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Social Media Branding-Realtors┬« Triple Play Convention 2019

? What’s branding to you, You are your brand, I’m not here to tell you that you should make specific color choices and A certain font that represents who you are You are your brand. We are in a highly visible business that everything you do everything you say everything you represent on social Media IS your brand.

Would you agree? Yes, So what makes you stand out? That’s the one big question: I have you If you can answer that sentence. Well, I Sell real estate and I’ll put your property into the MLS. Is that your Unique value proposition anymore: NO, Okay, Where what’s your experience, your Expertise and your education, What sets you, apart from the competition? Not just Other brokerages, but other people in your office.

You are your brand You are your own business, so I want you to identify in your head the knowledge, the Experience the expertise, that’s what sets you apart and that’s how you build a brand with social media. Ok, everything that you do everything That you, post all the content you create, should be answering those three things: So start focusing on what matters most and what matters most to you and is different.

For every person Right, you have to identify what your Core values are and what you believe in For me: it’s 3 F’s -Family Fitness and Fun; Okay, if You look at my social media. Most of everything that I post has to do with My family have two kids that are four years old and nine years old and a beautiful Wife, who is in real estate, Woot Woot – I won’t call her out because she is here, she’ll get embarrassed and will yell at me later on.

OK. That’s the majority of my everything that I do because that’s who I am the Client People like people who are like them – Hey Right Part of the brand, I managed to do that using article It’s the # 1 thing that I added to my real estate business in the last 10 years. That’s made the biggest impact, and I know that every year is the year of the article every year. You Come in triple play like oh this, is it I’m going to do it this year and I swear Well, this is this should be here because I’m going to say why not you, why not do Something to make a difference, because the article is the biggest thing that you Can do to have an impact on your business, but to also grant you with your Core values, this article we do know who I am – Who I am and what I represent – and That’s how it really do business together.

So tell your story and any one of the social media platforms and your brand will follow. Thank you.

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STOP Boosting Facebook Posts | Do This Instead

We can go in and say, hey, we want article views or we want comments likes and shares, or we want people to go to this website or we want people to go into Facebook messenger with a boosted post, you’re, not telling them that. So you can. You can get into audience targeting a little bit. You can go into the budget. You can do some of those things but you’re, not tong Facebook, exactly what you want to accomplish so you’re in goal of getting leads, which is probably what you’re going to want to do.

We’re growing an audience of some sort, you’re not going to accomplish that right. So, let’s dive into Facebook and just see what I’m talking about here. So I’m on my facebook business page, and so I have this post that I posted the other day. And so, if I wanted to boost this post, I would obviously go to my page and there’s this blue post button here. So we would boost this post and come in here and what we can say right here would be.

You know we’re looking at our audience right and so for this. It’s get more messages, because I have a send message, but here you can come in here and change. This basically get more views or get more message, and that’s really the only option that Facebook allows here. So if I scroll down here, I can go in and edit the audience. I can make this a little bit more specific. I can use custom audiences.

I can go and change the audience that I’m that I’m going to that I’m going to target essentially right, then I can go into the budget, the budget. You know you can do daily budget and then put that for a length of time or on an end date. Facebook really just wants this to be as easy as possible for their end user to create an ad. That’s the reason that boosting a post lives. That’s the reason it exists.

However, like I like I said earlier, it’s just not the best way to go in tell Facebook exactly what we want right, because if we had a link with a website here and I wanted them to go to a website – I cannot necessarily say I want to Traffic right or I want that kind of thing, so it really limits you on what your, what you can do, you can go and edit placements you can do some audience targeting you can choose the budget, you can add your Facebook pixel.

You can’t choose your account and then you would just choose boost post, but what? If? What? If we could go into Facebook Ads manager and select exactly what we want to do right? So if we click on create here, we can see all of the objectives that facebook gives us, so just a lot more options and we can tell Facebook exactly what we want to accomplish with our app. So if we wanted to do messages, we could do that and we can customize it a little bit using mini chat and do a JSON ad and shoot them exactly what we want them to see in messenger.

