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How To Analyze Facebook Advertising Data – Facebook Ads Analytics Tutorial 2019

That’s almost 5x the amount of results. What’s going to know if a mare gathers here with Willis academy.Com and in this article I’m going to go and give you guys a 24 hour campaign update to show you guys data right so that way we can look at data and analytics. So, let’s go ahead and step behind laptop boom, we’re behind the laptop now.

First and foremost, this is an update of the original campaign article that I created. So let me actually go to Dropbox, really quick. I don’t know if you guys recall, but we have two angles: three images, three audiences and 18 total variations. So if we look here right 18 different variations at $ 10 add sets is about 180 dollars spent. So if we look here so far, we have about 182 dollars spent, so we’re right on track to about that ten dollars per day spinning.

So this is roughly about twenty four-hours-a-day a day right and I personally don’t make any data-driven decisions until about three to four days once we actually have enough data, so we don’t have an updated yet, but I want to go ahead and actually just kind of step On the laptop here and kind of give you guys an update to show you guys within 24 hours, like what what type of data you’re going to start getting an update of of what I thought was going to happen happen compared to what did happen.

So first thing that I do want to go to an address is, in the last article we had the the affiliate marketing audience right, so affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing in the last article that was actually performing the worst that was performing the worst day. It had no actions performed no results, however, right, that’s the importance of not making any decision too early, because I personally thought it was going to do the best right, but and what and what I mean by for let’s go and actually look at the ad set.

Really quick, so if I open up the ad set or go to edit today of marketing, if we look here, the audience is simply affiliate marketing. Is that simple right so right now what we’re doing is we have a sandbox campaign and we have 18 different variations. That we’re trying to see we’re trying to find winning angles, which is basically ad copy and headline we’re trying to find winning creatives, which is a winning image or try to find winning audiences right.

So in the beginning, the audience’s were showing that affiliate marketing wasn’t converting, but if we take a look here and we go to cost per results, when we go to the top here, the top performing one right guys remember these. These had no actions, but the first time I shot the campaign overview campaign or article, but that being said since that article, the top performing audiences for the marketing, so with that being said, you have to give it time right.

You have to give Facebook enough time if you notice here it says active learning, active learning right so once the active learning is off right. It’s not it’s not learning any more, but it’s always learning. But with that being said, I want to go ahead and actually see which image is performing the best right. So I don’t know if you guys remember the three images are actually so, let’s go to I’m going to go to affiliate, affiliates, affiliate, marketing, affiliate, affiliate marketing and then affiliates affiliate marketing.

I just want to show you guys the three images right, but this should tell you guys something right: one of the images is performing out of dollar twenty seven one of the images is performing at 344. One of the images is performing at $ 10 right. So let’s go ahead and actually take a look, so the image that is performing the best so far me sitting in a pool right on my phone um luxury pool. I believe that was in the W in Miami right.

The one performing at on three dollars right is: I could have guessed this one. This is funny this is funny now I could have told you. Actually, I wouldn’t know whether the Tiger the tiger one or the one me sitting in the pool would do better, but I definitely thought that they would convert better than me with a group of people right with morale job, so the audience so far right, we haven’t, Gave it enough time, but the audience looks like this could be a winning audience, but sometimes you think your audience isn’t working, but it’s really not the audience.

Why? Sometimes you have a winning audience. For example, I should say this was a winning audience, but I had this picture right here and I was getting $ 10 $ 10 per result, which is what I’m getting right now. I like all this audience sucks. No, it doesn’t you suck right, you need them. You need to create enough variations, so the reason why you want to do different audiences, different creatives, different different angles, and you want to do it like.

So, let’s look at the actual campaign structure. What I did two angles right, so two different sets of ad copy. Next and let me actually go to the ad comics – I don’t even know what ad copy this is. I believe this is the affiliate marketing ad copy. It is the affiliate marketing ad copy. So if I go to the affiliate marketing ad copy, obviously right dear struggling affiliate marketers and I’m targeting the audience of affiliate marketing, so they like affiliate marketing, I’m targeting affiliate marketers and then now I have a creative and out of these creatives.

