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Real Estate Marketing Ideas For New Agents With No Money – EASY & FREE! (2020)

Every single article and the winner today was Brandon. Haslett and Brandon saw I post his comment down all right up here And, and he was like this article actually was inspired by his comment. So Brandon’s, 20 years old, He’s saying that he goes and he knocks doors every day. I think he was like try to make 10 or 20 contacts every single day. He’s like look, I’m a new agent. I you know: don’t have a lot of money go through put into marketing, It doesn’t matter if you’re 20, 30, 40, 50, whatever like.

Sometimes, when you’re skins start, You don’t have a lot of money to go put towards advertising or Zillow leads truly leads or any of that other stuff. So I just want to share with you guys some of the things that I would go through and do and some of these success stories of Has based off of this little strategy that I’ve got for you guys right so number one. Okay, I would go through You’re reading this article right here on YouTube.

I would go through and start your own YouTube blog right now, really quick guys before you’re, like Jason, I I don’t want to start YouTube blog. It takes too much time too much work and You know I can’t go through and then shoot a article. I’r scared to be on camera, really, quick guys. I want to show you guys a few different agents who didn’t start too long ago, and they have absolutely explode their brand and They just get leads like almost like endless leads coming to them right.

So this is right here. This is Graham Stefan. He is a realtor in the stuff. I think his South comes Southern California’s. Sorry, I can’t even talk right now Lily this guy’s he’s got over a hundred thousand subscribers. Now, if we come over here now, I think he started a couple of years ago, but he’s just been consistent with it right. So it says one year ago, guys look at that one year He has over a hundred thousand subscribers, and so This is one person.

I’r like okay, this. This is a huge brand that he’s very Consistent with the he’s shooting articles like every you know, a couple articles a week, but for here’s another one Loida right here. She says new articles weekly, so it’s like. If you don’t have time to go through and shoot articles non-stop, then you know you can go through and shoot it like. Maybe once a week two times a week three times a week and the great thing about YouTube: guys: Okay, If you guys been following me for some time now and also add a link to a article that I created, of how to actually Rank your YouTube articles And I go through step by step everything.

I do not see your not going to rank every single one, But I’ve got a blog That I start in the dental space that has well over a million views, and I started out about seven years ago And I still get twenty to twenty five thousand views. Every single month at like, like today, guys every single month Without even doing anything I having to touch that blog for like four to five months. Okay, so the great thing about YouTube is One: you can go rank for different keywords too: It’s a hundred percent free organic traffic as people going through Just typing in a little search result and I’ll.

Tell you guys some of the different things to cert or to make the articles about Here in a second and then you know when they see your article, They see you on camera, and so it builds a deeper bond They’re like okay. You know this, this Lloyd, a person or Jason person, whoever it is. You build a deeper connection with that person. Alright, So here’s another one brian kocel is so so loyal. She’s got twenty thousand.

Almost twenty one thousand subscribers Brian’s got sixty five thousand and then here’s another one chaste and he’s got a little over five thousand. So you don’t have to have a massive blog right. You can go through and have a small Channel, and just if you like, go through start making a article two articles a Day, then you start to be found on a Google search engine. It’s a hundred percent free and the nice thing.

Is you make a article today, Five years from now that still is going to pop up in the Google search and engine the youtube search engine Just like? What’s going on with my dental YouTube, blog right, so, for example, right here, Chaston right here, Let’s say you use the keyword, hey the top real estate agent in Dallas. Right look down here, He’s not the very top but says hey meet chats in Dallas real estate agent.

Okay, So you can say hey. You could target keywords like top real estate agent in Dallas or Hey how to sell your home in Dallas and obviously it depends on like what city you’re in so like if you’re in Omaha Nebraska, like the top realtor in Omaha Nebraska, And when you go through. If you’re like trying to rank for like the the keyword top realtor, That’s going to Be pretty hard right, cuz, there’s going to be a ton and ton of people.

I think there’s over two million agents in the United States They’re going to be trying to rank for that keyword right. But if you go through and say, hey top realtor in your city, your state There’s going to be a lot fewer people actually on YouTube. And even I’m trying to rank for that right or you know, hey how to sell your home in Dallas or how to buy a home in Dallas or whatever city that you live in right.