From the ad that I just had. You can’t necessarily do that within a boosted post right. You can’t go in and do it JSON at if you’re wondering what that is I’ll link that somewhere around this article in the description or in a card. If you want to do a messenger ad properly, but other things that you can do, you can do lead generation. So if you want to do a lead form or to acquire name email phone number, you could do a lead generation from that.

If you wanted to do article views’, you would do engagement. If you want more likes comments and shares on that post, you would do a page post engagement here as well right, so you would do post engagement, page likes event responses. If you wanted article views, you would come in here and choose that if you will have a landing page or a website and you wanted to acquire leads there, you would use conversions.

If you want traffic, you would send them there. So in this case, what we’re going to do is, let’s say engagement. You want the most amount of likes comments and shares on your ad, so we would choose engagement here and we’re going to do post engagement right because we don’t want page likes or event responses. So we’re going to do I call this PPE page post engagement, sub, page post engagement and then from here you know the we call this example.

You call it what it is so page post, engagement and then the date is the 7th. So we would continue here and we can go into the audience. You can do this within a boosted posts as well. So I’m not going to go too far in depth here, but then under the identity. What you can do is, if you want to create a new hat. You can totally do that, but if you’re wanting to boost that posts, those on your Facebook page, you have a post that you want to get more likes comments and shares on right.

If, if I wanted to quote-unquote boost this post or use this post as an ad, I would not boost it. I would come in to Facebook Ads. Do page post engagement like I showed you and then I would use an existing post and then I would select that post right. So I would come here and then I would choose that exact post. So the same post that I have on my business page right here, I can use within Facebook ads manager and continue with that as my ad right.

So, if you wanted to do say, I did have a link here. I could go back to the objective and send traffic to that link, or I could use a conversions campaign to acquire, leads and track that through Facebook. That’s something that you can’t do with a boosted post right. So just make sure that you are aware of your options and make sure that you’re using your money wisely, because, if you’re just using a boosted post you’re using a shotgun approach to your Facebook ads and we want a lasered dialed-in approach.

We want to tell Facebook exactly what we want to accomplish and then go accomplish that with our Facebook Ads, because if you have any questions on that comment in the comments below happy to help, you guys answer any of those questions. If you like, this article, give it a thumbs up if you want more real estate and mortgage related marketing content, make sure that you subscribe to my blog click.

The notification bell, so you can’t notified when I create new articles and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next article you

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How We Set 35 Sales Appointments In Under 5 Minutes WithOUT Spending ANY Money On Advertising!

If you are, if you’ve got a marketing agency, if you’re in real estate, I know a lot of you guys are, if you’re in Fitness, Don’t like, it really does not matter what business you’re in right. This is we’re just kind of give you guys some backstory on how this is really work for us, And then I want to dive in and show you guys exactly how to make it happen for your business.

Okay, So Adam on our team, he is kind of like he does all of our sales demo sales calls and all that stuff, and Just this past month His calendar was completely booked with appointments and calls, and these were 100 % like zero cold calls guys. These are already people that pre booked appointments with him and he had to go through like he was non-stop On the phone and then just yesterday We went through and blasted out this exact message.

I’M going to show you guys here in a second to about 300 people And he’s got 35 appointments booked over the next week and a half Okay. That was in the first 24 hours, And so people are still going through and booking appointments. So if you look at that, we blast out to 300 people and we had 35 appointments booked. That’S over like a 10 % Booking rate from this simple message that I’m going to go through and break down for you guys.

So what you want to do here – and This is obviously the arsalan kg software – is we want to go through and all of our existing contacts. We might have K our existing network, no matter how long you’ve been in business. You’Ve got some Network right. It could be people from LinkedIn, It could be from Outlook It could be from. You know. Your Google contacts whatever it is. You’Ve got this database of people, who are your super warm market? Okay, and for this you don’t have to pay pay any money for advertising.

