis; ok, quindi, mi, raccomando, mi, raccomando, questa, questa, è una tecnica, che andrò, a Spiegarvi più avanti e più in profondità anche perché, è, decisamente, potente; se utilizzata bene in modo da ovviamente a crescere la social plus ovvero la presenza di altre persone che stanno interagendo con il vostro contenuto con il vostro sito web o la vostra azienda con il vostro Prodotto in modo appunto a creare più fiducia per I nuovi utenti che andranno, a ovviamente, a vedere vostro ad interagire e di conseguenza fa strada anche in base alla percezione che loro hanno del vostro brand; ok, è fondamentale, il marketing non è una guerra di prodotti in Mano a guerra di percezioni, ok, prima vi, rendete conto di questo e, prima vincerete la vostra, battaglia, sul marketing, la vostra, battaglia li prende, ok di brandizzazione per quanto, riguarda qualsiasi settore; ok, il brand la cosa, più importante la percezione che.

I clienti le persone hanno del nostro prodotto del nostro brand in generale; ok, tutto relativo alla percezione qui noi dobbiamo cercare di attraverso, le nostre campagne pubblicitarie di trasmettere, il più possibile non solo in base alle informazioni che ovviamente, sono, fondamentali, ma soprattutto in base alle emozioni Che riusciremo a trasmettere grazie, alle nostre in sessioni creiamo quindi in questo caso una inserzione, totalmente, nuova e vediamo, che facebook, ci suggerisce determinati modelli da utilizzare abbiamo qui, il carosello molto potente per quanto riguarda l’azione di retargeting; ok, quanto, è, possibile posizionarlo in tutti.

I posizionamenti appunto di facebook, ok, ovviamente dipende dal tipo di formato, delle immagini dal article o ogni con. I article immagine a una size, quindi un formato differente; ok, andremo, a selezionare qui differenti immagini potete selezionare anche utilizzare anche un article una slideshow facebook, permetterà di anche di creare una breve slideshow di 15 secondi con le varie immagini inserendo anche, delle, musiche, quindi, avete, un’amplia.

Ok, una grande possibilità di scelta, non fermatevi subito alla prima immagine che trovate la inserite, facebook, facebook, ads e sperate di vendere; ok, dovete, essere, creativi, creazione di contenuti, quindi non fermatevi, a cose semplici mi raccomando cercate di essere, più sofisticati, possibili vi, aiuterò, che successivamente, a Creare le als perfette, ok in modo da ottenere più gli è possibile più contatti, possibili, quindi, più, clienti, potenziali, possibili; ok, con un sì tr click to wait; ovvero la quantità di click; ok, che vanno, dal, vostro, ad al vostro, sito web quindi, una variabile; ok, una Una metrica molto importante da tenere in considerazione la quantità di persone, che dal, vostro, ad vanno appunto al vostro business in generale; ok, quindi, non vogliamo, che questo, si tr vada ad essere più alto, possibile ovviamente, lo scopo di facebook, è quello di appunto, attirare, traffico, sul Nostro sito web sono, strani page sul, nostro, prodotto, ok, quindi, assolutamente, fondamentale, avere, iniziativa e creatività cercate di giocare, appunto anche qui, potete, utilizzare, modelli kit di creazione dei article assolutamente consigliato quelli ascoltatevi, se volete salvare, il vostro denaro su facebook, e ovviamente utilizzarlo per ampliare, il Vostro business, ok, ripeto questi, sono, errori, già, fatti quindi non fate.

I miei stessi errori e anzi ascoltatemi abbiamo detto che voi pagherete di più, questo kit di creazione, article per esempio, questo modello verticale quadrato eccetera che a questo molto utile per le storie devo dire sì esattamente per le storie di facebook, o instagram; ok e come abbiamo; Detto pagheremo di più, però ovviamente avremo un servizio più di qualità possiamo dire anche perché se voi volete un article o una foto professionale comunque se non siete dei esperti di fotografia, o di article, editing, vi, suggerisco di chiedere, a qualcuno più esperto di voi; ok, quello Ovviamente il livello successivo per livello begin quindi principiante vi, suggerisco di utilizzare, foto professionali, il più professionale possibile, che trovate sul vostro prodotto, o che potete anche scattare voi in qualche in qualche per esempio posizione particolare con qualche monumento pure con background quindi uno sfondo, decisamente accattivante Che cattura l’attenzione questo è lo scopo del nostro, scopo per la creazione di inversione, mi raccomando tenete bene a mente, qui ovviamente andrete inserire un testo come creare una campagna facebook, vincente se mi ricordo come si scrive vincente in pochi, semplici passi, ok, quindi, selezionate, fino, a 10 slides e suggerisco di pensare, a tutte quante perché, ho uno, o dieci non cambia, assolutamente niente, il prezzo lo stesso inserire il link qua sempre la call to action; fondamentale ragazzi vi, suggerisco di scrivere, utilizzare ricevi l’offerta, o acquista ora potete, anche, penso, seleziona, nessun pulsante.

In questo caso anche qui, altro, trucco, avrete, un ctr, più basso, ok, ma potenzialmente, più di qualità, ovvero la gente, che veramente, sarà, interessata, al vostro, articolo, al vostro, servizio, al vostro, prodotto, ok, andrà, a cercare, il vostro link da qualche, parte perché, sono, veramente, presi, dalla Vostro ad da quello che state prona, proponendo, ok, molta gente per esempio con il pulsante call to action vasco compra ora cliccano così alla cieca senza però alla fine acquistare quindi non sono impulsi, bayern ovvero acquirenti impulsivi andando quindi, a sprecare il vostro budget su facebook, detto Questo avete capito come funziona, il carosello come funziona, anche, l’immagine, è, molto, semplice inserite, un immagine singola potete inserire un article singolo, può, inserire una slide, show poi inserire una raccolta, anche questa molto potente sentenza, va bene; ok, qui avete, il modello che, come avete, sicuramente vi, Sarà capitato di vedere su facebook, bale poi cliccate su queste immagini e si aprirà con quattro prodotti sotto si apre a una lista di prodotti, molto professionale, a dir la verità, a me piace molto ovviamente questo modello costa di più, un modello vetrina ovviamente è.

Come se loro si trovassero già sul vostro sito web loro, cliccando sulla sull’inserzione si aprirà una lista con tutti, I vostri prodotti, ok quindi lo direttamente vedono tutti, I vostri prodotti se sono veramente interessati andranno, a cliccare sul prodotto e, il prodotto si aprirà davanti gli occhi. Come magia, ok, andranno, direttamente, sulla, vostra pagina web che saranno in grado di comprare, il prodotto quindi possiamo, dire che è decisamente potente e lo suggerisco, ok, penso, che abbiamo detto praticamente tutto, possiamo, selezionare così per far vedere come funziona; ok, abbiamo, detto, qui, www, lontana business On line.

Com salve sito web mio blog dove, ok, abbiamo creato, il nostro ad diventano imprendibili teche stesso perfetto possiamo quindi, verificare, tutto tutto, a posto; ok, andremo, a pubblicarlo andiamo quindi, a concludere questo tutorial iniziale per quanto riguarda la creazione della vostra, prima inserzione noteremo subito che Così viene ottenuto il nostro ad per la prima volta basta inserire, il nostro link, www business montana business on line.

Com ovvero, il sito del mio blog dove sono, presenti, tutti, gli, articoli, relativi, al business line su facebook, tusciapi fi, sulle, varie, opportunità di business, presente oggi, quindi, Mi raccomando andate, a dargli un’occhiata ve lo consiglio blog stupendo ovviamente al mio, quindi abbiamo scritto, il testo abbiamo scritto lontana business online c’, è, l’offerta siamo pronti per completare, il nostro ad quindi andremo, a confermare l’ordine; ok, ragazzi, ci, troviamo, quindi, nella, gestione, inserzioni, dopo, che Abbiamo creato la nostra inserzione quindi abbiamo, qui tutti.

I dati necessari forniti da facebook, ok, nella panoramica account possiamo addirittura vedere da dove vengono. I nostri leader, se vendiamo a tutto il mondo possiamo vedere quale paese funziona meglio dell’altro possiamo vedere, a che ora delle età e genere qualsiasi cosa facebook, ci dà un’informazione di totale, a 360 gradi assolutamente incredibile di tutti. I nostri clienti tutti, I nostri leeds in contatti.

Eccetera eccetera, ok, mi raccomando. I dati sono fondamentali abbiamo la sezione, campagne abbiamo la sezione, gruppi di inserzioni, abbiamo una sezione, inserzioni, quindi, tre livelli, come vi ho mostra in precedenza del nostro, facebook ad, ok, prima di tutto, dobbiamo assicurarci, che il nostro, obiettivo venga raggiunto; ok, e soprattutto, venga raggiunto in Maniera profittevole cosa significa noi abbiamo scelto quindi di vendere articoli di moda, occhiali da sole dobbiamo essere sicuri che il nostro obiettivo ovvero conversione quindi acquisto sia profittevole cosa significa facciamo, un esempio pratico noi abbiamo un costo per risultato di 15 euro; ok, quindi per ogni 15 Euro noi avremo una conversione quindi una vendita, il nostro chieda solo e costa 40 euro, a pagheremo quindi 15 euro facebook per trovarci un cliente e 5 euro esempio il costo, degli occhiali da sole va bene: mi raccomando 20 euro di profitto non sono da buttare ricordo Che se vuoi vendete con 20 euro di profitto vendete 10 occhiali da sole fate 200 euro al giorno, non sono da buttare chi li fa 200 al giorno, partendo praticamente da zero poche persone voi dovete essere tra, quelle, mi raccomando fate, le cose bene; e sicuramente ne Farete molti di più, ok, ricordate, che ci sono su facebook due miliardi di persone 2 miliardi sapete quanto ci vuole per finire due miliardi di persone su facebook, ci vuole una vita, non basta una vita, quindi e andrà sempre aumentare, questo, numero, quindi, chi vi, dice, è La gente finita e mercato è saturo perché sta facendo le cose male poi, le sta facendo e sta proprio facendo anche paura di iniziale paura di provare paura di spendere, soldi ovviamente dipende dal, mercato, dal, prodotto da la persona da qualsiasi cosa, ok da un miliardo di Variabile ma dipende da te le cose mi raccomando dal vostro mindset, se voi siete positivi, sul lavoro, nella, vita, nella, palestra, nella, nella, cucina, qualsiasi, cosa, ok, qualsiasi, cosa, voi, facciate, vostro mines, deve essere, orientato, verso, un obiettivo, fisso, un obiettivo, che vi, porterà al successo, mi Raccomando abbiamo detto che la prima; ok, il primo dato da osservare sono risultati costo per risultato e risultati quindi se noi spendiamo 30 euro e otteniamo due vendite qui avremo 22 risultati costo risultato 15 euro va bene: molto semplice importante, che selezionate solamente le colonne utili per Voi quindi potrebbe essere il cpm per controllare quanto spendete dovrebbe essere click to wait per controllare, quante persone vanno realmente, dal vostro hard al vostro sito web; ok, il costo, è risultato ovviamente, fondamentale e altri dati, che voi inserirete qui in base alle vostre esigenze; ok, detto, Questo potete tranquillamente partire mi raccomando, con testa; ok, ragionate bene sui vostri ad andrò a spiegarvi più avanti nei article nei corsi come fare e creare, il target perfetto mi raccomando come creare e ad perfette trovate tutti.

