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WE Gnar (say it out loud) Knife Review

This is a relatively new release from we it’s on the smaller side of their of their knives for sure, um, very interesting design, a very interesting name and which can take a quick look today, not a comprehensive review, there’s more of an slightly more in-depth overview. So let’s go ahead and get into some size comparisons, alright! So first up we have it against the Victorinox classic SD.

You can stay there. So although the SD is a very, very small knife, this isn’t that much bigger here. It is against the Spyderco little native, very, very similar in size about 3/4 of an inch on either side of that, and then we have it here against the Spyderco shaman, which is much much smaller than um. It’s probably directly in the middle between the shaman and the native honestly, so it’s probably the size of a regular native.

Let’s just guess I haven’t actually handled a regular-sized native, but yeah. So it’s it’s mid to small knife, alright, on to what I like about it. So first up is going to be either build quality. This knife is built very, very well. The machining is excellent on it. The materials used are excellent. It’s a titanium as 35 VN there’s, no, you know fit and finish issues. Everything that’s supposed to be flush is there’s nothing that sticks out or stabs into your hand or anything like that when you’re, just picking it up and holding it.

So, overall, it’s it’s a very, very well made knife, all the corners, rounded everything chamfered and it’s it’s just a nice knife. Overall, the blade is very nice as well um. You have a little bit of a harpoon there near the near the tip just to give it a bit of character, and it’s it’s really really well ground for your thumb. Behind the edge. I don’t have exact measurements with my calipers are broken, but it slices very well – and it also is very good at piercing cuts and it’s it’s a fairly small blade at sub 3 inches it’s around 2.

8 or so so very, very legal, very well ground, and it Cuts very well, my only gripe with the blade is it’s very reflective and, as you can see, it takes on scratches very very easily, but that that could just be this one here. The action on it is very good as well. These thumb studs are very, very nice to use they’re just standard thumb, studs, maybe a little bit wider than most, but the action on the knife is excellent.

I’ve had no missed deploys with this at all the thumb studs don’t dig in, they don’t hurt your finger and because these scales have this kind of cut out of this groove on both sides, you can Spidey flick it very easily if you prefer to do it. That way or if you’re left-handed, you can come in from that side, although the framelit part might be a challenge for you, the clip is also very good. This is probably my favorite part of the knife.

The clip is extremely low profile. It’s still a milled clip. You still get that that little bit of spring, but very attention a very nice flowing design. It also has this very cool little logo here the maker’s mark on the clip. This is probably one of my favorite clip logos. It’s it’s! You know it doesn’t stick out. It’s not give CRKT or anything just winding your way down the clip, it’s a bit more subtle than say like the Spyderco spider logo, but it’s just an interesting design.

It’s very geometric! I, like it a lot and the clip works very well with slides in and out of the pocket very very easily. I haven’t had any issues getting it over a thicker material like jeans or anything like that um. But if it’s a very, very thick pant, you might have an issue getting over that just because the clearance isn’t super super high. I mentioned the milling earlier on the scales and what that does is it’s like a it’s like a diamond pattern, milling, I’m very, very nice.

It looks like it is much more aggressive than it actually is. It actually offers just a nice texturing. I mean it’s not aggressive at all. It just kind of gives you a bit more grip. It’s not going to mess up your pockets or anything like that. It’s it’s nowhere near textured is just say our regular g10 or something like that um, but it isn’t nearly as slippery as a radio titanium either. It’s a nice in-between, probably one of my favorite textures on titanium that I’ve held before I’m just in hand like feel wise.

It’s very very nice. They also did an excellent job with the back spacer. It is a almost full length back spacer and one really nice touch, because this knife has really good blade to handle ratio compared to some. They actually brought the back spacer down so that you can’t poke yourself with the end of the blade. So the back spacer goes all the way around and again it’s perfectly flush, there’s no chance of you cutting yourself at the blade or anything like that, and it kind of reduces the chance of you getting debris in there from your pocket.

Anyway, I really like full length and semi full inch back spacers, probably my favorite full details on knives. That makers can do the lock bar relief is also really really interesting. So normally you get like kind of just a weird cut out kind of Kerala paisans. It’s just a massive. You know: yeah got out of there on this. They do something a bit more hesitate, say artsy, I’m a bit more in line with the design.

I think they just did three cuts there. It it just flows a little bit better than there’s. No issue with a lot more attention at all on this knife: I’m I’m not a big fan of the actual, lock bar itself, but we’ll get that later, but those cutouts look really really nice and I really like the way they flow into the design. I actually didn’t notice them until I was sitting there handling that I’m really looking for stuff, so they they don’t interrupt the design at all.