So those are some really good keywords to go through and target and, as I mentioned guys, It’s a hundred percent free organic traffic. You don’t have to go through run as towards this. Obviously This is a little bit longer term strategy, but you can combine it with. Like, for example, Brandon He’s knocking doors every single day, That’s a little bit short of term strategy right, but then you can go through and be shooting these articles.

I’r just different topics like look right here. Chasse I’ll just show you guys some of the different articles. He does – and this is a good way to get ideas – is go, find other Agents that have YouTube blogs and see what types of articles are shooting and that you’re basically got unlimited content right So right here, let’s see It’s a hard being a realtor. My success in the real estate business He’s got a article on his listing appointment, real estate agent daily life.

You know you could just come over here and click articles and you’ve got all the articles that he’s done. You’ve got all the articles that Bryan’s done, that Lloyd has done This Graham’s done And there’s a ton of other agents doing the same type of thing now Graham gets a little bit into like the investing stuff And he even talks about bitcoins some of those other Hot topics, which is probably why his blogs growing a little bit faster, but guys, even with this smaller blog like 5,000 subscribers, You can get massive results like even if you’re skinny started, and you only have like 50 to 100 subscribers, You can still see some pretty Good results because you start showing up in the Google and YouTube search engine right.

Ok, So that’s step number one guys! I would go through start a YouTube blog start, branding yourself, Okay, especially like Brandon. If you’re 20 years old man, These articles are going to be live for 10 to 20, like when you’re 30 or 40 years old, these are going to be There where you can go through and still be, bringing in business right. It’s really good to start this right now. Okay, so then also another thing you want to do is: let’s say This is your article right here.

I don’t know whose article says I’m just going to click on. Oh, that’s a this, not even a article. How did they? Okay? Let’s see, let’s go, Let’s get! Okay, Here’s a YouTube article right here! Okay, so let’s say you got this YouTube article right here. What you’re going to Do is you’ll have a link down here to some sort of landing page. Now, if you guys read my previous trainings, I talked about landing pages.

If you guys have no idea what I’m talking about I’ll also add a link to another article. Talking about the easiest way to go through and generate leads online, and you add a link to that landing page to get their person’s Name. Phone number and email address to go through and grab that contact information right have some sort of call to action. Some sort of Giveaway that you’re doing on the blog, Then you could also leave a comment down here with a link to that landing page right now, Once you’re going through you’re grabbing all this data You’re building your network through this landing page, getting more leads and All that stuff, what you want to do is go import them into some sort of CRM.

So Here’s the Arsenal, CRM right and if this works for any CRM that you’re using. Obviously this is the one we use here. You can go through and import your contacts. You just choose a file pretty soon We’re actually going to be integrated, 100 % with Gmail with Google contacts, So you can just go and seamlessly sync those and then what we do is just put them on a drip campaign. Okay, so in this messages section what we have is We’ve got these pre-built templates of these are the bimonthly updates right, so every 15 days You’re going through and dropping an email on them, so that they’re just kind of like remembering who you are remembering the brand And all That stuff and then what we can do is over here once We’ve imported those leads, We just select all those leads And we say: hey and roll.

The leads of the sequence, choose, the sequence say: buy monthly updates, hit, enroll leads And they’ll be enrolled. Automatically into that sequence, and if you look at that, Obviously this is a demo account. But let’s say you’ve got a hundred leads right or 500 or a thousand leads And you’re just and rolling all those people in the same sequence. So, every 15 days you’re dripping on these people with real estate, Specific content, we’re building your brand or let’s say you launch a new article and you want people to know about it.

You go through in your CRM, create a new email, so come in here, say: Hey, create an email and go blast out an email to all of your contacts. Saying hey, I just shot a new article or I’ve got a new listing or I’m doing an open house or doing whatever and You’ve got endless content, And this is a really nice easy, free way to go through and brand yourself As you’re just getting started. Alright. So, anyway, guys, Hopefully you like some of these real estate marketing ideas for brand new agents.

If you have no money Just getting started, This is exactly what I would do if I’m just going and getting started. And yes, It sounds like it could sound like a little bit of work. Okay, but it sounds like maybe not the fastest process, but guys you know in five years, No matter what you do, you’re going to be five years older right. So if you go through – and you start right now – And you just get it done and just go start in five years – You’re not going to be looking back with regrets right in five years, You’re going to be looking back and look.