I link in descrizione utili per il vostro business in descrizione troverete tutti. I link utili per avviare, il vostro business di successo, mi raccomando ragazzi usate la testa; ok, non fate, le cose, a caso ragionateci e studiate bisogna lavorare duro altrimenti non si ottiene niente questo non è; un gioco è la vita, reale dovete spendere soldi per fare, soldi Mi raccomando, ok, ragazzi il article è terminato adesso potete creare le vostre inserzioni facebook, autonomamente se il article vi; è piaciuto e ti è stato utile mette, mi, piace iscriviti al canale e condividi con.

I tuoi amici iscriviti al canale e proprio qui sotto il article fatemi sapere nei commenti se qualcosa non vi, è chiaro e soprattutto voglio sapere come target; inserite il vostro pubblico iniziale e, come creste la vostra, inserzione ideale al prossimo, article

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How I Target BUYERS With Facebook Ads (Audience Insights Tutorial)

Now, before I show you how I use this tool to do that, there’s a couple of few points that I want to run through with you guys, first, just because it’s important that, when we’re going through the process that you consider these and have these in the Back of your mind, plus, I want to show you what I use these categories for and how I actually go about doing the research and planning what interests I’m going to use so number.

One then make sure the interests are relevant to the buyers within your niche. So, for example, then, if we’re in the dog niche there’s two interests here – the dog foods versus I love dog pages. Now the reason we want to target the people, the interests that are relevant to the buyers is because they’re already spending money within the niche. So for the example, then, the dog nish: if somebody’s spending money within the dog niche, then the chances are they own, a dog and therefore they’re, going to be interested in our dog product.

So these two examples were interested in dog foods. Obviously, the chances of somebody who doesn’t even owning a dog be interested in dog food is going to be a lot slimmer than somebody who does own a dog. So obviously that would be a good category of interests to go and target versus the isle of dog pages, so you don’t have to own a dog to like dogs or to love dogs and therefore be part of that interest.

If that makes sense, so essentially what we want to do when we’re targeting on Facebook is just be targeting those people who are already spending money within the niche. The second point, then, is look at the content on the page. So when you’re going to target an interest, you can actually open up the page on audience insights and look at the kind of content. Look at how big the audience is and, more importantly, then, look at the engagement.

What we want, essentially the ideal interest to target, is one: that’s posting content purely relative to dog owners if we’re in the dog niche, for example – and we want to make sure that they’ve got a good high engagement rate, because that’s good for two reasons: number one. If they’re posting that sort of content that’s relevant to dog owners, then the chances are that audience is going to be made up of dog owners and number two.

Then, if it’s got a high engagement rate as well, then it shows people who are active on Facebook. They have no trouble with commenting Things, tagging people and liking posts related to dogs, which is going to be great for our post, because at the end of the day, were advertising on a social media platform. So the more social we can get our audience to be. On our post, it’s just going to be a win-win for us, because it’s going to increase our organic reach and there’s going to be more people, that’s going to see our ad and therefore we’ve got a better chance of making more purchases.

Moving on to number three, then so, the top categories of your interest are mostly niche related. So what I mean by that, then is when we put an interest in here. So, for example, if I put in let’s say just golfers and interest – and we look at page likes – if we look at all of these top categories, a good interest to target would would have the majority of these top categories also related to golf.

I’m going to get more into that later on in the article and why that’s so important and then to finish off the last point, is so the higher the affinity score, the better so again going back to the audience insights. If we have a look at the page like section down here, if there’s an infinity score on the right and what it means, it explains it here, but what it means is basically that how relevant these interests are to your original interest, that you’re targeting and the Higher the affinity score, the better and, as you can see, these are kind of like 24, 27 and 30, which is actually very very low.

So all that being said, then, how do we actually use the tool now before we get into it? I just want to highlight these categories that I’ve got here so celebs and figures, brands, magazines, shops, websites, activities and TV shows. These are typically, then, the ones that I begin with, and I always use a spiritually like this, then to keep track of the interests that I potentially want to target, because if you do this at the same time I’ve created I’d set, it can get messy.

I find it’s just best to record what you’re doing so then, when you start to advertise other products within that niche, then you’ve also you’ve always got like a database of interests. You can come back to for ideas, so I tend to stick with one at a time. So, for example, if we begin with the first one I’ll just take you through like a live example, so we have celebs and figures, and if we go back to our audience insights tool, then in fact a quick point to make.

This is why it’s always handy to have a like a decent knowledge of the niche you’re going into, because when it comes with coming up with interests as a starting point, then it’s going to help. So if we just take the Gaul finish as an example, because I play golf, then I know quite a few famous golfers or famous faces within the space that give me like a starting point. So if we just start with Tiger Woods, for example, we’re on the page like section and what we’re going to be interested in now, is this top categories and the page likes.

So the first thing I’m going to do then, is just have a look at all these top categories and make sure that as many as possible actually related to golf because that’s going to be a good sign and just how many quick browse over all of these Are golfers PGA Tour golf digest tie list? These are all golf brands and pretty much 100 %, and these are related to golf, which is a great sign. But what I’m going to do is just click see, or it’s going to give me another 20 or so categories, and what we want to do is actually look deeper because the further down you can go and still get pages purely related to golf than the better And the stronger sign of it being a decent interest and, as you can see, then, as we start to come out of kind of like the top 10, maybe the top 15, then we kind of start to fade away from golf.

And that tells me, then, that this interest Tiger Woods as an interest isn’t a particularly good one to go out and target, which I knew anyway, purely because you don’t have to be a golfer to know who Tiger Woods is because he’s so famous and therefore his Interest as an audience is going to include a lot of people who don’t even play golf and therefore they’re not going to be interested in my golf product and another way, then to kind of back that up is, if you go down to the page likes X.

Section and if you look at the affinity scores they’re 212 182, so they were much higher than that previous interest. I just showed you, but these are still quite low. We want to join, find ones that have, if any scores of over a thousand, so in other words, then Tiger Woods doesn’t go in my list. What I would do is when I come across an interest that I lock the look of. I would come back on here and put it on my list.

I would come up with say half a dozen per category and then that gives me kind of like my planner pack or then separate that out and set by ad set. So I’d have an ad set that is purely focused on the celebs and famous figures and insert purely based on brands, an ad set of magazines, shops, website, etc. So Tiger Woods isn’t good enough, then. So what I’m going to do is because I know Golf quite well, then I’m going to put in a guy called Sergio Garcia because he’s still pretty popular golfer, but he’s probably not he’s.

Definitely not as well-known as Tiger Woods. And if you don’t play golf, then he probably wouldn’t know who he is so Sergio Garcia and we’re going to do the same sort of thing. So just have a look through the top categories, as you can see, they’re all golf related again and we’re getting down now to the top 20 and, as you can see, we’re still purely talking about golf here. All these categories are still golf related and, as we go further down, then we’re still at 24 is still talking.

Golf we’re still talking golf golf pretty much. All of them are golf until we get to about level 30, which is a great sign. So that’s a stronger sign that Sergio Garcia is an interest, is purely golf. Related has like a kind of more higher value audience and again we can double check this, then, by looking at the affinity scores of the relevant pages and, as you can see so this one’s over 6,000, this one’s 2015 hundred.

So these are all really good and strong signs that Sergio Garcia has an interest in the golf niche would be a pretty good one to target purely because majority, if not all of these are related to golf or the affinity. Scores are high and therefore the audience within Sergio Garcia interest or pretty lot. It’s got a high concentration of other golf interests and therefore that’s a strong sign that people within this interest play golf, because the majority of the interests and top categories and page lights are also related to golf.

If that makes sense. Hopefully, I’ve explained that, well any questions at all feel free leave. A comment down below. I always go back to every single person, so Sergio Garcia is pretty good. One then definitely something I would consider. So he goes on the list and he could be number one and then what you can do from here then now you found your first one. You can build on what audience insights is already given you and what you can simply do.

If I can find at google crome just simply work through kind of these ones, that are it’s, that category you’re going through and if you just click on it and open it up, it’s going to give you an idea it’s going to take to the page. Essentially so you can see goes back to that point I was making earlier. You can see the kind of content. They’re posting then see if it’s relatable to the boys within your niche.

So by the looks of things, then this guy is a coach and therefore coaches. Golf coaches are obviously relatable to people who play golf and therefore potentially good interest to target. Now the way we were going about checking whether he would be a good one. Is we simple just go back to our audience insights and we put it in here. So his name was Michael breed. Let’s try this one and I think that looks like the correct one.

Most of these are relatable to golf. The further we go down we’re still getting golf even in the top 30 and then even in 34 were still getting golf. Related in the top categories, which is a really good sign – and if we just have a look at the page likes, we can see the affinity scores are absolutely huge here, 3,000, over 3,000. 2,000. So again, I would be pretty happy with choosing him as a potential interest to target.

Definitely in fact one that I would test that he can go in the list as well. So we’ve got two pretty decent ones, then, to give us a static point and as you can see, it’s a process that you just go through and you just pretty much take the time, keep doing what I’ve just showed you and just build and build and build On what you’ve got and one thing will lead to another you’ll, probably end up with like 50 different tabs open at one point as you keep opening up pages.

But it’s just the process you go through and definitely a worthwhile process as well. So, in terms of the categories in that I pick for my spreadsheet when doing the research, then these are like that’s top six that I start with, but a good place to kind of get them from is here so the top categories you can have coaches and You can kind of bundle them together, so you can have softwares if it’s relevant to your niche.

Of course. One really good one, especially for golf, would be like golfing getaways, because obviously the only people who are going to be booking these bulk packages, where they go away to play golf every year, going to be people that play golf. So therefore, they’re going to be interested in your products and that would be really good audience and interest to target I’m just going to see if I can find like a bad one to show you guys.

So I think I saw I think it was called barstool sports somewhere. I don’t think it’s on this one. It’s I think it was back with Tiger Woods. I just want to give you guys an example of what a bad one would look like just so you know which kind of interests to stay away from as well. Let me see, in fact we could pick any of these as we go down. So, as you can see, they’re still under the Tiger Woods interest, but that doesn’t necessarily make them good ones to target.

So if we just open up, I mean obviously NFL memes isn’t going to be a good one. So Under Armour then it’s a brand. It’s a huge huge, huge brand within the golf in space, but if you open up that page, as you can see like there’s, probably zero content in here – that’s relatable to golf and therefore, if we were to target Under Armour as an interest for Facebook, then that Interests the audience within that interest is going to include a lot of people that have probably never even played golf in their life and therefore it’s not very specific, and it’s not going to be a very good interested target if you’re ever not sure, then simply and Simply come back to these four points and just run through them, so is the interest relevant to buyers within your niche? It kind of is but not purely specific, to look at the content on the page.

Is it relevant to your audience or your niche? Then? No, it’s not really so already we’re showing bad signs of being an interest to target. Is it top category of your interest that mostly related I’m sure if we will put that in too? In fact, just to illustrate to you guys quickly, if we put Under Armor then into audience incise then I’ll be surprised if we even get one single golf related page. Let’s let this load up so just on the off quick look through, as you can see, there’s not a single page here relate to golf, so that tells you straight away: it’s not a very good interest to target.

