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Joshua was 25, I’m not supposed to be telling Jackie’s age but she’s 29. She is literally kicking josh’s, but I got a story to tell you guys: josh has been in the car business for a while. He got his wife in Jackie is his wife and long story short last month she crushed it. She started training guys we’re talking about a power couple here.

I always say this: women are deadly in the car business. Now look. I got him here together. Number one they’re a power couple. I don’t like talking about how women can be better than minutes selling, but they seem to listen and they seem to learn ten times faster. Now I want to say this: everybody should read this cool interview, I’m going to pass it over to them and in Jack to Josh. You guys take it away.

Tell us about getting into business and tell us about the last day. Tell us about the last 30 days: what’s been going on with you guys, yes, um, hey guys, my name is Joshua and it’s so fun because I actually met Andy a couple years ago had Norman, no big red Kia and I’ll never forget you were, I think, The general salesmen in general men generally position was but one Saturday morning you came in and you just had this.

It was the most inspirational Saturday morning, salesmen have ever part of. After that meeting I was like I’m going to go, sell all the cars I mean because you I’m not kidding when I said this. I’ve been sound cars there’s 2013 – that was by far the best most motivated Saturday morning, meaning that I’ve ever been a part of. So if it’s not that yeah, it’s true, that’s what that’s when I started reading your articles, but then I kind of stopped reading them for a while from danger.

Last year, when Jackie and I got engaged, I had to really get serious because weddings are not cheap right. This time last year, now no more going out partying drinking all that good stuff. So that’s when I really got serious about training and as soon as I got serious about training, my income went up simultaneously and we were able to afford the wedding pay for the wedding and we took our honeymoon trip to London and we were able to.

I was able to finance all that we were able to find some of that within a span of six months, though, pay for the wedding and the trip to London with training and selling cars. So I know who you are: there’s the car. The car business is able to if you really take training seriously, you can there’s no limit to how much money you can make to fund whatever you know season. You are in life right now.

So that’s what I really got started with training and after the wet and everything settled down Jackie and I were like okay, so now we’re married. We need to set a financial foundation, for you know our family, that we’re going to start and that’s when well. Jackie started selling cars about a few months before the wedding, because I need to do a little bit of help. She started some cars as well, and initially she was just kind of hitting her her draw and which was with how much I was making in her drawer.

Thank God it it became God just worked it out financially for us raised that for the last couple of months out of Randy, I was like hey Jackie check this guy out. I would used to work with him. I readed all his sales articles and it really helped me out especially his meet and greet articles those by far the ones that helped me out the most the positive super you know their handshake, making that first impression that really made me probably half of the money That I made last year was from my meeting group.

Just you can just see in the customers reaction towards you. If you have, if you nailed the deadly meet-and-greet yeah, you know it’s just like they’re on your side and you don’t have to try as hard that made me quite a bit of money last year, so moving on to Jack so the whole of last month, literally Jackie wakes up before me, so she felt like I’m waking up and all I hear in the background that started last month in beginning last month and then, let’s say in the last month, because she was reading those articles every morning and it wasn’t just like a Couple of articles a day, yeah of your free content, which I’m your course by the way free content, it literally three extra income like she made three times as much money as soon as she started.

Reading her articles, she made three times as much money last month than she did in the previous eight to eleven months. Actually, so, like a car, I think I sold one car per day. So that’s amazing how’s your confidence. Now, how do you feel it’s a thousand times higher? I? I did not have any confidence. I was scared to talk about price and it was just you know, and it showed obviously, because I would have a lot of like appointments that I just couldn’t close them and then afterwards I was like okay.

I have to at least try. So if I don’t try the bin, I’m not going to know what I can do and yeah it’s I mean after my first month they kind of blew me away, because I don’t feel I mean I feel like a change, but I also feel like I actually Like my work and what I do so yeah really exciting dude. That is so awesome for you guys she learnt the work she was still working outside. She goes to work now and she’s like at work.

I’m like big. You got off an hour ago. The roles reversed isn’t before she used to be like. Where you add hey, maybe he’s I come true. I’m trying to sell another one he’s like winds and mouth honey come home. Well, I’m going to tell you: well I’m going to tell you guys this, just just that story alone right there, there’s tons of people that have had no experience. Obviously at was um sales before this Jack here, no, no, you know, isn’t it crazy? What competence? Just the massive comput like confidence can create, like it, creates more confidence just by understanding you’re, not your job better.

They only say what you don’t understand. Your fear mm-hmm right, yeah! That’s that true. Every time you learn something you know, the consequence of of fear is very bad. Fear makes you back up. It makes you get scared. You don’t feel anything you’re able to play all of your music right, yeah yeah, to actually like extract the real you there’s, no leader, because you understand it and I’m going to tell you.

She is your magic weapon bro, but you have got to make her pay next month. You need to make sure you get your book, I’m going to tell you it’s a win-win for both of you, because you beat her, but well, you know you’re winning, because she isn’t going to let you win and then obviously you know you guys obviously seem like A pretty competitive couple right, so my wife: we used to bring home checks at the end of the month and she was a finance person for Harley Davidson and then I was a general sales manager.