Oh man Look at that! That personal brand, like that business, that I built That’s going to Be able to serve me for years to come when I’m thirty thirty-five forty, You know all those different ages, cuz like you’ve, built that solid foundation And you’re, not just looking for the quick fix right. So, anyway, guys, Hopefully this article was helpful. If you guys are brand new here, make sure you subscribe.

I want you to article every single day how to generate more, leads, make more money and grow your business and also as As promised guys. The top comment so comment down below the top comment. I’r going to be giving out to my free, a Facebook Ads course, so It’s not free, but I will be giving you to my Facebook Ads course for free, so go ahead, comment down below. Let me know what you guys think. Let me know other topics that you guys be interested in learning more about And with that said guys thanks so much for reading, and I will see you all tomorrow –


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2020 Real Estate Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Agents

I want you to know that this is my life. This is real. Relationships are universal. What’s up everybody Ricky truth here, welcome back to my blog. So today I want to get into the best marketing strategy for real estate agents, and this is how I built my business and a lot of you probably already know this strategy.

But I’m going to go through it again because hearing things over and over and over again is sometimes what actually helps you put it into action. The first thing I want you to do if you haven’t already sign up for my completely free real estate coaching program, I’m the first completely free coach, that’s a zero to diamond comm. Okay, there’s a 90 day action plan online course training twice a month and you have direct access to me.

Ok, so, let’s get into this marketing plan. This is something I’m very passionate about. I’ve been in real estate for 17 years, I’ve sold over a hundred properties. A year for the last five years going on six, I’m on track to do it this year as well – and this is what I’ve learned over my career as the very best strategy and it’s even more relevant in today’s market. Okay, it’s even more relevant in today’s market because nobody’s doing it.

Okay, we want to build a brand. We want to build an audience aka our database, okay, and we want to make sure that this is a targeted audience well make sure that this is this. Are these are people who are the highest quality prospects that are going to buy and sell properties right, the kind of properties, the type of properties that we want to say? Okay, we’re going to focus on these people they’re unlimited, so you can grow and grow and grow and grow and grow forever.

Okay, as much work as you want to put in alright, doesn’t matter what the market does closings happen every day right. So we’re going to put in as much work as we possibly can to meet these people create these relationships, build our brand right and every time one of them wants to buy or sell, or has someone that they know that wants to buy or sell they’re going To come to you – and let me just say not: all of them will always come to you we’re going to lose some here and there no marketing strategy is going to collect every single deal right.

There’s no strategy out there! That’s going to this going to capture every single prospect for you and a hundred percent you’re going to get it alright, that’s why so many agents are successful, because not one agent can do all the business different personalities, different timings, so on and so forth, but what You want to do. Is you want a strategy? That’s going to put you in the best position possible right, give you the best percentage, all right chance that you are going to get that business and that’s what we want to do want to put ourself in the best position possible.

I think of it. As this all right, all the different prospects out there in your market or hats – okay, let’s pretend like their hats, all right and we’re going to put our name and as many hats as possible. Aka begin maintain, create relationships with these people, so we’re putting our name in so many hats right and there’s other agents names in those same hats right and when that person pulls the name out it may be yours.

It may not be right, but if you have your name in as many hats as you can possibly have right, you’re going to win a lot of those deals. So that’s what want to do want to put our name in as many hats as possible. So, let’s talk about the most efficient prospects. Let’s talk about our target audience. Okay, we got to build our audience. It’s just like here on this YouTube blog with building your subscriber base.

Okay, it’s the same exact thing. Alright, people that subscribe, they saw you. They saw your name, they read the article boom, they click subscribe. They know who you are now every article that you put out consistently. They start to get to know you more and more and more and more and before you know it, you have a brand built same thing with real estate. We want to talk to as many people as we can right to create relationships.

Okay, that’s them hitting that subscribe button, and then we want to hit them with content very consistently so that we can build that brand. So, who are the highest quality prospects who’s that audience want to go after it’s property owners that own the type of property we want to sell? Okay, if we want to sell property between three and six hundred thousand, then we’re going to talk to just property owners that owned property between three and six hundred thousand.