If you’re in the golf niche there, it is barstool sports, that’s what it’s looking for so again, if we just open this up then and look at the kind of content, as you can see, there’s no golf content here, so the audience isn’t going to have a High percentage of people who are interested in golf, if that makes sense, hopefully I’m kind of illustrating the points well enough for you guys to understand, and that being said, the guys I think I’m going to wrap the article up there I’d be interested to know how You guys get on with this, actually so make sure you give it a go.

If you want a copy of this, it would be pretty easy to replicate, but if you want a copy, let me know in the comment section down below or hit me up on social media, and I can send it across to you, and that means something guys. I’m wrapping the article up if you’re still reading the article thanks very much really to appreciate it. If you enjoyed the article, then please do drop a like and make sure you subscribe as well.

I do bring out five articles every single week, so thanks for tuning in – and I see you in the next one –

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How to Use Facebook Ads – Tutorial Guide Best Practices (2020)

At the moment now, if-if-if Zook, mark zuckerberg goes and changes any of the rules around events or makes Facebook ads more expensive. Then this is kind of going to screw up this. This strategy, which I use at the moment but hey-ho whilst it’s rolling – and I reckon it will be fine for the next year or two at least I’m just going to roll with it so right.

What I’m going to cover during this Facebook ad section is around the budget, the you’re planning to market your event so versus your event, lifetime value. If you’re jumping in at this point, I suggest you’d go back and and read the slide about event lifetime value, because that’s quite important, I’m going to go through the ad format. Again, I’m not a Facebook ad expert and I’m just telling you what I do and it seems to work and get people booked on for less than a pound per person.

Sap per person booked at the moment, and so I’m just telling you what I know there’ll be other probably Facebook, ad experts out there maybe reading this, who maybe I’ll get some tips out of it. Maybe they’ll help support some stuff that I’m missing, but I’m Jessica. I’m not an expert, I’m just telling you what I know so I’m going to go through what I do from an ad format perspective. Title descriptions calls to action and stuff like that, and it torch a little bit around split testing and the three different types of ads which I’ve tested and which one I’ve really kind of honed in and settled on.

And then. Finally, I’m going to talk to you about kind of the actual Facebook ad structure from an audience perspective, so looking at look-alike audiences, custom, audiences and event, audiences, and things like that. I hope that’s cool, so kind of jumping about a little bit. But these are the three ads which I split tested. Basically, so let’s have a quick look, so we’ll come back to budget so kind of just to give you an idea, so I tend to have a basic image.

Ad is actually kind of the least popular one. I then have a article ads, that’s kind of the second most popular one, and then this what I call a disruptive ad – and actually this has been the most popular one for me. So this is actually one of the diagrams one of my tools that I teach people about customer lifetime value, but for some reason it makes people stop and go back and have a look at the event and then, during those few seconds they then go.

Oh, this is called it’s a free seminar in Cheltenham so yeah away, we go so you can see from the structure of the ad in terms of like so, first and foremost, and again, I um I got a give sort of hat tip. There’s a guy called Jamie Forrest jjp I was getting the name on japw marketing. Jamie Forrest is a Facebook Ads expert and he kind of helps me out with the ad structure. It started to introduce me to kind of audiences, and things like that.

So I owe him an awful lot but um, but so he’s the one who can taught me this sort of structure. So basically, what we want to do is have like something really clear at the top of it, so who was speaking to business owners of Gloucestershire. So it’s location-based, it’s talking about our target market and then you’re invited so call to action. You’re invited to a free seminar at the juries in Cheltenham on Friday, the 26th.

So it’s got all of the basic details in there and then, if they click more, it’s going to get them, give them a few more details about what this seminar is going to do for them. Basically so there’s like three bullets and a couple of other details in there and then we’ve got the image like I said, and it says interested there. But actually, if you click into that ad, you then get the option to actually book a ticket directly from the Eventbrite, which is pretty cool, so I’ve split tested like numerous different ads.

I mean I’ve spent thousands of pounds on Facebook ads and finally settled on this kind of being the most popular, but do always split test across your different audience. It may be that this thumbnail wasn’t right for this article or the article was too long, because this particularly articles about sort of two two and a half minutes, so people, maybe didn’t read all of it. This is a bit kind of too salesy, and people will probably just scroll past that potentially so I found this disruptive type of ads like make it colorful make it bright, make it like scribbles and a bit of a mess.

It seems to attract people’s attention. It works for me, like I said so, then we’re kind of going to go into the budget side of things so now I actually set for the last event. I actually only ended up spending about 100 pounds to book 97 people onto the event, but actually I would have been willing, because I knew that if I, if I got if I filled the room up with 50 people, I’d have at least one maybe two ongoing Coaching clients, I’d, sell some people onto my group coaching program, so that would create and cus customer lifetime value in its own right and actually the the venue only cost me 250 quid.

So I was willing to spend 300 pounds on Facebook ads. You know one of the key things is. What we want to do is run the ads right up to the day before the event, because people will still book at the last minute. I did this tsunami for my networking event and in January we had 17 people booked on the day before that 17 people out of 60 in total, who attended the event so scheduled it to to start straightaway and and literally like the day before your event and Like the time looks a bit roundabout, hey hope, so my event was on the 26th of Jan and then running out to all the time.

Basically, you could schedule it if you wanted to to run between like the most popular times. You know like I. I know that my audiences tend to be online at lunchtime on Facebook and sort of lay Eve later on an evening once the kids are kind of gone to bed so sort of 7:00 – I don’t know 10 p.M. So you could potentially run it on schedule. I’ve never split tested that and hey, maybe that’s something I should do, but I term lazy.

So I just run the ads all the time. Basically, so next up we’re kind of getting into the the real guts of like the the Facebook Ads manager and like the control panel and there’s a few things that you’ll see in here, which will be familiar. So the the ad which we’re doing is an event ad and what ideally, what we want to do so this stuff on the right is really really important. We want this needle to be bolt upright so that it says that we’re not too specific we’re not too broad.

Our audience is clearly defined. Now the green band actually goes like you know, for a big big part of it. Also, what we don’t want is, if potential reach to be absolutely massive, we don’t want it to be into like the hundreds of thousands I mean it depends on the event. I guess if you’re like Tony Robbins or somebody, you probably want it to be going out to hundreds of thousands people and you got the cash, but actually the reality is we want it to be very specific.

So I’m talking about kind of local event based marketing. Here not, you could use this tactic if you wanted to do bigger events and probably actually, if I wanted to grow my fearless events, I probably take them to London or reading or Birmingham or a bigger city. You know so so that’s one way of doing it. Like I’m not going to draw people in to an event like, let’s be fair, I do but not from outside of Gloucestershire, probably and then the other thing is this estimated daily results.

So what I try and do is I’ll adjust my budget basically to make sure that the reach is some we’re approaching a thousand people a day, because then, when you start reaching a thousand people a day, you get this. The second bar appear, which is for the estimated number of event responses, and so, if I’m getting six to twenty one event response to the day and reaching a thousand people a day, that’s pretty cool and actually so what? What it’s in terms like budget? That’s why it’s better off to start with a really high budget.

Now what Facebook is going to do is eke out that budget over the course of the lifetime. So if you’re doing four week campaign, it leaked out and 300 pounds over the course of the event. So um, but what we want to do is is maximize the amount of event responses as quickly as you possibly can. So we may only be willing to spend three hundred quid, but if you’re brave with your budget and stick in three hundred quid knowing that you’ll probably get everybody booked on in that first week and it’ll only cost you a hundred quid, I mean Facebook’s like woohoo.

This person’s, like going to spend 300 quid so they’re like yeah, let’s just throw this out all over the place and one will get loads of engage people and we’ll give it to the right people, but actually what you do is you spend a hundred quid get Your 7 to your 97 bookings and switch it off and you’ve only spent a hundred quid so actually being brave with this this budget and the scheduling is like absolutely vital and ideally like.

I said we want to get to this point whereby we’ve got this. This estimated daily reach up over a thousand and and this event responses thing pops up, because that’s just triggered something in Facebook’s algorithm, say this guy’s promoting events and he’s got budget for it. So I’m I’m not going to go too much into creating custom audiences, there’ll, be loads of sort of advice and tips and tricks and stuff like that out there.

How I do it is, I create a basic custom audience if everybody who’s attended. My events in the past and pumped that into Facebook the moment it’s about six or seven hundred people, and then I create a look-alike audience based on that of the clip and basically look at how it look like audiences work. Is they give you the closest 1 percent of people in so I’ve chosen in terms of my look-alike audience, people based in the UK so there’s 41 registered 41 million registered Facebook users in the UK so that any look-alike audience you you create the first 1 %.

Will always be if it’s UK targeted 410,000 odd people, and that seems like a lot and you’d be like wow. That’s too many, that’s not that’s not very targeting, but actually what it’s done is out the 41 million people it’s got to pick from in the pool. It’s chosen a thousand people who the one percent of people who look the most like that initial list of people who’ve attended events does that if that makes any kind of sense, so it should be the four hundred and fourteen thousand people who are most closely associated To my target market next up – and this is one of the biggest mistakes actually so so, first of all, when I am my first event, I did where I was booking people like seven to ten pounds per seat.

I didn’t have a look-alike audience like this. I didn’t have a location. I wasn’t really aware of this sort of stuff going on over here. So the moment I created a detailed look-alike audience based on people, who’d attended my event, the event bookings and for my Bristol event dropped down to about between. I know it’s about four pounds ish, so it halved pretty much. The next thing is this location thing here now most people will go my events in Cheltenham so I’ll do a 40 kilometer radius and round Cheltenham.

Now again, that’s quite vague, so there’s something called poly. Agonal searches um – this is probably the stuff for the like Facebook ad gurus. Don’t want you to know because they’re like this is our secret sauce like why this guy’s telling you it like. This is a secret sauce, I’m giving you now and it works for me and hey by the way like when you’re first starting out with Facebook ads like the money you spend, isn’t wasted.

It’s information-gathering, like you, will waste a lot of money on Facebook ads before you get it right. I certainly have so I’m trying to save you a few quid here so GL. One two is what we call a poly. I can all post code search. So it’s not it. Basically, it’s a very specific, like grid on a map of where that location sits and what happens is we’re going to target people who specifically live in that location, because we know that they’re more likely to come to our event because they live closer to it.

So if you want to know more about this, like you’re going to have to join, I’m not going to give you this list, you can go and find your own postcode lists if you want to, but I’ve got some great text files available if you’re a fearless Business member and to make that job a lot easier for you. So I can give you these poly agonal searches but you’re, going to have to give me some juice, I’m afraid, because it took me a long time to get to work out where to grab that information from and which I know is a bit tight of me.

I suppose I could help you out. Maybe you could just donate some beer tokens or something but but um like this when I started targeting specific poly agonal postcodes like this and my my cost per person, SAP again dropped by more than half, so it moved from about three to four pounds down to About one to two pounds, which was a massive difference, so just with these two things alone, I’ve moved from sort of seven eight nine pounds per person booking down to like a pound per person, booking it’s absolutely phenomenal when it works, and it doesn’t always work.

It depends like there’s a lot of other variables like when you, when you launch your promotion like what are the promotions going on, and things like that, if you, if you run two ads similar ads at the same time, effectively they’re competing against each other. For this reach this traffic, so it could potentially cost you more. So there’s a lot of variables which which are kind of going on there.

