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How I Target BUYERS With Facebook Ads (Audience Insights Tutorial)

Now, before I show you how I use this tool to do that, there’s a couple of few points that I want to run through with you guys, first, just because it’s important that, when we’re going through the process that you consider these and have these in the Back of your mind, plus, I want to show you what I use these categories for and how I actually go about doing the research and planning what interests I’m going to use so number.

One then make sure the interests are relevant to the buyers within your niche. So, for example, then, if we’re in the dog niche there’s two interests here – the dog foods versus I love dog pages. Now the reason we want to target the people, the interests that are relevant to the buyers is because they’re already spending money within the niche. So for the example, then, the dog nish: if somebody’s spending money within the dog niche, then the chances are they own, a dog and therefore they’re, going to be interested in our dog product.

So these two examples were interested in dog foods. Obviously, the chances of somebody who doesn’t even owning a dog be interested in dog food is going to be a lot slimmer than somebody who does own a dog. So obviously that would be a good category of interests to go and target versus the isle of dog pages, so you don’t have to own a dog to like dogs or to love dogs and therefore be part of that interest.

If that makes sense, so essentially what we want to do when we’re targeting on Facebook is just be targeting those people who are already spending money within the niche. The second point, then, is look at the content on the page. So when you’re going to target an interest, you can actually open up the page on audience insights and look at the kind of content. Look at how big the audience is and, more importantly, then, look at the engagement.

What we want, essentially the ideal interest to target, is one: that’s posting content purely relative to dog owners if we’re in the dog niche, for example – and we want to make sure that they’ve got a good high engagement rate, because that’s good for two reasons: number one. If they’re posting that sort of content that’s relevant to dog owners, then the chances are that audience is going to be made up of dog owners and number two.

Then, if it’s got a high engagement rate as well, then it shows people who are active on Facebook. They have no trouble with commenting Things, tagging people and liking posts related to dogs, which is going to be great for our post, because at the end of the day, were advertising on a social media platform. So the more social we can get our audience to be. On our post, it’s just going to be a win-win for us, because it’s going to increase our organic reach and there’s going to be more people, that’s going to see our ad and therefore we’ve got a better chance of making more purchases.

Moving on to number three, then so, the top categories of your interest are mostly niche related. So what I mean by that, then is when we put an interest in here. So, for example, if I put in let’s say just golfers and interest – and we look at page likes – if we look at all of these top categories, a good interest to target would would have the majority of these top categories also related to golf.

I’m going to get more into that later on in the article and why that’s so important and then to finish off the last point, is so the higher the affinity score, the better so again going back to the audience insights. If we have a look at the page like section down here, if there’s an infinity score on the right and what it means, it explains it here, but what it means is basically that how relevant these interests are to your original interest, that you’re targeting and the Higher the affinity score, the better and, as you can see, these are kind of like 24, 27 and 30, which is actually very very low.

So all that being said, then, how do we actually use the tool now before we get into it? I just want to highlight these categories that I’ve got here so celebs and figures, brands, magazines, shops, websites, activities and TV shows. These are typically, then, the ones that I begin with, and I always use a spiritually like this, then to keep track of the interests that I potentially want to target, because if you do this at the same time I’ve created I’d set, it can get messy.

I find it’s just best to record what you’re doing so then, when you start to advertise other products within that niche, then you’ve also you’ve always got like a database of interests. You can come back to for ideas, so I tend to stick with one at a time. So, for example, if we begin with the first one I’ll just take you through like a live example, so we have celebs and figures, and if we go back to our audience insights tool, then in fact a quick point to make.

This is why it’s always handy to have a like a decent knowledge of the niche you’re going into, because when it comes with coming up with interests as a starting point, then it’s going to help. So if we just take the Gaul finish as an example, because I play golf, then I know quite a few famous golfers or famous faces within the space that give me like a starting point. So if we just start with Tiger Woods, for example, we’re on the page like section and what we’re going to be interested in now, is this top categories and the page likes.

So the first thing I’m going to do then, is just have a look at all these top categories and make sure that as many as possible actually related to golf because that’s going to be a good sign and just how many quick browse over all of these Are golfers PGA Tour golf digest tie list? These are all golf brands and pretty much 100 %, and these are related to golf, which is a great sign. But what I’m going to do is just click see, or it’s going to give me another 20 or so categories, and what we want to do is actually look deeper because the further down you can go and still get pages purely related to golf than the better And the stronger sign of it being a decent interest and, as you can see, then, as we start to come out of kind of like the top 10, maybe the top 15, then we kind of start to fade away from golf.

And that tells me, then, that this interest Tiger Woods as an interest isn’t a particularly good one to go out and target, which I knew anyway, purely because you don’t have to be a golfer to know who Tiger Woods is because he’s so famous and therefore his Interest as an audience is going to include a lot of people who don’t even play golf and therefore they’re not going to be interested in my golf product and another way, then to kind of back that up is, if you go down to the page likes X.

Section and if you look at the affinity scores they’re 212 182, so they were much higher than that previous interest. I just showed you, but these are still quite low. We want to join, find ones that have, if any scores of over a thousand, so in other words, then Tiger Woods doesn’t go in my list. What I would do is when I come across an interest that I lock the look of. I would come back on here and put it on my list.

I would come up with say half a dozen per category and then that gives me kind of like my planner pack or then separate that out and set by ad set. So I’d have an ad set that is purely focused on the celebs and famous figures and insert purely based on brands, an ad set of magazines, shops, website, etc. So Tiger Woods isn’t good enough, then. So what I’m going to do is because I know Golf quite well, then I’m going to put in a guy called Sergio Garcia because he’s still pretty popular golfer, but he’s probably not he’s.