If we want eight hundred to a million we’re just going to talk to people on eight hundred to a million okay – and I think the secret is to find that sweet spot in your market, okay, the sweet spot is somewhere close to maybe a little higher than The average price point of your market, so it’s good to know what your average price point is in your market, so that you can kind of identify where the sweet spot is.

If the average price point your market, like my market, is three hundred and fifty thousand right now, okay, three 50 375 – is our average price point, so I stay in that 400 range. Okay, that’s kind of where I focus in is really anywhere from 300 to 500. It’s kind of where my sweet spot is, and that’s where I put a lot of focus and that’s where most of the deals are right and that’s a really good price point to be in because those commissions are really good.

If you can have a more frequent Commission right at a really good rate at a five hundred thousand, a three or four hundred thousand dollar, you know deal, then that’s really good than having just a few. At a million a few at two million right, I, like frequency, okay, I do eight to ten bills a month, and I want to do in that three to four hundred range, eight to ten deals a month. I don’t want to do one two million dollar deal a month.

I want to do eight to ten at five hundred thousand, so it’s really important to find that sweet spot in your market. Okay, once you’ve identified that we’re going to identify some subdivisions. Okay, some subdivisions that that are full of that price point of properties. Now what I like to do is go ahead and start sending them handwritten notes, postcard, stuff like that right, you can do that. You don’t have to do that, but I like to do that because it just it just adds another layer of what you’re doing and a little another layer of brand awareness right.

So you can do the direct mail. You don’t have to do the direct mail, but what you do have to do is you have to subscribe to red X, okay, red X, waves $ 150 startup fee for all my coaching members, okay, there’s a link in the description of this article. That’ll. Take you to red X, where they waive the one hundred fifty dollar startup fee, and you can just start okay get geo leads geo leads is only fifty dollars a month.

Okay, it gives you two thousand phone numbers per month and what you do is, is you put the address any of the addresses within that subdivision in red and red X right and then click search and it finds all the property owners in that subdivisions phone numbers? Now you can just get gles, that’s $ 50, but what I also suggest is to get their dialer, so you can just click another button. It just starts dialing them for you and you just sit on the phone and just start talking a property owner after pop down.

Here you can make so many calls so quickly. Okay, now this is called circle. Specking now circle. Prospect me is something that no agent is doing everybody’s calling expired. So when you call an expired, the expired saying, you’re, the tenth agent, that called me and they’re already in a bad mood, same thing with for sale by owners. Right agents are hounding them, but no one is circle prospecting.

These people are not getting hounded, they’re very open to talking to an agent. They want to know, what’s going on with the market and they’re very easy to talk to and to create a relationship with, and a lot of people say: oh well, that’s long term business Rick, any business right now, no there’s so much business. Now, within these subdivisions, people are thinking about buying or selling they’re thinking about selling and upgrading, there’s thinking about selling you’re relocating the thinking about buying investment properties, down the road they’re thinking about selling an investment property down the road there’s so much going on in the Circle prospecting world and you can’t call them all.

You cannot call every property owner. Your area is completely unlimited, so these are really easy. Calls to make I’m going to put a link in the description of me. Making live calls to to property owners. Circle prospecting all right, I’ll, put a couple of links in below this article, where I’m making live cost, so you can see how it’s done. Also. My scripts are right there in the coaching program, just go download them all free.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to say: hey mr. Johnson, hey, this is Ricky, Crewe the remix of orange beach, how you doing cool I’m enjoying the days and a gorgeous cool look. I don’t wan na take up too much of your time, but a house around the corner just sold, didn’t know. If there’s anything in the world, I could do for you. No we’ll look as they’re an agent. You would work with. If you were to do something know, will call look, I’m sure at some point in the future you’re going to do something right, sure, I’d love the opportunity to work with you and that day comes.

Would it be okay, if I stayed in touch with you cool? What’s your email address boom very natural I’ll, set it really fast right there for your benefit, but you’re going to slow it down you’re going to make it your own. It’s a real conversation. It really works again. Read the articles of me making calls and you’ll kind of get it down right and then get to work, create these relationships. These are the people that you want.

This is a target audience. This is the most efficient prospects that you could possibly have, and this is why I don’t want you to buy leads, because this is fifty dollars for two thousand phone numbers where we’re spending two or three hundred dollars for one lead that doesn’t even back. This is a way that you can create your own leads that are better leads that already own the properties for so cheap.