I again, I kind of tend to use sort of Faerie vague sort of demographics, like I want everybody to come along from 24 to 65. Now the last event, which I did again probably the first 10 people had booked. It were women and then Facebook decided. Well then, everybody who wants to go to this event female so so I had I had there was a it started to slide much more towards women, so I had to create another ad switch off my my women out, because I wanted I wanted them.

I have them, I’m not focused specifically on women, i, but I wanted a mix of people and genders in the room and mixed demographics in the room, because again it all adds to the event. I think it’d be a bit weird if people turn it, I don’t know whether it’d be weird. Maybe I thought it was weird if everybody turned out to my event was female. I don’t know language make sure you put English UK in there, if you’re in England or wherever you’re based and target language – and I filled in this details in the in the screenshot but again 21,000 people in gloucestershire – that’s still quite vague, so I might want to Narrow that down, potentially and start to put in you know business owners, entrepreneurs whatever it might be so and you can also exclude people so you might choose to exclude, I don’t know, taxi drivers for whatever reason, maybe you got something against taxi driver.

So if there are people you don’t want to, but there’s a you don’t see this box to start off with you have to there’s a little link which you have to click to exclude people. So if you put business owners, you even have to click another box and exclude taxi drivers. So it’s just a way of narrowing down your audience and making sure you have the right people booking to turn up to your event, cool and then so edit placement.

So I’ve kind of played around with this I kind of settled on I prefer to target mobile only. I get better results through that occasionally I’ll test it, if that, if that mobile only is not working, I might do automatic placements and that Facebook do its thing. It’s entirely up to you. You’ve also got the art that there’s various different things I mean I would look at what just look at Facebook’s help pages around kind of the different types of platforms and, what’s going to work best for your event and kind of again, it will depend on your Audience but for me mobile only or automatic plain placement, absolutely fine, whether you push it across to Instagram or not.

It’s entirely up to you. If you got Instagram following optimized for a delivery, we want event responses. Bin amount automatic, so let Facebook do its work and if you do manual, you will end up paying too much and then charge. We want charges to be charged per impression. Basically, so every time this goes out to a thousand people we want to be. We want to be charged for it because, if I add structure is right, if I targeting is right, if our event is appealing and can produce value, we should get quite a good conversion rate.

Now I haven’t actually looked in detail as to what my conversion rates are actually based upon. My impression and impressions are probably something I should look at, but again you can find that information in the in the what you call it. The Facebook Ads manager I’m waning. So I’m going to try and wrap this up soon, so here we go so a few stats, so this is again show differences, but so event responses.

So again, by far this was my most. This was getting the best results for the least it cost me a little bit more, but it was getting me more people booking so and you know yes, these were cheaper and I suppose I could have switched that off and ramped up the spend on these. I did try that and ultimately this ended up being the center that costing me more because too many people were just scrolling past the image ad in the article.

So I settled upon the it says: head shot there, but it’s not it’s the disruptive image. Basically – and you can see here, you know great relevancy – score lots of people taking action, we’re talking like 19 event bookings for 10 quid. At this point I think, like I said in the end I booked 97 people for just over 100 pounds like which is a pound a seat. I mean that’s, that’s amazing. You know you’re going to get better results early on and then the ad will keep on getting repeated to the same people after that.

So when, when this starts to kind of creep up, you probably want to start to think about duplicating your ad and tweaking a couple of things in it. Maybe change the ad copy or drop in another image, or something like that just so people get something different again, I’m lazy! I didn’t do it for this campaign, but if I was doing a bigger campaign, perhaps I would so so that’s that, basically so if you’ve got any questions like jump on to the either the business start at group on Facebook hit me up, so you can just Search like on Twitter for Robin Waite on Facebook, Instagram, I’m all over that you can buy one of my books take your shot there based on or online business, starts at there based on Amazon, and if you want to know more about Facebook ad side of things, Then, like get yourself booked in for a consultation with me, I, the consultation, won’t focus on Facebook Ads by the way, I tend to look at much more strategic perspective of your business, and we will be talking about whether coach business coaching is something for something for You but hey get in touch.

Have you got any questions like potm into the potm into the feed below, and I will be sure to come back to you.

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STOP Boosting Facebook Posts | Do This Instead

We can go in and say, hey, we want article views or we want comments likes and shares, or we want people to go to this website or we want people to go into Facebook messenger with a boosted post, you’re, not telling them that. So you can. You can get into audience targeting a little bit. You can go into the budget. You can do some of those things but you’re, not tong Facebook, exactly what you want to accomplish so you’re in goal of getting leads, which is probably what you’re going to want to do.

We’re growing an audience of some sort, you’re not going to accomplish that right. So, let’s dive into Facebook and just see what I’m talking about here. So I’m on my facebook business page, and so I have this post that I posted the other day. And so, if I wanted to boost this post, I would obviously go to my page and there’s this blue post button here. So we would boost this post and come in here and what we can say right here would be.

You know we’re looking at our audience right and so for this. It’s get more messages, because I have a send message, but here you can come in here and change. This basically get more views or get more message, and that’s really the only option that Facebook allows here. So if I scroll down here, I can go in and edit the audience. I can make this a little bit more specific. I can use custom audiences.

I can go and change the audience that I’m that I’m going to that I’m going to target essentially right, then I can go into the budget, the budget. You know you can do daily budget and then put that for a length of time or on an end date. Facebook really just wants this to be as easy as possible for their end user to create an ad. That’s the reason that boosting a post lives. That’s the reason it exists.

However, like I like I said earlier, it’s just not the best way to go in tell Facebook exactly what we want right, because if we had a link with a website here and I wanted them to go to a website – I cannot necessarily say I want to Traffic right or I want that kind of thing, so it really limits you on what your, what you can do, you can go and edit placements you can do some audience targeting you can choose the budget, you can add your Facebook pixel.

You can’t choose your account and then you would just choose boost post, but what? If? What? If we could go into Facebook Ads manager and select exactly what we want to do right? So if we click on create here, we can see all of the objectives that facebook gives us, so just a lot more options and we can tell Facebook exactly what we want to accomplish with our app. So if we wanted to do messages, we could do that and we can customize it a little bit using mini chat and do a JSON ad and shoot them exactly what we want them to see in messenger.

From the ad that I just had. You can’t necessarily do that within a boosted post right. You can’t go in and do it JSON at if you’re wondering what that is I’ll link that somewhere around this article in the description or in a card. If you want to do a messenger ad properly, but other things that you can do, you can do lead generation. So if you want to do a lead form or to acquire name email phone number, you could do a lead generation from that.

If you wanted to do article views’, you would do engagement. If you want more likes comments and shares on that post, you would do a page post engagement here as well right, so you would do post engagement, page likes event responses. If you wanted article views, you would come in here and choose that if you will have a landing page or a website and you wanted to acquire leads there, you would use conversions.

If you want traffic, you would send them there. So in this case, what we’re going to do is, let’s say engagement. You want the most amount of likes comments and shares on your ad, so we would choose engagement here and we’re going to do post engagement right because we don’t want page likes or event responses. So we’re going to do I call this PPE page post engagement, sub, page post engagement and then from here you know the we call this example.

You call it what it is so page post, engagement and then the date is the 7th. So we would continue here and we can go into the audience. You can do this within a boosted posts as well. So I’m not going to go too far in depth here, but then under the identity. What you can do is, if you want to create a new hat. You can totally do that, but if you’re wanting to boost that posts, those on your Facebook page, you have a post that you want to get more likes comments and shares on right.

If, if I wanted to quote-unquote boost this post or use this post as an ad, I would not boost it. I would come in to Facebook Ads. Do page post engagement like I showed you and then I would use an existing post and then I would select that post right. So I would come here and then I would choose that exact post. So the same post that I have on my business page right here, I can use within Facebook ads manager and continue with that as my ad right.

So, if you wanted to do say, I did have a link here. I could go back to the objective and send traffic to that link, or I could use a conversions campaign to acquire, leads and track that through Facebook. That’s something that you can’t do with a boosted post right. So just make sure that you are aware of your options and make sure that you’re using your money wisely, because, if you’re just using a boosted post you’re using a shotgun approach to your Facebook ads and we want a lasered dialed-in approach.

We want to tell Facebook exactly what we want to accomplish and then go accomplish that with our Facebook Ads, because if you have any questions on that comment in the comments below happy to help, you guys answer any of those questions. If you like, this article, give it a thumbs up if you want more real estate and mortgage related marketing content, make sure that you subscribe to my blog click.

The notification bell, so you can’t notified when I create new articles and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next article you

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How to Create Facebook Lead Form Ads For Beginners | Facebook Lead Ads Tutorial

Now, There’s been a lot of chatter over in the Facebook group about you know how to use Facebook lead forms And what are they and what’s the benefit and all that stuff, and so I just figured. I just make a article really quick to Show you guys how to set them up what they are and kind of benefit in all that stuff.

So Anyway, if you’re going through and using a typical landing page website, conversions, like a lot of the things that I show you, What you’re going to Do is you’re going to set up a conversion ad and when somebody clicks on the ad they’re going to go To a landing page And it’s going to ask for their name phone number and email address, or whatever type of contact info you’re going for right, The only thing is is they have to go through and type in their Info right, whereas a lot of times, if You they really want it They’ll put in the right info, but lots of times you get a lot of bogus leads, And so that kind of can be tough there.

So with the facebook lead form the benefit and the nice thing about. It is there’s this little form that when you click the ad it pops up and Then you can ask for their name their phone, their email, address or address. You can ask other questions as well, And then what Facebook does is that they have the information on file, like you know, when you sign up for a Facebook account You’re going to put in your name You’re, going to put in there your phone number a lot Of times You can put in your email address, so you can log in it’s going to pre populate that form and most people in my experience, They’re just too lazy to go like, even if they don’t want to give you the right info, They’re too lazy to Go through and delete it and go put in bogus info, So they just hit submit and you’re going to get a lot higher quality Information there right now, some of the pros and cons really quickly.

One look I mean. Obviously, we’ve hit some pros. One of the cons is, if you don’t, have a solid crm Connected with your Facebook account, Then what can happen is so what happens is when they, when you go, generate a lead with the leave form, It just goes into a CSV file inside of Facebook, which I’ll show you guys here in a second, But then every time you like want to go, get those leads. You have to download the CSV file, Extract it import into a CRM, and so, if it’s not completely sync, which will cover that as well in today’s article, Then it can be a little bit of a hassle.

You don’t have that automated follow up because you’re not going to really know when leads are coming in alright. So let’s say: Let’s just start from the beginning: Let’s surf from scratch about going through and creating a facebook lead for in campaign. So we’re going to Do is we’re going to click on create campaign right here, okay, So, let’s start over. So what we’re going to Do so is: what’s your marketing objective, its lead generation? So if you want to do the lead forms, it’s the lead generation, one Right here: okay and we’ll say: lead generation, give it a name We’ll just say this is a demo one and then we’re going to come through.

And it’s going to Ask you. Okay, what Facebook page Would you like to create this from right? So we come through. You know. You probably only have one Facebook page. I’ve cut a lot of them here, but, let’s just say it’s from the Jason Wardrop Facebook page And then as far as the targeting. That’s not really the concept of this article. I’ve got tons of articles as far as targeting goes and based on what campaign you’re running all that stuff, So we’ll just kind of leave the targeting, as is I want to show you guys more of the lead form creation.