Definitely not as well-known as Tiger Woods. And if you don’t play golf, then he probably wouldn’t know who he is so Sergio Garcia and we’re going to do the same sort of thing. So just have a look through the top categories, as you can see, they’re all golf related again and we’re getting down now to the top 20 and, as you can see, we’re still purely talking about golf here. All these categories are still golf related and, as we go further down, then we’re still at 24 is still talking.

Golf we’re still talking golf golf pretty much. All of them are golf until we get to about level 30, which is a great sign. So that’s a stronger sign that Sergio Garcia is an interest, is purely golf. Related has like a kind of more higher value audience and again we can double check this, then, by looking at the affinity scores of the relevant pages and, as you can see so this one’s over 6,000, this one’s 2015 hundred.

So these are all really good and strong signs that Sergio Garcia has an interest in the golf niche would be a pretty good one to target purely because majority, if not all of these are related to golf or the affinity. Scores are high and therefore the audience within Sergio Garcia interest or pretty lot. It’s got a high concentration of other golf interests and therefore that’s a strong sign that people within this interest play golf, because the majority of the interests and top categories and page lights are also related to golf.

If that makes sense. Hopefully, I’ve explained that, well any questions at all feel free leave. A comment down below. I always go back to every single person, so Sergio Garcia is pretty good. One then definitely something I would consider. So he goes on the list and he could be number one and then what you can do from here then now you found your first one. You can build on what audience insights is already given you and what you can simply do.

If I can find at google crome just simply work through kind of these ones, that are it’s, that category you’re going through and if you just click on it and open it up, it’s going to give you an idea it’s going to take to the page. Essentially so you can see goes back to that point I was making earlier. You can see the kind of content. They’re posting then see if it’s relatable to the boys within your niche.

So by the looks of things, then this guy is a coach and therefore coaches. Golf coaches are obviously relatable to people who play golf and therefore potentially good interest to target. Now the way we were going about checking whether he would be a good one. Is we simple just go back to our audience insights and we put it in here. So his name was Michael breed. Let’s try this one and I think that looks like the correct one.

Most of these are relatable to golf. The further we go down we’re still getting golf even in the top 30 and then even in 34 were still getting golf. Related in the top categories, which is a really good sign – and if we just have a look at the page likes, we can see the affinity scores are absolutely huge here, 3,000, over 3,000. 2,000. So again, I would be pretty happy with choosing him as a potential interest to target.

Definitely in fact one that I would test that he can go in the list as well. So we’ve got two pretty decent ones, then, to give us a static point and as you can see, it’s a process that you just go through and you just pretty much take the time, keep doing what I’ve just showed you and just build and build and build On what you’ve got and one thing will lead to another you’ll, probably end up with like 50 different tabs open at one point as you keep opening up pages.

But it’s just the process you go through and definitely a worthwhile process as well. So, in terms of the categories in that I pick for my spreadsheet when doing the research, then these are like that’s top six that I start with, but a good place to kind of get them from is here so the top categories you can have coaches and You can kind of bundle them together, so you can have softwares if it’s relevant to your niche.

Of course. One really good one, especially for golf, would be like golfing getaways, because obviously the only people who are going to be booking these bulk packages, where they go away to play golf every year, going to be people that play golf. So therefore, they’re going to be interested in your products and that would be really good audience and interest to target I’m just going to see if I can find like a bad one to show you guys.

So I think I saw I think it was called barstool sports somewhere. I don’t think it’s on this one. It’s I think it was back with Tiger Woods. I just want to give you guys an example of what a bad one would look like just so you know which kind of interests to stay away from as well. Let me see, in fact we could pick any of these as we go down. So, as you can see, they’re still under the Tiger Woods interest, but that doesn’t necessarily make them good ones to target.

So if we just open up, I mean obviously NFL memes isn’t going to be a good one. So Under Armour then it’s a brand. It’s a huge huge, huge brand within the golf in space, but if you open up that page, as you can see like there’s, probably zero content in here – that’s relatable to golf and therefore, if we were to target Under Armour as an interest for Facebook, then that Interests the audience within that interest is going to include a lot of people that have probably never even played golf in their life and therefore it’s not very specific, and it’s not going to be a very good interested target if you’re ever not sure, then simply and Simply come back to these four points and just run through them, so is the interest relevant to buyers within your niche? It kind of is but not purely specific, to look at the content on the page.

Is it relevant to your audience or your niche? Then? No, it’s not really so already we’re showing bad signs of being an interest to target. Is it top category of your interest that mostly related I’m sure if we will put that in too? In fact, just to illustrate to you guys quickly, if we put Under Armor then into audience incise then I’ll be surprised if we even get one single golf related page. Let’s let this load up so just on the off quick look through, as you can see, there’s not a single page here relate to golf, so that tells you straight away: it’s not a very good interest to target.

If you’re in the golf niche there, it is barstool sports, that’s what it’s looking for so again, if we just open this up then and look at the kind of content, as you can see, there’s no golf content here, so the audience isn’t going to have a High percentage of people who are interested in golf, if that makes sense, hopefully I’m kind of illustrating the points well enough for you guys to understand, and that being said, the guys I think I’m going to wrap the article up there I’d be interested to know how You guys get on with this, actually so make sure you give it a go.

If you want a copy of this, it would be pretty easy to replicate, but if you want a copy, let me know in the comment section down below or hit me up on social media, and I can send it across to you, and that means something guys. I’m wrapping the article up if you’re still reading the article thanks very much really to appreciate it. If you enjoyed the article, then please do drop a like and make sure you subscribe as well.

I do bring out five articles every single week, so thanks for tuning in – and I see you in the next one –

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