So we know that the angle right – we don’t know this yet, but based off of the numbers right, I don’t have an update attack to make data-driven decisions, move a sophomore or looking at right now. We know that the angle, which is the ad copy, as well as the image we know that there are not the images, the angle and the audience is probably a winning angle in audience. So eventually, what I’m going to do is split sense: that ad copy and split test that ad copy in that audience and I’m going to go to split just a whole bunch of images and see if I can get a winner out of that and out of That, if I can go ahead and actually beat this image with other images that I have right, some pretty dope images, then I’m going to go ahead and actually move it to another campaign of my winner.

So this this campaign right here is basically like split testing campaign. I guess you could say now another one right is over here right, another one that seems to be catching a little bit of traction is the overworked campaign. Now, let’s actually see what images right now, the two different audiences one is Tim Ferriss right. So that’s actually edited to show you guys the audience. So the audience is Tim Ferriss and the audience here is Russell Brunson right.

So two internet marketers. So with that being said, I’m going to laugh if they’re the same image right, but let’s go ahead and actually see. I knew it so guys we have found I’m not going to jump the gun of guys, but I believe we found a winning image right cuz. Let’s take a look at this guy’s right. Look at this look at how awesome this is data-driven decisions, so the top three converting ads. This isn’t a fluke guys.

This is just this is this is what the public says is what they want. So if we look at a fitness, we look at all of these three. So look: there’s two different marketing angles: two different marketing angles right: two different marketing angles: three different ad sets. If we go to the ad creative, we have a winning creative right. This one is outperforming every other creative so that guys, that is data-driven the sitter’s.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and use this image? I’m going to continue to use this image, but I don’t want to jump the gun yet right. Um but guys one thing that I want to go to show you guys is 182 dollars spent. I only got 25 leads right now. If we were to spin, if I was to get a dollar 27, let’s just say, let’s just round that, let’s just say I was to get a dollar 50 per lead right, that same hundred and eighty dollar ad spin would amount to a hundred and twenty leads.

That’s almost 5x the amount of results right. So what happens is guys. The whole objective in the beginning is not to make. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s not to make money. It’s to get data is to find winners. It’s to find the ads that are actually working and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to reallocate that spend to the winners, so files are reallocate that spin right right now. This campaign is not a profitable campaign, meaning if I’m getting leads on average.

For seven dollars and twenty-nine cents, I’m getting 25 leaves with one hundred and eighty dollars spent. That’s me losing money, but me split-testing has allowed me to find a winning image so far, right so far and a winning um angle right a winning angles. So what I can do is I can go ahead and actually split test that angle with that image and try to actually beat the actual angle and audience right.

That’s how I can that’s one way that I can optimize that and try to improve, but with that being said, what I’m going to do now is eventually, after a couple of days, I’m still going to go ahead and give a time right, but after I give It a little bit of time. What I’m going to do is I’m going to be able to actually re allocate some of that money and if I was getting instead of seven dollars on average per lead, if I was getting leads at a dollar, thirty ton dollar.

Fifty even below two dollars leaves below two dollars. That is a profitable marketing campaign for me, so I’m going to go in a scale at that level, I got ta find the winners first right, so I just wanted to do a quick, 24-hour update just to show you guys right what we’re looking for now. We’re not looking for guys as these I’m not even looking at the backend stuff. Yet I’m not looking at I’m not looking at the backend stuff.

Yet right. First, we’re going to go to look at the front-end numbers and then an additional things that you guys can look at from the very very beginning could be like the cost per click you guys can be looking at the UM, the click-through rate. So one thing you guys will notice if I go to the top-performing Li or the top performing ads here right, the top performing ads the click-through rate is one point one six three point eight and two point five: three right.