So we just kind of go through Skip all this. This one will sleep on the news feeds which I like to do anyway. Okay, We’re just coming down. You set your budget. Let’s say I like to sit like start typically with the $ 10 a day budget. Just to get some good data coming through alright, so we’ll just come down. We just leave all this stuff, so a lot of the stuff Just I’ll hit really quickly. Okay, so like you’re targeting you want to go through change this stuff up right here, Your placements, you want to go through put that data in alright And then your budget.

You want to make sure you hit your budget, but in a lot of this other stuff, Optimation for add delivery. You can just leave, as is because Facebook’s going to take care of it for you, okay. So if we hit continue here, This is where we get into the add of the Creation, as well as the lead form creation. So if you think about it, like you, have your typical Landing page that you’ve got for your business right.

Well, let’s leave form we’re creating is going to be in place of the landing page Okay, so it’s going to have them put in their name phone email or whatever info they want. So we’re going to come down here, like I said once again, I’m not going to go through create the whole ad right here We could just go. Let’s say: Let’s browse the library, Let’s just use an existing image so like let’s say it’s for a home right here, We’ll use that home right there and we’ll say test ad and, like I said guys, I’ve got a ton of article unlike the ad copy and How to set all these ads up, So I’m not going to do this right here.

Okay, so we’re going to say test and then we’ll just throw test and Call-to-action. As you guys know, I like to use, learn more it just. I feel like it’s. It’s works really solid, Okay, so we come down here and we’re doing all this and we’re good to go Okay. So now this is just kind of the typical ad creation ad set up right, But what we’re going to do now is down here. This lead form. Okay, choose a form to use in your ad, so these are ones that you can see.

I’ve already previously created What we want to do, though, so like right here. This is what its going to look like: okay, So they’re going to go through, hey, download our copy and paste Facebook, ad templates or whatever it is. You want to generate more leads and then once they go through and submit their information. This is your thank-you page or the page. They see right afterwards and then down here.

We can actually Add a link to your website to your Facebook page to whatever page you want, okay. So what we’re going to do So? We’re just going to click, create new form right here. Okay, So we’re going to say I like to go through and name the form, just a really quick tip. Honestly, It’s a pain to go, try to change the name Later on, so I make sure you name it so that you know which form we’re dealing with okay, so we’re going to say test Lead it the form, alright, Okay, so now form type.

So we’re going to come in here and we can say hey more volume or higher intent. Okay, So, let’s see what this says use a form, That’s quick to fill out and submit on a mobile device. I don’t review stuff that gives people chance to confirm their info so Anyway, what I like to do is so like this is actually all this is new. I know it says higher intent is new, but all this whole concept is fairly newer.

I would go through and do the more volume one right here just to get like just get their info quickly, sometimes like it. This obviously is kind of going through, and this is like a Pre-qualifying step. You’ll probably get more leads with this one right here. This one, You could probably get more quality leads, but the thing is, though, Lots of times you could get a quality lead with this one, But just having that extra step, it kind of it turns people off and so they’re like.

I don’t want to do this right so anyway, this intro right here You could have the headline. Okay, We’ve got test headline and Really what you want to do right Here is just kind of our strategy of going through and using our different landing page headlines. So, for example, I’ve got this one right here, so let’s pull this up: Hey, get instant access to the price and picture this property. We just paste that in right there, okay, so in let’s see get us access the price, and then we could say because it only allows you so many characters and Property.

Okay and then you could go through and you don’t have like a paragraph explaining stuff. You can have bullet points, We could say hey. This is awesome because Link okay, and so you can just you can like underneath this. This is kind of like where we’ve got this sub headline right there, So you can do bullet points like you have on some landing pages or we could go through and say: hey. We just want a paragraph, and it says: hey home at his market, so learn more by providing your info below Okay, so we’re just going through.

This is basically Just copy and pasting of what you would typically put on a landing page, But you’re just doing it on this leave form within Facebook. Okay. So now we have the questions right here. This is Sorry. Excuse me, This is basically what type of contact info you want to have, and so what I like to do so By the order that you click them in is the order that they’re going to show up See if you do first name and then you do Email right up here and then phone number, Those are the typical ones I like to do.

You can go. You can see all these other ones. You can add, you can add their Address. You can add their. You know: state cities, zip code Data, birth, gender. All this stuff, But typically what happens is the more you ask for or the lower your conversions, okay, So right out of the gate like if you have their first name, you have their phone number And you have their email address. That is enough to go through and get in touch with them, get in contact with them and go Through the next step.

So you can also right here. You can add a custom question. Okay, you could say hey. I want it to be to be a short answer, multiple choice, so we could say like something like hey: how soon are you Looking to move right, So we go in there. We can add questions, But typically, what I like to do is Wait and just get their contact info and do this on another step or in a follow-up, email, follow-up text, message, follow-up, Facebook message or something like that: okay and then, as far as the privacy policy.

If you guys do have a privacy policy, so I like to just type in privacy policy, so if you guys do have a privacy policy on your website, so, for example, we got Ww2 okay right here. This is Arsenal’s privacy policy page, and so I just throw that in there right there, okay and Technically. Technically, you can use whatever link there and it’s still going to work and still go through. But don’t don’t Even hear from me So, like you got to go through, make sure you’re compliant make sure you use the right Privacy policy link and page and all that stuff you could throw in your Facebook page there And then, if they shut the I’ve, never Had an experience where, like the ad, gets shut down because I’m not using a privacy policy page But that’s something you just got ta, keep in mind there: okay, All right And then right here this last one! The thank you screen.

You can say you know: hey thanks, You’re all set, or you can say banks, We sent the info to your email Provided. Okay, because somebody was once saying I saw on the Facebook group. Someone was saying like here: Where is it right here? Get snaks to the price of pictures of the property submit They’re like well, like I’m expecting them to get that on. The Thank You page which yes, But the thing is, is if you give that to them right there on the thank you page, a lot of times, They’ll give you bogus info because they’re just like, oh, I don’t need to give them an info.

I I can just get on the thank you page right, so this is going to go solidify the quality of the Information and you’re still giving it to them instantly right, you’re still getting instant access. All I have to do is just check their email. Okay. So Thanks we sent the info to your email provided and that you can see hey click Click below to connect with me on my Facebook page or something like that like, Depending on what link you send them down here on the site link you can send to Your Facebook page to your website to, like You, know, a messaging bot.

You can send them to a lot of different things and say like hey And then to provide that next incentive to get them moving forward. So, on the landing page or this, this initial part of the leave form, we say: hey click here – to get instant access to the price and picture of this property. If You want them to keep moving forward, okay, you need to give them some incentive to actually click the you website, okay or Schedule a call with Me, and then you can go and put in your calendar link.

Okay, so we’ll just put like this calendar, the one right here So we go in schedule, call hey Thanks. We sent the info to you or you know, provided If you want to see this home this week, click below to Schedule a showing with me. Okay, something like that like something that’s going to be an incentive enough to get them to the next step and actually go through go forward with it right, because if It’s not enticing enough, people like they’ve been through these.

These forms before they’ve, been through the funnels They’ve, been through all the stuff, so it’s kind of like. Ah I’m just going to leave it at that. I got I’m going to get this stuff in my email. I just want to look anyway, but you need to provide that incentive to that next step. Okay, so now that we’ve gone through, I believe this is everything that we’ve got, that we need. Okay, I’m going to actually go delete the I Don’t want this custom question right here.

Okay, so you see if you’ve got the first name, So I’ve got get is next to the price of pictures of this property, learn more the first name, email phone number They hit submit. They go this hey Thanks! We sent the info to your email, provided, if you want to see this home this week, click below to schedule showing with me schedule call with me. It goes out to your calendar and They can set up an appointment with you.

Okay, so now we’re going to Do is click finish right, Okay, so now this one is all set up. Okay – and let me just see Okay so now, what we’re going to Do is we would just hit Confirm down here and then that would be running like a normal ad. So you’re not going to See this ad on your Facebook page, Because this is what’s called a blind ad. So when you create the ad inside a Facebook Ads manager, It actually doesn’t show up on your Facebook page, whereas if you create it on your Facebook page, It’s going to show up there.

However, with the leave form, I don’t believe. Let me see if you can use an existing one Yeah, I don’t yeah, you have to create a lead form ad within ads manager. Okay, so it’s completely separate! You can’t use an existing post on your Facebook page. You have to create it right here. Okay, so now one last step guys What’s going to happen and let’s just go back to the ads manager, because I want to show you guys this really quick.

So basically, you hit confirm You’re done Okay, so this is another one you can see this week. It’s getting pretty good results at just three bucks a day. So what you do you have to just click on this and go to the ad level, And then you have to go and download the the lead. So right right here I don’t have access this page anymore, but anyway you would download the leads And it would come into a CSV file.

Then you have to take that CSV file. You have to import into your CRM And it’s a huge pain in the butt to be completely honest. It’s like, and you never know when leads come in. There’s no notifications, There’s nothing. So what we did is simplify that with arson right here. So when you go to create a new landing page, for example right here, You come down and instead of choosing one of the landing pages, come all the way to the bottom.

You see, Facebook page lead, add okay, so now we’re going to Just choose the Facebook page that we created it with. So I believe it was just my page right here, So Jason Ward drop capture leads from the lead ads on page Jason, Wardrop, Yes, And then this is going to pop up right here, like it would, if you were having a landing page right. So this is going to sync with the the leave form that you created inside the ads manager and Then it’s going to any leads that come in they’re going to come in and populate inside of your CRM right here, Then you can click on them see.

What’s you know what the leads all about see all the info see the history see what emails They open. What what links I clicked on! So you can see. You know you come in here, enrollment, a sequence out of tag. You say: okay, deliver an email delivered email, you can add tasks all that stuff, But also another key thing is, you can add automated follow-up, so you go through nabbed. Automated email sent out the automated text message and all that stuff and it’s all synced up and Obviously with Arsenal.

When you get new leads, you get an email and text Notification, letting you know that a new lead came in okay, So this is just like. I’m not trying to like hard sell you obviously on Arsenal, But like this is just a big benefit. If you’re using lead, forms, You’ll be able to go through and have the leads automatically synced to your CRM, automatically get an email automatically get a text follow-up and Automatically notify you of new leads that were generated and also in that email or text.

It’ll have their name phone and email or whatever information you collected, And so then you can go through and get in contact and follow up that person right away. So anyway, guys. Hopefully this was helpful as far as the lead forms. If you guys have questions if you’re, like Jason, I’m not sure on this part, I’m struggling on this part Just go ahead and leave them in the comments down below I’m more than happy to go through and help.

But I think this is probably a good run down of Getting started with Facebook leave forms if you’re brand new to them and you’re. Just like hey, I’m not really sure how this all works. How this all goes, and also, if you guys, enjoyed this article, if you found it helpful, go ahead and hit that like button down below and If you guys want new articles. Just like this, every single day Make sure you subscribe to the blog, because I launched a new article.