It’s almost free. Now. What I want you to do with that email is. I want you to start sending weekly emails on the same day of the week forever. I will also link a article below of my training of me, screenshotting, my computer, and doing my weekly email. That way, you can do your email exactly like me and I’ll even give you my template. Okay. So now we know what you need to circle prospect right. It’s unlimited! We can do it forever right, we’re going to use red X, we’re going to get their emails.

We’re going to help them do deals if that’s what they want to do now, but we’re not really worried if they want to do deals now. Our job is to filter through the entire population, to find the people that want to work with us and then we’re going to build our business around those people and we’re going to build our brand with this weekly email. Okay, because they’re going to get this consistently.

Every single week, on the same day of the week forever, I’ve been doing mine on Wednesdays every Wednesday since 2007. Right never missed a Wednesday, and it’s literally the reason why I sell so much property now. What I also want you to do is take those emails and create a custom audience in Facebook and run Facebook and Instagram ads to the same people that are getting your weekly email tour, now you’re, just adding another layer to your brand building strategy to those people That know you, like you, trust you and what I’ll do there is I’ll make a article in the future about how to create that custom, audience and kind of the types of ads that I run to those people.

So I hope this article helps you, simplify your life and understand that this real estate marketing strategy does not have to be so complicated. You don’t have to have so much going on. You’d have to spend a lot of money. You could spend very little money. You can be very effective, very efficient and get the job done and create the database that you want versus a database full of people that will probably never call you back or or never buy or sell.

Or what have you right? I would rather have a lower number in my database of a concentrated group of people who own the type of property I want to sell and have talked to me and gave me their information voiced. A voice voice of voice is the reason why technology has not and will not replace real estate age. It’s mark my words on that. If you guys want to go and start the 90 day action plan, what I’m doing is is when you complete the 90 day action plan.

I do a phone call with you, so when you get done with the 90 day action plan, email me we’ll set up a call so that I can talk to you about your specific situation and I’m going to promote you to what I call Jim and Jim’s. Get put into a separate Facebook group where I can now spend more time with you, because you show me that you’re willing to put the work in to get to the next level, and I respect that and I want to help those people.

So if this article helped you please hit that like button hit the subscribe button, let me know what the world I can do for you comment below and let me know what articles you want me to make I’ll see you on the next article: let’s go

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Social Media Branding-Realtors┬« Triple Play Convention 2019

? What’s branding to you, You are your brand, I’m not here to tell you that you should make specific color choices and A certain font that represents who you are You are your brand. We are in a highly visible business that everything you do everything you say everything you represent on social Media IS your brand.

Would you agree? Yes, So what makes you stand out? That’s the one big question: I have you If you can answer that sentence. Well, I Sell real estate and I’ll put your property into the MLS. Is that your Unique value proposition anymore: NO, Okay, Where what’s your experience, your Expertise and your education, What sets you, apart from the competition? Not just Other brokerages, but other people in your office.

You are your brand You are your own business, so I want you to identify in your head the knowledge, the Experience the expertise, that’s what sets you apart and that’s how you build a brand with social media. Ok, everything that you do everything That you, post all the content you create, should be answering those three things: So start focusing on what matters most and what matters most to you and is different.

For every person Right, you have to identify what your Core values are and what you believe in For me: it’s 3 F’s -Family Fitness and Fun; Okay, if You look at my social media. Most of everything that I post has to do with My family have two kids that are four years old and nine years old and a beautiful Wife, who is in real estate, Woot Woot – I won’t call her out because she is here, she’ll get embarrassed and will yell at me later on.

OK. That’s the majority of my everything that I do because that’s who I am the Client People like people who are like them – Hey Right Part of the brand, I managed to do that using article It’s the # 1 thing that I added to my real estate business in the last 10 years. That’s made the biggest impact, and I know that every year is the year of the article every year. You Come in triple play like oh this, is it I’m going to do it this year and I swear Well, this is this should be here because I’m going to say why not you, why not do Something to make a difference, because the article is the biggest thing that you Can do to have an impact on your business, but to also grant you with your Core values, this article we do know who I am – Who I am and what I represent – and That’s how it really do business together.

So tell your story and any one of the social media platforms and your brand will follow. Thank you.

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