This is when were younger when our 20s right, I’m 40, so we’re 20s and I’m running ACOG, the GM of a company and my wife grande the finance department. Oh Harley Davidson score, and he was wicked man. I was like maybe you’re selling motorcycles and you’re making this much money, because the deal is it’s. It’s this special, it’s a special niche that women carry because they’re so pleasant to deal with and because they’re not confrontational right a lot of the times.

Men get confrontational. With other people, not saying that you don’t ride, but it doesn’t happen actually yeah. He wants to get confrontational with the woman. It is unfair advantage if she trains hard she’ll make 10 times more money than me and you she’s going to happen. You guys need to roleplay every day together, yeah. We need to do that more for sure yeah. So, when we’re done with the call, I’m going to send you a close and what I want you to do is I want you to roleplay against each other right.

Mm-Hmm – and I want you to see, whoever can do it the best and whoever does it the best once you get deadly at it. I want you guys to send it to me on Facebook Messenger and I’m going to throw it up on YouTube of whoever can crush it. The best is that cool, okay, you can, I guess we’re go ahead. Guess what do you think? What’s the one we we have practiced at one price payment right, of course, you’re not ready to buy.

I haven’t, given you enough information, not to think here’s what I want to do. Okay, I need to practice on the second half of it. That’s send us the article. No, it’s good the five minute proposal. Yes yeah. I love it. That’s always a magic trick, man that always takes them inside we’re gold, but no I’m going to throw you guys, a payment clothes something easily. Okay, 90 % of our customers. Now their payment buyers, it’s just the truth, no matter what they say is important to them: they’re going to buy in the end off payment, I’m missing you guys and paying the clothes.

When you record it and you get it deadly, I mean like. I want you guys to come as a student and go home as the teacher. I want you to say it’s so good that you’re going to teach it to the rest of the world, and I want you guys to send me it on facebook messenger. It can take you two weeks to get it down. I want you to lock it up. Okay, then, hey, do you guys have any last things you want to say right now, with everything going on in the world uncertainty guys, this is going to break.

Everything gets corrected every market that Scott has been rough at one point has gotten corrected. What would you guys say to anybody out there right now that just needs a push need some inspiration need some grind. You better. First thing I would say is Jackie. For example, last month was the heat of all this coronavirus thing and coded 19, and that was her best month in the card business. So it has a lot to do with mindset.

Mindset, hmm 100. Yes, one of my mentors I Brian Tracy, always talks about in every market. When most people are going down. There are certain companies and certain sales people that are going up, and this just goes back to that mindset and staying training and atmosphere at the bill. Should they let go some sell a lot of salespeople recently. First of all, I’m so thankful to God that we both have a job, but something I have noticed is other salespeople, see business cope in 19 and they’re kind of like using it as an excuse to relax.

It’s almost like a word like snow is all over. The place and then one’s like yeah, it’s awesome snow that we’re not going to sell cars so, but some other people like Jackie are you know using that taking advantage of every opportunity to Train – and you know, maximizing every opportunity to sell, also yeah. What do you got um? I think that the mindset is huge too. I think also just having just a goal for yourself and not allowing what is you know like the corona thing to really take over.

I have delivered probably four cars this past week, so I made sure that my customers feel safe and I also tell them that it’s a faster kind of a process as well. So that’s helped a lot, and so it’s really just a finding almost kind of like a positive side to everything and just keeping on really yeah. That’s called the power team man you guys are killing it dude. I mean it. I’m really proud of you guys.

You guys are an inspiration to a lot of people, which is what we see smiles like this right now with so many people laid off from work, whether they are or whether they’re not you’re Josh, are going to come back correct what’d, you do what’d, you do Today will be the the future you create for yourself tomorrow. You don’t saying it’s not about who you it’s not about it’s not about how much money you make it’s about who you become in the process, you’re right, becoming stronger people every day to be parents to be husbands and wives.

You know you get out of life, whatever you put into it right yeah. You guys want to make it’s kind of money and change your whole financial future. You have to put into that get out of that. You guys want to have the best marriage in the world. You have to invest in your marriage every day, yeah right reach over to smack in the back of the know, when you guys, when you guys have kids one day, you know to be great dad and mom.

You have to really try hard to be a great dad in mom, because if, if you don’t give extra, you won’t be better and you guys are getting extra, it shows it. Your attitude is beautiful, you guys obviously have tons of Drive and you’re very driven and then, more importantly, on top of everything you guys push each other out at your circle. Put yourself around people that make you better. Am I right? Yes, you guys seem like you push it in that case.

Look at that man! I look forward to a long relationship. Look I’m in Norman Oklahoma. These guys were an admin. You guys are 30 minutes from me. So that’s incorrect because 99 % of our business is all across the country, so I’m sure I’m sure we’ll meet up in the next year. You know I’m saying but listen. You guys have a very blessed day rock and roll. It’s great meeting. You guys you’ve been inspiration to everybody and guys go kill it.

Let’s meet back up here in a couple months and see how things were going. Is that cool? Yes, I’m going to send you that article when I hang up? Okay, okay, all right guys! How many days right? Okay,

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