I try to read new article every single day and how to generate more, leads, make more money and grow your business alright. So thanks so much for reading today guys – and I hope you all have an amazing day –

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Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Part 6 | How to Pause or Cancel Your Facebook Ads From Running

We went over how to create your first successful ad we going over audiences targeting we went over reporting, optimization and you know what to do.

After you know the numbers – and this is the last article – so if you guys have not readed any of those articles, I highly recommend that you go back and read those, but for today’s article I’m going to show you real, quick how to pause, cancel and delete Any of the ads that you have running okay, so we are in our Facebook Ads manager. I created a kind of a dummy ad here, so the first way is super easy.

If you have one add in one ad set in one campaign, then you can easily shut off all of your ads in that campaign by just clicking on this toggle here. So this is actually off right now you can see it’s inactive. If you toggle this over, this would make it active and it’s it’s actually. It didn’t even go live, so it’s in review. If it was active at one time, it would just say active, but this campaign has only one ad set and one ad right.

If you have multiple ads in that campaign, so say you had in this campaign. If you click on this check, box, it’ll have all of the ads in it. If you go to this right, so I only have one ad here, but if you have you know five ads in one ad set and one campaign, then it’s going to shut off all of those ads. If you do it from this campaigns. Tab right! If you want to go – and you have multiple ads in that campaign, then you can go here to the ad level and shut off the ad the ad level.

I highly recommend that you do the app instead of shutting off one full campaign. That’s the easiest way to do that right, so that is the easiest way to pause or cancel an act. If you want to cancel an ad set so say if your split-testing and you have multiple multiple ad sets ad set would be who you’re targeting it could be your budget and then, within that ad set, you might have multiple ads right, we’re just going to duplicate This so I can show you real, quick yeah, so this is what, though, that would kind of look like, so I have multiple ad sets and then each of these ad set has an ad right like unclick.

These I go to this. I have multiple hats because I have multiple ad sets right. So if I’m testing one handset against another asset, say your split testing, an image right, so your copies the same your headlines, the same, the landing page is the same. The only thing that is different is the image. You have two different images and you can see the results. We don’t over that in the last article, one ad is doing really really well.

The other ad is not. You want to cancel the ad. That is not doing well, and you know that you have one ad set and one ad all you need to do is go to that ad set and just toggle off here right and then, if you go to your ad, then you know, excuse me, love you, Unselect this you, then you know that these ads are off it’s confusing, because if you go here, you’ll see ok, these are on, but really one of these is off right.

So if you check this box and then go to your ad, you know that this campaign is off. So what I would do is I’ll just go and turn it off so that you know you’re not confused by any of the numbers. If you just click on because the problem is, if you click on this campaign – and you click on this – and you go straight to your ad, then it would show both of these as being on that, you don’t know really, which one is going right in this Case we now know, because this is toggled on this – is toggled off.

I would always recommend just going and clicking all of these, so that you know which is which is going on here right, so that’s kind of what you should do if you want to pause or cancel the ads that you have running now. If you want to delete and add what I recommend doing and how I teach creating Facebook ads is doing one hat per one ad set and I would just go and delete the ad set and that will in turn, delete the the ad itself.

So if you go here to the ad set that you want to cancel or delete you just click on this checkbox and then go and delete this and say yes, I want to delete that. You have to be really sure that you’re deleting that, because you can’t get that back right and then we deleted the ad as well. So if your, if you follow how I teach one AD per one ad set, then you can just delete the ad set that you don’t want running, really, there’s no reason to delete the ads unless you broke a lot of rules and violations of Facebook, and you Kind of want that expunged from your Facebook account.

That would be the only reason I can see the leading an ad would be beneficial. Otherwise you really just want to kind of keep that ad there so that you have the numbers and that you know. Okay, this split test. This is what one I really don’t want this. This picture really didn’t work, so I want that to be in there. So I know if I ever forget, I can come in here and say: okay, that picture didn’t really work.

I don’t want to use that one ever again right so guys. That is how you pause, cancel delete any of the ads that you have running. As I mentioned earlier, if you haven’t readed previous articles, go read those if you like this article, give it a thumbs up, make sure that you subscribe to the blog, because I come out with a new article, every single day, 1 p.M. Central, alright guys. So if you guys, like this article again, give it a thumbs up, and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next article you

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How To Create A Facebook Retargeting Pixel – Top Facebook Retargeting Ads Strategy

Facebook retargeting ads for your business right now, real quick before dive in and I’ll show you exactly how to set that up. I just want to show you guys how powerful this is so, instead of going through and showing your Facebook ads to a Completely cold audience that has no idea who you are that never heard of you We can go through and with this retargeting pixel, We can Show our ads specifically to people who have already visited our website, We’ll already are with our leads, or people have already engaged with your Facebook page that we’re readed a article on your Facebook page.

So the cool thing about this is this person’s already warmed up. They already know a little bit about who you are, and so the credibility authority the’trust all that stuff is a Lot higher with these people, and so the results you’re able to get are Dramatically higher than or matically better, as opposed to go through and just market. It to a cold audience, So I just want to show you guys right here.

This is inside my main ads account. You guys can see these are the purchases okay. So, every time you see a purchase happening right here That is worth a thousand dollar purchase of $ 1,000 ticket Item that comes into our business. Now, if you look right here on the cost per purchase, look For this one right here where it’s 12, it’s cost! 92 dollars and 95 cents to get a Thousand dollar purchase so overall the amount spent was a one thousand one hundred fifteen dollars to make it twelve thousand dollars in revenue.

Okay. So now, typically, if I’m going through marketing to a cold market cold audience, It cost me about probably three to four hundred dollars depending kind of on the ads and everything To go through and generate that that thousand dollar sale. Now, if you look at overall, we have Twenty-nine purchases right here, so twenty nine thousand dollars, basically thirty thousand dollars and it costs just forty five hundred Dollars.

Okay, so that’s like a 7ex ROI right there, so super huge. So you can see ninety-two dollars right here. This one obviously didn’t perform as well about three hundred eighty one dollars for a thousand dollar sale, this 191 247. Ninety four, eighty six, then you scroll down here 56 dollars, eighty four dollars and eighty 9 166. So you can see all these different one so $ 89. So I spent a total of three hundred fifty-six dollars to make four thousand dollars back out.

Okay, So I just want to really quick show you guys all that stuff, because that is the power of The Facebook retarding pixel is said these Facebook retargeting ads and really quick, If you guys, are kind of getting started, you’re brand new with Facebook Ads. If you drop a comment down below and thumbs up on This article, I will share with you my Facebook Ads mini course. That’s going to Walk you through step by step, how to get started with the Facebook Ads manager how to set up your Facebook pixels, your retarding pixels, all those different things, And I break it down step by step for you guys how to some of your campaigns.

Do the targeting so all I got to do is just drop a comment down below give a thumbs up on this article, and also, I would really appreciate it if you guys subscribe the blog, because we launched a new article several several times a week on how To generate more leads, make more money and grow your business so anyway, guys now that we got that all out of the way, and You guys see how powerful This is, let’s go through and show you how to set up this Facebook retargeting pixel.

So you can actually start using this and implement it into your business. So if we come over here, This is a just. A demos ads account I’ll just exit out this one. I’m just going to refresh this make sure that I’m still logged into the right account. Okay, so right here guys, This is my demo ads account and what we’re going to Do is we’re going to come up here to the search bar and we’re going to type in pixels.

Okay. Now, if you guys have never set up your Facebook pixel before no worries Kay, What’s going to happen, He’s going to have, I think it’s a green button right here and it’s going to say, create Facebook pixel. It’s going to Just take you through a step-by-step Process. Right here on Facebook to be able to go through and create that Facebook pixel Okay, so now you can see this is a demo account, but I use it for all my demo stuff.

So yes, It is like firing so like what firing means means that any time so like let’s say, We’ve got this pic this pixel, which real quick. Let me just hit that really quick. What is a pixel right? So basically, it’s a little piece of code that you’ll go through and you’ll put on your website And I’ll show you guys how to do that here in just a second as well And you’ll. Put that on your website and anytime, someone pulls up your website.

It basically is this little of code that communicates back and forth with Facebook, letting it Facebook know who visited your website. Okay, so it’s pretty cool And then you can go through and that person becomes a part of a custom audience that you can go through and set up these Retargeting ads and go show your ads specifically to these people. So you can see a hundred and sixty-three people have visited the websites that I have this demo pixel this demo stuff on that I can go through and create an ad targeting these 163 people, okay, so pretty cool.

But what we’re going to do is going to kill it. Click on default, pixel right here and guys Facebook’s changing their their Facebook as manager, the way it looks and all that stuff all the time, But this is the most recent. This is where an April now of 2018, so I just want to share with you guys the most recent most up-to-date everything of how it all looks. So you can see all the stats right here of how many times like per day, that it’s it’s firing That someone’s visiting your website.

But what we want to do to go through and Set up this Facebook, retargeting pixel and using it on our actual website. And I’m going to show you guys how to do it on our celeb. Catchy are lead generation software here that we’ve got now I’ll, also show you guys how to do on click funnels, because that’s another one, that’s widely used by a lot of people just to make it simple and Honestly it’s the same thing if you’re using WordPress, Shopify Winx, whatever it’s the same process and format, I’m just want to show you guys, really quick, Okay, so we’re going to do is we’re going to click on setup over here, and We should get these options right here.

Use an integration or tag manager manually install the code yourself or email instructions to a developer. Now, You’re, probably like me, okay and you’re, probably not tech, know Technologically inclined you’re not very advanced with all that stuff which I’m not either guys. So you might think, like. Oh I’m going to email choices to a developer. Well, you might not have a developer. Okay and honestly, the nice thing is Manually installing the code yourself is very easy.

Okay, all it is, is copy and paste like you, don’t even have to know what the code is, what it means, what it does You just copy and paste and that’s what I do and so that’s what you can Do as well, so we’re just going to Click on manually install the code yourself And then we’re just going to skip over section number one and the number two look at this guys Copy: the entire pics code and paste it in the website.

Header. Okay, now I know about you guys, but I’m not very technologically advanced, but I can copy and paste pretty easily I’m pretty good that right. So I’m just going to come down here as you hover over. Let’s see how it says: copy code to clipboard, you just click on this and guys all this stuff. All this nonsense. I Have no idea what it means and you probably have no idea what it means either.

All I know is that if I copy this – And I paste it onto my website – I know that it works and that it communicates back and forth with Facebook, Okay, so that is all you really need to do so I just click on this copy. The clipboard now First show you guys how to do it inside of Arsenal and then I’ll show you guys how to do inside of Clickfunnels here, really quick. So what we’re going to do is going to come in here to the website builder We’re going to click on edit, Okay, and if we come back here, it says Paste the pixel code at the bottom of the header section just above the head tag.

Okay, now, if you’re, using WordPress, Wix Shopify clickfunnels Arsenal, whatever you’re using Pretty much you’re going to have It’s going to have a little custom box where you can just paste it into the head tag: okay, this head area. So what we’re going to Do is come back over here And if we just go over here to this page level, we can go down to Advanced and see this little box says header tracking code.

This is exactly what it’s talking about. Okay, so all we do is just paste it right there And then, if we want to do it on the Thank You page, We let’s click on that. We’ll click page Paste it right here on the header tracking code, We’ll hit, publish and it says, website, saved and publish, and that’s it guys You are done now every single time. Somebody visited visits this landing page that you’ve created inside the Arsenal, software Facebook’s going to know they’re going to go through and track it inside of their system And you’re all set ready to go now.