I think they look very very in place, and last thing here is going to be the branding I’m. So I mentioned the logo on the clip and the only other logo and this whole knife is the we logo right there on the pivot, there’s nothing on the blade at all, nothing on the spine in the front, you know the known places people hide stuff, the Branding is just excellent on this knife. It’s very minimal and I like it a lot.

Let’s go ahead and go into what on neutral towards only a few things here, I’m first steps going to be the lock bar. I mentioned. I really like the relief cut on lock bar and I do it’s very visually interesting, but the lock bar it’s self. It has a very, very slender cut out here. You might be able to see it. I’m too kind of help. You get your finger in there, but it’s just it’s a pain for me. I don’t.

I don’t like it very much it’s just too narrow for my finger, I’m so the lock bars it’s not bad. It could be worse for sure. But for me it’s for me. It’s bad for most people. I think it’s going to be just fine. It’s just a little slim a little bit hard to get in there, but it does work just find. A lot of our tension is dialed in very, very well, but that very slim little section for me to get my thumb is a little irritating.

The other thing is, I mentioned the pivot on the weap branded pivot. On this side, is you know it’s flush? It’s you know it’s dead ago, it’s it’s! It is what it is, that’s kind of what we does all their knives and it’s fine. It doesn’t stick out too bad. It almost matches up kind of a lock bar cutout. So it’s it’s fine, but this side over here is not flush um. You can see it does jet out there and I don’t know why they did that.

I’m not a big fan of it. It doesn’t interfere with. You know the pocket clip or anything silly like that, it’s just a minor, annoyance um. I wish they had made that flush as well, but you know it is what it is. Last things going to be the price, so these knives are a little bit high for what you get. I don’t think they’re insane they’re 227. So for 227 dollars you get as 35 VN and titanium. Normally, I would say, that’s a little high, but you have to consider all this milling that was done on these handles and that you know semi fallings, back spacer, they’re, milled clip you know it’s.

You can see where your money’s gone. I think if this knife came in somewhere around like 175 or so um, it would look much much better yeah price-wise, but this isn’t bad. You know I’ve seen more expensive knives with lesser materials and much less milling. You know for for a lot more money, so this is actually really nice. It’s well finished and the materials are pretty good and they’re. Not the price is an outrageous.

It’s a little irritating 230 bucks for what, in my eyes, is kind of mediocre, and I forget it that in the conclusion just a little bit high, let’s go ahead and go on to what I dislike about it all right. So here are my big gripes about the knife. So far, I’ve mentioned that it’s very well made the blade works very well, it’s very well ground. The shape is interesting. The design overall is is a very interesting little design.

It’s it just doesn’t work for me this. It’s just too small. I normally like something a bit more girthy a bit longer in the hand, and this just this doesn’t do it. For me they say it’s not the size of the bow, but if I were in this one I would I would drown I’m I can only get a three finger grip on it. There’s a very little space for my fourth finger just enough to piss me off, because I can’t I can feel it there, but I can’t get a good grip on it and I don’t know.

I think this a knife would have done very, very well with a finger choil. I think that would have made it a little bit a little bit more usable for me, but it’s just it’s just too hard for me to get a grip on and again it’s very well made. The action is rock-solid. It’s not. You know a flaccid flipper. It’s not kind of just wiggling out there. It’s it’s really really nice. It’s very smooth, everything’s done very well, but I ergonomics don’t work for me.

It’s just too short. It’s not chunky enough! It’s not thick enough! I just don’t get any pleasure from this at all. You know in the hand, what’s going on to the conclusion alright. So, in conclusion, the ween R is an interesting little knife, that’s just too small for for me personally, if you really like smaller knives, if you think you can get a you know a comfortable grip on this, you know check it out, especially if you can pick One up used – I don’t normally advocate that, but these knives on secondary market are so soft and squishy price-wise that it’s it’s insane.

You could probably pick one up for like 150 bucks, realistically, maybe 170 or so, which is a much much better price. So if you don’t mind a knife that may just you know be a little too limp for your hand. This is a good place to go. It’s it’s very well made. The design is interesting, it curves just a little bit. You know a little upward, which you know some knives do that it just really depends.

I’ve seen them all different ways, but that little bit of curve there might be really ergonomic for you. I think they could take a few handle cues from fair and Forge as far as how to properly design a handle. They really really fits. You know in a hand, but this isn’t. This isn’t bad. I just wish it were bigger, girthier, chunkier and a little bit more natural feeling in the hand, but that’s going to be it for today, guys um.

If you have any questions about this knife or anything else, just let me know down in the comments I’ll try to do my best to answer them, and I hope you all have a good day. Thanks guys, bye,

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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