I would assume that these top three probably have some of the highest click-through rates because of this image click, the rate click the rate. Now I want to go to actually so these two right here. These two ads have pretty high click-through rate, so I want to go to and actually look at the image. So guys is that high, the higher your click-through rate? That means it may be a pretty good, pretty good image if you notice here five point: seven four percent click-through rate – and it has seven link – clicks now – there’s some sort of disconnect here, because this one’s getting a low cost per click, this one’s getting a high Click-Through rate, but the question is: why isn’t it converting I’m getting cost believes out for four dollars, so I’m going to go and actually look at that so affiliates and Russell so the target one guys.

That’s why it’s getting a high click through a just me. Petting a freaking tiger right, so this one is getting the highest click-through rate. That’s why I’m not going to go ahead and actually jump the gun to say the other one is the winner yet because over time this may actually change. So we have to give it enough time right and give Facebook enough data right. I like to be personally, I don’t like to make a decision, unless I at least have about a thousand impressions right, which is one CP, one CPM right cost per thousand impressions.

So with that being said, um yeah, that’s basically the article I just wanted to show you guys some of the analytics that you guys should be looking at. Obviously your cost per action, whatever you’re trying to accomplish did you guys go look at other things, I’m going to kind of give you guys. Some extra data, like the click-through rate, shows me. Okay, the Tiger the tiger ad may be a good image, but because it’s getting a high click-through rate, I just might have to write a different angle to that audience.

So this may be you what I mean right, that’s why you want to get all the analytics. The click the break shows me it’s a good image, but there’s this that there’s some sort of disconnect there right to where it’s not performing as high as the other ones. So one different angle that I could switch up is: I can go to actually in the actual ad talk about being in Thailand, petting Tigers and being able to travel the world and going from corporate slavery to traveling the world, because I have a laptop business or Work from home business that allows me actually travel work for my laptop work from anywhere.

That allows me to get experiences like paper tiger, so on and so forth. So if you guys want a – and I can appeal to people who want to actually travel and an audience that will probably work well with, that would probably be like the 4-hour workweek and I can go ahead and say so. If you want to go ahead and learn how to live, laptop lifestyle click down look boom and then it may be a little bit more congruent.

So I actually want to look at two more things right, so this is actually you never mind. So if you notice the one with the high click-through rates, this is talking about struggling with idiots, so petting a tiger and talking about struggling affiliates that may there may be a disconnect there right. So maybe I have to switch up the angle with this different net, but with that being said guys, we have two to three more days to actually wait.

Look at the data, I’m okay with losing this money, because I’m getting really good data, I’m getting I’m at because guys understand, sometimes you’re going to go ahead and actually put up three you’re going to put up all these variations and you’re not going to go and Get anything zilch is zero. I mean you’re not going to get a winning image, you’re not going to get a winning angle. I just so happen to potentially have a winning image and a winning angle.

So I’m super excited about that, so an a winning audience. So that being said, um the more variations you you create and the faster you spend depending on what your budget is, the faster you’re going to acquire data, the fashion you’re going to be able to make moves right. So the bigger your resources, the faster you’ll, be able to make moves. But with that being said, that’s basically all I got for you, that’s how you make data-driven decisions.

That’s how you look at your analytics. That’s a campaign. That’s been up for about 24 hours and we do have some pretty data and some pretty good insight on this campaign. Now it’s just time to wait a couple more days to look at the data and make data-driven decisions. First and foremost, I want to say thank you for reading this article, if you liked this article and want me to make more like and make sure to smash that like button, also, if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe, to join the fam and click that Notifications got to be notified every time I drop some new heat.

Lastly, if you’re tired of working a job, if you want to freaking fire that boss live life on your terms and never have to work a 95 ever again, click the first link in the description to learn the best way to make money online right now until Next time, Eric Ellis evil for marketing checking

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