The same thing goes for click funnels over here. So if we come over here, Let’s just pick a random funnel, So we’re going to come in here and sorry. My Internet’s a little bit slow right now. So, let’s come down to. Let’s say this testimonials one: Okay! Well, I want to go through. I want to track everyone that visits this testimonial page and you can go through There’s two ways to do it. You can go through and do it page individually Or you can just do it once and it’ll apply to every single page in this funnel.

So I’m just going to come up here to settings Okay And then inside the settings it’s going to have a spot where you can see the header tracking code. Now I’ve already got my main Facebook pixel for my main website in here. So you can see this right here. I already copied and pasted that. So if we want to do this new one, We just paste it in there and you are set you Just come down and hit I’m just going to actually take that off, because I’ve already got the pixel code in there.

Then all you got to do is sit, save and update settings, and You are good You’re done. You’re set you’re ready to go now. One thing that you can do is this: Facebook Pixel helper, if you guys, are using Google Chrome, which I highly recommend using google chrome Just in general, using Facebook as manager using everything, but they have this little pixel And I’ll. Show you guys right here. So Facebook pixel helper – This is a chrome plug-in where you go say, add to Chrome.

You can see right here. It’s grayed out right now! That’s because the Facebook pixel is not on this page right here now, if you pull up, Let’s say one of my websites right here, You’ll be able to see right here. It says highlighted It says two or one, it could say one or two. That means that the Facebook pixel is Successfully installed, so this Facebook pixel helper. This is a hundred percent, free chrome plug-in, You can say, add to Chrome, okay, And then you can use that to test and see if it’s working on your website on your landing pages, on your blog on Whatever site you’re going through and using okay.

So now that we’ve got this installed, what we want to do is come back over here to the Facebook Ads manager And we want to create an audience so we’re just going to click on audience. Okay, so audiences right here and we’re going to recruit through and create an audience custom to people. We have already visited our website. Okay, so this is pretty cool. So read this: we’re going to come over here to create audience, Will click custom, audience right here and then we’ll say hey We could do a customer file.

That means we could. If we have a list of leads, we can upload that information into Facebook, But what we want to do to take advantage of the Facebook retarding pixel is to go through and click on website traffic right here And then we could say hey. I want all website visitors. That means anyone wherever my pixels at Anyone. That’s that hits any page on my website in the past 30 days And I think you can go to Mac’s 180-day see that right there.

So you can go up to 180 days if we want to collect every one or you could say hey. I only want people who visit specific pages. Okay, So you can go through and do like your blog right here put in the URL to your blog. So, let’s just say I’ll just show you guys really quick right here, So our Arsenal mkg our blog. If we click on this – and we say – ok, hey, I only want people. Where are we back here? So I only want people that have visited Something one of the pages on this URL, so on our blog right, so you go through it.

You can say, or this landing page or that landing page or this is specific, blog post and You can go through and create these custom audiences or for this example, We’ll just say all website Bet visitors and we’ll say demo all Website visitors to give it a Name and also you can go through and include more in case you can dive in deeper, say: hey anyways visit, all my Website pages or or you could say, hey anyone, who’s visit this specific web page Or you can even go through and say how much time They’ve spent on your website, which is pretty cool, Looks like if you go through and create a blog post, and if you want to know like you know, did they read it or Not? You can say: hey someone who spent at least 30 seconds on my blog post on my website And see if they’re really searching around and no and so they’re, not just like clicking on or clicking off or you can say, hey I want everyone.

That’s visited my website, but I want to exclude Anyone who has visited this specific website or this specific page okay. So if there’s like a page where it’s like, I don’t want, I don’t want these people to be included in this audience. You can go through and do that as well and then once we go through and create the audience name, We can create that audience and then what’s going to happen, is it’s going to drop down So we’re going to say done for right now You see demo All website visitors, Okay, so it says populated right now and guys this is going to it take.

Sometimes a couple hours could take as much as Four hours to go through and populate it, But that doesn’t mean that you can go through. That doesn’t mean that you can’t go through and start creating your Facebook ad campaign Targeting these people specifically now, Let me just go through. I wasn’t going to do this, But I’ll just show you guys how to go through and target that that specific community with these Facebook retargeting ads So let’s go through and click click create And then we’ll say, for this example just say: traffic and guys.

I cover in that Facebook guys mini course. I mentioned that I’ll. Give you guys, if you’d, give a thumbs up on this article and drop a comment below I cover all these different marketing objectives and when you want to use each one And how to go through and use them and all that in detail. So for this one We’re just going to say, traffic demo campaign Continue and then now what we can do is we can actually choose that specific Facebook audience right here We come down to custom audiences click right there and then it will pop up.

We have our look like audiences, Which I cover that all in that Facebook, as mini course as well guys to drop a comment below give a thumbs up in this Video, we’ll just come over here to custom audience. You can see right here demo all website, visitors, okay, so You can see it says less than 20 people, but that’s just because it’s still populating Okay, so you don’t have to worry about that. We can just click on this and as it populates Facebook will automatically update that.

So you don’t have to go through and worry about it, and Because this is a custom audience, We don’t have to worry about. You know targeting the United States or age or men or women or language or anything else right here. We just target this specific audience And then we go through and we can choose where we want to place the ad Our budget, that we want to spend each day and typically on retargeting ads, we can spend a lot less money.

We can spend as much as like five dollars Or one two five dollars and go through and hit that specific audience, and I was just on It’s been a few weeks now. Actually, but I was on a call with our Facebook Ads rep And it was really cool because they were saying that for if you’re, if you’ve got a custom audience and your retargeting that audience That Facebook will actually show your ad before any other advertisers.

Because you basically own that data Okay, because it you’ve shown that hey this person’s already interacted with my brand. So it’s going to show your ad first and your ads are going to be a lot cheaper. So it’s pretty cool, And so you can actually spend a lot less money on the daily. You can say maybe five bucks, or even a dollar, depending on the audience size, Hit, continue and go through finish up, creating that ad and, as I mentioned guys, all the ad creation, all that stuff I have inside of that Facebook Ads mini course.

I want to give to you guys, if you just give it a thumbs up and you go drop and comment down below so Anyway, guys, hopefully, that’s helpful with the whole Facebook retargeting pixel setting with your Facebook retargeting ads, getting all that put together. If you guys, like this and you’re brand new to the blog, my name is Jason Wardrop, I launched new articles every single week. Helping you generate more leads, make more money and grow your business.

So Hopefully you guys like this. If you guys want that Facebook guys mini-course, give it a thumbs up drop a comment below, And I will see you guys all tomorrow.

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My PROVEN Facebook Ads Testing Strategy That WORKS! Step by Step Tutorial

If you’ve been subscribed to the blog, then you’ll know you’ve probably seen it before. In fact, every Thursday I put out a poll asking you guys, then what kind of content you want me to cover that weekend come in so this Thursday, then I did exactly that I’ll put screenshot up here and, as you can see, then the clear winner was Facebook Ads testing.

So that’s exactly what today’s article is going to be about tomorrow, then Sunday will be on the second place winner, which was Facebook as scaling. So if you want to see that article then make sure you hit that subscribe button, and that means something guys, that’s a topic. Thank you for tuning in. I hope you enjoyed the article and let’s get straight into it. What is going on, then guys welcome to my ad manager account.

So the way I’m going to structure this article, then, is I’m going to start off firstly going through why this strategy actually works. I’ve got a Google document that we’re going to go and actually work through kind of. Why the reason in why we have to do things this particular way and why this particular strategy works and then afterwards, muchly going to go through on my ad manager, account and actually create this testing strategy.

So you can see exactly how to set up yourself now. I’m fully aware that some of you won’t care about why this thing works, even though I thoroughly or strongly recommend them that you do read this first bit. I will pause time stamp up here somewhere in the middle of the screen, for those of you that just want to skip ahead straight to the actual creation of this strategy. So that means said then, let’s get straight into it.

So Facebook Ads testing strategy new for 2019, so number one then before we get into this strategy itself, two things you need to consider. First number one: Facebook Ads optimize on the answer level. We’ve got proof of both these points as well, and then number two facebook recommends a minimum of 50 conversions per week for ad optimization and that is on the ad set level. So if you’ve got 10 ad sets within your campaign and each ad set is get in, say, 5 conversions, even though you’re hitting those 50 conversions, not one single one of those ad sets is getting 50 conversions on its own.

Therefore, it’s not going to be delivering optimally and just to prove it to you guys, then I’ve got Facebook’s own business website up here and the first thing I want to show you, then, is this bit here, so this is also crucial to making sure you get In 50 of the conversion events you optimized, for so, if you’re choosing purchases, then these must happen within your conversion window. So this is going to be a crucial point to the testing strategy as well, and then the next point is well probably the main point as well is that keep in mind that we recommend getting about 50 optimization events within your conversion window per week.

So what that’s basically telling us is that if we don’t get those 50 conversions within a week there now ads aren’t going to be delivering optimally and they’re not going to perform consistently. And if I do show you this next page, then you can see the Facebook state setting themselves as well. So each ad set accumulates data, so an ad set, not a campaign, so ad sets optimized on an ad set level needs each.

So each ad set there needs about 50 of the conversions it’s optimized for swear, that’s view, content, Add to Cart or purchase for Facebook to be able to deliver it with stability and efficiency. Now, as it says there and me, it says, needs about 50, the more the better the more data Facebook has to go on the better it’s going to be able to perform. So just give you an example, then if you have 10 and sets that get 5 conversions each in a week, I said this earlier, then you have 50 conversions, but because they’re not all on that one ad set.

Then all of those ad sets essentially won’t be delivering optimally. So what you’ll be better off doing is combining those 10 ad sets or combining them that budget into one ad set to make sure that one particular ad sess gets 50 conversions and that’s exactly what this testing strategy encompasses then. So that being said, then just two things you need to consider while going through this, because it will make sense, then why I’ve chosen these particular criteria.

So to begin with what locations should you target? I always recommend the big for english-speaking one to the UK. Us, Canada and Australia. Now you want to separate this per ad set. The reason you don’t want to put them all into one ad set is purely a couple of reasons really number one. The overall audience size will just be way too big. Are we absolutely massive and we don’t want audiences that are too big to start with I’ll get more into that later and number two as well? If they’re in separate ad sets, then you can make sure that you dedicate an equal amount of budget to each country.

Therefore you can, you can give each country its own fair chance, and then you can make a better judgment. The results won’t be skewed. Basically, if each country will have had say ten pound each spent on it. So if one brings in say five purchases and the other brings in two, then you know straight away which one is performed better, whereas if you combine them all into one and set them, Facebook is only going to give the majority of the budget to the best Performing one, so it won’t necessarily give each country its own fighting chance, so you won’t get an accurate representation in a which countries are the most profitable number.

Two then agent ginger to lead so leave this as default, especially if you’re going into an each-way. Not quite sure who your ideal customers are going to be so target anywhere from eighteen to sixty five-plus and then include male and female, no interest expansion. So that’s the little check box I’ll highlight it once we go through the creation process. Next point test: one interest at a time. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to use we’re going to flex target, but we’re only going to go kind of one level deep.