Anything else, But what we’re going to do is come over here to this messages section. So I want to show you guys exactly how to set this up, So we’re going to come over here to emails and what we’re going to do is take this existing database. Could be a hundred people 300, a thousand people whatever it is, and we’re just going to go through and click create new email and a subject line. It’S just going to be quick question: Okay, that’s it! Okay, I’m just going to name a quick question.

The email and then it’s going to be the the quick question is going to be. Are You still interested in Blank Okay so like for my business, we went through, we messaged like hey. Are you still interested in real estate, lead generation, okay or if your realtor? It’S like: Are you still interested in buying a home or selling your home or, if you’re, the fitness business? Are you still interested in losing weight, or are you still interested in getting fit for the summer or whatever the Industry is you can go through and just like? Have that simple follow up line right there? Okay, then, what I would do, probably ideally, is actually take off this signature, because you want to make this as personal as possible so like I actually like to make the Lower case on the subject, and even all this is all lower case.

Okay and then we just go through, We blast that out to all of your contacts. Okay, I would say immediately hit next, and then we just hit it to all of our leads, and we would hit send send email right here and then make sure you guys have time to go through and Follow up with all of these contacts. Okay And another thing is when you’re doing the follow-up, I would go through and put together something like calendly so see al en d ly dot-com.

This is an appointment, scheduling app that once somebody responds back say are you still looking to You know generate leads for your real estate business? Are you still looking to buy or sell a home? Are you still looking to you know, get in shape for the summer? Whatever it is, Then your response is like. Okay, great, Like let’s jump on a call and let’s discuss how we I can help you Okay, then you would just send them a link to this little calendar’is, a p — right here.

Okay, where you’ve got you know, set up a 20-minute meeting. It’S like what day, what time, whatever that you can go through and set this appointment up? Okay! So That’s what you want to do, So you want to make sure that once you blast out that email Make sure you guys have some time to go through and respond to those emails, because you are going to get an amazingly high response right. Now another thing that we’ve done that this, if you guys, are doing this one – that this works even even better than email guys.

So if we go over here to mini chat so ma NY, ch8 C-calm, Okay, This is basically doing the same thing, but instead of blasting out an email, You’re blasting out a Facebook message to all these people. Okay. So what we do right here is we come over here to a Broadcasting? Okay, so obviously like. If you don’t have an active subscriber list, I’m going to add some other articles too. How on how to build this list.

I went up through and built mine too up over a thousand people, my first 30 days and Now we’re nearing 15,000 people on the subscriber list. So this is super powerful guys. This is. This is like a very powerful tool when it comes to go through and getting people to engage with your brand, Alright, so same type of thing, But I wanted to show you guys, there’s a few other key differences that we’re going to do here on on this.

One So we’re just going to click on broadcasting. Will click new broadcast? Okay, so we’re just going to say: are you still interested and We’ll put that for this one We’ll say like getting in shape for the summer and then we just have a little quick like? Yes and then we’ll have we’ll say, send message done or we can say no and Then we’ll just click send message and we hit done And now what I like to do.

So this is what they’re going to see you over here in their facebook Messenger. Okay, it’s going to say: hey: are you still interested in getting the shape for the summer? Yes or no, so they click one of those below What I like to do is it just makes it easier is if you go to this flow builder over here, Okay kind of like it makes it easier to go through and map all this out. Okay. So this is the initial message They’re going to get and then, if they click on this one they’re going to get sent this message.

Okay, if they click on this one they’re going to see a sent this match. So if they click no, oh, I might say: Okay, no prob. If there’s anything, I can do to help in the future. Just Shoot me a message or something like that right. So we just like we just end it there, Okay and then right here Now we can go through and they said. Yes, I’m still interested Right. So you could say great. Are You looking you know lean down? Maybe if they’re like looking to get in shape, right, lean down or Add some extra Muscle right, so you have one of those.

What right there? Okay and then we just have these options, add the button. So we can say lean down Okay and then we’ll say, send message which will make that one go up there, We’ll just zoom out a little bit or we can say Bull, Okay, something like that and we’ll say send message and then we hit done. And then we could say Great. I’Ve got several strategies To share with you, Let’s jump on a call for a free like 15 minute Consultation or something like that right.