So we’ll have our base interest and then we’re going to flex it with another interest and that’s how we’re going to structure this testing strategy so we’re only going to flex with one interest at a time if that makes sense. Hopefully it does any questions at all. Obviously, do leave a comment down below, but all will come clear then, when I actually go through the process of Korean is strategy within the ad manager.

The next so emplacement again one per and set of four equal budget testing. So the two we’re going to focus on then is the Facebook newsfeed and an Instagram moving on into a daily budget. This is where things get interesting. So what makes this testing strategy unique, then, is we’re going to be duplicating the actual ad not duplicating that ad set not duplicating the campaign duplicating the actual ad and we’re still going to base it on the whole five dollars per day? So it’s going to be five dollars or just four dollars on there to make it a bit more clear times the amount of ads that you want to run.

So I recommend at least three, which will total a daily budget of $ 15. Obviously, the more the better and I’m going to explain why, later on in the article, because well to basically the more the higher percentage of an audience we can test, then the better results and more accurate representation. We’re going to get all over. That audience is actually a successful one or not, and the pros then, of having a higher daily budget and actually do Paquette do cocaine on the ad level is the number one we have a higher budget than everyone else.

Everybody talks about the whole five dollars per day, so if everybody’s doing five dollars per day and we’re spending at least fifteen dollars per day, then at the end of the day Facebook is a bidding market. So if we’ve got a higher daily budget, then we should get in theory, better results and everyone else, because we’re showing to Facebook that we’re willing to spend a bit more money and we’ll also be out bidding everyone else.

And if the majority of people test and a five dollar daily budget and we’re using fifteen dollars, then we’re going to be able to outbid people and therefore we should get the pick of the bunch when it comes to the customers. Also, we get better ad optimization going back to that original point of Facebook ads optimizing on an ad set level. If we’re spending more money per day, there’s going to be more data coming in for that one particular ad set, and therefore it’s going to optimize better and deliver more efficiently.

Moving on to the next point, there’s a seven-day click or one day view the fact that we choose seven-day click means that anybody who clicks on our ad and then purchases within seven days, they’re going to contribute and count towards those 50 conversions, whereas if it was Only a one day click then they click on your ad, but then they buy two days later. They don’t get counted towards those 50 conversion.

So therefore it takes longer to actually optimize totally optimize. The ad set, because they’re not included in that 50 of that makes sense and then the final point is our bid strategy which we’re going to leave a lowest cost and the reason we do this, then, as it says in brackets, use target cost when scaling is Because we’re testing we want to know, we want to see what the actual lowest cost is that we can achieve purchases for this particular product, because then that’s going to give us a gauge of whether it’s actually worth scaling and then once we do move into scaling.

We use target cost because then that way we can take to Facebook. This is how much we want to pay roughly per purchase. So, as we scale up, then try and stick as close to that as possible. So that being said, then guys that’s a strategy. Hopefully, it all makes sense. So what I’m going to do now we’re just going to go back to my ad manager account and I was going to build one out in front of you, so you can see practically how this strategy actually works.

So, to start with, then I’m just going to go ahead and click create new ad set looks like I was halfway through. So let’s click continue. In fact, let’s go right back to the beginning, so objective wise. Then I always start with conversions. Now, to be honest with you as long as you’ve got a strong product and you put it in front of the right audience, then you can always start with conversions, because with conversions comes everything else and what I mean by that, then, is that for somebody to Make a purchase on your store: they have to become part of your traffic if they have to view content, they have to add the car they have to initiate checkout.

So as long as you’ve got a strong product put it in front of the right audience, then everything else will come along with it. If that makes sense, so moving on to the actual ad set level, then your pixel name will be in there. Obviously, now the reason mine is called that is because I’ve got a few different ones. I just name them to make sense to me relevant to the right stores, conversion event wise now.

The reason that’s like that as well is because I I have a store that sells multiple niches, so I has set up different custom conversions, hence why it’s called that. So as long as you’re only advertising one niche at a time then just use the standard purchase. Conversion event moving down then into the first section, which is locations now. What I’m going to show you is setting up just kind of one ad set one particular answer, but if you want to get a bit more advanced and create multiple ad sets at a time, then what you do is you scroll to the top? Let’s get rid of this annoying message as well, and then you can click create multiple new ad sets and what that allows you to do is pretty much self-explanatory.

Just create multiple new ad sets and you can split test everything and essentially set everything all up in one go, but I’m not going to go into too much detail in this article, because I have done a specific article on that topic. Actually so for this example of this article, then we’re going to leave it as UK aging gender stays as default, and then this is where we get into the actual tags. In section of our strategy – which is this section here so one interest at a time and no interest expansion, so what that means, then is make sure you unclick that.

Therefore that means that Facebook is only going to target people that are included in our detailed tags. In Section, so what we want to do, then, is make sure they were only tagged in one interest at a time, but we’re going to flex it by one level to make sure that we’re targeting the most focused section of our audiences as possible. So, just as an example for you guys, if we’re in the dog nation, I always use it as an example on this blog.

What we’re going to do is we’re just going to use dogs as like the base interest, but, as you can see, the potential Reach is still 15 million people, which is actually huge. We want to make this a lot smaller, purely because if we’ve got a new pixel in a new niche, then for us to go out and advertise in an audience – that’s 15 million people and spend in 20 pound per day. Then, as you can see, our daily reach is anywhere from 1 K to 8 K so to spend 20 pound.

I’m not sure what that works out percentage-wise. But it’s probably like point zero zero one percent of this overall audience, so the chances of actually finding people who are going to purchase our product within that potential reach size is very, very, very absolutely tiny, purely because our pixel is not matured. It’s not optimized. It doesn’t know who our purchases are, so essentially it’s going to go out and show our ads to random people until people start to take notice a bit and start to engage with it.

So, to begin with, we have to flex down to make this number even smaller. So what I recommend, then, by flex, is by flexing by at least one level. So if we click on our audience, we can put another dog interest in here then to essentially bring this potential reach down. So I’m just going to use dog Today magazine because it’s one of use quite a lot and select that and see what that does to our potential reach up brings our potential reaching down to 61 thousand people wish you’re more than happy with.

I recommend, if you’re testing one interest at a time, then try and get your audience below 300,000 people just because that’s small enough to adequately test or get an idea, then of whether your product is going to work or not. Now a lot of people will say: there’s not enough scale, not enough room there to scale it and you’d be 100 % right, but what you’re forgetting is that to begin with, our pixel is not going to be very well matured.

So we have to do this to build up the traffic, build up the purchases, that’s going to mature our pixel and then once our pixel was matured once it knows what and who our ideal customers are, then we can just get rid of dogs. Today. Go back to 15 million people and Facebook will know who our ideal customers are. So now we can go out and actually find those people within this audience of 15 million people where’s to begin with, it won’t be able to do that because it won’t know who our ideal customer is so essentially, then we have to do the tags in for Facebook ourselves to begin with, until we’ve matured our pixel any questions on any of this at all.

Then obviously, please do leave a comment down below, so I’m just going to fill this back in again. Dogs today magazine now. The recent magazines work so well is because, for anybody to be subscribed to a dog magazine, they’d have to be pretty crazy if they don’t own a dog. So it pretty much just tells you straight away that people within this audience owned dogs and therefore they’re, going to be interested in a dog product moving down then into placements, make sure you hit edit placements and then start off by just getting rid of all of Them and then just select the ones we want now.

The two we’re going to be focusing on then are the Facebook newsfeed and the Instagram newsfeed as well. But what you’ve got to remember is that we’re going to split test these in two different handsets now. The reason we don’t combine them, then, is because Facebook is going to optimize our budget into the one that it thinks is working the best. But, to begin with, what I recommend is devoting the same amount of budget for each one, so each one gets its own.

Fighting fair chance to produce the results basically and then once you know which one produces the results, then just focus primarily on that one, so this particular ad set. Then I’m setting up for the sake of this article, it’s just going to be in the Facebook newsfeed. All mobile devices – that’s fine, now daily budget. What I’m going to do is, as it said in the strategy, I recommend using at least three, so I’m going to put the daily budget, then 215 pounds we’re going to use conversions when you use SEM and a click or one day view and we’re going to Go for the lowest cost as well.

So that’s pretty much our ad setup moving on to the actual ad section of this campaign, so now this is finally loaded up. Then what the default screen you will see, then, is this one which is the create ad screen, but what I recommend doing then, is using an existing post. Then that way, every time you run ads to a particular post. All that engagement comments. Tags are all going to build up on one post and therefore, when that accumulates you’ll build up the social proof and the more social proof you have, then the more likely people are to engage with it as well and actually click on it too.

So choose your ad, then that’s not the topic of this article, so I’ve done plenty of articles on ad copies and everything so go out. Do your research on that, but once you’ve got your ad done all set up, so this is just an example. One then, for this article go ahead and just click confirm place your order and then once this confirms and takes you to the next screen once it. Finally loads, so now this is finally loaded, then, as you can see, we’re back in my ad manager account on the ads level.

This is the one that we just created and what we’re going to do now, then, is just you placate this we can court. We can leave it in the same campaign, we’ll leave it in the same actor and let’s create two copies: click duplicate and then once it’s finally loads just go ahead and click publish, because essentially we want to keep everything the same. All we’re doing is duplicating the ad, so we’re running three ads under one and set.

Essentially so, let’s close this down so as you can see, then what we’ve got now then is we’ve got three ads under one ad set level and what this is going to do then, is it’s just going to basically allow us to test an audience more adequately Than just using one ad for a number of reasons, number one we’re using a bigger budget. Therefore, we’ve got better bidding power against other people. Number two I’d sets are going to optimize better than just using five dollars per day and number.

Three, then, by using three different ads, especially this works really well as well for larger audiences. Purely because, if you’re going out with one ad, then obviously Facebook is going to choose a certain segment of your audience to show your ad to. And if that certain segment doesn’t react well to your ad, then you might leave that audience thinking the audience doesn’t work and it’s over the audience or your product, whereas if you’ve got three or five or even ten different ads, Facebook is going to go out and Show those ads to five two three five or ten different segments of that audience, and then you can see which ads are returning the results and then once you’ve done that once you’ve, let it run for a day or two.

You can close down the ones that aren’t performing very well, and then Facebook will start to put even more budget into the ones that are performing well. So that means that the guys, that is the whole testing strategy from start to finish, I would love it if you guys actually go out, implement this and come back and let me know what kind of results you’ve been getting. I’ve been using this a lot, especially when scaling ad sets, and it’s been working really well for for me, in fact, I haven’t done a with proof article for quite some time, so maybe, if you guys want to see it, of course, I tend to go on Whatever you guys recommend, if you guys want to see it, I can do another with proof article.

I actually show you one of those ad sets where implemented this strategy, so you guys can actually see the kind of results I’ve been getting, and that being said, then, hopefully that made sense. Hopefully you guys are still reading. If you are, then, hopefully you enjoyed the article, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this far and if you did then please do leave a like. That’s all I ask, and that being said, any questions at all make sure you leave a comment down below.

I assume we’ve covered quite a lot, so there’s probably going to be tons and tons of questions, but I do get back to every single person so feel free to spam. As many as you want down below in the comment section and that being said, then I’m going to stop talking now. It’s nearly. It is just gone three o’clock in the morning, so that means something guys have a great weekend and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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