So we can just even copy the same one, and even put it Down here say like if they say both down great I’ve got several strategy to share with you So obviously like. If they’re, looking to lean down or bulk up and obviously depends on what you’re doing right, It’s like the same thing: Hey. Are you still looking to Buy your buy a home in the near future or sell your home? Yes or no? Okay, Yes, Okay, Great! How soon are you looking to move? You know one to three months, four to six months, whatever Awesome, Let’s jump on a call So like I always like if they say yes, I like to have like kind of a pre message that Before we ask like set up an appointment to kind of like Get another bucket filled of like what their desires are right.

It’S like this one. Obviously we can find out if they want to lead down or bulk up on the call, But it helps us to kind of get a little bit more information from them Before we even jump on the call, so we can be a little bit more prepared. So now Right here We could just say scheduled call and then on this open web site, We’ll just throw in The link to this appointment, scheduling app right here, So we’ll say: Web dress right there We’ll sit done and then the same thing up here We’ll want To have that scheduled, a call scheduled call Open website done, Okay and so now, we’ll just hit preview up here.

We’Ve got to see like what’s going on, So we click on this and then it’ll say open messenger. So we open this up in messenger and you can kind of see the exact flow guys. So you come in here, it says: hey. Are you still interested in getting in shape for the summer? Yes, Okay! So it’s like it’s going to click! That great. Are you looking to lead down or add some extra muscle, and maybe let’s say I want to lean down? Okay, so it says lead down.

This is great. I’Ve got several strategies to share with you: Let’s jump on a call for a free, 15 minute consultation or like something to that effect. Right So hit schedule call and they they could do all this right on their phone Right, because they’re probably going to be on Facebook messenger on their phone. It’S just all going to go through on their phone. They come in here Set a 20 minute pointment what they see, what days you’re available, what times of days and guys this is a hundred percent free To go set up this appointment, scheduling app right here: Okay, And You can also get a free account with with ours or with with mini chat right here and then arsal.

You can even get you Know, free 7-day trial and get going and get everything all set up and guys this like, if you’re, not making money right now, But you have a list to go through and leverage it use. This is probably the biggest moneymaker You can go through and implement into your business Right. We use the same strategy with mini chat and with emails. Okay, and we set it to 300 people. Okay, 300 people.

That’S not a lot of people right, Like you, probably have more people in your contacts, more people more than 300 that you personally know – and we blast that out And guys over the next week and a half 35 appointments scheduled. Okay, like that, I think Adams got like over seven every single day or seven a day. Okay, because I think that’s kind of max Alex has got some other stuff he’s doing, but 7 new appointments scheduled today.

Let’S just say you get one new new appointment per day or one new closed deal. Okay, guys, that’s so like let’s say, he’s got 35 total seven a day. That’S five days: That’s five new clients Just right there, just from the simple strategy They took literally like five minutes to set, and It was a hundred percent free. Okay, So, anyway, guys jump in grab a free 7-day trial, arsalan kg grab, a mini chat, account Grab a calendly account like this.

This is like the best thing that you can do for your business to go through and scale it to the next level. So anyway, guys this is, I call this the 9:00 word email. Are you still interested in and then you got four words to be able to follow with whatever else k. So, just remember that guys you got the quick question For the subject line or maybe you can put like personal note and make sure it’s lowercase And then are you still interested in blank question mark nothing else, very short, very simple and wait for the replies to Come in and wait for the Appointments to get booked because you’re going to get a lot of appointments.

Alright, So anyway, guys guys found this article helpful Go ahead, Give it a thumbs up, drop a comment down below. Let me know what you guys think. Also, once you guys try, it drop a comment down and let’s hear all about it, guys. Okay, so Also, if you are brand new here to the blog, My name is Jason Wardrop and I launched new articles every single week on how to generate more leads. Make more money and grow your business So make sure you guys subscribe And with that said, I will see you all later.